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Rapid Western blotting system,Basics of Protein Phosphorylation Part III: Family Ties – Diversity and Similarity Among Protein Kinases,Why You Need To Mentor, No Matter What Your Level,Infrared Thermometers as Infrared Laser Detectors,Use Cell Banks to Save Time Growing Routine Cultures,10 Signs You’ll Like Working in Biotech,Can’t Remember Which Position You Applied For?,Important Considerations for a Career in Biotech,The Art of PCR Primer Design,Picking an Advisor: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly,Basics of Protein Phosphorylation Part I: Introducing the Candidates,How Silica Spin Column DNA and RNA Preps Work, 10 Great Things About Being a Graduate Student in the Summer,Cloning: Where to Hit The Pause Button,Do Your RT-qPCRs Make The Grade?,The PCR Controls You Must Use,Do Hand Sanitizer and Liquid Hand Soap Remove Viruses,So You Think You Know PCR?,PhD Students: Should You Switch Labs?

Welcome to Bitesize Bio Becoming a great researcher is tough. Constant effort to learn the craft is essential for success in science. But much of the required know-how resides only in the heads of the more experienced scientists in the lab. Their guidance is vital to ensure that the art of lab work is passed down the generations. And that’s where we come in. Bitesize Bio is an open access, virtual supermentor for tens of thousands of researchers. Our contributors are real mentors from labs all over the world, sharing their insights, knowledge and experience. They write short, punchy articles, present live web seminars and provide answers to user-submitted questions. We are more than just a website, we are a movement that is energising the way bioscientists learn their craft.

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How Your Company Can Get Involved with Bitesize Bio Share your expertise and become a part of our community. We invite your company to join us in mentoring and inspiring generations of scientists on their journey to greatness. For our readers, your participation opens the door to a wealth of knowledge. For your company it is an investment in building trust, authority and visibility within your target market. And that is the best kind of marketing you can get. Here’s what we had in mind: Banner or Social Ads Place your marketing messages, or your blog, social media or content streams in prominent positions on our website. Article contribution and/or sponsorship Share your expertise with our community and/or exclusively sponsor individual articles to drive keyword-specific traffic directly to your website. Web seminar contribution and/or sponsorship Present live seminars to our audience and/or sponsor a seminar series to get a permanent placement on Bitesize Bio. Product Launch-Pad Launch or promote your product in style by combining a live online event with banner advertising and social media exposure. Extra bites More tasty ways to get involved including product news announcements, newsletter and podcast sponsorships and direct email blasts.

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