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VALUES COMPACT An organization that is flexible, agile, quick, able to anticipate new challenges of our time.

NATURAL Promoting connected self sufficiency, according to the rules of biological ecosystems, to help build a more ecological and social world.

INDEPENDENT Private foundation that collaborates with individuals, universities, companies and public organizations to innovate in the human habitat and interaction.

HOLISTIC Broad overview of the conception, design and construction of the human habitat, and this works at all scales, in interaction with multiple disciplines.

GLOBAL In thought and action, in the origin of human capital, learning from the diversity of the world, promoting the construction of local realities with very specific identity.

SOCIAL Important social base, from interaction with individuals, companies and organizations that promote innovation in the construction of the human habitat, prioritizing talent and avoiding social and economic estigmation.

INFORMATIONAL Recognition of digital systems as a technological base that transform our world today, integration of technologies and processes associated in all the areas of their action.


Academic Programs - IAAC // 2017-2018  
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