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Spring 2013


FASHION These St. Peter women are on the run towards better health and a strong friendship




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Play Clothes | Mary Closner

Be Careful What You Mock

I’m not sure of the exact moment when it happened. I mean the specific timing of when I turned into everything I had mocked for all those years? “I’m never gonna be old and boring like you,” I told my brother, Dan (who, at the time, was an astonishingly old 37). I won’t need glasses and spend my paycheck on stupid things like root canals. I’ll always be wild and hang with my crazy friends and live on a couple hours of sleep a

night. Imagine my surprise as I’m mailing a check for my new water heater and going back for my third attempt at bi-focal contacts. Which would all be fine if it wasn’t the same damn week where the sandwich guy called me ma’am and I went to the restroom and discovered I had my underwear on inside out. I’m not even going to mention that I own both black and brown clogs and got dressed in the dark that morning. I think we all know this slippery slope. I used to be cool! I have multiple tattoos, I’ve been to an Aerosmith concert and a strip club. I had a blond crewcut with a big “M” shaved in the back of my head during a brief period where I only wore camouflage. I know someone who got married in prison, I’ve evaded police after a brief episode where I was caught swimming in a public fountain, I’ve smoked clove cigarettes, and I used to wear a lot of black eyeliner. Seriously…I used to know the words to songs and be able to teach street slang to my family during holiday dinners.

Steele County Free Fair Minnesota’s Largest County Fair

Is it already time to get the herd of dachshunds, a pilly cardigan sweater and sit on my porch shooting the neighborhood kids with a bb-gun? Am I really doomed to a future of high-waisted jeans and calcium supplements at the delicate age of 48? When did I start caring about the health of my knees and flossing my teeth? I was hoping I had a couple more good years left in me, but alas, it appears I must let the dream die. I live in a college town where I am on campus for the occasional errand. I realize I’m wearing an invisibility cloak to most anyone under 25, but I thought I would always be appreciated for my quirky sense of style and direct personality. Apparently, now I’m at that age where college kids snicker and little kids cross the street to avoid that “crazy lady.” If that wasn’t depressing enough, I went to a potluck soiree recently. No pot brownies, no shots of grain alcohol, no strip poker, not one arrest, and I was yawning like crazy after two glasses of wine.



I called it a night and arrived home to the swingin’ bachelorette pad. My blurry eyes managed to glance at the clock as I dragged myself to bed…it was 8:45pm. Now after a crazy wild night out with the galpals (like maybe going out for drinks and to the late movie instead of the 7:00pm show), I have to drink bottles of water, down a handful of aspirin and use makeup to camouflague the decade I appear to have aged overnight! I don’t want your pity. I just want you to act like you didn’t see anything if you happen to be the one behind me in line at the bank when the dryer sheet and pair of clean underwear fall out of the leg of my jeans. — Mary Closner still has fond memories of the time she almost got arrested for public indecency while dressed only in a mermaid tail!

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g heckkiin g Freee C n e c terest C hsive re M as Fwith In es + H igh R a t



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Spring 2013

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SPRING FASHION Check out the season’s latest trends

13 TAKING THE DRIVER’S SEAT Girlfriends explores the car buying process for women

16 JUDGE RENEE WORKE Girlfriends interviews Judge Renee Worke

18 BIG BROTHERS, BIG SISTERS Helping to fill the parenting gap



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From Left: Front Row: Rachel More, Suzie Donahue, Chrissy O’Connell Back Row: Shannon Prososki, Brenda Todd-Bense, Sue Krzmarzick (Photo by Kelli Wencl)

4 Spring 2013

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Photo by Kelli Wencl of GingerSnaps Photography

Take It on the Run A group of St. Peter women stride their way towards better health and stronger friendships By Brenda K.M. Ward If you’ve ever driven past bundled-up runners making tracks in the dead of winter or sweating profusely in the oppressive heat of summer and wondered what would drive a person to be exercising outdoors in such extreme conditions, the answer is likely a very simple one: they must. Runners tend to be dedicated to their sport, holding their own against Mother Nature for the exhilaration of reaching that next milestone.

Beyond casual runs, these women also take part in several competitive events. Whether Women Run the Cities, Ragner relays, the Mankato Marathon, the St. Peter Halloween Run, or even Hood to Coast (a relay race from mountain to ocean in the state of Oregon), somebody is always training for something. At times they race together and other times alone, though usually cheered on by their running-mate friends. And more often than not, lunch and a shopping excursion for new running gear follow the competition, making it a daylong event.

“We’ve run in rain, storms, snow and lightning,” said Sue Krzmarzick. “We’ve also run when it has been so hot and humid that walking into the Community Center afterwards felt like walking into a freezer,” said Rachel More. Rachel and Sue, along with Shannon Prososki, Chrissy O’Connell, Brenda Todd-Bense, Suzie Donahue and a host of others ranging in age from 27 to 56, rouse themselves out of bed to meet at an impressive 5 a.m. up to three times a week for a refreshing morning run throughout St. Peter and the surrounding countryside. Rachel, owner of The Pulse Fitness in St. Peter, formed this local running group 13 years ago, with Sue was one of the first brave souls to join her even though she wasn’t a runner, per se. Now, after 13 years and countless miles, many in the group feel the urge to get outside and dash for miles whether it is an agreeable 60 degrees or a frigid 10 degrees below zero. “It’s so much easier to run with a group than to run by yourself,” said Chrissy. “You get out of bed because you have others counting on you.” “My Saturdays are sacred,” said Brenda. “Don’t dare ask me to do anything until after eleven o’clock because I will be running and then having coffee,” a long-standing tradition for the group, who is planning to also incorporate a monthly Saturday brunch into the mix. 6 Spring 2013

So, why run? “It makes your butt look good,” said Rachel. “It’s a good way to stay in shape, to be able to eat what you want, to feel young.” Rachel and her friends run for the exercise, but also for the companionship and for personal well-being. “Running keeps me sane,” said Brenda. “My family appreciates it.” “It’s the cheapest therapy group around,” said Sue. “You always know when someone is stressed because they run faster.” Safety, too, is an important consideration for the group. It may be a matter of planting water bottles along their route beforehand and wearing sunscreen on a heated summer day, staying away from certain areas in the country during hunting season, or being cautiously aware of drivers and even bicyclists on the road. More than once have they come upon drivers distracted by texting or talking by phone who have come a bit too close for comfort. “We’ve never been hit, but it’s been awfully close,” said Brenda. “We really have to be defensive runners.” Got what it takes? With no exclusivity and no cost, the group is open to anyone, but there’s one little catch – it’s called an initiation.


Driving into St. Peter on Highway 99, you may have noticed the road takes a sudden plunge into town, a hill that seems to go on endlessly. Imagine running up this hill. Yes, if you want to join the group, expect the first day out to be a minimum four-mile jaunt from downtown St. Peter to the top of the hill and back. But don’t worry – they’ll let you walk if need be. This time. And if you make it to the top, you’re in. Let the “Rocky” dance ensue.

“I have cursed the running group many times because I thought I was going to die,” said Shannon facetiously. “On New Year’s Day, after two hours of sleep, we ran a half marathon. Our feet were so numb you couldn’t feel them. When they finally warmed up you felt like you were running on pins and needles. It was 13 miles of torture.” “It’s like birthing a child. You hate everyone for a while, but then afterwards you are so glad you did it,” said Sue. “You’re pushing your limits. You’re really finding there’s more inside of you than you thought. That’s a good thing.”

Truth be told, no one is ever ousted, nor left behind. “Everybody’s made huge milestones,” said Rachel. “Some thought they could never run a mile; now they’re running a half marathon.” “There’s no way I would have trained all of the hours I have and been in the races I have if it wasn’t for this group,” said Brenda. But don’t be fooled into thinking these successes have come easy. Strenuous and painful workouts are how they got to where they are today.

Tips for New Runners * Make sure you have a decent pair of sneakers that fit properly and a supportive sports bra. * Start out by alternating between short bursts of running and walking, and build from there. * Find a running buddy to keep up the momentum. * Diversify by riding your bike, practicing yoga, or taking part in other activities that will improve your runs. G >> For more tips visit

Pictured Left Front row L to R: Laura Boomgaarden, Sue Krzmarzick, Angela Bruns, Rachel More, Cinde Wiebusch, Chrissy O’Connell. Back row L to R: Suzie Donahue, Sheila Anderson, Chelsea Alger, Shannon Prososki, Trisha Matejcek, Brenda Todd-Bense.

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Spring 2013 7

Spring Fashion By Brenda K.M. Ward

With spring comes resurgence in color and lightness of air that is undeniably refreshing. Yes, it’s time to tuck away your heavy sweaters and woolen socks (insert big smile!), and make room for the latest looks and colors in spring style. The experts at the Pantone Color Institute ( suggest the season’s choices in color are all about a consumer-driven desire for “self-expression, balance and the need to re-energize.” Translation: brights and neutrals alike, balanced to fit your own unique style. Reflecting nature itself, green is one of the top go-to colors to look for, be it a vibrant yellowgreen, a more subtle grayed jade, or the sophisticated emerald green. Don’t be afraid to combine the three shades to individualize your look. Also on the palette are exotic African violet, the seductive poppy red, effervescent nectarine, a cheerful lemon zest, and airy linen. An array of blues are in, including dusk blue offering a calming neutral look, while Monaco blue is a stable neutral color that works well. If you’re looking for that one universal color that most anyone can wear, opt for Navy blue – a color that compliments all skin tones.

Lauran Rott, Girlfriends Publisher, is wearing a Jacket by Color Me Cotton & Click, $69; Tank by Color Me Cotton & Click, $51; Jersey Capri by Fresh Produce, $44; Neutral Handbag, $69; Hat by San Diego Hat Company, $33; Treska Necklace

Fine Threads • 314 Division St., Northfield • 507-663-7993

NEW! SHOP Online!

Scan here to shop Spring Fashion online!



Krin Finger, owner

Kim Stanton-Cummings, manager

What’s a favorite look you see women wearing for spring? I think everyone looks great in black and white or a blackand-white pattern. Add to that a pop of color for springtime.

Do any particular patterns stand out this spring? Big bold checks and florals are in for spring. Mix it up with varying patterns such as florals and stripes, as long as the colors are similar. And of course, use the art of contrast in black and white.

There is a lot of talk of Pantone colors—this spring being emerald. Are you seeing some consistency of the Pantone color in the fashion choices your business is making? Although emerald green is a big spring Pantone color, we’re also finding calm neutrals balanced with anchor colors like nectarine or coral and grayed jade green or mint to be refreshing for spring. What is an example of a stylish “casual look” for spring? Jackie Rath is modeling a casual look for spring; Silver gray jeggings by It! jeans, a flowy white texture blouse with spring Pantone color embroidery at the neckline and on the back from Free People; Coordinating Jacki Rath is wearing Free People white cotton scarf by VSA; cotton embroidered top, $88; It! grey and a pop of color on skinny jean, $94; Minnetonka Moccasin, her feet by Minnetonka $40; CNP yellow leather bag, $96; Moccasin. And lots of Assorted bracelets starting at $5 assorted bracelets for fun!

What is an example of a stylish “dress-up” look for spring? Look for garments with brushstroke prints to inject an artistic flair into your wardrobe this spring. What trends do you predict may be more long lasting? I believe that color blocking and black-and-white will always be classic and long-lasting fashions. Floral sundresses also seem to show up every spring. If I can’t afford a complete wardrobe revamp, what things should I buy to liven up what I already have? A large statement piece necklace and great large handbag, knock-out sandals, a classic black dress, dark wash denim jeans and a crisp white blouse. Photo by Daniel Dinsmore Photography

Wendy VanRoekel is wearing dress by Calvin Klein, $24; necklace by Lia Sophia, $16

Photo by Kelli Wencl, GingerSnaps Photography

Rare Pair • 401 Division St., Northfield • 507-645-4257

Encore • 311 N Riverfront Dr, Mankato • 507-386-0861

Spring 2013 9

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Lucy Sweitzer, owner

Wendy Schmidt, owner

What is the most courageous item of clothing every woman should have in her closet? A really good fitting pair of jeans! Go for it – get those tight, maybe even (gasp) skinny, jeans. Comfort? Not a problem, that’s what spandex is for.

Do any particular patterns stand out this spring? Popular colors are blue and orange, black and white, coral, mint green, yellow and silver. Popular patterns are stripes, floral and animal print. Bold, bright jeans are also in style this spring, along with sheer tops and dresses.

What trends do you predict may be more long lasting? Tunics and leggings – anything this comfortable will not, and should not, go away. If your tunic feels too short for leggings, put on a short black skirt and the problem is solved.

What is something that is new for spring, not seen in recent years? Look for high-low dresses and tops, and tops with a cold shoulder. What is a recommended “work” look for spring? Layer a blazer with a bright, printed shirt and a pair of nice dress pants. This is a classic look and always in style.

What’s a favorite look you see women wearing for spring? Always in style and always fresh, black-and-white continues to be strong. For something fun, mix geometric patterns. I can’t afford a complete wardrobe revamp; what should I buy to liven up what I already have? Buy something in a bright color – brightly colored pants are all the rage this year. But if you are not ready for that, how about a fun jacket or top? Scarves and accessories can always liven up a tired wardrobe, or you can simply replace your basic whites.

What should you wear when you think you have “nothing to wear” in your closet? Black-and-white is an easy, classic go-to that is always in style. Pair this with skinny jeans and cute sandals and you’re ready for a day out on the town!

Jessica Ekeren is wearing a dress by Papillon, $69; Edward Zhou Necklace, $69; Soul of the Rose Bracelet, $29; Mary Francis Guitar Purse, $275

Photo by Kelli Wencl, GingerSnaps Photography

Anna’s Closet • 302 Division St., Northfield • 507-645-2539

10 Spring 2013

Rachel Ward was wearing Cheryl Nash Black and White blazer, $131; Yellow Nic & Zoe tank top, $44; Black Liverpool capris, $59; Brighton sunglasses, $80; Yellow Fly London shoes, $175; MC Handbags, $79; Bud to Rose necklace.

Photo by Daniel Dinsmore Photography

Creekside Boutique • 120 N. Augusta Ct., Ste 101, Mankato • 507-344-1656

Spring: Hair & Makeup! PLATO’S CLOSET


Kirstie Bakke, owner

Nicole Lyons, owner


What is an example of a stylish “casual look” for spring? Bright colors, stripes, lace and leather are some common styles we will be seeing this spring. Try pairing a stylish dress with a bright leather jacket and a pair of comfortable wedges. The ‘80s were sneaking back into fashion with neon colors and bleached jeans. Do you foresee another decade coming back? I feel like we will be seeing a combination of a few decades through classic silhouettes and timeless pieces. I’m expecting to see some patterns and colors from the ‘60s and ‘70s. What is the easiest way to mimic this spring’s hot trends without emptying my pocketbook? Definitely stop by and check out Plato’s Closet. We have all the most popular brands and styles at literally a fraction of the price. Our friendly staff will gladly help you pick out that spring look you are searching for. We can help you fill-up your closet with the latest looks and trends without breaking the bank. Photo by Daniel Dinsmore Photography


What trends are you seeing for this spring? Tanya started out with dark brown colored hair. To begin the makeover, 6 inches was trimmed off, then blonde highlights with red lowlights were added, using Affinage Hair Color. Next we polished off the haircut by adding layers and texture. Tanya’s hairstyle was finished by adding waves using a flat iron for a flirty, spring look. Kirstie Bakke is wearing a dress by Forever21, $10; Denim Short Sleeve by Lola, $8; Wedges by Steve Madden, $10; Belt by Forever21, $4; Bracelets by New York and Company, $3; Gold Ring by New York and Company, $2

Plato’s Closet • 1878 Madison Ave, Mankato • 507-720-0335

The Mirabella line was used for Tanya’s makeup. On her eyes, I used a mixture of light and medium blue colors to highlight the color in her eyes and make them pop. Foundation was applied using an airbrush for an overall flawless look. We finished the look with Shimmer Rose from the Brilliant line of Mirabella and Colour Luxe in Spark for her lips.

Karizma • 611 N Riverfront Dr, Mankato, • 507-317-2352

Spring 2013 11

Fabulous Finds! Check out these great finds from the region!

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Fashion with Function

NEW Lightweight & Airy Walking Shoes from Dansko Great Support – Dansko Comfort – With Colors “Right On” for Spring! Burkhartzmeyer Shoes, Downtown Faribault, $100

Omnisax Re-usable Bags

Portable, waterproof and surprisingly lightweight, these groovy bags are surprisingly large and can hold up to 44lbs. Each Omnisax rolls up small enough to fit in your handbag or glove compartment leaving no excuses for leaving your reusable bags at home. The only problem is choosing from all the fabulous designs! The Sketchy Artist, Northfield, starting at $11.25 each

Spirit Bear

Our Spirit Bear is made from your special “Spirit Wear.” Keep him to remember good times or maybe use him as your guest book at graduation or a signature bear for all your friends to sign. Pins and Needles Alterations, Mankato

Stylish Comfort and Support

Dansko shoes aren’t just for nurses anymore! The pattern updates and unique details offer stylish choices for the woman who loves the support and structure of a Dansko, but the fun colors of spring. Owatonna Shoe, Owatonna, Shown: Jute Pro in Artisan Weave $125, Nina in Violet $145 12 Spring 2013



With the majority of car buying decisions now made by women, what should you be aware of when making the next big purchase? By Brenda K.M. Ward Women today purchase 65 percent of all new cars and influence 95 percent of all auto purchases, according to Road & Travel Magazine. And considering the differences between men and women when it comes to buying habits, this may be a very beneficial trend. According to an article published by MSN Money, women are better informed and more pragmatic when it comes to vehicle purchases than are their male counterparts. Women tend to ask more questions, even if they might know the answer, whereas men are more likely to avoid asking questions, holding an assumption that they already know the answer or not wanting to appear inferior in their masculinity. “Men tend to look at appearance, at gadgets and gizmos. They want the latest and greatest,” said Craig Herz, general sales manager at Owatonna Ford Chrysler. “Women may notice those things too, but will

also ask, how will this make life easier? How will I be able to use this in a practical sense? How will it impact our lives?” Auto dealerships like Owatonna Ford Chrysler, among others, have taken a second look at the needs of their customers over the past several years resulting in a significant shift in how they approach sales. Two of the most noticeable differences: focusing on women’s needs and eliminating price negotiation. “Good dealerships are realizing women are the ones that make a lot of the decisions,” said Herz. “Mom is now a worker both outside and inside the home, handles the budget, is the breadwinner at times, and handles many positions within the household. For any industry or business not to consider women when making decisions, they are making a big mistake.” But this change in buyer trends doesn’t mean women should >>>


expect treatment superior to that of their male counterparts. While recognizing that there are more women buyers with their own needs in mind, the focus for the sales person remains on the individual, not the gender. “We market to everybody rather than focus on a certain population,” said Rick Fette, owner of Bliss Ford Faribault. “Everybody is treated the same; we adapt to the person’s needs, whether male or female.” What Women Want When Dana Sommer of Lakeville sets out to buy a car, she considers the three “f’s.” “Functionality – Is there enough room for the car seats and the dog too? Finance – Can I afford what’s functional? Flash – Is what’s affordable sleek, does is sound good, can it handle well around a great curve? It’s not always going to be a kid taxi,” wrote Sommer in response to our Facebook inquiry. Whether your main concern is safety, value, eco-friendliness or horsepower, female buyers want to know that what they are spending money on is a solid product, and one that fits their lifestyle. Before plunking

OPEN 24 HOURS 495 West North Street Owatonna, MN (507) 451-7220 14 Spring 2013

down your hard-earned cash on a vehicle, do your homework – as most women who enter dealerships do, say both Herz and Fette. Come in with a good idea of what you want after having spent some time in research using the Internet. Be sure to also ask about vehicle history and come prepared with financing options. • History – What sort of mechanical work or reconditioning, if any, has been done on the vehicle? Has it been in an accident? Where did the car come from? is an often used source for getting the details on the history of a vehicle, simply by entering the vehicle identification number (VIN) or license plate information. Doing so could prevent a load of headaches down the road if the car was previously damaged. • Determine financing options – Do your homework on current interest rates and find out what you qualify for. Because they want your business, dealerships will usually do their best to match or beat those rates. Haggling No More Life can be stressful enough without having to dicker over the cost of a vehicle. Many auto dealerships have eliminated this sometimes mad-

dening experience of price negotiation, instead listing one set price. Like buying a gallon of milk or a set of bed linens, the price listed is the price you pay. But are other aspects of purchasing a car negotiable? When it comes to sales tax, license plates, tag and title fees or documentation fees, don’t even attempt to try to strike a deal. The dealership has no control over these areas.

Reputable dealerships want to give the best value they can for your trade-in, but they also have to be careful in keeping an eye on the fluctuating market. Today a well maintained eco-friendly car, for example, will hold its value better than a full-size gas-guzzling van, but tomorrow trends may change. At the same time, dealerships are also always keenly aware of their competition and don’t want to lose a sale. “We realize we only get one opportunity to put our best foot forward, so we give the best we can for a trade,” said Herz.

As for trade-in values – well, this is where it gets a bit trickier. Unlike homes or jewelry, cars lose their value with time, but determining a fair price is an ambiguous act. The Internal Revenue Service recommends finding the recommended value of your car by using auto guidebooks like Kelley Blue Book or the National Automobile Dealers Association; however, beyond the number stated in a guide or website, there are other factors to consider. Is it clean? Are there stains, scratches or dents? Is there a lot of maintenance that needs to be done? Were specialty items added that may detract from or increase the value? Is the particular make of car a wanted commodity or an out-of-date hasbeen?

However, there are very occasional situations when this number can be slightly adjusted to close a deal – again, depending on a variety of factors. Successful auto dealerships understand that their business depends on maintaining a good reputation including fairness and respect. So when you’re ready to buy your next vehicle, taking the time to seek out a reliable or referred business with which to work will be well worth the effort. G

With You for Life The highly trained OB/GYNs at the Women’s Health Center offer supportive and comprehensive care for women in every stage of life. Whether you’re a mother-to-be, entering middle age or enjoying your golden years, we want to help you live your healthiest life. : Christine Braun, MD : Melanie Dixon, MD

: Dana Olson, MD : Deborah Suppes, MD

Women’s Health Center physicians see patients at our clinic on the Northfield Hospital campus. Call 507-646-1478 for an appointment.


Your Care Is Our Specialty


507-646-1478 : 2000 North Avenue, Northfield Spring 2013 15

Rising Ahead Judge Renee Worke has always been driven to achieve. But this Owatonna woman’s desire for success goes far beyond her own goals. By Brenda K.M. Ward

As Renee Worke was growing up in the town of Waseca, she had no concept of what it meant to lead a “silver spoon” life. Her family was supported by government welfare as her young parents struggled to make ends meet. But this lack of abundance didn’t curb Renee’s appetite for success. Instead, she diligently worked her way through college and law school, ultimately moving her career forward with great strides. Today Renee spends her working days as a judge for the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Yet she’s never forgotten the path that led her to where she is and is passionate about encouraging women and girls to attain their own ambition. Renee is an achiever, and she believes that we, each and every one, can also achieve that which we are called to do. GF: What prompted you to go into the field of law? RW: My path was far from traditional. My parents were the classic ‘50s era “16 and pregnant” couple; my father dropped out of school and my mom ended up finishing with a GED. Because of that, the power of education was always pushed, for education was a way to move ahead. I was born in Chicago, the second of five children, but my mother moved to Waseca to be closer to her extended family after my father left. My K-12 years were spent in this area, and it was the Waseca community that had a profound impact on my decision to go to college and eventually law school. In my high school junior year I began work as secretary/matron at the Waseca County Sheriff’s Department. This was during the tenure of Sheriff Don Eustice. For readers that know of the Eustice family they can understand and appreciate

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the personal and professional push that resulted. The question posed by Sheriff Eustice wasn’t, “Are you going to college?” it was, “Where are you going to college?” which gave me an entirely different focus. As a result I enrolled at Mankato State University with declared law enforcement major which eventually broadened to a law career. GF: You’ve made significant strides in your career going from a law clerk to becoming a judge on the Minnesota Court of Appeals. To what do you credit your success? RW: It is all about relationship-building. Working with great people and fostering a team identity with others is key to success. When you establish good relationships, those relationships support and encourage you to better yourself. When I look back on my journey, I would say that it’s the embodiment of the American dream for me to now be serving on the Court of Appeals. Starting off as a child that grew up on welfare, getting into a certain amount of youthful trouble, and yet being able to work my way through undergraduate school and law school couldn’t have happened without the encouragement and guidance from others. After finishing law school I worked for area district court judges. It was the then Steele County Judge Charlie Cashman and his court reporter that pushed me to apply for a legal position with the Reitz, Reitz and Reitz law firm in Owatonna. This employment brought me back to southern Minnesota. When a vacancy opened on the Waseca District Court bench I was strongly encouraged to apply and likewise to apply when a vacancy opened on the appellate court. Building significant contacts on your journey will shape one’s future.

GF: What sorts of obstacles have you encountered along the way and how have you surmounted these obstacles? RW: Like many people, the biggest obstacle for me was always about trying to figure out how to pay for what I wanted. As a child I learned that I had to pay for my own things. For me the concept of a Kool-Aid stand or charging admittance to neighborhood “shows” were concrete sources of income. Baby-sitting was my bread and butter. When I was a little older I signed up to work government jobs (work programs created for low income families) because it provided a solid weekly wage. The job sites weren’t glamorous; they included school building janitorial work (I loved running a floor buffer), painting buildings and working in the school kitchens and lunch lines. The work was demanding but the true payoff was in establishing a strong work ethic and meeting hard-working and honest folks. If you want to get ahead in life you need to accept that there aren’t shortcuts. GF: Have you always been an ambitious person? What drives your ambition? RW: I don’t consider myself to be ambitious. Of course others disagree with this self assessment. But I have always been passionate about what I do. I simply enjoy working. I have always been a change agent and enjoy working to make things better. I constantly set goals; it is like having a New Year resolution over and over. And once a goal is set it is just a matter of figuring out how to get from here to there — an ongoing life challenge.

GF: How has your career impacted your life as a whole? RW: My life and my focus are all about giving back. I truly believe I am in my present employment position because of other people that pushed me along the way — especially when I was a child. Kids are important, kids are the future, and I try to replicate what I experienced and be a mentor to as many young adults as I can. As a trial court judge in Waseca, many times I had kids in front of me who made mistakes – some of them made the same mistakes I made — and they needed to be told to focus, move on, man-up or girl-up and take responsibility for their actions. I would try to reach young people and ask with sincere interest, “What is your plan?” GF: What would you say to other women seeking encouragement to pursue their career goals? RW: First, don’t be afraid. Ask for help – we all need help. Second, it is never too late to start. If you have grown children and think you missed out on the ability to have meaningful career, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get involved in whatever that passion is. Look back at what stimulated you, what you were interested in, and start to partake of those things again. It doesn’t have to mean an education; an education in my opinion does not define a person. It’s all about what an individual does for him or herself. It’s about integrity and the desire of that individual to make herself or himself better and to contribute. You can always do something. You can always better things. >> Read more of this interview at

Compassionate and Convenient

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Bringing Your Color To Life

Women’s Health Care Mayo Clinic Health System in Waseca delivers individualized women’s health care to fit your needs. Our comprehensive women’s health care services include: • Prenatal and postpartum care • Gynecological surgery • Infertility treatments • Imaging — mammography, ultrasounds, bone density testing • Routine check-ups

Javier Cardenas, M.D.

To schedule an appointment, call 1-877-412-7575.

Waseca Spring 2013 17

Big Brothers, Big Sisters helps fill parenting gap By Rebecca Rodenborg

18 Winter 2013

Innovative Exilis Therapy Now Available in Mankato

Sawyer and Ramsey Shaffer sit together in their mother Christine Shaffer’s home in Faribault

Fathers have typically been the parent to stress competition, challenge, initiative and independence while mothers, as caretakers, focus on emotional security and personal safety. But what happens when children aren’t exposed to both sides? Family dynamics across the United States have been changing for decades. In the most recent census, data reveals that more and more children are growing up in households without a father. One in three children, or about 15 million, live without a father, according to the U.S. Census. In Minnesota, the number of families with two parents dropped by 5 percent in 2010 compared to 2000. This data led to a number of studies on the effects of growing up in a fatherless home. Fatherless children are at a dramatically greater risk of drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, suicide and poor academic performance, just to name a few of the negative impacts found by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Center for Health Statistics.

Skin Essentials offers Exilis Therapy, the latest advancement in nonsurgical, pain free therapy for reducing fat and contouring the body. Body Contouring • Wrinkle Reduction Skin Tightening • Anti-Aging This amazing non-invasive form of treatment is transforming appearances with extraordinary results! Call today to schedule your personalized consultation.

Of course, no one study can capture every situation. But yet one continues to wonder, how can the values most often stressed by fathers be instilled in children living without one? Mothers like Christine Shaffer, of Faribault, have been finding ways for years. Shaffer’s husband passed away eight years ago. A young widow, Shaffer was left to parent two boys -- Ramsey, 7, and Sawyer, 3 -- all on her own. >>>


1400 Madison Avenue, Suite 400A, Mankato, MN

Spring 2013 19

She took the challenge head on, knowing that it was now her responsibility to expose her two young children to as many experiences as possible while also setting a good example. “I’ve worked on teaching by example by being active in the community with them and volunteering for things. It’s important to me to set out a good value system of being able to help others and work together,” Shaffer said. About four years ago, Shaffer began realizing that Sawyer was seeking out a male influence in his life. Her response was signing him up for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Minnesota. In southern Minnesota, the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization has been matching up Bigs and Littles in a school or community setting to ensure that no matter the home situation, every child has the opportunity for a positive influence in his or her life. Currently, about half the Littles who are actively enrolled or in the process of being enrolled come from single-parent female households. Greg Zweber, executive director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Minnesota, agrees that the matches can be significant. “We’re not asking them to replace the missing dad in the child’s life, but our Big Brothers do serve as positive influences and mentors to their Little Brothers,” Zweber said. “This program can give a boy or young man the chance to find a male role model to look up to and confide in. In some cases, this might serve to

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There are more than 100 boys and girls currently waiting for a Big Brother or Big Sister to mentor them through the organization’s school site or community-based programs. Through the school site program, Bigs get together once a week at their Little’s school to spend lunch with them. Through the community program, Bigs and Littles get together a couple of times a month to do activities outside of school. Now 11 years old, Sawyer has had a “Big” for three years. The pair spend a lot of time outside, whether it’s canoeing, hunting, target shooting, skating, or playing football. “He absolutely loves it,” Shaffer says. “He has a very positive relationship with his Big and it’s so rewarding to me to see how well they connect and how healthy their relationship is -- there’s a very positive, influential nature to it.” She’s even challenged herself to become more involved in the parts of her sons’ lives that would typically be filled by a male role. “Sometimes it’s picking up the basketball and playing with them in the front driveway,” she said. “It’s about not being afraid to get my hands dirty and knowing that everything I do is for them, to make sure they enjoy life and they are exposed to as many experiences as possible.” G Photos Left Top: Christine Shaffer poses with her sons Ramsey (left) and Sawyer during a recent trip to Idaho. Shaffer’s husband passed away eight years ago, leaving her to raise their sons alone. (Submitted photo) Left Bottom: Sawyer Shaffer stands with his Big Brother Dave Simmons, who coached Sawyer’s cub football team the past two seasons. (Submitted photo)

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Literary Ladies

SELCO’s “Poetic Strokes” anthology, while “Tonight a red star...” was chosen as a winner of the 2012 Northfield Sidewalk Public Poetry competition, to name a few.

Leslie Schultz Poet/Novelist

Do Life Right Publishing

Marriage Bed When you are away I could Move to the center, spread out like a star, But I stay to one side, curled in, Just one-half of a whole heart. --Leslie Schultz

But Schultz, a professional writer by trade, extends her creative writing beyond the poetic form. She is also an author with a growing list of fictional works adding to her resume. “While poetry is what I’ve known I could write for the longest time, fiction is what I’ve wanted to write for the longest time,” said Schultz. “Both are built of words, but each has a different intention and effect. It is like the contrast between a song and a symphony – both use musical notes to create very different structures.”

Photo by Karla Schultz

By Brenda K.M. Ward April is National Poetry Month, but why, some might ask, does poetry matter? Northfield poet and author Leslie Schultz explains the necessity of this literary form that goes far beyond that of pleasurable reading. “If you don’t think poetry matters, then try doing without it for even one day. I’m serious. No song lyrics, no stirring speeches, no proverbial wisdom, no clichés or even advertising jingles,” Schultz wrote in her essay “Does Poetry Matter?.” “There’d be no way to express what is not already known, no means to convey new ideas of science or art. Poetry is language at its most powerful.” Drawn to create poetry since a very early age, Schultz has extensive credits to her name, beginning with her first chapbook published by Midwestern Writers Publishing House while she was yet in college.

In 2011 Schultz published her first book, “The Howling Vowels,” the story of Alexa, a homeschooled girl who recently moved from New York City to the small town of Sundog, Minn., where she finds a group of friends who accept each other for who they are – eccentricities and all. Schultz recently signed a contract for a second book, “And Sometimes Y,” co-written with her 13-year-old homeschooled daughter, Julia Braulick. “It’s good for me to have a co-author who is close in age to the characters. Julia’s voice inspired the character of Alexa for ‘Howling Vowels.’ Without her encouragement, I would not have finished it,” said Schultz. “And Sometimes Y,” a story grown out of her first novel that introduces new characters and exciting new drama, is expected to be in print by late summer.

More recently, three of her poems have been chosen over the past three consecutive years for publication in

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Southern Minnesota 22 Spring 2013

a great place to meet your

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Simply toss the ingredients together and serve with slices of French bread or a hearty 7-grain variety.

When it comes to salad, measurements are less important than choosing a good combination of quality ingredients, says Melanie Ewald, owner of James Gang Coffeehouse and Eatery in Northfield. Try this springtime fresh salad while also keeping an eye out in the coming months for freshly picked ingredients to create any number of healthy and delectable salad combinations. Recipe compliments of Melanie Ewald, owner of James Gang Coffeehouse and Eatery in Northfield

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When it comes to keeping your skin looking healthy, do you depend on science for answers or do you find the solution in nature’s bounty? By Brenda K.M. Ward

Oodles of promising elixirs claim to hold the key to beautiful, younger looking skin – Coenzyme Q-10, retinol or green tea extract for those who wish to choose a more natural route; Botox and collagen for those wanting a quick fix. Promoted on television, the Internet, magazines and billboards, they can be found at the turn of every beauty aisle or at any given spa. No longer are surgical facelifts the only option, though they do, of course, still exist. Today’s advanced menu of options allow women and men to pick and choose the most fitting way for her or him to keep skin young and healthy looking. “I am about to turn 45 and people think I’m not even 30. I have never done or used any product that ‘promotes ‘anti aging,” said Facebook friend Irene Standke. “I am not a sun worshipper; knowing that the skin is your biggest organ of your body and protects it, we must protect it. The only soap I have ever used is Ivory soap (on my face anyway.) I eat healthy and stay away from junk food and pop. I drink a lot of water. And I am a firm believer in exercise and getting eight hours of sleep a night. And, I live life with a positive attitude!” Irene, who has worked in the health care field for more than 20 years, believes in promoting healthy education – it is simply part of her lifestyle. Looking to a medical procedure for youth would not be a good fit.

“I could not get Botox or peels just for cosmetic reasons,” she said. Irene represents what appears to be a rise in the numbers of those looking to nature for youthful skin health. Esthetician and owner of Skin Euphoria in Owatonna ( Heather Breck says she’s seen a shift over recent years in how women approach skin care, with fewer opting for invasive methods like plastic surgery and injections. “My clients tend to be very health conscious and more aware than ever what they are putting on their skin and in their body,” said Heather. “They tend to be moving away from cosmetic injections and looking for a way to age more gracefully.” “Aging management,” as Heather terms it, is all about caring for your skin based on your individual needs to give it a healthy appearance. Aging management may range from professional skin treatments and proper daily skin care routines, to cosmetic surgical or minimally-invasive procedures, to keeping in check your overall habits of health. To decide which method is best for you, it is important to first understand how your skin operates and how it ages.

Anatomy of the Skin Skin is our largest organ, comprising a total area of a whopping 20 square feet. It is made of three layers: the epidermis, the outermost layer of skin; the dermis, housing connective tissue, elastin (providing elasticity) and collagen (providing tautness); and the hypodermis, where fat and connective tissue reside underneath. As we age, skin cells begin to slow in division, causing thinning of the dermis and therefore diminishing the elastin. As elastin is lost, the skin and underlying tissues become more susceptible to the effects of gravity, and changes in muscle and tissue composition below the skin also change, leading to wrinkles. When the sun’s ultraviolet light is added to the mix, 24 Spring 2013

elastin is further diminished. Even through you may not see the signs of sun damage when young, the effects will show up later in life. Those who smoke, too, are more prone to wrinkles, the nicotine causing the narrowing of blood vessels that blocks nutrients from getting to the skin. In addition, blood vessels become more fragile which leads to bruising or reddening of areas, and less oil production by sebaceous glands and leave you with drying skin. Let’s not forget skin tags, warts and other blemishes that have the potential to develop with age.

Green Tea – Green Tea Extract is loaded with polyphenols, this ingredient may reduce sun damage and provide skin cancer protection, slow signs of aging and reduce wrinkles and sagging skin.

The Case for Nature In many ways your skin is a reflection of your health – the better you take care of yourself overall, the healthier your skin will appear. As part of a client consultation, Heather coaches her clients on some key areas to keep in mind in regards to skin health: stay hydrated, eat the right foods, don’t get too much sun, and stay away from unhealthy habits like junk food, soda and smoking. While anyone can choose to abide by these habits, those who wish to be entirely natural or organic in their skin care products are met with quite limited choices of products that provide effective solutions. “It’s really hard to find all natural skin care products,” said Heather. “Most people either don’t respond to them or have a negative response to them.” You can, however, find products that are close to nature’s formulas, while also being plenty effective. Heather relies on one such product called Dermalogica, based on years of positive results and client satisfaction. Dermalogica is one of several products on the market that is free of color and fragrance and carries “nothing that doesn’t belong in there.” Arbonne products, too, avoid dangerous skin toxins including preservatives, artificial colors, and animal by-products, as do others on the market.

To embrace a more natural product, the following ingredients have shown to be of benefit to skin (

• Acai oil – Rich in antioxidants, it may help heal sun damage and smooth wrinkles. • Alpha-lipoic acid – Attacks free radicals and may help erase wrinkles, shrink pores and give a healthy glow to skin. • Retinol – Made from Vitamin A, retinol boosts collagen production and plumps skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, also reducing mottled patches on the skin.

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The Birthing Center

• Others beneficial ingredients – Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q-10, caffeine, alpha-hydroxy acid, salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid. In addition, certain ingredients have been deemed as potentially dangerous by the Food and Drug Administration. If possible, avoid the following: • Preservatives – Parabens, a suspected carcinogen that may be linked to breast cancer, and urea, a proven primary cause of contact dermatitis are two such preservatives to avoid. • Petrochemicals – Derived from crude oil, these petroleum-based products like mineral oil and paraffin create a non-breathable barrier on your skin. • 1,4-Dioxane – A chemical carcinogen commonly found as sodium laureth sulfate and polyethylene glycol. Carcinogen – enough said. • Synthetic fragrance – Many contain neurotoxins like phthalates (a plasticizer) that may alter genital or hormonal development. >>>

200 State Avenue · Faribault, MN 55021 Phone: 507.334.6451

Community People Quality Healthcare Spring 2013 25

Science vs. Nature

The Case for Science While some women, like Irene, favor more natural methods for keeping skin healthy, others look to science as a way to bring results that are faster and different. Thanks to technological advances, our options have dramatically increased.

Injections • Botox remains to be a hugely popular fix, with “lunchtime Botox injections” offered at various clinics in the area. Botox or Dysport works by blocking nerves that contract muscles, thereby softening the appearance of wrinkles. • Collagen injections use collagen from cows to replace the natural collagen your skin loses over time. It is injected just underneath the skin to provide a plumper, smoother appearance to your skin. • Various other fillers can restore hollows under eyes or help remove dark circles, while puffy under-eyes can be fixed by having the fat repositioned or removed by a surgeon.

Lasers and Scraping • Dermabrasion and dermaplaning “refinish” the top layers of skin by surgical scraping. This can be used to soften irregularities, including wrinkles, giving the skin a smoother appearance, or to treat deep acne scars.

• Lasers, when done correctly, can help reduce blood vessels, tighten the skin and aid in unwanted hair removal. Be sure to do your research first or get a referral from a trusted source, as not all laser technicians are properly trained. Improper laser methods can leave skin damaged rather than improved.

Surgical Choices Surgical procedures like facelifts, though less utilized than in previous years (down 61 percent since the year 2000), and forehead lifts continue to be an option for those seeking to smooth out sagging or loose skin that has lost a good deal of elasticity or to rid of deep creases. A facelift can also include jaw line rejuvenations to give the chin greater definition, and a mini-lift with small incisions made near the ears for vertical skin tightening.

The Latest and Greatest New on the market is the option of a stem cell facelift touted to make women look years younger. Using your own adult stem cells from grafted fat taken from the abdomen or inner thigh, the stem cells and some of the fat cells are injected into the face. The idea is that the stem cells are self-renewing, therefore actually working to make collagen and renew the skin. Because of the youth of this method, claims as to its effectiveness are still being studied. Far from simple Oil of Olay days, options in aging management have improved to a significant degree, whether you embrace nature or sing praises over the latest scientific advances. With a broad array of individualized, personal choices, you’re sure to discover the formula that’s just right for you. G

Early Detection

Saves lives Call to schedule your mammogram today!



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26 Spring 2013

10/08/12 -- Mammograms - 7.75” x 4.90”


Nourishing Your Skin By: Kristen Hayman, evanhealy skincare

People tell me I have great skin. All the time. They underestimate my age by 5, 10, 15 years because of how youthful my skin is. When I tell them my age, their eyes fly open and jaws drop, and they all ask me “How do you do it?” I tell them “I’ve been eating organic foods for 20 years, meditating, exercising, regular natural health practices, family, friends and hobbies that I love. And using evanhealy skincare, which is simply doing all those practices for my skin.”

evanhealy’s core treatment system consists of oil, water and clay. Certified organic hydrosols are the water part of the equation that replenish skin that’s dehydrated-from extreme weather conditions both indoors and out, from internal dehydration from drinking too much coffee, not enough water, or other complex reasons-and are naturally pH balanced to around 4.5 where our skin likes to be. Hydrosols are the first thing to use after cleansing our faces to rebalance pH.

My commitment to organic and natural health is grounded in my passion for what is right for my own health, the health of the farms where ingredients grow (because that’s where they start!), the planet that we all trickle down to...and a little bit of vanity. Healthy foods and healthy lifestyles make me look better. Not just for a week or two. For years, decades. And in ways that I can literally feel good about.

Then my favorite part: generous spritzes of hydrosol in my hand followed by a couple pumps of certified organic Chilean Rosehip Seed Oil Treatment Serum (a deeply penetrating oil naturally high in collagen building vitamin C complex and natural vitamin A) mixed together, and pressed into my facial skin for 30-60 seconds-or as long as it feels good. This lovely stimulating morning ritual naturally removes impurities from my skin at the blood level simply by improved blood and lymphatic circulation. That’s it.

Like organic and biodynamic farmers who recognize the soil as a dynamic living “organism”and nourish it through composting, companion planting and attention to its natural cycles, evanhealy recognizes the skin’s wisdom as a living organ system. We all know the phrase “Don’t fix what ain’t broke.” We don’t suppress, pump up, cover up or strip. When we understand how the skin works and that it really is always doing its job in the best possible way, we can step back and simply give it-like the land-what it needs to thrive. My skin is my immune system. Check. I don’t want to disrupt or suppress my immune system. I want to support and nourish it, my newly beloved acid mantle that when well-tended will keep my complexion dewey and glowing for years. What disrupts the acid mantle? Abrasive exfoliants, scrubbing, products that strip the “oil and sweat” from our faces, simply taking a shower in alkaline water changes the pH, not to mention ultra-alkaline bar soap and castille soap (don’t do it). How do I feed my skin what it needs? Like feeding the soil to make a healthy organic garden that yields healthful foods and is good for my heart in the process, feeding my skin what it needs to breathe, be healthy, beautiful and perform its amazing function in my immune system is easy with simple, organic, sensible plant ingredients.

Clay mask once a week (just right for me-others may want more often), gently exfoliates the skin without abrasion, removes impurities from deep within pores and increases circulation at the surface where the blood absorbs collagen building minerals from the silica-magnesium-calcium rich clays that evanhealy sources My formerly acneic skin, no longer suppressed by unnatural or high potency antibacterials, is now fed healthy oils, waters and essential oils that are naturally and appropriately antibacterial without irritation. My formerly dry, flaky, rosacea skin is now supple, smooth, clear, and calm from being enriched with oil and water over and over again, allowed to breathe both day and night-no waxes, high dose vitamin C, no retinol to strip down my acid mantle for the illusion of beauty for a few days. This makes sense to me. It’s simple, what the body needs to thrive in health and beauty. “Skin is alive; it has a rhythm, an inhalation and an exhalation. It absorbs (inhales) oxygen, nutrients, senses light, and regulates heat and cold. It releases (exhales) carbon dioxide, sheds dead skin cells and completely regenerates itself every 28 days.” (Sponsored by Just Food Co-op)

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Goal: 100 new members! Cooperatively Owned. All are welcome!

516 Water St S, Northeld 507-650-0106 · Spring 2013 27

Unexpected Caregiver | Kari Berit

When Will Aging Be In Style? “Granny hands, granny hands, you’ve got granny hands.” That’s what the kids at Burnside Elementary told me. We were playing a game in which everyone willing to play was required to put their hands out and close their eyes. When my turn came around, the game came to a sudden halt. My playmates squealed, “You’ve got granny hands. Your hands are ugly.” I was only eight, and the message my classmates shared with me was that my hand looked old and “old” is ugly.

leaves us fearful of becoming an insult to society or a burden to our loved ones. When we fear anything, we allow it to have power over us. When we face that fear, we wrest back our power.

Aging begins the moment we are born. It is a natural progression of life, but it has never been in style. Giving care to our aging parents is one thing; admitting that we might also need help as we age is a whole different animal. Part of our caregiving journey is to discover who we think we will be as older adults. If we are witness to unhealthy aging in our parents, we can educate ourselves on well aging. It’s extremely important, however, to not view aging in and of itself as a failure. With so many anti-aging products on the market one would think that we’re fighting a disease. Aging alone is not a disease, but we become more susceptible to certain diseases because we’re living longer.

This is not a 15-minute fix. Aging is a fluid process. Understanding the multiple tiny adjustments we must institute in order to maintain balance in our aging selves is part of the journey. We begin the process of embracing our aging selves by taking inventory of who we’ve been, who we are today, and where we’re headed. Only then can we live in a fully engaged mode, at peace with both the high and low times life brings our way, adjusting to the flow rather than resisting. Once our worries about the past and our anxieties about the future have been put into place, we can live joyfully in the present, without fear. This is the lesson of aging that I adopt. And it is always in style.

When we think about aging, we tend to grab hold of the myths: Will I lose control of myself when I’m old? Will I get Alzheimer’s disease? Will I be dependent upon my children? Will I have enough money? The profundity of these questions for which we have no answers

-Kari Berit ( is a radio show host, speaker and the author of The Unexpected Caregiver. Kari speaks around the country, raising awareness of family caregiving and aging.

This got me thinking. If we were all able to get in touch with ourselves as older individuals, wouldn’t it make aging in general a less scary thing? Instead of adopting the attitude of “I’m not going to think about getting older until I’m there,” let’s imagine what being older could be like. In 1989, I encountered my first group of older adult learners, taking part in an educational program. These aging seniors were rebels. They were vibrant, engaged, responsive, goaldriven. They thoroughly enjoyed life as older adults, rather than resenting the loss of their youth. They laughed off the bumps and bruises of their aging journey and embraced the here and now.

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BETHLEHEM ACADEMY Bethlehem Academy, a Sinsinawan Dominican Catholic school founded in 1865, is currently home to students in grades 7-12. We strive to empower our students and staff to achieve personal, spiritual and academic excellence. Call 507-334-3948 to schedule a visit today! 105 3rd Ave SW, Faribault, 507-334-3948,

The Legacy is a championship 18-hole facility offering value-added golf and a warm friendly environment for golf outings & casual dining. It provides a unique setting for meetings, reunions, groom’s dinners, banquets and bridal showers. The indoor Grill can accommodate 30-50 people & the open-air Pavilion can accommodate up to 170. 1515 Shumway Ave, Faribault, 507-332-7177

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The name says it all! It’s all about you and what you need for fitness and health. No fitness machinery offered in this studio. Classes offered make working out fun & rewarding. Classes are geared for you because IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU- what works for you; what YOU like; what keeps YOU interested in striving for better health and fitness AND keeps you interested in living a lifetime with fitness and health - a very important part of WHAT MAKES YOU.....Y.O.U. Owner/Instructor is Experienced Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Zumba® Fitness, Zumba Toning®, and Zumba In The Circuit®, Licensed Bokwa® Fitness, Certified Kettlebell, Circuit & Strength Training & also has a passion for Interval Power Walking. 109 W Rose Street, Owatonna, 507-213-6324, Like us on Facebook.

Conveniently located in downtown Faribault, Sandy Wenker, CPA, provides tax planning & preparation, payroll services, accounting & bookkeeping, QuickBooks assistance & training, and new business consulting. Call or stop in at 14 3rd Street NE, Faribault. 507-333-3973

CASTLE ROCK BANK The Castle Rock Bank has been serving the women in this community for 96 years. To answer the question, “What do women want in banking?” We believe the answer is, “To be heard, understood, respected and valued.” 27925 Danville Ave Castle Rock (507) 645-7751

STATE BANK OF FARIBAULT State Bank of Faribault is an innovative community bank with two locations in Faribault (established in 1919). Offering business loans, home mortgage, free mobile banking, free online banking and more, SBF is a leader in convenience, as well as customer service. 507-332-7401 www.tsbf. com Member FDIC Equal housing Lender

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Come see why Curves is the largest fitness franchise in the world! We have CurvesSmart! Our state-of-the-art personalized coaching system gives you moment-by-moment feedback. We have Curves Complete! The only plan with diet, exercise, and motivation all in one place! Lose up to 20 lbs of fat in 90 days. We also have Curves Circuit with ZUMBA! Owatonna Curves,1828 S Cedar Ave, 507-455-4060

FIT FOR LIFE Fit for Life is a 24-hour Fitness Center located just off Hwy 21 N. We specialize in individual and group personal training as well as weight management and group fitness classes. State of the Art Cybex Equipment is on site for those who prefer to do it alone. 1400 Cannon Circle, Suite 6, Faribault, 507-333-5430

HOLLAND FAMILY DENTAL Holland Family Dental is located in the Professional Building on Hillcrest Ave. in Owatonna. We have been in Owatonna since 1996 and concentrate on dentistry for the entire family. We offer services in preventive, cosmetic and comprehensive care which includes implants and up-to-date dental technology. Please visit us at 605 Hillcrest Ave. Owatonna MN. 507-451-7250

MARY KAY – SONJA HARRIS It’s all about YOU! Superstar treatment with get-gorgeous know-how. Share-worthy secrets that are simply divine. Laugh-outloud friendships that last a lifetime. Feelgood beauty that really makes a difference. Exercise the right to make beauty all your own. Ask me how, I can help. As a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, I help women, and also men, find the Mary Kay skin care, body care, fragrances, and color cosmetics that bring out their best look and create healthier skin. I also recruit people to a fabulous team of women that are daring to see their dreams become a reality! I look forward to working with you – wherever you live in the USA. Sonja Harris, Mary Kay Beauty Consultant 507-213-9569,

MILLSTREAM COMMONS ASSISTED LIVING Millstream Commons Assisted Living is located in downtown Northfield. 44 Assisted Living apartments (studio, 1 and 2 BR) featuring three meals a day, supportive nursing care, respite care, & life enrichment activities. Pets allowed. Licensed Housing with Services provider. Part of the Three Links Community. Member of Aging Services of Minnesota. 210 8th St W, Northfield, 507-650-9627,

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Tired of waiting to see your doctor for simple problems like sore throats and earaches? We provide walk-in medical care for all ages, from infants to adults. We are open 7 days per week and no appointment is needed! Quick, easy and efficient! 2014 Jefferson Rd Suite C, Northfield, MN 55057, 507-664-9999,

Financing, or refinancing a home doesn’t have to be a complicated procedure if you have the right professional to guide you through the process. With Owatonna Mortgage you are guaranteed to receive supreme client care and trustworthy advice throughout the entire process. We know how valuable and precious your time is. Ryan Jirele, Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS #320358. 507-676-2708, 122 N Cedar, Suite A, Owatonna, facebook. com/OwatonnaMortgage

REPOSE MASSAGE THERAPY REPOSE Massage Therapy is now at Owatonna SeniorPlace on Wednesdays & (occasionally) Fridays. SeniorPlace membership is a great value for the many benefits offered, which include affordable massage and bodywork. To make an appointment with Elizabeth Wright at SeniorPlace, phone 507-444-4280. Visit for more information.

THE NORTHFIELD AREA FAMILY YMCA The Northfield Area Family YMCA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for all individuals, families, and the community to achieve their fullest potential. From summer camps, to youth sports, to preschool activities and adult wellness, we have something for everyone. Become a member of the YMCA! 519 Division Street, Northfield 507-645-0088, Scholarships are available to ensure everyone can participate.

• Home & Garden JUDYS FLORAL DESIGN Whether Your Wedding is black tie/ ballroom or barefoot on the beach or somewhere in between! Beautiful, quality flowers and great ideas start with Judy Smith. “Specializing in fresh creative and affordable blooms for all the flower moments of your life” 507645-0008, 300 Railway St. North, Dundas,



Northfield Construction Company handles all types of residential remodeling---and promises a clean job site at all times. You and your dwelling are respected at all times—no lost pets, no smoking---just good work. For all your remodeling needs contact Ray Cox at 507-645-8975. www.northfieldconstruction. net

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• Shopping A TOUCH OF CHARM A Touch of Charm is a quaint florist and gift shop in downtown Blooming Prairie, Minnesota. Leanne Hanson, owner, has been providing home accents, decorating ideas, gift and full service floral for the area since 1988. We specialize in a mixture of traditional, cottage and countrypolitan accents for your home and a unique array of gifts that you can’t wait to give. 507-583-7637,



Simon Bros Cement Co. has been serving the Northfield area since 1969. We specialize in quality concrete and masonry including foundations, driveways, epoxy garage floors. Call for a free estimate. We will look at your project and use 40+ years of experience to share ideas and advice. Call Ray 612-328-4591

The Paper Petalum in the historic Archer House (212 Division St.) offers friendly customer service and unique gifts for all occasions. Locally owned and operated since 1987 we specialize in Scandinavian gifts, Minnesota products, decorative napkins, Polish Pottery, Rothschild foods, and much, much more. Stop in and visit us. 507-6630565.

• Insurance AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE BART JACKSON AGENCY American Family Insurance offers home, automobile, atv, motorcycle, boat, commercial business, farm and life insurance. We are available to meet with you personally to review your situation and provide recommendations as to the proper coverage’s for your needs. Bart Jackson Insurance Agency, 408 Central Ave N, Suite D, Faribault, MN 55021. 507-332-6812.

AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE THERESE WHITESONG AGENCY We’re a J.D. Power and Associates Distinguished Insurance Agency. We’re among a select group that demonstrated the ability to consistently deliver “An Outstanding Customer Experience.” Whether you need insurance for your auto, home, life, health, or business, we listen to you to determine the right insurance that fits your needs. Therese Whitesong Agency, American Family Insurance. Telephone: 507-645-5010, 510 Washington St South, Northfield, www.

STEVE MORGAN AGENCY The Steve Morgan Agency has received the “JD Powers Award for outstanding customer experience” for 8 years in a row. Call and let his Licensed Staff “wow” you with their experience. Insurance should have a personal Fit. Does Yours? 200 Western Ave, Faribault, 507-334-0140

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NORTHFIELD LINES, INC. Have your group arrive in style when you pull up in one of our luxurious motor or mini coaches. Single or multi-day sightseeing trips, shopping, girlfriend getaways, dining, concerts, weddings, receptions, casino visits – you name the event and we will get your group there safely and on time. 32611 Northfield Blvd, Northfield, 800-944-2190,

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