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Question: If the election were today, would you vote for Barack Obama, Mitt Romney or another candidate?

Watch for final poll results in Sunday’s Miami Valley Sunday News. Watch for a new poll question

in Sunday’s Miami Valley Sunday News.


“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” — First Amendment, U.S. Constitution

EDITORIAL ROUNDUP San Francisco Chronicle on gas prices: When gas prices jump — no, make that soar — there are plenty of villains and few solutions. Levels nearing $5 per gallon are infuriating motorists and punishing businesses. The best answer isn’t very consoling: Pump prices are dynamic and uncertain. Mistakes, shortages and even suspected greed can unhinge the market, especially when these factors combine. Bay Area drivers should heed advice that the bill may drop soon. The reasons for the bump include refinery disruptions such as the fire at Chevron’s Richmond facility last month, a contaminated pipeline that shut down, and short supplies as producers shift from summer to winter fuel mixes. Speculative buying of supplies may also be a factor, leading some gas stations to close down and wait out the turmoil. California, which has more than 30 million cars and trucks, is essentially a separate nation when it comes to gasoline. It’s vulnerable to price run-ups because its dedication to cleaner air requires its own formulated fuel. Refineries outside the state can’t help out. As I But the price jumps have set off howls from See It motorists stuck holding fuel nozzles while ■ The Troy pump dials spin past $100 on a major fill up. A Daily News response on the eve of the November elections welcomes came quickly, though it’s unlikely to make a columns from major difference. our readers. To Gov. Jerry Brown wants to ease the pressure submit an “As I by allowing refineries here to switch early to See It” send wintertime gas, which can focus refineries on your type-writmaking a single formulation. Sen. Dianne ten column to: Feinstein, D-Calif., asked the Federal Trade ■ “As I See It” Commission to investigate whether supplies c/o Troy Daily were manipulated for profit. Each step is warNews, 224 S. ranted, but neither is sure to drop pump prices Market St., Troy, OH 45373 overnight. The Dallas Morning News on ■ You can also e-mail us at Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez’ reeditorial@tdnpu election: Score another lamentable election victory for ■ Please Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. The fiery, include your full anti-U.S. revolutionary now has another sixname and teleyear term to continue with the plans he phone number. launched after his first election in 1998 to dismantle Venezuela’s free-market economy and pursue his anachronistic socialist agenda. Not long ago, American leaders would’ve had good reason to be concerned about the national security implications of another Chávez term. Venezuela sits atop the world’s largest proven reserves of oil and is a major petroleum exporter to the United States. Chávez has repeatedly rankled U.S. leaders by providing support for leftist Colombian guerrillas and sponsoring socialist political campaigns in Ecuador, Bolivia and Nicaragua. Yet his so-called Bolívarian revolution has proved hollow. Chávez’s Latin American political allies have found that, without the same kind of oil income Venezuela enjoys, revolutionary socialism is almost impossible to sustain. Chávez’s opposition has tried repeatedly to stop the president through elections and referendums, but it’s never been able to muster the necessary voting muscle. His continuation in power for another six-year term will no doubt rob Venezuela of the economic growth opportunities that are spurring job creation and investment elsewhere in the region. Venezuela’s professional class of lawyers, doctors, engineers and entrepreneurs have fled the country in droves. The more U.S. and other regional leaders ignore him, the less his bluster seems to resonate. For all his antics and rhetoric, Chávez should increasingly be dismissed for what he is — a toothless tiger.


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Street. Troy City Council recently approved rezoning for this property. Some residents are circulatTo the Editor: ing a petition against that The St. Pat's Soup Kitchen rezoning. That is certainly wishes to thank the entire their right, but please underTroy community for your sup- stand the petition they are askport over the last 16 years. ing you to sign is not against Recently, we received a large the demolition of the house grant from the ITW located on the property or the Foundation and grants from demo permit issued by the city the United Way of Troy and of Troy. The owner of the house the Troy Foundation. These holds a demo permit valid for grants will enable us to build a one year and that is not affectnew kitchen called the Hobart ed by their petition. Community Kitchen. The new The petition is against the kitchen will greatly improve rezoning only, and its success our ability to meet the needs of hinders our efforts to help Troy. We propose to build the those in need in Troy. Without new kitchen at the corner of the rezoning, we can not build North Mulberry and Water the new kitchen at the selected

site. The new Hobart Community Kitchen will not only serve dinner every weekday from 5-6 p.m., but we will host other programs and events for the entire community. It will truly be an amazing resource for all of Troy. Troy has supported our mission for the past 16 years and we prayerfully ask for your continued support by not opposing the rezoning. To learn more about our ministry and the Hobart Community Kitchen; please visit Thanks for your support

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Dog-gone it, I’ve become one of ‘those’ people I never thought I would ever be "one of those people." You know who they are. They are friends or family members who are obsessed with their little bundles of joy. Their lives revolve around how they eat, and more importantly, what everything looks like after they have eaten and analyzes every detail like how they play and interact with others. You hear “those people” tell lengthy stories of the most annoying, mundane tasks that have been done by millions of others before them for millions of years. You run in to “those people” at the park and see them showing off the new toys and outfits. You endure awkward conversations which usually go something like: “Look at this face! How could you not love this face? You are just the schweetest whiddle ting that ever was! Yes you are! Aren't they just precious?” You know, dog people. Ever since I moved to the country, I had toyed with the idea of getting a dog. We have so much room to run. It would be instill a sense of

Melanie Yingst Troy Daily News Columnist

responsibility in my 8 year-old son. I just didn't know I would like this fur covered thing so much. All spring long, I searched animal shelters in every surrounding county for "the perfect dog." Well folks, I found him. He even was wearing a tuxedo. No really, my dog is way more awesome than your dog. He’s small but has a big bark, which he only uses sparingly to alert me. He stands on his hind legs and “begs.” Awe, it is so cute. I know this dog is amazing because others around me think so too. This is how perfect Shorty, our miniature Border Collie is: My dad loves this dog.

— Greg Taylor St. Pat's Soup Kitchen Board Member

Yes. I know. It shocked me as well. My dad likes this dog so much that he even scoops him up and takes him in a tractor cab with him. He doesn't even like me in his tractor cabs. My sisters have admitted that they are jealous of the amount of attention this “granddog” is getting. I also can’t believe I’m using words like “granddog.” I am doing better with the pet separation anxiety. Although I did take a vacation day right after I adopted Shorty just because I couldn't leave him alone in a strange place. Evan does help a lot with the Shorty chores. But this dog is all mine. He even waits up late at night and knows when I come home after work and greets me before he can finally get some rest. Dogs really are loyal. It's not all wine and wet noses. I swore to myself that this new dog would sleep outside in the barn in a humble bed of straw. Today, you can find him on the bottom left corner of my full-sized bed as he keeps a watchful eye of

the drive way from the bedroom window. Shorty even goes with me as I drop Evan off to school and rides to and from lots of places — including a recent trip to the city where we found a pet-friendly hotel. Yep. I was one of "those people" who brought their dog on a road trip. I used to judge people like me. Why can't they just leave the dog at home? Can't they find someone to make sure the dog is OK for a few nights? People kept asking me “Is there a dog show or something?” Nope, I just had to bring the furbaby along for the ride. And now I’m one of those people who use the word “fur-baby.” Ugh. See what this adorable thing has done to my soul? So to all you dog lovers out there, I am so sorry I used to judge you and the dog hair plastered all over your clothes, your car and your home. I totally get it now. “Twin” Melanie Yingst appears on Fridays in the Troy Daily News. How much is that doggy in the window?

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