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AB 299 Unit - Unit 9 All Assignments

FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT You will prepare an audiovisual sales presentation that is supported by creative sales promotions as you assume the role of the new marketing associate for U Drive Transport. Scenario The car sharing business has grown in popularity throughout the world in densely populated major city centers. Over the past few years, U Drive Transport company has dominated the United States marketplace as a premier car sharing business. You have recently accepted a job with U Drive Transport as a marketing associate to help the company expand into the global marketing environment. To familiarize yourself with the car sharing business, visit the websites of competitors of U Drive Transport: ● Research “car sharing” on the Internet and research 2 competitors in this industry. As the new marketing associate for U Drive Transport, you have been tasked with preparing a prerecorded presentation to train new account managers and sales representatives on the features and benefits of the U Drive Transport product offering. Additionally, you must provide training on the seven steps (slides #4–10) of the personal selling process located in your text (Chapter 17) and in the steps below. Directions for Executing this Assignment: ● Watch the Video on U Drive Transport: Click Here

● Register for a FREE Brainshark® account (© 2014 Brainshark):Click Here

● Visit the Brainshark website and familiarize yourself with the free presentation tool that you will use to record the sales training: Click here for the home page and access their tutorials. ● Review the following document: Explaining a Process ● Prepare a 10 slide sales training presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint.

AB 299 Unit 1 Assignment Vision Statement

FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT AB 299 Unit 1 Assignment Vision Statement

Vision Statement Short Term Goals Long Term Goals Owner Responsibilities Managers Responsibility Employee Responsibility

AB 299 Unit 2 Assignment Mission Statement Vs Vision Statement

FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT In this Assignment, you will look at the differences between the Vision statement (you completed in Unit 1) and the Mission statement by doing some research on the Internet. Then decide on an appropriate mission statement for the business. You will revise the company goals as well as tasks and responsibilities of the employees and Tim based on your Mission statement and Vision statement. Address the following Checklist items: ·Describe the difference between the Vision statement and the Mission statement. ·Define what the Mission statement should contain and why based on your research. Then state your version of Tim’s Coffee Shoppe’s Mission statement. 299/Tims_Coffee_Shop/index.html Make sure to address whether the Mission statement allows for future changes in the business without being too broad or too confining a statement. ·Revise your company short and long term goals from Unit 1 to align with the mission and vision statements.

o Revise your employee tasks and Job responsibilities from Unit 1 based on your mission statement and vision statements. Make sure your response: o Defines the tasks and responsibilities of managers in general and Tim as owner of the Coffee Shoppe in particular. o Looks at the employees’ files in the Unit 9 Final Project Scenario file cabinet. Then define the tasks and responsibilities of each employee at Tim’s Coffee Shoppe. Respond in a minimum of 3 pages in APA format that includes a title page and references page (at the end) and submit this to the Dropbox before the end of this unit.

AB 299 Unit 3 Assignment Human Resources and Technology

FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT AB 299 Unit 3 Assignment Human Resources and Technology

AB 299 Unit 4 Assignment Competitive Advantage

FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT Competitive Advantage You are a marketing consultant to Tim’s Coffee Shoppe. A way for Tim’s Coffee Shoppe to determine the advantages (or weaknesses)

Tim’s has as compared to their competitors is through doing aCompetitive Profile Matrix (CPM). When you identify Tim’s key success factors, you can weigh them according to the strength/weakness as compared to the competitors. You can set any weight you wish, but a simple one is: 1 – Major weakness 2 – Minor weakness 3 – Minor strength 4 – Major strength Key success factors can be identified for the business. They can include things such as the quality, location, brand recognition, profitability, product, the staff, etc. In the matrix, you will list these factors and rate the strength of each one in Tim’s business as well as his primary competitors. See the example below. Each coffee shop was ranked first, second or third in each of the factors that may or may not affect their competitive advantage. Now using competitors researched on the Internet or in your local area, create a CPM for Tim. Other factors you may wish to consider include: Price Selection Service Reliability Expertise Company Reputation Social Responsibility

Appearance Credit Policies Advertising

You can examine the above data in several ways. While the total score for Tim’s business maybe is higher than his major competitors, Tim’s may have a lower score in another area which means they are not as competitive in those areas. Some of these areas might allow their competitors to create advantages and their customers or potential customers may choose their competitor over Tim’s business. For example, if their products are closely rated but their competitor has a higher score on staff friendliness, might their customers start frequenting their competitor’s business? What would you recommend to increase Tim’s score in this area? For this Assignment, spend some time looking around Tim’s Coffee Shoppe. Look either online or visit two competitors in your area that Tim may compete against and familiarize yourself with their business. You may even be a frequent customer of a coffee shop and already be aware of how you might rate their strengths against Tim’s. Copy and paste the matrix above to your own document. Fill in the matrix with your results from your research. Feel free to change or add any of the other factors listed. Once you have completed your matrix, submit a minimum of four pages which includes the CPM, your recommendations for Tim, as well as a title page and a reference page to the Dropbox area of the course. Additional Resource: The U.S. Small Business Administration website.

AB 299 Unit 5 Assignment The Competitive Environment

FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT Assignment: The Competitive Environment This will be another step in starting work on your Final Project: Review the scenario Tim’s Coffee Shoppe. You will begin to create the foundation for your final project marketing plan. 299/Tims_Coffee_Shop/index.html Checklist: Describe the competitive environment in this industry. Read the surveys in the filing cabinet in the Unit 9 Final Project scenario. Describe how you will apply the 4 P’S of marketing to the survey information and how it will impact your marketing strategy. Write a summary of your research. Video- 299_1301C/topics/AB 29905-11-asm-01_video.html Write a paper in APA format consisting of at least 4 pages in length, including the title and reference page. Submit your paper to the Dropbox before the end of this unit. Please review the video tutorials below before completing your Assignment.

AB 299 Unit 6 Assignment Impact to Profit and Loss Statement

FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT Go to Tim’s Coffee Shoppe and look in the back office. Inside the file drawer labeled “Business” is Tim’s Coffee Shoppe Income Statement for the year for 2011. This is the most recent record Tim has. This year, several large businesses are moving in around his coffee shop and he expects business to increase. Tim needs to create a pro forma profit and loss (income) statement for this year, and you need to help him. In this assignment, discuss whether each area in the pro forma income statement will increase, decrease or stay the same due to large businesses moving into the neighboring buildings into his area and explain your rationale why that line item will increase, decrease or stay the same. Remember, Tim serves coffee to many people who work in the area, so he would certainly expect a major increase in his business volume. This assignment is not looking for dollar figures, but primarily your justification on why the line items will change and what direction they will change, if any. You may make assumptions based on the increased sales volume and how it will affect income and expenses, if and when you do make these assumptions, please describe them and their effects on each line item. You can go on the Internet and search for videos covering financial statements. These are the line items:

Income earned: Expenses include: Salaries Rent Depreciation Supplies Lease (on your refrigerator) Tax Interest (on loans currently held) Insurance Checklist: · ·If and when you made assumptions, based on the increased sales volume and how it will affect income and expenses, please describe them and their effects on each line item. · ·Given what you have assumed and projected, will the total expenses increase or decrease? Why? · ·Given what you have assumed and projected, will the net profit increase or decrease? Why?

AB 299 Unit 7 Assignment Choosing a Global Supplier

FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT In order for Tim’s Coffee Shoppe to be successful, Tim will have to be sure he has a consistent and reliable supply of coffee beans.

Research coffee bean producing countries on the Internet, and choose one country along with a grower that would have the greatest supplier potential to import beans for domestic sales with your distribution firm. Checklist: Address the following items in an expository essay andAPA format and citation style: · ·Choose a country and a grower for your supplier of coffee beans that you (as distributor) can then sell. · ·What are the economic advantages of dealing with a vendor from this country? o Does the country have environmental laws that align with those of our country? o What are they? o Will there be a marketing advantage by divulging the source of the coffee beans? o Why or why not? o Will sourcing the beans from the supplier you choose affect Tim’s bottom-line or not? Discuss your reasoning. Write your expository essay response in Standard American English, paying special attention to grammar, style, mechanics, organization, and a logical and focused response to the assignment. Write your original, double-spaced expository essay in a minimum of 4 pages (which includes a Title and a References page) and use 12 point Times New Roman font. Your citations (minimum 1, and maximum 2 two short scholarly citations) and references must follow APA format and citation style.

Respond to the questions in a thorough manner, providing specific examples of concepts. Ensure that your viewpoint and purpose are clearly stated. Demonstrate logical and appropriate transitions from one idea to another. Submit your paper to the Dropbox in this unit.

AB 299 Unit 8 Assignment Ethics and Social Responsibilities

FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT AB 299 Unit 8 Assignment Ethics and Responsibilities

AB 299 Unit 9 Final Project Tim’s Coffee Shoppe

FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT View the Unit 9 Business simulation scenario, Tim’s Coffee Shoppe (located on the course page). The shop is located in the state of Illinois. Tim, the owner, is concerned that since he does not have his business degree, he may be missing some needed improvements and that maybe his business could run much more smoothly. Because you are a former colleague, and Tim knows that you have just received your Associate’s Degree in Business Administration at Kaplan University, he has asked for your help in evaluating his business. Tim is not asking you to make a decision for him; he just wants you to help provide him with facts as you see them.

Your task is to analyze the business and report your findings to Tim. Be sure to tell Tim everything that you can think of that will help him to update and improve his business. Tell him what he will need to deal with in terms of Improvements to his business and the challenges ahead. You will present Tim with a report with the following structure: Outline Sections of your Final Project (access the template on the course page): The Coversheet should contain the title of your report, the date of submission, and your name. The Executive Summary should provide an overview of your findings. After the Executive Summary, you will explore the four different areas of Tim’s business. For each of these areas, you will provide a detailed report that contains a title, summary, and action items. Title of Subsection: Name of the business area (see the Final Project template). Summary: Provide a detailed summary of what you observed in this particular area of the business. Describe any strengths and weaknesses. Address the Checklist items below: Action Items: Based on your analysis, detail for Tim what he will need to do to improve his business. Your recommendations should contain detailed directions of what needs to be done and when. Also, you should defend your recommendations by providing references that support your ideas.

What should the vision statement be for the coffee shop? What should be the mission statement for the organization? ØWhat are good short and long term goals for the coffee shop? Explain how they will be met. After studying the simulation, what management improvements do you feel are appropriate forØ Tim to make to help his business be successful? Ø Are there any state or federal compliance issues that Tim should address based on your observations (other than HR issues)? Ø What are the social responsibility considerations, if any? 2) HR Analysis: Human Resources: Look in the file cabinet in Unit 9 Final Project scenario and then: ØAnalyze the current HR information provided. Either map (using a table) or outline the HR laws you identify with which Tim’s Coffee ShoppeØ is in compliance. Detail what improvements Tim should make to his human resource management and state why.Ø 3) Marketing Analysis: Analyze the marketing survey data from the file cabinet in Unit 9 Final project scenario and report your findings in your: SWOT Analysis – Create a SWOT AnalysisØ 4) Economic environment, Finance and Accounting:

ØDiscuss the economic environment in the retail industry and its impact on Tim’s business success. ØInterpret the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement in view of your knowledge of accounting/finance principles (as reviewed in Unit 6). Describe any problems and provide detailed directions of action items for improvement; what needs to be done and when.Ø

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