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Pastor Shadrack Mwonga has been teaching for just over a year in the Bible School. Last semester he taught the Minor Prophet Hosea, and now is continuing with the Book of Job. He recently discussed with me the Ministry and its impact upon the local slum communities. His ground level testimony both encouraged and challenged me. I share portions below… From Pastor Shadrack Mwonga Bible School Student since 2005 DSM Bible School Instructor since 2012 Pastor of 8 churches Main church: Pipeline slum

So the congregations throughout this city, and even beyond, are now Teaching the Word of God, and the people want nothing less than to be fed the plain-spoken, true Word of God. Which leads to the Third great impact of this Ministry:

“The greatest effect of this Ministry has been and continues to be this:

Which leads me to the Second great effect of this Ministry:

It has caused Pastors to Study and Cherish the Word of God.

It has caused Churches to become Bible Teaching churches.

As you know, Pastors typically come up with a verse and simply preach on it…without prayer, without study, without preparation. Indeed, without Divine Inspiration. And if they can’t think of something to preach about, they simply borrow, or some would say “steal”, other preachers’ messages. That has all changed. Those who continue in this Bible School for more than one semester never go back to that method. They become serious students of the Word of God. In fact, I would even go so far as to say this: Even if they are not living according to the Word themselves, they now know the Word and, in fact, preach the True Word, rightly dividing it. That is, even those few who we might find to be hypocrites, have changed at least what they preach! Everyone finds that from attending the Bible School, they cannot go back to haphazard, selfindulgent preaching. Their Preaching has become Teaching.

Countless churches have been transformed from mere religious community organizations, engaged in largely empty religious traditions…into places where the sheep are feed the Word of God, and clearly taught how to apply it to their everyday life. These are not just the churches of our Pastors and Ministry Leaders. This has spread from the slum areas, throughout the entire city of Nairobi, and out to the upcountry churches of this nation. People are now coming to learn the Word of God. They are coming with their own Bible, their pen and a notebook. Let me use my own church as an example. If you come to any of our churches, you will not find anyone without their own Bible, except a first time visitor. Even by the second visit, a person will have secured a Bible. They want a Bible, and they go out and get it for themselves.

The congregation members are now Studying the Word of God themselves. The churches are now filled with people who not only are eager to be fed the Word at the church…they then go home and continue reading, studying and being discipled by the Word of God at home. This Ministry had opened the eyes of the Body of Christ, not simply the eyes of those Pastors and Ministry Leaders who can come to the Bible Schools. People are now discerning between the Truth of God and the Deceptions of the Devil. They can spot a false prophet, false teacher or hireling instantly. This Ministry has stirred up the Body of Christ… and equally stirred up the Devil and his cooperatives! By patiently going through the Bible, book by book, and verse by verse, the influence of cultic doctrines in this country has been dramatically weakened, and has been exposed as being deceptive and dangerous. I tell you the truth, even some television programs have closed in this city due to the impact of this Ministry of God’s Word. People are no longer willing to sit and listen to the deceptive doctrines of prominent false teachers on television. I’m telling you those

programs and ministries are suffering and closing down, because people now know the Truth. The bottom line is this: the Spiritual Maturity of the Pastors and Ministry Leaders coming out of the Bible Schools has led to the maturing of the members. Pastors can now teach spiritually mature matters. We are no longer tickling their ears or feeding them mere milk. Now there is something else I want to emphasize concerning this Bible School Ministry. Bible Schooling is expensive in Kenya. There is not a Bible School in this country that costs less than 100,000 ksh ($1,200). (DSM Bible Institute charges a token fee of 500 ksh ($6) per semester, or $36 for a Diploma) What does this mean? Simply this: This Ministry has given a seat to Pastors who are otherwise not invited to Study the Word of God.

And as you know, this means the vast majority of Pastors in this country. Bible School has been only for the elite pastors of the big denominations that have their own Bible Schools. Yet most people in this city live in the slums. And their Pastors are simple, uneducated poor people just like them. This Ministry is the answer to the cry of God’s shepherds and His people for generations. I simply cannot put into words what this Privilege means to us and our people. On a personal note, I would like to add this based upon my own experience at the DSM Bible Institute. Now that I am teaching at the Bible Schools, I would say this: it is easier to teach in any other Bible School except this one. As you know, I’ve been to other Bible Schools. But this one is unique among all. You are required to teach as the Holy

Spirit leads. You are required to teach from your own time alone with the Lord: studying, praying, and crying out for understanding. You cannot teach from Br. Paul’s notes. He won’t allow it. I have to study on my own, write my own notes, make my own tests and teach from my own relationship with God and His Word. In addition, we teach only Books of the Bible. We are teaching from God’s own book! It makes me very careful, very fearful and very serious. Things I never was before. I think the Pastors and Ministry Leaders who come to DSM realize this immediately. And that ’s why we have a humble, respectful and serious attitude in the Bible School. We are all fearfully, but also joyfully, coming to hear f rom the Holy Spirit. There’s a seat available at the table, but if you’re not serious, it will be taken by another. The demand far outstrips the supply. As you know, we’ve run out of desks again. There is no room for even a single additional desk at the Mathare location. And in Kibera, we will soon be the same. There is a tremendous cry for more, more, More! There is shortage of Bible Teachers, Bible Schools, everything! Please tell the brethren to send more. More of everything and everyone. And let the Lord glorify Himself through this Ministry of His Word!

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