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Issue 9 June 2009


The Peral Submarine in Cartagena see page 6

Dia y Noche see our ad on page 5 Restaurant & Bar - La Manga

Traders Director y and Index on page 23

JUNE COMPETITION - 5 copies of

ABC Guide to Sailing the Costas to be won - see page 2

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Property Management and Rentals

Tel: 968 563 899

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ABC Gui de to Sailing the Costas We have 5 copies of the latest most up to date guide to the ports and harbours on the 3 Costas ( Costa A lmeria, Costa B lanca & Costa C alida) to give to the lucky winners of our June competition. The author of this excellent and informative book is Shane Cole, Yachtmaster Instructor and Principal of Mar Menor Sea School, an RYA Training Centre based in Tomas Maestre, La Manga, which he runs with his wife Debbie.

To win your copy, all you need to do is answer 3 easy questions - all the answers can be found in this month’s magazine.

Despite having considerable knowledge of the local marinas, Shane believed there remained a shortage of information available to the Cruising Yachtsman, especially where new ports were concerned, or the information given was obsolete.

2. Baking Powder is a raising agent used in baking, but it is also an old household recipe for ............... ?

“The guide contains harbour information, background knowledge, list of services available along with full pilotage notes and harbour sketches/photos. I trust this guide will inspire and inform those that wish to explore in greater depth these fantastic Costas on which we live.”

1. Where would you find a ‘Pavarotti lookalike’ on a Tuesday night??

3. Where is it ‘easy to enter, but hard to leave’? To enter by post, send to: ABC Guide Competition, c/o The Corner Shop, Crtr Cabo de Palos 21, Los Belones 30385 or by email to: (subject: ABC Guide competition) Remember to include your name & telephone No, email or address. Closing date is 30th June 2009.

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YOUR FAVOURITE STORE with Your Favourite Brands from UK Stores

Something for everyone at very low prices Ladies, are you having trouble getting clothes that fit, at a reasonable price? If the answer is yes, then come along and see me at J A N ’ S U K F A S H I O N , Galerias El Flamenco We have an extensive range from all your favourite English clothes shops. We stock swimwear, lingerie, nightwear, casual clothes and formal. Please see the map below for details and directions to our store

OPEN - 10am - 3pm Monday to Friday 10am - 2pm Saturday

Tel: 660 284 970 or email:


We buy and sell

new and nearly new furnitur e Stock arriving daily - white goods available

Plus over 100 books to choose from

Ray: 697 545 693

Open 10am - 3pm Monday - Friday, 10am - 2pm Saturday



Telephone: 968 145 572

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Welcome to Issue 9 of Mar Menor Focus,

Advertise your Business in the next edition of

Thank you to our readers for their continuing support and feedback, and our regular contributors for sharing their knowledge of the area, its history and culture, allowing us to keep the magazine informative and interesting for everyone. Our website has everything in the magazine, and more! Every edition is archived, so you can always refer back - check it out on

M ar M enor Focus

Full colour advertisement s from only €25 Full Page Full Colour only €130 (+IVA) discounts for 3, 6 or 12 months advertising Call Now on Tel: 968 145 572 mobile: 667 821 082 or email:

the magazine for the Mar Menor coastal area,

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Advertising Rates Full page Colour €130 - Mono €80 Half page Colour €70 - Mono €45 Quarter page Colour €42 - Mono €28 Special Positions (full colour) Front Box or Banner, Back Page Inside Back / Inside Front page Phone or email for prices Tel: Bob on: 968 145 572 - email:

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Dia y N oche

La Manga’s Best Kept Secret


Restaurant & Bar

Nuevo Peurto Bello Blq 11, La Manga - Tel: 968 146 400 -

‘The Best Roast on the Coast’

Full English Breakfast €3

served Tues - Sun 10 - 12

Menu del Dia €5

3 courses inc beer, wine or water served Tues - Sun 12 - 3

Our Popular Sunday Carvery Now Better Value Than Ever

3 Courses only €9

‘All You Can Eat Carvery’

Available Sunday Evening from 7.00pm - 9.00pm

choice of 3 meats, Yorkshire Pudding, large selection of fresh vegetables

Also Available Wednesday Evening 7-9pm

Full A La Carte menu available Tues - Sat from 7pm, serving Lamb, Pork, Steaks, Chicken, Fish, Pizza, Pastas and Burgers PLUS LOTS MORE For more details go to

Opening hours Tues - Sun 10.00am - 4pm & 7pm - late


Telephone: 968 145 572

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Club Torrevieja visit Cartagena So much to do, but so little time to do it, was possibly what members and guests of Club Torrevieja thought to themselves after visiting the historic city last month. Although less than an hour's drive away from the City of Salt (even in a Seat 600), Cartagena remains a city that many may not think about spending a day or two visiting, because it's just too close! Cartagena has been the capital of the Spanish Navy's Maritime Department of the Mediterranean since the arrival of the Spanish Bourbons in the eighteenth century. As far back as the sixteenth century it was one of the most important naval ports in Spain, together with Ferrol in the North. And so, a dozen cars headed south to the historic city where they rendezvoused with another half a dozen, also picking up a few passing classic cars, bikes and trikes on the way. The only bad thing about going to Cartagena on a lazy, sunny Sunday morning is that there really is too much to try and see and do in one visit. Club Torrevieja had obtained special permission to park and display their cars close to the world famous Peral Submarine (see cover photo). The City is rich in monuments and museums with a naval theme but pride of place goes to the Peral Submarine, which is located on the Promenade. She was invented by Isaac Peral (born in Cartagena) and launched on 8 September 1888, sixteen days before another pioneer electric submarine, the French Gymnote, as one of the first U-Boats ever. Now on foot, club members had the opportunity to peruse the city for a couple of hours before lunch. A few headed for the Civil War shelter-museum, which lies on the galleries excavated out of Concepci贸n hill (where the Castle is) to serve as air-raid shelters during the Spanish Civil War, some for coffee, while others explored. For those that have not visited the city recently, you are in for a feast. There's the recently restored Roman theatre of Carthago Nova that is one of the landmarks of the city, the Roman Theatre museum, the Colonnade, the House of Fortune, the Decumanus and the Augusteum. The Roman Amphitheatre (I century A.D.) lies where the now abandoned Bullring was built, but only some of the surrounding walls and part of the rooms under the stands are still visible. Sometimes the best sights are right on our doorstep but we miss them! If you have not been yet, take a visit to Cartagena, enjoy the great city, the history and culture, enjoy the grand architecture, all something that members of Club Torrevieja will vouch for. Keith Nicol,

The Tour Bus

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Telephone: 968 145 572

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Dolly’s ... the place to be Bar, food and entertainment

GRAND OPENING Friday 12th June from


Plaza Bohemia, La Manga

through the to San Remo

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Spanish Tapas, What are They? and How to Prepare Them. A look at the history of the wonderful Spanish tradition of tapas along with some mouth watering recipes for these delightful dishes. If you have ever visited a bar in Spain then you must have come across the delightful tradition of serving tapas with your drinks. Find out how they originated and learn how to make some of them for yourself and friends at home. History has it that tapas were born as a result of an illness suffered by Alfonso XX, king of Spain. His physicians recommended that he take small bites of food and some wine in between meals. Having recovered from the illness the wise king then decreed that wine was not to be served in the inns of the land of Castille without being accompanied by something to eat. Another theory for the popularity of tapas is more prosaic and relates to the needs of workers. Due to the heavy nature of the main meal a 2 hour siesta had to be taken to aid it's digestion before work in the fields could be resumed. Therefore tapas were developed to allow the workers to eat small amounts of food during the morning and thus delay lunch until 2.00 p.m. These longer working hours in the morning meant an easier workload after the main meal. It also became popular amongst people who could not afford more nourishing meals, as it helped to avoid the unpleasant effects of drinking on an empty stomach. The name tapas itself stems from the practice of covering the glass or jar of wine with a plate of ham or cheese firstly to prevent insects falling into it and secondly to give the guests something to soak up the alcohol. The popularity of tapas continues to this day with many new recipes being developed. This is one of the pleasures of visiting Spanish bars. In some they will serve simple plates of olives or nuts but there are many and varied types of tapas. Over the coming

editions we offer a variety of tapas recipes which you can make simply at home and offer to your guests on any formal or informal ocassion. We start with the ever popular:

Patatas Bravas. INGREDIENTS 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)

2 or 3 potatoes. Oil to fry. 3 medium full-grown tomatoes. 1 tsp. of spicy ground red pepper. Vinegar. 1 tsp. of flour. Salt.

Peel the potatoes and cut them into small pieces, then fry, on a low heat. Once cooked, drain the potatoes. TO MAKE THE TOMATO SAUCE: Add a spoon of oil to the pan and then fry and mash the de-seeded and peeled tomatoes. When cooked, add a few drops of vinegar, a teaspoon of flour and another teaspoon of spicy ground pepper and stir well to mix everything. Season and pour over the potatoes.


Telephone: 968 145 572

Learning Spanish with Maria Linares

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A time4 A change Largest Buyers & Sellers of Quality Used Furniture. House Clearances & Removals Baby Hire: Cots, Safety Gates, Pushchairs, Car Seats Office space available, Secure storage space available Bob and Caron,

00 34 968 136 501 00 34 626 253 569 Ctra Cabo de Palos Km 1, El Algar La Manga, Cartagena, 30366

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Elvis’ Diner Tex / Mex Menu










Tel: 630 466 417 For Details SEE GALERIAS MAP on PAGE 3 for directions


Telephone: 968 145 572

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Sunbathe safely and give your health a boost at the same time. We all know how a sunny day lifts our spirits, but it is important to be sensible in our exposure to it. So in order to be able to enjoy the sun follow these practical guidelines to safe sunbathing. 1, Avoid exposure during the mid-day hours and don't stay in it for too long if it is very fierce. 2, Choose a sun cream with added vitamins and minerals, apply it 30-60 minutes before exposure and re-apply often. Added nutrients which have been found to be of particular benefit are vitamins C and E along with the minerals selenium and zinc. 3, Take supplements such as vitamins C, D, E and Beta-carotene and the minerals selenium, calcium and zinc. These will give your sunscreen a boost and help to prevent skin damage. 4, Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruit and veg. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, flavenoids and carotenoids, all of which are essential for a healthy skin and are good healing agents too. 5, Drink green tea, this has been found to be of benefit to prevent burning if drunk whilst sunbathing, it can also be soothing if applied topically to sunburn. If after all your efforts at safe sunbathing you still end up sunburnt here are a few natural remedies that may help:

1, Aloe Vera, this has a lovely cooling effect on the skin and is good to apply every time you come out of the sun. 2, Lavender Oil, mix a few drops with almond, wheatgerm or sunflower oil, it is good for the relief of sunburn and other minor burns and scalds. 3, Calandula is another herbal remedy that helps to reduce inflammation and is very soothing to sunburnt skin. 4, Baking Powder is an old household remedy that can help to soothe sunburn. Dissolve a 16oz. box in a lukewarm bath and soak for half an hour. Alternatively you can mix to a thick paste and add topically. Sunlight plays a role in the production of melatonin which controls our sleep patterns amongst other things, so a lack of sunlight can lead to insomnia. Serotonin, the good mood hormone, is produced in the body in the presence of sunlight. Too much high factor sun block can delay sunburn and in addition it can block the bodies manufacture of vitamin D, which helps to protect us from skin, breast and prostate cancer and is invaluable for boosting the immune system in general. Vitamin D also offers us protection against osteoporosis and sunlight can, believe it or not, play a part in lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Be sensible, enjoy the sun for your mental and physical health but at the same time adopt these safe sunbathing tips.

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La Manga - Santiago de la Ribera Ferry

Spring timetable

La Manga

Tomas maestre

10.30 12.30 14.30 16.30 18.30

Santiago de la Ribera 11.30 13.30 15.30 17.30 19.30

Monday to Saturday


Telephone: 968 145 572


The aim of the sudoku puzzle is to insert numbers in the boxes so that: each row, column and 3x3 box contain one each of the digits 1 through 9.

Codebreaker A Codebreaker is a crossword puzzle with no clues! Instead, every letter of the alphabet has been replaced by a number, the same number representing the same letter throughout the puzzle. All you have to do is decide which letter is represented by which number! To start you off, we reveal the codes for two or three letters. When these letters have been entered throughout the puzzle, you should have enough information to start guessing words and discovering other letters.


the Mar Menor FOCUS

the Mar Menor FOCUS



Telephone: 968 145 572

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Property Ma About Resort Choice Resort Choice is a trading name of Resort La Manga SL, the company was established in 2004 in La Manga and now we manage and rent properties throughout the Murcia region. Our head office is based in Mar de Cristal and we have staff on hand for most locations of Murcia. Our reservation and customer service staff have many years experience in property management and tourism, we have well trained staff including English, Spanish, French and German speaking. Resort La Manga has partnerships for rentals with many leading holiday companies like Expedia,, and who supply over 60,000 branded and private label partners and affiliates globally. Resort La Manga booked over 16,000 nights and 1,200 families for our owners in 2008.

Why Use Resort Choice Established for over 5 years Fully licensed for management and rentals Full insurance Multi-lingual staff and websites Registered with Murcia tourist board Office based Each property certificated with Murcia tourist board State of the art reservation software in many languages All keys locked away and alarmed Accept all major credit cards All work guaranteed and invoiced Rental contracts with leading reservation agencies Emergency cover 365 days a year, 24 hours a day Members of PNAG rental guarantee programme Hard working and honest

Resort Choice (Resort La Manga SL) Avda. Mar Menor, Edif, Geranio Bajo 14, 30384 Mar de Cristal, Cartagena, Murcia Company Reg No. B30780316 – Registro de Empresas y Actividades Turísticas A.MU.209

the Mar Menor FOCUS


nagement and Rentals Services Include Property Management Key Holding Holiday Rentals Long Term Rentals Local Tourist Information Cleaning Linen Service Property Inspections Legal Airport Transfers 24 Hour Guest Services General Maintenance and Repairs Security Grills Air Conditioning Plumbing Electrical work Painting and Decorating Swimming Pool and Garden Maintenance Alarms Translation Services

Telephone: (0034) 968 545 204 (0034) 680 650 471 UK Freephone: 0800 316 6181 Fax: (0034) 968 970 212 Email: Website:

Car Hire Holiday Insurance Attraction Tickets Booking Activities inc. Tennis and Golf Property Snagging Reports Complete Furniture Packs Legal and Financial Services


Telephone: 968 145 572

the Mar Menor FOCUS

the Mar Menor FOCUS

Cats and human health Owning a pet is one of life's pleasures that is positively good for children and adults alike. Pet owners have a reduced risk of heart disease and may be less prone to other illnesses - on average visiting the doctor less. Stroking a cat reduces stress and pets help children to learn caring and nurturing skills. People are sometimes worried about picking up illnesses from pets, but the chances are greatly reduced by a few simple measures. Children and adults should always wash their hands after handling animals. There are many different types of infections that may be caught from contact with pets, however, it is not common. Even among veterinary staff, back strain from lifting is more common than catching disease. Flea, tick and cat bites These are the most common conditions that pet owners can catch from their cats. Fleas can cause itchy red spots, particularly around the wrists and ankles. Ask your vet to recommend a good flea product - shop bought products such as flea collars and powder are not effective. You need to treat both the cat and the environment to get rid of the eggs. Cats can acquire ticks if you live in an area where ticks are common (usually areas with deer or sheep). Discuss the use of a tick repellent with your vet, who can also explain how to remove them. Tick bites are an occasional cause of illness in people (Lyme disease). You don't need to own a cat to get bitten, but you should consult your doctor if you become unwell after a tick bite. Cat bites and scratches are potentially more serious as there is a risk of infection. Wash well with soap and water and consult your doctor for advice, particularly if the area becomes swollen, infected or is on a joint. Also ensure that your tetanus protection is up to date. For this and other reasons, it is best not to encourage rough play or play with hands.If you have to pick up an injured cat, remember that cats in pain may bite. Wrap the cat in a thick towel first and be careful. Bites, as well as scratches, carry a risk of cat scratch fever. This is usually a mild illness with fever and swollen lymph glands, although it can be more severe in children. It is caused by bartonella bacteria, which can be carried by some healthy cats. Fleas probably transmit the bacteria between cats, and infection may be more common in kittens. Cats should not be allowed to lick open sores or wounds and good flea control is advisable.


If you own a cat that is sometimes aggressive, you may be able to learn to read the cat's body signals to predict an attack. There are many books available on cat behaviour and, if the problem is severe, your vet can recommend an animal behaviourist for advice. Toxoplasmosis This micro-organism spends part of its life in cats and the rest in other animals, particularly sheep. For most cats, infection is harmless, although it sometimes causes various forms of illness. The eggs are passed in cat faeces. Fresh eggs are not infectious for at least 24 hours, but may remain infectious for up to 18 months. If infectious eggs are eaten by a sheep or other animal, meat from that animal can pass infection to people. Eating raw or undercooked meat is the most common way that people become infected. Direct contact with cats is unlikely to produce infection in humans. Toxoplasmosis is often a worry to pregnant women, because it can severely damage the unborn child. In other healthy adults, infection usually causes only a mild, feverish illness. Recommended measures for pregnant women include washing hands and cooking utensils after preparing meat, washing fruit and vegetables to remove soil, and wearing gloves when gardening. To be extra sure, it is better for pregnant women not to change cat litter trays or, if unavoidable, to wear gloves and change the litter at least daily. Young cats shed more eggs, so it may be better not to get a kitten while you are pregnant. Intestinal worms Most kittens are infected by roundworms, caught from their mother's milk. These worms live in the bowel and their eggs are shed in the faeces. Occasionally people can be infected causing various problems, including - in rare cases - eye damage. Cats can also get tapeworms, either from hunting or swallowing fleas when they are grooming, and there have been a few cases of these infecting humans. Infection with all types of worm is easily avoided by good hygiene, effective flea control, and regular worming (at least four times a year, more often if the cat is a hunter or regular flea treatment has lapsed). Kittens should be wormed fortnightly from six to 16 weeks. It is best to consult a vet to ensure that you choose a product that is active against everything and to design an effective worming programme for your cat's lifestyle. "Spot-on" products are now available from the vet for cats who won't take tablets.


Telephone: 968 145 572

the Mar Menor FOCUS

A Chef’s Eye View By Andy Taylor Chef/Proprietor at Dia y Noche Restaurant, La Manga. Well, here we are, June already. halfway through the year and still no sign of the recession lifting (or should that be depression). It does not appear to be getting any better, however, this is no reason not to eat well, and this month we are going to continue with our "Crunch Busting" meals for 2 for under a fiver, so why not try them out. As we live so close to the sea, we have devised a good wholesome fish dish using locally caught fish.

Sardine & Caramelized Onion Tartlet Ingredients z 500g Puff pastry (found in the freezer dept of your local supermarket) z 4 large Onions, halved and finely sliced z 150ml Olive oil z a few sprigs Thyme, leaves only z 1 large tbsp olives, stones removed and roughly chopped z 10 fresh sardine fillets, pin-boned, heads removed but tails intact z 1 small bunch Parsley, chopped Method 1. On a floured surface, roll out the puff pastry into a 30cm circle, then transfer on to a floured baking sheet before folding over the edges. 2. Press down with your fingers to make a rustic looking crimped edge about 3mm thick. Prick with a fork all over and prick the base, then put in the fridge to chill. 3. In a frying pan, caramelize the onions slowly in olive oil- this will take about 1-1 ½ hours. Add the thyme (reserving some to garnish), salt and pepper to season. 4. While the onions are cooking, preheat the oven to 200C/gas 6. 5. When the onions are almost ready, cook the puff pastry base in the preheated oven for 15 minutes or until golden brown.

6. Remove from the oven, spread over the onions and add a few thyme sprigs leaving a border of pastry all round and avoiding the crimped edge. 7. Sprinkle over the olives and lay the fillets of sardines all round in a circle. 8. Bake for 20 minutes or so until the sardines are cooked through. 9. To serve, cut into thick wedges and garnish with chopped parsley. Well, have fun trying this recipe folks, if you have any questions, drop me an email And finally:z Talked to my bank manager the other day and he said he was going to concentrate on the big issues from now on. He sold me one outside KFC yesterday. z What have Icelandic banks and an

Icelandic streaker got in common? They both have frozen assets.

z A lobbyist on his way home from

Parliament is stuck in traffic. Noticing a police officer, he winds down his window and asks: ‘What’s the hold-up?’ The policeman replies: ‘The Prime Minister is so depressed he’s stopped his motorcade and is threatening to douse himself with petrol and set himself on fire. He says no one believes he can get us through the credit crunch. So we’re taking up a collection for him.’ The lobbyist asks: ‘How much have you got so far?’ The officer replies: ‘About 40 gallons, but a lot of people are still siphoning.’ Keep smiling people, things can only get better, till next time. Andy

the Mar Menor FOCUS


Mar Menor Focus Business Directory Your business here, under the heading you choose for just 60 euros a year!

Call Mar Menor Focus on 968 145 572 or email:

AIRPORT PARKING SEGURO PARKING , Murcia Airport 622 062 115 (page 2)

BARS & RESTAURANTS BAR APICOCO Playa Honda 968 563 958 (Page 7) BAR EL SOL Plaza Cavanna La Manga Strip, 968 563 899 (page 17) BAR LA TAPA Galerias El Flamenco (behind Zoco) 626 937 084 BRAMBLES BAR Playa Honda 610 622 249 (page29) DIA y NOCHE Urb Nuevo Puerto Bello 11 968 146 400 (page 5) DOLLY’S BAR, Plaza Bohemia, La Manga (page 8) ELVIS’ DINER, Galerias El Flamenco (behind Zoco) 630 466 417 (page 13) JAN’S LOUNGE Los belones, 968 137 256 JULIAN’S BAR, Playa Honda, NOBBY’S CANTINA, Nuevo Puerto Bello La Manga, 968 564 551 (inside back page) PADDYWACKS IRISH BAR La Manga Strip 968 563 648 (page 11) PEPE’S BAR Mar de Cristal (page 25) PUERTO AZUL pizzaria, Los Belones 699 205 328 Restaurante JULIETTA Playa Honda 968 564 552 SINATRAS Tapas Bar Pto Thomas Maestre 616 110 678 Q-BAR La Manga Club 968 175 317 (back page)

FITNESS, BEAUTY & NAILS TRANQUILITY Galerias El Flamenco (behind Zoco) 697 363 469 (page 26) REVIVE Health & Beauty Los Alcazares 618 111 398 SHAPE & TONE Los Alcazares 661 002 648 (page 29)

CAR REPAIRS TODO TUNING - Servicing, tyres, spares etc. El Algar 968 136 313 (page 15)

CAR & VAN HIRE IBERCAR La Manga 607 900 655

COMPUTING SUNNY PC Los Belones 968 569 191 (Page 26) CHRIS COMPUTER SERVICES 968 564 416 or 639 262 531

DENTISTS Clinica Dental ALEMANA La Manga 968 175 300

GIFTS & HOBBIES JUDY’S GIFT SHOP, C/Mayor, Los Belones 968 569 235

INSURANCE DAVID MASON Insurance Services, (page 12) Los Belones, 968 137 719 / 659 226 112 RICHARD HOWARD Insurance Services, Los Belones 968 13 72 59 (Page 13)


Telephone: 968 145 572

LAUNDRY SERVICES SUNNY’S LAUNDRY Galerias El Flamenco (behind Zoco) 689 339 095 (page 8)

LEGAL & FINANCIAL SERVICES IBERBRIT LEGAL, La Manga Strip 968 337 392 (page 25)

PHOTOGRAPHERS PHOTO VIDEO SPAIN, wedding/events Keith Nicol, 609 063 614

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CD PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 968 563 598 (Page 7) RESORT CHOICE (Resort La Manga) Mar de Cristal, 968 545 204 (pages 18/19)

PROPERTY SALES CD PROPERTY SALES 968 563 598 (Page 7) MURCIA VILLAS S.L. C/Mayor, Los Belones 968 137 372 Mobile: 619 415 561 EDEN International Independent Property Agents Los Carmenes, Gran Via Km 3 30380 La Manga, Murcia, Spain Tel: 0034 968 143 185 Fax: 968 143 755 email:

PROPERTY SERVICES OLYMPIEZA, apartment cleaning C/La Loma, Torrevieja, 675 021 669

RETAIL A TIME 4 A CHANGE, Quality used furniture, El Algar - 968 136 501 (page 12) DJ’S MINI MART Los Belones 617 029 321 (page 11) GUD AZ NEW, New & used furniture Galerias el Flamenco 697 545 693 (page 3) HONDAMAR Supermercado Playa Honda 968 56 43 68 (page 11)

the Mar Menor FOCUS

JAN’S UK FASHION, Galerias el Flamenco 660 79 25 13 (Page 3) LA TIENDA DE SEGUNDA MANO (Second hand shop) Los Belones MISSING LINKS (Cornish Pride) Los Belones (page 8) 620 562 973 / 650 267 650 THE CORNER SHOP English Supermarket Los Belones 650 638 726 (page 31) TURKESA, Clothing & Garment Printing Zoco, La Manga 660 265 806 (page 15)

SECURITY e.g. ESSENTIAL SERVICES La Manga, 679 979 962 / 608 836 392

SIGNS & GRAPHICS SIGNS & GRAPHICS, La Manga, 667 821 082 (page 20)

SPANISH LESSONS MARIA LINARES Spanish Lessons 968 133 331 / 678 936 110 (page 10/11)

VETERINARY SERVICES CABO MANGA Ctra Cabo de Palos La Manga 968 146 364 (page 20)

SPORTS & ACTIVITIES AQUA ADICTA 968 545 193 / 659 434 811 (page 30) MAR MENOR SEA SCHOOL 968 143 718 / 695 326 184 (page 26) PAWSON PAINTBALL, Granja Park, Alumbres, Cartagena - 642 210 130 WORKMAN International Marine School Puerto Tomas Maestre 968 142 423 / 654 771 708

WEDDING SHOPS VALERIE’S NOVIAS, bridal gowns & Accessories, C/Mayor 9, Pilar de Horadada 966 766 689 (page 29)

the Mar Menor FOCUS

Iberbrit Legal

Solicitors and Chartered Accountants



z Conveyancing. z Integral Tax advice for Individuals and Companies. z Annual Tax returns for property owners. z Social Security advice. z Spanish Wills. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CALL:

Phone: +34 968 337 392 Fax: +34 968 563 224 email: -


z Preparation of the NIEIdentification number of foreigners. z Spanish Residency. z Financial advice “Mortgages” z Power of Attorney. Iberbrit Legal are located on La Manga Strip at: Gran Via s/n – Km 1.5, Edificio Monterrey – Iberbrit Legal office, PO BOX No. 163 – 30380 La Manga – Cartagena



Telephone: 968 145 572

Cocktail Corner Recipe courtesy of Q-bar,

La Manga Club, Tel: 968 175 317

Classic Champagne Cocktail As you draw the glass the mixed flavours of sugar and bitters bubble up through the champagne.

the Mar Menor FOCUS

Ingredients z Sugar Lump z Chilled Champagne 100ml z Brandy 25ml z Angostura Bitters 1-2 dashesz 1/2 Orange Slice to decorate Method Put the sugar lump into a chilled cocktail glass and saturate with the bitters, add the brandy then fill the glass with champagne, decorate with the orange slice. N.B Angostura Bitters These were developed by a German doctor in the Venezuelan town of Angostura in the 19th century. They were originally intended for medicinal purposes and were added to the gin ration of sailors in the British Royal Navy - the original Pink Gin.

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CROSSWORD Across 1. Eager involvement (10) 8. Stream of water (5) 9. Take as one's own (5) 10. Ball game (4) 12. Guard (6) 14. Language communication (6) 17. Fruit (4) 21. In addition (5) 22. Boundary (5) 23. Executives (10) Down 2. Pertaining to warships (5) 3. Solid (4) 4. Apportion (5) 5. Concerning (5) 6. Friendly (5) 7. Boast (4) 11. Enemy (3) 13. Doze (3) 14. Water vapour (5) 15. Consumed (5) 16. Loud, resonant sound (5) 18. Yellowish citrus fruit (5) 19. Mongrel dog (4) 20. Shut with force (4)

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Saturday Los Alcรกzeres (Los Narejos) Torre Pacheco (Dolores) San Javier Autocine (car boot) Sunday Cabo de Palos Los Nietos San Javier Autocine Torre Pacheco (Roldรกn)


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PortmÁn Gatchas The Cartagena region has been known for its mineral wealth since well before its conquest by the Romans. Portmán has been a major part of Cartagena's 3000 year history providing Lead, silver and tin smelted in the ovens of Vulcan. This example of a Portmán Piedra, locally known as a Gatcha, is an artistically intriguing and uniquely individual product of the smelting oven extraction process. Created from what was once molten ore, there are No two alike and with their diminishing availability these historical icons will soon be lost forever. Portmán Piedras are Mounted in hand formed terracotta, framed in wood, serialized and supplied with a certificate of authenticity. A selection of Gatchas is available for purchase through the website below. They are delivered worldwide with a brass easel for your personal orientation and viewing pleasure. GatchART is a selection of high quality objects d' art representative of the history and mineral wealth of Portmán, Spain.

Visit GatchART ™ at

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You may have noticed a rather unusual sight in several areas around the Mar Menor, wild Parrots! We first noticed them when sitting in our garden, as they seemed to take a particular liking to one of our trees. In fact they are Monk Parakeet which have been living wild in Spain since the 1970's. Monk Parakeet are extremely adaptable and have wild colonies in many countries throughout the world including the UK (mainly in the S.E. Surrey, Kent, London) and USA. Originally from South America they were brought to other countries in captivity and then broke free. As they are not naturally found in those countries they often have no predators and the birds thrive. In some areas, colonies have grown so large that they have become an agricultural pest, particularly in parts of the USA. Monk Parakeet make their nests in trees, out of sticks. These nests can be huge and house several pairs of Parakeet. They particularly like sharp twigs and we often see them in our garden during spring time, picking spiky twigs from our Mount Etna Broom Tree (Genista aetnensis-for those of you who like the Latin names). The twigs they pick are often three times the length of the bird! As you can see from the picture they are very enterprising and if no tree is available a handy pylon will do. Although beautiful to look at, these birds are very noisy and those who live near their nesting sites will certainly know that they are there. They announce their presence with loud squawking. Monk Parakeet are very intelligent and those kept in captivity can develop a wide vocabulary. Take care if you have a nest near your bedroom window, you never know what they may pick up. These birds are brightly coloured. For the most part they are bright green, however, when they fly they display amazing blue flight feathers on their wings. They feed on plant buds, weeds, fruit, berries and seeds. They are not fussy about which plants they feed off, which is why they have been so successful colonising in the wild. They may be seen in Mar de Cristal, as they nest in the palm trees which line the main road through the urbanisation . Lesley Singleton, Aqua Adicta

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Get on top of your garden problems By Clodagh and Dick Handscombe, Practical gardeners broadcasters and authors, gardening in Spain for 25 years.

Common problems Among the most frequent questions we are asked are the following. z 'Can you tell me why my plant X does not flower, fruit or grow even though it has been planted for several years?' z 'We have planted up our new garden several times and most of the plants have died. What can we try next?' z 'Our plants are withering and dying. Is it true that naturalised Spanish plants still need watering?' z 'Why do we get so many pests on our plants? Unfortunately there are many variables affecting the health of a plant so it is often difficult to give firm advice without more information. There are numerous statistics worldwide related to human mortality levels and probable causes of death but no such statistics exist for plants as far as we know. But many more plants die in Costa gardens than people! And as with human health it is better to have an idea of the root cause of the problem rather than using the latest chemical fad against the symptoms and hoping for a positive change.

So let's look deeper at the concept of cause and effect. Basically if one plant dies or is very stunted or diseased and other plants remain healthy and do not die, then you have done something different. Either different from the day you purchased the plant or related to differences in the way a plant is looked after. Possible causes will include the following. A. FROM DAY ONE. 1. Poor soil and not improving the soil before starting to plant. 2. Tight planting holes in clay soil. 3. Poor drainage resulting in planting holes becoming waterlogged. 4. Relying on strong chemical fertilizers rather than digging in well less harsh natural well rotted compost or manures. 5. Planting acid loving plants in alkaline soil. 6. No watering of planting holes before planting. 7. Letting new plants dry out in their pots before planting out in the garden.

z A full list of fifty causes in the form of a self audit are included in Chapter 6.16 of our book 'Your Garden in Spain - From planning to planting and maintenance' together with guidelines for investigating new gardening problems in a systematic way. You will find it in bookshops including Bookworld Espa単a and Bargain Books. For convenience it can also be ordered by mail order on 952-485838.

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8. Purchasing plants with an enormous head of leaves and flowers but a small root ball. 9. Planting out in the heat of the sun rather than in the evening or on a cloudy day. 10. Planting pot plants in thin walled terracotta pots that dry out rapidly by capillary action rather than investing in thick walled or sealed pots. Some quality plastic pots look as good as terracotta. B.THINGS DONE AFTER PLANTING. 1. During a busy week forgetting that you have planted a new plant and failing to water it sufficiently in the early days. 2. Over feeding resulting in burnt roots or excessive weak growth. 3. Not watching out for pests and diseases and treating them early. 4. Not spraying against the geranium moth from early March until the autumn every week. 5. Watering delicate plants with chlorinated water. 6. Allowing shallow roots to be burnt by the sun. 7. Failing to recognise that it takes a few years for some large trees and shrubs to put down tap roots that reach the water table. 8. Major nearby building projects affecting the water table and natural flows of rain water. 9. A new house next door now putting sun loving plants in the shade. 10. Watering in the mid day sun rather than in the cool of the evening or early morning before the sun is up.

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Useful Numbers to keep by the phone EMERGENCY NUMBER - 112 AMBULANCE - 061 GUARDIA CIVIL - 062 La Manga del Mar Menor 968 563 222 La Unión 968 560 011 San Javier 968 335 920 San Pedro del Pinatar 968 180 610 LOCAL POLICE - 092 Cabo de Palos 968 337 238 Cartagena 968 128 877 El Algar 968 135 695 La Manga del Mar Menor 968 337 300 La Unión 968 560 051 Los Alcázares 968 171 919 San Javier 968 570 880 San Pedro del Pinatar 968 188 092 NATIONAL POLICE – 091 Cartagena 968 320 722 FIRE BRIGADE - 112 Cartagena 968 128 880 Los Alcázares 968 171 782 MARITIME EMERGENCIES – 900 202 202 MEDICAL CENTRES Costa Calida 968 142 060 El Algar 968 135 510 La Manga del Mar Menor 968 142 125 Lo Pagan 968 184 728 Los Alcázares 968 575 800 Los Belones 968 137 476 Portman 968 548 064 San Javier 968 191 866 San Pedro del Pinatar 968 187 865 HOSPITALS Cartagena: Santa Maria del Rosell Naval Hospital Murcia: Virgen de la Arrixaca J.M. Morales Meseguer San Javier: Los Arcos

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