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EDITORIAL’S NOTE Happy new year 2012 ! This our second edition. What do you think about “new” ?

Some people say that new is something different. Some other people say that “new” isn’t old. They all are true, it is just how you think about that. And however the point is we should be better. So now, get a piece of paper, pen, and make a list of your resolutions in 2012. Believe that you can make them true.

cheer up!




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en done by iterally ‘NEW’ has be s hundreds aaty Perry. It happen times to her haircut.


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e of ve the new styl She dares to ha to a to dye her hair en ev , ut irc ha r he blue. like pink or light different color, long to m short hair She changed fro hair.

ort-retro Katy Perry with sh ! haircut

Wasted papers, plastic, cans and other material. Won’t be wasted when we can think out of the box. Remove all ordinary thoughts and try to think differently. And…… Waa-laa, this thing happens to be true.

Katy Perry is courageous to do experiments with her hairstyle. 8


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reenation is a movement that was founded by some students in Budi Luhur University which is focusing on environmental issue. Looking around where they live, feeling worse for the earth are a couple of reasons why they created this one young movement.

c o m m u n i t y

In these past few months, they have been doing bi-monthly actions that concern on environmental issue. Clean Geek is one of the bi-monthly action that. Greenation Budi Luhur has been hoping for the existence of another Greenation in every campus around the country to work together to create the earth greener.

Being different and being new in the campus wasn’t the finest moment for them. Got supported while at the same time they were also mocked by being ‘green’ in a smoky campus was the point that built them to be stronger to stand still.

recycle trash bin ! 10


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lobal Citizen Corps Indonesia leaders: Chyntia, Febrina, Meriny, and Siti have an initiative to create KAPELA (Kawan Peduli Belajar) which is a social action on education under the auspices of GCC Indonesia. KAPELA was founded at Al-Falah School Bantar Gebang, Bekasi –a location in close proximity to the final waste disposal sites. Most of the students are underprivileged children, working as scavengers. This action focuses on developing media and alternative teaching methods (by modeling) and teacher empowerment. It seeks to formulate a fun learning method in the hope to engage better with the students. Departing from the idea that quality education belongs to all, the action aims to raise the awareness on the importance of education for the underprivileged children. Also it seeks to improve the quality of volunteer that teaches in this school.


The first action of KAPELA was held on Saturday, November 26, 2011. Chyntia, Febrina, and Wulan taught the children using songs, games, and fairy tales as a medium to teach in the reading class. The Kapela teachers invited students to sing the ABC song and play games. Then the teachers wrote the order of the alphabet, but some alphabets were eliminated, and the students were asked to fill in the missing alphabet.The teachers mentioned a few words, and the students should be able to write these words on the whiteboard one by one. Pupils were very enthusiastic and happy to follow the lessons. Aside of teaching the children, assisted by Rusli, GCC Indonesia Program Officer, KAPELA shared with teachers in this school about how to motivate students and parents to remain concerned with education. KAPELA also shared knowledge and experience of teaching by introducing some alternative methods of teaching such as learning through songs, stories, games, flash cards, etc, the aforementioned methods are applicable to improve the quality of learning. KAPELA team members will continue this action at the same place and will teach by utilizing creative media (non-tech) in January 2012.

Al-Falah School is a school of equality, founded independently by Mrs Sari. With her passion for society empowerment, she founded the school in her own expenses. This bamboo-walled school provides some educational programs, including early childhood education (early childhood), Package A (equivalent to elementary school), Package B (Equivalent to Junior High) and Package C (Equivalent to high school) it were all specifically targeted for children who dropped out of school and or scavenger. Al-Falah School also open classes for reading, writing, arithmetic, also class for reading and writing Quran. It is free of charge, however the students are required to deposit Rp 3,000, - per month for the cost of national tests later on.



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HIV & AIDS Public Discussion



ast Saturday (December 10), Global Citizen Corps Indonesia leaders with Indonesian Youth Health Ambassadors (IYHA) held a public discussion about HIV & AIDS in Mercy Corps Office Jakarta. The aim was to provide open discussion and a space for sharing experiences related to HIV & AIDS issues among 27 invited participants from several universities and high schools.

“It is bad enough that people are dying of AIDS, but no one should die of ignorance.” Elizabeth Taylor

The discussion was begun with the introduction of GCC and IYHA, then the introductory of HIV & AIDS itself. Note that based from Komisi Penanggulangan AIDS newest update, we’re now using the term HIV & AIDS instead of HIV/AIDS. discussion situation

It is important to differentiate HIV and AIDS through their definition and the medical treatment given. Furthermore, the participants were also shown the facts about its transmission risks, the phases, syndrome indication, preventions, treatments, and some myths which were medically doubted. 14

From such cases, participants had a big time discussing in groups about the dangerous of discrimination, prejudice, and ignorance—which is based from lack of knowledge, and thus giving the solutions based from medical facts and human rights—noticing that Dec 10 was a human rights day, so it should be included. “With 27 participants, the public discussion has made me eager to make changes in my local society. Moreover, I also am just inspired to make research about HIV & AIDS,” said Achmad Reza Mardian (20 year old) participant from Faculty of Nursing, University of Indonesia.

Raising awareness about global health issues like HIV & AIDS has been one of Global Citizen Corps Indonesia agenda. Sure it is aimed for all people, not only for those who are based from health-study, but also for other people regardless of educational background, ages, gender, etc. “I was attracted to join this discussion because I really want to know about HIV & AIDS issues these days. Although I’m not coming from health-studies, I have a concern here somehow. At first, it was kinda blur but later on it is great to know more about human rights and HIV & AIDS, also to have some friends from different backgrounds. I hope I can share the knowledge I’ve just had here,” said Niat Prihartini (18 year old), from Javanese Literature Studies, University of Indonesia. HIV & AIDS Public Discussion at Mercy Corps Office Jakarta was initiated by GCC Indonesia 2011 Leaders: Anggraini Sariastuti, Nikita Dewayani, Rahmat Sah Saragih, and Sulistiani


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“Make your movement to help people, don’t just wait from another and don’t be afraid to make changes.”

My name is Gladhys Elliona Syahutari. I am one of the Global Citizen Corps Leaders 2010/2011. I come from Depok and studied in SMAN 55 Jakarta. In this 2011/2012 school year, I am selected to become an exchange student to United States, in Youth Exchange and Study (YES) a scholarship provided by U.S Department of State. I am one of 70 YES participants from Indonesia this year.

In America, I live with a host family. I am hosted in the state of Iowa, in a small town called Norway, with the population 602, it’s a typical farming community, opposite with the crowded Jakarta. But my family lives in the countryside and has 3 acres of land. Pretty much corn, beans and ranch near my house. I live near the second largest city in Iowa, Cedar Rapids, usually we shop and hangout there and most of people from my community work in Cedar Rapids too. Benton Community High School in Van Horne, 20 minutes driving from my house, it’s kind of far away because my high school is integration of 8 cities in Benton County. My high school has more than 500 students, plus more than 100 middle school students. It’s a medium sized school. I am the only exchange student in the school and the first one after several years. Everyone in school are really excited to having me here and likes to be friend with me, I got a lot of friends from 9th to 12th grade! I’ve been involved in Fall Musical, Speech, Madrigal play and Show Choir crew. We often think that our government is not right, they corrupt, and don’t care about the people and the needy, but hey, the same thing happens too here. I realize that no government in the world is perfect, even the prosper countries, but we can make changes, not only by protesting and don’t do any real thing to make it happen. 16

We sometimes think that, some of our culture is tacky and out of date. Maybe we say that American music or western culture is better than us. I say you are definitely wrong. Why? Because what I see from here, every culture in the world is unique, precious and irreplaceable. That makes the world more colorful.

I got a lot of friends from different countries as an exchange student. We have to promote our culture no matter what. Guess what, people here really like it, my campursari, dangdut, batik skirt or batik dress from my country, everyone likes it. They always give compliment it, because it is different and moreover those differences show the diversity of the world which is very colorful. I have to keep the good attitude here too, because I have to represent my country and make a good impression about people in Indonesia. I have to be a good ambassador. I bring Indonesian name above me. That’s what I think most changing me here. I have to be ambassador of myself first so than I can learn to be the ambassador for Indonesia. Introspective, respective and responsibility are the keys. It’s definitely a good move to start our new year. Learn more about yourself and stay on the good attitude.

Gladhys 1-2-12


My advice, for those who want to join the student exchange or study abroad, keep open minded, because you will face things that are not normally you face while you’re at home. You’re also going to be a special kid. Because people here are interested to learn new things from other parts of the world and you will be the object. So you must continue being spirited in your study, you will get a lot of knowledge and connections, who knows, not any longer, maybe it’s your turn to have special experience like this 17

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“The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.� - Thomas Jefferson

Av a i l a b l e f o r y o u r a d s . 18


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CHA(i)RITY FOR KIDS Public Discussion

In order to celebrate World Mental Health Day in October and GCC’ Action Month for Public Health in December, Indonesian Youth Health Ambassadors (IYHA) and Global Citizen Corps Indonesia (GCC Indonesia) paid a visit to Panti Tuna Grahita Belaian Kasih in Kalideres, a home for the children with special needs in West Jakarta.The event was called CHA(i)RITY FOR KIDS and was held on the 20th of November 2011 with 22 participants (16 attending and 6 passive donators).


Dea Safira (, the Coordinator of this action campaign decided to plan an action which consisting of drawing and coloring on a white chair. Dea was inspired from Jane Aldridge’s Charity for Branded with the same kind of activity. Fundraising was held to purchase two white chairs and two sets of permanent markers. The aim of this event was to increase awareness about the children with special needs and break down barriers using a fun and communicative approach.

Mental health as public health issue is very important. Center for Disease Control stated that mental health is integral to overall health and wellbeing and should be treated with the same urgency as physical health.


Among 90 children with special needs, there were only 10-15 children who could participate due to their condition but that did not stop the participants from having fun with the children. GCC Indonesia and IYHA hope that the participants will be able to understand children mental health issue through this action campaign. Many participants said that this event were very memorable and they going to share their experience with other people.


Top 10

Expected PC Games of 2012

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o we all know what 2011 has in store for us, there are some great titles up there. Elder Scrolls Skyrim; Portal 2 and Star Wars the Old Republic are just some of the titles waiting to be unleashed upon gamers this year. But since we know what 2011 has to offer, we can look ahead to 2012, and if you’re not too worried about the impeding Mayan doom we can start to dig a little deeper and see what we can find.


8. Saints Row 3 THQ recently announced that they would be putting out a brand new chapter into the series with a release date due in Fiscal 2012 and is being developed by Volition Inc. Danny Bilson of THQ stated, “When you see Saints Row 3, it’s the visual quality of the GTA IV universe. It goes up there. It still has the wacky, insane stuff. It’s going to get really big and really loud in December. And as soon as you see the assets, the gamers will go: ‘Oh, I know what they invested in. The technology.’

10. Wa rh ammer 40k Dark Millenni um The new MMORPG from developer Vigil games which is a shooter based on the Warhammer 40k universe which promised huge fire-fights as well as player formed squads and flanking and cover mechanics. MMO shooters have not been faring well over the past year – with games like APB going offline within the first 3 months and is now coming back as a free to play MMO. But Vigil does have some RPG experience behind them with games like Darksiders. And if it fairs better than its predecessor Warhammer Online it could even be a Wow beater.

7. Modern Warfare 3

9. Fallout Online

This will surely be a game that millions will buy even though it may turn out to be a little bit disappointing just like the last instalment has been for me. Activision seems to try too hard to rush to get the games out every year and don’t really seem to take into consideration the quality of their games. They seem in too much of a hurry to milk the money out of millions of fans. However, I may be wrong. The online gameplay is certainly addictive. And if developed right it could be the best of the CoD series yet.

A few years back the company Interplay which was behind the Fallout 1 and 2 titles licensed Fallout from its current owner Bethesda Softworks to create an MMO on the series. Speaking to Edge Magazine, Interplay president Eric Caen said, “We have 90 people working on it. Even in January 2009, you were already able to move across the world.” The game is scheduled to begin beta testing in 2012.

6. StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm

Caen then went on to say: An MMOG must be a lot deeper than a standalone game. It’s not a shooting game we’re making. You can shoot, but it’s a very small portion of the game. The game itself is about reconstructing the world. What is unique about our project is how we’re trying to get it into many communication systems. This is a big problem for World Of Warcraft, because the fantasy universe is not compatible with modern communication systems. It would be odd to receive an SMS from a troll. But in a postapocalyptic world… But would the desolate apocalyptic world like the one in Fallout feel the same if it was crawling with another 30,000 or so people.


Blizzard has recently announced that they plan to release at least two games by the end of 2012. There’s is still some speculation to what the games may be but the biggest contenders are Diablo III and the StarCraft 2 expansion Heart of the Swarm


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5. Diablo III “We’re developing Diablo III to be the definitive action role-playing game, and a true continuation of the Diablo series.” – Blizzard

2. Grand theft auto V This game was announced on the same day as Grand Theft Auto 3’s 10th anniversary.  Rockstar Games in pre-production called this game (code name) “Rush” and Take-Two was initially named as the production company to keep the game a secret.  On 3 November 2011, Rockstar Games confirmed that the game will take place in Los Santos and the surrounding countryside - rather than the entire State of San Andreas (as in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas). 

The next instalment of the series features exiting new classes like the witch doctor and returning classes like the barbarian have been completely revamped. A new graphics engine also promises to display characters in a beautiful, fully 3D environment.

4. Battlefield 3 EA and Dice’s latest ‘trailer’ of the game has to be a little bit of a disappointment to me due to the fact it didn’t reveal much at all about the game. However that’s not to say that that the game won’t be great, the series really has produced some excellent games and I am a much bigger fan of the series than I am of the CoD franchise. Dice have been busy over the past year providing us with Bad Company 2, BFBC2: Vietnam and the new medal of honour so hopefully now they have turned their full attention to BF3.

Rockstar Games’ parent company, Take-Two Interactive’s shares jumped seven percent following the first trailer for the game that was released on 2 November 2011.

1. Half-Life 2: Episode 3 First announced in 2006….I’ll just let that sink in a moment and provide enough time for you to ask, “why the hell has it taken them over 6 years to get this game out!” And let me remind you, this is no entirely new game, it’s a sequel which usually only take about 2 or 3 years.

3. BioShock: Infinite The third game in the BioShock series breaks away from its underwater environment and takes the player to a floating city held up by dirigibles called Columbia.

The game is set in 1912 and players play as Booker DeWitt who is a former private detective. Strange things start to happen as the city disappears into the clouds. Be prepared for some spooky encounters just like those in the first two BioShocks.


However, if they have put 6 years into this game, I think it’s pretty much of a given that this will be a game which will be remembered.


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You’ll likely find that you begin to make real progress on a project that may have been stagnating for a while, Aries. You can’t help but feel gratified that all of your hard work is finally beginning to pay off. Good for you! You have earned every success that is due to come your way. But don’t rest on your laurels! Continue to work hard so that you can achieve even greater recognition.

Today you’ll likely awake, look around your home environment, and realize that there is much room for improvement. Fortunately, you are just the person for the job, Taurus! You are creative and have tremendous decorating talent (even if you don’t realize it). Since it’s likely that you will have some visitors this evening, why not spend the day reorganizing and sprucing up your home. Add homey touches with groupings of framed family photographs on one table and a favorite collection on another. It doesn’t take money to make a home feel welcoming, just love. You are a hard and conscientious worker, Gemini, and certainly have been applying your skills and doing your best for some time now. The time is ripe for you to reap some benefits from all your efforts. The good news is that all signs indicate that a big career leap is just around the corner for you. Continue to work hard and be patient and soon it will all prove worthwhile.

You may find yourself thinking of looking for a new job in order to increase your income, Cancer. But there is probably no need to take such a drastic step. It’s possible that your boss has been considering giving you a raise - you may soon be pleasantly surprised. If your money concerns are only short-term, consider asking a family member for a loan at a low interest rate. Once you’re back on your feet, you’ll be able to pay it off in no time.



You have a lot of charm and tremendous social skills, Leo. This is an unbeatable combination, and is especially strengthened with the current astral energy. Be sure to go the extra mile today, even if you aren’t in the mood to do so. Someone in a position of power and authority may ask you to join him or her for dinner, or perhaps you’ll be invited to “perform” at a party. These are ideal opportunities to showcase your talents, so embrace them rather than shy away from them. Your confidence and drive will be boosted, and it will help you proactively make changes. You’ll be assertive and take action. Some of your close relatives our energy and make it difficult to complete projects at home. You’ll take your love life and personal projects seriously. A strong attraction to someone is a possibility. You’ll be drawn to other cultures and have an optimistic perspective on the future.

Life may be frustrating and tense due to difficult aspects. You’ve probably felt the weight of this influence. You will be a bit stressful. Try to keep a positive outlook and don’t focus on your problems. Your love sector will help you escape by indulging in romantic fantasies. Your creative life will also be enhanced by this influence. The condition these past months will urge you to be more independent.

You will use the Internet and technology much more to keep in touch with family, because you will be away that much. You may set up a videoconference or frequently text message on your cell phone. You’ll have a strong urge to make your space beautiful and inviting. You’ll work hard in your community and help others around you, lending practical advice and solutions.


go magz

The month will start with Mercury in your sign. This planet will bring scattered energy but a philosophical outlook and a search for meaning. You will be restless and in need of a lot of variety in your love life. It will be difficult to commit to one person. You will be forced to pay attention to details, especially regarding your career or reputation. You will be compassion and a desire to help neighbors and relatives.


You’ll be passionate and committed about many things this month. You’ll confidently go after what you want materially or emotionally. Others will be drawn to you because of your intensity and charisma. Your sector of home and family will make this part of your life unstable. Be prepared for upsets, sudden changes, and erratic behavior by others. You’ll find a great deal of pleasure in romantic matters and expanded creativity.

You will be see signs this month, bringing the tendency to daydream about ideal love. Also, you’ll be empathetic toward others and very intuitive. Your best qualities will be highlighted over the next month, and you’ll be in tune with current trends. Technology, especially social media, will keep you busy, engaged, and connected. Your family will bring the urge to overindulge when you’re at home. You may have too much to eat or drink and suffer the consequences. All month you will add tension to relationships and dealing with the public. You may be criticized for being disorganized, chronically late, or forgetful. Try to stay on top of things and honor your commitments. You could be disappointed by someone or have to cancel a date. People around you will affect your friendships and associations. These people will perceive you as reliable and hardworking even if other people in your life don’t feel the same way. Your best friends will influence you to be helpful and kind.



Gradually Changes 1875-George Carey creates described Camera Selenium can make a person look at an electric wave. Later, Eugen Goldstein is calling the shots in a light wave’s hollow tube called a cathode ray.

1884-Paul Nipkov, German scientist, managed to send images electronically using pieces of metal called Electric telescope with a resolution of 18 lines.

1888-Freidrich Reinitzer, Austrian botanist, discovered liquid crystals (liquid crystals), which later became the raw material for making LCDs. But as a newly developed LCD screens 60 years later.

Karl Ferdinand Braun in 1897, creating a CRT with a screen that can fluoresce when exposed to light. This is the basic starting-based screen tube television history. 30

go magz


1925-John Logie Baird demonstrated the transmission of Scottish origin of the black shadows moving image in London. He also found a video recording system for the first time. 1979-The scientist of Kodak company managed to create the appearance of new types of organic light emitting diode (OLED). Since then, they continue to develop the kind of OLED televisions.

2000s-Each type of display technology increasingly refined. Both the LCD, Plasma or CRT continue to issue final product is more perfect than ever.

2008 onwards-LCD product development, plasma and even CRT. And following the historical development of television digital.


Having role models in this new year can push us to be more like them which can put some spirit in us to do things. In Indonesia, we can take a look at how Agnes Monica reaches her dreams. She has got a quote that says ‘Dream, Believe, and Make it happens.’ It is such an inspiring quote, and so she is. It doesn’t matter how high and unbelievable her dreams are, she believes in herself a 100% that she can make it happens, then it really does happen!

Role Models

From India, Gandhi inspires many people around the world. He has got a great hunger strike. Everyone knows him as an inspiring man, but he’s never conceited about that. ‘Be the change you want to see’ is one of his best quote. He expects that people in the world can be the change, can be an inspiration for each other, and influence their selves to be what they want, what they have been dreaming about their selves. 32


Taiwan also has got a role model. As we know Master Cheng Yen as a Buddhist nun, she inspired people with grassroots approach. She began by forming a local charity organization, called Tzu Chi Foundation. With her followers, together they gave rice to the poor in neighboring communities. As the time goes by, she has got more followers everyday. More people are aware about this issue, moreover, they aren’t only aware about poverty that has been becoming one of the big issues in the world, but also about climate change. She has got a very big heart to work in grassroots level and to care the poor.

go magz

Freddie Highmore started playing in a movie and television since he was a kid. He is a teenage actor who comes from London who also inspires many other children, preteens, and teenagers at his age. He is one of the famous actors from England. He played in Finding Neverland, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Arthur and The Invisibles, and August Rush. As an actor, he doesn’t want all of the attention and privilege from his friends and family, he only wants to live normal like an ordinary teenage boy. What he has been doing on screen really influences many viewers and being a humble person reminds people that we’re all the same, just the way we interpret things that makes us different. Moreover, he also concerns about his own education, currently he is studying in Cambridge University.


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GO-SAY! what does new mean to you ? Liantono Sastro New is having a momentum to change to a better person. (Australia)

Elizabeth Fara NEW is when you do something regularly everyday then one day it changes course. We have to embrace and learn that. (Brunei Darussalam)

Deuansavanh Ph Unfamiliar or strange. (Laos)



Daniel Cesare Something that has just been made or never used. (Nottingham, United Kingdom)

Beryl Fresh, Liight, Hopes (Indonesia)

Christian Hermawan Something that i have never perceived. (Indonesia)

M. Ridzuan Shyah A change that will bring positive impact to the other. (Singapore)

Yi Shang The things that i have never seen known introduced in before. (China)


go magz

New! New means something different which has never existed before. Everyone can be a new one as long as they want it. Being new means going further than before. You can start to be a new person from a little thing. The past can help your future. Improve what you have got and minimize the inappropriate personality that is connected to the idea before.

steps :

New Idea Everything that happens around you can be the new idea to create the new you, the new environment, the new hope. Having the idea is one step closer to new you, it means that you have an eager to be new.



Identify Yourself

From the information you earn above,you can get options that match with the come up ideas




! Do It !

After earning the needed information and improvement, then we only need to manage the steps to make them true in a year.


KALEID OSCOPE Super Junior Super Show 3 in Singapore

Prime Minister of Italy had sex with a prostitute

Flood, Thailand

The Royal Wedding, London

Osama Bin Laden’s Death






Puyehue Erupted

Amy Winehouse’s Death

World Youth Day, Spain

Drought in East Africa

Steve Jobs’ Death






SEA Games 26th

Kim Jong-Il’s Death



Early 2011 shook the girls around the Asia, because the South Korean Boy Band, Super Junior had an Asia-Wide Live Concert Tour. On 29-30 January, they had the concert in Singapore. They needed more or less 1.200.000 US$ for their costumes, special stage, and crew.

JAN 38

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Global Citizen Corps Indonesia @gccindonesia


Presented by Global Citizen Corps Indonesia


Presented by Global Citizen Corps Indonesia