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It’s Where You Live! August 5, 2013

Volume 105, No. 184


National Night Out Tuesday By Melanie Yingst Staff Writer

San Diego mayor begins 2-week absence for therapy

MIAMI COUNTY — One summer night out of the year, the community can get up close and personal to witness the way of life for Miami County’s first responders. Miami County’s annual National Night Out kicks off Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. and runs until 9 p.m. at Troy Community Park. The annual event is modeled after a “neighborhood block party” as law officials, medics and other organizations set up shop to show what they do for the citizens of Miami County on a daily basis. Todd Bolton, Becky Chaney and Norm Drill are all co-chairman of the 2013 Miami County’s

National Night Out event. Each year, volunteer fire departments, county and city law enforcement and outreach organizations from around Miami County share their role in the community for one night of the year. “The new thing this year is that a local volunteer fire department will have a few ‘Jaws of Life’ demonstrations,” Bolton said. “People can get up close and see what it takes to free the car to get victims out — it should be very cool.” The “Jaws of Life” demonstration will take place three times during the event, Bolton said. Bolton said National Night Out is “all about the community getting to know their police department and community related organizations on a more

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Staff Photos | ANTHONY WEBER Felicia Niswonger of Troy took her daughters Jillian, 6, and Kataryna, 4, along with niece McKenzie Cobaugh, 9, to the Troy Community Park last year for National Night Out. There they visited with the Lockington Volunteer Fire Department where they learned how to put out a fire using a fire extinguisher. The trio was assisted by Chief Jon Adams. “We just think it’s a thing to get peoples hands on it and use it,” Adams said. This year’s National Night Out event will take place Tuesday.

Fair to feature number of improvements

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Therapists say admitting one has a problem is the first step toward recovery. See Page 11

Tighter security at some US missions over al-Qaida SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Security forces closed roads, put up extra blast walls and increased patrols Sunday near some of the 22 U.S. diplomatic missions in the Muslim world that Washington had ordered closed for the weekend following warnings of a possible alQaida attack. The closures came with a call for Americans abroad to take extra precautions throughout August, particularly when using planes, trains and boats, though some veteran expatriates shrugged off the warnings. See Page 10

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By Melanie Yingst Staff Writer

MIAMI COUNTY — One new building addition and multiple improvements around the fairgrounds are in store for the thousands of people to enjoy at the Miami County Fair, which runs Aug. 9-16. Fair secretary and manager Jill Wright said the fairgrounds underwent multiple capital improvements this year, including the most noticeable and largest addition to the fair — the Echo Hill Kennel Club’s dog Staff Photos | ANTHONY WEBER facility on the north end of the property near CountyFormer NFL wide receiver and Troy native Cris Carter speaks during the Pro Football Hall of Fame Road 25-A. According to Echo Hills Kennel Club director Charley induction ceremony Saturday in Canton. McMaster, the club began working with fair officials to make add the facility to the county’s fairgrounds nearly four years ago. McMaster said the group raised approximately $95,000 to build the facility, which will house dog training and agility sessions all-year round. The Echo Hills Kennel Club used to use the goat arena to hold agility training classes, which will now be moved to the new barn with insulation, but with a gravel, sand and soil floor. By JOSH BROWN The building will be used specifically for canine Sports Editor classes all year round. Events such as agility courses for dogs to train and compete in sanctioned events will take place in the dog Clarence Carter didn’t arena as well. need the Pro Football McMaster said the dog community shows up in Hall of Fame selection packs at the fairgrounds every year. This summer, committee to tell him Echo Hills hosted its 20th annual American Kennel that his son Cris was Club sanctioned All-Breed Dog Shows, with more than special. 1,000 dogs and their proud owners taking part in the “I’ve been spoiled, competition. because Cris has always Electrical work and concrete work still needs to be been a star,” he said. completed by the building, yet McMaster said is happy “He’s always had those with contribution to the fairgrounds. skills.” The Echo Hills Kennel Club also donates time and But that also didn’t labor to the fairgrounds by helping with landscape make Saturday night any projects and planting trees each year. less special to him and A dedication ceremony will take place at a later date the Carter family. and an official name of the building will be available Cris Carter – a Troy as well. native who played footOther capital improvements include metal lamb pens ball or the Ohio State receiving a fresh powder coat of paint. A portion of the Buckeyes before playwork was donated by Skinner Powder Coating. Skinner ing 16 seasons in the Powder Coating also contributed to the stadium paint National Football League and update project at the Grandstands this year. – was among the seven The Merchants Building also received a new, wider inductees into the Pro door for vendors to move their wares in and out with Football Hall of Fame ease. • See WORTH on Former NFL wide receiver and Troy native Cris Carter stand with New electrical light posts also were installed around

Worth the wait Carters celebrate Hall of Fame enshrinement

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his son, Duron, during the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony Saturday in Canton.

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Giving Tree gives students a leg up By Colin Foster

Associate Sports Editor

TROY — When kids grow up and look back at their time in junior high and high school, they remember the teachers or coaches that made an everlasting impact in their lives and the friends they made along the way. Then there are the little people, who give a little bit to make it all

possible for the kids in the first place. That’s where Tara George and Janie Johnson come in. Though they may not play a direct role in molding the minds of young America or teaching a kid how to run a button hook football play that earned him a college scholarship, George and Johnson play a small part

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Tara George and her 19 month-old granddaughter Georgie Edwards (left), along with Janie Johnson (right) place several leaves on the Giving Tree Thursday at the First Presbyterian Church in Troy. The Tree is organized for children who need school supplies, clothing and basic school fees. Staff Photos | ANTHONY WEBER

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Monday, August 5, 2013

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n Continued from page 1 in making an education possible in the first place. Members of the First Presbyterian Church in Troy, George, a retired school teacher, and Johnson have been involved with the Giving Tree for the last 30 years, a project that supplies somewhere between 150 to 175 kids with school supplies, clothing and basic school fees ever year. It is an estimated $15,000-20,000 project that requires the help of everybody within the congregation, along with assistance and donations from several local businesses, people and churches. “I just can’t emphasize enough (how many people help out), I mean, I would say that 98 percent of our congregation participates in this project. Everybody really gets on board with it,” Tara said. Their own church, however, isn’t the only one who only big contributor to this project — and Tara and Janie would be the first ones to point that out. The Miami Valley Corvette Club chipped in with a big financial donation this year, the United Methodist Church in Troy always gets together a big donation, the Troy Church of the Nazarene and the Troy Lutheran Church always have helped out; plus the St. John’s Church Bible School took up a collection for school supplies this past year. And they’re all helping out for good reason, too. The Giving Tree is all about helping out local kids and local businesses, with most of the shopping done in town. The names are given to the church through Partners In Hope, and a majority of the kids come from Troy, although they have also helped out kids from Miami East and Tipp City. The Giving Tree helps out kids from elementary through high school. The applications are received in late June and the work begins, with Tara and Janie handling the logistics. The tree went up July 28 and the dedication ceremony will be August 18. “We’ve both been apart

of it for 30 years,” Tara said. “The idea came from the Evangelism Committee and we tossed around different ideas. Originally, we thought we would do it at Easter. But there were several school teachers on the committee, so we decided the start of school would be better. The first year, we did 50 kids. Now we have 150 kids and we will end up with 175 before it’s all over. “Just because Janie and I have done this for 30 years, we’re just a small cause in this wheel. As I said, it’s the people in our church that are dedicated to doing this year after year after year.” Be that as it may, Tara and Janie would be lying if they told you the work they do isn’t rewarding. The gifts they give out and the reaction of the people receiving them is their own personal award. “If you could be there when the gifts are delivered, seeing all the kids jump up-and-down and be excited is special,” Tara said. “I’ve had many parents cry when we tell them their kids school fees are being paid. It’s very humbling.” “One of the first years we did it, we delivered to a family of three boys,” Janie recalled. “A couple years ago we had some temporary help where I worked. One of the boys was one of the guys we helped out years ago with the Giving Tree. He had just graduated high school and he was going to Ohio State in the fall. I was just so pleased that he was going to college. “There’s no proof that the Giving Tree gives them the extra boost they need, but when you start school with new shoes, new supplies, book bags, things they need … they just have a little more confidence.” It’s those little stories and interactions that have kept the Giving Tree going for 30 years. And when the children grow up and think about their time in school, they will remember the small people with big hearts that helped them out along the way.

Fair n Continued from page 1 the fair grounds this year. “It’s a lot brighter,” Wright said. “We did a lot of electrical work around the fair grounds this year.” When one takes a stroll around the fairgrounds, stop and smell the roses at the multiple landscaping projects dotted around the grounds. Wright said Kasey Wheelock of Kasey’s Outdoor Services donated the new landscaping around the Merchant’s Building. The Heffelfinger Brothers Lawn and Landscape donated

the landscaping at the sheep arena. The Union Township Producers 4-H Club donated new fences, plants as well as their time and labor, sprucing up the Memorial Gardens at the hog facility. “It’s great to have groups come out and donate their time to make the fair look nice. It’s very appreciated,” Wright said. Last year, the Duke Lundgard building installed new shower curtains for campers to wash off the day with more privacy.


ESTATE/SILENT AUCTION August 9th-14th 10:00am to 5:00pm

Saturday night in Canton. And although Cris had to wait until his sixth year of eligibility to get into the Hall, being passed over his first five chances, he got in on the most special of nights. The weekend was the 50th anniversary of the Hall of Fame, and Canton played host to the largest gathering ever of living Hall of Famers – more than 120 were present for the celebration. “We have the greatest Hall of all the Halls, and to be able to join these men on this stage in football heaven is the greatest day of my life,” Cris said. It was a great night for the family on hand to watch, also. “From the family perspective, we’re just grateful he got in,” said brother Shane Carter, a Troy High School graduate, former Wisconsin Badger football player and current Executive Director of the Lincoln Community Center in Troy. “I think it does (make it worth the wait). It’s a little bittersweet. “I grew up around a lot of famous people, met a lot of famous people. But regardless of getting starstruck or loving the game of football, when you see Joe Namath, Don Shula, all these greats from before your time, you can’t help but get goosebumps.” And while Carter recognized his family during his speech, he gave a special shout-out to his older brother, Butch. “My hero growing up was a guy by the name of Butch Carter,” Cris said. “He was the best basketball player in the state of Ohio. He was my role model as an athlete. He did everything the way you’re supposed to do it, conducted himself, dressed in the manner, did well in school, worked extra jobs, helped his mom, and Butch Carter, today as your baby brother goes into the Hall, you need to know you’re my hero.” But Cris also discussed the rockiest part of his pro football career – when he was cut from the Philadelphia Eagles by then-head coach Buddy Ryan in 1989 for alcohol and drug abuse. “What Buddy Ryan did was the best thing that ever happened for me when he cut me and told me I couldn’t play

Staff Photos | ANTHONY WEBER Fans listen as Cris Carter gives an emotional speach during the 2013 Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony Saturday in Canton.

for his football team,” Cris said. “But he told me a story. He told me the night before he went on and talked to his wife, and he asked his wife what he should do. And his wife told him, don’t cut Cris Carter. He’s going to do something special with his life. So Buddy Ryan, and your lovely wife, I thank you.” Perhaps because of what Ryan did, Cris did go on to do something special with his life. He played the next 12 seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, and he left them as the franchise’s leader in receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns. He finished his career with 130 touchdown catches – 110 of them with Minnesota – and 1,101 receptions, both of which were the second-best career totals all time when he retired behind Jerry Rice, who was also present for the ceremony. Cris now sits in fourth place all time in both categories. “I’ve always had good teams around me, and guys you set a standard, and I appreciate that standard you set going to work,” Cris said of his five Hall-of-Fame Viking teammates who were on hand. “You guys showed me what it meant to be a pro, and you guys helped me in the transition. You knew I had tremendous issues, but you never held that against me,

and I appreciate it that now I stand here with you. I’m forever indebted to you.” He also had a special message for his mother, Joyce. “Mama, I got to tell you, I didn’t have to wait to get a call from the hall to tell me I was a Hall of Famer. You’ve been telling me since I was little,” Cris said. “You told me everything that’s ever happened in my life has happened. “But, mom, I’ve got to tell you. I have to apolo-

gize. I’m so sorry for the bumpy flight and the bumpy ride, but I got to tell you, mama, it’s a smooth landing.” And as the family made its way back home on Sunday, Cris’ father couldn’t have been more proud. “He’s always been a star to me,” Clarence said. “I got to come up here and see something special with all my boys. It was really nice.” And completely worth the wait.

– they will all be here.” Bolton said opening ceremonies kicks off at 5:30 p.m. with colors being presented by the American Legion Post 184. Local police departments will have registrations open for various safety programs and information about children booster seat safety, summer safety programs and adult protection programs as well. Bolton also said a hand full of activities,

along with door prizes and free food, will be an Ident-a-Kid booth. “Parents can come and run their children through the Ident-a-Kid program,” Bolton said. Along with the new organizations, many previous participants are returning, Bolton said. “There are new food vendors and we’ll have door prizes throughout the night,” Bolton said. “It’s a fun way to see everything the community has to offer in one

place, on one night.” Bolton said if it wasn’t for in-kind donations, grants and corporate funding, National Night Out would cost $25,000 to host the one-day event. “Without the commitment of the city of Troy and all the volunteers, this event wouldn’t be what it is today,” Bolton said. “I just want to give a big thanks to all those people who have volunteered their time or money to help with this event.”

Former NFL wide receiver and Troy native Cris Carter is applauded during an enshrinement ceremony in Saturday in Canton.

Night n Continued from page 1 personal level” in a fun, family friendly setting at Troy Community Park. Each year, approximately 10,000 people flock to the Troy Community Park where agencies from around Miami County participate with information, sign-up sheets and other fun items. “It’s not limited to just Troy,” Bolton said. “There are local fire departments and representatives from all the city police departments and the county agencies

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August 5, 2013

Troy Daily News •



• CR AF TY • COMMITTEE LISTENERS: The MEETING: The Fort Crafty Listeners will Rowdy Gathering meet from 1-2:30 will have a committee p.m. at the Miltonmeeting at 7:30 p.m. Union Public Library. at the Covington City Participants listen Building. to an audio book and • B OA R D work on various craft MEETING: The Miami projects. County Children’s • PULLED PORK: Services Board will CONTACT US The American Legion, meet at 9 a.m. at 510 Post 586, 377 N. Third W. Water St., Suite Call Melody St., Tipp City, will offer 210, Troy. Vallieu at pulled pork sandwiches • DISCOVERY 440-5265 with chips from 6-7:30 WALK: A morning disp.m. covery walk for adults to list your Civic agendas will be from 8-9:30 a.m. free calendar • Monroe Township at Aullwood Audubon items. You Board of Trustees will Center, 1000 Aullwood can send meet at 7 p.m. at the Road, Dayton. Tom your news Township Building. Hissong, education by e-mail to • The Tipp City coordinator, will lead Council will meet walkers as they at 7:30 p.m. at the ence the wonderful seaGovernment Center. sonal changes taking • The Piqua City Commission will place. Bring binoculars. meet at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall. Aug. 9-11 • The Troy City Council will meet at • TRUCK SHOW: The 24th annual 7 p.m. in the meeting room in Council International Scout Light Truck Nationals Chambers. & Swap Meet will be held at the Historic • The Staunton Township Trustees WACO Field, 1865 S. County Road 25-A, will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the Staunton Troy. More than 200 trucks and dieTownship building. sels from the 1950s will be on display, • Covington Board of Public Affairs will along with field trials, demonstrations and meet at 4 p.m. in the Water Department WACO biplane rides. Admission is $8 per office located at 123 W. Wright St., day of $15 for the whole weekend. Covington. Aug. 9 • The Potsdam Village Council will • FRIDAY DINNERS: Dinner will be meet at 7 p.m. in the village offices. offered from 5-8 p.m. at the Covington VFW Post 4235, 173 N. High St., Tuesday • LITERACY COUNCIL: The Troy Covington. Choices will include a $12 Literacy Council, an all-volunteer organi- New York strip steak, broasted chicken, zation, will meet at at 7 p.m. at the Troy- fish, shrimp and sandwiches, all madeHayner Cultural Center in Troy. Adults to-order. • TACO BAR: A taco bar will be offered seeking help with basic literacy or wish to learn English as a second language, and from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Pleasant Hill VFW those interested in becoming tutors, are Post 6557, 7578 W. Fenner Road, Ludlow asked to contact our message center at Falls. The meal will be offered from 6-7:30 p.m. for $7. (937) 660-3170 for further information. • ADULT HIKE: The Miami County Aug. 10 Park District will hold an adult explora• BIKE NIGHT: The Troy Applebees tion hike on August 6th at 9 a.m. The will feature its annual bike night beginning hike will be at Stillwater Prairie Reserve at 1 p.m. The event will includ live music Rangeline Road access, 7790 Rangeline from Monocle at 9.m., a corn hole tournaRoad, north of Covington. Join a natural- ment and prizes for the best bike categoist or volunteer leader as they head out to ries. The Bud Light and Miller Light girls explore nature. Walks are not strenuous will make an appearance and food, includor fast-paced. They are held the first and ing hamburgers, pulled pork and hot dogs third Tuesday of every month. Register will be available for purchase. Donations for the program online at will benefit Honor Flight for Korean War countyparks, email to register@miami- veterans to see the memorial in their or call (937) 335-6273, honor in Washington, D.C. Ext. 104. • FISH FRY: The Pleasant Hill VFW • BOOK GROUP: The Just-a-Little Post 6557, 7578 W. Fenner Road, Ludlow Inspiration book discussion group will Falls, will offer an all-you-can-eat fish fry meet at 11 a.m. at the Milton-Union and smelt dinner with french fries, baked Public Library to discuss “Secrets of the beans and applesauce for $8 from 5-7 p.m. Heart” by Al Lacy. For information about • BREAKFAST OFFERED: Breakfast joining a group, call (937) 698-5515. will be offered at the Pleasant Hill VFW • BLOOD DRIVE: The annual Troy Post 6557, 7578 W. Fenner Road, Ludlow National Night Out will host a blood Falls, from 8-11 a.m. The breakfast is drive from 3:30-7:30 p.m. at the CBC made-to-order ane everything is ala carte. Bloodmobile at Hobart Arena, 255 • FAMILY REUNION: Descendants of Adams St., Troy. Everyone who regis- John William and Goldie Mae Wray are ters to donate will be automatically be invited to a family reunion at SpringMeade entered into a drawing to win a Harley HealthCare Center, 4385 S. County Road Davidson Road King Classic motorcycle, 25-A, Tipp City, at The White House. and will receive a free “King of the Road Social hour will be at 4 p.m. and dinSummer Blood Drive” T-shirt. Donors are ner at 5 p.m. For more information, call encouraged to schedule an appointment Jean Plunkett Stout at (614) 582-1118 or to donate online at Civic agendas • MEET AND GREET: Enjoy free • The Concord Township Trustees will refreshments from 2-3 p.m. at Aullwood. meet at 10 a.m. at the Concord Township The event is a causal and informal activity Memorial Building, 1150 Horizon West under the pine trees at the nature center. Court, Troy. When you arrive, ask the front desk volunteer to direct you to the refreshments. Wednesday • BLOOD DRIVE: Ginghamsburg • PERI LUNCH: The Miami County Church will host a blood drive from 8 Chapter of the Ohio Public Employee a.m. to noon in the south campus chaRetirees will meet at 11:30 a.m. at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 248 Wood St., pel, 7695 County Road 25-A, Tipp City. Piqua. Lunch is $10, payable at the door. Everyone who registers to donate will be Reservations due July 31 by calling Beth automatically be entered into a drawing to at 335-2771. The speaker will be a health win a Harley Davidson Road King Classic care representative. The meeting is open motorcycle, and will receive a free “King to any current or retired Ohio public of the Road Summer Blood Drive” T-shirt. Donors are encouraged to schedule an employee. • CHILDREN’S CARNIVAL: The chil- appointment to donate online at www. dren’s summer reading program carnival • FISH AND FLIES: Pat Rice, will be from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Aullwood’s outdoorsman, will help particiMilton-Union Public Library. Celebrate pants discover basic warm water fly fishthe end of the Summer Reading Program ing techniques, how to properly cast and with games and prizes. The carnival is for all participants who have finished rig your fly rod, make their own flys and the SRP requirements.Plan to join one of where to use them in the Miami Valley from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Reservations these times. • KIWANIS MEETING: The Kiwanis are required. Class fee for non-members Club of Troy will meet from noon to 1 p.m. is $60. Call Aullwood at (937) 890-7360. Aug. 10-11 at the Troy Country Club. Grandparents’ • SKIRMISH SET: The 110th OVI Day hosted by president-elect Kim Meier. Members and guests are encouraged to Skirmish will be at the VFW Post 6557, bring their grandchildren to the meet for 7578 W. Fenner Road, Ludlow Falls. lunch, games and fellowship. For more Hamburgers will be available on the range information, contact Donn Craig, vice from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. Breakfast will be served both Saturday and Sunday president, at (937) 418-1888. • SUPPORT GROUP: The Miami from 6:30-10 a.m. County Troy Alzheimer’s Support Group, Aug. 11 affiliated with the Miami Valley, Dayton • BREAKFAST OFFERED: Breakfast Alzheimer’s Association and the National will be offered at the Pleasant Hill VFW Alzheimer’s Association, will meet Post 6557, 7578 W. Fenner Road, Ludlow from 3-4:30 p.m. at Senior Active Adult Falls, from 8-11 a.m. The breakfast is Services, 2006 W. Stanfield Road, Troy. made-to-order ane everything is ala carte. Respite care will be provided. Caregivers • ANNUAL REUNION: The 83rd annumay call 335-8800 for more information. al Algernon Sidney Plunkett reunion will be Civic agendas held at The White House at SpringMeade, • The Elizabeth Township Trustees 4385 S. County Road 25-A, Tipp City. will meet at 7 p.m. in the township build- Fellowship will begin at noon, followed by ing, 5710 Walnut Grove Road, Troy. the meal at 1 p.m. Participants are asked • The village of West Milton Planning to bring a meat and side dish, along with Board will meet at 7:30 p.m. in council a salad or dessert to share and personal chambers. drinks. Tableware will be provided.

Community Calendar

Ohio killer set for execution found hanged in cell Sunday CLEVELAND (AP) — A man condemned to death for fatally stabbing a neighbor during a Cleveland burglary was found hanged in his cell Sunday just days before his Wednesday execution. Billy Slagle, 44, was found at about 5 a.m. at the Chillicothe Correctional Institution south of Columbus and was declared dead within the hour, prison spokeswoman JoEllen Smith said. “He was in his cell alone. No other inmates suspected to be involved,” Smith said in an email. “It does appear to be a suicide.” Under regular prison policy, he was scheduled to be placed under pre-execution watch Sunday morning but “was not yet placed under constant watch,” Smith said. Slagle’s defense team was shocked and saddened at the news and had no clue he might commit suicide, attorney Vicki Werneke said. “We were still litigating in court and had hoped that the execution would have been stopped. There was oral argument scheduled for Monday afternoon,” she told The Associated Press in an email. An autopsy will be conducted Monday, according to Mike Ratliff, chief investigator for the Ross County coroner. He said the case was under investigation and no initial findings could be pro-

vided. Slagle was sentenced in 1988 to die for the stabbing of Mari Anne Pope, who was killed while two young children she was watching were in the house. In a rare move, the prosecutor in Cleveland asked the Ohio Parole Board to spare Slagle. Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty said jurors today, with the option of life without parole, would be unlikely to sentence Slagle to death. The parole board and Gov. John Kasich both rejected mercy for Slagle. McGinty declined comment through a spokesman. Last week, Slagle’s attorney argued that a jury never got the chance to hear the full details of his troubled childhood. The attorneys, arguing for a new trial and to delay his execution, said that information met requirements for asking for a new trial, which normally must happen within four months of a conviction. Slagle was “unavoidably prevented” from filing his request because his original attorneys didn’t develop and present the evidence, the filing said. McGinty and Slagle’s attorneys had cited his age — at 18, he was barely old enough for execution in Ohio — and his history of alcohol and drug addiction.

States consider regulation of drones in U.S. skies CINCINNATI (AP) — Thousands of civilian drones are expected in U.S. skies within a few years and concerns they could be used to spy on Americans are fueling legislative efforts in several states to regulate the unmanned aircraft. Varied legislation involving drones was introduced this year in more than 40 states, including Ohio. Many of those bills

seek to regulate law enforcement’s use of informationgathering drones by requiring search warrants. Some bills have stalled or are still pending, but at least six states now require warrants, and Virginia has put a two-year moratorium on drone use by law enforcement to provide more time to develop guidelines. Domestic drones often

resemble the small radio-controlled model airplanes and helicopters flown by hobbyists and can help monitor floods and other emergencies, survey crops and assist search-andrescue operations. But privacy advocates are worried because the aircraft can also carry cameras and other equipment to capture images of people and property.


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EDITORIAL ROUNDUP The Australian, Sydney, on toil and trouble as talks resume: There is good reason to be skeptical about the chances of success for the new round of peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians. But at least they represent a long-overdue return to active diplomacy in the Middle East by the Obama administration after a protracted period of neglect, and in that lies hope Washington is finally willing to use its influence to get the two sides to negotiate seriously over a two-state solution. Certainly, the appointment of Martin Indyk, the former US ambassador to Israel who was educated in Sydney and taught at Macquarie University, to manage the resumed negotiations after a three-year hiatus suggests Secretary of State John Kerry is giving the initiative his best shot. And, for all the pessimism about the prospects, it could be that the dangerous witches’ brew the Middle East has become could provide both sides with the motivation to rethink previously irreconcilable positions. For Israel there are the daunting implications of the chaos in Egypt, its partner in the 1979 accord that forms the bedrock of what passes for peace in the Middle East; the turmoil in Syria that has drawn in al-Qa’ida and Hezbollah and is undermining the stability of Lebanon and Iraq; threats to the survival of Jordan’s moderate King Abdullah; and the prospect of Iran getting the bomb. … Ahead of the talks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has offered a significant concession — the release of 104 Palestinian prisoners, some responsible for the most heinous acts of terrorism, including bombing a bus filled with Israeli civilians. Despite this, the Palestinians refuse to budge on their demand that Israel accept that its 1967 borders should be the starting point for negotiations, and have done nothing to persuade Hamas in Gaza to recognize Israel’s right to exist. Israel has long been prepared to resume peace talks without preconditions. It is the Palestinians who have created the obstacles, and unless they are prepared to compromise it is unlikely even Indyk’s diplomatic skills will succeed. Achieving peace pivots on acceptance of Israel’s inalienable right to exist within secure, defensible borders. The Korea Herald, Seoul, South Korea, on corrupt tax officials: Public trust in the nation’s tax office has taken another tumble with the emergence of allegations that a former chief of the National Tax Service took bribes from CJ Group in return for favors during a tax audit years ago. Prosecutors have already arrested Heo Byung-yik, a former deputy commissioner of the NTS, on suspicion that he took bribes from CJ, a food and entertainment conglomerate whose chairman, Lee Jay-hyun, was recently indicted on charges of dodging taxes and misappropriating corporate money. Heo is suspected of having received $300,000 in U.S. currency from the business group in 2006. But he was quoted as saying that he had delivered the money to Jeon Goon-pyo, who was appointed the NTS commissioner at the time. Prosecutors hence raided Jeon’s residence to obtain financial documents that would prove his receipt of illegal money from CJ. They also searched the Seoul office of the NTS to seize documents related to the tax audit on CJ in 2006. Jeon is suspected of having helped CJ emerge unscathed from the tax audit. At the time, the NTS’ Seoul office secured evidence that the group and its chairman evaded some 360 billion won in corporate and income taxes. But the tax office refrained from levying any taxes on them. But Jeon strongly denied that he had received any money from CJ. Prosecutors have summoned him for questioning. Jeon was recently released from prison after serving years for taking bribes in 2006 from the then head of the Busan branch of the NTS, who wanted a promotion. The investigation into Jeon and Heo comes at a time when the NTS is making determined efforts to shake off its image as a corrupt and untrustworthy public agency. In March, NTS chief Kim Deok-joong pledged to uproot tax corruption before waging a war against the underground economy. In May, he launched a task force to inspect tax officials and introduced a “one strike and you are out” system in which a tax inspector will be transferred to other fields if he is found to have received illegal money even once in connection with his job. In June, he invited a prosecutor to lead the inspection task force and ordered tax officials not to meet taxpayers after undertaking a tax inspection. The latest probe into former top officials is demoralizing to incumbent NTS officials. But Kim should not allow it to derail his campaign to clean house. The corrupt former officials should serve as examples.

LETTERS Concert was outstanding To the Editor: I would like to thank the city for bringing the Glenn Miller Band in to perform in downtown Troy. It was truly an outstanding concert. I grew up listening to the Glenn Miller Band, but my children and grandchildren did not. I think my daughter was hoping I was taking her to see The Steve Miller Band instead. Be that as it may, both my children and grandchildren thoroughly enjoyed the show. The Glenn Miller Band spans across all generations. Good music is good music, regardless of the generation you are from. I am hoping Troy brings more concerts like this to downtown Troy. It’s something we can all be proud of! — Marvin Palmer Troy

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There are no winning ways with my welding It’s hard to believe when the outside temperature is in the 80s, but the Winter Olympics are coming up. It is reported on the Internet (so you know it has to be true) that after the Winter Olympics are broadcast, the sale of ice skates skyrockets. Little girls and boys watch athletes who were born knowing how to spell Salchow and think, “I want to do that.” Those little girls and boys quickly find out two things. 1. Skating well is a lot harder than it looks. 2. The ice is a lot harder than it looks. True, seven year olds don’t have as far to fall as adults, but it still hurts. Then there is the problem of trying to get your fallen self up off the ice. Ice is not only harder than it looks, it is incredibly slippery. Ice skates might be good tools for gliding across the ice but they are perhaps the worst possible implements for trying to rise from a, shall we say, sprawled position on that same ice. Plus you have to practice thirty hours a day and develop an immense affinity for

sequins. There are many many anyone knew as little about weldclosets with ice skates thrown in ing as I did. The first evening’s the back of them. I bring this up lesson centered around the differonly because I very much admire ent types of welding and how not nicely built welded yard art. to blow yourself up or set yourVisionaries with an acetyself on fire (more on that lene torch can turn cast-off later) when handling the cast iron and fashion it into equipment. I was mostly something beautiful. I look interested in oxy-acetylene at welded sculpture and welding because that is the think, “I want to do that.” kind of torch we own. (We This little girl quickly found owned a torch even though out two things. 1. Welding we didn’t weld because one well is a lot harder than it Marla of us whose name starts looks. 2. Welding torches Boone with Steve Boone believes are a lot hotter than they Contributing it is imperative to own at look and, brother, they look Columnist least one of every tool ever plenty hot. The JVS was made.) The instructors also offering a six week welding explained Tig welding and course. Six weeks! Why, I could Mig welding and what I think be welding submarine hulls after is called stick welding wherein six weeks’ tutelage. I could be large rods of stuff are banged producing masterpiece after mas- around in a torch blast, resulting terpiece of finely welded yard art. in a very satisfying array of flying I could single-torchedly reduce sparks. Welding according to the the amount of scrap metal in American Heritage Dictionary, Miami and surrounding counties. is joining metals by applying Right. The course was taught by heat. Welding, according to your two young men who are expert author, is burning holes in every welders. Right up until that piece of clothing worn to class or moment, they had no idea that donned when practicing at home.

The definition can be expanded to mean developing an unhealthy red glow on your face from getting hunkered down close to your work and realizing that not only are you not going to be welding submarines in the near future, you are not going to be welding anything that requires structural integrity. Our friend Scott is an expert welder. He welded his own airplane fuselage. This takes courage on several levels, some of which have yet to be tested. Scott spent several hours with Steve and me, helping us hone our skills. This would have been even better if I had any welding skills. Or, as Scott semi-kindly put it, “I don’t think Hobart’s will be calling any time soon.” My skill set is mostly comprised of burning gaping holes in the two pieces of metal instead of joining them. Scott says welding is a skill and not an art so “anyone can learn to do it.” He should have a talk with those kids at the JVS. Marla Boone appears every other Monday in the Troy Daily News

L ocal

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Obituaries Danny Joe Cockrell CHRISTIANSBURG — Danny Joe Cockrell, age 61, of Christiansburg, Ohio, passed away at 7:38 p.m on Saturday, August 3, 2013 in his residence. Born on March 23, 1952 in Hazard, Ky., Danny was a son of the late Moody and Mae (Childress) Cockrell. He is survived by his wife, Charlotte (Crabtree) Cockrell whom he married on April 29, 1987; six children: Daniel (Angie) Cockrell, Troy, Ohio; Angela Morris, Tenn.; Anita Picket, Troy, Ohio; Adam (Crystal) Smith, Urbana, Ohio; Simon (Cindi) Smith, Dayton, Ohio; and Maggie Lutz, Troy, Ohio; and nine grandchildren. Danny was one of 13 children and he is survived by four brothers: Clyde, Howard and Barton of Kentucky and James of Tipp City, Ohio; and four sisters: Margaret Cruea, Piqua, Ohio; Gwynna Grigsby, Huber Heights, Ohio; Geneva White, Dayton, Ohio and Joyce Ann, IN.

In addition to his parents he was preceded in death by brothers, Melvin and Lloyd; and sisters Thelma and Leona. Danny formerly was a truck driver for Allied Waste in Dayton. He loved the Lord and was a former pastor. He loved going to church and preaching in nursing homes. He was a great father and grandfather and he will be sadly missed by all who loved him. Funeral services will be held on Tuesday, August 6, 2013 at noon in the Christiansburg United Methodist Church, Christiansburg, Ohio, with Pastor Dan Felix presiding. Burial will follow in Smith Cemetery. There will be one hour of visitation prior to the service in the church beginning at 11 a.m. Atkins-Shively Funeral Home, 216 S. Springfield Street, Saint Paris, Ohio is serving the family. Condolences may be sent to www.

Melody M. Alexander COVINGTON — Melody M. Alexander, 67, of Covington, passed away with her loving family by her on Saturday, August 3, 2013 at her home. Melody was born on Sept. 3, 1945 in Knoxville, Tenn. to the (late) Charles Miller & Lura (Yarian) Miller Sease; was a graduate of Covington High School in 1963; retired from General Films in 2004 with 23 years of service; and was a member of the Covington Church of the Brethren. Preceded in death by her parents; stepfather, Roscoe Sease; three half brothers, Enus Miller, John Miller and Thomas Miller; and half sister, Betty Miller. Melody is survived by her husband of 49 years, Jim R. Alexander; and Melody was blessed with six children and their spouses, Kelly & Richard Shock, Todd & Kim, Mike & Brenda, Scott & Tammy, Kristopher & Heather, Anthony

& Stacey; 13 grandchildren, Alexander, Jennifer, Ashley, Trent, Joyce, Danielle, Michelle, Matthew, Christian, Megan, Nathan, Hunter and Tyler; 10 greatgrandchildren, Khloi, Isabella, Katelynn, Evan, Lillian, Mason, Trenton, Hannah, Mercedes and Chase; other relatives and friends. Funeral service 10:30 AM Thursday at the Bridges-Stocker-Fraley Funeral Home, Covington with Pastor Michael Yingst officiating. Interment Miami Memorial Park Cemetery, Covington. The family will receive friends 4-8 p.m. Wednesday at the funeral home. If desired, contributions may be made to Hospice of Dayton. Condolences may be sent to the family at Melody was the most loving wife, mother, grandmother, and greatgrandmother. She was full of life, laughs and spirit. Melody has blessed and will be missed by many.

Ernest E. Emmons PIQUA — Ernest E. Emmons, 82, of Piqua, died at 9:15 a.m. Saturday, August 3, 2013, at his residence. He was born June 9, 1931, in Kenton, to the late Alpha S. and Cecilia M. (Havener) Emmons. He married Mary Patricia Muldoon on May 8, 1963 in Xenia; she survives. Mr. Emmons is also survived by three daughters, Karen (Bruce) Martin of St. Marys, Ga., Patricia (David) Werling of Piqua, Christina (Steven) Burns of Piqua; nine grandchildren, Jacqueline, James, Brieanna, and Brenden Werling, Patrick (Kerry), Erin, and Christina Martin, Kiera and Aiden Burns; three great-grandchildren, Ryleigh Werling, Lillian Werling, and Kendall Martin; and a sister, Dixie Slayback of Bellefontaine. He was preceded in death by five brothers and three sisters. Ernest was a 1950 graduate of Ridgeway High School and earned his Bachelor’s Degree from San Francisco State University. He retired as a Lieutenant Commander from the United States Navy, with 26 years of service to his country, having served in Korea

and Vietnam. After retirement, Ernest worked for several businesses in the area, including Piqua Engineering and Piqua Technologies. He was a member of St. Boniface Catholic Church, the Knights of Columbus, the Aircraft Owners Pilots Association (AOPA). He enjoyed deep-sea fishing, his family, and traveling, especially his time spent in Ireland. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 11 a.m. Thursday, August 8, at St. Boniface Catholic Church, with Rev. Fr. Angelo C. Caserta and Rev. Fr. Thomas L. Bolte con-celebrating. Burial will follow in the Forest Hill Cemetery, where full military honors will be conducted by the Veterans Elite Tribute Squad. Visitation will be from 5-8 p.m. Wednesday at the Jamieson & Yannucci Funeral Home, where a prayer service will be held at 5 p.m. Memorial contributions may be made to St. Boniface Catholic Church, 310 S. Downing St., Piqua, OH 45356. Guestbook condolences and expressions of sympathy, to be provided to the family, may be expressed through

Funeral Directory TROY — Sandra L. Smith Minnich, 70, of Troy, passed away at 12:15 p.m. Saturday, August 3, 2013, at her residence. Arrangements pending at Fisher-Cheney Funeral Home, Troy.

Monday, August 5, 2013


Sikh temple attack united victim’s son, ex-racist OAK CREEK, Wis. (AP) — Six weeks after a white supremacist gunned down Pardeep Kaleka’s father and five others at a Sikh temple last year, Kaleka was skeptical when a former skinhead reached out and invited him to dinner. But Kaleka accepted, and he’s grateful he did. Since then, the grieving son and repentant racist have formed an unlikely alliance, teaming up to preach a message of peace throughout Milwaukee. In fact, they’ve grown so close that they got matching tattoos on their palms — the numbers 8-5-12, the date the gunman opened fire at a Milwaukee-area Sikh temple before killing himself minutes later. It wasn’t easy for Kaleka to meet Arno Michaelis, a 42-year-old who admits he contributed so heavily to the white-power movement that he might have helped influence the shooter. Kaleka knows Michaelis’ history — his lead singing in a white supremacist band, the white-power and swastika tattoos, the countless fights and more than a dozen arrests. But he also saw the good work Michaelis has done since he quit the racist movement in the mid1990s. Kaleka, 37, wanted his father’s death to be a catalyst for peace, and he saw in Michaelis a partner whose story could reinforce the message that it’s possible to turn hate into love. “We were both hoping … we could take something tragic and turn it into something positive — a learning experience for the entire community,” Kaleka said. “We were both on that same mission, in our different ways.” Michaelis had written a book called “My Life After Hate,” in which he describes how he lashed out at the world starting in kindergarten and how the birth of his daughter made him realize he needed to change. He also works with kids on community service projects. Kaleka still has lingering fears that Michaelis might relapse and return to his old ways. But as he’s gotten to know Michaelis, he says the boulder of doubt has become a pebble. Michaelis, an information technology consultant, understands the skepticism. He knows he hurt so many people during his seven years in the whitesupremacy movement that his sincerity will always be questioned, which is why he works even harder to regain people’s trust. The two men have teamed up to create

AP Photo In this July 31 photo, Pardeep Kaleka, left, and Arno Michaelis talk at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek, Wis. A year ago a white supremacist shot and killed six temple members, including Kaleka’s father, Satwant Singh Kaleka. Michaelis, a former skinhead, reached out to Kaleka after the shooting and since then the pair have formed an unlikely alliance, teaming up to preach a message of peace throughout Milwaukee.

Serve2Unite, a community group that works to counter violence with peace. Kaleka, Michaelis and others visit middle schools and high schools, where Kaleka describes how gunman Wade Michael Page walked into the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin last year and killed six people he didn’t know. Then Michaelis describes how the gunman’s white-supremacist background was nearly identical to his own. Invariably, the children are riveted, Kaleka said. Afterward several will come up and ask how they can get involved. Kaleka and Michaelis look nothing alike. Kaleka is a clean-cut Indian who teaches high school social studies. Michaelis, who’s white, has both arms covered in tattoos that mask earlier racist messages. But as they sat together in the temple recently, just down the hallway from the bedroom where Kaleka’s father was shot, they seemed like brothers, insulting each other goodnaturedly and arguing over who was more handsome. That brotherhood began at their first dinner. Sitting in his car outside the restaurant, Kaleka watched Michaelis walk inside and wondered if he was crazy to be meeting with a former skinhead. Still, he summoned the courage to do it. Michaelis immediately asked about a bandage on Kaleka’s eye, the temporary remnant of a mishap Kaleka suffered while bathing his daughter. “There was no, ‘Hi, how you doing?’ He went straight from seeing me to showing concern,” Kaleka said. After Kaleka told him what happened, Michaelis

admitted that he too was a klutz, and a friendship was born. Michaelis doesn’t shy away from discussing his past. He grew up in an alcoholic, emotionally cold household. He began to rebel as early as kindergarten, bullying other kids on the bus and picking fights on the playground. He eventually got into the white-power movement for the shock value, but the more he associated with haters, the more he began to hate. But hating was exhausting. He couldn’t watch Green Bay Packers games because black and white players were playing together. He couldn’t watch TV because Hollywood was a Jewish conspiracy. He loved “Seinfeld” but he had to record it on a videotape labeled “Amber’s second birthday party” so his white-power friends wouldn’t know he thought a Jew was hilarious. Eventually, the combination of his daughter’s birth and a friend dying in a street fight was the catalyst for him to move on. His past never really left him, though. When he heard that the gunman who killed six people at a Sikh temple was a white supremacist, he lay awake that night agonizing that the gunman might have been someone he’d recruited into the white-power movement or inspired as the lead singer of the hate band Centurion. It turns out he hadn’t known Page but he still felt responsible for his actions. “We were both whitepower skinheads. We were both in white-power bands,” Michaelis said. “In just about every sense, I used to be him.”

Police arrest suspect in deadly L.A. driving attack Security video taken at the popular tourist site showed a man parking a black car, stepping out and surveying the leisurely scene for several minutes before getting back into the vehicle and speeding into the crowd. Hundreds of people who had been walking or sitting at cafes raced to get out of the way before the vehicle sped out of sight. Witnesses reported a horrifying aftermath. People were ” stumbling around, blood dripping down their legs, looking confused not knowing what had happened, people screaming,” said Louisa Hodge, who described “blocks and blocks of people just strewn across the sidewalk.” The Italian woman was identified as Alice Gruppioni, 32. Her family

in Bologna told the Italian news agency LaPresse that she had been on her honeymoon after a July 20 wedding. Gruppioni worked as a manager for the family business Sira group, which makes radiators. Her father, Valerio Gruppioni, runs the company and was formerly president of the Bologna soccer team, according to LaPresse. The family declined to speak to The Associated Press on Sunday. Authorities said another person was critically injured. Two others were taken to hospitals in serious condition and eight suffered less serious injuries. The crash was not far from where an elderly driver sped through an openair farmer’s market in Santa

Monica in 2003, killing 10 people and injuring more than 70 others. Investigators said George Weller, who was 86 at the time, mistakenly stepped on the gas instead of the brake and then panicked. He was doing up to 60 mph when he plowed through the market. Weller was convicted of 10 counts of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence and was sentenced to probation. It was not immediately clear how fast the car in Saturday’s crash was going. According to security video and witness accounts, the driver parked next to the Cadillac Hotel and twice walked out to the boardwalk before getting into the Dodge Avenger and accelerating, swerving around yellow poles meant to prevent



LOS ANGELES (AP) — Police arrested a man on suspicion of murder after a driver plowed into crowds at the Venice Beach boardwalk, a seemingly intentional hit-and-run that killed an Italian woman on her honeymoon and injured 11 others. Nathan Louis Campbell, 38, of Los Angeles, was arrested after he walked into a police station in neighboring Santa Monica about two hours after the incident and told police that he was involved. Campbell remained jailed Sunday on $1 million bail. Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese declined to discuss a motive but said there was no indication that the attack was a terrorist act or that anyone else was involved.

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cars from getting into the pedestrian-only area and onto the boardwalk. “I heard a big ‘boom, boom,’ like the sound of someone going up and

down the curb, it was super loud,” said Alex Hagan, 22, who was working the desk at the Cadillac Hotel and watched the scene unfold from the start.


N ation

Monday, August 5, 2013

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Pundits ask: Why won’t Weiner just leave NYC race? NEW YORK (AP) — Why doesn’t Anthony Weiner just quit? It’s a question angry voters, pundits and fellow politicians have been asking almost nonstop in the nearly two weeks since the New York City mayoral candidate’s latest sexting bombshell, which has sent his poll numbers plummeting and turned his campaign into a chaotic sideshow. Weiner insists he’s staying in the race no matter what. And experts say that beyond the former congressman’s well-known ego and combativeness, his stance may just be rooted in political calculation. A leading theory: Weiner takes his hits on the campaign trail, gives the media a chance to ask every sexting question and essentially punch themselves out on the issue. And even if he loses, he emerges with the scandal mostly behind him and his political career refreshed to run for higher office again. “All along, there has been a school of thought that Weiner was running in part to rehabilitate his image,” said Wendy Schiller, a Brown University political scientist. “That, even if he didn’t win, a strong showing would set him up for another run down the road.” “Even now, he stays in the race, takes his lumps and shows some character,” Schiller said. “That might resonate with New Yorkers. And if he does better than people think he should, that helps for the future, too.” With fewer than 40 days until the Democratic primary, Weiner has been doing his best to push past the horde of reporters and photographers and make his case directly to voters. In recent days, he has been leaving events with more applause than when he entered. When a man at a Bronx campaign stop last week questioned the viability of Weiner’s campaign, asking, “When do you say ‘Enough is enough?’” the candidate’s hoarse voice roared to life. “If you become the mayor of the City of New York, you’ve got to put up with

on Howard Stern’s satellite radio show. Weiner’s campaign manager quit and his spokeswoman was forced to apologize for cursing out an intern who wrote a tell-all article about the campaign. Other factors may explain why Weiner insists on putting up with all this, not the least of which is money. Because of city campaign finance laws, Weiner is eligible for $2.1 million in matching funds, money he would have lost if he did not run this year. He would also lose access to the matching funds if he quit now even if he decides to run again. His campaign bank account, much of which was raised for a 2009 mayoral bid he never launched, now totals just over $5 million. Like most mayoral candidates, Weiner is expected to spend most of his campaign money to finance a TV advertising blitz in the campaign’s final weeks. “”He can try to use post-Labor Day TV to rehabilitate his image and maybe (get past the primary),” said Joseph Mercurio, a political consultant who is not affiliated with any candidate. “Even if he doesn’t, he’ll have millions of dollars’ worth of polished ads that could improve people’s opinions of him. It’s not harebrained.” But the redemption strategy is risky. It already was dealt a blow by last month’s revelations and could be derailed entirely if more scandalous behavior was to be uncovered. “He said it was in the past, but obviously it wasn’t the past,” said Steven Cohen, a political scientist at Columbia University. “People will have a hard time believing him the next time, too. He lied to the public.” Another factor in keeping Weiner in the race is the ballot itself. Because it has already been finalized, voters will see Weiner’s name on primary day even if he did drop out. In addition, the Democratic field remains unsettled and lacks a contender who has seized control of the race, experts believe.

AP Photo New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, center, leaves a meeting with leaders from the South and East Asian communities in Queens, on Friday in New York. Weiner was at the top of the Democratic polls last month only to fall after the recent sexting revelations. A poll released last week had him in fourth place with 16 percent, trailing City Council Speaker Christine Quinn at 27 percent, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio at 21 and ex-city comptroller Bill Thompson at 20.

this every single day,” Weiner told the crowd. “People saying to you, ‘You know what, you did something we don’t like.’ Cameras in your face. ‘Change your mind, back down. Quit.’ That’s not the kind of mayor I’m going to be.” The next night, Weiner traveled to a Queens neighborhood that was once part of his congressional district. A man asked how voters could ever trust him again. “I’ve dishonored my wife, but sir, I didn’t do anything to you,” Weiner said. “If you think you’re a better person and a better candidate, why don’t you want to let me run? Let the citizens of this city decide.” At yet another Queens event, there were boos from the crowd, but they were directed at longshot Republican candidate George McDonald for calling Weiner “a self-pleasuring freak.”

“I’m facing some tough challenges now, and one thing all of my opponents agree upon is they’d rather I wasn’t running,” he said. “Well, tough,” he said to applause from the audience. Team Weiner seems to be embracing the confrontations. His campaign sent out an email to supporters titled “Getting an earful from a voter,” which included a video depicting the tough Bronx exchange. Weiner is persevering through a stretch of relentless and brutal news coverage that began after he was forced to admit that he continued to trade illicit online messages with women even after he resigned from Congress in 2011 for similar behavior. There have been mocking tabloid headlines and the spectacle of his 22-year-old online sexting partner telling her story



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Good eyesight helps children learn better The Common Core State Standards have been developed with the goal of better education for our students. The College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD), is excited about the potential of these standards to improve elementary and high school education in the United States, but explains there is a significant missing link to the system. As COVD launches their annual National Children’s Vision and Learning Month campaign, they shine light on the missing link. According to the Common Core State Standards Initiative website, “The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them.” The question is will everyone know exactly what to do to help the struggling students? Typically, children with vision problems that interfere with reading and learning slip through the system unde-

tected. Most children will have their ders contributing to their difficulties. vision tested by the school nurse and if Optometric and medical research conthey can see the letters on the eye chart tinues to show the connection between a vision problem is considered to vision problems and academic be ruled out. “It is important to performance. People from all walks of life understand that vision screenings have seen children go from strugare just that, screenings,” explains Dr. David Damari, President of gling to succeeding once these the College of Optometrists in vision problems have been treatVision Development. “They are ed. Parents, educators, physicians and pediatricians have joined not designed to test for eye moveCOVD over the years to help ment and eye coordination disorders that, according to many Lauren spread the word that something studies, including those by the E. Grillot, can be done to help struggling National Eye Institute of the OD, MS students. For 2013, we have parProCare National Institutes of Health, can ents coming forward from all over Vision significantly impact learning; they the U.S. and the globe to share only test for visual acuity (how Center, Troy their stories. “Our goal is to give everyone clearly one can see letters on the access to the research and general eye chart from a distance of 20 information on the impact that vision feet).” When children struggle with read- problems can have on education. To do ing fluency, comprehension and atten- this we have redesigned our website to tion problems, they often have eye make it even easier to find this vital coordination and eye movement disor- information,” Damari shares. “We invite

you to visit our website, and also to subscribe to the COVD blog. Last summer, our blog was named one of the Top 10 Influencers Making a Difference in the World of Eye Health by ShareCare (created by Jeff Arnold and Dr. Mehmet Oz, in partnership with Harpo Studios, Remark Media, Sony Pictures Television and Discovery Communications).” The College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) is an international, non-profit optometric membership organization that provides education, evaluation, and board certification programs in behavioral and developmental vision care, vision therapy, and visual rehabilitation. The organization is comprised of doctors of optometry, vision therapists and other vision specialists. For more information on learning-related vision problems, vision therapy and COVD, visit or call (888) 268-3770.

Study: Hula has heart health, spiritual benefits HONOLULU (AP) — Hawaii research presented to a convention of the American Psychological Association claims hula is good for the heart and soul. According to research by the University of Hawaii medical school and the Queen’s Medical Center, learning hula dancing can lower blood pressure and help rehabilitate patients after heart attacks or cardiac surgery. The research attempted to evaluate how hula can help improve health among Native Hawaiians, whose death rate from heart disease is roughly twice that of the general population in the state, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Friday ( ). Mele Look, an investigator

on the studies, said there’s also evidence hula has emotional and spiritual benefits. “Hula has never been used before as an intervention in a scientific research study,” Look said. “We wanted to understand it both from the cultural side as well as from the Western scientific side.” One study examined 45 people diagnosed with hypertension. Half of them took hula classes twice a week for 12 weeks, including heart health education. That group saw their blood pressure drop by 20 points on average. The control group saw a nine-point drop. Most of the participants with Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander.

Provided photo

The surgeons of Miami County Surgeons practice at Upper Valley Medical Center.

Advances in technology allow more local surgeries Advances in technology and anesthesia are making it possible to offer less invasive surgical procedures in the local community. Less invasive techniques can result in shortened hospital stays as well as decreased recovery time for patients. As a result, Miami County Surgeons can offer more procedures locally, giving patients the option of surgery in a familiar setting close to home. The Miami County Surgeons can perform a variety of surgical procedures such as abdominal surgery, including gallbladder, appendix and colon cancer; anti-reflux surgery; breast biopsies and cancer surgery; thyroid, parathyroid and vascular surgery; colonoscopies; and upper endoscopies. “We can do the same colon cancer surgeries and breast cancer surgeries that they can do any place else, so many times patients can

stay here at home,” said surgeon Chris Grove, M.D., who is a Piqua native. Other surgeons in the group include L. Stewart Lowry, M.D.; Patrick Larreategui, D.O.; and Daniel Taylor, M.D. Dr. Rowan Nickol recently retired from the practice, and Zachary Simmons, M.D., will join the practice later this summer. Laparoscopic surgery, when suitable, helps promote recovery because it involves a few small incisions as opposed to a traditional open surgical procedure, Dr. Grove said. In addition, the less invasive surgery usually means people can resume activities more rapidly following discharge. The Miami County Surgeons also utilize advances in pain management which allows select patients to control pain without the use of a narcotic after surgery.

Fessler & Langdon

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41 South Stanfield Road Suite D Troy, OH 45373

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Securities and advisory services offered through WRP Investments, Inc., member FINRA & SIPC

“When you are not taking a narcotic, you don’t get the dizziness, the nausea and the gut doesn’t slow down in reaction to the narcotic. That is what allows us to get patients out of the hospital quicker,” Dr. Grove explained. Another step forward in patient comfort due to technology is use of carbon dioxide versus air in colonoscopies. “Using the air makes the patient feel bloated the rest of the day. They have to pass the air out where in using carbon dioxide the body absorbs it, and then it is breathed out. This gets them out of recovery quicker, home quicker, and without the bloated feeling,” Dr. Grove said.

The physicians at Miami County Surgeons anticipate they will pursue robotic surgery training with the focus on learning now for use in the future, Dr. Grove said. While proven benefits have been seen with robotic surgeries for urology and gynecology, the use in general surgery is an evolving field, he noted. “We want to be at the front end, be prepared, and also want to evaluate safety and cost-effectiveness,” he said. Dr. Grove said the practice wants people to know it is local, works with local physicians, is available to provide many types of surgeries and is close if there is a problem following surgery.

Varicose Veins More Than Just A Cosmetic Issue Pain Heaviness/Tiredness Burning/Tingling Swelling/Throbbing Tender Veins

Phlebitis Blood Clots Ankle Sores /Ulcers Bleeding

If you have any of the above, there are effective treatment options, covered by insurances.

Midwest Dermatology, Laser & Vein Clinic

Springboro, OH Troy, OH


Tel: 937-619-0222 Tel: 937-335-2075

Call Today For A Visit With a Vein Specialist Physician. No Referral Needed

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Girls Love(R) It orG.List It (R) (R) (HGTV) Buying and Selling (R) Buying and Selling (R) Buy Sell "David" (R) Elbow (N) Elbow (R) Property Brothers (R) HouseH (N) House (N) Property Brothers (R) Property Brothers (R) (R) (HGTV) (HIST) American Pickers (R) American Pickers (R) American Pickers (R) American Pickers (R) American Pickers (N) God, Gun God, Gun American Pickers (R) American Pickers Everyday History Tech ItMedium to the Max Modern History Restoration Restoration Only in America (R) Restore (R)Announced Restore (R)(R) Hardcore History Restore Restore (R) (HIST) Reba (R) Reba (R) (R) Medium (R) To Be Announced To Be To Be(R)Announced (LIFE) Reba 4: (R) AReba (R) Secret Wife Swap (R) Wife Swap (R) To Be Announced To Be Announced (LIFE)(LMN) Nanny's Fatal Justice (2013,Drama) Christie's(R) Revenge ('07) Cynthia Gibb.  Dark Beauty ('08) Alicia Coppola.  Christie's (R) Revenge 4:  Last Trim...  Stephanie Daley ('06) Tamblyn.Mom Cook And Baby Will ('11) (R) Anastasia Griffith. ('12) Louisa(R)Kelly. And Project Baby Will Fall (R) (LMN)(LRW) (4:)The Runway Road (R) The Conversation (R) Amber CookThin Airline (R)FallAirline Project Runway (R) Maternal Obsession Road (R) Jean Airline Airline (R) Runway ModRun. Road (R) The Conversation (R) CookThin Mom Cook Airline Airline (R)Hayes Among the Dead (R) Psychic Airline Airline Among the Dead (R) (LRW) Hardball PoliticsNation Hardball All(R) in With Chris Rachel Maddow The challenge Last Word All (R) in With Chris(R)Hayes Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) Hardball WithWolf Chris Hayes Rachel Maddow The Last All inTeen WithWolf Chris Hayes Rachel (MSNBC) Super Sweet WorldPoliticsNation (R) Justin Bieber: NeverHardball Say Never Justin Bieber.All inTeen Teen Wolf TeenWord Wolf TrueMaddow Life (MTV) Girl Code Girl Code Girl Code Guy Code Guy Code Guy Code Guy Code Guy Code  Jackass 3D ('10) Johnny To Knoxville. (MTV) Pro Football Talk Girl Code NBC Sports Talk Guy Code To Be Announced To Be Announced Be Announced  Jackass 3D (NBCSN) Pro Football Talk Afgh (R) NBC Sports 36 MLS 36 (R) Announced Turning (NBCSN) Battlground EW WarTalk (R) EW WarIndyCar (R) Alaska Troopers (R)To BeAlaska Troopers (R) EW War (R) EW WarNFL (R) Turning EW War Point (N) EW War NFL (N) EW War Point (R) EW War To (R)Be EWAnnounced War (R) EW War (R) (NGEO) Toughest Prisons Prisons "Ketamine" (R) Out Drugs, Inc. (R)(R) F.HouseDrugs, Inc. (R)(R) F.HouseDrugs, Inc. (R) (R) Nanny (R) Drugs, Inc. (R) Inc. (R) (:40) Friends (NGEO) Sponge (R) (R) SpongeRussia's (R) Drake (R) (R) Victori.Drugs (R) Marvin (R) Figure F.House (R) F.House (R) Nanny Friends (R) Friends Drugs, Friends (NICK) Sponge (R)  Sponge Drake (R) The Victori. (R) Marvin Out F.House (R) F.House (R) F.House (R) Nanny (R) (:35) (:40) Friends (NICK)(OXY) (4:00) The(R) Client Amityville Horror(R) RyanFigure Reynolds. Snapped (R) (R) F.House Snapped (R) (R) Nanny Snapped: Killer(R) (R) Nanny Snapped (R) Nanny Friends  The Amityville... HavingMovie Their Baby(:40) (R)   Girlz ('06) Jimmy Jean-Louis, Mo'nique. Girls moon All Star B (R) Having TheirForget Baby Paris (R) Billy Having Their Baby(:45) (N) Having TheirJohnny Baby (R) Freedom Writers ThePhat Lena Baker Story ('08,Crime Story) AnotherBad Harvest  Crystal. Cry-Baby Depp. (:15)  Airspeed (OXY)(PLEX) MovieVeronica (:50)  (R) Face TheVeronica Music ('92) Patrick Free Willy 3: Days The Rescue Runs inHospital the Family  Jackie Chan's Mars Mars (R) Dempsey. General Hospital of Our Lives  ItGeneral Days of  Our The LivesFoursome General (:50) Hospital Days ofFirst Our Strike Lives (PLEX) (SOAP) Veronica & Restless Days Cops of Our(R)LivesCops (R)General & Restless of Our Hospital CopsMars (R)Cops Veronica CopsMars (R) (R)Jail (R)YoungCops (R) Cops (R) CopsHospital (R) Cops (R)Young Cops (R) Cops (R)DaysCops (R)LivesCops (R)General Stings (R) Stings (R) (SOAP) (SPIKE) Cops (4:00) Stake Cops Land Cops Do No Harm Cops "Pilot" Cops Cops (R) Cops Do No Harm Cops (R) CopsNo HarmCops Masters (R)(R) FightDoMasters (R)(R) Bellator 360 IV (R)Tobin Bell. (R) Do No Harm "Me Likey" Fight (R) Do No Harm No Harm  Saw (SPIKE) (SYFY) GhostFriends Mine (R) "Gold (R) Fever" (R) (R) Paranormal Witness (R) (R) GhostFamilyG Hunters(R) (R)FamilyGGhost Hunters(R)(R)BBang (R) Paranormal Witness (R) (R) Ghost Hunters (R) Paranormal (R)(R) (R) QueensG.Mine (R) Queens Seinf. Seinf. (R) Seinf. (R) FamilyG BBang (R) BBang Conan Office (R)Witness Conan (SYFY)(TBS) Friends (R)A Man Queens Queens ('88) (R) Seinf. (R) Heston. Seinf. (R) Seinf.Movie (R) FamilyG (R)Major FamilyG (R) FamilyG (R) BBang BBangHeston. (R) BBang (R) Ben-Hur Conan (R) Office (R) Heston. Conan (R) (:15) for (R) All Seasons Charlton  Dundee ('65) James Coburn,(R)Charlton  ('59) Jack Hawkins, Charlton (TBS)(TCM) MovieRandy (:45)  Chandler ('71) Warren Oates. Movie  With Six(R) YouCakeB. Get Eggroll With And So They Were Married to "Denver" (R) Toddlers & Tiaras (R) Toddlers & Tiaras (R) CakeB. (R) CakeB. (:45) (N)  CakeB.Weekend (R) Honey B. Father Honey B.(:15) CakeB. (R) CakeB. (R) Honey B.Movie Honey B. (TCM)(TLC) (2:00) To Be To Announced & Announced Tiaras (R) Toddlers & Tiaras (N) To BeSabrina Announced & (R) TiarasRugrats (R) To Announced (4:00) Be Announced Jackson (R) JacksonBreaking (R) Ned Amish (R) (R) Ned (R)Toddlers To Be (R) Sabrina Toddlers (R) Arnold (R)Be Catdog (R) Arnold (R) (TLC) (TNICK) (4:00) To Be Announced (R) Jackson (R) Ned iCarlyMajor (R) Crimes iCarly (R) LifeBoys Malcolm(N) Arnold (R) Crimes Rugrats Arnold (R) Castle "Rise" (R) Jackson Castle "Head Case" (R) (R) Castle Ned (R) (R) (R) Life Boys Major Crimes (N) Malcolm King & Maxwell Major (R)(R) Catdog King(R) & Maxwell (R) (TNICK) (TNT) CastleGrojband "Last Call" (R) "Nikki Heat" (R) Castle (R) (R) Adv.Time CastleRegular "Knockdown" (R) Franklin & Bash Castle "Lucky Stiff" (R) (R) Franklin & Bash (R) Falling Skies (R)AquaT. RegularCastleRegular (R) Regular (R) Regular MAD KingH (R) KingH (R) Bob Burger AmerD FamilyG (R) FamilyG (R) Robot (TNT)(TOON) Man/Fd Man/Fd Foods Man/FdNinjaGo Man/Fd Bizarre TeenTita Foods (R) KingHBizarre Foods (R) (N) AmerD Foods Ozarks" Foods (R)Robot Bizarre Foods Gumball Advent. (R) Advent. (R) "Iceland" Regular (R) Regular (R) Dragons (R) KingH (R) "The AmerD (R) (R) FamilyG (R)"Suriname" FamilyG (R) AquaT.(R) (TRAV) (TOON) (R) Paradise Cops (R) (R)Cops (R) Lick.TowMan/Fd Lick.TowDig Wars Lick.TowDig Wars Ky. Bid (N) Lick.TowMan/Fd Lick.Tow Grills Full GoneThrottle Wilder SaloonFood Food Lick.Tow Paradise (R)Lick.Tow BBQ Lick.Tow Crawl BBQ Lick.Tow Crawl Man/Fd RockWork RV UpRockWork RV UpMan/Fd (R) (TRAV)(TRU) (4:30) To Be Announced G. Girls (R) G. (R) GirlsRepo (R) G. (R) G. (R) Ray Ray (R) RepoRay (R) Queens Repo (R) Repo (R) Cops (R) Cops (R) World's Dumbest... (R)GirlsRepo (R)GirlsRepo (R) (R) RepoRay (R) (R) Op Repo (R)(R) RepoQueens (R) Repo (R) (R) RepoQueens (R) (R) RepoQueens (R) (R) (TRU)(TVL) Angeles WWE Monday Raw (R) Friends (R) Hot/ Cleve. The Exes SoulMan (:05) Summer Camp (:10) (R) Summer Camp MASHNCIS (R) "Blackwater" MASH (R) (R) MASHNCIS (R) (R) MASH (R) DeathNCIS: (R) Los Death (R) (R) Ray (R) Ray (R)Night Friends Queens (R) (R) Queens Queens (R) (R) (TVL)(USA) BehindStory" "Ne-Yo" "Boriqua" (R) (SF) (R) NCIS Love andOut" Hip-Hop Love andNCIS Hip-Hop Marrying Marrying NCIS "Cover (R)(R) NCIS Atlanta (R) NCIS Atlanta (R) "Psych (R) (N) NCISTI(R)Tiny (N) MarryingNCISMarrying "The Tell" (R) (R) (R) TI Tiny (R) Royal P "Hankwatch" (R) (USA)(VH1) Rose. (R) Rose. Rose. (R) Rose. Rose. CSI "Seeing "Out of Time" (R)Saturday CSI: Miami (R) "SNL in the CSI2000s" "Bolt Action" CSI "In Plane Love and Hip-Hop (R) (R) Love and Hip-Hop (R) (R) Hit the Floor(R)(R) Rose. (R)  White ChicksRed" ('04)(R) ShawnCSI Wayans. Night Live (R) (R) I'm Married to a...Sight" (R) (R) (VH1) (WE) & Order: Funniest Funniest Funniest Funniest Rules (R) Rules GhostLaw Whisperer (R)C.I. (R) Charmed (R) Home Videos Charmed (R) Home Videos L.A. Hair (R) Home Videos L.A. Hair (R) Home Videos BootWGN CampNews (R) at Nine BootHome CampVideos (R) (R) Pregnant/Dating (R) (R) (WE) (WGN) Rules Rules Rules WGN News at Nine Home Videos (R) Rules (R) Rules (R) PREMIUM STATIONS (WGN) Law & Order: C.I. (R) Funniest Home Videos Funniest Home Videos Rules Renner.STATIONS Casting By (N) True Blood (R) Real Sports (R) Movie (HBO) 4:30  Sherlock Holmes: A Ga... (:45)  The Bourne Legacy ('12) Jeremy PREMIUM Movie Mr. and (:50)  Flight ofDare the Phoenix Dennis Outbreak ('95) Rene Russo, Dustin:45 Hoffman. (R)(R) (:45) Banshee (:45)(R) SinCity (4:30)  Mrs. Smith to Dream (R) Quaid. (:45)  Wrath of the Titans 1stLook True StrikeBk Blood (R) (:50) Strike BillBack Maher Family(R) (R) Sports (HBO)(MAX) Movie ('95) Lucas Black, Billy Bob Thorton. Dexter Ray Donovan (R) Dexter (R) RayAfter Donovan (R) Therapy Movie (R) Movie (4:30)  Stigmata(:45)  (:15) Sling Blade The Terminator Banshee (R)(R)  Horrible Bosses (:45)  The Day Tomorrow (MAX)(SHOW) (4:15) Source Elizabeth: Golden Cate Blanchett.  Gangs York ('02) Daniel Leonardo SacrificeSports ('11) Christian 4:30  TheGrassroots Story of Us (:15)  CodeThe ('11) Jake Age Gyllenhaal. Ray Donovan (R) of New60 Minutes SportsDay-Lewis, Dexter (R) DiCaprio. 60 Minutes Jim Slater. Rome (R) Movie (SHOW)(TMC)  Nurse Betty ('00) Renée Zellweger. 2 Days in New York Chris Rock. (:40)  The Help Emma Stone. (TMC) 4:30  The Three... (:20) Griff the Invisible ('10) Ryan Kwanten.

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BY FRANCES DRAKE For Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2013 ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Today's New Moon is your best chance all year to get in touch with your creative impulses. It's also an opportunity to appreciate the children and young people in your life. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Each New Moon is a chance to make a resolution. Today's New Moon is your chance to think how to improve family relationships as well as where you live. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Today's New Moon is the perfect day to think about your style of communicating to others. Do you listen when others speak? How well do others understand you? CANCER (June 21 to July 22) What can you do to boost your earnings? What can you do to take better care of what you own? Today's New Moon urges you to think about what really matters to you. LEO (July 23 to Aug. 22) The only New Moon in your sign all year is taking place today, which makes this the perfect day to look in the mirror and check out your image. How do you look to the world? VIRGO (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22) Today is the perfect day to think about what guides you. As George Carlin put it, "It's what you think about when you're home alone and the power goes out." LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Friendships are important because we need interaction with each other. What kind of friend are you to your friends? SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) No one can escape authority; therefore, it's wise to know how you react to bosses, parents and teachers. Do you feel rebellious? SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) What courses might you take to improve your career? What might you learn through study or travel to enrich your life? CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 19) When we have resources available to us (from the government, a bank or the wealth of others) we are fortunate. How do you use your resources? AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18) The only New Moon opposite your sign all year is taking place today. This is a signal to think about how you can improve your closest relationships. Any ideas? PISCES (Feb. 19 to March 20) What can you do to improve your job, get a better job or change your attitude to your job? Also, what can you do to improve your health? These are important considerations. YOU BORN TODAY You have a romantic quest for anything unusual or unique. You shun boring, predictability. Oh no, you want to live! In fact, you lust for experience. You're intrigued by people and situations that are fascinating. Because your lifestyle is independent and unusual, these are the kind of people you attract. This year your focus will be on partnerships and close friendships. Birthdate of: Lucille Ball, actress; Andy Warhol, artist; Vera Farmiga, actress.






Monday, August 5, 2013


W eather

Monday, August 5, 2013


Monday, August 5, 2013



(AP) — Today is Monday, Aug. 5, the 217th day of 2013. There are 148 days left in the year. On this date: In 1864, during the Civil War, Union Adm. David G. Farragut led his fleet to victory in the Battle of Mobile Bay, Ala. In 1884, the cornerstone for the Statue of Liberty's pedestal was laid on Bedloe's Island in New York Harbor. In 1912, the Progressive Party, also known as the "Bull Moose Party," convened in Chicago. (The party was formed by former President Theodore Roosevelt following a split in the Republican Party.) In 1921, a baseball game was broadcast for the first time as KDKA radio announcer Harold Arlin described the action between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Philadelphia Phillies from Forbes Field. (The Pirates won, 85.) In 1924, the comic strip "Little Orphan Annie" by Harold Gray made its debut. In 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt established the National Labor Board, which was later replaced with the National Labor Relations Board. In 1936, Jesse Owens of the United States won the 200-meter dash at the Berlin Olympics, collecting the third of his four gold medals. In 1953, the movie "From Here to Eternity" had its world premiere in New York. In 1962, actress Marilyn Monroe, 36, was found dead in her Los Angeles home; her death was ruled a probable suicide from "acute barbiturate poisoning." South African anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela was arrested; it was the beginning of 27 years of imprisonment. In 1963, the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union signed a treaty in Moscow banning nuclear tests in the atmosphere, in space and underwater. In 1969, the U.S. space probe Mariner 7 flew by Mars, sending back photographs and scientific data. In 1981, the federal government began firing air traffic controllers who had gone out on strike. Today's Birthdays: Actor John Saxon is 77. College Football Hall of Famer and former NFL player Roman Gabriel is 73. Country songwriter Bobby Braddock is 73. Actress Loni Anderson is 68. Actress Erika Slezak is 67. Rock singer Rick Derringer is 66. Actress Holly Palance is 63. Singer Samantha Sang is 60. Actress-singer Maureen McCormick is 57.


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TODAY’S STATEWIDE FORECAST Monday, August 5, 2013 forecast for daytime conditions, low/high temperatures


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TROY • 54° 74°

AP Photo A Yemeni soldier inspects a car at a checkpoint on a street leading to the U.S. embassy in Sanaa, Yemen, Sunday. Security forces close access roads, put up extra blast walls and beef up patrols near some of the 21 U.S. diplomatic missions in the Muslim world that Washington ordered closed for the weekend over a “significant threat” of an al-Qaida attack.

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Syria’s war splits nation into 3 distinct regions BEIRUT (AP) — More than two years into Syria’s civil war, the once highly-centralized authoritarian state has effectively split into three distinct parts, each boasting its own flags, security agencies and judicial system. In each area, religious, ideological and turf power struggles are under way and battle lines tend to ebb and flow, making it impossible to predict exactly what Syria could look like once the combatants lay down their arms. But the longer the bloody conflict drags on, analysts says, the more difficult it will be to piece together a coherent Syrian state from the wreckage. “There is no doubt that as a distinct single entity, Syria has ceased to exist,” said Charles Lister, an analyst at IHS Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Center. “Considering the sheer scale of its territorial losses in some areas of the country, Syria no longer functions as a single allencompassing unitarily-governed state.” The geographic dividing lines that have emerged over the past two years and effectively cleft the nation in three remain fluid, but the general outlines can be traced on a map. The regime holds a firm grip on a corridor running from the southern border

with Jordan, through the capital Damascus and up to the Mediterranean coast, where a large portion of the population belongs to President Bashar Assad’s Alawite sect. The rebels, who are primarily drawn from Syria’s Sunni Muslim majority, control a chunk of territory that spans parts of Idlib and Aleppo provinces in the north and stretches along the Euphrates river to the porous Iraqi border in the east. Tucked into the far northeastern corner, meanwhile, Syria’s Kurdish minority enjoys semi-autonomy. Those contours provide the big picture view. The view from the ground, however, is slightly muddied. While Sunni rebels control large swathes of Syria’s rural regions in the north, the government still controls provincial capitals there, with the exception of Raqqa city and parts of Aleppo city. The regime also still retains some military bases and checkpoints in the overwhelmingly rebelheld countryside, but those are besieged and isolated and supplies for troops are air-dropped by helicopters or planes. Moreover, the opposition movement itself is far from monolithic, and there have been increasing outbursts of infighting between al-Qaida affiliated extremists and

moderate rebel groups, as well as between Kurds and rebels of a radical Islamic bent. That violence holds the potential to escalate into a full-blown war among armed opposition factions. The Assad regime has made headway in recent months in the strategic heartland of Homs, clawing back territory long-held by rebel fighters. Those gains have helped the government secure its grip on Damascus and the pathway to the coast. They also have reinforced opposition accusations that Assad’s military is driving out local Sunni communities to try to carve out a breakaway Alawite enclave that could become a refuge for the community if the regime falls. For now, Assad’s overstretched and warweary troops appear unable to regain the vast territories they have lost to rebels and jihadists who now control oil wells and other key resources such as dams and electricity plants in the north and east. Black al-Qaida flags that carry the Muslim declaration of the faith now fly over many areas there, as a way to mark their turf distinctly from the three-starred green, black and white flag flown by the various rebel brigades that make up the loose-knit, Western-backed Free Syrian Army.

SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Security forces closed roads, put up extra blast walls and increased patrols Sunday near some of the 22 U.S. diplomatic missions in the Muslim world that Washington had ordered closed for the weekend following warnings of a possible al-Qaida attack. The closures came with a call for Americans abroad to take extra precautions throughout August, particularly when using planes, trains and boats, though some veteran expatriates shrugged off the warnings. “I have been here long enough to know where and where not to go,” said Brian Edwards, a professional basketball player from Detroit, Michigan, who has lived in Egypt for nearly six years. “I feel generally safe.” Some warned, meanwhile, that such security measures are not sustainable. “It sets a precedent,” said Shadi Hamid, an analyst with the Brookings Doha Center. “What happens if you keep on getting credible threats?” The State Department has said some of the 22 missions might remain closed after Sunday. The countries with closure orders covered much of the Muslim and Arab world, from Mauretania in the west to Bangladesh in the east. In recent days, U.S. officials have said they have received significant and detailed intelligence suggesting a possible attack, with some clues pointing to the al-Qaida terror network. The State Department said the potential for terrorism was particularly acute in the Middle East and North Africa, with a possible attack occurring on or coming from the Arabian Peninsula. “The threat was specific as to how enormous it was going to be and also that certain dates were given,” Rep. Pete King, R-N.Y., who chairs a House panel on counterterrorism and intelligence, told ABC on Sunday. King said he believes al-Qaida “is in many ways stronger than it was before 9/11 because it has mutated and it’s spread in dramatically different locations.” The terror network’s Yemen branch, known as al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, “is the most deadly of all the al-

Qaida affiliates,” King said. In Jordan, a counterterrorism official said available information pointed to a potential threat to U.S. interests in the Arabian Peninsula, specifically in Yemen, and that this prompted the temporary closure of U.S. missions across the Muslim world. He spoke on condition of anonymity as he wasn’t authorized to discuss the issue with journalists. In Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, security was beefed up Sunday around the U.S. Embassy building and the nearby Sheraton Hotel where U.S. Marines stay. Police set up a checkpoint at an access road leading to the embassy, asking some drivers for identification before letting them pass. Soldiers typically guard the area around the embassy, but on Sunday they were spread out in a wider radius. Cars were prevented from stopping outside the Sheraton, where two armored vehicles sat out front. A Yemeni security official said the request for extra security came from Washington. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to release the information. Extra security also could be seen near U.S. embassies in Bahrain, Iraq and Jordan. In the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, troops set up new blast barriers last week to block several streets leading into the city’s already heavily fortified Green Zone, home to the sprawling U.S. Embassy and Iraqi government offices. Troops also intensified searches of those entering the Green Zone, opening car trunks and frisking male passengers. In the Jordanian capital of Amman, a Jordanian security officer said bomb squads searched the perimeter of the U.S. Embassy while additional security vehicles were deployed in the area, including troop carriers with special forces trained in counterterrorism. Security also was tightened around the homes of U.S. diplomats in Amman, said the officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity in line with regulations. The State Department, meanwhile, urged U.S. travelers to take extra precautions. Expats appeared to take the warnings in stride.

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AP Photo In this Oct. 10, 2012 file photo, San Diego Mayoral candidate Bob Filner, right, thanks San Diego School Board Vice President Scott Barnett, left, for his endorsement in San Diego. A third woman on Wednesday, July 24, 2013, publicly identified herself as a target of Mayor Filner’s sexual advances, as the beleaguered leader of the nation’s eighth-largest city named his third chief of staff in less than two weeks.


ing a university dean and a retired Navy rear admiral, have gone public in the past month with accusations that Filner cornered them and made unwanted sexual advances that included groping and slobbering kisses. At least five renewed their calls for Filner to resign after he pledged to begin therapy. “It is highly doubtful that two weeks of therapy will correct for decades of reprehensible behavior,” said Laura Fink, who alleges that Filner patted her buttocks at a 2005 fundraiser when she was deputy campaign manager to the then-congressman. One accuser, former Filner communications director Irene McCormack Jackson, has filed a harassment lawsuit against him. Her lawyer, Filner’s attorney and city lawyers will depose him Friday. Filner, the city’s first Democratic leader in 20 years, will keep full powers while in therapy and said he would be briefed twicedaily on city business. Filner also has delegated significant authority, including the ability to sign contracts, to an interim chief operating officer, Walt Ekard, a former county administrator. The mayor’s absence comes during a summer lull, with the City Council on August recess. Nevertheless Filner’s Republican predecessor, Jerry Sanders, said his absence occurs when the mayor’s office normally “would get caught up, do a lot of policy work and make sure things got in order.” Sanders, who now leads the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, believes the scandal is affecting day-to-day business. He said department directors are hesitant to make decisions, that money has not been released for the city’s tourism marketing district, and investors are reluctant to start projects. “We are hearing companies saying: ‘Why would we move to San Diego? With this going on the city is the absolute object of ridicule around the country,’” Sanders said. Experts who spoke generally about treatment approaches and not specifically about Filner said patients being treated for addictive or compulsive sexual behavior typically get a medical examination to rule out chemical imbalances or other physical ailments. Therapists would try to build trust so the patient is comfortable sharing personal information and try to determine if the person is in denial. Once a problem is acknowledged, doctors try to identify what triggers the behavior so patients can develop a coping mechanism, build a support network and find other ways to control it. Long-term treatment may involve weekly group or individual therapy. Friedman said any such recovery requires hard work over a lifetime. “People feel after an inpatient stay that they have things under control,” she said. “However, when they are back in their usual environment, they’re confronted with the same triggers that got them into treatment.”


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San Diego mayor begins 2-week absence for therapy SAN DIEGO (AP) — Therapists say admitting one has a problem is the first step toward recovery. For San Diego Mayor Bob Filner that could be tricky. The first-term mayor and former congressman starts two weeks of intensive therapy Monday while facing a sexual harassment lawsuit and calls for his resignation amid a flurry of allegations that he groped women for years. Even as he undergoes treatment, Filner is set to be grilled by lawyers under oath this week in a lawsuit brought by his former communications director that claims he asked her to work without panties, told her he wanted to see her naked and dragged her around in a headlock while whispering in her ear. Neither Filner nor his office has released details about his therapy or its location. Filner is picking up the tab for the treatment. Filner’s accusers, his onetime supporters and voters have expressed skepticism that any two-week program is an appropriate remedy for what Filner himself has described as years of inappropriate behavior toward women. Longtime therapists also questioned how much progress could be made. “It is pie-in-the-sky to think that in two weeks anyone could be a new man,” said Helen Friedman, a St. Louis psychologist who has treated compulsive sexual behavior for 30 years, though she said it was a good start. Success will depend on how far the 70-year-old Filner goes in acknowledging his problems, experts said. “Typically in the first few sessions you have to find someone you really trust,” said Lilli Friedland, a Beverly Hills psychologist who advises business executives on sexual harassment. “‘Can I open up with all my dirty laundry, and is this person expert enough?’ It takes a number of sessions and visits to establish that trust.” Some voters wondered whether the therapy stint was simply an effort to buy time amid extraordinary pressure to resign. “He needs to save face,” said Christina Imhoof, 72, who voted for Filner in November but then quit the Democratic Party over the allegations. She said she suspects Filner will return after the time-out and say his therapist has encouraged him to resign for medical reasons. Filner announced his plans on July 26 to enter a behavioral counseling clinic to “begin the process of addressing my behavior.” He called it the first step in a continuing program that would involve ongoing counseling. “I must become a better person … I must demonstrate that my behavior has changed,” Filner said then, while offering apologies and an acknowledgement that his “failure to respect women, and the intimidating contact, is inexcusable.” The mayor’s office did not respond to interview requests. Nine women, includ-

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Purchases must be made with cash only and paid at the time of sale. All goods are sold as is and must be removed at the time of purchase. Extra Space Storage reserves the right to refuse any bid. Sale is subject to adjournment. Auctioneer Joseph C. Tate as executive administrator. 07/29, 08/05-2013 40329992 LEGALS LEGAL NOTICE Jane Doe, Unknown Spouse, if any, of Forest Messer, Sr. whose last place of residence is P.O. Box 217, Pleasant Hill, Ohio 45359, and 211 East High Street, Pleasant Hill, Ohio 45359, The Unknown Heirs at Law or Under the Will, if any, of Forest Messer, Sr., Deceased whose last place of residence business is unknown but whose present place of residence is unknown will take notice that on May 3, 2013, JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association filed its Complaint in Case No. 13CV00267 in the Court of Common Pleas Miami County, Ohio alleging that the Defendants Jane Doe, Unknown Spouse, if any, of Forest Messer, Sr., The Unknown Heirs at Law or Under the Will, if any, of Forest Messer, Sr., Deceased have or claim to have an interest in the real estate described below:

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TODAY’S TIPS • SOFTBALL: The Miami County Flames fastpitch softball team will be having tryouts for the 2014 season. Tryouts will be conducted at Pittsenbarger Park 1421 South St. in Piqua. The dates for the tryouts are as follows: Wednesday from 6-8:30 p.m. for 10U and 12U, Thursday from 6-8:30 p.m. for 14U, 16U and 18U, and Saturday from 3-6 p.m. for 10U, 12U and 14U, 6:30-9 p.m. for 16U and 18U. • BASEBALL: Registration has begun for the 2013 Frosty Brown Fall Batting Leagues. There are three leagues to choose from: the original Frosty Brown Fall Batting League for ages 13-18, the Frosty Brown Live Pitching League for high schoolers only and the Frosty Brown Elementary Fall Batting League for ages 9-12. For more information, go to, on Facebook at frostybrownfallbattingleague, or contact coach Frosty Brown at (937) 339-4383, (937) 474-9093 or by email at ibrown@ • SOFTBALL: Miami County Blaze tryouts for the 2013-14 summer ball teams will be held Aug. 17-18. Times for the tryouts will be as follows: 10u, 12u and 14u, 10 a.m.-noon; 16u, 18u and 23u, 1-3 p.m. There will also be an additional tryout from 1:30-3:30 p.m. Aug. 11 for 14u and 16u teams. All tryouts will be held at the Lowry Complex in West Milton. For more details, visit www.miamicountyblaze. com or call (937) 875-0492. • SOFTBALL: The Cross County Cannons fastpitch softball team will be holding tryouts for the 2014 season Saturday and Sunday at Covington High School’s softball field. The times for the different teams are as follows: 8u, 9-10 a.m.; 10u, 10:30 a.m.-noon; 12u, 12:30-2 p.m.; 14u, 2:30-4 p.m.; 16u, 4:30-6 p.m.; 18u, 23u and the fall exposure team, 6:30-8 p.m. To inquire about coaching opportunities or for more information, visit • SOFTBALL: Milton-Union fastpitch fall league signups are ongoing for children going into grades 5-7. The deadline to sign up is Aug. 13. For more details, visit or call (937) 875-0492. • SOFTBALL: Troy fastpitch fall league signups are ongoing for children going into grades 8-12. The deadline to sign up is Aug. 13. For more details, visit www. or call (937) 875-0492. • BASEBALL: Locos Express will be having tryouts for the 2014 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U teams at Simmons Field (home field of Lima Locos) on the following dates: 1-3 p.m. Sunday for 13U, 4-6 p.m. Sunday for 14U, 1-3 p.m. Aug. 18 for 15U and 4-6 p.m. Aug. 18 for 16U. Locos Express is a non-profit subsidiary of the Lima Locos that is dedicated to the development of youth baseball. The Express select teams will be competing in tournaments and single game schedules after the start of each school’s 2014 spring baseball year. Visit http://www. to register for tryouts. Registration is required. Email with any questions. • SUBMIT-A-TIP: To submit an item to the Troy Daily News sports section, please contact Josh Brown at jbrown@ or Colin Foster at

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Kahne wins at Pocono Holds off teammate Gordon for victory LONG POND, Pa. (AP) — Jeff Gordon had the inside line, a lead and his first win of the season in sight, usually a sure thing for Pocono’s top winner. Kasey Kahne was about out of time to pass his Hendrick Motorsports teammate. “It was either to go for it and make it work,” Kahne said. “Or not.” Cruising from the outside, Kahne got the jump he needed, zipped past Gordon and pulled away with two laps left Sunday to win at Pocono Raceway. “I about gave it away when Jeff got by me,” Kahne said. Kahne recovered in the No. 5 Chevrolet for his second victory of the season, all but securing his spot in the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship. He had the

car to beat for the final half of the 400-mile race until a late caution bunched up the field. Gordon nudged past Kahne after some thrilling two-wide racing and seemed poised to win at Pocono for the seventh time. After the final caution, Kahne was simply too fast, too strong to be denied his first win at Pocono since 2008. So close to the checkered, this loss stung Gordon. Even worse, his runner-up finish came on his 42nd birthday in his 42nd career Pocono start. “I thought all I needed to do was get in here and got to the bottom and I’d be good,” Gordon said. “He got a killer run and blasted by on the outside of me. Caught • See KAHNE on page 14

They say par is a good score in a major. If that’s true next week at the PGA Championship, then Tiger Woods has already done his share of preparation. See Page 14


Jeff Gordon, left, congratulates Kasey Kahne on winning, as they celebrate in victory lane after a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series auto race Sunday at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Pa. Jeff Gordon was second.

Bengals taking ‘Hard Knocks’ crew on the road


Cincinnati Reds’ Jay Bruce strikes out against St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Lance Lynn in the fourth inning of a baseball game Sunday in Cincinnati.

Bad ending CINCINNATI (AP) — The weekend started badly and ended worse for the Cincinnati Reds, who sense that something is starting to slip away. Matt Carpenter broke his 0-for23 slump with a bases-loaded double during the decisive rally, and the St. Louis Cardinals ended a tough trip on the upswing by beating the Reds 15-2 on Sunday,

finishing off a rough series for the defending NL Central champions. “This was disheartening,” reliever Sam LeCure said. “Losing is one thing, but going out there and getting embarrassed in front of your fans who are showing up to support you is another. And we did just that.” • See ENDING on page 14

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. (AP) — The Bengals are coming to the Falcons’ training camp. HBO’s Hard Knocks cameras will be waiting. Cincinnati is the star of this year’s documentary series. The Bengals will share Atlanta’s training camp facility on today and Tuesday before the teams meet in their preseason opener on Thursday night. Atlanta often holds combined practices with other teams in camp. Having the HBO crew on site adds a new twist to two-a-day doldrums. The Falcons turned down an offer to star in the series last year. Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said he was careful to talk with Falcons coach Mike Smith about the HBO arrangement. “Smitty and I talked about it quite a bit,” Lewis said, adding Smith has “the same concerns” about protecting certain information. “He knows what the parameters are and he’ll have an opportunity to meet with the people down there,” Lewis said. “Obviously this is a unique thing.” The Falcons’ stance is they are hosting the Bengals, but they are only visitors to the Bengals’ TV show. “We will not have any of our players miked,” Smith said. “This show is about the Cincinnati Bengals.” Smith said he was an assistant with Baltimore and Jacksonville when the HBO series focused on those teams. Falcons receiver Roddy White, one of the team’s

most talkative players, said he wanted no part of having his practice chatter captured for TV. “I’m not really a mikedup guy,” White said after Sunday’s practice. “I just like to come out here and practice. I don’t want them to hear what I’m saying because I don’t want them to say it on TV. We’ll be going over signals and things like that, so I don’t want to give away our calls early in the season.” Smith said his close relationship with Lewis made it easy to work out the details for the combined practices. Smith was a position coach with Baltimore from 19992002 when Lewis was the Ravens’ defensive coordinator. “Marvin is a mentor to me,” Smith said. “We speak regularly during the season unless we’re playing one another. And we communicate in the offseason. Marvin is one of my closest friends in this business.” Smith said the goal is “to come out and compete against each other. Have fun and play smart. That’s what we want to do.” HBO executive producer Ross Ketover said he made sure there will be no surprises for Smith and the Falcons. “We’ve worked a lot with coach Smith,” Ketover said. “In fact, we spent a summer with the Jaguars one year when he was the coordinator down there. So I don’t expect any issues with the Falcons.” Ketover said it was difficult to predict how much the Falcons would be seen on the series.

As PED-Day looms, will it deter drugs in baseball? By the Associated Press

Tiger finishes off Bridgestone victory


August 5, 2013

Josh Brown

Baseball’s PED-Day is set to launch. The question now is whether this will stop the drug cheats once and for all. To Logan Morrison, the suspensions and shame and loss in salary might not be enough. To really deter them, the Miami Marlins’ first baseman suggests clubs pay a price, too. “Maybe penalizing the teams for guys who signed — like Melky signing that $16 million deal — maybe the team should have to give up something,” Morrison said. Which would be fine with Dodgers second baseman Mark Ellis. “We’re sick of it. Tired of it,” he said. “We don’t want the fans thinking everybody cheats. You listen to people talk and they associate

baseball with cheating.” “The teams maybe should look at some things. Not sign guys who are caught. That would be a good thing. Start taking guys’ money away,” Ellis said. Major League Baseball was poised to levy significant drug suspensions Monday, with three-time MVP Alex Rodriguez and All-Stars Nelson Cruz and Jhonny Peralta facing the stiffest penalties in the Biogenesis case. Overall, 14 players were facing discipline. “I think all of us are curious what’s going to happen,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said Sunday. Melky Cabrera, Bartolo Colon and Yasmani Grandal served suspensions after positive tests last year. They’ve been tied to this performanceenhancing drug case, but can’t be disciplined

again for the same offense. Cabrera, the MVP of last year’s All-Star game, finished his 50-game suspension in October. Released by the champion San Francisco Giants after the season, the outfielder signed a $16 million, two-year deal with the Toronto Blue Jays. Will the upcoming penalties serve as a deterrent? Hall of Famer Joe Morgan will wait and see. “It depends on what the punishments are. The thing with me is always the risk versus the reward,” he said. “What is the reward? Getting a $150 million contract. What is the risk? A 30-day suspension, a 60-day suspension? The risk doesn’t outweigh the reward.” “Until that happens, it’s not going to change,” he said. “It’s very simple: The risk has to outweigh the reward.”

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Monday, August 5, 2013

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The loss dropped third-place Cincinnati 6½ games behind the Pirates, their biggest deficit since the end of the 2011 season. The Reds are 10 games over .500 and still in good shape for a wild card, but that’s not much comfort. “We’re running out of tomorrows and we need a sense of urgency,” LeCure said. “We’ll see what we’re made of here coming down the stretch. Thankfully we do have some time to get it right.” Along the way, they’re going to have to figure out how to beat the Cardinals, who have beat them up pretty regularly this season. St. Louis took two of three at Great American Ball Park and has won its last six series against Cincinnati, its best such stretch against the Reds since 2003-04. The Cardinals lead the season series 8-4.

They opened the series with a 13-3 win on Friday. On Sunday, they finished it with their most runs against Cincinnati since 1993. They’ve scored at least 10 runs against the Reds in four games this season, the first time they’ve done that since 1980. It’s been that lopsided. “Some teams you play better than others, but they’ve got our number for sure,” said Mike Leake (10-5), who gave up a season-high seven runs. “They play us tough. It’s on us to try to figure them out because they’ve got us figured out for the most part.” Carpenter’s two-run double off the wall completed a five-run rally in the sixth against Leake and two relievers. Matt Adams, David Freese and Tony Cruz homered for the Cardinals, who have scored 13, 13, 3 and 15 runs in

their last four games. St. Louis finished with 19 hits and a season high in runs. Every starter except Lance Lynn drove in at least one run. “That’s one of the worst defeats I can remember,” manager Dusty Baker said. “We just had another ‘worst’ two days ago, and this one was worse than that. We certainly have to get our act together. “I don’t like getting beat up. I don’t like getting embarrassed.” Lynn (13-5) allowed four hits in eight innings, including Zack Cozart’s tworun homer. Lynn struck out a seasonhigh 11 and joined Adam Wainwright as 13-game winners in a rotation that has the NL’s third-best ERA. Indians 2, Marlins 0

Golden girl Right on par: Franklin wins record 6th gold at swim worlds

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Missy Franklin climbed to the top of the podium one more time in Spain before heading off to college. With that step, the 18-year-old joined a very exclusive club. Missy, we’d like to introduce you to Michael Phelps, Mark Spitz, Ian Thorpe and Kristin Otto. “I still can’t really believe that it happened,” Franklin said. She claimed her record sixth gold medal of the world championships Sunday night, swimming the leadoff leg for the Americans in the 400-meter medley relay. Franklin gave the U.S. a slight lead in the backstroke, and her teammates — Jessica Hardy, Dana Vollmer and Megan Romano — made it look easy from there. The winning time was 3 minutes, 53.23 seconds, nearly two seconds ahead of runnerup Australia, with Russia claiming the bronze. Franklin “I had some really great races that I’m really proud of, and there’s still a bunch where I have a lot of room to improve,” Franklin said. “So I’m really excited for the next year and the year after that and all the years following those.” It might be hard to top this one. Franklin became the winningest female swimmer ever at a world meet, eclipsing the record that was shared by Tracy Caulkins, who won five times in 1978, and Libby Trickett, who did it in 2007. Perhaps more impressively, Franklin became only the fifth swimmer to capture as many as six golds at either worlds or an Olympics. Quite a club it is. Phelps won six golds at the 2004 Athens Olympics, seven at the 2007 worlds and, of course, a record eight at the Beijing Olympics, eclipsing Spitz’s mark of seven at the 1972 Munich Games. Otto won six golds at the 1988 Seoul Olympics — an accomplishment since clouded by revelations of rampant

doping in East Germany — and Thorpe claimed a half-dozen victories at the 2001 worlds. Now, there’s Franklin. She completed a grueling week in which she competed in eight events. She dropped out of the 50 backstroke after swimming in the preliminaries of the non-OIympic event, wanting to focus on more important races, and took fourth in the 100 freestyle. Otherwise, it was all gold. She improved on her performance at the London Olympics, where she was one of the biggest stars with four golds and a bronze. “I just wanted to see where I was after London,” Franklin said. “It’s kind of an unknown year. There are so many things that can happen.” Indeed. Check out what transpired with the American men in their 400 medley relay. They celebrated what looked to be an easy victory, only to discover that 19-year-old breaststroker Kevin Cordes, the least experienced member of the foursome, left too soon on the exchange between the first and second legs. The U.S., which touched nearly 1½ seconds ahead of France, was disqualified. The French moved up to take the gold, while the silver went to Australia and Japan snatched the bronze. “That’s like a punch in the gut right there,” said Bob Bowman, coach of the U.S. men’s team. Cordes stood on the deck in disbelief, hands on his head, but the replay showed he clearly left the block before backstroker Matt Grevers touched the pad. Ryan Lochte could only shake his head, having contributed a strong butterfly leg that didn’t matter. He was denied his fourth gold medal of the meet, leaving him tied with Chinese star Sun Yang as the winningest male swimmers. “A relay disqualification is not a particular individual’s fault,” said Nathan Adrian, who swam the anchor leg in vain. “It falls on all of our shoulders.”

AKRON (AP) — They say par is a good score in a major. If that’s true next week at the PGA Championship, then Tiger Woods has already done his share of preparation. Woods played safe and smart with a big lead, parring 16 holes in an even-par 70 Sunday to coast to a seven-shot victory at the Bridgestone Invitational for his eighth win at the event — matching the PGA Tour record he already shared for victories in a single tournament. “As blustery as it was, it was going to be really hard for someone to shoot 62 or 63,” Woods said. “If I didn’t give any shots away and played my game and shot even par or better, I’d force these guys to go and shoot something super low on a golf course that wasn’t going to give it up under these conditions.” As he walked to the scorer’s trailer to finalize his score, he scooped up 4-year-old son Charlie, who hugged him tightly as his father strode past the large gallery wildly cheering his landslide victory. “This is the first win he’s ever been at,” Woods said. “That’s what makes it special for both of us.” Daughter Sam was on hand when Woods, won the U.S. Open in 2008, before his personal life imploded. Now Charlie will have some memories of dad in the winner’s circle. “They always say, ‘Daddy, when are you going to win the tournament?’ It was a few years there, or a couple years, I hadn’t won anything,” Woods said, smiling. “‘Are you leading or not? That’s a stock question. ‘Not leading.’ ‘Well, are you going to start leading?’ ‘Well, I’m trying.’” After a second-round 61 in which he flirted with 59, Woods ended up at 15-under 265 to easily beat defending champ Keegan Bradley and Henrik Stenson. Bradley, a huge fan of Tiger’s when he was a youngster, was asked if he liked to see Woods dominate like he did a decade or so ago. “When I was younger, I did,” Bradley said. “You know, I hate to sit here and go on and on about how good he is, but he is. It’s difficult because I really want to get up there and contend with him. But he’s just … this week he’s playing really well.” Woods’ mastery at Firestone Country Club allowed him to again match Sam Snead’s PGA Tour record for wins in an event. Snead won the Greater Greensboro Open eight times. Earlier this year, Woods won at Bay Hill for the eighth time. As if he weren’t already the favorite next week in the PGA Championship at Oak Hill, the lop-

MIAMI (AP) — The booming hiphop on the stereo in the Cleveland Indians’ postgame clubhouse was quickly dialed down to low volume, and the celebration following their 15th shutout victory of the season was muted. The team had a plane to catch, and a big series to play beginning Monday. Scott Kazmir and three relievers combined on a four-hitter Sunday, and Cleveland won for the 10th time in the past 11 games, beating the Miami Marlins 2-0. The Indians begin a four-game series at home Monday against AL Central leader Detroit. With the win over Miami, Cleveland remained three games behind the Tigers.

Tiger coasts to Bridgestone victory

AP PHOTO Tiger Woods waves to the gallery after during winning the Bridgestone Invitational golf tournament Sunday at Firestone Country Club in Akron. Woods’ 15-under par gave him the win by seven shots.

sided victory reinforced it. No one ever got within six shots all day of the world’s No. 1. When he had a good shot at a pin, he took it. Otherwise, he took few, if any, risks. He birdied the 10th hole, then offset that with a three-putt bogey at the 14th hole. But by then most of the field was thinking about catching flights to Rochester instead of catching Woods. Bradley, who won a year ago when Jim Furyk double-bogeyed the 72nd hole, shot a 67 to get to 8 under along with Stenson, who had a 70 while playing with Woods. “He kind of punctured this tournament on Friday,” Stenson said. “He did what he needed to do today.” Tied for fourth were Clevelandborn Jason Dufner (71), Miguel Angel Jimenez (69) and Zach Johnson (67) at 6 under. Bill Haas and Chris Wood each shot a 71 and were at 5 under, with Martin Kaymer, who matched the day’s best round with a 66, at 4 under along with Furyk, Richard Sterne and Luke Donald. For those betting Woods won’t win next week at Oak Hill, keep in mind that he has already won both the Bridgestone and the PGA Championship in the same year three times in his career (2000,

2006, 2007). Still, the odds do not favor him coming right back with another win. In the 19 times in which he has won his last start before a major, he’s only followed up with a win four times: 2000 U.S. Open (after winning The Memorial), 2001 Masters (Players), 2006 PGA (Buick) and 2007 PGA (Bridgestone). The victory was Woods’ 79th on the PGA Tour, drawing him within three of Snead’s record 82 triumphs. • Women’s British Open ST. ANDREWS, Scotland (AP) — Stacy Lewis had another big week at St. Andrews and left with an even bigger prize — a major championship at the home of golf. Lewis finished a marathon Sunday with exquisite birdies on the last two holes of the Old Course to close with an even-par 72 and win the Women’s British Open by two shots. It was her second major on the LPGA Tour, ending a record streak of 10 straight majors won by Asian players. The last time the 28-year-old Lewis was at St. Andrews was in 2008 for the Curtis Cup, and she went 5-0 to lead the Americans to victory.

Kahne n Continued from page 13

me by surprise. It just kills your momentum.” Kurt Busch, who also celebrated a birthday, Ryan Newman and Dale Earnhardt Jr. rounded out the top five. The top five cars were Chevrolets. Busch helped out Kahne with one final push down the frontstretch to find some needed speed. “That was kind of the race at that point,” Kahne said. “Once I cleared (Gordon) getting into two, from there it was just, don’t make a mistake and try to run the quick lap on the last one.” Kahne, Gordon and Earnhardt made it an outstanding race for Hendrick. Teammate and series points leader Jimmie Johnson was 13th after a blown tire knocked him out of the lead. Kahne had stretched his lead to almost 8 seconds when a caution for debris came out with 12 laps left. Gordon, who won at Pocono each of the last two years, was strong in the No. 24 and had the lead as he tried to extend his record for career wins at Pocono. Matt Kenseth spun with four laps

left to erase Gordon’s lead and set up the thrilling finish. Gordon led again until Kahne ran him down with a hard, sweeping run past his teammate for the win. “We had them. We certainly had the position,” Gordon said. “I’m pretty disappointed I let him get inside of me on (turn) one.” Kahne also won this season at Bristol. He jumped a spot to eighth in the points standings and need a win to make sure he’d at least qualify for a wild-card spot should he fall below 10th place. Kahne was third last week at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and seems to be heating up with five races left until the Chase field is set. With two wins, he’d also be closer to Johnson and Kenseth once the points are reset when Chase field is set. Kahne’s 16th career win should make him a Chase lock. “The Chase is what it’s all about in NASCAR,” Kahne said. “You need to make it.” Gordon, who has six Pocono wins,

finished second last week and has three straight top 10s to also position himself for a spot in the 12-driver field. He had won at Pocono each of the last two seasons. When Gordon leads late at Pocono, he usually wins. Just not this time. “I’m frustrated right now because we had a shot at it,” Gordon said. “We know how important wins are.” Gordon hangs on to ninth in the standings, but could be out of a Chase spot if he falls outside the top 10 without a win. Johnson, who set a track record in qualifying, again had the dominant car for half the race until he blew a front tire. A week after a slow, final pit stop cost him a win at Indianapolis, Johnson was done in this time by a tire issue that ended his chance to win. Johnson, who won the June race from the pole, stretched his points lead to 77 over Clint Bowyer. Danica Patrick lost control of her car, triggered a four-car crash and was 35th. Kenseth’s late spin knocked him

to 22nd. But it was that spin that made the difference for Kahne. He may not have caught Gordon without the final caution. “We had speed. I could move around,” Kahne said. “But to actually clear him and make the pass, I think it would have been really difficult. I’m glad that second caution came out there and gave us another shot.” Kahne took a moment in Victory Lane to remember his friend, Jason Leffler. Leffler was killed in June on a dirt track in New Jersey only days after racing in the Pocono Cup race. Kahne and Leffler were friends and traveled together on the way home from the June race. “Just me and him,” Kahne said. “We spent a bunch of time together and then that happened that Wednesday. It was tough. There are so many people that are good friends with Jason and knew him really well. I just wanted to mention something about him.”




BASEBALL Baseball Expanded Standings All Times EDT AMERICAN LEAGUE East Division W L Pct Boston 68 45 .602 Tampa Bay 66 45 .595 61 51 .545 Baltimore 57 53 .518 New York 51 60 .459 Toronto Central Division L Pct W Detroit 64 45 .587 Cleveland 62 49 .559 56 52 .519 Kansas City 48 60 .444 Minnesota 40 69 .367 Chicago West Division L Pct W Oakland 64 47 .577 Texas 62 50 .554 Seattle 52 59 .468 51 59 .464 Los Angeles 36 74 .327 Houston NATIONAL LEAGUE East Division W L Pct Atlanta 66 45 .595 Washington 54 57 .486 50 60 .455 Philadelphia 49 60 .450 New York 43 67 .391 Miami Central Division W L Pct Pittsburgh 67 44 .604 St. Louis 65 45 .591 Cincinnati 61 51 .545 49 62 .441 Chicago 47 64 .423 Milwaukee West Division L Pct W Los Angeles 61 49 .555 Arizona 56 55 .505 San Diego 52 60 .464 52 61 .460 Colorado San Francisco 49 61 .445

GB WCGB — — 1 — 6½ 1½ 9½ 4½ 16 11

Str W-2 W-2 L-2 L-1 W-1

Home 39-21 37-21 33-25 29-25 28-28

Away 29-24 29-24 28-26 28-28 23-32

GB WCGB — — 3 — 7½ 4½ 15½ 12½ 24 21

L10 Str 9-1 W-8 9-1 W-2 9-1 W-2 5-5 W-3 0-10 L-10

Home 37-19 37-19 27-24 26-27 22-28

Away 27-26 25-30 29-28 22-33 18-41

GB WCGB — — 2½ ½ 12 10 12½ 10½ 27½ 25½

L10 5-5 6-4 4-6 3-7 2-8

Str L-1 W-1 W-2 L-1 L-4

Home 35-20 33-24 29-28 30-29 18-37

Away 29-27 29-26 23-31 21-30 18-37

GB WCGB — — 12 6½ 15½ 10 16 10½ 22½ 17

L10 9-1 6-4 1-9 3-7 5-5

Str W-9 L-1 L-4 L-2 L-2

Home 38-15 31-25 27-25 22-32 26-32

Away 28-30 23-32 23-35 27-28 17-35

GB WCGB — — 1½ — 6½ — 18 11½ 20 13½

L10 7-3 3-7 3-7 3-7 5-5

Str W-2 W-1 L-1 L-4 W-1

Home 38-20 32-17 33-19 23-33 27-31

Away 29-24 33-28 28-32 26-29 20-33

GB WCGB — — 5½ 4½ 10 9 10½ 9½ 12 11

L10 8-2 4-6 7-3 3-7 3-7

Str W-4 L-2 W-1 L-2 L-2

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Away 30-24 26-31 21-35 21-35 21-34

AMERICAN LEAGUE Saturday's Games Kansas City 4, N.Y. Mets 3, 12 innings Oakland 4, Texas 2 Seattle 8, Baltimore 4 Detroit 3, Chicago White Sox 0 Boston 5, Arizona 2 Cleveland 4, Miami 3 Minnesota 6, Houston 4 Tampa Bay 2, San Francisco 1, 10 innings N.Y. Yankees 3, San Diego 0 L.A. Angels 7, Toronto 3 Sunday's Games Detroit 3, Chicago White Sox 2, 12 innings Cleveland 2, Miami 0 Kansas City 6, N.Y. Mets 2 Boston 4, Arizona 0 Seattle 3, Baltimore 2 Tampa Bay 4, San Francisco 3 Minnesota 3, Houston 2 Toronto 6, L.A. Angels 5 Texas 4, Oakland 0 San Diego 6, N.Y. Yankees 3 Monday's Games Detroit (Ani.Sanchez 9-7) at Cleveland (Kluber 7-5), 7:05 p.m. Boston (Lackey 7-8) at Houston (Oberholtzer 1-0), 8:10 p.m. Minnesota (Correia 7-7) at Kansas City (Guthrie 11-7), 8:10 p.m. N.Y.Yankees (Pettitte 7-8) at Chicago White Sox (Quintana 5-3), 8:10 p.m. Texas (M.Perez 3-3) at L.A. Angels (Williams 5-7), 10:05 p.m. Toronto (Dickey 8-11) at Seattle (Iwakuma 10-4), 10:10 p.m. Tuesday's Games Detroit at Cleveland, 7:05 p.m. Oakland at Cincinnati, 7:10 p.m. Boston at Houston, 8:10 p.m. Minnesota at Kansas City, 8:10 p.m. N.Y. Yankees at Chicago White Sox, 8:10 p.m. Tampa Bay at Arizona, 9:40 p.m. Texas at L.A. Angels, 10:05 p.m. Baltimore at San Diego, 10:10 p.m. Toronto at Seattle, 10:10 p.m. NATIONAL LEAGUE Saturday's Games Kansas City 4, N.Y. Mets 3, 12 innings Atlanta 5, Philadelphia 4, 12 innings L.A. Dodgers 3, Chicago Cubs 0 Pittsburgh 5, Colorado 2 Boston 5, Arizona 2 Cleveland 4, Miami 3 Tampa Bay 2, San Francisco 1, 10 innings Cincinnati 8, St. Louis 3 Washington 3, Milwaukee 0 N.Y. Yankees 3, San Diego 0 Sunday's Games Cleveland 2, Miami 0 Kansas City 6, N.Y. Mets 2 St. Louis 15, Cincinnati 2 Boston 4, Arizona 0 Pittsburgh 5, Colorado 1 Tampa Bay 4, San Francisco 3 Milwaukee 8, Washington 5 L.A. Dodgers 1, Chicago Cubs 0 San Diego 6, N.Y. Yankees 3 Atlanta at Philadelphia, 8:05 p.m. Monday's Games Atlanta (Minor 11-5) at Washington (Strasburg 5-9), 7:05 p.m. L.A. Dodgers (Greinke 8-3) at St. Louis (Wainwright 13-6), 7:05 p.m. Milwaukee (Thornburg 1-0) at San Francisco (Gaudin 5-2), 10:15 p.m. Tuesday's Games Atlanta at Washington, 7:05 p.m. Chicago Cubs at Philadelphia, 7:05 p.m. Miami at Pittsburgh, 7:05 p.m. Colorado at N.Y. Mets, 7:10 p.m. Oakland at Cincinnati, 7:10 p.m. L.A. Dodgers at St. Louis, 8:15 p.m. Tampa Bay at Arizona, 9:40 p.m. Baltimore at San Diego, 10:10 p.m. Milwaukee at San Francisco, 10:15 p.m. Sunday's Major League Linescores AMERICAN LEAGUE Chicago . . . .000100001000—2 10 0 Detroit . . . . .000000200001—3 9 0 (12 innings) Rienzo, N.Jones (7), Purcey (8), A.Reed (8), Veal (10), Axelrod (11) and Flowers; Porcello, Smyly (8), Veras (9), B.Rondon (11) and Avila.W_B.Rondon 11. L_Axelrod 3-8. HRs_Chicago, A.Dunn (26), Konerko (8). Seattle . . . . .010 000 200—3 6 0 Baltimore . . .000 002 000—2 8 0 J.Saunders, Medina (7), Farquhar (9) and H.Blanco; W.Chen, Patton (8), Tom.Hunter (8) and Teagarden. W_J.Saunders 10-10. L_W.Chen 6-4. Sv_Farquhar (2). HRs_Seattle, H.Blanco (3). Baltimore, Valencia (5). Houston . . . .000 020 000—2 9 0 Minnesota . .200 000 10x—3 5 0 Peacock, Fields (8), W.Wright (8) and J.Castro; Pelfrey, Roenicke (6), Thielbar (7), Burton (8), Perkins (9) and Doumit. W_Thielbar 2-1. L_Peacock 1-4. Sv_Perkins (27). HRs_Minnesota, Morneau (10), Arcia (7). Toronto . . . .002 000 022—6 12 0 Los Angeles 100 400 000—5 9 3 Buehrle, Wagner (7), Cecil (8), Janssen

L10 7-3 7-3 4-6 4-6 5-5

(9) and Arencibia; C.Wilson, J.Gutierrez (8), Maronde (8), Kohn (8), Frieri (8), D.De La Rosa (9), Stange (9) and Iannetta. W_Cecil 5-1. L_Frieri 0-4. Sv_Janssen (19). HRs_Los Angeles, Trout (18), Trumbo (25). Texas . . . . . .110 000 200—4 6 0 Oakland . . . .000 000 000—0 5 2 D.Holland, Nathan (9) and Pierzynski; Griffin, Blevins (7), Neshek (8), Scribner (9) and D.Norris. W_D.Holland 9-6. L_Griffin 10-8. HRs_Texas, N.Cruz (27), Moreland (16). INTERLEAGUE Cleveland . .010 000 010—2 11 0 Miami . . . . . .000 000 000—0 4 0 Kazmir, Shaw (7), J.Smith (8), C.Perez (9) and Y.Gomes; Eovaldi, Qualls (8), A.Ramos (9) and Mathis. W_Kazmir 7-4. L_Eovaldi 2-2. Sv_C.Perez (17). Kansas City 000 132 000—6 11 0 NewYork . . .000 010 010—2 8 2 E.Santana, Collins (7), Coleman (8), G.Holland (9) and Kottaras; Z.Wheeler, Germen (6), Rice (7), C.Torres (8), Hawkins (9) and Buck. W_E.Santana 8-6. L_Z.Wheeler 4-2. HRs_Kansas City, Moustakas (10). Arizona . . . .000 000 000—0 8 1 Boston . . . . .000 022 00x—4 9 1 McCarthy, W.Harris (5), Collmenter (6), Thatcher (6), Bell (7) and Gosewisch; Doubront, Thornton (8), D.Britton (8), Uehara (9) and Saltalamacchia. W_Doubront 8-5. L_McCarthy 2-5. San Francisco100200 000—3 9 0 Tampa Bay .200 011 00x—4 6 0 Moscoso, Mijares (5), S.Rosario (7) and Quiroz; Ro.Hernandez, Al.Torres (5), McGee (7), Jo.Peralta (8), Rodney (9) and J.Molina. W_Al.Torres 4-0. L_Mijares 0-3. Sv_Rodney (27). HRs_Tampa Bay, W.Myers (8). NewYork . . .000 002 100—3 6 0 San Diego . .032 100 00x—6 9 0 P.Hughes, Claiborne (3), Warren (5), Logan (7), Chamberlain (8) and Au.Romine; Kennedy, Vincent (6), Thayer (7), Hynes (8), Street (9) and Hundley. W_Kennedy 4-8. L_P.Hughes 4-10. Sv_Street (21). HRs_New York, Au.Romine (1). NATIONAL LEAGUE St. Louis . . .400 005 114—15 19 0 Cincinnati . .020 000 000—2 4 2 Lynn, Rosenthal (9) and T.Cruz, Ro.Johnson; Leake, Ondrusek (6), Simon (6), P.Villarreal (7), LeCure (9) and Mesoraco. W_Lynn 13-5. L_Leake 10-5. HRs_St.Louis, Ma.Adams (8), Freese (6), T.Cruz (1). Cincinnati, Cozart (9). Colorado . . .000 000 100—1 8 1 Pittsburgh . .101 030 00x—5 8 1 Nicasio, Corpas (5), Outman (7), Belisle (8) and Torrealba; A.J.Burnett and R.Martin.W_A.J.Burnett 5-7. L_Nicasio 66. HRs_Pittsburgh, R.Martin (10). Washington .030 001 100—5 8 1 Milwaukee . .010 005 11x—8 8 1 Jordan, Abad (6), Stammen (7) and Lohse, Axford (6), K.Suzuki; Mic.Gonzalez (7), Kintzler (7), Henderson (9) and Lucroy.W_Axford 5-4.L_Abad 0-3. Sv_Henderson (15). HRs_Washington, Ad.LaRoche (16), Rendon (5). Los Angeles 010 000 000—1 2 0 Chicago . . . .000 000 000—0 7 1 Fife, Withrow (6), Howell (8), Jansen (9) and A.Ellis; Villanueva, Russell (7), Strop (8) and D.Navarro. W_Fife 4-3. L_Villanueva 2-8. Sv_Jansen (17). Midwest League At A Glance Eastern Division W L Pct. GB Bowling Green (Rays) 27 16 .628 — Great Lakes (Dodgers) 25 16 .610 1 x-South Bend (D-backs) 25 18 .581 2 Dayton (Reds) 23 20 .535 4 West Michigan (Tigers) 21 19 .525 4½ Lake County (Indians) 19 22 .463 7 Lansing (Blue Jays) 17 26 .395 10 Fort Wayne (Padres) 15 27 .35711½ Western Division W L Pct. GB Cedar Rapids (Twins) 27 15 .643 — Quad Cities (Astros) 25 16 .610 1½ x-Beloit (Athletics) 22 20 .524 5 Peoria (Cardinals) 20 21 .488 6½ Clinton (Mariners) 20 22 .476 7 Burlington (Angels) 17 24 .415 9½ Wisconsin (Brewers) 17 25 .405 10 Kane County (Cubs) 14 27 .34112½ x-clinched first half Saturday's Games Quad Cities 5, Cedar Rapids 2 Kane County 6, Clinton 1 Great Lakes 8, Lake County 3 Dayton 5, West Michigan 3 Lansing 5, Fort Wayne 3 Peoria 2, Burlington 1 Beloit 9, Wisconsin 6 South Bend 6, Bowling Green 4 Sunday's Games West Michigan 10, Dayton 3 Lansing 3, Fort Wayne 2, 1st game Wisconsin 6, Beloit 1 Clinton 11, Kane County 1 Cedar Rapids 3, Quad Cities 2 South Bend 5, Bowling Green 4 Fort Wayne 3, Lansing 2, 2nd game Burlington at Peoria, 6 p.m. Great Lakes at Lake County, 7 p.m. Monday's Games


SPORTS ON TV TODAY CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE 7 p.m. NBCSN — Winnipeg at British Columbia LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL 7 p.m. ESPN2 — Intermediate World Series, championship, teams TBD, at Livermore, Calif. MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 7 p.m. ESPN — L.A. Dodgers at St. Louis

TUESDAY CYCLING 4 p.m. FSN — Tour of Utah, stage 1, Brian Head to Cedar City, Utah LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL 5 p.m. ESPN2 — Playoffs, Southwest Regional semifinal, teams TBD, at Waco, Texas 8 p.m. ESPN2 — Playoffs, Southwest Regional semifinal, teams TBD, at Waco, Texas MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 7 p.m. FSN — Oakland at Cincinnati MLB — Regional coverage, Atlanta at Washington or Oakland at Cincinnati 8 p.m. WGN — N.Y. Yankees at Chicago White Sox WNBA BASKETBALL 10 p.m. ESPN2 — Seattle at Phoenix

WEDNESDAY CYCLING 4 p.m. FSN — Tour of Utah, stage 2, Panguitch to Torrey, Utah GOLF 3 p.m. TGC — USGA, U.S. Women's Amateur Championship, first round matches, at Charleston, S.C. LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL Noon ESPN2 — Playoffs, Midwest Regional semifinal, teams TBD, at Indianapolis 2 p.m. ESPN2 — Playoffs, Southeast Regional semifinal, teams TBD, at Warner Robins, Ga. 4 p.m. ESPN2 — Playoffs, Midwest Regional semifinal, teams TBD, at Indianapolis 6 p.m. ESPN2 — Playoffs, Southeast Regional semifinal, teams TBD, at Warner Robins, Ga. 8 p.m. ESPN2 — Playoffs, Southwest Regional final, teams TBD, at Waco, Texas MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 12:30 p.m. MLB — Oakland at Cincinnati 8 p.m. ESPN — L.A. Dodgers at St. Louis Great Lakes at Lake County, 7 p.m. Dayton at West Michigan, 7 p.m. Lansing at Fort Wayne, 7:05 p.m. Quad Cities at Cedar Rapids, 7:35 p.m. Kane County at Clinton, 8 p.m. Burlington at Peoria, 8 p.m. Beloit at Wisconsin, 8:05 p.m. South Bend at Bowling Green, 8:05 p.m. Tuesday's Games Great Lakes at Lake County, 1 p.m. Beloit at Wisconsin, 1:05 p.m. Dayton at West Michigan, 7 p.m. Lansing at Fort Wayne, 7:05 p.m. Quad Cities at Cedar Rapids, 7:35 p.m. Kane County at Clinton, 8 p.m. Burlington at Peoria, 8 p.m. South Bend at Bowling Green, 8:05 p.m.

GOLF PGA Bridgestone Invitational Scores Sunday At Firestone Country Club (South Course) Akron, Ohio Purse: $8.75 million Yardage: 7,400; Par: 70 Final Tiger Woods, $1,500,000 .....66-61-68-70—265 Keegan Bradley, $692,500 ...66-68-71-67—272 Henrik Stenson, $692,500....65-70-67-70—272 Miguel A. Jimenez, $321,66771-69-65-69—274 Zach Johnson, $321,667......69-70-68-67—274 Jason Dufner, $321,667 .......67-69-67-71—274 Bill Haas (92), $205,000.......67-68-69-71—275 Chris Wood, $205,000..........66-68-70-71—275 Luke Donald (76), $145,750.67-69-68-72—276 Jim Furyk (76), $145,750 .....67-69-72-68—276 Martin Kaymer, $145,750.....74-67-69-66—276 Richard Sterne, $145,750 ....70-68-70-68—276 Steve Stricker (65), $114,00071-67-70-69—277 Harris English, $102,667......70-68-72-68—278 Webb Simpson, $102,667....64-75-73-66—278 Adam Scott (59), $102,667..73-68-66-71—278 Jamie Donaldson, $93,000...70-69-71-69—279 Justin Rose (54), $93,000 ....69-72-69-69—279 John Merrick (52), $89,000 ..72-66-70-72—280 Ian Poulter (52), $89,000......69-72-69-70—280 Hideki Matsuyama, $81,167.72-68-70-71—281 Charl Schwartzel, $81,167...74-74-64-69—281 Michael Thompson, $81,16772-71-70-68—281 Bo Van Pelt (48), $81,167.....71-73-68-69—281 Rickie Fowler (48), $81,167..67-71-70-73—281 Phil Mickelson (48), $81,16772-71-67-71—281 Paul Casey (42), $73,500.....70-70-73-69—282 Russell Henley (42), $73,50072-69-75-66—282 Matt Kuchar (42), $73,500....72-71-69-70—282 Paul Lawrie, $73,500 ............69-72-71-70—282 Rory McIlroy (42), $73,500...70-71-69-72—282 Bubba Watson (42), $73,50067-69-72-74—282 Peter Hanson (36), $68,000.70-72-70-71—283 Dustin Johnson, $68,000......72-69-75-67—283 Ryan Moore (36), $68,000 ...66-74-70-73—283 Brandt Snedeker, $68,000....72-70-71-70—283 Boo Weekley (36), $68,000..73-70-70-70—283 Angel Cabrera (33), $64,50072-68-70-74—284 Women's British Open Scores Sunday At The Old Course St. Andrews, Scotland Purse: $2.75 million Yardage: 6,672; Par: 72 Final a-amateur Stacy Lewis ....................67-72-69-72—280 Na Yeon Choi..................67-67-75-73—282 Hee Young Park..............70-69-70-73—282 Suzann Pettersen...........70-67-72-74—283 Morgan Pressel..............66-70-71-76—283 Lizette Salas...................68-72-72-73—285 Mamiko Higa ..................70-69-72-75—286 Miki Saiki.........................69-66-74-77—286 Natalie Gulbis .................71-72-74-70—287 Nicole Castrale...............67-70-76-74—287 Anna Nordqvist...............70-74-72-72—288 Pernilla Lindberg ............68-73-73-74—288 Paula Creamer ...............68-72-72-76—288 Meena Lee .....................71-69-70-78—288 Catriona Matthew...........68-74-68-78—288 Cristie Kerr......................71-74-75-69—289 Angela Stanford..............69-70-76-75—290 Jenny Shin......................69-71-74-76—290 Xi Yu Lin ..........................72-68-73-77—290 Ayako Uehara.................69-74-70-77—290 So Yeon Ryu...................69-70-73-78—290

Karine Icher ....................70-74-75-72—291 Katherine Hull-Kirk.........69-73-75-74—291 Mariajo Uribe..................69-73-72-77—291 Shanshan Feng..............69-76-76-71—292 Hee Kyung Seo..............69-76-76-71—292 Sandra Gal .....................69-74-75-74—292 Malene Jorgensen .........69-74-75-74—292 Jessica Korda.................72-71-73-76—292 Candie Kung...................72-70-73-77—292 Eun-Hee Ji......................67-75-72-78—292 Sun Young Yoo................71-71-72-78—292 Ryann O'Toole................67-73-73-79—292 Lee-Anne Pace...............70-71-72-79—292 Dori Carter......................68-72-72-80—292 Gerina Piller....................74-69-77-73—293 Jiyai Shin.........................71-72-77-73—293 Holly Clyburn..................70-73-75-75—293 Marianne Skarpnord......69-74-75-75—293 Jee Young Lee................70-67-77-79—293 Mikaela Parmlid..............69-69-75-80—293 a-Lydia Ko.......................69-76-75-74—294 Florentyna Parker...........69-74-76-75—294 Danielle Kang.................68-75-75-76—294 a-Georgia Hall ................68-75-74-77—294 Inbee Park ......................69-73-74-78—294 Minea Blomqvist.............71-74-76-74—295 Christel Boeljon ..............72-71-77-75—295 Se Ri Pak........................71-73-75-76—295 I.K. Kim............................70-73-75-77—295 Ashleigh Simon ..............71-72-75-77—295 Moriya Jutanugarn .........72-73-79-72—296 Brittany Lincicome..........70-73-81-72—296 Mi Jung Hur....................72-72-78-74—296 Sydnee Michaels............67-75-79-75—296 a-Celine Boutier..............72-72-81-72—297 Dewi Claire Schreefel ....73-71-80-73—297 Michelle Wie ...................74-70-78-75—297 Mika Miyazato ................74-71-80-74—299 Lindsey Wright................70-74-79-76—299 Linda Wessberg .............70-73-78-78—299 3M Championship Scores Sunday At TPC Twin Cities Blaine, Minn. Purse: $1.75 million Yardage: 7,114; Par: 72 Final Tom Pernice Jr. (263), $262,50066-65-68—199 Corey Pavin (140), $140,000.....65-69-66—200 Jeff Sluman (140), $140,000 .....69-69-62—200 Bart Bryant (86), $85,750 ..........66-69-67—202 Jay Haas (86), $85,750..............69-68-65—202 Rod Spittle (86), $85,750...........68-66-68—202 Colin Montgomerie, $53,375 .....67-69-67—203 Kenny Perry (53), $53,375.........65-71-67—203 Craig Stadler (53), $53,375........72-66-65—203 Kirk Triplett (53), $53,375 ...........71-64-68—203 John Cook (0), $38,500 .............68-69-67—204 Gene Sauers (0), $38,500.........70-66-68—204

AUTO RACING NASCAR Sprint 400 Results¢ Sunday At Pocono Raceway Long Pond, Pa. Lap length: 2.5 miles (Start position in parentheses) 1. (18) Kasey Kahne, Chevrolet, 160 laps, 146.7 rating, 48 points, $208,500. 2. (22) Jeff Gordon, Chevrolet, 160, 120.4, 43, $199,221. 3. (5) Kurt Busch, Chevrolet, 160, 119.5, 42, $153,930. 4. (4) Ryan Newman, Chevrolet, 160, 112.6, 41, $161,343. 5. (25) Dale Earnhardt Jr., Chevrolet, 160, 107.3, 40, $125,385. 6. (11) Brad Keselowski, Ford, 160, 113.5, 39, $152,351. 7. (6) Joey Logano, Ford, 160, 102.5, 37, $121,593. 8. (2) Kyle Busch, Toyota, 160, 102.7, 36, $132,568. 9. (20) Tony Stewart, Chevrolet, 160, 94.4, 36, $129,910. 10. (7) Greg Biffle, Ford, 160, 94, 34, $101,535. 11. (3) Carl Edwards, Ford, 160, 89.6, 33, $120,685. 12. (8) Marcos Ambrose, Ford, 160, 81.3, 32, $111,674. 13. (1) Jimmie Johnson, Chevrolet, 160, 97.3, 32, $141,596. 14. (16) Clint Bowyer, Toyota, 160, 91.2, 30, $120,143. 15. (26) Martin Truex Jr., Toyota, 160, 74.2, 30, $113,985. 16. (12) Jamie McMurray, Chevrolet,

Monday, August 5, 2013 160, 77.4, 29, $106,530. 17. (14) Kevin Harvick, Chevrolet, 160, 79.7, 27, $123,171. 18. (28) Mark Martin, Toyota, 160, 73.7, 26, $92,685. 19. (33) Bobby Labonte, Toyota, 160, 62.5, 25, $105,393. 20. (10) Aric Almirola, Ford, 160, 79.6, 25, $117,046. 21. (30) David Ragan, Ford, 160, 57.2, 24, $102,718. 22. (24) Matt Kenseth, Toyota, 160, 69.8, 23, $113,201. 23. (32) Dave Blaney, Chevrolet, 160, 56.7, 22, $92,018. 24. (29) Casey Mears, Ford, 160, 67.4, 20, $97,293. 25. (36) J.J. Yeley, Chevrolet, 160, 50.5, 19, $77,860. 26. (23) Travis Kvapil, Toyota, 160, 57.4, 18, $94,607. 27. (41) Timmy Hill, Ford, 158, 40.6, 17, $78,285. 28. (19) Juan Pablo Montoya, Chevrolet, 157, 35.5, 16, $103,849. 29. (38) Landon Cassill, Chevrolet, 157, 37.1, 0, $73,485. 30. (31) David Stremme, Toyota, 151, 48.5, 14, $77,335. 31. (35) David Reutimann, Toyota, 141, 44.5, 13, $73,185. 32. (21) Paul Menard, Chevrolet, 127, 70.1, 12, $103,001. 33. (15) A J Allmendinger, Chevrolet, brakes, 122, 56.3, 11, $80,810. 34. (17) Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Ford, 113, 39.4, 10, $120,946. 35. (34) Danica Patrick, Chevrolet, accident, 110, 52.2, 9, $72,460. 36. (13) Jeff Burton, Chevrolet, accident, 109, 61.4, 8, $80,210. 37. (39) Joe Nemechek, Toyota, accident, 55, 31, 0, $72,028. 38. (43) Tony Raines, Chevrolet, brakes, 53, 31.9, 0, $67,050. 39. (37) David Gilliland, Ford, accident, 51, 39.4, 5, $63,050. 40. (27) Michael McDowell, Ford, brakes, 44, 40.5, 4, $59,050. 41. (40) Josh Wise, Ford, brakes, 44, 29.4, 0, $55,050. 42. (42) Alex Kennedy, Toyota, vibration, 22, 28.3, 2, $51,050. 43. (9) Denny Hamlin, Toyota, accident, 14, 38.3, 1, $67,350. Race Statistics Average Speed of Race Winner: 129.009 mph. Time of Race: 3 hours, 6 minutes, 2 seconds. Margin of Victory: 1.392 seconds. Caution Flags: 9 for 35 laps. Lead Changes: 27 among 14 drivers. Lap Leaders: J.Johnson 1-33; B.Keselowski 34; Ku.Busch 35-41; J.Gordon 42; D.Earnhardt Jr. 43-44; M.Kenseth 45; J.McMurray 46; J.Johnson 47-53; B.Keselowski 54-57; K.Kahne 58-70; R.Newman 71-72; J.Johnson 73-75; T.Stewart 76-78; K.Kahne 79-82; B.Keselowski 83-88; K.Kahne 89; B.Keselowski 90-91; K.Kahne 92-95; B.Keselowski 96; M.Truex Jr. 97-103; K.Kahne 104-129; Ku.Busch 130-131; A.Almirola 132; D.Blaney 133-135; D.Ragan 136; K.Kahne 137-152; J.Gordon 153-158; K.Kahne 159-160. Leaders Summary (Driver, Times Led, Laps Led): K.Kahne, 7 times for 66 laps; J.Johnson, 3 times for 43 laps; B.Keselowski, 5 times for 14 laps; Ku.Busch, 2 times for 9 laps; J.Gordon, 2 times for 7 laps; M.Truex Jr., 1 time for 7 laps; T.Stewart, 1 time for 3 laps; D.Blaney, 1 time for 3 laps; R.Newman, 1 time for 2 laps; D.Earnhardt Jr., 1 time for 2 laps; J.McMurray, 1 time for 1 lap; A.Almirola, 1 time for 1 lap; D.Ragan, 1 time for 1 lap; M.Kenseth, 1 time for 1 lap. Top 12 in Points: 1. J.Johnson, 772; 2. C.Bowyer, 695; 3. C.Edwards, 688; 4. K.Harvick, 675; 5. D.Earnhardt Jr., 656; 6. Ky.Busch, 646; 7. M.Kenseth, 638; 8. K.Kahne, 612; 9. J.Gordon, 602; 10. G.Biffle, 599; 11. T.Stewart, 594; 12. Bra.Keselowski, 592. NASCAR Driver Rating Formula A maximum of 150 points can be attained in a race. The formula combines the following categories: Wins, Finishes, Top-15 Finishes, Average Running Position While on Lead Lap, Average Speed Under Green, Fastest Lap, Led Most Laps, Lead-Lap Finish.

FOOTBALL USA Today Top 25 Poll The USA Today Top 25 football coaches preseason poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, 2012 records, total points based on 25 points for first place through one point for 25th, and ranking in final 2012 poll: ...................................Record PtsPvs 1. Alabama (58)..........13-1 1,545 1 2. Ohio State (3).........12-0 1,427 NR 3. Oregon....................12-1 1,397 2 4. Stanford ..................12-2 1,262 6 5. Georgia...................12-2 1,250 4 6.Texas A&M (1)........11-2 1,215 5 7. South Carolina .......11-2 1,136 7 8. Clemson .................11-2 1,047 9 9. Louisville .................11-2 1,010 13 10. Florida...................11-2 930 10 11. Notre Dame..........12-1 872 3 12. Florida State.........12-2 844 8 13. LSU.......................10-3 797 12 14. Oklahoma State .....8-5 726 NR 15.Texas .......................9-4 622 18 16. Oklahoma.............10-3 620 15 17. Michigan .................8-5 589 NR 18. Nebraska ..............10-4 426 23 19. Boise State...........11-2 420 14 20.TCU.........................7-6 400 NR 21. UCLA ......................9-5 202 NR 22. Northwestern........10-3 186 16 23. Wisconsin ...............8-6 172 NR 24. Southern Cal ..........7-6 165 NR 25. Oregon State..........9-4 135 19 Others receiving votes: Kansas State 113; Miami (Fla.) 101; Michigan State 89; Baylor 80; Virginia Tech 65; Fresno State 62; Arizona State 51; Mississippi 32; Vanderbilt 29; Utah State 23; Brigham Young 20; North Carolina 19; Northern Illinois 19;Tulsa 9; Ohio 8; San Jose State 8; Arizona 5; Cincinnati 3; East Carolina 3; Kent State 3; Mississippi State 3; Washington 3;Central Florida 2;Arkansas 1; Arkansas State 1; Rutgers 1; Tennessee 1; Toledo 1.

TRANSACTIONS Sunday's Sports Transactions BASEBALL American League BALTIMORE ORIOLES_Optioned RHP Steve Johnson to Norfolk (IL). Recalled 3B Danny Valencia from Norfolk. CHICAGO WHITE SOX_Released OF Dewayne Wise. CLEVELAND INDIANS_Assigned RHP Joe Martinez outright to Columbus (IL). Sent RHP Josh Tomlin to Lake County (MWL) and C Lou Marson to Columbus (IL) for rehab assignments. DETROIT TIGERS_Optioned LHP Darin Downs to Toledo (IL).


Manziel in hot water? NCAA looking into possible rule violation BRISTOL, Conn. (AP) — ESPN says the NCAA is investigating whether Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel was paid for signing hundreds of autographs in January. Citing unidentified sources, ESPN's "Outside the Lines" said the Heisman Trophy winner signed items in exchange for a five-figure fee during his trip to Miami for the BCS championship game. ESPN said sources told "Outside the Lines" that Manziel signed photographs, footballs, mini football helmets and other items at the request of autograph broker Drew Tieman. ESPN reported that a source said James Garland, the NCAA's assistant director of enforcement, contacted Tieman and at least one person associated with the signings in June. "We cannot comment on current, pending or potential investigations," NCAA spokeswoman Emily Potter told The Associated Press in an email statement Sunday night. Texas A&M also declined to comment. "It is Texas A&M's longstanding practice not to respond to such questions concerning specific studentathletes," the school said in an email statement to the AP. It's unclear what level of involvement the NCAA has at this point. When a player is believed to have broken rules, it's not uncommon for a school to declare that player ineligible, then ask the NCAA to investigate and reinstate the athlete's eligibility. Nate Fitch, a friend of Manziel's, posted several tweets at that time saying he was with the Heisman winner in South Florida for the BCS title game. None of Fitch's tweets around the dates of that trip suggested anything about meeting with Tieman, or any memorabilia signings. Tieman's Facebook page was taken down Sunday night, but cached images collected from the page included a photo of him and Notre Dame's Manti Te'o, which was purportedly taken Jan. 3, less than a week before the BCS game.

Kimball earns 1st career win at Indy 200 LEXINGTON (AP) — Charlie Kimball is a diabetic. A condition the IndyCar driver manages with a mixture of vigilance, discipline and perspective. Kind of like the way he handles the horsepower at his fingertips. Six years after the diagnosis that changed his life and two-plus seasons into a career blossoming right under his feet, the guy who used to wonder if he'd get to do this for a living is now a race winner. Kimball slipped by Simon Pagenaud with 18 laps remaining then pulled away to win the Indy 200 on Sunday at Mid-Ohio, his triumph validation that the plan team owner Chip Ganassi put in place when he hired Kimball as the third driver on his powerful team remains very much on schedule. After a few trips around the tricky 2.258-mile circuit, Kimball knew the only way he could win would come if he punched it. While top qualifiers Ryan HunterReay, Will Power and Scott Dixon eased off the gas to stretch their mileage, Kimball pressed his foot to the floor figuring he could make up whatever precious seconds he lost by pitting three times if he just kept the hammer down. It worked better than he imagined, propelling the 28year-old to the top of the podium and erasing any lingering doubts he had about whether he belonged in North America's top openwheel series.


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Monday, August 5, 2013

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Word of the Week Tackle —Either of the lineman stationed between a guard and an end in football

Newspaper Knowledge Your newspaper will publish school athletic league standings, showing games won and lost and percentages for each team. Check the accuracy of the percentage figures.

Words To Know Sport Game Coverage Field

Helmets Points Team

American Football is one of the world’s most popular competitive sports. It is mostly popular in the United States where football is the number one spectator sport. Each year the NFL championship, the Super Bowl, is the most watched events= on TV. College football is also very popular with numerous 100,000 plus stadiums selling out every week. Points in football are scored by advancing the football beyond the goal line (called a touch down) or kicking the ball through a field goal. The rules of the sport are quite complex and differ depending on the levels of play. Football is a true team sport. Most players specialize in a particular position and skill. With eleven players and defense and offense, many substitutions, as well as special teams, most teams will play at least 30 or 40 players on a regular basis. This makes teamwork and overall team talent more important than the abilities of any single player.

FOOTBALL TERMS: Audible: When the quarterback changes the football play at the line of scrimmage. Bump-and-run: When a defender hits a receiver and then goes into pass coverage. This defensive play is used to slow down the receiver and mess up any timing on the offensive play. Eligible receiver: The football players on the offense that are allowed by the rules to catch a forward pass.

FOOTBALL: The Field Football is played on a field. Most of the time the field is grass, but sometimes fake grass called artificial turf is used. Because the lines on the field look like a grid, the nickname for the field is the “gridiron”. Football field Football field dimensions Click to see larger version Dimensions The main playing area of the field is 100 yards (300 feet) long by 53 1/3 yards (160 feet) wide. End Zones At each end of the field is an end zone. This area extends the field another 10 yards on each side. The line between the field and the end zone is the goal line. In order to score a touchdown some portion of the ball must cross the goal line in the possession of an offensive player. Play outside the lines of the end zone is considered out of bounds. Yard Lines Every five yards a line crosses the field. Each 10 yards this line is marked with a yardage number. At the center of the field is the 50 yard line. In each direction from the 50 yard line to the end zone, the yard line decreases the closer you get to the end zone. Hash Marks Hash marks are small lines made every yard on the field. These lines help to spot the ball on the field and give an indication of the distance left to achieve a first down. Field Goal At the end of the end zone and centered on the field is the field goal. The bottom of the field goal is 10 feet high. In the NFL and college the posts are 18 feet 6 inches wide. In high school the posts are 23 feet 4 inches wide. Side Lines The side lines are considered out of bounds. If any part of the player touches the line, then they are out of bounds. Goal Line The goal line is the line between the playing field and the end zone.

Encroachment: A penalty when any football player contacts the other team prior to the snap. End zone: The area at the end of the football field where the offensive team must have possession of the football to score a touchdown. Extra point: After a football team has scored a touchdown, they have the opportunity to score additional points. They can kick an extra-point for 1 point or try a 2-point conversion for 2 points. Fair catch: By signaling with a wave, the football player making a kick return can choose to catch the football and take possession of the ball where he made the catch. He will not get tackled, but he also will not be allowed to run with the football. Field goal: A three point score, when the kicker kicks the football above the crossbar and between the uprights of the goalpost. Fumble: When a football player drops the football. The ball is available for any other player to gain possession for his team. Holding: A penalty where a football player grabs an opponent. Intentional grounding: A penalty called when the quarterback purposely throws an incomplete pass just to avoid a sack. Interception: A pass that is caught by a football player on the defense. Lateral: A backward pass. Football players may lateral the football as many times per play as they want. If a lateral is dropped, the ball is still live (like a fumble) and any player may recover it.

End Line The end line is the line at the back of the end zone.

Line of scrimmage: The location on the field where the football is spotted and the next play begins. Linemen: The offensive and defensive football players who start each play at the line of scrimmage. Nickel defense: When the defense brings in a 5th defensive back to help cover the pass play.

Miami County Solid Waste District Waste Reduction Awarebness Grant Application

The Miami County Solid Waste District is committed to supporting environmental education in Miami County. We are pleased to assist public and private school teachers, administrators and educators with environmental education programming as it relates to solid waste issues. We hope your school will take advantage of this opportunity to further your education goals. Fundable activities include, but are not limited to: • Purchasing containment and other supplies for a school recycling program • Purchasing recycled content materials and supplies • Implementing a school waste reduction practice • Creating a composting area • Developing activities that teach about recycling, waste reduction, litter prevention, pollution, landfills or other solid waste topics • Supplies for solid waste related classroom activities • Waste reduction or recycling kits The Miami County Solid Waste District is a nonprofit governmental agency of Miami County. The Waste Reduction Awareness Grant is supported solely by the District budget. Grants up to $500 will be awarded to conduct waste reduction awareness projects. Up to $3000 in grant funds will be made available to community schools each year. If interested in an application, please call Cindy Bach at 440-3488 ext. 8705 or email Applications are accepted until 4 pm, October 31, 2013.

Pocket: The place where the quarterback stands just behind the center. Here he is protected from the pass rush by his blockers. Punt: A football kick to the other team to give them the ball downfield rather than lose the football on downs. Rush: When the football player runs with the football. Also, when a football player tries to tackle the quarterback while in the pocket. Sack: When the quarterback is tackled behind the line of scrimmage. Safety: When a football player is tackled in his own end zone. The defense gets 2 points and the possession of the football from a free kick. Scrambling: When the quarterback runs around trying not to get sacked with the football. Snap: Also called the hike, the snap starts the football play. The center hands or passes the football between his legs to a player standing behind him (usually the quarterback). Touchdown: A 6 point score. When a player has control of the football within the end zone. 40363200

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