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“When you do something you’re passionate about, you are sure to get great outcomes because you put your heart into it,” Brian Horine said. “My advice? Whatever you do, make sure it’s something you are passionate about. There’s no better feeling than when I see that satisfied smile on a client’s face when they see our finished work.” with you when times are tough. Central Florida Store Services kept its employees on salary even when the company wasn’t making a profit. Horine hired his son, Brian, and together they dug themselves out of the hole.

The Next Generation Brian Horine had always been a part of his father’s business. When he was growing up, he ran around with his father on various jobs, soaking up as much knowledge as he could. He went on to work in every facet of the store services industry, in jobs from service technician to client management to project manager, at companies including Orlando Refrigeration, Hussmann and Ingersoll Rand. He entered his father’s company as an industry veteran and an asset to the organization. In 2015, Eric Horine retired and passed the baton to his son. Since then, Brian Horine has continued to grow the company with the same philosophy of quality work, steady leadership and a passion for the industry.

Under his leadership, the company has netted even more brand-name clients, including Subway, Gator’s Dockside, Heathrow Country Club and others. He has a continued commitment to his employees, striving for a fun, familyfriendly work environment. “I feel it’s critical to get to know not only your employees, but their families, too,” he said. “If you show you care about them, their loyalty to you and the company will be there. It’s been inspiring to see how much we can achieve when many team members feel a sense of ownership in our continued success.”

A Bright Future Simply stating that the future will be great is not the same as taking the steps to accomplish the feat. Brian Horine attained his mechanical license, as well as national incident management and fire inspection certifications, so he and his employees can be ready for any client need or problem that arises. Central Florida Store Services has also introduced a refreshed brand

WHEN YOU DO SOMETHING YOU’RE PASSIONATE ABOUT, YOU ARE SURE TO GET GREAT OUTCOMES BECAUSE YOU PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT. — Brian Horine look complete with a new website and reimagined logo. With his eye on the entire Southeast, Brian Horine wanted to develop a look and feel that could put Central Florida Store Services’ best foot forward with any client in any location. Today, the company makes sure the infrastructure of our retail food sources is always in place to sustain our way of life. So the next time your power goes out at home or you’re searching for the milk jug with the latest possible expiration date, know that businesses like Central Florida Store Services make it possible for your favorite grocery to be ready to serve you. P | SEPTEMBER 2019 | 31

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