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How Next Horizon’s Managed IT Increases Productivity through Proactivity


>> By Meaghan BRANHAM

icture it: You’re running a bit behind one day, just about to print out that project overview you promised for a meeting so you can race into the conference room with seconds to spare. You need to pull one last thing from your email to add into the overview. Suddenly, you find yourself locked out of your inbox, with an error message on the screen in front of you and a pit of frustration building in your gut. It’s only in moments like these, when technology turns on you, that you realize how much you rely on your office infrastructure and how much you take for granted that it will run smoothly.

“When managed services are delivered effectively, it works like an insurance policy. If we’re doing our job properly, you should never have to call us for anything other than functional support,” said Harry Ellis, CIO and president of Sanford-based Next Horizon. “We’re there proactively maintaining your infrastructure and security, as well as being ready for those functional calls.” Next Horizon, a managed IT services provider, works hard behind the scenes for companies ranging from local to national, professional services to healthcare, putting in the effort necessary to make technology effortless for their clients and their clients’ customers. Everyone needs technology, but most people are not technology experts. So it just makes sense that when the (micro)chips are down, you have a team that has already put in the work and has the knowledge that can save you the time, money and patience you often don’t have to spare. 24 | SEPTEMBER 2019 |

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