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Vol. V ol. 12 1233 No. No. 204 204

O October ctober 12, 22013 013

S Sidney, idney, Ohio


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Local ocal cooks ooks win in SDN drawing ing Patricia Ann Speelman S pspeelman@civitasme


DEATHS DE ATHS Obituaries and/or Obituaries and//or o death death noticnoticeess ffor or the following following people appear appe ar on page page 3 today: toda o y: s Kris Kristi ti K. O Osborn sborn s LLeonard eonard H. Jenkins ns s LLester ester M. Harp

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$1.25 $11.25

Barb B arbb Monn Monnin, nin, of R Russia; ussia; Chery Cheryll Koewler, Koewler,, of S Sidney; idney; and nd Marilyn W Winner, innerr, of Fort Fortt L Lor Loramie, amie, i h ha have ave w won on top t prizes i i the in th Sidney Sidney id y Daily N ews 20 013 Harv est Holida Cookkbookk News 2013 Harvest Holidayy Cookbook dr drawing. awing. Their name names es w were eree drawn drawn from froom among 488 entra ants who ssubmitted submitted rrecipes ecipes ffor or inclusion n entrants Harvest Holidayy Cook Cookbook. in the 2013 H arvest Holida kbook. Thee drawing dr awing took place W Wednesday eednesday in the Dailyy N ews offices. Darl la JJones, ones, who sent several News severaall Darla re ecipes, serv ed as witness as rreporter eporter Mike recipes, Mike served S effrin pulled the names. Seffrin Monnin w o a $200 cash prize. W on innerr won Winner w on a $50 cash prize. K oewler w on a won Koewler won KitchenAid Ultra Ultra P ower 10-speed, 4 Power 1/2quart , st and mix er dona ted by thee 1/2-quart, stand mixer donated KitchenAid E x xperience R etail Center, Centerr, 423 S.. Experience Retail Br oadway, G reen e nville. Broadway, Greenville. R ecipes came ame fr om Anna, B otkins,, Recipes from Botkins, Br adford d, F amie, Houston, Jackson n oorrt Lor Jackson Bradford, Fort Loramie, Center r, Maple ewood, Minster,, N ew Kno xville,, Center, Maplewood, New Knoxville, Piqua, R ussia, ussiaa, S idneyy, V andalia, V errsailless Russia, Sidney, Vandalia, Versailles

and W apakoneta. Wapakoneta. The cook kbbook will be distributed d as an cookbook insertion in the S idney Daily aily N ews edition Sidney News of No ov. 23. Additional copie es can be ord dereed Nov. copies ordered in ad dvance ffor livery wit th the ne wspaper oor de advance delivery with newspaper orr pick up p in the Daily N ewss offices or ffices ffor or $1.25 $1 25 pickup News each. Copies can be mailed led ffor or $5 each. T o or der additional copies, es, send a check To order pa yable to the S idney Dai ily N ews to SD N payable Sidney Daily News SDN Cook kbook Or Ord derr, 1451 N andemarkk R andemar oad, Cookbook Order, N.. V Vandemark Road, S idneyy, OH 45365. Or derss ar Sidney, Orders aree limited to 20 copies per name. Include a ship -to addre ess. ship-to address. F or inf formation, call 498 8-5939. For information, 498-5939. The ffollowing rss pro ovided cop oollowing publisher publishers provided cop-ies of their ne wly publish hed cook kbook b s as newly published cookbooks prizes: Ar rssenal Pulp Pre esss, Uly yssses Pre ess, Arsenal Press, Ulysses Press, McCle lland & Ste wart Ltd d., Alpha B ooks, McClelland Stewart Ltd., Books, A tria B ooks/Simon & S ch husterr, American t Atria Books/Simon Schuster, Diabetes Associa tion, The H Harv ard d Common Association, Harvard Pr ess, Thomas N elson, au uthorss JJen en Elsner Press, Nelson, authors and JJulie ulie Metzler r, A ARP aand P osit S cience, Metzler, AARP Posit Science, W orrkman Publishing, JJeremy ereemy e P arc archer/ Workman P.. T Tarcher/ P engguin, The Harv ard Common Pr ess, Penguin, Harvard Press, S kyhorsse Publishing and Andre ew McMee Andr Skyhorse Andrew McMeell Publishing L LC. LLC.

Kidss festival set for Oct. ct. 19 9 The annuall Kids F Fall all Festival Festival has been n scheduled ffor or Oct Oct.. 19 fr from om 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.. in do downtown wntown S Sidney. idneyy. The tr traditional aditional onal festiv festival al fea features atur turees trick trick-ork-orrttreating reating around arooun nd the the courtsquare courtsquare and and free freee activities aatt Amos A Memorial Libr Library. raryy. It iss sponsore sponsored ed by the Do Downtown wntown S Sidney idney B Business usinesss Association, Library, Associa tion, Amos Memorial Libra Libr aryy, thee Spot rrestaurant estaurrant and the S Sidney-Shelby idney-Shelbyy County Chamber ber of Commerc Commerce. Commer ce. Theree will be a costume Ther costume-judging -judging j g g contest ffor orr childre children en up to ag age ge 12 aatt 10 a.m. on the north h side of the courtsquar courtsquare. e. Trick-or-treating Trickk- orr-treating g begins aatt 11 a.m. aatt participa participating ating do downwn-

to town wn businesses, which willl displa displayy a trick trick-ork-orrtre treating eaating sign in their windo windows. ws. Costumes aree rrequired equireed ffor equir or trick trick-or-treating k-orr-trreaatingg and ffor or ag ages ges 12 and under only only. y. F From rroom 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. childr children childreen can enjoy enjoy pumpkinpumpkin-decorating, decoraating, ggames ames and refreshments refreshments re aatt the Amos Memorial Libr Library. raryy. Prizes ffor or the costume contest c have ha ave been dona donated ated by ar area rea restaurants restauraants ts and businesses, and the Spot rrestaurant estaurrant annually nually provides pr pro ovides the pumpkin p p pies p as part p of thee tre tr treats eaats enjo enjoyed j yed at at the libra library. aryy. F For or iinformation nformation oorr tto o d donate onate tto o the Kids F all F estival, call 492-9122. Fall Festival,

The S Shelby h lby County United W he Way ay has h rreported eported campaign tot als of $156,884 4 as totals of the end d of w eek no. 4 of the campaign. gn. week A ffourth ourth rth impact ar ea of funding is area â&#x20AC;&#x153;Improving Lives Seniors,â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Impr oving ng the Liv es of S eniors,â&#x20AC;? ffor or agencies funding.. which ffour ou ur ag encies rreceive eceive funding Senior Sidney-Shelby The S e enior idney-S helby Center of S County had 39,195 annual v i s i t s to their center $1.3 $1 $ 1.3 i 2012, an in Million M i llion incr ease of increase Goal Goa o l 8,000 visits. sits. 1 Million Million The thr ree threestory facility cility offer m offerss many 750,000 0,000 programming oppor pporoppor675,000 5,000 tunities fr om from car d ggames, a ames, card billiar ds, and billiards, 500,000 0,000 bing go to chair bingo volleyball, 375,000 5,000 the Mo ve & Move G ro ove ex e rGroove exercise cour ourse, course, 250,000 0,000 and an eexerxercise rroom oom m with 125,000 5,000 many pieces ieces of car d dio cardio e q u i p m e n t . Pickleball and nd a Pila t tes Pilates class will be added ed shortly shortly.. A d u l t D a y Services, loca ted in n the lo wer le vel of F ven aair Ha located lower level Fair Haven S helby County Home, pr ovides senior orss Shelby provides seniors supervision on and health car cial caree in a social set ting to o pr omote continued indepen ensetting promote independence. Many seniors seniors w ould ld be home me would homebound and nd enter nur rsing homes aatt an nursing ear lier ag ge in their liv es if they did not earlier age lives participa t in the Adult Da te ervices ces participate Dayy S Services Pr ogram. Thr ough pr ogramming, senior orss Program. Through programming, seniors kkeep eep their eir independence long er while hile longer impr oving g both their phy sical and ment nt al improving physical mental functioning ng le vels. levels. Ca tholic ic S ocial S ervices S enior Health alth Catholic Social Services Senior pr ogram assisted 17 senior ted program seniorss with United W ay funding ding in 2012. A monthly car are Way care plan consists sists of car ement , emer merrcaree manag management, emerggency ency rresponse, esponse, sponse, social w orkk counse ling, ng, work counseling, pers sonal car ew. personal caree services to name a fe few. Ninety per cent of the seniorss rreported eported ted percent tha rsing s home placement w as pr ethatt nur nursing was prevvented ented orr de layed. delayed. R e t i re d S en i o rs V olunteer P ro g ra m Retired Seniors Volunteer Program (RS VP) rrecruits ecruits and identifies senior orss (RSVP) seniors to open vvolunteer olunteer opportunities with S helby County nonpr ofit org ganizations ons Shelby nonprofit organizations and school ol districts. RS VP ma tches vvololRSVP matches unteer with or rganizations wher heir unteerss w organizations wheree their past life eexperiences xperiences and skill sets will be maximized. mized. F or inf o orma tion about the United W ay, For information Way, or to dona nate, call 492-2101. donate,

Broudd retiring; Sielschott elschott to take ake over at Edward dward Joness

Visit the Sidne Visit Sidneyy Daily Daiily News News on the w web eb at w

Broud Br oud

Erroll Err oll Broud Broud of the financial ancial ward JJones, ones, services firm Ed Edward with offices in S Sidney, idney, rrecently ecently cently rreceived e c e i ve d tthe he L Legacy e ga c y A Award w a rd finan-designed to rrecognize ecognize finan cial ad advisers visers who will rretire etire after aatt least 20 years yearss of o ser-vice with the firm. Br oud, who has served served e 36 Broud, yyears ears as an Edward Edward Jones Jones financial ad viser, will rretire etire adviser, Dec. 31. Danie Danielle lle S Sielschott ielschot schott

will be ttaking aking oover ver the br branch anch office aatt tha thatt time. â&#x20AC;&#x153;â&#x20AC;&#x153;Throughout Throughout his yyears e s of ser-ears vice, i E Err Erroll oll ll has de devoted voted d tens thousands hours workof thous ands of hour ours w orkking one one-on-one - on- one with clients to he help lp them meet theirr financial needs,â&#x20AC;? ssaid aid JJim im W Weddle, eddle, the firmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s managing partner tner. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I am firmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s partner. gr ateful ffor or his 36 yyears ears with grateful our firm dedica ted to making dedicated a differ difference ence ffor or his clients by

under understanding standing their financial needs and ggoals oalss and identify identify-ing individual financial solu solu-tions.â&#x20AC;? i â&#x20AC;? Broud honored Br oud ssaid aid he is honor ed to rreceive eceive the Leg Legacy acy aaward. ward. â&#x20AC;&#x153;â&#x20AC;&#x153;When When I joined d this firm 36 yyears ears ag o, I kne ew I w as mak kago, knew was making the right decision,â&#x20AC;? ssaid aid Br oud. â&#x20AC;&#x153;No w I can ssay ay tha Broud. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Now thatt Sielschott chott See S ee RE RETIRING ETIRING | 3 Siels


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Municipal Court

In Sidney Municipal Court Wednesday, Judge Duane Goettemoeller fined Trevor M. Newbauer, 39, 1527 E. Court St., Apt. H, $150 and $284 costs and sentenced him to 20 days in jail (10 days suspended) for disorderly conduct, amended from obstructing official business. He

also was fined $150 and sentenced to 20 days in jail (10 days suspended) for disorderly conduct, amended from resisting arrest. • Thomas R. Ganger, 40, 528 Jefferson St., was fined $150 and $211 costs and sentenced to 60 days in jail (28 days credit) for theft.


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Sidney Daily News, Saturday, October 12, 2013

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• Toronto McBrown, 36, 510 1/2 S. Main Ave., was fined $150 and $113 costs, sentenced to 15 days in jail, and ordered to attend the anger/rage program for disorderly conduct, amended from domestic violence. • Dylan R. Wells, 19, 14889 Staley Road, Anna, was fined $250 and $103 costs, sentenced to five days in jail, and received a three-month license suspension for driving under the influence (underage). Wells also was fined $50 and $113 costs for prohibitions (underage possession of alcohol). Charges of driving under the influence (breath) and failure to control were dismissed. • Donald D. Cooper, 28, 414 S. Miami Ave.,

Apt. C, was fined $75 and $101 costs for failure to reinstate license and $25 and $10 cost for failure to yield when turning. • Christina L. Courter, 31, 12514 State Route 362, Minster, was fined $50 and $107 costs for fishing without a license. • Elizabeth Scholl, 32, 431 N. Main Ave., was fined $25 and $105 costs for failure to confine a dog. • Benjamin M. Current, 35, 501 1/2 N. West Ave., Apt. A, was fined $150 and $111 costs for driving under suspension and $75 and $113 costs for driving under suspension. • William J. Brun, 52, 10590 Millcreek Road, was fined $25 and $111 costs for driving on a

closed street. • Andre Gordon, 41, 619 S. Main Ave., was fined $75 and $138 costs for driving under suspension. An expired license plates charge was dismissed. • Stefani K. Vaughn, 23, 16083 Kirkwood Road, was fined $25 and $117 costs for failure to yield. • Emi Miyao, 25, 500 N. Vandemark Road, Apt. 28, was fined $30 and $105 costs for speeding. • Andrew J. Evilsizor, 33, 112 Freedom Court, was fined $30 and $86 costs for a seat belt violation. • Danielle L. Lamb, 25, 2889 County Road 25A South, was fined $35 and

City Record

Police log

THURSDAY -6:03 p.m.: contempt. Ann M. Sayre, 46, 319 Michigan St., was arrested on an outstanding warrant through Sidney Municipal Court and was transported to the Shelby County Jail. -4:35 p.m.: theft. Amy Studebaker, 1113 Hilltop Ave., reported the theft of a Nintendo Wii and DVD player from her residence. Items were valued at $300, -3:49 p.m.: public indecency. A woman reported a man exposed himself to her in a parking lot at 2340 Michigan St. -3:26 p.m.: theft. Bobby L. Auville II, 500 N. Vandemark Road, Apt. 52, reported the See COURT | 3 theft of three bottles of drugs from his residence. Items were valued at $3. -1:54 p.m.: criminal damaging. Timothy L. Lamb II, 25, 10541 State Route 65, Maplewood, was arrested for criminal damaging after Marilyn L. Withrow, 1011 Hayes St., reported he allegedly broke the window in her storm door. Damage was set at $100. -9:55 a.m.: breaking and entering. A report was received of an air conditioner being taken from the St. John’s Thrift Store, 319 S. Ohio Ave. The item was valued at $150.

Fire, rescue FRIDAY -1:52 a.m.: medical. Medics were dispatched to the 800 block of Arrowhead Drive. THURSDAY -7:57 p.m.: accident. Medics were dispatched to the scene of an accident at Court and Fourth streets.


County Record

Fire/Rescue 40507904

FRIDAY -725 a.m.: medical. Anna Rescue Squad was dispatched to the 400 block of Mill Street.



Sidney Daily News, Saturday, October 12, 2013

On the Agenda JACKSON CENTER — Jackson Center Village Council will meet Monday at 7 p.m. at 122 E. Pike St. The council will consider two ordinances: • An ordinance authorizing certain adjustments in the 2013 annual appropriations of public funds for the village of Jackson Center during the fiscal year ending Dec. 31 and declaring an emergency. • First reading to an ordinance authorizing the village administrator to enter into a contract for the furnishing of fire protection to territory outside the village limits and declaring an emergency.


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Cromes Funeral Home & Crematory, Inc. 492-5101 View obituaries at

Shelby County Coalition on Aging The Shelby County Coalition on Aging will meet Oct. 16 at 1:30 p.m. in the Senior Center of Sidney and Shelby County, 304 S. West Ave. The group will hear reports from committees and the AAA Advisory Council, distribute Area Agency on Aging 2014 calendars and discuss 2014 meeting dates.



Jackson Center Village Council


Attention Seniors! Let your home pay you!

Reverse Mortgages Teresa Rose 937-497-9662 800-736-8485

733 Fair Road, Sidney

Sidney Tree Board

Lottery Friday drawings • Pick 3 Evening: 4-3-3 • Pick 3 Midday: 0-2-5 • Pick 4 Evening: 9-8-4-8 • Pick 4 Midday: 8-4-7-9 • Pick 5 Evening: 4-5-5-2-7 • Pick 5 Midday: 1-6-5-9-9 • Rolling Cash 5: 07-14-1633-37 Mega Millions numbers will appear in Monday’s edition.

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The Sidney Daily News publishes abbreviated death notices free of charge. There is a flat $85 charge for obituaries and photographs. Usually death notices and/or obituaries are submitted via the family’s funeral home, although in some cases a family may choose to submit the information directly.


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40364165 40500169

Some area banks and Shelby County, state and federal offices will be closed Monday to observe Columbus Day. Sidney city offices and Sidney Municipal Court will be open. Shelby County offices will be closed. Recycling pickups in the county will follow the regular schedule. Sidney post office is closed and there will be no mail delivery Monday. Sidney City Schools, Lehman Catholic High School, Christian Academy Schools will be open. In the county, Anna, HardinHouston and Russia schools will be closed as waiver or professional development days. Other county schools will be open. The Sidney Daily News office will be open regular hours and a newspaper will be published, but delivery on Monday will be by carrier since there will be no U.S. mail delivery. Local and area grocery stores and pharmacies will also be open. Chase, First National Bank, the Walmart branch of People’s Federal Savings, and US Bank will be open Monday. Minster Bank will be closed, but the bank’s branch at Wagner’s IGA in Minster will be open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Other local banks will be closed.


M, T, W 9-6, Th 9-1, F 9-8 Sat 9-3, Sun Closed


Some banks, government offices closing Columbus Day


Sidney Conference Center

400 Folkerth Avenue, Sidney


Formerly Sidney Inn


and Zach Latimer; 23 greatgrandchildren; and one sister, SIDNEY — Lester M. Harp, Doris Conrad, of Sidney. He was preceded in death by 92, of 2500 N. Kuther Road, passed away Thursday, Oct. 10, two brothers, Henry and Richard 2013, at 7:45 p.m. at the Lester Harp Harp, and two sisters, Ruth Elsner and Helen Dorothy Love Retirement Lynch. Community. Mr. Harp was a machinHe was born on Nov. 3, ist, retiring in 1985 from 1920, in Sidney, the son of Sidney Tool & Die Co. the late Harry and Agnes after 10 years of service. (Apple) Harp. On Feb. 21, Prior to working there, 1943, he married Helen Lester worked for more V. Pence, who preceded than 25 years at the East him in death on Sept. 25, Dayton Tool & Die Co. 2011. Lester was a master He is survived by five children, Pam Allen and hus- craftsman and, after his retireband, Gary; Charlotte Puthoff; ment, spent countless hours in Linda DeVelvis and husband, his woodworking shop building Dave; Elaine Latimer and hus- beautiful furniture and intriband, Dennis, all of Sidney, and cate carvings for his family and Larry Harp and wife, Dawn, of friends. Mr. Harp was a member of Kansas City, Mo.; 13 grandchildren, Mindy Gies, Matt Allen, the St. John’s Lutheran Church. Michelle Puthoff, Michael Lester and his wife loved to Puthoff, Molly Scalamonti, Keri square dance and would attend Thiel, Josh DeVelvis, Jason dances whenever they could. He DeVelvis, Sara Schneider, Steven was an avid fan of the Ohio State Harp, Tori Harp, Brian Latimer Buckeyes and the Cincinnati

Bengals. Above all, he enjoyed following his grandchildren’s activities. He will be dearly missed by all of his family and friends. Funeral services will be held Monday, Oct. 14, 2013, at 10:30 a.m. at St. John’s Lutheran Church with the Rev. Jonathan W. Schriber officiating. Burial will follow at Graceland Cemetery. The family will receive friends on Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Cromes Funeral Home, 302 S. Main Ave., and on Monday from 9:30 a.m. until the hour of service at the church. The family suggests that memorials be made to St. John’s Lutheran Church or Wilson Hospice Care in memory of Lester Harp. Envelopes will be available at the funeral home and church. Guestbook condolences and expressions of sympathy may be made to the Harp family at Cromes Funeral Home’s website,


of Lexington, S.C.; a son, Richard Lynn (Linda) Jenkins, TROY — Leonard H. Jenkins, of Jackson Center; a daughter88, of Troy, formerly of Jackson in-law, Betty Jenkins, of Jackson Center, passed away at Leonard Jenkins Center; grandchildren, Jeff (Lisa) Jenkins, 9:28 p.m. on Thursday, Jenny Harshbarger, Oct. 10, 2013, at Fair Aaron (Gina) Jenkins, Haven Shelby County Traci (Darren) Myers Home, Sidney. and Robert (Kasey) He was born Aug. 17, Spicer; great-grandchil1925, in Logan County, dren, Jordan and Ashley a son of the late Samuel Jenkins, Justin and Dylan H. and Estella (Copeland) Jenkins, Travis, Rochelle Jenkins. and Jalen Harshbarger, On Sept.11, 1943, he Logan and Hunter Spicer, married the former Doris Regula and she preceded him in and Evan Wise; and a sister, death on Dec. 9, 2006. Also pre- Ruth E. Regula, Jackson Center. Leonard had worked as a foreceding him in death was a son, man at Airstream and Argosy. James Leonard Jenkins. Survivors include a daughter, He enjoyed fishing, playing Pamela Jean (Michael) Spicer, cards and playing softball.

A funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013, at the Grace Lutheran Church, Jackson Center, with Pastor Kent Hollis officiating. Burial will be in Glen Cemetery, Port Jefferson. Visitation will be on Tuesday, Oct. 15, from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Eichholtz Daring & Sanford Funeral Home, Jackson Center, and on Wednesday one hour prior to the funeral. Memorial contributions may be made in Leonard’s memory to Grace Lutheran Church, Troy Rescue Squad or the Troy Senior Center. Condolences may be expressed at


Monday, Oct. 14, 2013, at Schlosser Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Wapakoneta. Pastor Andrew Atkins will be officiating. Burial will follow at Pearl Cemetery, Sidney. Friends may call from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m. Sunday at the funeral home. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be directed to the family for their children’s education. Condolences may be expressed at www.schlosserfuneralhome. com.

grandson, Casen Roseberry; a sister, Kerry Reith; a motherANNA — Kristi K. Osborn, 38, in-law, Pamela K. Osborn; and of Anna, died at 6:50 a.m. Kristi Osborn many family and friends. Kristi cherished her Thursday, Oct.10, 2013, at nursing degree and was her residence after a twoemployed as a registered year battle with cancer. nurse at St. Rita’s Medical She was born on June 7, Center, Lima. She was 1975, in Toledo, to David a big fan of the Boston V. and Lyndal K. Rhoads, Red Sox, New England who survive in Delphos. Patriots and the Ohio On July 11, 2009, she marState Buckeyes. She esperied Tony D. Osborn and cially loved and enjoyed he survives in Anna. being with her children. Survivors also include Funeral services are schedfour children, Zachary, Victoria, Alexis and Riley Osborn; a uled to begin at 10:30 a.m.

ESC approves personnel items Personnel items were approved during the September meeting of the Shelby County Educational Service Center Governing Board. The board: • Employed substitute teachers on an as-needed basis at the rate of $80 per day: Brett Slone and Allissa Ware. • Approved amended ESC contract for Melissa Blenman, health aide at Holy Angels, three hours per day to 3.5 hours per day. • Approved special program contract for Amy Simindinger, IMPACT program coordinator. • Approved a supplemental con-

Weed-cutting ordinance on Sidney agenda Sidney City Council will consider an ordinance to assess the cost of weed cutting or removal of litter when it meets Monday at 6:30 p.m. in council chambers. Also on the agenda is a public hearing and introduction of an ordinance to rezone property at 1390 Fourth Ave. from I-1, light industrial, to B-2, community business, and a resolution to accept the plat of 0.343 of an acre. This would split off property that the city no longer needs from Riverbend Park. Council also will discuss utility ordinance amendments.

tract for Jana Barhorst, Academia/ Parent Project clerical support for fiscal year 2014. • Approved WOCO contract for Riley Maher, computer technician. The board also accepted a $200 donation from Shelby County Community Foundation for the Parent Project. Also approved were: • Service agreements with Anna Local Schools and Botkins Local Schools for gifted intervention specialist services with Jan Jones providing the program. • Susan Shields for the Logan County ESC for professional devel-

opment clerical work. • An amended service agreement with Nicholas School for PT Services, 3.5 hours per week to five hours per week. • Purchased service contracts for Kelly Walker, 21st Century Grant Art instructor; Cinda Blair, 21st Century Learning Center Grant coordinator; Melissa Bennett, 21st Century Grant STEM Specialist for Learning Center; Melissa Bennett, 21st Century SEED Grant coordinator; Ron Nufrio, Race to the Top consultant; and Nancy Junkins, District Data Binder Project consultant (grant funded).

Ginger S. Ward, 12054 Thelma Drive, Minster, $1,749.65. Wilson Memorial Hospital v. Travis J. Jess, Piqua, $2,627. Wilson Memorial Hospital v. Ray W. Massey, 7870 Fort LoramieSwanders Road, Anna, $4,808.65. Wilson Memorial Hospital v. Pamela G. Leckey, 705 N. Main Ave., $3,979.69. Wilson Memorial Hospital v. John Pruitt, Piqua, $1,088.11. Wilson Memorial Hospital v. Amy B. Carl, 430 W. Main St., Port Jefferson, $3,045.95. Wilson Memorial Hospital v. Monica M. Brawley, Piqua, $1,015.40. Anesthesia Associates, Lima v. Willie Robinson and Sheila K. Robinson, Sidney, $2,229.61. Kevin Britt and Motorist Mutual Insurance, Columbus v. Vanessa L. Wigginton, 732 Broadway Ave., $852. Capital One Bank, Glen Allen, Va. v. Krystal L. Gabbard, 302 New St., $2,047.37. Portfolio Recovery Associates, Norfolk, Va. v. Erin Stewart, 302

Chrstie Ave., Anna, $1,762.33. Lima Radiological Associates, Lima v. Scott Litz and Barbara Litz, 1401 Carrol St., $261.49. Wilson Memorial Hospital v. Jamie L. Cupp, 620 S. Main Ave., $334.32. Wilson Memorial Hospital v. Ronald E. Farley, 715 S. Miami Ave., $2,319.25. Lima Radiological Associates, Lima v. Diane L. Manger, 13675 Ailes Road, Anna, $135.08. Wilson Care Inc., Sidney v. Patrick J. Greve, 17205 State Route 119, Anna, $160.60. Sterling Jewelers Inc., Akron v. Tara Fahrnow, 725 N. Main Ave., $2,903.71.



The Sidney Tree Board will meet Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in City Council chambers. The board will discuss the Western Lake Erie Basin Ash Removal Program grant and press releases from Canada about the Asian long-horned beetle. The board also will discuss hazardous-tree notices and an issue of planting without a permit.

Page 3

From page 2 $101 costs for a child restraint system violation and $25 and $10 costs for assured clear distance. • The driving under suspension case of Danielle L. Krusemark, 18, 9666 Thompson-Schiff Road, was dismissed. • The case of Benjamin T. Flinn, 20, 5645 Houston Road, Houston, charged with prohibitions and criminal trespass, was dismissed.

Civil cases

Civil cases filed recently were: Wilson Memorial Hospital v. James E. Lyons and Tina Lyons, 5025 Fessler-Buxton Road, Houston, $1,535.49. Wilson Memorial Hospital v. Scott P. Owens and Patricia G. Owens, 635 Linden Ave., $1,313.90. Wilson Memorial Hospital v. Jayne A. Olivieri, 1118 Port Jefferson Road, $1,354.95. Wilson Memorial Hospital v. Israel S. Perry, Piqua, $1,142.30. Wilson Memorial Hospital v. Eric Ramsey, Beavercreek, $3,150.60. Wilson Memorial Hospital v.

Cases dismissed

Civil cases dismissed were: Wilson Memorial Hospital v. Tena M. Rogers, 16166 Kirkwood Road, $1,205.28; judgment satisfied. Capital One Bank, Richmond, Va. v. Carrie L. Corner, 312 Karen Ave., $3,222.90; dismissed without prejudice.

Retiring From page 1 I truly enjoyed working with the people of this community to serve their financial needs. I wish the best to Danielle as she will continue the tradition of top-notch service to our clients.” Sielschott recently won the firm’s Ed Armstrong Award for her exceptional achievement in

building client relationships. “It’s truly an honor to receive recognition for building relationships with those clients we serve,” said Sielschott. “And it’s quite inspirational to receive an award named after a firm legend such as Ed Armstong who was dedicated to individ-

ual investors and understood each investor’s unique financial goals.” “Danielle success hinges on her ability to know and understand the financial needs and goals of her clients, longterm individual investors,” said Weddle. “Our clients most

appreciate recommendations tailored to their situations and the high level of personal service Danielle provides.” Tina Beck, the Sidney branch office administrator, will continue to help serve clients in the Sidney branch office. Edward Jones provides finan-

cial services for individual investors in the United States and, through its affiliate, in Canada. In January, for the 14th year, Edward Jones was named one of the best companies to work for by Fortune Magazine in its annual listing. The firm ranked No. 8 overall.

Page 4


Sidney Daily News, Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kasich to seek Medicaid expansion through panel Ann Sanner Associated Press

COLUMBUS — Ohio Gov. John Kasich is turning to a powerful but little-known legislative panel to do what his fellow Republican lawmakers in the General Assembly wouldn’t: expand Medicaid. Kasich’s administration submitted a request Friday to the state Controlling Board, which handles certain adjustments to the state budget. The request would allow federal dollars to cover more low-income residents under the health care overhaul beginning Jan. 1, said Greg Moody, director of the Governor’s Office of Health Transformation. The board is scheduled to meet Oct. 21. Kasich proposed an extension of Medicaid, the federal-state health program for the poor and disabled, in his two-year state budget plan in February. But the GOP-controlled Legislature has balked, despite the U.S.

government promising to cover Kasich spokesman Rob the entire cost of the expansion Nichols said the administrafor the first three years and 90 tion will be ready to implement percent after that. an expansion of the program The federal health overhaul when it’s approved. Kasich is expands Medicaid eligibility to on vacation. those making up to 138 percent It’s unclear what the sevenof the federal poverty level, member panel will decide. The or about $15,860 for an indi- two Democrats on the board vidual. Roughly 366,000 have expressed support Ohioans would be newly for Medicaid expansion, eligible for coverage including state Rep. under the extension Chris Redfern. beginning in 2014. But Redfern said A U.S. Supreme Friday he worries how Court ruling gave states majority Republicans the right to refuse the will react when the next Medicaid expansion state budget gets writwithout jeopardizing the John Kasich ten in two years. rest of their money for “Are we going to take the program. this population and shift them Moody said the Kasich out of Medicaid then?” Redfern administration sought federal said in an interview. approval last month to expand Four Republicans and a the program, which the state Kasich administration official received Thursday. Now offi- also sit on the Controlling cials need legislative sign-off to Board. spend the federal money on the Three of those Republicans newly eligible Medicaid enroll- said Friday they disagreed with ees through June 30, 2015, the Kasich’s decision to take the end of the current state budget. issue out of the hands of the

legislature. “I have grave concerns about the place, the time and the substance of this proposed Controlling Board action,” said Amstutz, a state representative from Wooster. State Sen. Bill Coley said the Legislature has made good-faith efforts toward compromise with hearings and a package of policy changes introduced Thursday. He said he stands by his decision to oppose the expansion plan contained in the budget but he’s reviewing the new request before deciding. Robert Alt, president of the conservative Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions, said Kasich’s strategy “smells of an abuse of power, it smells of an end-run around the traditional legislative process.” Alt said the move would “almost certainly” spark a legal challenge. Kasich has pushed the Legislature for months to act on extending Medicaid.

Lawmakers in both chambers have held hearings on the issue, trying to find common ground. Moody said because of the timing and the governor wanting additional people covered by January, going through the board is “the right course.” “This has been coming for a while,” Moody said. House Minority Leader Tracy Heard praised the administration’s move, saying she was “cautiously optimistic” that the state was moving to embrace the law. Medicaid expansion is one of the key components of Democratic President Barack Obama’s health care law. About half the people gaining coverage would so through Medicaid. Many Republicans in the General Assembly are averse to the health overhaul and resistant to expanding government programs. They have cited concerns about increasing the national debt and fears that the money from Washington could be cut off.

Speaker’s Ohio hometown feeling shutdown pain Associated Press

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how they’re being affected. “We can’t get stuff finalized to close,” said Rob Young of VanDyk Mortgage. “Things are sitting idle.” Young and others in the business said home sales and mortgage approvals are getting held up because of curtailed operations by the U.S. Housing and Urban Development and other federal agencies needed in closing sales and loans. William Keck, a business attorney for the Millikin & Fitton law firm, described delays in starting new companies and settling the estates of people who’ve recently died. They’ve had difficulty getting federal identification numbers and other information needed to open bank accounts, get insurance payouts, transfer stock and process estates. “There are some real hassles,” Keck said. “They’re not the end of the world, but they’re just holding up

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Associated Press

Joe Hinson, president of the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance, is interviewed Tuesday in West Chester. Back in House Speaker John Boehner’s suburban Ohio hometown of West Chester, people are starting to feel the pain of the partial federal government shutdown, and some are getting anxious about his standoff with President Barack Obama.

WEST CHESTER — In House Speaker John Boehner’s suburban Ohio hometown, people are starting to feel the pain of the federal government shutdown and some are getting anxious about his standoff with President Barack Obama. The southwest Ohio area Boehner has represented since he was a township trustee four decades ago has grown steadily in that time, with hundreds of small businesses rising along Interstate 75 about 20 miles north of Cincinnati. Now they’re wondering, along with the rest of the country, how long the shutdown will last, whether an accord will be reached to avoid the country’s first

financial default, how Obama’s health care overhaul will play out, and how delays in their business because of the shutdown will affect the bottom line. “If things continue down this road, it’s going to affect all of us,” said Joe Hinson, president of the West Chester-Liberty Chamber Alliance. Uncertainty about what’s ahead can show up in everything from scuttled real estate deals to the size of tips that people leave to restaurant workers, he said. “There’s a trickledown effect,” Hinson said before leading the chamber’s monthly luncheon meeting this week at the Wetherington Golf & Country Club. While the House speaker was in a stare-down with the president in Washington, businesspeople networking before lunch in West Chester, where Boehner has his home, described


Dan Sewell

a lot of the economy.” Others said hiring employees also has been complicated by a lack of federal information, including the free E-Verify service that employers use to make sure prospective workers are legal. “We’re spending more time and money to make sure we’re doing our due diligence,” said Ketan Pema, operating partner of The Drycleaning Shop, which wants to add two workers to its current 10. Pema said the business is paying a third party for preemployment background checks. Boehner spokeswoman Brittany Bramell said his office has received thousands of calls and emails from constituents in the district, most of them supportive. Chamber president Hinson said that while many are frustrated by the standoff, they are proud of Boehner’s national profile, feel a sense of shared values because of his entrepreneurial background and realize he’s “in a tough situation.” “It’s just too big. It’s not up to one person. It’s both sides,” said Young when asked whether Boehner should do more to break the impasse. He said both sides need to work together to find middle ground. Boehner has been reelected by wide margins since he first won the seat in 1990, but he does have critics in the heavily Republican area where some conservatives didn’t like him voting to authorize Obama to take military action against Syria and don’t think he’s been forceful enough against the health care overhaul and on immigration.

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Nation/World Today in History Associated Press

Today is Saturday, Oct. 12, the 285th day of 2013. There are 80 days left in the year. Today’s Highlight in History: On Oct. 12, 1962, the devastating Columbus Day Storm, also known as the “Big Blow,” struck the Pacific Northwest, resulting in some 50 deaths. On this date: In 1492 (according to the Old Style calendar), Christopher Columbus arrived with his expedition in the present-day Bahamas. In 1810, the German festival Oktoberfest was first held in Munich to celebrate the wedding of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of SaxeHildburghausen. In 1870, General Robert E. Lee died in Lexington, Va., at age 63. In 1915, English nurse Edith Cavell was executed by the Germans in occupied Belgium during World War I. In 1933, bank robber John Dillinger escaped from a jail in Allen County, Ohio, with the help of his gang, who killed the sheriff, Jess Sarber. In 1942, during World War II, American naval forces defeated the Japanese in the Battle of Cape Esperance. Attorney General Francis Biddle announced during a Columbus Day celebration at Carnegie Hall in New York that Italian nationals in the United States would no longer be considered enemy aliens. In 1960, Japanese Socialist Party leader Inejiro Asanuma was stabbed to death during a televised debate in Tokyo by an ultranationalist student, Otoya Yamaguchi, who hanged himself in jail. In 1971, the rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” opened at the Mark Hellinger Theatre on Broadway. In 1986, the superpower meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland, ended in stalemate, with President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev unable to agree on arms control or a date for a full-fledged summit in the United States. In 1987, former Gov. Alfred (“Alf”) M. Landon, R-Kan., died at his Topeka home at age 100. In 1997, singer John Denver was killed in the crash of his privately built aircraft in Monterey Bay, Calif.; he was 53. In 2000, 17 sailors were killed in a suicide bomb attack on the destroyer USS Cole in Yemen. Ten years ago: A suicide attack outside a Baghdad hotel full of Americans killed six bystanders. Doctors in Dallas succeeded in separating 2-year-old conjoined twins from Egypt. Germany won the Women’s Soccer World Cup 2-1 over Sweden in the eighth minute of overtime. Hall of Fame jockey Bill Shoemaker died in San Marino, California, at age 72. Philanthropist Joan B. Kroc died in Rancho Santa Fe, California, at age 75. British wartime hero Patrick Dalzel-Job, whose exploits made him a model for James Bond, died in Plockton, Scotland, at age 90.

Out of the Blue

German groom forgets bride at gas station BERLIN (AP) — A German couple’s marriage got off to a rocky start when the groom forgot his bride at a highway gas station on the way home from their honeymoon, only noticing she was missing after hours had passed. Police said Friday the couple was heading home to Berlin from France when the man pulled over near the central town of Bad Hersfeld late Thursday to fill up their van. The woman had been sleeping in the back but got up — unbeknownst to the man — to use the toilets and he drove off before she returned. Only after 2 1/2 hours on the road did he notice she was gone and called police, who said she was patiently waiting.

Sidney Daily News, Saturday, October 12, 2013

Page 5

Accelerated efforts, no deal on shutdown/debt David Espo Associated Press

WASHINGTON — With time running short, President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner accelerated efforts Friday to prevent the U.S. Treasury from default and end a partial government shutdown that stretched into an 11th day. The latest impacts: New aircraft grounded, military chaplains silenced and a crab harvest jeopardized in the Bering Sea. “Let’s put this hysterical talk of default behind us and instead start talking about finding solutions,” said Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. Republicans in the House and Senate separately made proposals to the White House for ending an impasse that polls say has inflicted damage

Associated Press

Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., shrugs as he talks to reporters about a two-hour meeting at the White House that he and other Senate Republicans had with President Barack Obama, trying to come up with a bipartisan solution to the budget stalemate Friday on Capitol Hill in Washington

on their party politically. Each offered to reopen the government and raise the $16.7 trillion debt limit — but only as part of broader approaches that envision deficit savings,

changes to the health care law known as Obamacare and an easing of across-the-board spending cuts that the White House and Congress both dislike. The details and timing

differed. “We’re waiting to hear” from administration officials, said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Hopes remained high on Wall Street, where investors sent the Dow Jones industrial average 111 points higher following Thursday’s 323-point surge. In meetings with lawmakers over two days, Obama left open the possibility he would sign legislation repealing a medical device tax enacted as part of the health care law. Yet there was no indication he was willing to do so with a default looming and the government partially closed. Obama called Boehner at midafternoon, and Michael Steel, a spokesman for the leader of House Republicans, said, “They agreed that we should all keep talking.”

Air Force general in charge of nuclear missiles is fired Robert Burns

dimension to a set of serious problems facing the military’s nuclear force. WASHINGTON — The ICBM segment in The Air Force fired the particular has had several general in charge of its recent setbacks, including nuclear missiles on Friday, a failed safety and secujust two days after a Navy rity inspection at a base admiral with top nuclear in Montana in August, folweapons responsibilities lowed by the firing of the was sacked. Both men are colonel there in charge of caught up in investiga- security forces. In May, The tions of alleged personal Associated Press revealed misconduct, adding to a that 17 Minuteman 3 miscascade of turmoil inside sile launch control officers the nation’s nuclear weap- at Minot Air Force Base, ons force. N.D., had been taken off The Air Force removed duty in a reflection of what Maj. Gen. Michael Carey, one officer there called a 35-year veteran, from “rot” inside the ICBM his command of 20th Air force. Force, responsible for all Air Force Gen. Robert 450 of the service’s inter- Kehler, the nation’s most continental ballistic mis- senior nuclear commander siles. Carey, who took as head of U.S. Strategic his post in Wyoming in Command, called the June 2012, will be Carey and Giardina reassigned pending matters “unfortuthe outcome of an nate behavioral investigation into incidents,” but he personal misbehavwould not discuss ior, the service said. details. The Air Force In a telephone would not speciinterview from fy what Carey is his headquarters alleged to have done Gen. Carey near Omaha, Neb., wrong, but two offiKehler said he cials with knowledge of told Secretary of Defense the investigation indicated Chuck Hagel and the chairthat it was linked to alco- man of the Joint Chiefs of hol use. Staff, Army Gen. Martin They said it was not Dempsey, on Thursday related to the performance that the two cases had not or combat readiness of shaken his confidence in ICBM units or to his stew- the force. ardship of the force. “I still have 100 perRemoving senior offi- cent confidence that the cers in the nuclear force nation’s nuclear deterrent is rare but has happened force is safe, secure and twice this week. effective.” He added that On Wednesday the “this is something that has Navy said Vice Adm. Tim been on their minds as Giardina, the second-in- well,” referring to Hagel charge at U.S. Strategic and Dempsey. Command, was fired “You are going to have amid an investigation of to make your own judggambling issues. He was ment when all the facts demoted from three- to come out on these two partwo-star rank and reas- ticular cases, but I can say signed to a Navy staff job this: In these cases, this until the investigation is ultimately had to do with completed. a loss of confidence” in Together, the Carey and Carey and Giardina “as a Giardina firings add a new result of certain behavior.” Associated Press

Associated Press

Director General of the OPCW, Ahmet Uzumcu, comments on the organization being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, during a press conference in The Hague, Netherlands, Friday. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, it was announced on Friday.

Nobel Peace Prize goes to chemical-weapons watchdog Bassem Mroue Karl Ritter Associated Press

BEIRUT — The watchdog agency working to eliminate the world’s chemical weapons won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday in a powerful endorsement of the inspectors now on the ground in Syria on a perilous mission to destroy the regime’s stockpile of poison gas. In honoring the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the Norwegian Nobel Committee said “recent events in Syria, where chemical weapons have again been put to use, have underlined the need to enhance the efforts to do away with such weapons.” The prize came 10 days after OPCW inspectors started arriving in war-torn Syria to oversee the dismantling of President Bashar Assad’s chemical arsenal. While world leaders and former Nobel laureates praised the group’s selection, some in Syria lamented that the prize would do nothing to end the bloodshed, most of which is being inflicted with conventional weapons. “The killing is continuing, the shelling is continuing and the dead continue to fall,” said Mohammed al-Tayeb, an activist who helped film casualties after the deadly chemical attack in August that the rebels and the government have blamed on each other.

The peace prize, he added, should have gone to “whoever helps the Syrian people get rid of Bashar Assad.” After focusing on such themes as human rights and European unity in recent years, the Norwegian Nobel Committee this time returned to the core purpose of the 112-year-old Nobel Peace Prize — disarming the world. Founded in 1997, the OPCW had largely worked out of the limelight until this year, when the United Nations called upon its expertise. The OPCW’s selection caught many by surprise. It was widely expected that the peace prize would go to Malala Yousafzai, the 16-yearold Pakistani girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban last October for championing education for girls. “She is an outstanding woman and I think she has a bright future, and she will probably be a nominee next year or the year after that,” said Nobel committee chairman Thorbjoern Jagland. The peace prize committee has a tradition of not just honoring past achievements, but encouraging causes or movements that are still unfolding. The OPCW was formed to enforce the Chemical Weapons Convention, the 1997 international treaty outlawing such arms. The Nobel Peace Prize came just days before Syria officially joins as OPCW’s 190th member state on Monday.

Three shots, 3 kills?

Navy SEALs rescue op in 2009 not so tidy Adam Goldman Associated Press

WASHINGTON — After U.S. Navy SEAL snipers conducted a dramatic rescue in 2009 that freed a cargo ship captain being held by pirates, $30,000 disappeared from a lifeboat, triggering an investigation that questioned the integrity of the commandos. And military officials, who had said that just three shots were fired, soon learned that number was actually much higher in the killing of the pirates in the now-famous operation. Those are among the messy

details missing from previous accounts of the famous raid, including a new Hollywood version released Friday starring Tom Hanks. On April 8, 2009, four armed Somali pirates scurried up the side of a large cargo ship, the Maersk Alabama, and took Capt. Richard Phillips and his crew hostage. In a failed attempt to get the pirates to leave, Phillips gave them $30,000 from the ship safe. The pirates eventually abandoned the Maersk, jumping into a lifeboat and taking the cash and Phillips at gunpoint. The USS Bainbridge, a destroyer that had responded

to the hijacking, gave chase as the pirates headed toward the Somali coast. Days later, a team of SEALs parachuted into the Indian Ocean and boarded the Bainbridge. During the crisis, the Navy persuaded the pirates to let the Bainbridge tow their lifeboat and then tricked the fourth pirate into coming aboard the Bainbridge. As the Bainbridge reeled in the lifeboat for a better shot, the SEALs took up positions on the back of the warship and trained their sights on the three pirates. On April 12, a gun unexpectedly went off inside the lifeboat, and the SEAL snipers opened

fire. Seconds later, one or possibly two SEALs descended the tow rope and boarded the lifeboat, quickly shooting the pirates — one of whom was still alive. Former SEAL Matt Bissonnette recounted the episode in his memoir “No Easy Day.” Bissonnette was deployed aboard the adjacent USS Boxer, an amphibious assault ship, when the rescue took place. “Entering the life raft, they quickly and methodically reengaged each pirate, making sure there was no more threat,” Bissonnette recalled. “They found Phillips tied up in the corner unhurt.”

Localife Saturday, October 12, 2013

Page 6

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Stand tall, Pancho! Dear Heloise: When I The container cost $8 and moved, I discovered that is sturdier than a “storemy 7-year-old male cat had bought” litter box. The a hard time adjusthandles make it easiing. Pancho displayed er to empty. It needs his unhappiness by more litter to accomstanding rather than modate the larger crouching when he surface area. — Cathi urinated. I solved the S., Gatesville, Texas problem by making “Meow, meow” a taller litter box. I — everyone needs a bought a large conHints good place to go! — tainer with rope hanHeloise from dles. I measured the Pet pal height of the old litter Heloise Dear Readers: box and added about Heloise Cruse Becky Mabry of Moss an inch and a half to Point, Miss., sent in determine the height of a photo of her cat Callie the new opening. Then I (short for Calico Katrina) cut it out and smoothed sleeping with her paw covthe edges of the opening. ering her eyes and nose.

She has a perfect heart shape in the fur on her forehead, which her owner thought was fitting because she is a big sweetheart. To see Callie’s photo, please visit my website at www. and click on “Pets.” — Heloise Leftover onion Dear Heloise: I always have a little raw onion left over when using some in a recipe. It seemed that no matter what I stored it in, I could smell it when I opened the refrigerator door. One day, I stored leftover raw onion in a clean, plastic peanut-butter jar with the

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lid. It was in my refrigerator for days, and I still couldn’t smell it when I opened the door. — Karen B., Kent, Ohio Reheating pizza Dear Heloise: “Now in Nebraska” had a suggestion for how to reheat a slice of pizza and keep it from getting soggy. The person said to turn it upside down on a piece of aluminum foil and place it in a toaster oven. I’ve found that a better way is to place it right side up and use the “Broil” setting. It’s a lot neater that way. — Rich, via email Pearls of wisdom Dear Heloise: To iron cotton blouses with “pearls” on the front, place a small terry-cloth towel over the end of the ironing board, turn the blouse inside out and press it on the inside. The beading will go into the terry cloth, and the blouse will be ironed smooth. — Elora in Nipomo, Calif. Catch containers Dear Heloise: For small houseplants, I save round or rectangular salad or to-go containers from fast-food places to use as catch containers. Each plate can be used separately or stacked inside each other for more strength. Disposable aluminum plates also work, as do the lids. — A.R., via email

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• Lumber Company Baseball hosts fundraising bingo to support the children on the teams. Doors open at 4 p.m. and games begin at 7 p.m. at Sunset Bingo, 1710 W. High St., Piqua. $20 to play all night. For information, call 937-543-9959. • Shelby County Deer Hunters holds its monthly Saturday Night Trap Shoot at 7988 Johnston-Slagle Road beginning at 6:30 p.m., 10 birds. Program starts at 8 p.m., 50 birds, long run, handicapped and Lewis class. Open to the public. • The Sidney-Shelby County Chess Club Checkmates meets at 7 p.m. at the library at the Dorothy Love Retirement Community. All skill levels are welcome. For more information, call 497-7326. • The Narcotics Anonymous group, Saturday Night Live, meets at 8 p.m. at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 120 W. Water St.

Sunday Evening

• Lumber Company Baseball hosts fundraising bingo to support the children on the teams. Doors open at 4 p.m. and games begin at 7 p.m. at Sunset Bingo, 1710 W. High St., Piqua. $20 to play all night. For information, call 937-543-9959. • The Narcotics Anonymous group, Never Alone, Never Again, meets at 6:30 p.m. at First Christian Church, 320 E. Russell Road.

Monday Morning

• The Shelby County Health Department will have a flu shot clinic at the health department offices from 9:30 to 11 a.m. $20 per dose; $45 per high dose. Medicare, including HMOs accepted. For information, call 498-7249. • Overeaters Anonymous, a 12-step group offering experience, strength, and hope to anyone who suffers from an eating disorder, meets at 10 a.m. at Hillcrest Baptist Church, 1505 S. Main St., Bellefontaine. Use the rear parking lot and door.

Monday Afternoon

• Sidney Rotary Club meets at noon at the Sidney Moose Lodge. For more information on activities or becoming a member, contact Deb Barga at 492-3167. • The Shelby County Health Department will have a flu shot clinic at the health department offices from 1:30 to 3 p.m. $20 per dose; $45 per high dose. Medicare, including HMOs accepted. For information, call 498-7249. • The Lego Club for boys 3-12 meets at the New Knoxville Public Library from 3 to 4 p.m.

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• Shelby County Girl Scout Leaders Service Unit 37 meets at 6:30 p.m. at the VFW. • The American Legion Auxiliary meets at 7 p.m. at the Post Home on Fourth Avenue. • Diabetic support group meets at 7 p.m. in conference room one of the Joint Township District Memorial Hospital, St. Marys.




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Hog roast to benefit Sharp Friends of Rick Sharp have organized a hog roast and auction to benefit the Sidney cancer sufferer. The event will be Oct. 19 beginning at 4 p.m. at the Sidney Eagles, 433 E. Court St. There will be live enter-

tainment, raffles and door prizes in addition to the hog roast and auction. Prizes will be awarded for the first, second and thirdplace costumes. Admission is $10 for adults. Children 9 and under admitted free.

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Sidney Daily News, Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sauerkraut German Band to perform at Dorothy Love


Judy Zimmerman and Theresa Naseman, volunteers at Holy Angels Church, hang a sign promoting the churchâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fair trade sale recently.

Holy Angels to host fair trade sale Oct. 19


The Sauerkraut German Band from Dayton will perform at Dorothy Love Retirement Community in a free concert Oct. 19.

ing the Kettering Civic Band, Letter Carrierâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Band, Cincinnati and Dayton Shrine Bands, Sentimentalist Band, Ohio Valley British Brass Band, Swing Era Band, Sinclair College Wind Symphony and the Centerville

Cookbook winner

Community Band. Although there is no requirement to be of German descent in order to join the band, their authentic lederhosen and Tyrolean hats, suspenders, knee socks and bright ties make them appear as

if they just arrived from the heart of Bavaria. They play polkas, waltzes, schottisches, marches and specialty numbers in traditional â&#x20AC;&#x153;oompahâ&#x20AC;? style, along with many of the big band sounds of the 1940s and 1950s.

Baby delays column

Note to readers: These together and pour into a are some favorite fall reci- sheet cake pan. Bake at pes from Lovina Eicher. 350 degrees for 20 to 25 Her column will return minutes. Let cake cool next week. Her absence and then add frosting. is my doing, I Frosting Recipe: wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t sure when 1 8-ounce packour baby would be age cream cheese born so I figured 2 sticks of softrather than having ened butter to be dealing with 1/2 cup chopped a column in the nuts middle of it all, Box of powder weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d just go with sugar recipes this week. Mix well and â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Kevin Williams, spread on cake editor of the The Amish after it is cool. Amish Cook PUMPKIN PIE Cook P u m p k i n 1 cup sugar Lovina Eicher Sheetcake 1 tablespoon 2 cups sugar flour 4 eggs 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 cup vegetable oil 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin 2 cups flour pie spice 1 cup chopped nuts 1 teaspoon salt 2 cups. fresh pumpkin 2 eggs, separated or 1 can 1 cup pumpkin 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 cup milk 1 teaspoon baking soda Combine dry ingredi2 teaspoons baking ents. Add egg yolks, milk, powder and pumpkin. Fold in 2 teaspoons cinnamon beaten egg whites. Bake at 400 degrees for 35-45 Teresa Hamaker, of Sidney, has won a cookbook in a Sidney Daily or pumpkin pie spice Preheat oven to 350 minutes or until toothNews drawing. He submitted recipes for inclusion in the 2013 degrees. In a large bowl, pick comes out clean. Harvest Holiday Cookbook, which will be available Nov. 23. mix all ingredients Makes one 9-inch pie

Holy Angels will host its International Artisan Sale and Dessert Cafe at Holy Angels School, 120 E. Water St., from 1 to 7 p.m., Oct. 19. The sale will feature fair trade products from artisans and farmers in 32 impoverished and developing countries. Products include fair trade coffee from the Andes, baskets from Uganda, Christmas ornaments from Bangladesh, jewelry and scarves from India, chocolate from Uganda and much more. Catalog orders can also be taken for products not on display. The sale of these products benefits the artisans and farmers as well as their communities and villages. The focus of the sale is to support global social justice and to build global connections. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Under the conventional trading system, low-income artisans in less-developed countries work long hours to produce goods for consumers in wealthy nations but often earn less than $1 a day. The big profits go to the brokers, importers and retailers who rely on a system that pays low wages to producers and charges high prices to consumers,â&#x20AC;? according to information from SERRV, the fair trade group supplying the products. The fair trade consignment sale eliminates the middle man and replaces it with an organization whose goal is justice. The artisans and farmers receive fair prices for their products. Part of the proceeds from the sale of each item also goes toward supporting schools, building medical clinics and sanitation systems, as well

as providing artisan training. The Dessert Cafe will offer homemade desserts along with fair trade coffee or tea for a donation. The proceeds will benefit the Holy Angels outreach programs. A raffle of Mary Kay products, a dollhouse, a queensized quilt and other items is planned. Believe â&#x20AC;&#x153;Art from the Heartâ&#x20AC;? will provide samples of its individually created jewelry. Mother Brunner Artisan Bread will be available for purchase. This bread is specially produced for Maria Stein Relic Shrine by the Bake Shoppe in St. Henry. The sale is being coordinated by many volunteers from Holy Angels Church. For information, call 4924364.


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Lois (OH #5768)

$35 1 HOUR FULL BODY MASSAGE Regular price $40. $35 applies when you bring in 3 non perishable food items to benefit local food banks



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D o ro t h y L ove Retirement Community will host its annual Oktoberfest celebration Oct. 19. There will be German refreshments and a performance featuring the Sauerkraut German Band beginning at 7 p.m. This event in the Amos Community Center on Dorothy Loveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s campus is free and open to the public, but tickets are required and attendance is limited to the first 125 people who request them by calling 497-6542. The Sauerkraut German Band originated in 1973 and comprised seven civilian and military members of the U.S. Air Force Foreign Technology Division at WrightPatterson Air Force Base. Most of the current musicians are members of many Dayton area musical organizations, includ-

J oin us

for Oktoberfest

October 19

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A doctor’s view of the physical exam DEAR DR. ROACH: In your response DR. ROACH RESPONDS: Thank to “R.J.” in your column “In exams, doc- you, Dr. Ejnes, for taking the time to tors seem to have lost their touch,” you write a thoughtful response. The physimissed an opportunity to educate the cal exam is an important part of the writer on the role of the physical exami- doctor visit, and it has variable necessity, nation. There still is a role for the depending on the reason for which physical exam, but the evidence the patient is there. A reasonably supporting a “complete” physical complete physical exam probably in asymptomatic people is lacking. makes sense on the first visit and Time that is spent looking in ears, then on an as-needed basis. feeling for swollen glands, etc., in DEAR DR. ROACH: My people who have no symptoms or 58-year-old girlfriend smoked cigproblems that warrant checking arettes for 30 years. She quit 10 those areas can better be used to To your years ago with the help of nicotine focus on examining parts that are good gum. The problem is that she still relevant to the patient’s medical health chews the gum — constantly. She problems, or on discussing recom- Dr. Keith is never without it, constantly mended screening tests or health changing for a new piece. I am Roach behaviors (such as smoking cesconcerned for her health. Isn’t sation). this product full of carcinogens? While it may be true that in some I cannot believe this long-term use can cases, the physical examination is a be good for her. What is the truth about victim of time constraints, in others it long-term use of nicotine gum? — D.B. is a matter of using the same amount ANSWER: Nicotine is a toxic subof time more effectively. This is no dif- stance, and can be fatal in doses as low ferent from how we should approach as 30 mg. It acts on a nerve receptor in other types of “tests,” such as blood or the muscle and brain. It is an effective imaging studies. Don’t do lots of things insecticide but is considered too dangerfor the sake of doing lots of things and ous to use for this purpose. being “thorough”; do what you need Nicotine is not a major carcinogen. to do to meet the needs of the patient, Tobacco smoke is certainly full of carbased on her or his individual risk fac- cinogens, but the nicotine itself is not. tors, history and symptoms. — Yul D. Ideally, your girlfriend (whom I conEjnes, M.D., MACP, Chair Emeritus, gratulate on stopping smoking) would Board of Regents, American College of stop the nicotine replacement usually in Physicians eight to 12 weeks after quitting smok-

ing. However, there are some people who become psychologically dependent on the nicotine patch. In that case, you have to balance the health risks of the nicotine gum against the health risks of going back to smoking. The risks of the nicotine gum are small, and the health hazards of smoking are enormous. To me, if she feels that the risk of her smoking again is high, then it is safer to keep using the gum. If she feels pretty confident about not smoking again, she can try gradually switching to regular (sugar-free) gum, since it may be the gum sensation more than the nicotine she needs. The Food and Drug Administration is considering an indication for long-term nicotine use. READERS: The booklet on herpes and genital warts explains these two common, troubling infections in detail. Readers can obtain a copy by writing: Dr. Roach — No. 1202, Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. Enclose a check or money order (no cash) for $4.75 U.S./$6 Can. with the recipient’s printed name and address. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Dr. Roach regrets that he is unable to answer individual letters, but will incorporate them in the column whenever possible. Readers may email questions to or request an order form of available health newsletters at P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. Health newsletters may be ordered from

College-bound woman fears leaving baby blanket behind DEAR ABBY: I am 19, and because having your blanket converted into of some traumatic events in my past, a “huggie pillow.” That way you can I’m afraid of the dark and sleep with still sleep with it but it would no my baby blanket. I went to counsel- longer resemble a baby blanket. Many ing about it, but eventually stopped people sleep with an extra pillow, so it because it didn’t help. I haven’t wouldn’t appear to be odd at all. had any real problems as a result DEAR ABBY: My vegetarof the issue because I live at ian, won’t-harm-a-fly husband home and my boyfriend has been owns two handguns. They were supportive in accommodating bought before I met him. He my needs when I stay with him. knows I don’t approve. I have Plus, I don’t need my blanket always felt strongly about not when I’m with him. raising children in a home where My concern is about the guns are kept. His argument for Dear upcoming semester. I will have Abby having them is that he distrusts to move to the main campus of our government. He claims the Abigail my university in order to con- Van Buren guns will protect our family if tinue my education. This means there is ever an uprising or a I’ll be living in a shared dorm. riot. The two times it came up during high While I support his desire to proschool, I was teased mercilessly until tect our family, I’m frightened by the something else came along. While I much more immediate possibility of have reached the point where I can go an accident happening, or the children without my blanket for a few nights, finding them and harming themselves any longer and it starts to get to me. or someone else. I don’t want to have problems when We plan to start a family in the near I move to the main campus because future, and I have tried to talk him I’m already going to stand out for into either getting rid of the guns or moving in the middle of the year, but storing them elsewhere. Every time I don’t know how to keep training I raise the subject, it turns into an myself to give up my blanket. — argument and he insists he won’t get STILL SCARED IN DELAWARE rid of them. I’m at a loss about how DEAR STILL SCARED: You might to resolve this problem. Any advice? not have to. I have a suggestion that — UNWILLING TO GIVE UP IN might be helpful, but it would require PENNSYLVANIA

Oct. 12, 1913 The street paving crew has been under contract the past summer is nearing completion. Since the work got thoroughly started it has been rapidly pushed by the contractor. The brick is all laid but a couple of squares in the south part of town and will be finished in the next 10 days. Director of Public Service Warner has superintended the job. As the work nears completion, he has been busy cleaning up the streets as fast as possible and making the necessary changes in sidewalks and crossings. ––––– A man Tom Garley, who had been working on the streetpaving job for the past few months, was found dead along the C.H. & D, railroad tracks last night. It is generally supposed that he had climbed on a freight train going south and fell off near Kirkwood.

DEAR UNWILLING: Would your vegetarian, wouldn’t-harm-a-fly husband consider trigger locks for his weapons or a gun safe? If not, then perhaps you should consider raising your children with a man who isn’t already married to his guns. DEAR ABBY: What do you do if you like a teacher? Do you just hide it? He always comes to my table and I can’t focus because I get so distracted. I think he’s very good-looking. I’m 13 and he’s 23. What should I do? — CRUSHING IN CALIFORNIA DEAR CRUSHING: What you’re experiencing happens in countless classrooms and it’s perfectly normal. Unless you’re an accomplished actress, hiding your feelings would be like trying to smuggle dawn past a rooster. Function as best you can, and don’t stare at him because it could be embarrassing for him. If you want to impress him, be his top-achieving pupil. The strong emotions you’re feeling will fade once an attractive young man your age appears on the horizon. Trust me on that, because I’m speaking from experience. Dear Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and was founded by her mother, Pauline Phillips. Write Dear Abby at or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Oct. 12, 1938 Sidney Aviation Day will be observed next Sunday with a number of special events being arranged. An opportunity will be given local residents to see Sidney and the surrounding area from the air, with planes being flown by licensed pilots and airplanes. Takeoffs will be from the flying field on the Oldham farm, two miles northeast of Sidney on Route 47. A special attraction will be a parachute jump. Activities will get underway at 10:00 a.m. ––––– BERLIN — A tentative “common understanding ” between Germany and Czechoslovakia, looking toward eventual abrogation of the Russ-Czech military alliance, was reached in an important conference between Germany and Czech officials today. ––––– Formal opening of the new Isaly Dairy store on North Main avenue will be held this weekend it was announced today. The store is located at 114 North Main avenue.

50 years

Oct. 12, 1963 XENIA — The accidental deer kill in southwestern Ohio for the first nine months is well above that for a similar period in 1962 despite the fact that there were none reported during the summer quarter. This comes from Clyde Simmerer, district game manager agent, Ohio Division of Wildlife. Nine deer have been killed thus far on the district highways. Last year only five

lost their lives. Three were victims in Union county, while two died on Darke County highways where accidental deer kills are scarce. ––––– It seems to Mrs. Harley Heimlinger of R.R.1, Maplewood, that the lack of rain this summer didn’t spoil the growth of her yams .She has two big ones to prove it. From a “nice bunch she gathered in this fall from 125 plants, she found two had “outdone themselves.” One yam tipped the scales at 3 1/2 pounds and another had grown to 2 1/2 pounds.

25 years

Oct. 12, 1988 Piles of cement blocks lay on the ground and only the beams remained after a large block wall of the Wal-Mart store under construction at the new strip shopping mall on Michigan street toppled over Monday at 11:20 a.m. The wall had 7,000 blocks and measured 192 feet long and 22 feet high. Workers had spent about a day and a half building the wall. The National Weather Service in Vandalia reported winds gusted to a peak of 38 mph Monday. ––––– Lehman High graduate Cliff Hemmert has gone on to distinguish himself with an amazing career at Bluffton College, capped off Saturday by a record setting performance. Hemmert led Lehman to its only playoff berth to date in 1984 when the Cavaliers finished the season 9-1 and advanced to Division V. From there, he enrolled at Bluffton and he’s certainly left his mark. Saturday, in Bluffton’s, fifth straight win without a setback, a 34-0 rout of Waynesburg. Hemmert connected on 12 of 18 passes for 188 yards and four touchdowns. He also rushed for 22 yards to up his four year totaloffense figure of 4,823 yards, a new Bluffton College record. He shatters the old mark of 4,735 yards set by former American Football League-star Elbert Dubenion. ––––– These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet!

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

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Cavs edge Loramie 21-14 Tony Arnold FORT LORAMIE — In a game billed as the league heavyweight championship title bout, Lehman defeated Fort Loramie 21-14 in Northwest Central Conference action last night in high school football. Lehman improves to 6-1 on the year, including 3-0 in league play. Loramie drops to 5-2 overall and 2-1 in league play. “There was a lot of running and a lot of hard hitting. That was old fashioned football tonight. We made the plays we had to,” said Lehman coach Dick Roll. “That’s what a championship game is like. The pre-game hype centered around the prolific offenses for both squads but it was the defensive units who recorded most of the highlight plays for the majority of the first half. The defenses looked as tough as a two dollar steak at a Las Vegas buffet. “That was a great football game. Our kids did what we asked them and that was to leave it on the field and they did. I just wish we would have executed a little better,” said Loramie coach Matt Burgbacher. In a slobber-knocker kind of a game, the only scores of the first half came in the second quarter and within a few minutes of each other. The Redskins struck first and on the strength of their groundchewing running back Delaunte Thornton. The sturdy senior broke loose for a 64-yard run that set the stage from first and goal. Thornton later rumbled in for a two-yard touchdown with a little over five minutes remaining in the first half as the Skins went up 7-0. Lehman countered, courtesy of a big-time 50-yard pass from

Steve Egbert | Sidney Daily News

Fort Loramie’s Delaunte Thornton runs the ball and is chased by Lehman defender Mitch Slater (18) in action Friday night at Fort Loramie.

quarterback Nick Rourke into the hands of standout wide receiver Andrew Westerheide. The quick Cavalier outburst knotted the score up at seven. Early in the game big plays were plentiful on the defensive end. The Cavalier defense stopped the Redskins who started their opening drive within ten yards of the endzone. Other noteworthy plays included a blocked punt by Redskin Zach Brandewie and a critical nine-yard sack by Lehman’s Mitch Slater when Loramie was

threatening in the first quarter. Both defenses were swarming all night. “The two defenses are where you have to give the credit to tonight. I thought our defense played outstanding and Lehman’s defense played outstanding,” said Burgbacher. Late in the second quarter, Loramie appeared to be marching again. However, Lehman came up with a pair of critical plays including a big pass break-up by Westerheide and on the next play an interception by

Stephen Monnin. The Cavaliers grabbed their first lead of the game at 14-7 on their second possession of the third quarter. The Cavs stopped the Loramie offense on a fourth-and-one and quickly cashed in on offense. Lehman quarterback Nick Rourke split a pair of defenders in the backfield and scampered away for a 53-yard touchdown romp. Fort Loramie once again bounced back and offensive sparkplug Thornton provided the electricity. Thornton

brought the hometown crowd to their feet on a pair of 30-yard runs. The senior capped off the drive on a seven yard touchdown run that knotted the score at 14-all. Lehman got a huge boost on a big-time kickoff return by Lane Monnin. The play set-up a two-yard touchdown run by John Husa as the Cavs regained the lead at 21-14 late in the third. “I think the difference in the game tonight was special teams. They had the one kickoff return and that set them up for their last touchdown and that was the difference in the game,” said Burgbacher. The Redskins put together a promising drive in the fourth quarter on a possession that included a nice 20-yard pass from Andy Grewe to Logan McGee that pushed the ball across midfield and down to the 37-yard line. However, the Lehman defense was able to stop the momentum and ended up taking over on downs. “We beat a football team tonight. This was a fantastic game and I just like the hitting that was involved in this game – there was all kinds of hitting,” said Roll. Score by quarters: Lehman 0 7 14 0 21 Loramie 0 7 7 0 14 Scoring summary: Loramie — Thornton, 2-yard run (Stripling kick) Lehman — Westerheide, 50 yard pass from Rourke (Smith kick) Lehman — Rourke, 53-yard touchdown (Smith kick) Loramie — Thornton, 7-yard run (Stripling kick) Lehman — Husa, 2-yard run (Smith kick) Records: Lehman 6-1, Loramie 5-2

Piqua dominates 2nd half to beat Jackets PIQUA — There was a big disparity in records, Sidney coming in 4-2 and Piqua 1-5. But there was an even bigger disparity in strength of schedule, and it showed Friday night in high school football action. After a 17-17 tie at the half, the final two periods belonged to the Indians, who rolled to a 46-17 victory over the Yellow Jackets in Greater Western Ohio Conference North action. The loss leaves the Jackets 1-1 in the North and 4-3 overall and they return to action Friday night at Vandalia. Piqua, which has played powers like Trotwood and Springboro, is now 2-5 and also 1-1 in the North and is at Greenville Friday. “It was a 12-round heavyweight fight and we only went about seven rounds,” said Sidney coach Adam Doenges. “That’s about the best I can explain it. They took it to us. They broke us mentally and physically and it’s disappointing. They took away a lot of the things we were trying to do

Mike Ullery | Civitas Media

Sidney’s Tyren Cox reaches for a pass as he’s covered by a Piqua defender in action Friday night at Piqua.

and we couldn’t get it done. I have to give them all the credit. They’re a well-coached team.” The offenses were in fine form, but the defenses were struggling in the first half, which ended 17-17 when Sidney kicker Eric Barnes

booted a 32-yard field goal as time expired. Sidney quarterback Jordan Fox opened the scoring with a 9-yard run with 2:13 remaining in the opening period, but the Indians came right back with a sustained drive that culminated

on a seven-yard run by Trent Yeomans. Sidney responded, however, with a nice drive that was finished off by another Fox touchdown run, this one from four yards out with 11:19 remaining in the first half. However, it took Piqua only 16 seconds to even the score as on the first play following Sidney’s kickoff, Tate Honeycutt got behind the defense and Piqua quarterback Daniel Monnin spotted him. Honeycutt gathered it in and raced 77 yards for the tying touchdown. Sidney again drove back down the field, but the drive stalled on a Piqua interception. The Indians then drove to Sidney’s 10-yard line behind the running of Yeomans, but the Jackets held and forced a field goal, which was good by Caleb Vallieu with 2:09 remaining. Again, Sidney responded, however, and had the ball at the Piqua 14 with :09 remaining. The Jackets took a shot at the

endzone, but the pass was long. So with :04 left in the half, coach Adam Doenges called for a field goal, and Barnes booted it through from 32 yards out to knot the score at the break. Sidney forced a Piqua punt on the first possession of the third quarter, but things turned disastrous when the Jackets were called for an illegal block on the punt return, backing them up to the six, and Piqua picked off a pass on the ensuing play to set up shop deep in Sidney territory at the 30. Sidney forced a fourth-andtwo at the 22, but then jumped offsides to give the Indians an easy first down. Yeomans then went 17 yards on the next play to give the Indians a 24-17 lead. Sidney’s offense bogged down on its next possession, and two plays later, Yeomans broke one from 51 yards to put the Jackets down by two touchdowns with 5:06 left in the third quarter. Yeomans, over 1,000 yards See Jackets | 11

Knouff shoots 80 at state Emily Knouff

COLUMBUS — Fort Loramie freshman golfer Emily Knouff shot an 80 on the first day of the Division II State Golf Tournament at the Ohio State University Gray Course in Columbus Friday. She shot an 80 on rounds of

40 on the front and 40 on the back nine. It put her eighth out of the 12 individual qualifiers. Overall, she stands 16th after the first day. Meanwhile, the Versailles girls shot a 375 Friday and are in ninth place heading into today’s

second and final round. Brooke Wehrkamp led the Lady Tigers Friday with an 83, which put her right behind Knouff in 17th among all the participants. Elizabeth White shot a 92 and is tied for 37th, Hannah Niekamp

is tied for 51st after shooting a 97, and Emily Harman is tied for 60th after shooting a 103. Madison Covault shot a 106 and is in 65th place. Chaminade leads after the first day with a 334, five strokes better than Gates Mills Hawken.


Minster blasts Parkway 41-19 MINSTER — The Minster Wildcats continued their improved play, dominating the Parkway Panthers to record their fourth win in the last five outings Friday night, 41-19 in Midwest Athletic Conference play. The win puts the Wildcats at 4-3 overall and 4-1 in the MAC heading into a game Friday at Fort Recovery. Parkway drops to 3-4 on the year. Minster scored twice in the opening quarter, the first on a 54-yard bolt by Sam Dues with 10:13 left in the opening quarter. Dues went on to have a big night, rushing for 134 yards on 13 carries for the Wildcats. It stayed that way until late in the quarter when Jacob Dues hauled in a 65-yard touchdown pass from Josh Nixon with 1:34 remaining for a 14—0 lead. Then early in the second quarter, Nixon hit Eli Wolf with a 15-yard scoring strike, then four minutes later, hit Wolf on a fiveyard TD pass to make it 27-0. It was 27-6 at the half, and Minster scored twice more in the third quarter to complete its scoring. Minster’s scores came on a 4-yard pass from Nixon to Ethan Wolf and a 12-yard run by

Sidney Daily News, Saturday, October 12, 2013

Jacob Stechschulte. Nixon had another good night throwing the ball for Minster, connecting on 15-of-26 for 212 yards and four touchdowns. Eli Wolf was again his favorite target. He caught seven passes for 83 yards, and Ethan Wolf caught five for 44 yards. Minster also rushed for 240 yards for a total-yardage figure of 452 for the game. Score by quarters: Parkway 0 6 0 13—19 Minster 14 13 14 0—41 Scoring summary: Minster — S. Dues, 54-yard run (Schultz kick) Minster — J. Dues, 65-yard pass from Nixon (Schultz kick) Minster — Eli Wolf, 15-yard pass from Nixon (Schulze kick) Minster — Eli Wolf, 5-yard pass from Nixon (kick failed) Parkway — B. Barna, 25-yard pass from J. Barna (kick failed) Minster — Ethan Wolf, 4-yard pass from Nixon (Schultz kick) Minster — Stechschulte, 12-yard run (Schultz kick) Parkway — Gangwer, 40-yard run (kick failed) Parkway — Heindel, 78-yard pass from J. Barna (kick good) Records: Minster 4-3, Parkway 3-4

Minster’s Eli Wolf runs after catching a pass against Parkway in action Friday night at Minster. David Pence | Sidney Daily News

Turnovers plague Anna in 43-7 loss


From page 10 COLDWATER — Coldwater Yeomans, over 1,000 yards on the season coming scored 23 points in the opening into the game, rushed for 222 yards against the Jackets. period and Anna never recovered in dropping a 43-7 verdict in Midwest Athletic Conference football action Friday at Coldwater. The loss was the fourth in a row for the Rockets and left them at 2-5 Sidney 7 10 0 0—17 on the year and 1-4 in the MAC headPiqua 7 10 14 15—46 ing into action Friday night at home against the winless New Bremen Cardinals. Coldwater goes to 6-1 on the season. Things started out bad for the Sidney — Fox, 9-yard run (Barnes kick) Rockets, who had the ball first, Piqua — Yeomans, 7-yard run (Vallieu kick) only to have Coldwater’s Adam Sidney — Fox, 4-yard run (Barnes kick) Piqua — Honeycutt, 77-yard pass from Monnin Klosterman pick off a Josh Robinson pass and return it 50 yards for a (Vallieu kick) touchdown and a quick 6-0 lead with Piqua — Vallieu, 27-yard field goal just over a minute gone off the clock. Sidney — Barnes, 32-yard field goal After Anna failed to move the ball Piqua — Yeomans, 17-yard run (Vallieu kick) on its next drive, Coldwater quarterPiqua — Yeomans, 51-yard run (Vallieu kick) back Brody Hoying scored the first Piqua — Reedy, 4-yard run (Vallieu kick) Piqua — Stone, 26-yard fumble return (Honeycutt of his four touchdowns on a 16-yard run to make it 13-0 with 7:26 left in run) the second quarter. Records: Sidney 4-3, Piqua 2-5

Score by quarters: Scoring summary:


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Then just over two minutes later, Matt Kramer kicked a 22-yard field goal, and with 3:36 left in the opening period, Hoying scored on an 11-yard run to make it 23-0. Hoying added touchdowns on runs of 14 and 1 yards in the second quarter to make it 37-0 at the half. Coldwater added a score in the third quarter before Anna finally got on the board early in the final period, Matthew Bruce running in from four yards out with 10:02 left in the game. Anna was outgained by the Cavaliers 304-225. The Rockets rushed for 178 yards, with Bruce getting 93 yards on 22 carries. Anna quarterback Josh Robinson was 6-for-17 for 47 yards, and Coldwater picked off three of his passes. For the Cavaliers, Hoying attempted just 10 passes and completed five for 80 yards and no touchdowns. He also rushed for 76 yards. The big difference was turnovers. Anna had three passes intercept-

ed and lost three fumbles for six turnovers on the night, which gave Coldwater a short field much of the game. Coldwater had just one turnover. Score by quarters: Anna 0 0 0 7—7 Coldwater 23 14 6 0—43 Scoring summary: Coldwater — Klosterman, 50-yard interception return (kick failed) Coldwater — Hoying, 16-yard run (Kramer kick) Coldwater — Kramer, 22-yard field goal Coldwater — Hoying, 11-yard run (Kramer kick) Coldwater — Hoying, 14-yard run (Kramer kick) Coldwater — Hoying, 1-yard run (Kramer kick) Coldwater — Post, 1-yard run (Kramer kick) Anna — Bruce, 4-yard run (Edwards kick) Records: Anna 2-5, Coldwater 6-1



KILLS — Kylie Wilson, Russia, 279; Kelly Turner, Loramie, 263; Audrey Francis, Fairlawn, 253; Amanda Winner, Versailles, 214; Lauren Bruns, Versailles, 193; Denise Schwartz, Botkins, 184; Sidney Chapman, Lehman, 179; Julie Brown, New Bremen, 172; Camille Puthoff, Russia, 155; Sami Vehorn, Botkins, 153; Megan Kaiser, Minster, 142; Victoria Wente, New Bremen, 140 Ashley Pleiman, Loramie, 139; Meg Reineke, NK, 137; Bri Wells-Barnes, Sidney, 136; Olivia Slagle, Lehman, 135; Kerri Meade, Riverside, 127; Morgan Clark, Sidney, 126; Sarah Hosey, Minster, 126; Madison Lammers, NK, 123; Ellie Cain, Lehman, 121; Haley Horstman, NK, 117; Rachelle Maurer, Botkins, 115; Darian Rose, Loramie, 110; Lauren Roetgerman, Minster, 107; Renae Meyer, Loramie, 103. DIGS — Kalyn Schroer, NK, 492; Cassie Jutte, Minster, 443; Allison Guckes, Botkins, 410; Meg Reineke, NK, 375; Audrey Francis, Fairlawn, 342; Madison Lammers, NK, 334; Abby Rohrbach, NK, 309; Erica Paulus, Lehman, 298; Rachelle Maurer, Botkins, 295; Denise Schwartz, Loramie, 291; Tarynn Clune, Bremen, 269; Haley Horstman, NK, 254; Abby Roe, Fairlawn, 250; Kenzie Schroer, NK, 228; Kristin Langston, Versailles, 226; Kylie Wilson, Russia, 223; Janell Hoying, Loramie, 216; Sara Hosey, Minster, 191; Regan Hahn, Minster, 170; Darian Rose, Loramie, 169; Taylor Daniel, Russia, 165; Camille Puthoff, Russia, 161; Allie Watkins, Fairlawn, 155; Morgan Clark, Sidney, 150; Maggie Kearns, Russia, 141; Ava Schmitz, Lehman, 138; Katie Nuss, Fairlawn, 136; Kelly Turner, Loramie, 123; Julie Hoying, Loramie, 116; Claire Sherman, Russia, 108; Cassie Pleiman, Russia, 107; Hannah Schmitmeyer, Minster, 104; LeAnn Huelsman, Minster, 104. ASSISTS — Julie Hoying, Loramie, 589; Rachel Kremer, Versailles, 581; Taylor Daniuel, 535; Karli Jones, New Bremen, 522; Regan Hahn, Minster, 505; Ellie Cain, Lehman, 355; Allie Watkins, Fairlawn, 304; Jocelyn Counts, Botkins, 271; Haley Horstman, NK, 263; Mariah BowserJones, Sidney, 250; Blake Maurer, Botkins, 198; Kara Short, Fairlawn, 187; Meg Reineke, NK, 164. ACES — Regan Hahn, Minster,

60; Claire Sherman, Russia, 53; Maggie Kearns, Russia, 42; Julie Hoying, Loramie, 41; Darian Rose, Loramie, 39; Kylie Wilson, Russia, 34; Kelly Turner, Loramie, 34; Taylor Daniel, Russia, 32; Denise Schwartz, Botkins, 31; Madison Lammers, NK, 31; Katie Nuss, Fairlawn, 30; Hallie Benanzer, Loramie, 30; Lauryn Davis, Riverside, 30; Samantha Egbert, Riverside, 29; Ellie Cain, Lehman, 28; Rachel Kremer, Versailles, 28; Jocelyn Counts, Botkins, 27; Rachelle Maurer, Botkins, 27; Kerri Meade, Riverside, 27; Morgan Clark, Sidney,m 27; Kalyn Schroer, NK, 27; Abby Roe, Fairlawn, 27; Ava Schmitz, Lehman, 26; Renae Meyer, Loramie, 26; Erica Paulus, Lehman, 26; Cassie Jutte, Minster, 25; Ellie Sargent, Lehman, 25; Janell Hoying, Loramie, 25; Blake Maurer, Botkins, 24; Audrey Francis, Fairlawn, 24; Madison Barker, Sidney, 24; Jessica Davis, Riverside, 23; Kayla McEldowney, Versailles, 23; Olivia Slagle, Lehman, 22; Tarynn Clune, Bremen, 22; Julie Brown, Bremen, 22; Haley Horstman, NK, 21; Abby Rohrbach, NK, 21. TOTAL BLOCKS (solos and assists) — Claire Sherman, Russia, 73; Olivia Slagle, Lehman, 55; Madison Lammers, NB, 55; Allison Gariety, Russia, 53; Denise Schwartz, Botkins, 45; Sami Vehorn, Botkins, 43; Ashley Pleiman, Loramie, 43; Maggie Kearns, Russia, 39; Taylor Daniel, Russia, 37; Kylie Wilson, Russia, 33; Jessica Davis, Riverside, 31; Taylor Doseck, Botkins, 30; Molly Roe, Fairlawn, 29; Marianne Hissong, Lehman, 29; Camille Puthoff, Russia, 29; Lauren Roetgerman, Minster, 27; Renae Meyer, Loramie, 27; Kelly Turner, Loramie, 24; Julie Hoying, Loramie, 24; Kenzie Schroer, NK, 23; Haley Horstman, NK, 23; Paige Keller, Sidney, 22; Bri Wells-Barnes, Sidney, 22 Kerri Meade, Riverside, 21; Kara Short, Fairlawn, 21; Kara Short, Fairlawn, 21; Colleen Poeppelman, Loramie, 20.

8. Richie Ware, Versailles, 16:46.72 9. Ben Butler, Minster, 16:56.49 10. Cameron Flora, Botkins, 17:06.78 11. Nathan Herriott, NB, 17:07.18 12. Austin Jones, Botkins, 17:08.7 13. Andrew Fausey, Minster, 17:11.55 14. Jordan Gariety, Russia, 17:14.71 15. Devon Jester, Houston, 17:16.1 Drew McClurg, New Bremen, 17:16.87 16. Jared Tangeman, Sidney, 17:17.59 17. Caleb Ball, Russia, 17:18.33 18. Luke Gaier, Anna, 17:18.70 19. Derek Steinke, Anna, 17:20.0 GIRLS 1. Emily Borchers, Russia, 18:57.18 2. Meg Westerheide, FL, 19:02.0 3. Morgan Pohl, Minster, 19:19.86 4. Chloe Flora, Botkins, 19:28.40 5. Julia Slonkosky, Minster, 19:36.2 6. Caroline Heitmeyer, Lehman, 19:37.58 7. Jenna Zimmerman, Lehman, 19:39.7 8. Lauren Heaton, Russia, 19:40.15 9. Katherine Burke, Minster, 19:42.14 10. Cassie Boyle, NK, 19:44.08 11. Kaci Bornhorst, Minster, 19:49.46 12. Madison Grilliot, Versailles, 19:50.74 13. Hannah Privette, NK, 19:51.27 14. Lisa Barlage, Minster, 19:55.39 15. Stevie Shepherd, Sidney, 19:59.8 16. Gabrielle Barga, Minster, 20:05.58 17. Ali Borgerding, Minster, 20:06.4 18. Murphy Grow, Versailles, 20:18.68 19. Molly Kearns, Russia, 20:24.5


Girls Goals 16 — Ashley Keller, Lehman; 15 — Natalie Ambos, Botkins 10 — Morgan Knasel, Sidney; Sara Fuller, Lehman BOYS 9 — Taylor Lachey, Lehman 1. Chris Musser, Sidney, 16:13.99; 7 — Madeline Franklin, Lehman; 2. Isaac Kuntz, New Knoxville, Lauren Boyd, Sidney 16:19.06 6 — Sierra Butcher, Botkins 3. Dominic Slonkosky, Minster, 4 — Raquel Bollheimer, Anna; 16:26.5 Holly Boyd, Anna; Britnee Axe, Anna; 4. Andy Albers, Minster, 16:34.4 Lauren Spaugy, Sidney; Ashley Egan, 5. Joe Fuller, Lehman, 16:35.8 Sidney. 6. Adam Larger, Anna 16:38.1 3 — Adrianne Miller, Sidney; 7. Cort Speckman, NB, 16:43.34;


Madison Cline, Lehman; Carly Harshbarger, Botkins; Hannah Fogt, Lehman; Jenna Kronenberger, Lehman 2 — Kaitlyn Davis, Sidney; Erin Ivey, Sidney; Katie Edwards, Lehman; Sara Kettler, Anna; Kortney Kitchen, Anna; Alexis Phillips, Anna; Emily Weisenmayer, Sidney; Erin Ivey, Sidney; Elizabeth Barr, Sidney; Kassidy Esser, Botkins; Assists 11 — Ashley Keller, Lehman 7 — Madeline Franklin, Lehman 6 — Taylor Lachey, Lehman 5 — Sara Fuller, Lehman; Lehman; Jenna Kronenberger, Lehman 4 — Adrianne Miller, Sidney; Raquel Bollheimer, Anna; Marla Schroeder, Lehman; Elizabeth Edwards, Lehman 3 — Morgan Knasel, Sidney; Lauren Boyd, Sidney, Kara Burns, Sidney; Marla Schroeder, Lehman; Payton Hennessey, Anna; Marla Schroeder, Lehman; Emily Brown, Botkins; Natalie Ambos, Botkins; Sierra Bucher, Botkins 2 — Ashley Egan, Sidney; Kaitlyn Davis, Sidney; Taylor Busse, Sidney; Whitney Bornhorst, Botkins; Lauren Spaugy, Sidney; Holly Boyd, Anna; Moriah Pauley, Lehman Saves – Hannah Aufderhaar, Anna, 106; Lindsey Sturwold, Sidney, 103; Kierstyn Rogers, Botkins, 102; Grace Frantz, Lehman, 44; Kristin Grimes, Anna, 30 Boys Goals 12 — Brady Gaylor, Sidney 6 — Kyle Mann, Sidney 5 — Nolan Greve, Botkins 4 — Jake Barnett, Botkins; Blake Steenrod, Sidney; Peter Comer, Lehman 3 — Rocco Catanzarite, Lehman 2 — Nick Kindle, Sidney; Alex Cavinder, Lehman; Trey Kerrigan, Lehman; Travis Thornton, Lehman; Eric Egbert, Botkins; Kaleb Hanby, Botkins; Preston Crall, Sidney; Luke Rees, Sidney Assists 11 — Brady Gaylor, Sidney 4 — Kyle Mann, Sidney 3 — Blake Steenrod, Sidney; Peter Comer, Lehman 2 — Seth Bensman, Lehman; Joe Simpson, Lehman; Ben McLain, Sidney 2 Saves — Christian Hoskins,

Botkins, 101; Nick Earhart, Lehman, 104; Ben Snavley, Sidney, 37

GOLF Girls 9 holes

35 — Emily Knouff, Fort Loramie 38 — Claire Fischer, Minster 39 — Ashley Ordean, Loramie 40 — Mackenzie Howell, NB; Marissa Conrad, Minster 41 — Morgan Daugherty, Russia 42 — Rachel Parker, NB 43 — Sydney Holdren, NB 44 — Taylor Borchers, Russia. Hope Ruhenkamp, Fort Loramie; Emily Harmon, Versailles 45 — Abby Hausfeld, Minster; Brooke Wehrkamp, Versailles; Elizabeth White, Versailles 47 — Kristin Barhorst, Fort Loramie; Madison Covault, Versaille 48 — Kaila Pleiman, Russia 18 holes 73 — Emily Knouff, Loramie 79 — Brooke Wehrkamp, Versailles 83 — Ashley Ordean, Fort Loramie 84 — Claire Fischer, Minster; Elizabeth White, Versailles 88 — Marissa Conrad, Minster, 88 89 — Taylor Borchers, Russia; Morgan Daugherty, Russia Boys 9 holes 34 — Tyler Drees, Versailles 35 — Sam Dean, Lehman; John Burke, Minster 36 — Alex Britton, New Bremen; Fred Purdy, Minster; Mike Omlor, Anna 37 — Austin Tebbe, Russia; Austin Brackman, Minster; Luke Dapore, Russia; Zach Sherman, Russia 38 — Seth Hanna, Botkins; Connor Monnin, Russia; Cole Cartwright, Sidney 39 — Ross Pulfer, Anna; Travis Bertelsen, NB; Xavier Francis, Minster 40 — Jordan Kremer, Russia; Ryan Knapke, Versailles; Matt Trushaw, Minster; 18 holes 74 — Zach Watren, Anna; Austin Tebbe, Russia; John Burke, Minster; Xavier Francis, Minster; Tyler Drees, Versailles; Ryan Knapke, Versailles 77 — Austin Brackman, Minster; Freddie Purdy, Minster 78 — Mitchell Stover, Versailles; Mike Omlor, Anna 79 — Alex Britton, NB 80 — Zach Sherman, Russia; Alex Stucke, Versailles; Sam Dean, Lehman 81 — Luke Dapore, Russia 82 — Matt Trushaw, Minster

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Sidney Daily News, Saturday, October 12, 2013

Minster spikers fall to Marion College Update

Minster grad Jessica Albers climbs Xavier’s all-time list

MARIA STEIN – Minster lost to topranked Marion Local in Midwest Athletic Conference volleyball Thursday 25-19, 25-14, 25-10. Minster finished the regular season 11-10, and 2-7 in the MAC. Marion Local won the league title with a perfect 9-0 mark and is now 21-1 overall. For Minster, Erica Oldiges led in kills with five, Regan Hahn had 16 digs and two aces, Cassie Jutte had 18 digs and Sara Hosey 11. Minster opens sectional tournament play Tuesday at Coldwater against New Bremen at 6 p.m. NB beats Parkway ROCKFORD — New Bremen closed out regular season play with a 25-19, 25-13, 25-18 victory over Parkway in MAC play. The Lady Cardinals finished 5-4 in the league and are 12-8 overall.

Julie Brown had 13 kills and nine digs for Bremen, Victoria Wente had 12 kills and 12 digs, Karli Jones had 26 assists and Tarynn Clune had 13 digs and two aces. The Bremen junior varsity won in two games. Bremen opens sectional tournament play Tuesday at Coldwater against Minster at 6 p.m. Minster High School FINAL MAC graduate Jessica Albers is STANDINGS a senior running on the (League and overall) w o m e n ’s Marion Local 9-0, 21-1 c r o s s Versailles 8-1, 19-2 country St. Henry 6-3, 14-5 team at Coldwater 6-3, 19-3 X av i e r, New Knoxville 5-4, 14-8 and she New Bremen 5-4, 12-8 had her Parkway 3-6, 11-8 best colleMinster 2-7, 11-10 giate race Fort Recovery 1-8, 7-13 Jessica Albers last week Delphos SJ 0-9, 4-17 in finishing high in the Paul Short Invitational at Lehigh. Albers ran a personal record 21:27 in the 6K 30. (34) David Ragan, Ford, vs. Emmanuel Christian, 6:00 to be the second Xavier 190.349. At Troy 31. (30) Cole Whitt, Toyota, Lehman-Covington winner vs. runner to cross the finish 190.342. Troy Christian line, and the 56th runner 32. (40) Landon Cassill, Chevrolet, 189.673. overall out of 406 competAUTO RACING 33. (35) Josh Wise, Ford, ing in the event. 189.195. Sprint Cup She moved up to fifth 34. (38) David Gilliland, Ford, 189.069. NASCAR-Sprint Cup on the all-time list for 6K 35. (10) Danica Patrick, ChevroBank of America 500 Lineup at Xavier. let, 188.923. The Associated Press

SCOREBOARD CALENDAR High school High school sports TODAY Cross country County meet at Anna GWOC meet at Sidney NWCC meet at Waynesfield Boys soccer Lehman at West Milton Girls soccer Piqua at Lehman Volleyball D-III Sectional At Brookville Houston vs. National Trail, 11 a.m. D-IV Sectional At Troy Fairlawn vs. Yellow Springs, 11 a.m. Middletown Christian vs. Jackson Center, 12:30 Lehman vs. Covington, 2 p.m. —— MONDAY Girls soccer Division I Sectional Stebbins at Sidney, 7 p.m. Division III Sectional Botkins at Anna Volleyball Division IV Sectional At Tipp City Botkins vs. TV South, 6 p.m. Fort Loramie vs. Jefferson, 7:30 At Troy Fairlawn-Yellow Springs winner vs. Souteastern, 6:00 Middletown Christian-JacksonCenter winner vs.Triad,7:30 Division III Sectional At Brookville Anna vs. Preble Shawnee, 7:30 —— TUESDAY Boys soccer Division III Sectional Fairlawn at Franklin-Monroe Volleyball D-IV Sectional At Tipp City Russia vs. Xenia Christian, 6:00 At Coldwater New Bremen vs. Minster, 6:00 New Knoxville vs. Spencerville, 7:30 D-III Sectional At Brookville Versailles vs. Houston-National Trail winner, 6:00 —— Wednesday Volleyball D-I Sectional At Vandala Butler Sidney vs. Springboro-Vandalia winner, 7:30 D-IV Sectional At Tipp City Fort Loramie-Jefferson winner

Race Saturday At Charlotte Motor Speedway (Car number in parentheses) 1. (24) Jeff Gordon, Chevrolet, 194.308. 2. (29) Kevin Harvick, Chevrolet, 194.203. 3. (16) Greg Biffle, Ford, 193.959. 4. (48) Jimmie Johnson, Chevrolet, 193.791. 5. (5) Kasey Kahne, Chevrolet, 193.694. 6. (88) Dale Earnhardt Jr., Chevrolet, 193.535. 7. (39) Ryan Newman, Chevrolet, 193.458. 8. (42) Juan Pablo Montoya, Chevrolet, 193.417. 9. (18) Kyle Busch, Toyota, 193.403. 10. (78) Kurt Busch, Chevrolet, 193.112. 11. (43) Aric Almirola, Ford, 192.995. 12. (22) Joey Logano, Ford, 192.974. 13. (27) Paul Menard, Chevrolet, 192.754. 14. (15) Clint Bowyer, Toyota, 192.719. 15. (99) Carl Edwards, Ford, 192.575. 16. (17) Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Ford, 192.362. 17. (56) Martin Truex Jr., Toyota, 192.232. 18. (11) Denny Hamlin, Toyota, 192.123. 19. (33) Brian Scott, Chevrolet, 192.02. 20. (20) Matt Kenseth, Toyota, 191.993. 21. (51) Kyle Larson, Chevrolet, 191.959. 22. (14) Mark Martin, Chevrolet, 191.782. 23. (2) Brad Keselowski, Ford, 191.748. 24. (47) Bobby Labonte, Toyota, 191.632. 25. (1) Jamie McMurray, Chevrolet, 191.564. 26. (31) Jeff Burton, Chevrolet, 191.469. 27. (55) Brian Vickers, Toyota, 190.961. 28. (13) Casey Mears, Ford, 190.59. 29. (9) Marcos Ambrose, Ford, 190.55.

36. (83) David Reutimann, Toyota, 188.607. 37. (98) Michael McDowell, Ford, Owner Points. 38. (87) Joe Nemechek, Toyota, Owner Points. 39. (7) Dave Blaney, Chevrolet, Owner Points. 40. (32) Timmy Hill, Ford, Owner Points. 41. (93) Travis Kvapil, Toyota, Owner Points. 42. (36) J.J. Yeley, Chevrolet, Owner Points. 43. (95) Blake Koch, Ford, Owner Points.

BASEBALL Postseason LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES (Best-of-7; x-if necessary) American League All games televised by Fox Detroit vs. Boston Saturday, Oct. 12: Detroit (Sanchez 14-8) at Boston (Lester 15-8), 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 13: Detroit at Boston, 8 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15: Boston at Detroit Wednesday, Oct. 16: Boston at Detroit x-Thursday, Oct. 17: Boston at Detroit x-Saturday, Oct. 19: Detroit at Boston x-Sunday, Oct. 20: Detroit at Boston National League All games televised by TBS Los Angeles vs. St. Louis Friday, Oct. 11: Los Angeles (Greinke 15-4) at St. Louis (Kelly 10-5), 8:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 12: Los Angeles (Kershaw 16-9) at St. Louis (Wacha 4-1), 4 p.m. Monday, Oct. 14: St. Louis (Wainright 19-9) at Los Angeles, 8 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15: St. Louis at Los Angeles, 8 p.m. x-Wednesday, Oct. 16: St. Louis at Los Angeles, 4 p.m. x-Friday, Oct. 18: Los Angeles at St. Louis, 8:30 p.m. x-Saturday, Oct. 19: Los Angeles at St. Louis, 8:30 p.m.

Katie Borchers, Russia Borchers continued to lead the Ohio State women’s cross country team, finishing as its top runner last week in the Notre Dame InviKatie Borchers tational, a 5K race. She was 23rd overall in 17:37.7. Brooke Albers, Fort Loramie Albers tie for ninth place in the Ashland Invitational golf tournament last week, shooting a 79-81 for a 160. She led her Findlay Brooke Albers team to fifth place in the final team standings. Jessica Thobe, Lehman Thobe was outstanding this week for the women’s volleyball team at Sinclair Community College in Dayton. She started out the week with six kills,

BEL-MAR LANES HONOR ROLL Bel-Mar Bowling Lanes Sidney Season honor Roll MEN High game — Joe Green 300, 299 (2), Nathan McBride 299, Derek Leitner 298, Dan Swiger 280, Joey Hughes 279, Curt Joyce 279, Mike Knoop 279, Jim Donaldson 279, Taylor Tussing 279, Gary Garrett 279, Galen Cathcart 279. High series — Joe Green 777,774, Adam Hilyard 752, Joey Hughes 726, Brad Teague 721, Trent Knoop 714, Brian Green 713, Dan Swiger 708. High average — Joe Green 227, Joey Hughes 223, AdamHilyard 214, Dan Swiger 214, Trent Knoop 213, Tim Hutchinson 212, DJ Johnson 210, Bob Elsner 209. WOMEN High game — Angie Mentges 255, Sarah Allen 232,Teresa McGrath 228, Mollie Gold 227, Sandy Barga 226, Linda Copeland 223, Cassie Latimer 221, Angel Barhorst 214. High series — Angie Mentges 676, Donna Gold-Collett 607, Cassie Latimer 598, Teresa McGrath 591, Sarah Allen 586, Caitlin Svelund 574, Annette Schroerlucke 566, Sandy Barga 561.

High average — Angie Mentges 195, Teresa McGrath 183, Cassie Latimer 181, Annette Schroerlucke 175, Donna Gold-Collett 173, Sarah Allen 170, Jenny Wagner 168, Haley VanHorn 166, Rose Ann Chaffins 166. SENIOR MEN High game — Richard Reading 256, Tom Hill 256, Dennis Johnson 255, Jim Risk 245, Tod Belt 235, Dick Bodenmiller 234, Rick Cavinder 226, Gerald Sheaks 224. High series — Dennis Johnson 650, Tom Hill 634, Jim Risk 612, Richard Reading 610, Ralph Abbott 597, Jim Muhlenkamp 586, Marty Stapleton 585, Jack Bales 577. High average — Tom Hill 186, Ralph Abbott 180, Richard Reading 175, Roger Rumpff 175, Jim Stone 175, Tod Belt 170, Willie Metz 1657, Jim Muhlenkamp 166. SENIOR WOMEN High game — Rose Ann Chaffins 212, Lea Muhlenkamp 209, Linda Rumpff 209, Lois Centers 201, Gloria Manger 188, Jan Bensman 185, Maggie Seitz 181, Janice Davis 179. High series — Linda Rumpff 532, Jan Bensman 522, Rose Ann Chaffins 512, Lea Muhlenkamp 502, Gail Fogt 496, Darla Line 470, Gloria Manger 469, Lois Metz 464. High average — Linda Rumpff

159, Rose Ann Chaffins 157, Lois Metz 146, Jan Bensman 143, Maggie Seitz 140, Lea Muhlenkamp 138, Gloria Manger 137, Gail Fogt 136. BOYS High game — Connor Demoss 237, Alex Hix 229, Austin Simon 225, Josh Abbott 224, Tyler Joyce 211, Damon Huffman 209, Cody Joyce 206, Josh Wagner 205. High series — Connor Demoss 635, Cody Joyce 576, Josh Abbott 572, Alex Hix 559, Austin Simon 552, Tyler Joyse 535, Damon Huffman 513, Jason Rickey 496. High average — Cody Joyce 182, Josh Abbott 182, AustinSimon 178, Alex Hix 165, Connor Demoss 156, Josh Wagner 156, Jaxon Rickey 152, Sean Holthaus 151, Tyler Joyce 151. GIRLS High game — Merri Leist 185, Morgan Carey 182, Heather Gold 168, Jenna Beatty 162, Erin Fultz 147, Kylie Forsythe 116, Allison Fultz 111, Jalyn Rickey 104. High series — Merri Leist 479, Morgan Casey 472, Jenna Beatty 445, Heather Gold 444, Erin Fultz 364, Kylie Forsythe 327. High average — Merri Leist 143, Morgan Carey 142, Heather Gold 131, Jenna Beatty 130, Erin Fultz 111, Kylie Forsythe 103.

COMMUNITY LANES HONOR ROLL Community Bowling Lanes, Minster Weekly Honor Roll Week ending Sept. 22 Men’s high game — Scott Bergman 300, Jerry Keller 258, BJ Meyer 255, Riley Holland 247, Tim Baumer 247, Nick Kemper 247, Steve Sollins 246. Men’s high series — Scott Bergman 697, Josh Ludwig 690, Mark Hoelscher 677, Jerry Keller 653, Nick Kemper 650, tim Baumer 649, Galen Collier 638. Women’s high game — Heather Borges 200, Jenny Freisthler 193, Amy Poeppelman 188, Shirley Sharp


187, Carol Thurber 185. Women’s high series — Amy Poeppelman 543, Shirley Sharp 523, Heather Borges 523, Anne Meyer 506, Angie Mentges 501. Season to date Men’s high game — Scott Bergman 300, Greg Mirricle 267, Jason Boerger 265, Phil Wyen 259, Nick Sherman 258, Jerry Keller 258, Nick Kemper 256. Men’s high series — Scott Bergman 697, Jason Boerger 693, Josh Ludwig 690, Nick Kemper 688, Nick Sherman 677, Mark Hoelscher 677, Tim Baumer 670. Women’s high game — Angie

Mentges 233, 227, Heather Borges 215, 210, Anne Meyer 214, 211, Connie Hoelscher 214. Women’s high series — Angie Mentges 644, 563, 554, 548; Heather Borges 595, 562; Donna Kremer 555. Men’s high average — Tim Buschur 214, Nick Kemper 214, Galen Collier 206, Dan Swiger 205, Scott Haynes 204, Tim Buschur 203, Nick Sherman 201. Women’s high average — Angie Mentges 187, Heather Borges 179, Donna Kremer 166, Anne Meyer 165, Amy Poeppelman 165, Mary Kemper 161, Jenny Freisthler 156.

nine digs and two aces against Indiana Tech’s junior varsity, then had 15 kills, 11 digs and two blocks against MiamiMiddletown, 10 kills and 14 digs against Cedarville’s JV, 24 kills and 30 digs against UC-Clermont, and 22 kills and 22 digs against Cincinnati Tech. Sinclair is 27-3 and ranked 22nd in the National Junior College Athletic Association Division II poll.

Claire McGowan, Minster McGowan also plays at Sinclair and had six kills and 11 digs against the Cedarville JVs, 14 kills and 11 digs against UC-Clermont, and seven kills and eight digs against Cincinnati State. Megan Campbell, Versailles Campbell had a good game for the Dayton Lady Flyers in volleyball, with 11 kills against Virginia Commonwealth. She leads the Lady Flyers in kills with 153, in blocks with 70 and is second with 14 aces. Brooke Turner, Fort Loramie Turner played well for Urbana in women’s volleyball this week, finishing with six kills, seven digs and three blocks against Brooke Turner Fa i r m o n t S t a t e , and five kills and nine digs against Notre Dame College. Aaron Dinzeo, Sidney Dinzeo had another strong race for the California-Pennsylvania cross country team. He ran in the Paul Short Invitational at Lehigh and placed sixth overall in a field of 400 mostly Division I runners. His time was 23:59. Megan Fullenkamp, Botkins Fullenkamp had a strong game for Northwestern Ohio in a huge five-game upset win over Lindsey Wilson this week. She had six kills, four digs and five blocks in the win, which came over a team that was 21-0 and ranked eighth in the nation. Tara Winner, Versailles Winner had two good games defensively for Ohio Dominican’s volley-

ball team with 11 digs against Ferris State and 12 digs against Cedarville. Monique Hanayik, Sidney Hanayik had one goal and two shots on goal for Capital in a 2-0 women’s soccer win over John Carroll this week. Ashley Borchers, Russia Borchers had 13 assists for Ohio Northern against Mt. Union this week, and followed that up with nine assists, two kills and three blocks against Wooster. Ethan Zimpfer, Botkins Zimpfer assisted on the lone goal for Wilmington in a 2-1 loss to Heidelberg in men’s soccer. Stephanie Romie, Anna Romie had 22 assists and four blocks against Marietta and 11 assists against West Liberty in women’s volleyball action at Heidelberg this week. Tyler Roeth, Houston Roeth had another good outing for the men’s cross country team at Dayton. He comp e t e d in the All-Ohio Championships at Tyler Roeth Cedarville and was first for Dayton and 15th overall in 26:11.44. Corey Bremigan, Russia Bremigan and his Trine University teammates completed their men’s golf season this week. On the year, Bremigan competed in seven events and had three top 10 finishes, with a low 18-hole round of 72 and a low 36-hole round of 160. He averaged 78 this season. Erica Fullenkamp, Minster Fullenkamp continues to play outstanding volleyball at Bowling Green. This week, she had 27 assists and seven digs in a win over Kent State, and 10 assists and five digs in a loss to Ohio. Jena Braden, New Knoxville Braden also had another big week in volleyball. Playing for Radford, she had 27 assists and 10 digs against North Carolina-Asheville, and 45 assists and 13 digs against Gardner-Webb.

Cavaliers blanked by T-Birds The Lehman boys soccer team dropped a 3-0 verdict Thursday night to Lima Catholic. The loss drops Lehman to 5-6-2 going into the regular-season finale today at West Milton. Lima Catholic is 12-3-1. Lima scored at the nine-minute mark of the first half on a goal by

Zack Schroeder, and just three minutes later, Sean Daley made it 2-0 for the T-Birds. “I thought we played well after they got that second goal,” said Lehman coach Tom Thornton. “We played aggressive and we played hard. But those early goals were too much for us to overcome.”

SHS selling football tickets Sidney High School will play at Vandalia-Butler in high school football action next Friday at 7 p.m., and tickets for the game will be on sale starting Monday in the athletic office, room D102 at the high school.

The tickets, $6 for adults and $4 for students, will remain on sale until 3 p.m. the day of the game. They will not be available at the other ticket outlets. Tickets at the gate will be $7.

Wilson Hospital 5K set for Oct. 20 The Wilson Memorial Hospital Relay for Life team will sponsor its eighth annual 5K run/ walk on Oct. 20. It will begin at 9 a.m. and will be held at Tawawa Park. Packets may be picked up and same-day registration may be completed at

the park starting at 7:30 a.m. that day. Everyone is invited to participate to help raise money and awareness in the fight against cancer. All proceeds go to The American Cancer Society. For more information, visit boeckman@nktelco. net

Business Saturday, October 12, 2013

Contact Executive Editor Jeff Billiel with story ideas by phone at (937) 498-5962; email; or by fax (937) 498-5991. Page 13

Firm opens Piqua office Faulkner, Garmhausen, Keister & Shenk, a legal professional association, of Sidney, has opened a new office in Piqua to better serve the needs of the firm’s clients of Piqua and Miami County. This office is located at 326 N. Main St., in the Chamber of Commerce building in downtown Piqua. Faulkner, Garmhausen, Keister & Shenk is a fullservice law firm with an emphasis on corporate and commercial law, real estate Luke Gronneberg | Sidney Daily News Owner of Ask Amy Staging, Amy Zumberger, of Botkins, left; talks with Vice President of the Sidney-Shelby County Chamber of and development law, Commerce Dawn Eilert, of Sidney, during the ribbon-cutting celebration of her business Wednesday. The new business is located at 212 employment law, mergers and acquisitions, busiWest State St. in Botkins. ness and civil litigation, banking, taxation, estate planning and probate. The

Botkins welcomes Ask Amy Staging during ribbon-cutting ceremony BOTKINS — At a ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday, the SidneyShelby Chamber of Commerce welcomed Ask Amy Staging LLC to its new showroom in the Botkins. Ask Amy Staging provides home staging, redesign and senior downsizing services, plus educational seminars. The new showroom space has led to the addition of an Ashley Furniture line that Ask Amy Staging is eager to bring to surrounding residents. The showroom will be open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. With a specialization in staging homes for sale, this home-staging team works with all types of spaces — both occupied and vacant. Ask Amy Staging offers fresh design concepts to prepare properties for showing and is committed to creating stunning results that exceed customers’ expectations, business owners said. “We stage vacant or occupied homes to create a look targeted to the buyer’s market,” explained Amy Zumberger, owner and creator of Ask Amy Staging. “Home Staging is often thought about only in a larger metropolitan, but home staging is becoming a must-have when selling a house, no matter where the location.” The home-staging services are offered in two parts. One is a pre-stage consult, which includes a homeowner do-it-yourself worksheet. This itemizes things around the home that need completed by the homeowner. The business offers suggestions, discounts for services, and much more. The other part of staging is the professional stage, which is hands-on home staging and includes maximizing the flow of the property,

creating an environment and featuring the market viewpoint of each room. At Ask Amy Staging, the goal is to help make homes appeal to the widest variety of buyers, enabling it to sell quicker and for top dollar. The Ask Amy Staging “redesign” service offers homeowners who are looking for a new look in their existing home assistance in selecting new paint colors, purchase recommendations and furniture placement options. “Decorating doesn’t have to be costly. Your home should be a source of comfort to you.” Zumberger said. “Redesigning can help you fall back in love with your home again.” The Ask Amy Staging team developed its “Smooth Move” senior downsizing service after noticing a huge need for assistance by seniors who are moving. “There are more and more families that are spread out due to jobs and life circumstances,” Zumberger said. “Seniors find themselves with children living out of town and unable to help them with their move. Our service offers homeowners and their families peace of mind and eliminates any undue stress associated with these moving transitions.” “We provide a variety of tailored services and plans including assisting with the downsizing,

Meyer joins Elegante Options

Bobbi Stauffer Assistant Business Manager

VERSAILLES — Jessica Meyer, of Versailles, has joined Elegante Options Inc. as an interior designer. Meyer graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Science in interior design. The design studio specializes in offering fine furniture and accessories, custom window treatments, wall coverings and decorative finishes, floor surfaces, cabinetry and closets. Meyer will handle residential and commercial accounts. For information, visit

packing and coordinating the move,” Zumberger said. “We even unpack and set up your new living space so you are able to walk in and enjoy your space.” Ask Amy Staging provide services to the entire Miami Valley region in western Ohio, including Dayton. Owned and operated by Zumberger, Ask Amy Staging was launched in May 2011. Zumberger saw the need for a unique service that would positively transform properties to improve their listing potential and take a burden from busy real estate agents. Drawing on her training through ASP and RESA home-staging courses, Zumberger was able to take her passion for home interiors to the business level. She is an accredited staging professional master (ASP master) and is among the network of more than 21,000 real estate agents and professional home stagers worldwide, who are providing homeowners with the knowledge and tools needed to sell their homes faster and/or for more money. In August 2012, Ask Amy Staging doubled its client base and service area by acquiring Debra’s Designs Home Staging and Redesign of Springboro. Zumberger continues to upgrade her trade and recently acquired three more accreditations, including


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accredited staging professional master, real estate owned specialist and senior relocation specialist. Ask Amy Staging has earned many more accomplishments in the past two year, including: • Partnership with Wright-Patt Credit Union presenting seminars at the Nutter Center. • Received Ambassador of the Year through WiBN. • Gained accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. • Membership with Sidney-Shelby County Chamber of Commerce. • Participated in international webinars. • Joined the Bridges to Success mentor/mentee program through WiBN. • Membership with the Midwest Ohio Association of Realtors. • Membership with the Western Ohio Home Builders Association. • Was featured on WDTN Channel 2 News. • Was featured on Ohio Small Business Development Center website. • Was featured in Dayton’s B2B magazine. Zumberger and husband, Dale, are the parents of three daughters and reside in the Botkins area.

firm offers real estate closings, commercial closings, title searches, and lien searches to its clients and area residents through its title agency, Western Ohio Title Agency. Attorneys associated with the firm are Harry N. Faulkner, John M. Garmhausen, Ralph F. Keister, James R. Shenk, James L. Thieman, Michael A. Staudt, Thomas J. Potts, Daniel A. Bensman, Bryan A. Niemeyer, John M. Deeds, Joshua A. Koltak, David B. Shuffelton, and Justin R. Spillers. The firm also has offices in Sidney, Fort Loramie and Minster.

STOCK MARKET Listed are Friday’s stock market prices at closing for firms in the Sidney-Shelby County area traded on the major markets. NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE This Week Chng. Meritor Inc. .................8.03 +0.17 McDonalds Corp........94.75 +0.31 Radio Shack Corp. ......3.34 -0.04 +0.89 Sherwin-Williams ...180.18 Sprint...........................5.99 +0.02 Thor Industries .........57.57 +0.75 (PF of Airstream Inc.) Time Warner Inc. ......67.92 +0.60 (PF of Time Warner Cable) U.S. Bancorp..............37.07 +0.13 (Former Star Bank of Sidney) Walgreen Co. .............55.96 -0.04 Wal-Mart Stores .......74.81 +0.02 Wendy’s Int. Inc...........8.54 +0.19 YUM! Brands Inc. .....67.00 +1.06 (PF of Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut) OVER THE COUNTER Bob Evans..................57.66 +0.71 Fifth Third Bancorp..18.20 +0.06 Peoples Bank...............9.50 +0.05

NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE This Week Chng. Alcoa Inc. .....................8.33 -0.02 (PF of Alcoa Building Products, Stolle Machinery) Applied Ind. Tech ......50.48 +0.07 BP PLC ADR .............42.15 +0.25 Citigroup ...................49.21 -0.06 Emerson Elec. Co. .....65.35 +0.37 (PF of Copeland Corp. Division) Griffon Corp. .............12.84 +0.25 (PF of Clopay Corp., Russia) H&R Block Inc. .........27.71 -0.12 Honda Motor A.D.R. .40.11 +0.03 +0.42 Illinois Toolworks......76.94 (Parent company of Peerless) JC Penney Co. .............8.00 +0.03 (Store in Piqua) JP Morgan Chase......52.53 +0.01 (Former Bank One, Sidney) Kroger Co. .................41.72 +1.03 (PF of Kroger) Lear Corp ..................72.35 +0.53 (PF of C.H. Masland)

A - Refers to Affiliated With PF - Refers to Parent Firm Closing Dow Jones Industrial Averages: This Week: 15,237.11 Change: +111.04 (Quotes courtesy of the Sidney offices of Edward Jones, Erroll Broud, Vance Stewart, Danielle Gilroy-Sielschott and DiAnne Karas, registered investment advisers.)

Varicose Veins More Than Just A Cosmetic Issue Pain Heaviness/Tiredness Burning/Tingling Swelling/Throbbing Tender Veins

Phlebitis Blood Clots Ankle Sores /Ulcers Bleeding

If you have any of the above, there are effective treatment options, covered by insurances.

Midwest Dermatology, Laser & Vein Clinic

Springboro, OH Troy, OH

Tel: 937-619-0222 Tel: 937-335-2075

Call Today For A Visit With a Vein Specialist Physician. No Referral Needed

40499886 40082645



Area Wireless


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For Sunday, Oct. 13, 2013 ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Conversations with friends, especially females, will be positive today. If you share your ideas for the future with others, someone might give you some good suggestions or feedback. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Information about your personal life might be made a bit public today. Teachers, bosses and parents could be aware of something you intended to be mum about. (Oh well.) GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Do something different today. You want adventure, and you want to learn something new. Basically, you want a change of scenery. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Take some time today to clear up loose details regarding banking, taxes, debt, inheritances, insurance matters and shared property. Do yourself this favor. LEO (July 23 to Aug. 22) Because the Moon is opposite your sign today, you have to be tolerant with others. Compromise is your best option (for the sake of everyone concerned). This is no big deal. VIRGO (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22) Focus on getting better organized today. Make lists, get the right support material and ask others for hot tips about how to undertake the job you're doing. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) It might be hard to conceal your feelings from others today -- don't worry. Just be yourself and everything will flow smoothly. Romance could be hyped. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) You need some pleasant relaxation, which is why this is a good day to retire somewhere or hide at home. (We all need to catch our breath from time to time.) SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Conversations with siblings, neighbors and relatives will be significant today. You're concerned about communicating at a deeper level, which is why you don't want to skim along on the surface of things. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 19) Earnings, cash flow and possible purchases are your high focus today. It's all about money, money, money. Kaching! AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18) The Moon is in your sign today, which can make you feel a strong need to belong to others. You feel more emotionally tuned in to people, which is why you want to talk to others. PISCES (Feb. 19 to March 20) Seek privacy today if you can. You need to hide or work behind the scenes so that you can replenish your energy and play catch-up. This is also a good day for research and finding answers. YOU BORN TODAY You are driven and success-oriented. You take your career seriously and are professional, even tough when necessary. You set high standards for yourself and others. (Privately, you are much softer.) You know how to charm a room, but yet, you are elusive and generally reveal little about yourself. This year, your issues with partnerships and close friendships will be important. Birthdate of: Mollie Katzen, chef/author; Beverly Johnson, model/actress; Sammy Hagar, vocalist/musician.








Sidney Daily News, Saturday, October 12, 2013

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that work .com


FOUND KITTENS, 3 Black Kittens, at Graceland Cemetery, look to be from the same litter, (402)340-0509

SIDNEY 17051 Green Acre Dr. (south 25A, left Kirkwood, right Knoop-Johnston, left Green Acre) Saturday 9am-6pm. Girls clothing: 12M-12Y. Shoes. Toys. Housewares. Tools. Kitchen table/chairs. TV. Pool/supplies. Sewing machine. LG brand dryer. DONT MISS THIS!


FOUND: lost fluffy puppy. Owner must describe. Call (937)492-0439. Memory / Thank You


Miscellaneous GUITAR, DRUM, KEYBOARD LESSONS. Please call (937)492-6500. Auctions

Real Estate Auction

SIDNEY 606 Maywood Pl. Thursday & Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 9am-3pm. Women's fur coats. Women's & men's clothing. Girl's clothing 0-6T & 12-16. Households. Toddler bed. Stroller/car seat. Baby toys. Toys. Bikes. Fabrics. Picture frames.

Voss Honda is currently seeking candidates for New Vehicle Sales. Automotive sales experience is preferred but we are willing to train the right individual. We offer a competitive salary, full benefits including 401k and the opportunity to grow with the area's leading automotive organization. Please apply in person to Keith Bricker at:

SIDNEY 725 Doorley Rd. Saturday & Sunday 9am-3pm. Table/chairs. Lamps. Christmas/fall decorations. Clothing. Quilted bedding. Miscellaneous. 1st SALE IN 4 YEARS! SIDNEY, 140 West Parkwood, Saturday 8am-noon, Moving sale! kids toys, queen size bed, household items, miscellaneous

Estate Sales TROY, 4107 North Piqua Troy Road, Friday & Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday Noon4pm, GREAT SALE!! BEAUTIFUL HOME!! Packed full of something for everyone!, Furniture, collectibles, cameras, snow blowers, home theater, toys, tools, bedroom, dining room, kitchen items, Pop up camper, so much more! ESTATE SALE BY GAYLE Yard Sale PIQUA 7858 Fessler Buxton Rd. Thursday thru Saturday 10am-? Humidifier. Antique clock. Kitchen Aid, chef chopper. Coats. House shudders. Glassware. Tables. Chest of drawers. Computer. Speakers. Clothing: Women's & children's. Nintendo with games. Antique chair. Bellefontaine High School, Bellefontaine. Sat/12th, 11a5p. 200 FAMILY YARD SALE" Booster Fund Raiser!

SIDNEY, 1711 Port Jefferson Road, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10-6pm, 1ST TIME SALE! Christmas decorations, bookcase, outdoor lawn furniture, hammock, patio umbrella, miscellaneous household items lots of silk flowers. NO EARLY BIRDS SIDNEY, 618 East Russell Road, Friday 9-5pm, Saturday 9-2pm, home decor, books, Jeff Gordon, lamps, cookbooks, child's guitar, Vera Bradley purses, bedding, miscellaneous household items, TVs, porcelain clown dolls, tools. NO EARLY BIRDS SIDNEY, 885 Crescent Drive, Friday & Saturday 9-?, lots of baby clothes, women small size clothing, antique furniture, Longaberger baskets, lots of miscellaneous

PIQUA, 411 North Main, Saturday 9am-4pm, 1 day sale, Vanity, hand tools, paint supplies, furnace filters, plumbing, electrical, lawn & garden supplies, Great deals!

SIDNEY,2520 Miami River Road, Friday 8-6, Saturday 82, MULTIFAMILY, Furniture (living & dining), old western couch & chair, Atlanta wood stove, children books, toys, clothes (size 6-adult), collectibles, household, tapes/DVDs, hp photo printer, miscellaneous

SIDNEY 1241 Turner Dr. Friday & Saturday 9am-4pm. Car seat. Pack-n-Play. Swing. Clothing: Girls size 8, boys 6-7, women's 1/2X. BAMBOO chairs/table. Pool table. Bengals collectibles. Toys.

TROY 3415 Magnolia Drive, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9am-5pm, Multi Family Moving sale! flooring tools, household goods, baby items, cds, books, miscellaneous

VOSS HONDA 155 S. GARBER DRIVE TIPP CITY, OHIO Equal Opportunity and Drug Free Workplace Drivers & Delivery


Continental Express Inc. is currently hiring both Team & Solo Drivers to operate in the Mid-West & Southeast. Please consider: • .41 CPM Loaded MilesSolo • .40 CPM Empty MilesSolo • Teams Split .45 CPM • Paid Weekly With Direct Deposit • Home Weekly • 4 weeks PAID vacation/ yr. • Health/Dental/Life • 401K with Match Please call 1-800-497-2100 & During Weekends/ Evenings: 937-726-3994 Or apply on line @ BE SURE TO INQUIRE ABOUT OUR NEW HIRING INCENTIVE PROGRAM!

th To T BeO Published: Saturday, 2012 BE PUBLISHED : SATURDAYNovember , NOVEMBER 910 TH, ,2013 th D EADLINE : F RIDAY , O CTOBER 11 TH , 2013 Deadline: Friday, October 12 , 2012

Veterans Day Scrapbook of Memories


$ 1161584C

Corporal 328th Trans. Co. - Hel Served 1953 - 1955



Scrapbook of Memories


Name of Veteran: _____________________________________________________ Rank, Unit (if Known): __________________________________________________ Your Name:__________________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________ City: ________________________State:____Zip: ________Phone: _____________ BRANCH OF SERVICE:

 Army  Navy  Air Force  Marines  Coast Guard

VETERAN OF: (optional)  World War I  World War II  Korea  Grenada

 Panama  Vietnam  Desert Storm  Afghanistan  Iraq

 Other ______________ DATES SERVED: ______________

 Please mail my photo back to me in the SASE provided. We cannot be responsible for photos lost in the mail.  I will pick up my photo after November 30, 2011. We only hold pictures for 6 months after publication.


Payment Enclosed Credit Card #: ______________________________________ Check Exp. Date: _________________________________________ Visa Mastercard Your Signature: _____________________________________ Discover

* There is limited space available for wording in these ads, please choose wording carefully, we reserve the right to cut wording if necessary, ad shown actual size (1x3) above. 40493903

Fill out out coupon, coupon, enclose to to or or drop off off to: to: Fill enclosea aphoto photoand andmail mail drop Attn: Mandy Kaiser • 1451 N Vandemark Rd., Sidney 45365 • (937) 498-5915

Attn: Mandy Yagle • 1451 N Vandemark Rd, Sidney 45365 • (937)498-5915 2307664


Flexographic Press Operators


We will be taking applications for Class A Drivers at the Comfort Inn 987 East Ash Street Piqua, OH on Saturday October 12th, from 8 am to 5 pm in the Miami Valley Room.

Repacorp Inc. is seeking full time candidates for operation of flexographic converting equipment in our Tipp City, Ohio location. Experience in flexographic printing is preferred, on-site training is available for mechanically qualified individuals. 1st and 2nd shift positions are available. Wages based upon experience.

Excellent opportunity for drivers with 2 years' experience and a clean MVR. Dedicated routes that are home daily. We reward our drivers with excellent benefits such as medical, dental, vision & 401K with company contribution. In addition to that we also offer quarterly bonuses, paid holidays and vacations.

Please email resumes and cover letters to:

Help Wanted General Drivers: Don't get hypnotized by the highway, come to a place where there's a higher standard! Up to $2K sign on, Avg $61K/yr + bonuses! CDL-A, 1 yr exp. A&R Transport 888-202-0004

A&R Transport


ALL CLEAN is seeking cleaners for commercial, residential and retail work. 21 or older, drug screen required. Please call or text (937)726-5083 or (937)726-3732.

MULTIPLE OPENINGS Freshway Foods, in Sidney, has immediate openings: * TRUCK DRIVERS * PRODUCTION * MACHINE OPERATORS * SHIPPING & RECEIVING For immediate consideration complete an application or email resume:

Auto Detailers

Full time Take home up to $480 weekly No experience necessary! (937)710-1086

Skill in motor vehicle operation; carry out simple instructions; read, copy, and record figures accurately; communicate effectively; develop and maintain working relations; demonstrate ability to lift up to 50 pounds; and read maps. Wages are negotiable. All interested applicants may pick up an employment application in person at the Shelby County Veteranʼs Service Office, 133 S. Ohio Ave., Sidney, Ohio 45365 between 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday beginning October 14, 2013. A properly completed application along with a copy of your DD-214 must be submitted by 01 November 2013. Shelby County Veteranʼs Service Office is an Equal Opportunity Employer Shelby County Veteranʼs Service Office Job Announcement

SERVICE TECHNICIAN Needed at local contractor, experience in plumbing and HVAC is required. Competitive wage and benefit package is available. Submit resume to: P.O. Box 61 Minster, Ohio 45865

Freshway Foods 601 North Stolle Sidney, Ohio 45365


MIG WELDERS 1st Shift, Overtime available! DIRECT HIRE Health, Dental & Life insurance, with Roth IRA package. Holiday, Vacation and Attendance bonus to those who qualify, Advances based on performance and attendance. Be prepared to take a weld test, Certifications not a requirement, Drug Free Workplace Elite Enclosure Co 2349 Industrial Drive Sidney, OH 45365 Apply in person 7:30am-2:30pm Monday-Friday

Under general supervision, transport eligible veterans to VA medical services and facilities; maintains assigned vehicleʼs interior and exterior; must be an Honorable discharged veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, a resident of Shelby County, and possess a valid Ohio state driverʼs license.

PHARMACY TECHNICIAN Approximately 30 hours per week. Certification preferred. Send resume to: Dept 139, Sidney Daily News, 1451 North Vandemark Road, Sidney, OH 45365. Other FENIX, LLC PRODUCTION TEAM MEMBERS Seeking team members who want to build a career with our growing company. The ideal candidate should be highly motivated, excel in team environments and, have 3-5 years of manufacturing experience. The plant operates on a 12-hour shift basis with current openings on the 7pm to 7am shift. We offer a highly competitive wage and full benefits. Please send resumes to:

Now hiring Assemblers & Laborers in Piqua and Sidney. Most jobs require a High School Diploma or GED, valid license, and no felonies. Call BarryStaff at: (937)7266909 or (937)381-0058

Delivery Worker Part-Time

Pay tribute to those who have secured our freedom by serving in the Armed Forces with a photo tribute in our special “Scrapbook of Memories” Tabloid

Samuel Yagle

Help Wanted General

CASHIER/ RECEPTIONIST VOSS HONDA is looking for a mature responsible individual to fill a full time CASHIER/ RECEPTIONIST position. Work schedule includes some evenings and Saturdays. Ideal candidate will possess the ability to multi-task in a high volume environment with customer service as a priority. Previous dealership experience is preferred. Please complete an application at: VOSS HONDA 155 S GARBER DR TIPP CITY, OH An Equal Opportunity and Drug Free Workplace



Drivers & Delivery

NKA Transportation Inc. Has 2 Immediate Openings for

OTR TRUCK DRIVERS IMMEDIATE OPENINGS POSITION 1 SIDNEY, OHIO 1st Shift Local Driver Needed! POSITION 2 EAST LIBERTY, OHIO 1st Shift Local Driver Needed! NKA is currently hiring for 1st shift positions, Home every night, Excellent Medical Benefits * Class A CDL Required * Tractor/trailer experience * Must have good driving record * No Hazmat needed! Submit Resume to: Or apply in person at: 777 S. Kuther Rd. Sidney (7:30am to 4pm Mon-Fri) Special Projects position available 20 to 35 hours per week Sunday through Friday. Experience with scrubbers and buffers required. Daytime position available which includes snow removal Monday through Friday 40 hours per week. Night time position available Monday through Friday 25 to 40 hours per week. Must be bondable, have dependable transportation and a valid drivers license. We offer competitive pay, bonuses, paid vacation and more. Visit to complete an application or contact Sarah at 937-710-4102 for more details.

Real Estate Auction

Real Estate Auction 14.432 Acres Former Hardin Elementary School Site

10207 State Route 47 West Sidney, Ohio (Hardin)

On-Site Auction Saturday November 2nd. 9:30 a.m. For more information Contact:

Justin Vondenhuevel CAI 937-538-6231 Auctioneer REALTOR Re/Max One Realty Tom Roll 937-638-7847 Auctioneer REALTOR Realty 2000 VONDENHUEVEL AUCTIONEERS



Yard Sale


Lost & Found

HUMAN RESOURCES 319 S. Vine St. Fostoria, OH 44830 Commercial OFFICE & GARAGE DOWNTOWN SIDNEY, Rent all or part of office and garage. OFFICE 8 rooms. 1,700 square ft, GARAGE 1,700 square ft, 9ft door. Call (937)726-6232 Open House Directory OPEN HOUSE: Sunday, 1pm3pm, 616 East Pike Street, Jackson Center, Ohio. Charles Arnett, Yocum Realty, (419)204-7224. Apartments /Townhouses 1 BEDROOM apartment, downstairs. 402 North Walnut, all utilities included, $600 monthly, deposIt, (937)4977777 1 BEDROOM, North End, Large, appliances, garage, ca, lawncare, No pets, $425 monthly, deposit,(937)4925271 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom, Sidney & Anna, different floor plans, garages, fireplaces, appliances, washer/ dryers,, (937)498-4747, (937)3355223 2 BEDROOM duplex. 1 car garage, all appliances furnished. Great location! (937)497-9894 2 BEDROOM, 1299 Tully Drive, Sidney. All appliances, garage. Quiet neighborhood. $575 monthly. NICE! (937)6933128 3 BEDROOM, 1 bath downstairs apartment. Hardwood floors, new carpet in living room. Off-street parking. No pets. $550/monthly +deposit. (937)498-8895 AMHERST COUNTRY VILLAS 2 bedroom, most utilities paid Laundry room on site NO PETS! $550 monthly Plus Deposit (937)489-9921 BOTKINS, very nice upstairs 2 bedroom, heat & water paid, $395 + deposit, excellent references. ALSO totally furnished 1 bedroom. (937)266-2624 DOWNTOWN APARTMENT, 2 bedroom, no pets, $500 monthly. Call (937)726-6232 In Anna large 3 bedroom 1-1/2 baths duplex attached garage. No Pets. (937)538-6793 3 BEDROOM Duplexes, Sidney, appliances, air, laundry hookup, no pets, $475-$650, (937)394-7265 NORTHTOWN APARTMENTS, 2 Bedroom, 1.5 bath townhouse, all appliances, NO PETS, $460 monthly, (937)295-3157 or (937)7265992 St. Marys Avenue Apartments Most utilities paid off street parking appliances, NO PETS! 1 Bedroom, $450 month (937)489-9921 * 1 & 2 Bedroom * Studios

Village West Apts. "Simply the Best" (937)492-3450 Houses For Rent 2 BEDROOM, 108 East Lyndhurst, Full basement, NO PETS! References, deposit, $625 month, (937)492-0829. 833 South Walnut, 2-3 Bedroom, 1 Bath, garage, large yard, quiet neighborhood, $575 plus deposit, (937)492-4038 JACKSON CENTER, 102 Redbud, Very nice, 3 bedroom, 1 bath home, large fenced yard, garage, $675 monthly plus deposit, (937)492-4038 Storage BARN STORAGE In the Piqua area, Campers or Boat, $40 monthly, (937)570-0833, (937)418-7225



GARAGE RENTAL, 63 foot 26 foot, with 8 foot x 12 foot, electric garage door with opener, Northend Sidney, $300 Monthly, (937)492-1001

RANCH HOME in Sidney area. 2 OR 3 bedroom, 2-car attached garage. Older couple. (937)498-1855 or (937)6220548

MOVE IN READY! 3 bedroom, appliances, CA, deck, $14,500. Call Scott (937)498-1392.

LAB PUPPIES, AKC, 7 males, 5 chocolate, 2 yellow, vet checked, wormed, shots, family raised, ready October 16th, $300, (419)584-8983

Florence Aikin

MINI SCHNAUZER, white. 3 months old. First 2 shots. Bath & hair cut. AKC papers. $200 (937)778-0161 Piqua Dog Club will be offering Obedience classes beginning October 14th thru November 25th, starting at 7pm for 1 hour, at the Piqua Armory, Bring current shot records, But no dogs first night, CGC testing available,, (937)773-5170 PUPPIES 2 males ready, deposit on 1 Female, all YorkiePoo's, $250/each. Deposits on 2 male, 1 female Poodles, $300/each. (419)733-1256

Mom 1 Year Ago Oct. 13, 2012 Every time that I smile Every time that I sigh I think of your perfect face And a tear escapes my eye. We would give anything To have you back, but God Said this is what is meant to be. For you are still watching From up there. And know You’re watching me. Missed so much, Vicky, Bob, Josh, Heather, Ryan, Joey & Bryant, Josh D., Family & Friends



Due to the passing of our mother, Viola Roettger, we will sell the following listed items at the 4-H Building on the grounds of the Auglaize County Fair Wapakoneta, Ohio on:

DATE: THURSDAY OCTOBER 17, 2013 TIME: 1:00 P.M. VEHICLES: 1992 Chevrolet C-1500 Suburban vehicle w/ V-8, automatic & 118,000 miles; 1990 Buick LeSaber Park Avenue 4 door automobile w/ 68,000 miles; ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES: Ingraham mantle clock; 36X42 leaded colored glass panel; Round Oak pedestal table w/ extensions; Costume jewelry; Assorted glass, china, pottery including pressed, milk, pink depression, colored, stemmed, pressed, and others; Bent wood churn; Electric glass globe parlor lamp; Wall mirrors; Kerosene lamps; Christmas decorations; Records; HOUSEHOLD & OTHER ITEMS: Hammond M3 Form A-1 organ, SN 84278; Wurlitzer chord organ; 5 piece wooden bedroom suite; Oak small roll top desk; Samsung 42” plasma flat screen TV; 5 drawer chest & matching dresser; Oak 2 door stand; (2) 3 cushion couches; Love seat; Walnut knee hole desk; Bookcase double headboard; Trundle be; 42” brass stand w/ figured legs; Amana TWA202 wringer washer, excellent; GE electric dryer; 2 plaid & 2 green occasional chairs; pr. Upholstered side chairs; Grandfathers clock case; Treadmill; Stands & coffee table; Floor & table lamps; Pictures & frames; Large amount of bedding & linens; Cookware, dishes, small electrical appliances; Luggage; Electric heaters; Radios; Electronic items; Rugs; Lawn furniture including round patio table, expanded metal items, metal items, etc; Assorted rattan items; Sick room items; Shop vac; and many, many other items. NOTE: This is a very clean auction. Come spend the day with us. CAROLYN JENSVOLD & DENNIS ROETTGER: OWNERS

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Medical Alert for Seniors Medical Alert Monitoring

2009 Mustang GT premium 300 hp, 5 speed. Silver w/black leather, totally loaded, plus lots of added extras. under 33,000 miles, new tires. Over $38,000 new, only $22,900. (937)492-0309.

Make the Switch to DISH Today and Save Up To 50% Promotional prices


ly ...

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s for 12 month Hopper Not eligible with or iPad 2 offer.

KENMORE refrigerator. 2 years old. Ice maker, freezer on bottom. Over-sized. 2 small dings. $300 (937)441-7771

SEASONED FIREWOOD $125 cord pick up, $150 cord delivered, $175 cord delivered & stacked (937)308-6334 or (937)719-3237 FIREWOOD, All hard wood, $150 per cord delivered or $120 you pick up, (937)7262780 FIREWOOD, Seasoned Hardwood, $160 full cord, $85 half cord, delivered, (937)726-4677

TURF PRO LAWN TRACTOR. Tecumseh Enduro 16 engine, 40" 2-stage front-mount snow blower/blade, tire chains. $700 obo. (937)658-4000

Cleaning & Maintenance


Construction & Building


Wants roofing, siding, windows, doors, repair old floors, joust foundation porches, decks, garages, room additions.

ANY TYPE OF REMODELING 30 Years experience!

(937) 232-7816 Amos Schwartz Construction

Gutter Repair & Cleaning



Cleaning & Maintenance

Miscellaneous 40499985

ANNUITY.COM Guaranteed Income For Your Retirement Avoid market risk & get guaranteed income for retirement! Call for FREE copy of our SAFE MONEY GUIDE Plus Annuity Quotes from A-Rated companies! 800-423-0676

Commercial Bonded

Residential Insured

Loria Coburn


Help Wanted General

Motor Routes

The Sidney Daily News is seeking Independent Contractors to deliver our print products on Saturdays and holidays only in the following areas: 0M130R & 0M330R – 200 deliveries Anna, Botkins, McCartyville, New Knoxville

For 3 months.*

0M110R – 190 deliveries

Call Now and Ask How!

1-800-734-5524 All offers require 24-month commitment and credit qualification. Call 7 days a week 8am - 11pm EST Promo Code: MB0513 *Offer subject to change based on premium movie channel availability

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KELVINATOR 30", 5-burner range & 21 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer, both 6 months old. (937)773-3054

Landscaping & Gardening



Call Today:


KITCHEN TABLE, round, opens to oval. With leaf, 6 wood chairs with cushions. $120 (937)538-1174


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SELLER'S Cabinet, brown granite $3500. ICE BOX $500. DUNCAN Phyfe secretary $650. Library table $250. MOONSTONE $2500. MISCELLANEOUS glassware/collectibles. (937)658-3144

Furniture & Accessories


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Antiques & Collectibles


Autos For Sale


Celecoxib* $61.00

(937) 596-6141

Wanted to Buy



rice Our P

Winterization Starting at $45 Call for an Appointment

HORSE HAY, clean grass. $4/bale. (937)638-1800

NEED CASH? Buying junk & wrecked cars/trucks. Nothing too large! Top dollar paid. Also selling great used cars. 937-4511019 888-484-JUNK



TOSHIBA TV, portable 27", with stand and built in DVD player. $65 (937)492-5322 or (937)726-0129


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Pets KITTENS, 9 weeks, males, wormed, litter trained, adorable! Indoor forever homes only, free, (937)492-7478.

RVs / Campers


Want To Rent



40499784 2376331

Sidney Daily News, Saturday, October 12, 2013


Page 16




00 Off Service Mention Code: MB

The Favorite Feast

2 (5 oz.) Filet Mignons 2 (5 oz.) Top Sirloins 4 (4 oz.) Boneless Pork Chops 4 (4 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers 4 Stuffed Baked Potatoes 4 Caramel Apple Tartlets 48643XMD List $154.00, Now Only . . . . .




Omaha Steaks Burgers

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Call Free 1-888-721-9573

Sidney/Anna Area – 25A North, Mason Rd, Pasco Montra Rd, Sharp Rd, Sidney Freyburg

Our Independent Contractors must:

•Be at least 18 years of age or older •Have reliable transportation with state minimum insurance •Be available between the hours of 3am-9am If you meet these minimum criteria, please contact Jason Martin at 937-498-5934. Please be prepared to leave a message with your name, age, address, phone number and route you are interested in.


Help Wanted General

CITY OF SIDNEY ROUTES The Sidney Daily News is seeking Independent Contractors to deliver our print products Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and holidays in the following areas: CITY05 – Approximately 200 deliveries Belmont St, E Bennett St, Bon Air, Broadway, Brookburn, Clinton, Doering, Easy Ave, Elm St, Garfield Ave, Jefferson St, Kossuth St, E Lyndhurst, W Lyndhurst, Magnolia Dr, N Main Ave, New St, Norwood Dr, Overland Dr, E Pinehurst, W Pinehurst, Port Jefferson Rd, E Russell Rd, E Ruth St, Summit St, Wapakoneta Ave, Washington St, Williams St CITY08 – Approximately 170 deliveries Aurora St, Campbell Rd, Center St, Charles Ave, Culvert St, Fair Rd, Fairview Ave, Fulton St, Hall Ave, S Highland, Karen Ave, Lynn St, Montrose St, Mulberry St, Oakleaf Ct, S Pomeroy, Rauth, Ronan, Spruce, Taft, Turner Dr, Urban Ave, Virginia St, S Wagner Ave, Wilkinson CITY11 – Approximately 140 deliveries Amherst, Cherry St, Chestnut Ave, W Clay St, Colonial Dr, W Court St, Evergreen Dr, Fairmont Dr, Foraker Ave, Foxdale Pl, Franklin Ave, Greenacre, Hawthorne Dr, Hickory Ct, Jon Ave, Lori Ct, Maple Leaf Ct, McKinley Ave, W North St, Pinetree Ct, Ridgeway Dr, W South St, Taylor Dr, S Walnut Ave, Our Independent Contractors must: • Be at least 18 years of age or older • Have reliable transportation with state minimum insurance • Be available between the hours of 3am-9am

***If you meet these minimum criteria, please contact Jason Martin at 937-498-5934. Please be prepared to leave a message with your name, age, address, phone number and route you are interested in.



Sidney Daily News, Saturday, October 12, 2013

Land Care

Mower Maintenance

Help Wanted General

Open House Directory

Open Sunday from 1P-3P





40493029 40110438

937-658-0196 All Small Engines • Mowers • Weed Eaters • Edgers • Snowblowers • Chain Saws Blades Sharpened • Tillers

FREE pickup

within 10 mile radius of Sidney


Paving & Excavating

Kuther Rd.

Picture yourself owning this awesome property! 37.568 acres of serene wooded land with a 6.4 acre pond. Former YMCA camp includes a dining hall, activity hall & 2 small cabins. Zoned A1 Agricultural. Ideal location for private residence or vacation home. Directions: Fair Rd west to Kuther Rd south, turn left into Clear Creek Farm lane, follow signs to Open House.

Agents: Deb DeLoye & Brian Holter

4th Ave. Store & Lock


1250 4th Ave.


2385762 40492953


Help Wanted General

Safety Supervisor

Help Wanted General

BGP is looking for an experienced Safety Supervisor with knowledge and experience in OSHA/CPR/First Aid and manufacturing. Inspecting, initiating, and implementing safe work practices and training programs are just some responsibilities.

PARAMEDICS/EMTs AMBULETTE DRIVERS Looking for professional, caring individuals to join our growing team in all areas. EMTs: $11 AEMTs: $13 Paramedics: $15 Night shift premiums! _______________________________________________________


Ambulette Drivers - transporting patients to/from medical appointments by wheelchair van. Full time. $9/hr. Apply online:


Trupointe Cooperative is seeking to fill the position of Mechanic at their Bay Road Maintenance location. The ideal candidate should have a minimum of 5 years fleet maintenance experience, hydraulics, electrical systems, and diagnostic skills. Candidates must supply their own tools, have a valid Class A CDL, and work additional hours as needed. Send resume to: or Trupointe Cooperative, Bay Road Maintenance, 14021 Bay Road, Wapakoneta, OH 45895.



Ask about our monthly specials

Page 17


For training purpose, candidates must be available to work rotating shifts. We offer a comprehensive compensation package and if you are self-motivated with a strong passion for safety awareness, we want to hear from you! Apply in person (M-F 9AM-4PM) or send your resume to BGP Inc. 300 East Vine Steet Coldwater, Ohio 45828 419-605-9660 EOE

Open House Directory 40507360 2372388

Feel the Power Face

Take a virtual tour at





G ro u


OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, OCT 13, 1:00-2:30

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, OCT 13, 1:00-2:30

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, OCT 13, 1:00-2:30

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, OCT 13, 1:00-2:30

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, OCT 13, 1:00-2:30

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, OCT 13, 1:00-2:30

425 S. Main GREAT deal on this 3 bed 1.5 bath 1,732 sq ft home. Tastefully remodeled with a basement. Lg kitchen, formal dining room, great foyer area welcoming you home. One block from Holy Angels School in an established neighborhood. Call Charity Emerich 937-441-2115

2253 Westminster This 5 bedroom home offers a wonderful floor plan. Large family room with corn burner insert, remodeled kitchen and a nice finished basement. Newer flooring throughout the home. Many wonderful updates including new roof in 2011 and windows in ‘05 Call Tim Gleason 937-492-8055.

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, OCT 13, 1:00-2:30

2348 Brierwood Great Price on this stunning ranch style home with a full basement...Master suite includes walk-in closet and full bath with oversized shower...Additional four season room in the rear of the house...Other great amenities include; Gas Fireplace, Cathedral Ceilings, Newer Gas Furnace & A/C, Newer Water Heater & Security system...Major kitchen appliances stay. Oversized 2 car garage, full basement plumbed for a 3rd bath, cul-de-sac location. Call Tim Gleason @ 937-492-8055.

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, OCT 13, 3:00-4:30

105 Bay Elegant Victorian fully restored and ready to be your dream home. Updates have been beautifully integrated to maintain the old charm with a new leaded glass front door, custom hand rails, corbels, new porch roof, restored hardwood floors, and a gas fireplace that just needs the insert. New furnace, central air, windows, carpet, ceramic tile, light fixtures plus a new kitchen and 2 new baths. Inviting landscaping in the front, back porch with new awning for relaxing evenings, and a fenced yard. Call Kristi Marcum @ 937-726-5113

409 S. Ohio, Sidney Lovely 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home. Restored by a MASTER CRAFTSMAN with appliances included. Master bedroom and attached bath, and laundry and separate half bath are all on the first floor. Three more spacious bedrooms upstairs. MUST SEE! $117,000. call Susan at 937-726-2857 1516 Bon Air This lovely home boasts of an incredible kitchen with cherry cabinets & granite counter tops, spacious Living Room with gas fireplace, formal dining room, 3 large bedrooms, Office/study or 4th bedroom, 2.5 baths, relaxing rear patio, 2 car garage and a NO W $184,900 basement. Newer roof. Swing set stays. Call Tim Gleason 937-492-8055.

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, OCT 13, 1:00-2:30 2410 Broadway Spacious home with a lovely kitchen and breakfast area plus a formal dining room. There is a living room and a family room with vaulted ceiling and a cozy fireplace. A full mostly finished basement, large 1.42 acre lot and an enclosed back porch along with plenty of patio space. Call Tim Gleason 937-492-8055.

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, OCT 13, 3:00-4:30

1550 Westlake New kitchen, new flooring, new bath, fresh paint. Move in at closing. Nice large lot at entrance to one Sidney’s newest subdivisions. Great value, don’t miss out. Call Tom Roll @ 937-638-7847

Call Jenny Smith 638-8043.

Road 25A North Great location for this three bedroom home in the Anna school district. This home has too many updates to mention. Full semi finished basement, newer flooring, nicely landscaped; all brick on over a acre lot. Call Tim McMahon 658-3625.

15 Doorley Place This lovely 3 bedroom, 2 full bath home offers space and charm. The large living room is open to the family room that is currently used as the formal dining. The first floor offers a living room, dining room, study, kitchen and a bonus room that features French doors that lead you out to a huge deck and private back yard that will amaze. The attached garage is big enough for your full size truck or any other toys you may have. There are hard wood floors throughout under the carpet. New A/C in 2013. Call Vanessa Goshorn @ 937-726-0673

11296 W. Elm, St Paris Inviting home that is just a walk away from Kiser Lake. South-facing windows give warm natural light and the knotty pine throughout the home provides a wonderful setting for family and includes generous space for entertaining. Spacious living room and its wood burning fireplace with insert and blower provides a perfect welcome. The multi-use family room is a great gathering spot for family and friends that walks out to a covered porch with a great view of the four lots this home sits on. The kitchen and main bath includes beautiful tile work. The fenced in yard also includes fruit trees (pear and cherry), bushes (blackberry, raspberries, gooseberries) and other plantings. This is a must see! Call CONNIE MCCLAIN 638-2306

Patty McMahon Realtor 937-658-3187

810 S. Main Ave. Very BEAUTIFUL house. Completely updated. Owners still making some minor repairs. Cozy home, perfect for a family. Nice fenced in backyard.

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, OCT 13, 1:00-2:30

1029 N. Broadway Charming, classic, neat-as-a-pin, all describe this 2 story, 3-bedroom, 1.5 bath home located just down from the Moose Golf Course. Old world woodwork adds character to this classic beauty! Nicely decorated, plenty of space. Recent improvements include: new hot water heater, new electric service, new 30 year roof, 5 new windows in the downstairs, new tub surround, new carpet in majority of home, freshly painted. Call Tom Roll @ 937-638-7847

4400 Fort Loramie Swanders Rd. Phlipot’s Marine Inc. is looking for new ownership, and could be your chance to be your own boss. The property that includes 3 acres, a commercial building and the business can be yours for $399,000. Call Lee Jones @ 937-726-7177 to set up your showing.

11912 County

16490 Wenger Rd. WOW! What a great home. Four bedrooms, 2.5 bath, great views out of the large windows throughout the home. Full basement partially finished just waiting for your final touch. This hone is very well landscaped on its two plus acre lot.. Call Tim McMahon 658-3625.


1441 St. Marys Amazing space is to be found in this 2 story brick home. The interior offers an extensively remodeled kitchen with Corian counter tops and incredible cabinetry. Beautiful wood flooring, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 4 season sunroom and a huge 4 plus car garage. All on a well landscaped corner lot of Approx. 1.41 acres. Call Tim Gleason 937-492-8055.

car garage with a fenced in yard. Call Angela Elsass 726-4130

518 Fourth Ave. Sidney Wonderful family home. 3 bed, 1 bath, open floor plan with sunporch, huge master bedroom. 2

1670 Wildwood, Sidney 4 Bedroom, 3 Full/2 Half Baths, Finished Basement, 3 Car Garage. Executive Home in Westwood Estates! Spectacular space offering home office. Updated kitchen and SO MUCH MORE. $245,000. Please call Susan at 937-726-2857


Page 18


Sidney Daily News, Saturday, October 12, 2013

Roofing & Siding



Remodeling & Repairs


• • • •

Roofing Windows Kitchens Sunrooms

• • • •

Spouting Metal Roofing Siding Doors

• • • •

Baths Awnings Concrete Additions


40500565 40058888


Roofing • Drywall • Painting Plumbing • Remodles • Flooring Eric Jones, Owner Insurance jobs welcome: FREE Estimates 40503884


Help Wanted General


Open House Directory

498-4725 • 302 W. Russell, Sidney, OH TRUE COME M A E DR

Beautiful 4BR/5BA cedar and stone home on almost 5 acre lot. This 1.5 story home has over 6000SF of living space with full, finished basement, deck, patio and 3 car garage. Beautiful wood floors, skylights, family room, great room, rec room, study and more! $699,000. Call Ed today to schedule your private showing.



OPEN HOUSE 10-13 1-3:00

15180 Timberwood Lane, Minster

Breathtaking views of Indian Lake from the waterfront decks of this 3BR/2BA magnificent lake home! Beautifully renovated with top of the line features, freshly painted and new carpet. 2 lake view decks, private boat house and more! NEW PRICE of $419,900. Give Pattie a call today!

133 Village Green




12028 Lotus, Minster

Enjoy the beauty of the lake in the fall from this 3 bedroom, 2 bath year round lake home at Hegemann’s Landing. Lakefront parcel with dock. 2 car garage. Wooded lot. $169,900. Owner is relocationg! Call Pattie to schedule a tour!

Looks can be deceiving! This custom built 2 story home is much larger on the inside than it looks from the street. Three bedrooms, two and a half baths on a full basement. Cathedral ceiling in the great room. First floor utility room and master suite. For sale or lease! Call Caven!


444 Apollo

Very wellmaintained 3BR/1.5BA split offers bedroom floor plan, fireplace, 4 season sun room and 2 car attached garage. Kitchen with island, appliances, skylight and water purifier. Well insulated and economical to heat/cool. Must see at $139,000. Call Kim!






1307 N. Broadway

SELLER MAY HELP WITH BUYERS CLOSING COSTS! 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath gem with semi-finished basement. 2+ car garage. Beautifully landscaped around covered patio and watefall pond. Only $119,900. Call Pattie today!





853 S. Ohio

Spaciousness graces this 3-4 bedroom, 1.5 bath home. Gorgeous hardwood floors and natural woodwork. Semifinished basement. 1 car garage. Off street parking. Buy for $99,900 or lease option at $865 month. Call Pattie for details!

1-3PM 10/13

1710 Wapakoneta

W o n d e r f u l 3BR/2BA home full of character and on a double lot! Built-in china cabinets in dining room and arched french doors into living room. Feels like home. Great north end location! $139,000. Call Rita!

21783 Maplewood Road

BRAND NEW SEPTIC SYSTEM! Relax on the rear deck while watching the combines harvest the corn from this cozy rural location. 2-3 bedrooms with updated kitchen, semi-finished basement, huge great room and 3 car heated garage. Act now and be in for the holidays! $124,900 and it’s yours! Schedule a tour with Pattie today!

9015 ST RT 368 (Buckeye Dr) Huntsville






5678 Smith Rd, Houston

4+ wooded acres of country paradise! Relax on front or rear decks of this 3BR/2BA home with awesome kitchen, unbelievable cabinetry, breakfast bar and nook. Huge master suite with corner garden tub. Huge closets, fireplace, 2 storage sheds and 2 car garage. $124,000. Give Pattie a call to see this exceptional property.


10277 Museum Trail, Piqua

Room, room and more room! Don’t be fooled by the outside! This 3-4BR/2BA 5 year old ranch offers 1700+SF, 2 car garage and a FULL ready to finish basement. Electric heat pump, double sump pump system and huge walk-in closets in all bedrooms. Priced to sell at $115,000. Call Pattie TODAY!




8089 Port Haven

3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home in rural neighborhood setting on corner lot east of Sidney. Over 1500 SF of space. Large 2 car attached garage. Electric baseboard heat. Fenced in back yard. $94,753. Call Kim today to schedule a showing.





819 E. Parkwood, Sidney

Traditional 2 story, four bedroom/2.5 bath home in a location you are sure to love! Full semi-finshed basement, large Trex deck ideal for entertaining, family and living rooms, study, two fireplaces, and 3 car attached garage. $205,000 or can be leased for $1200 month. Give Caven a call to schedule your tour.




12468 Shroyer Road

Great country location for this 3 bedroom, 2 bath stone and vinyl, quad level home on 2.26 acres. Large rooms, partial basement, and large 2 car workshop garage. $159,900. Call Caven today!





5860 Dawson Rd, Houston

Charming 3BR brick ranch on 1/2+ acre surrounded by woods. Magnificent cherry cabinetry in the “to die for” kitchen. 4 season sunroom, 2 car garage, 2 outbuildings, above ground pool with lounging deck and patio for entertaining. $129,900 for all this! Give Pattie a call today!





1174 Westwood

Very nice 2 bedroom/2 bath condo close to interstate and around the corner from shopping! Light and airy interior with large great room, fresh paint and walk-in closet. Nice outdoor space. 2 car attached garage. $125,000. Call Rita today!



2155 St. Marys

4 bedroom/2bath single story home on 1/2+ acre lot. Nice floor plan with large living room, open kitchen and dining room area. Full unfinished basement, 2 car attached garage plus a detached garage and deck. $110,000 and subject to third party approval. Call Caven to set a showing!



3812 Beulah

Country living close to town, this 3 bedroom ranch offers a massive family room center fireplace, open kitchen with workstation island and almost a 1/2 acre on a quiet dead end street. Beautiful hardwood floors accent the floor plan. $89,900. Call Pattie soon!


16318 Ft. Loramie Swanders Road

Three bedroom/2.5 bath ranch with full basement on 4.28 acres for $196,900. Could possibly be divided with house, stables, riding arena and 2+ acres($174,900) or 2+ acres fenced pasture($22,000). 2+ acres will not be available until home sells. Call Pattie for additional details.


14384 Runor


Beautiful 3 bedroom/2 bath country home. Newer paint and carpet throughout(within last year). Tastefully decorated with a super “chefs” kitchen with stainlees steel stove and LG refridgerator. Large deck off the cathedral ceilinged family room with fireplace. Truly a must see home! $149,900. Give Caven a call to schedule your personal tour.



893 E. Court

Spacious 3BR/1.5BA beautifully remodeled charmer offers a “Man Cave” 3+ car heated garage, fenced yard, arbored patio with built-in firepit, concrete drive with turn-around. Hardwood floors and crown molding accents. Nestled on almost 1/2 acre. Located at the top of Orbison Hill. $128,900. Call Pattie to get you in to take a look!

1506 Pt. Jefferson Road


Alluring Old World Charm will draw you to this beautiful 3 bedroom abode. Gorgeous hardwood floors and arched doorways. Full basement, garage, equipped kitchen. Numerous updates. $119,900 and it’s yours! Call Pattie today to schedule a showing.




329 Doering


NEWLY LISTED 3 BR/1.5BA Cape Cod on 3 lots. Open family room/kitchen area with cathedral ceilings, fireplace and transom windows. Wood floors thoughout first floor. Basement, 2 car garage, brick bar-b-que and dining deck. Nice yard with park-like setting. Only $99,900! Call Pattie to view this stunning home!

OPEN HOUSE 10-20 1-3:00

323 Grant

No corners were cut in the renovation of this 3 bedroom home. New siding, roof, windows, furnace, kitchen, bath, Alure wood flooring, concrete patio and more. Private fenced back yard with above ground pool. 1 car garage and rear off street parking. $89,900. Call Pattie today!


Sidney Daily News, Saturday, October 12, 2013

Page 19

You were being honest … but DR. WALLACE: I met earn a living playing the of them are bored when this guy at my cousin’s piano. A concert pianist I play a symphony piece. house. He is my cousin’s would be a great goal. I like recitals and when best friend. He asked My parents are very I play before a larger me out and I said yes, so proud of my playing. audience, but when I’m the following weekThey were both at home I enjoy playend we went to the born in Korea, ing video games with movies. He was where music is my friends, not performnice, but sort of very important in ing in front of my parweird. He invited almost all families. ents’ friends and house me to go to a beach My only problem guests. —Nameless, party the followis that my par- Riverside, Calif. ing Saturday and, ents want me to NAMELESS: Your again, I said yes. ‘Tween 12 play “a little song” parents are very proud & 20 That was the first for visitors to our of your musical talent Dr. Robert time I saw his tathouse. My father and naturally want you Wallace toos. On one leg, is a medical doc- to share it with their he had a “busty” tor and we have friends and acquaintancnude woman. His tattoo many house guests. I es. But they also need made him look stupid in don’t enjoy playing for to consider your feelmy eyes, but all of his the guests. It’s like my ings about the matter. macho friends thought parents force my music It would be disastrous if it was cool. on them. I’m sure some the forced performancThat night when he took me home, I told him that his nude Sidney Daily News woman tattoo looked stupid. This made him angry and he swore at Sponsored By: DAYS INN me, hopped into his car, and then sped away. My cousin said that this guy is really mad at me and that I needed to VOTE NOW! Most Orginal - Category take a course in proper etiquette. Having a Vote for your favorite nude woman tattooed entry in each of the on his leg proved to four categories at me that he was stupid and that’s what I told him. Do I need a course in etiquette or was I just being honest? — Nameless, Naples, Fla. NAMELESS: You were being honest, but you were also being Voting Starts Nov. 4th rude. At the very least, you might have gotten Voting Ends Nov. 11th the message across by using another adjective rather than “stupid.” Forget this guy as a possible future boyfriend. The two of you were not meant for each other. DR. WALLACE: I’m CATEGORY SPONSOR AD HERE 14 years old and have been taking piano lessons ever since I was 4. I do enjoy playing and even taking my lessons. I hope someday I can

es wound up making you dislike playing the piano. There are times when you should just be a normal 14-yearold boy, not a musical prodigy. Show my answer to Mom and Dad and see if something can be

worked out where you perform occasionally and then for only a short time. You should always end your home performance with the guests clamoring for more! Dr. Robert Wallace welcomes questions from readers. Although he is unable

to reply to all of them individually, he will answer as many as possible in this column. E-mail him at To find out more about Dr. Robert Wallace and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at



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Sidney Daily News, Saturday, October 12, 2013

Your Horoscope Francis Drake

What kind of day will tomorrow be? To find out what the stars say, read the forecast given for your birth sign. For Monday, Oct. 14, 2013: ARIES (March 21 to April 19) As this week begins,

remember that you need more sleep. The Sun is as far away from you as it gets all year, and the Sun is your source of energy. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Look for ways to get organized, because this will give you a warm feeling in your tummy now. This even extends to your

Senior College Classes Offered College level mini-courses offered to older independent adults, with a passion for lifelong learning. Classes on â&#x20AC;&#x153;Two Koreasâ&#x20AC;?

Instructor Brad Reed will lead an exploration of the geologic, geographic and political landscapes that have shaped this divided peninsula of the Republic of Korea. The course will look at the economies of the two states, which are bordered by both China and Russia, and how they impact the region and the world. The class will explore cultural and artistic contributions in historical, religious and political contexts. Veterans who served in Korea during the Korean War 1950-1953 are encouraged to attend and share their impressions of the people and the countries.

(3) 90-minute sessions Class dates: October 15, 22 & 29 7:00 p.m. at Dorothy Love Retirement Community (Amos Community Center) For questions about the Senior College class, email Brad Reed:

Classes are $25 per person/free to Dorothy Love residents. Pre-register with

3003 W. Cisco Rd. Sidney, Ohio 45365

Lu Ann Presser, 937.497.6542.


health. You want it all! GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Make sure to take time to express your creativity. Life is more than just work, work, work. You also have to play, play, play. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Your focus continues to be on home, family and significant conversations with parents. You might want to cocoon at home more than usual at this time. LEO (July 23 to Aug. 22) Your busy pace continues, with short trips, errands, conversations with everyone, plus increased reading and writing. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got places to go, things to do and people to see!

VIRGO (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22) Take time to prioritize your values. In other words, what matters in life? If you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know what matters, how will you know what to strive for? LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Do not forget it this is your turn to recharge your batteries for the rest of the year. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all about you. Enjoy attracting fortunate circumstances and important people.

(Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Discuss your hopes and dreams for the future with others, especially in groups. You might be surprised by the helpful insight and feedback that youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll get from others.

(Feb. 19 to March 20) Shared property, inheritances, taxes and debt are your focus now. But many of you also are on a big self-improvement kick. Do whatever you can.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 19) Right now, a planetary influence makes you look attractive to others, especially bosses, parents, teachers and VIPs. Milk this for all itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s worth. Demand the advantage.

YOU BORN TODAY You value the middle road and moderation because youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re sensible. You have a reserved quality that gives you dignity and composure. Nevertheless, you are a leader. Furthermore, you are like a rock of stability to your friends and family. You are organized and know how to manage others. This year an important choice will arise. Choose wisely.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Take time now to figure out what you want your new year (birthday to birthday) to be all about. After all, people who have goals know where theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re going.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18) Travel, higher education, medicine, the law and anything having to do with publishing and the media have your attention. You want to push the sides of the envelope and get more out of life.



Birthdate of: Natalie Maines, singer; Mia Wasikowska, actress; Dwight D. Eisenhower, p r e s i d e n t /g e n e r a l .

Council learns about upcoming school levy NEW BREMEN â&#x20AC;&#x201D; New Bremen Village Council members learned more about the upcoming New Bremen Local Schools bond building issue during its September meeting. Howard Overman, superintendent of New Bremen Local Schools, and Tom Wilker gave a presentation on the 7.4-mill bond building issue and a 0.5-mill maintenance levy to construct a new K-6 build-

ing on the southeast area of the high school campus along Cardinal Street. The issue will be on the ballot Nov. 5. In other business, council: â&#x20AC;˘ Approved expenditures for the month of $1,022,979.57 â&#x20AC;˘ Thanked everyone responsible for the beautification of the area south of Pizza Hut on Ohio 66. â&#x20AC;˘ Heard the third reading a resolution approving a handicapped

bocce ball court to be installed at Bremenfest Park. A charitable organization will spearhead the project and seek funding. â&#x20AC;˘ Approved a change order for the Circle Drive sanitary sewer improvement. The amount is a decrease of $11,310.74 resulting from lower quantities. â&#x20AC;˘ Went into executive session to discuss real estate.



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Â&#x2020;Â&#x20AC; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2C6;



   Â    Â?Â? Â? Â?Â?Â? Â?

        Â?Â? Â?Â?Â?  ­Â?Â?  Â&#x20AC;  ­Â&#x20AC;Â&#x201A; Â&#x192;Â&#x201E; Â&#x2026; ­ ­Â? 

          Â Â?  Â?Â? Â?  



North End



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