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Coaching Businesses for the Next Recession


usiness leaders face more than just the prospect of victory. They have to be prepared to tackle the lows just as well as the highs. Whether it be in the market, their company or the economy itself, storms will come — storms like the Great Recession of 2008 — and the members of Group 2 of the Orlando CEO Leadership Forums have each weathered those storms throughout their careers. This collection of more than 20 individuals, just like its Group 1 counterpart, consists of CEOs, partners and other leaders from across industries throughout Central Florida who come together to discuss and share their knowledge, expertise and experience.

Geoffrey Gallo, Lauren Arevalo, Nicole McMurray and Chris Bordner

Preparing for the Storm

The Collective Vantage Point The forums provide an opportunity for those wanting to know what kinds of adjustments they should be planning for, allowing them to ask questions and get answers — and sometimes to get answers to questions they hadn’t even thought to ask. “The CEO Leadership Forums help business owners make the ‘unknown’ known,” said Chris Bordner, CEO and managing partner of Synergy Wealth Alliance. “Armed with this knowledge, owners and executives can not only survive recession, they can thrive.”

With the previous recession only a decade behind them, these leaders have not forgotten the lessons they learned while at the helm in uncertain times. In the forums, they recognize the opportunity they have for sharing their hard-earned wisdom and expertise. “It’s far too rare in the marketplace to have all these disciplines together in one room,” said Jeremy Sloane, founding partner of Watson, Sloane & Johnson PLLC. “We each have a different perspective. We view those things from our different standpoints and find new solutions.”

Nicole McMurray

The synergy of each perspective shared makes it easier to build a stable foundation on which to thrive, what the group refers to as a “brick house” rather than a “straw house.”

The solution for the next recession? They all agree the only way to combat the fear is to face it head-on. Only through self-awareness, evaluation and preparation, backed with knowledge from experts in their respective fields, can a business leader sail a team through rough waters. “People need to learn to plan ahead when you’re creating a business plan or a budget, or anything,” said Ron Wilkinson, CFO with Nperspective. “You can plan for those situations, for adjustments needed to be made on the fly — that’s one of the things we all learned from last time.” 36 | MAY 2019 |

Jeremy Sloane

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