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EVENT CALENDAR 14th November

Liz & Rods Ladies Run! (Club Run) Clevedon Markets

12th December

Christmas Run (Club Run) Organised by Earnie & Marg



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PRESIDENTS REPORT What great weather we had over the Labour Weekend and those that ventured up north to enjoy our annual run were not disappointed. We must thank Bev & Terry for their hospitality and organising a fun packed weekend of activities. One of the great things about this run is meeting up with many of the Z car owners in the region who join in and make the weekend the success it has become over the last 4 years. Don’t mean to gloat or anything but we were honored to be trusted with Bev’s bright yellow Mk1 Convertible for the weekend. We have always dreamed of owning one of these so the dream became reality for just a few days, Bev, we are humbly grateful for your trust and hope we can return the favour in some way in the future. As for the sheriff, one would have thought that driving a Z car would of not be a fineable offence, but oh no. And yes Dave, we did wash the car, still blowing bubbles but who wants to put the hood up when you are living your dream. We are still not much further on with our Mk1 Zephyr, recent meeting became quite heated and just cannot believe after all we have been put through we have yet to still get any form of apology from Vero, the assessors or the repairer. I could understand if we were asking for the moon, but just a car that can get a WOF after being repaired would not seem unreasonable I thought. The Club has a new Vice President as we received multiple nominations for the same person so thanks to all members who took the time to have their say, announcement further in mag. The Ladies run to Clevedon Markets is the next run, so for the men folk, be prepared to have your feet walked off. Take care and see you on the next run, Mike

SHERIFFS REPORT We had a great time on our trip up north, those that didn't make it missed an awesome weekend! Piggy had a good feed on Sunday night to the tune of $35.50. Piggy targeted odd colored jandels, Ernie for dangerous driving, Ernie for birdshit on seat, John Cramond for being inconsiderately gassing Clare, Mr. President for taking his MK5 & Borrowing a yellow MK1 on the proviso that he had just brought it, Rex for attempting to pass to close the tunnel, Brent and CJ didn't know their plates, Linda for leaving the oven on whilst attending a party, John Silcock for having his birthday the day beforehand and the sheriff for dangerous driving. (Ed also heard through the Grape vine that the sheriffs MK2 ran out of petrol at the bottom of his own driveway, please someone take care of this fine!!!)


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MONTHLY RUN Ladies Run 14 th November The Clevedon Village Farmers Market day Auckland. Meet 8.30 am Sunday the 14 Nov at the public toilets on your left just as you leave Huntly, depart 8.40 am. Those who are already in Auckland we could pick you up at the BP service station on the top of the Bombay's . say about 9.10 am?? or sooner Then head up through Papakura on our way to Clevedon. What you will need to bring, 1* A willing husband to help carry things that you will purchase. 2* Your husbands wallet ( make sure its loaded). 3* A picnic lunch as once we have left the markets its off to the beach for lunch.

May the weather gods shine for us all on our ladies run. Call Liz 078540375 evenings or email if you would like to know more. Contact number for the market day trip Rod 021920942 See you all on the 14 Nov! Liz & Rod Routley

OUR LAST OUTING We started our journey from Takanini in our Mk 3 Special, we were heading into the unknown and were very excited to be taking part in the run to Whangarei. We joined in behind John Silcock and Noel in their Mk 4 & Mk 2 on the motorway – we tried keeping up with the lane swapping but Rex is yet to master the art. We were traveling along quietly until Rex made a maneuver which had Rochelle and I in his ear about his driving – (he pointed out to everyone later on during the weekend, that the other men were lucky they only had one female nagging, he had two). We traveled with the Silcocks and Noel until we met up with the couple from the Auckland club in their MK1 convertible – Rochelle was very impressed – she has her sights set on a convertible now. Next stop was at the Honey Shop just south of Warkworth where we met up with the whole team. We had a quick refueling stop of our tummies then we were off again. Rochelle and I have never traveled in a convoy like this before so it was a new and exciting experience. We had a couple of regrouping/refueling stops along the way. We arrived at Bev and Terry’s and Rex, Rochelle and I felt like we had landed in a candy store with the awesome cars on display, Rochelle’s camera came out and she had her paparazzi cap on. Bev, Terry and the team from North looked after us with fantastic hospitality, food and a fantastic view across their farm. Rex, Rochelle and I were amazed that we could feel this comfortable in somebody else’s home that we hadn’t briefly met at the AGM. From leaving Bev and Terry’s we headed to our accommodation where we watered ourselves with a few bevies and enjoyed good company. Tables of all shapes and sizes appeared from the rooms and there was a lot of laughter to be had. Dinner was an event for a number of us; we ordered pizzas which were delivered – we made our own table complete with table cloth and almost inhaled the 8 pizzas we had ordered – we certainly made short work of them. A few more night caps were had then it was time for some shut eye.

Sunday morning we all had breakfast then went our separate ways until our meeting time. Rochelle and I wanted to do a quick spot of shopping which was difficult when the shops didn’t open until 10am but we soon found a shop and Rochelle emerged wearing a new outfit and another in her bag. We met up with the Franks and the Pederson’s. at the Town Basin where Rochelle purchased a fudge Sunday – breaking her spoon while trying to eat it. We were again refueled, so time to meet everyone else. What Rochelle and I didn’t expect was to see all the Z cars parked where our car was, convertibles, station wagons galore, Rochelle’s camera came out again. We then traveled in convoy to the Hukerunui pub and the Jack Morgan museum. We refueled our tummies once again with steak and sausages on the bbq and for something different to do we had a few bevies. The museum was very interesting and it was fantastic to see one mans dream come true and have this museum opened. Most of us saw things from our childhood displayed in the museum which brought back memories. It was amazing to see a Mk 2, 3 & 4 Estates in one place so when we went back to the pub we watched Pete, Paul and Mike move their Estates around to get the best angle for photos, the ladies offered suggestions as to how they should move the cars for the best photo angle – for some strange reason they didn’t follow our directions??? We all headed back into Whangarei and Rex decided that he would take Rochelle and I to visit the port - port? What port? We didn’t find it – there was a huge sign saying do not enter so we turned around and headed back to our accommodation to guess what?? Dinner was a great evening the food was fantastic – and we had birthday cake – Happy Birthday John Silcock. Then the Sheriff took to the floor, various fines were had – Rex and I now know it isn’t really that safe hanging with the Sheriff – we got a few fines but Rochelle had our money ready because I think she may have dobbed us a little. A quick nightcap then off to bed early for us. Monday morning breakfast was had then we started the journey back to Auckland. We traveled back with the Franks and Pederson’s; Orewa was our last stop for again more food and drinks.

In all we had a fantastic weekend, thanks to Bev, Terry and the team from North and all the new friends we made – we had a great time and in Rochelle’s words “what an awesome weekend and that yellow convertible is mine because I would look good in it” Rex, Fiona and Rochelle Alderton

FOR SALE I am reluctantly having to sell me 1964 Mk3 Zephyr. This is a well known club car and is ready to attend the National next year. I have, since owning this car spent thousands of dollars going through the car from top to bottom. It has just been fitted with a new radiator and all receipts for work carried out are available Price $16,000 Firm Spencer Jamieson 021 751 196 or


12 December Xmas Party At Ernie & Margaret’s place 165 Mc Kenzie Road Mangatawhiri Phone 09 233 6697 or E-mail For a Meat on a Spit Xmas luncheon Time: 11.00am onwards Those attending could you please bring a small salad and a small dessert and your own drinks Tea & coffee will be provided Can you also bring a food item for a Xmas Hamper to give to charity If you are bringing a child could you please bring a small gift for them Could you please let us know if you are coming for catering for the meat

TWIZEL CONVENTION Easter 2011, visit for convention details and early bird registration. Is anyone interested in having a meeting for the Twizel convention? If so can you please contact Mike or Lee-Anne on 07 871 9953 or It would be great to get an idea on numbers and try to arrange groups for support traveling down. Our plans are to Wellington on Wednesday, cross on Thursday to Chch, then Friday to Twizel. We are also traveling further south for couple weeks. Meeting will be held mid November in Hamilton? somewhere.

CLUB BANNERS/SASHES We now have a stock of these available for purchase at $15.00 each. Contact the treasurer for more details.

WANTED I'm looking to buy a gear gauge for my Mk3 zodiac. It's an automatic and doesn't have the "2 1 N R D" gauge. If anyone has one I'd love to buy it off them or if you know someone I can contact, then please give me a call on 021 386 056, Thanks Stefanie Moke

Vice President Announcement We have great pleasure in welcoming John Silcock to the position of Vice President. As many know John is an active member who likes to ensure the survival of the club by owning half the cars, and as the picture shows he knows his place in life, welcome aboard.

Budget Cars Under $10,000 Great Cars at Great Prices ~ First Cars from $2000 ~ Cars Utes Vans 4x4s Finance and Trade-ins Available ~ No High Pressure Sales Tactics Coffee Available Only To HZZC Members! Any Vehicle Purchased By A HZZC Member‌ Will Benefit The Club By A $100.00 Donation!!

Michael & Lee-Anne Bryant 0274 230 119

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THE EDITOR’S BIT We has an action packed weekend (not!) when we attempted to go camping for the night. Not such a good Saturday but hey we had to try! Excellent write up this month from out new members for their run to the North, sounds like we missed a good weekend. Welcome to the V.P. chair John, if we had you standing you would get a few more handbags on that arm! You may have noticed no middle of the road, or sudoku pages this month, that's because there is a huge amount of information to get out there this month, so sorry Lee-anne you might have to try one online :) Take care and see you all at the Christmas party Articles, comments, questions, complaints – Email Phone 07-848-2238 Fax 07-848-2239 Snail Mail PO Box 15598, Dinsdale, Hamilton Remember to have your articles and reports to us before the 20th of each month.

CLUB REGALIA PRICE LIST Polo Shirts (small to XXL) Caps Logos Club Car banners Number Plate Surrounds (pair) Name Badges

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