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Cuba arms shipment explanation troubling HAVANA (AP) — North Korea on Wednesday repeated Cuba’s assertion that the antiquated weapons systems found on a cargo ship in Panama were headed to the Asian county for repair. But while the explanation is potentially credible, it leaves troubling questions unresolved, international arms experts say. See Page 6

Commissioners adopt budget Cuts from 2010 still affecting departments BY WILL E SANDERS Civitas Media

TROY — Miami County Commission adopted the 2014 tax budget during a special meeting that projects revenues at $21.9 million while forecasting expenditures at $27.89 million. Meanwhile, county commis-

sioners approved other fund revenues and appropriations at $69.3 and $68.7, respectively. Commissioners said $4.2 million in budget cuts in 2010 are still positively affecting county budgets, including the one passed Monday. “The county has been diligent in keeping their budget line items tight since the 2010 cuts,” said Commissioner John

“Bud” O’Brien. “It has put us in a strong position to better manage our services and expenses.” Examples O’Brien listed include the combination of four departments into one, forming the department of development, moving all county IT personnel under the county auditor and making them available to all county officers, and launching a new county website.

He added that county elected officials and department heads should be “commended” for Miami County’s current “fiscal health.” O’Brien labeled this year’s tax budget process as a “fairly smooth process, even with the archaic software that was used” by the Miami County Auditor’s Office. New accounting software will be installed in the county next year to better

Lincoln Center takes produce to market Staff Writer

TROY — Between the rows of fresh tomatoes, lettuce and green beans, Lincoln Community Center members proudly showed off their green thumbs as they harvested fresh produce in the summer heat Wednesday. It is the second year for the Lincoln Community Center to plant a garden behind the facility in Troy, but it’s the first year for the center’s youth to harvest and then sell the organic garden’s produce at the Downtown Troy’s Farmers’ Market. According to executive director Shane Carter, the garden started as a way for the center’s youth to grow and eat fresh produce for a healthier eating habits. “The main goal is for the kids to benefit by eating better food and fresh produce,” Carter said. Carter was later approached by Susan Funderberg, Downtown Troy’s Farmers’ Market coordinator, to expand the garden and the LLC’s message at the Saturday morning market. “It’s been a great experience for us,” Carter said. “The farmers’ have even been so helpful and shared their tips and ask how things are going — it’s been great.” Yet what Carter says he has enjoyed Staff Photos | ANTHONY WEBER

Heat wave sizzles across country NEW YORK (AP) — Weather forecasters warned of potentially dangerous temperatures from Minnesota to Massachusetts on Wednesday, as the nation’s largest heat wave of the summer stretched out and stagnated, with relief in many places still days away.

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cameras Learning and growing With watching, By Melanie Yingst

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Corey Wallace, left, and Mike McDade pull organic grown green beans at the Lincoln Community Center Wednesday in Troy.

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Bomber as rock star? Rolling Stone cover outrage NEW YORK (AP) — Sultry eyes burn into the camera lens from behind tousled curls. A scruff of sexy beard and loose T-shirt are bathed in soft, yellow light. The close-up of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover of Rolling Stone to hit shelves Friday looks more like a young Bob Dylan or Jim Morrison than the 19-yearold who pleaded not guilty a little more than a week ago in the Boston Marathon bombing, his arm in a cast and his face swollen in court. Has the magazine, with its roundly condemned cover, offered the world its first rock star of an alleged Islamic terrorist? The same image of Tsarnaev was widely circulated and used by newspapers and magazines before, but in this context it took on new criticism and accusations that Rolling Stone turned the bombing defendant into something more appealing. “I can’t think of another

instance in which one has glamorized the image of an alleged terrorist. This is the image of a rock star. This is the image of someone who is admired, of someone who has a fan base, of someone we are critiquing as art,” said Kathleen Hall Jamieson, a communications professor and the director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Public outrage was swift, including hard words from the Boston mayor, bombing survivors and the governor of Massachusetts. At least five retailers with strong New England ties — CVS , Tedeschi Food Stores and the grocery chain the Roche Bros. — said they would not sell the issue that features an in-depth look into how a charming, well-liked teen took a dark turn toward radical Islam. Stop & Shop and Walgreens followed suit. Tsarnaev is not referred to as Tsarnaev in the article. The magazine uses his playful

diminutive instead in a headline: “Jahar’s World.” With cover teasers for other stories on Willie Nelson, Jay-Z and Robin Thicke, it declares for the Tsarnaev story: “The Bomber. How a Popular, Promising Student was Failed by His Family, Fell Into Radical Islam and Became a Monster.” Rolling Stone did not address whether the photo was edited or filtered in any way in a brief statement offering condolences to bombing survivors and the loved ones of the dead. “The fact that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is young, and in the same age group as many of our readers, makes it all the more important for us to examine the complexities of this issue and gain a more complete understanding of how a tragedy like this happens,” the statement said. That’s little consolation for James “Bim” Costello, 30, of

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153rd Annual

Shelby County Fair July 25 • 8:00 P.M.


your car isn’t your castle

WASHINGTON (AP) — You can drive, but you can’t hide. A rapidly growing network of police cameras is capturing, storing and sharing data on license plates, making it possible to stitch together people’s movements whether they are stuck in a commute, making tracks to the beach or up to no good. For the first time, the number of license tag captures has reached the millions, according to a study published Wednesday by the American Civil Liberties Union based on information from hundreds of law enforcement agencies. Departments keep the records for weeks or years, sometimes indefinitely, saying they can be crucial in tracking suspicious cars, aiding drug

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Marijuana operation uncovered Staff Reports

WEST MILTON — A pot operation has been discovered in a West Milton resident’s home, in a search intended to look for stolen items. At 8 a.m. Monday, Sgt. Chris Graham of the Tipp City Police Department, assisted by the West Milton Police Department, served a search warrant at 409 N. Main St. The warrant was in reference to supplies stolen approximately a year ago from the city of Tipp City, including a small box trailer and painting supplies. According to Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports, while searching the residence Graham observed a large number of other hand tools, power tools, welders, air compressors, lawn mowers, a four wheeler, weedeater and chainsaw. West Milton police also discovered an indoor marijuana growing operation. They subsequently applied for and obtained a second search warrant so that a more thorough search could be completed, aided by Miami County Sheriff’s Office deputies. Items are being checked with the Miami County Sheriff’s Office and Union Police Department against their stolen property list, according to West Milton Chief of Police Garry Kimpel. Arrests are pending. July 24 8:00 P.M.

July July 21-27

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Thursday, July 18, 2013



• The Troy Elevator The grain prices listed below are the closing prices of Wednesday. Corn Month Bid Change June 6.5800 - 0.0675 NC 13 4.7700 - 0.0875 Jan 14 4.9400 - 0.0875 Soybeans Month Bid Change June 15.7750 + 0.0225 NC 13 12.3850 - 0.0275 Jan 14 12.5350 - 0.0275 Wheat Month Bid Change June 6.4000 - 0.0450 NC 14 6.5000 - 0.0525 You can find more information online at

n Continued from page 1

the most about the garden project is witnessing the growth of the youth themselves as they learn about growing their own food, how to support themselves and seeing the end product of their hard work. “It has been a positive experience for everybody involved,” Carter said. “I’m picking weeds,” said Kamryn Webster. The 11 yearold boy said he enjoys working in the garden which is a lot like his own in his backyard. Webster explained how the tomato fruit is formed after the flowers of the plant bloom. He also showed how the larger • Stocks of local interest tomatoes on the bottom were Values reflect closing prices ripe for picking in a few weeks from Wednesday. compared to late tomatoes near Symbol Price Change the top. AA 8.19 +0.08 “I like doing this,” Webster CAG 36.83 +0.07 said. “It’s fun seeing everything CSCO 25.72 +0.01 grow.” EMR 57.33 +0.12 Carter listed off tomatoes, F 16.78 +0.18 green beans, peppers, carrots, FITB 18.99 +0.13 lettuce and other garden favorFLS 55.81 +0.63 ites. All of the produce was startGM 36.36 +0.18 + ed by seed with the exception of ITW 71.59 +0.13 the tomato plants. JCP 16.56 -0.57 “Last Saturday was great KMB 99.64 -0.55 because we sold everything we KO 40.84 +0.61 had,” Carter said. “I hope it KR 38.44 +0.31 inspires a spirit of entrepreneurLLTC 40.28 +0.25 + ship in the kids, you know, like MCD 100.10 -0.78 feeding themselves and stay out MSFG 14.24 -0.05 of poverty, as well inspiring the PEP 85.24 +1.22 + kids to eat healthy.” SYX TUP USB VZ WEN WMT

9.44 +0.02 78.11 -0.27 36.74 -0.53 50.74 +0.46 6.62 +0.05 77.20 -0.17

Budget n Continued from page 1 aid in the annual budgeting process to make it an even smoother process. With Commissioner Richard Cultice absent from the meeting, O’Brien and fellow Commissioner Jack Evans approved the budget, which was based upon projections of estimated carry-over, estimated revenue and anticipated expenditures for the upcoming year. Evans said the cooperation amongst county officials “to hold the line with major budget cuts” implemented in 2010 is still benefiting county coffers. “If those cuts were not in place we would not be in the position that we are in today,” Evans said. “ Monday’s approval followed a public hearing that was held concerning the tax budget on June 27. Monday’s approval of the tax budget, which included the Troy-Miami County Public Library, was the first step in a two-step budgeting process. At the end of this year commissioners will adopt 2014 appropriations after holding tax hearings in the fall. O’Brien said the $4.2 million cuts in 2010 has made it possible for the county to have budget surpluses each year since, but noted that this week’s reopening of the Miami County Incarceration Facility will make the budget tighter. “It’s a tough budget item to pay for and it will make the remainder of our budget extremely tight,” the commissioner said. “… We continue to be cautiously optimistic and the general fund will be balanced in 2013 and, with hard work and cooperation, again in 2014.”


Kamryn Webster describes many of the vegetables grown in the community garden Wednesday at the Lincoln Community Center.

Carter said teaching the Lincoln Community Center youth how to grow their own vegetables may one day inspire a spirit of “self-reliance.” “Being healthy, being outside and feeding yourself healthy food you grow yourself is what it’s all about,” Carter said. “It’s hard work but it’s worth it.”

For Mike McDade, a junior at Troy High School, the garden was part of community service hours with the juvenile court system. After McDade fulfilled his probation requirement, Carter kept McDade working in the garden because the young man enjoyed it so much.

“It was a different experience for me,” McDade said. “I’ve never done anything like this. I’ve never worked in a garden before, but I’ve enjoyed doing it.” McDade also helped with the Lincoln Community Center’s produce stand at the farmer’s market on Saturday. “That was fun to see everything sell,” McDade said. Carter said he has shared gardening tips he learned from his grandmother growing up with the youth as they work each day in the garden. “The whole garden is organic,” Carter said as he straightened tomato stakes. “We may make some salsa after the farmers’ market is done, but the whole project is to give kids something to do and sell the produce to the public.” Carter said the proceeds of the garden will go to the Lincoln Community Center’s general fund and help fund the Lincoln Community Center’s “Back to School Bash” on Aug. 17. The garden also was funded by grants from the Troy Noon Optimists and Altrusa. For more information about the Lincoln Community Center, visit www.

Bomber n Continued from page 1 Malden, Mass., who needed pig skin grafts on most of his right arm and right leg after the bombing. His body was pebbled with shrapnel, including nails he pulled out of his stomach himself. Three of his close friends lost legs that day and others suffered serious burns and shrapnel injuries. “I think whoever wrote the article should have their legs blown off by someone,” struggle through treatment “and then see who they would choose to put on the cover. “ The accompanying story, he said, “just seems like a cry for attention” from Rolling Stone. Lauren Gabler had finished her fourth Boston Marathon and was two blocks from the finish line explosions that April day. At first she

thought the Rolling Stone photo, released on the magazine’s website and Facebook page, was of a model or a rock star. “All of a sudden you realize that’s the Boston bomber,” said Gabler, who lives in the Washington, D.C., area. “The cover almost tricks you into what you’re looking at. I haven’t read the article yet, and I know it will probably be quite in-depth, but my initial reaction is that the photo that’s being used almost makes him look like a good guy.” Rolling Stone said the cover story was part of its “long-standing commitment to serious and thoughtful coverage of the most important political and cultural issues of our day.” And the magazine has had plenty of covers featur-

ing people outside the realm of entertainment, from President Obama to Charles Manson. Putting criminals and alleged criminals on the covers of major magazines is justified if they are major news figures, said Samir Husni, a journalism professor who heads the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi. It’s digitally manipulating a photo that never is, said Husni, reached by phone on vacation in his native Lebanon. “ They ’ll probably regret it later,” he said of Rolling Stone’s handling of the cover. “Even if it wasn’t doctored it’s going to bring those negative reactions.” Hundreds of Facebook and Twitter commenters condemned the magazine. Many cursed.

Others expressed sadness and still more vowed never to read or purchase the magazine again. Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino spoke for them in a letter he dashed off to Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner accusing the magazine of offering Tsarnaev “celebrity treatment” and calling the cover “ill-conceived, at best,” in that it supports the “terrible message that destruction gains fame for killers and their ‘causes.’” The letter goes on to call the cover an obvious marketing strategy and concludes: “The survivors of the Boston attacks deserve Rolling Stone cover stories, though I no longer feel that Rolling Stone deserves them.” What does the controversy say about the culture today? It’s a culture

that has already produced an online fandom for the attractive young bombing suspect, including young girls calling him “hot” and promising to help clear his name. At his hearing last week, a dozen or so girls wore T-shirts and stickers bearing his face. Jamieson had this to say on that score: “If you took that picture and you walked into an audience three months before the bombing and you said, ‘Here, this is a cover of Rolling Stone,’ what would people say? They’d say, ‘Ah, a new artist emerges on the national stage and Rolling Stone is doing a cover. What is his name? Well I guess it’s Bomber.’”

Car n Continued from page 1 busts, finding abducted children and more. Attached to police cars, bridges or buildings — and sometimes merely as an app on a police officer’s smartphone — scanners capture images of passing or parked vehicles and pinpoint their locations, uploading that information into police databases.. Over time, it’s unlikely many vehicles in a covered area escape notice. And with some of the information going into regional databases encompassing multiple jurisdictions, it’s becoming easier to build a record of where someone has been and when, over a large area. While the Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that a judge’s approval is needed to use GPS to track a car, networks of plate scanners allow police effectively to track a driver’s location, sometimes several times every day, with few legal restrictions. The ACLU says the scanners are assembling

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a “single, high-resolution image of our lives.” “There’s just a fundamental question of whether we’re going to live in a society where these dragnet surveillance systems become routine,” said Catherine Crump, a staff attorney with the organization. The group is proposing that police departments immediately delete any records of cars not linked to any crime. Although less thorough than GPS tracking, plate readers can produce some of the same information, the group says, revealing whether someone is frequenting a bar, joining a protest, getting medical or mental help, being unfaithful to a spouse and much more. In Minneapolis, for example, eight mobile and two fixed cameras captured data on 4.9 million license plates from January to August 2012, the Star Tribune reported. Among those whose movements were recorded: Mayor R.T. Rybak, whose city-owned cars were tracked at 41 locations in a year. A Star Tribune reporter’s vehicle was tracked seven times in a year,

AP Photo

Officer Dennis Vafier, of the Alexandria Police Department, uses a laptop in his squad car to scan vehicle license plates during his patrols, Tuesday in Alexandria, Va. Local police departments across the country have amassed millions of digital records on the location and movements of vehicles with a license plate using automated scanners. Affixed to police cars, bridges or buildings, the scanners capture images of passing or parked vehicles and note their location, dumping that information into police databases. Departments keep the records for weeks or even years.

placing him at a friend’s house three times late at night, other times going to and from work — forming a picture of the dates, times and coordinates of his daily routine. Until the city temporarily classified such data late last year, anyone could ask police for a list of when and where a car had been spotted. As the technology

becomes cheaper and more widespread, even small police agencies are able to deploy more sophisticated surveillance systems. The federal government has been a willing partner, offering grants to help equip departments, in part as a tool against terrorism. Law enforcement officials say the scanners are strikingly efficient. The

state of Maryland told the ACLU that troopers could “maintain a normal patrol stance” while capturing up to 7,000 license plate images in a single eighthour shift. “At a time of fiscal and budget constraints, we need better assistance for law enforcement,” said Harvey Eisenberg, assistant U.S. attorney in Maryland.

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July 18, 2013

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fish, shrimp and sandwiches, all made-toorder.

• BOOK CLUB: Saturday The High Nooners book discussion group at the Milton-Union • CHICKEN AND Public Library will NOODLES: The meet at noon. They Troy Senior Citizens will discuss “On the Center, 134 N. Market Island,â€? by Tracey St., Troy, will offer Garvis Graves. For a chicken and homeCONTACT US information about made noodle dinner joining a group, call for $7 from 4:30-6:30 Call Melody (937) 698-5515. p.m. Advanced tick• CHILDREN’S Vallieu at ets will be available PROGRAM: A chil440-5265 at the center from 9 dren’s program with to list your a.m. Monday-Friday “The Rock Manâ€? Mike free calendar and at the door. For Manning will be at the items. You more information, call Milton-Union Public 335.2810. can send Library from 1:45-3:15 • FARMERS your news p.m. He is a retired MARKET: The teacher and geologist. by e-mail to Downtown Troy His program will be Farmers Market will about crystals, minerbe offered from 9 a.m. als, dinosaur fossils to noon on South Cherry Street, just and gem sluicing. Children will be able to screen for fossils, minerals, crystals off West Main Street. The market will and gemstones which they will get to include fresh produce, artisan cheeses, take home. Pre-registration is required. baked goods, eggs, organic milk, maple • CHESS CLUB: Join the Troy-Miami syrup, flowers, crafts, prepared food and County Library’s Checkmate Chess Club entertainment. Plenty of free parking. at 6:30 p.m. Whether you are a beginner Contact Troy Main Street at 339-5455 or an expert, the club is open to all play- for information or visit www.troymainers. Play against your friends and family • FARMERS MARKET: The Miami or sit back and watch others demonstrate their skills. Learn something new County Farmers Market will be offered from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. behind Friendly’s, about the game of chess. • LEPC MEETING: The quarterly Troy. meeting of the LEPC will be at 4 p.m. • QUARTER AUCTION: Troy High at the Miami County Communication School student Abby Brinkman is hostCenter, 210 Marybill Drive, Troy. ing a quarter auction to benefit the • HAMBURGERS: The American Troy Lunch Club. Doors open at 5:30 Legion Auxiliary Unit No. 586, 377 N. p.m., and bidding starts at 6:30 p.m. in 3rd St., Tipp City, will offer hamburger the under croft of St. Patrick’s Church. sandwiches with toppings and chips for The first paddle is $2; the second is $3 from 6-7:30 p.m. Euchre will start at $1. Donated items are from all over 7 p.m. for $5. the community. For more information, • BOE MEETING: The Covington email or Board of Education will meet in regu- call (937) 902-6591. lar session at 6 p.m. in the Covington • CRAFT CLASS: A Teen “Hollow Board Office located in the Covington Bookâ€? craft class will be at the MiltonMiddle School, 25 Grant St., Covington. Union Public Library. Learn how to • LUNCH MEETING: The 1956 class make your own secret hiding place of Piqua Central High School will be within the pages of an discarded book. meeting for lunch at 12:30 p.m. at Heck The program begins at 3 p.m. and is Yeah Grill on County Road 25-A, Piqua. open to teens ages 13-17. All class members and their guest are • NIGHT HIKE: Brukner Nature welcome and orders will be taken from Center will have a Night Hike, “Night the menu. Sounds,â€? at 9 p.m. at Brukner Nature • HERB SOCIETY: The Miami Center. Every month BNC naturalists County Herb Society will meet at 7 plan a nighttime adventure into the p.m. at the Lost Creek Reserve, Knoop Brukner woodlands. Come discover Cabin. Participants will meet in the the evening symphony of Ohio’s birds, parking lot at 6:45 p.m. and drive back insects and amphibians as participants to the cabin together. The program will explore the different habitats of BNC. be Steve Moeckel and he will speak Come dressed for a family-friendly about native plants that work well in the adventure as participants hike the trails landscape. The herb of the month will on a guided discovery of nocturnal creabe presented by Marian Moeckel. tures, sounds of the night and wildlife • BEEF HOT SHOT: The American signs. Free and open to the public. Legion Post No. 43, 622 S. Market St., • PUBLIC STAR GAZE: Join the will offer a beef hot shots supper from Stillwater Stargazers and explore the 5-7:30 p.m. Included will be a hot shot starry night sky at 10 p.m. at Brukner sandwich, mashed potatoes with gravy, Nature Center. Members will have their and green beans or corn, for $8. telescopes set up to answer questions. • MEETING SET: The Miami County This program is free and open to the Board of Elections will meet at 3 p.m. in public, following the night hike. the Miami County Meeting Room on the • CAR SHOW: A classic car and bike ground floor of the courthouse, 215 W. show and family fun day will be from 11 Main St., Troy. a.m. to 4 p.m. at Pleasant Hill Church • DISCOVERY WALK: A mornof the Brethren. The event also will ing discovery walk for adults will be from 8-9:30 a.m. at Aullwood Audubon include games, food and ice cream. • FAMILY CARNIVAL: A family carCenter, 1000 Aullwood Road, Dayton. nival will be offered from noon to 5 p.m. Tom Hissong, education coordinator, will lead walkers as they experience at the Alcony Grace Church. The event the wonderful seasonal changes taking will include games, food and prizes. Games will include carnival games, the place. Bring binoculars. annual sack race, a hula hoop contest, cake walk and “Pie the Pastor.â€? Friday • KARAOKE SET: The American Legion Post 586, 377 N. 3rd St., Tipp • FRIDAY DINNER: AMVETS Ladies City, will host karaoke from 7 p.m. to Auxiliary Post No. 88, 3449 LeFevre close. • FARM WALK: Journey into the life Road, Troy, will offer hamburgers, hot of a chicken by touching them and coldogs, coney dogs, macaroni salad, baked beans, and dessert for $6 from 5:30-8 lecting eggs in the chicken coop at 2:30 p.m. at Aullwood Farm, 9101 Frederick p.m. • CAMPFIRE OFFERED: The Miami Pike, Dayton. Meet Aullwood’s turkeys County Park District will hold its “Music and examine the yolk of a chicken’s egg. • TASTE OF AULLWOOD: A Taste of the Starsâ€? campfire from 9 -11 p.m. at Charleston Falls Preserve, 2535 Ross of Aullwood will be offered from 6:30Road, south of Tipp City. Join Spirit 9:30 p.m. at Aullwood. The evening will of Thunder (John De Boer) as he cel- feature a variety of local restaurants ebrates a night of music and the stars. and caterers providing sample tastes Enjoy Gustav Holst’s “The Planets,â€? of one of their favorite recipes. Enjoy Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,â€? square and line dancing with easy to Karlheinz Stockhausen “Star Soundsâ€? learn instructions or just relax and lisand more. Park and meet at the main ten to the lively music provided by the entrance. Spend an evening around the Corndrinkers. campfire roasting marshmallows, telling stories, playing games and singing Sunday songs. Bring your musical instrument and play along. Register for the program • VIEW FROM THE VISTA: Brukner online at www.miamicountyparks, email to or Nature Center will be having its View from call (937) 335-6273, Ext. 104. the Vista from 2-4 p.m. Join members of the • CHICKEN MEAL: The American Brukner Bird Club for a relaxing afternoon! Legion Auxiliary Unit No. 586, 377 N. Enjoy home-baked refreshments and the 3rd St., Tipp City, will offer sweet and camaraderie of the Tree-top Vista as you sour chicken over rice with sides and learn all about our summer nesters. This is dessert for $7 from 6-7:30 p.m. the time of year that parents will be bring• SALAD LUNCHEON: The Troy ing their young to the feeders to teach them Chapter of the Order of Eastern Star about this hot dining spot. All levels of birdwill have its annual salad luncheon from ers welcome! Free and open to the public. 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Troy Masonic • BREAKFAST PLANNED: The Temple, 107 W. Main St., Troy. Meals American Legion Post No. 586, 377 N. 3rd will be eat-in or carry-out for $7. St., Tipp City, will present an all-you-can-eat • FRIDAY DINNERS: Dinner will be breakfast from 8-11 a.m. for $6. Items availoffered from 5-8 p.m. at the Covington able will be eggs your way, bacon, sausage, VFW Post 4235, 173 N. High St., sausage gravy, biscuits, toast, pancakes, wafCovington. Choices will include a $12 fles, home fries, French toast, fruit, juices New York strip steak, broasted chicken, and cinnamon rolls.

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Liters of Learning Organization builds school in Guatemala By JOYELL NEVINS Civitas Media

Local resident Treva Wynn, along with her husband Riley, started a charity organization called “William Wynn’s Liters of Learning� after winning an online contest designed to help visionaries create a non-governmental organization. In her submitted video entry, Wynn described her dream of improving education in Guatemala. Almost a year later, Liters has finished building a new school for the village of Llano de San Gaspar. Treva and Riley will be in Ludlow Falls on Saturday to meet their sponsors in person and fundraise enough to pay for a teacher for the school. Although from the Dayton area, the couple had been living in Guatemala for a year and a half prior to the contest, teaching English to primary age children. Treva noticed a link between poverty, violence and lack of education, and wanted to increase the value and importance of schooling for Guatemalan kids. A clear plan formed when she heard about the “Power to Change.� The “Power to Change� contest was hosted by Strivectin and promised $30,000 to the winner to go towards creating their own non-governmental organization. Treva’s video talked about her dream of repairing existing schools, building new “green� schools in the outer lying areas, and leaving a continuing source of funding so the school could stay open. Although the vision started with Guatemala, the Wynns hoped to eventually encompass all of Central America and beyond.

Provided photo Treva Wynn gets ready to build an eco-brick wall in the village of Llano de San Gaspar, Guatemala.

Out of 600 entries, Treva was chosen to be one of 15 finalists. The finalists’ videos stayed on the skincare company’s website for a month. At the end of the month, the video with the most votes was the winner. And on Aug. 7, 2012, Treva found out she was that person. “I think ‘blubbering mess’ would be too kind to describe how I reacted,â€? Treva said in a previous interview. “I literally had tears running down my face as soon as I heard the woman (of Strivectin) say ‘It is our great privilege and honor to tell you‌â€? The check came later that month in one lump sum. “It was one big ol’ check,â€? Treva said. “We deposited the whole dang thing!â€? The check stayed in a U.S. account created for that purpose. In November, Treva was back in the states to meet with a lawyer about

how to proceed to create the organization. In December, she applied for 501(c ) 3 status. “The hardest part is just waiting for that status,� Treva said. She added it averages about a year for the status to clear. The new charity is called “William Wynn’s Liters of Learning� in honor of Treva’s dad. He died on Dec. 2, 2005, of cancer. “We had a very close relationship,� Treva said. “He was very supportive of me — he said see as much as you can, while you can.� When she was younger and they would watch “Beauty and the Beast,� William told Treva that she could be just like Belle when she sings “there must be more than this provincial life.� He encouraged her to be like Belle, to get out of Dayton and “go see and experience the world.�




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The Enid (Okla.) News & Eagle Zimmerman trial verdict reached because of facts of case, Florida law In an enlightening post on his “Criminal Defense” blog, veteran criminal defense lawyer Brian Tannebaum cut to the chase about “The Embarrassment Of The George Zimmerman Verdict.” He made some excellent points, which we will share in this editorial. The Florida attorney began by stating that Trayvon Martin’s death was a tragedy, and that George Zimmerman didn’t have to shoot him. That said, Tannebaum emphasized that he wasn’t there. “You weren’t there either,” Tannebaum wrote. “You don’t know what happened, exactly. As much as you want to believe you were there and know what happened, exactly, you weren’t, and you don’t. “Not knowing exactly what happened requires a not guilty verdict, no matter how angry or outraged you are.” Tannebaum, who watched the trial and knows lawyers on both sides, wrote that the jury reached its verdict because of the facts and Florida law. The jurors — who heard everything; we didn’t — issued a reasonable verdict on the issue they had to decide: the criminal charge against Zimmerman. Tannebaum argued the state didn’t have a great case, with no witnesses and a confusing tape recording. “George Zimmerman is not guilty because the law says he’s not guilty,” the attorney wrote. “You don’t think it’s right that he killed Trayvon Martin, but that’s not what the law says in Florida where we like guns more than we like people. You have a problem with that, do something to change the law other than complain on social media. I know, you’re busy, you won’t. That’s for others to do.” In closing, Tannebaum criticized broadcast news coverage and suggested better vetting of TV pundits. Also, he urged the uninformed to quit criticizing the verdict and asked to put an end to misguided cries for an appeal. We believe the verdict does not mean an endorsement of Zimmerman as a “good” guy, Martin as a bad guy “deserving” death, or many other non-criminal concerns that have come out in this case. Racism still exists in our country. Teenagers say and do stupid things and sometimes criminal things. Adults sometimes say and do stupid things, too. But, Zimmerman did not murder Martin, so says the jury. Fergus Falls (Minn.) Journal Tea party reveals its politics Those who thought the Tea Party would do good things for rural areas in the United States — where most of the Tea Party Republicans’ constituents live — should look at the recent failure of the Farm Bill as evidence to the contrary. The latest farm bill passed by the House separates the funding for food stamps from other farm programs. The fact is, the political ideologies of extremist Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives has corrupted what is typically a bipartisan bill, making it impossible for Democrats — including traditional moderate Rep. Collin Peterson — to vote for. And while such an idea may make sense to House Republicans, the fact is, if the bill is so unappealing to the Democratic Senate and President that will never pass, then there’s no point in passing it. There’s no question that many in our country need food stamps to survive. There’s also no question that farmers need a safety net program to compete with farmers in other parts of the world, and to survive if hard times fall on them. By corrupting what may be the most bipartisan issue Congress deals with, Tea Party members have shown they are far more interested in promoting their conservative ideology than getting anything done.

LETTERS Thank you for your support To the Editor: West Milton celebrated another Fourth of July in grand style at the West Milton Community Park. The four-day festival consisted of carnival rides, a midway of games and food provided by Funtime Carnival out of Cincinnati, the annual Lions Club chicken barbecure and concluded with a fireworks display presented by Garden State Fireworks, The Santore Brothers, out of New Jersey. Other events taking place during the event were a fishing derby held on June 29 and the West Milton Independence Day Hometown

Parade the morning of the fourth. Thank you to the following for their financial contribution to the festival: First Baptist Church of Laura, Clifton W. Poling, OD, Cyn-Sational Barbers, Hale-Sarver Funeral Home, McGrath’s Service Center, Mr. Deal’s, Municipality of West Milton, Skipper’s Tavern, Sundown Tan, Union Township, West Milton IGA and all of the anonymous contributors that donated at the businesses and at the park. Your ongoing support will continue to make this festival a success. When you patronize these businesses thank them for their contribution. — Jack Scudmore West Milton Lions

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My daughter is becoming the child I always wanted Troy Daily News Executive Editor Nine years ago, the doctor gave me what I deemed the worst news possible. “Congratulations,” he said. “It’s a girl.” At least that’s what he said. What I really heard was, “Congratulations, Mr. Fong, you had better resign yourself to a lifetime of heartache and sorrow.” When we first found out Michelle was pregnant, I immediately told everyone I didn’t care whether we would be having a boy or a girl. Which, in the grand history of lies, pretty much ranked up there with, “The check is in the mail.” Deep down, I didn’t want a girl. I didn’t want someone who was going to be heartbroken every time a boy said something mean to her. I didn’t want to have to keep beating up boys who said things that were mean to hear. I didn’t want to have tea parties. I didn’t want to have to talk about “lady problems.” (And by “lady problems,” I mean “matching the proper shirt with the proper skirt). I wanted a boy. I wanted someone to carry on the Fong name with

pride. I wanted someone I could play that to change within the next few catch with in the backyard. I wanted years). a little mini-me with whom I could I worried about playing catch with sit around and watch pro wrestling, my son in the backyard? Now the burp, make gross jokes and only “catch” I worry about spill potato chips all over the is catching up with Sophie couch. athletically. She’s been taking How could I possibly gymnastics for the past five known I would be getting the years and can do a standing best of both worlds? back handspring. I just worry Monday, my baby girl about doing standing. She’s Sophie Belle turned nine. The also a member of the Troy last nine years have truly been David Pop Rocks jump rope team. the most eye-opening, wonI jumped rope once. I don’t Fong derful years of my entire life. Troy Daily mean I jumped rope one time, Did I mention she can burp I mean I literally jumped over News like a truck driver? Executive a rope a single time. Didn’t And she never manages much care for it. Never tried Editor to get through a meal withit again. out leaving at least half of it Sports aren’t the only interspilled down the front of her? est we’ve learned to share, however. And that she knows almost as Sophie has become a diehard pro much about pro wrestler C.M. Punk wrestling fan just like her father. as I do? We sit and watch together every While my girl is a beautiful young Monday. She’s even learned to hate lady, she isn’t always “sugar and pro wrestler John Cena, just like her spice and everything nice.” daddy. My other big love is video She’s more like me than I ever pos- games. I thought only a boy would sibly could have imagined. be able to appreciate video games as Actually, she’s my superior in much as I do. Now Sophie and I have nearly every way, save for upper to fight over the controller to see body strength (although I expect who gets to play Mario Kart first.

I was hoping I would have a son who I would be able to teach gross and disgusting habits and manners. Turns out she’s the one teaching me about bad manners. She’s an absolute slob when she eats and has yet to meet a drink she can’t spill. I am proud of every rude noise that comes out of my daughter’s body. You can imagine how thrilled her mother must be, as well. Apparently, I also won’t have to worry much about boy troubles with young Sophia. When she was going into kindergarten, I taught her that if any boy was ever being mean to her, there was a certain place on his body she could punch him and she would never have to worry about him ever being mean to her again. How was I to know she was going to test it out on her grandpa while he was sleeping in his recliner? In short, Sophie Belle is everything I could have possibly asked for in a son or daughter. Happy birthday, my little princess. Keep burping. Troy’s very own David Fong appears on Thursdays in the Troy Daily News. Sophie rules.

Troy Daily News •

L ocal

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Obituaries Mary Ione Sherod Harold (Pauline) Kibbey, New Vienna, Ohio; and two sisters, Faye Delcamp of Pleasant Hill and Jane of Florida. In addition to her parents and husband, Mary was preceded in death by her son, Jerry Sherod; granddaughter, Lynette Sherod Coup; two brothers, Paul and Earl; and two sisters, Dorothy and Helen. Funeral services will be at 11 a.m. Friday, July 19, 2013, at the Fisher-Edgington Funeral Home, 97 W. Locust St., at North Mulberry Street, Wilmington. Interment will follow in the Miami-Corwin Cemetery, Waynesville, Ohio. Friends will be received from 10-11 a.m. Friday, July 19, at Fisher-Edgington Funeral Home, Wilmington, Ohio. Contributions in Mrs. Sherod’s memory may be made to the Clinton County Senior Citizens Center, 717 N. Nelson Ave., Wilmington, OH 45177; or the Hospice of Miami County, P.O. Box 502, Troy, OH 45371. For more information and to sign the online guest book, please go to www.

Ethel Whitlock TROY — Ethel Whitlock, 96, died July 16, 2013, in Troy, of complications of Alzheimer’s disease. She was born March 26, 1917, in Herrin, Ill., to John T. and Susanna Adomitis, both immigrants of Lithuania. The family, which included her older brother John, moved to Michigan. After graduating from Rochester High School, she attended Pontiac Business School. She worked as a secretary for various employers, including Pontiac State Bank, Oakland University and the County of Oakland, from which she retired as deputy registrar in the Protective Services division of the juvenile court. After her retirement, she lived in Holiday, Fla., for many years before moving first to Santa Barbara, Calif., and finally to Troy, Ohio. She enjoyed golfing, bowling, walking on the beach, playing bridge, watercol-

ors and china painting and was a lifelong avid reader. She was preceded in death by her parents and brother, and is survived by her daughters and their families: Susanna and Richard J. Nash of Boulder, Colorado, and Kathleen and Patrick M. O’Brien of Troy, Ohio; and grandsons, Kyle and Sean O’Brien. Private family services will be conducted at a later date. The family thanks Acclaim Hospice and especially the staff of Clare Bridge for their love and care of Ethel. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that you consider making a donation in her name to the Alzheimer’s Association (, the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Disease Research (, or Habitat for Humanity. Friends also may express condolences to the family through

Scott L. Nicodemus BRADFORD — Scott L. Nicodemus, 62, of Bradford, passed away Tuesday, July 16, 2013, at Kindred Hospital in Dayton. Scott was born in Piqua on June 10, 1951, to Ronald and Wilma Jean (Holesapple) Nicodemus. He was a graduate of Bradford High School, class of 1969. Scott retired with 26 years of service in the IT Department of Hobart-PMI, Troy. He was a member of Knights of St. John, Piqua; a member of St. Teresa Catholic Church, Covington; and a ham radio operator. He was preceded in death by his father; wife, Loree Caroline (Zumberge) Nicodemus in 2008; and two sons, John and Jesse Nicodemus. Scott is survived by his mother, Jean of Bradford; granddaughter, Celine Nicodemus; sister, Deb Warner of

Bradford; brother, Steve Nicodemus of Bradford; aunt, Helen Nicodemus of Troy; four nephews, Jim and Kelli Nicodemus of Bradford, Kevin Roark of Columbus, Brian Warner of Bradford, Jason and Kim Warner of Atlanta, Ga.; niece, Heather Nicodemus of New Harrison; and a host of other relatives and dear friends. Prayer services will be at 10:30 a.m. Friday at StockerFraley Funeral Home, Bradford, with Father Jim Duell officiating. Interment will be in Harris Creek Cemetery, Bradford. The family will receive friends 5-8 p.m. Thursday at the funeral home. Condolences may be sent to the family at In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Bradford Fire & Rescue. Just another day in paradise …

Beth Saul Hamant (Western) PIQUA — Beth Saul Hamant (Western), 62, of Piqua, Ohio, passed away Wednesday, July 17, 2013, at Hospice of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio. She was born Feb. 3, 1951, to Kenneth L. Saul and Ondalee Bittikofer Saul at Stouder Memorial Hospital, Troy, Ohio. Beth grew up on South Clay Street and attended Troy High School where she graduated in 1969. Upon graduation, Beth attended The University of Kentucky and Heidelberg University where she graduated with an associate of science degree in respiratory therapy. After graduation, Beth worked at numerous area hospitals including Good Samaritan, Mercy and eventually became director of respiratory services at Dettmer Hospital in Troy. After Dettmer ceased regular hospital services, she then became director at Piqua Memorial. Beth ended her career at Kettering Memorial Hospital working the floor as a therapist, which she loved most. Her career was cut short due to personal health issues. Beth had two children from her first marriage with John Western, Tonia and Tara. Following the death of John, Beth married Stephen Hamant in 1988.

Preceding her in death were her parents. Beth is survived by her husband of 25 years, Stephen Hamant; daughters, Tonia (Hamant) Keener and Tara (Hamant) Durig; step son Christopher Hamant; numerous grandchildren, Aidan, Lauren and Rowan Keener, and Sophia, Lily and Amelia Hamant. Beth was a member of Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church and was a lay pastor at GUM until her health forced her to give her duties to others. Beth was an avid cross stitch artist. To view her works, please visit www. Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Saturday, July 20, 2013, at the Baird Funeral Home, Troy, Ohio, with John Jung officiating. The family will receive friends from 5-8 p.m. Friday, July 19, 2013, at the funeral home. Interment will follow the service in Riverside Cemetery, Troy, Ohio. Memorial contributions may be made to Hospice of Dayton, 324 Wilmington Ave., Dayton, OH 45420. Friends may express condolences to the family through

AP Photo This July 20, 2012 file photo shows police outside of the Century 16 movie theatre where suspect James Holmes killed 12 people and wounded 70 during the screening of a Batman movie. Eight months later, Colorado became the only state outside the Democratic partyճ coastal bases to pass sweeping gun control laws.

Year after Colorado theater attack, gun debate rages DENVER (AP) — The last time Colorado enacted gun control measures was in the wake of the 1999 Columbine High School shooting, and once the laws were on the books there was little acrimony. The state’s latest batch of gun control laws — coming after a gunman’s deadly rampage at a suburban Denver movie theater a year ago — has sparked a struggle over guns that shows little signs of fading. Gun rights advocates are trying to recall two state senators who backed the package, and dozens of GOP county sheriffs are suing to overturn it. “This is going to remain a political hot potato for Democrats for many, many months,” said gun-rights activist Ari Armstrong. Ironically, in the months after the gunman’s shooting spree left 12 people dead and injured 70 others, there was little public discussion of gun control here. The shooting at a midnight showing of the Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises” occurred in a key swing county in one of the most hotly-contested battleground states in last year’s presidential election. But President Barack Obama, seeking re-elec-

ing Coloradans would be more receptive to them. They weren’t. “There was a sense of political fear,” recalled state Rep. Rhonda Fields, who became a legislator after her son and his girlfriend were shot to death in 2005 to stop him from testifying at a murder trial. In a television interview days after the shooting, Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper appeared to cast doubt on the effectiveness of new gun control laws. Despite a push by gun control groups and some relatives of those slain in Aurora, moderators at the presidential debates didn’t bring up the topic. Craig Hughes, a top adviser to Obama’s Colorado campaign, said it felt inappropriate to raise the issue while emotions were so raw. “The right course here was to not politicize it,” he said. Hickenlooper said he had quiet conversations around the state after that and was struck by wide support for universal background checks. In N o v e m b e r, Democrats won both the state House and Senate as Colorado helped re-elect Obama. And on Dec. 12, Hickenlooper declared that “the time is right” to talk about gun control.

House GOP presses delay in health care law

AP Photo House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, in this July 11 file photo.

consumer rebate of about $100. Carney also highlighted reports that some states are already anticipating lower premiums under the Affordable Care Act. “Competition and transparency in the marketplaces, plus the hard effort by those committed to making the law work, are leading to affordable, new and better choices for families,” Carney said. Earlier this month, Republicans seized on the administration’s abrupt decision to delay for one year, until after the 2014 elections, the requirement that businesses with 50 or more employees provide health coverage for their workers or pay a penalty.

Republicans insisted that the president couldn’t unilaterally decide to enforce only portions of the law. They planned votes on one bill that would essentially codify the administration’s plan as well as a second bill that provides a similar grace period for individual Americans. 40294267

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans pressed ahead Wednesday on delaying key components of President Barack Obama’s signature health care law, emboldened by the administration’s concession that requiring companies to provide coverage for their workers next year may be too complicated. The House has scheduled votes later Wednesday to delay the law’s individual and employer mandates, the 38th time the GOP majority has tried to eliminate, defund or scale back the program since Republicans took control of the House in January 2011. The votes were a chance to score political points, as the legislation is going nowhere in the Democraticcontrolled Senate. Still, Edward C. Freytag public unease with the law SIDNEY — Edward C. Freytag, 85, are no calling hours or services. Burial and the Republican attacks clearly caused consterna323 Jefferson St., Sidney, Ohio, passed will be at a later date. away at his residence of natural causes Salm-McGill and Tangeman Funeral tion at the White House. Eager to counter the on Monday, July 15, 2013. Home in Sidney is handling the funeral Republican criticism, His body will be cremated and there arrangements. Obama plans to deliver remarks Thursday focusing on rebates that consumers are already receiving from insurance companies under the health care law. White House spokesman Jay Carney said Obama will draw attention to the 8.5 million consumers who have received an average

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tion, did not bring up gun control in a state that cherishes its western frontier image. Neither did most Colorado Democrats. It wasn’t until December’s shooting at a Connecticut elementary school left 20 firstgraders and six adults dead that gun control rose in prominence. By March, Colorado became the only state outside the Democratic Party’s coastal bases to pass sweeping gun control measures, including universal background checks and a ban on high-capacity magazines. After the Columbine attack, voters closed a loophole that allowed buyers of firearms at gun shows to evade background checks. In the wake of the Aurora massacre, the prospects for more gun control in this libertarian-minded state seemed shaky at best. Soon after police say a former neuroscience graduate student named James Holmes, armed with a rifle and a high-capacity magazine able to fire 100 bullets, wreaked his carnage, the Democratic lawmaker whose district is home to the Century 16 movie theater where the shooting took place began drafting gun control bills, hop-


TROY — Mary Ione Sherod, 103, a resident of the Troy Center Genesis Health Care, formerly a long term resident of Wilmington, Ohio, passed away Tuesday evening, July 16, 2013. She was born Aug. 27, 1909, in Cuba, Ohio, the daughter of the late Ephraim Earl Catherine (Leahy) Kibbey. On April 8, 1930, she married Herbert Francis Sherod, who passed away in August 1950. Mrs. Sherod first taught during the Depression in a one-room school house in Pansy, Ohio, and then taught the second grade at the Jefferson Schools in Midland, Ohio, from 1954-1973. She was a member of Ohio Retired Teachers Association the Wilmington United Methodist Church and the Clinton County Senior Citizens Center. Surviving are her daughters, Barbara Frings of Troy, Ohio, and Joyce (James) Yarbough of Scottsdale, Ariz.; daughterin-law, Norma Sherod of Wilmington; three grandchildren, Kathy, Cheryl and Sheryce; four great-grandchildren; four great-great-grandchildren; brother,

FISHER - CHENEY Funeral Home & Cremation Services S. Howard Cheney, Owner-Director • Pre-arranged funeral plans available

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I nternational

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Troy Daily News •

Cuba arms shipment explanation troubling HAVANA (AP) — North Korea on Wednesday repeated Cuba’s assertion that the antiquated weapons systems found on a cargo ship in Panama were headed to the Asian county for repair. But while the explanation is potentially credible, it leaves troubling questions unresolved, international arms experts say. Acting on intelligence it hasn’t publicly described, Panama seized the rusting, 34-year-old North Korean freighter Chong Chon Gang on July 11 as it headed toward the Caribbean entrance of the Panama Canal on its way to the Pacific and its final destination of North Korea. Hidden under about 240,000 white sacks of raw brown Cuban sugar, Panamanian officials found shipping containers with parts of a radar system for a surfaceto-air missile defense system, an apparent violation of U.N. sanctions that bar North Korea from importing sophisticated weapons or missiles. The North Korean Foreign Ministry commented on

AP Photo Panamanian workers stand atop sacks of sugar inside a container of a North Korean-flagged ship at the Manzanillo International container terminal on the coast of Colon City, Panama, Tuesday. The North Korean ship carrying weapons system parts buried under sacks of sugar was seized as it tried to cross the Panama Canal on its way from Cuba to its home country, which is under a United Nations arms embargo, Panamanian officials said Tuesday.

the seizure for the first time Wednesday, saying: “This cargo is nothing but aging weapons which (North Korea) are to send back to Cuba after overhauling them according to a legitimate contract.” A Foreign Ministry spokesman, who was not named by the official Korean Central

News Agency, said “the Panamanian investigation authorities rashly attacked and detained the captain and crewmen of the ship on the plea of ‘drug investigation’ and searched its cargo but did not discover any drug.” “The Panamanian authorities should take a step to let

the apprehended crewmen and ship leave without delay,” the dispatch added. Thirty-five North Korean nationals were arrested after resisting police efforts to intercept the ship in Panamanian waters, according to the Central American country’s government. The captain

had a heart attack and also tried to commit suicide, said Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli, who announced the discovery via radio Monday night. Nearly 24 hours after Panama announced the find and said it would continue searching the ship for more contraband, Cuba acknowledged late Tuesday that the ship’s cargo included 240 metric tons of “obsolete defensive weapons”: two Volga and Pechora anti-aircraft missile systems, nine missiles “in parts and spares,” two Mig-21 Bis and 15 engines for those airplanes. The equipment was meant to be repaired in North Korea and returned to Cuba, the Cuban government said. North Korea has a robust capability to repair and upgrade Soviet-era military equipment, and the economically struggling, isolated nation has a track record of trading technical help for commodities such as sugar, experts said. At the same time, North Korea is known to be seeking to evade sanctions and get spare parts for its own weapons systems, particularly Mig jet fighters. That raises the possibility that in lieu of cash, Cuba was paying for the repairs with a mix of sugar and jet equipment, experts said. “We think it is credible that they could be sending some of these systems for repair and upgrade work,” said Neil Ashdown, an analyst for IHS Jane’s Intelligence. “But equally there is stuff in that shipment that could be used in North Korea and was not going back.” Britain’s U.N. Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant said Wednesday that “any weapons transfers, for whatever reason, to North Korea would be a violation of the sanctions regime and therefore there are questions to be answered.” “If it is confirmed that the vessel was carrying arms and or related material and the shipment was part of a purchase or sale to or from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, then that would indeed be a breach of the sanctions regime relating to that country,” said U.N. spokesman Martin Nesirky. “But … it’s up to the sanctions committee of the Security Council to pronounce itself on that matter.” U.N. diplomats speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue said that if Cuba wanted to send the weapons for repairs and have them returned, they would need to get a waiver in advance from the Security Council committee monitoring sanctions against North Korea. In 2010, the South African navy intercepted a shipment of upgraded tank engines that were being transported from North Korea to Congo-Brazzaville, said Hugh Griffiths, arms trafficking expert at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

“The North Koreans have a track record of actually doing this,” he said. “Upgrading, servicing and repairing, that’s what the North Koreans do.” He said the deals are part of a barter trade, where North Korea upgrades military equipment in return for commodities, like Cuban sugar or, in another documented example, Burmese rice. “It looks like it was definitely a violation of the U.N. sanctions, and this is why there was an effort to camouflage and conceal it,” Griffiths said. “It is military equipment prohibited under U.N. sanctions so whether payment is made in the form of barter trade or foreign currency it still constitutes a violation.” Soviet-built air-defense missiles, radar systems and MiG21 fighter jets are complex enough to periodically require a factory repair in addition to regular maintenance. North Korea has developed arms industries producing missiles and other weapons derived from old Soviet designs and has found customers in countries that can’t afford more expensive modern arms. Cuba wouldn’t be unique in sending its weapons for repairs abroad. In June 2012, a Russian-operated ship carrying three Soviet-built Syrian helicopters after repairs in Russia was forced to turn back after a British insurer removed its coverage. Alongside the repair and upgrade business for countries with less advanced militaries, North Korea also has a long history of aggressively buying, marketing and selling entire weapons systems around the world, especially in developing countries in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. Much of that business was in sales of short- and mediumrange missiles, but the market for full missile systems is thought to have dried up in recent years. That’s partly because of international pressure and sanctions banning weapons exports following North Korea’s three nuclear tests conducted since 2006 and a string of long-range rocket launches. Sales may have also suffered because of the poorquality, Soviet-type weaponry that Pyongyang has traditionally produced. Panamanian authorities said it might take a week to search the ship, since they so far had only examined two of its five container sections. They have requested help from United Nations inspectors, along with Colombia and Britain, said Javier Carballo, Panama’s top narcotics prosecutor. Photos of the ship’s cargo show a green tube that appears to be a horizontal antenna for the SNR-75 “Fan Song” radar, which is used to guide missiles fired by the SA-2 air-defense system found in former Warsaw Pact and Soviet-allied nations, Ashdown said.

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N ation

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Daniels denies trying to censor Indiana universities INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Purdue University President Mitch Daniels said Wednesday he never tried to quash academic freedom while serving as Indiana’s governor and criticized an Associated Press report citing emails in which he opposed use of a book by historian and anti-war activist Howard Zinn. Emails published Tuesday by the AP show Daniels tried to ensure Zinn’s book was not used in Indiana’s K-12 and college classrooms and that he worked to “disqualify the propaganda” he said was being taught to teachers in training at Indiana’s colleges. Daniels on Wednesday told reporters at Purdue that the story was “unfair and erroneous.” He had previously told the AP he was only referring to Zinn’s book appearing in K-12 classrooms, and he did not immediately reply to questions from the AP on Wednesday about what he found to be in error. Daniels’ 2010 emails, obtained by the AP through a public records request, show that Daniels request-

ed Zinn’s writings be banned from classrooms and asked for a “cleanup” of college courses during his second term as governor. In another exchange, the Republican talks about cutting funding for a program run by a local university professor who was one of his sharpest critics. “This terrible antiAmerican academic has finally passed away,” Daniels wrote, referring to Zinn, in a rapid exchange of emails between top state education officials on Feb. 9, 2010. “The obits and commentaries mentioned his book, ‘A People’s History of the United States,’ is the ‘textbook of choice in high schools and colleges around the country.’ It is a truly execrable, anti-factual piece of disinformation that misstates American history on every page. “Can someone assure me that it is not in use anywhere in Indiana? If it is, how do we get rid of it before more young people are force-fed a totally false version of our history?” His education adviser quickly responded by noting the book was

AP Photo Purdue President Mitch Daniels addresses an Associated Press report Wednesday in West Lafayette, Ind. Daniels fended off calls for his ouster Wednesday and denied trying to quash academic freedom while serving as Indianaճ governor, a day after an Associated Press report cited emails in which he opposed use of a book by historian and antiwar activist Howard Zinn.

being used at Indiana University in a course for teachers. Daniels wrote back: “This crap should not be accepted for any credit by the state. … Which board has jurisdiction over what counts and what doesn’t?” David Shane, a top fundraiser and state school board member, replied with a strategy directing Indiana’s higher education commissioner and another education official to review university courses state-

wide. Daniels signed off on the plan, writing: “Disqualify propaganda and highlight (if there is any) the more useful offerings. Don’t the ed schools have at least some substantive PD (professional development) courseware to upgrade knowledge of math, science, etc.” The discovery of the emails has sparked widespread reaction in higher education circles nationwide, with many expressing alarm about whether

Ohio State presidential search panel to begin work

a university president would try to censor teachings. “It is ultimately bad for democracy. No head of state should engage in any form of censorship,” said Gerardo Gonzalez, dean of the Indiana University College of Education. But others doubted it would have much impact on Daniels beyond the immediate discomfort because the emails were written long before he took over at Purdue. He was named the university’s president in January after being unanimously selected by the board of trustees, most of whose members he appointed while governor. Daniels told the AP in an email Tuesday that it was “encouraging” to find Zinn’s book wasn’t being used in K-12 classrooms but that he never sought to censor universities. He said at his news conference Wednesday that if Zinn had tenure at Purdue, “I would defend him and his rights not to be dismissed for the nature of his work.”

COLUMBUS (AP) — The search for Ohio State University’s next president will formally begin Friday with the first meeting of a search committee that includes trustees, faculty and students. The next leader succeeds Gordon Gee (ghee), who retired July 1 after apologizing for earlier remarks jabbing Notre Dame, Roman Catholics and Southeastern Conference schools. Ohio State says the search committee will be led by trustee Jeffrey Wadsworth, CEO of Columbus-based research giant Battelle Memorial Institute. The panel includes five trustees who will make a recommendation to the larger board. A subcommittee of faculty, administrators and student leaders will offer input, and an executive search firm is expected to have a role in the process. A planned discussion of characteristics of a modern university leader will coincide with the board’s meeting in late August.



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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


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JULY 3, 18,2013 2013 JULY

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Remote Possibilities, Sunday, July 14, 2013

Smiley (R) As Time (R) PBS NewsHour Nature (R) Nova (R) Weapons "Atlantic Wall" Globe Trekker PBS NewsHour (THINK) Charlie Rose (N) Dear Annie: My daughter, (16.2) (16.2) Smiley (R) As Time (R) PBS NewsHour The Statue of Liberty American Experience Frontline Wages of Spin PBS NewsHour (THINK) Charlie Rose (R) Besh (R) Garden (R) Truth$$ (R) Wood (R) C.Cooks Crafting (R) (LIFE) Steves' (R) Expedit. (R) Garden (R) Crafting (R) Truth$$ (R) Wood (R) Steves' (R) Expedit. (R) Martha (R) Ming (R) (LIFE) Steves' (R) Travel (R) Garden (R) Scrapbook Organic (R) HomeT. (R) Steves' (R) Travel (R) Martha (R) CookNick Pepin (R) Garden (R) Organic (R) HomeT. (R) A.Smith (R) Scrapbook “Elizabeth,” is a professional who (16.3) (16.3) World News ET Sound Off Wipeout (N) Motive "Detour" (N) Rookie Blue (N) News (:35) Jimmy Kimmel Live (:35) News (21) (WPTA) 21 Alive News at 5 p.m. News 21 Alive News at 5 p.m. News World News ET Access H. Middle (R) Tools (N) Modern (R) Neighbor ABC's the Lookout News (:35) Jimmy Kimmel Live (:35) News (21) (WPTA) is married to an older man. I’ll Motive "Detour" (N) Rookie Blue (N) ABC News (:35) Jimmy Kimmel Live (:35) News (22) (WKEF) Judge Judy Judge Judy ABC News World News Fam. Feud Fam. Feud Wipeout (N) ABC News (:35) Jimmy Kimmel Live (:35) News (WKEF) Judge Judy Judge Judy ABC News World News Fam. Feud Fam. Feud Middle (R) Tools (N) Modern (R) Neighbor ABC's the Lookout call him “Jacob.” They have two (22) (26) Queens (R) Mother (R) 2½Men (R) Mother (R) 2½Men (R) The Vampire Diaries (R) Beauty and Beast (R) 2 News Rules (R) FamilyG (R) FamilyG (R) Dish Nation TMZ (WBDT) Ray (R) Queens (R) Mother (R) 2½Men (R) Mother (R) 2½Men (R) Arrow "Burned" (R) Supernatural (R) News Rules (R) FamilyG (R) FamilyG (R) Dish Nation TMZ (26) (WBDT) Ray (R) News NBC News Wheel Jeopardy! The Winner Is (R) The Winner Is (N) Hwood Game Night (N) News (:35) Tonight Show (:35) LateN children. (35) (WLIO) Inside Ed. ET News NBC News Wheel Jeopardy! America's Got Talent Chicago Fire News (:35) Tonight Show (:35) LateN Dear Annie: I've been friends (35) (WLIO) Inside Ed. ET Good News Potter BeScenes Joel Osteen J. Prince BHouston Praise the Lord Holy Land David Jer. (43) (WKOI) Praise the Lord Elizabeth recently was diagAmazing Grace Billy Graham Crusade Vision David Jer. J. Prince End of Age Faith and Freedom America, One Nation Good News J. Duplantis (43) (WKOI) with "Jane" and "Carol" since colDifference To Be Announced Reflections of Elida Wretched J. Prince Gaither Homecoming (44) (WTLW) Hazel (R) Griffith (R) Heroes at Home nosed with ovarian cancer John Hagee J. Meyer Griffith (R) Flying Nun Life Today Bob Coy Greg Laurie News Wretched J. Prince Turning Point Ministry (WTLW) Hazel (R) Griffith (R) The 700 Club lege. Unfortunately, since her and (44) (45) BBang (R) 45 News BBang (R) Simps. (R) Hell's Kitchen Hell's Kitchen Fox 45 :45 4th Qua. Office (R) Seinf. (R) The Steve Wilkos Show (WRGT) Maury Maury BBang (R) 45 News BBang (R) Simps. (R) Chef "Top 13 Compete/ Top 12 Compete" (R) Fox 45 :45 4th Qua. Office (R) Seinf. (R) The Steve Wilkos Show is going through intense chemo(45) (WRGT) mom died well over a decade ago, White Collar (R) White Collar (R)  Senseless ('98) Marlon Wayans.  My Five Wives (45.2) (MNT) 4:  The Flying S...  Pray-TV ('80) Dabney Coleman.  The Wonderful Country Robert Mitchum. Numb3rs "Vector" (R) Numb3rs (R)  Shattered ('07) Pierce Brosnan.  Triumph of the... (45.2) (MNT) (4:00)  Wild Bill therapy. Early ina hermit. her treatment, Jane has become She is Hell's Kitchen WFFT Local News TMZ Office (R) OMG! (R) Extra (R) (55) (WFFT) Mother (R) Mother (R) 2½Men (R) 2½Men (R) BBang (R) BBang (R) Hell's Kitchen Compete/ Top 12 Compete" (R) WFFT Local News TMZ Office (R) OMG! (R) Extra (R) Jacob to help awelotmake around (55) (WFFT) Mother (R) Mother (R) 2½Men (R) 2½Men (R) BBang (R) BBang (R) Chef "Top 13 CABLE STATIONS distant,used and whenever CABLE STATIONS The First 48 (R) The First 48 (R) The First 48 (R) Inter. "Jessica" (R) Intervention "Eric" Beyond Scared Straight Scared Straight (R) Inter. "Jessica" (R) the house with laundry and meals, (A&E) plans, she makes an excuse at the The First 48 (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) Duck Dy (R) (A&E) The First 48 (R)  Sixteen Candles ('84) Molly Ringwald.  Fever Pitch ('05) Jimmy Fallon, Drew Barrymore. Showville (N) Small Town Small To  Fever Pitch (AMC) Movie and good to care of the kids. very took last minute cancel on us. CSI "Sunblock" (R) CSI: Miami (R) CSI: Miami (R)  The Mummy Returns ('01) Rachel Weisz, Brendan Fraser.  The Mummy Returns ('01) Brendan Fraser. (AMC) River Monsters (R) River Monsters (R) RivMon Unhooked (R) Super Squid (R) River Monsters (R) RivMon Unhooked (R) (ANPL) (9:00) To Be Announced But is halfway through her (ANPL) (9:00) To Be Announced Gator Boys (R) Gator Boys (R) Wildman Wildman Wildman Wildman Gator Boys (R) Wildman Wildman We'reshe frustrated. Football Classics NCAA 1993 Rose Bowl Washington vs. Michigan (R) Football Classics NCAA 2000 Orange Bowl Alabama vs. Michigan (R) (B10) Football Classics NCAA Mich./Mich. St. (R) Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced (B10) (12:00)(3:)ToBe treatments, and although Jacob While I canKristin sympathize For Colored Girls 106 & Park: BET's Top 10 Live  Catwoman ('04) Benjamin Bratt, Halle Berry.  Waist Deep ('06) Tyrese Gibson. Wendy Williams Show Lehmanwith stars in (BET) Above the Rim 106 & Park: BET's Top 10 Live (N) Game (R) Game (R) Being Mary Jane (R) Husbands Husbands Husbands Wendy Williams Show (BET) (4:)  City Confidential (R) Notorious (R) Celebrity Ghost Stories Celebrity Ghost Stories The Haunting Of (R) The Haunting Of (R) The Haunting Of (R) Celebrity Ghost Stories still looks after Elizabeth and the (BIO) her terrible loss, I feel she needs “Motive” (R) Notorious The First 48 (R) The First 48 The First 48 (R) The First 48 (R) The First 48 (R) The First 48 (R) (BIO) City Confidential Beverly Hills (R) Tabatha Takes Over WatchWhat Tabatha Takes Over (R) Atlanta (R) (BRAVO) Tabatha Takes Over (R) Tabatha Takes Over (R) Tabatha Takes Over (R) Beverly Hills (R) children, heand expects her toagain. do a lot (BRAVO) to move on start living Rachel Zoe Project (R) Beverly Hills (R) Beverly Hills (R) Real Housewives (R) The Rachel Zoe Project Brad World Dukes WatchWhat Beverly Hills (R) Rachel (R) Reba (R) Reba (R) Reba (R) Reba (R) Ext. Makeover: Home Ext. Makeover: Home Ext. Makeover: Home Cops Cops Amazing Videos (CMT) Cheer (R) Kitchen more around the house. course, (R) Reba (R) Reba (R) Reba (R) Reba (R) Reba (R)  Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls Jim Carrey. Cops Cops Cops Cops  Ace Ventura: Wh... She can't hideHell’s in her roomOfforever. (CMT) RebaFast Money Mad Money The Kudlow Report American Greed: Fugi Greed "9/ 11 Fraud" American Greed: Scam Mad Money Greed "9/ 11 Fraud" (CNBC) (45)not (55)sure 8:00 p.m. American Greed: Scam Cocaine Cowboys The Queen of Versilles American Greed: Scam American Greed: Scam American Greed: Scam as soon Elizabeth feels atolittle (CNBC) Carol andasI are how OutFront Anderson Cooper 360 Piers Morgan Live Anderson Cooper 360 OutFront Piers Morgan Live (CNN) The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer Room With Wolf Blitzer OutFront Anderson Cooper 360 Piers Morgan Live Anderson Cooper 360 OutFront Piers Morgan Live (CNN) The Situation Gordon Ramsay doesn’t let up (:55) Futura (:25) Sunny SouthPk Tosh.O (R) Colbert (R) Daily (R) Chappelle Chappelle Sunny (R) Sunny (R) Tosh.O (R) Tosh.O (R) Daily (N) Colbert (N) Jeselnik (R) Tosh.O (R) strong, she goes beyond her capacapproach this. (COM) Futura (R) Sunny (R) SouthPk Tosh.O (R) Colbert (R) Daily (R) Futura SouthPk SouthPk SouthPk Futura (N) Futura (R) Daily Show Colbert Futura SouthPk Key(R) Capitol Hill Hearings Key(R) Capitol hesensitive presents thetocontestants (COM) (CSPAN) U.S. House of Representatives be ity We andwant doestoas too much. House of Representatives The Cable Show To Be Announced Key Capitol Hill Hearings To Be Announced Capitol (CSPAN) U.S. To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced Key To Be Announced (DISC) with more challenges in this but atme. the same Jane's This feelings aggravates Elizabeth (DISC) To Be AnnouncedHero Squ To BeTinyToon AnnouncedTinyToonTo BeAnimaniac AnnouncedAnimaniac To Be Announced Be Announced To Be Announced Announced The NightmareToBefore Christmas ALF 1/2 (R) ALF 2/2 To (R)Be ALFAnnounced (R) ALF (R) To Be  The Nightmare... (DISK) Bots (R) new episode. AJacob sortshe of culinary Bots (R) Hero Squ TinyToon Tiny Toon Animaniac Animaniac Who'sB? Who'sB? Who'sB? Who'sB? Sabrina (R) FamilyTies Mork&M. HappyD. Who'sB? Who'sB? time getdemands her to realize never that that help (DISK) (DIY) I Want (R) I Want (R) I Want (R) I Want (R) I Want (R) I Want (R) Holmes Inspection (R) Bryan (R) Bryan (R) Yardcore Yardcore Rehab (R) Rehab (R) Bryan (R) Bryan (R) Project (R) Project (R) Project (R) Vanilla Ice Ice My House Holmes Inspection (R) Reno. (R) Reno. (R) D.Land. (N) D.Land. (R)(R) D.Land. (R)(R)D.Land. (R)(R)Reno. (R) (R) Reno. (R) (R) bootargument camp, this reality show (DIY) has friends family who loveTVhim Austin A.N.T. Jessie GoodLk GoodLk (DSNY) A.N.T. (R) A.N.T. (R) GoodLk (R) Jessie (R) Austin (R) Shake (R) GoodLk (R) Jessie (R)  Another Cinderella Story more. I hadand an with JessieTo(R) Jessie Shake (R) GoodLk (R) Austin (R) Shake (R) (R)SoRandom To BeCrash Announced GoodLk (R)(R)Austin (R) Shake (R) (R) Wizards (R) Wizards (R) (DSNY) Be Announced KickinIt (R) Kings Wizards (R) (R) Lab Rats Crash (R) Crash (R) Crash Phineas (R) SuiteL. FishH (R) Fish Hooks tests the mettle of would-be (DSNYXD) her and to spend over it. want On the day oftime onewith of her (DSNYXD)  The Luck of the Irish ('01) Ryan Merriman. To Be Announced KickinIt (R) KickinIt (R) KickinIt (R) KickinIt (R) Phineas (R) SuiteL. (R) FishH (R) FishH (R) (R) (1:00) To Be Announced E! News To Be Announced Chelsea (N) E! News (R) Chelsea (E!) chefs who vie to win a coveted her. What should we do? — treatments, I reminded him to be (1:00) To Be Announced To Be Announced Soup E! News Chelsea (E!)(ESPN) (3:00) Golf PGA (R) SportsCenter (L) E! News Golf PGA The Open Championship Round 1 Site: Muirfield Golf Club (R) The Baseball Tonight (L) C. Lately SportsCenter (L) (R) SportsCenter (R) (R) position at aup highthe profile resHorn Interrupt SportsCenter (L) (N) Baseball MLB(R) Cleveland Indians vs. New Yankees Baseball TonightWNBA (L) Phoenix SportsCenter (L) (L) SportsCenter (L) Frustrated (ESPN) home in timeFriends to pick oldest OLines (N) SportsNation NFL Live Coach (R) York Coach (R) (L) Nine for IX "Pat Xo" (R) Basketball vs Los Angeles Baseball Tonight (L) (ESPN2) Football NFL 32 (L) Horn (N) Interrupt NFL Live (N) Blues (R) NineLong for IXWay "Venus" "Unmatched" (R)(R) SEC Friday "Abby Night Head On" (R)(R) SportsNation (R) (R) Baseball Tonight (L) taurant.If Jane Dear Friends: has Bay City Down(R) (R) 30/30 Friday Night Lights Lights Bay City Blues Basketball Classics (R) (ESPNC) Bask. Classics NBA '12 Playoffs S.A./Okl. (R) child from school. He replied, “I (ESPN2) SportsCentury (R) Tennis Classics ITF 1993 Wimbledon (R) SportsCentury (R) Basketball Classics (R) Long Way Down (R) The White Shadow (R) Boxing Classics (R) (ESPNC)  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ('09) Michael Gambon, Daniel Radcliffe. The 700 Club Fresh P. (R) Fresh P. (R) (FAM)  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ('05) Johnny Depp. beensee so severely depressed about at will whenThe I will be finished Winner Is '70s The (R) Five'70s (R) Daddy (R) Daddy (R) Melissa (R) Melissa (R) Melissa (N) Daddy (N) Daddy (R) Melissa (R) Twisted (R) The 700 Club Fresh P. (R) Fresh P. (R) (FAM) Special Report FOX Report The O'Reilly Factor Hannity On the Record The O'Reilly Factor Hannity (FNC) her mother’s.” mother's death for more than on my told him that The Five Special Report FOX Report The O'Reilly Hannity On the Record O'Reilly FactorStar (R) Hannity (FNC) (2) I(35) 9:00 p.m. Chopped (R) ChoppedFactor (R) Chopped (R) Food Court Wars (R) The Food Network Chopped (R) (FOOD) Pioneer (R) Southern Chopped (R) a decade, she needs professional H.Cook (R) Pioneer (R) Diners (R) Diners (R) Rest. "Dodge City" (R) Restaurant (R) Restaurant (R) Diners (N) Diners (R) Restaurant (R) Restaurant the day of the heascannot BoysHall Insider (R) Baseball MLB Cleveland Indians vs. Cincinnati Reds (R) UFC Unleashed (R) Poker WPT (R) BoysHall(R) H. Fame (FOXSP) West Coast (R) Nickchemo, Lachey hosts six sing- (FOOD) Poker4:30 WPT (R)1s Top 100Weekly Postgame Baseball MLB SanTrending Francisco Giants vs. Cincinnati Reds (L) Class Act ('92)Postgame Weekly (R) Poker WPTClass (R) Act ('92)Baseball MLBMartin. (R) (FOXSP) help. She is stuck. Tell her you are No. Number Ones Top 100 Number Ones Fuse News Sexiest (R)  Christopher Martin.  Christopher (FUSE) leave his wifeingalone with two chil-a acts compete to impress Top 20 Countdown Trending Fuse News Loaded "2 Chainz" (R) Hustle Hustle (R) (FUSE)(FX)(3:30)(4:30)  Iron Man ('08) Robert Downey Jr..  Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Anger M. Wilfred (N) Wilfred The Wilfred (R) DateHustle Night (R) ('10) Hustle Tina Fey. worried about and her, homework and suggesttime. dren, supper panel of 101 music experts in Movie(4:00) Golf Anger Anger Farms M. 2½Men (R) 2½Men 2½Men  Live Transformers: Revenge the Fallen LiveFrom ('09) MeganLiveFrom Fox, Shia LaBeouf. Transformers: Revenge of thePGA Fallen (FX)(GOLF) PGAM. Sanderson Championship Live (R) From Live (R) From From Live From ofLiveFrom LiveFrom LiveFrom LiveFrom Golf (R) she look into counseling to help It is very tiring foredition. her.The Heexperts said (GOLF)(GSN)Feherty (R)(R) Feud (R)Golf Feud Cent.(R)European (N)(R)Academy Range (N)NewlywdGolf Newlywd Highlights (N) Big Break Mexico (R) (R)GolfFeud C. (R)(R)PGAFeud Tour (R)The Baggage Golf Fix (R) Baggage thisback new Feud Feud (R)School Feud Feud (R)On the Newlywd Newlywed Feud (R) Feud herdoes get her onbetrack. FeudLittle (R) House Feud Prairie (R) Feud (R) House Feud Prairie (R) Feud (R) House Feud Prairie (R) (R) FeudElevator (R) Feud (R) Lacey FeudChabert. (R) Feud (R) FeudFrasier (R) (R) FeudFrasier (R) (R) FeudFrasier (R) (R) FeudFrasier (R) (R) Baggage Baggage (GSN) he notlife need to reminded. (R) Little (R) Little Girl ('10) G. Girls (R) G. Girls (R) (HALL) vote for their favorites, but beShe we also got can find a an Motherless BradyB. (R) BradyB. (R) (R) BradyB. (R) (R) BradyB. (R) (R) BradyB. (R)(R) BradyB. (R) Frasier (R) (R) Frasier (R) (R) Frasier (R) Frasier (R) (N) Frasier (R) Frasier (R) Frasier (R) Frasier (R) (R) G. Girls (R) G. Girls (R) (R) (HALL) Virgins (R) Virgins Virgins Virgins House HouseH (R) Rehab Rehab Renovation Raiders HouseH (N) House HouseH (R) House Renovation Raiders (HGTV) Then into argument, fore the results are revealed, Buying and Selling (R) Buying and Selling (R) Buy Sell "David" (R) Elbow (N) Elbow (R) Property Brothers (R) HouseH (N) House (N) Property Brothers (R) Property Brothers (R) (R) (HGTV) Daughters support group through PawnSt. (R) PawnSt. (R) PawnSt. (R) PawnSt. (R) PawnSt. (R) PawnSt. (R) PawnSt. (R) Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Swamp People God, Gun God, Gun PawnSt. (R) PawnSt. (HIST) PawnSt. and he said we notare love him,with we (HIST) Everyday thedo singers tempted TechWife It to Swap the Max Modern Restoration Restoration OnlyRunway in America (R)the Limit" Restore (R) Runway Hardcore History Restore Restore (R) Swap WifeHistory Swap To Be Announced "Sky's (SP)(R) (N) Restore Project "Sky's the Limit" (R) To Be(R)Announced (LIFE) WifeHistory only do things for our daughter, Reba4:(R) Swap (R) To Be Announced To Be Announced (LIFE) cash offers to walk away from  TheReba Love(R) of HerWife L... Deadly Look of LoveWife ('00)Swap Jordan(R)Ladd. Widow on(R) the Hill ('05) Natasha Henstridge.  Too Late to Say Goodbye ('09) Lauren Holly.  Widow on (R) the Hill (LMN) Dear Annie: After 56 years of 4:  The Last Road Trim...(R) Stephanie Daley ('06) Amber Tamblyn.Mom Cook And Airline Baby Will ('11)(R) Anastasia Griffith. Nation (R) Maternal Obsession Louisa AndCheerleader Baby Will Fall (LMN) and we are lucky he does not close (4:) Runway Love for Sail CookThin (R) Fall Airline Cheerleader Supernanny (R) ('12) Jean Airline (R)Kelly. Airline (R) Nation (R) (LRW) the game. marriage, our father passed away ModRun. Airline Among the Dead (R) Psychic Airline Airline Among the Maddow Dead (R) (LRW) HardballRoad (R) The Conversation PoliticsNation(R) CookThin HardballMom Cook Airline All (R) in With Chris(R)Hayes Rachel Maddow The challenge Last Word All (R) in With Chris(R) Hayes Rachel (MSNBC) the door in our faces. Hardball Hardball All inRidiculous With Chris Ridiculous Hayes Rachel Maddow Ridiculous The Ridiculous Last Word Ridiculous All in$ With ChrisRidiculous Hayes Rachel MaddowRidiculous and left my mother alone for the Motive (MSNBC) Ridicu. (R) Ridicu. PoliticsNation (R) Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous Strangers Ridiculous (MTV) Annie, about Elizabeth’s Girl Code Girl Code CodeShow Guy Code Guy Code Guy Code Guy Code18 Gap Guy -Code  Jackass Knoxville. Ironman (R)Cycling Jackass(R) 3D (MTV) Motorsport Hour Girl Code The DanGirl Patrick Prem.World The GridGuy Code Cycling Tour de France Stage l'Alpe d'Huez (R) 3D ('10) Johnny Triathlon first time Iinworry her years (NBCSN) (21) life. (22) Four p.m. strength. help as9:00 much as we (NBCSN) Pro Football TalkZero (R) NBC Life Sports Talk IndyCar 36 "Beauty" MLS 36(R) (R) To BeTaboo Announced NFL To Turning Point NFL Life Turning Point To Be Life Below -0 "Checkmate" (R) Taboo (R) Life -0 "Checkmate" (R) Be Announced -0 "Checkmate" (R) To Announced Be Announced (NGEO) after Dad We died, Mom suffered a Flynn’s latestmeals, case involves a Toughest Prisons (R) Russia's Prisons (R) Cat DrugsSam, "Ketamine" (R) Out Drugs, (R)R. WendVinn Drugs, Inc. (R) Inc.(R) (R) Nanny (R) Drugs, Inc. (R) Inc. (R) (:40) Friends (NGEO) Sponge (R) Sponge (R) Drake (R) Sam, Cat Figure BigInc. Time F.House (R) F.HouseDrugs, (R) Nanny Friends (R) Friends Drugs, Friends can cooking some pick(NICK) boutby of meningitis. mortgage broker who was Sponge (R) (R) Sponge (R) DrakeHouse (R) (R) Victori. (R) Marvin (R) (R) Figure Out F.House F.House (R) F.House (R) F.House (R) Nanny (R) Their Nanny (R) (R)Nanny (:35) Nanny Friends (:40) Friends (NICK) House House To Be(R)Announced Having Baby To (R) Be Announced (OXY) ingWhile up the oldest from school, she has recovered Having Their Baby(:40) (R) BadofGirls StarNelson. B (R) Having Their Baby (R) Having Their Robert Baby (N) Having (R)Desperately  Freedom (OXY) Movie ThePhat ManGirlz From('06) Left Jimmy Field Jean-Louis, (:20) Mo'nique. Another Pair AcesAllWillie  Chaplin ('92) Dan Aykroyd, Downey Jr.. Their Baby  SeekingWriters Susan found dead in the comparkingand lot (PLEX) helping him with homework MovieVeronica(:50) (R) Face TheVeronica Music ('92) Free Willy 3:Days The Rescue It Runs inHospital the Family Days of Our  Lives The Foursome  Jackie Chan's (PLEX) pletely, she isbyconvinced that she Mars MarsPatrick (R) Dempsey. General Hospital of Our Lives  General General (:50) Hospital Days ofFirst Our Strike Lives (SOAP) his office in a new edition. taking the youngest so Elizabeth Veronica & RestlessCops DaysCops of Our LivesCops General Hospital DaysFight of Our Lives Day" (R) General CopsMars (R)Cops Veronica CopsMars (R)Cops (R)Young Cops Impact Wrestling (N)Young & Restless "Training To BeHospital Announced (SPIKE) is bedridden. I moved back home police (SOAP) Armed withallows a composite Cops Sands Copsof Oblivion Cops Cops Cops ('09)Cops Cops CopsBlast Vegas Cops('13) Barry Fight MastersFrankie (R) Muniz. FightSeattle Masters (R) Bellator (R) ('07) Adam Baldwin. CopsSand Serpents Michelle Asante. Bostwick, Superstorm ('12) Esai360 Morales. can rest. But Jacob her to (SPIKE) (SYFY) to take care ofsketch, her because no one she investigates and GhostFriends Mine (R) "Gold(R) Fever" (R)(R) Paranormal Witness (R)(R) Ghost Hunters Hunters Paranormal (R)(R) Ghost Hunters (R) Paranormal (R)(R) (SYFY) (R) QueensG.Mine (R) Queens Seinf. Seinf. (R) Seinf. FamilyG (R)(R) FamilyGGhost (R) BBang (R) (R) BBang (R) Sullivan Witness (N) BBang Conan Sullivan Witness (R) Conan (TBS) do the laundry, cooking and shopelse would. My younger sisterattempts Friends Queens (R)of Harold Seinf. (R) Seinf. (R) FamilyG (R)The FamilyG (R) FamilyG BBang BBang (R) Conan (R) Office (R) Rules Conan (R) G... (TBS) 4:30(R)  Hail(R) theQueens ... (:15)(R) Seinf. The Sin Diddlebock  Palm Beach Story (R) BBang (:45)(R)  The(R) Manchurian Candidate ('62) Frank Sinatra.  of the meets a man whose (TCM) ping while he cuts the bushes, MovieSay Yes(:45) Dress ChandlerToddlers ('71) Warren Oates. 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How Pill.” Although young offishe doesn't remember it. the GhostLaw Whisperer (R) Home Videos Charmed (R) Hair (R)(R) Mother (R) L.A. Mother Hair (R)(R) Mother (R) BootWGN Camp (R) at Nine BootHome CampVideos (R) (R) Pregnant/Dating (R) (R) & Order:(R) C.I. (R)Charmed Funniest Mother Mother L.A. (R) Mother News Rules (R) Rules (WE)(WGN) drive nearly 100 aconsidered day do Iwe handle — Distraught cersthis? are nomiles longer Rules Rules Rules WGN News at Nine Home Videos (R) Rules (R) Rules (R) (WGN) Law & Order: C.I. (R) Funniest Home Videos Funniest Home Videos Rules PREMIUM STATIONS PREMIUM  Forrest Gump ('94) Sally Field, Tom Hanks. The NewsroomSTATIONS (R)  Battleship ('12) Taylor Kitsch. Cathouse :45 1stLook True Blood (R) to and from work. I get (HBO) Movie rookies,When they have a lot to Mother (4:30)(:10)  Mr. and Mrs. Smith to Dream Wrath of the Titans :45 1stLook True BloodThe (R) Day After Tomorrow Bill MaherDennis (R) Quaid. Family Sports (R)(R) (HBO) Endure ('10) Devon Sawa. Dare(:40)  (R) Contagion ('11) Matt Damon.  Chernobyl Diaries (:05)(R) Co-Ed 4PLay (MAX) home, the about kitchen and learn finding balance DearI clean Distraught: We know you (4:30)(4:45)  Stigmata (:15)Cruelty  The Terminator Banshee (R)Jeremy Irvine. Lawless Horrible ('12) Bosses (:45)  The Day After Tomorrow Movie Weisz. (MAX)  Intolerable War Horse ('11) Peter Mullan, Emily Watson, Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy. Polyamor 360 ('11) Jude Law, Rachel (SHOW) make sure a hot meal between their personal want JacobMom to has take over allandof 4:30  The Story Us (:15)  Source ('11)Plain JakeCharlize Gyllenhaal. (R) Uma Thurman, 60 Minutes Sports (R) Fishing in the60Yemen Minutes Sports Rome (R) This Waltz (SHOW) (4:30) Griff theof Invisible (:05)  TheCode Burning Theron. Ray Donovan Bel Ami ('12) Robert Pattinson.Dexter Salmon Ewan McGregor.Jim  Take (TMC) while chores, watching TV.we I am D.O.T.: professional lives. these and agree that he  Nurse Betty ('00) Renée Zellweger. 2 Days in New York Chris Rock. (:40)  The Help Emma Stone. (TMC) 4:30  The Three... (:20) Griff the Invisible ('10) Ryan Kwanten. disappointed, overwhelmed andwhen should do more on the days tired. My spirit is broken; Elizabeth has her chemo.I don't But try BRIDGE SUDOKU BRIDGE SODOKU PUZZLE spend time with friends; I don'tJacob to be more compassionate. talk on the phone;aIdifficult don't do period, anyis going through thing. too, and also needs a break. I worrydo that I will diecan of for your Please what you exhaustion and Mom will be alone. daughter’s family. It is a great help of course, no or symMy mother, when you can cook ahas meal take pathy for my situation. I am not the kids. If you can afford to hire the executor her willonor a benesomeone to ofassist the days ficiary.Elizabeth But I would to enjoy a when haslike a chemo treatfew years before my life is over. — ment, that would be an amazing Tired and Miserable gift. Otherwise, please back off a Dear Tired: You are kind, combit. You are not helping yourself passionate and devoted. But you or your daughter by getting into don't need to wear yourself out for fights with her husband and addyour mother. That does neither of ing to her life. you stress any good. Dear Annie: wrote to Of course, your “Iowa” siblings should say that her mother suggested step up, but they are not going to she down her do it,put so handle this 13-year-old as if you werecat because he has diabetes. She was an only child. Your mother could upset wasprograms, so negative. benefitthat fromMom day care But may be wiser you and Mom you need respite care. than Contact think. the Eldercare Locator (elderI cared AARP for my 18-year-old, (, the diabetic who Alliance needed(careinsulin Familycat, Caregiver shots daily. the shots are andWhile the Alzheimer's easy to administer, main probHOW TO PLAY: Complete Association ( the for informalem is having the grid so that every row, tion and help. to schedule your entire life around those injections. column and 3x3 box contains Dear Annie: "Trouble in IfHubbard" “Iowa” is is the stillexecutor in school, every from 1 to 9the incluof herhas a HOW TOdigit PLAY: Complete grid so that boyfriend and perhaps a part-time sively. answers to today’s mother's estate. She is concerned every row,Find column and 3x3 box contains puzzle Troy Find job busy social thatand oneagrandson has calendar, borrowed she a every digit in fromtomorrow’s 1 to 9 inclusively. Daily News. great deal of money, she might discover theand responsibility answers to today’s puzzle in tomorrow’s wants deductatthat amount from of dailytoshots regular times is a Troy Daily News. YESTERDAY’S his to inheritance afterI Grandma lot incorporate. was unable to dies. a job that required irregular SOLUTION: accept As an executor of an estate (or shifts and had to forgo summer MONDAY’S SOLUTION: trust), "Trouble" has out trustee of athat HINTS FROM HELOISE vacations involved being notown choiceunless but to Idivide of couldand takedistribmy cat HINTS FROM HELOISE ute Grandma's will or trust the with me. way it's written upon her death. sacBecause I made significant Since debts owed Grandma prior a rifices for my cat, she enjoyed to herquality death are assets good of legitimate life for five years. of the estate, this wouldisrequire stomach. That’s how you end up or even rice or potatoes. But the commitment far more Dear Readers: Saving adjusting beneficiary's share of a money never goes out of style. — Heloise with purchases that you don’t than just apoking the cat with I then dip my delighted to reprint this hint REMOVING Dear Heloise: It and would ing the sheets in the dryer.need! distributions. FATbrush in the — Heloise costing more needle. It is a major responsibility With groceries To do otherwise opens the cup and have a few more for anyone who may have I don’t know why, but it take reams of paper to list Dear Heloise: I used to have SMOKED PAPRIKA more, here are some simple she cannot shirk when something executor or trustee to lawsuits a fat separator, but it cracked Dear Heloise: I am often hints to cut costs the next time days’ use before I need a missed it. — Heloise miraculously works, and thank you for the many more interesting comes up. — from the other beneficiaries. If it had to tempted to buy you hints go to the grocery store: be thrown out. tube. — Amanda S., T Osmoked O T Hpaprika P A S T E andnew I have used from your and every time! No Lifetime Cat Lover contributes to family strife, when I seeTUBE it in the store. Plan your Imeals the Before I couldN.C. purchase a new Durham, more disappearing havefordiscovered Annie’s Mailbox is written by •column. Hintssocks from Heloise "Trouble" should resign in favor of week, using coupons or items one, IAmade homemade However, I am really notHeloise: sure BELL ALERTgravy Dear hankies, or pantthat there is still much to Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar, appointing a bank or licensed Columnist thatlearn are onfrom sale your in thereaders! store’s I’ve ies. Please that A I nocomhow to useBeing it. Do you know anyDearforgetting Heloise: a thrifty soul, I one night, repeat this longtime editors of the Ann trust company as executor. — weekly flier. longer had the separator. thing about this spice? always want to get the passionate friend of mine written you, but one hint every so often. — Landers column. Please email •never Kailua, Hawaii Go the on the computer problem, I justwhite, let — Carly F., can use for later meals. adopted a though. beautiful, lastviabitemail of toothpaste No Greene Urban, of best hintstopromptsyouVickie your questions to anniesmailbox@ Annie's Mailbox is written by check manufacturers’ websites the pan drippings sit a few minSmoked paprika is made •Colorado Be sure to stockSprings, up on out of the tube. After blue-eyed cat. It is obvious me tocoupons, break my silence. For, write to:Sugar, Annie’s for online Kathy Mitchellor and Marcy especially on items you use all the time when Hints utes in a cup until the fat rose from sweet, red bell peppers. thattop. it once had a home, but I have used as much to the Colo. years, small items would Mailbox, c/o Creators Syndicate, the most expensive name I then used my The peppers are smoked over longtime editors of the Ann you find them on sale (if they from then was dumped, probably as I can by squeezing Vickie, you are so get trapped in the corners 737 3rd Street, Hermosa Beach, turkey baster to collect the fat wood to create a smoky flavor Landers column. Please email your brands you use. can be frozen or you have space Heloise it is deaf.toAbetiny theground tube, up. I It’s cut it off andbecause right! This neat trick CA 90254.toTo find out more about •of Try FITTED a meat-free BEDSHEETS meal once a in the place it in a can, dis- bell before being questions anniesmailbox@compantry for them). 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Freeze in portionstoss- •laundry Never shop on an empty CA 90254.Syndicate Web page at when

Repeat of the fitted sheets

Shopping for savings is easier than you might think

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For Friday, July 19, 2013 ARIES (March 21 to April 19) You feel generous to others today and will help those who are less fortunate if you can. If discussing how to share something, don't give away the farm. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Relations with others are serious but considerate today. People are supportive, but in practical ways. Nothing is frivolous. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) You might be able to visualize a better way to do your job. You want to accomplish something today, and you want to do it fairly and right. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Discussions about the care and education of children might come up today. Discussion with a romantic partner also will focus on future possibilities. LEO (July 23 to Aug. 22) You want what's best for your family today, especially in a practical way. You're looking for ways to solidify your home base. VIRGO (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22) Discussions with others will be serious but reasonable today. Both parties will be inclined to see each other's point of view, which is a good head start. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) You might want to spend money on something luxurious today, but you won't. Part of you does not want to be frivolous. This sensible part wants you to spend money on practical expenditures. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) You feel a need to have a deeper understanding of who you are today. This is why you might be attracted to studies that promote this -- meditation, metaphysics, yoga or spiritualism. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Feelings of selfless generosity will make you put the needs of others before your own today. You won't be denying yourself; it's what you want to do. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 19) Someone older, or perhaps a teacher figure, will inspire you to be the best you can be today. This person might suggest that you lend your efforts to a charitable group or a cause that works for the benefit of others. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18) Someone in a position of authority might inspire you today. You might see that power and authority are useful if they are used in the right way. PISCES (Feb. 19 to March 20) Any kind of teaching, religious meeting or philosophical gathering will appeal to you today, because you want to understand more about what makes you tick. You also want to learn more. YOU BORN TODAY You have a natural grace and style, which can be elegant. This can be evident both verbally and physically. You have high standards for yourself, which is why you are sometimes self-critical (and also sometimes critical of others). Personally, you have heroes that you admire. This year a major change could take place, perhaps as significant as something that occurred around 2004-05. Birthdate of: Benedict Cumberbatch, actor; Edgar Degas, artist; Vikki Carr, singer/humanitarian. (c) 2013 King Features Syndicate, Inc.






Thursday, July 18, 2013





Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday, July 18, 2013

TODAY IN HISTORY (AP) — Today is Thursday, July 18, the 199th day of 2013. There are 166 days left in the year. On this date: In A.D. 64, the Great Fire of Rome began. In 1536, the English Parliament passed an act declaring the authority of the pope void in England. In 1792, American naval hero John Paul Jones died in Paris at age 45. In 1872, Britain enacted voting by secret ballot. In 1913, comedian Red Skelton was born in Vincennes, Ind. In 1932, the United States and Canada signed a treaty to develop the St. Lawrence Seaway. In 1940, the Democratic National Convention at Chicago Stadium nominated President Franklin D. Roosevelt for an unprecedented third term in office. In 1947, President Harry S. Truman signed a Presidential Succession Act, which placed the speaker of the House and the Senate president pro tempore next in the line of succession after the vice president. In 1969, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., left a party on Chappaquiddick Island near Martha’s Vineyard with Mary Jo Kopechne (koh-PEHK’-nee), 28; some time later, Kennedy’s car went off a bridge into the water. (Kennedy was able to escape, but Kopechne drowned.) In 1976, at the Montreal Olympics, Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci received the first-ever perfect score of 10 with her routine on uneven parallel bars. (Comaneci would go on to receive six more 10s at Montreal.) In 1984, gunman James Huberty opened fire at a McDonald’s fast food restaurant in San Ysidro (ee-SEE’-droh), Calif., killing 21 people before being shot dead by police. Walter F. Mondale won the Democratic presidential nomination in San Francisco. In 1988, Texas Treasurer Ann Richards, delivering the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta, skewered presumed Republican nominee George H.W. Bush as having been “born with a silver foot in his mouth.” Today’s Birthdays: Former South African President Nelson Mandela is 95. Former Sen. John Glenn, D-Ohio, is 92. Conductor Kurt Masur is 86. Skating champion and commentator Dick Button is 84. Movie director Paul Verhoeven is 75. Musician Brian Auger is 74.



Partly cloudy High: 90°


Mostly clear Low: 72°

Partly cloudy High: 93° Low: 74°



Chance of storms High: 86° Low: 72°



Cooler, less humid High: 80° Low: 64°

Sunny High: 82° Low: 61°

TODAY’S STATEWIDE FORECAST Thursday, July 17, 2013 forecast for daytime conditions, low/high temperatures


Cleveland 75° | 88°

Toledo 73° | 91°

TROY • 72° 90°

Youngstown 70° | 91°

Mansfield 72° | 93°

PA. AP Photo Two women take refuge from the heat in a fountain at the University at Albany on Wednesday in Albany, N.Y. Forecasters warned of potentially dangerous temperatures from Minnesota to Massachusetts, as the nation’s largest heat wave of the summer stretched out and stagnated, with relief in many places still days away.

Columbus 73° | 93°

Dayton 73° | 88° Cincinnati 72° | 95° Portsmouth 72° | 93°





National forecast

Forecast highs for Thursday, July 18


Fronts Cold

Pt. Cloudy

Warm Stationary


Pressure Low


Pipe repair cuts water use for 200K near DC OXON HILL, Md. (AP) — Hundreds of thousands of residents of suburban Washington are avoiding running their faucets, watering their lawns and flushing toilets during a scorching heat wave because of urgent repairs to a failing water main. More than 200,000 Prince George’s County residents and businesses were warned Monday night about the unexpected repairs after one of the pipe’s internal sensors sent signals that it needs to be fixed. The repairs should head off a potentially disastrous failure. Mandatory water restrictions began late Tuesday in several communities in an area that includes the military base that is home to Air Force One and a major convention center. Officials had initially warned that faucets could run completely dry for several days but later said that they’d been able to divert water to the area to keep the pipes flowing. The restrictions come at a particularly hot time, with temperatures expected to reach the mid-90s over the next few days. Residents have been told to limit use of dishwashers, washing machines and bathing. Officials are providing water at three schools in affected areas and opening reception centers where people can shower, use the bathroom and get drinking water. “If we continue to conserve we’re confident that the system will remain full while we complete the repairs on the pipe and return it to service,” said Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission General Manager Jerry N. Johnson on Wednesday afternoon. Johnson said that a “major disaster” had been averted. Still, the signs of water conservation were evident in the area. On Wednesday, businesses including car washes, daycare centers and fast-food restaurants were shut down before noon. At a Shoppers Food Warehouse just off the Capital Beltway in Oxon Hill, assistant

AP Photo Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission workers remove dirt from around a defective 4-1/2 water main in District Heights, Md., Wednesday. Officials say at least 200,000 residents could temporarily be without water so that the pipe can be replaced.

store director Timothy Marshall was restocking shelves with hundreds of one-gallon jugs of Deer Park water. “I’ve got plenty of water for all of Prince George’s County,” said Marshall, who said the early warning about the shutdown allowed the store to order more water than usual. “I hope I don’t get stuck with it all. So far, so good.” Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission spokesman I.J. Hudson said the 4-½-foot water main pipe that needs to be repaired was put in around 1965. Officials first got alerts Friday from a warning system that the pipe was failing. There were additional warnings over the weekend and Monday. County officials urged residents to stock up on water before the work began. In response, Joint Base Andrews, which is home to Air Force One and has 16,000 residents and workers, shut down all but the most crit-

ical operations. A base clinic was accepting only emergency patients, and routine appointments had been cancelled. The base’s commander, Col. William Knight, said Wednesday that movable water tanks had been placed around the base, but he said that air conditioning could be affected because that system needs water to work. County officials worked to make the most of the advance warning before the massive outage, said county spokesman Scott Peterson. Fire officials were placing tankers in the affected area. “One blessing is that usually there is a break, and you are dealing with the aftermath. This is a different situation,” Peterson said. “Because of new technology we were able to get out with 24-hour notice, and people were able to prepare for this. As frustrating as the situation is, most of the time you don’t even get 24 hours.”

Heat blankets much of U.S. as summer sizzles NEW YORK (AP) — Weather forecasters warned of potentially dangerous temperatures from Minnesota to Massachusetts on Wednesday, as the nation’s largest heat wave of the summer stretched out and stagnated, with relief in many places still days away. Most states in the U.S. were expected to have some areas where the temperature would hit 90 degrees or more, according to the National Weather Service. Humid air just made it all feel worse, with heat indexes in some places over 100. Parts of 19 states were under weather advisories. In New York City, where it was 95 degrees, sidewalk food vendor Ahmad Qayumi said that by 11 a.m., the cramped space inside his steel-walled cart got so hot, he had to turn off his grill and coffee machine. “It was just too hot. I couldn’t breathe,” he said, turning away a customer who asked for a hamburger. “Just cold drinks,” he said. Amid the heat, officials in Washington D.C.’s Maryland suburbs worked to keep a failing water main from cutting off hundreds of thousands of people, just when they needed it most. People in

Prince George’s County were asked not to run their faucets, water their lawns or flush toilets to keep the water system from emptying during emergency repairs. Firefighters in southern California faced brutally hot — but dangerously dry — conditions as they battled a wildfire outside Palm Springs. Temperatures could go as high as 105 and humidity could go as low as 1 percent by the afternoon, said Tina Rose, a spokesman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. The fire has already consumed seven homes. At the World Trade Center reconstruction site in New York City, workers building a rail hub dripped under their hardhats, thick gloves and heavy-duty boots. Some wore towels around their necks to wipe away the sweat. “We’re drinking a lot of water, down under by the tracks, in and out of the sun all day — very hot,” said carpenter Elizabeth Fontanez, of the Bronx, who labored with 20 pounds of tools and safety equipment strapped to her waist. Since the heat wave began, she said she has been changing shirts several times during her shifts.

Detroit says it’s settled with some creditors DETROIT (AP) — Detroit has reached an “important settlement” with some creditors as it negotiates ways to get rid of billions of dollars of debt, according to court documents filed Monday, though details of the agreement haven’t been released. The disclosure was made in a lawsuit involving the city, an insurance company and a bank. The document doesn’t reveal any details but said Detroit no longer needs a restraining order in the case, which involves a dispute over taxes and casino revenue. “The city reached in principle an important settlement with certain of its creditors late Friday afternoon, which we understand will be executed (Monday),” attorney Deborah Kovsky-Apap said in the court filing. Bill Nowling, spokesman for state-appointed emergency manager Kevyn Orr, said the settlement involves swap agreements. Detroit has pledged money from casino revenue as collateral to avoid defaulting on past pension debt payments. The swaps are backed by insurer Syncora Guarantee Inc., which acts as a trustee and makes payments from casino revenue to parties involved in the swaps. The settlement referred to in Monday’s court filing primarily involves Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and some other entities, Nowling said. “We have a deal in principle with the swap counterparties, but it’s not finalized yet,” said Nowling, who added that details could not be released until the deal is signed.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013


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FOUND DOG by bike trail in Troy Dye Mill Road area on Sunday July 7th. (937)6673547 Miscellaneous LAWN TRACTOR, Craftsman 19.5 horsepower, 42" cut, 6 speed, good condition, $600. Call (937)524-9209 or (937)667-4017. Yard Sale COVINGTON, 5611 West State Route 41,Thursday & Friday 8am-4pm, Saturday 8am12pm, Moving Sale!! tv, freezer, refrigerator, books, tools. Bo Flex, Miscellaneous items, Baby clothing up to 24 months, & Baby items FLETCHER, 9345 State Route 589, July 19-21, 8am-4pm. Barn Sale! Antiques, primitives, vintage, collectibles, golf clubs, camping equipment, electronics, bikes, vintage Hallmark ornaments in original boxes, tools, kitchen cabinets, SATB coral music, costumes, furniture, dress-form, sewing supplies, too many items to mention all! LUDLOW FALLS 9345 Horseshoe Bend Road Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 9am-5pm Furniture, riding lawnmower, boys and girls clothing and shoes, lots of toys, women's clothing and shoes (various sizes), books, home decor, seasonal decorations. Lots of stuff to sell - too much to lost! Something for everyone!

PIQUA Participating homes on Parkway, Park Avenue, Beckert, Carol, Britton, Carlyle, Willshire, Westview, Dubois, and Clifton Community Garage Sale Friday and Saturday 9am-? Join the fun! See you there!!

PIQUA, 1618 Nicklin Avenue, Saturday, 9-2. Household items, furniture, dorm style refrigerator, carpets, fireplace items, riding helmet, pictures, toys, 2 bicycles.

Yard Sale

Yard Sale

Yard Sale

PIQUA, 3580 Fairington Road, Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 9am-?, Barn Sale, Multi Family, Lead crystal, silver, houseware items, toys, books, lingerie, hand carved wood items, furniture, tools, antiques, collectibles, Lots more

TROY 115 Woodridge Drive (off McKaig between Honda Road and Stanfield) Thursday and Friday 9am-4pm Four families, CLEAN like new namebrand baby clothes, toys, packn-play, swing, sport, boating and exercise equipment, household and miscellaneous

TROY 511 Lincoln Friday 8am2pm and Saturday 8am-12pm Maple table and 4 chairs, small tables, household items, Christmas items, above ground pool, 26" girls bike, dog pen and beds

PIQUA, 8388 North County Road 25A (Corner of Hetzler and 25A) Thursday, Friday & Saturday 930am-4pm, Estate/ Garage Sale!! Lots of tools & equipment, furniture, glass & kitchen items, Miscellaneous, Sale will be held in Barn!! PLEASANT HILL, 802 Stitcher Road, Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 9am-?, Large country sale!! crafts, Kiln, clothing all sizes plus huge amount of plus size clothing, furniture, non working 4 wheeler, Tons of Miscellaneous!!

TIPP CITY 6525 Curtwood Drive, corner of Evanston Road Thursday, Friday 9am5pm, and Saturday 9am-12pm Household and yard items, nice indoor and outdoor furniture, tools and wood chippers, small appliances, dorm room microwaves and TV, collectibles, Christmas/holiday decor TIPP CITY 673 Thornburg Place Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 9am-4pm Boys clothes newborn-3T, Nintendo Wii, highchair, stroller, car seat, bouncy seat, extra smallmedium scrubs, pots and pans, miscellaneous kitchen items, holiday decor TIPP CITY 780 Hardwick Court Windmere Addition) Thursday, Friday and Saturday 8am-5pm 3 families downsizing, household items, furniture, clothing, TVs, and lots of miscellaneous TIPP CITY, 362 Miles Ave., Thursday, Friday, Saturday, July 18-20, 9am-5pm. Furniture, kids/adult clothing, housewares. TROY 1102 South Clay Street Thursday, Friday 8am-3pm and Saturday 9am-2pm Estate Sale 27" TV, audio system, bar stools, lamps, toys, kitchenware, collectible/vintage bottles, glassware, household linens, Christmas decorations, records, VHS tapes, DVDs, CDs, books, assorted hardware, luggage, adult clothing, and more

TROY 1114 East Canal Street Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 10am-4pm Bengals stuff, Hayner bottles, fishing poles, antique toasters, old Look/Life magazines, outdoor cushion sets, bicycles, villages houses, lamps, cookbooks, so much more. No Early Birds! TROY 2880 Kensington Court (Saxony Woods area) Thursday and Friday 9am-5pm Set of wall and base cabinets, new sewing machine, new shoes, purses, pictures, video tapes, and miscellaneous

TROY 1191 Meadow Lane Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 8am-1pm Elvis collectibles, bike, TVs, too much to list TROY 1325 Maplecrest Drive Saturday Only 8am-2pm Comforters, backpacks, old games, luggage, and other miscellaneous items TROY 1395 Covent Road Thursday, Friday 8am-5pm and Saturday 8am-11am Dresser and mirror, computer table, desk, aquariums, Webkins, toys, holiday decorations, organ with bench, encyclopedias, antiques, grass blower, kerosene heater, and lots of other items TROY 1513 Brookfield Lane Thursday and Friday 9am-4pm Household items, mower, furniture, jewelry, designer purses, Bath and Bodyworks, toys, games, weight set, carseat, pack-n-play, clothing (infant boys, young mens, junior designer, women's), and much more TROY 1639 Amesbury Road and 860 Dartmouth Road (Westbrook area) Thursday and Friday 8am-5pm Turkey cooker, TV, carpet shampooer, dog cage, bunk bed, humidifier, kitchen items, clothes, desk, Chiffarobe, and lots of miscellaneous TROY 2482 & 2480 East Fox Chase Court Thursday & Friday 9am-3pm, 2486 & 2478 East Fox Chase Court Friday Only 9am-3pm Furniture, appliances, kitchen and home improvement items, bicycles, collectible glassware and guitars TROY 2630 Alexander Court (off Willow Creek Way) Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 9am-? Moving Sale like new John Deere lawn tractor, lawn ornaments, tools, furniture, desk , lawn tools, blower, ladders, trimmer, wagon, jacks, hose, video camera, household goods, nice women's clothes, shoes, tiller, kitchen-wares, knick knacks, pictures, computer equipment, Christmas, and lots of miscellaneous TROY 2711 Chatham Drive Thursday and Friday 8am-4pm HUGE sale appliances, clothes, dishes, furniture, patio furniture, golf clubs bags, filing cabinet, baby grand piano toys, tools, prom dresses, baby furniture TROY 2876 Southside Drive Saturday Only 8am-12pm Baby clothes, purses, and furniture TROY 434 Grant Street Thursday and Friday 9am-? Multifamily, home school, computer monitor, surround speakers, electronics, scrapbooking, dorm refrigerator and bedding, art supplies, videos, CDs, girls clothes, household goods, lots of stuff, everything must go!

Help Wanted General

Yard Sale


Chef General Manger

TROY 804 Union Street Thursday and Friday 9am-4pm Estate sale, furniture, bedding, glassware, dentist chair, Ross speakers, any and everything, all in excellent condition

View each garage sale listing and location on our Garage Sale Map! Available online at

TROY 874 Crossbow Lane Friday and Saturday 9am-3pm Lots of miscellaneous, dining table with hutch, lamps, numerous items for elderly like new, Jazzi scooter new, riding mower, and TV TROY 925 Terry Drive Thursday and Friday 8am-4pm Old glassware, furniture, old marbles, bedding, and lots of yard tools TROY, 167 Dronfield Road, Thursday & Friday 9am-5pm, Clothing, shoes, books, golf clubs, household items, kids bike, swimming pool, miscellaneous TROY, 1790 Normandy Lane, Friday 8-2pm, Huge multifamily toy sale-Items include: Train table, gates, ride-on/push toys, table/chairs, cottage, rocking horse, big wheels, bikes, skates, mini trampoline, books, bookshelves, picnic table, pool toys, sports equipment, videogames, miscellaneous dog crate, WHBM clothes, and marble top liquor island. TROY, 1795 Thornwood Court, Saturday only!, 9am-2pm, furniture sale! sofa, recliners, futon, coffee table, end table, lamp, desk, dresser, console tv, exercise equipment, office chair, ping pong table, printer, speakers, cash & carry!!

Powered by Google Maps Child / Elderly Care LIVE-IN NURSES AIDE to comfort clients in their own homes. Stay to the end. Work with Hospice. 20 years experience. References. Dee at (937)751-5014.

TROY, 404 W. Canal Street, Saturday only, 7/20, 9am-4? Annual Multi Family Yard Sale. Lots of antiques, pictures and picture frames, Vera Bradley, Longaberger, housewares, glassware, nice women's clothes size 1X-3X, lots of miscellaneous. TROY, 45 Carrousel, Friday & Saturday 8am-4pm, 2 family, baby items, kids clothes, teacher items, small furnishings, toys, Lots of miscellaneous items, something for everyone!!

DRIVER Dancer Logistics is looking for Class A CDL drivers with at least 2 years experience for home daily runs, over the road and regional. Great Benefits, Vision, Dental and Major medical with prescription cards. Great home time and your weekends off. Also looking for Teams to run West coast. Please apply at: 900 Gressel Dr Delphos, Oh or call (419)692-1435

DRIVERS * Semi / Tractor Trailer * Home Daily * All No Touch Loads * Excellent Equipment * Medical Insurance * Eye & Dental Reimbursement * 401K Retirement * Paid HolidaysShutdown Days * Safety Bonus Paid Weekly * Minimum Age 23 * Class A CDL Required Require good MVR and references Call Chambers Leasing (800)526-6435

Qualities required are: * Positive Attitude * Flexible * Team Player Forward resume to Holly at:

WEST MILTON 1119 Larrel Lane Thursday and Friday 10am-5pm Fishing tackle and poles, computer desk, lamps, craft items, pictures, toys, clothes, and much, much more

Help Wanted General HIRING NOW GENERAL LABOR plus CDL TRUCK DRIVERS Training provided Excellent wage & benefits Apply at 15 Industry Park Ct Tipp City (937)667-6772


• All Shifts • Reasonable Rates • 6 Weeks & Up • Learning Environment • Meals Provided • 18 Years Experience



Help Wanted General



Pre-employment testing required. EOE ************************

Welder/Fabricator Victory Machine & Fab is seeking a full time welder/metal fabricator, minimum 5 years experience. Stainless steel tig welding, millwright & mechanical experience is a plus. Benefits, paid holidays & premium pay available based upon experience. Send resumes to: PO Box 357 Botkins, OH 45306 JANITORIAL help wanted part time, Monday - Friday, 2nd shift 4pm-9pm, some weekends. $10 hour. Background check required. Call (937)3390555.


The Troy Daily News, Troy, Ohio, seeks to fill an immediate opening for a Route Manager in our Circulation Department. As an employee, this individual will be responsible for maintaining an effective independent contractor delivery workforce required to distribute all products either produced or distributed by The Troy Daily News. The candidate must be able to work a 4:00 am to 1:00 pm daily schedule. Qualified applicants will have previous home delivery and single copy experience. Requires reliable transportation, valid Ohio driver’s license and proof of insurance at time of hire. We offer a competitive salary, excellent benefits package and an exceptional work environment. Send resume and cover letter to: Todd C. Russell Ohio Group Circulation Director Civitas Media, LLC 4500 Lyons Road Miamisburg, Ohio 45342-6447 EOE

We offer excellent benefits including 401(K) and paid vacation & holidays. Interested candidates must have a high school diploma or GED and be able to successfully pass pre-employment screening. Apply online at: click “search and apply” type in Job ID: “ECT-00001065” We are an equal opportunity employer

Child / Elderly Care

To apply, call 937-335-6974 or stop our office at 405 Public Square, Troy OH.. Applications are available online at EOE

to apply or email your resume to:

Currently hiring production employees for all shifts. We are seeking dependable and highly motivated individuals that can excel in a team environment. The ideal candidate will be willing to work any shift, available for overtime, and have good attendance.

Call Kim at Western Ohio Therapy Associates Greenville, OH 937-548-9495 Or send resume to:

CRSI has part-time openings available in Miami, Shelby, and Darke Counties for caring people who would like to make a difference in the lives of others Various hours are available, including 2nd shift , weekends and overnights Paid training is provided Requirements: a high school diploma or equivalent, a valid drivers license, have less than 6 points on driving record, proof of insurance and a criminal background check


ACADEMIC TEACHER Needed to work with exceptional children. Degree in Education or Intervention Specialist required. Program for children with special needs.

Part-time School Based


Call Greg Zemore at:

For our manufacturing facility in Sidney, Ohio

Occupational Therapist

Help Wanted General

* Paid Vacations * Paid Holidays * Competitive Wages and Benefits


Help Wanted General


* Minimum 4 years culinary and managerial experience required * Experience managing catered events * Experience managing budgets, account financials, and payroll. * Motivated leader * Computer skills a must * Must be focused on food quality, customer service, and food safety


Drivers & Delivery

TROY, 2644 Shady Tree Drive, (Edgewater Subdivision) Friday 7-4pm, Saturday 9noon, fishing tackle, antiques, collectibles, living room furniture, mens 2XL clothing, ladies size 10 clothing.

TROY, 310 Summit, Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm, Sale of Estate: Furniture (some unique & antique) sofa, dining table/hutch; silverware, several silver plate items; China tea cups, vintage clothing (slips, gloves, fur jackets), lace, tablecloths, kitchenware, cookbooks, Santa collection; kids toys, 2 Large slides (10’, one covered), 5’ rock climbing wall, lawn equipment (summer & winter), outdoor furniture. Lots more! Must See.

Help Wanted General

C lassifieds

$200 Deposit Special! (937)673-1821

JACKSON TUBE SERVICE, INC. 8210 Industry Park Drive P.O. Box 1650 Piqua, OH 45356

1, 2 & 3 bedrooms Call for availability attached garages Easy access to I-75 (937)335-6690

1,2 & 3 BEDROOM, Troy ranches and townhomes. Different floor plans to choose from. Garages, fireplaces, appliances, washer/ dryers. Corporate apartments available. Visit, Call us first! (937)335-5223


Has a great opportunity for an individual wanting to start their own delivery business by becoming an owner/ operator of a

DELIVERY TRUCK! This GREAT opportunity comes with SUPER SECURITY and UNLIMITED Earning Potential. This is YOUR opportunity to work with the #1 Home Improvement Center!!

2 BEDROOM, sweet upstairs, good area, appliances furnished, $445 monthly includes water, no pets! (937)335-5440

BEAUTIFUL, 2 Bedroom, 2 bath, apartment in Troy, Stove, refrigerator, water, sewage trash paid, (937)238-2560 COUNTRY, Newly decorated 2 - 3 bedroom apartment. Rent based on some property maintenance, $750, (937)307-3545. DODD RENTALS Tipp-Troy: 2 bedroom AC, appliances $550/$450 plus deposit No pets (937)667-4349 for appt. EVERS REALTY

Pets AUSTRALIAN SHEPARD PUPPIES, red merles and red tri's, 6 females, 3 males, asking $200, taking deposits (937)214-0464 BOXER PUPPIES shots, wormed, tails docked, great with kids, born 5/27, ready now (937)418-7686 Farm Equipment

(937)216-5806 IN TROY, small 2 bedroom upper apartment, nice location, all utilities furnished, Metro welcome, $550 month, (937)773-2829 after 2pm.

TRACTOR, FORD 1300 4x4 diesel compact Tractor, Low hours, 3 point, pto. (937)4891725 Autos For Sale

automatic convertible with approximately 67,000 miles. This car is in great condition. $20,500 or best offer. Call Craig at (937)776-0922

DRURY LANE WATER LINE REPLACEMENT project in accordance with the plans and specifications now on file in the office of the Director of Public Service and Safety. The bidding documents may be reviewed at the Office of the City Engineer located in City Hall and obtained for a nonrefundable fee of $50.00 payable to the City of Troy, Ohio. Each proposal must contain the full name of the party or parties submitting the proposal and all persons interested therein. Proposals shall be submitted on the forms furnished by the City and must be enclosed in sealed envelopes endorsed by the Bidder and marked “Bid –DRURY LANE WATER LINE REPLACEMENT” Bids may be submitted by mail to the Director of Public Service and Safety, 100 South Market Street, P.O. Box 3003, Troy, Ohio, 45373-7303. Each Bidder must submit evidence of his experiences on projects of similar size and complexity.

ZAZZY POWER CHAIR, new never used, cost $6300, sacrifice $1750 or OBO (937)7730865

The City of Troy reserves the right to reject any or all bids, to waive any irregularities in the bids when to the advantage of the City and to select the best bid in his opinion. The City of Troy, Ohio is in compliance with ADA. Patrick E. J. Titterington Director of Public Service and Safety 7/18, 7/25-2013 40327571


Pet Grooming

LIFT CHAIR, used twice and a lift porta potty, new never used (937)205-5716 Handyman Hauling & Trucking

Amy E. Walker, D.V.M. 937-418-5992


Mobile Veterinary Service Treating Dogs, Cats & Exotics


Basketball hoop/balls $30, Toy chest $20, 2 metal stars, 15 beer steins $35, lots of Home Interior (937)335-6064

Pools / Spas

937-875-0153 937-698-6135


BIKE, 3 wheel, red, good condition, 24" wheel, large basket, cup holder and horn. Asking $250. (937)239-7720, (937)239-0065

Gravel Hauled, Laid & Leveled Driveways & Parking Lots

875-0153 698-6135


You Call

JOHN DEERE, 265 riding lawn mower, 17hp, 48" deck, hydrostatic drive, heavy duty, very reliable, excellent condition, Call (419)628-2101


We haul it all!

Remodeling & Repairs

Basement, Attic, Garage, Barn,

Roofing & Siding


Tree Service

Call or Text Richard at:


RIDING LAWN TRACTOR, John Deere, like new, in Troy (937)308-5545

14 yrs serving Troy & Miami City

WISE Tree & Shrub Service • Tree Trimming & Removal • Shrub Trimming & Removal • Stump Removal


CCW CLASS, $60, August 17th and 18th, Piqua Fish & Game, (937)760-4210,

937-947-4409 937-371-0454

Tickets RACE TICKETS, (5) Brickyard 400, 7/28 NASCAR race in Indianapolis, Paddock Box in shade near start/finish line, $90 each face value. (937)5966257. Land Care


• Standing Seam Metal Roofing • New Installation & Repairs • Metal Sales & Service • Standing Seam Snap Lock $95SQ • Pole Barn Metal $1.55LF 765-857-2623 765-509-0069 Appliances

2002 GMC SIERRA 1500 Regular cab, fiberglass high top camper, aluminum running boards, 2 wheel drive, 5300 Vortec engine, excellent condition, $8150 Call (937)538-1294 2005 CHRYSLER LIMITED CONVERTIBLE, 31,500 miles, excellent condition, $8500, Call (937)570-2248 or (937)7731831


APPLIANCE REPAIR •Refrigerators •Stoves •Washers & Dryers •Dishwashers • Repair & Install Air Conditioning


Roofing & Siding

Remodeling & Repairs

All Contractors and Subcontractors involved with the project will, to the extent practical, use Ohio products, materials, services, and labor in the implementation of this project. Each Bidder is required to furnish, with his proposal, a Bid Guaranty in accordance with Section 153.54 of the Ohio Revised Code as a guarantee that if the proposal is accepted a Contract will be entered into. The Bid Guaranty shall be in one of the following forms: 1. A certified check, cashiers’ check or letter of credit in an amount equal to 10% of the total bid amount, payable to the City of Troy, Ohio, or; 2. A bid bond in the amount of 100% of the bid amount, payable to the City of Troy, Ohio. If the Bid Guaranty is furnished in Bond form, it shall be issued by a Surety Company or Corporation licensed in the State of Ohio to provide said surety.


Limited Time: Mention This Ad & Receive 10% Off!

SERVICE / BUSINESS DIRECTORY 2000 HONDA CRV LX, black, with cloth interior, 169k miles, great condition, well maintained. $4000 OBO Call (937)658-3324

15 YEARS EXPERIENCE FREE ESTIMATES Paving • Driveways Parking Lots • Seal Coating


Sporting Goods



Gutter Repair & Cleaning

ELECTRIC SCOOTER, Guardian Trek-3, A1 condition, $400, call (937)778-8692 or (937)214-1825

1996 FORD MUSTANG Convertible, red, 6 cylinder, many updates! Good condition, 154k miles, asking $4200. Call (937)773-4587

(937) 473-2847 (937) 216-9361


ETHAN ALLEN COUNTRY CROSSINGS BOOKCASE left and right with upper speaker units, in cream with cinnamon crown molding, $450 (937)3352491

AR15 Boost Master (brand new never been shot), model number, XM15, shoots 223's or 556's, $1200 FIRM, Call (937)638-8465


Sealed proposals will be received at the office of the Director of Public Service and Safety, City Hall, 100 South Market Street, Troy, Ohio, 45373-7303, until 12:00 Noon on Thursday, August 1, 2013 for the:


Furniture & Accessories


TROY, 3 bedroom, stove/ refrigerator, water paid, no pets, no washer/dryer hookup, $545 month, (937)829-8999


WINDOW UNITS both excellent condition, Westinghouse 6000 btu's with manual, remote control, $115 and Whirlpool 5-6000 btu's, manual $80 (937)339-3946

TROY/TIPP 2 & 3 Bedroom Townhomes & Duplexes From $675-$875 Monthly

Construction & Building


Houses For Rent 3 BEDROOM, 2 bath, great room with gas fireplace, 2 car garage, $795 month + deposit, (513)523-6428.

2 BEDROOM, 2 bath, 2 car garage, appliances, W/D hookup, $775, 1642 Brook Park (937)335-0261 2 BEDROOM, washer/dryer hook-up, CA, off street parking, quiet cul-de-sac $475 monthly, Metro approved, (937)603-1645

1500 Z71, 4x4, 3 door extended cab. black exterior, Tonneau cover, 5.7 liter, tow package, 154000 miles, $5200. (937)726-0273 Air Conditioners

Fax: (937)778-7128 EOE



No phone calls please

Paving & Excavating



1, 2 & 3 Bedroom, Houses & Apts. SEIPEL PROPERTIES Piqua Area Only Metro Approved (937)773-9941 9am-5pm Monday-Friday

8am-11am and 1pm-4pm Resumes’ may be faxed or E-mailed

Call: 715-876-4000

TROY, 1 & 2 Bedrooms, appliances, CA, Water, Trash Paid, $425 & $525 Monthly.


25 Year Experience - Licensed & Bonded Wind & Hail Damage -Insurance Approved 15 Year Workmanship Warranty

Roofing & Siding

• • • • 40296626

Roofing Windows Kitchens Sunrooms

• • • •

Spouting Metal Roofing Siding Doors

• • • •

Baths Awnings Concrete Additions


40296732 40058910


For your home improvement needs


• Painting • Dr y wall • Decks • Carpentr y • Home Repair • Kitchen/Bath

937-974-0987 Email:


Please apply between:


Trucks / SUVs / Vans

TROY 3 bedroom, no garage, no pets, $630 (937)339-0355 Apartments /Townhouses

Cleaning & Maintenance


RVs / Campers


Individuals with a high level of integrity, ability to follow through, and strong communication as well as being results-focused with a desire for a career opportunity are invited to apply@

33 yrs. experience

40297046 40045880

We offer competitive wages, comprehensive health plan (medical, dental, vision, RX), paid holidays, vacation, and 401K plan. We are a drug free workplace.

Committed to developing our associates to achieve and become the next leaders in our organization, we provide an excellent training program and career growth potential in addition to a competitive base, performance incentives, car demo and great benefit package.

TROY 2 bedroom 1.5 bath, appliances , A/C, W/D hookup, water trash paid, $475-495 plus deposit, no pets (937)8755241

24 FOOT TRAVEL TRAILER, 2 axle, awning, a/c unit, refrigerator, stove, Lot 14 at Piqua Fishing Game Campground (Spiker Road), Lot rent paid until March 2014. Can leave there or tow away. Asking $1,900 OBO (419)778-7178

Painting & Wallpaper


The successful candidate will be responsible, well organized, and work well with all levels of employees. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required. Qualifications include at least six (6) month’s experience in the safety and/or training fields, OSHA regulations, SDS program, and WC experience a must. Associates degree preferred, but not required.

Our Sales/ Location Managers are trained and responsible for: customer relations, underwriting, sales, leadership, coaching and development, and branch management.

Building & Remodeling


The main duties include: Collecting, recording, and analyzing data and presenting it in report format using various computer programs; arranging and coordinating safety, training, wellness and substance abuse programs to achieve Company objectives, including working with vendors of safety and training supplies; implementing and coordinating various ongoing safety programs and conducting safety audits in the plant; maintaining ISO 9001 requirements; and orientation of new employees.

Superior Auto, Inc. has a Sales/ Location Manager opportunity available in Sidney. We are a long established company in need of self-motivated individuals seeking management opportunities in a growing company.

Autos For Sale 2006 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN, new tires, battery, starter, 88K miles, one owner, runs good, needs repairs, priced accordingly, $5995 (937)339-0648


We are a welded-steel tubing manufacturer seeking a self-starter, motivated individual for a Safety Professional.

Apartments /Townhouses PIQUA, Colonial Terrace Apts., Water, Sewer, Trash, Hot Water, Refrigerator, Range included. 2 BR $480, 1 BR $450. Washer/ Dryer on site. Pets welcome. No application fee. 6 or 12 month lease. (937)7731952.


Safety Professional



Help Wanted General

Troy Daily News •


Thursday, July 18, 2013




CONTACT US n Sports Editor Josh Brown

(937) 440-5251, (937) 440-5232

Troy Daily News •

TODAY’S TIPS • GOLF: A parent meeting will be held on Tuesday for any boy interested in playing golf for Troy High School. The meeting will be at 6 p.m. in the Miami Shores clubhouse. Tryouts will begin Aug. 1 at Miami Shores. Please contact Mark Evilsizor at (937) 8750785 or if you have any questions. • BASEBALL: Tryouts for the 2014 Troy Post 43 American Legion baseball team for players ages 15-19 will be held at noon Aug. 3-4 at Duke Park’s Legion Field. Prospective players need to bring their own equipment. • BASEBALL: Registration has begun for the 2013 Frosty Brown Fall Batting Leagues. There are three leagues to choose from: the original Frosty Brown Fall Batting League for ages 13-18, the Frosty Brown Live Pitching League for high schoolers only and the Frosty Brown Elementary Fall Batting League for ages 9-12. For more information, go to, on Facebook at www.facebook. com/frostybrownfallbattingleague, or contact coach Frosty Brown at (937) 339-4383, (937) 474-9093 or by email at • BASEBALL: The Dayton Sluggers baseball organization is holding open tryouts for the 2014 season for ages groups 13u, 14u and 15u. The tryouts will be from 6-8:30 p.m. July 24-25 at the Vandalia Recreation Center. Registration is at 5 p.m. For more information, call (937) 423-3053 or email • BASKETBALL: The Covington Police Department and the Noon Optimist Club are sponsoring the Covington 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament, which will begin at 9 a.m. on Aug. 3 at the Covington outdoor courts. The tentative deadline for entry is July 29, and the cost is $60 per four-player team. T-shirts will be given to all participants with trophies for first and second place. Registration brochures can be picked up at the Covington Police Department. For more information, call the police station at (937) 473-9487. • SKATING: Hobart Arena will hold public skating sessions this summer. All public skating sessions are held Fridays from 8-10 p.m. Tickets are $5 for adults, $4 for Children (14 and under) and $2.50 for skate rental. Remaining dates for public skating this summer are July 19 and 26. • COACHING: Bethel High School has three coaching positions open for the upcoming school year. For the asst. varsity football coach position, contact head coach Kevin Finfrock at (937) 216-5036. For the boys junior varsity basketball position, contact Eric Glover at (937) 510-7795 or at coacheglover@ The seventh grade volleyball coaching job is also open. For more information, contact Tim Zigler at (937) 845-9487. • BASEBALL: Locos Express will be having tryouts for the 2014 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U teams at Simmons Field (home field of Lima Locos) on the following dates: 1-3 p.m. Aug. 11 for 13U, 4-6 p.m. Aug. 11 for 14U, 1-3 p.m. Aug. 18 for 15U and 4-6 p.m. Aug. 18 for 16U. Locos Express is a non-profit subsidiary of the Lima Locos that is dedicated to the development of youth baseball. The Express select teams will be competing in tournaments and single game schedules after the start of each school’s 2014 spring baseball year. Visit tryout-registration to register for tryouts. Registration is required. Email with any questions.

SPORTS CALENDAR TODAY Legion Baseball District Legion Tournament at Duke Park Loser’s bracket final (7 p.m.) Friday Legion Baseball District Legion Tournament at Duke Park Championship game (7 p.m.)

WHAT’S INSIDE Cycling..............................................14 Scoreboard..............................................15 Television Schedule..................................15 Major League Baseball...............................16

Johnny be good: HOOVER, Ala. (AP) — Johnny Manziel strode into Southeastern Conference Media Days and was swarmed by hundreds of reporters and dozens of television cameras. He shook some hands and the cameras flashed as he settled into his seat, the star of the SEC’s latest must-see TV show. If the Texas A&M quarterback was troubled by all the attention, he didn’t show it. Dressed in a dark blue suit, checkered shirt and striped tie, Manziel answered every question thrown his way during the 30-minute Q&A, some were even about football. He said he largely enjoys the spotlight that comes with winning

the Heisman Trophy — even if it sometimes includes unsavory headlines. “This is just another day,” Johnny Football said with a grin. The 20-year-old sophomore and face of college football spent most of his three-hour stay at the Wynfrey Hotel, bouncing from one interview session to another. He mostly talked about an eventful offseason that has frequently made him a trending topic. “I don’t feel like I’ve done anything that’s catastrophic,” Manziel said. “Of course, I’ve made my mistakes. It’s time to grow up.” • See JOHNNY on page 14


July 18, 2013

Josh Brown

Manziel draws crowd at media day


Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel talks with reporters Wednesday during the Southeastern Conference football Media Days in Hoover, Ala.

Big Ten, Lions team for Detroit Bowl By the Associated Press

The Big Ten and the Detroit Lions have announced a six-year agreement to play a bowl game at Ford Field, and a person familiar with the situation says the Atlantic Coast Conference will provide the opponent. The new bowl will start in the 2014 season and it has not been named or sponsored. The person familiar with the situation tells The Associated Press the game will be a matchup of Big Ten and ACC teams. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because a formal announcement was to come later. first reported the ACC would be part of the new Detroit Bowl. The conferences will select the teams to play in the new game. “We are thrilled to be hosting a new bowl game in Detroit that will be anchored by an annual commitment from the Big Ten,” Lions president Tom Lewand said. “In addition to showcasing our city and its rich football tradition, this game will be an opportunity for fans to enjoy a postseason matchup featuring one of college football’s best conferences.” The new game could spell the end for the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, which has AP PHOTO been played in Detroit and tried to match American League Mariano Rivera, of the New York Yankees, acknowledges the crowd as he is introduced the Big Ten and Mid-American Conference. during the eighth inning of the MLB All-Star baseball game on Tuesday in New York. The Big Ten often would not have enough bowl eligible teams to send one to the Little Caesars Bowl. Ken Hoffman, the executive director of the Little Caesars Bowl, did not return a message seeking comment. The Little Caesars Bowl has been held at that rarest of baseball trib- Ford Field since 2002. The game was originally called the Motor City Bowl and held at utes — a solo bow. As he reached the brown the Silverdome. NEW YORK (AP) — address system as the circle in the center of the MAC Commissioner Jon Steinbrecher The great ones get the greatest reliever of all-time green diamond, Rivera said the announcement of the new Detroit stage to themselves. jogged toward the mound. realized he was the only bowl was not a surprise, and his league still Mariano Rivera was The record crowd of 45,186 person on the field. looks forward to holding its championship held in the bullpen out gathered at Citi Field on Sinatra. Springsteen. game in Detroit. The 2014 season marks the in right-center field until this humid summer night The Mick — Jagger and beginning of the new college football playoff, Neil Diamond had sung rose and cheered, knowing Mantle. They all got to the final words of “Sweet this was a moment peo- stand in the spotlight leaving the rest of the bowl scene uncertain Caroline” in the middle of ple will remember much alone. And now it was as far as which conferences will play where. “We’re all kind of in the process of rethe eighth inning during more than the American Rivera’s turn. jiggering,” Steinbrecher said. Tuesday night’s All-Star League’s 3-0 victory. He took off his cap, Last season, Northern Illinois became game. Quiet, reserved and waved it to all sides of the And then the opening understated during near- ballpark. He touched his the first MAC team to reach the Bowl Championship Series, playing in the Orange notes of Metallica’s “Enter ly a quarter-century in a hat to his heart. Sandman” — his Yankee sport that took him from His AL All-Star team- Bowl. That’s an honor the league can try to Stadium theme song but Panama to the pantheon of mates stood by the build on. unfamiliar on the road — pinstriped pitchers, Rivera “Every year is a new year,” Steinbrecher • See SANDMAN on page 14 rang out over the public- was being honored with said. “You’ve got to go out and do it again.”

Exit Sandman Rivera gets solo bow as AL beats NL

Prepping for British Open unlike any other major

Froome picks up 3rd stage victory at Tour Even when he expects to lose, Tour de France champion-in-the-making Chris Froome cannot help but win. He’s that strong and he’s making it look easy. On a day when the British rider was planning to save some energy for upcoming mountains, Froome still brushed aside the field and took his third stage win of this 100th Tour. See page 14

GULLANE, Scotland (AP) — The practice round schedule posted each day at Muirfield is not the only way to determine how players are getting ready for the British Open. Johnson Wagner’s name was on the tee sheet at St. Andrews over the weekend. Geoff Ogilvy could be found hundreds of miles away on links courses like Turnberry, Royal Troon and Western Gailes. Justin Rose was at North Berwick. So were Bubba Watson and Luke Donald, who got in plenty of golf along the Firth of Forth the week before the British Open. It’s not unusual for players to take off from their regular tours a week before a

major to prepare. What’s different about the British Open — isn’t everything? — is that preparations aren’t limited to the course they will be playing. “You can prepare for the U.S. Open on the range,” Ogilvy said Wednesday. “But you can only prepare for The Open on the course. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be the course you’re playing. The seaside courses here, they’re the only courses with turf like this, with sand like this. There’s something different about the seaside wind in Scotland. … You can fly to Shanghai or Abu Dhabi and work on what you need at home. But you can’t work on what you need at home until you get here.”

Tiger Woods, a three-time Open champion, arrived Sunday morning and has played nine holes a day. There was a time he would leave home a week early and head to Ireland with Mark O’Meara and David Duval, both former Open champions, and play the links courses there. Woods loves to recall his first experience with links golf in 1995 as the U.S. Amateur champion. He played the Scottish Open at Carnoustie, and then drove down the North Sea shoreline to St. Andrews for the British Open. “I absolutely fell in love with it, to be • See BRITISH on page 14

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Troy Daily News •

Field ready to go low at LPGA Marathon SYLVANIA (AP) — Gone is the Jamie Farr name atop the marquee. Even though it’s now the Marathon Classic for the first time in its 28 years — and the actor who played the cross-dressing Corporal Klinger from M*A*S*H has stepped into the background — a major drawing card for some of the LPGA’s finest players remains unchanged. “When I first came here to Highland Meadows, I thought this was a tough golf course,” Inbee Park said. “But it seemed like everybody was scoring so low out here that I couldn’t keep up with them.” When the No. 1 player in the world — and winner of the first three women’s major professional championships this year — thinks she’s being lapped by so many birdie-happy adversaries, that’s saying something. The course in suburban Toledo, not far from the Michigan-Ohio state line, has been the site of some of the best rounds in LPGA Tour history. A 20-year-old rookie named Se Ri

Pak put up a 61 in 1998 while winning her first of a record five titles at the course. Paula Creamer had a 60 in the first round five years ago to cruise to a victory. And rookie So Yeon Ryu shot a final-round 62 to come off the pace to win last year. Over the last six years, the winners are a combined 103-under par. “It’s a golf course that once you feel comfortable, you do play very well out here,” said Creamer, who followed up her career-low 11-under 60 with a hohum 65 and then coasted to a two-shot victory. The galleries have become used to players going low. Maybe too used to it. Locked in a four-way, all-South Korean tie for first heading into the final round a year ago, Ryu pulled away with a string of birdies. “After I made six birdies in a row, the next hole I made par and the spectators’ faces were like, ‘What’s the problem with her? Why did she have a par?’” Ryu said with a smile. Park recognizes that this might not

be exactly the track to fit her game. She believes she is at her best on courses where par is a good score, not where fans are disappointed by one. “I consider myself a very good player in major championships where the challenges come into play,” she said. “Some people like very-low-scoring golf courses and some like tough golf courses.” She’s in the latter camp. Still, she has improved every year she’s played in Northwestern Ohio going from a missed cut to a tie for 25th, to sixth to a thirdplace finish last year. This year’s field includes seven of the top 10 and 17 of the top 25 on the LPGA money list, including Yani Tseng, Na Yeon Choi and Angela Stanford. Also on hand are teenage phenoms Lexi Thompson and amateur Lydia Ko. The tournament also serves as one of the last chances to pick up precious points before the Solheim Cup teams are announced after the Women’s British Open at St. Andrew’s on Aug. 1-4. The Solheim will be played Aug. 15-18 at Colorado Golf Club.

Froome wins again British rider picks up 3rd stage victory

CHORGES, France (AP) — Even when he expects to lose, Tour de France champion-in-the-making Chris Froome cannot help but win. He’s that strong and he’s making it look easy. On a day when the British rider was planning to save some energy for upcoming mountains, Froome still brushed aside the field and took his third stage win of this 100th Tour. Alberto Contador, Froome’s Spanish rival still trying to make a fight of this one-sided battle, gave his all in Wednesday’s Alpine time trial. His face contorted in a grimace of effort as he sprinted out of the saddle to the line, while spectators whipped up a thunderclap of noise by banging their fists on the barriers. Froome, having set off behind Contador, sped in a few moments later. He, too, rode hard but looked more comfortable with his easy-on-the-eye pedaling style, perched on his saddle, legs pumping underneath him like pistons in an ocean liner’s engine room. Contador shook his head and shrugged his shoulders when television flashed that Froome beat his time by 9 seconds. This was another opportunity lost for Contador to make victory for Froome in Paris on Sunday at least feel less inevitable. “Froome is in impressive shape,” was the understated assessment of the 2007 and ‘09 winner who was stripped of his 2010 victory for a failed doping test. The last Tour champion — now ex-champion — to carry as many stage wins as Froome to Paris was Lance Armstrong. That was in 2004, when Armstrong won five stages and declared he’d be giving “no gifts” to his rivals. That is all just a bad memory now. This Tour is the first since the serial doper’s name was erased last year from the race’s honor roll, literally crossed out in the official history book. Froome swears that won’t happen with him. He has

AP PHOTO Stage winner Christopher Froome of Britain, wearing the overall leader’s yellow jersey, passes lake Serre-Poncon Wednesday during the seventeenth stage of the Tour de France cycling race an individual time trial over 32 kilometers (20 miles) with start in Embrun and finish in Chorges, France.

repeatedly said when asked at this Tour that he is riding clean — an assurance that only has limited value in the poisonous atmosphere of doubt that is a legacy of the Armstrong years and the American’s confession to Oprah Winfrey this January that he cheated for all seven of his Tour wins, from 19992007. “The problem today is that we are traumatized by the past,” Stephane Heulot, manager of the French Sojasun team, said in an interview. “We’ve seen too many stories like this. We’ve seen too many riders swearing on the heads of their kids, their grandmothers, their mothers that they’re completely clean and then — bam! — 15 years, 10 years, five years later we’re told other things. Someone’s word no longer means anything. We can’t rely on that.” A union that represents about 600 professional riders from seven European nations supported Froome on Wednesday against what it called “unjustified allegations of doping.” “It’s not fair to blame someone without evidence against him,” Gianni Bugno, president of the Association of Professional Riders, said in a statement. “We demand more respect for Chris and for all the riders.” In four days, as long as he gets through the Alps, Froome will be able to sip champagne in the saddle on the final ride to the Champs-

Elysees, unusually staged in the evening this year. That would make it two victories in a row for Britain and for Team Sky, after Bradley Wiggins’ win last year. With wins in the Pyrenees and on Mont Ventoux, Froome has shown excellence going uphill. It would be a big surprise if he wilted on the three days of Alpine climbs that start on Thursday with a double ascent to the ski station of L’Alpe d’Huez, with its 21 hairpins bends to the top. Done twice, that’s 42 bends packed with spectators to be negotiated. It promises to be frenzied and spectacular — a dramatic crescendo for what already has been a highlight-rich Tour. But there are questions about how comfortable Froome is speeding downhill. He has voiced concern about a hairy descent without safety barriers that the pack tackles between the first and second ascents to L’Alpe d’Huez. He appealed to race organizers to cancel the Col de Sarenne descent and make the pack ride just once to L’Alpe d’Huez if it rains on Thursday. “Just in terms of the safety of the riders, I think that has to come first,” Froome said. That eventuality was ruled out by Jean-Francois Pescheux, the event director. “This is the Tour de France. Rain hasn’t ever stopped the Tour de France. It would have to really be

a natural catastrophe that blocked the road or something like that,” he told The Associated Press. “Rain isn’t the enemy of the cyclist — it’s part of the sport!” It was certainly part of Wednesday’s time trial, but not as much as initially feared. While it did rain on parts of the course, the forecast storms hit only after Stage 17 finished. That was a relief because the route went up two climbs in the mountains above the manmade Serre-Poncon lake. The twisting descents could have been terribly treacherous if wetter. Froome covered the 32 kilometers (20 miles) in 51 minutes, 33.66 seconds. “I went into today thinking: ‘OK, I’m going to give this a really good shot, but I’m not going to empty myself,” Froome said. “I really expected to lose at least 30 seconds to a minute to some of the best riders.” Contador’s gutsy ride bumped him up from third to second in the overall standings, although he is more than four minutes back from Froome. “When you are second, it’s easier to get to first place,” Contador said hopefully. “But it’s true that he is very strong.” Bauke Mollema dropped from second to fourth overall. The Dutch rider went too fast into a right-hand bend, slapped into the barriers and briefly came to a stop.

Many will also be watching St. Andrew’s to see if Park can collect a fourth consecutive major. Like most events on every tour, this week’s tournament has had several sponsor changes over the years. But Farr’s name was always prominent. After last year, when the 89-year-old actor heard that the oil company from nearby Findlay, Ohio, was interested, he discreetly left the stage. Stacy Lewis, the No. 2-ranked player in the world and who is sponsored by Marathon, helped close the deal. Born in Toledo and usually trailed by a large group of friends and family wearing “Lew Crew” T-shirts, Lewis was participating in a Marathon corporate outing a year ago when the company’s CEO, Gary Heminger, surprised her by asking, “Why should I sponsor an LPGA tournament?” “I must have given him a pretty good response because we’re at this point here today,” she said. Now if she can just figure out how to out-birdie everybody else in the field.

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third-base dugout rail and applauded, just like the fans. So did his NL opponents on the first-base side. With no other players in fair territory, he finally started tossing his warmup pitches to catcher Salvador Perez. Like Ted Williams at Boston’s Fenway Park in 1999 and Cal Ripken Jr. at Seattle’s Safeco Field two years later, one man transcended all the rest of the gathered talent. “You’re supposed to know your team is behind you,” Rivera said. “I didn’t know what to do. Just keep throwing the ball, I guess, because it was so weird.” And then, after a 90-second standing ovation, eight AL position players came on the field. Normalcy resumed. Rivera threw 16 pitches — all cutters — and retired Jean Segura, Allen Craig and Carlos Gomez, sending the side down in order the way he has so many times before. “He still can pitch for three or four more years. He’s the best,” Gomez explained. “After I got to the dugout, I say I’m going to be history because I’m the last guy Mariano got out in the All-Star game.” Rivera then walked to the dugout to another standing ovation and was given a hug by Detroit ace Justin Verlander. “It’s kind of surreal for me,” Verlander said. “I just wanted to give him the respect and the respect that he deserved, I just happened to be standing out there and I was the first one he came to. That’s something that I will never forget.” AL manager Jim Leyland decided to pitch Rivera in the eighth instead of the ninth, worried that if the NL somehow rallied Rivera might not get into the game. “I just couldn’t take any chance,” Leyland said. “You know, I’m probably not the most popular manager in baseball. I wanted to make sure I got out of here alive.”

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able to dink a 5-iron from 150 yards and bump it on the ground, or vice versa — have 260 out and hit a 4-iron and it bounces over the green. That, to me, is pretty neat. Because we play everywhere around the world — an airborne game where you have to hit the ball straight up in the air and make it stop. Here it’s different. A draw will go one distance, a fade will go another, and they’re so dramatic. And I just absolutely love it.” True, adjusting to links golf can just as easily take place at Muirfield, where the British Open starts Thursday. Defending champion Ernie Els came down from Castle Stuart and has stayed at Muirfield, wrapping up his final practice round Wednesday just after 6 p.m. But there are no tricks at Muirfield. There are hardly any blind shots. Most of the bunkers are in plain view from the tee. That’s one of the reasons that Muirfield is a favorite of so many players, who use words like “fair” and “honest test,” which aren’t always heard on other links courses. “I think of all the Open venues, it’s probably one of the least quirky ones,” Donald said Wednesday. “It’s quite straightforward. Obviously with the weather conditions, it’s playing firm and fast. It’s going to be about controlling your golf ball this week. And the weather looks good. The course is set up just the way the R&A would like it. It’s bouncy. It’s a little bit of a breeze out there. Firm conditions are a good protector of the golf course, and we certainly have that this week.” The forecast is dry for the week, with perhaps some mist on the weekend. Even though officials had the course just the way they wanted it early in the week, they have turned on a few sprinklers in the evening to keep it from getting overcooked. “I think it’s no exaggeration to say that in my time at the R&A with direct involvement in The Open Championship, which goes back to 2000, factors have combined this year to make this the best course set up we’ve ever had in that period,” R&A chief executive Peter Dawson said. “The course is just as we want it. It’s hard. It’s fast. It’s in wonderful condition. The rough is just right. I think the players are enjoying it.”

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The most recent misstep came last weekend at the Manning Passing Academy. Manziel was one of many college quarterback counselors at the camp for high school prospects run by Archie, Peyton and Eli Manning in Louisiana, but he left before it was over. He says he missed activities because he “overslept,” and his absence had nothing to do with being out the night before. “I was not asked to leave. It was a mutual decision,” Manziel said. He said that while there were social events every night with the Mannings, he did not miss his meetings because of too much partying. “The speculation of me being too hung over and that’s the reason I missed the meetings is absolutely incorrect,” he said. Manziel said he fell asleep without set-

ting his alarm and his phone died during the night. He said he was rooming with Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, but that McCarron didn’t wake him up. “I’m definitely not going to pin it on him,” Manziel said. “It’s my fault — 115, 120 percent.” He said he was disappointed he missed camp activities, but that there were “no hard feelings” between him and the Mannings. He said he’s already been invited back to next summer’s camp and looks forward to attending. The early exit from the Manning camp is just part of Manziel’s offseason in the public eye. — He pleaded guilty on Monday to a misdemeanor of not identifying himself to a police officer following a 2012 altercation at a bar near campus in College

Station. — He sent out an update on Twitter in June saying that he “can’t wait to leave” College Station, before quickly deleting the updated. He later apologized. — He also created a minor stir in February when he said he took most of his classes online and didn’t go on campus very much. None of the transgressions were huge, but they combined to keep Johnny Football in the news and raise questions about his character. Every move Manziel made on Wednesday was shadowed by a media throng. At one point, the quarterback said he felt like pop star Justin Bieber. He talked about his friendship with NBA star LeBron James, his upcoming trip to the ESPYs and all the other posi-

tives that comes from his fame. He said his carousing has been at times “blown out of proportion,” though he did acknowledge that he needs to make better decisions because he’s such a public figure. “My offseason, all the stuff’s that’s gone on will have no effect on this season,” Manziel said. “I’m ready to stop. No more talk after this. Let’s play football.” Manziel is the first freshman to win the Heisman and undeniably a unique talent on the field. He led Texas A&M to an 11-2 record, including a 6-2 mark in its first Southeastern Conference season. Second-year coach Kevin Sumlin’s hurry-up offense was a perfect match for Manziel, who finished with 3,706 yards and 26 touchdowns passing and 1,410 yards and 21 touchdowns on the ground.




BASEBALL Baseball Expanded Standings All Times EDT AMERICAN LEAGUE East Division W L Pct GB WCGB Boston 58 39 .598 — — Tampa Bay 55 41 .573 2½ — 53 43 .552 4½ 1½ Baltimore 51 44 .537 6 3 New York 45 49 .479 11½ 8½ Toronto Central Division L Pct GB WCGB W Detroit 52 42 .553 — — Cleveland 51 44 .537 1½ 3 43 49 .467 8 9½ Kansas City 39 53 .424 12 13½ Minnesota 37 55 .402 14 15½ Chicago West Division L Pct GB WCGB W Oakland 56 39 .589 — — Texas 54 41 .568 2 — Los Angeles 44 49 .473 11 9 43 52 .453 13 11 Seattle 33 61 .351 22½ 20½ Houston NATIONAL LEAGUE East Division W L Pct GB WCGB Atlanta 54 41 .568 — — Washington 48 47 .505 6 5 48 48 .500 6½ 5½ Philadelphia 41 50 .451 11 10 New York 35 58 .376 18 17 Miami Central Division W L Pct GB WCGB St. Louis 57 36 .613 — — Pittsburgh 56 37 .602 1 — Cincinnati 53 42 .558 5 — 42 51 .452 15 10 Chicago 38 56 .404 19½ 14½ Milwaukee West Division L Pct GB WCGB W Arizona 50 45 .526 — — Los Angeles 47 47 .500 2½ 5½ Colorado 46 50 .479 4½ 7½ 9½ San Francisco 43 51 .457 6½ 42 54 .438 8½ 11½ San Diego AMERICAN LEAGUE Tuesday's Games AL All-Stars 3, NL All-Stars 0 Wednesday's Games No games scheduled Thursday's Games No games scheduled Friday's Games Tampa Bay at Toronto, 7:07 p.m. N.Y. Yankees at Boston, 7:10 p.m. Baltimore at Texas, 8:05 p.m. Atlanta at Chicago White Sox, 8:10 p.m. Cleveland at Minnesota, 8:10 p.m. Detroit at Kansas City, 8:10 p.m. Seattle at Houston, 8:10 p.m. Oakland at L.A. Angels, 10:05 p.m. NATIONAL LEAGUE Tuesday's Games AL All-Stars 3, NL All-Stars 0 Wednesday's Games No games scheduled Thursday's Games No games scheduled Friday's Games L.A. Dodgers at Washington, 7:05 p.m. Philadelphia at N.Y. Mets, 7:10 p.m. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati, 7:10 p.m. Atlanta at Chicago White Sox, 8:10 p.m. Miami at Milwaukee, 8:10 p.m. San Diego at St. Louis, 8:15 p.m. Chicago Cubs at Colorado, 8:40 p.m. Arizona at San Francisco, 10:15 p.m. BASEBALL'S TOP TEN AMERICAN LEAGUE G AB R H Pct. MiCabrera Det 93 362 73 132 .365 92 370 65 119 .322 Trout LAA 88 353 50 113 .320 Mauer Min DOrtiz Bos 77 287 49 91 .317 Pedroia Bos 96 376 57 119 .316 ABeltre Tex 93 374 54 118 .316 CDavis Bal 95 343 70 108 .315 Loney TB 96 324 39 102 .315 TorHunter Det 84 356 56 112 .315 Donaldson Oak93 345 50 107 .310 Hits MiCabrera, Detroit, 132; Machado, Baltimore, 128; Pedroia, Boston, 119; Trout, Los Angeles, 119; ABeltre, Texas, 118; AJones, Baltimore, 117; Ellsbury, Boston, 115. Doubles Machado, Baltimore, 39; Mauer, Minnesota, 30; Trout, Los Angeles, 29; CDavis, Baltimore, 27; JCastro, Houston, 25; Pedroia, Boston, 25; JhPeralta, Detroit, 25. Triples Trout, Los Angeles, 8; Ellsbury, Boston, 7; Drew, Boston, 6; Gardner, New York, 5; DeJennings, Tampa Bay, 5; LMartin, Texas, 5; Kawasaki, Toronto, 4; HKendrick, Los Angeles, 4. Home Runs CDavis, Baltimore, 37; MiCabrera, Detroit, 30; Encarnacion, Toronto, 25; ADunn, Chicago, 24; Ibanez, Seattle, 24; NCruz, Texas, 22; ABeltre, Texas, 21; Cano, NewYork, 21;Trumbo, Los Angeles, 21. Runs Batted In MiCabrera, Detroit, 95; CDavis, Baltimore, 93; Encarnacion, Toronto, 72; NCruz, Texas, 69; Fielder, Detroit, 69; AJones, Baltimore, 67; Cano, New York, 65; DOrtiz, Boston, 65. Runs MiCabrera, Detroit, 73; CDavis, Baltimore, 70; AJones, Baltimore, 67; Trout, Los Angeles, 65; DeJennings, Tampa Bay, 63; Bautista, Toronto, 61; Encarnacion, Toronto, 60. Stolen Bases Ellsbury, Boston, 36; RDavis, Toronto, 24; McLouth, Baltimore, 24; Altuve, Houston, 21; Kipnis, Cleveland, 21; Trout, Los Angeles, 21; AlRamirez, Chicago, 20. Pitching Scherzer, Detroit, 13-1;MMoore,Tampa Bay, 13-3; Colon, Oakland, 12-3; Tillman, Baltimore, 11-3; FHernandez, Seattle, 104; Verlander, Detroit, 10-6; Masterson, Cleveland, 10-7. Strikeouts Darvish, Texas, 157; Scherzer, Detroit, 152; FHernandez, Seattle, 140; Masterson, Cleveland, 137; Sale, Chicago, 131; Verlander, Detroit, 125; DHolland, Texas, 121. Saves JiJohnson, Baltimore, 33; Nathan, Texas, 30; MRivera, NewYork, 30; Balfour, Oakland, 25; AReed, Chicago, 24; Frieri, Los Angeles, 22; Rodney, Tampa Bay, 22; GHolland, Kansas City, 22. NATIONAL LEAGUE G AB R H Pct. YMolina StL 87 323 40 110 .341 Craig StL 90 348 50 116 .333 Cuddyer Col 74 285 44 94 .330 Segura Mil 92 372 54 121 .325 Posey SF 90 323 38 105 .325 MCarpenter StL89 358 72 115 .321 Votto Cin 95 352 66 112 .318 Scutaro SF 81 320 37 101 .316 Goldschmidt Ari94 352 60 110 .313 Beltran StL 84 330 51 102 .309 Hits Segura, Milwaukee, 121; Craig, St. Louis, 116; MCarpenter, St. Louis, 115; Votto, Cincinnati, 112; Goldschmidt,

Thursday, July 18, 2013

L10 5-5 9-1 5-5 5-5 4-6

Str L-2 W-2 W-1 L-2 L-1

Home 31-16 34-19 29-20 28-23 25-21

Away 27-23 21-22 24-23 23-21 20-28

L10 6-4 6-4 3-7 3-7 3-7

Str W-1 W-4 L-5 W-2 L-2

Home 29-19 30-19 22-22 21-23 19-21

Away 23-23 21-25 21-27 18-30 18-34

L10 7-3 5-5 4-6 6-4 3-7

Str W-2 L-1 L-3 W-3 L-2

Home 30-15 27-19 24-25 25-25 17-32

Away 26-24 27-22 20-24 18-27 16-29

L10 5-5 5-5 7-3 6-4 4-6

Str L-1 W-1 W-2 W-1 L-1

Home 31-15 27-18 26-21 17-27 21-27

Away 23-26 21-29 22-27 24-23 14-31

L10 7-3 4-6 4-6 6-4 4-6

Str W-1 L-1 W-1 L-1 W-1

Home 27-16 32-18 30-16 22-26 22-26

Away 30-20 24-19 23-26 20-25 16-30

L10 6-4 7-3 4-6 4-6 2-8

Str L-1 L-1 W-1 L-1 W-1

Home 27-20 27-23 26-21 25-20 27-23

Away 23-25 20-24 20-29 18-31 15-31

Arizona, 110; YMolina, St. Louis, 110; CGonzalez, Colorado, 107; SMarte, Pittsburgh, 107. Doubles Bruce, Cincinnati, 28; MCarpenter, St. Louis, 28; YMolina, St. Louis, 27; Posey, San Francisco, 27; Rizzo, Chicago, 27; McCutchen, Pittsburgh, 26; GParra, Arizona, 26. Triples CGomez, Milwaukee, 9; SMarte, Pittsburgh, 8; Segura, Milwaukee, 8; Span, Washington, 7; CGonzalez, Colorado, 6; Hechavarria, Miami, 5; DWright, New York, 5. Home Runs CGonzalez, Colorado, 25; PAlvarez, Pittsburgh, 24; DBrown, Philadelphia, 23; Goldschmidt, Arizona, 21; Beltran, St. Louis, 19; Bruce, Cincinnati, 19; Uggla, Atlanta, 18. Runs Batted In Goldschmidt, Arizona, 77; Craig, St. Louis, 74; Phillips, Cincinnati, 74; DBrown, Philadelphia, 67; Bruce, Cincinnati, 66; CGonzalez, Colorado, 64; PAlvarez, Pittsburgh, 62. Runs MCarpenter, St. Louis, 72; CGonzalez, Colorado, 68; Choo, Cincinnati, 66; Votto, Cincinnati, 66; Holliday, St. Louis, 64; Goldschmidt, Arizona, 60; SMarte, Pittsburgh, 59; JUpton, Atlanta, 59. Stolen Bases ECabrera, San Diego, 34; SMarte, Pittsburgh, 28; Segura, Milwaukee, 27; Revere, Philadelphia, 22; CGomez, Milwaukee, 21; McCutchen, Pittsburgh, 20; Pierre, Miami, 18. Pitching Zimmermann, Washington, 12-4; Wainwright, St. Louis, 12-5; Corbin, Arizona, 11-1; Lynn, St. Louis, 11-4; Lee, Philadelphia, 10-3; Bumgarner, San Francisco, 10-5; Liriano, Pittsburgh, 9-3. Strikeouts Harvey, New York, 147; Kershaw, Los Angeles, 139; Wainwright, St. Louis, 130; Samardzija, Chicago, 128; Latos, Cincinnati, 127; Lincecum, San Francisco, 125; Lee, Philadelphia, 125. Saves Grilli, Pittsburgh, 29; Kimbrel, Atlanta, 26; Mujica, St. Louis, 26; RSoriano, Washington, 25; Romo, San Francisco, 21; Chapman, Cincinnati, 21; Papelbon, Philadelphia, 20. Midwest League At A Glance Eastern Division W L Pct. GB Bowling Green (Rays) 16 9 .640 — Great Lakes (Dodgers) 15 10 .600 1 x-South Bend (D-backs) 15 10 .600 1 Lake County (Indians) 13 11 .542 2½ Dayton (Reds) 13 13 .500 3½ West Michigan (Tigers) 12 12 .500 3½ 9 16 .360 7 Fort Wayne (Padres) 6 18 .250 9½ Lansing (Blue Jays) Western Division W L Pct. GB x-Beloit (Athletics) 17 8 .680 — Cedar Rapids (Twins) 16 8 .667 ½ Quad Cities (Astros) 14 10 .583 2½ Clinton (Mariners) 12 12 .500 4½ Peoria (Cardinals) 12 12 .500 4½ Wisconsin (Brewers) 11 13 .458 5½ Burlington (Angels) 9 15 .375 7½ Kane County (Cubs) 5 18 .217 11 x-clinched first half Wednesday's Games Beloit 4, Dayton 2 Cedar Rapids at Lake County, 7 p.m. Quad Cities 4, Fort Wayne 3 West Michigan at Burlington, 7:30 p.m. South Bend at Peoria, 7:30 p.m. Great Lakes at Kane County, 7:30 p.m. Lansing at Clinton, 8 p.m. Wisconsin at Bowling Green, 8:05 p.m. Thursday's Games Cedar Rapids at Lake County, 7 p.m. Beloit at Dayton, 7 p.m. Quad Cities at Fort Wayne, 7:05 p.m. West Michigan at Burlington, 7:30 p.m. Great Lakes at Kane County, 7:30 p.m. South Bend at Peoria, 8 p.m. Lansing at Clinton, 8 p.m. Wisconsin at Bowling Green, 8:05 p.m. Friday's Games Beloit at Dayton, 7 p.m. Cedar Rapids at Lake County, 7 p.m. Quad Cities at Fort Wayne, 7:05 p.m. West Michigan at Burlington, 7:30 p.m. Great Lakes at Kane County, 7:30 p.m. South Bend at Peoria, 8 p.m. Lansing at Clinton, 8 p.m. Wisconsin at Bowling Green, 8:05 p.m.

CYCLING Tour de France Results CHORGES, France (AP) — Results Wednesday from the 32-kilometer (20-mile) Stage 17 from Embrun to Chorges of the Tour de France:


SPORTS ON TV TODAY CYCLING 6 a.m. NBCSN — Tour de France, stage 18, Gap to Alpe-d'Huez GOLF 7 a.m. ESPN — The Open Championship, first round, at Muirfield, Scotland 2 p.m. TGC — LPGA, Marathon Classic, first round, at Sylvania, Ohio 4 p.m. TGC — PGA Tour, Sanderson Farms Championship, first round, at Madison, Miss. 4 a.m. ESPN — The Open Championship, second round, at Muirfield, Scotland WNBA BASKETBALL 10 p.m. ESPN2 — Phoenix at Los Angeles

FRIDAY BOXING 10 p.m. SHO — Super middleweights, Badou Jack (14-0-0) vs. Farah Ennis (21-1-0); lightweights, Mickey Bey (18-0-1) vs. John Molina (25-3-0), at Las Vegas 10:30 p.m. ESPN2 — Junior welterweights, Olusegun Ajose (311-0) vs. Hank Lundy (22-3-1), at Salem, N.H. CYCLING 6 a.m. NBCSN — Tour de France, stage 19, Bourg-d'Oisans to Le Grand-Bornand GOLF 7 a.m. ESPN — The Open Championship, second round, at Muirfield, Scotland 2 p.m. TGC — LPGA, Marathon Classic, second round, at Sylvania, Ohio 4 p.m. TGC — PGA Tour, Sanderson Farms Championship, second round, at Madison, Miss. MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 7 p.m. FSN — Pittsburgh at Cincinnati MLB — Regional coverage, N.Y.Yankees at Boston or Tampa Bay at Toronto 8:30 p.m. WGN — Chicago Cubs at Colorado SOCCER 8:25 p.m. ESPN2 — Liga MX, Morelia at Queretaro 1. Christopher Froome, England, Sky Pro Cycling, 51 minutes, 33 seconds. 2. Alberto Contador, Spain, Team Saxo-Tinkoff, 0:09 behind. 3. Joaquin Rodriguez Oliver, Spain, Katusha Team, 0:10. 4. Roman Kreuziger, Czech Republic, Team Saxo-Tinkoff, 0:23. 5. Alejandro Valverde, Spain, Movistar Team, 0:30. 6. Nairo Alexander Quintana Rojas, Colombia, Movistar Team, 1:11. 7. Michal Kwiatkowski, Poland, Omega Pharma-Quickstep, 1:33. 8. Jakob Fuglsang, Denmark, Astana Pro Team, 1:34. 9. Andrew Talansky, United States, Garmin - Sharp, 1:41. 10. Tejay Van Garderen, United States, BMC Racing Team, 1:51. 11. Bauke Mollema, Netherlands, Belkin Pro Cycling, 2:09. 12. Maxime Monfort, Belgium, RadioShack - Leopard, 2:17. 13. Michael Rogers, Australia, Team Saxo-Tinkoff, 2:25. 14. Jon Izaguirre Insausti, Spain, Euskaltel - Euskadi, 2:25. 15. Andy Schleck, Luxembourg, RadioShack - Leopard, 2:27. 16. Laurens Ten Dam, Netherlands, Belkin Pro Cycling, 2:29. 17. Lieuwe Westra, Netherlands, Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team, 2:29. 18. Rein Taaramae, Estonia, Cofidis, Solutions Credits, 2:40. 19. Thomas De Gendt, Belgium, Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team, 2:41. 20. Alessandro De Marchi, Italy, Cannondale, 2:42. 21. Andreas Kloden, Germany, RadioShack - Leopard, 2:46. 22. Daniel Navarro, Spain, Cofidis, Solutions Credits, 2:49. 23. Peter Velits, Slovakia, Omega Pharma-Quickstep, 2:49. 24. Arnold Jeannesson, France, FDJ, 2:53. 25. Christophe Riblon, France, AG2R-La Mondiale, 2:54. 26. Alexandre Geniez, France, FDJ, 2:57. 27. Tony Martin, Germany, Omega Pharma-Quickstep, 3:06. 28. Ryder Hesjedal, Canada, Garmin - Sharp, 3:07. 29. Sylvain Chavanel, France, Omega Pharma-Quickstep, 3:12. 30. Ruben Plaza Molina, Spain, Movistar Team, 3:15. 31. Moreno Moser, Italy, Cannondale, 3:20. 32. Daniel Martin, Ireland, Garmin Sharp, 3:22. 33. Jeremy Roy, France, FDJ, 3:27. 34. Romain Sicard, France, Euskaltel - Euskadi, 3:28. 35. John Gadret, France, AG2R-La Mondiale, 3:31. 36. Julien El Fares, France, Sojasun, 3:43. 37. Pierrick Fedrigo, France, FDJ, 3:44. 38. Mikel Nieve Iturralde, Spain, Euskaltel - Euskadi, 3:45. 39. Jerome Coppel, France, Cofidis, Solutions Credits, 3:45. 40. Rudy Molard, France, Cofidis, Solutions Credits, 3:47. Overall Standings 1. Christopher Froome, England, Sky Pro Cycling, 66 hours, 7 minutes, 9 seconds. 2. Alberto Contador, Spain, Team Saxo-Tinkoff, 4:34 behind. 3. Roman Kreuziger, Czech Republic, Team Saxo-Tinkoff, 4:51. 4. Bauke Mollema, Netherlands, Belkin Pro Cycling, 6:23. 5. Nairo Alexander Quintana Rojas, Colombia, Movistar Team, 6:58. 6. Joaquin Rodriguez Oliver, Spain, Katusha Team, 7:21. 7. Laurens Ten Dam, Netherlands, Belkin Pro Cycling, 8:23. 8. Jakob Fuglsang, Denmark, Astana Pro Team, 8:56. 9. Michal Kwiatkowski, Poland, Omega Pharma-Quickstep, 11:10. 10. Daniel Martin, Ireland, Garmin Sharp, 12:50. 11. Michael Rogers, Australia, Team Saxo-Tinkoff, 13:19. 12. Alejandro Valverde, Spain, Movistar Team, 15:12. 13. Andrew Talansky, United States, Garmin - Sharp, 15:13. 14. Daniel Navarro, Spain, Cofidis, Solutions Credits, 16:43. 15. Maxime Monfort, Belgium,

RadioShack - Leopard, 17:04. 16. Andy Schleck, Luxembourg, RadioShack - Leopard, 23:34. 17. Mikel Nieve Iturralde, Spain, Euskaltel - Euskadi, 23:36. 18. Cadel Evans, Australia, BMC Racing Team, 24:44. 19. Daniel Moreno Fernandez, Spain, Katusha Team, 27:35. 20. Romain Bardet, France, AG2RLa Mondiale, 28:43. 21. Rui Alberto Costa, Portugal, Movistar Team, 29:24. 22. Steve Morabito, Switzerland, BMC Racing Team, 34:39. 23. Sylvain Chavanel, France, Omega Pharma-Quickstep, 35:17. 24. Jan Bakelants, Belgium, RadioShack - Leopard, 37:01. 25. Peter Velits, Slovakia, Omega Pharma-Quickstep, 37:09. 26. Andreas Kloden, Germany, RadioShack - Leopard, 37:15. 27. Richie Porte, Australia, Sky Pro Cycling, 37:42. 28. Jose Serpa, Colombia, Lampre Merida, 39:25. 29. Igor Anton Hernandez, Spain, Euskaltel - Euskadi, 40:07. 30. Robert Gesink, Netherlands, Belkin Pro Cycling, 41:13. 31. John Gadret, France, AG2R-La Mondiale, 42:20. 32. Pierre Rolland, France, Team Europcar, 43:00. 33. Wouter Poels, Netherlands, Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team, 47:24. 34. Nicolas Roche, Ireland, Team Saxo-Tinkoff, 47:25. 35. Arnold Jeannesson, France, FDJ, 48:38. 36. Maxime Mederel, France, Sojasun, 49:35. 37. Cyril Gautier, France, Team Europcar, 50:25. 38. Mikel Astarloza, Spain, Euskaltel - Euskadi, 51:01. 39. Eduard Vorganov, Russia, Katusha Team, 54:23. 40. Haimar Zubeldia, Spain, RadioShack - Leopard, 59:51.

55.Thomas Bjorn.............Den 56. Russell Henley ..........USA 57.Tim Clark.....................SAf 58. Bernd Wiesberger .......Aut 59. Jordan Spieth............USA 60. Marcel Siem................Ger 61.Thongchai Jaidee.......Tha 62. Boo Weekley .............USA 63. Jimmy Walker............USA 64. Fredrik Jacobson.......Swe 65. Graham Delaet ..........Can 66. George Coetzee .........SAf 67. Alexander Noren .......Swe 68. Mikko Ilonen.................Fin 68. Marc Leishman...........Aus 70. Kyle Stanley...............USA 71. Chris Wood.................Eng 72. Luke Guthrie..............USA 73. Padraig Harrington.........Irl 74. John Senden ..............Aus 75. Charles Howell III......USA

2.35 2.35 2.33 2.32 2.32 2.32 2.28 2.28 2.25 2.15 2.14 2.14 2.14 2.13 2.13 2.08 2.06 2.02 2.01 1.97 1.95

PGA Tour FedExCup Leaders Through July 14 ................................Points YTDMoney 1.Tiger Woods.........2,380 $5,909,742 2. Matt Kuchar..........1,964 $4,393,265 3. Brandt Snedeker..1,603 $3,679,155 4. Phil Mickelson ......1,518 $3,417,984 5. Billy Horschel .......1,459 $3,048,787 6. Justin Rose ..........1,358 $3,032,310 7. Bill Haas ...............1,320 $2,902,296 8. Kevin Streelman...1,259 $2,588,629 9. Boo Weekley........1,196 $2,340,859 10. Jason Day ..........1,148 $2,628,887 11. Jordan Spieth.....1,114 $2,034,179 12. Keegan Bradley .1,051 $2,255,903 13. Webb Simpson ..1,018 $2,058,182 14. Adam Scott ........1,012 $2,371,071 15. Harris English ....1,011 $1,914,347 16. Russell Henley...1,005 $1,866,742 17. Hunter Mahan....1,003 $2,164,115 18. D.A. Points..........1,000 $2,165,537 19. Jimmy Walker........996 $1,923,250 20. Steve Stricker........990 $2,306,746 21. Charles Howell III .973 $1,761,875 22. Dustin Johnson.....887 $1,889,743 23. Ken Duke...............882 $1,627,678 24. Graham DeLaet....856 $1,560,505 25. Graeme McDowell838 $1,910,654 26. Chris Kirk...............803 $1,380,038 27. Scott Stallings .......801 $1,551,047 28. Sang-Moon Bae ...770 $1,604,762 29. Martin Laird...........766 $1,662,232 30. David Lingmerth ...747 $1,634,709 31. John Merrick .........745 $1,532,105 32. Ryan Palmer .........744 $1,455,731 33. Brian Gay ..............736 $1,275,973 34. Zach Johnson.......734 $1,316,515 35. Michael Thompson733 $1,516,253 36. Chris Stroud..........732 $1,402,809 37. Charl Schwartzel ..726 $1,543,853 38. Rickie Fowler.........723 $1,401,608 39. Angel Cabrera.......719 $1,544,023 40. Charley Hoffman...712 $1,384,853 41. Jonas Blixt.............709 $1,484,863 42. Matt Jones ............708 $1,227,057 43. Bubba Watson ......708 $1,347,845 44. Brendon de Jonge706 $1,172,271 45. Kevin Chappell......686 $1,342,381 46. David Hearn..........683 $1,026,715 47. Roberto Castro .....669 $1,196,279 48. John Rollins ..........668 $1,127,849 49. David Lynn ............652 $1,332,578 50. Josh Teater............651 $1,257,470 51. Rory McIlroy..........650 $1,390,586 52. Nick Watney ..........637 $1,135,939 53. Freddie Jacobson .636 $1,175,281 54.Tim Clark...............634 $1,275,351 55. Scott Piercy...........632 $1,271,822 56. Luke Donald..........632 $1,250,696 57. Lee Westwood ......632 $1,424,654 58. Henrik Stenson.....629 $1,371,397 58. Cameron Tringale .629 $919,804 60. Brian Davis............622 $931,257


LPGA Money Leaders Through July 14 Money ......................................Trn 1. Inbee Park .................14 $2,126,529 2. I.K. Kim.......................14 $891,813 3. Stacy Lewis ...............16 $885,256 4. Suzann Pettersen .....14 $860,056 5. So Yeon Ryu..............14 $824,731 6. Beatriz Recari............14 $589,023 7. Karrie Webb...............13 $565,764 8. Paula Creamer..........14 $508,060 9. Na Yeon Choi.............14 $503,154 10. Angela Stanford ......15 $501,756 11. Cristie Kerr...............13 $498,885 12. Catriona Matthew....13 $496,291 13. Hee Young Park ......15 $477,793 14. Jiyai Shin .................13 $459,605 15. Lizette Salas............15 $459,065 16. Jessica Korda..........13 $448,434 17. Shanshan Feng ......12 $441,715 18. Anna Nordqvist .......16 $421,863 19. Ai Miyazato..............13 $402,759 20. Pornanong Phatlum15 $329,901 21. Caroline Hedwall.....14 $327,210 22. Ilhee Lee..................15 $320,601 23. Haeji Kang...............16 $304,806 24. Chella Choi..............16 $302,229 25. Karine Icher.............15 $298,875 26. Jennifer Johnson.....15 $296,474 27. Jodi Ewart Shadoff .14 $278,297 28. Mika Miyazato .........12 $274,117 29.Yani Tseng ...............14 $273,743 30. Morgan Pressel.......14 $260,625

World Golf Ranking Through July 14 1.Tiger Woods ................USA 2. Rory McIlroy ...................NIr 3. Justin Rose...................Eng 4. Adam Scott ...................Aus 5. Phil Mickelson..............USA 6. Matt Kuchar .................USA 7. Graeme McDowell .........NIr 8. Brandt Snedeker.........USA 9. Luke Donald .................Eng 10. Steve Stricker ............USA 11. Louis Oosthuizen........SAf 12. Lee Westwood............Eng 13. Ernie Els......................SAf 14. Charl Schwartzel ........SAf 15. Sergio Garcia..............Esp 16. Bubba Watson...........USA 17. Jason Day...................Aus 18. Keegan Bradley.........USA 19. Webb Simpson..........USA 20. Ian Poulter ..................Eng 21. Jason Dufner.............USA 22. Bill Haas ....................USA 23. Hunter Mahan ...........USA 24. Dustin Johnson .........USA 25. Matteo Manassero........Ita 26. Branden Grace ...........SAf 27. Peter Hanson.............Swe 28. Nick Watney...............USA 29. Zach Johnson ...........USA 30. Henrik Stenson..........Swe 31. Bo Van Pelt................USA 32. Jim Furyk...................USA 33. Rickie Fowler.............USA 34. Richard Sterne............SAf 35. Martin Kaymer ............Ger 36. Billy Horschel.............USA 37. Jamie Donaldson........Wal 38. Kevin Streelman........USA 39.Thorbjorn Olesen.......Den 40. Nicolas Colsaerts ........Bel 41. Fernandez-Castano ...Esp 42. Francesco Molinari .......Ita 43. Scott Piercy ...............USA 44. Hideki Matsuyama......Jpn 45. Ryan Moore...............USA 46. Carl Pettersson..........Swe 47. David Lynn..................Eng 48. Robert Garrigus ........USA 49. Martin Laird.................Sco 50. Paul Lawrie .................Sco 51. Jonas Blixt..................Swe 52. Michael Thompson ...USA 53. Angel Cabrera.............Arg 54. D.A. Points .................USA

British Open Tee Times At Muirfield Gullane, Scotland Purse: $7.8 million Yardage: 7,191 yards; Par: 71 All Times EDT (a-amateur) Thursday-Friday 1:32 a.m.-6:33 a.m. — Peter Senior, Australia; Lloyd Saltman, Scotland; Oliver Fisher, England. 1:43 a.m.-6:44 a.m. — Robert Karlsson, Sweden, Todd Hamilton, United States; a-Ben Stow, England. 1:54 a.m.-6:55 a.m. — Thomas Aiken, South Africa; Kiradech Aphibarnrat, Thailand; Bud Cauley, United States. 2:05 a.m.-7:06 a.m. — Mikko Ilonen, Finland; Brooks Koepka, United States; Ashun Wu, China. 2:16 a.m.-7:17 a.m. — David Duval, United States; Bernd Wiesberger, Austria; Chris Wood, England. 2:27 a.m.-7:28 a.m. — Scott Stallings, United States; Stewart Cink, United States; Richard McEvoy, England. 2:38 a.m.-7:39 a.m. — K.J. Choi, South Korea; Miguel Angel Jimenez, Spain; Jimmy Walker, United States. 2:49 a.m.-7:50 a.m.. — Ben Curtis, United States; Shane Lowry, Northern Ireland; Rafael Cabrera-Bello, Spain. 3 a.m.- 8:01 a.m. — Jonas Blixt, Sweden; Brian Davis, England; Graham DeLaet, Canada. 3:11 a.m.-8:12 a.m.— Robert Garrigus, United States; John Senden, Australia; Marc Warren, Scotland. 3:22 a.m.-8:23 a.m. — Martin Kaymer, Germany; a-Garrick Porteous, England; Jason Day, Australia. 3:33 a.m.-8:34 a.m. — Carl Pettersson, Sweden; Jason Dufner, United States; David Lynn, England. 3:44 a.m.-8:45 a.m. — Bubba Watson, United States; Nicolas Colsaerts, Belgium; Dustin Johnson, United States. 4 a.m.-9:01 a.m. — Nick Faldo, England;Tom Watson, United States; Fred Couples, United States. 4:11 a.m.-9:12 a.m. — Justin Rose, England; Ernie Els, South Africa; Brandt Snedeker, United States. 4:22 a.m.-9:23 a.m. — Ian Poulter, England; Keegan Bradley, United States; Billy Horschel, United States.

12.37 8.79 7.82 7.07 6.68 6.46 6.12 5.93 5.68 4.96 4.96 4.70 4.69 4.67 4.67 4.45 4.42 4.42 4.23 4.16 4.06 4.01 3.96 3.88 3.42 3.41 3.40 3.40 3.38 3.32 3.29 3.28 3.03 2.98 2.89 2.88 2.84 2.75 2.73 2.73 2.65 2.64 2.60 2.55 2.54 2.53 2.48 2.45 2.45 2.40 2.39 2.39 2.39 2.38


4:33 a.m.-9:34 a.m. — Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano, Spain; Richard Sterne, South Africa; Nick Watney, United States. 4:44 a.m.-9:45 a.m. — Rory McIlroy, Northern Ireland; Hideki Matsuyama, Japan; Phil Mickelson, United States. 4:55 a.m.-9:56 a.m. — Scott Piercy, United States; Tim Clark, South Africa; Kevin Streelman, United States. 5:06 a.m.-10:07 a.m. — Zach Johnson, United States; Shingo Katayama, Japan; Thomas Bjorn, Denmark. 5:17 a.m.-10:18 a.m. — Angel Cabrera, Argentina; Camilo Villegas, Colombia; Estanislao Goya, Argentina. 5:28 a.m.-10:29 a.m. — George Coetzee, South Africa; Ken Duke, United States; Mark Calcavecchia, United States. 5:39 a.m.-10:40 a.m. — John Huh, United States; Brendan Jones, Australia; Hyung-sun Kim, South Korea. 5:50 a.m.-10:51 a.m. — Josh Teater, United States; Steven Tiley, England; aJimmy Mullen, England. 6:01 a.m.-11:02 a.m. — K.T. Kim, South Korea; Steven Jeffress, Australia; Luke Guthrie, United States. 6:12 a.m.-11:13 a.m. — John Wade, Australia; Gareth Wright, Wales; Makoto Inoue, Japan. 6:33 a.m.-1:32 a.m. — Daniel Willett, England;Y.E.Yang, South Korea; Johnson Wagner, United States. 6:44 a.m.-1:43 a.m. — Thaworn Wiratchant, Thailand; Lucas Glover, United States; Oscar Floren, Sweden. 6:55 a.m.-1:54 a.m. — Boo Weekley, United States; Sandy Lyle, Scotland; Niclas Fasth, Sweden. 7:06 a.m.-2:05 a.m. — Marcus Fraser, Australia; a-Grant Forrest, Scotland; Mark O'Meara, United States. 7:17 a.m.-2:16 a.m. — Tom Lehman, United States; Thongchai Jaidee, Thailand; Freddie Jacobson, Sweden. 7:28 a.m.-2:27 a.m. — Justin Leonard, United States; a-Rhys Pugh, Wales; Marc Leishman, Australia. 7:39 a.m.-2:38 a.m. — Alvaro Quiros, Spain; Kyle Stanley, United States; Alexander Noren, Sweden. 7:50 a.m.-2:49 a.m. — Russell Henley, United States; Jordan Spieth, United States; a-Matthew Fitzpatrick, England. 8:01 a.m.-3 a.m. — Padraig Harrington, Ireland; Michael Thompson, United States; Richie Ramsay, Scotland. 8:12 a.m.-3:11 a.m. — Vijay Singh, Fiji; Darren Clarke, Northern Ireland; Martin Laird, Scotland. 8:23 a.m.-3:22 a.m. — Ryan Moore, United States; Henrik Stenson, Sweden; a-Steven Fox, United States. 8:34 a.m.-3:33 a.m. — Thorbjorn Olesen, Denmark, Jim Furyk, United States; Paul Lawrie, Scotland. 8:45 a.m.-3:44 a.m. — Geoff Ogilvy, Australia; Harris English, United States; Stephen Gallacher, Scotland. 9:01 a.m.-4 a.m. — Lee Westwood, England; Charl Schwartzel, South Africa; Sergio Garcia, Spain. 9:12 a.m.-4:11 a.m. — Adam Scott, Australia; Matt Kuchar, United States, Luke Donald, England. 9:23 a.m.-4:22 a.m. — Rickie Fowler, United States; Matteo Manassero, Italy; Hunter Mahan, United States. 9:34 a.m.-4:33 a.m. — Peter Hanson, Sweden; Hiroyuki Fujita, Japan; Bill Haas, United States. 9:45 a.m.-4:44 a.m. — Tiger Woods, United States; Graeme McDowell, Northern Ireland; Louis Oosthuizen, South Africa. 9:56 a.m.-4:55 a.m. — Webb Simpson, United States; Branden Grace, South Africa; Jamie Donaldson, Wales. 10:07 a.m.-5:06 a.m. — Francesco Molinari, Italy; Toru Taniguchi, Japan; Bo Van Pelt, United States. 10:18 a.m.-5:17 a.m. — D.A. Points, United States; Brett Rumford, Australia; Marcel Siem, Germany. 10:29 a.m.-5:28 a.m.— George Murray, Scotland; Mark Brown, New Zealand; Justin Harding, South Africa. 10:40 a.m.-5:39 a.m. — Gregory Bourdy, France; Scott Jamieson, Scotland; Shiv Kapur, India. 10:51 a.m.-5:50 a.m. — Scott Brown, United States; Satoshi Kodaira, Japan; Gareth Maybin, Northern Ireland. 11:02 a.m.-6:01 a.m. — Tyrrell Hatton, England; Eduardo De La Riva, Spain; Kenichi Kuboya, Japan. 11:13 a.m.-6:12 a.m. — Stephen Dartnall, Australia, Darryn Lloyd, South Africa; Daisuke Maruyama, Japan.

AUTO RACING NASCAR Sprint Cup Top 12 in Points 1. J.Johnson.....................................696 2. C.Bowyer......................................640 3. C.Edwards....................................623 4. K.Harvick......................................622 5. D.Earnhardt Jr..............................578 6. M.Kenseth....................................576 7. Ky.Busch.......................................576 8. G.Biffle..........................................545 9. Bra.Keselowski.............................529 10. K.Kahne .....................................523 11. M.Truex Jr...................................521 12. J.Gordon ....................................521

TRANSACTIONS Wednesday's Sports Transactions BASEBALL American League TEXAS RANGERS_Announced the resignation of president of business operations Rick George to become director of athletics at Colorado. National League SAN DIEGO PADRES_Named Mike Dee president and chief executive officer. BASKETBALL National Basketball Association MILWAUKEE BUCKS_Signed G-F Carlos Delfino and C Zaza Puchulia. TORONTO RAPTORS — Bought out the contract of C Marcus Camby and place him on waivers. Announced they were using their amnesty provision on F Linas Kleiza. FOOTBALL National Football League DALLAS COWBOYS_Waived OT J.B. Shugarts and QB Dalton Williams. DETROIT LIONS_Released RB Jahvid Best. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS_Signed K Lawrence Tynes. HOCKEY National Hockey League CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS_Agreed to terms with F Kyle Beach on a oneyear contract. NASHVILLE PREDATORS_Signed F Rich Clune to a two-year contract. SOCCER Major League Soccer D.C. UNITED_Traded D Brandon McDonald to Real Salt Lake for a 2014 third-round pick in the 2014 MLS SuperDraft and a conditional 2015 draft pick.


S ports

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Troy Daily News •

Olbermann rejoining ESPN to host late-night show BRISTOL, Conn. (AP) — Keith Olbermann is rejoining ESPN to host a late-night show. Olbermann rose to prominence as a “SportsCenter” anchor from 1992-97 before one of several contentious departures that have marked his career. “Olbermann” will premiere Aug. 26, the network said Wednesday. It will generally air at 11 p.m. ET Monday-Friday on ESPN2, depending on live event coverage on

the channel. The show will include commentary, interviews, panel discussions and highlights. Olbermann said in a statement that “I’m overwhelmed by the chance to begin anew with ESPN.” “I’ve been gone for 16 years and not one day in that time has passed without someone connecting me to the network,” he said. “Our histories are indelibly intertwined and frankly I have long wished that I had the chance to make sure

the totality of that story would be a completely positive one. I’m grateful to friends and bosses — old and new — who have permitted that opportunity to come to pass. I’m not going to waste it.” His last two politically oriented jobs ended poorly. Olbermann quit abruptly in January 2011 after eight years as a prime-time host at MSNBC, and his later tenure at Current TV lasted a year before he was taken off the air and

responded with a lawsuit, settled out of court. Olbermann served as co-host of NBC’s Sunday night NFL pregame show from 2007-09, reuniting with old “SportsCenter” anchor partner Dan Patrick for the last two seasons. He recently added another sports gig, hosting TBS’s Major League Baseball postseason studio show. His new ESPN program will often air opposite “SportsCenter” on the main ESPN network. The

company has found over the years that broadcasting competing programming on its various channels expands its overall audience. And starting next month ESPN will have competition in the 11 p.m. slot from new Olbermann cable channel Fox Sports 1’s nightly highlights and appointment viewing analysis show. for that very reason,” ESPN President John Skipper said. “Keith Skipper called Olbermann brings a blend of editoa “one-of-a-kind person- rial sophistication and ality” in a news release unpredictability — you announcing the hire. can never be sure what “These shows will be you’ll get.”

NCAA to stop putting name, logo on EA video game NEW YORK (AP) — Hang on to NCAA Football 2014, all you video game fans. It will be a collector’s edition. The NCAA said Wednesday it will no longer allow Electronic Arts Inc. to use its logo starting next year. The move ends a lucrative business deal with the gaming industry giant and comes as the NCAA fights a high-profile lawsuit that says the governing body owes billions of dollars to former players for allowing their likenesses to be used for free. The NCAA said it won’t seek a new contract with EA Sports, which manufactures the popular game, beyond the current one that expires in June 2014. However, that won’t stop EA Sports from producing a college football video game depicting powerhouse schools like Alabama, Ohio State and Oregon, and the Redwood City, Calif.-based company made that clear. “EA Sports will continue to develop and publish college football games, but we will no longer include the NCAA names and marks,” said Andrew Wilson, executive vice president. “Our relationship with the Collegiate Licensing Co. is strong and we are already working on a new game for next generation consoles which will launch next year and feature the college teams, conferences and all the innovation fans expect from EA Sports.” The company reported $3.8 billion in net revenue during its last fiscal year and, aside from its NCAA Football franchise, is well known for Madden NFL, FIFA Soccer and other games. EA Sports first began making an NCAA Football game in 1998. Todd Mitchell, senior analyst with New York-based Brean Capital, LLC, said losing the NCAA brand isn’t likely to hurt EA Sports. He estimated NCAA Football accounts for only about 5 percent of EA Sports’ revenue, or about $125 million. “It’s nice to have the brand but it’s more about the characters,” he said. It could not immediately be determined exactly how much of what EA makes from NCAA football goes back to the NCAA and its members in licensing deals. Analyst Colin Sebastian of R.W. Baird said EA Sports likely expected to lose its

partnership with the NCAA. “I’m sure they have thought about this because of this pending litigation and the worst case scenarios,” Baird said by telephone from San Francisco. “I don’t expect it to have a significant impact on their business.” NCAA Football allows participants to play as any major college football team, though unlike in its professional sports games, the names of players are not used. The similarities between the avatars in the game and actual college football players are at the root of a legal fight that could alter the way the NCAA does business in the future. The NCAA is in the midst of a long legal battle that started with a lawsuit filed by former UCLA basketball star Ed O’Bannon after he was shown a video game with an avatar playing for the Bruins that played a lot like him. The lawsuit also names EA and the Collegiate Licensing Company that handles trademark licensing for dozens of schools, the NCAA and various conferences. It has expanded to include several former athletes who claim the NCAA and EA Sports used their names and likenesses without compensation and demand the NCAA find a way to give players a cut of the billions of dollars earned from live broadcasts, memorabilia sales and video games. “We are confident in our legal position regarding the use of our trademarks in video games,” the NCAA said. “But given the current business climate and costs of litigation, we determined participating in this game is not in the best interests of the NCAA. “The NCAA has never licensed the use of current student-athlete names, images or likenesses to EA. The NCAA has no involvement in licenses between EA and former student-athletes,” it said in a statement. Still, the NCAA said its members can seek arrangements with video game manufacturers if they wish. “Member colleges and universities license their own trademarks and other intellectual property for the video game,” the NCAA said. “They will have to independently decide whether to continue those business arrangements in the future.”

In this June 1, 1973 file photo, New York Yankees’ Ron Blomberg heads for first after as he grounds out against the California Angels during a baseball game at Yankee Stadium in New York. Blomberg became the first major league designated hitter in an openingday game in 1973.

DH debate at 40

AL designated hitter still controversial Associated Press

The designated hitter turned 40 this year. Fittingly, it’s having sort of a mid-life crisis. Never before has the imbalance between the American and National Leagues regarding Rule 6.10 been more of a potential problem. The designated hitter rule has been controversial from day one. It’s been criticized and even confusing since it was born. So it’s only natural that Major League Baseball’s once-bold experiment will continue to exist unevenly and indefinitely. The DH debate won’t die. “A little controversy between the leagues is really not all bad,” Commissioner Bud Selig said before the All-Star game in New York on Tuesday. Selig cast one of the votes for using the designated hitter in AL games starting in 1973, when he owned the Milwaukee Brewers, then an AL franchise. He acknowledged this week that further geographic changes to divisions could force MLB to either scrap the DH altogether or install it for the NL, but that’s a future possibility and not an imminent plan. When Houston switched to the AL West this year to even out the leagues at 15 teams each, daily interleague games became a necessity of the schedule. “At the moment,” Selig said, “we are not going to change it.” Perhaps the most polarizing of this sport’s many quirks and imperfections, the designated hitter came to be when AL teams sought to boost their then-lagging product. The decision was made during a time when the two leagues were far less integrated than now. The gimmick not only worked to increase scoring and attendance but created a way for some of the game’s greatest hitters to extend their careers — and make a lot more money.

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beaten the NL’s mark in each of the first 40 seasons of the DH. The last time the NL hit above .270 was 1939. The AL has 11 seasons of .270-plus batting during the DH era. There are purists who have a hard time forgiving MLB for the installing the DH, though. Remember the movie “Bull Durham,” when Kevin Costner’s character Crash Davis launches his crude rant about the qualities and superficialities of life. “I believe there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing AstroTurf and the designated hitter,” he said. The NL guys, naturally, tout the purity of the no-DH game and the additional substitution strategy it provides. Many pitchers simply find it fun to try to hit — even if it means sometimes looking silly swinging meekly at strike three. Yes, DH conflicts keep on coming — even in spring training. The home team is supposed to decide whether or not to use it and sometimes managers disagree. Cincinnati’s Dusty Baker wanted to use Shin-Soo Choo in that role for an exhibition game in March as a precaution for his tight right quadriceps, but Arizona’s Kirk Gibson insisted on keeping the pitcher in the lineup so he could let starter Brandon McCarthy take some swings. Baker and Gibson argued before the game about it at home plate. Gibson prevailed because the Diamondbacks were the host team. When the games count, of course, the DH is used in AL ballparks and pitchers bat in NL venues. This year, that will force Detroit manager Jim Leyland to leave designated hitter Victor Martinez out of the lineup at Miami on the final weekend of the regular season while the other teams in the league use their DH as usual. If the AL Central or wild-card races are still unsettled then, that’s the kind of potentially pennant-altering wrinkle that could someday prompt a change.

Beilein signs contract extension

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Orlando Cepeda even credited the rule for boosting his Hall of Fame credentials, after Boston signed him for the 1973 season following a long career with San Francisco. “That was one of the best years, because I was playing on one leg and I hit .289,” Cepeda said earlier this season. “And I hit four doubles in one game. Both my knees were hurting, and I was designated hitter of the year.” Designated hitters last year had the second-highest average salary by position at $8.1 million, behind first basemen at $8.6 million. That’s the main reason why eliminating the DH to bring the AL back on line with the NL is almost unfathomable. Boston’s David Ortiz, who recently passed Harold Baines on the career list for hits by a DH, is making $14 million this season at age 37. The designated hitter has also helped teams keep their best players in the lineup while giving them some type of rest. Minnesota All-Star catcher Joe Mauer is a prime example. When he needs a break from crouching behind the plate, manager Ron Garden can keep his potent bat in the lineup at DH. “I get a lot of questions about the DH, how we use it and all that stuff, but basically the way I see it is I’d rather see David Ortiz hit than some pitcher,” Mauer said, intending no offense to his own teammates. “So we’ll see. It is what it is right now.” Most of Mauer’s AL peers predictably express support for the DH’s existence, even if a lot of them would rather play a position than sit around between at-bats. The power of the players’ union, protective of this lucrative and prominent job, is another undeniable force for the DH. And despite the complaints from dads with sleepy kids at long games, fans usually enjoy seeing runs cross the plate. The cumulative AL batting average has

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) — Fresh off the first Final Four appearance of his career, Michigan coach John Beilein has a new contract. Athletic director Dave Brandon told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Beilein has signed a three-year extension that replaces his previous contract and keeps him with the Wolverines through the 2018-19 season. The 60-year-old Beilein will make $2.45 million a year in total Beilein compensation. “I am very excited to have this opportunity to coach at the University of Michigan for at least five more years,” Beilein said in a statement. “My staff and I will continue to work every day with our student-athletes to ensure they grow from this incredible educational opportunity.” The Wolverines lost in the NCAA title game last season to Louisville. Beilein’s previous contract extension kept him under contract through 2015-16. Michigan hired Beilein in March 2007, a week after he led West Virginia to the NIT championship. Last season was the Wolverines’ first national championship game appearance in two decades. “John is a tremendous ambassador of the University of Michigan and one of the most highly respected coaches in the country,” Brandon said in a statement. “He recruits

outstanding young men to represent the men’s basketball program and develops them as players, students and future leaders. John has built a program that will compete for Big Ten Championships on a regular basis and make exciting NCAA tournament runs.” Everywhere Beilein has been, from little schools to one of the biggest, he has won. The native of Burt, N.Y., has a career record of 673-403. His first job was at Erie (N.Y.) Community College in 1978, and he went on to coach at Nazareth, LeMoyne, Canisius, Richmond and West Virginia. With his first contract at Michigan, Beilein became the school’s highest-paid basketball coach ever with a six-year deal that was worth $1.3 million a season plus bonuses. Former athletic director Bill Martin, who hired Beilein to replace Tommy Amaker, said back then that negotiations with Beilein took 10 seconds in part because Beilein said his $2.5 million buyout at West Virginia was his responsibility. Beilein has taken Michigan to the NCAA tournament four times, and in 2012, the team shared its first Big Ten title since 1986. Guards Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway Jr. were both taken in the first round of this year’s NBA draft.