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Welcome job seekers! As a semi-annual publication of Ohio Community Media, Career Connections is being produced to showcase local employment opportunities along with educational tools to assist in the job search process. Our goal is to connect local job seekers with local companies who have local openings. This product will be published in August and February each year. Deadline for the February 6, 2013 edition is January 16, 2013. For more information contact Mandy Yagle, Inside Classified Sales Manager, at 937-498-5915.

What job seekers need to know in today’s digital market JINDRICH LISKA The 2011 job market ended on a positive note. With unemployment shrinking to a mere 8.6% — its lowest level since May 2008 — and a steadily growing economy, businesses are planning on hiring and recruiting even more as their confidence in customer demand builds. In this new, growing market, those seeking their next dream job should cultivate their presence and contacts strategically in places where employers will be on the lookout for the best talent. According to a Michigan State University survey of more than 3,000 companies conducted in December 2011, social media has flourished as a burgeoning recruitment strategy, becoming a more mainstream approach for companies of all sizes and industries, even the most conservative. For job seekers, social media platforms such as" or" Twitter have established new ways getting discovered by employers, as well as directly reaching recruiters and hiring managers. Here’s the scoop on what job seekers should

know in order to be successful in today’s digital job market.

I Your social media profiles are as important as your resume (if not more important) The MSU report asserts that 36% of companies surveyed are using social media for recruiting. In today’s competitive market, recruiters look for the most current information on candidates, which is readily and easily available on social networks. Job seekers should actively include links to their complete and up-to-date Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter profiles in their applications. When creating your profiles, do not just import your resume — it often contains too much detailed information. Rather, build your profile from scratch with a concise description of your prior experience to grab a recruiter’s attention. To make yourself more discoverable," search engine optimize your title and skills. See more page 3



Regional drivers needed in the Sidney, Ohio Terminal. O/O's welcome.

"Integrity,Vigilance, and Helpfulness," represented by the three dots on our logo, are qualities our employees are proud to demonstrate daily.

We want you to join us, so apply online today!

Drivers are paid weekly. Drivers earn .38 cents per mile for empty and loaded miles on dry freight. .40 cents per mile for store runs. .42 cents per mile for reefer & curtainside freight. No Hazmat. Full Insurance package. Paid vacation. 401K savings plan. 95% no touch freight. Compounding Safety Bonus Program. Drivers are paid bump dock fees for customer live loads and live unloads.

For additional info call Crosby Trucking 866-208-4752 2302643

Every day, all over the nation, our “everyday heroes” help make people feel more secure. At Securitas USA, we recognize this commitment by offering our employees opportunities for training, development and advancement as well as the stability and confidence of working for a reputable national company. Working together, we combine our expertise in security and passion of service to truly make a difference.

O/O’s get 75% of the line haul. 100% fuel surcharge. Fuel discount program.


2 • Career Connections • August 2012



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Be sure to use social news streams as a dynamic extension of your traditional resume. Employers are interested in candidates who are passionate about their work. Job hopefuls should share interesting and relevant news about their industries and areas of expertise, demonstrating their knowledge and establishing yourself as an essential player in the fields. While the social news dialogue ought to maintain a professional tone, you should also reveal yourself to be a fun, authentic individual.

I 80% of success is showing up Social media enables us to stand out, to be more noticeable, to differentiate ourselves from the masses and to tell the whole story behind and beyond a one-page resume. When contributing to your news streams and profiles, choose current topics of interest, start participating in discussions about your professional field and industry trends, and share your own hands-on tricks of the trade. Many companies are now making use of Facebook Pages that are dedicated exclusively to careers and hiring. These pages are generally run by recruiters and talent acquisition professionals that are looking to attract and hire candidates. Savvy job seekers should make use of these pages and proactively ask questions about job openings, the specifics of a company’s interview process, or any upcoming career events. Responses are generally instantaneous, and you will quickly establish connections within the company. Additionally, every field has its own industry thought leaders broadcasting on Twitter. You should follow the influencers in your field, contribute to the discussion and share it with others who might be interested. Take advantage of @-mention feature

to keep participants engaged and include hashtags to increase the visibility of your tweets. You should also join LinkedIn Groups related to your field or moderated by a company you are interested in. Since hiring managers are always on the lookout for team players, you should establish a reputation by sharing your opinion, answering questions and offering advice in the group discussion forums. Join specific company groups to gain additional insight and keep up on the latest hiring news. Recruiters are very active in these groups, and taking steps to establish a positive LinkedIn presence will help to assure that you get a call.

I Social networks enable direct interaction There was a time when contacting recruiters on job sites and boards was difficult, and proactively reaching out to hiring managers was nearly impossible. Social media has created a culture of openness, and has all but eliminated the ‘black hole’ that resumes have fallen into for decades. Many companies even highlight their recruiters on job postings; not only can you contact a recruiter directly, but you can often view recruiters’ and hiring managers’ social media profiles before contacting them. Job seekers need to connect to recruiters who are hiring in their field and location. If you don’t know them directly, subscribe to them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to stay current on all job openings, and work towards developing a positive relationship with them. See more page 4

Rising Sun Express LLC Class-A CDL Drivers


• Regional Runs • 2500-3000 mi/wk average • Palletized, Truckload, Vans • 2 years experience required • Health, Dental, Life, 401k

Contact Dave at 937/726-3994

Continental Express Inc 10450 St Rt 47, Sidney, OH 2302631

Call us today! 1-800-288-6168

Hiring for . . . Regional, Local and Casual Positions

3 • Career Connections • August 2012 2302633



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I Your networks help you find jobs (and help employers find you) The MSU report indicates that 44% of companies use referral hiring, and 49% tap into alumni networks in order to recruit. Companies are drawing on their employee’s social networks to share jobs and attract the most qualified candidates. The more extensive your personal network is, the greater your odds of encountering these unadvertised job opportunities. Grow your networks by reaching out and connecting to people with whom you have either professional or personal relationships. If you don’t know the person well, begin by subscribing to their feed or ask a friend for an introduction. As in real life, opportunities can arise from any connection — a co-worker, a friend, a neighbor, etc. Many companies publish their job openings and career events on their Facebook Pages, so connect to the pages of companies that are of interest to you to start receiving active job openings in your news feed with little effort. With the economy on the mend and hiring rates rising, job seekers should not hesitate to break into the social media sphere. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter offer an abundance of ways to connect with companies, foster your professional reputation, gain exposure to job postings, and ultimately, realize your professional aspirations. Establish your online professional brand and presence now. Your dream job is waiting for you.

Are you looking for a job that gets you in the door? Local company looking for qualified applicants in southern and west central Ohio.


Repairing industrial Equipment, Mechanical, Electrical trouble shooting and (PLSCs), Hydraulic/Pneumatic repair, trouble shooting. Minimum 2 years experience in the field. Competitive wages, benefits package included after employee meets eligibility: Holiday Pay, Life Insurance, 401K match, vacation and employer pays 70% of health insurance cost.


Please send resume to: AMS 330 Canal Street Sidney, OH 45365 Email:


4 • Career Connections • August 2012


Turn a meaningless job into a career People who work just to get a paycheck usually think of their occupation as a job. People who love what they do for a living often consider their occupation a career. Jobs are what you do to pay for college; careers are what you do after you graduate. It is easy to dismiss a job as unimportant. Why bother caring about a job that has nothing to do with your career path? You get paid regardless of how well you perform, so what’s the point in working harder than you have to? Career Development: It’s Never “Just A Job” Erase the phrase “it’s just a job” from your vocabulary. Putting minimal effort into a job is only doing you a disservice. Even the smallest job should be treated as if it is a stepping stone to something else…because it very well might be. Every job offers you an important chance to wow someone, to lead to an amazing recommendation or to expand your network. Coasting through work is a lot like coasting through college. You might pass, but you won’t gain as much from the experience. Consider every position that you hold as a learning opportunity. Jobs can teach you how to communicate more effectively and improve your collaboration skills. Your interactions with customers and coworkers at your job will be beneficial when you begin your career. Besides increasing your skill set, jobs are a fantastic way to build a network. Though your current job might not be in your

desired career field, that doesn’t mean you can’t begin assembling contacts. The people that you meet at work could help connect you to your dream position. Having a large network of people that believe in your abilities will make it a lot easier to take the first steps toward your future career. Moreover, every supervisor that you impress could lead to a strong letter of recommendation. Having a reference list full of past employers that praise your skills will be valuable when you start your career search. If you come into an interview with years of mediocre job performances and no positive references, you will create a poor first impression. Turning A “Job” Into A Career No job is a throw away. There is always something to learn or someone to impress. If you cannot find any value in your current job, that doesn’t justify indifferent behavior. Continue to do your best while searching for a new job. Carelessness in the workplace is disrespectful to your peers and ineffectual to you. Treat every job like it is a career. You will care more, learn more and be a lot happier. A job should be more than a paycheck. Each position you hold is a chance to grow, so don’t waste those opportunities. Remember, even the most powerful people in the world had to start somewhere.

From Concept to Casting... Full-Service Mold Design and Manufacturing, Die Casting and Cast Finishing

DIE CAST MACHINE OPERATORS!!! • Steady Work Environment • Medical & Dental Coverage • Paid Training • Paid Holidays, Vacation, 401(k) Plan • Starting at $11.00 per hour

Application accepted daily 9am to 3:30pm, Monday - Friday at: 8877 Sherry Drive, Piqua, Ohio 45356 No Phone Calls Please!! • Drug Free Workplace


5 • Career Connections • August 2012


How to calm those interview jitters Interviews can strike fear in the hearts of the most seasoned job seekers. If you don’t have a lot of experience interviewing, it’s not unusual to feel mild jitters or even outright terror at the thought of sitting down with a potential employer. But you don’t have to let emotions turn that important hiring hurdle into a horror show. Experts offer several tips for preventing anxiety from torpedoing your chances of landing the job. Prepare, prepare, prepare. “Preparation is 90 percent of success in job interviews,” says Linda Smith-Gaston, career adviser at Los Angeles Trade Technical College. Smith-Gaston encourages role-playing with a friend before the interview and anticipating the questions you’ll likely hear. Typical interview questions include: Why are you the best person for the job? I Tell me about yourself. I What are your best/worst traits? I Why do you want to work here? I What did you learn in school (or at an internship) that prepares you for this job? “You should always know what the company actually does before the interview,” Smith-Gaston adds. Finding out could be as simple as a two-minute Internet search. De-stress before the interview. After you check in with the receptionist — being pleasant and professional when you do this — try some relaxation techniques, Smith-Gaston says. This could be as simple as closing

your eyes or doing a few deep-breathing exercises. But beware: If your idea of relaxation is kick-boxing or a yoga routine, do those at home. “You want to be memorable to the employer, but not for making a scene in the waiting room,” Smith-Gaston says. And don’t even think about taking a drink or using drugs to calm down; that should be obvious, but for some it isn’t. Listen, think, speak. Whether your interview is in person or over the phone, it is important to listen to what the interviewer has to say, and then think before responding, says Paul Bailo, author of “The Official Phone Interview Handbook.” “Take a few seconds to understand the question, and then prepare a quality answer before simply blurting out something less intelligent,” he says. Prepare your own questions. You’ll know the interview is almost over when the interviewer asks whether you have any questions about the job or the company. When you hear this, don’t say “no,” and bolt for the door. Use this opportunity to solidify the good impression you’ve made. “Well-thought-out questions show you’re really interested in the company and the job,” Bailo says. Also, if you have sent in your résumé, have a copy in front of you and make sure it’s the same version. The day after the interview, send a thank-you note to the interviewer. “Use the thank-you note to add something new, like an award or a small honor you received,” Smith-Gaston says.

WORRIED ABOUT HOW TO PAY FOR COLLEGE TUITION? CAPT offers TUITION PAYMENT for Associates, their spouses and children!* Classes can be taken online or onsite at any accredited college

CAPT has openings in the following areas: • Production Associates • Process Engineers • New Model Engineer • Die Service Technicians CAPT offers an excellent compensation • Equipment Service and benefit package, which includes: • Medical Insurance • Technicians • Prescription Drug Card • Engineers/Supervisors • Dental Insurance Qualifying candidates should stop by CAPT to fill out an application.

CELINA ALUMINUM PRECISION TECHNOLOGY INC. (CAPT) 7059 Staeger Road Celina, OH 45822 CAPT is an Equal Opportunity Employer *Must meet eligibility requirements

6 • Career Connections • August 2012


• Vision Insurance • Holiday Pay • Vacation • Short Term and Long Term Disability • 401(k) Savings Plan with company match • Pension Plan • Birthday off with pay • Health Club Membership • Performance Bonus • Employee Assistance Program • Tuition Payment

Classes do not have to be job related


Major area employers by county American Trim.......................................Auglaize AO Smith Corp .........................................Miami ConAgra Inc .............................................Miami Crane Co..................................................Miami Crown Equipment Corp ........................Auglaize Daone Group/Dannon Co ....................Auglaize Emerson Climate Technologies.................Shelby Evenflo Co Inc ......................................Auglaize Freshway Foods ......................................Shelby F-Tech Inc/F&P America ............................Miami Goodrich Corp .........................................Miami Hartzell.....................................................Miami Hitachi Metals/AAP St. Mary's Corp........Auglaize Honda Motor Co Ltd................................Shelby Illinois Tool Works Inc/Hobart....................Miami Joint Township Dist Memorial Hospital ..Auglaize Meijer Inc .................................................Miami Minster Machine Co ..............................Auglaize

Nippon Konpo Unyu/NK Parts Inds ..........Shelby Piqua City Schools ....................................Miami Plastipak Packaging Inc ............................Shelby Setex Inc...............................................Auglaize Shelby County Government .....................Shelby Sidney City Schools ..................................Shelby St Mary's City Schools............................Auglaize Superior Metal Products/American Trim ....Shelby Thor Industries/Airstream .........................Shelby Troy City Schools.......................................Miami Upper Valley Medical Center.....................Miami Veyance Technologies Inc .....................Auglaize Wal-Mart Stores Inc ..................................Shelby Wapakoneta City Schools ......................Auglaize Wilson Memorial Hospital ........................Shelby Courtesy of the Ohio Department of Development County Profiles


Electrical, Mechanical, and Electronics Divisions of

Area Energy & Electric, Inc., Regal Plumbing & Heating Co., and

Ohio Valley Integration Services, Inc. is now seeking a limited number of

Qualified & Experienced Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Apprentice & Journeyman

Electricians, Plumbers, Pipefitters, & Sheet Metal Installers Must be ambitious & hardworking with a minimum of 2 years’ experience.

Apply in person at:

Area Energy & Electric, Inc. 20001 Commerce Drive, Sidney, OH 45365 Equal Opportunity Employer 7 • Career Connections • August 2012



Occupations in Ohio with the most annual job openings 2008-2018

Average Average Wage May Annual 2009 Openings Occupational Title Cashiers 6230 $8.75 Waiters & Waitresses 5413 $8.99 4794 $8.31 Comb. Food Preparation & Serving Workers, inc. Fast Food Retail Salespersons 4457 $11.46 Registered Nurses 4175 $28.72 Hand Laborers and Freight, Stock & Material Movers 3883 $12.40 Customer Service Representatives 3644 $15.56 Home Health Aides 3487 $9.78 Heavy & Tractor-Trailer Drivers 2271 $18.84 General Office Clerks 2131 $13.02 Stock Clerks & Order Fillers 2110 $11.08 Licensed Practical & Licensed Vocational Nurses 2022 $19.19 Nursing Aides, Orderlies & Attendants 1949 $11.57 Janitors & Cleaners, except Maids & Housekeeping Cleaners 1781 $11.71 Secondary School Teachers, ex. Special & Vocational Ed. 1676 $54,530* Wholesale & Mfg Sales Reps., ex. Tech. & Scientific Products 1646 $28.29 Accountants & Auditors 1509 $30.21 Child Care Workers 1428 $10.59 Team Assemblers 1375 $14.63 First-Line Supervisors/Managers of Office & Admin. Support 1340 $23.09 * Annual earnings, typically for a 9 1/2 month school year Courtesy Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

See more page 9

If you’re looking for a rewarding work environment where you’re treated like a teammate rather than just an employee, Culver’s® is right for you! We not only have many “job” opportunities, but “career” opportunities as well.

Apply in person at:

2100 W. Main St. Troy

2575 Michigan St. Sidney 2302676

8 • Career Connections • August 2012


Ohio’s Fastest Growing Occupations 2008-2018

Projected Average Average Employment Annual Wage May Growth Rate Openings 2009 47.9% 3487 $9.78 44.6% 790 $9.91 43.2% 721 $34.38 37.9% 50 $15.18 35.6% 60 $42,860* 33.5% 99 $40.33 31.6% 48 $33.07 31.5% 220 $24.61 31.1% 848 $39.17 30.7% 43 $36.46 30.0% 108 $24.66 29.8% 55 $11.69 29.2% 889 $13.16 28.7% 87 $32.99 28.4% 147 $14.13 27.1% 92 $43.55 26.2% 303 $20.41 26.0% 760 $12.52 25.2% 438 $15.54 25.1% 323 $29.82

Occupational Title Home Health Aides Personal & Home Care Aides Network Systems & Data Communication Analysts Skin Care Specialists Athletic Trainers Physician Assistants Biochemists & Biophysicists Physical Therapy Assistants Applications Computer Software Engineers Financial Examiners Occupational Therapists Assistants Physical Therapist Aides Medical Assistants Medical Scientists, except Epidemiologists Veterinary Technologists & Technicians Veterinarians Self-Enrichment Education Teachers Pharmacy Technicians Dental Assistants Dental Hygienists * Annual earnings ** Occupations with a least 500 employees Courtesy Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

Dorothy Love Retirement Community is more than just a beautiful campus in a great location – it’s a family of residents, employees, committed volunteers and donors. Dorothy Love enjoys a sterling reputation earned through our commitment to be the best we can. Many of our employees have worked with us for years, providing continuity, knowledge and dedication to their work, not often found in today’s world. We pride ourselves in living the intent of our mission each and every day, and are seeking additional employees to join our family.

STNA classes and testing held monthly.

Visit us at

If interested, please apply in person at Dorothy Love or

To view all other career opportunities available and to apply, go to: 9 • Career Connections • August 2012

3003 W. Cisco Rd. Sidney, OH 45365 (937) 498-2391


Call Alma Peterson, RN @ 937-497-6549


11 surprising ways to hurt your career While most career advice focuses on how to succeed, we can all learn valuable lessons by dissecting career failure as well. Workplace experts offer insights into some of the top ways workers undermine their own careers and jeopardize their career development. 1. Not Taking Your Education Seriously If you party too much in college and end up with a run-of-themill 2.5 GPA, you’ll be passed over for the best entry-level jobs, says New York City-based executive recruiter and coach Brian Drum of Drum Associates. Not finishing your master’s degree is another way to hurt your career development goals, adds Anne Angerman, a career coach with Denver-based Career Matters. 2. Not Having a Plan In the current poor job market, you may have defaulted into a career you aren’t crazy about. That’s OK, as long as you develop career plans to get where you want to be. “Think of every job you take as a stepping-stone to your next job,” Drum advises. 3. Lying You’ll lose professional credibility in a hurry if you lie, from exaggerating on your resume to getting caught fibbing on Facebook. “If someone calls in sick to work and then that evening posts a photo on Facebook of their extra day vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, that’s a big problem,” says corporate etiquette specialist Diane Gottsman of the Protocol School of Texas in San Antonio. 4. Sullying Your Reputation on Facebook or Twitter Social media can harm your reputation in other ways, too. Personal posts and tweets from work -- when you’re supposed to

be doing your job -- can tag you as a slacker. And the content of your posts or tweets can come back to haunt you as well -- you never know who might stumble upon those bachelor-party photos. “You need to assume that every boss and potential employer knows how to use Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, and post from the standpoint that everyone is watching even if in reality they’re not,” Gottsman says. 5. Not Respecting Professional Boundaries Sharing TMI about your personal life with colleagues is unprofessional. “Your coworkers don’t want to hear about your fights with your husband,” Angerman says. On the other hand, if you’re ultra-private and work with a chatty group, join the conversations occasionally so coworkers don’t resent you. 6. Gossiping, Slandering, Excessively Criticizing If you publicly bash fellow employees, the boss, the board of directors or even your competitors, you’ll be perceived as negative at best and a troublemaker at worst. The ramifications can be broad and long term, Gottsman says. “Industries are tight,” she says. “You don’t want to be the one who started that rumor about the head of your industry.” As far as bad-mouthing competitors -what if your company merges with a competitor, or you want to work for one someday? 7. Carrying on an Inappropriate Relationship with Your Boss A romantic entanglement with a boss can do real damage to your ability to collaborate with peers. "When you get involved in a drama or in something unethical that can be brought out in See more page 12

Looking for a job? Looking for employees? Your search is over. . . Job Seeker Services

Employer Services

*Job Postings *Resume Preparation Assistance *Job Readiness Workshops *Access to Computers *On-site Interviews with Employers *Training Opportunities

*Free Job Postings *Resume Searches *On-site Interview Space *Job Fairs *Tax Incentive Information *Information on Employee Training Programs

The Job Center of Shelby County 227 S. Ohio Avenue, Sidney, 937-498-4981 extension 2816. Stop in or call today! 2302635

10 • Career Connections • August 2012

JOIN OUR TEAM! Wilson Memorial Hospital is committed to providing the highest quality of care to our patients. Quality care means doctors, nurses and technicians who deeply care about our community’s well being. If you are a dedicated professional who is interested in a career with a hospital who genuinely cares about its employees, we would like to meet you.

Apply online: or to Human Resources Dept.

Wilson Memorial Hospital 915 West Michigan Street Sidney, OH 45365 Fax: (937) 498-5450 An equal opportunity employer


11 • Career Connections • August 2012



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the open, you're asking for trouble," Gottsman says. Even getting too chummy with a boss can cause jealousy (as well as other potential problems). When it comes to your boss, keeping things professional is always the wiser choice. 8. Not Controlling Your Alcohol Intake or Libido Getting drunk at the office party or on a business trip damages your credibility. Ditto a romantic, ahem, “indiscretion” that your colleagues know about. 9. Job-Hopping Just for the Money Job-hopping -- in moderation -- may not automatically disqualify you from a position. “But it gets to the point -- like if you have seven or eight jobs by the time you’re 35 -- that employers are not going to want to invest in you,” Drum says. Also, if you have leadership aspirations, keep in mind that the top dogs of many large corporations have been with those organizations for long periods, he says. Additionally, many companies have “last in, first out” layoff policies, which

could leave you out of a job if you never stick around long enough to build tenure anywhere. 10. Losing Touch with References You’ll kick yourself later if you leave a job without collecting personal contact information from colleagues who can serve as professional references for you in the future. “If you were forced to leave a job and you can’t ask your boss for a reference, hopefully you’ve built up some rapport with a colleague and can ask them,” Angerman says. 11. Leaving a Job on Bad Terms Don’t become a lame duck when you’ve got one foot out the door, Drum says. “The employer only remembers about the last five minutes you were there,” he says. Give proper notice and don’t leave a mess behind. And by all means, do not make a huge dramatic production of it when you quit, complete with cursing, slandering and throwing things, Gottsman advises. “It’s very difficult to get another job when you’ve left destruction in your wake,” she says.

When your job prospects are buried... We have postings for positions in many areas including Automotive, Clerical, Retail, Service and Manufacturing. Take advantage of our website and uncover a multitude of opportunities.

12 • Career Connections • August 2012


Interview take-along checklist You’re interviewing for a job tomorrow, and you think you've done all the interview preparation you need to do. You’ve practiced your answers to a multitude of common interview questions and have thought up some questions to ask the interviewer. Your interview suit is pressed and ready. But what do you bring to the interview? Here is a handy checklist from expert Marky Stein so that you won’t forget a thing. Interview Checklist Items for Your Briefcase Your Resume and Job/Professional References: But don’t just throw these crucial documents in your bag. According to Stein, linguists and psychologists have found that 93 percent of all communication is nonverbal. How you present this information says a lot about you. To that end, Stein recommends you buy an inexpensive two-pocket folder in blue, since this color appeals to both men and women and conveys a business feel. On the left side, place your resume, and on the right, your references. When you get to the interview, say, “I wanted to bring an extra copy of my resume -- here it is,” and open the folder, turning it around for the interviewer to read. “This is a sign you are open and honest as well as organized,” Stein says. “The more you show you are prepared, the more you

are showing respect.” Pad and Pen: Taking a few notes during your interview (while being careful not to stare at your notepad the whole time) is another sign of respect. “It makes them feel you are listening,” Stein explains. Business Card: People either take in information visually, audibly or through touch. “The more you give them to touch, the more real it seems to them,” she says. Directions: “These lower your anxiety,” Stein says, adding that it’s preferable to drive to your interview location in advance and park so you can see how long the journey takes. Cell phone: You can always leave this bit of modern life in your car, but if you must take it with you, make sure it stays turned off and in your briefcase; it’s a huge sign of disrespect to be interrupted during an interview or give the appearance you’ll be interrupted. “If you’re a man, don’t even wear it on your belt,” Stein recommends. “Keep it hidden.” The Intangibles A Smile: It may sound sappy, but this nonverbal clue is an immediate rapport-builder. Interviewers are often nervous, too. “In one-sixteenth of a second, we assess whether someone will harm, help or hurt us,” Stein says. “(A smile) immediately tells someone that you’re not going to hurt them.”

Need to connect with local job seekers?

Becky Smith Advertising Manager


Mandy Yagle Inside Classified Sales Manager


Karie Bell Inside Classified Sales Specialist

WE CAN HELP. Call us today!


Denise Ciriegio Inside Classified Sales Specialist


Kristi Ryder Inside Classified Sales Specialist

937-498-5911 13 • Career Connections • August 2012


The 15 most valuable college majors With rising tuition costs and a rapidly changing job landscape, a student’s college major is more important than ever. It can either set you up for lifetime career success and high earnings or sink you into debt with few avenues to get ahead of it. “Unless you go to a top-20 brand name school, what matters most to employers is your major,” says Katie Bardaro, lead economist at compensation research firm PayScale. In fact, in a new report by Gen-Y researcher Millennial Branding, a full 69% of managers agreed that relevant coursework is important when considering job candidates. So which college majors are most likely to land you a well-paying job right out of school? Analysts at PayScale compared its massive compensation database with 120 college majors and job growth projections through 2020 from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to determine the 15 most valuable majors in the current marketplace. Ranked by median starting pay, median mid-career pay (at least 10 years in), growth in salary and wealth of job opportunities, engineering and math reigned supreme. At No. 1, biomedical engineering is the major that is most worth your tuition, time and effort. Biomedical engineers earn a median starting salary of $53,800, which grows an average of 82% to $97,800 by mid-career. Moreover, the BLS projects a whopping 61.7% growth of job opportunities in the field—the most of any other major on the list. Engineering concentrations comprise one third of the

most valuable majors. Software engineering majors (No. 4) earn a median of $87,800 after 10 years on the job; environmental engineering majors (No. 5) earn a median of $88,600; civil engineering majors (No. 6) earn a median of $90,200; and petroleum engineering majors (No. 9) earn a median of $155,000—the highest paycheck on the list. “These aren’t majors that anyone could do. They’re hard, and these programs weed people out,” says Bardaro. In the Millennial Branding survey, employers reported engineering and computer information systems majors as their top recruits. Also, nearly half of these employers (47%) said the competition for new science, technology, engineering and math talent is steep. That means while other recent grads fight for jobs, these students will likely field multiple offers. Math and science concentrations are also well-represented on this list. Biochemistry (No. 2), computer science (No. 3), applied mathematics (No. 10), mathematics (No. 11), physics (No. 14) and statistics (No. 15) majors are increasingly in demand and well-paid. Bardaro believes that the new data-driven market makes math skills, particularly statistics, more and more valuable to employers. Conversely, the worst-paying college majors are child and family studies, elementary education, social work, culinary arts, special education, recreation and leisure studies, religious studies, and athletic training.

Plastipak Packaging, Inc is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of plastic rigid containers of the highest quality. Our list of customers include some of the worlds most recognized and respected brands such as Proctor & Gamble, Kraft Foods, and Pepsi just to name a few. We support manufacturing operations throughout the United States, South America, and Europe. As one of the largest blow molders in North America, Plastipak has a strong tradition of continued growth and competitiveness. We pride ourselves on an environment where our associates have the freedom and encouragement to reach beyond the ordinary, where the possibilities are unlimited.

Job opportunities available: Maintenance • Machine Operators • Forklift Drivers Apply at


Plastipak offers a comprehensive benefits package, including health, dental, and life insurance, vacation and holiday pay, 401(k) matching and more. Plastipak is an Equal Opportunity Employer. M/F/D/V 14 • Career Connections • August 2012

A Job You Will Love... Comfort Keepers®, an in home care company, is looking for dedicated caregivers in the Troy, Piqua and Sidney area to help seniors remain independent in their homes. Duties may include:

• Cooking • Lt. housekeeping • Laundry • Personal care • Companionship • Transportation Applicants must have HS diploma/GED, valid driver’s license, auto insurance and clean background check. 2302636

Interested applicants may apply: 6640 Poe Ave. Suite 112 Dayton, Ohio 1-866-498-9420 Each office is independently owned and operated

15 • Career Connections • August 2012

Norcold refrigerators are the hallmark of performance and reliability. As America's leading manufacturer of refrigerators and freezers for RV, Marine and Truck markets, Norcold Inc. is recognized as a world leader in bringing bold product innovations to the recreational industry.

Recreational Vehicles We make life more comfortable, convenient and fun.

Marine We provide comfort, handiness and a worry-free trip.

Trucking We make the long haul well-situated, relaxed and economical.

We offer an excellent benefit package including health, dental, 401K and many others! Look for future advertisements as positions become available!

600 S. Kuther Road Sidney, Ohio 45365 2302644

Visit our website to learn more:

1 Century Drive Gettysburg, Ohio 45328

16 • Career Connections • August 2012

Career Connections August 2012  

Career Connections August 2012

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