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I k e b a n a I n t e r n a t i o n a l | Vol. 56 Issue 1, December 2011

Ryusei-Ha Demonstration Chicago #27 USA

The Many Faces of a Single Flower Tokyo Founding Japan

Tokyo Founding



Participants in the workshop (l to r): Janet Knowlton, Hideko Toyokawa-Ngo, Keiko Granade, E-Ling Lou, Shelley Galloway, Hannah Kong Sensei Keiko Granade demonstrates Ryusei-Ha (l to r) Yuki Ikenobo, Iemoto Designate of Ikenobo H.I.H. Princess Takamado H.I.H. Princess Noriko

Annual Exhibition Quito #233 Ecuador

demonstration, mawari ike, which is one of the old styles of Ikenobo, was presented by Ikenobo members. An ikebana competition was held. One of the best was chosen and placed in the tokonoma.

Paper Folding: Making Two Containers Birmingham #83 England

On June 20, 2011, Margaret Dams and Joan Wilkinson held a workshop focused on folding paper to make two containers. For the morning session attendees brought scissors, a ruler and pencil plus a small amount of light materials such as small flowers, grasses, small hosta leaves, a small piece of driftwood. The afternoon session involved attendees bringing a moribana container with a kenzan and a nageire container plus flowers. Other materials were supplied. A very fun day.



From May 4 to 9, 2011, Quito Chapter held its annual exhibition at the Glass Pavilion of the Cultural Center of Catholic University. In this generous space, we were able to develop all our skills. The exhibition was opened by the director of the Cultural Center, and a representative of the Japanese embassy explained the place that Japanese culture has in our society and ikebana as part of it. Chapter President Sylvia de Duran officially welcomed the



TFC’s June monthly meeting was the Yearend Luncheon, which was held on Wednesday, June 22, 2011, at the Tokyo Hilton. Attendees totaled 369, including distinguished guests, guests of Ikenobo and TFC members, and others. H.I.H. Princess Takamado, Ikebana International Honorary President, and H. I. H. Princess Noriko, honored us with their presence at our last meeting of fiscal year 2010–2011. The main program was an ikebana demonstration by Yuki Ikenobo, Iemoto Designate of Ikenobo. Her theme was “The Many Faces of a Single Flower.” In this


On May 15, 2011, at the Oak Park Hotel, Keiko Granade from Washington gave a Ryusei-Ha demonstration. She is one of the few Ryusei-Ha senseis in the United States and traveled to Chicago to work with our chapter, teaching us about the unique design approaches and philosophy of her school. Chapter members helped her gather material from participants’ gardens and from the Morton Arboretum. Her demonstration was sensitive and creative, and we all came away with a greater appreciation of her skills and her knowledge of the language of flowers.

officials, members, and all the people, observing that this exhibition is the twenty-third of its kind and represents a challenge for the chapter because this year all the arrangements were made by 62 members in total. She also talked about the history of ikebana and of the Sogetsu School and thanked all the teachers of the chapter for their efforts. This year among the 62 arrangements was a representation of a big Japanese garden made by Mrs. Sylvia de Duran. During the three days of the exhibition, we had numerous visitors. The chapter was extremely pleased with the great interest our exhibition generated and very proud of our effort and studies. All members of Quito Chapter at Catholic University main salon



Golden Autumn Johor Bahru #235 Malaysia

Recruiting new members has always been an exciting effort for Johor Bahru Chapter. Since the September 13, 2011, meeting was our first program of the fiscal year and that it coincided with the Autumn Festival, every effort was made to impress, especially now, when the world is going through a difficult time.

Kelvin Tan of Singapore did us proud by demonstrating five arrangements, using local flowers, foliage, and self-made structures. His choice of flowers and colors to depict autumn evoked a sense of being in a temperate climate. His arrangements reflected various aspects of ikebana. A video display of his past demonstrations was also featured. A lively dialogue ensued to give new members a better understanding of what ikebana is, and, despite being small in numbers, we are fully active in carrying out and presenting programs.



Johor Bahru



20th Anniversary Demonstration Osaka #234 Japan

On September 16, 2011, Osaka Chapter’s first meeting of the fiscal year was initiated by Chapter President Midori Takabayashi’s greeting and introduction of guests and new board members. This year is Osaka Chapter’s 20th anniversary, and I.I. International President Wienczyslawa Sato gave a congratulatory address. After that I.I. 10th World Convention 2012 Chairperson Nobuko Usui also spoke. Mika Tsujii of Saga Goryu then gave a demonstration to the accompaniment of a violin and piano duet. Her lovely arrangement complemented and harmonized with the music.

Osaka chapter president, former presidents and honorable members with International President Wienczyslawa Sato and Mika Tsuji

New York #7 USA

An arrangement by Kelvin Tan

(l to r) Katherine Koh, Kamisa Hassan, Doris Looi, Kelvin Tan, Gusti Retno Astrini, Lira Tan, Lynda Loh, Serena Tan, and Lila Hendra


Sapporo Chapter’s 47th Charity Flower Exhibition 2011 was held from May 29 to June 1 at Sapporo Grand Hotel in a resounding success. Over 4,500 people enjoyed 93 ikebana works at this exhibition.

Sapporo Chapter, with the help of generous benefactors who attended the event, made a donation to the East Japan Earthquake. A Friendship Charity Concert was held at the opening ceremony, and pieces for cello were performed by Ms. Kyoko Nakajima. Members enjoyed the performance and prayed for the reconstruction of the disaster area. During the event, we were able to collect many donations and sent ¥340,000, including a donation from the chapter, to the Japanese Red Cross.

(left) The then consul-general of the People’s Republic of China, as an honored guest at the opening ceremony


(right) The cello performed by Ms. Kyoko Nakajima at the Friendship Charity Concert held at the opening ceremony


New York

Sapporo #69 Japan


47th Charity Flower Exhibition

On May 19–22, 2011, New York Chapter created a large display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Members who exhibited were Anna Nakada (Ichiyo School), Yuri Ishizuka, Mayumi Oishi, Paula Tam Okamoto, Shizue Pleasanton, E. Maye SmithBeauchamp, Hazue Tamura Rogers (Sogetsu School), Yi-An Chou, Beverly Hashimoto (Ohara School), Yasumi Shizuka (Yamato Ikenobo)

Sogetsu Day

Melbourne #29 Australia


On July 12, 2011, Elizabeth Angell, President of Sogetsu School Melbourne, gave a very well-informed presentation on the introduction of this ikebana school to Melbourne by our mentor Norman Sparnon. This was supported by photos and memorabilia; a walk down memory lane was had by many members. Included was a DVD of earlier events shown to members on a laptop computer. There were four Sogetsu teachers demonstrating with varied arrangements. Additional arrangements around the hall gave a floral ambience. Sogetsu demonstration by (l to r): Thea Satori, Emily Karanikolopoulos, Theresa Feille, Carlyne Patterson


Exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I k e b a n a I n t e r n a t i o n a l | Vol. 56 Issue 1, December 2011

25th Anniversary Celebration Vienna #223 Austria


Huddersfield #123 England


On June 17, 2011, Junko Kikuchi of the Ikenobo School gave an interesting and informative evening demonstration inspired by summer. Arrangements ranged from the earliest traditional times to the more contemporary free style—all representations of the Ikenobo School. A well supported plant stall and sales table all helped to raise chapter funds.




To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Vienna Chapter, we were invited by Mrs. Chunah Urban-Chao, a member of our chapter, to hold an exhibition in her Chinese restaurant, Sichuan. We decided to use the anteroom to present the five participating schools (Ichiyo, Ohara, Sogetsu, Ikenobo, Misho) through classic and modern arrangements and to use an extra room for several arrangements and a renga-style ikebana of six participants. One arrangement was created by Mrs. Chao and Chapter Vice-President Eva Dungl in the main room of the restaurant. We were also invited to use the surrounding Chinese garden, where we created installations of various sizes. We worked to make our arrangements fit to the furniture and the surroundings—inside the restaurant as well as outside. The exhibition was opened by the director of the Japanese Center for Information and Culture, Mr. Kenichiro Tanaka, on a pleasant summer evening. Every visitor of the restaurant had a chance to look at the arrangements and the installations and was enchanted by the beautiful surroundings enhanced by ikebana. Specifically, Mrs. Dungl presented ikebana to a group of visiting students, who were so inspired by her lecture that they created an installation in the garden themselves. This was the third successful exhibition at this location.

Inspired by Summer

1 2

Origami & Ikebana Arrangements


Bangalore #237 India




Renga-style ikebana of 6 participants and various arrangements

Hong Kong #24 China

Mako Hattori, Masahiro Suzuki, Lucille Evans and committee members after the traditional Japanese dance




End of Season Tea

Hong Kong

At Hong Kong Chapter’s End of Season Tea held on June 1, 2011, Mayumi Shepherd brought us a wonderful media artist and entertainer form Tokyo. The stunning Ms. Mako Hattori presented a beautiful dance performance, explaining the origin of each piece and providing other details of traditional Japanese dance and Japanese culture. This accomplished professional entertainer delighted us in asking us to join her in her dance routine. And Mr. Masahiro Suzuki beautifully performed the traditional Edo Shishimai lion dance, to full admiration of us all. Not to be outdone was our Show and Tell, when ten of our members each created an exhibit with a short description of successes and pitfalls— a frank sharing experience from which we learned much. This event was attended by 63 members and friends.

Arrangement by Mrs. Bhargavi Satyan

At Bangalore Chapter’s July 2011 meeting at the Century Club, we were captivated by the demonstration of origami and ikebana arrangements by Mrs. Bhargavi Satyan. She is a former director of the Sogetsu School in Bangalore, a member of the Sogetsu Teachers Association and, as a school teacher, is highly experienced in teaching origami and other types of paper craft. We thank her for giving her time and her display of talent. On August 26, 2011, George Verghese enthralled us with his huge Sogetsu free style arrangement and demonstration of how to make bouquets with a variety of flowers and foliage. He is no stranger to the ikebana fraternity.

1. Sydney #36, Camellias in Baskets 2. Rochester #53, Sogetsu Demonstration, Gregory Williams 3. Mexico City #228, Dried Nopal Cactus 4. Hiroshima #261, A Touch of Spring–Lively Garden Flower Event, Sadako Kondo 5. Nicosia #159, Easter Arrangements, Lina Ionnides 6. Santiago #103, Sayonara to Miwako Hayashi, María U. de Besa

3 6



Netherlands #215 Netherlands

On April 12, 2011, Netherlands Chapter held a workshop and lottery. The workshop was conducted by Majori Barents (Ichiyo), who demonstrated how to make an arrangement using placemats. On May 24, 2011, Netherlands Chapter was treated to a Sogetsu workshop given by Annemiek van Scheyndel. The focus was a moon sculpture made by Mrs. van Scheyndell’s husband. As containers, the attendees could choose little hanging glass vases or narrow bamboo vases. Constructions of iron wire and copper mesh tape were used to symbolize the moon in its different phases.


Denver # 66 USA

Sogetsu Demonstration

San Francisco Bay Area #31 USA

Ron “Kodo” Brown of Sogetsu School concentrates on bending a stem

Members in full concentration

Sydney #36 Australia

Chapter President Midori Allmeyer and her arrangement

Our September 2011 program featured a one-hour demonstration by longtime member Ron “Kodo” Brown of the Sogetsu School. He created nine arrangements, the last of which was a large construction made with two pipe structures and peeled curly willow that he created on the floor in front of the stage. His containers included clay, metal, and plastic—all self-made. The ceramic container was one that Ron had made for his first flower master, Mr. Shuko Kobayashi, who died this past April. His special assistants were his three sons.

Sogetsu: 150 Years of Rabindranath Tagore Gurgaon


Gurgaon #255 India


51 4

On June 9, 2011, Kamakura Chapter held a charity program for orphans of the tsunami disaster, which featured an ikebana exhibition by Kamakura Chapter members (Ikenobo, Ohara, Kozan, Sogetsu), a live and silent auction, and a performance of Latin music by Cuban musician Alexander Laborde Padron.

On July 21, 2011, to celebrate the Japanese Tanabata/ Star Festival, Kuniko Nakano gave an interesting talk on the legend and history of this colorful and romantic observance. Aya Shibata (Ikenobo) gave a demonstration using Dutch Iris for her exquisite shoka shofutai arrangement.

Gurgaon Chapter conducted its first meeting after the summer vacation on July 16, 2011, at the Lagoon Club Gurgaon. Mrs. Ratna Guha, one of the two rijis in India, presented a scintillating show of Sogetsu creations reflecting the lyrical poetry of Sri Rabindranath Tagore, a Nobel Laureate from India. The 150th anniversary of his birth is being celebrated all over the world. She quoted extracts from his poems The Gardener, The Crescent Moon, and Flower. Her seasonal arrangements filled the room with variegated flowers and multiple fragrances. The arrangements captured the hearts of the viewers, who gave her a vigorous ovation.

Ratna Guha with distinguished guests

Ikebana International Misaki Bldg. 5F, 3-28-9 Kanda Ogawamachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0052 JAPAN

San Francisco Bay Area



Tanabata Festival Celebration & Demonstration


Kamakura #51 Japan

Flower Show at Botanic Gardens

On June 24 and 25, 2011, Denver Chapter held a flower show at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Twenty-seven members and students of members exhibited 34 arrangements representing three (Sangetsu, Ichiyo, and Sogetsu) of the five schools represented in Chapter 66. This show celebrated Denver Chapter’s return to the DBG after a two-year absence. We are happy to be back at the DBG, where we are planning to celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2012, when the DBG plans to feature Japan.


Charity Program for Orphans of the Tsunami Disaster



Placemats & Moon Sculpture

Chapter Activities 56-1  

Chapter Activities 56-1

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