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T C tomaiya colvin

Ike & Tash Photography

Tomayia Colvin Tomayia Colvin Tomayia Colvin is a senior, wedding, & family photographer in Houston, Texas. She specializes Modern & Fresh photography and sessions that include a day of glam, laughter, and fab locations. Nothing about her style of photography is standard. She prides herself in going above & beyond to make sure every client isnít just a client but rather a long lost friend for the last 2 years.

She has been published in various print and online publications including Two Pear, Style Sweets Magazine, Vibrant Magazine, PS Love You Lots, and Naturally Happy Hair. She is the mommy of two adorable children Grace & Ivory and teaches middle school english full time. Sheís also a member of AlphaKappa Sorority, Inc. and active member of St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church. She has a Bachelor of Science from University of HoustonDowntown and Master’s of tomayia @tomayiacolvin Phone #: 832.429.5190

espre deco

Deniece Event Producer

713-423-9844 832-377-8857

In an organization where enthusiasm, devotion, and strong regard for its integrity is the essence of the organization, an organization that sets the platform for highlighting up-andcoming fashion designers, music artists, and future entertainment professionals for the past 10 years. So what better name to call it than ESPRE DEKOR. ESPRE DEKOR derives its

name f ESPRIT

which existin of a gro enthus strong of the is SUC SUCCE

Co-fou produc Courtn



from the french word T DE CORPS-

Deniece Allen of Houston, Texas started out as a team of two, but since then they is the common spirit have manage to grow each ng in the members year comprising a team of roup that inspires enthused and experienced siasm, devotion, and industry professionals who g regard for the honor are highly committed in group. Their mantra creating the most memorable CCESS BEGINS WITH and successful events for ESSFUL RELATIONSHIPS. their clients. ESPRE DEKOR was created as an outlet for unders, of their young educated professionals ct promotion platform, to have the opportunity to ney “CJ” Johnson and showcase their unique talents

and expand their skills in this ever-evolving industry. ESPRE DEKOR hope to continue to build their brand and exceed expectations to increase their visibility across every industry. ESPRE DEKOR is the MAIN INGREDIENT missing from your FASHION EXTRAVAGANZA SUCCESS.. DON’T RIP THE RUNWAY WITHOUT OUT US!!!



NONPROFIT OF THE MONTH The SmahrtGirl Foundation Imagine a little girl from a tiny Texas town of 200 people growing up to handle $60 million dollar deals, heading one of the fastest growing womanowned technology firms in Texas, and recognized as a Pinnacle Award nominee, pivoting and reaching back to help the next little girl from a little town find the path to her dreams. That’s the story of Pamela Ellis and her non-profit organization, The Smahrt Girl Foundation which was born out of her passion for teaching and mentoring. She believes the foundation will serve as a bridge to education, exposure and experiences that will help make young girls’ dreams come true.

trail. The highlight of the program is The Smahrt Camp where girls can focus on issues such as career planning, health & fitness, social etiquette, appropriate wardrobe and budgeting.

The organization focuses on girls between the ages of 12 – 19 and provides scholarships, mentoring, workshops and conferences that will expose them to resources and information they need to blaze their own

Pamela heads Smahrt Solutions Inc. a human resource management firm, which has quickly grown into a “go to” provider for Fortune 1000 companies nationwide. Smahrt’s clients have included Service

“Inside, The Smahrt Girl is frustrated with her surroundings and wants to make a change, but lacks the proper access, direction and guidance,” said Pamela. “You can call the foundation, a consortium of Godmothers. We are here to help them develop their blueprint for building a successful life! If we are truly successful, we will have also instilled in the girls the ‘pay it forward’ concept.”

Corporation International (SCI), Anadarko Petroleum, and the State of Maryland where Smahrt successfully manage Maryland’s Statewide Personnel System (SPS) modernization project, budgeted at $67 million and included more than 64 agencies. Her firm is certified by the City of Houston and the State of Texas as a both Women and Minority Business Enterprises.

spirit, her dream of being a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur became a goal.

While Pamela is recognized as a thoughtleader in her industry, her journey has been challenging and inspiring. She remembers a pivotal point in her life when she left the small town of Alleyton and moved to live with her father in California at 12 years old. The change in her environment exposed her to a whole new world of possibilities. Encouraged by her father to be the smartest in the classroom and strongly inspired by his entrepreneurial

The Smahrt Girl Foundation is seeking mentors and volunteers who understand the issues faced by young girls living in rural communities and would like to be part of the solution. Or Phone : 713-839-5757

“Prior to actually seeing it, I had little hope that it could happen for me. So making good grades, or going to college, wasn’t important to me, but with my dad’s high expectations, I went from ‘just good enough’ to ‘better than.’

“My hometown of Rochester, New York is very small compared to Houston and I know the feeling of being confined with limited opportunities, said Darian Ward, Public Information Officer for the Houston Airport System.


Kids One out of every 155 children in Texas is living in foster care. Carter’s Kids believes that every child in foster care deserves a safe, nurturing home that will meet all of his or her needs and provide all of the necessary services that help him or her achieve permanent placement. Over the past four years, Carter’s Kids Residential Treatment Center (Carter’s Kids) has committed time, love, and patience to developing programs that support and serve the community while providing at-risk youth with invaluable opportunities for a better life. For the most vulnerable youth in foster care, Carter’s Kids provides the attention, support, and direction that is lacking when no one else is there.

Tim and LaShell Carter Founders

Community Partners

Richard Mahler is the founder of International Children’s Support Foundation (I.C.F.), a notfor-profit 501c(3) Public Fundraising Foundation, created to plant seeds of hope in the minds and hearts of our future generation. The Foundation aims to raise funds for children locally and worldwide while partnering with many organizations that encourage education to overcome welfare dependence and poverty. I.C.F. also works to develop youth programs to interact with children of all ages, discussing substance abuse along with a commitment to change or avoid lifestyles of violence and gang activity. “My partnership with Carter’s Kids is a great example of my commitment to stay true to my life’s mission of supporting efforts that are transforming the lives of youth while ensuring that these efforts are sustained into the future.” - Richard Mahler

Tim and LaShell Carter founded Kids as an extension of their lov compassion for children. Mr. and Carter have always dedicated the to serving the community and h the less fortunate. Tim’s charitable work includes reading Dr. Seuss books to elementary school children, feeding the homeless during the holidays, donating to his high school’s football team, and many other acts of benevolence that led to him becoming a United Way “Hometown Hero.” Making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around him will forever be Tim’s passion. LaShell is also passionate about making a difference in the lives of young children, and about opening up to the life lessons children have to

offer; in her own words, “I think everyone should have the heart of a child, they forgive easily and move on!” Mrs. Carter has volunteered in childcare centers, participated in beautification projects at the Boys and Girls Club in New Jersey, and teamed up with the March of Dimes to help the families at the Metro Health NICU, among other things. Together, the Carters work to plant seeds in the lives of at-risk boys and girls to show them that there is more to life than what they have been exposed to. “We plan on

hel gir wh we and the lon our



d Carter’s ve and d Mrs. emselves helping

lping our boys and rls get back on track hile at the homes e provide for them, d seeing to it that ey stay on track ng after they leave r care.�



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steve brown

May Election The Pathw Democratic Fort Bend

Last November, we all worked extremely hard to get President Barack Obama re-elected. In fact, President Obama received over 100,000 votes in Fort Bend, and carried Missouri City by well over 60%. It was the first time that a Democratic candidate received more than 100,000 votes in Fort Bend County.

success in May elections? Doing so not only gives us countywide leaders who look like the population of the countryĂ­s most diverse county, but it also empowers Democratic voters and gives us a pipeline of young candidates.

In fact, Democrats have an advantage in most major cities throughout Fort Bend Ăą an advantage we However, despite rarely capitalize on. If onethird of the Democrats Missouri City being the who voted last November most Democratic city would vote on May 11th, in the area, it only has we would immediately turn one Democrat currently serving on City Council.... Missouri City, Stafford and and no women. Rosenberg Blue. Such turnout would also put Democrats in control of This paradox reflects the chief impediment to a Blue our local school districts as well. Fort Bend. That is, how can Democrats replicate Having Democrats in local General Election turnout

office would give us all leaders who understand smart economic development, access to quality education, job creation and will fight for projects that will transform communities into a place where families would want to live, work and shop. We need leaders who are willing to be audacious, eager to be imaginative and passionate about being an advocate. I ask that you turn that same passion and energy that helped to elect our President twice, and use it to make a difference in cities like Missouri City and Stafford. Over the next couple of months, I intend to use this space to facilitate discussion on local issues

Steve Brown is the Chairman of the Fort Bend County Democratic Party.

ections: way to a tic d


TY JONES TyJones Ty Jones is a rising multifaucet young entrepreneur, television personality host, producer, model, and mentor. She is spear heading a new movement called Y.E.S.A. (Young Entrepreneurs Student Association) all over the country within the new organization New Face of Wealth ty_jones22 tailoredbyty beyondbeautyhair1 Keek ty_jones Facebook ty jones


Photos courtesy: Ola photography


Abidemi Olowonira was born in Ibadan, Nigeria February 25, 1983. He contracted Polio at the age of one while his parents were in the United States pursuing their higher studies, so his grandmother raised him in Lagos through his adolescent and teenage years. She was a pottery maker and had a great influence on Abidemi. In 2002, he relocated to Houston, Texas. Upon his arrival in Houston, Abidemi enrolled into the John T. Biggers School of Art at Texas Southern University where he began to discover his innate talents as an artist. Focusing on life drawing and painting, he studied under Harvey L. Johnson, Leamon Green, Jesse Sifuentes, Alvia Wardlaw, Sarah Trotty, among others. Having the opportunity to study under renowned art professors, Abidemi was reintroduced to his African culture through the lens of artistic mentors who helped to understand his connection on a more academic level, an experience that he had never had before. This background birthed the development of AbidemiĂ­s unique, expressive style creating work that he describes as storytelling. ABIDEMI ART STUDIO

Ben Hall


Is Parker Copying Ben Hall Over the last few months, Iíve had the opportunity to hear Ben Hall speak about his vision for Houston. Frankly, I did not know what to expect when I was first invited by a friend one of his “meet and greet” sessions. My friend told me to expect some really creative and forward-thinking ideas since he had heard Hall speak at another event. We arrived early, and a few gatherers were already waiting. Hall arrived about 10 minutes later and mingled with the crowd. He had a surprisingly natural way about him as he mingled in the crowd. I did not expect this from a firsttime candidate. In fact, when he greeted me (a total stranger), I felt as though we had known each other for awhile. After several minutes of greeting the crowd, Hall was introduced by his wife--a beautiful young lady who said they had been married for 32 years. I was surprised because they looked young for that length of marriage. Anyway, Hall next took the floor and began talking about his plan for Houston. With ease he outlined his concept of the “doughnut effectî in Houston where people

are choosing to live outside the city limits while coming into the city to work. This gives them the benefits of Houston without sharing the property tax burdens to fund city services. He suggested that the present mayor’s approach to generating city revenues by raising city fees fosters this type of ìdoughnut effect.î

idea of harvesting the storm water for future use by the city. In his words, he intended to “turn a liability into an asset by rethinking the problem.” His solutions seemed refreshing and not what I had heard from so many before him. I found myself becoming a reluctant “believer” in this guy.

to the almost daily emails and newspaper headlines of Mayor Parker. Suddenly, she is talking about tunnel retail and entertainment centers, traffic ideas like Mr. Hall’s, and even stole one of his ideas for dealing with potholes in the city. Because Parker never ventured into these creative areas during any of her prior three The discussion then years in the mayor’s He proposes more tax turned to crime. What office, it is simply not friendly and business would he say about believable that all of friendly approaches to this issue that had not these new ideas are encourage businesses already been said? Hall hers. I am convinced and people to return to surprised me again by that she is copying Mr. the city to live, work and talking about how we Hall’s ideas without any play. Next, he discussed should make detection acknowledgment of the ways to make the city and deterrence the theft. Ms. Parker, I want exciting to encourage high priority focus. He you to know that we such moves into the suggested the strategic know. Copying Mr. Hall’s city. He spoke of placement of cameras campaign ideas without developing underground in high crime areas to acknowledgement entertainment venues make criminals aware shows that you lack for music, dance and that their activities were vision. Otherwise, you theater and said that being recorded. He next would think of your own he had already been shared his view that non- ideas. approached by private violent criminals should investors to fund such work off their sentences If nothing else, Hall has a center. He then by helping to clean city represented to me a talked about a giant ditches, removing trash creative and forwardretail shopping center from neighborhoods, thinking guy. He is to be placed downtown helping clean bayou not a typical politician. with the use of private trash, etc. He even Perhaps politics will not investor dollars. By now, suggested that he would allow him to accomplish his ideas had a visionary move into high crime all of his ideas and plans, ring to me and I wanted areas, AS MAYOR, to but there is no doubt to hear more. send a strong message that he is a thinker who that crime would not be has the vision to lead Hall then discussed tolerated. By now, I was this city. Go Ben Hall! a tremendous shift in sold on this guy. Houston deserves a addressing Houstonís After listening to Mr. Hall visionary mayor rather drainage problem over these few months, I than being left leaderless through a very creative started paying attention with this incumbent.







PRIVE| DRIVER PRIVE DRIVER IT IS A PRIVELEGE... In the summer of 2012 while having relocate from Houston to Indianapolis, Dillard Patrick Alsobrooks received a vision for a designated driving solutions service. Dillard has committed to the Global Responsible Drinking Campaign by initiating a new division All For You Concierge called Privé DriverTM, a designated driver solutions service was launched in Indianapolis, Indiana. Now we want to expand to the Greater Houston Area Socialites & Parties For Professionals in the summer of 2013 to Harris and Galveston County. Privé DriverTM is a designated driving solution that pairs a single professional or a group of socialites with a driver to chauffeur them for an evening on the city, a dinning events, sporting events and happy hour networking events that would require a designated driver. One of our designated drivers will accompany you in the comfort of your own vehicle or in a designated driver’s own vehicle to make sure you and your group get to and from your destinations safely.

Toll Free at 888.518.7770 Follow @PriveDriverIndy

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i-fitness Crystal Hadnott is one of the rising stars in the health and wellness industry. From her clients and other individuals perspective, she is considered one of the most inspiring people in her role as trainer, health expert and wellness coach. Crystal has created a brand name for herself. As a motivator and role model, Crystal has a unique connection with her audience that stems from her own personal journey toward health and wellness. Before she was a health and wellness professional, Crystal struggled with her own health, weight and nutrition issues. She was determined to reach her goals ó and through dedication and hard work, she did. After several years in the corporate, government and non-profit arenas, Crystal discovered that she had a true passion for health and wellness. After a cross with death and being hit with paralysis, she is now an avid distance runner, distance cyclist and fitness competitor who has become fascinated with the bodyís ability and capacity to heal and transform through diet, exercise and simple lifestyle transformations. Following her purpose and passion, Crystal launched her company, Synergy Total Holistic Health and Wellness, with the goal of creating total life solutions for individuals from an integrated and holistic health approach. She realized that she had the unique ability to transform the lives of others by not only shaping their bodies, but also improving their self-esteem and creating

a desire to be a healthy human being. By sharing a unique and inspiring philosophy that stresses the integration of fitness, nutrition, and behavioral changes (MIND. BODY. SPIRIT), Crystal empowers people everywhere to define and reach their personal goals, both physical and psychological. Her famous statement is, “You have one life and one body...î Crystal lives in Houston, Texas. When she’s not training, educating or speaking to groups, she enjoys distance running, traveling and getting involved in charitable and community activities. (713) 256-0736 Instagram: @SynergyHealth Twitter: @Synergy_Inspire

Cardio/Running Clinic - 5:00 AM Hermann Park (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) Beast Mode Boot Camp - 5:30 AM Hermann Park (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) Beast Mode Boot Camp - 6:30 PM Spotts Park (Tuesday/Thursday) Personal Training Sessions Private Pilates Reformer Sessions Nutritional Consultations Body Composition Analysis


Certified Personal Trainer Certified Pilates Reformer Instructor Certified Piloxing Instructor Certified Spin Instructor Certified Nutritionist


A a la


Are you a libra ady?


Are you a libra lady?

Are you a libra lady?

Are you a libra lady?

Dr. Timothy W. Sloan

the Luke Timothy W. Sloan is a native of Sherman, Texas. He received the Bachelor of Arts Degree from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. While at Morehouse he appeared in the television documentary “Malcolm and Martin: The Story of A People� hosted by Louis Gossett, Jr. He was also an Associate Cleric for the Martin Luther King, Jr. International Chapel and in a tradition established by Dr. King, a Morehouse alumnus, he was selected to deliver the Annual Senior Sermon to the Morehouse student body.

Dr. Sloan received his Master of Divinity Degree from Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey. While a student at Princeton, he was ordained in the Christian Ministry and served as Assistant to the Pastor at the Friendship Baptist Church in Trenton. Dr. Sloan is adamant about being well prepared for ministry. He has studied law at Rutgers University School of Law in Camden, New Jersey, as well as South Texas College of Law in Houston. While at Rutgers he served as a law clerk in the law office of Crawford, Leftwich and Douglas in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and later as an intern with the Harris County Attorney’s office in Houston. He received his Doctor of Ministry degree in Transformative Leadership from Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School in Rochester, New York. His doctoral dissertation is entitled: Transformative Leadership in the African-American Church toward a Holistic Ministry. He has also done post-graduate studies at the University of Oxford in Oxford England and The American University in Paris, France. Upon graduation from seminary, Dr. Sloan relocated to Houston and soon thereafter began serving as the Minister of Human

Service Programs at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church under the pastorate of the Reverend William A. Lawson. He later joined the staff of Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston (IM) as Director of Interfaith Relations. In May of 2002, he was called to serve as the Senior Pastor at St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church in Humble, Texas, also known as “The Luke.” Under the leadership of Dr. Sloan, The Luke has grown from 300 members to over 4,200 members. The Luke is a growing and vibrant congregation committed in ministry to the total person through spiritual development, social witness, economic empowerment and health awareness. Dr. Sloan currently serves on the Advisory Board of the NAACP to develop the HIV/ AIDS Faith and Social Justice Manual. He has also served on the Board of Representatives for CanCare in Houston; the Advisory Boards for the YMCA Kingwood Branch and the Faith Initiative for the Points of Light Foundation; as well as the Board Directors for Metropolitan One Church One Child, Inc. He is a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Dr. Sloan is blessed in marriage to Sonya M. Sloan, M.D. an Orthopedic Surgeon. They have two beautiful daughters, Sarah Julia and Soren Grace and one son, Timothy John. They both take joy in the fact that they share in common occupations that focus on healing.



Terra J is known as the “The Dream Execution Coach” and CEO of Expo Business International Enterprises LLC (EXPOBIE) www. Her brand is best known for her ability to help others recognize their talents and pursue their dreams regardless of their life struggles. for up-to-date information for fashion designers, models, entertainers, and guest that would like to “Fashion For Purpose” of helping others. Proceeds from the International Fashion Expo and Terra J Fashions will go to a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. If you would like your nonprofit to be in the running, go to www.expobie. com for more information. The International Fashion Expo and Celebration Of Women www.celebrationofwomen. com are traveling events coming to a city near you. For more information contact to stay connected.



terra johnson Terra jones JohNson Jones Her story is nothing less than remarkable, but her success has not come without challenges. Overcoming obstacles has motivated her to share her story across the globe through speaking engagements, community outreach projects and coaching sessions. Terra J has been a strong force in the community for over 10 years and has reached many people through her life changing 1-on-1 sessions. She believes her faith and her love for others has been the road map to a blessing boomerang. “The more I help others achieve their dreams, the more I get hit with the Blessingrang” Purposeful Branding has been Terra J’s her focus in business. She does not want to be known just by success alone, but what her brand stands for, which is love for others, elegance, and class. Her goal is to produce purposeful

events and products that the world would naturally be drawn to. While facing many challenges through her journey, her focus has only improved her brands. Once you have worked with Terra J or have attended an EXPOBI event, you have entered a lifestyle of luxury with a unique purpose. Terra J is on a non-stop rise to success. Not only does Terra J help others pursue their dreams, she also promotes and produces events through EXPOBI for a cause. Still dedicated to her brand’s mission, she also enlightens her clients through her speaking engagements, 1-on-1 dream execution sessions, and in her global ministry. Her brand’s expansion does not stop there; she is now designing her new clothing line, Terra J Fashions, where we “Fashion For Purpose.” Expanding her brand

Let’s “Fashion For Purpose!” Terra J is launching her own clothing line in 2014. Stay tuned to her website and remember to attend the International Fashion Expo www. internationalfashionexpo. com for up-to-date information for fashion designers, models, entertainers, and guest that would like to “Fashion For Purpose” of helping others. Proceeds from the International Fashion Expo and Terra J Fashions will go to a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. If you would like your nonprofit to be in the running, go to for more information. The International Fashion Expo and Celebration Of Women www.celebrationofwomen. com are traveling events coming to a city near you. For more information contact terraj@meetterraj. com to stay connected.



JUNE 29, 2013 CAFE 4212

i10MEDIA MAGAZINE LANCH A flawless social and professional experience that blends


> Networking with Professionals > Happy Hour Social > Late Night Dance Party




What’s a Sistah 2 do? Written/Directed/Produced by Rising Star “Power Couple” Jeremie & Stacey Roberts Starring Danny Clay from Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Big Happy Family” and Special Guest Host National Gospel Recording Artist Earnest Pugh Stafford Civic Center 1415 Constitution Ave Stafford TX 77477

Sat. June 29, 2013 @ 6:00pm For Tix: or call 804.450.1732 $25-presalE - $35-at the door

Monique Walker, the youngest of four sisters, is one week away from her BIG DAY and new life as Mrs. Gerald Frazier. But, can she go through with the wedding when her heart is possibly with another man? Michelle tries to be there for her sister, but what kind of advice can she give juggling Cedric, her new boyfriend, and Bryan, the ìbaby-daddyî, that only seems interested when someone else is! Perhaps Meredith can help, since she and her husband Leonard appear to have the perfect marriage. But, his commitment to his congregation leaves the preacherís wife feeling like the other woman all too often. Madelyn, the oldest, is battling a serious health issue unbeknownst to her sisters and it’s back to take her OUT! WHATíS A SISTAH 2 DO? They may not know, but I can betcha olí Aunt Inez and her boisterous sidekick, will somehow come up with ALL the answers! WEBSITE: Picture Trailer for What’s a Sistah 2 do?: Previous Trailer:

The Woman’s Earth Values

Work E l e vat e Awaken Renew Teach Heal

The Woman’s Earth Nurturing Studio The Woman’s Earth Nurturing Studio is an environment created just for you. The Studio is a mid-century beauty located in the historic 3rd Ward and sits pretty on the corner of 288 and Arbor. You will participate in an intimate session that will stimulate all of your senses. You will make natural products with essential oils, salts or butters that make your body happy and hear

an inspiring message on how to apply The Womanís Earth values to your life. You will take home your natural product beautifully packaged and spiritual inspiration that will all be ready for immediate use. Perfect for Girlís Day Out, Mom & Daughter Day, Womenís Groups, Date Night, Baby Showers or just grab some friends and do something fun, inspiring, and nurturing!

Vision The Woman’s Earth aims to empower women by challenging them through our values to rise above any internal road blocks that would keep them from fulfilling their purpose by encouraging the nurturing of self both physically and spiritually.

About The Woman’s Earth Founder & Owner JeneÈ Christell Pierre JeneÈ discovered her daily purpose is to inspire the lives of fellow women by sharing her story and creating a platform for other inspiring stories to also be shared. Through her journey she learned that she was just getting along with education, work, career, and tending to her personal and professional relationships but was not completely fulfilled. She accepted the fundamental truth that your happiness is up to you. By being open to her personal prayer to be completely stripped of who she thought she was and what she thought she wanted, she exposed the lack of nurturing herself both physically and spiritually caused many

internal road blocks to getting to her space of true happiness. Now, through The Womanís Earth interactive and intimate sessions, she links the nurturing of physical self to spiritual self incorporating fun, healing truth. In her words, ìHappiness is a space you have an opportunity to createÖmoment by moment. Dance with all of the change that comes your way ñ even if itís not your favorite song. Donít forget your favorite songs are always in rotation and there is enough music in the world to always discover new favoritesî. JeneÈ is a native Houstonian and daughter of Ora and Christine Pierre. She has a B.S. in Psychology, Masterís in Public

Administration, and is a certified mediator. JeneÈ is a community advocate for young girls and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She is a certified human resources practitioner with 10 years of experience in non profit and for profit administration. JeneÈ has facilitated The Womanís Earth values for herself and women in her life as long as she can remember in informal and formal settings. With the assistance of her interactions with dear sister friends, mentors, students, and teachers throughout her experiences she now has a definition to share and inspire while looking forward to its evolution. JeneÈ is currently and

2201 Arbor Street Houston, Texas 77004 281-682-4800

Grand Opening Sunday, June 9th 4pm-8pm /249724281836873?fref=ts

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I10 Media Magazine June - Featuring Carter Kids  

I10 Media Magazine June - Featuring Carter Kids

I10 Media Magazine June - Featuring Carter Kids  

I10 Media Magazine June - Featuring Carter Kids