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Visiting Caravaca de la Cruz The town itself has many bars, cafe's and restaurants for all tastes. After a visit to the Castle, take a walk down to the main Town Hall square, where you will find a selection of gift shops selling many items of a religious nature and products connected to the town. This area also has a number of café’s and restaurants, along with more in amongst the many small narrow roads around the old centre. In particular, we found a very nice but naughty cake shop! Caravaca de la Cruz, more commonly known as Caravaca, is a town in the northwest of the Province of Murcia. The town is very old, and having many historical buildings is of National Touristic Interest. The main attraction that I went to see was the Castle of Santa Cruz.

For a different day out, if you are visiting the inland parts of the Murcia region, this town should be on your list. There is a website: with a link to an English page.

The castle was commissioned by the Knights Templar and was built in the 15th century. Inside the castle ground is the astounding church – the Sanctuary of the Santisima and Vera Cruz. The church is very ornate inside, with lots of fine carvings and gold decoration, a very well worthwhile sight for all to see. On the approach to Caravaca, the Castle is prominent on the skyline. It is signposted but there are a lot of narrow winding streets leading up to it. There is limited parking on the castle ramparts, particularly good for people with limited walking ability.

In May of every year, the town holds a wine festival, where horses are decorated and race along the castle ramparts. The town becomes extremely busy at this time and you would need to arrive very early to get your space to view the festivities.

The walk up to the castle is reasonably steep, not for the faint hearted! Saying that, it is well worth the effort. From the Mar Menor region, this is an easy hour and a half drive, partly using the A30 towards Murcia and taking the C415 to Caravaca, passing through Alcantarilla, Mula and Bullas by David Billington (Read more about the history and fiestas of Caravaca on page 7)

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Elvis’ Diner Tex / Mex Menu


10.00am - 1.00pm Monday - Friday

FRIDAYS - ELVIS Rock & Roll Show SATURDAYS - VEGAS ELVIS Show Set Menu on Friday & Saturday night just 10.99€ SKY SPORTS SHOWN

Now serving authentic Indian Food alongside our regular menu NEW OPENING TIMES - THURSDAY to SATURDAY 7.00pm - late SUNDAY OPEN ALL DAY (Closed Monday to Wednesday)


Tel: 630 466 417 bar hours - 608 066 936 24 hours GALERIAS EL FLAMENCO - (behind Zoco), La Manga del Mar Menor




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RACE FOR LIFE 2009 The annual Race for Life will take place on

Sunday 15th November at Playa Los Narejos Norte Los Alcazares Start time 11.00 Registration from 09.30 Entry Forms available from Legs & Co., Shape & Tone Centro Las Claras, Salsa Bar Best Wishes, CC Hispania phone 968 432 525/693 824 511

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A time4 A change Largest Buyers & Sellers of Quality Used Furniture. LE ON A S W House Clearances & Removals NO Baby Hire: Cots, Safety Gates, Pushchairs, Car Seats Office space available, Secure storage space available Bob and Caron,

00 34 968 136 501 00 34 626 253 569 Ctra Cabo de Palos Km 1, El Algar La Manga, Cartagena, 30366

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Caravaca de la Cruz The History Caravaca has been given the title holy city by the Vatican, a title shared with only four other cities in the world Jerusalem, Rome, Santiago de Compostella and Santo Toribio de LiĂŠbana. This is related to the famous legend of the Caravaca cross which the city is named after. During the 12th and13th centuries the city changed hands many times between Christian and Muslim rule. In 1232 when the city was under Moorish Muslim rule the Moorish chieftain Zeytb Abuzeyt held a priest, called Chirinos, captive. The chieftain ordered the priest to say mass as he was curious to see a Christian mass. As Chirinos started to prepare for the mass he realised one thing was missing, a cross, all crosses in the town had been destroyed by the Moors. The Priest told the chieftain it would be impossible to say mass without a cross. Zeyt became angry and accused the priest of lying, at this, according to legend; two angels appeared carrying a two armed cross. On seeing this Zeyt fell to his knees and converted to Christianity, later he was baptised. Of course this is a legend, nobody knows for sure what really happened.

After the civil war the cross was not returned so the town asked for help from the Vatican. A copy of the cross was donated by the Pope and within the reliquary there are two pieces of the true cross that Christ was crucified on. When he was a cardinal the present Pope Benedict XVl visited Caravaca on the 1st December 2002 for the benefaction of the cross, this was as a substitute for the late Pope John Paul ll who was too ill at the time to make the journey. The city can now celebrate the perpetual year of jubilee every seven years, the next year being 2010. Fiestas Caravaca is home to some of the most spectacular fiestas in all of Spain, surrounding the mysteries of the cross and Caravaca’s heritage. Every May there are marches, concerts and parades, but the racing of the wine horses as a part of the Blessing of the Wine ceremony is unique. This has a medieval origin and powerful horses make a 10 second dash up to the Sanctuary of the Cross. This has become a great competition and the intricate embroideries that clothe the horses take a whole year to make.

It is certainly accepted as true that there was a Chieftain called Zeyt, the priest Chirinos and the cross. The Cross of Caravaca is so important it has become the symbol of the town and can be seen everywhere, however today’s cross is not the original. Around 1932, just before the Spanish civil war, the original went missing. No one knows for certain who stole it, but the theories are many. Some say the Vatican took it to keep it safe because of the impending civil war, others accused are local brotherhoods or local business men, or even secret sects of the Knights Templar who used to guard the cross originally and built the sanctuary where the cross is kept today.

During the rest of the year visitors can visit The Museo de la Fiesta which has delightful displays of the colourful embroideries and costumes that are so important to the towns annual celebrations. The museum is housed in the renovated 16th century Palacio de los Uribe. There are also three other museums in the town and many elaborately decorated churches and monuments to visit. For families, there are municipal indoor and outdoor swimming pools and parks to enjoy.


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INLAND FOCUS by Sue Walker

Jumilla is a traditional Spanish town over an hour’s drive from the coast, so not many British tourists find their way here. First impressions are that Jumilla is very quiet, until you open the door to one of the local cafes between ten and eleven in the morning to find it packed with locals having their desayuno - consisting of café con leche and tostadas or fritillas - and all talking at the top of their voices to try and make themselves heard above the racket. It’s not unknown to see workmen sitting at the bar having a glass of brandy or a beer with their breakfast, though John and I usually draw the line at that! We like to treat ourselves to menu del dia once or twice a month. Costing between 8 and 10 euros for a salad, three courses, bread and drinks, with coffee to finish the meal, it is an affordable treat especially as we don’t need to eat much in the evening after our huge lunch. Our favourite spot for menu del dia is “Bar Paraiso“, which gives us a wide choice of dishes for each course, although we have to concentrate hard as the waiter rattles off the list of available dishes, none of which are written down to help us. Only “Cerveceria London” has its menu del dia chalked up on a blackboard outside so you can see what is available, although in a couple of other places the waiters have the choices written down on a pad in case you can’t understand their rapid Spanish.

Main Market in Jumilla in and prices are rounded down, which with the current exchange rate is a boon for impoverished pensioners! The tradition of the siesta is alive and well in Jumilla, so we usually take a trip to the supermarket in the afternoon when we can be guaranteed shorter queues at the checkout. All the other shops are shut, and the majority are also closed on Sunday, including the supermarkets. You can of course find a panaderia open on Sunday morning for fresh bread, plus some Latin-American shops if you run short of anything else. We prefer to buy table wine at Silvano Garcia, our local bodega, rather than the supermarket: by taking our own plastic bottle we can buy 2 litres of a very drinkable red wine for the princely sum of 1.60€. Bodegas and restaurants in Jumilla will be celebrating the 4th Semana Gastronomica from 7th to 15th November: for more details see Participating restaurants are offering a glass of wine and tapa gastronomica for 2€. John and I intend to sample most of them!

Tuesday is market day in Jumilla, so that is when we are most likely to hear other English voices, as expats from the campo visit the market. Although the central market has a lot more stalls within the covered mercado and in adjacent streets, we prefer the smaller market in our barrio of San Juan. The stall holders there know us, so we sometimes get extra Hotel Luzon - taken at last fruit or vegetables thrown years Semana Gastronomica

Live Music at the Bodega

Retiring The Olé Way is the intimate, honest and inspiring story of Sue and John Walker’s move to their new home in rural Southern Spain. The book is available at Amazon and from all good bookshops, at a cost of £9.99.

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The aim of the sudoku puzzle is to insert numbers in the boxes so that: each row, column and 3x3 box contain one each of the digits 1 through 9.

Codebreaker A Codebreaker is a crossword puzzle with no clues! Instead, every letter of the alphabet has been replaced by a number, the same number representing the same letter throughout the puzzle. All you have to do is decide which letter is represented by which number! To start you off, we reveal the codes for two or three letters. When these letters have been entered throughout the puzzle, you should have enough information to start guessing words and discovering other letters.




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Línea Directa launches two special offers for its expatriate customers z Foreign residents in Spain who take out a car insurance policy with Línea Directa will enjoy one month’s free insurance. z In addition, policyholders who are already Línea Directa customers will get two months free insurance if they take out insurance on a new car.

Faithful to its vocation as a leader and innovator, Línea Directa has recently launched, and only for foreign residents in Spain who do not speak Spanish, two exclusive special offers: 12x11, which offers its new customers one month’s free insurance, and 12x10, aimed at expatriates who are already Línea Directa customers. This offer gives them two months free insurance when they take out a new policy on a vehicle which is not already insured with Línea Directa. Another benefit which Línea Directa offers its foreign customers is that they can use all its services in English and German. As a result, customers can take out their policy, make any type of enquiry, present claims, send documentation and enjoy 24 hour assistance, all in their own language, with a single call at a time which is convenient for them. In addition, Línea Directa offers its foreign policyholders a translation service when required for dealing with repair garages. These benefits can be added to the others which all our customers enjoy when they take out third party or fully comprehensive insurance with Línea Directa; cover such as Legal Support, Personal Injury Claims, Direct Service or Vehicle Occupant Insurance, which are included in all policies completely free of charge. But there are extra benefits which Línea Directa customers can enjoy, among which are included: z Travel assistance from kilometre 0, which provides technical road assistance 24 hours a day, both in Spain and abroad. z Three weeks use of a courtesy vehicle for expatriate policyholders if their vehicle is off the road while being repaired, as opposed to the limit of 7 days which was previously offered. z Recovery of the points-based driving licence and fines management, which guarantees legal support towards traffic fines which result from breaking road safety regulations and which lead to the driving licence being withdrawn or an economic sanction. Policyholders also receive up to €500 for attending the road safety re-education course which allows them to recover their driving licence if they have lost all their points.

Línea Directa began to operate in Spain in October 1995 and is currently the market leader in direct motor insurance sales in Spain. It is the company which has maintained the highest growth rate in its sector, due to the fact that in only fourteen months, it has become the third largest Spanish motor insurance company, with over 1,660,000 customers. Línea Directa’s business model focuses on the use of direct channels (telephone and Internet) which reduces handling times and costs, cuts out the middleman and offers its customers a quality service at highly competitive prices. For more information, go to (English version) or call 902 123 104

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the Mar Menor FOCUS

Cartagena by Train For an easy trip into Cartagena, the local train service is a good alternative to taking the car. The service is reliable, efficient and above all, cheap. Running at least once an hour it is roughly a 30 minute journey from Los Nietos to Cartagena, with stops at most of the villages along the way. (see timetable and map below). There is easy, free parking at any of the three stations in Los Nietos. The train terminates in Cartagena, with the station conveniently situated a short walk from the port. (This is a dedicated line serving only the Cartagena - Los Nietos route, so no danger of getting lost). The return fare is 2.20â‚Ź, normally paid once on the train.The conductor will give you two tickets, these are for opening the barriers in Cartagena, and a receipt, which you need to hold on to as it serves as your return ticket. Once in Cartagena the port is an interesting area to explore and there are plenty of places to stop for coffee or lunch.



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'Mike Probert Talks Golf ' Sponsored by Costa Blanca Green Fee Services). The region of Murcia is fast becoming the top golf location in Spain for both residents and tourists alike and as reported in last months edition we at Mar Menor Focus are delighted to announce that we have secured the services of local golf expert Mike Probert, who is the author of a Golfing Guide to Murcia to write a series of articles of interest to golfers and this series continues with:

PGA This stands for three of the key elements of the golf swing namely: a) b) c)

Posture Grip Alignment

Posture The correct posture will allow the rest of the moving parts of the swing to co-ordinate properly and avoid the need for down swing corrections. With correct posture you should have the weight is positioned across the balls of your feet rather than the heels or the toes and the 'butt' end of the club should be approx 6 inches away from your belt buckle.

Grip The grip is by far the most important key fundamental in the basic golf swing. The hands must operate together in the swing BUT they do things, the left hand provides the strength and therefore the club is held in the palm of the hand and the right hand applies the 'hit' and therefore the club is held more in the fingers.

Alignment It is essential that your feet, knees, hips and shoulders should align with each other and point parallel to the target, NOT at it. Simply visualise two railway tracks with the club head passing down the line of the outer track which is pointed at the target and the feet being positioned on the inner track aligned parallel to the target line. If these sound PGA fundamentals are used in conjunction with a good ball position and takeaway a good swing with tempo should result and be repeatable. Hasta Pronto

Mike For more information, tuition and discounted green fees, tel: 0034 966 704 752 or 661 345 931 or e-mail or visit us at our web-site on

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Property Management and Rentals .

Tel: (0034) 968 545 204 - (0034) 680 650 471 UK Freephone: 0800 316 6181 - Fax: (0034) 968 970 212 Email: - Website:

Why Use Resort Choice Established for over 5 years Fully licensed for management and rentals Full insurance Multi-lingual staff and websites Registered with Murcia tourist board Office based All keys locked away and alarmed Accept all major credit cards All work guaranteed and invoiced Each property certificated with Murcia tourist board State of the art reservation software in many languages Rental contracts with leading reservation agencies Emergency cover 365 days a year, 24 hours a day Members of PNAG rental guarantee programme Hard working and honest

Car Hire z Holiday Insurance z Attraction Tickets Property Snagging Reports z Complete Furniture Packs z Legal and Financial Services z Booking Activities inc.Tennis and Golf z z

Services Include Property Management Key Holding Holiday Rentals Long Term Rentals Local Tourist Information Cleaning Linen Service Property Inspections Legal Airport Transfers 24 Hour Guest Services General Maintenance and Repairs Security Grills Air Conditioning Plumbing Electrical work Painting and Decorating Swimming Pool and Garden Maintenance Alarms Translation Services

Resort Choice (Resort La Manga SL) Avda. Mar Menor, Edif, Geranio Bajo 14, 30384 Mar de Cristal, Cartagena, Murcia Company Reg No. B30780316 – Registro de Empresas y Actividades Turísticas A.MU.209

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Herbs in Your Spanish Garden By Clodagh and Dick Handscombe, Practical gardeners & authors living in Spain for twenty five years.

No garden in Spain should be without herbs, whether you are a resident or absentee gardener. They have so many uses and can be planted in the garden, in containers/window boxes or in terracotta herb barrels. The benefits are as follows: 1. Many varieties of perennial herbs such as lavenders, rosemary, thymes, sages, chives and bay etc are naturalised Spanish plants and are therefore easily established. Most importantly they are among the most frost and draught resistant plants. 2. Many annual herbs such as basil, parsley, and dill can be raised from seed or purchased as small plants each spring and are reasonably easy to care for in semi shaded positions. 3. Interesting collections can be built up. For instance there are many varieties of mint and over 800 varieties of sage! 4. Wherever planted they can be regularly trimmed for using in salads, cooked dishes and for healthy infusions. Lamb chops or shanks coated with garlic and freshly chopped rosemary, fresh basil with pasta and oregano chopped over slices of freshly harvested tomatoes soaked in virgin olive oil can't be beaten for taste. Nor can a poleo menta made from freshly harvested leaves. 5. Planted along paths, within mixed flower beds, on a rockery or in a dedicated herb garden the leaves and flowers add perfume to the garden, which in turn attract many species of butterflies. 6. Herbs can be harvested for hanging in bunches or mixing into potpourris to provide natural aromatherapy effects on the naya or in the house

7. Co-planted on the vegetable plot they can be useful attractors of beneficial insects (rosemary and lavender), in attracting pests away from crops (sage, dill, fennel and coriander), the basis of natural insecticides (garlic), fungicides (horsetail) and the basis of valuable natural fertilizers (comfrey, borage and nettle). 8. If we sprain a muscle mountain walking or gardening we find that a rue infusion or comfrey poultice are quick acting gardeners remedies. What other type of garden plants can be of so much benefit for relatively little outlay! If you have inherited a rough coastal patch, a mountainside or woodland full of naturally growing herbs you have a head start on others! Our book 'Your Garden in Spain' describes and illustrates the most popular 25 herb plants, many of which can be easily propagated at almost any time of the year. Success requires only a fertile, free draining, gritty, non clayey soil and potting compost, regular watering of perennials until established and daily summer watering of herbs in containers. A regular short back and sides will stop them becoming leggy and woody. Some herbs such as mint and the wonderful scarlet flowered pineapple sage can spread quickly so plant them where you are happy for them to expand, plant in containers sunk into the ground or keep in a large container near the kitchen door. z If like us, you become a herb enthusiast it is worth sending off for the Chiltern Seeds catalogue (, 0044 1229 581137) which lists many varieties of Mediterranean herbs not found in Spanish garden centres.

z Christmas books - We are now in the Christmas present buying season and this year those that help reduce the shopping bills will be much appreciated. So why not buy 'Your Garden in Spain - From planning to planting and maintenance' which includes many cost saving ideas, 'Growing Healthy vegetables in Spain' and' Growing Healthy Fruit in Spain' which will help the recipient save money as well as living better and healthier.


Telephone: 968 145 572

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the big puzzle

Across 1 Muslims or Arabs at the time of the Crusades (8) 6 Classic Gershwin song from 'Porgy and Bess' (10) 11 Trained cook of the highest class (6,4) 12 Kilted Highlanders' pouches (8) 13 Poisonous alkaloid in tobacco (8) 14 Measure of an engine's output (10) 15/27 Crossed by day-trippers in the Pacific? (13,8) 18 Controversial modern British artist, won 1995 Turner prize with 'Mother and Child Divided' (5) 20 Sort of bars favoured by

gymnasts? (8) 23 Total loss of strength and vitality (10) 24 Script of a film (10) 27 See 15 29 Swiss mountain peak famed for its north face (5) 30 Smash musical from a Victor Hugo novel (3,10) 34 Italian director of 'Last Tango in Paris' (10) 36 Competent in mathematics (8) 38 Hard reddish-brown wood (8) 39 Impulsive fire-starter (10) 40 US composer and lyricist of 'Begin the Beguine' (4,6) 41 Person with a special appreciation of beauty (8)

Down 2 Kind of harp played by the wind (7) 3 Constellation named after mythical Greek princess (9) 4 Boredom (5) 5 In credit (7) 6 End of the Earth's axis in Antartica (5,4) 7 Avaricious person (5) 8 French-built, shortrange guided missile (6) 9 One who uses violence for political coercion (9) 10 Composer of 'Fingal's Cave' overture (11) 16 Sheer stockings (6) 17 Sap-sucking insect (5) 19 General killed at the Battle of Little Bighorn (6) 21 Group of usually volcanic islands (11) 22 De Gaulle's birthplace (5) 25 Terminal conductor of electricity (9) 26 Jewish day of fasting (3,6) 28 Maze, home to the mythical Greek Minotaur (9) 31 Spanish red wine diluted with fruit juices etc. (7) 32 Short passage taken from a book, etc. (7) 33 Texan city on Mexican border (2,4) 35 Church vault used for burial (5) 37 Infectious disease affecting salivary glands (5)

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Bath to shower in a few hours The size of modern homes is increasing, and more owners are choosing the latest designs in luxury bathtubs with ‘in-bath’ showerheads instead of separate showers.

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See our ad on page 17

An important aspect of Easy Shower’s business is the company’s insistence on hiring fully trained staff. “Many people are not aware just how dangerous it can be to employ someone who is not qualified to undertake a job, such as changing a bathtub for a shower. Many of the calls we get are from individuals who need us to come out to repair work that has been done by others who were not qualified to do the job.” Easy Shower, whilst based in the region of Murcia, work across several regions, including Alicante, Almeria and Albacete, where lots of satisfied clients have benefitted from this new energy-saving and safer way to shower.

However, a shower is definitely more energy efficient as it uses less water and electricity, so it is also more environmentally friendly. In many instances it is also more practical, and above all, safer! With an increase in the age of the general population, the necessity and practicality of an enclosed shower is obvious. The fact is that many accidents occur each year in the bathroom whilst stepping in or out of a bathtub. Easy Shower is a company which is based in the region of Murcia, run by Fernando Esquembre Gomez, and it is experiencing a boom in sales due to its experienced fitters and product quality. Easy Shower doesn’t just specialise in enclosed showers, they also supply products that make it easier for the elderly or infirm to use a shower safely. For example, Easy Shower stock a wide range of shower chairs that are fixed and fold flat against the wall. Their company director commented, “we can change your old bathtub for a more practical shower enclosure in just a few hours, including installing an anti-slip product that makes your tiles stay safe.” A shower is definitely more energy efficient. It uses less electricity and water and is far more environmentally friendly.

Why not make your home safer this Christmas? Order your new shower enclosure now from Easy Shower and benefit from the ease and convenience of walking in to a shower rather than trying to step over into a bath.

The phonelines for Easy Shower are open Monday to Sunday, including bank holidays, so don’t delay, call 968 572 120 or 667 948 202 for more information.

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Mar Menor Focus Business Directory Your business here, under the heading you choose for just 60 euros a year!

Call Mar Menor Focus on 968 145 572 or email:

AIR CONDITIONING STARAIR, Air Conditioning Sales, installation & Service, Tel: 679 573 643 (page 27)



HEALTH & BEAUTY SHAPE & TONE - Toning Tables Chiropractor - Masseur - Chiropodist, Los Alcazares 661 002 648 (page 27)

INSURANCE ASSSA INSURANCE - Los Belones 968 153 396 (page 15)

BAR APICOCO Playa Honda 968 563 958 (Page 5)

DAVID MASON Insurance Services (page 9) Funeral planning (page 10) Los Belones, 968 137 719 / 659 226 112

BAR EL SOL Plaza Cavanna La Manga Strip, 968 563 899 (back page)

LINEA DIRECTA Car Insurance 902 123 161 (page 13)

BRAMBLES BAR Playa Honda 610 622 249 (page14)

RICHARD HOWARD Insurance Services, Los Belones 968 13 72 59 (Page 3)

DOLLY’S BAR, Plaza Bohemia, La Manga (page 6) ELVIS’ DINER, Galerias El Flamenco (behind Zoco) 630 466 417 (page 3) LA HERRADURA Asador Argentineo Ctra de la Palma, Cartagena 968 531 887 (page 27)

LEGAL & FINANCIAL SERVICES IBERBRIT LEGAL, La Manga Strip 968 337 392 (page 27)


NOBBY’S CANTINA, Nuevo Puerto Bello La Manga, 968 564 551 (inside back page)

CD PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & SALES 968 563 598 (Page 20)

PADDYWACKS IRISH BAR La Manga Strip 968 563 648 (page10)

RESORT CHOICE (Resort La Manga) Mar de Cristal, 968 545 204 (page 18)

PEPE’S BAR Mar de Cristal (page 20)

DENTISTS Clinica Dental ALEMANA La Manga 968 175 300

GARDEN CENTRES MARUJA Garden Centre/Nursery Cabo de Palos Tel 968563 905 (page 31)

EDEN International Independent Property Agents Los Carmenes, Gran Via Km 3 30380 La Manga, Murcia, Spain Tel: 0034 968 143 185 Fax: 968 143 755 email: (page 6) OLYMPIEZA, apartment cleaning C/La Loma, Torrevieja, 675 021 669 (page 28)


Telephone: 968 145 572


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A TIME 4 A CHANGE, Quality used furniture, El Algar - 968 136 501 (page 6)

AQUA ADICTA 968 545 193 / 659 434 811 (page 32)

DJ’S MINI MART Los Belones 617 029 321 (page 9)

CHARTER MUFFY - Mar Menor Cruises 616 523 800

HONDAMAR Supermercado Playa Honda 968 56 43 68 (page 31) THE FURNITURE STORE Poligono Ind. Los Alcazares. 968 582 546 (page 31)

TRANSLATION SERVICES INTERPRETER Available, call JOSÉ on Tel: 968165565 / 626690873 (page 33)

MISSING LINKS (Cornish Pride) (page 10) Los Belones 620 562 973 / 650 267 650 THE CORNER SHOP English Supermarket Los Belones 650 638 726

VALETING SERVICES VALA ESPANIA, Car & Marine Valeting, Tel: 666 817 069

THE GREAT GOLF Co. La Manga Club Tel: 968 338 333 (Page 19) 696 BOUTIQUE Nuevo Puerto Bello La Manga 968 564 879

VETERINARY SERVICES CABO MANGA Ctra Cabo de Palos La Manga 968 146 364 (page 28)

SIGNS & GRAPHICS SIGNS & GRAPHICS, La Manga, 667 821 082

SPANISH LESSONS MARIA LINARES Spanish Lessons 968 133 331 / 678 936 110 (pages 30/31)

WEDDING SERVICES VALERIE’S NOVIAS, bridal gowns & Accessories, C/Mayor 9, Pilar de Horadada 966 766 689 (page 31) PHOTO VIDEO SPAIN, wedding/events Keith Nicol, 609 063 614

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the Mar Menor FOCUS

Iberbrit Legal

Solicitors and Chartered Accountants



z Conveyancing. z Integral Tax advice for Individuals and Companies. z Annual Tax returns for property owners. z Social Security advice. z Spanish Wills. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CALL:

Phone: +34 968 337 392 Fax: +34 968 563 224 email: -


z Preparation of the NIEIdentification number of foreigners. z Spanish Residency. z Financial advice “Mortgages” z Power of Attorney. Iberbrit Legal are located on La Manga Strip at: Gran Via s/n – Km 1.5, Edificio Monterrey – Iberbrit Legal office, PO BOX No. 163 – 30380 La Manga – Cartagena



Telephone: 968 145 572

the Mar Menor FOCUS

the Mar Menor FOCUS


Basic Healthcare for Your Dog It is wise to take an interest in canine health, but always think about your information source. Remember, there are lots of old wives tales about dog health! If in doubt, ask the vet. Never give human medicines to pets.

Neutering All dogs have a right to a caring home and too many puppies grow up to become homeless dogs. For this reason all dogs should be neutered. Both males and females recover quickly after surgery and are usually back to normal within a couple of days. Be sure to follow the vet's advice during the recovery period. Neutering has health benefits as well. Spaying females under a year of age reduces the risk of breast cancer, the most common cancer to afflict female dogs. Unless spayed, older bitches risk developing a dangerous pyometra (a pus-filled womb). Spaying also prevents false pregnancy that can occur after a season (symptoms are moodiness and milk production). Drugs are available to suppress heat or prevent pregnancy after accidental mating, but these can have side effects. In males, neutering makes both prostatic disease and some cancers less likely. There is also less risk from fighting or accidents while roaming. Many owners worry that their pet will become fat after neutering, but this is easily prevented by correct feeding .Over-feeding, not neutering, is the real cause of obesity. Neutered animals require less food, therefore reduce the amount fed after neutering and weigh your dog regularly. Occasionally, older spayed bitches may leak a little urine whilst sleeping, but this can be easily controlled. Neutering can be done at any age but, for the greatest benefit, should be done under one year of age. A bitch cannot be spayed during a heat, when producing milk during false pregnancy or after whelping. Your vet will advise on the exact timing.

How can I tell if my bitch is in heat? During heat (or oestrus) a bitch becomes attractive to male dogs and, if mated, may become pregnant. One of the first signs is interest from male dogs. The vulva (genital area) at the back swells and there is a bloody discharge which later becomes clear. Some bitches lick

this away, so if your bitch is licking, investigate. There is a risk of pregnancy throughout oestrus, therefore keep your dog on a lead.

Help! My bitch has been "caught" by a male dog! A course of injections can be given to prevent pregnancy, but must be given quickly (within a couple of days of mating). It is also possible to spay a bitch in very early pregnancy. Contact your vet immediately to discuss the best option.

Vaccination Can protect your dog against killer diseases, including distemper and parvovirus and is likely to be essential if your dog may go into boarding kennels. Several initial injections are required, followed by regular (usually annual) boosters. Each injection contains a mix of several vaccines against as many as seven different diseases. Your dog should not be taken outside in areas where other dogs have been until the vaccination course is completed. Your vet can advise how long to wait. However, research suggests it is beneficial for puppies to socialise (that is, to learn how to cope with a range of situations and experiences, and how to make friends with other dogs and people) whilst young, before vaccination is complete. Discuss the risks and benefits with your vet. Many vets now run puppy classes where puppies can learn to socialise with minimal risk of disease. Kennel cough is not usually dangerous, but can be a nuisance. A vaccination is available and is often required for a stay in kennels. Vaccinations may be controversial, but the diseases they prevent are still around and still kill. If you do not know if your pet has been vaccinated, it does not hurt to repeat the course. Depending on circumstances, some components of the booster vaccines may not be needed every year. Your vet can advise. Taking a blood test to measure protective antibodies may be helpful.


Telephone: 968 145 572

the Mar Menor FOCUS

Learning Spanish with Maria Linares

You can find the answers in the following issue. A new group of beginners and intermediate students recently started. Now the summer is over and the days are getting shorter it is the right time to start up new projects and activities; I hope that learning Spanish will be one of them. For more information on my Spanish courses: Weekly lessons, Residential Courses and Spanish for Business please go to, feel free to contact me on: 968 546 859 - 678 936 110, or email me at Maria Linares, Spanish teacher "Just book now to assess your Spanish level free"

the Mar Menor FOCUS



Telephone: 968 145 572

the Mar Menor FOCUS

the Mar Menor FOCUS


P u z z l e


S o l u t i o n s


Classifieds Do you have something you want to sell? a car - a job - or property to advertise? Phone us on 968 145 572 or email: with the details Line ads €5 per month, (up to 30 words) - box adverts from €8 +IVA

Notice To All Dog Owners

Do you want to go away? I will take care of your dog, Large or small not a problem, my home is their home when they stay with me, with all home comforts.

Please Note This is a private house in Playa Paraiso, not kennels Established 4 years, References available Tel Joanne 620 460 557

INTERPRETER AVAILABLE Spanish national (10 years in England) with fluent English.

For hospitals, doctors, police, banks, solicitors, schools, ITV, etc. Translation of documents. Sympathetic and totally reliable. Cartagena and surrounding areas, Mar Menor, Fuente Alamo, Torre Pacheco. Other areas considered. From 15 euros per hour.

Landline: 968165565 - Mobile: 626690873 (ask for JOSÉ)

OVERSEAS HOLIDAY Do you want to escape the heat of the Spanish Summer Sun and enjoy a "cool" holiday in New Zealand?

Go-Kiwi Travel UK Limited


offer discounted Self Drive Motorhome and Car Rentals; Hotel / Motel Passes issued by Go-Kiwi, Go-Koala & Golden Chain also escorted Coach tours from Kirra, Mount Cook Line and AAKings. For fulll conttacct deetaiils plleasee seee or

Judy’s Gift Shop

will be at Shape & Tone, Los Alcazeres every Tuesday 10.00am - 4.00pm Non Members Welcome WO W Most Gifts at Half Price W O W


Telephone: 968 145 572

the Mar Menor FOCUS

Useful Numbers to keep by the phone EMERGENCY NUMBER - 112 AMBULANCE - 061 GUARDIA CIVIL - 062 La Manga del Mar Menor 968 563 222 La Unión 968 560 011 San Javier 968 335 920 San Pedro del Pinatar 968 180 610 LOCAL POLICE - 092 Cabo de Palos 968 337 238 Cartagena 968 128 877 El Algar 968 135 695 La Manga del Mar Menor 968 337 300 La Unión 968 560 051 Los Alcázares 968 171 919 San Javier 968 570 880 San Pedro del Pinatar 968 188 092 NATIONAL POLICE – 091 Cartagena 968 320 722 FIRE BRIGADE - 112 Cartagena 968 128 880 Los Alcázares 968 171 782 MARITIME EMERGENCIES – 900 202 202 MEDICAL CENTRES Costa Calida 968 142 060 El Algar 968 135 510 La Manga del Mar Menor 968 142 125 Lo Pagan 968 184 728 Los Alcázares 968 575 800 Los Belones 968 137 476 Portman 968 548 064 San Javier 968 191 866 San Pedro del Pinatar 968 187 865 HOSPITALS Cartagena: Santa Maria del Rosell Naval Hospital Murcia: Virgen de la Arrixaca J.M. Morales Meseguer San Javier: Los Arcos

968 325 000 968 327 400 968 369 500 968 360 900 968 570 050

AIRPORTS ( Alicante 966 919 000 San Javier (Murcia) 968 172 000 BUS STATIONS Cartagena 968 505 656 Murcia 968 292 211 San Pedro del Pinatar 968 182 942 RAILWAYS FEVE 968 501 172 RENFE 902 240 202 UTILITY COMPANIES Telefonica 1004 Iberdrola (Electricity) 901 202 020 Aquagest (Cartagena) 968 122 600 Aquagest (San Javier) 968 572 112 LOCAL TRAFFIC OFFICE (Cartagena) 968 500 883 PROVINCIAL TRAFFIC OFFICE (Murcia) 968 256 211 ITV Cartagena 968 538 219 CORREOS (POST OFFICE) General Information 902 197 197 La Manga 968 564 981 965 216 022 BRITISH CONSULATE SUPPORT GROUPS MABS cancer support 968 432 525 email: HELP MMM 968 570 059 ANIMAL RESCUE Noah’s Arc 699 352 818 www.noahsarcmurcia APAH Rescue

630 422 563

the Mar Menor FOCUS


Mar Menor Focus Edition 13, November 2009  

Monthly magazine for the Mar Menor area, containing interesting articles and useful information, telephone numbers etc, for residents and to...

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