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City hopes to finish construction N. Market St. work could hinder festival BY NATALIE KNOTH Staff Writer Underground work for the first phase of the North Market Street construction project is being completed between the railroad tracks and Foss Way, as discussed at the May 20 city council meeting. Curb work will be the next part of the project. In an interview

Casserole is delicious The Amish Cook comes up with a delicious recipe for an asparagus egg casserole in this week’s column See Page 6.

Wednesday, City Engineer Deborah Swan said the city would be hearing from contractor Finfrock Construction Company about the status of the project, in light of the upcoming Strawberry Festival. The annual event draws tens of thousands of people to Troy for opening-night activities downtown Friday, May 31, and day-long festivities June

TROY 1-2 on the levee. “Generally the project is moving along as it should be,” Swan. “The contractor has had a few surprise things under ground, so it’s taking a little longer than anticipated, but it’s moving along.” In the beginning of April, contractor began stripping off old asphalt for the project, which includes reconstructive work to the street and sidewalks in addition to

work on storm sewers and water and storm lines. The road is still open for those returning to their residences or patronizing businesses. The second phase of the project, slated for after the Strawberry Festival, will stretch from the railroad to Staunton Road. Also on North Market Street, part of the railing on the bridge will be replaced on the east side near the northbound lane. Some of the spindles were damaged when a car

jumped the curb and hit the railing early this year during icy conditions. The panel was barricaded as the damage was severe enough to warrant a safety issue, said Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington following the accident. In other city news, Titterington reminded residents that trash and recycling pick-up will be delayed one day in observance of Memorial Day. City offices will be closed as well.

Troy fire ruled arson Three injured in apartment blaze Wednesday

Some advice for graduates


Congratulations graduating class of 2013: I am not standing before you today giving a commencement address, mostly because most local high school administrators feel like handing me an open microphone in front of several hundred teenagers would be akin to handing me a pipe bomb — no good could possibly come of it. And, to be honest, they are probably right.

State and local fire officials found evidence that a fire was deliberately set on the porch of a Troy apartment complex, trapping seven people on the second story Wednesday morning. Three people were hospitalized with undetermined injuries after smoke and flames forced the trio to jump out of a second story window of an apartment complex on 32 Foss Way, Troy. The other four people trapped on the second story were rescued by the city fire department’s ladder truck and were able to walk down to safety and were uninjured. According to City of Troy Fire Department Chief Chris Boehringer, state fire marshals and a team of investigators ruled

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Drone attacks kill Americans


The Obama administration acknowledged for the first time Wednesday that four American citizens have been killed in drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen since 2009. The disclosure to Congress comes on the eve of a major national security speech by President Barack Obama in which he plans to pledge more transparency to Congress in his counterterrorism policy. See Page 5.

the fire as arson late Wednesday afternoon. “It was deliberately set,” Boehringer said Wednesday afternoon. Boehringer said traces of an accelerant was found on the porch of the apartment building where the fire began before 3 a.m. Wednesday morning. Boehringer said the city’s fire departments responded within four minutes of the initial 9-1-1 call at 2:59 a.m., which stated seven people were trapped on the second story of the apartment building. Three adults jumped from the building and were transported to Upper Valley Medical Center. Boehringer said two of the three adults were then transported to Miami Valley Hospital, one by CareFlight and the other by ambulance. All victims’ names and conditions were not released by press time. “In this particular case, there was one egress stairway and it was blocked by active fire and they couldn’t get down,” Boehringer said. Damage to the apartment complex was estimated at $250,000 and contents were estimated up to $60,000, Boehringer said. Boehringer also said smoke detectors in several of the buildings were inspected. One was found

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without a battery, one had a battery but did not work and another was working but was too far away from the fire to respond to the smoke. Boehringer reminded the public to check smoke detectors often

to allow adequate time to evacuate in case of a fire. Casstown Volunteer Fire Department, Elizabeth Township Fire Department and Tipp City medics provided mutual aid. The Troy Police Department and

Miami County Sheriff ’s Office also responded to the assist at the scene on Wednesday morning. The Northern Miami Valley Red Cross also was called to the scene to assist families displaced by the fire.

Oklahoma tornado damage: $1.5-$2 billion

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Troy Police and Troy Fire departments along with emergency crews from surrounding areas including Casstown, Elizabeth Township, New Carlisle and Medics from Tipp City responded to the scene of a structure fire at around 2:58 a.m. Wednesday in Troy. According to sources on the scene the original report came in with seven people trapped in the structure on Foss Qay. At least three of the residents jumped from a second floor window to escape the blaze.


MOORE, Okla. (AP) — The tornado that struck an Oklahoma City suburb this week may have created $2 billion or more in damage as it tore through as many as 13,000 homes, multiple schools and a hospital, officials said Wednesday as they gave the first detailed account of the devastation. At the same time,

authorities released the identities of some of the 24 people, including 10 children, who perished. While anguish over the deaths was palpable as residents began picking up their shattered neighborhoods, many remained stunned that the twister didn’t take a higher human toll during its 17 miles and 40 minutes on the ground.

The physical destruction was staggering. “The tornado that we’re talking about is the 1 or 2 percent tornado,” Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management Director Albert Ashwood said of the twister, which measured a top-of-thescale EF5 with winds of at least 200 mph. “This is the anomaly that flattens

everything to the ground.” As response teams transitioned into cleanup and recovery, Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett, who sent police and fire crews from his city to assist the effort, said an early assessment estimated damage costs at between $1.5 billion and $2 billion. The Oklahoma Insurance Department,

meanwhile, said visual assessments of the extensive damage zone suggest the cost could be greater than the $2 billion from the 2011 tornado that struck Joplin, Mo., and killed nearly seven times as many people. Though there was little more than 10 minutes warning that a tornado • See TORNADO on 2

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Thursday, May 23, 2013


IRS official says her group broke no laws


Jack Brown waits to get into a neighborhood in Moore, Okla., Wednesday. Brown has four family members including his mom that lost homes from Monday's tornado.

Tornado • CONTINUED FROM A1 was on the ground Monday and headed for Moore, many in the area are accustomed to severe storms. The community of 56,000 people has been hit by four tornados since 1998, and residents already were on alert after weekend storms and days of warnings. Because the tornado hit in the afternoon, many others were away from the neighborhoods and out of harm’s way at work. Looking over the broken brick, smashed wood and scattered appliances that is all that remains of the home where Dawn DuffyRelf’s aunt lived with her two daughters, Duffy-Relf and her husband marveled at the devastation and the survival rate. Duffy-Relf credited central Oklahoma residents’ instincts and habits: they watch the weather reports, they look at the sky, they know what they can and

can’t outrun. “We know where we live,” she said as she tried to salvage as much from the home as possible before her aunt returned from a vacation to Mexico. Her husband, Paul Duffy-Relf, also noted the rise of social media and cellphone use since the last massive storm smashed the town more than a decade ago. He said people posted on Facebook and Twitter ahead of Monday’s storm, telling others where the tornado was and when to flee. And some never left their cellphones, staying on the line with loved ones as long as they could, and working to quickly reconnect with those who needed help afterward. “People are still looking for their wallets, but they have their cellphones,” he said. Harold Brooks, research meteorologist at the National Severe Storms Laboratory in Norman,

Okla., said long-range forecasting models also have dramatically improved and are able to provide insight even a week before a storm strikes. Brooks said people in the storm’s direct path had time to pick out their safe place even if it was their home’s bathtub when there was first word of a massive tornado bearing down on them. “If you take appropriate action, you go to your safe place, you can dramatically increase the probability you’ll survive,” he said. To Brooks, the Joplin tornado was the oddity in terms of lives lost. That tornado struck on a Sunday evening two years ago this week. “It’s a number that I really don’t understand what led to that,” he said. “It could be the timing, 5:30 on a Sunday night, or bad luck. That was the outlier.” While estimating that between 12,000 and 13,000

homes were affected by Monday’s tornado, emergency officials said they were unable to estimate the number of people left homeless, in part because many had been taken in by relatives and only a couple dozen stayed overnight at Red Cross shelters. President Barack Obama plans to view the destruction firsthand on Sunday. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, meanwhile, visited Wednesday and again pledged the federal government’s ongoing support. She urged people to register with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to learn about aid for which they may qualify. “We know that people are really hurting,” she said. “There’s a lot of recovery yet to do. … We will be here to stay until this recovery is complete. You have our commitment on that.”

WASHINGTON (AP) — At the center of a political storm, an Internal Revenue Service supervisor whose agents targeted conservative groups swore Wednesday she did nothing wrong, broke no laws and never lied to Congress. Then she refused to answer lawmakers’ further questions, citing her Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate herself. In one of the most electric moments since the IRS controversy erupted nearly two weeks ago, Lois Lerner unwaveringly but briefly defended herself before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. But she would say no more, citing legal advice in the face of a federal investigation. Members of Congress have angrily complained that Lerner and other highranking IRS officials did not inform them that conservative groups were singled out, even though lawmakers repeatedly asked the IRS about it after hearing complaints from local tea party groups. The Justice Department has launched a criminal probe of the murky events over the 2010 and 2012 election campaigns, saying it is looking into potential civil rights violations. Top IRS officials say Lerner didn’t tell them for nearly a year after she learned that agents working under her had improperly singled out conservative groups for additional scrutiny when they applied for tax-exempt status. Under unrelenting criticism most forcefully from Republicans but also from Democrats and people outside politics administration officials from President Barack Obama on down have denounced the targeting as inappropriate and inexcusable. Lerner, who heads the IRS division that handles applications for tax-exempt status and first disclosed the targeting at a legal conference, has said the same. But she also spoke up for herself Wednesday, sitting sternfaced at the committee witness table. “I have not done anything wrong,” she said. “I have not broken any laws, I have not violated any IRS rules or regulations, and I have not provided false information to this or any other congressional committee.” By one lawmaker’s count, Lerner was asked 14 times by members of Congress or

their staffs without revealing that the groups had been targeted. On Wednesday, lawmakers didn’t get a chance to ask Lerner again. Nine minutes after she began speaking, Lerner was excused, though committee Chairman Darrell Issa, RCalif., said he might recall her. He and other Republicans say they believe she forfeited her Fifth Amendment privilege not to testify by giving an opening statement in which she proclaimed her innocence, but several law professors were skeptical they could make that stick. Issa later said he would consult with others including her lawyer and House attorneys before determining whether to summon her again, hopefully deciding by the time Congress returns from an upcoming recess early next month. “She’s a fact witness with a tremendous amount that she could tell us,” Issa said. By leaving early, Lerner missed out on a six-hour grilling that three other witnesses endured. The hearing was Congress’ third on the IRS controversy in the past week. Taken together, testimony by current and former officials indicates that Lerner’s actions were consistent with theirs: Once officials learned that conservative groups were being targeted, they say they made sure the practice was stopped, but they were slow to tell superiors, if they did so at all. They also didn’t tell Congress, until Lerner herself made it public at a May 10 legal conference. “Think about it. For more than a year, the IRS knew that it had inappropriately groups of targeted Americans based on their political beliefs without mentioning it,” Issa said. “There seemed to be a culture of insulation that puts higher priority on deniability than addressing blatant wrongdoing.” The hearings have been notable for what they have not shown as well as what they have. No evidence has emerged that anyone outside the IRS, including the White House, directed agents to go after conservative groups. And there has been no evidence that anyone outside the IRS was made aware that the groups were being targeted until a few weeks before the inspector general released his report on the situation last week.

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May 23, 2013



Milton schools to see staff changes Principal resigns at high school BY JOYELL NEVINS For Civitas Media Milton-Union High School will have some personnel changes next year. The board of education officially accepted Principal Brian Powderly’s resignation at its meeting Monday. Powderly’s last day will be June 30. He is taking a postion with the Monroe school district. The job opening has been posted for the position, according to treasurer Chuck Klein. Guidance counselor Tara Hagan also resigned, effective Aug. 2. The board plans to replace that pos-

WEST MILTON tion as well. A position staying the same is the school resource officer. Milton-Union will continue to share the officer with Newton schools. From July 1 through June 30,2014, the cost will be $16,011.99. Activity fees will also remain, but be capped at $350 per family. For high school extracurriculars, it starts at $70 for the first season, and $35 for each season thereafter. For the middle school, athletics will stay at $60 for the first season, and $30 for each thereafter. Also on Monday, the board approved the selling

of the parking lot south of Hoffman United Methodist Church on South Main Street. Since it is no longer needed by the district, the board had it appraised at $16,500 and authorized the treasurer to sell the property at such. The board accepted donations from Rachel Ann Minnich, $1,000, for the picture wall; Milton-Union Parent-Teacher Organization, $8,850 for educational software; and Boosters, Milton-Union $1,211.84 for materials to construct a tennis storage building. The next board of education meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. June 17 in the board conference room.


Benefit to raise funds for humane society TROY — The Miami County Humane Society and Troy Rec Center will have a joint fundraiser from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. June 8 at the Troy Rec Center in downtown Troy. The event will include the Troy Animal Hospital, D.A.R.E., children’s games for prizes, 50/50 and basket and item raffles, cake walk, face painting, food items and more. Mugs Tshirts, sweatshirts and Animal Friends cards will be for sale. Pop Rocks also will offer a jump rope clinic for a $10 donation, and participants must bring their own beaded rope. Call the Troy Rec at 339-1923 to pre-register for the clinic. Participants are asked to bring cat or dog food, treats or litter to donate.

screening will be offered Monday at Upper Valley Cardiology, 3006 N. County Road 25-A, Suite 104, Troy. Screenings will include total cholesterol, HDL (good cholesterol), blood sugar, blood pressure, listening to carotid arteries and Custom Stroke Risk Assessment. Counseling with a stroke nurse will be available for those found at risk. No fasting is required for these screenings. Appointments are required. To schedule a time, call CareFinders at (866) 608FIND (3463). The free

screenings are sponsored by Upper Valley Medical Center in conjunction with Premier Community Health.

BNC to present bat program TROY — Brukner Nature Center will present “Big Brown Bat” from 2-3 p.m. June 1. Join staff and volunteers as they discuss the importance of bats to humans and how recent population declines indicate they need us as much as we need them. The event is free with admission to the center.

Screenings offered TROY — A free stroke




• STEAK FRY: The Pleasant Hill VFW Post 6557, 7578 W. Fenner Road, Ludlow Falls, will offer a T-bone steak dinner with • DOLLAR SALE: salad, baked potato and a roll for Anna’s Closet will $11 from 5-8 p.m. C o m m u n i t y have a $1 sale from • FARMERS MARKET: The Calendar 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Miami County Farmers Market each day. Proceeds will be offered from 9 a.m. to 2 will benefit New Path CONTACT US p.m. behind Friendly’s, Troy. Ministries of • FAMILY FUN: A free family Ginghamsburg fun day will be from 11 a.m. to 4 Church. p.m. at the Troy Rec, 11 N. Market Call Melody St., Troy. The event will include carnival games, pool tables, foosTODAY Vallieu at ball, card games, comedy, ping 440-5265 to pong and video games. • PICNIC ON THE list your free • PRESCHOOL: The Miami PLAZA: A Picnics on County Park District will hold the calendar the Plaza concert will Mother Nature’s Preschool’s be offered at 11:45 items.You “Friends in the Forest” program a.m. at Prouty Plaza can send from 10-11 a.m. at Charleston in downtown Troy. your news by e-mail to Falls Preserve, 2535 Ross Road, Bring your lunch and south of Tipp City. Children 2-4 a blanket/chair and years old and an adult companion enjoy the sounds of are invited to attend. There will be Troy Junior High a story, playtime and toddlerSchool’s eighth grade sized hike. Dress for the weather. band. Free and open to the public. Registration is required and a non-refund• RIBBON CUTTING: Senior Active able $10 fee is charged for each series of Adult Day Services will have a ribbon cutfour programs. 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Sing open-face beef hotshots, mashed potatoes, along with Spirit of Thunder (John De and green beans or corn from 5-7:30 p.m. Boer) as participants roast marshmallows for $8. and spend time with family and friends. • BLOOD DRIVE: A blood drive will be Participants who play an instrument are from 3-7 p.m. at First Lutheran Church, 2899 W. Main St., Troy. Everyone who regis- welcome to bring it along. Meet in the parking lot. Don’t forget your flashlight. ters will receive a free “Birds of a Feather Register for the program online at Donate Together” T-shirt. Schedule an www.miamicountyparks, email to regisappointment at or visit for more informa- or call (937) 335-6273, Ext. 104. tion. • KARAOKE SET: The American • TACO SALAD: The American Legion Legion Post No. 586, Tipp City, will host Post Ladies Auxiliary Unit No. 586, Tipp City, will offer taco salads for $4 from 6-7:30 karaoke from 7 p.m. to close. • PLANT-IN: A perennial flower plantp.m. Euchre will start at 7 p.m. for $5. in, in honor of longtime Milton-Union • PHS LUNCH: The 1961 Piqua Central school employee Linda McAlpin who High School classmates are getting together for lunch at 12:30 p.m. at Buffalo Jacks in passed away from cancer four years ago, will be from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the memCovington. Spouses or significant others ory garden at the end of Hamilton Street, are invited. Participants will order off the east entrance to the athletic field. menu. • BUNNIES IN THE GARDEN: A farm • FRUIT SMOOTHIES: The community walk will be at 2:30 p.m. at Aullwood Farm. is invited to cool off from a hard day’s work Pick some herbs, plant some seeds, work with a fruit smoothie from 6-7 p.m. at the the soil up and listen to a story about a Caldwell House, 2900 Corporate Drive, funny bunny. Meet one of Aullwood’s softTroy. est animals, the rabbit, and help feed her • DISCOVERY WALK: A morning dissome tasty treats. Get a chance to brush covery walk for adults will be from 8-9:30 her and learn how she is taken care of. a.m. at Aullwood Audubon Center, 1000 Aullwood Road, Dayton. Tom Hissong, eduSUNDAY cation coordinator, will lead walkers as they experience the wonderful seasonal changes taking place. Bring binoculars. • CIVIC BAND: The Troy Civic Band will kick off its 2013 season with the Memorial Day weekend concert at 7 p.m. FRIDAY at Prouty Plaza in downtown Troy. Co-conductor Bill McIntosh will lead the band in a • FRIDAY DINNERS: Dinner will be offered from 5-8 p.m. at the Covington VFW concert entitled “Heroes,” which will feature a salute to the U.S. Armed Forces, Post 4235, 173 N. High St., Covington. the premiere of an original work by Ohio Choices will include a $12 New York strip composer Tad Stewart, entitled John steak, broasted chicken, fish, shrimp and Wayne: American Hero,and selections by sandwiches, all made-to-order. Sousa, Fillmore and others. Two soloists • FAJITA DINNER: The Pleasant Hill VFW Post No. 6557, 7578 W. Fenner Road, will be featured on the program, clarinetist Troy City School Associate Director of Ludlow Falls, will offer a fajita dinner for $7 Bands Molly Venneman and THS grad and from 6-7:30 p.m. trombonist Richard Mitchell. • BLOOD DRIVE: A blood drive will be • DEDICATION AND FLAG RAISING: from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Miami County The Tipp City Community Band, directed YMCA, 3060 S. County Road 25-A, Troy. by Gail Ahmed, will provide music for the Everyone who registers will receive a free “Birds of a Feather Donate Together” T-shirt. statue dedication and outdoor military ceremony at 2 p.m. at the Gazebo in Schedule an appointment at Veterans Memorial Park, southeast corner or visit of Hyatt and Main Street, Tipp City. for more information. Participants are asked to wear patriotic • FISH AND FRIES: The American attire. The event is free. For more informaLegion Post No. 586, Tipp City, will serve tion, call 335-1178 fish, fries, sausage and kraut for $7 from 6• ADVENTURE SERIES: The Miami 7:30 p.m. County Park District will have its Meet the • FLOWER MOON: A May full moon Adventure Puppets program from 1-4 p.m. walk will be from 8:30-10 p.m. at Aullwood, at Charleston Falls Preserve, 2535 Ross 1000 Aullwood Road, Dayton. An Aullwood naturalist will lead this relaxing night walk in Road, south of Tipp City. Participants can meet Freddy the Frog, Rocky the Flying the light of May’s Flower Moon. Squirrel, Sammy Snail, Ollie Otter, Benny the Bee, Squeaky Mouse and more. The SATURDAY Miami County Park District Puppeteers will be at the falls having fun. Let your imagi• QUARTER AUCTION: The Miami nation take a journey as you learn about Valley Veterans Museum will be hosting its nature. Register for the program online at semi annual “Quarters for our Quarters” www.miamicountyparks, email to regisquarter auction from 6-8 p.m. at the or call (937) um, 107 W. Main St., downtown Troy.The 335-6273, Ext. 104. doors will open at 5 p.m. for previewing of • BREAKFAST SET: The American auction items. Admission is $3 and Legion Ladies Auxiliary Unit No. 586 will includes one paddle and each additional host an all-you-can-eat breakfast from 8paddle is $2. Food and refreshments will 11 a.m. for $6. Items available will be be available. All proceeds will go toward eggs, bacon, sausage, sausage gravy, building and utility costs for the museum. hash browns, toast, waffles, pancakes, The Miami Valley Veterans Museum is a fruit, french toast, biscuits, cinnamon rolls not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. and juice. • BIKES AGAINST BULLYING: The • CHICKEN BARBECUE: The Lincoln Community Center will offer a Pleasant Hill Newton Township Fireman’s Bikes Against Bullying event from 2-5 p.m. Association will be holding its spring leaving from the center, 110 Ash St., Troy. chicken barbecue beginning at 11 a.m. at Following the run or motorcycles, youth the firehouse. Donated baked goods are will judge bikes in a contest in back of the invited. Proceeds will be used for the purcenter with a community bash out. The fee chase of fire and rescue equipment. will be $15 for one bike of $25 for two. For • WILDFLOWER WALK: A spring wildmore information, call the center at 335flower walk will be at 2:30 p.m. at 2715. Aullwood, 1000 Aullwood Road, Dayton. • MARKET ON THE MIAMI: Market on Meet at the center. the Miami, a collaboration of local vendors who produce locally grown, homemade MONDAY cottage foods and artisan items will be offered from 9 a.m. to noon at the Tin • MEMORIAL DAY: The VFW Post No. Roof Restaurant, 439 N. Elm St., Troy, at 5436 Honor Guard will have Memorial Day Treasure Island Park. For more informaservices beginning at 10 a.m. on the tion, visit, Adams Street Bridge, continuing to on Facebook at “Market On The Miami,” Veterans Memorial Park in Riverside call (937) 216-0949 or email Cemetery where services to honor veterans will continue.


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Question: Should this year’s Troy Strawberry Festival have been held in downtown Troy or on the levee?

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EDITORIAL ROUNDUP The Daily News of New York on Yahoo's acquisition of Tumblr: Welcome to the future, where a scrappy little platform created in 2007 by a Bronx High School of Science dropout gets snapped up for $1.1 billion in cash. (Kids, don't try this at home unless you're really, really good.) And welcome to the future, where the money source was once itself a scrappy website that rose to great heights, only to fall to miserable lows, only to hire a hotshot CEO who's out searching for the fountain of youth and profits. This is the story of New York City-bred Tumblr, home to more than 100 million blogs. It is a quirky, electric online community where artists, writers, photographers and regular creative people congregate to share what they see, think and make. David Karp started it when he was 21; now, sitting on his first few hundred million, he's 26. And it is the story of Yahoo, of Sunnyvale, Calif., which, under new boss Marissa Mayer, is trying to claw its way back to relevance, having been outgoogled by Google years ago. Is Tumblr worth that hefty sum? It's a risky proposition, especially if Yahoo makes it seem less cool. Young people fled MySpace after News Corp. bought it. They will do the same to Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr if they feel betrayed. But we see another lesson in the purchase: When California needs fresh energy, it looks to the emerging tech capital: New York City, home of more diverse media talent than any other place. The Daily Gazette of Schenectady on scandals dogging the Obama administration. Barack Obama must feel a little like the Wicked Witch in "The Wizard of Oz," who, after Dorothy threw water on her, said, "I'm melting! Melting!" Fox News, its conservative followers and Republicans in Congress have been throwing more than water at the president these last years, not always for good reasons. But this time there have been some real transgressions, if not by Obama himself then by his administration, which he is ultimately responsible for. We're not referring to the terrorist attack on the embassy in Benghazi, Libya, which killed four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, last September. There were some misjudgments and misstatements made by Obama and State Department officials, but the evidence so far (including 100 pages of emails released by the White House Wednesday) suggests it was more a result of confusion, poor communication, poor information from the CIA, and the State Department's desire for bureaucratic self-protection than anything else. The conservatives have tried hard to paint Benghazi as a major scandal involving lies and coverups, but there just isn't enough there. That isn't the case with two other issues involving the administration that have just come to light: the IRS' targeting of conservative political groups and the Justice Department's unprecedented seizure of Associated Press phone records as part of a leak investigation. There have been attempts to affix the term "gate" to every scandal or mini-scandal in the 40 years since Watergate, but these are perhaps the most reminiscent of that period when Richard Nixon was abusing his power to get at his "enemies" and subverting government agencies in the process. The difference this time, at least it appears, is that the president wasn't the instigator. The IRS has admitted that it targeted conservative political groups, including tea party affiliates, seeking tax-exempt status in recent years. It acknowledged this was wrong and apologized. But that shouldn't be the end of it. This was a fundamental abuse of government power for political purposes. The questions are, who initiated it and who knew about it? IRS officials are saying it all began at lower levels, and higher-ups, including Acting Commissioner Steven Miller (who was fired by President Obama Wednesday) only found out about it after the fact — and kept that information from Congress.


Resident never asked for Mumford & Sons

events, now we can for a “city activity,” serve alcohol for one event so people will come. Who are these people who cannot go To the Editor: for a few hours without alcoThank you for your letter, hol? Do you not think any of Terri Schlosser. these people will not become I would like to see “some“under the influence” and drive one” respond to Terri's letter to wherever? dated May 20 in the Troy Daily You, “whoever YOU are,” News regarding decisions made said all preparations and clean by city officials. up would be done by the pro“WHO” decides to break all ducers of this event. the rules established by the Now YOU are asking for city officials? 1,000 volunteers for set up, Examples: Close the square clean up and anything needed — close a bridge, close the in between. downtown to citizens of Troy, By all means let’s paint for cannot use fair grounds for city $7,000 a memorial. I’m sure

there are no charities who would welcome an extra “14” $500.00 donations. As is usual for Troy, when residents are given the opportunity to vote on an issue and the vote is a resounding “NO,” our city finds a way to give the “GO AHEAD” because “they know better what is good for Troy.” Will “anybody” bother to respond publicly in the Troy Daily News regarding these issues? As in the past, “THEY NEVER DO.” — Nancy Frantz Troy

WRITETO US: The Troy Daily News welcomes signed letters to the editor. Letters must contain your home address and a telephone number where you can be reached during the day. Letters must be shorter than 500 words as a courtesy to other writers. We reserve the right to edit for length and clarity. MAIL: 224 S. Market, Troy, Ohio, 45373; E-MAIL:; FAX (937) 440-5286; ONLINE: (“Letters To The Editor” link on left side).


Three pieces of advice for those about to graduate Congratulations graduating class of 2013: I am not standing before you today giving a commencement address, mostly because most local high school administrators feel like handing me an open microphone in front of several hundred teenagers would be akin to handing me a pipe bomb — no good could possibly come of it. And, to be honest, they are probably right. Which is why I am going to you — in this medium most of you probably find antiquated at best — to give you a few (and trust me, I know how anxious you are to get on to your graduation parties, so I promise it will be a few) words of advice before you head out to conquer the world. (Note: I thought about bringing you this message in a form you would find more appropriate, such as Twitter, but all I could come up with in 140 characters was “Class of 2013 … out! #takingover #YOLO!” And that hardly seems like a proper graduation speech now does it?) In any event, I know you probably are ready to take over the world, and most commencement speakers would probably stand here and tell you that you have all the tools to do so, the world is your oyester, carpe diem and so on and so forth. I’m not here to tell you those

David Fong Troy Daily News Executive Editor things. I’m here to tell you that most of you will not grow up and take over the world. Many of you will spending every waking moment working just to carve out the most meager existance possible. Some of you will leave here with grandiose dreams, only to return four or five years later and live with your parents until you are 28. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about here. It happened to me. But that’s OK. There’s nothing wrong with working hard, raising a family, being a respectful member of your community and never achieving fame and fortune. It sure as heck makes you a better person than, say, Justin Bieber. So I’m not going to stand here before you and give you tips on taking over the world. Instead, I’m going to give you three simple tips that will help you survive adulthood. Because

there’s going to be more days than I care to mention in which that’s all you will be doing — merely trying to keep your head above water. But I’ve found if you follow these three simple rules, you’ll at least live to be 39 — which is far longer than most folks predicted for me coming out of both high school and college: 1) Learn to laugh at yourself — Because if you don’t, someone else will probably be there to laugh at you. And in this digital day and age, they’ll probably also record it and it will go viral within 30 seconds and you will appear on Tosh.O. So I strongly suggest you have a pretty good sense of humor about things. I’ll never forget the time — shortly after I had graduated college and started here at the Troy Daily News — that my mom answered the phone (I really did live at home until I was 28) and told me Sports Illustrated was on the line. This was the moment I had spent my whole life waiting for. After toiling away through college and at my hometown newspaper, I was finally getting called up to the big leagues. I remember grabbing the phone out of her hand and breathlessly saying, “Hello, this is David Fong, how can I help you.” To which the voice on the

other end of the line replied, “Hello, Mr. Fong, if you are willing to subscribe to Sports Illustrated today, we can save you up to 50 percent off the cover price …” So yeah … learn to laugh at yourself. It beats crying. 2) Be ready to roll with the punches — Life is unpredictable. You don’t know what’s coming next — good or bad. The week after you break up with the girl you’ve been dating for the past year, the girl you will one day marry will come walking through the door for her first day of work the very next week. Just when things are going good and you haven’t a care in the world, the doctor tells you that your son has autism. Three months after that, you get a text message from your big sister that simply reads, “It’s cancer.” Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out; it can all change in the blink of an eye. Life is going to keep rolling on with our without you. The sooner you learn that, the better. You have two choices — deal with it or get destroyed by it. May I strongly suggest the former as opposed to the latter. 3) Never miss a chance to tell someone you love them, every single day — When I was a junior in college, I got in

a fight with my best friend over a girl. He was someone who had accepted me like a little brother when I was a stranger in a strange land at a school of 50,000-plus people. After he hurt me, I promised myself I would never speak to him again. And I was right. I never did. Long after my anger toward him had cooled and was eventually forgotten, I had lost contact with him. I figured I would never hear his name again — and I didn’t, until I read about his passing in an alumni newsletter. He had been killed in a head-on collision with a teenager driving a stolen car. Rarely a week goes by in which I don’t think about Mike and how much I miss him — and how I’d do anything to go back in time and talk to him just one more time and tell him how much I love him. You never know when someone you care about is going to be taken from you. Let them know now how much you care about them. And with that, graduates, I send you out into the world. Try to get through it alive. Troy’s very own David Fong appears on Thursdays in the Troy Daily News. He still knows to the words to both The Ohio State University and Troy High School alma maters



Thursday, May 23, 2013



FREDERICK DOUGLAS HAYES TROY — Frederick Douglas Hayes, 71, of Troy, passed away at 11:45 a.m. on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at Upper Valley Medical Center, Troy. He was born on November 20, 1941 in Lee County, Va., to the late Thomas William and Mary Elsie (Taylor) Hayes. His wife of 51 years, Edna Faye (Fairchild) Hayes, survives. He is also survived by his daughter and son-in-law, Karen and Jason Medders of Russia; son, Luke Hayes of Troy; brother, Howard Hayes of Springfield; three sisters, Eve Bledsoe of South Carolina, Joyce Stienberger of New Mexico, and Louise Fairchild of New Carlisle; four grandchildren: Ryan Perkins, Taylor Binkley, Logan Perkins, and Jacob Medders; and one

great-grandchild, Isaac Binkley. In addition to his parents, Doug was preceded in death by one son, Mark; three brothers, Ed, Jim, and John Ray Hayes; and one sister, Mary Wilma Hayes. He was a member of Alcony Grace Church, and retired from Simpson Industries. Services will be held at 1:30 p.m. on Friday at Baird Funeral Home, Troy, with Pastor Stephen Marcum officiating. Interment will follow in Forest Hills Memorial Gardens, Vandalia. Friends may call from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Friday at the funeral home. Friends may express condolences to the family through

KENNETH R. DINSMORE In this May 15 file photo, Attorney General Eric Holder gestures while testifying on Capitol Hill in Washington. Four American citizens have been killed in drone strikes since 2009. Attorney General Eric Holder said Wednesday that in conducting U.S. counterterrorism operations against al-Qaida and its associated forces, the government has targeted and killed one American citizen, Anwar alAwlaki. Al-Awlaki, a radical Muslim cleric, was killed in a drone strike in September 2011 in Yemen. The administration released the information the day before President Barack Obama is scheduled to make a major speech on national security.

Four Americans killed since 2009 in U.S. drone strikes WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration acknowledged for the first time Wednesday that four American citizens have been killed in drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen since 2009. The disclosure to Congress comes on the eve of a major national security speech by President Barack Obama in which he plans to pledge more transparency to Congress in his counterterrorism policy. It was already known that three Americans had been killed in U.S. drones strikes in counterterrorism operations overseas, but Attorney General Eric Holder disclosed details that had remained secret and also that a fourth American had been killed. In a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, Holder said that the government targeted and killed U.S. citizen Anwar alAwlaki and that the U.S. “is aware” of the killing of three others who were not targets of counterterror operations. Al-Awlaki, a radical Muslim cleric, was killed in a drone strike in September 2011 in Yemen. The other two known cases are Samir Khan, who was killed in the same drone strike as al-Awlaki and al-Awlaki’s 16-year-old son, Abdulrahman, a Denver native, who also was killed in Yemen. The newly revealed case is that of Jude Kenan Mohammed, one of eight men indicted by federal authorities in 2009, accused of being part of a plot to attack the U.S. Marine Corps base at Quantico, Va. Before he could be arrested, Mohammad fled the country to join jihadi fighters in the tribal areas of Pakistan, where he was among those killed by a U.S. drone. “Since entering office, the president has made clear his commitment to providing Congress and the American people with as much information as possible about our sensitive counterterrorism operations,” Holder said in his letter to Leahy, D-Vt. “To this end, the president has directed me to disclose certain information that until now has been properly classified.” “The administration is determined to continue these extensive outreach efforts to communicate with the American people,” Holder wrote. The White House said Obama’s national security speech Thursday coincides with the signing of new “presidential policy guidance” on when the U.S. can use drone strikes, though it was unclear what that guidance entailed and whether Obama would outline its specifics in his remarks. Obama “believes that we need to be as transparent about a matter like this as

we can, understanding that there are national security implications to this issue and to the broader issues involved in counterterrorism policy,” White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters Wednesday. “He thinks (this) is an absolutely valid and legitimate and important area of discussion and debate and conversation, and that it is his belief that there need to be structures in place that remain in place for successive administrations,” Carney said. “So that in the carrying out of counterterrorism policy, procedures are followed that allow it to be conducted in a way that ensures that we’re keeping with our traditions and our laws.” Obama’s speech Thursday is expected to reaffirm his national security priorities from homegrown terrorists to killer drones to the enemy combatants imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay but make no new sweeping policy pronouncements. The White House has offered few specifics on what the president will say to address long-standing questions that have dogged his administration for years and, experts said, given foreign allies mixed signals about U.S. intentions in some of the world’s most volatile areas. Obama will try to refocus an increasingly disinterested and controversy-weary U.S. public on security issues. His message will also be carefully analyzed by an international audience that has had to adapt to what counterterror expert Peter Singer described as the administration’s “disjointed” and often “shortsighted” security policies. Obama is also expected to say the U.S. will make a renewed effort to transfer detainees out of the Navyrun detention center for terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to other countries. Obama recently restated his desire to close Guantanamo, a pledge he made shortly after his inauguration in January 2009. That effort, however, has been stymied because many countries don’t want the detainees or are unwilling or unable to guarantee that once transferred detainees who may continue to be a threat will not be released. There are currently about 166 prisoners at Guantanamo, and 86 have been approved for transfer as long as security restrictions are met. Obama is also expected to make the case that the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan has decimated al-Qaida’s core, even as new threats emerge elsewhere. In his letter, the attorney general said the decision to target Anwar al-Awlaki was

subjected to extensive policy review at the highest levels of the government. Senior U.S. officials briefed the appropriate committees of Congress on the possibility of using lethal force against Anwar al-Awlaki. The administration informed the relevant congressional oversight committees that it had approved the use of lethal forces against Anwar alAwlaki in February 2010, well over a year before the operation, Holder said. A move to gradually shift responsibility for the bulk of U.S. drone strikes from the CIA to the military has already begun. And, according to an administration official speaking on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak publicly, the move would largely divide the strikes on a geographical basis, with the CIA continuing to conduct operations in Pakistan, while the military takes on the operations in other parts of the world. Officials suggest that the CIA strikes into Pakistan have been successful, and point to the agency’s ability to gather intelligence there. So, there is less of an inclination to change that now. In other countries, such as Yemen, Somalia or portions of North Africa, the Defense Department will handle the drone strikes as regular military operations. In March, the Senate confirmed John Brennan to be CIA director after the Obama administration agreed to demands from Republicans and stated explicitly there are limits on the president’s power to use drones against U.S. terror suspects on American soil. Laura Murphy, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Washington legislative office, said the administration should “produce the legal rationale that allows him to unilaterally decide when drones can be used … and we would like him to clarify why he feels he has the authority to use drones outside of the battlefield and how he’s going to constrain that authority.” Frank Cilluffo, White House domestic security adviser to President George W. Bush, said Wednesday that the fact that the U.S. targeted al-Awlaki and killed three other U.S. citizens in drone strikes should have been part of the public discourse all along. He said there had been a lingering narrative that Awlaki was an inspirational leader, while in reality he had a key role in multiple operations targeting Americans. “The fact that they are making this public provides justification for the actions they took,” said Cilluffo, now director of a homeland security studies program at George Washington University.

Kenneth R. Dinsmore, 87, of Tipp City passed away on May 21, 2013. He was born Nov. 18, 1925, the son of Ralph and Dorothy (Booher) Dinsmore. He served in World War II as a first sergeant in the 774th Tank Battalion. Ken was a worshipful master of the New Carlisle Masonic Lodge, a member of the Scottish Rite, and Antioch Shrine. He also was a member of Brandt Lutheran Church and lifelong fan of the Cincinnati Reds. He was preceded in death by his wife Georgia Jean (Aldridge) Dinsmore and is survived by three sons, Richard (Cheri) Dinsmore, Gary Dinsmore, James (Beth) Dinsmore and sister Phyllis

(Dinsmore) Wilmer. He has six grandchildren Lauren, Kaitlyn, Kelsey, Zachary, Nicholas and Rachel. A gathering of family and friends will be held at Trostel, Chapman, Dunbar & Fraley Funeral Home in New Carlisle from noon to 2 p.m. Friday, May 24, 2013 with services following at 2 p.m. Masonic Services will begin at 1 p.m. Burial will follow at New Carlisle Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America or the Brandt Lutheran Church Memorial Fund. You may express condolences and read the obituary at

DEATHS OF NATIONAL INTEREST • Bernard Waber NEW YORK (AP) — Bernard Waber, the author of such children’s favorites as “The House on East 88th Street” and “Lyle, Lyle Crocodile,” has died. Waber died May 16 at his Long Island home after a long illness, publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt announced Monday. He was 91. Waber’s “warmth, energy, artfulness, elegance, and abiding respect for children were epitomized in his books,” Houghton’s senior vice president and publisher of books for young readers, Betsy Groban, said in a statement. His 33 books have sold 1.75 million copies, the publishing company said. Waber debuted as an author in 1962 with “The House on East 88th Street,” which introduced readers to the loveable Lyle, first spotted in a bathtub in an Upper East Side brownstone. Lyle’s story continued in “Lyle Finds His Mother,” ”Lyle and the Birthday Party” and other works. Waber also wrote many non-Lyle books, such as “Ira Sleeps Over,” in which a boy fears he’ll be teased for bringing a favorite stuffed teddy bear to a friend’s house. Waber was a native of Philadelphia and a graduate of what was then known as the Philadelphia College of Art. He is survived by his brother, three children and four grandchildren. His final book, “Lyle Walks the Dog,” was a 2010 collaboration with his daughter, Paulis. • Jack Holley TEACHEY, N.C. — The winningest prep football coach in North Carolina history has died. Dean Vinson of Padgett Funeral Home in Wallace says Coach Jack Holley died Monday at his home in Teachey. He was 74. Holley had 412 victories in nearly five decades of coaching at several High Schools, including Wallace-Rose Hill, South Columbus and Tabor City. He won a privateschools state title at Harrells Christian in 2008 before retiring in 2011. He was a member of sports hall of fames for both Guilford College and Wilmington. Holley is survived by his wife, Judith, two daughters, a son, seven grandchildren and a great-granddaughter. His son, Battle, is head football coach at East Duplin. His funeral is set for 6 p.m. Friday at Thell B. Overman Field, Legion Stadium, in Wallace. • Ralph Halverson GREAT FALLS, Mont. — Ralph Halverson, the longtime executive director of the Montana Coaches Association, has died a few days after suffering a stroke. He was 93. Halverson’s daughter, Vicky Nelson, tells the Great Falls Tribune her father died Monday in San Diego. Halverson has been director of the MCA Coaches Clinic, held each summer in Great Falls, since 1981. Hundreds of high school coaches attend the clinics, hearing from high-profile coaches in numerous sports. Halverson competed in track and basketball at Northern State College in South Dakota. He was a teacher and coach in Belt and Cascade before become track and field coach at Great Falls High in 1967 a job he held for 17 years. A memorial service is planned June 7 in Great Falls. • Wayne F. Miller ORINDA, Calif. — Photographer Wayne F. Miller, who produced some of the most indelible combat images of World War II and created a ground-breaking series of por-

traits chronicling the lives of black Americans in Chicago, has died at age 94. His granddaughter Inga Miller says Miller died at his home in Orinda, Calif., on Wednesday following a brief illness. Miller served with an elite Navy unit in the Pacific and took some of the first pictures of Hiroshima, Japan, after it was devastated by the first atomic bomb. He returned home to his native Chicago and spent two years on the city’s South Side capturing the experiences of black residents. The originals from his series called “The Way of the Northern Negro” are now held in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum and the Smithsonian Institution. • Frances J. Monson SALT LAKE CITY — Funeral services have been set for the wife of the president of the Mormon church. The public is invited to honor Frances J. Monson on Thursday at noon at the Salt Lake Tabernacle. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints says the 85-year-old Frances Monson died Friday at a hospital in Salt Lake City surrounded by her family, Her husband, Thomas S. Monson, has been church president since February 2008. During that time, Frances Monson kept a low profile, making only occasional appearances. Her daughter, Ann Dibb, says her mom was a hardworking woman who simply did what needed to be done with little fanfare. Dibb says her mother was a supportive wife, a proud mother and one heck of a fixerupper around the house. • Zach Sobiech LAKELAND, Minn. — A Minnesota teenager whose farewell song became a YouTube sensation has died after a fight with bone cancer. Zach Sobiech died Monday at his Lakeland home. His mother, Laura, said on the CaringBridge website that he was surrounded by his family and girlfriend. The 18-year-old was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in November 2009. When he learned last year he didn’t have much longer to live, his mother suggested he write farewell notes to his loved ones. Instead, he wrote music. His farewell song, “Clouds,” has received more than 4 million views on YouTube in just two weeks. The song is on iTunes, with proceeds going to the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund. Zach’s family is declining interviews but said in a statement they felt blessed by Zach’s “amazing presence” in their lives. • David C. Miller BOWLING GREEN — Editor David C. Miller of The (Bowling Green) SentinelTribune newspaper in Ohio died Saturday at a hospital in York, Pa., the paper said in a statement. He was 66. Miller was vacationing at Gettysburg, Pa., in late April when he became ill, according to city editor Harold Brown. Miller joined the Sentinel-Tribune staff in July 1971 as a reporter and had been editor since January 1980. Under his leadership the paper received Associated Press General Excellence Awards in its division in 2004 and 2005. He was a graduate of Bowling Green State University. He is survived by his wife, Judy, a daughter, Jessica Blakely, a son, Aaron, and three grandchildren. Funeral arrangements are pending at Deck-Hanneman Funeral Home in Bowling Green.

OBITUARY POLICY In respect for friends and family, the Troy Daily News prints a funeral directory free of charge. Families who would like photographs and more detailed obituary information published in the Troy Daily News, should contact their local funeral home for pricing details.



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Asparagus egg casserole is delicious

Friday May 24 • 11am-3pm 1690 Michigan St. • Sidney, OH

Saturday May 25 • 11am-3pm 2525 W. Main St. • Troy, OH 40047239

This is Tuesday evening around 10 p.m. It’s late and I should join the rest of the family and go to bed. It seems our days are extra filled with all the extra cleaning we are doing plus gardening. Tonight we were out in the garden planting until 8:30 p.m. We planted 92 tomato plants. I am glad we waited to plant as we had 29 degrees yesterday morning. It seems very empty tonight as daughter Lovina went home from school with a friend. Only one person missing makes such an empty spot. I often think of families that lose a child or parent and the emptiness that must be felt in the house. It will be three years next week that sister Emma and Jacob’s little 8-month-old Marilyn was laid to rest. We still have precious memories of her short stay here on Earth. God’s ways are not our ways. Our children are a gift to us from God and only “He” knows when “He” wants them back in “His” care. Mother would always tell us to pray daily before and after the birth of each child. Who can help us better than God to raise our dear children in this world so full of hate and sin? Today we were cleaning in the basement again. We were gathering things we don’t use or

Arlene was married on April 10 to Aaron. On April 30 Arlene found her husband had passed away in his sleep. How shocking this had to be for her and everyone in the community. May God give her strength and comfort to go on through this trial in her life. With asparagus season still in full swing, try this delicious recipe!


Lovina Eicher Troy Daily News Guest Columnist

need. I’m hoping I can have a garage sale next week to get rid of the extras. The basement seems to be our place to accumulate so much. Since we skipped having church services here a year ago because of the fire we never did give the basement a thorough cleaning. With the heating stove down there all winter it accumulates dust. The water that was sprayed from the fire in the boys bedroom seeped all the way to the basement making black markings here and there. Thursday will be the wedding for Joel and Alma. Susan’s suit is all done. Meanwhile, a friend from church is helping out by sewing daughter Elizabeths’s cape and apron for her suit. Elizabeth was able to sew the dress but the wedding day was coming up too fast for her to get the other items done. Daughter Lovina celebrated her ninth birthday on May 18.

ASPARAGUS EGG CASSEROLE Ingredients 2 cups fresh cooked asparagus 4 eggs, boiled, peeled, and chopped 1 /4 cup flour 1 cup milk 1 cup shredded cheese Bread crumbs, 2 – 3 slices crumbled 4 tablespoons butter Instructions Place eggs in the bottom of greased casserole dish, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Drain asparagus and reserve 1 cup of juice (water asparagus was cooked in). Place drained asparagus on top of eggs. In a saucepan melt butter and then mix in flour. Add milk and 1 /2 cup asparagus juice. As the mixture begins to thicken add the rest of the juice. Continue to stir until mixture thickens. Pour the thick sauce over the eggs and asparagus. Sprinkle cheese on top. Add bread crumbs. Bake at 400 until bread crumbs are toasted.


There are many different ways to prepare asparagus. One of them is in this delicious asparagus egg casserole recipe provided by The Amish Cook. She was excited about having her school friends over on May 20 for a sleepover. She already has the evening planned. How could 9 years have passed so quickly? We had only been living in Michigan for eight weeks before she was delivered by emergency csection 3 weeks before her due date. I didn’t even have a doctor here in Michigan yet so we had some anxious moments. God once again had His protecting hand over us. Our sympathy goes to Arlene from Dayton, Virginia. She was here for a visit last fall along with her parents, Uncle, Aunt, and cousin Sharon. Sharon is a penpal with daughter Elizabeth.


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ALL PERENNIALS & VINES Agastache, Aster, Astilbe, Balloon Flower, Baptisia, Bleeding Heart, Brunnera, Columbine, Coneflower, Coreopsis, Daisy, Daylily, Dianthus, Euphorbia, Fern, Geranium, Heuchera, Hibiscus, Hosta, Iris, Liriope, Malva, Oxalis, Paeonia, Penstemon, Pincushion, Primrose, Russian Sage, Salvia, Sedum, Spiderwort, Tiarella, Veronica & Yarrow (SALE PRICES - $6.30 & UP) Vines: Clematis, Silver Lace & Wisteria (SALE PRICES - $6.30 & UP)

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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Invite daughter’s boyfriend over so you can get to know him Dear Annie: I have three wonderful young adult children. The oldest two girls both recently graduated from college and are living at home, working and saving money. The girls were not particularly interested in dating until recently. Our oldest met a guy at work and has fallen hard. She's always been family oriented, but for the past three months, all she wants to do is be with this guy 24/7. She spends most nights at his place, and we don't see her at all on the weekends. This behavior does not sit well with me. I don't think it's a good idea to spend the night with your boyfriend so early in the relationship. I also don't like that she disregards her family, especially her younger sister, with whom she had a close relationship. My position is, if she's still living at home, she should come home to sleep. She can fool around with this guy the rest of the day. I understand I may have some old-fashioned values, but allowing my daughter to live with her boyfriend on a part-time basis shows no respect for my position and is hard for me to swallow. I normally have a great relationship with her, but I haven't seen or spoken to her in more than two weeks. I'm concerned that if I ask her to have dinner with us more often and spend some time with family on the weekends, she will resent it and it will make matters worse. Am I out of line? — Concerned Dad Dear Dad: Be careful, Dad. Your daughter is now a grown woman. The lack of prior dating could be one reason why she is so over the moon for the new boyfriend. You apparently don't object to her having sex, the too-soon timing of which is not up to you and at this point is moot anyway. You simply miss the girl she used to be. It's OK for you to say you don't wish to subsidize her living with the boyfriend, but we hope you will do so in a loving way, letting her know you miss her at dinnertime. But we also recommend you invite the boyfriend to join you for meals and weekend activities. This will not only encourage your daughter's participation, but it will allow you to get to know the man who may become your sonin-law. Dear Annie: My oldest sister is very selfish. She has three young children but never wants to spend any time with them. Sis is in her early 40s and acts as if she's 16. She is only concerned with herself and what others can do for her. She and her husband are always going out and foisting their children on everyone else. When we won't watch her kids, she gets angry and then tells the kids we don't love them. Unfortunately, Sis lives in the same town as my parents. I'd like to visit my folks, but I prefer to avoid my sister. Is that wrong? — Helpless Sibling Dear Sibling: We know it will be difficult, but we urge you to remain civil to your sister for the sake of her children. They need you. Since you don't live nearby, her selfishness should be manageable in small doses on rare occasion. Please try. Dear Annie: Thank you for printing the letter from "A Father Who Knows." My 9-year-old son is legally blind and has epilepsy. He is often quiet and withdrawn, and leaving the house with him can be quite a task. He is impulsive and often says and does inappropriate things in public. We continually work with him. I thought I was the only parent who could possibly understand what was going on with my son. I cried reading this letter, because it made me realize that others know my struggles. — A Coping Mom Annie's Mailbox is written by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar, longtime editors of the Ann Landers column. Please email your questions to, or write to: Annie's Mailbox, c/o Creators Syndicate, 737 3rd Street, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254.


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MAY 23, 2013 10









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A Brooklyn State of Mind

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Blake Shelton putting together Okla. benefit show LOS ANGELES (AP) — Blake Shelton and NBC are putting together a benefit for Oklahoma tornado victims. Shelton told reporters about the fundraising effort after Tuesday night’s episode of “The Voice.” Shelton, an Oklahoma native, paid tribute to the thousands affected by Sunday and Monday’s tornadoes by performing an acoustic version of the hit “Over You” with wife Miranda Lambert. He said the benefit would be held soon in nearby Oklahoma City. At least 24 people, including nine schoolchildren, were killed Monday afternoon in Moore, Okla., when an F-5 tornado with 200 mph winds touched down for 40 minutes and destroyed entire neighborhoods. Toby Keith, a native of Moore, also is planning a benefit. His sister’s house was hit by the tornado.


More details about both fundraising efforts will be released later.

Aretha Franklin taking June off, postponing shows LOS ANGELES — Aretha Franklin is taking off the month of June. A spokesman for the 71year-old singer says Franklin will reschedule two shows and resume her touring schedule in July. Publicist David Brokaw provided no other details Tuesday. Franklin announced earlier this month that she would cancel scheduled performances in Chicago and Connecticut this week to undergo medical treatment. She did not specify what type of treatment she was receiving. Franklin appeared on the season finale of “American Idol” last week via satellite, singing a medley of her hits with the show’s female finalists.

HOW TO PLAY: Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively. Find answers to today’s puzzle in tomorrow’s Troy Daily News. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION:


No trailing on trails for kids: Keep them in sight Dear Heloise: This hint is for mothers and fathers walking on hiking or biking trails with their children — or walking anywhere, really. Please remind them to keep their children in front of them, where they can see them, and not let them trail behind. Little ones have trouble keeping up. I see this all the time on the trail in front of my house. Parents quite often are charging ahead, pushing the baby carriage for exercise, while their 4- and 5-year-old children struggle to keep up. It’s unsafe and exhausting for the children. Also, when taking a walk on public walkways, take a plastic bag and pick up cans and bottles

Hints from Heloise Columnist along the way. Toss them in your recycle bin when you return home. — J.D. in Maryland How right you are! This is good advice for grown-ups, too! When my husband, David, and I are riding motorcycles (or walking on a crowded sidewalk), he always wants me in front so he can keep an eye on me. — Heloise

PERSONAL POLISH Dear Readers: Have you purchased nail polish and then decided you didn’t like the color? You can still use it to make your own! Mix shades of nail polish to create one-time, one-of-a-kind colors just for you. Just be sure the polishes are regular or quick-drying, etc. I made the mistake of mixing two different types — what a big, gloopy mess! — Heloise HARD WATER Dear Heloise: I had hard water build up on the element of my tabletop humidifier. Vinegar to the rescue again! I don’t know how I would have removed it otherwise without damaging it. Thanks for all the great hints. — Elinor S. in California

Hard-water stains don’t stand a chance against apple-cider or plain white vinegar! There are so many uses for vinegar that I wish I had invented it. I always keep it in the house, and I even wrote my Heloise’s Fantabulous Vinegar Hints and More pamphlet to share all my vinegar hints with you! To receive a copy, please send $5 and a long, self-addressed, stamped (66 cents) envelope to: Heloise/Vinegar, P.O. Box 795001, San Antonio, TX 78279-5001. Get sliding glass doors working well by pouring some vinegar into the tracks Let stand for a short time, then rinse with water. If needed, apply a little spray lubricant. The doors should slide with ease once again! — Heloise













HOROSCOPE BY FRANCES DRAKE For Friday, May 24, 2013 ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Be careful, because today's Full Moon can create an accident-prone energy for your sign. Therefore, pay attention to everything you say and do today. Be mindful. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) The Full Moon's energy could create financial problems for you today. Make sure you know what's happening with your bank account and your finances in general. Just do it. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) The only Full Moon directly opposite your sign all year is taking place today. This is why relations with others, especially partners and close friends, might be tense. Patience. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Because the Moon is your ruler, of course you will feel the tension of today's Full Moon. In particular, it could create problems with co-workers. Cut others some slack. LEO (July 23 to Aug. 22) Tension with others, especially in group situations, is likely because of today's Full Moon. Just use your charm and diplomacy to keep a lid on things. (You're a pro.) VIRGO (Aug. 23 to Sept. 22) This particular Full Moon puts you at odds, juggling the demands of home and family versus the demands of your career and your job. Right now, you can't ignore your job. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Be careful, because this is a mildly accident-prone day for you. Avoid controversial subjects, especially politics, religion and racial issues. Keep it light. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Disputes about financial matters and the ownership of something could arise today. Wait a few days, and the dust will settle -- guaranteed. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) The only Full Moon in your sign all year is taking place today, which makes you more emotional than usual. Demonstrate grace under pressure when dealing with close friends and partners. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 19) Be tolerant at work with customers and co-workers, because everybody can feel the tension of today's Full Moon, especially you. But hey, this happens every month, and we all survive, right? AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 to Feb. 18) Be patient with your children or the kids you work with. The Full Moon today can stir up everybody's emotions — even the family dog's. PISCES (Feb. 19 to March 20) Stay focused on home, family and domestic issues, even though you feel torn by the demands of your external world. You cannot ignore what's going on at home right now. YOU BORN TODAY You have a strong social conscience, which is why you want to make the world a better place. You're skilled at using words, especially in a philosophical way. Because of this, you often influence others. Privately, you are quite reserved. Good news for you: Your year ahead might be one of the most powerful years of your life. Dream big! Birthdate of: Bob Dylan, singer; Kristen Scott Thomas, actress; Joseph Brodsky, poet/Nobel Laureate. (c) 2013 King Features Syndicate, Inc.






Thursday, May 23, 2013




Thursday, May 23, 2013








0, $0,  &2817< 9L VL W  8V 2QO L QH $W W U R\GDL O \QHZV FRP ZZZ

3&-* "#-& "/% "$$63"5& 4&7&3& 4503.  $07&3"(&

Showers, t-storms High: 78°

Mostly clear Low: 65°


Sunny, cooler High: 66° Low: 43°

Mostly sunny, nice High: 70° Low: 42°

Clouds and sun High: 70° Low: 50°

Clouds and sun High: 74° Low: 54°

TODAY’S STATEWIDE FORECAST Thursday, May 22, 2013 forecast for daytime conditions, low/high temperatures



Sunrise Thursday 4:20 a.m. ........................... Sunset tonight 8:51 p.m. ........................... Moonrise today 6:12 p.m. ........................... Moonset today 4:19 a.m. ........................... New



Cleveland 77° | 64°

Toledo 77° | 63°

Youngstown 90° | 66°

Mansfield 88° | 66°




78°/65° June 8

June 16

May 25

May 31



Fronts Cold

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+ Minimal




Very High

Air Quality Index Good



Main Pollutant: Particulate




Peak group: Trees

Mold Summary 8,651




Top Mold: Cladosporium Source: Regional Air Pollution Control Agency

GLOBAL City Athens Bangkok Calgary Jerusalem Kabul Kuwait City Mexico City Montreal Moscow Sydney Tokyo

Hi 80 100 63 83 86 95 84 68 77 68 71




20s 30s 40s

50s 60s

Lo Otlk 57 pc 85 pc 33 rn 64 clr 59 clr 80 clr 57 rn 43 rn 60 rn 52 clr 57 clr

Warm Stationary



Pressure Low


Cincinnati 81° | 70°

90s 100s 110s

Portsmouth 88° | 68°

Low: 26 Grand Canyon, Ariz.

NATIONAL CITIES Temperatures indicate Tuesday’s high and overnight low to 8 p.m.

Pollen Summary 0


Yesterday’s Extremes: High: 103, Ocotillo Wells, Calif.


Columbus 82° | 66°

Dayton 79° | 66°

Today’s UV factor.

Hi Lo PrcOtlk Atlanta 74 63 .49 Rain 66 55 Rain Atlantic City Austin 95 71 Cldy Baltimore 67 60 .02 Rain Boise 69 46 PCldy Boston 67 51 Cldy Buffalo 74 51 Cldy Charleston,S.C. 84 67 Cldy Charleston,W.Va.83 62 .03 Rain Chicago 80 56 PCldy Cincinnati 79 64 .07 Cldy 78 57 PCldy Cleveland Columbus 81 63 Cldy Dallas-Ft Worth 92 73 Clr Dayton 77 63 .03 Cldy Denver 77 51 Cldy Des Moines 85 63 Rain Detroit 81 56 PCldy Grand Rapids 83 55 PCldy Rain Greensboro,N.C.74 64 Honolulu 80 71 .10 Rain 91 75 PCldy Houston Indianapolis 78 63 .03PCldy Key West 87 80 PCldy Las Vegas 89 65 Clr Little Rock 88 70 PCldy

KY. Hi Los Angeles 74 Louisville 80 Memphis 85 Miami Beach 86 Milwaukee 67 Mpls-St Paul 81 Nashville 85 New Orleans 86 New York City 65 Oklahoma City 89 Omaha 87 Orlando 93 Philadelphia 70 94 Phoenix Pittsburgh 81 83 Sacramento St Louis 82 St Petersburg 87 Salt Lake City 65 San Diego 70 San Francisco 67 62 Seattle Spokane 59 72 Syracuse Tampa 88 Topeka 85 Tucson 91 Washington,D.C.66

Lo Prc Otlk 59 PCldy 67 .01PCldy 67 PCldy 76 PCldy 47 .04PCldy 56 1.47 Rain 65 .02 Cldy 74 PCldy 56 .01 Rain 70 PCldy 62 Rain 66 PCldy 59 Rain 76 Clr 56 Cldy 50 Clr 63 PCldy 75 PCldy 51 .35 Rain 62 PCldy 52 Clr 52 Cldy 47 Cldy 41 Cldy 73 PCldy 61 Rain 68 Clr 64 .06 Rain

W.VA. © 2013


REGIONAL ALMANAC Temperature High Yesterday .............................83 at 3:11 p.m. Low Yesterday..............................67 at 6:44 a.m. Normal High .....................................................73 Normal Low ......................................................53 Record High ........................................92 in 1902 Record Low.........................................32 in 1907

Precipitation 24 hours ending at 5 p.m................................0.0 Month to date ................................................1.71 Normal month to date ...................................3.14 Year to date .................................................13.02 Normal year to date ....................................15.52 Snowfall yesterday ........................................0.00

TODAY IN HISTORY (AP) — Today is Thursday, May 23, the 143rd day of 2013. There are 222 days left in the year. Today’s Highlight in History: On May 23, 1934, bank robbers Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker were shot to death in a police ambush in Bienville Parish, La. On this date: In 1430, Joan of Arc was captured by the Burgundians, who sold her to the English.

In 1533, the marriage of England’s King Henry VIII to Catherine of Aragon was declared null and void. In 1701, William Kidd was hanged in London after he was convicted of piracy and murder. In 1788, South Carolina became the eighth state to ratify the United States Constitution. In 1873, Canada’s Parliament voted to establish the North West Mounted Police force. In 1911, the newly completed

New York Public Library was dedicated by President William Howard Taft, Gov. John Alden Dix and Mayor William Jay Gaynor. In 1937, industrialist and philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, founder of the Standard Oil Co. and the Rockefeller Foundation, died in Ormond Beach, Fla., at age 97. In 1945, Nazi official Heinrich Himmler committed suicide while imprisoned in Luneburg, Germany.

Median CEO pay rises to $9.7 million in 2012 By the Associated Press


In this May 13 file photo, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz poses for the photographer during a press conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Schultz was the seventh highest paid CEO of 2012. Schultz made $28.9 million. They have awarded a bigger chunk of compensation in stock to align pay more closely to performance, become more transparent about how compensation decisions are made and in some cases promised to claw back pay from fired executives. Shareholder activists say the changes are a step in the right direction, yet they argue that CEO pay remains too high and that there is still too much incentive to focus on shortterm results. The highest paid CEO was Leslie Moonves of

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Mondelez International, the snack giant that was spun off from Kraft Foods (NYSE:KFT) last year, was the highest-paid female CEO, taking in $22 million. The biggest changes in compensation last year came from stock, which increased 17.2 percent, and from stock options, which declined by 16 percent. Over the past five years, the amount of compensation that comes from stock has risen from 31.7 percent to 44.3 percent, while the amount from stock options has fallen from 31.9 percent to 17.6 percent. Shareholders tend to favor stock compensation because it can be tied to metrics like revenue and earnings, whereas the value of stock options depends only on the stock



CBS, who made $60.3 million. He beat the secondplace finisher handily: David Zaslav of Discovery Communications, who made $49.9 million. Five of the 10 highest-paid CEOs were from the entertainment and media industry. For the fourth year in five, health care CEOs received the highest median pay at $11.1 million, while utility CEOs had the lowest at $7.5 million. The median value is the midpoint; half the CEOs in that group made more and half less. The median pay for women CEOs was higher than it was for men $11.2 million compared with $9.6 million although only 3 percent of the companies analyzed were run by women. Irene Rosenfeld of

Adam Langdon is a Registered Representative and Investment Advisor of and offer securities and advisory services through WRP Investments, Inc., member FINRA and SIPC. Fessler and Langdon is not affiliated with WRP Investments, Inc. Securities and advisory activities are supervised from 4407 Belmont Ave., Youngstown, OH 44505, (303) 759-2023

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CEO pay has been going in one direction for the past three years: up. The head of a typical large public company made $9.7 million in 2012, a 6.5 percent increase from a year earlier that was aided by a rising stock market, according to an analysis by The Associated Press using data from Equilar, an executive pay research firm. CEO pay, which fell two years straight during the Great Recession but rose 24 percent in 2010 and 6 percent in 2011, has never been higher. Companies say they need to pay CEOs well so they can attract the best talent, and that this is ultimately in the interest of shareholders. But shareholder activists and some corporate governance experts say many CEOs are being paid far above what is reasonable or what their performance merits. Pay for all U.S. workers rose 1.1 percent in 2010, 1.2 percent in 2011 and 1.6 percent last year not enough to keep up with inflation. The median wage in the U.S. was about $39,900 in 2012, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. After years of pressure from corporate governance activists unhappy about big payouts, many companies have revamped their compensation formulas.

price. Salary and perks rose last year, while bonuses fell. As a proportion of total pay, bonuses accounted for 23.8 percent, salary 10.4 percent and perks 3.8 percent. The third straight year of rising pay coincided with an improving economy and an increase in corporate revenue, profits and stock prices. The S&P 500 index rose 13.4 percent last year. The median profit increase at the companies in the Equilar study was 6.1 percent, and the median revenue gain was 7.6 percent. With the economy on steadier footing and the stock market surging, the debate over CEO pay is settling into more of a simmer than a boil. Companies cut CEO pay in 2008 and 2009 amid investors’ white-hot anger over the losses they suffered during the financial crisis. Since 2011 they have been required by law to hold “say on pay” votes, which give shareholders the right to express whether they approve of the CEO’s pay. The vote is nonbinding, but companies don’t want to deal with the public embarrassment of a “no.” Companies say they are listening to their shareholders’ concerns. They point to changes in how CEOs are rewarded that are meant to tie pay more closely to company performance. For example, they’re more often linking stock awards to revenue, earnings and share price targets, rather than just handing them out automatically. “I’ve never seen an environment where boards take more time trying to get this right,” says Charlie Tharp, CEO of the Center on Executive Compensation, an advocacy group that supports corporations. Pay is up partly because a bigger proportion is coming from stock, and stock markets are hitting alltime highs. But it’s a two-

way street: If stock markets decline, pay could decline or at least grow more slowly in future years. But changing the pay structure has hardly silenced the critics. They say formulas for stock awards, for example, can drive CEOs to focus on short-term results. And they’re anxious for the Securities and Exchange Commission to implement a rule required under the Dodd-Frank financial reform law that would force big public companies to disclose the ratio of their CEOs’ pay compared with the median pay for their entire workforce. “If you’re making $10 million a year, you get into a situation where life isn’t real anymore,” says Eleanor Bloxham, CEO of the Corporate Governance Alliance, which advises boards. Charles Elson, a wellknown shareholder rights expert who is director at the Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance at the University of Delaware, has been crusading for companies to stop compensating their CEOs based on what their peers at similar companies are making. The trouble with peer groups, Elson says, is that a CEO could have a terrible year, “but if my peer’s pay goes up, my pay will too.” To calculate pay, Equilar looked at salary, bonus, perks, the potential future value of stock awards and option awards, and other pay that companies have to report for their top executives in regulatory filings each year. This year’s study examined pay for 323 CEOs at S&P 500 companies that had filed their shareholder proxies by April 30. The sample includes only CEOs in place for at least two years. Sixty percent of CEOs received a raise, 37 percent got a pay cut and the rest had pay that was virtually flat.



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■ Baseball

• GOLF: Miami Shores Golf Course will host a two-man best ball event at 9 a.m. Saturday. The cost is $50 per team, and the deadline to register is Wednesday. For more information, call Miami Shores at 335-4457. • BASKETBALL: The Troy Boys Basketball Camp will run from June 4-7 at the Trojan Activities Center. Times will be 9 a.m. to noon for grades 1-4 and 14 p.m. for grades 5-8. The cost is $55, with checks payable to Troy Basketball Parents Association. Camp forms are available at all Troy City Schools, or you can sign up on the first day of camp. For more information, contact coach Tim Miller at 332-6710 or 339-6576. • BASKETBALL: Troy High School girls basketball will be hosting a twoday girls basketball camp on June 3-4 for girls entering grades 1-8 at Troy High School’s new gymnasium. The camp will be held from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and lunch will be provided. The cost of the camp is $55, and arrangements can be made. Girls from anywhere are welcome. If interested, email coach Nathan Kopp at or call him at (937) 469-2531. • BASKETBALL: Troy Christian girls basketball will run an elementary camp for grades 1-6 from 10 a.m. to noon June 10-14. The cost is $35. There is also a junior high camp for grades 7-8 from 1-3 p.m. June 10-14. The cost is $35. For more information, contact Dick Steineman at (937) 451-1723. • HALL OF FAME: Covington High School is accepting nominations for its Hall of Fame induction ceremony, which will be on Sept. 13. Anyone wishing to submit a nomination should do so with a letter to the athletic director detailing as much information as possible about the potential inductee. Nominations are due by May 24. For more information, call the athletic department at (937) 473-2552. • FOOTBALL: The 20th annual Matt Light Football Camp will be held June 10-11 at Harmon Field in Greenville. It is a free two-day camp for boys and girls ages 8-14. The registration deadline is June 3.

Triad tops East

FRIDAY Baseball Division IV District at Newton Lehman vs. Arcanum/Southeastern (5 p.m.) Softball Division IV District at Brookville Newton vs. Cincinnati Country Day (5 p.m.) Track Division I District at Piqua Troy, Tippecanoe, Piqua (5 p.m.)

WHAT’S INSIDE Television Schedule..............12 Scoreboard ............................12 National Hockey League ......12 Golf.......................................12 Local Sports..........................13

May 23, 2013

2 runs in fifth lift Cards past Vikings BY JOSH BROWN Sports Editor Neither team could get the big, clutch hit. But Triad made due with an “oops” check-swing single, a grazed-by-a-pitch … and a whole lot of patience. The top-seeded Cardinals scraped together a pair of runs in the bottom of the fifth inning on a bases-loaded walk and an RBI groundout, and Doug Lowe out-

URBANA dueled Miami East’s Garrett Mitchell in a 2-0 Vikings loss in the Division III sectional championship game Wednesday in Urbana. “When you get this far, it takes breaks,” Miami East coach Barry Coomes said. “We couldn’t get that one big hit, and we didn’t get any breaks.” And even though Lowe had


Miami East pitcher Garrett Mitchell throws a strike during a ■ See VIKINGS on 13 game against Triad Wednesday in Urbana.

■ Track and Field


Good bounces for Reds Beat Mets 7-4 on Phillips’ double

SPORTS CALENDAR TODAY Baseball Division I Sectional Final at Athletes in Action Troy vs. Centerville/Fairmont (5 p.m.) Division II Sectional Final at Tecumseh Tippecanoe vs. Ben Logan (5 p.m.) Tennis Division I District at Centerville Troy, Tippecanoe (9 a.m.) Division II District at Mason Milton-Union, Lehman (9 a.m.) Track Division II District at Graham Milton-Union (4:30 p.m.)



Troy’s Nathan Fleischer makes goes up for an attempt at the Division I district meet in Piqua. Fleischer won the event to qualify for next week’s regional meet.

Anchors away 4x800 teams on display at Division I district meet BY COLIN FOSTER Sports Writer On the final lap of the boys 4x800 relay at the Division I district meet Wednesday in Piqua, Butler’s anchor made a move to pass Tippecanoe’s Grant Koch, who was in the lead at the time.

PIQUA But Koch, a state qualifier in the 800 last season, showed exactly why he is the anchor of one of the state’s best 4x800 teams. Koch came back to seal the win for Tippecanoe, which has Tippecanoe’s Andy Droesch competes in the 100 hurdles prelims

■ See DIVISION I on 13 Wednesday in Piqua.

NEW YORK (AP) — Brandon Phillips and the Cincinnati Reds are getting the good bounces right now. Ike Davis and the New York Mets certainly are not. Phillips sent a strange double spinning over first base to break a ninth-inning tie and the Reds completed a three-game sweep of the struggling Mets with a 7-4 victory Wednesday. Joey Votto homered and Zack Cozart had a career-high four hits, all off Matt Harvey, in a game that featured a little bit of everything including a testy exchange in the dugout between Cincinnati starter Mat Latos and teammate Jay Bruce. “It was just an issue between the team and it’s going to stay that way,” Bruce said. “The only reason anyone knows about it is because the TVs caught it, but stuff happens all the time. It’s over. We’re a team, we’re a family. Things like that happen, so everything’s good and it’s a nonissue.” After their spat, the Reds regrouped and won for the 10th time in 12 games. They finished a 7-2 trip against the bottom three teams in the NL East, moving a season-best 11 games over .500 at 29-18. “We closed it out strong. We won the last three innings even though they made it tough and they had the winning run on second a couple times,” manager Dusty Baker said. “We were kind of flirting with danger quite a few times, but our defense saved us.” Harvey appeared headed for his first loss of the season before the Mets rallied. Rick Ankiel had three extrabase hits and two RBIs for New York, including a tying triple with two outs in the seventh. Daniel Murphy added three hits and drove in two runs from the leadoff spot. With the score tied at 4 in the ninth, Shin-Soo Choo legged out a leadoff double against Bobby Parnell (4-1) and reached third on a groundout. Votto was intentionally walked before Phillips hit a cue shot toward first base. The ball hit the baseline and bounced over Davis’ glove in front of the bag. Determining he had no chance to throw out Choo at the plate or start an inningending double play, Davis shied away from touching the ball thinking it would go foul. But it bounded over the bag and was called fair by umpire Phil Cuzzi.

■ Track and Field

Dunivan has big day at Division III district Urlacher retires after 13 seasons Brian Urlacher wasn’t sure how dominant he could be any longer, so he’s calling it a career after 13 seasons with the Chicago Bears. And what a career it was: See Page 12.

Staff Reports


It took a meet record and another state-worthy throw to beat Miami East’s Leah Dunivan in the shot put. But the Viking senior and returning state placer still was able to advance to next week’s regional meet, placing third with a throw of 39-7.25 at Wednesday’s opening day of the Division III district meet at West Milton.

Dunivan also also won the high jump (5-2) as the Vikings sit in second place with 18 points — and are poised to pile up even more during Friday’s finals with a host of qualifiers from the preliminary races. The Covington girls 4x800 team of Tara Snipes, Carly Shell, Julianna Yingst and Hannah Retz was third (9:57.8) to advance to next week’s regional meet and

added a horde of qualifiers from Wednesday’s preliminary races — including Jackie Siefring, who set a meet record in the 300 hurdles (45.64 seconds). Bradford’s Shay LaFollette also advanced to the regional, placing fourth in the high jump (5-0). On the boys’ side, Covington’s Trent Tobias led a trio of local regional qualifiers in the pole vault, placing second (13-0). Miami East’s Mack Rose was third (12-6)

and Bradford’s Josh Hoelscher was fourth (12-0). Troy Christian’s Tyler Shinall advanced in the long jump, placing third (19-3.5). Lehman’s Brad Montgomery was third in the discus (151-09) and the Covington 4x800 relay team of Dustin Fickert, Matt Carder, Nathan Dunn and Alex Schilling was fourth (8:41.81). The district finals begin at 9:30 a.m. Saturday

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

AMERICAN LEAGUE Tuesday's Games Detroit 5, Cleveland 1 Baltimore 3, N.Y.Yankees 2, 10 innings Tampa Bay 4, Toronto 3 Atlanta 5, Minnesota 4, 10 innings Oakland 1, Texas 0 Chicago White Sox 3, Boston 1 Kansas City 7, Houston 3 L.A. Angels 12, Seattle 0 Wednesday's Games Atlanta 8, Minnesota 3 Texas 3, Oakland 1 Toronto 4, Tampa Bay 3, 10 innings Baltimore 6, N.Y.Yankees 3 L.A. Angels 7, Seattle 1 Detroit at Cleveland, 7:05 p.m. Boston at Chicago White Sox, 8:10 p.m. Kansas City at Houston, 8:10 p.m. Thursday's Games Baltimore (Gausman 0-0) at Toronto (Morrow 1-3), 7:07 p.m. Minnesota (Diamond 3-4) at Detroit (Porcello 2-2), 7:08 p.m. Cleveland (McAllister 3-3) at Boston (Dempster 2-4), 7:10 p.m. L.A. Angels (Blanton 0-7) at Kansas City (E.Santana 3-3), 8:10 p.m. Friday's Games Baltimore at Toronto, 7:07 p.m. Minnesota at Detroit, 7:08 p.m. Cleveland at Boston, 7:10 p.m. N.Y.Yankees at Tampa Bay, 7:10 p.m. L.A. Angels at Kansas City, 8:10 p.m. Miami at Chicago White Sox, 8:10 p.m. Oakland at Houston, 8:10 p.m. Texas at Seattle, 10:10 p.m. NATIONAL LEAGUE Tuesday's Games Pittsburgh 5, Chicago Cubs 4 Cincinnati 4, N.Y. Mets 0 Atlanta 5, Minnesota 4, 10 innings Philadelphia 7, Miami 3 Milwaukee 5, L.A. Dodgers 2 Colorado 5, Arizona 4, 10 innings St. Louis 10, San Diego 2 San Francisco 4, Washington 2, 10 innings Wednesday's Games Atlanta 8, Minnesota 3 Cincinnati 7, N.Y. Mets 4 L.A. Dodgers 9, Milwaukee 2 Colorado 4, Arizona 1 Washington 2, San Francisco 1, 10 innings Pittsburgh 1, Chicago Cubs 0 Philadelphia 3, Miami 0 St. Louis at San Diego, 10:10 p.m. Thursday's Games Chicago Cubs (E.Jackson 1-6) at Pittsburgh (J.Gomez 2-0), 12:35 p.m. Friday's Games Philadelphia at Washington, 7:05 p.m. Atlanta at N.Y. Mets, 7:10 p.m. Chicago Cubs at Cincinnati, 7:10 p.m. Miami at Chicago White Sox, 8:10 p.m. Pittsburgh at Milwaukee, 8:10 p.m. San Diego at Arizona, 9:40 p.m. St. Louis at L.A. Dodgers, 10:10 p.m. Colorado at San Francisco, 10:15 p.m. Wednesday's Major League Linescores AMERICAN LEAGUE Oakland . . .000 100 000—1 4 0 Texas . . . . .300 000 00x—3 6 1 Parker, Blevins (8) and D.Norris; Wolf, Cotts (6), R.Ross (8), Nathan (9) and Pierzynski. W_Wolf 1-0. L_Parker 2-6. Sv_Nathan (14). HRs_Texas, Dav.Murphy (6), Beltre (10). TB . . . . . . .002 000 001 0—3 7 0 Toronto . .100 100 001 1—4 7 1 (10 innings) Hellickson, Rodney (9), Jo.Peralta (9), C.Ramos (10), Farnsworth (10) and J.Molina; Buehrle, Delabar (8), Janssen (9), Loup (10) and Arencibia. W_Loup 2-3. L_C.Ramos 1-1. HRs_Toronto, Bautista 2 (11). Seattle . . . .000 000 010—1 7 0 Los Angeles511000 00x—7 12 1 Maurer, Furbush (4), Medina (7), Wilhelmsen (8) and Shoppach; C.Wilson, D.De La Rosa (9) and Conger. W_C.Wilson 4-3. L_Maurer 26. New York . .001 010 001—3 7 0 Baltimore . .303 000 00x—6 14 0 Kuroda, Claiborne (3), Warren (5) and Au.Romine; Hammel, Matusz (7), O'Day (9) and Wieters. W_Hammel 62. L_Kuroda 6-3. HRs_New York, Granderson (1), D.Adams (2). Baltimore, Markakis (4), C.Davis (14), Wieters (7). INTERLEAGUE Minnesota .000 001 002—3 9 0 Atlanta . . . .102 500 00x—8 10 1 Worley, Roenicke (4), Pressly (6), Thielbar (7) and Doumit; Maholm, Cor.Rasmus (8) and Gattis.W_Maholm 6-4. L_Worley 1-5. HRs_Minnesota, Hicks (4), Arcia (4). Atlanta, R.Pena (2), B.Upton (4), Gattis (10). NATIONAL LEAGUE Cincinnati .002 000 203—7 12 1 New York . .100 010 200—4 9 0 Latos, Hoover (7), Simon (8), Chapman (9) and Mesoraco; Harvey, Rice (7), Lyon (8), Parnell (9) and Buck. W_Simon 4-1. L_Parnell 4-1. Sv_Chapman (10). HRs_Cincinnati, Votto (7).

■ National Football League


BASEBALL Baseball Expanded Standings All Times EDT AMERICAN LEAGUE East Division W L Pct GB WCGB New York 28 18 .609 — — Boston 27 19 .587 1 — 25 21 .543 3 ½ Baltimore 24 22 .522 4 1½ Tampa Bay 19 27 .413 9 6½ Toronto Central Division L Pct GB WCGB W Cleveland 26 18 .591 — — Detroit 24 19 .558 1½ — 21 21 .500 4 2½ Kansas City 21 23 .477 5 3½ Chicago 18 25 .419 7½ 6 Minnesota West Division L Pct GB WCGB W Texas 30 17 .638 — — Oakland 25 23 .521 5½ 1½ Seattle 20 27 .426 10 6 19 27 .413 10½ 6½ Los Angeles 13 33 .283 16½ 12½ Houston NATIONAL LEAGUE East Division W L Pct GB WCGB Atlanta 28 18 .609 — — Washington 24 23 .511 4½ 4½ 23 24 .489 5½ 5½ Philadelphia 17 27 .386 10 10 New York 13 34 .277 15½ 15½ Miami Central Division W L Pct GB WCGB St. Louis 29 16 .644 — — Cincinnati 29 18 .617 1 — Pittsburgh 28 18 .609 1½ — 18 27 .400 11 9½ Chicago 18 27 .400 11 9½ Milwaukee West Division L Pct GB WCGB W Arizona 26 21 .553 — 2½ Colorado 26 21 .553 — 2½ San Francisco 26 21 .553 — 2½ 21 24 .467 4 6½ San Diego 19 26 .422 6 8½ Los Angeles


L10 5-5 5-5 3-7 6-4 6-4

Str L-2 L-2 W-2 L-1 W-1

L10 7-3 4-6 3-7 7-3 1-9

Str Home Away L-1 15-9 11-9 W-1 13-7 11-12 W-1 10-8 11-13 W-2 10-9 11-14 L-8 9-13 9-12

L10 6-4 6-4 3-7 5-5 3-7

Str Home Away W-1 15-7 15-10 L-1 13-10 12-13 L-6 11-9 9-18 W-4 12-13 7-14 L-1 7-17 6-16

L10 7-3 4-6 7-3 3-7 2-8

Str Home Away W-6 15-5 13-13 W-1 12-9 12-14 W-2 11-12 12-12 L-3 9-15 8-12 L-2 7-18 6-16

L10 6-4 8-2 8-2 5-5 3-7

Str Home Away W-1 14-8 15-8 W-3 16-6 13-12 W-3 17-9 11-9 L-3 10-14 8-13 L-1 11-13 7-14

L10 5-5 6-4 4-6 5-5 5-5

Str L-2 W-2 L-1 L-1 W-1

Los Angeles151000 002—9 12 1 Milwaukee .000 001 010—2 9 1 Ryu, Belisario (8), League (9) and Ra.Hernandez; W.Peralta, Figaro (2), Badenhop (6), Fr.Rodriguez (8), Kintzler (9) and Lucroy. W_Ryu 5-2. L_W.Peralta 3-5. HRs_Los Angeles, Ra.Hernandez (1). Milwaukee, Braun (9). Arizona . . .000 100 000—1 8 0 Colorado . .202 000 00x—4 7 0 Cahill, Sipp (7), W.Harris (8) and Nieves; J.De La Rosa, Escalona (6), Belisle (8), Brothers (9) and Torrealba. W_J.De La Rosa 6-3. L_Cahill 3-5. Sv_Brothers (1). HRs_Colorado, C.Gonzalez (11). Wash . . . .000 001000 1—2 8 0 SF . . . . . . .000 000010 0—1 5 0 (10 innings) G.Gonzalez, Storen (8), Clippard (9), R.Soriano (10) and K.Suzuki; Bumgarner, Mijares (8), Gaudin (8), J.Lopez (8), Romo (9), Affeldt (10) and Posey. W_Clippard 3-1. L_Affeldt 1-1. Sv_R.Soriano (13). HRs_Washington, Harper (12). Chicago . . .000 000 000—0 4 1 Pittsburgh .100 000 00x—1 3 2 Samardzija, Villanueva (8) and Castillo; Liriano, Watson (8), Melancon (9) and R.Martin. W_Liriano 3-0. L_Samardzija 2-6. Sv_Melancon (1). Philadelphia000 102 000—3 12 0 Miami . . . . .000 000 000—0 3 1 Lee and Kratz; Slowey, LeBlanc (6), Qualls (7), Cishek (9) and Mathis, Olivo. W_Lee 5-2. L_Slowey 1-5. HRs_Philadelphia, D.Young (3). Midwest League At A Glance Eastern Division Bowling Green (Rays) South Bend (D’Backs) Fort Wayne (Padres) Lansing (Blue Jays) West Michigan (Tigers) Dayton (Reds) Lake County (Indians) Great Lakes (Dodgers) Western Division


Home Away 15-9 13-9 13-10 14-9 11-12 14-9 14-8 10-14 11-13 8-14

Home Away 12-11 14-10 16-9 10-12 17-8 9-13 13-11 8-13 11-13 8-13

W 27 26 25 20 20 18 15 14

L 16 16 18 23 23 27 28 29

Pct. GB .628 — .619 ½ .581 2 .465 7 .465 7 .400 10 .349 12 .326 13

W 30 26 23 22 22 19 20 16

L 14 18 20 21 22 21 23 24

Pct. GB .682 — .591 4 .535 6½ .512 7½ .500 8 .475 9 .465 9½ .400 12

Cedar Rapids (Twins) Beloit (Athletics) Quad Cities (Astros) Peoria (Cardinals) Clinton (Mariners) Wisconsin (Brewers) Kane County (Cubs) Burlington (Angels) Wednesday's Games Lansing 9, Lake County 8 South Bend 4, Fort Wayne 2 Dayton 6, West Michigan 4 Peoria 9, Kane County 2 Beloit 7, Cedar Rapids 6 Burlington 5, Clinton 3 Bowling Green 0, Great Lakes 0, tie, 2 innings, 1st game, susp. Wisconsin at Quad Cities, 8 p.m. Bowling Green at Great Lakes, 2nd game, ppd., rain Thursday's Games Cedar Rapids at Beloit, 12 p.m. South Bend at Fort Wayne, 6:05 p.m., 1st game West Michigan at Dayton, 7 p.m. Lake County at Lansing, 7:05 p.m. Burlington at Clinton, 7:30 p.m. Kane County at Peoria, 7:30 p.m. Wisconsin at Quad Cities, 8 p.m. Great Lakes at Bowling Green, 8:05 p.m. South Bend at Fort Wayne, 8:35 p.m., 2nd game Friday's Games West Michigan at Dayton, 7 p.m. South Bend at Fort Wayne, 7:05 p.m. Kane County at Peoria, 7:30 p.m. Burlington at Clinton, 7:30 p.m. Cedar Rapids at Beloit, 7:30 p.m. Wisconsin at Quad Cities, 8 p.m. Great Lakes at Bowling Green, 8:05 p.m.

HOCKEY NHL Playoff Glance All Times EDT CONFERENCE SEMIFINALS (Best-of-7) EASTERN CONFERENCE Pittsburgh vs. Ottawa Tuesday, May 14: Pittsburgh 4, Ottawa 1 Friday, May 17: Pittsburgh 4, Ottawa 3 Sunday, May 19: Ottawa 2, Pittsburgh 1, 2OT Wednesday, May 22: Pittsburgh 7, Ottawa 3, Pittsburgh leads series 3-1 Friday, May 24: Ottawa at Pittsburgh, 7:30 p.m. x-Sunday, May 26: Pittsburgh at Ottawa, TBD x-Tuesday, May 28: Ottawa at Pittsburgh, TBD Boston vs. N.Y. Rangers Thursday, May 16: Boston 3, N.Y. Rangers 2, OT Sunday, May 19: Boston 5, N.Y. Rangers 2 Tuesday, May 21: Boston 2, N.Y. Rangers 1, Boston leads series 3-0

Urlacher retires

SPORTS ON TV TODAY AUTO RACING 8 a.m. NBCSN — Formula One, practice for Monaco Grand Prix 1 p.m. SPEED — NASCAR, Nationwide Series, practice for History 300, at Concord, N.C. 3:30 p.m. SPEED — NASCAR, Sprint Cup, practice for Coca-Cola 600, at Concord, N.C. 5 p.m. SPEED — NASCAR, Nationwide Series, practice for History 300, at Concord, N.C. 7 p.m. SPEED — NASCAR, Sprint Cup, pole qualifying for CocaCola 600, at Concord, N.C. COLLEGE SOFTBALL 7 p.m. ESPN — NCAA Division I playoffs, super regionals, game 1, teams TBD 9 p.m. ESPN — NCAA Division I playoffs, super regionals, game 1, teams TBD GOLF 5 a.m. TGC — European PGA Tour, PGA Championship, first round, at Surrey, England Noon TGC — PGA of America, Senior PGA Championship, first round, at St. Louis 3 p.m. TGC — PGA Tour, Crowne Plaza Invitational, first round, at Fort Worth, Texas 6:30 p.m. TGC — LPGA, Bahamas Classic, first round, at Paradise Island, Bahamas (same-day tape) MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 7 p.m. MLB — Regional coverage, Cleveland at Boston or Minnesota at Detroit NHL HOCKEY 8 p.m. NBCSN — Playoffs, conference semifinals, game 4, Chicago at Detroit 10:30 p.m. NBCSN — Playoffs, conference semifinals, game 5, San Jose at Los Angeles SOCCER 8:30 p.m. ESPN2 — Premier League, exhibition, Chelsea vs. Manchester City, at St. Louis Thursday, May 23: Boston at N.Y. Rangers, 7 p.m. x-Saturday, May 25: N.Y. Rangers at Boston TBD x-Monday, May 27: Boston at N.Y. Rangers, TBD x-Wednesday, May 29: N.Y. Rangers at Boston, TBD WESTERN CONFERENCE Chicago vs. Detroit Wednesday, May 15: Chicago 4, Detroit 1 Saturday, May 18: Detroit 4, Chicago 1 Monday, May 20: Detroit 3, Chicago 1, Detroit leads series 2-1 Thursday, May 23: Chicago at Detroit, 8 p.m. Saturday, May 25: Detroit at Chicago, TBD x-Monday, May 27: Chicago at Detroit, TBD x-Wednesday, May 29: Detroit at Chicago, TBD Los Angeles vs. San Jose Tuesday, May 14: Los Angeles 2, San Jose 0 Thursday, May 16: Los Angeles 4, San Jose 3 Saturday, May 18: San Jose 2, Los Angeles 1, OT Tuesday, May 21: San Jose 2, Los Angeles 1, series tied 2-2 x-Thursday, May 23: San Jose at Los Angeles, 10:30 p.m. x-Sunday, May 26: Los Angeles at San Jose, TBD x-Tuesday, May 28: San Jose at Los Angeles, TBD

BASKETBALL NBA Playoff Glance All Times EDT CONFERENCE FINALS (Best-of-7) EASTERN CONFERENCE Miami vs. Indiana Wednesday, May 22: Indiana at Miami, 8:30 p.m. Friday, May 24: Indiana at Miami, 8:30 p.m. Sunday, May 26: Miami at Indiana, 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 28: Miami at Indiana, 8:30 p.m. x-Thursday, May 30: Indiana at Miami, 8:30 p.m. x-Saturday, June 1: Miami at Indiana, 8:30 p.m. x-Monday, June 3: Indiana at Miami, 8:30 p.m. WESTERN CONFERENCE San Antonio vs. Memphis Sunday, May 19: San Antonio 105, Memphis 83 Tuesday, May 21: San Antonio 93, Memphis 89, OT, San Antonio leads series 2-0 Saturday, May 25: San Antonio at Memphis, 9 p.m. Monday, May 27: San Antonio at Memphis, 9 p.m. x-Wednesday, May 29: Memphis at San Antonio, 9 p.m. x-Friday, May 31: San Antonio at Memphis, 9 p.m. x-Sunday, June 2: Memphis at San Antonio, 9 p.m.

AUTO RACING NASCAR Sprint Cup Points Leaders Through May 11 1. Jimmie Johnson...........................423 2. Carl Edwards ...............................379 3. Matt Kenseth................................364 4. Dale Earnhardt Jr. .......................359 5. Clint Bowyer.................................349 6. Kasey Kahne ...............................326 7. Brad Keselowski ..........................326 8. Kyle Busch ...................................325 9. Aric Almirola.................................317 10. Kevin Harvick.............................315 11. Paul Menard ..............................315 12. Jeff Gordon................................311 13. Greg Biffle ..................................311 14. Martin Truex Jr. ..........................301 15. Jamie McMurray........................295 16. Ricky Stenhouse Jr....................282 17. Ryan Newman...........................276 18. Kurt Busch .................................262 19. Joey Logano ..............................259 20. Jeff Burton .................................258

GOLF World Golf Ranking Through May 19 1.Tiger Woods ................USA 2. Rory McIlroy...................NIr 3. Adam Scott...................Aus 4. Justin Rose...................Eng 5. Brandt Snedeker.........USA 6. Luke Donald.................Eng 7. Graeme McDowell.........NIr 8. Louis Oosthuizen..........SAf

13.53 10.23 7.72 6.47 6.33 6.25 5.90 5.66

9. Phil Mickelson .............USA 10. Steve Stricker............USA 11. Keegan Bradley ........USA 12. Lee Westwood ...........Eng 13. Matt Kuchar...............USA 14. Sergio Garcia .............Esp 15. Charl Schwartzel........SAf 16. Webb Simpson .........USA 17. Ian Poulter ..................Eng 18. Bubba Watson ..........USA 19. Dustin Johnson.........USA 20. Jason Dufner.............USA 21. Hunter Mahan...........USA 22. Peter Hanson ............Swe 23. Ernie Els......................SAf 24. Nick Watney ..............USA 25. Jason Day...................Aus 26. Bo Van Pelt................USA 27. Jim Furyk ..................USA 28. Branden Grace...........SAf 29. Zach Johnson...........USA 30. Rickie Fowler.............USA 31. Bill Haas ....................USA 32. Martin Kaymer............Ger 33. Henrik Stenson .........Swe 34.Thorbjorn Olesen.......Den 35. Fernandez-Castano...Esp 36. Kevin Streelman........USA 37. Scott Piercy...............USA 38. Jamie Donaldson .......Wal 39. Robert Garrigus........USA 40. Carl Pettersson..........Swe 41. Francesco Molinari.......Ita 42. Paul Lawrie.................Sco 43. David Lynn .................Eng 44. Nicolas Colsaerts........Bel 45. D.A. Points.................USA 46. Ryan Moore ..............USA 47. Fredrik Jacobson.......Swe 48. Michael Thompson...USA 49.Thongchai Jaidee.......Tha 50. Richard Sterne ............SA

5.26 5.22 5.15 5.12 5.08 4.91 4.90 4.68 4.67 4.64 4.41 4.26 3.93 3.91 3.88 3.84 3.60 3.56 3.56 3.26 3.18 3.18 3.18 3.10 3.06 3.04 2.99 2.94 2.85 2.82 2.82 2.81 2.74 2.72 2.71 2.64 2.54 2.53 2.50 2.49 2.48 10

TRANSACTIONS Wednesday's Sports Transactions BASEBALL C O M M I S S I O N E R ' S OFFICE_Suspended Tampa Bay RHP Angel Yepez 50 games after testing positive for metabolites of Nandrolone, a performance-enhancing substance in violation of the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. American League LOS ANGELES ANGELS_Sent RHP Kevin Jepsen to Salt Lake (PCL) for a rehab assignment. MINNESOTA TWINS_Placed INF Trevor Plouffe on the seven-day DL. Selected the contract of INF/OF Chris Colabello from Rochester (IL). Transferred OF Darin Mastroianni to the 60-day DL. Optioned RHP Vance Worley to Rochester. TEXAS RANGERS_Optioned RHP Cory Burns to Round Rock (PCL). Selected the contract of RHP Ross Wolf from Round Rock. National League CHICAGO CUBS_Placed RHP Shawn Camp on the 15-day DL. Recalled RHP Rafael Dolis from Iowa (PCL). ST. LOUIS CARDINALS_Placed RHP Fernando Salas on the 15-day DL, retroactive to Tuesday. Selected the contract of LHP Tyler Lyons from Memphis (PCL). FOOTBALL National Football League NFL_Suspended St. Louis OL Rokevious Watkins one game for violating the league's substance abuse policy. CAROLINA PANTHERS_Signed DT Kawann Short. CINCINNATI BENGALS_Signed DE Margus Hunt. DETROIT LIONS_Claimed DB DeQuan Menzie off waivers from Kansas City. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS_Signed DB Demetrius McCray and WR Jeremy Ebert. Waived DT Jeris Pendleton. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS_Signed Ss Malcolm Bronson and Quintin Demps. Released S Justin Glenn and CB James Rogers. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS_Signed WR Quinton Patton to a four-year contract. Claimed TE/LS Kyle Nelson off waivers from San Diego. Waived P Anthony Santella. Canadian Football League EDMONTON ESKIMOS_Signed CB Shea Pierre and RB Tracy Lampley. HOCKEY National Hockey League NHL PLAYERS ASSOCIATION_Announced the retirement of D Andy Sutton. VANCOUVER CANUCKS_Fired coach Alain Vigneault and assistant coaches Rick Bowness and Newell Brown.

CHICAGO (AP) — Brian Urlacher wasn’t sure how dominant he could be any longer, so he’s calling it a career after 13 seasons with the Chicago Bears. And what a career it was: Eight Pro Bowl seasons; Defensive Player of the Year in 2005 A trip to the Super Bowl as 2006 NFC champion. And now, it’s over. The eight-time Pro Bowler announced his retirement through social media accounts Wednesday. “After spending a lot of time this spring thinking about my NFL future, I have made a decision to retire,” Urlacher said in a statement. “Although I could continue playing, I’m not sure I would bring a level of performance or passion that’s up to my standards. When considering this, along with the fact that I could retire after a 13-year career wearing only one jersey for such a storied franchise, my decision became pretty clear. “I want to thank all of the people in my life that have helped me along the way. I will miss my teammates, my coaches and the great Bears fans. I’m proud to say that I gave all of you everything I had every time I took the field. I will miss this great game, but I leave it with no regrets.” Urlacher was the face of the Bears, and he ranks among the best middle linebackers to suit up for a franchise with an impressive list that includes Hall of Famers Bill George, Dick Butkus and Mike Singletary. In March, Urlacher and the Bears were unable to reach a contract agreement and he became a free agent. “In the pantheon of

Bears, Brian has earned his place alongside Halas, Grange, Nagurski, Ditka, Payton and yes, Bill George, Butkus and Singletary,” Bears chairman George McCaskey said. “We congratulate Brian on a brilliant career and he will continue to be a welcomed member of the Bears Family in retirement.” Added receiver Earl Bennett on Twitter: “Great player… Great teammate… Awesome person!!!!” Former Bears linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer posted on Twitter: “@BUrlacher54 was the most coachable superstar, best locker room leader I ever played with. Proud to call him a teammate for 8 seasons.” And defensive end Israel Idonije, a free agent, wrote, “It was an honor & privilege to work and learn from @BUrlacher54 over the past 10 years. #ThanksBruh.” Urlacher started 180 games from 2000-2012, and made a team-record 1,779 tackles. He has 41 1/2, 22 interceptions, 16 fumble recoveries and 11 forced fumbles. Last year, he was slowed by a knee problem and then missed the final four games with a hamstring injury. Urlacher had posted pictures on Twitter indicating he was working his way back into shape before the split with the Bears. But when they announced he would not be back, it was hardly a surprise. Urlacher told the team’s flagship radio station at the time that he was not shocked and the offer he received was “more like an ultimatum” in which they were telling him, “Sign this contract or we are going to move on.”

■ Golf

Garcia-Woods feud turns ugly By The Associated Press Sergio Garcia apologized to Tiger Woods for saying he would serve fried chicken if they were to have dinner at the U.S. Open, an ugly addition to nearly two weeks of verbal sparring. What had been a celebration of European golf at an awards dinner south of London shifted suddenly to a racially sensitive moment involving Woods, the No. 1 golfer in the world and the only player of African-American heritage on the PGA Tour. Garcia said he meant to give a funny answer to a playful question, and it turned out to be “totally stupid and out of place.” “I feel sick about it and I feel truly, truly sorry,” he said Wednesday from the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth, site of the European Tour’s flagship event. The two golfers have exchanged barbs the last 11 days, dating to the third round of The Players Championship when Garcia implied that Woods purposely stirred up the gallery as the Spaniard was playing a shot. Woods said it was not surprising that Garcia was complaining. Garcia and his Ryder Cup teammates were at a dinner Tuesday night when the emcee, Golf

Channel’s Steve Sands, jokingly asked Garcia if he would have Woods over for dinner during the U.S. Open. “We’ll have him round every night,” Garcia replied. “We will serve fried chicken.” The remark was reminiscent of Fuzzy Zoeller’s similar comment about Woods during his recordsetting victory in the 1997 Masters, where Woods became the first player of black heritage to win a major. Garcia issued a statement through the European Tour after the dinner that did not mention Woods by name. He apologized “for any offense that may have been caused” by answering the question with a “silly remark.” “But in no way was the comment meant in a racist manner,” the statement said. Woods responded Wednesday morning with a series of tweets that said: “The comment that was made wasn’t silly. It was wrong, hurtful and clearly inappropriate. I’m confident that there is real regret the remark was made. The Players ended nearly two weeks ago and it’s long past time to move on and talk about golf.” That was one thing upon which both players finally agreed.

■ National Hockey League

Pens rout Sens OTTAWA (AP) — Jarome Iginla and James Neal each scored twice and the Pittsburgh Penguins routed the Ottawa Senators 7-3 on Wednesday night to take a 3-1 lead in the Eastern Conference semifinal series. Sidney Crosby, Chris Kunitz and Pascal Dupuis also scored for Pittsburgh, and Tomas Vokoun made 30 saves. Down 2-1 after the first period, the

Penguins scored twice in a 40-second span early in the second and added four goals in the first 10 minutes in the third. Milan Michalek, Kyle Turris and Daniel Alfredsson scored for Ottawa. Senators goalie Craig Anderson was benched after Pittsburgh’s sixth goal, and Robin Lehner finished the game. Game 5 is Friday night in Pittsburgh.




Thursday, May 23, 2013

■ Baseball


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Miami East’s Colton McKinney makes a diving catch against Triad Wednesday. “A flare here, a check swing there. Both teams hit the ball about the same. Some of the calls in that inning were borderline, but you can’t blame anyone for that. We had some borderline calls go our way, too. They just got the break in that inning.” And that was the only break to be had. Still, even though the Vikings fell in the their third straight sectional title game, they also have plenty to be pleased about — like a third straight Cross County Conference title. And the game was also a solid way to say goodbye to their two seniors, Mitchell and Bryant

Miller. “We were 1-2 in our first three games this year, gave up 22 runs — six of them earned. I was worried,” Coomes said. “But the kids decided that they wanted to play some ball this year, and they came out and played some great baseball. The best thing was to see the way they all pulled together for each other. “And we’ve got almost everyone back next year, too. This is a very tightknit group. We’ve got a lot to look forward to.” ME ....000 000 0 — 0 3 2 Triad ..000 020 x — 2 2 0 Mitchell and Fellers. Lowe and J. McIntyre. WP — Lowe. LP — Mitchell. 2B — T. McIntyre.

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Yard Sale

■ Track and Field

Division I

Troy’s Leah Michael competes Wednesday. ■ CONTINUED FROM 11 one of the fastest times recorded in the state this year. The Red Devils team — Sam Wharton, Jay Rick Schairbaum, Andrews and Koch — crossed the finish line in a time of 7:58.59, just barely off their seed time of 7:57.07. “I think we’re all really fit, and once we taper and get our fourth guy back, we’ll be ready,” Koch said. “But he (the Butler anchor) definitely gave me a scare with that kick because it was a monster kick down that back stretch. I was just fortunate that I could pump it in.” Butler took second (7:59.66) and the Troy team of Jon Osman, Brandon Nosker, Troy Schultz and Stephen Jones also earned the right to compete at the regional meet with a third-place finish (8:12.03). The Tippecanoe and Troy girls 4x800 relay teams also both qualified for regional Wednesday. Unlike Koch, Tipp girls anchor Erica Comer had a nice cushion going into the final 800 in the girls race, thanks to the good legs ran by Allison Sinning, Emily Wolfe and Claudia Barhorst. And Comer put it away for the Red Devils, which won the race in a time of 9:56.69. “It really did help a lot, it didn’t put a whole lot of pressure on me in terms of keeping the lead and staying first,” Comer said. “I couldn’t have done it without my teammates, they really helped out.” “I feel like we all really do well with competition, and next week we’re going to have a lot,” said Sinning about their chances at qualifying for state. “I think it just depends on the race. If we all have a great one, then maybe we’ll make it out.” And the rest of the

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Troy’s Catelyn Schmiedebusch competes in the 100 hurdles Wednesday in Piqua. girls’ 4x800 results shaped up just like the boys race did. Butler placed second (10:00.88) and the Troy team of Courtney Mazzulla, Caitlyn McMinn, Sarah Adkins and McKenna Poling also booked their trip to regional, finishing third overall (10:13.17). Wayne surged to the top of the team standings after the first day, scoring 25 points. Bellefontaine sits in second (22 points), Greenville and Tipp are tied for third (10) and Troy is in fifth place (9). • Having a Field Day Troy High School and Greater Western Ohio Conference Meet pole vault record. Now Troy’s Nathan Fleischer is a regional qualifier. Fleischer, a junior, cleared 14-4 to win the pole vault handily at Wednesday’s Division I district meet in Piqua. Tippecanoe’s Max McDonald will also be competing in the vault at regional after finishing second (12-6). And next week, Fleischer, who was No. 3 on Troy’s pole vaulting depth chart last year, hopes to encore with an even bigger performance. “I want to get 15 (feet) this season, but that’s a really big goal,” Fleischer said. “Since I’ve been PRing every two years, it’d be nice to continue the tradition. I guess when I go to regional, I would like to get 15 there.” And the collective success in the field events was what pro-

pelled the Trojans to near the top of the leaderboard after Day 1. Also picking up points for the Trojans were Alex Dalton and Seth Overla, who both earned regional berths in the discus. Dalton (139-01) placed second and Overla (133-09) finished third Wednesday. Wayne leads the boys standings with 40 points and Troy is second with 30. Tipp (19 points) and Butler (14) round out the top four. • Troy Girls 4x1, 4x2 Break Records It was a record-breaking day for the Troy girls 4x100 and 4x200 teams. Both teams broke Troy High School records Wednesday in Piqua. The 4x200 team of Gracie Huffman, Shanelle Byrd, Ashley Rector and Todda Norris broke their own school record, which they set last season. The group finished with the second best prelim time (1:41.97), trailing just Wayne, which finished with a 1:41.50. Troy’s 4x100 team of Sharice Hibbler, Huffman, Byrd and Norris combined to run a time of 48.80 seconds in the prelims to break their own school record from earlier in the year. • Moving On To Friday As expected, Huffman (58.62 seconds) and Rector (59.26) qualified for the finals of the 400. Comer, of Tippecanoe, will be competing against them in the 400 finals, as well. She posted a time of 1:01.08 Wednesday.

Troy’s Catelyn Schmiedebusch will enter Friday night’s 100 meter hurdles finals with the fastest qualifying time (16.06 seconds) and the second best prelim time in the 300 hurdles (47.23), as well. Sharice Hibbler qualified for the finals in the 100 with a time of 13.07 seconds. Byrd reached finals in the 200, with a time of 27.20 seconds Wednesday. The Troy 4x400 relay (Rector, team Schmiedebusch, Norris and Huffman) was untouchable Wednesday, finishing with the fastest qualifying time (4:01.31). The next closest team was Wayne (4:10.64). Tipp’s team (Allison Rawlins, Alysha Harmer, Sarah Janosik and Sammie Rowland) will compete in the finals of the 4x800 relay, after running a 1:49.31 in the prelims. Rawlins (48.37 seconds) and Jessica Williams (50.72) qualified for the finals of the 300 hurdles. The Tipp girls 4x400 team (Janosik, Alysha Harmer, Rawlins and Comer) qualified for finals (4:15.68). Qualifying for finals in the girls 800 were Tipp’s Claudia Barhorst (2:35.95) and Jenna Kremer (2:45.58), Troy freshman Sarah Hartley (2:32.99) and McKenna Poling (2:35.57). The Troy boys 4x200 team (Devante Bush, Josh Williams, Nick Zimmer and Roshaun Wesson) qualified for Friday’s finals. The group had the sixth best qualifying time at prelims (1:33.20). Troy’s 4x100 relay team of Bush, Josh Williams, Nick Zimmer and Blake Williams, a finals qualifier in the 200 (22.89 seconds), will compete in the finals, after posting a time of 44.06 seconds in the prelims. Tipp’s Grant Koch posted the fastest prelim time in the 800 (2:02.92) to secure a spot in the finals. Koch will be joined in the final heat by teammate Jay Schairbaum (2:07.30) and Trojans’ Troy Schultz (2:06.56). Wesson ran a time of 50.74 seconds in the 400 to qualify for finals. Tippecanoe’s Darius Appora (53.39 seconds) will also compete in the 400 Friday. Appora, Sam Wharton, Andrews and Koch qualified for finals in the 4x400 (3:32.95). The district finals kickoff at 5 p.m. Friday in Piqua.

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called out by a step. “I thought we had it on that ball up the middle, but they made a nice play and we didn’t get the break,” Coomes said. All told, the Vikings left eight runners on — but Mitchell matched Lowe throughout the game, leaving six Cardinals stranded. Mitchell gave up two hits in the game, walked three and hit a pair of batters. But those walks proved costly in the bottom of the fifth. Jacob Watkins led off with a check-swing single that found its way into right, and he was bunted to second. An inside slider grazed the jersey of the No. 9 hitter to put two on, and McIntyre drew a walk to load the bases. Austin Sanford then took a pitch on the outside corner on a 3-1 count, and it was called ball four, bringing in the game’s first run and drawing an angry reaction from the Viking faithful. The next batter, Colton Young, hit a grounder up the middle that Mitchell slowed down enough for second baseman Brandon Force to make a play and get the out at first on, but the second run still came home.


■ CONTINUED FROM 11 some trouble spots, giving up five walks and three hits in the game, he worked his way out of three potentially bad innings. The first time came in the second, when a pair of walks turned into runners on second and third with two out — but he got a strikeout to end that threat. But the biggest one came in the third. Evan Bowling drew a one-out walk, then Brandon Kirk chopped a single over the third baseman’s head. A wild pitch moved the runners to second and third, but Lowe forced a pop to short for the second out. The Cardinals then walked Michael Fellers intentionally to load the bases and set up a leftyagainst-lefty matchup against Alex Brewer. Brewer hit a slow-rolling grounder up the middle that looked like it’d make it through, but Triad second baseman Trent McIntyre was able to cut it off and hurl the ball sidearm to first from his knees. Brewer and the ball got to first at the same time and he and the first baseman tumbled over each other after a collision, but he was

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FLEET MANAGER Continental Express Inc., a full service transportation company that specializes in hauling refrigerated food products is currently seeking a Fleet Manager for its Sidney terminal. We are currently looking for a career minded individual in our Operations Department. This person will manage the activities of Regional Drivers primarily via computer and telephone to ensure the efficient & safe transport of our FXVWRPHUVŇ&#x2039; JRRGV 7KLV LQ volves communicating instructions to drivers about freight pick-up and delivery, transmitting load assignments, routing, trip planning, promoting safety, and interaction with customers regarding pickup and delivery information. The ideal candidate must possess excellent computer, communication, time-management and decision making skills. Prior supervisory/management experience desired and 2 or 4 year degree preferred. We offer a competitive salary and benefit package. For consideration send resume to or apply in person. Continental Express Inc. 10450 St Rt 47 Sidney, OH 45365

Summer Photography Interns Wanted Anyone interested in a photography internship (unpaid) at the Sidney Daily News this summer should email examples of their work and a resume to: Chief Photographer Luke Gronneberg lgronneberg@ or drop them off at the office: 1451 N. Vandemark Road Sidney, Ohio 45365 For more information, call (937)498-5966. Leave a name and contact number. Interns will gain invaluable first-hand experience covering a wide range of subjects. The experience could also help fulfill college requirements for on-the-job training.


new tires, extra clean, cold air, only 129k miles, good gas mileage, $5100

2007 FORD FOCUS SE Sport package, 2 door hatchback, auto, AC, power, silver, excellent condition, 50,000 miles, $8800

1, 2 & 3 Bedroom, Houses & Apts. SEIPEL PROPERTIES Piqua Area Only Metro Approved (937)773-9941 9am-5pm Monday-Friday

73K Miles, Fully loaded, automatic, with navigation, blue exterior, black leather interior, asking $16800 obo,

1, 2 & 3 bedrooms Call for availability attached garages Easy access to I-75 (937)335-6690

1957 Chevy Post, 4 door, Complete solid car, does not run, $3450, (937)335-9353 weekdays

3 BEDROOM, 1 bath, w/d hookup, full basement, no pets, $575, (937)658-3824

Downstairs unfurnished 1 bedroom, in downtown Troy, overlooking river. Utilities paid, Metro accepted, no pets. $475 plus $475 deposit. (937)3391500 (after hours leave message) EVERS REALTY TROY, 2 Bedroom Townhomes 1.5 bath, 1 car garage, $725 3 Bedroom, 1 bath, Double, $675 (937)216-5806 TIPP/ TROY, new everything and super clean! 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath, no pets, no prior evictions, $550 month, $550 deposit, 1 year lease, (937)5454513

TROY area, 2 bedroom townhouses, 1-1/2 bath, furnished appliances, W/D hookup, A/C, no dogs, $500. (937)339-6776. TROY TOWNHOUSE, 2 Bedroom 1.5 bath. Bunkerhill $495 monthly, (937)216-4233 TROY, 525 Stoneyridge, 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath, stove refrigerator, no pets, $450, credit check required, (937)418-8912 Houses For Rent 2 BEDROOM trailer in country near Bradford, $375. Call (937)417-7111 or (937)4482974. 3 bedroom, 1 bath, W/D hookup, detached garage, no pets, available June 15th, $660 plus deposit (937)335-8753 TROY, double, 2 bedroom ranch, attached garage, living/ family rooms, 1.5 baths, appliances, new carpet, very clean! No pets, 934 North Dorset, $695 + deposit. (937)3396736, (937)286-1199.


HOME IMPROVEMENTS 40072136 Lawn Mowing starting at $15

Need new kitchen cabinets, new bathroom fixtures, basement turned into a rec room? Give me a call for any of your home remodeling & repair needs, even if itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just hanging some curtains or blinds. Call Bill Niswonger

Landscaping â&#x20AC;˘Trim Shrubs Pavers & Fence Installation Tree Removal â&#x20AC;˘ Wood Patios Install & Clean Spoutings â&#x20AC;˘ Siding Power Washing Nuisance Wild Animal Removal FREE Estimates 15 Years Lawn Care Experience

Call Matt 937-477-5260


Free Estimates / Insured

â&#x20AC;˘ Lawn care 40053412

â&#x20AC;˘ Landscaping â&#x20AC;˘ Gardens Tilled â&#x20AC;˘ Mulching

Cleaning & Maintenance

Sparkle Clean

2 8 Y e a rs E x p e ri e nc e Fr ee Est i mates

Cleaning Service 40082326


Visit Call us first! (937)335-5223

MATT & SHAWNâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S

BILLâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S HOME REMODELING 40045872 & REPAIR

Apartments /Townhouses

Troy ranches and townhomes. Different floor plans to choose from. Garages, fireplaces, appliances including washer and dryers. Corporate apartments available.

Land Care

Building & Remodeling

Residential Commercial New Construction Bonded & Insured

TUTORING, any age, including kindergarten readiness, also special needs by certified teacher (937)356-9692


LAWN and LANDSCAPE SERVICES, 15 years experience, satisfaction guaranteed, lawn maintenance, mulching, landscaping projects. Call today for a free estimate. Will not be under bid, (937)570-1115


call (937)684-0555

Instruction & Training


â&#x20AC;˘Refrigerators â&#x20AC;˘Stoves â&#x20AC;˘Washers & Dryers â&#x20AC;˘Dishwashers â&#x20AC;˘ Repair & Install Air Conditioning


(937)286-8893 (937)286-3319

DODD RENTALS Tipp-Troy: 2 bedroom AC, appliances $550/$450 plus deposit No pets (937)667-4349 for appt. HELP WANTED All phases of the dry cleaning business, will train, call (937)667-3712 or 21 West South Street, Tipp City, Ohio, 9am-2pm


call (937)473-2596 evenings Auto Classic /Antiques

Motorcycles 2007 HARLEY Davidson XL 1200 low, 10,129 miles, black cherry color, asking $7900. Too high? Make offer, (937)710-2331.

2008 WILDFIRE SCOOTER MODEL WFH 250cc, 178 miles, showroom condition, 2 helmets and cover, $1450. (937)448-0714 RVs / Campers CAMPER, Rustic Haven Campground St Marys, good condition, furnished, clean (937)473-2398

Appliances 3 year old GE super size washer and matching 8 cycle dryer, very good conidtion, $400 the set (859)285-8069 Baby Items BABY ITEMS, toddler bed, changing table, crib, walker, blankets. HANDICAP ITEMS, regular and seated walkers, commode, shower chairs, more! (937)339-4233 Furniture & Accessories LAZYBOY recliner, neutral color, good condition, $45, queen size mattress and box springs $40, queen size Serta pillowtop mattrress, box springs and frame good for bad backs, $100 (859)285-8069 Miscellaneous JOHN DEERE LA115 lawn tractor and dump cart, 5 years old, serviced by dealer, very good condition, $1100 (859)285-8069 POOL DECK, Aluminum above ground pool deck in good condition was used on 24' round pool, asking $100, (937)7788816 TANDEM BICYCLE, Daisy brand, structurally sound, needs a little bit of elbow grease, $80 OBO, (937)3356679 THEATER-STYLE SEATS, 60 blue for sale. Call for more information (937)418-8585.


Painting - Interior - Exterior Pressure Washing Homes and Decks Cleaning Gutters Commercial, Industrial, Residential

Construction & Building

M&S Contracting 40037636 Since 1977 FREE ESTIMATES on Roofing, Siding, Gutters, Windows, Patio Covers, Doors Insured & Bonded


937-726-2780 Paving & Excavating

COOPERâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S 40044472 BLACKTOP

Call 937-236-5392 INERRANT CONTRACTORS: Why over pay general contractors to renovate your home? Self performing our own work allows for the best prices on skilled labor. Kitchens, baths, decks, roofs, doors, windows, siding, floors, drywall, paint. 5 year to Lifetime warranty in every contract! Licensed and insured., (937)573-7357.



â&#x20AC;&#x153;Peace of Mindâ&#x20AC;? 40053415 knowing your Free from BED BUGS


Amy E. Walker, D.V.M. 937-418-5992

â&#x20AC;˘ Devices installed in all rooms â&#x20AC;˘ Easy Early find if Bed Bugs enter

Mobile Veterinary Service Treating Dogs, Cats & Exotics

As low as






Remodeling & Repairs

J.T.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Painting & Drywall 40037842


B.E.D. PROGRAM Gutter Repair & Cleaning

DC SEAMLESS Gutter & Service 40038561

Fully Insured Repairs â&#x20AC;˘ Cleaning â&#x20AC;˘ Gutter Guard

1-937-492-8897 Handyman Hauling & Trucking

BIG jobs, 40037643 SMALL jobs We haul it all! Appliances, Brush, Rental Clean-outs, Furniture & Tires

Richard Pierce


COOPERâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S 40072242 GRAVEL Gravel Hauled, Laid & Leveled Driveways & Parking Lots

875-0153 698-6135 MINIMUM CHARGES APPLY

â&#x20AC;˘ Interior/Exterior â&#x20AC;˘ Drywall â&#x20AC;˘ Texturing â&#x20AC;˘ Kitchens â&#x20AC;˘ Baths â&#x20AC;˘ Decks â&#x20AC;˘ Doors â&#x20AC;˘ Room Additions


TOTAL HOME REMODELING Call Jim at 937-694-2454

1002 N. Main St. Sidney, Ohio 45365 Call today for FREE estimate

937-875-0153 937-698-6135 Pet Grooming


Trucks / SUVs / Vans 2006 DODGE Caravan SXT, one owner, loaded, all power, DVD, great condition, 132k miles, $5500, (937)498-1219

Painting & Wallpaper


Tammy Welty (937)857-4222

Apply today at: Or Call: 937-398-7411






Help Wanted General

Fill Dirt Dirt Fill



Â&#x2021; 0XVW FRPPLW WR D PLQLPXP RI 6 months on assignment. Â&#x2021; 0XVW EH DW OHDVW  \HDUV RI age. Â&#x2021; 0XVW EH DEOH WR ZRUN RYHU time as needed on all scheduled workdays (Mondays and Fridays) and all scheduled Saturdays. Â&#x2021; 0XVW SDVV D GUXJ VFUHHQ DQG background check Â&#x2021; 0XVW FRPSOHWH D SDLG RULHQWD tion prior to starting. Â&#x2021; VW QG UG 6KLIWV DYDLO able with competitive pay and attendance bonus available

Shredded Topsoil Topsoil Shredded 40043994



For more information call Dave at 800-497-2100 or apply on-line at


Want To Buy


* Split $0.45/ Mile * Paid Time Off * Utah/ Texas/ Idaho




Rest easy while youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re away 937-573-9098 Cell 937-552-9797


This GREAT opportunity comes with SUPER SECURITY and UNLIMITED Earning Potential. This is YOUR opportunity to work with the #1 Home Improvement Center!!

HAYWOOD Pro Series, pump model SP1592FP and sand filter model S166T92S, combo on stand, used 1 summer $300 (937)875-0031



GERMAN SHEPARD pups born on 4/20/13, 2 females, 5 males, 4 black, 3 sable, (937)570-7668 between noon and 9pm

* Security Checks * Mail Pickup *Light Housekeeping *Yard Maintenance * Errand Running * Flexible Hours *Other Services Available


* $0.41/ Mile * Home Weekly * 4 Weeks Vacation





FREE to good home, male Australian Shepard Lab mix, great with kids, call after 2pm (937)418-7084

INTEX 16'x48" ultra frame pool, includes solar cover, ladder, skimmer, filter pumps with timer, DVD and manual, only used 3 months, asking $250 (937)335-9757


Has a great opportunity for an individual wanting to start their own delivery business by becoming an owner/ operator of a

TMA Land Limited

Swimming Pools /Hot Tubs



Houses For Rent TROY, updated 2 bedroom ranch in Westbrook, 1 year lease, possible land contract, $775 (937)308-0679





Drivers & Delivery



Wednesday, May 23, 2013


Piqua High School Class of 2013 AnneMarie Finfrock is Piqua High School’s 2013 valedictorian. The daughter of Bryan Finfrock and Julie Katz, she served in numerous leadership positions including class president and vice president of 4H Club all four years of high school,student council president and Junior High Science Olympiad coach for two years, and 2009 Sheep Princess, among others. Finfrock is a member of the National Honor Society, Key Club, Link Crew, Model United Nations, Piqua Teen Leaders and show choir. Outside of school, she has played coed soccer through the PiquaYouth SoccerAssociation and shown market lambs through Clark County 4H.Finfrock has won awards including Top 100 for four years, Premier Exhibitor and 4H Star Member. She plans to attend Wright State University to study biomedical engineering and premed and hopes to eventually go to medical school to study orthopedics. Salutatorian Benjamin Crawford is the son of David and Mimi Crawford. His extracurricular activities include National Honor Society, Piqua Teen Leadership, varsity track and field, varsity football, men’s chorus and the Discovery Education Student Advisory Board. A three-year letterman in football, Crawford has amassed awards including Top 100 for four years, the Great American Rivalry Series Student-Athlete Award, the Honda-OSU Math Medal and the ZimmermanAward for personality, character, conduct, contributions and school spirit. He also has made the honor roll for four years. Crawford is headed to Ohio State University in the fall to major in neuroscience as a pre-med student. His goal is to go on to medical school and become an orthopedic surgeon. Piqua High School will conduct graduation services at 8 p.m. Friday, May 31 in the Alexander Stadium. The Class of 2013 includes:



Gage Allen Abbott, Lacey R. Achor,Bryce J.Albert,Tevin LeeAlbert, Daniel LeeAllmann,HaileyA. Amburgey, Bailey M. Anspach, Heather Rachel Anderson, W. Bradley Anderson, Kendra Rene Arnett, Cody N. Ashford, Taylor Nicole Bachman, Brandi N. Baker, Elizabeth Ann Banks, Alison Josephine Barhorst, Kenna Marie Barton-Rose,Brandon R.Baumeister, Benjamin Jean Beck,Tara Ann Belcher, Tyler Michael Billet, Cory T. Bissett, James M. Black, Emily M.Blanton,RobertAllen Bloom Jr., Breana Alison Boettiger. Megan Alyssa Booher, Jonathon Ryan Bostick, Courtney Marie Bowman, Megan Nicole Boyd, Madisyn Davis Boze, Dallas J. Bramlette, Xavier Colton Brown, Taylor Canelle Bryant, Kambren David Eugene Burch, Saxxon D. Burdiss, Nathan Lee Burkholder, David Aaron Burton, Soloman Samuel Carnes, Abigail Ann Carter,Christina Marie Sue Carter, Tyler E. Chambers, Tyler G. Cisco, William R. Cissner, Jennifer Lynn Clark, Eric Blaine Clay Jr., Allison Ann Cole, Gabrielle Lacy Collins, Thomas Dakota Combs. Michael Dean Compton, Allison Jean Comstock, Cody David Congdon, Jessie Marie Cooke, Kaci Kay Cotrell, Austin Lee Covault, Alexandrea Gabrielle Cox, Eric M. Craft,Maylana S.Craun,Benjamin

D. Crawford, Victoria Jean Cromley, Amanda Elizabeth Cruse, Jazmyn R. Crusoe-Price, Clark Russell Davis, Jasmine Victoria Ann Davis, Brandon B. deVaudreuil, Shae Justice Doll, Haley Marie Dotson, Cara Ann Dunn, Drew M. Durand, Brittany Suzanne Dyas,Casey Evan Dziech, Stephen L. Elliott. Samantha Marie Elsass, MareenaAnn Emrick,Kaleb D.Etherington, Wesley Everett, Sarah Elizabeth Felver,Andrea M.Ferree, AnneMarie May Finfrock, Jake Ellis Fisher, Zachary Paul Fitzner, Ashley M. Ford, Rachel Elizabeth Fornara, Janova Ann Forsythe, Nicholas l. Foster, Kristina Victoria Frey, Ashley Tyler Fry, Heather Kathleen Gant, Mikayla Nicole Ming Gao, Austin Shane Garber, Timothy Joseph Gariety II, Derek Matthew Gayhart, Ashley Morgan Gerlach, Ashley Elaine Gilmore, Kristen Nicole Glagola. Monica Dean Godfrey, Brandi Lynn Good, Danielle Marie Good, Christy Anne Graves, Samantha Faye Greene, Desmine L. Griffis, John L. Grunkemeyer III, Christine Marie Gutierrez, Ashley Ann Hall, Kyleigh Sue Hall, Michael Dean Haney, Rachel Lee Harker, Nicholas R.Harshman,Buddy Ray Hayes,Brenna C.Heinle,Elenni M. Henggeler, Ryan Paul Henson,Alicia M. Hill, Eion Zachary Hogston,

Joshua David Holfinger, Kyler Jordan Holland, Alexis Maxine Holleran, Victoria Christine Hostetter,George Russell Hovey IV. Michael Anthony Howk, Joye Hsiang, Charmaine Nicole Huey, Abigail Delilah Hughes, Ryan James Hughes, Kayla Renee Hunley,Bobby Jo Hunt,Tyler James Iacovelli, Sierra Dawn Iddings, Steven Marcco Jenkins, Austin Douglas Johnston, Holly Erin Jones,Megan Diane Jones,Richard A, Jones II, Lucas Travis Karn, Colten E. Kidder, Emily J. Kiefer, Makaylie Celeste Killian,Matthew A. King, Mason Kale Kirkland, Chancelor Preston Kloecker, Macy Marie Lambert, Sara Marie Landsiedel, Carrie Grace Latham. Colin B. Lavey, Cody Allen Lawson, James Deuane Lawson, Chasen D. Lee, Trae D. Lee, Jaicey Marie Lindsey, Summer Elizabeth Samphors Littlejohn,Casey Duane Livesay, Cara Cheyenne Long, Christina Annemarie Loyd, Cody Todd Lumpkin,Thomas Eric Luna, Donald Chance Luther, Brian Steven Marsh, Hayley Lynn Martin, Paige Marie Martin, Zachery Allen Martin, Eric D. Maxon, Morgan Michelle Mayberry, Taylor Anne Mayberry, Kaitlynn Diane McCawley, Jacob Taft McClelland, Alyssa Kaye McKinney. Lexie K. McKinney, Timothy Joseph Meiring, Adam Joseph Meyer, Emily Morgan Mikolajewski, Alyssa Marie Miller, Brandon E. Miller, Brittney Nicole Miller, Megan M. Miller, Nolan Ryan Miller, Lakota D. Mills, Mindy Ann Moffitt, Scout Marie Mott, Hannah Christine Mowery, Logan Rachelle Neves, Kyle L. Nichols, Stephen L. Orndorff, Tyler Raslaj Overla, Austin David Palmer, Elijah Alexander Parker, Nathan Cooper Patrizio, Shelbi Leean Peake, Jessica Anne Marie Pearce, Logan Robert Peepels, Benjamin James Paul Pellman. Bethany Rochelle Pendergraft, Richard Brayden Peters, Justin

Rey Peyton, Kenneth Morris Philabaum, Denny E. Poling Jr., Marissa Nicole Powell, Trey Edward Pruitt, Joshua David Purk, Jorge H. Ramon, Thea L. Reas, Jenna Larissa Reed, James Matthew Rhynard, Dillon Michael Lewis Rogers, Shelby D. Rogers, Alexandria Nicole Rohrbaugh,Tanner B. Roustio, Ashley Coleen Rue, Nathan A. Runge, Hannah Cecilia Ryan, Joseph E. Schmidt, Natalie Marie Schmitz, Thomas Luke Schneider, Ayrie Rochelle Schwartzengraber. Logan Thomas Scott, Allison Kaylea Seiter, Lauren Elizabeth Seman, Paula Joann Sheridan, Joseph Jeffery Sherman, Alex J. Shinall,Cayley Jessica Silverthorn, Ashley Lynn Smith, Austin Michael Smith, Cedric Z.R. Smith, Ryan A. Smith, Skyler J. Smith, Trenton Michael Smitley, Nicole Lynn Snell, Tyreese K.C. Spann, Jarrret Andrew Spoltman, Mersadis Lynn Spradlin,Nicholas B.St. Myers, Briana Marie Staley, Joshua Bryant Steele, Colby Michael Stephenson, Mitchell Patrick Stevens,April Marie Stewart, Katie Eliza Stewart, Jarrod Blaze Stover, Hannah Arlene Strevell, Ellen Catherine Strunk. Jessica Nicole Studebaker, Justin L. Sturgeon, Benjamin Alan Tabler, Alex Kenneth Tamplin, Austin Arlen Tamplin, Sir Michael Taylor, Takeesha N. Taylor, Natalie Elizabeth Thobe, Alexis Gabrielle Tilton, Austin Christopher Tilton, Haley G. Tilton, Travis A. Tubb, Paige Yvonne Underwood, Joshua HarrisonVanSkoyck,Shelby Renee Vogler, Oliver B. Walters, Shane D. Ward,Jessica L.Weymer,Darien E. Ramon Wilkerson, Brandon Carl Wilson, Adam Paul Windle,Ashley Ann Wintrow, Nathan David Wise, Jerame Douglas Wright, Stacey Marie Wright, Cody Allen Young, Justice C. Young, Zachary Douglas Zimpher.

Troy High School Class of 2013 Fiona Foster is the 2013 Troy High School valedictorian. She is the daughter of Niall and Karen Foster. A National Merit finalist and an AP scholar with honor, Foster has competed in the Troy Tones, had roles in three musicals and stage-managed two plays. She also participated in quiz team, National Honor Society, Reading Buddies and thespians. Last spring, she organized the T.A.S.T.Y. fundraiser for the local family abuse shelter. Outside of school, Foster is involved in competitive horseback riding at the national level and plays the piano. She plans to attend the University of Kentucky as a Patterson Scholar studying mathematics. Angela Dennison is the 2013 Troy High School salutatorian. The daughter of Steve and Geneva Dennison, she was a member of National Honor Society, junior and senior cabinets, and student government, for which she served as president during her senior year. Dennison also competed on the swimming and cross-country teams. She volunteers regularly at St. Patrick’s church, where she is a senior youth leader and she plays piano annually with the National Federation of Music Clubs. She will attend Ohio State University in the fall, majoring in engineering. Sheena Scott, the daughter of Stacey and Nancy Scott, is the recipient of the Troy High School Upper Valley Career Center Honor Student award. She has completed the UV Career Center medical technologies program and was involved with student senate, S.A.D.D. and Skills U.S.A. Scott also volunteered at Say Love consignment shop. She plans to study nursing at Edison Community College, then continue her education by pursuing a bachelor’s degree to become a registered nurse. Troy High School’s graduation ceremony will be at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, May 25 at Hobart Arena, 255 Adams St., Troy. The Class of 2013 includes: Alyson Kenedi Adams, Trevior Todd Adams, Desiree Renee Adkins, Sarah Margaret Adkins, Steven Patrick Ahearn, Malik Asiddeg Al-Jarani, Esmeralda Almonte, Iesha Monique Alspaugh, Roger Lee Anders, Cameron Scott Anderson, Jodie Marie Anderson, Shannon Renee Andrews,William Thomas Armstrong, Christopher Jay Atkins, Kennedy Taylor Atkins, Dean Randall Baker, Kaitlin Ann Baker, Audrey Grace Banning, Andrew David Baptist, Alexander James Barber, Zachary Stewart Barker, Raymond



Ellsworth Barnhart Jr., Keiona Jenee Basil, Brandon Lee Beaty, Madyson Haley Bender, Joshua Ryan Berry, Austin Jacob Bigelow, James Samuel Biller, Devin Michael Blakely, Jessica Je’lie Blakes, Amanda Noel Blakley, Tyler Jay Blevins, Brittany Diane Blier,Taylor Adelle Kay Bond, Jessica Anne Bornhorst, Leah Marie Bornhorst, Raymond Boyd II, Dustin Matthew Boyer, Jason Dillon Bramlette, Alexander Douglas Brand, Allison Marie Brown, Jerrod Allen Browning, Madison Lee Burchfield, Benjamin Robert Burgei, Derek Edward Burghardt, Devin Issac Burns,Ashley Brianne Burton, Cody James Burton, DeVante’ Michael Bush, Sarah Frances Butler. Courtney Renee Caldwell, Blake Alexander Cales, Arika Braun Campbell, Daniel Cole Carey, Dylan Paul Cascaden, Gabrielle Marie Castaldo, Phillip Alexander Centliver, Jade Christine Chavis, Joshua Joseph Clark, Elizabeth Darien Clouser, Kirsten Rose Coleman, Kasey Rene Copas, Tara Jasmine Corfield, Colby Shane Cottom, Nicholas Shaughn Cottom, Alexandra Jean Covault, Erianna Marie Covington, Earnest Roger Crabtree, Stephen Matthew Crabtree, Donovan Jai Creager, Jr., Tempesst Marie Creech, Kyle Neal Croft, Blake Louis Curtis, Brandon Scott Daum, Zachary Edward Dawson, Austin David Deaton, Devyn Michael Lynn Debar, Katelyn Anne Delwiche, David Michael DeMeo, Brett Dominick DeMore, Angela Rossetti Dennison, Christian Alexander Detrick, Skylar Christine Detrick, Clarissa Elaine Dickey, Kacee Marie Dingle, Rachel Nicole Dippold, Lauren Nicole Dunfee, Jacob Lyle Eldridge, Joshua Christopher Elswick, Beau Arlen Emerick, Shai Reanne Emerick, Cynthia Nichole England, Austin C. Erisman, Brooke Logan Evans, Reianna Marie Evans, Corey Cedric Fales,

Ashley Katherine Marie Ferris, Kelly Elizabeth Fischer,Alexander Scott Flamm. Tyler Andrew Flannery, Deck Fornell, Fiona Katharine Foster, Kimberlyn Nicole Frazier, Cody Matthew Fuller, Eric Tyler Ganger, Zackary Norman Garrison, Lindsay Parker Gates, Lauren Dawnyelle Gau, Katlyn Louise Gearheardt, Lara Ann Gillespie, Emily Amanda Grapes, Joseph James Griffin, Scott David Grigsby, Jason Alexander Guillozet, Alec Jeffrey Gunter-Huffmon, Ashley Elizabeth Hagon, Darian Kenneth Hammond, Taneisha Marie Hanselman, Jacquelynn Rae Harkema,Allen Ray Harlow, Lindsey Danielle Harmon, Christopher Samuel Harrison, Benjamin Russell Harlan Hawkins, Kaitlyn Fay Hayworth, Maeghan D’Layne Heckman, Craig Robert Heidenreich Jr., Benjamin Ryan Heilman, Sarah Carol Helke, Logan Bryce Hensley, Sharice Lashawn Hibbler, Amanda Leigh Hinders, Kristin Nicole Hoglund, Matthew Joseph Hokky, John Glenn Honeyman II, Zechariah Antonius Hoover, Tia Marie Hopkins, Kaitlin Elizabeth Houck, Cameron Thomas Hughes, Christopher Daniel Huizar, Brittani Cherina Humphrey, Michaela Cheyenne Humphrey, Samantha Jo Hunter, Eric Allen Hyer, Sierra Nichol Jackson, Thomas Allen Jackson, Blake Edward Jarvis, Tyler Eugene Jaynes. Khelsea Sue Jenkinson, Austin Daniel Johnson, Kurtis Stephen Johnson, Priest Dapree Johnson, Bailey Sharon Sue Justice, Madeline Ann Kaup, Olga Lily Kelly, Kassandra May Kessler, Melanie Dawn Kincer, Alison Jane Kolber , McKenna Nicole Kotwica, Jaclyn Leigh Kranenburg, Brittany Michelle Krimm, Stefan Nathaniel Kuntz, Caitlynn Jo Lackey, Shelby Lynn Larck, Shawn Austin Larger, DeJanae Shawnté Lawrence, Valerie Anne Leanza, Shelby Nicole Lechner, Albert Anthony Lewis,

SCOTT Daniel Wesley Lewis, Micayla Leigh Lewis, Brooke Ann Littlejohn, Hunter Damian Loper, Jonathan Michael Andrew Lucas, Shawna Lee Alta MacGillivray, Trung Thanh Mai, Tarek Amar Malki, Miranda Allison Manning, Austin Connor Martin, James Makoto Mayberry, Andrew Charles McAllister, Catharine Ensley McCall, Anthony Dylan McCloy, James Michael McCloy, Conor James McCormick, Jennette Lynn McCrossin, Tabitha Kalynn McKitrick, Caitlyn Marie McMinn, Thomas Michael McQueary, Justin Tyler Menke, DeVanté LeShawn Michael, Leah Rosanna Michael, Dylan Shane Miller, Tyler Charles Miller, Alexis Rae Mills, Richard Joseph Mitchell, Jennifer Jane Monnier. David Kyle Moore, Kara Michelle Moore, Luke Christopher Mote, Kaitlyn Elizabeth Lee Mowery, Marisa Blakeley Mowery, Chase Lawrence Mumford, Courtney Michele Murphy, Ian Matthew Nadolny, Jalen Michael Nelson, Kyle Douglas Nelson, Cierra Michelle Neves, Kendra Nicole Newman, Kayla Shane Nickels, Tonisha Brittany Norman, Toddanisha Shaquinta Norris, Philip Alexander November, Mayu Ohtsuka, Hitomi Okada, Meredith Lynn Orozco, Jonathan Garrett Osman, Jacob Scott Ostendorf, Christopher Donald Pailen, Brandon Alan Alexander Parsons, Parth Dinesh Patel, Emma René Pence, Seth Jonathan Perdziola, Abagail Tabitha Perkins, Daniel Logan Keith Perkins, Blake Wilken Peters, Zachary Ian Peugh, Brooke Ashley-Dawn Poling, Kailey Danielle Pour, Matthew Alan Powell,Adam Richard Priest, Brittany Nichole Ramey, Meagan Breanna Rawers, Brandon Willis Ray, Ashley Hope Rector, Cassandra Ann Rice, Mackenzie Rose Rice, Brandon Michael Rieger, Taylor Danielle Ries, Holly Renae Riley, Thomas Leigh Riley II, Tyler

Daniel Roby, Zachary Aaron Roetter, Tanner Leigh Roop, Kaylee Brook Rose, Devin Hunter Routson, Emily Kay Royer. Thomas Joseph Rozsnaki, Kyle Robert Russo, Dustin Taylor Sabins, Mariah Belle Sano, Jordyn Maria Savage, William James Scarborough, Miranda Rae Schaeffer, Nicole Marie Schipper, Logan Phillip Schlosser, Catelyn Marie Schmiedebusch, Christopher Adam Schmitt, Rahney Elizabeth Schmitz, Nikolas Paul Schultz, Mackenzie Leigh Schulz, Sheena Renee Scott, Jenna Elizabeth Selby, Zackary Rian Sharits, McKenzie Danielle Sharp, Cara Renee Shelley, Ashley Lynn Shipes, Jeremy Douglas Sierra, Ryan Webb Simon, Benjamin Jon Sims, Dalton Grant Sizemore, Hannah Katherine Smiley,Amber Nicole Smith, Cori Michelle Smith, Gage Tyler Smith, Ivy Miranda Smith, Kelsey Marie Smith, Jamie Lynn Snay, Emily Marie Snyder, Nicholas James Snyder, Cory Dean Sowers, Evan Jacob Spahr, Amethyst Anne Spenelli, Justice David Speraw, Lauren MacKenzie Spiers, Shelby Danae Spiers, Kassandra Alice-Marie Spitler, Marty Lee Stanaford Jr., Andrew Peter Stang, Bradley David Stapleton, Michael Ray Starcher, Brandon Charles Stradling, Bryce William Sullivan, Cierra Lyn Sutherland, James McLellan Swigard, Azjhon Jaleel Taylor, Morgan Dane Taylor, Brendon Austin Terrel. Joshua Dyln Thompson, Logan Alex Tiderington, Rachael Ann Tilton, Brianne Nicole Tope, Nhan Ngoc Tu, Destiny Marie Turner, Riley Grandon Turner, Isha Tyagi, Kalen Anaya Ulmes, Katelyn Marie Usserman, Jocelyne Valverde, Ashley Kaylynn Vanchure,Alex Mitchell VanHoose, Maximilian Louis Vernau, Sabrina Paige VerStraten, Jordan Brittany Vest,Ammon Daniel Walker, Cortney Marie Walker, Taylor Linden Walker, Michael Ray Walter II, Lauren Dawn Walters, Mark Brian Warner II, Natasha LaRae Washington, Camden Archer Weaver, Lauren Michelle Wendel, Jenteal Rayn West, Allison Rae Wheeler, Fredrick Lamont Lee Whitson, Elizabeth Grace Wilkinson, Blake Alan Williams, Cassie Marie Williams, Carly Geene Willis, Zachary James Willis, Duncan Joseph Wills, Andrew Robert Wingert, Gideon Jacob Winter, Sierra Leann Wintrow, Natalie Nicole Wion, Thomas Anthony Wolaver, Kristen Nicole Wood, Jalen Michael Young, Cody Charles Zeller, Nicholas Glenn Zimmer.



Thursday, May 23, 2013


BETHEL HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 2013 Emily Artz is a 2013 co-valedictorian for Bethel High School. She is the daughter of Joseph Artz and Marjorie Markopoulous. Artz participated in band, soccer, volleyball, academic team, and student council, for which she served as president. She also is the recipient of awards including the Academic Excellence 1 scholarship, the Arts and Sciences Achievement scholarship, the Burger King scholarship, and an academic enhancement grant from West Virginia University, where she will attend in the fall. Artz’s goal is to become a psychiatrist. Emily Braisted is a 2013 covaledictorian for Bethel High School. Her parents are William and Karen Braisted. She was a member of student council and the National Honor Society, and served as junior and senior class treasurer. Braisted also has danced with the Miami Valley Dance Center for 11 years. Her awards include the Honda-OSU math medal and the president’s merit scholarship from the Uni-




versity of Dayton, where she plans to major in mathematics with plans to enter the bioengineering field. Derek Longshore is the 2013 salutatorian for Bethel High School. The son of Richard and Brenda Longshore, he participated in band, jazz band, soccer, basketball, baseball, student council and the school newspaper. In addition, he was a member of the National Honor Society and a senior class representative. Longshore received

the Provost scholarship from Ohio State University, where he will attend as an engineering/pre-med major. Bethel’s commencement ceremony will be at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, May 25 in the gymnasium at the high school, located at 7490 State Route 201, Tipp City. Members of the Class of 2013 include: Emily Nicole Artz, Jenna Kay Barney, Brandon Jay Bowman, Emily Nicole Braisted, Matthew Aaron Bush, Sydney Nicole Compton,

Zachary Scott Danner, Brady Edwin Davis, Trey Alan Davis, Derrick Michael Diddle, Cody Allen Dillon, Arrithaya Ditwong, Ariaunna Alexus Jesheta Donald, Sara Marie Dungan, Samantha Sierra Fink, Dustin Lee Fleming, Brandon Scott Garlough, Taylor James Gifford, Caitlin Elizabeth Graves, Bryant James Gray, Michael Stephen Green. Thomas Edward Haire, Nicaela Lyn Howell, Andrew Scott Hurst, Brandon Michael

James, Alyssa Marie Jones, Victoria Marie Jones, Tyler Chase Juday, Magdalene Patricia Kendall, Brianna Marie Kilcrease, Kylie Kapuaakalania’Omaile Llanos, Derek Ryan Longshore, Troy Edward Malin, Kayleigh Brooke Marshall, Shelby Rebecca McMahan, Ashley Nicole Miller, Zachary David Miller, Stephanie Elizabeth Myers, Lukas Shane North, Allison Nicole Reece. Jacob Alexander Schroeder, Matthew August Schwieterman, Hannah Kristine Sexton, Katlyn Ruth Shoup, Kelsey Sue Shoup, Mitchell Benjamin Siler, Kaleb Daniel Siney, Adam Ryan Smith, Warren Alexander Thome Snyder, Evan Douglas Stagge, Mariah Kaydes Stouch, Ryan Russell Terrian, David John Tolle, Luke Harry Veldman, Madison Ann Waitzman, Andrew Louis Watson, Danielle Nicole White, Johnny Clifford Wills III, Anthony Douglas Wood, Hui Yang, Lin Xi Yang, Cortney Marie Young

BRADFORD HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 2013 Chelsea Dross is the 2013 valedictorian of Bradford High School. She is the daughter of Mike and Tammi Dross. She served as class president and treasurer, a teacher’s aide, prom queen, captain of the cross country team, and an altar server at Immaculate Conception Church. Her other activities included basketball, track, National Honor Society, Muse Machine, B Crew, Varsity B Club, Math Club, Urbana University Dual Enrollment Program. Dross, who won the DAR Good Citizen award, plans to attend Wright State University and major in computer science. Logan Houser, the 2013 Bradford High School salutatorian, is

Leaders of America (FCCLA), junior church, peer leadership and Adopt a Highway. Houser was a member and treasurer of the National Honor Society, earned awards in English, math and Spanish, and received recognition for FCCLA statelevel STAR events recognition. He also volunteered at flower sales, blood drives, the food pantry, and with bulk mailing. Houser plans to attend Liberty Benton University in the fall to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business management informaDROSS HOUSER tion systems. Bradford High School’s comthe son of William and Lori team, PTK-Post-Secondary En- mencement ceremony will be at Houser. He participated in the rollment Options Program, 2:30 p.m. Saturday, May 25 in Good News Club, academic Family, Career and Community the high school gymnasium. The

class of 2013 includes: Bryce Arnett, Brett Arnett, Addison Bashore, Randy Campbell, James, Canan, Dallas Cassel, Adam Chalmers, Jacob Cline, William Deemer, Megan Drieling, Chelsea Dross, Steven Gayhart, Jessica Gaynor, Makayla Getz, Shane Gill, Anthony Gunter, Lukas Hafer, Jacob Herron, Breeana Hicks, Joshua Hoelscher, Logan Houser, Tyler Huggins, Megan Hunt, Kelley Jeffers, Benjamin Karnehm, Austin Lear, Spencer Lear, Derek Miranda, Corey Rench, Lindsey Rose, Brittany Ross, Cody Slomba, Eric Swabb, Brandon Wirrig, Matthew Wolf, Aaron Yohey, Corey Yohey

COVINGTON HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 2013 Bryant Allen Hicks, is a 2013 co-valedictorian for Covington High School. He is the son of Tonja and Scott Travers and Harry Hicks III. His activities include National Honor Society, Key club, Spanish club, PLUS Overnighter Youth Staff, crosscountry and track. Hicks plans to major in computer engineering at Ohio University. Michael James Wilson, the son of James and Agnes Wilson, is a 2013 co-valedictorian for Covington High School. Wilson’s high school activities include National Honor Society, for which he served as vice president in his junior year and president in his senior year, as well as marching band, symphonic band, jazz band, pep band, drama club, Spanish club, Key club and the PLUS Overnighter Youth Staff. He will be attending Miami University and is undecided on his major.



Covington’s graduation exercises will be at 2 p.m. Sunday, May 26 at Hobart Arena in Troy. The Class of 2013 includes: Cody James Adams, Ashley Jo Albright, Taylor Marie Angle, Timothy Austin Angle, Kiersten Nicole Atkinson, Alexander Scott Baskerville, Alexander Cole Bitner, Katie Elizabeth

Blair, Jordan Alyssa Blanton, Ryan Scott Boehringer, Kyrstyn Lynn Boyer, Thomas Londale Brant III, Audrey Ellen Brinkman, Macy Cheyenne Broughman, Garren Andrew Buroker, Isaac Neil Canan, Rachel Lynn Carder, Kayleigh Sharon Cecil, Madison Evans Clark, Caitlin Nicole Copeland,

Ryan Lee Craft, Troy Robert Cron, Jamie Marie Crowell, Kyler Lewis Deeter, Logan James Eshelman. Dustin Russell Fickert, Brittanie Sage Flora, Lindsey Lee Frantz, Danielle Renee Hatcher, Bryant Allen Hicks, Matthew Bradley Hubbard, Cassandra Nicole Ingle, Emily Lauren Katafiasz, Megan Richelle Kendell, Tyler James Lane, Matthew Elliot Larger, Bryton Scott Lear, John Richard Longenecker, Gage Christopher Looker, Jamie Michelle Martin, Tyler Scott McDavid, Justin Daniel Millhouse, Gabriel Joseph Mohler, Olivia Noelle Moody, Zachary Quinn Nicely, Brian John Olson Jr. , Kyle Aaron Otte, Coleton Lee Owens, Dylan Todd Owens, Bryan Robert Phillis, Treg Everett Pleasant. Anthony William Rader, Sheldon Thomas Rank, Chase

Matthew Reck, Matthew Allan Reck, Zoe JaRee Reck, Bethany Brooke Richards, Jennifer Francis Rindler, Colton Russel Risner, Shelby Marie Ross, Connor Elizabeth Schaffer, Donald Norbert Seger Jr. , Brooke Salene Selanders, Benjamin Corbin Sherman, Jessica Anne Shilt, Samantha Ann Slusher, Samuel Edwin Slusher, Brock Antony Smith, Haley Brooke Smith, Dustin Edward Snell, Heidi Marie Snipes, Tara Marie Snipes, Anna Christine Snyder, Jacob Ryan Sowers, Kaitlin Marie Thompson, Trent David Tobias. Shelby Taylor Waag, Austin Michael Walters-Tracy, Michaela Danielle Webster, Michael James Wilson, Tres Matthew Wirt, Jacob Steven Wright, Casey Lee Yingst, Tristan Patrick Yingst, John Addison Zeitz.

LEHMAN CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 2013 Samantha Neumeier is the 2013 Lehman Catholic High School valedictorian. She is the daughter of Sam and Mary Neumeier. She was involved in National Honor Society, TEAMS engineering, musical, science fair, Science Olympiad, Substance Abuse Advisory Committee, Pro-Lifeguards, the Ohio Energy Project, Interact, music ministry and the band, of which she was president. She also served as a sacristan and Eucharistic minister for school Masses. Neumeier is a member of St. Patrick Church in Troy and plans to major in natural science at Youngstown State University, then attend medical school at Northeast Ohio Med-



ical University. Jacob Haller is the 2013 Lehman Catholic High School salutatorian. The son of Cameron and Teresa Haller, he

participated in National Honor Society, football, science fair, Science Olympiad, TEAMS engineering, Substance Abuse Advisory Committee, Academia,

Stock Club, Big Buddies and Columbian Squires. Haller also is a member of Holy Angels Church in Sidney. He plans to attend Purdue University to major in chemical engineering. Lehman Catholic High School’s graduation exercises will be at 2 p.m. Sunday, May 26, in the Schlater Family Gymnasium on the Lehman campus, 2400 St. Mary’s Ave., Sidney. Admission to graduation is by ticket only. Members of the Class of 2013 include: Andrew Adams, Bishop Arnold, Hayley Baker, Pierce Bennett, Allison Bergman, Mitchell Bosse, Lauren Bosway, Sarah Cabe, Emilie Cavinder, Keaton Cole, John Copella,

Nicholas Cummons, Ryan Edelen, Louis Gaier, Sloane Glover, Andrew Gilardi, Tharon Goins, Jacob Haller, Nick Haussman, Michael Jacob, Ethan Jock, Bradley Kaeck, Daniel Davis, Dylan Long, Quinton Malone, Alyx Meyers, Stephany McEldowney, Kennedy McIver, Samantha Neumeier, Brian Bach-Nguyen, Riley Pickrel, Emilee Proffitt, Connor Richard, Katie Rossman, Alexandra Steineman, Zachary Taylor, Andrea Thobe, Sarah Titterington, Victoria Tullis, Stephanie Ulbrich, Abbigail Vogann, Mary Ellen Waldsmith, Emily Wildenhaus, and Bonnie Zimmerman.

MIAMI EAST HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 2013 Dakota Wesley Eugene Potts is the 2013 valedictorian for Miami East High School for the 2012-13 year. The son of Eric Potts and Spring Cutlip, he has competed in academic, track and swim teams while participating in National Honor Society, student council, class officers, art club, music, Muse Machine and Pride in M.E. He also lifeguards at the Piqua YMCA. Potts will be attending Miami University’s Honor Program in the fall to study Architecture and French. Montana Rose Woolley is the 2013 salutatorian for Miami East. She is the daughter of Jason and Heather Woolley. Her activities in high school include track, volleyball, musical, National Honor Society, FFA, Pride in M.E., choir, Muse Machine and academic team. Her community involvement includes organizing semi-annual blood



drives, participating in charity runs and volunteering at the annual Child Care Choices Benefit, the annual senior citizens’ dinner and for the Miami County Animal Shelter. Woolley also works at Tim Horton’s and The Filling Station. She plans to attend Wright State University

in the fall. Miami East’s commencement ceremony will be at 7:30 p.m. Friday, May 24, at Hobart Arena in Troy. Members of the Class of 2013 include: Jessie Blankenship, Logan Blankenship, Kayla Bombin,

Christine Bowling, Ellie Bowman, Lindsay Brookhart, Kayla Broughton, Kylie Brown, Tucker Carrigan, Abigail Cash, Colt Cavanaugh, Leigha Cremeens, Christopher Cron, Hannah Davisson, Rachel Davisson, Leah Dunivan, Megan England, Abby Everett, Breanna Foland, Amber Francis, Cole Fuston, Blake Garrett, Molly Green, Jaksen Gustin, Montana Hahn, Colden Hale, Robert Hamilton, Michael Harmon, Kaitlin Hatton, Dalton Haywood, Ray Henderson, Sean Horton, Aaron Hubbard. Kevin Jackson, Taylor Jacquemin, Kimberly Jay, Morgan Jess, Emily Johnson, Paige Kiesewetter, Allison Kindell, Zachary Liddy, Madison Linn, Shelby Long, Courtney Magoto, Zackary Martinez, Katelyn Matlock, Corrine Melvin, Bryant Miller, Allison Millhouse, Jesse Minton, Garrett

Mitchell, Cory Monnin, Stephen Morrow, Paige Mullen, Hunter Murphy, Joshua Niswonger, Victoria Nuss, Daniel O’Malley, Sarah O’Neal, Nicholas Ording, Carilla Parker, Brooklyn Pearson, Seth Pemberton, HaiLee Phyillaier, Dakota Potts, Sarah Pyers. Dylan Rader, Branden Ramey, Linda Rowley, Gabrielle Ryman, Kaitlyn Schellhouse, Austin Schulz, Chad Seagraves, Kaylena Shaw, Jenifer Slone, Kirsten Smallenbarger, Jennifer Smith, Ross Snodgrass, Anna Snyder, Katrina Sutherly, Abigail Tamplin, Sara Thompson, Kere Utz, Michael Warling, Brandon Wellman, Meredith Wesco, Montana Woolley, Jacob Yager, Rebekah Zellers



Thursday, May 23, 2013


MILTON-UNION HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 2013 Milton-Union High School has four valedictorians this year. Valedictorian Noah Barth is the son of Jeff and Jodi Barth. He was dance captain of Milton-Unionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s award-winning show choir, captain of the cross-country team, secretary of the National Honor Society, president of the Gay/Straight Alliance and editor of the yearbook. Barth will be moving to Chicago in September to attend DePaul University, where he has received scholarships. He will major in American studies with a minor in community service. Valedictorian Clay Hill,the son of Brian and Tina Hill, has a passion for the outdoors, wildlife and learning about nature. He is an avid hunter and is involved in 4-H Club,for which he serves as a camp counselor. He also raises pigs and rabbits to show at the fair. In addition, Hill was involved in student government and National Honor Society, serving as treasurer and vice president respectively. He plans to attendWright State University to study environmental sciences.

BARTH The son of John and Michaelle Lightcap, valedictorian Logan Lightcap has been active in school, church and the community. His church activities include the Sunrise Breakfast to feed the homeless in Dayton and the 30-hour Famine to raise money for starving children in Africa. He has worked as a summer farm hand and since 2002,has worked for his familyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s car wash business.In addition to being in all three school musicals, Lightcapâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s school achievements include taking all honors courses, including Post-Secondary Enrollment Options math courses during his junior and senior years. He has won

HILL math awards, including the Provost scholarship to Ohio State University, where he will study actuarial science. Active in sports and other activities, valedictorian Kole Wallace is the son of Dave and Kathy Wallace. In addition to playing tennis,football and baseball, he was a member of the quiz team, student government and National Honor Society. He also has been involved with Habitat for Humanity, Junior Teen Institute, Clubhouse and Interact. In the fall, he will begin the six-year Doctor of Pharmacy program at Ohio Northern Universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Raabe College of Pharmacy. Milton-Union High

LIGHTCAP Schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s commencement is Friday, May 24, 7:30 p.m. at the high schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Memorial Stadium. Members of the Class of 2013 include: Dakota Albaugh, Coty Alderman, KyleArquilla,Wyatt Banner, Noah Barth, Michaela Bates, Victoria Berrey,Mikaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;la Berry,Wesley Biser, Christopher Boggs, Joshua Booher, Thomas Bowling, Samuel Brady, Anthony Brown, Brooke Brown, Daniel Brown,Dillon Bruner, Joshua Bryan, Kaitlyn Cantrell, Dallas Christman, Brittany Compton, Jackson Conley, Tyler Cottrell, Destiny Davis, Gustavo de Oliveira Murari, Jonathon Deeter, Rebecca Deeter,

WALLACE Shondra Deeter,Austin Dickison, Zackary Ditmer Dillon, Dustin Downey, Brandon Downey, Travis Dunn, Stephanie Fetters, Nicholas Fields, Kathlene Fisher, Cole Freeders. Adrian Gauvey, Jacob Gearhart, Emily Gentry, Kayetlyn Hall,Kasandra Haworth, Erin Helser, Damian Hicks,Clay Hill,Craig Hollis, Kyle Holloway, Blake Ingle, Kasey Jackson,Trevor Johnson, David Karns, Alexander King, Trevor Klosterman, Austin Knepper, Corin Knight, Corey Layman, Amber Leet,Logan Lightcap, Connor Lunsford, Jacob Lyons, Haley Martens, Gage Martin, Farrah Mason, Kali

McGlinch, Daniel McKinley, Elizabeth Metzger, Christopher Miller, Wade Neal, Katelin Nealeigh, Whitney Netzley, Joshua Newman, Collin Newport, Samuel Niswonger, Jessica Ogden, Kodi Paulus,Jesse Pirrung,Karrie Powers, Kaitlynn Preston, Mallory Pumphrey, Katherine Purtee, Dallas Quickle. Caroline Richardson, Brandon Ridenour, Brittany Ridenour, Cheyenne Sass, Margaret, Saum, Jason Siler, Kyle Sills, Jesse Simpson, Nicholas Simpson, Tyler Skaggs, Chelsea Smith, Dylan Smith, Joey Smith, Kayla Smith, Dalton Sochacki, Stacey Spitler, Nolan Staas, Shelby Stasiak, Breana Steele, April Stine, Brandon Stone, Shannon Stonerock, Mikalah Stumpff, Joseph Thoele, Sarah Trubee, Rosa Tweed, Troy Tyree, Anna Vagedes, Michael Voorhees, HaleyVore,CharityWagoner, Christopher Walkup, Kacy Wallace, Kole Wallace, Megan Ward, Kasey Wheelock, Dezirae Williams, HunterWiltshire,JamesWitten, Elysse Wood, Michael Workman, Brian Yost, Gabriel Zellers.

NEWTON HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 2013 Kirsten Nicole Houtz Burden is a 2013 Newton High School co-valedictorian. The daughter of Billy and Marlene Burden,she was a member of the National Honor Society, student council,Leo club,FFA,Spanish club, Colorguard, choir, band and Science club. Burden also played soccer, softball and basketball. Her community service includes river cleanup and working in a soup kitchen. She plans to attend Ohio Northern University and major in nursing. Marissa Morgan Kleman is a 2013 Newton High School co-valedictorian. She is the daughter of Kevin and Carol Kleman. Kleman belonged to the National Honor Society and student council, as well as the Leo, Spanish, science and art clubs.She was a cheerleader,played soccer and basketball, and did community service at St. Patrickâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s food pantry and tutoring elementary school students.Kleman plans to attend Bowling Green University

BURDEN with a major in early childhood education and a minor in art education. Trista Kay Lavy is the 2013 Newton High School salutatorian.She is the daughter of Lonnie and Tiffany Lavy. A member of the National Honor Society, Lavy also participated in FFA,FCCLA,Spanish and science clubs, basketball, soccer and Miami Valley Hawks AAA basket-

KLEMAN ball. Her other activities include the Newton Blue Ribbon 4-H Club, the Miami County Jr. Fair Board and the Calvary R.O.C.K. Youth Group. Lavy plans to attend Wilmington College, majoring in agricultural business with a minor in animal science. Newton High School will hold its graduation ceremony at 2 p.m.Sunday, May 26 in the gymnasium of

LAVY the high school at 201 N. Long Street, Pleasant Hill. Members of the Class of 2013 include: Cole Dalton Adams, Gavin Russell Alexander, Wesley Scott Angle, Jennifer Eileen Beacom, David William Brauer, Cortney Nichole Conley, Brandon Edward Kim Delcamp, Joel Tyler Deutsch, Austin Michael Flanary, Robert James Gerodimos,Destiny Shea Hanshaw,

Celina Michella Hildebrand, Casey Marie Hixon, Kirsten Nicole Houtz Burden, Mitchell Brian Hussong, Tiara Brook Jackson, Madison Lee Keiser, Benjamin Rex Keith, Marissa Morgan Kleman, Kara Dawn Kuder, Holly Anne Landis, Trista Kay Lavy, Tod Henry Long, Benjamin Jacob Meyer, Joseph Christopher Neff. Aaron Robert Oaks, Levi Brendon Robbins, Rodney Emmitt Salyer,Anne-MarieAndrea Sanogo, Sydney Jordan Schauer, Braden Alan Schindel, Christiana Katlyn Smith, Jacob Henry Studebaker, Cheyenne Cassidy Supinger, Kasey Nicole Thompson, Alisha Denice Todd, Michael Glenn Unser, Daniel RichardVance,BrandenAlbertWalters, Austin Christopher Webb, Richard Warren Webb, Deryk Denver Wehrley, Jessica Randi Whalen, Ashley Nicole Whiting, Jacob Shawn Williams, Kara LeAnnWise


LEHMKUHL bible school team leader. Lehmkuhl plans to attend Ohio State University and major in information systems. Jonathan Lin is the 2013 salutatorian for Tippecanoe High School. He is the son of Chih Min Lin and Chih Hui Lin. He is a member of the National Honor Society, a National Merit Commended Scholar and a Honda-OSU Math Medal winner. Lin also was a member of the marching and symphonic winds bands, and the varsity tennis team. When not participating in school activities, Lin volunteers at the Tipp City Public Library and the Widowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Home of Dayton. He plans to attend the Ohio State University Honors Program, where he will major in engineering. Tippecanoe High Schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s graduation exercises will be at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, June 2, in the gynasium at the high school, located at 615 E. Kessler-Cowlesville Road, Tipp City. Members of Class of 2013 are: Alexandra Elizabeth Abboud, Bethany Ann Adams, Zachary Matthew Allen, Bradley Victor Howell Anderson, Abby Elizabeth Andrews, Richard John Andrews, Samantha Grace Arndts, Taryn E. Asbury, Emily Lauren Ash, Sarah Nicole Ashburn, Devin Kyle Baerlin, Logan Thomas Banks, Jack W. Bauder, Hannah Eileen Beck, Bryan Michael Bernhold, Zachary Duncan Berning, Brandon Thomas Bessler, Brett Aston Black, Todd Harry Bloomer,

LIN Samuel Edward Bollinger, Nicholas Clark Breneman, Meggan Amanda Bridgett, William Morris Brockman III,Allison Joan Brown, Jordan Marie Jill Brown, Megan Rose Bruening. Meredith Alene Budding, Steven Paul Calhoun, Kayla Marie Carpenter, Jordan Mitchell Chaney, Erica Lynn Comer, Katherine Elizabeth Cook, Erik Carl Cooper, Chace A. Conley, James Jacob Cox, Samantha Ashley Cox, Katelyn Elizabeth Crisp, Bryant Lee Crouch, Trevor Lee Curtis, Ian C. Davis,Andrew Payton Davison, Mark Joseph Dobson, Michael Zachary Donahey, Hunter Drake, Claire Margaret Dynes, Katelin Anne Dynes, Kellie Rebecca Eagan, Geoffrey Alan Early, Mason Leland Elrod, Jared Steven Ervin, Emma Elizabeth Etchison, Maria Rae Jude Fairbanks, Quintin A. Joseph Faler, Sydney Elizabeth Fay, Nicholas David Fischer. Wiley Jack Flohr III, James Everett Forman, Rachel A. Furlong, J ohn Harlan Gaskins, Andrew Michael Gatchell, Stephen Christian Gimmey, Madison Nicole Gioiello, Sergio Alberto Gonzalez, Bradley Nicholas Gould, Alexander Nicholas Graham, Justin Allan Green, Victoria Lynn Grieshop,Austin Hugh Hadden, Rhyanna Lyn Hallauer , Alec James Hare, Matthew Allen Hartman, Briana Faith Heilman, Jessica Lee Helman, Aaron Michael Hieber, Wesley Steven

Kathryn Victoria Snyder, Adam Gregory Southers, Blake Russell Sowry, Ryan Lee Starcher, Alexander Michael Stearns, Victoria Ashlyn Stearn, Mary Kathleen Stenger, Kelly Ann Stillwagon, Morgan Nicole Stith, Jessica Shayne Stocker, David Charles Stockler, Shelby Lynn Stout, Kailee Riana Tateman. Alexis Kathryn Taylor, Seth Lawrence Taylor, Rachel Corinne Thomas, Sydney Allyn Timmer, Kaitlin Claire Timmons, Davis Joseph Trask, Alex Raymond Turzynski, Kayla Marie Vath, Lucas Alexander Vinski, Zachary Tyler Vinski, Abigail Rose Vore, Carissa Marie Walek, Nathaniel Vincent Wallace, Madeline Christine Watkins, Ashton Elizabeth Weethee, Kathleen Jane Weiler, Samuel Tyler Wharton, Liam Connor Whitworth, Daniel Charles Wilcher Hunter Andrew Wilks, Jessica Marie Williams, Riley Marie Williams, Kylie Michelle Wilson, Sarah Kaye Wilson,Taylor Marie Wilson, Kyle Joseph Winblad, Jessica Leigh Wise, Maxwell Jacob Witeof, Megan Christine Elizabeth Wolfe, Kristen Mary Wolters, Nicholas Daniel Zeedyk

SCHNEIDER Hodger- James Peura, Ryan Anthony Courtney son, Quentin Studebaker Pignatiello, Hoffmann, Jessica Renee Alexandria Polhamus, Tyler Prentice, Aaron Holliman, Daniel Kenneth Scott Hopper, Nick Michael Hud- Christopher Quinn, Kyle dleson, Jacob Alexander Alexander Quinn, Eric Imel, Sarah Elizabeth Ramos Jr., Allison Nicole Janosik, Hannah Michelle Rawlins, Alexander Michael Reindel. Jay. Ellen Diane Ricketts, Nathanael Coombs Jensen, Ryan Lee Johnson, Michelle Elizabeth Rindler, Kristy Linn Kagy, Damien Taylor Nicole Rittenhouse, James Kettering, Drew Zachary Hamilton Robbins, David Kirby, Candice Marie Jenna Elizabeth Roberts, Klepinger, Grant Royer Mitchell Thomas Roberts, Koch, Kourtney Nicole Travis Scott Roock, Justin Koehler, Jeremy Milo Tyler Roseberry, Daniel S. Koenig, Jacob Charles Ko- Roth, Nathan Douglas lakowski, Jordynn Marie Scharff, Lydia Jane SchneiKostyal, Jenna Jeanene Kre- der, Anna Gray Schober, mer, Cheyenne Nichole Bethany Noele Schultz, Krieger, Nathaniel Kremer Alexander F.L. Sedam, Kueterman, Carter Isaac Amber Marie Seeberger, T. Smallwood, Langdon, Kayla Marie Lara, Emily Douglas Steven Lehmkuhl, Jonathan Lin,Wing Sze â&#x20AC;&#x153;Kai Leeâ&#x20AC;? Liu, Hannah Marie Losey, Austin Christopher Lumpkin, Ashley Nicole Lykins, Kristin Leigh Mace, Sarah Gene MacKenzie, Nadia Lyn Eugena Mahan, Kayla Mitsuko Marshall, Sean Alexander Martin. Stefani Lynn Matheny, A new beginning. g. We Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll W eâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll help Jacob Scott Maus, Megan Lynn Mays, Tyler Andrew you make the most of it. McKinney, Daniel James Congratulations on your graduation. aduation. McKowen, Tyler Austin Means, Brett Allen Menser, Mark E Reedy, Reedy y, FIC Cesira L. Miconi, Tia Jo Financial Consultant C Miller, James Michael Min429 N. N Main St. neman, Noah Isaac Mood, Piqua, OH 45356 Benjamin Dale Mosier, 937-778-1353 937 7-778-1353 Bradley James Mullins, Sierra Rae Nellessen, August Bradley Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Toole, Tori Jacob Matthew Overley, Morgan Riley Peacock, Jack !PPLETON 7 7ISCONSIN ISCONSIN s -INNEAPOLIS -INNESOTA s 4H 4HRIVENTCOM HRIVENTCOM s  4(2)6%.4    Michael Pelishek, Richard 201104218 Allen Peters, Kyle Robert 25639EV R10-11


Lydia Schneider, the daughter of John and Lynne Schneider, is a 2013 co-valedictorian for Tippecanoe High School. A member of the National Honor Society, Octagon Service Club and Student Senate, Schneider served as class president during her junior and senior years. She also competed on the swim team during her junior year and played on the junior varsity, varsity and club volleyball teams. Schneider is this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Miami County recipient of the Franklin B. Walter AllScholastic Award, which is given in recognition of academic achievements, community service and leadership. When not in school, Schneider gives volleyball lessons, tutors students and is part of the Pink Ribbons Girls Breast Cancer Organization. She plans to attend Miami University in the fall as a pre-med major. Douglas Lehmkuhl is a 2013 co-valedictorian for Tippecanoe High School. He is the son of Steven and Jacqui Lehmkuhl. During his four years at Tippecanoe, Lehmkuhl has been a member of marching band, concert band, symphonic winds band and pep band. He also served as president of the marching band. Lehmkuhl belongs to the National Honor Society, for which he served as treasurer during his senior year. He also maintained perfect attendance throughout high school. His athletic activities include the varsity tennis team and playing recreational basketball in the Tipp City Community League. Lehmkuhlâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s extensive work in the community include mission trips to Boston, Chicago and San Antonio through Young Neighbors in Action, volunteering for Alternate Spring Break, Special Olympics, St. Vincent de Paulâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Homeless Shelter and the St. Patrickâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s soup kitchen. He also is an altar server at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, as well as a vacation



Thursday, May 23, 2013


TROY CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 2013 Sam Justice is the 2013 Troy Christian High School valedictorian. He is the son of Steve and Sue Justice. Justice participated in band, technology crew, student council and National Honor Society. He also was a student leader on the New York mission trip. Justice plans to attend Lee University with a focus on ministry. Shelby Renicker is the 2013Troy Christian High School salutatorian. She is the daughter of Wade and Jill Renicker. Renicker served as president of the National Honor Society and was active in volleyball and cross-fit. She also participated JUSTICE


in mission trips to the Bahamas, Jamaica and Nicaragua. In addition, Renicker worked as a server at Bob Evans restaurant in Troy. She plans to attend Wright State University as a pre-med major. Troy Christian High School will hold its graduation exercises at 3 p.m. Saturday, May 25 at the school, located at 700 S. Dorset Road inTroy.Members of the Class of 2013 include: Jason Bamford, Amanda Benjamin, Jasmine Beverly, Robert Bretland,Semayat Campbell,Kaitlyn Chaney, Matthew Coots, Mark Dillahunt,Haley Farr,Zane Fulton,

Jonny Gakwaya, Branden Garman, Luke Gaskell, Hannah Godfrey, Sarah Grady, Sydney Hefferon, Craig Helman, Sam Justice, Emily Kindell, Nate Kirkpatrick, DJ Latimer, Justin Lewis, Daniel Markley, Jordan Marshall, Ben Morrow, Alec Patterson, Greg Peterson, Katie Poteet, Courtney Price, Eric Purvis, Morgan Rench, Shelby Renicker, Alex Rivera-Helstad, Rachel Ruland, Christian Salazar, Scotty Scott, Sarah Scott, Ty Shinall, Amanda Slone, Patrick Smith, Brenton Sundlie, Christopher Swink, BJ Toal, Caleb Ward, Chris Wharton, Josh Williams.

UPPER VALLEY CAREER CENTER CLASS OF 2013 The 2013 Upper Valley Career Center Top Scholar is Ashley Gilmore, an interactive media student from Piqua High School. She is the daughter of Gary Gilmore and Barbara Mullin of Piqua. Through PHS, Gilmore has participated in FCCLA, the art club and the National Honor Society. At Upper Valley CC, she was involved in Business Professionals of America and served as interactive media president for the group during her senior and junior years. She was Student Senate historian during her junior year and acting Senate president for 20122013. Gilmore also is a member of Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.) and works part-time at Dairy Queen Grill & Chill. Earlier this year, she was honored by the Piqua Chamber of Commerce as a four-year recipient of Piqua’s Top 100 Scholars award. As Upper Valley CC’s Top Scholar, Gilmore will address her classmates during the graduation ceremony at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 23 at Hobart Arena in Troy. The Class of 2013’s graduates from Miami County include:

GILMORE Bradford High School: Brett Arnett, Richard Bashore, Randy Campbell, Dallas Cassel, Adam Chalmers, Jacob Cline, William Deemer, Megan Drieling, Jessica Dye, Michael Fletcher, Jessica Gaynor, Anthony Gunter, Lukas Hafer, Jacob Herron, Hicks, Joshua BreeAna Hoelscher, Megan Hunt, Kelley Jeffers, Austin Lear, Spencer Lear, Derek Miranda, Ashley Mullins, Lindsey Rose, Cody Slomba, Kaitlin Withrow, Matthew Wolf, Corey Yohey. Covington High School: Cody Adams, Garren Buroker, Caitlin Copeland, Ryan Craft, Tyler Lane, Matthew Larger, Jamie

Martin, Tyler McDavid, Justin Millhouse, Zachary Nicely, Kyle Otte, Anthony Rader, Chase Reck, Shelby Ross, Donald Seger, Brooke Selanders, Haley Smith, Dustin Snell, Austin Walters-Tracy, Tres Wirt, Jacob Wright. Miami East High School: Amber Francis, Robert Hamilton. Newton High School: Destiny Hanshaw, Tod Long, Joseph Neff, Aaron Oaks, Braden Schindel, Alisha Todd, Branden Walters, Austin Webb, Richard Webb, Jacob Williams. Piqua High School: Gage Abbott, Tevin Albert, Bailey Anspach, Kenna Barton-Rose, Tara Belcher, James Black, Emily Blanton, Megan Boyd, Taylor Bryant, Abigail Carter, Christina Carter, Eric Clay, Maylana Craun, Amanda Cruse, Jasmine Davis, Cara Dunn, Drew Durand, Stephen Elliott, Samantha Elsass, Kaleb Etherington, Sarah Felver, Janova Forsythe, Kristina Frey, Ashley Gilmore, John Grunkemeyer, Kyleigh Hall, Rachel Harker, Alicia Hill, Alexis Holleran, Michael (Tony) Howk, Ryan Hughes, Steven Jenkins, Colten Kidder, Chance Kloecker,

Colin Lavey, James Lawson, Trae Lee, Donald Luther, Hayley Martin, Jacob McClelland, Lexie McKinney, Timothy Meiring, Emily Mikolajewski, Megan Miller, Lakota Mills, Scout Mott, Logan Neves, Tyler Overla, Elijah Parker, Jessica Pearce, Richard Peters, Justin Peyton, Kenneth Philabaum, Thea Reas, Hannah Ryan, Paula Sheridan, Alex Shinall, Cayley Silverthorn, Briana Staley, Joshua Steele, Benjamin Tabler, Austin Tilton, Paige Underwood, Joshua Van Skoyck, Oliver Walters, Shane Ward. Russia High School: Dakota Ashford, Brandon Barlage, Ethan Paulus, Bradley Schafer. Tippecanoe High School: Damien Kettering, Riley Minor, Mary Rafferty. Troy High School: Desiree Adkins, Roger Anders, Alex Barber, Raymond Barnhart, Dustin Boyer, Jerrod Browning, Blake Cales, Phillip Centliver, Stephen Crabtree, Donovan Creager, Tempesst Creech, Skylar Detrick, Scott Dircksen, Beau Emerick, Reianna Evans, Kimberlyn Frazier, Brandi Frees, Zackary Garrison, Emily Ashley Hagon, Grapes, Taneisha Hanselman, Bre’anna

Harrison-Lee, Benjamin Hawkins, Logan Hensley, Sharice Hibbler, Amanda Hinders, Zechariah Hoover, Kaitlin Houck, Tyler Jaynes, Khelsea Jenkinson, Austin Johnson, Priest Johnson, Bailey Justice, Caitlynn Lackey, Shelby Larck, Shelby Lechner, Jonathan Lucas, Kyle Maynard, Jennette McCrossin, Tabitha McKitrick, Devante Michael, Dylan Miller, David Moore, Chase Mumford, Courtney Murphy, Kendra Newman, Kayla Nickels, Philip November, Taylor Ries, Thomas Riley, Tyler Roby, Dustin Sabins, Miranda Schaeffer, Sheena Scott, Zackary Sharits, Ashley Shipes, Benjamin Sims, Dalton Sizemore, Gage Smith, Jamie Snay, Emily Snyder, Amethyst Spenelli, Justice Speraw, Lauren Spiers, Joshua Thompson, Kalen Ulmes, Jocelyne Valverde, Alex Van Hoose, Ashley Vanchure, Ammon Walker, Cortney Walker, Mark Warner, Blake Williams, Gideon Winter, Sierra Wintrow. Ohio Virtual Academy: Ulrich Reed. Piqua Christian: Kailey Garringer, Brooklyn Stafford.



Chelsea Dross

2013 Bradford High School

We are so proud of you! Love, Mom & Dad

Monica Deane Godfrey

Shannon Andrews

Rachel Fornara

Richard (Ricky) A. Jones II

Chancelor Kloecker

We are proud of you and love you very much!

Congratulations! We are so proud of you!

Best wishes as you graduate... may God bless your future!

We are proud of you! Way to go!

Very proud of you!

2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 Piqua High School

Love your family

Rachael A. Tilton

Troy High School

Piqua High School

Piqua High School

Your Family

Love you! Dad, Mom & Chloe

Mom, G-ma Harvey, Kaylee, Danika & Davie

Tom Luna

Brooke Littlejohn

Raven Mikaila Bolden

We are very proud of you Brooke!

You have done great, keep up the good work!

Piqua High School

Love, Your Family

Connor Koon

2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 Troy High School

Congratulations! We are so proud of you!

Congratulations! We are so proud!

Troy High School

Mom, Dad & Hunter

Love, Dad, Mom, Kim & Natalie

Mom & Dad

Logan Peepels

Rachel Harker

Benjamin J. Beck

Follow your dreams!

You will do great things!

We are so very proud of you!

Houston High School

Grandview High School

G. ree - love you

Grandparents, Ruth and Jim Koon

Trae Devon Lewis Lee



Kyle Nelson

2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 Piqua High School


Piqua High School

Your two favorite aunts

Piqua High School

Love, Mom, Dad, Grandma & Grandpa Bayman

Piqua High School

Mom, Dad, Carrie & Tanner

Piqua High School Upper Valley Career Center

We are proud of you! Mom, Karmin, Grandpa & Grandma

Troy High School

Congratulations! Off to OU!

Mom, Dad, Kaleb & Kolton


Troy fire ruled arson