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VISION i5 Church launched the 5 campaign in January 2013 with a mission to reach the people in our neighboring communities, in developing countries, and all of the world.

Our vision is to meet the needs of people by providing clean safe drinking water, food, shelter, clothing and caring for those in need.

Food distribution during our IAMCHRISTMAS campaign.

Individually, we can do great things but

but together, we can

change the world

Since the beginning, i5 Church has been steadfast and passionate about reaching out to people. In 2012, we were able impact thousands of individuals and families. We fed over 3,000 individuals, built a well in Tanzania, and provided goods to over 4,000 families in need. Our IAMCHRISTMAS initiative alone provided toys to 1,300 kids. We also continue to provide a home for 14 orphans in Nairobi, Kenya. These are just a few things that we are able to do together, and that was just the beginning. We will be deploying mobile food kitchens throughout Maryland and regional emergencies, opening rescue homes in our community and building artesian wells in East Africa. It is important that anyone, regardless of what they have, find an important and critical role in partnering financially and volunteering to serve. There is something for everyone, from small local projects to large global initiatives.

Vision The goal of the 5 Campaign is to raise $555,000 to impact people in 5 ways:

Water, Food, Invitation, Clothing and Care.

FOOD Emergency food from pantries is no longer being used simply to meet temporary acute food needs. A majority of the clients being served by the Feeding America network (54%) have visited a food pantry in six or more months during the past year.

What’s new in 2013?

Food Pantry

n We will continue to feed thousands of people and families through our onsite food pantry serving anyone in the West Anne Arundel County area. n Our breakfast and dinner programs serve thousands of individuals in need through local soup kitchens and shelters in Severn, Baltimore and Washington DC.

in 2012 ... Every Saturday morning a small team of volunteers woke up in the early morning in rain, sun or snow. These volunteers were the front line of an army of people who consistently donated food and household items to our Food Pantry. Each weekend these volunteers transported stacked and sorted canned goods, baby food and non-perishables items to give away to the community. Last year our Top Shelf Pantry distributed 2,653 lbs of food, with one goal in mind. Feed anyone who walked through our doors regardless of what brought them there or what the size of the need was that day. We were able to share Christ and bring hope to over 145 families, many of which depended on i5 as a major source of providing such as basic need.

in 2013 ...

i5 Mobile

n This year we are going to be purchasing food trucks that will have routes where we regularly serve food right at the root of the need in urban and suburban areas. n We will be able to respond to emergencies and disasters for anyone, anytime, anyplace. n We will be able to show up at shelters and on the streets.

Our mobile pantry will take food right to the people that need it most.

Our response team will bring hot meals directly to the hungry.

2,653 Pounds of food distributed by our Top Shelf Pantry

In 2011, 50.1 million Americans lived in food insecure households, 33.5 million adults and 16.7 million children.


Hunger in America exists for over 50 million people. That is 1 in 6 of the U.S. population – including more than 1 in 5 children.

Irene Rollins, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with “World Serve” to raise money to build our first well in Tanzania.

Mt. Kilimanjaro WATER kili climb

building wells in tanzania Last year, Irene Rollins began training to climb to the peak of the highest mountain on the African Continent. The journey began with a prayer and moved forward with one goal in mind, bring water to the thirsty. Along with World Serve, Irene was spearheading our project to build an artesian well in a war torn region of Tanzania. Artesian wells are unique because they provide a continuous source of clean water that can serve thousands of people. In the area we established our well, the two primary tribes had been in the midst of an escalating war. It is amazing to see how God

can use the basic of needs to bring healing to people torn apart. As news of our project began to spread, leaders from both tribes came together to build bridges and agree to peace. Irene described the experience as both life changing for her and world changing for the communities affected in East Africa. Plans are now in place to build schools, medical facilities and develop agriculture around the well. It is amazing the impact we have together to reach half way around the globe and completely transform an entire region for Christ.

More than 1 in 8 people in the world don’t have access to safe drinking water.


of illness is linked to poor water quality in developing countries.

In 2013 ... We will partner with World Serve to build artesian wells in East Africa. These wells provide a sustainable and plentiful source of life water that save thousands of lives and grow schools, clinics and agriculture in an otherwise suffering community.


Clean water doesn’t just save lives, it changes them...


Water is the most

precious resource on the planet and there is no need more fundamental

A well being drilled in Tanzania with the financial support of World Serve and Kili climb partners.



his year’s mission journey began in the United States as the word “IMPACT” came forth. What a great out pouring of love as we provided forty-three, 50lb. bags of supplies to be distributed throughout Kenya. Every item given was received with an abundance of gratitude. One of our first stops was in the streets of Kibera known to be the second largest slum in the world. Although it is easy to focus on Kibera being the largest slum, if you look a little closer you will see the greatest sense of community in operation; fostered by a genuine care for each other, though violence has been said to enter the streets from time to time.

It is the love that keeps them going. This love was truly demonstrated at one end of Kibera at the New Life Children’s Center where over 170 children are provided with free education and 2 meals a day.

Pastor Steve Harris at New Life Children’s Center in Kenya.

More than 70%


of the homeless remain so for less than two years. For most people, homelessness is a very brief phase in their lives. Only a minority actually remain chronically homeless.

Approximately one percent of the population of the U.S.

—about 3 million people—will be homeless in any given year.


On average, a woman will leave an abusive relationship seven times before she leaves for good.

It is our mission to provide a place to those who may feel cast aside, forgotten and unloved.

What’s new in 2013? n We will reach out to our seniors through our Morning Side Assisted Living Home with weekly visitations to the residents. n We will continue to care for military personnel by sending care packages to our deployed soldiers at our neighboring Fort Meade Military Base. n We will support patients and the families of children receiving treatment at John Hopkins Medical Center through the “Believe in Tomorrow Program.” n We will also reach out to expectant mothers in need through the “Storks Nest” program at Baltimore Washington Medical Center. n Provide regional and national emergency and disaster relief.

Every 2.2 seconds an orphan ages out with no family to belong to and no place to call home


of foster children that age out will become homeless.





ver the course of 2012 we have partnered with incredible care organizations from DC to Baltimore, and in our own community. We will continue to care for people in these hospitals, prisons, and schools.

Ministering at Sarah’s Hope

sarah’s hope women’s shelter

Last year our teams connected with multiple shelters, one of which is Sarah’s Hope in Baltimore, MD. Sarah’s Hope is a one of a kind shelter in Baltimore that accepts any woman in need of assistance regardless of the situation. Since our partnership with Sarah’s Hope began last year, we have had the most amazing opportunities to be a beacon of hope to people that need to know that they are not forgotten.

Our teams have served

7,200 meals to 600

women and children.


Hurricane sandy relief 2012 Last year, the northeastern coast of the United States was hit by hurricane Sandy. Many people lost everything and the families in Staten Island were among the hardest hit. i5 responded and sent a team of 15 purposed volunteers right into the epicenter of the disaster area. Our team was able to bring much needed supplies to workers already on the ground and rebuilt three homes. But it wasn’t about the homes. Each home represents families lives that are able to begin putting their lives back together. We helped Ms. Barbara, whose husband was hospitalized after being swept away by flood waters. As the water quickly rose, he lifted his

wife and son onto the roof but the waters were too high and current became too strong. He hung on to the side of the house until he could no longer resist the power of the storm. Our team was not only able to work directly along side Ms. Barbara, but we also shared Christ with her in a time when hope seemed like a distant memory. Bringing the message of hope to the world during times when everything seems hopeless, is our mandate.

i5 CHURCH responded to the needs of those affected by Hurricane Sandy in Staten Island, NY. Above, i5 volunteers take a break while helping out Ms. Barbara.

nairobi, kenya

i5 Children’s center Here are some accounts from our Team that ministered and served in Kenya 2012:

If not for all of the support, we would not be able to report the incredible things that God did at the Children’s Center in Kenya. Our team was there to give the center a total make-over. The team did a spectacular job repairing and beautifying the center. The girl’s reactions as they walked into their newly refurbished bedroom tells a story in itself. They reported that the girls, with tears in their eyes, threw up their hands and praised God out loud for what He had done. Before the renovations,

there was a hole in the roof and the ceiling in their bedroom leaked. Now the roof has been repaired and they have a new ceiling. But that’s not all, thanks to the work of the team, the room was completely painted with custom art work hand painted on the walls. The make-over extended from the kitchen to the bathroom, the garage to the front gate, and everything was either repaired, replaced or painted. You could say “no stone was left unturned”. The center received a new kitchen with a new propane stove, a microwave and a refrigerator. To get the full impact of the make-over, you need to know that they previously cooked for more than 20 people every day on a charcoal burning open flame on the floor. Because of you and your monetary donations and generous donation of supplies, we were able to bring suit cases of school supplies, shoes, toys, candy, cookies and tee-shirts. A birthday party was held for the center and every child was celebrated with gifts, games, love, hugs and fun. We were also able to pay the school fees to ensure that three children could remain in high school. The larger majority of the population can’t afford to pay these fees.” - Noland Henson

Love is the key, “Owe no man nothing but love.”

The Kenya 2012 team gave the Children’s Center a make-over.

- Lisa Dozier

What’s new in 2013?

n We currently provide clothing and shelter for 14 orphans in Nairobi, Kenya at our i5 Children’s Center & we are expanding through the development of two new i5 Children’s Centers in Zambia and Haiti. n We will also acquire homes that we can renovate and turn into 1 year Impact Homes where individuals and families who experience crisis situations can recover to the point of strengthening their own impact.


The children at our orphanage have benefited academically and spiritually as we continue to care for them.



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i5 Mobile: Launching our Food Trucks and Mobile Food Pantry Trucks. Throughout Maryland.


Feeding our Community: Serving families in Marylandthrough our food pantry, and food delivery programs including Christmas and Thanksgiving.


Shelters and Soup Kitchens: Providing meal programs, events and special initiatives alongside our local partners including Sarah’s Hope (Baltimore), Sarah’s House (Severn), and S.O.M.E. (Wash. D.C.)

World Serve: Building Artesian wells in developing countries in East Africa.


Clothing and Support Programs: Providing school supplies, shoes, clothing, baby items and blankets to those in need in Kenya and Haiti.


Children’s and Education Centers: Creating safe places for orphans to live and schools for impoverished children to learn in East Africa and Haiti.




Recovery Centers: Supporting Teen Challenge in providing rehabilitation centers for recovering addicts.


Emergency Response: Responding to areas through i5 relief efforts with food, supplies and volunteer service projects.


Senior and Hospital Care: Visiting and serving seniors in assisted living homes, children’s hospitals and local hospitals.

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Community Programs: Running our athletic organization, i5 Elite, and providing opportunities to engage our community.

What’s new in 2013? n We will provide clothing to the homeless and those who are in need of clothes through our clothing drives.


Everyday, men, women and children all over the world search through landfills and trash dumpsites for shoes, coats and clothing.

Every American discards over 68 pounds of clothing per year. More than 85% of all clothing purchased in the USA ends up in our landfills instead of being recycled.

It takes over

1,500 gallons

of water to grow the cotton required for each pair of jeans.

We will buy and donate new articles of clothing for families during Christmas and provide coats and blankets during the winter season.

n We will be partnering with Soles for Souls to provide shoes for developing nations while spreading the message of hope.

How can you Be The 5? PRAY

More than anything we need your prayers. Pray for every life that we support and for every person that comes together to impact someone else.

Make a donation


to Impact


the World

Right where you are you can stay engaged to the 5 Campaign by visiting or subscribing to the RSS feed. Your giving is what makes it possible for all of this to happen. Faithful monthly support is crucial to everything we do. We simply ask that you pray about it and do what God asks you to do to help.

You can give online at or mail your charitable contribution by check to P.O. Box 381, Odenton, MD 21113


We invite you to get involved first hand. There are many ways to volunteer locally and internationally, just take a look online and find the opportunity that works for you.

8262 Lokus RD Odenton, MD 21113 410.672.4260

5 Campaign Brochure  
5 Campaign Brochure  

This is a review of the outreach efforts of i5 CHURCH in 2012.