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MARCH 2013



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March 2013


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Goodbye winter,



Tips to a luscious, green lawn BY WILL E SANDERS Staff Writer m MIAMI COUNTY — The winter sounds of snow blowers are now being replaced with the roar of lawn mowers as spring ushers itself into the area. After grass has been partially hidden under snowfall and resting dormant over the winter, lawn care enthusiasts and those with green thumbs have already began tending to their lawns. But for those who do not know how to properly care for a lawn or those who simply don’t have enough time there are a wide-range of solutions to get your grass nice and thick this year. Joel Smith, operations manager at GreenTech Lawn and Irrigation in Troy, said one of the best pieces of advice for the novice home owner regarding preparing their lawn this year is making sure to read labels properly for lawn care products. “Make sure to read the label and also know what it is suppose to do and read the application rate properly,” Smith said. “Most people will either put too much down or not enough, and when you do you won’t get the desired result.” He said one of the most common things a homeowner can do to improve their lawn this spring is using a good pre-emergent application on your lawn. “Putting it down in early spring helps prevent crab

grass,” he said. “Some preemergents come with a combination of fertilizer and that will really help your grass and make it greener.” He said one common mistake people make with their lawns

is thinking they will have time to tend to it, and by the time they finally do they could find themselves overwhelmed with weeds. “With most home owners it comes down to time, and they don’t have the time to be out working on their lawn,” Smith said.


“Commonly, people will think they will have time, but by the time they go to do something it’s too late. From there the problems can get worse.” Smith said the cost of hiring a lawn care professional is affordable and said it has many benefits, aside from the home owner sav-

ing time associated with maintenance. “A professional knows more about your lawn and can be looking for other issues that we have been trained and licensed to do,” Smith said. Another piece of advice he gave was to know

the difference between the various types of lawn care products and when in doubt call a professional. One problem Smith said he anticipates this spring are dead spots in yards, which he said will be related to the drought the area suffered last year.

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March 2013



e can almost hear it calling. But springcleaning is more than the same old chore. We hope it will take care of itself, but spring cleaning is still there waiting for us. Before starting and then having to start again, make a list of things to do to prepare yourself mentally for the task at hand. You can get rid of anything you haven’t used for the last two years. Don’t keep anything for a “just in case” that never happens. Another option: If you can, hold a yard sale.


On your list you should find some of the basics: • Sweep the ceilings and walls (washing stains if necessary) • Pull out all of the furniture (except for the heavier items) and wash the floors before putting them back • Take down and wash the drapes, blinds and valences • Empty the closets, dressers, cabinets and sort out things and clothes to be kept and to be given away • Wash all the bedding and replace worn-out towels • Wash the windows inside and out • Wash the corner where the cat or the dog sleeps, etc. To help in sorting out clothes, make four piles: To keep, to give away/sell, to recycle and to throw out. Be realistic and honest with yourself: Do you really ever intend to take out those old roller skates that strap on to your shoes?

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March 2013



Spruce up with a fresh coat of paint As we all settle into the sleeping patterns of springing forward in the coming months we can begin to consider how to update our home and outdoor areas for the upcoming seasons. One key way to spruce up your space for spring is to repaint the outside of your home. Recently Chris Reck of University Painters offered some useful tips for prepping your house for outdoor painting as well as where to find the best products. “One of the most impor-

tant steps in the process of prepping your house for outdoor painting is to power wash because you always want a clean surface,” Reck explained. “I would encourage anyone who is about to paint their own home to have a professional do the power washing for them to alleviate any damage from being done.” Reck also explained, “If there are algae or mildew spots on the exterior, make sure to rid the surfaces of that before painting, and if there are any pieces of old paint that are loose or peeling, be sure to scrape them of.” He also suggested that any bare wood areas be spot primed with a latex primer and to make sure cracks and joints are caulked. “Making sure that everything is sealed propJIM DAVIS/STAFF FILE PHOTO erly is incredibly important in the prepping process,” After a few stimple steps to prepare, you’re ready to begin painting the exterior of your home. explained Reck.

Dusty Staggs, general manager of Sherwin Williams in Shelby County, seconds Reck’s emphasis on proper prep work. “We tell all of our customers who are looking to paint exterior surfaces themselves that the surfaces must be clean, dry, and dull before painting can begin,” Staggs said. “We also make sure our customers know that the paint is only as good as what’s underneath it.” When looking at the sort of timing it will take to paint the exterior of a house Reck said it could potentially take the better part of a season. “When a professional crew is working with experience and the proper equipment, the job can be done is two to four days, but that process is more tedious and time consuming for one to two people without years of experience

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BY STEPHANI DUFF For Civitas Media


March 2013

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After a few stimple steps to prepare, you’re ready to begin painting the exterior of your home. homes in the Troy and Tipp City area, mentioned a few tips to keep in mind when deciding to update your house’s paint job; “If a home is cedar-sided, two coats of solidcolored stain will be needed; typically with paint you will need to apply two coats of colored paint, but if it covers well, just one coat of paint will work,” he said. Reck mentioned that there really isn’t a season that is better than another in which to paint, but the temperature must be above 35 degrees and the weather must be dry. As a final tip, Reck mentioned that any home built before 1978 requires a lead paint certification by the Environmental Protection Agency in order for any work to be done on it. If you have any questions or need assistance on prep work and painting for your home you can contact Sherwin Williams in Shelby County at (937) 492-8351 or in Miami County at (937) 335-2173.

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and the proper equipment,” Reck explained. Reck also urges those who plan to paint themselves to make sure ladders and equipment being used are the proper quality and labeled to hold the right amount of weight to avoid injury. University Painters get most of their paints for jobs from Sherwin Williams, but Reck said Home Depot and Lowes offer quality paints, as well. “The staff at Sherwin Williams offers superior service when it comes to matching paint tints and colors and they are quite knowledgeable about their products,” Reck commented. When purchasing from Sherwin Williams, Reck recommends their Super Paint. Staggs, general manager of a local Sherwin Williams said that, more often than not, they recommend their own brands of paint to customers as well as Purdy supplies and brushes. Reck, who has 15 years experience with




March 2013



Spring H maintenance for your home

as harsh winter weather damaged your home? Has snow clearing ruined your flowerbeds? Has the wind torn off some of your roof shingles? Spring brings lots of little fix-ups that need your attention, but for most of them you don’t need to be an expert in renovations.

The exterior of a home usually needs some preventive maintenance in the spring, once all risk of freezing has passed. A few simple tasks will be sufficient to improve the appearance and the value of your residence.

Foundations Check to ensure that no new cracks have appeared and that existing ones have not increased in size. Call in an expert to fill the cracks and solve the problem once and for all.

Windows If the paint on windows, outside cladding, or the patio has peeled, the wood is probably damp. Any rotten wood should be replaced before repainting.

Driveway Examine your driveway and other paved surfaces, including those of indoor garages. Identify all the potholes and cracks in the asphalt that will have to be repaired. Stepping stones in walkways that have broken, chipped, lifted, or sunk over the winter will also need repairing.

Gutters Once the blossoms from spring-flowering trees have fallen, clean the gutters even if you did them in the fall. Take advantage of this extra cleaning to make sure the anchors aren’t loose and that your gutters are draining efficiently. Use a garden hose to detect any leaks and ensure that water drains freely through the downspouts and away from the house.

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SPRING SPRUCE UP Getting ready for spring

March 2013


know what hit them when melons, basil, peppers and tomatoes May rolls around. •Plant garlic and onion TREES and SHRUBS: bulbs •When the warm • Remove protective weather has arrived for winter coverings good, plant vegetables that • Prune are sensitive to the cold • Fertilize/compost •Set up supports and • Add mulch stakes for climbing plants • Clean under hedges •Fertilize plants from FLOWERS: time to time and water frequently • Arrange borders • Uncover spring bulbs • Prepare ground covering • Divide and replant perennials • Plant perennials for next year •Water flowers •Fertilize •Prune rosebushes

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FRUITS and VEGETABLES: •Plant fruit trees and bushes •Add mulch •When the first buds appear onthe trees, plant cold-resistant vegetables •Plant cabbage, leeks and fine herbs •Transplant cucumbers,

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The trees are filled with chirping birds and the swallows have returned; that can only mean one thing — spring has finally arrived. Everyone has a light spring in their step and a smile on their face. Unfortunately, not everything is so attractive this time of year. When the last patches of snow finally melt off your lawn, you might find that your grass has lost some of its vitality during the long winter. But you quickly remember the unspoken battles you and your neighbors wage every summer, vying for the prestigious title of having the best-looking lawn in the area. So with a determined shrug and a well-planned to-do list, you hunker down and get a head start on the others. Warning! This is topsecret information on achieving the perfect yard, so memorize this list and then shred it (or better yet, eat it). That way your nosy neighbors who drop by unexpectedly will never



March 2013


Bird is the ... word? see a bird, don’t immediately grab for your field manual. First, gather all the information you can with your eyes and ears. Try to estimate the general size and shape of the bird. Determine if they have any special markings. What does their bill look like? How do they move and what are they eating? What sounds are they making? What song are they singing? Record your observations and maybe make a quick sketch. Later, compare your notes to your field guide and determine just what kind of bird you saw. Was it common for that area or did you see a bird that few get to see? The spring weather might have gotten you into bird watching, but remember, the activity can be done yearround. Bird watching is about appreciating nature and being a bit of an adventurer. It’s about discovering and enjoying the great outdoors. Give bird watching a try. You might find it uplifting.

... or How about flying a kite? You probably did it as a kid to varying degrees of success, but how about making it a hobby as an adult? Kite flying is a way to soar the skies while keeping your feet on the ground. There are many different kinds of kites, and prices range from a few dollars to a major investment. If you’re just starting out, it’s best to start with a single line delta kite. These kites are familiar to most people and look like a bat. Another popular beginner style is the diamond kite. This is the kind of kite Ben Franklin used when he dis-

covered electricity. More advanced kites include box kites, sled kites, fighting kites and parafoil kites, just to name a few. If you become a kite enthusiast, you will want to venture out to these more advanced models. The next thing to consider is your kite line and a winder. As a kid, you might have wrapped your string around a tree branch. Times have changed and the world of string winding has advanced. You can pick up an inexpensive string winder and forgo the tree branch. String winders are comfortable in your hand and make reeling in your kite a lot easier. To save yourself hassle, spend a little extra money and get tangle-resistant braided kite line. Using cheap cotton line might leave you with a tangled mess. Start with around 500 feet of line. Let’s talk tails. Most modern kites are very stable and don’t require a tail unless you’re facing strong winds. The purpose of a tail, other than looking cool, is to create stability. The tail extends the wind range. Light or midlevel winds usually won’t require you to add a tail to your kite. For stronger winds, you might need to add a tail. You have your kite, your string and your winder. Now you need to find a place to take to the skies. The key is having a wide-open space. A field or park is the obvious choice. You will want to avoid areas with trees, buildings, cars, power lines and, of course, people. It is also recommended that you don’t fly your kite around an airport. Odds are you won’t fly your kite high enough to get caught in a propeller, but better to be safe than sorry.


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Spring means it’s time to get back outside and enjoy Mother Nature. For many people, that means jogging, going to the golf course or maybe just taking a walk. But how about really getting back to nature and trying your hand at bird watching. If you like a challenge and have a little bit of scientist in you, give bird watching a try. Getting started is simple. First, you will need some binoculars. You should get a waterproof pair with at least 8x magnification. They should also have a 30mm to 42mm front lens, which represents the light-gathering capabilities. Next, you will need a bird guide or field manual. These books will tell you everything you need to know.When first starting out, make sure your guide is specific to your area of the country or where you will be bird watching. The books are full of specifics on shape, size, markings, color, eating habits and even the sounds certain birds make. You will not become an expert overnight, so start by learning the bird families. Another great resource is the Internet. Aside from information on birds, the Internet is great place to find other bird watchers and local Audubon chapters. If you are just starting out, it’s never a bad idea to get some advice from the pros. The Internet makes it easy to connect with these folks, either locally or on the other side of the world. You’ve got your gear and you’ve done some homework. It’s time to take a walk. Be observant and listen. Birds are everywhere, even if you don’t see them. That’s why listening is so important. Next, take it all in. When you

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Spring is a good time for exterior home maintenance BY RACHEL LLOYD We like to think of our homes as impervious shelter from the brutal ravages of whatever weather Ohio might bring forth, but the truth is, winter can wreak havoc on just about everything it touches, if given a chance. Spring and the onset of warmer temperatures is the time to evaluate the impact winter has had on your home and head it off before it does more damage. “Winter’s pretty much hard on everything,” said Eric Jones of A&E Home Services in Sidney, and he stresses that homeowners should make sure to do their maintenance annually. Moisture builds up in cracks and seams throughout the home’s exterior and those last days of winter and early days of spring —

when the temperature is still fluctuating above and below freezing — can to the most damage. “The water gets in there and there’s a lot of expansion as it freezes and melts and freezes again,” Jones said. His company offers a spring time roofing inspection special for about $150. Taking care of that maintenance can save a homeowner thousands of dollars over having to replace a roof because it hasn’t been properly taken care of. “You can get a lot of cracking around the pipe boots that can do a lot of damage,” Jones said. “And don’t forget about the chimney. Some people never think about the chimney, and that can cause some real problems.” In addition to the roof, Jones said homeowners should check things like window caulking, door seals and garage doors.

Check the roof flashing, too, and shingles can crack. Wash down everything, and pressure wash and reseal the deck. “It’s a good idea to pressure wash the driveway, too,” Jones said. “That road salt can be really hard on concrete. Most people reseal their driveways in the spring.” Jones suggested inspecting and tightening the rain gutters. “The snow and ice can be heavy in there and pull it loose,” Jones said. Jones said he makes a point of calling in a door specialist — Jerry’s Door Service, specifically — to check out his garage door every spring. “He checks the cables and oils everything,” Jones said. “Winter has a way of drying everything out.” It’s also a good idea to check out the seal on the bottom of the garage door. “Moisture gets under

March 2013



Roy Horner of A&E Home Services of Sidney climbs to the roof of a local residence to see how well it has been holding up during the winter.

there, and it freezes to the floor, then you hit that button, and it rips right off,” Jones said. In general, homeowners should give a good once-over to everything that winter has touched. “It’s just a good idea to check everything,” Jones said. “Winter can do a lot of damage.” So don’t forget your springtime maintenance and save yourself a lot more headaches — and wallet aches — later on. • Natural Landscape Stone • Natural Building Stone • Natural Thin Veneer • Decorative Aggregates • Driveway Stone

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March 2013



The celebration of spring



Happy Easter!

long with the first buds of spring comes the celebration of Easter, which many of us will celebrate. It is a time of year when young and old alike put on their Sunday best and head to church. Many will then go to a favorite restaurant for their traditional Easter meal, which nowadays tends to be brunch that extends late into the afternoon. The Easter meal is a wonderful time to be surrounded by friends and family before a delicious meal, whether it is at home or at a favourite restaurant. Going

to a restaurant is particularly appreciated by those who normally prepare all the meals at home. Restaurants haven’t overlooked this, and strive to come up with tempting menus at reasonable prices. Warmer temperatures not only make us want to celebrate, but also to look our best. Light and colorful clothing replaces our heavy, dark winter wardrobes; straw hats replace wool tuques, and light shoes replace heavy winter boots. It’s not surprising that many people are also seized with a desire to go shopping at this time of year.

to spring

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March 2013



Treating yourself to a springtime makeover will help you capture some of that warm sunshine.

Was the Winter Hard Spring is the perfect time to pamper yourself on Your Driveway?


Your hands and feet are probably all dried out by the alternating indoor heat and freezing outdoor weather. They will need to be rehydrated. Use a rich cream with a shea butter base or some gentle almond oil or honey extract. Soak your feet in a bowl of warm water, remove dead skin with a pumice stone, and treat them to a scrub specifically designed for feet. Follow up with some intense moisturizing care. The ultimate in spring beauty treatments is to spoil yourself with a new hairdo. A visit to a hairdress-

ing salon will give you access to hair care of the highest quality, and stylists will also be able to give you an up-to-the minute look in both cut and color. Lastly, don’t forget that the return of spring also means renewing your makeup kit and your wardrobe. Leaf through your favorite magazines, find inspiration from fashion shows, and take stores and makeup counters by storm in order to find this season’s latest trends. You might also want to treat yourself to a few happy hours on your favorite restaurant patio.

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t is it time to crawl out of our cocoons. Spring is here, the days are getting longer, and the warm weather is here once again. It’s also time to treat yourself to a beauty treatment so you can embody that warm spring sunshine. The first step: a deep cleaning of facial pores. Opt for a clay mask and a scrub. Done on a weekly basis, these treatments will eliminate dead skin and give a luminous, glowing look to your skin in a natural way. Don’t forget to use a moisturizing liquid and a gentle cleanser every day.



March 2013

Take a vacation, at home!


More vacay on page 17

desire for a change of scenery is what usually comes to mind when March break planning starts, but many of us do not have the time or the means to plan a trip away. Being stuck at home in grey spring weather can leave us short on ideas to liven up the household. Here are a few tips to help you feel like you’re getting away from it all, right at home. Spring break is a state of mind. It’s great to just slow down and switch gears. Parents can plan to cut back a bit at work and leave for home a touch earlier so they can be present to the children and have a bit of fun with them. That means no checking your e-mail as soon as you come through the door. Resist the temptation to leave your laptop and cellphone on; just concentrate on spending some quality time with your vacationing children. Even if you’re not flying away to warmer shores, there are some other ways you can help your young ones take a break from daily routine at very little cost: watch a documentary with them about a country you’d like to visit one day; listen to music from another continent; spend an afternoon in the kitchen with them, concocting an exotic meal from some far away country. Such tasty experiments can transport you to a dream destination without you having to empty your savings account. Vacationing away from home, however enjoyable it may be, can also be very tiring for the entire family. A “staycation” will give you all a week to just recover from the stress of work and school. So, make the most of spring break by spoiling yourselves, relaxing at home, and spending some happy moments together.


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credit at participating merchants. merchants s. Regular minimum monthly payments s are required during the promotional (special ( c ged char e to your account from the purchase purchase date terms) period. Interest will be charged at the APR for fo Purchases if the purchase p balance is not paid in full with hin the promotional period. For newly opened o accounts, the APR fo for Purchase es is 27.99%. This APR may vary with the th he market within Purchases based on the U.S. Prime Rate and d is given as of 1/01/2013. If you o are charged c 0. If you use the card for cash advances, s, the cash interest in any billing cycle, the minimum interest charge will be $1.00. advance fee is 5.00% of the amount ount of the cash advance, but not less than $10.00. Offer expires 5/31/2013.**Minimum 5/31/2013 3.**Minimum Advertised Price. †The Honda H One Y Year ear E Extended xtended t Warran Warranty tyy Event Eve ent offer is through Authorized owner’s good on all Honda HRS, HRR and nd HRX Series purchased March 1st th rough May 31st, 2013. See your o Author orized Honda Power Equipment Dealer for full details. Please read the owner’ ’s manual Power monoxide. Motor before operating your Honda Pow wer Equipment and never use in a closed ed or partly enclosed area where you could uld be exposed to poisonous carbon m onoxide. ©2013 American Honda Moto or Co., Inc.



March 2013



Renovations inspired by spring ecause our mood is often influenced by the season, it’s common to get the sudden urge to redecorate when the colors of spring start to emerge after the winter. Beautifying our surroundings is akin to carrying nature’s awakening into our decor, to the renewal of life, especially as it centers around the pleasure of entertaining and living comfortably in our homes. This year’s design trends are influenced by four key factors: cute, raw, refined, and a mix of these. All these influences are inspired by the 1950s, meaning they are a combination of kitsch and contemporary. The cute element is found in carefully designed small objects, the raw in natural materials such as various types of wood and natural fabrics, and the refined is represented in the care brought to elegant decors and in the choice of accessories. Once again this year, the colors of walls, accessories, and floor coverings create a lively atmosphere, springing from all these latest trends. Our decor becomes a tonic to draw us away from the winter blues. Among this year’s colors, candy pink and lemon yellow are definitely at the top of the list, along


with turquoise blue, apple green, and all the acid tones. Neutral shades inspired by nature keep their role as a base color to contrast with brighter shades. They are available in warm, cold, or metallic tones.

Kitchen Cabinetry


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This year’s decorating trends are inspired by the 1950s and combine lively colors with natural materials.

1700 S. Main St., Piqua (Cty. Rd. 25-A next to Starfuel I-75 Exit 78 Go north 1.6 miles on left corner of Fox & 25A, Paul Sherry Industrial Park


as winter been tough on your system this year? If you are like most people, you probably didn’t get enough sunshine and warmth. So it’s no surprise that many people feel a bit empty, exhausted and drab by the time spring rolls around. But you don’t have to stay this way. The arrival of spring is the perfect time to shed the winter blahs and regain a sense of vitality. You might not realize it, but winters can really take a toll on our system. During the winter months it takes our bodies longer to digest food and absorb minerals and vitamins. This can cause our energy levels to drop and our health to be affected. Since your body needs to be able to quickly eliminate toxins in order to stay healthy, a spring detox is the best way to start the warmer season off on the right foot. One of the easiest and most popular forms of cleansing your system is to drink herbal teas made of black radish or artichoke. This will leave your skin clearer and your eyes brighter, you will be in a better mood, and your immune system will be stronger. You should also drink lots of pure fruit or vegetable juice as well as lots and lots of water! To be fully effective, you should avoid eating sweet or fatty foods and keep your consumption of meat to a minimum. While our bodies need more protein during the winter months, the extra sun and warmth we receive during the spring reduces this requirement considerably.


ow sweet spring is. The warm rays of sun, the sight of blooming flowers and the smells of nature’s rebirth; perhaps spring is our reward for surviving the long winter. And while you may not be aware of it, a lack of sun during our long winter season can really affect your mental and physical health. What’s more, the colder weather slows down our metabolism, making it more difficult for our bodies to absorb the nutrients found in the food we eat. This in turn causes our energy levels to fall, leaving us feeling lethargic. All in all, it is quite the vicious cycle. But have hope. Spring has finally arrived and everyone will start feeling much better. But you don’t have to wait for the warm weather to do all the work; there are steps you can take to start feeling your regular self as quickly as possible. Just like plants, our bodies need lots of water to grow and stay healthy. This means drinking at least one and a half litres of water each day. Our bodies also need regular exercise, so grab the kids, go outside and run around or go on a nice, long walk. A bit of physical effort will do your body and mind a world of good. While you are at it, cut back on the amount of meat in your diet, and replace it with raw fruits and vegetables. You can also flavor your foods with lots of fresh garlic and onion, which have incredible health benefits. And don’t forget to get lots of fresh air. Just feeling the warm sun on your face can really brighten up any day.


Michael's Mowers 4522 State Route 66 Houston, OH


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March 2013


J.E.B. Bros.

Get ready for Spring!

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March 2013

SPRING SPRUCE UP Get your body


ready for spring or many, winter means staying inside for months on end trying to stay warm and cozy. But once the warm weather returns, it’s time to get out in the fresh air and do some exercise. Here are a few tips to help you get back in shape quickly. Not doing any sort of exercise for just four short weeks can reduce your body’s capacity by 30%. So when you do start exercising it has to be done gradually. Physical fitness specialists recommend working the abdominals first and there are many different exercises for you to choose from. Also, rather than sprawling on the couch every evening, use your spare time at home do some training. Exercising at home avoids the stress of getting to the gym, for example, and reduces your expenses. Another advantage is always being able to find some time to exercise in between other activities. If you spent all the commercial breaks going up and down stairs you’d soon be fit! Lack of light during the winter can often cause seasonal affective disorder. So, once spring arrives, make the most of the extra hours of sunlight by getting outside as much as possible and opening the curtains wide to let the warm spring sunshine into your home. Last but not least, now is the time to take care of your skin and hair. The cold and the winds of winter make hair dull, dry and brittle. Skin also suffers from the cold and often becomes dry and irritated. So, after another long winter make the most of the products available on the market to restore the shine to your hair and softness to your skin.


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Sod & Hydroseeding Any Amounts’s Available For Daily Farm Pick-Up


Sod Deliveries Available Installation Hydro-Seeding Complete Landscape & Irrigation

Deal Direct With One Of Southern Ohio’s Largest Grower Of Quality Turf Grasses Since 1913

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March 2013



OH YEAH! It’s Spring Break!

Spring break can be a great time for a family vacation t is time to pack your bags; the family is going to a family vacation camp for spring break. Yes, you read it right, family vacation camp. Some family vacation camps provide small cabins with kitchenettes so you can enjoy your favourite family meals. In most camps, you will also find a common dining room where healthy meals are served. In most cases, you will be required to provide your own bedding and towels. While activities offered differ to some degree from one camp to another, openair pastimes generally play a central role. Some camps



have small hills for basic skiing, tobogganing and sledding, as well as hiking trails, nature observatories and rock climbing sites. As well as taking part in family activities, parents will have the opportunity to spend time as a couple or alone, enjoying the beauty of the surroundings thanks to activities for children organized and conducted by experienced counsellors. So mom and dad can take a little time to relax while the kids are making new friends in a pleasant and safe environment. To get the ball rolling, check with your kids to see what interests them and then contact the family camps in your region. There are many family

Celebrating 49 Years! Choose the


Wissman Door Sales, Inc. 2374868

camps across America that appeal to a wide variety of interests, and suit a wide

variety of budgets. There is bound to be one that is right for you!

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March 2013


You always win at

taking care of your back Gardeners, beware of your back! A good lifting technique is also a must. Maintain the load close to your body while keeping your back straight. Then, bend your knees while picking up and putting down the load. Don’t rake, lift, kneel or weed for an entire day at a time. Alternate tasks and take breaks every hour. While doing a task, change positions frequently. Instead of bending, kneel to plant or weed and

rake keeping one leg in front of the other. Using kneepads or a kneeling mat will minimize the amount of bending required and make kneeling more comfortable. The use of proper tools is also very important. The tools you’re working with should be the right size and the right weight for you. Look for ergonomically designed tools, padded handles and spring-action mechanisms that can reduce strain and effort.

Cutting Edge Outdoor Power Equip. (Previously Bill’s Small Engines, Houston, Bill Dill)

t’s time for chiropractors to remind you that many spring and summer activities can take a toll on your back. It’s the case for gardening, if improper techniques are used. Though gardening has been proven to have health benefits, researchers now suggest that overly-enthusiastic gardeners end up with severe back pain.


Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your gardening season. First, it’s important to take the time to prepare your body for an activity by warming up with five to ten minutes of gentle, slow stretching exercises. Also keep in mind that you may have lost flexibility and muscle tone if you were sedentary during winter months.

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Gardening can put significant strain on your back and arms.

It’s not just your home, It’s your life. Trust Barker Insurance Agency with 70 years combined experience




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Shed City Many Display Models On Site Quality Built Sheds Ready For Delivery

CONOVER LUMBER CO. Corner of St. Rt. 36 & Alcony Conover Rd., Conover 10 miles East of Piqua • 12 miles North East of Troy

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SILVER STERLING Flatware & Other Sterling Items WE BUY OLD PAPER MONEY! We carry coins for collectors, gold and silver bullion coins - a complete line of coin supplies. We have proof and mint sets and proof silver eagles. Call or stop in and browse.

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For old Military Medals and Badges, Pilot Wings, Leather Fighter Jackets, Flight Helmets, Gear and Goggles, U.S. Military Insignia, Paratrooper Wings, Boots WWII Jump Jackets and Pants, Air Corps Squadron Patches, Shoulder Patches and Jacket Insignia, Fighting Knives, Bayonets, Daggers, Swords, Field Equipment, WWI and WWII German and Japanese Souvenirs. Any American Army, Navy, Marine Corps - WWI-WWII, Spanish-American War or Old Indian Wars, Uniforms, Hats, Helmets, Award Documents, or Medals.


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Spring Spruce Up 2013  

Spring Spruce Up 2013

Spring Spruce Up 2013  

Spring Spruce Up 2013