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Crook-Ed’s Kane finally speaks out about the controversial break up, the Glastonbury clash, and his feelings towards his ex-bandmates. 4/7/2011 4:13:18 PM

After last months big Glastonbury reveal, most of you were left wondering what the apparent last day headline clash meant. Whether it was a ‘grade a’ mock up or a genius tactical move. We can now confirm that the decision to have both rival bands booked in on the same stage and time was no mistake. For the first time, this year the public will decide who closes the show via an Internet voting process. Votes will be based on the number of views each bands new music video gets on Youtube. We spoke to Kane and asked what he thought about it.

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H.A.M - Well, I have to start off with the big one. What the f*** happened? Kane - To be honest, its already pretty well documented what happened. At the time, every blogger in the UK claimed to know what caused the split and between you and me, there’s truth in it all. H.A.M - Even the one about Able [Grime Reaper] hitting your Mom in the face over dinner? Kane - Well maybe not that one [laughs]. But I mean a lot of it is true. We fought a lot before the break up and I mean a lot. To the point where we couldn’t remember how it started. H.A.M - Well I’ve heard it was “a difference in musical and creative interest”. Kane - That’s just PR bulls*** [laughs]. H.A.M - So where are you in all this main stage drama? Kane - The truth is, I pitched it. I wanted it to happen. He’s [Able] still against it. I basically got on the phone to the Glasto chiefs and said ‘look, me versus Able as this years headline. The fans vote and loser opens for the main act.’ So I’m obviously all for it. We all know who the fans want so lets see if Able decides to back up his ego. This will be the real main event. H.A.M - So it was his [Able] giant ego that drove you away, not the hitting your Mom. Kane - That obviously helped. I don’t exactly have a small ego either so I supposed we clashed there. But that’s been the case from day one and two powerful leaders in one band not only produces good music, it produces good bust-ups to. Whitney and Bobby style. H.A.M - So who’s Whitney? Kane - [laughs] No comment. H.A.M - I suppose I have to ask this because the fans must want to know, is this split permanent? Kane - Well right now the obivous answer is yes. I don’t believe in forgivness without change and we’re both stubborn guys, not just Able. As long as he doesn’t change I won’t forgive and vice versa. I’m sorry to all the fans we’ve dissapointed but surely you would rather us move on and make new music with new people than let a bitter fued get in the way of what we write. H.A.M - So can we get a description of the new sound? Kane - Well im sure PR are pitching it as some crazy soul searching sounds that paint colours on the wall of the listeners bedroom but I’ll be honest, our music is just hard. Its the kind of music that makes you want to move like your actually seeing us live. Whenever we play it back for the first time after the final modifications and tweaks it’s like we can picture the crowd moving, bouncing with us. H.A.M - Couldn’t that of been the drugs? Kane - [laughs] Well isn’t music a drug anyway? That’s how I want my music to be seen. Not so much the crash at the end of the night but the awesome trip on the way there.

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