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Welcome to the Golf Course Book Guide Hopefully we can help guide you through the idea of the GCB. Your biggest task is the gathering of text and picture information. This should not be too complicated as most of it will be on record already. However the organisation of this information may take some effort.

The Cover All GCB publications will be the same size and format. The concept is unique and therefore the book will become a prized collectable item for any serious golfer. The size of the book will be approximately 30 cm square. Featured on the cover will be your Clubs logo, giving maximum impact, it’s as simple as that.

In General We will work with all sorts of paper. Like a page after the cover, where we suggest chalk tracing paper. What we want to use in your book can be compared with a buffet of design gadgets, which will enrich the GCB. On this chalk tracing paper page we suggest a portrait of the owner, the parent company logo. It will all look great.

The GBC can roughly be divided into five chapters, depending a bit on the size of your operation. 1. The General Chapter 2. The Golf Course 3. The Hotel

The Restaurant The


Course The Spa

4. The Restaurant 5. The Spa We will take a closer look at each

In General

chapter as we go along. But you’ll see the pillars of economics in your property. A extra chapter on real estate could be added of course.

The Hotel

The chapter on Golf - Opening data and general info on the course - Rates and reservation - Getting there - History - Course flora and fauna - Green keeping - Course design - Couse facts - Course rules

Some facts could get in the general info chapter, some in other chapters You need a good balance in this. Our job.

The chapter on Golf - The Course in total Hole by hole (couse notes/pro remarks) - Infrastructure

Our design buffet includes a page where one could envelop the score card, or there could be some space to make the everlasting memorable remarks - The proshop - Dressing rooms - Locker rooms - Seminar posibilities - Bar - Halfway house - Price pages - Membership info

We also envisioned one or more foldout centerfold pictures from some of the holes. Areal shots from parts of the course will give the feel of an art book. Don’t worry that you will forget some details, we will remind you.

4 fould

Sample centerfold picture

3 fould left

3 fould right

The chapter on Golf Most memorable will be the hole-in-one.

But for most of us there are a lot of things we remember from a particular course.

In the sense of a souvenir book the GCB serves perfect.

The chapter on the Hotel There are a lot of things to tell about the golf course, and accommondation might even be the reason for visit. So, one chapter details the hotel • Accomodation

• Rates and reservation

• Guest rooms and suites • Guest room features and amenities

• Reservations and packages

• Business services

• Hotel policies

• Suggested transportation

• Contact hotel

• Meetings

• Weddings and social celebrations

Personalising the book

Now comes a very nice part of the GCB. YOU can make a personalized book. Given the exemple that you have a wedding at your course, how nice. Or a social celebration, meetings, or just a group or somebody special is your guest. The same as score cards you can insert sheets of paper in the book, then making part of the book

The capter on the Spa One chapter is about the Spa. We are fully aware that the Spa can fill up one book on its own, as do the other chapters. In the GCB it will support the memory of the visit. We are convinced that it will also generate sales, as do other parts of the book. But is that priority?!

• Rates and reservations • About the Spa • Services • Packages • Classes • Spa cuisine • Spa boutique • Spa fitness centre • Awards • View Spa day trip packages • Schedule a Spa service

In this chapter there are also possibilities to insert letters, a promo sheet or gift certificate.

The chapter on the Restaurant

You can talk about the Michelin star you got, share recipies, but formost, share in word and pictures that great dinner or lunch received by the guest. When the book is offered at the reception, the pro-shop or as a gift in the guest rooms, a restaurant could insert that days specials. How up-to-date can you be in a coffee table book.

The General Chapter This chapter should start or end the book Some general info is important to make repeat customers

• Leisure activities • Business services • Weddings / Meeting planner • Celebrations and events • Residences • Services and activities • Fitness facilities • Tennis • Pool • Golf • Polo • Casino • Other recreation • For younger guests • Tourist info

Most topics can find nice illustrations

Marketing your golf course should be a joint effort; and, it is our role at i.publishing (publishers of Golf Course Books) to generate this synergy

Our products are luxury coffee table books - a cross between that famous calendar, with its bevy of beauties, an art book with quality plates and an exquisite travel portrait

The result is a marketing tool, a gift, a souvenir and a source of information - in short, a collector’s item

We are not talking about any old location here, but your very own operation

The GCB tells the story of your location in words and pictures

When people ask what’s in a GCB, I always say, that it runs from a blade of grass to the quality of the buildings, right down to what’s on the menu - everything you need to know or remember

The GCB is a money-spinner too For the restaurant, the spa, the course itself, or the hotel, there’s never been a better marketing tool

Bert Duyckaerts

Frans Ramakers

golf course book guide  

the guidebook for olf course owners toward our unique golf course books.

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