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To read and answer better Over come the Speed Breakers

Contents  What is a Speed Breaker  What happens  Speed Breakers -1  Locate The Contextual Meaning  Speed Breaker-2  Speed Breaker-3  Speed Breaker-4  Read From The Writer’s Point Of View

What is a Speed Breaker Mainly they are the traps set by ETS to test the reading ability Secondly, the blunders committed

by the test takers. Eventually leads to a poor score.

What happens  Slows down reading  Hampers comprehension  Stops from answering all the questions  Can be misleading

Speed Breakers 1  Regression - repeatedly reading the same line is to

REGRESS. Avoid it  New words & Phrases-locate the contextual meaning

in the first reading itself.  Sometimes the passage is dense but the questions are

not related to the difficult part.  Hence, general details can be more helpful then

specific details

Locate the Contextual Meaning

The Speed Breakers 2  Questions misunderstood-Read clearly (facts, Ideas

mentioned in the passage but not related to the question)  Unmentioned ideas combined with repeated ideas &

words give incorrect implications-Read clearly

The Speed Breaker 3  Answer choices rearranged to state ideas incorrectly-

Don’t Be In Haste  Negative formations and antonyms –Don’t Be In Haste  Distorted/altered information, both in Qs & As- Read

With Clarity

The Speed Breakers 4  Repeated words can mislead-Understand The

Question  Previous knowledge on the topic - The right answer is

the one which is based on The Writer’s Point Of View Not Your Own

Read From the Writer’s Point of View

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