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Intro Design solutions is a Creative Solutions Firm providing top end creative on and off-line marketing solutions that truly get you the attention you are looking for. Our way of thinking brings to our clients speed, quality, and trust. Before we think about asking for the check we want you to find satisfaction in our work that is websites, social media, graphics and print. Because of our size we are intimate. We pay attention when you speak; we come when you call: we deliver when we work. To us the client is King or Queen, your satisfaction is our number one priority. We have over 6 years of design experience and where we are limited we tap into our vast resource base of professionals we work with to never let the client down. We support and maintain all your work to ensure lasting relations, so call us for anything you need, we promise not to let you down.

Our Calling

Our Philosophy

We could tell you about our years of service or our numerous and happy clients. we could event tell you about our great customer care and amazing support, but the truth is we love what we do and it is that love that compels us to do more for you. To seek out innovative ways to help you stand out from your compaction. To give you that comparative edge.

Where we are able, we want to carry your burden for you so you have time to attend to your clients and become the best you can be. We know how to do what you have no time for in regards to design and online marketing.

They say if you love what you do you never have to work another day in your life. We live that wisdom day in day out. It’s not about money for us. It’s not about creating a huge client base. It’s not about becoming the market leaders. No! We simply want to serve and because we love our work we will always give you our best.

Therefore if you are not able to come up with content we have a solution, where you have no images or poor quality images on your phone, we have a solution when you don’t know how to use our products we have a solution. We hope to meet you at all your points and where we are limited we can help you look for a solution that works for your unique needs.

Our Promise

Referal Program

We never make a promise we are not intent to keep. We stand by our word because that’s our most valuable asset. We promise to do your job on time, every time. We promise to tell you where we can't deliver. We promise to always give you beautiful results. We promise to deliver the best quality on a budget or when the money is there. We promise to always come when you need help. We promise good rates tailored to you. We promise to always give you something extra.

We know you know someone who has need for our service. We also know that you are happy with the work we did for you. Normmaly no one pays you when you give reference but not us. We want to show our gratitude by giving you a 10% off your next job, not only that we will give your friend or colleague a 10% discount as well. If they want a site we will go an extra mile. We will give you $15.00 for lunch and give your referee a 15% discount.

These are our promises to you. Whatever we are doing it's to your benefit.

Should you be loyal we will give you our 5th graphic design job worth up to $50.00 absolutely FREE!!!. We want you to always win when you deal with us. So now start searching your phone and get referring......... you always win.

Websites We offer a variety of service to aid you in your marketing and branding functions.

Services include • • • • • • • •

Design and development Content generation Website upgrades Maintenance Hack restorations Domain registration Website hosting E-mail hosting

On-line Marketing As the internet is now the first place people look to find information it make perfect sense to have a strong internet presents. Its not enough to have a website facebook page or email account you need to set yourself up that these implements contribute to your bottom line and we know how to do it for you.

Services Include • • • • • • •

Search engine optimisation Google advertising (Addwords) Social marketing Email marketing Email flyers Digital profiles, catalogues and magazines Classifieds management

Graphic Design We are in the business of getting you attention. When we sit down to design our goal is to bring out the beautiful uniqueness you and your business represent. . We got your back......

Services Include • • • • • • • •

Logos Business cards Fliers Brochures Posters Magazines Web banners Letter heads etc…

Printing We have the capacity to print any kind of print job large or small we have the expertise and equipment to get you the job done, every time…

This includes: • • • • • • • • • •

Magazines Newsletters Annual reports Letterheads Business cards Brochures Cd sleeves Calendars Flyers Posters etc…


On-line Flyers As you know flyers are one of the cheapest ways to get your massage across...... now you can cut the cost further by removing the printing cost and sending them online. The internet keeps offering cheaper and cheaper alternatives with even more reach. Now we can design a flyer for you and send it to your email and you can forward it to all your customers.

Call now for a quote...

Go paper less SAVE the planet and pay less in the process. Tap into the potential of the internet, by sending your flyers via e-mail not as an attachment. but as the main body of your email and notify all your clients and new ones with electronic flyers.

Digital Catalogues Just like you read a magazine or catalogue flipping pages we can do the same for your online presence. With great graphical features such as flipping pages, watching a slide show, print and zooming for better view. All these features will make you stand out because of the amazing graphical sophistry 9 out of 10 people who would not have given your publication will read it. so use this to engage your potential customers.....

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What if we offered you a way to ensure that your product or service Catalogue, Brochure or Company Profile would never again be ignored? What if you had that slight advantage over your competition? Well stop wishing and view our demo and get a quote now.

Website on Terms

Yes 3 Months to pay GREAT right we told you we have your best interests at heart. all we need to start is you pay 40% deposit up-front and the difference over the next 2 months. Terms and conditions This option is only available for Deluxe package and above It does not apply to our $200.00 website special we are currently running. We will only begin work once the 40% deposit payment has been made

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We know that you know that a website is essential for your business coz you know that more than 7.2 Million Zimbabweans are on-line searching for information. Stamp your on-line presents right now We'll do the job and give you 3 Months to pay

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DESIGN Solutions

Design solutions catalogue  
Design solutions catalogue  

A brief description of our services namely website design and development, graphic design, online marketing and print