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Hello! The French are a funny bunch. Not only do they actively approve of their presidents having extra-marital dalliances but, even stranger, when they use the term lingerie they mean undergarments worn by women and men. But fear not! There’ll be no well-worn old Y-fronts in this glorious tome. Instead we’ve gathered together some of the finest pictures of the loveliest ladies in the skimpiest of skimpy underwear. All pulled from the pages of the country’s finest men’s magazine. From TV favourites like Holly Hagan and Billie Faiers, to Britain’s most popular pin-ups – Lucy Pinder, Rosie Jones and Chanelle Hayes to name but three – it’s a sumptuous 100-page one-stop shop of silky sexiness. Gentlemen, enjoy your book…

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nicoLe neaL




J o Pa R k e R

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india ReynoLds




Rosie Jones

Lucy Pin deR

h o L L i e s Pa R R o w


Joey FisheR

cheLsea FeRguson



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c h a n e L L e h ay e s

c h a R LoT T e s P R i n g e R


da n i e L L e s h a R P

g e o R g i a s a L Pa

cL au dia de an



L ac e y Ba n g h a R d


h o L Ly P e e R s

B i L L i e Fa i e R s


Rosie Jones Age: 23

InterestIng fAct: Deck-spInnIng rosIe wAs InvIteD to DJ In InDIA.

he internet died a little inside last year when news broke that Rosie Jones’ Twitter account had been temporarily T suspended. To be fair, censorship is an occupational hazard when you’re as dangerously attractive as this Middlesex babe. Speaking of the huzzah in a recent Nuts interview, Rosie said, “I was banned from Twitter for being too rude, apparently! Then again, I’ve been told I’m the cheekiest Nuts girl!” No arguments there, Rosie!

“i think Black Swan’s very sexy – i’m in love with Mila Kunis!”



“Imadesure mynewhouse wassuitable fortopless sunbathing!� 8



“Iaskedfora Jägermeister machinefor Christmas!”


Nicole Neal Age: 22

InterestIng fAct: nIcole Is A trAIned ArtIst, And hAs AmbItIons to be A bIkInI desIgner.

nce upon a time, if it was fit students we were looking for, we’d have hot-footed it over to Hollyoaks. Nowadays, we’re proud o to say that Nuts is home to some seriously amazing alumni. One such sexy student is Nicole here, who first burst into Nuts in 2012. Back then, she revealed to us that she’s definitely the outdoors type, telling us, “I actually really enjoy camping.” Well, her shoots are certainly in-tents! Intense? In tents? Oh, how we hope she likes bad jokes.

“i just love sexy shoots. i’d love to get all the girls on one!” 12



“I’mabigfan oftravelling. I’dlovetodo someexotic shoots!”


STacey Poole Age: 23

InterestIng fAct: stAcey Is yet Another of our troupe of bAbes goIng on the ModbAll rAlly thIs yeAr.

he Barnsley babe with breathtaking boobs knows there are many benefits of being busty – including looking utterly T fantastic in a set of sexy black smalls. In fact, whenever there’s a clamour for glamour, our resident South Yorkshire sweetie never fails to deliver. “I love the underwear on Nuts shoots”, she told us in a recent interview. “But the best part about wearing sexy lingerie is tearing it off!” Steady on there, Stacey!

“I walk around in my knickers on shoots and at home!”




“TheNutsgirls arealways playingwith eachother’s boobs!”


IndIa Reynolds Age: 23

InterestIng fAct: 2014 wIll see IndIA gettIng behInd the cAmerA for A chAnge – she’s tAken up photogrAphy.

ack in Feb, India did the nation’s gents a great service with her ultimate guide to Valentine’s Day lingerie. Her advice? “Keep B it simple. You can’t go wrong with black and lacy!” But when she isn’t dispensing shopping tips to bungling blokes, Reading’s finest also loves to party! She may look all “butter wouldn’t melt” but her recent antics include: smooching girls in a Jacuzzi; wild clubbing in Ibiza; food fights with Rosie Jones and cutting trees down with chainsaws… OK, we made the last one up.


“a hot tub party with pals got out of hand!”


“I’vebeeninalot offoodfights withtheNuts babeslately!”



Jo Parker Age: 22

InterestIng fAct: When she’s not modellIng, Jo Works As A personAl trAIner.

ent cutie Jo is clearly fit in more than one sense. Of course, you don’t need us to tell you that she’s painfully pretty and has k a breathtaking body, but she’s also something of an action woman. As well as the aforementioned personal training, the statuesque stunner used to play football in her spare time. “I was an ace striker. I had a great first touch, and I can tell you I scored a lot of goals!” she revealed to Nuts. She’s our signing of the season, for sure!


“My favourite thing about Nuts? The boobs!”



“RosieJones issosexy. She’snaturally beautiful!”


Lucy Pinder Age: 29

InterestIng fAct: Lucy once AppeAred As A contestAnt on Weakest Link.

hat can we say about this busty Nuts legend that hasn’t already been said? The Hampshire hottie has been dazzling blokes W ever since she was discovered on a Bournemouth beach back in 2003, like some sort of sexy seashell. And this exclusive collection of lingerie shots is a fine example of why she’s still considered the best in the business. She told us, “I love shooting for Nuts because I get to be around people with massive boobs. It makes me feel normal!” We’re always happy to help.

“My skimpy bikinis always feel like they’re about to snap at any moment!”




“Goingto aBeyoncé concertmade mefancygirls alittlebit!”


“Ilovedoing Nutsshoots– it’slikemeeting friends,with morenudity!”



Hollie Sparrow Age: 21

InterestIng fAct: HollIe refers to Her devoted mAss of socIAl medIA followers As “lIttle spArrows”!

n the face of it, sexy Miss Sparrow is your typical Essex party girl. But when we first met her, the booby blonde revealed her o love for videogames and punk music. “A wild night out? I would rather stay in with pizza and videogames!” she revealed, before adding, “Everyone’s like, ‘You’re so blonde! You don’t fit the criteria to like punk music!’ But that’s rubbish. You’ll see me at Slam Dunk festival and stuff.” And now, gents – after a quick Google search – you’ll find us at Slam Dunk festival, too!


“i’m a bit of a wild party girl – i’m always out on the town!” 35

“Iliketodress inlingerieand stockings!� 36


DAnicA ThrAll Age: 25

InterestIng fAct: DAnIcA wAs the InspIrAtIon for A sexy web comIc cAlleD “superheroInes”!

fter making a triumphantly sexy comeback in Nuts last year, Derby’s finest was more than happy to star in our 2013 lingerie A guide along with fellow fittie India. As well as looking sensational in her smalls, Danica also had some sterling advice for would-be knicker buyers. “If you do want to buy your girlfriend some lingerie, do your research! It’s really important to get the right size for the right body shape.” Did she just give us all a green light to go rifling through knicker drawers? Thanks Danica!


“it’s nice to wear cheekier numbers every now and then!”



“Myfavourite Nutsshoot involvedme wearingsexy, see-through underwear!”


“LucyPinder andRhianare mydream coverstars. They’rehot!”



Joey Fisher Age: 20

InterestIng fAct: Joey’s bIzArre nocturnAl hAbIts meAn she’s been known to send text messAges In her sleep!

ith an extraordinary body and personality to match, Nuts newbie Joey was the triumphant winner of your 100 Sexiest W Babes vote in December 2013. However, the Welsh wonder insists the highlight of her year was the sexy celebration shoot for Nuts’ 500th issue, which saw her strip down to a skimpy set of black briefs. “It was amazing being with those gorgeous girls,” she said. “I’m hoping to do loads more shoots in 2014, especially with my big-boobed partner in crime, Stacey Poole.” Strewth!


“i love wearing thongs – i’m never in anything else!”


“Iwouldinsist onwearingsexy underwearto anofficejob!” 46


Chelsea Ferguson Age: 23

InterestIng fAct: HArtlepool lAss cHelseA HAs more twItter followers tHAn pm DAvID cAmeron!

oasting arguably the most famous boobs on that Twitter, dancer and model Chelsea certainly has earned her loyal social B network following. In fact, the babe divulged to us that her social media profile exploded after her first ever Nuts lingerie shoot, so you can thank us for her smorgasbord of sexy selfies. And from the looks of these stunning photos, she’s just as comfortable letting someone else have a go on the camera.


“I didn’t realise how popular my boobs were going to become!”


“Beforeshoots, Ithinksexy thoughtsof seducing someone!” 50


L acey Banghard Age: 21

InterestIng fAct: BAnghArd comes from An ImmIgrAtIon spellIng error when her grAndpArents cAme to the UK!

he’s the lingerie-clad lass who went on to charm a nation on Celebrity Big Brother! Not long after becoming one of the s hottest housemates on record, this Bedford beauty was back doing what she enjoys most – posing in her smalls for Nuts! These days, she can be found promoting her very own line of condoms and will soon be launching a range of sex toys. With the catchy slogan, “Banghard, Bang safe”, you can guarantee Lacey’s saucy sheaths will soon be the gents’ prophylactic of choice.


“ When me and holly Peers get together, it’s like girls gone Wild!”



“Ijustlove Brazilian girls,like AdrianaLima!�


Holly Hagan Age: 21

InterestIng fAct: Holly HAs developed Her own sexy clotHIng lIne cAlled ‘yours fAItHfully’.

he’s fit. She’s feisty. And she’s got double-Fs! Well, we say that, but Ms Hagan is no stranger to the odd chest enhancement, S so our intelligence could well be out of date by now. Not that we’re complaining, of course. Since first introducing the world to her ample assets, the Geordie Shore star has gone on to win over the hearts of thousands of Nuts readers through a series of steamy lingerie shoots like this one here, and there’s many more to come!


“I love to take selfies in my sexy black underwear!”



“IfGeordie Shorewent toareallyhot country,I’d walkaround naked!”



“Sexoncamera ismoredifficult thannormalsex –you’vegotto tryharder!”


DAnielle ShArp Age: 21

InterestIng fAct: DAnIelle grADuAteD In fAshIon & BrAnD MAnAgeMent In AutuMn 2013.

s well as looking incredible, Danielle is one of a growing number of Nuts babes with a fledgling career in the creative A industries. For Nicole Neal, it’s art. For India, photography. But for dapper Danielle it’s fashion blogging. She recently told her local paper, “I design my own clothes, so in the future I aim to work within the fashion industry but I’m also being sent scripts for acting roles.” Just you remember where you saw her first, chaps!


“i bought some really hot, lacy knickers – they’re very classy!” 63

“Ilovetowear avintage pin-upset!”



GeorGia Salpa Age: 28

InterestIng fAct: georgIA wAs on A tAlent show judgIng pAnel wIth helen flAnAgAn And rhIAn sugden.

hat a tremendous year 2013 was, not least because incredible Irish/Greek export Georgia Salpa made her breathtaking W Nuts debut. For us, it was an opportunity to welcome a new fittie to the fold. For Georgia, it was an opportunity to ogle other ladies! “All the Nuts girls always look really hot. As you can imagine, I was excited to be joining them. I love Rosie Jones!” Confessed sexy Miss Salpa. Who are we to argue?


“it’s been nice to get involved with some sexy lingerie!”


“I’vegota reallysexy blacknumber Ilovetowear!” 68


“MeandRosie Jonescoulddo theultimate‘girlnext-door’shoot!”



Cl audia dean Age: 23

InterestIng fAct: clAudIA tells us she cAn bend her legs Around her heAd!

ur very own Manchester beauty went topless for the first time in her latest Next Top Model shoot – much to the delight O of thousands of Nuts readers! And we are told that 2014 will be the busty brunette’s breakout year, which should mean plenty of opportunities for Claudia to try on some thoroughly overpriced bras and knickers. Just don’t tell our accountant…


“i have an amazing dress that makes me look very voluptuous!�


“IloveRosie Jones!She justtakes awesomely sexypictures!�



Beth humphreys Age: 20

InterestIng fAct: Beth’s fAvourIte sort of musIc Is By the lIkes of frAnk sInAtrA And the “rAtpAck”

time we did a sexy shoot with Beth, we asked who she’d love to do a saucy shoot with in 2014. But, like someone Lwouldastpresented with a massive box of Miniature Heroes, this Mancunian minx simply couldn’t choose. “A Nicole Neal shoot be nice. I’m a massive fan of hers. She’s lush! I also like Charlotte Springer. Oh, but you can’t beat a bit of Pinder…” Right, whilst you make your mind up, let’s look at some of your sexiest lingerie snaps!


“I’d love to see Nicole Neal’s beach body!”


“I’mareally spontaneous person.I’m knowntojust takeoff!” 78


Chanelle hayes Age: 25

InterestIng fAct: chAnelle once recorded A pop song cAlled “I Want It” thAt wAs A hIt In russIA.

ur very own Wakefield wonder is more qualified than ever to star in this year’s lingerie spectacular, having spent the past O 12 months investing in numerous sexy smalls. On a recent Nuts shoot, she revealed to us: “I have lots of sexy new clothes! My favourite is a giant ribbon, which barely covers my bits.” Blimey! Let’s hope it’s not a particularly cold winter up in West Yorkshire this year!

“I love dark, latina-style ladies. eva longoria is very sexy!”




“Lastyear Iwasbaking withoutabra on–Iburned myboob!”


“Ialwaysfeela bitpampered onsexyshoots likethis!”



CharloT Te Springer Age: 23

InterestIng fAct: chArlotte once got kIcked out of A nIghtclub for flAshIng her bAre bum!

he year 2013 was something of a breakthrough for Essex lass, Charlotte. The summer months saw her first big shoot for Tto Nuts. this very magazine, so what did sexy Miss Springer make of spending the day in her smalls? “I loved it!” she proclaimed “I spent the day working with loads of hot girls in sexy underwear, so what’s not to love?” What’s not to love indeed, Charlotte, although she clearly didn’t try one of the manky cheese sarnies we’d made for lunch…

“My ultimate shoot would involve really hot brunettes with amazing boobs!”



“Girlsgetfriskier whenthesun comesout.We startoilingeach otherup!�



Holly Peers Age: 26

InterestIng fAct: Holly used to be A keen runner, but HAd to quIt becAuse Her boobs grew too bIg!

he may have headlined our bikini spectacular back in August, but Manchester marvel Holly is just as sizzlingly hot in her s upmarket undies as she is in her sexy swimsuit. The booby brunette is not exactly shy when it comes to her love of stripping down to her smalls whatever the weather. She recently revealed to Nuts, “I always love to show off my sexy, white lingerie. Don’t you think it looks good on me?” We could barely get our reply out through shortness of breath.

“I’ve been told I’m wild in the bedroom!”



“Iamconstantly wearingmy bikiniinthe summer!�



Billie Faiers Age: 24

InterestIng fAct: entrepreneur BIllIe wAnts to open more of her mInnIe’s BoutIque stores Across the uK.

lucky folk of Great Britain are often treated to two Faiers for the price of one – what with Billie’s sexy elder sister and Tlaceyhefellow TOWIE favourite, Sam, being her raunchy partner in crime. But today is a celebration of busty Billie and her love of lingerie! On one of her first-ever Nuts shoot, she told us. “Classy always wins the day with lingerie. Keep it simple, keep it sexy.” As luck would have it, here she is doing just that!


“it’s always nice to do a sexy Nuts shoot!”


“Twerkingis reallygood foryourbum, legsandtum muscles!�



“I’dgofor areally niceblack lingerieset everytime!”


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