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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


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OCTOBER 14,2013 2013 JULY 3,

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(45.2) (MNT) (4:00)  Wild Bill Sleepy Hollow WFFT Local News The Arsenio Hall Show OMG! Ins. Extra (R) (55) (WFFT) Mother (R) Mother (R) 2½Men (R) 2½Men (R) BBang (R) BBang (R) Bones WFFT Local News TMZ Office (R) OMG! (R) Extra (R) (55) (WFFT) Mother (R) Mother (R) 2½Men (R) 2½Men (R) BBang (R) BBang (R) Chef "Top 13 Compete/ Top 12 Compete" (R) CABLE STATIONS CABLE STATIONS The First 48 (R) Beyond Scared Straight Scared Straight (R) Scared Straight (R) Scared Straight (R) Scared Straight (R) Scared Straight (R) (A&E) The First 48 (R) The First 48 (R) The First 48 (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) (A&E)  Friday the 13th, Part 5: A New Beginning (AMC)  House on Haunted Hill ('99) Geoffrey Rush.  Friday the 13th: Part 3 ('82) Dana Kimmell.  Friday the 13th, Part 4: The Final Chapter CSI "Sunblock" (R) CSI: Miami (R) CSI: Miami (R)  The Mummy Returns ('01) Rachel Weisz, Brendan Fraser.  The Mummy Returns ('01) Brendan Fraser. (AMC) Infested! (R) Monsters Inside Me Monsters Inside Me (R) Attractions "Tiger Terror" Monsters Inside Me (R) Fatal "Tiger Terror" (R) (ANPL) To Be Announced To Be Announced Gator Boys (R) Gator Boys (R) Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Gator Boys (R) Wildman Wildman (ANPL) (9:00)Big Ten Football in 60 BTN Live Pulse Football NCAA (R) Pulse (R) BTN Live (R) Big Ten Football (R) (B10) To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced (B10) (12:00) Waist Deep ('06) Tyrese Gibson.  Notorious ('08,Bio) Mohamed Dione, Derek Luke, Jamal Woolard. Husbands Husbands Real Husbands (R) Wendy Williams Show (BET) Above the Rim 106 & Park: BET's Top 10 Live (N) Game (R) Game (R) Being Mary Jane (R) Husbands Husbands Husbands Wendy Williams Show (BET) (4:)  The First 48 (R) The First 48 (R) First 48 "Last Wish" (R) The First 48 (R) The First 48 (R) The First 48 (R) First 48 "Last Wish" (R) (BIO) (4:00) City Confid. (R) (R) Notorious 48 (R) 48 of Nene (R) The First The First (R) (N) The Watch First 48(N) (R) House Miami The First (BIO) City Confidential House Miami (R) The First I Dream of Nene (R)The First I Dream Wives48 NJ(R) "Reunion" (R) House48Miami (R) 48 (R) WivesNJ (R) (BRAVO) House Miami (R) Zoe Project (R) Beverly Hills (R) Beverly Hills (R) Real Housewives (R) The Rachel Zoe Project BradCops World Dukes (BRAVO) Rachel Cops WatchWhat Cops Beverly CopsHills (R) Cops Rachel Cops(R) (CMT) Reba (R) Reba (R) Reba (R) Reba (R) Reba (R) Reba (R)  Liar Liar ('97) Maura Tierney, Jim Carrey. (R) Money Reba (R) RebaMad (R) Money Reba (R) RebaThe (R)Kudlow RebaReport (R)  Ace Ventura: Jim (R) Carrey. CopsAmericanCops Cops  Ace Ventura: Wh... (CMT) RebaFast Closed Doors When (R) Nature 60 Calls Minutes Greed (R) CopsMad Money 60 Minutes (R) (CNBC) American Greed: Scam Cocaine Cowboys The Queen of Versilles Greed: Scam American Greed: Scam (CNBC) OutFront Anderson Cooper 360 Piers Morgan Live American AC360Greed: Later Scam American OutFront Anthony Bourdain (CNN) The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer The Situation Room With WolfSouthPk Blitzer OutFront Anderson Cooper 360 (R) PiersSouthPk Morgan Live Anderson CooperSouthPk 360 OutFront PiersSouthPk Morgan Live (CNN) (:55) Futura (:25) Futura Tosh.O (R) Colbert (R) Daily (R) Futura (R) Futura SouthPk Brickleb Daily (R) Colbert (R) SouthPk (COM) Futura (R) Sunny (R) SouthPk Tosh.O (R) Colbert (R) Daily (R) Futura (R) SouthPk SouthPk SouthPk Futura (N) Futura DailyHill Show Colbert Futura SouthPk (COM) First Ladies: Influence and Image Key(R) Capitol Hearings First(R)Ladies (CSPAN) U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of RepresentativesFast N' The Key (:05) Capitol (CSPAN) LoudCable (R) Show Fast N' Loud (R) Key Capitol Fast N' Hill LoudHearings (R) Fast N' Loud (N) (:05) True Evel (N) (:05) Fast N' Loud (R) True Evel (R) (DISC) Fast N' Loud (R) To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be AnnouncedStep (R)To BeThe Announced Be Announced AnnouncedHappyD.To Be AnnouncedHappyD.To Be (DISC) Dog Who Saved To Halloween Gary Valentine.To Be HappyD. HappyD. TheAnnounced Dog Who Saved ... (DISK) (4:30)  The Karate Kid ('84) Ralph Macchio. Step (R) Bots (R) Hero Squ TinyToon Tiny Toon Animaniac Animaniac Who'sB? Who'sB? Who'sB? Who'sB? Sabrina (R) FamilyTies Mork&M. HappyD. Who'sB? Who'sB? (DISK) (DIY) Sweat E. Sweat E. Sweat E. Sweat E. Sweat E. Sweat E. Kitchen (R) Kitchen (R) Kitchen (R) Kitchen (R) Kitchen (N) Kitchen (R) Amish (R) Kitchen (R) Kitchen (R) Kitchen (R) Project (R) Project (R) Project (R) Vanilla Ice Ice My House Holmes Inspection (R) Reno. (R) Reno. (R) D.Land. (N) D.Land. (R) D.Land. (R) D.Land. (R) Reno. (R) Reno. (R) (R) (DIY) Gravity (R) Gravity (R) Jessie (R)  Halloweentown Debbie Reynolds. (:05) A.N.T. Austin (R) Shake (R) Jessie (R) GoodLk (R) GoodLk (DSNY) Dog Blog GoodLk (R) A.N.T. (R) Liv/Mad Jessie (R) Jessie Shake (R) GoodLk (R) Austin (R) Shake (R) SoRandom To Be Announced GoodLk (R) Wizards (R) (DSNY) Lab (R) RatsAustin Lab(R) RatsShake Lab(R) RatsWizards Lab Rats Lab Rats (DSNYXD) Girl vs. Monster ('12) Luke Benward, Olivia Holt. KickinIt (R) Crash (R) Kickin' It Mighty M Lab Rats Xiaolin Chr. Ninja  The Luck of the IrishW... ('01)Fashion Ryan Merriman. KickinIt (R) KickinIt (R) SuiteL. (R) FishH (R) FishH (R) (R) (DSNYXD) 4:  Can't Hardly Police (R) To BeE!Announced News The Kardashians (R)KickinIt E&J (R) (R) KickinIt THS (R) "Paula Dean"(R) (N)Phineas Chelsea (N) E! News Chelsea (E!) (1:00)Horn To Be(N) Announced NewsCountdown (L) To Be Announced(:25) Football NFL Indianapolis Colts Thevs.Soup (R) Chelsea (R) (E!)(ESPN) Interrupt SportsC. MondayE!Night San Diego ChargersC.(L)Lately E! News SportsCenter Horn C. 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You Again(R) ('10) Kristen 700 Club (R) Boxing Classics Legally Blonde (FAM) '70s The (R) Five'70s (R) Daddy (R) Daddy Melissa (R) Melissa Daddy (N) Daddy (R) Melissa (R) Twisted (R) Record The The 700O'Reilly Club Factor Fresh P. (R) Fresh P. (R) (FAM)(FNC) Special Report(R) Melissa FOX(R) Report The (N) O'Reilly Factor Hannity On the Hannity The Five Special Report Diners...FOX Report Record Diners...The Diners... O'Reilly Factor (FNC) Pioneer (R) Table (R) Diners... Diners... Diners...The O'Reilly Diners...Factor Diners...Hannity Diners... Diners...On the Diners... Diners...Hannity Diners... Diners... (FOOD) H.Cook (R) WPT Pioneer (R)Shots Diners (R) Rest.Football "Dodge NCAA City" (R) Restaurant (R) Restaurant (R) Diners (N) (R)Diners (R) (R) Restaurant (R) (R) Restaurant (R) Fight. (R) (FOOD) Poker (R) (R) Diners Slap Roundtable Shots Access Poker WPT Best of Pride (FOXSP) Poker4:30 WPTTop100 (R) Top 100Weekly Postgame SanTrending Francisco Giants vs. Cincinnati Reds (L) "Justin Timberlake" Postgame Weekly (R) Poker WPT (R) Baseball MLB (R) (FOXSP) Bangin' Bodies Top 100Baseball Bangin' MLB Bodies Fuse News Fuse Pop Profile (R) (FUSE) Top 20 Countdown Trending Fuse News X-Men: LoadedThe "2Last Chainz" (R)('06) Famke Janssen, Patrick Stewart. The  HustleX-Men: HustleThe (R)Last Hustle Hustle (R) (FUSE)(FX)(3:30)2½Men (R) 2½Men (R)  Colombiana ('11) Zoe Saldana. Stand Stand(R) Patrick Stewart. Movie(3:00) Golf Anger M. Central 2½Men Revenge the Fallen ('09) Megan LaBeouf. LaBeouf. Transformers: Revenge the Fallen (FX)(GOLF) PGAM. (R) AngerGolf (L) (R) 2½Men The (R) Golf2½Men Fix (N) (R)  Transformers: PGA Cup Highlights (N) of The Greatest GameFox, EverShia Played ('05) Shia Golf C. (R) of  The Greatest G... Feherty (R)(R) Feud (R)Golf Feud Cent. (R)European (N)(R)Academy Range Highlights Mexico (R) (R)GolfFeud C. (R)(R)PGAFeud Tour (R)The Baggage Golf Fix (R) Baggage (GOLF) Feud Feud (R)School Feud Feud (R)On the Feud (R) (N)Feud (R)Golf Feud (R) (N) Feud (R)Big Break Feud (R) Feud (GSN) FeudThe (R) Waltons Feud (R) (R) FeudLittle (R) House Feud Prairie (R) Feud (R) House Feud Prairie (R) Feud (R) Flower FeudGirl (R)('09)Feud Feud (R) FeudFrasier (R) (R) FeudFrasier (R) (R) FeudFrasier (R) (R) FeudFrasier (R) (R) Baggage Baggage (GSN) (R) Little (R)  Marla(R)Sokoloff. G. Girls (R) G. Girls (R) (HALL) BradyB. (R) BradyB. (R) BradyB. (R) BradyB. (R) BradyB. BradyB. (R)It or Frasier Frasier (R) Frasier (R) (N) Frasier Girls (R) (HALL) FlipFlop (R) FlipFlop (R) FlipFlop (R) FlipFlop (R) Love(R) It or List It (R) (R) Frasier Love List It(R) (R) Frasier Love(R)It or List It(R) (N) Frasier HouseH (N) House Love(R) It orFrasier List It (R) (R) G. Girls Love(R) It orG.List It (R) (HGTV) Buying and Selling (R) Buying and Selling (R) Buy Sell "David" (R) Elbow (N) Elbow (R) Property Brothers (R) HouseH (N) House (N) Property Brothers (R) Property Brothers (HGTV) Ancient Aliens (R) Ancient Aliens (R) Ancient Aliens (R) Ancient Aliens Ancient Aliens Ancient Aliens (R) Ancient Aliens (R) (R) (HIST) UFO Files (R) Everyday History Tech  It toFool's the Max History America (R) Restore (R) Restore (R) Hardcore History (R) Restore (R) (HIST) 4:  A Walk to R... Gold ('08)Modern Matthew McConaughey.Restoration  TheRestoration Bucket List Only ('07)inJack Nicholson. Witches of East End (R) DDDiva "The Kiss" (R)Restore  The Bucket List (LIFE) Reba4:(R) Reba (R) of Ruth Wife  Swap (R) (R) Purl. To Be Announced (R) ('04) Kirstie Alley. To Be Announced (R) (LIFE)  The Book Stranger at the Wife DoorSwap ('04) Linda Family Sins Adopting Terror ('11) Sean Astin.  Family Sins (LMN) 4:  TheMoms Last Trim... Daley ('06)(R) Amber Tamblyn. Baby Will"Surprise Fall ('11) Anastasia Griffith. Maternal Obsession Louisa Kelly. AndLove Babyfor Will Fall (LMN)(LRW) Dance Miami (R) Stephanie Dance Moms Miami Runway "Spin Out" And Runway Me" Preacher (R) Preacher (R) ('12) Jean Love for Sail (R) Sail (R) ModRun. Road (R) The Conversation Airline Among the Dead (R) Psychic Airline Airline Among the Dead (R) (LRW) The Ed Show PoliticsNation(R) CookThin HardballMom Cook Airline All (R) in With Chris(R)Hayes Rachel Maddow The challenge Last Word All (R) in With Chris(R) Hayes Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) Hardball Hardball All inBig With Chris Hayes Rachel Maddow The Last All inHook WithUp ChrisSnooki Hayes (R) Rachel (MSNBC) Teen Mom 2 (R) PoliticsNation HookUp Girl Code Catfish Tips Texas Teen Mom 2 (R) Teen Word Mom 2 (R) TeenMaddow Mom 2 (R) (MTV) Girl Code Girl Code Guy(L)Code Guy Code GuyWild Code Guy Code Jackass Johnny Knoxville.  Auto Jackass 3D F1 (MTV) Pro Football Talk Girl Code Girl Code NHL Live! Hockey Guy NHL Code Minnesota vs. Buffalo SabresGuy Code  NHL Live!3D ('10) Auctions America (R) Racing (NBCSN) Pro Football Talk Sports Troopers Talk 36 Troopers MLS 36 (R) Announced TurningTroopers Point (R) NFL Alaska TurningTroopers Point (R) To Be Announced (NBCSN) Alaska Troopers (R) NBC Alaska (R) IndyCar Alaska (R) To BeTrooper "Knife Fight" (R) Alaska Troopers (R) NFL Alaska Alaska Troopers (R) (NGEO) Toughest Prisons (R) Russia's (R) Drugs "Ketamine" (R) Drugs, Inc. (R) Inc. (R) Inc. (R) Inc. (R) Drugs, Inc.(R) (R) Lopez (R) (NGEO) Sponge (R) Sponge (R) Sam,Prisons Cat Victori. (R) Dora (R) Sponge (R) F.House (R) F.HouseDrugs, (R) F.House (R) F.HouseDrugs, (R) F.House (R) F.House Drugs, (R) Friends (R) Friends (R) Lopez (NICK) Sponge SpongeC.I. (R)(R)Drake (R)Anger Victori. (R) Marvin (R)Adam Figure Out F.House (R) F.House (R) F.House (R) F.House (R) Nanny (R) Nanny (R) (:35) (:40) Friends (NICK) Law(R) & Order: Management ('03) Sandler. Snapped (R) Snapped (R) Snapped (R) (R) Nanny Snapped (R) Nanny Friends  Anger Management (OXY) Having Their Baby (R) Yea...  Phat ('06) Jimmy Jean-Louis, All Star B (R) Having Their Babe Baby ('95) (R) James HavingCromwell. Their Baby (N) Having Baby (R) ('97)  Freedom 3:40  Seven Girlz Cry-Baby ('90) Johnny Depp.Mo'nique. (:25) Bad TheGirls Ransom of Red Chief  (:35) SevenTheir Years in Tibet Brad Pitt. Writers (OXY) (PLEX) MovieVeronica (:50) (R) Face TheVeronica Music ('92) Free Willy 3:Days The Rescue It Runs inHospital the Family Days of Our  Lives The Foursome  Jackie Chan's Mars MarsPatrick (R) Dempsey. General Hospital of Our Lives  General General (:50) Hospital Days ofFirst Our Strike Lives (PLEX) (SOAP) Veronica Mars (R) Veronica (R) Tall Dwayne Young &'The Restless Days of OurThe Lives Hospital & Restless Walking Days ofTall OurDwayne Lives 'The Rock' General Hospital Doom 3:30  The Rundown Mars Walking Rock' Johnson. Rundown General ('03) Seann William Scott,Young The Rock. Johnson. (SOAP) (SPIKE) CopsMovie Cops Blade Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops TheCops Cops ('97) AlCops FightTheron, Masters (R) Reeves. Fight Masters (R) on Elm Bellator 360 II ('02) Kris Kristofferson, Wesley Snipes. Devil's Advocate Pacino, Charlize Keanu A Nightmare Street 4: (R) The Dream... (SPIKE) (SYFY) GhostQueens Mine (R) G.Mine "Gold (R) Paranormal (R) Ghost HuntersMLB (R) National Ghost Hunters (R) Paranormal Paranormal (R) Seinf. (R) Seinf. (R)Fever" FamilyG (R) FamilyGWitness (R) Pre-Game Baseball League Championship Series (L) Witness (R) Ghost Hunters (R) PostShow Conan Witness (R) (SYFY) (TBS) Friends (R) ofQueens (R) Seinf. Seinf. (R) Seinf.April (R) (R)FamilyG (R)Nights FamilyG (R) FamilyG BBang (R) BBang Office (R) Conan (R) (:15)(R) Queens The Story Three Loves ('53)(R) Kirk Douglas.  of Cabiria ('57) (R) Giulietta Massina. The(R) StoryBBang of Film(R)(R) Conan (:15)(R)  Winter Light Movie (TBS)(TCM) MovieLong Is.(:45)  Chandler ('71) Warren Oates. (R) My 600-lb Movie Six You (:45)  With Father And600-lb So They Movie Medium (R) Medium (R) Medium Life (R)  With My 600-lb LifeGet (R)EggrollMy 600-lb Life (R) Weekend My 600-lb Life (R) (:15)My LifeWere (R) Married My 600-lb Life (R) (TCM)(TLC) (2:00)iCarly To Be Announced (N) (R)To Be & (R) Tiaras (R) To Announced Sabrina (R) SabrinaBreaking (R) Zoey Amish (R) (R) Zoey (R)Toddlers Drake& &Tiaras Josh (R) Toddlers & TiarasiCarly BigAnnounced T. (R) Big T. 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Dear Annie: I've been friends with "Jane" and "Carol" since college. Unfortunately, since her mom died well over a decade ago, Jane has become a hermit. She is distant, and whenever we make plans, she makes an excuse at the Dear soon-to-be very lastAnnie: minuteMy to cancel on us. exwife and I live on the West Coast, We're frustrated. while my 92-year-old mother While I can sympathize with lives in senior loss, facility New York. hera terrible I feelinshe needs She is happy there. She is still to move on and start living again. mentally sharp, butroom her forever. body is She can't hide in her starting become frail. My Carol andtoI are not sure how to wife has become the primary careapproach this. giver for Mom. She visits We want to be sensitive to a few times year and but atpampers the sameMom Jane's afeelings with pedicures, footthat massages, time get her to realize she etc. She also has Mom’s has friends and family whopower love of attorney for her financial affairs, her and want to spend time with and henceshould the dilemma. her. What we do? — My wife had an affair during her visits Frustrated Friends to Dear see my mother. We have Friends: If Jane has been separated for two months, and I been so severely depressed about her mother's death more than plan to finalize thefor divorce within a decade, the year. she Myneeds wifeprofessional doesn’t want help. stuck. Tell her you are me toShe tell ismy mother, because she worried her, and suggestheart. fears it about will break Mom’s she look help wife She mayinto be counseling right, butto my her get her life back on track. has complete control of Mom’s She alsoand can find a Motherless finances, because of factors Daughters support group through in our breakup (dishonesty, lying, cheating, etc.), I don’t trust her Annie: After 56 years to Dear do the right thing withof my marriage, money, our father passed away mother’s especially if the and left gets my mother alone for the divorce ugly, which is entirefirst time in her life. Four years ly possible. It also could jeoparafter my Dad brother’s died, Mom portion suffered aof an dize bout of meningitis. inheritance. My current situation While has recovered com- fredoes notshe allow me to travel pletely, she is convinced quently, and I haven’t that seenshe Mom is bedridden. I moved back home in 18 months. I call her once a to take care of her because no one week. My brother has his hands else would. My younger sister full with his wife, who has earlylives in the house with us, but onset Alzheimer’s. I would like to does her own thing. remove power is,offour attorney from The problem other sibmy wife, but I know Mom would lings live in the same city, and be completely by the Yet no one helps three are retired.devastated loss of her “only daughter.” don’t look after Mom but me. Mom Ihas want to tongue, hurt mybut mother. Whatisdo a sharp her memory you — she Conflicted shot.suggest? Even when is insulting, Dear Conflicted: she doesn't rememberYour it. wife can withdraw as your finanI drive nearly 100mother’s miles a day cial power of attorney as part of to and from work. When I get the divorce home, I cleansettlement, the kitchen or anda judge could orderMom it. But make sure has you a hotalso mealcould ask Mom to sign a new while watching TV. I am D.O.T.:POA, giving authority to you or disappointed, overwhelmed andyour brother, it is will supersede tired. Myand spirit broken; I don'tany BRIDGE SUDOKU BRIDGE SODOKU PUZZLE prior We understand spendPOA time on withfile. friends; I don't that youthedon’t want to do hurt talk on phone; I don't any-her, but your mother will likely find thing. outI worry aboutthat theI will divorce die of at some exhaustion and be point, and it is Mom morewill respectful course, has no My mother, tell her thanof to deceive her.sym(You pathy my situation. I amdetails.) not can beforvague about the the executor her mother will or a already. beneAnd go see of your ficiary.isBut I would enjoy atoo Time short, andlike it’sto been few years before my life is over. — long. Tired Miserable Dearand Annie: I am an organist Tired: You comandDear frequently playare forkind, weddings passionate and devoted. you at in our church. I am But always don'trehearsal need to wear yourself out for the early and well preyour mother. That does neither of pared by the announced time. you any good.than not, several key More often Of course, your siblings party shouldare people in the wedding step up, but they are not going 15 or even 30 minutes late. to This do it, so the handle this as if and you were delays rehearsal often an onlyme child. motherscheduled could makes lateYour for other programs, benefit from day care appointments. Please tell people and you need respite care. Contact to be considerate of the time the Eldercare Locator (elderconstraints of the organist and, AARP (, the the minister, and to be on time Family Caregiver Alliance (carefor rehearsals. — Ticked Off in and the Alzheimer's Illinois HOW TO PLAY: Complete Association ( for informaDear the grid so that every row, tion andTicked help. Off: You told them, andDear we hope they listen.inYou also column and 3x3 box contains Annie: "Trouble could ask the minister every from 1 to 9the incluHubbard" is the executor ofto herstart HOW TOdigit PLAY: Complete grid so that the rehearsal theis time stated, sively. Find answers to today’s mother's estate.atShe concerned every row, column and 3x3 box contains and will have puzzle in tomorrow’s Troy Find that latecomers one grandsonsimply has borrowed a every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively. to catch It can and be difficult to Daily News. great dealup. of money, she answers to today’s puzzle in tomorrow’s schedule a rehearsal that is convewants to deduct that amount from Troy Daily News. nient for all the members SATURDAY’S SOLUTION: his inheritance after Grandmaof the wedding party, but it is important dies. notAstoantake advantage of the(oroffiexecutor of an estate MONDAY’S SOLUTION: ciants, organists others a trust), and "Trouble" haswho trustee of HINTS FROM HELOISE are involved creating such a HINTS FROM HELOISE no choice but toindivide and distribspecial event. will or trust the ute Grandma's Dear Annie: upon I have a differway it's written her death. ent for “Tired Sincesuggestion debts owed Grandma priorand Miserable,” wholegitimate felt she assets was the to her death are only inthis herwould family caring Dear Readers: Saving of the one estate, require stomach. That’s how you end up or even rice or potatoes. adjusting a beneficiary's share of for her aging mother. “Tired” — it Heloise moneyDear neverReaders: goes out of this in the can, you may have to buywith purchases Here — Heloise that you don’t should keep them from getdistributions. said she has siblings in the same Withweek’s REMOVING FAT — Heloise groceries costing more and the two cans. Folks, check the size ofneed!FROST-FREE SOUND OFF, about ting frosted overnight. Vinegar To dobut otherwise opens used to to have town, they are notthehelping. more, SMOKEDDear PAPRIKA here are someinsimple quantity of food packages: your favorite food item — Heloise: I do not Dear is theHeloise: perfect Iproduct have executor or trustee lawsuits a fat separator, but it cracked Dear Heloise: I am often cut costs the next time You cannot expectto your siblings hints to “My pet peeve is manufactur- you may be shocked that have a garage, so my car around because it is good for from the other beneficiaries. it to bethings! tempted toisbuy smokedtopaprika you ers go to the grocery store: of food it’s smaller! — Heloise thrown out. to know to understand what you areIfgoing lowering the quantity exposed the ele- andsohad many Want contributes to family when I see it in the your meals for the Before I could purchase new my store. through and what strife, your parent •inPlan their packages and charging FAST FACTS ments overnight. During what else I use it for?aOrder Hints from Heloise "Trouble" should in favor of week, using coupons or items one, I made homemade gravy However, I am really not sure needs unless youresign clearly commuthe same amount of money. Do Dear Readers: What to the colder months, I am pamphlet Heloise’s Fantabulous appointing a bankitorwas licensed are on salewe in don’t the store’s night, forgetting thatMore. I no To how to usealways it. Do dealing you know anynicate it. I found important thatthey think notice this? do with Columnist one unmatched with frost oneVinegar Hints and company as executor. — trust flier. longer had the separator. thing about this spice? to stop waiting for siblings to weekly I would prefer that they keep the sock: on my windows. Do you receive it, send $5 and a long, selfKailua, Go on the to raise theyou can problem,stamped though. I(66 just cents) let — Carly F., viaany email use for later meals. offer to Hawaii help. Instead, I made up •quantity thecomputer same and * Dust window blinds or have hints to help No addressed, Annie's Mailbox is written by check manufacturers’ websites the pan drippings sit a few minSmoked paprika is made • Be sure to stock up on a monthly “caregiving” schedule price a bit. It has happened to furniture with it. me? I often am late due to envelope to: Heloise/Vinegar, P.O. Kathy Mitchell and to Marcy Sugar, especially in a795001, cup until theAntonio, fat rose TX from sweet, red bell all the time when Hints for each sibling spend time for online coffee, coupons, ice cream, cheese,ontuna,items *you Putuse around a drink for waiting forpeppers. my windows utes Box San most expensive name top. I then used my The peppers are smoked over longtime mom. editors My of thesiblings Ann find them on sale (if they helping were the etc. from — Bev in New Hampshire” youinsulation. to defrost. — Kevin in to the 78279-5001. A good, multipuryou use. turkey baster to collect the fat wood to create a smoky flavor Landersto column. email your or you havemop space Heloise happy step Please up when given brandsHow right you are, and manycan be*frozen Use on a dust Chicago pose household cleaner is 1/2 Try a meat-free meal once a in the pantry for them). and place it in a can, to be disbefore being ground up. It’s questions to anniesmailbox@comColumnist an assignment. Sons, in particu- •readers have complained about instead of cloths. I do have a hint for you, cup white vinegar, 1 pint rubbing because meat tends to posed of later. This worked so much more flavorful than plain a warehouse, write to: Annie's lar, are or sometimes oblivious to week, this same thing, Bev. It also can • Share * Make an eye mask out and it is simple and cheap! alcohol, 1 teaspoon dishwashing cost the most. well that I may do without a fat paprika, so you won’t need to bership with a friend. Split the Mailbox, c/o Creators Syndicate, caregiving needs. They are glad throw off a recipe. If you were of it. Mix a solution of 1/2 vin- separator liquid and enough water to make • Buy meat in bulk, especially cost of items you can both use. in the future! — use so much in your cooking. 737 3rd Street, Hermosa Beach, to help if told what to do. — using a can of tomato sauce * Cover an armrest on a chair egar and 1/2 water. Coat each a gallon. Put it in a spray bottle Melanie D., via email Add it to any egg or meat dish, when on sale. Freeze in portions • Never shop on an empty CA 90254.

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Shopping for savings is easier than you might think

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