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June 13th

Birthday Run (Family day planned, details in next mag)


Rotorua Swapmeet

Whether it's a full rebuild or a WOF failure, contact us for new mechanical spares and rubberware for

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PRESIDENTS REPORT For those that attended the convention, what an awesome weekend. Everything ran like clockwork and I am sure all had a great time. As for the rumors of the Vice President and President being rolling drunk on the first day, well how can you get to this stage if you run out of beer, who stopped sale of alcohol on Good Friday anyway? Check out the write up. The next convention is in the South Island at Twizel, already a number of members planning to attend, so $50.00 per week in savings over a year will go a long way to making it a great weekend and holiday (snow chains optional extra, Tui mandatory ah Brian). Christchurch convention we had 20 cars attend from Hamilton, let’s make this a road trip to remember. For those really keen, Brisbane in 2014 (car optional extra). The classic car show at Te Awamutu was another great day with around 300 cars in attendance. Good turn out from the club and another trophy for our cabinet, we are on a roll. AGM is next meeting so don’t be shy, there is a position with your name on it. Gweneth is stepping down as Treasurer and some current members on the social club. Start thinking about who deserves the trophies as well (Most Enthusiastic, Most for the club, Hard luck and Stirrer). The Mk3 is currently being plumbed up so all going well should be firing up in few weeks and already have next project lined up. A parts car to good for parts so will be adding a Mk2 Zephyr to the fleet, Estate once again put on the back burner (oh I love my wife). On behalf of the Executive, a big thanks to all on committees and various positions, run and event organisers and all members for supporting the club, and a special thanks to Gweneth for holding the purse strings. See you all at the AGM, cheers Mike.

SHERIFFS REPORT Magnificent time had in the Bay of Islands, by all attending the convention. Hope everybody had a safe and trouble free trip home before the beautiful weather broke. Big thanks to the Auckland club for organising a memorable weekend in the winterless north, congratulations to all HZZC winners and see you all at the AGM

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Michael & Lee-Anne Bryant 0274 230 119

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HZZC AGM 16th May 2010 Tatanui Hall (SH 27) Hall open at 10AM Meeting 10.30AM Followed by A.G.M. & Shared Lunch All those who will be attending Please bring something along for a shared lunch. If you have a trophy from last year, could you please bring it along, or make arrangements to get it to the meeting.


MIDDLE OF THE ROAD A 2007 study found that the average New Zealander walks about 900 miles a year. Another study found that the average New Zealander drinks 22 gallons of beer a year.

That means the average Kiwi gets about 41 miles per gallon.

Bloody good value that!

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66Treetops TreetopsWay, Way,Glenfield, Glenfield,Auckland Auckland

Steve Sheppard was trained up on Smiths instruments and Zephyr Speedo gauges & clocks. All members will get a discount by showing their membership card.

PAihia convention The Quinn's trek north. Early start 6am left home with most of the home in the car and first stop was the top of the Bombay's to meet up with the Orr and Duff families. After a quick breakfast it was off to the Bay of Islands, first we had to get through Auckland and the traffic heading north. First time for Ruby and us going through the new tunnel, another event we can tick off. To our surprise the traffic was pretty good, only a few minutes at Walkworth and the rest of the trip up was good, the jaffas must have heard about all the zed cars heading north and decided to keep off the roads. Only one of our crew had a small problem with gear selection, but a quick fiddle under the bonnet and was away again. Got to Paihia about 2pm and soon sorted the sleeping quarters then a Tui or 2, 3, a few to calm the nerves. Saturday dawned fine and sunny and it was off to the village green in Paihia for the show and shine . The reception we had along the way with people coming out onto the balconies of their hotels and homes was awesome everyone was waving, I'm sure it was the new bling on Ruby that brought them out really! Once parked it was on a boat to Russell, for Christine, Leanne and I, poor Mike had to do judging duties. Checked out all the shops, had our morning latte, then back on the ferry to paihia (Leanne didn't feed the fish once!) then more bl-----dy shops and then thankfully lunch. The public that turned up to see the cars were great, the village green was packed with people most of the day, all with a storey I"m sure, of their days in the zephyrs. After 1pm we returned to the Copthorne for a driver ability fun activity, but unfortunately I already had my Tui fun activity going with a couple of other competitors so couldn't make the car thingy. The nights dinner was a beautiful meal and we had a nice couple from the central club beside us Wayne and Christine. I suggested that they might like to join our club and do a few runs with us as well, BUT !!!!! all of a sudden poor Wayne was viciously attacked by four of the Hamilton ZZclub COUGARS they mentioned that dreaded DANCE!!!! Word, then literally dragged Poor Wayne from his chair screaming Nooooooooo. I have never seen a more frightened man in all my life. He left the dinning room with all four cougars trying to drag him down. A short time later the cougars returned panting with big smiles on their faces (was waiting for them to start licking their paws) was a scary site really! No chance of him joining the club now. I feel something must be brought up at the AGM about when in public all club cougars must be on a leash and muzzled at all times. It was much later and with the reassurance from one of the cougars husbands that Wayne finally returned to the table but really was a nervous wreck for the rest of the night. The entertainment for the rest of the night couldn't quite live up to this little side show.

Sunday morning was a bit of a slow start but after a good feed and a cheery word or five from the wife it was off for the scenic drive to northlands. Beautiful bays and beaches and some sh---t roads. Poor Rubys tail end was getting a fair pounding on the bumps pot holes and corners, she got a bit upset with all this and decided to cook up her generator (much later found out it was the regulator that was the problem) we ran the rest of our trip until we got home on just the battery. She's now sporting a flash new alternator and I'm sporting an empty wallet! Stopped for lunch at the Kaeo rugby club and as soon as I drove into the entrance I said to the light of my life THE BL-----DY Aussies are here, look at them all doing that funny waving that they do. But no it wasn't the Aussies there was a mass invasion of sandflys SQUILLIONS of them everyone was trying to beat them off as soon as we got out of our cars they were onto us, we were covered in them, getting into every orifice , you couldn't even talk without them getting into your gob. Once we got into some shade and into the club rooms they left us alone. We had a beautiful lunch followed by the clubs president telling us about the floods that destroyed the clubrooms. It was awesome what the community and public of New Zealand can do, they now have beautiful new clubrooms and heaps of sandflys. We then headed back to the Copthorne to resume the Tui fun activity YEA!!!! Sunday evening dinner was another wonderful meal, then came the prize giving. It was good to see our Hamilton club do pretty well with the awards, Noel got the hard luck prize, good on him for showing tremendous determination to get to the convention, BUT!!! the best prize of the night I recon was the best hulla dancer, and YES!!!! our own Clare Cramond cleaned up the opposition, boy can she wiggle her tushy! Alot of practice went into that display! YOU GO GIRL!!!! It was a very entertaining night to end the convention. Monday morning was farewells to all our friends both new and old , then plans were drawn up between us and the Duff family to tour the remainder of the north, sail on the Hokianga ferry, meander through all the antique, junk shops and museums that we can find (got some great buys to!) but that's another story. Cheers Brian & Christine

The " BREAKDOWN " you want when you are having a " BREAKDOWN" . You are on the North Island Convention tour and one is leading the MK3 pack, so to speak. Coast up to a Compulsory Stop and ready to turn left. Horrors upon horrors, the mighty MK3 just dies. How can this be, my car just does not breakdown. Wind, Wind, Wind, over the starter motor. Absolutley nothing. Next step, one must do is say a few swear words, like whose heritage the car comes from, the bloody Poms, curse "Lucas", the Prince of Darkness etc etc. A few F, words really help. (remembering I have my daughter Kelly in the car) Tsk Tsk. Out of the car, lift the bonnet, and next thing I am in "Breakdown Heaven", There are 15 MK3’s behind me and it is like everything is in slow motion. Within seconds there is a complete E.R. team assembled. I cant believe it, paramedics everywhere. I am sure we could have done a heart transplant there and then. At least three qualified mechanics, two auto electricians and tool kits full of probes, trouble lights and spares that appeared from nowhere! Fan me brow, one is stunned, I felt I needed a Speights (Pride of the South), there and then! I am sure out of the corner of my eye I spotted a mini skirted nurse in a white uniform, skipping around in the back ground. The Emergency Response Team push the car back to a safe area and the distributor cap comes off, the carburettor is tickled and I am crying out for a beer as the stress is too much. Next thing the car, bursts into life, no one really knows what was wrong, but what the hell, it was a CLAYTONS breakdown, the BREAKDOWN, when you are not having a BREAKDOWN. Thanks to the ER team. You were great. Spencer Jamieson

Meremere drags!

Gerard in his MK3 and Leadfoot Lloyd in his Mk1 at Meremere Drags


New Zealand ‘s manufacture of weather and rubber detail parts for Ford Consul Zephyr Zodiac – exported worldwide 

Reproduction lenses for Consul Zephyr Zodiac

The home of B/C alloy rocker covers and manifolds for Zephyrs & Zodiacs

Geoff and Allison Walker 148 Tutaki Road Palmerston North 06-3576145

NOTICES WANTED MK1 Zephyr External Sun-visor Please Contact Alex on (07) 853 3244 or email

WANTED Mk4 Zodiac RH tie rod, The one with dogleg bend Good or repairable condition. Mk4 Zodiac power steering rack Phone Clyde 07 5422572

WANTED Mk3 front sway bar Call Brian on 078831922

WELCOME To our new members, The Alderton Family from Manurewa

AGM Those attending please bring a plate of food for a shared lunch, A smile is also required for the day, anyone not smiling will be tipped upside down‌..



THE EDITOR’S CUT Not much to report this month. Didn’t quite make it to the convention in Paihia, but we are hoping to be at the AGM to catch up with everyone Bula Vinaka

Articles, comments, questions, complaints – Email Phone 07-848-2238 Fax 07-848-2239 Snail Mail PO Box 21253, Flagstaff, Hamilton Remember to have your articles and reports to us before the 20th of each month.

CLUB REGALIA PRICE LIST Polo Shirts (small to XXL) Caps Logos Club Banners Number Plate Surrounds (pair) Name Badges

$45.00 $13.00 $12.00 $10.00 $15.00 $10.00

Pricing excludes postage. To order, please contact – Secretary Pat Galbraith  07-572-2790 Treasurer Gweneth Baird  09-235-2834

CLUB CONTACTS President Vice President Secretary

Mike Duff Brian Quinn Pat Galbraith

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Gweneth Baird


180 Park Road RD3, Waiuku


Andrew & Wayne


PO Box 21253, Flagstaff, Hamilton

Sheriff Deputy Sheriffs

Dave Franks Rod Routley Twinette Walker

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43 Caspian Pl, Papamoa Beach, Tauranga

Executive Committee Members

Dave Franks Bev Heappey Ernie Harvey Liz Routley John Cramond

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Social Club Committee Members

Lee-Anne Duff Chris Browne Dave Tamihere Terry Heappey Spencer Jamieson Rod Routley

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Website Administration

Andrew & Wayne


New Member Coordinators Sth Auckland Bay of Plenty Hamilton Rotorua Northland King Country

Ernie Harvey Merv/Pauline Hazelton Bob Ferris Bernie Tronell Terry Heappey Ross Woodhill

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To preserve all makes of Zephyr, Zodiac, and Consul motor vehicles - To have club activities incorporating members and their cars - To promote Zephyr Zodiac Club Hamilton Inc

DISCLAIMER The views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily the views of the club or its committee. The club accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the statements and articles of interest are welcome.

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