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sea circus restaurant cocktail bar coffee den gelato bar 22 jalan kayu aya, seminyak

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THURSDAY, M AY 17, 2012 | 10 PM ONWARDS. hu’u bar & MVibes present “CHOCOLATE PUMA ( DEFECTED - NETHERLANDS )”.

c el e br a t in g o u r 1 0 th anniv e rsary in 2012 res e r v a t io n s + 62 36 1 473 6 5 76 ,, jalan petiten get, semin yak, ba l i 8 03 61




























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There seems to be a trinity of some sorts when you live and work in Bali. You fall in Love with the island, its nature, its culture, the multicultural aspect, and the beautiful people everywhere. Next up is the sense that you haven’t really felt before. It develops and you dive deeper into the spiritual pseudo scientific aspect of Bali and its long and ancient history of Magic. These two aspects of the island would be perfect and just fucking great, but as everyone living here knows most often than not trouble comes with paradise and like Alice in wonderland you fall deep into a spiraling world of illusion, sex, drugs, relationship issues, social networking, paranoia, excess, abuse which than all turn into a supersized dose of madness. Its not Eat Pray Love anymore people, its Love Magic Madness.








STUFF... Vodka Spa opens! We recommend the crab dumpling soup, the best ever... Charlie’s birthday Madness at Sea Circus... Medicine of the People share their musical magic... Love, Love, Love, everyone seems to falling in or out of Love... Spring Summer hype begins and Bali is in for some big talented shows from Gorrilaz to Grandmaster Flash... WOM screens Indonesian directed Indie film shot in Bali, it was so good to see everyone up on the big screen... Mantra is open and is showing signs of not just good food, but a pretty dope crowd in the evenings... O’Niel launches in Indonesia... Guess shop prepares for opening... Essentials, Tony and Guy continue to make peeps look beautiful... Big things coming for Sea Sentosa...



Wholesale / Retail Jl Laksmana No.13, Oberoi Jl Raya Seminyak No.24, Seminyak Jl Arjuna No.55, Jl 66, Legian

Ph (0361) 730070


30 SECONDS TO GET UNSTUCK Unstuck: 52 Ways to Get (and Keep) Your Creativity Flowing at Home, at Work & in Your Studio is the latest release from Noah Scalin, creator of the ‘Skull-A-Day’ project and the daily creativity blog ‘Make Something 365 & Get Unstuck’ (which can be found at http:// The book is filled with ideas that will help to get your creativity rolling, arranged in order of time commitment – from 30 seconds to long hours – the 52 project ideas can be done randomly or in order for an entire year of creativity building. You’ll also find artist profiles and their personal advice on what they do to stay productive and inspired, and our favorite part is the blank pages in the book that give you the space to scribble, sketch, and doodle whatever experiences and ideas happen to spontaneously fly by. Steve Jobs said it best; ‘Stay hungry, stay foolish’, no better way to do that than to keep the creative juices a-flowing.

BUBBLE BATHE Being on the island, a certain newfound appreciation for health and beauty seems to sprout out of the blue, and it’s not surprising that after staying in Bali for a while, you’ll find yourself paying more attention to what you put in and on your body, even if the life you had back home – if you’re, like most people in Bali, from somewhere else – revolved more around computer screens, concrete pavements, and work hours. One of the perks of living in Bali is the easy and even effortless access to being pampered, inside and out, from head to toe. If you like to take that pampering home, there’s a new go-to spot in Seminyak that’ll indulge your senses. Bathe has just recently opened its playfully beautiful boudoir on Jalan Petitenget. A wonderland of bath, body, and beauty trinkets; Bathe mixes up bath time fun with naturally derived paraffin, paraben, colorfree products and bath-ware that will leave you feeling squeaky clean and silky smooth. Take indulgence home with you in a box or recycled bottle, and tell your rubber ducky we said hello. Bathe Jl. Petitenget no. 100X, Seminyak


FANOMALI Coffee culture in Bali has spread like wildfire, with more people recognizing the significance of the coffee bean – coffee is not just a drink anymore; it’s a lifestyle, a science, an art. It’s fitting, then, that the island sees the opening of Anomali Coffee, a Jakarta-born coffee roaster company that slowly but steadily grew into a coffee phenomenon since it first showed up in 2007. Tagging their brand with the words ‘Kopi Asli Indonesia’, which means ‘original Indonesian coffee’, Anomali Coffee serves freshly roasted brew from all across Indonesa; from Java, Papua Wamena, and Toraja beans to more local Kintamani beans, all processed according to personal preference right in front of your eyes. For the connoisseur and casual coffee-head alike, this is the new place to go to for that caffeine fix. Only excellence is served at Anomali Coffee, usually steaming hot in a mug. Anomali Coffee Jl. Kayu Aya no. 7B, Seminyak



LOVE In the war against being constantly hot and sweaty and in the constant pursuit cooling ourselves down here in Bali, we have the answer. Apart from diving into a pool or the sea, I-Mag is in LOVE with Gusto icecreams. Afternoons have never been the same since we discovered Chocolate Chilli flavor ice-cream. Our favorite choice is Chilli Chocolate mixed with the Ginger flavour… It’s the ultimate afternoon chill out combo. Gusto has made Umalas a destination! Jalan Umalas 2, 67B, Kerobokan, Bali


Single Fin is the poppingest bar/resto in Bali. It’s located at the end of the road, perched atop the Uluwatu Cliff with a sunset/ moon vista to melt your face off. Along with everyday classic tasty cuisine, its Sunday night is the party with the unfailingly rocking live arts, unfailingly fun crowd, and unfailingly sublime vibe. Personally, my two jugs of margaritas made me want to kiss everyone and spin around like a child dosed up on sugar. Not since you were 17 have bars been this fun (imagine the bar in Point Break meets that bar in Drop Zone!). Along with the surf below, it’s the most consistenly pumping surf spot on the island and like Racetracks in days past, secrets this good don’t stay secret for long. As Andre 3000 of OutKast put it, “you must be the one, if not you’re the prototype.”

Blue Point, Uluwatu, Indonesia 12345


Come and dance underneath the sun, moon and stars as a collective embark upon a new level of understanding and awareness in 2012, in harmony with nature, sharing joy, laughter and positive energy! Presente by Awaredance 4 Peace Festival Gc & Svt, in co- operation with the Dance For Peace project,the 5 day event is going to be amazing. The dates are: 25-26-27-2829 May 2012. The location is none other than at the base of the sacred volcano Mount Batur, 2km up from the lake in Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia (same as last year). A bamboo dance-floor structure is being created according to principles of sacred geometry and there is Xtra psychedelic 3d visuals by Eyesurprise, Ade baba & SleepyWolf, Mind bending psychedelic fluorescent decoration by Vitamin, MoonWalkers, Sitaram, Flower of Life & Punkadelic. If you want to escape to dancing freedom, don’t miss this.


Deus - Jl Laksmana, Seminyak & Echo Beach, Canggu

Electric - Jl Dyana Pura, Seminyak

Deus - Jl Laksmana, Seminyak & Echo Beach, Canggu

Electric - Jl Dyana Pura, Seminyak




The overuse of plastic bags and the impacts of this environmental plague in the Island have been extensively covered in the media over the past years. The latest research by Department of Natural Environment of Indonesia reveals that people in the country use nearly 1 billion of plastic bags every day and produce 23,600 tons of plastic waste each day. In Bali alone, we produce 750 tons of plastic waste per day!!!

etique.” Each bag will have a hangtag-booklet explaining the nature of the bags and a printed logo of the POS as a supporter of this environmental initiative. “As you know, Balinese Hindus believe that many objects have a soul. If something is believed or made to be spiritually or magically charged, then the object’s special nature is signified by a wrapping of different coloured cloths. We used the Saput Poleng inner lining as a symbol of Balinese identity and because we believe our Bali Bag’us has a soul.” is a community movement company based in Bali. They are creating a series of innovative campaigns to promote social and environmental change that is actionable by mainstream audience. 0821 4636 5500

Managing Director of is Cristina Vicente says, “Our goal is to raise awareness about this issue Bali is suffering and make people understand that this major problem would be drastically reduced if everyone uses reusable shopping bags.” The “Bag’Us” reusable shopping bags are made from Jute, a 100% Eco Friendly material, to fight against the use of plastic bags in Bali. “Our plan is to sell our bags and give a donation to our supported local NGO’s (Bumi Sehat, Gus Foundation, IDEP Foundation and Bali Kids) to finance their ongoing projects,” says Vincente. “We’re glad to say that our bags will be at W Hotel, Potatohead, Semara Resort, Karma Beach Club, Pandawa Villas, Electric, Volcom, Anantara Resort, and Nest-





S&G with Gita Salem Sexy, dramatic and edgy. Their collections have had appeal to many different stylists and style icons. Their designs have appeared on multiple red carpets, and they have personally styled Prince, Marilyn Manson, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Momsen, Skinny Puppy, Young Jeezy, Chris Brown, Winter Zooey, David LaChapelle, Amber Rose, Taryn Manning, and Burlesque the movie.collections for London Fashion Week 03 and New York Fashion Week 04, creating not only one off show pieces but also the top sellers of these collections.



Q: How did S&G come about? A: S&G Clothing was born when Sequoia Emmanuelle and myself met 6 years ago. The beginning of S&G is a love story. Sequoia and I met, fell in love, and a few months later we found ourselves on a plane to Bali. Sequoia had studied photography in university and was developing her photography career. She had just moved from New York to San Francisco and was busy photographing the lines of a handful of designers who did production in Bali. A friend of ours recognized her eye for styling and asked her to come to Bali to help design for his company, AD 2013 (a label which still produces in Ubud). We worked with AD 2013 for about a year. Eventually we went different ways and Sequoia and I joined to form S&G Clothing. Q: What are the pros and cons of living in LA?

fessional and we’re working with their stylists to get them wardrobe for a photoshoot, stage show, or video. We’ve also worked with lots of TV. Our clothes have been on Glee, Ugly Betty, Dancing with the Stars, America’s Got Talent and Victorious.

Q:What music do you listen to when you’re in design mode? A: It depends. Sometimes I need it slow and relaxing so I can concentrate. But when I drop into the flow and things are really happening I like to listen to music that turns me on. I mean that partially as a joke, but it’s also the truth. I heard another artist mention that recently and it stuck. When I’m creating I want to be turned on. That’s where the magic happens. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Drake, M.I.A., The Weeknd, SBTRKT, Jamie Woon, Nicolas Jaar, Beats Antique, Eskmo, The Black Keys, and Active Child.

A: Pros: Tons of amazing, talented, visionary people. Everywhere. The weather is perfect. It’s the mouthpiece of the world. Home to the prettiest people. Seriously. Lots and lots of money available for artists. Beaches, Mountains, Forests, Deserts, Rivers, Hot Springs.

Q:Whatdesignstaplesdoyouworkwithtosetyourselfapartfromthe others?

Cons: Huge Egos Douche Bags with bad cologne Barbie Dolls with bad boob jobs Traffic and pollution

Q:HowisproductioninBaliandhowhaveyoumadeitworktillnow? A:

Production in Bali has been a roller coaster. I can’t say that it’s always been easy but it does get easier over time.

Q: What was it like meeting Prince?

A: I don’t think about it in terms of setting myself apart from others. I try not to reference others when I design but instead just focus on what I’m personally inspired by. My inspiration changes rapidly. Almost too rapidly. As soon as I’m finished designing a collection I’m already onto the next thing. Last season I was inspired by my own strange Quinten Tarantino version of the wild west. This next collection I’m really inspired by the idea of using prints. Themes that have really influenced my design are the interplay between drape and structure, sensuality, and architectural modernism. Q: Who would you love to collaborate with? A: Brilliant minds who are changing the world. Q: What’s your take on Love, Magic, Madness?

A: Meeting Prince was a dream.

I’m not usually star struck but I admit I was pretty shaky in his presence. The S&G flagship boutique is on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood which is a pretty popular shopping area. I was working at the boutique by myself one day and I had just ordered Chinese food. I take a huge bite of noodles, look up, and there is Prince. Long story short, they were driving by and something in the window caught Prince’s eye. He had his driver park the limousine out front and the rest is history. He ended up buying lots and lots of stuff on that trip. They custom ordered a bunch of stuff for him and other people in his band and we ended up working with him all the next year to provide him with wardrobe for his European tour. We got back in touch a couple weeks ago and Prince ordered several pieces from our most recent Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

Q:Whatothercelebshaveyouschmoosedwithandanystrangeorfunny stories?


It’s all about Love. I dunno what else there is. Magic is all around us. I don’t really believe in magic like spells or voodoo (which is always interesting when I’m in Bali because the Balinese are so superstitious) but my attitude is that life is magical enough as it is. I believe in Madness. Not in the clinical sense… nobody wants to be batshit crazy. But I’m inspired by madness. My life is most interesting, divine, and enjoyable when it’s got a hint of madness.

Q: Whats in the cards for 2012? A: 2012 is flying by! On the list: Remodeling the boutique, back in Bali to design for a couple of months during the summer and fashion week in NYC in the fall.

A: Just this week we got a chance to work with another of our idols, Madonna. We helped to style a teeny tiny part of her stage production and dressed a few of her dancers. Over the last couple of years we have worked with Marilyn Manson, Chris Brown, Young Jeezy, T.I., Amy Lee, Taylor Momsen, David LaChapelle, Amber Rose, Taryn Manning, and Miley Cyrus, Usually our relationship is pretty pro-







My focus goes straight to my pen. ‘Fuck the silver lining / My clouds got rainbows’. Breakfast just got a whole lot more interesting.

Music is his medicine. Turns out, it’s my medicine too. I wasn’t the only one. The whole island felt it. The slight ripple on the surface becoming a wave, ‘making the movement move’. It tastes all kinds of sweet. A spoonful of Nahko.

I climb the stairs and give him the words. He is still anonymous enough to find this quirky behaviour charming. He gives me the word ‘synchronicity’ and the time - to his gig at Jazz Cafe in Ubud in two days time. I go. And so it begins.

It is the day after Nyepi* and ‘Nahko Bear’ is almost famous. ‘Medicine for the People’ - the band he fronts - is about to headline the Bali spirit festival and offer up their healing sound to the island of the Gods. Nahko will be talked about, booked, photographed, facebooked, friended, lusted after and talked about some more... and then booked out and sold out again and again. But he doesn’t know any of this right now. Right now he just knows what he wants - some good food and some honest lyrics. He heads to the CLEAR cafe in Ubud, where I am also reaching for some words after an insightful day of silence.

‘I believe in the good things coming.... come in come in come in.’ Nahko Bear is at that crossroads. Where the future is being pulled into the present. Where the now is created by the past. Where ancestors must be respected and youth educated. Nahko is a man of the earth. A quarter Apache, a fourth Puerto Rican and the rest Filipino. All native. He holds the weight of the world on the lightness of his laugh. Ganesh definitely had something to do with this one. His music - which he calls ‘spirited redemption music’ - talks of cultural wounding, environmental wrongs and social injustice. And then, in the blink of a third eye and the wink of a dimple, he talks about change, about cures and what will be. His songs are woven with beautiful echoes and glorious hope. Watching Nahko & Medicine for the People play live is an experience not to be missed. The beats compel you to join in the rhythm. Nahko ignites epiphanies in the audience; dancing their way to sweaty transcendence. You get addicted to his drug. It’s like aural serotonin. It creeps over your face like a smile and makes you proud to be human.

The way I first meet Nahko is, well, more than a little strange. Logging into facebook for the first time in a couple of days I click on a link a friend from Australia has sent me. Sipping on my kelapa muda, I watch the music clip, headphones on, casually curious. What appears before me: a tapping foot, shaved head (well, half of it at least), overalls, earrings, guitar, in the back of an old pick up, parked somewhere in Hawaii. A voice I wasn’t expecting. And a sound I’d never heard before. He was bringing it, gentle and strong, all at the same time. Suddenly he had my attention. And I was in. This is the first time I’d heard of Nahko. The song was ‘Black as the Night’. The first line of the song says it all. “I believe in the good things coming, coming, coming …” Hell yes. I had no idea how true those words would be. No idea of the swell, the set that he was about to bring to these salty shores.

Music is his medicine. Turns out, it’s my medicine too. Because something changed within me while he was here, his music the soundtrack in a way I can’t explain. I wasn’t the only one. The whole island felt it. The slight ripple on the surface becoming a wave, ‘making the movement move’. It tastes all kinds of sweet. A spoonful of Nahko.

Somewhere between the licks and the poetry something dawns on me: he is not entirely unattractive. The clear, dark eyes; bit of mischief there, that’s for sure. Kind of ripped. Let’s say defined, it’s more polite. Some interesting tattoos. Skin painted with stories. Who is this guy? I let out a sigh and flick my eye towards the door as someone comes in. I do a double take. Really look. Then look back at the clip. Then look again. The tatts confirm it. They are the one and the same. Nahko heads straight upstairs. Singlemindedly, you could say. With focus. A man on a mission almost.

And we might not have to wait that long for the next dose. Word on the jalan is that the ‘dark little cinnamon man’ is back in Bali to play a gig somewhere green and lush on New Year’s Eve with someone whose name rhymes with Psychael Shanti. You heard it here first. Oh yeah. I believe in the good things coming, coming, coming ….

* Balinese day of silence



MANIFESTO This is real talk. This is non-stop It is looped now tongue and mind Played off the sidewalk. Straight to your boombox How it travels from ear to memory Well this is medicine. There’s a message within. And each will find it in their own time this is music, this is how i use it it makes you move, and move the movement this is how i focus, knowing it’s not hopeless but it sure starts with me and ends on a whole note musical medicine, this is my healing for past and present future things to come i see people stressing over space and possession out of fear and a need for visual aid of our abundance give me examples or something tangible something i can get my hands on and find real meaning where is the medicine well i’ve been searching and i suppose each will find their own kind well everything’s at stake and it makes it hard to concentrate and there are men who see a war and see a pay cheque such different programming to live so fearfully terror this, terror that, terrible reality there is no medicine on the television so turn it off and turn yourself around Let’s just face it, the world’s fuckin racist Even the most peaceful of us get caught in the trend to live cohesively is almost a fantasy and we ‘aughta’ know it starts by humbling our egos what is the medicine for cultural wounding has it’s moments, has it’s melodies, has it’s time well i was listening to the outgoing seasons about climate change and some other reasons when the sky opened, and like i had been hoping and there came horses by the thousands and there was thunder on their tongues and lightening on their minds and they were singing this old melody from some other time they sang don’t waste your hate, rather gather and create be of service, be a sensible person, use your words and don’t be nervous you can do this you’ve got purpose find your medicine and use it



Nahko performing at Single Fin




THEUNIVERSALEXPERIENCEOFROMANTICLOVEANDWHATCANBEDONEABOUTIT… LIZ ALLEN times to the sturdy foundation of relationships as the world outside goes tits up in a maelstrom of financial and political chaos, well at least when all outside is stormy we have each other. That is unless you are one of the unlucky super wealthy American’s for whom the bell tolled so suddenly and not only were they out of luck, out of pocket and all out of time but the home front was crumbling in a sea of frozen credit cards and a wife wailing in the walk in about nothing new to wear. “Wear to where my dear?” “To the divorce lawyers you broken son of a bitch” came the reply as across New York divorce rates rose dramatically during the credit crunch. Romance for these couples was the true greeting card variety, roses, and plenty of them, yachts and beach houses, fashion and fabulosity of the kind only money can buy. Money may not buy you love but it can buy you all the trappings of romance!

IN THE NAME OF LOVE Is romantic love the universal motivator of life, or just another biochemical reaction to attraction? Does romantic love actually mean the same to everyone and what is it beyond the fluttering feelings and the half-awake smile that makes you unaware of the weather, the need for food and the danger of falling headlong into a remarkable passion for another that may never be reciprocated? Does the idea that someone out there is looking for you fill you with hope for the future, or sound a little bit scary. Do you believe in destiny and the meeting of the one that is right for you or loving the one that is right for you right now, are you goal oriented with a solid sense of reality or can you be swept of your feet by a glance from a stranger across a crowded room? ROMANTIC LOVE CAN HURT THE HEART AND THE POCKET Recently a group of teenagers was asked to discuss the universal theme of falling in love, it was part of a study course they were taking on universal themes in fiction. In half an hour they were describing and writing up on the whiteboard all the ‘feelings’ associated with falling in love. The results were not pretty at all, the least off putting was a general feeling of nausea when the object of love was around, the worst being fear of loosing them and the consequential knowledge that pain would follow and life, would all most certainly loose all meaning. In looking at what they had detailed, they were reminded that the opening of the discussion had brought forth remarks that falling in love was simply the best thing ever. How then could a brainstorm on falling in love net such dismal and fearful comments? How could falling in love be possibly recommended to anyone, and should an alien life force enter our world how could they be convinced that this was one thing they would enjoy when fully integrated into our ‘ways’? Ah, they said, it is ‘that’ feeling, when you are in love, that is so special, that is what makes you afraid of the loss, the pain, the jealousies, the things that can go wrong. But, being in love, there is nothing like it in the world. Once again encouraged they began to describe ‘that’ feeling, and cover the woeful words that had previously described this ambrosial emotion called love. “Us against the world” “The only one who understands you” “The perfect companion in all things” “When times get tough they are there for you” “They make it worth getting out of bed in the morning” Love, or falling in love, or even being in love appears to be a motivating factor in the perception of ability to survive the trials of teenhood and for many this is carried over into adult lives, clinging at

LOVE IS A GLOBAL AFFAIR Although the concept of romantic love is often thought to be a construct of the Western world, and manipulated by the game changers through advertising who project societal expectations that this phase of life is a requisite for a fulsome experience, it has been shown by anthropologists not to be the case. In a study undertaken by Jankowiak and Fischer, and published in the journal Ethnology, it details cultures of the world that experience and acknowledge the existence of romantic love. Romantic love is defined in the study as an intense attraction that ‘involves the idealization of the other in an erotic context’ along with the expectation that this attraction may last sometime into the future. The writers differentiate between romantic love, describing it as an expressive motive, and the desire for sex an instrumental motive, basing their findings on both personal accounts of anguish and desire and the presence of love songs, love magic and elopement, as well as stories of love, loss and longing within the culture. Almost 89% of the cultures examined world over showed evidence of the existence of romantic love so it is safe to say that falling in love is a near universal experience. LOVE IS A DRUG The differences and difficulties that occur on encountering this phenomena, including societies corralling citizens into a manageable web of dependency and thereby diffusing the individual through the creation of institutionalized marriage and the stigmatization of those who either fail to find this stabilizing influence or stray beyond it into love with those considered taboo or taken are vastly different across cultures. It is this difference that creates the framework for the love-



lorn and star crossed to bear the burdens of romantic love within their own particular culture. So while romantic love may well be an innate force within the human brain the socially constructed mind, along with a supporting and manipulative society, will attempt to constrain, analyze and conduct love as if it were a grand achievement of the elite or evolved being. Not so, dear reader, not so. Romantic love is biological, and biochemical research has shown that love is basically PEA. Phenylethylamine a naturally occurring amphetamine related compound that lifts the mood and gives the body energy as well as a certain giddiness, optimism and euphoria. Still like any drug, natural or otherwise it has its side effects and withdrawals. Much of which can be painful to endure, especially when it involves insecurity, jealousy and anger. Saying it will pass, and there are plenty more fish in the sea will do nothing to ease the pain that only time can heal. LOVE IS LITERATE There are vast numbers of books on love, about love, about losing it, finding it, fucking it up and how to put a ring on it but the greatest book ever written on romantic love, and credited as so by the likes of Faulkner and Dostoevsky is Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. Tolstoy writes racy like you won’t believe and in Anna Karenina the themes of adultery, death, lust for life and love and the universal search for the meaning of love are all played out amongst a close knit group of family, friends and acquaintances. There are matriarchs and patriarchs, gamine innocent things, cast off women, fallen women and wild women. There are grizzly men, bounding cads, dashing gamblers and the obligatory pensive thinker. None, archetypically, such a far leap from any major successful drama series that might be enjoyed on television. Yet here they are in pre-revolutionary Russia at the end of the 19th Century with characters called Kitty and Betsy, Vronsky and Levin. Anna Karenina is an insightful and clearly detailed handbook to love and relationships, seriously. Tolstoy was universally praised for his ability to illustrate the motivations behind the emotional responses that constitute all aspects of love. Love of and for family, love for another, love that requires reciprocation to survive and love as a manipulation of emotions, but you will have to immerse yourself in the journey as he is not a writer who extorts ‘follow your heart’ or that remaining true to the self will bring the greatest rewards, no not Leo, he, instead, insists the reader get down and dirty in the world of his character’s emotions, feel the indignation, the wanting and the waiting right alongside them as they move from figments of his imagination into fully realized characters that will follow you long after the pages have been closed. Their gaiety, brutality and tears will draw you back beyond the reach of smart phones, facetime and internet connectivity into a world of horse drawn carriages, thick velvet curtains and rooms hung with chandeliers and heavy with the smoke of cigars....

singing their love songs in Egypt. The Romans, setting the stage for their later reputation as Latin Lovers, were more pragmatic and sang songs along the theme of Crosby. Stills and Nash’s “Love the one you’re with..” Then the church came along and suppressed the singing and writing about love until the irrepressible troubadours of the 12th Century bounced back onto the stage with their clever disguising of love for the unobtainable other in themes of religious ecstasy..It wasn’t until the 1800’s that professional love song writers forged a field of their own which then really took off in the 20th century with musicals and big band numbers and of course the threat of war. Loosing a love to the war gave voice to songs of great longing and by the 1950’s it was the Sinatra sound and the cool swing of the rock-a-billy country crooners. Romantic love was on the minds of millions in 1966 with Strangers in the Night, a breathy excuse for a syncopated gyration in the change over era that saw the natural beauty of fantasy woman portrayed by Bridget Bardot and Francoise Hardy make way for the futuristic charms of Jane Fonda in Barbarella. The world was at war with itself by now and the love sounds of Motown mingled with the drug inspired MacArthur Park , Sonny and Cher’s I Got You Babe and even Elvis Presley tried turning on and dropping out with his On the Edge of Reality. By the mid 1970’s all the innuendo came to an end and romantic love songs became anthems for sexuality as Donna Summer’s Love to Love You Baby and Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get it On, left no room for the imagination while Barry White just seemed to want to hump you right there quite slowly on the brightly colored dance floor. Through the 80’s love was about being re-viginised by it , addicted to it and, a personal favorite, ignited by its eternal the time Sinead O’Conner broke hearts with her raw reworking of Prince’s Nothing Compares 2 U love songs were more about therapy than the sight of a velvet green sleeve and songs about love became forever cemented in our culture. IT AIN’T OVER TIL IT’S OVER Romantic love, it seems, is a many splendored thing, that lifts us up and can just as easily drop us from great height. It is a worthy pursuit and a gambler’s mistress, it is a noble cause and the road to ruin, it can take you by the hand and lead you to the dance floor where you will never dance again. It can cause stars to explode and take you mountain high, it can be the wind under your wings and it can be the call of the siren into a treacherous sea but for all its kaleidoscopic chaos it is the most euphoric of chemical rushes we are capable of all by ourselves..Flight or fight, animals do that, sex for pleasure, they do that too, but romantic love..that’s human ingenuity , that’s us just rolling in the deep. This feature was compiled with research from A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Romantic Love by William R. Jankowiak and Edward F. Fischer as well as Business Insider Magazine and Bali International School Grade 8 students.

THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG Four thousand years ago poets were not only penning but also


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Love is beyond madness. Lust activates the same part of the brain as snorting a line of cocaine, romance lights up the same cranial region as obsessive-compulsive disorder and as for love itself, an estimated 50 to 70 percent of homicides committed by women are by lovers or spouses. Love is clinical insanity. Love is also magic, if magic is defined as something that can’t be bottled, sold or medically prescribed by a registered clinician. Love turns flesh into butter and soft whispers into glorified religion. Love makes musical instruments out of the dry bleached bones of the past and plays them to raise the dead. Love is fun, love is scary but most of all love is magic. We didn’t evolve as humans to be insane or addicted, we evolved to love. Somewhere along the way our brains were hijacked by alien chemicals and inane practices, but the natural chemical bliss is still there waiting to be tapped. From the moment we spot a potential partner to the marriage night into infinity, the brain releases chemicals that compel and control our responses and behavior. Leading love researcher Helen Fisher of Rutgers University has identified three separate systems in the brain related to mating and reproduction: sex drive, romantic love and deep attachment. According to Fisher each system evolved for a specific purpose. Sex drive gets us out there on a Friday night looking for a partner, romantic love focuses our attention on one and only one potential mate, while deep attachment allows a couple to stay together and raise a family. Each type of connection activates a soup of chemicals in the brain that cause us to feel like we’re on drugs. Because we are. That feeling we get when we see a hottie across the bar is not actually a feeling. It’s called the sex drive for a reason. Lust, or the sex drive region of the brain, activates the same region are the need for food and water. However, this region can be overridden by the thought process- like if you see on second glance that the guy has a neck tattoo, that fire

might fizzle. Or flame, if that’s your thing. After lust comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. All the while various chemicals in the brain are released: nerve growth factor, testosterone, estrogen, dopamine, norepinephrine, seratonin, vasopressin, and oxytocin, all of which are present in both men and women. Testosterone and estrogen combine during the initial mating stage of lust. Dopamine rewards the drive center, seratonin creates a feeling of well-being and happiness in romance, and norepinephrine and nerve growth factor all contribute to the first stages of romance. The holy grail of human bonding is oxytocin. Oxytocin is released in small doses during orgasm, on a larger scale during the bonding a mother has with a child and also during deep attachment with another human in romance. Oxytocin is a hormone released by the pituitary gland and is the cause of that warm fuzzy delicious feeling of pure love. Oxytocin is the grand prize- if love were a game show, it would be the Benz, the round the world trip, the million dollar prize. It’s the heroin meets MDMA of dating and mating. The oxytocin of deep attachment is created slowly after the initial rushes of dopamine and seratonin have waned. Oxytocin production is fragile, however. When one partner fails support the other and breaks intimacy and integrity within the relationship, oxytocin fails to reach the highest possible level. Stress inside and outside the relationship has proven to decrease levels of oxytocin. Games, cheating, criticism and judgment also decrease oxytocin. Sadly, oxytocin can be elusive in modern romance. Some people will never experience love to the fullest degree. For those that do, love is its own reward. VERBAL AND POLITICAL FOREPLAY IS MY FORTE Unfortunately for our species but fortunately for the art of stage drama, the three types of mating and reproduction- sex drive, romance and deep attachment, are not exclusive. Probably as a genetic survival tactic cheating evolved as a last resort; in case a wooly mammoth tramples the fiancée, a cavewoman


could still manage to fall in love again and reproduce. As Helen Fisher noted, “we didn’t evolve to be happy. We evolved to reproduce.” And as long as sleazeballs produce sperm, and sleazegirls make eggs, we will breed infidelity. We can be sexually attracted to one person while romantically inclined to another and still deeply attached to the first. It may be a wild dopamine, seratonin and cortisol stress fest, but cheating within a relationship reduces the maximum possible amount of oxytocin that can be produced. Infidelity is natural, yet at this point in evolution, pointless. Unfortunately some literature on mating erroneously labels the love process as one in which men are “hell bent on spraying their worthless sperm as frequently and widely as possible, and women are womb carriers competing against one another to land the best sperm to fertilize a precious egg.” This type of sentiment cheats everyone out of a good time. Within this framework, neither women nor men are individuals autonomous of damaging stereotypes, awake and free beings. And look, as much as men love to squirt sperm, we know who is really in control. Why else would entire civilizations hell bend on control and fascism try so hard to make women simmer down and cover up? As Hitler himself put it, “Kinder, Kuche, Kirche” (Children, Kitchen, Church). The Renaissance text Malleus Maleficarum best illustrates the view of women as a political threat. In the opening section Heinrich Kramer compares womens’ natural state to that of the devil, “All witchcraft comes from lust, which in women is insatiable.” What happened to women’s sexual power since the Middle Ages? Why do women have a reputation for headaches and acting the prude? Or else trading everything to look like a sexual object, but with no power left to wield? Much of today’s romance is consistent with revolutionary intellectual Andrea Dworkin’s description, “Romantic love, in pornography as in life, is the mythic celebration of female negation. For a woman, love is defined as her willingness to submit to her own annihilation. The proof of love is that she is willing to be


destroyed by the one whom she loves, for his sake. For the woman, love is always self-sacrifice, the sacrifice of identity, will, and bodily integrity, in order to fulfill and redeem the masculinity of her lover.” Women are often expected to be implicit in their own demise, to sacrifice needs, desires and the self in a relationship, regarding a career, raising children or any number of politicized daily preferences. However, men have it even worse. Men are expected to sacrifice themselves like lambs to a bloated caricature of masculinity, which doesn’t allow a guy to be fully human, fully present or even fully a man. The prototype of the modern man is based on the role of the soldier and factory worker. In the modern world, governments need soldiers and workers to conquer, control and make money for those at the top. If a nation can teach a man to disdain women as less than equals, blood bond with their bros, cultivate a need to prove something and protect patriotic nothingness, then nation-states can get men to go out and kill for something as banal as petroleum. It’s simple. Men actually miss out on most everything while trying to fit a distorted, dated stereotype of masculinity. They get nothing- unable to bond, de-sensitized by porn and unable to get hard at the sight of a real woman, programmed for work, sex, kill. No wonder dudes like to drink. But, according to notoriously hard to please Andrea Dworkin, there is hope for oxytocin, love and sex. “You think intercourse is a private act, its not. Men are sexually predatory in nature, and women are sexually manipulative.” And there is hope, “When two individuals come together and leave their gender outside the door, then they make love.”


Human sexuality is not just encompassed within the act itself, and human sexuality is definitely not just about makin’ babies. As California State University psychologist, Joanne Marrow, ingeniously asks, “How many times in your life do you think about being sexual, and how many of those times are you thinking about reproduction?” Marrow goes on to say that human sexuality is as much about communication and creativity as it is about procreation. The

intimate act of sex at its best is a message, sharing ideas and feelings in all their complexity. Marrow says, “The biologists think the biology comes first. I think consciousness is the first part of sex, and exploring that consciousness with another person is one of its purposes.” We only hope to ever fully know ourselves and hope to never keep discovering, and the same goes for communing with another in love. Sexuality is present in the most intimate of conversations and the most ruckus of death metal love songs, to the great Russian novel and historic Greek nudes- human sexuality isn’t just about sex. A meta-analysis of 407 of the top rigorously scientific studies on love found only one factor common among all research that keeps couples not only together but also happy- “positive illusions.” That is, to see the lover as something different, something better than the rest, as beautiful, smart, caring and interesting regardless of whether they actually are all these things. Maybe George Bernard Shaw said it best, “Love consists in overestimating the differences between one woman and another.” What sweet nectar is the juice of delusions. However, these positive illusions do give rise to something very real, oxytocin. What makes love, according to Swedish psychologist Siri Gullestad, is the “ability to integrate fantasy.” Studies show that the couples with the most frequent sex life are those who communicate the most, “I want it. And I want it this way.” Couples in which each person feels safe enough to expose his or her desires are couples that communicate the most and have the most sex. Studies also back this up- women with the most oxytocin have the most sex. Sexuality, communication and imagination approach spirituality in their capacity to illuminate the brain, illuminate the self, illuminate the other and make for some viable fun. Siri Gullestad has also noted that “the capacity to love is a maturational product,” and grows as we shed unconscious childhood needs, drama and ego and we learn to love oneself and the other. This capacity to love reflects a perpetual curiosity of the other- the ability to react to another as they change and grow, and never to expect something that isn’t there. This


curiosity is tender and always enjoyment of the present moment. Maybe love is true every time we feel it. It’s when we get all three chemical parts going that it feels pure as Bolivian cocaine. Goes to show, we don’t find true love, we make it. All love is true, when it is both self-knowing and ego-less. If we don’t know ourselves, ‘love’ can only be a series of reflections of the unknown, of a bottomless black hole. As we are unsure whether what we want is affection, love, or merely ego-stroking, love is not possible. Only when we get clean and ask, Am I using this person for emotional security, ego-balm and/or sex, or do I truly love or even like myself and this imperfect human as they are? Then we will love. Romance, sex, the bond. If it feels, tastes, looks, sounds and smells like magic, it is magic. Hook-ups be damned. I want the good shit, uncut. Rack me up a line of that integrity and love.


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K: So, what was your first intro to Dubstep? T: My first Dubstep show was in Los Angeles in 2007. This was

What is Dubstep? And who is Torrey Thomas? An old friend of mine, I attempted to look at him with fresh eyes. All the things I took for granted, I began imagining a first impression. I arrived at the villa, shouting up to the balcony, Torrey was limping across the room, arms outstretched, with a big smile, motioning towards his bum foot, a recent stair injury. In front of me was a tall, tattoo covered Hawaiian dude, which totally challenged the loveable disposition I quickly attuned to. I brought some peace offerings of Bintang and sodas. We debated whether the consumption of alcohol was a good idea on painkillers.

before anyone really knew what Dubstep was, at least in the states. It was my 17th birthday with some friends. We didn’t know what we were getting into. They said Dubstep show and we walked into this jenky little underground club and the DJ there was Rusko. Everyone seems to know him nowadays. He’s one of the biggest Dubstep artists out there. At that time he was a total unknown and couldn’t even book a festival. We showed up and the whole set up was amazing with huge sub whoofers, base and massive speakers. He started playing and no one knew how to respond at first or let alone dance to it. Everyone’s head just rocked to it. Everyone was coming from the House music scene. IT was a different style and tempo of music... purely Dubstep. Typical Rusko tracks, heavy reggae influenced Dubstep.

When I asked my editor to do this interview, I was hoping to gain some insight into what was actually happening with this latest uprising of sound . What did I know about Dubstep? The weekend before I went to Crystal Palace to see Juss B play. The rhythm was gripping, chipping away seconds into slow, heavy beats. Sitting down with International Producer/Dubstep DJ Torrey Juss B Thomas I saw into a world of a radical new music style. It’s bubbling over, not just in Bali, but all over the globe. Thrashing around the misperceptions and subversive elements, we try to expose the roots of this music scene and the wave taking over America and Europe, revealing an inside look into the underground revolutionary world of Dubstep.

K: What are the roots of Dubstep? T: To me, Dubstep is a minimal type of dance music. It draw influ-

ences from reggae to dub to techno. Its all in there. The name Dubstep is derived from Dub, which is the reggae roots, a down tempo type of reggae and dance music.

K: What do you think is the biggest misperception of Dubstep music? T: I feel it’s not so much a misperception about Dubstep. It’s such a unique genre, either you feel the vibes or you don’t.

K: Do you have another of those Gauloise blonde I can smoke? T: Behind the Tabasco and the Ranch Dressing…we had pizza last

K: Why is Dubstep considered radical or different? T: There hasn’t been any other genre like Dubstep before that takes


K: Can you tell me a little bit about where you come from? T: I was born and raised in northern California, in the Bay Area. My

influences from so many types of music and combines them into one big sound. Dubstep reaches an audience from ages 12 to late 40’s. It’s crazy to me that I could potentially see my parents jumping up and down in the crowd at one of my shows!

moms side of the family is Chinese Hawaiian and my dad is born and bred American. We went back and forth as a kid to visit the family in Hawaii which is probably why I fell in love with Reggae and Dub music. The island environment is perfect for cranking reggae tunes at full volume while driving down beach roads checking the surf. I think I coming from a heavily Reggae and Dub infused background is the reason I was drawn to Dubstep in the first place. Dubstep contained everything I was searching for in music – a combination of Reggae and Dub with heavy bass lines and played at a dance tempo.

K: What’s been your experience in Bali getting into the scene? T: There wasn’t much of a dub step scene. I go out here in 2010.

There were maybe two artists who were playing Dubstep. They were playing upstairs at MBarGo. Everyone Sunday was the drum and base Dubstep night. That was pretty much it for the “Dubstep scene”. I got thrown into my first gig at MBarGo. It was a funny show. We played for 4 to 6 hours and no more than 20 people came. It wasn’t a very big turnout at all. Now, we are doing Base

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K: You’ve recently come back from a Euro Tour? T: I was out there for half the year playing gigs. We hit up Austria,

Attack for the last 4 months and each time we have a good 100 plus people showing up. Its still relatively new to a small island like Bali. More and more Dubstep gigs are popping up in Seminyak and Kuta... I couldn’t have predicted that.

France, Croatia, the Netherlands.

K: What was the festival that stuck out the most? T: That would be Defqon 1 in the Netherlands. This was the first

K: Do you have any set gigs now. T: Base Attack, which happens at least once a month, usually Sat-

year that they actually had a Dubstep stage. They were a hard style music festival . Its like Neo Nazi music. Its doof dooof doof doof, the crazy speed junky style music. The Hardstyle crowd is one of a kind. They have the shaved heads and look like they could tear your head off but you go up to them and they smile and are actually mellow people. They just love that Hardstyle music out in the Netherlands.

urdays at Crystal Palace on the beach in Seminyak. Its Dubstep but also all different types of Bass music to try and get a more underground alternative type of music scene going on.

K: What do you like to mix? T: I’m a purely Dubstep artist. There’s a hugely different variety of

K: Is there a place where we can find your music? T: You can Google Juss B Dubstep and my facebook page will come

Dubstep. I stick to the deeper and darker side of it that is more tribal minimal jungle style. It has a steady beat and is fun to dance to. A lot of people can relate to it out in the club. This is what I mix and produce. The other side of Dubstep is higher noises, more robotic, and more intense in a sense. I am more interested in pushing the more “sub- bass” oriented side of Dubstep.

up. From there, you can connect with my Soundcloud page to listen to clips of my music or connect to any online distributor (Beatport, Juno, I tunes) to purchase my music.

K: What’s up and coming for you? T: we are really pushing our Base Attack event and connecting with

K: What’s going on outside of Bali? You’re seeing a huge wave of Dubstep from the states throughout Europe.

other artists to push the scene and hopefully get it to a place where the music is more accepted. Trying to get it out there. We’d love to do Dubstep gigs at bigger venues like Potato Head. Dubstep has the potential, even in Bali to draw a crowd just as big as any House or Techno event. I think people are getting a little bit bored of the music scene out here in Bali. Having Dubstep come up a little bit more will have people going out more for the music. Right now, I’m having four tracks released on The Ministry of Sound for Dubstep, Dirty Beats, Volume II coming out this year. Also, I have some big collaborations with some great Dubstep Producers in the works, so be sure to watch out for these in the near future!

T: Dubstep started off in the UK. From the UK, in 2007, it started

coming to America. Once people got wind of it and what it sounded like they started having Dubstep artists playing in the bigger festivals, like Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonaroo. They started off the smaller side stages at these festivals. It was never main stage. More and more people started crowding the side stages, and before you knew it the side stage became the main stage. In 2008 and 9 it erupted . That’s when even more artists from Canada and the States came up onto the scene. Like Datsik and Skrillex, who is one of the most famous Dubstep artists. It absolutely exploded in a Dubstep boom. After that it spread back towards Europe in a new wave. Croatia, Berlin, Germany, Austria, Sweden... Pretty much everywhere ! It spread like a virus.

K: Are you signed with any record labels? T: I’m not signed exclusively with one label because it puts a major

hold on what you can release at one time. I release tracks with Audio Nasty Records (UK), One for all Records (USA), Rock Force Records (UK), Twisted Monkey Records (USA), Skutta Records (UK), and 2 Much Bass Records (UK), to name a few.

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Where are you from?

Well, I’m originally from Bali, born and raised in Jakarta. I moved back to Bali when I reached High School. What did you study?

I studied communication here in one of the private universities.

I heard you are the assistant of Espen Salberg, What do you do there? I’m actually his secretary. I kinda do almost everything, from administration, client relation, secretarial work, data filing, in-house model. You name it I do it.

Are you interested in designing clothing?

Have to say, YES. But it took a lot of courage to do so. Being in this industry, you see so many inspiring designs (manage to wear them too!). Its a matter of slowly finding your own style in the middle of so many styles that exist and exploring yourself to be able to be more creative than others in your style. Making it more attractive than others and manage to market them (it’s still business nonetheless). It took a lot of considerations and careful planning, some take it on a whim, but I prefer when it’s clear and easy on the eye.

You are married right? Soon to be! This year, I am so happy.

Have you ever experienced magic in Bali, if yes, what?

Nope, my guardian angels are too stingy, they don’t let me have a peek.

Have you ever seen a UFO?

Wish I did, would be great to know what kind of advance science and technology they have invented and used in shielding themselves and travels millions of light years to get here.

Do you believe the government is watching everything?

Nope, I do wish they did and paid a bit more attentions on balancing people’s needs, tradition and reality.

What are your future plans?

I really like what I do for my day time job, so I’d really like to keep improving myself and be better at what I can do. I’d like to have children (of course), keep modeling til it’s impossible, have my own clothing line, and be happy and content til it all ends.

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Will you continue to model?

Yes, until people prefer my daughter instead of me, maybe (or i’ll keep on going with her, haha).

You work for I Am Agency, what is that?

It’s a talent agency which provides you all the entertainer you could possibly need and want. Models especially. What’s so good about it is that it consist of all Bali’s Senior/Top Class models, so whoever catches your eyes there can do also A Class Catwalk and Photoshoots.

How was Jakarta fashion week?

It was great, it was really great to be able to be there presenting and introducing Espen’s brand as well as seeing familiar faces I couldn’t normally see in Bali.

What is your most treasured possessions?

My engagement ring and a family inherited ring from my fiance.

Which living person do you most admire?

I don’t have a particular name that pops out in my head. But I’ve always admired women that have gone through hardship and manage to support themselves out of the hardship, educating their children to be a better person along the way. And yes, I know people like that.

If you could change one thing about your appearance what would it be what?

None, I’m quite happy with myself, there were times where I hoped that my skin was a lighter color, my hair was straighter, you know all those common popular stereotypes of women here in Indonesia. But come to think of it we are what we are and changing your appearance won’t change the you inside, besides I’m very happy with myself.

When and where were you happiest? At home, with my fiance.

What is the trait you most unlike about others?

Manners, they can be a snob as long as they’re polite enough. I personally think a person fails as a human if they can not address others or converse in a polite way/manner, no matter under what emotion you were influenced with.

What is the quality you most admire in a woman?

The ability of multitasking. A housewife can manage a house, children and keep everyone in the family happy. A career woman can work to earn an extra dime and be a housewife at the same time.

What is the most quality you most admire in a man? The ability to protect others, especially people they love.

If you were to die and come back as an animal or a person, what do you think it would be? A cat. I’d like to try and be Audrey Hepburn.

What is your mantra? (words that you live by)

Tomorrow is a day thousand times better than today and karma is absolute.




What is love? The easy part: love is universal, love is personal and love is great. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, describes Love as an ‘emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment. It goes on to define that ‘Love is also a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection; and “the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another”. Love may also be described as actions towards others or one-self based on compassion, or as actions towards others based on affection. ‘ The came up with a more vibrant definition. Taken as a Noun Love is ‘an intense feeling of deep affection’ or when viewed as a Verb, Love is to ‘feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone) as in “Do you love me?” Body: Human kindness, compassion, and affection is greatly lacking nowadays. Just catch up on the news in the media of your preference for stories of school kids gunning other school kids; the right to own fire arms (and using it freely) to protect oneself; or religious sects persecuting each other and destroying material assets! Not any different from protesters burning down government buildings. The individual spectator feels hapless and helpless. Let’s simplify things and look at Love purely from the personal and physical. Did you know that you can enhance, ante-up or triple your chances in the ‘feel deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone) area? Oh yes…just eat the right foods because food affects our bodies directly. How? Vitamins, nutrients and minerals affect our hormones, boost energy levels, lower stress and does wonders to the brain. Simple as that! The search for food with aphrodisiacal effects has been going on for ages. The word aphrodisiac comes from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. aph-ro-di-si-ac : noun; 1. an agent (as a food or drug) that arouses or is held to arouse sexual desire; 2. Something that excites. Merriam Webster Dictionary Scientific tests showed that even aromas can be more potent than actually eating the food. Cultural beliefs also play a part in determining which food revs you up good. More research is being done into its actual benefit of improving sexual desire (and fertility). So, what types of food should you and your lover dig into? Studies have found that there are 10, give or take a few, top aphrodisiacal foods. Next time you’re in the local supermarket, stock up on these favourite revvers. Keep in mind that you will still benefit from these nutrients and vitamins rich food (overall health and good looks) should they fall flat from their magical mood enhancing properties. In the healthy snacks section reach for those nutritious of all nuts… almonds. It’s rich in vitamin E (antioxidant), magnesium, phosphorous (strong bones and teeth) and folic acid (for reproduction. More on this later on). The aroma of almond is believed to arouse female’s passion in particular. Buy and try is the way to go. Next, let’s head for the fruits and veggies displays. High on your list should be the asparagus brimming with vitamins and folic acid (again), which boosts histamine production. A vital step in the ability to reach orgasm. This veggie also contains a chemical known as protodioscin which, they say, improves sexual desire. Just perfect. Avocado…great in salads; eaten alone or, as is in Bali, jus alpukat. This appealing olive green or burgundy coloured feminine-shaped fruit is packed with folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B6 and

oleic acid. History tells us the Aztec called avocado Ahuacuatl, or testicle tree because they usually hang in pairs. Wow, guys…dream on! They used avocados to increase sexual desire. Whether they really have ‘magical powers’ or because the human body benefited from its vitamins and nutrients, it has been considered a revver ever since. Now on to the humble banana. Monkeys go berserk over them. It is an excellent source of vitamin B, potassium, magnesium and bromeliad enzyme known to enhance the male libido. The monkeys got it right all along. The fig…one of the oldest recorded fruit in history. Facts first: figs contain vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, potassium and chlorine. Health benefits from figs range from treatment of diabetes, bronchitis, asthma to constipation and the treatment of sexual weakness. Buy loads and loads of figs, people. Now to the ‘unscientific observations’ made throughout man’s history: halved figs are said to look like the female sexual organs. Really??? Open one up and see. But if the Greeks thought them sacred and is associated with love and fertility, so be it. That’s how it looks! Good to know Adam and Eve wore the leaves instead, though. And now the food most associated as an aphrodisiac: oysters! It has been around and cultivated since before the Christian era. The Chinese, Greeks, Romans and Indians in America enjoyed them. Now we’re enjoying them. Rich in vitamins and minerals, oysters contain Vitamin E and high zinc content which helps produce sperm and pleasantly raise the libido. Best eaten fresh and raw and don’t forget the chilled Champagne, please. Before you gulp down another succulent oyster look into your lover’s eyes. Or you may end up looking hungry and not romantic. Another luxury food high in zinc is caviar. Ah…to feel those luxurious eggs in your mouth. Anything expensive will turn anyone on. You feel sexy, loved, appreciated… etc…etc…etc. So far we have the necessary ingredients for a great love menu. For the salad asparagus, avocados, bananas and figs. Cut into chunks and add one cup of whole almonds. Mix well and sprinkle with finely chopped basil. Basil? Yep...its fragrant aroma is said to have an aphrodisiacal effect. Serve with fresh, raw oysters and/or caviar. For dessert opt for pure chocolate. Chocolate beans contain important chemical compounds like Phenylethylamine and Serotonin, which are also found in the brain, and theobromine. These are moods and emotions lifter upper readily available in pure chocolate. You go slightly dreamy when you eat luscious, smooth and creamy chocolate. All pleasurable, feel-good emotions surface and you are relaxed and ready for the next sensual advances. Lastly, there is honey. This golden liquid stirs up emotion just by its appearance. Poured into steaming tea, slathered on hot toast, drizzled on flapjacks and waffles…your heart is already racing in anticipation. Honey contains vitamin B needed for testosterone, the hormone that boosts sex drive and orgasm in both male and female. With honey pleasure can be as early as breakfast or late into the night with just about anything. Use your imagination. Aren’t aphrodisiacs just maddeningly magical?

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The separation of love and sex is ultimately what leads to madness. We know men and women think and feel differently, but until you get into a relationship (or altercation, depending on the circumstances) you never quite grasp the pure insanity of the human species. It’s almost as if we weren’t made to be together, and yet we yearn for companionship and fulfillment of sexual desire. Quite frankly it’s a biological miracle that the human species continues to exist, especially in a society where we cultivate so much self-awareness, there’s hardly room for anyone else. At the inception of every encounter we commonly play games or decide not to play games, which either way you slice it is developing a strategy. We conceptualize “living in the moment” but what exactly does that mean? To be in the moment we must first appreciate and be our selves, be willing to receive a response, rinse and repeat. That’s it. It can be about honoring yourself, what you expect and what you are capable of giving. I mention “expect” because no one has “no expectations”. Everyone has a bias: he should call first, she should give me space, I need to laugh, it should feel easy, I want to wait. Knowing your expectations creates a preference for how you want to be treated, which in and of itself is a healthy thing. But remember, they are preferences. It shouldn’t mar the experience because someone falls short. Just because they don’t text you an average of 3.5 times per day, doesn’t mean they don’t like you, and if they don’t like you, as disappointing that may be, it has no bearing on your worth. And people…few of us are adept at intuiting when someone else needs their space. It usually feels personal. We need to be more responsible and communicate. We also have to be honest with ourselves when choosing to compromise…and if we choose to walk away, take the lesson with you. What did that encounter, that relationship- teach you? A misgiving we’ve shared is that sex and love are mutually exclusive. We’ve heard that separating the two leaves things “less complicated”, which is completely untrue. If you want to detach from it…okay, but you won’t leave unaffected. The essence of who you are generates and radiates from the heart. Sharing any part of your energy with someone is ultimately sharing that space. It doesn’t matter if comes from penetration, a smile, or a brush on the cheek. You are giving something of yourself in that moment and receiving someone back. We leave traces of ourselves with everyone we meet, imagine the trace you leave when your touch goes deep. There’s this idea floating around that you can’t love someone you just met, but only when sexual attraction is involved. We can love our friends, but we can’t love our lovers. It’s absurd. It scares people and means you’re crowding someone’s space, making assumptions, or picking out baby names (trust me, I can love you and not want to have your baby). My friend...Stacy, we’ll call her, recently divulged, “I think I love him, but I can’t because I’ve only known him for a few weeks.” So wait…you can spend the night, share your body and your stories- but it’s too early to feel love for him. Okay. On no plane of existence does this make sense. Trying to stifle the impulse to love where the madness comes in. It makes you paranoid, insecure, and ultimately worse for the experience. It is possible to come from a place of love with everyone you meet, whether is a day, a month, or lifetime. Do you want to discover new parts of yourself and expand your human and spiritual experience that makes you love yourself or someone else more, or do you long for lonely nights of self-deprecating text messages in hopes of garnering affection? Maybe those aren’t the only two choices… Love is about being genuine, honest, and willing. Sex is better because of it. Infatuation is about fantasy. It’s fun at first but fleeting. There is a way to strip away all the madness, but it requires more effort on our part. It feels like the harder work, because in relationships it’s easier to walk away with dead bodies rather than an amicable choice. Lots of love, Rebekah

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The fifth annual year of Bali Spirit Festival brought to the island a five days marathon of yoga, dance and music, unique atmosphere and phenomenal moments. This remarkable event exploded in late March in Ubud’s tranquil open space of Purnati Center for the Arts. It absolutely blew our minds.

control of the breath - was one of the most talked about and intense sessions of the festival. Also remarkable were the classes of charismatic Simon Low – one of Europe’s most respected teachers and co-founder of a popular London based TriYoga studio. He is an expert in Yin and Yang yoga which is a balanced approach to yoga practice incorporating techniques that address equally the seen physical body and the unseen energetic, mental and emotional facets of our being. Yin yoga strengthens connective tissue while yang yoga strengthens muscle tissue. Low’s unique style of teaching combined with the calm energy he radiated was highly infectious and crowds kept coming back to his lectures for more.

This year’s festival was an absolute feast for those hungry for some intensive physical and emotional experience. On the day menu there was over twenty different yoga and dance classes organized, with the world’s leading experts in this field ready to work their magic and yoga enthusiasts from all over the planet on the spots. On the night menu there was energizing music served and performed by fresh indie bands and artists from all around the globe. Add Ubud’s ideal locations, intense ever-present energy and multicultural laid-back vibe. Then take these ingredients, mix them up, work your imagination and you’ve almost got the idea what this one of a kind event was like.

In the dance category one of the most striking classes was led by Vinn Marti, who had his debut in Bali teaching Soul Motion - his own style of self-empowerment through music. Founded in expressive arts, this session was a dynamic combination of slow and energetic music and it was entirely up to you how you choose to react on it. It was even intense observing it and participating in it at the same time, people really seemed high without actually having to turn to some illegal substances, but high on emotions discovering their own inner universes. The unleashed energy was like dynamite exploding. Words are unable to convey the experiences.

This festival celebrates the age-old practice of yoga and eclectic dance, in its all forms and styles. You name it they had it! Supported by the fact that there were nearly sixty internationally renowned instructors invited to the festival, each of them having a very specific and individual approach to teaching. The yoga and dance portion of the festival was indeed a gigantic bite to swallow - there were four two hours classes a day accompanied by a numerous other activities, lectures and workshops.

Such a list could go on and on. All the yogis we had a chance to meet were vibrant and magnetic characters, but they are also at the same time very down to earth, no gurus sitting in their ivory towers waiting for people to worship them. And all that was projected into the classes- they were fun and relaxed, no stiff, sterile environment. The yoga and dance classes itself were held in the open or semi open pavilions or huge tents and the contact with the outdoors magnificent scenery – Purnati Center for the Arts is set amid the vivid green rice paddies - it only intensified the already very intense feeling we were getting from all that physical practice.

The big hit of the festival quickly became yogi and activist Danny Paradise who has practiced Ashtanga yoga for over 30 years and Shamanism in nature-based cultures - for his non-dogmatic style of teaching and equally for his humor and funny comments throughout the practice. His dynamic personality and the way he guided us through the class were refreshingly unorthodox. Information about his special approach started spreading word of mouth and as the festival progressed his classes became more and more crowded, until the very last one where people were - without too much exaggeration - almost sitting on each other’s laps to squeeze in. Danny’s introduction to Pranayama – yoga technique of extension and

African dance classes were led by Aby Niang – a dance expert and world leader in African music movement, which were getting

54 63


people into total state of trance. Another great alternative to classic yoga was a progressive Hoopnotica combining elements of intuitive yoga postures and hula-hoop. It was led by the hypnotizing Jocelyn Gordon, who even performed in the White House at one of their charity events.

Even such a banal activity like waiting in the line for the – of course eco-friendly - WC – was cut short as you could use the time to express some of your creativity instead. There was a big piece of white linen placed on the grass and you could paint away instead of concentrating on a fact you cant really hold it any longer. In the end of the festival it created a really abstract colorful mix of “Toilet Art” – not at all referring to its quality.

After all the energy burning there was time for some energy boosting as well. So we just needed to hop a few stairs up from the yoga pavilions, which were located in the little valley, to get to Dharma Fair. This place was open to the public only by donation and that’s where all the food stall section of the festival was concentrated. Ubud’s best organic restaurant brought their specialties and yumminess, fresh and consumed every day. Corresponding with yoga philosophy, all the food was vegetarian, so meat eaters interested in yoga would be probably disappointed- but nobody expects to have raw food at the German Sausage fest as well right. Also it can’t be stressed often enough, but vegetarian food is not a synonym for dull and tasteless. These foodies really knew what they were doing and the results made your taste buds dance. And it wasn’t at all ascetic - commonly accepted drugs were on the menu – aka sugar and caffeine. We got a sugar rush by eating some to die for brownies or got our pressure pumped by freshly brewed coffee. If all of our senses still weren’t completely overwhelmed, then there were daily cultural performances at noon presenting Balinese gamelan accompanied by a different international musician each day.

This festival is not some shady hippie event or a new age mumbo jumbo. Yoga is not a sport or competition, yoga is not a religion or some esoteric practice, yoga is the way of life. This practice is equally beneficial to your whole organism - body and the mind and it’s entirely up to you what you can take from it. You don’t have to enchant and be all zen-like, you can just take from it what’s in it for you and there is something for everybody. “Through yoga, you can tune into your body, become aware of it and then start to heal it,” said Ronan Tang one of China’s leading yoga teacher’s trainers. There is also a common misconception and a lot of prejudices about yoga being some kind of religious practice. There was even initiative in Indonesia wanting to ban yoga with main argument being that it contradicts Islam. Indonesian yoga instructor Devi Asmarini, with more than 15 years of experience and the author of the best seller “Yoga For All,” helped explain and diffuse the situation and in the end it just blew over. She adds: “Yoga is like finding a key to a locked door.”

If you still didn’t have enough after all the yogi-ing, dancing and hoola-hooping, you could still squeeze in some balancing on the slackline and work on your stability. Or if you really did have enough, you could rejuvenate your body in the healing shacks by getting some intensive massage. An other alternative was to shop around at Dharma fair or just check out the latest innovations and new trends in the world not only of yoga accessories – starting with some advanced antiskid cover on your yoga matt, ending with the wide range selection of original jewelry. And least but not last, you could of course update your yoga closet as there were countless choices of everything you could possibly need or want.

54 64

So forget about all the definitions, forget about what age, size, nationality or color you have, yoga is really for everybody. You can be completely or relatively new to yoga or you can be an experienced practitioner or orthodox yogi, the Bali Spirit Festival is a marvelously mixed cocktail of all the activities, where everybody can find just what is right for them. We literally fed off from all the energy concentrated in Ubud during that time. The Spirit Festival didn’t let our brain or body stagnate for one minute. We were fortunate enough to receive all sorts of super interesting impulses and information. It was just a matter processing and absorbing it.

wellness ZEN & Tasty Breakfast•Lunch•Tea Time










Healthy fresh &

Jl. Mertanadi, 46•Seminyak•Bali Ph•+62 (0)361 911 6979

Open from 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Saturday


The Bali Spirit Festival is about so much more than just practicing yoga, ecstatic dancing and getting soaked in music, it expands far more than those five days. The festival has an enormous community outreach. The vision of festival co-founder I Made Kadek Gunarta is to raise awareness and promote community activism through the festival, to inspire people to become more active, more engaged in their community and inspire others. It is also about giving back to the community and Bali Spirit has been for the past three years supporting “Lets talk about HIV/AIDS!” program, which over the years reached aaprox 10 000 Balinese through high school and banjar visits. The spread of AIDS in Bali is fast becoming epidemic, so the outreach initiative aims to inform the Bali’s most vulnerable communities – Balinese women, teens and children. Talking about HIV is still a big taboo among Balinese, so increasing awareness through education on how to avoid infection and reduce the stigma of the disease is essential.

The final day’s highlight of the festival was an epic 108 sunsalutations happening. It was organized by singer and Bali Spirit Ambassador Daphne Tse as a charity event aiming to raise money for above mentioned school-based program “Lets talk about HIV/ AIDS.” It brought in a massive crowd, which took up the challenge of saluting the sun 108 times, even despite the fact it created a 30 plus degrees heat for this occasion. With the guidance and cheering from all of the amazing instructors, who one by one navigated us through the salutations in their very own styles. The vibe was unforgettable and all the sweating was well worth it, because we were doing it for a great cause. In the end people were physically drained, but emotionally uplifted, so there was also a lots of sweaty hugging, another remarkable aspect – where else would you almost enjoy hugging heavily sweating people you don’t really know. After all, we are all one or none, right. This festival’s unique atmosphere was so magical that after spending only five days there it was like having a huge international family who were at the very beginning were just complete strangers. And when it ended, it really did feel like coming back home from a summer camp when you were a kid - so sentimental that something so fun ended. Luckily in lines with yoga philosophy and living in the now, there is no need to be all nostalgic that something great is gone, because next year’s festival dates have already been announced – so see you all peeps at the 6th Bali Spirit Festival at the last week of March 2013! This event was equally unique as the place where it was held is – just unBALIevable!

Then there is also the festival’s newest outreach initiative “Bali ReGreen” aiming to revitalize Ban village in Karangasem regency, which is one of the most poverty-stricken regions of Bali. The plan is to conduct bamboo-reforestation of this arid area and subsequently teach the villagers how to efficiently manage it. On the last day of the festival there was a Hari Cinta Kelurga! (We love Family day!), where the Balinese had a free access to all the bilingual classes all day. The yoga and dance portion of the festival was monstrous and yes - some of the participants really took all four scheduled classes per day and still felt energized enough to absorb some of the vibes at night. Starting Friday the music portion of night concerts kicked off in Bali’s best-known museum ARMA and oh boy, was it big! Numerous intriguing and innovative musicians appeared in the line up, like The Luminaries – they rocked it big time on Saturday night bringing consciousness-expanding Hip-Hop all the way from Venice to Bali. The Nahko and Medicine for the People totally owned the crowd at the closing ceremony on Sunday night. They presented some heavy tunes, jarring vocals and contagious beats.

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GO SLAM You would think that a double diagnosis of malaria and dengue at the same time would be enough to keep you away from a place, right? And if that wasn’t enough, top it off with an emergency private flight to Singapore to save your life, only to arrive and suffer a heart attack… This was three years ago and only one year later Juliette Boure is back in Indonesia working for French owned surf street brand 69Slam. Focussing on the retail teams in the 69Slam shops, Juliette brings together her French experience from working at both Loreal and Nestle in France.

Do you surf?

couple of years. Then I stopped and he was really angry with me!

No, I don’t. Actually, you would probably get angry about my hobby! I love to ride jetski. I know a lot of surfers don’t like jetski riders. I do free-ride style on a standup jetski. I love it. But, I stopped since I have been in Bali because it is not so suitable here.

Do you own a piano here in Bali?

No I don’t.

Oh ok, I better ask real questions.Why did you choose to work for 69Slam?

When was the last time you experienced magic?

I chose them because they play a lot, it’s provocative. It turns out that the team is super nice and the boss allows space for people to do their jobs correctly. There is a lot of creative freedom and it’s very dynamic.

It was when I ride my jetski.

Have you ever seen any Balinese magic?

So, you are predominately involved in management?

Balinese magic, no, not yet! But i would like to.

Yes, I am the sales manager for Indonesia. I handle our own shops. We have eight shops. And I also manage consignment stock into other stores. Basically I have taken what I learned at Nestle and Loreal and adapted it to Indonesia. I have worked closely with my sales girls to develop their communication from the point of ‘hello’ to ‘goodbye’. I put incentives in place where the shop staff have monthly targets. This has been very effective. At any point in the month, every shopkeeper know exactly how much more they need to sell to reach the monthly targets. It has developed into a very friendly team approach. And they really play the game together.

What are you listening to now on your i-Pod?

I listen to everything. My father was a jazz man. I don’t have any favorites cause I grew up around music. Like, Miles Davis used to come to our house and play with my father… I think I like everything except rap! It’s not really my kind of thing.

Are you saying jazz and rap don’t really mesh together?

They can actually, jazz can match with a lot of styles of music. I just don’t like rap. I grew up on Miles Davis and Aretha Franklin.

Who are the main customers for 69Slam in Bali?

What instrument did your dad play?

Australian and French people, then Indonesia, Russia and Japanese.

He played the trombone and I played the piano for ten years. played classical for eight years and after I had had enough of that I played jazz with my dad for a

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After a very well received exhibition in Sydney, Australia the O’Neill x Monster Children Global Art & Innovation Tour has journeyed to its next stop, Bali, Indonesia. On Saturday night a very hip and creative mix of surfers, artists & industry turned out to soak in the 6 decades of O’Neill at the newest Seminyak venue Mantra.


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I-Magazine Vol 3#5  

"LOVE, MAGIC, MADNESS" What is Love?, Medicine for the People with Nahko Bear, Dayu Adnya & more...

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