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Working at HZPC means you will contribute to the development and supply of responsible food for a growing world population.

HZPC is an international company, active in the potato market. We develop innovative varieties and handle the marketing, sales and distribution of high quality seed potatoes. Our ambition is to deploy our expertise in research and development, aiming to improve the growing of potatoes globally. HZPC seed potatoes are grown in nearly all continents. Our customers are located in more than 80 countries worldwide. Within the offices of HZPC located in several countries, more than 260 people are employed; enthusiasts who are specialized in various potato aspects including breeding, growing, marketing, research and logistics. We are an ambitious company with the aim to grow our business annually. Therefore we are always looking for talented new colleagues. We challenge you to apply your skills, enthusiasm and team spirit to add value to this fast growing industry. If you share our values and goals, we can offer you interesting career opportunities and we will support you in your personal development.

HRM Welcome to HZPC! HZPC Holland B.V. Human Resources Edisonweg 5, 8501 XG Joure Postbus 88, 8500 AB Joure

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T +31 (0)513 489888 F +31 (0)513 489800 E

6/4/13 9:51 AM

Some additional information to help you make the right decision! International

Career opportunities

Boundless HZPC has 260 employees as a permanent staff. There is great cultural diversity, as proven by the 17 different nationalities present within our company. The close cooperation between our international colleagues is boundless. This is what makes our company culture unique.

Fields of profession Our employees execute their professional roles out of four different locations in The Netherlands and out of 12 different locations in other countries in and outside of Europe. Their fields of profession are various, e.g.: • Research & Development • Sales • Marketing • Logistics • Growing techniques • Other supportive fields of profession like Finance, IT, HR and Facility services.

Export Our seed potatoes are sold to clients in more than 70 countries around the world. We cherish the bond with all of our business partners and we take pride in these long lasting relationships. It stands to reason that new clients as well as new markets are also highly valued. Intercultural The international culture of HZPC is further shaped by our growing group of ‘intercultural colleagues’. They are the HZPC-colleagues who were born, raised and professionally educated in another country than where they are employed at this moment. Currently 4% of all of our employees have this intercultural background.

Our R & D includes, besides our specialized breeding team, a number of research groups: • Molecular biology • Plant pathology • Quality • Biometrics New colleagues Some interesting facts about the new colleagues we have employed in the last five years: • 75% received an education at bachelor’s or master’s level. • 30% is female • 30% is younger than 30 years, 65% is younger than 40 years en 35% is older than 40 years

Ambition Vision “We want to contribute to the development of responsible food for a growing world population.” This may sound as an ambitious vision, but our enticing goals as well as our strategy will make it realistic. Our direction is clear and we are all dedicated. In this process devoted colleagues are essential to reach our goals. Their personal commitment to give the best of their abilities is the driving force behind our mutual success. Development and education Personal development is a key word. 39% of all of our employees is holding its current position for less than five years. This concerns new employees (less than five years in the company) as well as colleagues who changed positions within HZPC in the last five years. HZPC supports the development of all our individual staff members. The 39% group is considered to be an important motor for future growth and innovation. Progress HZPC offers opportunities to people. As an example: each year an average of 4% of the employees moves on to another function within HZPC. This internal change of positions is one of the ways to build an even stronger team and it shows how we bring personal development into practice.

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Responsible product Our products reach 5% of the total world population every year. We aim to develop and supply high quality seed potatoes with emphasis on sustainability and corporate responsibility. As a result yields per hectare will increase and moreover we will meet the demand for healthy, responsible food. Knowledge sharing and technical growth support are essential matters in this process.

Healthy company HZPC is a financially healthy company, active in a thriving branch. The worldwide demand for healthy food rapidly increases. Our company strategy combined with hard work will lead to an average sales increase of 4% per year.

Corporate responsibility Apart from investing in a sustainable product, we strive to fully integrate sustainability into our organization. The three pillars of our corporate responsibility are: • environmental stewardship • contribution to food security • community involvement Actions that have been taken are among others: a new energy and water saving greenhouse complex, solar panels at our head office, charity support and social projects. Interested? Read more at: about-hzpc/sustainability

Healthy product We feel strongly connected to our products, which form an important basis of varied and healthy food for millions of people. Moreover potatoes (boiled, roasted, baked, French fries or crisps) are tasteful and a versatile product.

Healthy company culture We sense and appreciate the good atmosphere in our company. It’s important to us that our employees feel comfortable and valued. We all work together towards common goals, but at the same time everyone is given full opportunity to use their individual talents. We strongly believe that our people are the key to the company’s success. Therefore we act according to four key values. Read more about our values at:

Agriculture is one of the most important economic sectors.

The next 40 years agricultural production is estimated to increase by more than 40 %.

Potatoes are the world´s fourth food crop after wheat, rice and cereals.

Jacqueline Verdijck

Marine Brusq

Rogelio Marti

biometrician - Metslawier (NL)

international sales coordinator - Joure (NL)

sales manager - Valencia (ES)

‘Playing a role in the variety development of HZPC is highly motivating to me.’

‘What struck me when I started working for HZPC, is the informal atmosphere and interaction among colleagues.’

‘‘Reaching goals’ and ‘being dedicated’ for me is reflected in the way we interact with our customers, suppliers and colleagues.’

Jaap Mazee quality manager - Joure (NL)

‘I enjoy life every day and my job gives me great pleasure.’ Wojciech Cyarz product manager - Poznañ (PL)

‘I am very pleased to get the opportunity to develop myself internationally; at present I am working hard to improve my English.’

Werken bij HZPC-Eng.indd 2

Yifu Pei

Allette Dijkstra-Hellingwerf

business development trainee - Joure (NL)

secretary - Metslawier (NL)

‘HZPC makes it possible for me to fully develop my personal power and interests.’

‘The diversity in people and activities makes working for HZPC interesting and eventful.’

Potatoes are full of important nutrients such as vitamin C, B1, B6, magnesium, zinc, potassium, carbohydrates, iron and folic acid.

6/4/13 9:51 AM

Working at HZPC  

A brochure about working at HZPC!

Working at HZPC  

A brochure about working at HZPC!