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MAI - MASTER IN advanced interaction

interaction tools and methods seminars first term: INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING (06 ECTS CREDITS) Computer Vision - The first Interaction Tools seminar will focus on surveying the digital tools available for exploiting computer vision systems. Techniques include simple image processing algorithms to more complex operations such as blob and feature detection. These techniques are intimately tied to certain hardware setups which will also be addressed such as basic cameras, Kinects and other depth sensing hardware, and head mounted displays for virtual and augmented reality.

second term: INTEROP (03 ECTS CREDITS) Interop - The second Interaction Tools seminar looks at systems which allow the orchestration of data collection, manipulation, and transfer. Such systems are crucial when coordinating mixed media and data such as live camera feeds, sensor output, real-time web data, etc. Max/MSP and similar visual programming languages provide interaction developers a means by which to create customizable canvases where all of this data can interact and be used to actuate physical mechanisms for various intents.

third term (03 ECTS CREDITS) The third Interaction Tools seminar digs deeper into interaction development looking at innovating platforms such as Cinder, Openframeworks, and Three.js + Javascript for the development of customized applications for interaction. We will also look at the potential for using industrial robots in performances.


Academic Programs - IAAC // 2017-2018  
Academic Programs - IAAC // 2017-2018