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Hyundai i10


Nothing fits better than a Hyundai Genuine Accessory Designed and engineered to enhance the looks and capabilities of your i10, our accessories are precision-made to fit perfectly. High-quality materials and stringent attention to detail ensure that our accessories meet the rigorous manufacturing standards demanded of all Hyundai products. Your dealer is ready to help you make your choice. Remember – only Hyundai Genuine Accessories and your i10 are made for each other. Entry guards Premium entry guards in aluminium optic, complete with i10 logo. Effective protection against scuffs and scratches. Set of 4. E84500X000

Entry guards, front

Entry guards, rear

Tailgate trim line

Body decals, racing stripes, white


Tailgate trim line Created to complement other design details, this polished stainless steel strip brings a stylish finishing touch to the tailgate. B9491ADE00ST


Body decals, racing stripes, black

Body decals, racing stripes Express your sporty personality with this set of contrasting stripes for the bonnet and roof. Available in black or white. Resistant to extreme climatic conditions and frequent carwash use, and can be removed without leaving any residue. Professional fitting by an expert is recommended. B9200ADE00WH (white/MY14) B9200ADE00BL (black/MY14)

Body decals, racing stripes, black



LED footwell illumination, blue, first row



LED footwell illumination, blue, second row

Alloy wheel 14” Songdo 14” five-double-spoke alloy wheel, silver, 5.5Jx14, suitable for 175/65 R14 tyres. B9400ADE00

Locking wheel nuts and key. Protect your style investment with thisset of 4 locking wheel nuts. 99490ADE00 (long/MY14) 99490ADE50 (medium)

LED footwell illumination, white, first row

Alloy wheel 14” Songdo

Locking wheel nuts and key

LED footwell illumination, white, second row

Alloy wheel 14” Mabuk

TPMS – Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

LED footwell illumination Accentuate the premium flair of your cabin with concealed illumination of the footwell. It creates a welcome glow of refined ambient light whenever the doors are opened and closed, fading out as the engine starts. Available in stylish blue and classic white. Second row can be installed only in combination with the first row. 99650ADE20 (blue, first row) 99650ADE30 (blue, second row) 99650ADE20W (white, first row, reference image) 99650ADE30W (white, second row, reference image)

Alloy wheel 14” Mabuk 14” five-spoke silver alloy wheel, 5.5Jx14, suitable for 175/65 R14 tyres. Cap included, nuts not included. B9400ADE01

TPMS – Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Make safety and driving efficiency a top priority, with genuine sensors for optimum tyre functionality. The TPMS kit lets you monitor air pressure levels in your tyres at all times. 52933B2100



Beyond city limits

Cargo separator, upper frame Fitting perfectly between the rear seatbacks and the roof, this robust product protects vehicle occupants from the movement of items in the trunk. The easy to install grid is designed not to restrict the driver’s rearward view. B9151ADE00

The capabilities of your compact i10 extend way beyond the city limits. With these Genuine Accessories it will take you and your active lifestyle much further.

Euroclick G2 bike carrier

Magnetic ski & snowboard rack Magnetic rack for 2 pairs of skis or 1 snowboard and 1 pair of skis. Once locked, the skis/snowboards and also the magnetic rack are theft-resistant. The magnetic plates guarantee a safe transport even under extreme situations. With a special rubber mixture protection, it creates a barrier against water infiltrations. 55701SBA00

Cargo separator, upper frame

Magnetic ski & snowboard rack


Rear bike carrier device Smart integrated rear transport solution for 2 regular bikes or 1 regular bike and 1 e-bike. This is a two-part solution of base frame and Euroclick G2 bike carrier. Together it provides easy and fast mounting thanks to the “click-in-system”. Smart foot pedal tilt and extra wide tilting angle for convenient boot access while bikes are mounted. Extendable wheel holders and lights for flexibility in use or storage. The combined max. weight for the device is up to 46 kg. 13-pole wiring kit for this rear bike carrier device is available. B9282ADE01 (Base frame/MY14) B9621ADE00CP (13-pole wiring kit/ MY14/not shown) 55220SBA00 (Euroclick G2 bike carrier/MY14)

Base frame




Creature comforts You can configure your i10 to make life even easier for you and everyone you’re sharing your journey with.

Ice/sunscreen Protects the interior from extreme heat build-up in strong sunlight, and prevents ice forming on the windscreen and front windows in cold winters. Theft-proof when fitted. Custom-made for your i10. B9723ADE00

Park distance control, front and rear Easier parking in confined spaces. Warning tone changes according to proximity of obstructions. The 4 front and 4 rear sensors can be painted in your car’s colour. 99602ADE00 (front/MY 14) 99603ADE00 (rear/MY 14) 99603ADE99 (angle adapter for PDC/MY 14)


Wind deflectors, front

Armrest with a storage box

Wind deflectors, front Reduces turbulence when driving with a slightly open front window. The aerodynamically formed deflector redirects the airflow, deflecting raindrops and reducing intrusive wind noise. Set of 2. B9221ADE00

Armrest with a storage box Stylish and convenient armrest provides comfortable driving position and a smart storage solution with integrated box. Mounted on the driver’s seat. It can be adjusted as per your convenience. B9161ADE00 (LHD, reference image)


Park distance control, front and rear


Rear seat entertainment cradle for iPad® Movies, apps, music and more. Your backseat passengers can enjoy full iPad® use with this cradle, conveniently mounted on the front seat back. It can be tilted and rotated for the perfect viewing angle. Fits to iPad® 1, 2, 3 & 4 and iPad®Air 1 & 2. Charging feature and iPad® not included. 99582ADE01

Rear seat entertainment cradle for iPad®

Business suit hanger

Smartphone docking station

Take-away hook

Business suit hanger The most elegant and convenient way to keep clothes tidy and crease-free during a journey. It attaches easily and securely to the front seat, and meets current occupant safety requirements. It can be quickly detached for use elsewhere (office, hotel room, etc.). Should be removed if the rear seat is occupied. 99770ADE00

Smartphone docking station Safely holds your smartphone in the perfect location for navigating or playing your favourite music while charging its battery. Only for vehicles with preparation for portable navi­gation option. C8F77AC000

Take-away hook Mounted on the lower passenger side of the centre console, the hook secures bags containing food & drink “to go”, to reduce the chance of any spillage while on the move. 99743ADE00

External memory-map navigation B9H64AK001 (MY 17)



Preserve and protect Keeping your i10 looking like new couldn’t be easier with these specially designed Genuine Accessories.

Our interior accessories are designed to protect the interior of your new i10. We offer a full range of high quality tailored mats that use the existing essential fixation points. For extreme weather conditions, it is recommended to use the Hyundai Genuine all weather mats.

All weather mats Set of 4 individual floor mats, tailormade to fit the car’s foot-wells. These extremely durable mats trap water, mud, sand and road salt, with a special finish that makes them very easy to keep clean. B9131ADE00 (LHD) B9131ADE10 (RHD) Textile floor mats, standard Matching the quality and design of the interior, these mats are made from hardwearing needle felt and held securely in place. The driver’s mat has the i10 logo. Set of 4. B9141ADE01 (LHD) Textile floor mats, velour Luxurious velour mats complement the interior and are held in place by the standard fixing point and anti-slip backing. The front mats are embroidered with the i10 logo. Set of 4. B9143ADE00 (LHD) B9143ADE10 (RHD)

All weather mats

Textile floor mats, standard

Textile floor mats, velour

Textile floor mats, velour with colour borders


Textile floor mats, velour with colour borders High-quality floor protection with distinctive blue or orange border to match the i10 seat trim. Set of 4. Blue: B9143ADE00BLB (LHD) B9143ADE10BLB (RHD) Orange: B9143ADE00RGB (LHD) B9143ADE10RGB (RHD)

PROTECTION Trunk mat, reversible

Trunk mat, reversible Dual function trunk mat that’s made specifically for the i10. On one side there’s the soft cushioning of highquality velour for sensitive cargo, and a resilient fluid and dirt resistant surface for potentially messy loads on the reverse. B9120ADE00 Trunk liner This durable protective trunk liner can be installed and removed in seconds. Raised edges protect carpet and side trim from dirt and damp. The durable high quality material is easy to clean, and carries the i10 logo. The water- and dust-proof liner is made-to-measure for the i10. B9122ADE00

Trunk liner



Rear bumper protection foil, black

Rear bumper protection foil, black Custom-made black protective foil for the top surface of your car’s rear bumper. Prevents damage to the painted surface while loading and unloading. B9272ADE00BL (MY14) B9272ADE10BL (MY17) Rear bumper protection foil, transparent Resilient, transparent protective foil for the top suraface of your car’s rear bumper. Prevents damage to the painted surface while loading and unloading. B9272ADE00TR (MY14) B9272ADE10TR (MY17)

12 Rear bumper protection foil, transparent


Rear bumper protector Strudy protection, purpose-made for the rear bumper of the i10. Sturdy enough to withstand the effects of heavy items when loading/unloading. B9274ADE00 (MY14)

Door handle recess protection foils

Rear bumper protector

Mudguard, front

Mudguard, rear

Door handle recess protection foils High-contact zone: door handle recesses are particularly prone to potential wear over time. These foils counter this issue, keeping your paintwork here looking like new and free of any fingernail or key scratches. Set of 4. 99272ADE00 Mudguard, front and rear Styled to match the design of the i10, this set of 2 black mudguards will help to protect your car’s most vulnerable areas from damage caused by stones, slush, dirt, debris and road salt. B9F46AC000 (front) B9F46AC100 (rear/MY14) B9F46AC200 (front and rear/MY14) B9F46AK100 (rear /MY17) Side door mouldings Purpose-designed, stylish protection against scratches and dents. They complement the car’s sporty, elegant design and can be painted in your car’s colour. Set of 4. B9271ADE00BL

Side door mouldings



Taking good care. Your new i10 has been engineered to look after you. And to look after itself. But it always makes sense to have a few “extras” on board.

Warning triangle

Safety bag

Safety vest



Warning triangle Stay safe when stranded. This highvisibility warning triangle makes sure approaching motorists see you in time. Lightweight, stable and foldable, it is also compliant with the latest ECE-R27 standard, a legal requirement in most European countries. 99942ADE00 Safety bag Enjoy the added peace of mind of having this safety bag on board. It contains two safety vests, a warning triangle and a first aid kit compliant with the current DIN 13164:2014 standard, legally required in numerous European countries. 99940ADE00 Safety vest Maximum visibility for maximum safety, all day and night. This neon vest with reflective strips lets other motorists see you from a distance if you have to leave your i10. It complies with EN 20471, a legal requirement in most European countries. One size fits all. 99941ADE00 (one vest)

Touch-up paints Keep your paintwork in top condition with genuine touch-up paints for repairing scratches and stone chips, and protecting from corrosion. Developed to precisely match the colour of your i10. Please consult your dealer for the correct colour code. Winter car care kit This kit contains a bottle of concentrated winter screen wash to ensure that your wipers run smoothly over the windscreen, keeping it clear and free from road dirt, freezing rain and snow. Plus a windscreen de-icer pump spray that helps to clear frozen windows and prevent re-icing. An ice scraper speeds up the removal of ice, and a sponge wipes away condensation from the windows. LP973APE109H (kit contains all the above mentioned products) The following are also available individually: a. Windscreen de-icer spray (500 ml) LP973APE110H b. Winter screen wash concentrate (-60°C, 1 l) LP973APE103H c. Winter screen wash ready to use (-30°C, 5 l) LP973APE104H d. Winter screen wash concentrate (-60°C, 500 ml) LP973APE102H e. Winter screen wash concentrate (-60°C, 250 ml) LP973APE101H Ice scraper with glove Convenience without the cold chill. Keep your hand dry and warm while scraping snow and ice from your windscreen. LP950APE01H (not included in the kit)

Summer car care kit This kit contains a bottle of concentrated summer screen wash to keep your view of the road crystal-clear and smear-free by removing oily deposits, dead insects and other residues. To remove really stubborn insect remains from the windscreen and headlights, there’s also an insect remover spray. Especially formulated for alloy wheels, the rim cleaner spray doubles up as a high quality degreaser, and simplifies the removal of brake dust and grime. The extra sponge helps to wipe away tough blemishes from glass surfaces. LP974APE102H (kit contains all the above mentioned products) The following are also available individually: a. Summer screen wash 1:100 concentrate (40 ml) LP974APE101H b. Rim cleaner spray (500 ml) LP970APE101H c. Insect remover spray (500 ml) LP970APE102H


Glasscoat More protection, more shine: The advanced glasscoat formula shields your exterior from the effects of pollution, solvent, road salt, car washes and bird deposits – no waxing required. You can even use it to keep your carpets and upholstery clean from everyday dirt and stains. LP982APE1BROH (bronze pack) LP982APE1SILH (silver pack) LP982APE1GOLH (gold pack)

Summer car care kit

Winter car care kit

Touch-up paints

Ice scraper with glove



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