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AENG 491 - Senior Project II Recreational Convention Center A continuation of senior project I. Comprehensive architectural design demonstrating an understanding of the different conceptual and technical aspects of architecture.

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Project theme Creatively should mobilize architecture as means of aiding the development of this new young generation that we all aspire. The project should express youth vision on how embrace architecture as a powerful tool for transformation and how can we raise a programmatic issues that would facilitate such a needed development of this important segment of the Egyptian population.

Bottom up approach: The project should create an environment where people contribute with solutions for their own problems. Where every individual can have a vision, imagination, creativity and innovation. This will finally come up with endless solutions, sustainable resolutions and more responsive people.

Projects Four stages were divided up into 3 sets: The Interaction and expression: which is served by the methods of communication and motivation to attract people to the place. (Recreational Convention center & Exhibition projects.) The Innovation: which is approached by means of communication, motivation to engage the workers and innovation. (Sweet, Textile & Furniture workshop) The Incubation: which is purely to host the unique and promising ideas. They would be taken further into the road of businesses. (Incubator Project )

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Recreational Convention Center

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Design Concept through urban analysis

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Ground Floor Plan

Page 10

First Floor Plan

Page 11

Basement Floor

Page 12

Sections and Elevations

Section A-A

Sothern Elevation

Section B-B

North-East Elevation Page 13

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Restaurant Interior Shot

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Climatic Analysis

Psychometric analysis

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Urban Design Mixed use Development Study & Analysis of Visual Elements. Urban Form, Grain, Texture, and Fabric. The Phenomenon of Perception. Space, Time, and Function. Space and Path Visual Analysis. Study & Analysis of Historic Urban Squares, Piazzas and similar spaces. Form and space generation in landscape architecture. Elements of Landscape Architecture. Page 21

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Residential Sub-divional Development

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AENG 455 Architectural Design Studio V

High-tech House

Studio on smart buildings and high-tech architecture. Expanding on the 1970â€&#x;s theme of High-Tech architecture, this studio aims at redefining the role of cutting edge technology in design- both process and product. Digital technology has revolutionized the way we conceptualized, visualize, present and are eventually able to construct our buildings, making impossible designs of the past a reality. Rapid developments in materials, building systems and construction methods have broadened our design horizons. Issues such as virtual architecture and smart buildings will be explored with regards to their viability and role in the future of architecture.

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Project Drawings B

Elevation 3D shot



Section A-A

Section B-B

Page 33

3D Shots

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AENG 454 Architectural Design Studio IV Structure Design25th of Jan Museum Studio on the Art of Structure and Technology. This studioâ€&#x;s primary objective is to link the two basic components of architecture- art and engineering. Based on a firm understanding of structural systems and their appropriate application to architectural design, projects will be designed to incorporate both aesthetic beauty and structural thinking. The influence of technology in the form of new materials and methods will be examined through their design potential. Three-Dimensional manual and digital models will play an essential role in the design development processes of this studio. Page 35

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Story analysis

Page 37

Structure detail


Live Sections


Page 38

Ground Floor Plan

Underground tunnel

Page 39

First Floor Plan

Page 40

Section & Elevation

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AENG 453 Architectural Design Studio III

Lotus Office Building Studio on Environment and Sustainability. This studio will allow students to investigate various aspects of the environment and „sustainabilityâ€&#x; as a force within the architectural profession. Recent increases in global climatic and social pressures have necessitated environmental awareness as well as new architectural design solutions. Using current sustainable design strategies as a foundation, students will analyze and implement their own environmentally responsible analysis and designs. Conservation and recycling of materials and waste management. Field trip to gain hand on experience on the sustainable design and waste management is a requirement.

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Ground floor Plan

Page 44

3D Shots

Page 45

Main Elevations

Page 46

Entrance Shots

Page 47

Project shots

Page 48

Layout & shots



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AENG 368 - Housing Design and Geographic Information Systems Context, history and framework of regional, city and urban planning. Concepts, features and characteristics of human settlements. Interrelationship between socio-cultural contexts and housing processes. Design of housing areas and housing units. Design of „appropriate‟ and „responsive‟ residential environments within specific resources. Concepts and system components of GIS. Creation and management of a geodatabase. Page 50 GIS analysis and applications in housing projects.

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AENG 352 Architectural Design Studio II Pavilion for children Studio on form, space and composition. Students are required to think of architecture from the “outside-in� approach, with focus being placed on the form of architecture and its composition. An emphasis will be placed on the compositional aspects of spatial design- proportion, balance, rhythm, dynamics etc. and their use as tools of functional accommodation. Three-dimensional models play an important role in design development and students will be encouraged to think spatially rather than in the conventional Cartesian format. Issues of meaning, message and symbolism will be discussed and applied. Various works of architects adopting this formalistic approach will be reviewed and analyzed.

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c I.Elshafei 2009

Page 54

How will the bead look like.

Abacus is the Design concept

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c I.Elshafei 2010


I.Elshafei 2010

c The South direction with the most sun is were the beads are very close to control the solar penetration while as it move to the north, the beads start to away from each others

c I.Elshafei 2010

c I.Elshafei 2010 Pattern under the bead

Page 56

Pavilion for children

Eastern elevation scale 1-200

section scale 1-200

Plan scale 1-200 southern elevation copy

western elevation copy

Page 57

Final Physical Model

Page 58

Final Submission

Page 59

Page 60

AENG 351 Architectural Design Studio I Office building Studio on designing in behavioral and socio-cultural contexts. “Inside-out� approach to Architecture. Design through the study of behavioral use of space. Age, sex, culture and individuality as well as complex functional relationships influence on architectural design. Study of the nature of human behavior and how it can be incorporated, facilitated, modified and influenced through architectural design. Design for special needs populations. Introduction to developing project brief Page 61 through definition of the needs of society, users and clients.

Office building  Site: • Desert weather area, since that there the roof is covered in greenery as to decrease the effect of the hot sunlight over the building. • While the other roof is absorbing sunlight as it is an energy building that is working to supply itself with its own electricity that is gained from the solar energy and therefore, supplying the whole building. • Concept: The product life cycle as all products and market has to pass by those stage so I decided to make that clear in the 3D & elevations. Page 62


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Residential villa

67 Page 67

Residential villa Project Description The project required villa design and solve all the plan problems against the constrains and that should be in parallel with the form generation, however the priority and main focus were given to the plan.

Site: Over looking the Nile.

Constrains: • The design should be on one floor only. • The Nile is facing the Eastern direction, which should be the main focus of the house as most of the rooms should be facing the Nile. However, they should have good ventilation from the NE, N & NW. • Toilets should be ventilated from the South direction only, also no shafts were allowed.


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Architecture drawing Falling Water Frank Lloyd Wright The principal task of the architect is to design buildings which accommodate human activity. Drawing is its most expressive form. The course introduces the student to basic drawing skills and techniques. Fundamentals of architectural drawing; conventions of graphic representation, drawing as an important means to architecture, orthographic projection, architectural composition through abstract shapes and forms, study of architectural orders, architectural space, plan, section, elevation, sectional perspective, Page 69 other graphic means.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Page 70


Ground Floor plan

First Floor plan Page 71

Southern Elevation

Page 72

Eastern Elevation

Page 73

Section A-A & Layout

Section A-A

Layout Page 74

AENG 473 Advanced Computer-Aided Architectural Design Introduction and application of advanced CAD concepts. Real time computer graphics. Computer applications for performance animation, virtual reality and interactivity. Alternative inputs and displays. Modeling, texture mapping, environments, navigation, lighting, animation and sound. Generative design and Avatars.

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Rhino, Grasshopper and 3D Max

Page 76

Page 77

Page 78

Page 79

AutoDesk Revit

Page 80

Page 81

Page 82

Preliminary renders

Page 83

Bedroom Interior-shot

Page 84

Bedroom Interior-shot

Page 85

Page 86

Architecture Portfolio  

Art and Architecture Porfolio

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