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LOGI-CCALL & MTC Foundation Cup

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The Ultimate Youth Football Tour... We bring together over 12 youth football teams, book top celebrity guests for all the children to meet, give out some of the finest trophies you will ever see, and employ an experienced team of tournament organisers.... ....all to ensure your players and managers experience a sports tours they’ll never forget. THE EXCITING TOURNAMENTS Over 12 teams Participating



Top celebrities and qu

ality trophies for eve

New for 2012 Club Registration Fee

pay just

`4000 and you can register unlimited teams from your

ry player

Watch out scouts about Spotted at our tournament: Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea & more ......

Pioneers in Youth Football Tours If you’re looking to make 2012 a season to remember, then look no further. We extend a warm invitation to boys and girls teams of all abilities to join us for a great season of Football.

PEACE OF MIND Tour with LOGICCALL and you’re safe in the knowledge that every aspect of your tour is covered. SANCTION All tournaments sanctioned by the relevant FA. FIRST AID Professional cover at all tournaments.

Our promise to all teams is that we will continue to do everything possible to make sure you experience an unforgettable end of season tour of the very highest quality. Over the years we have developed an enviable reputation for being an excellent sports management & training company .

S U P E R B O R G A N I S AT I O N With a passion for football and 25 years of combined experience in organising the football tournaments at the local level, our teams tell us that our organisation and attention to detail are second to none. From the moment you first call our office, right through to the end of your tour, you can expect the highest standard of service from our staff. We employ an experienced team of tournament organisers for our tournaments to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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INSURANCE COVER All Children covered with insurance of USD 50000

2012 CLUB REGISTRATION FEE Pay just ` 4000 and you can register unlimited teams from your club!

So, What Makes LOGI-CCALL Different? We’re well aware there are a number of alternatives for youth football teams when deciding which company to book your tour with and where to go on tour to - so why choose us?

At LOGI-CCALL You Will Find The tournament in the UK with 12 teams from all over the UK participating in our tournament. This enables us to control the draw so you do not play against teams you are playing against Day in and Day out. Professionally organised events with a team of our own tournament organisers at every festival. We employ over professional tournament organisers for our events. The very best holiday centres in the UK with quality accommodation, excellent evening entertainment and superb sports and leisure facilities. If the holiday centre isn’t good enough we won’t use it, simple as that! ?Quality ? ? ? ? and 舛? ?value. ? 鴂??鄒???昂?蔐??????? ? There may be cheaper events out there but you should look carefully at where you are staying and what you are getting. ?3?Day ? ? ?training 舛? ? ? by鴂??鄒???昂?蔐??????? Professional & Elite? Foot Ball Players in England.


At LOGI-CCALL You Won’t Find (You may with other tour organisers) Tournaments being cancelled or merged. We only advertise tournaments that actually take place. You have only one tour representative on resort and you are playing in a tournament organised by a local club. You’re staying in grotty holiday camps and having to take the kids off resort to expensive attractions for entertainment.

The Very Best Accommodation There’s no doubt about it, the experience of being away on tour together as a team is as important as the actual football tournament itself for many teams. There is no better way to boost team morale.

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We only use the very best accomodation centres in the UK to ensure that, whatever the score is on the pitch, your team will have a fantastic time away together. If the accommodation centre isn’t good enough, we won’t use it, simple as that! This really does set us apart from other tour operators. We don’t claim to organise the cheapest tours available, we offer high quality events which are excellent value for money. We strongly recommend all teams take time to investigate exactly where you are staying and what facilities are available at the venue when booking your tour. Teams who tour with us don’t need to spend time, effort and extra money taking their party off site for entertainment as you may have to on other tours.

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Celebrity Presentations Our presentation ceremonies : Every team will get their moment of glory, where they will receive a quality trophy as a memento of the Festival from a football celebrity. From current Premier League stars to legends of the game, every player gets to meet a celebrity at the presentation.

There are superb individual trophies for squad members of the winners and runners-up and Champions trophy for the winning team.

Our Celebrity Guest List Includes :

On top of this, the LOGI-CCALL Fair Play Awards are presented to the most sporting team in each age group.

Paul Canoville Paul Bielby Jimmy Carter Kenny Swain Keith Dublin Mike Gilkes and many more....

Sue Smith

Girls On Tour! Join Over 150 Girls Teams On Tour At LOGI-CCALL There’s been a dramatic growth in the recent years in girls participation in football Keeping this in mind, girls event is also arranged.

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Girls tournaments are available for U10 to U14 in our tournament, so we expect to see a good participation of girls team tournament

In the LOGI-CCALL tournament, we will invite some of the leading names in ladies football to join us at our presentations. giving every girl the opportunity to meet a role model from the ladies game. At LOGI-CCALL we’re committed to girls football and hope to see the growth of the game continue throughout INDIA. We will continue to provide well organised, well attended tournaments for girls teams of all abilities - so go on, make 2012 a season to remember and join us for a great tour.

How to Book, Terms & Conditions and Tournament Details HOW TO BOOK



1. Submit your application form. We will make a provisional booking free of charge which will hold your team a place for 2 weeks.

All teams will be required to complete a committee copy and managers copy of the player registration form, which includes a passport-sized photograph of each player to be registered for the tournament. These forms will be signed by your club / school secretary / Head Master to verify that all the details are correct. The committee copy of this form will be retained by the tournament committee in the event that it should be necessary to follow up a query about a player's age.

LOGI-CCALL will use the personal information that you provide to process your booking and provide your tour. We may also need to pass your information to third party service providers. It is your responsibility to inform all other members of your party what information about them you are providing to us, and what we will use it for.

2. Return the Team Registration Form (PXX-XX) and Registration Fee. We will then acknowledge your entry to the tournament and send you your accommodation booking form. 4. Return Accommodation Booking Form and deposits (` 75000). You will then be advised of your balance which will be due 56 days prior to your tour.


TOUR ITINERARY MONDAY - 11th JUNE 2012 Departure from Mumbai TUESDAY - 12TH JUNE 2012 Arrival into London Check-in at Hotel Rest WEDNESDAY - 13TH JUNE 2012 8.00 Hrs to 11.00 Hrs - Training 13.00 Hrs to 19.00 Hrs - Sight Seeing THURSDAY - 14TH JUNE 2012 8.00 Hrs to 11.00 Hrs - Training 13.00 Hrs to 19.00 Hrs - Sight Seeing FRIDAY - 15TH JUNE 2012 8.00 Hrs to 11.00 Hrs - Training 13.00 Hrs to 19.00 Hrs - Sight Seeing SATURDAY - 16TH JUNE 2012 10.00 Hrs to 17.00 Hrs - Tournament SUNDAY - 17TH JUNE 2012 10.00 Hrs to 17.00 Hrs - Tournament & Presentation Ceremony MONDAY - 18TH JUNE 2012 8.00 Hrs to 11.00 Hrs - Visit to Stamford Bridge Stadium (Chelsea F.C.) No football is played on the day of arrival so teams can relax and get settled into their accommodation and enjoy the evening's entertainment. Our managers meeting will take place in the evening at 8pm. Saturday & Sunday - Each age section will normally be split into different groups with the group winners going though to contest the knock-out stages. The format may vary according to the number of teams entered in each age group. The celebrity presentation will take place on the Sunday evening.

TOURNAMENTS RULES & REGULATIONS PROGRAMMES A full tournament programme will be sent to all participating teams in the final briefing pack which you will receive 7-10 days before the tournament takes place. The final briefing pack will include the tournament Rules which have been sanctioned by the appropriate National Football Association.

QUALIFICATION FOR TOURNAMENT All teams attending the tournament must be affiliated to a County, Area or School Football Association. Centre of Excellence and Academy.

If some of your own players are unable to come to the tournament, leaving you short of a full team, it will be possible for you to bring a maximum of two 'guest players' with you to the tournament . 'Guest players' must produce documentary evidence to your club secretary to prove that they are the correct age and they must bring these documents with them to the tournament . The remainder of your squad must be registered with your club / school.

AGE QUALIFICATION DATES Boys and girls are only permitted to play in the same team in the U10 age group.




Up to seven substitutes can be 1 Sep ‘98 named and used during each U14 U12 1 Sep ‘00 game in all age groups. U10can re-enter 1 Sep ‘02 Players who have been substituted the U8 1 Sep ‘04 game.

WINNERS & RUNNERS-UP TROPHIES There are superb individual trophies for the full squad of the winners and runners-up. The winning team in each age group will also receive the LOGI-CCALL custom made Champions Trophy to keep. PLEASE NOTE : In accordance with English FA and FA of Wales guidelines, all U7 & U8 sections at the Festival are non-competitive. Results will not be recorded and winners and runners-up trophies will not be awarded. However, all players will receive a quality participation trophy from a football celebrity to ensure all the children feel like winners.

KICK OFF TIMES & PITCH LOCATIONS To ensure you have as much time as possible to enjoy your holiday, the earliest kick-off will be 10.00am and matches are played within a close proximity of the hotels.

TRANSPORT Overseas teams will be provided with transportation from their Hotel to the Football Pitch during the tour. Local teams will have to arrange for their own transportation.

For full terms and conditions of the Hotel and full details of accommodation and facilities, please refer to the relevant holiday company brochure and the LOGI-CCALL Accommodation Booking Form. All meals will be provided to the overseas teams. Number of People in unit (self catering only) Charges Per Unit

7 `7,70,000

ADULT TO CHILD RATIOS There is a minimum adult to child ratio of 10 to 1. At least one responsible adult over the age of 21 must occupy each unit of accommodation.

INSURANCE A Travel Insurance of USD 50000 will be taken per Participant.

CANCELLATION No Cancellation

FURTHER INFORMATION Every effort will be made to complete the tournament, in the event of extreme adverse weather conditions the organisers cannot accept responsibility for the curtailment of the tournament. If you do have any complaint about the organisation and running of the football tournament, you must submit that complaint in writing within 14 days of the conclusion of the event.

EVENT ORGANISERS The Football tournament is organized and staged by LOGI-CCALL Sports Management LLP & MTC Foundation - London.

BEHAVIOUR & CONDUCT WHILE ON TOUR WATCH OUT-SCOUTS ABOUT Scouts from some of the biggest clubs in the UK will be spotted at our Tournament. These include Arsenal, Manchester Utd, Chelsea and many more.... EXCHANGE OF PENNANTS Although not compulsory, it is customary for teams to exchange a pennant or small memento before each game, in keeping with the spirit of the Festival.

It is the responsibility of the Group Leader and adults in the party to ensure the behaviour of all members of your party is acceptable at all times during the tour. Clubs / Teams will be charged for any damages caused by members of their party. In extreme cases of unacceptable behaviour, the Hotel Management & LOGI-CCALL reserve the right to terminate the team or part of a team or as may be required to leave the premises without refund.



Independent, qualified referees are appointed for all tournament matches. They are paid match fees by LOGI-CCALL and are accommodated free of charge, with meals provided.

We do not accept liability for any loss, damage or expense arising from a change or cancellation to your tour which occurs due to unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control and that of our suppliers. Such events would include, for example, war, threat of war, riots, civil strife, pandemics, industrial disputes, terrorist activity, are or adverse weather conditions, natural or nuclear disaster, decisions of Football Associations or similar events beyond our control.

TEAM REGISTRATION FEES 7-a-side = ` 2000 per team (inc. VAT) Club / School Registration = ` 4000 per club Team/Club / School Registration fees are nonrefundable.

ACCOMMODATION IMPORTANT: Accommodation for your whole party, including players, families, managers and supporters, must be booked through LOGI-CCALL Only. Anyone not doing so will not be permitted to participate in the tournament.

LOCAL TEAMS Teams from the local area where the tournaments are staged are permitted to apply for entry into the tournament by returning the team registration form. However, we cannot guarantee a place in the tournament until the numbers of touring teams are finalised in each age group. At this stage, if additional teams are required in a given age group, applications from local teams will be accepted on a first-come firstserved basis.

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BROCHURE ACCURACY To the best of our knowledge, all information in this brochure is accurate at the time of print. Please be aware that there may be occasions when the facilities listed in this brochure are modifed or unavailable due to factors beyond our control.

LOGI-CCALL sports management TEAM REGISTRATION FORM This section is to be completed, and must be signed, by the Club / School Secretary / Head Master - Please ensure all information is correct Full Name of Club / School Town/County in which your club / School is based

Club / School Secretary / Head Master Name and Address Postcode Email (Evening)

Telephone (Day) (Mobile) Date

Signed Declaration by Club / School Secretary / Head Master I con?rm that I am the current Secretary / Head Master of the above named Club / School and as such I give my permission for the age groups from our Club / School as indicated below to participate in the 2012 LOGI-CCALL M.T.C. Foundation Football Tournament

Name & Address of Group Leader for correspondence relating to the Tournament (if different from Club Secretary / School Head Master)

Postcode Email (Evening)

Telephone (Day) (Mobile)

Please accept our registration for the 2012 LOGI-CCALL M.T.C. Foundation Football Tournament as follows: Age Groups(Please indicate the number of teams to be entered in each age group in the appropriate box) U8



U14 NB: Registration Fees: 7-a-side = ` 2000 Club Registration = ` 4000

Boys 7-a-side Girls 7-a-side

Team Registration Fees are non-refundable.

LOGI-CCALL sports management TEAM REGISTRATION FORM Team Details (Please indicate the size of all of your team members participating in the 2012 Tournament) Age Group

Shirt Size

Under 8





Under 10





Under 12





Under 14





Transport To and From Pitches Overseas teams will be provided with transportation from their Hotel to the Football Pitch during the tour. Local teams will have to arrange for their own transportation.

Total number of teams to be registered



Club / School Registration

` 2000 per team

` 4000 per club for unlimited teams

made payable to “LOGI-CCALL Sports Management LLP�.

I enclose a cheque for `

IMPORTANT NOTES Team Registration Fees are non-refundable and are in addition to the accommodation prices shown.

As the Group Leader, I have read and understood the brochure and agree to the conditions of booking for all those persons travelling.

Please tick if you do not wish to receive promotional information from our af?liate partners.

Signed Date

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LOGI-CCALL sports management W : E:


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