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18/06/2013 11:04



oghurt Warrior and Gottwood teamed up as our interests in themes and designs have always seemed to coincide conveniently. Starting off with the aztec theme which came about two years ago, when my inspiration for that years particular range was both tribal and tropical. Last years summer of love was a great opportunity to try something different, as was this year. Our collaborations have helped me as a designer at Yoghurt Warrior explore new creative territory and this years wilderness theme has proved no different! We look forward to running our YW stall selling the new and old Gottwood designs along side our new drop (a predominately 90s inspired Fresh Prince range!) Look out for the Yoghurt Warrior stall selling exclusively both Gottwood and YW merchandise in the heart of the festival Website: Soundcloud: Facebook: Twitter: @yoghurtwarrior

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18/06/2013 11:04

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18/06/2013 11:04

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18/06/2013 11:04


elcome to Gottwood Chapter Four... The Gottwood family has slowly grown, and the festival has come a long way in the last four years, but this is set to be the best year yet and we are extremely happy that your here to join us for it. When we first started the festival four years ago we never thought it would escalate into what it is now. It has slowly morphed from an idea conceived whilst watching Villalobos play on a man made beach in Berlin, to a proper festival that we are so proud to be able to invite the world to. Last year we celebrated the ‘Summer of Love’ but this year we are celebrating ‘The Wild Things’. So… we want everyone to pause, take a step back from their everyday life, leap off the edge, and wander into a unrestrained, untamed, wild and wonderful parallel mindset celebrating everything in your life that is not actually there, but is locked up top, and in most cases is rarely given a chance to flourish!

Tom, Tom, Digby (Gottwood)

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18/06/2013 11:04

GOTTWOOD INFO GREEN PLEDGE We are privileged to have such an amazing site and surroundings to host the festival in, we don’t want to ruin it, in fact we want to look after it as well as putting as much effort as we can back into the local community. We are very aware that we are situated in the centre of an area of outstanding natural beauty and we want to support this. We are working with sustainable waste and refuse companies, the forestry commission, as well as promoting greener methods of transport and more. We would appreciate your support and commitment to this whilst enjoying the festival. Please help us by leaving the site the way you found it.

PAINT FIGHT We are not exactly sure what day or time this will happen….but most likely on either the Saturday or Sunday at a time when the sun is out (fingers crossed). Please be warned that Holi paint does stain so if you want to get involved it’s probably best you don’t wear any clothes you really like!

SECRET STAGE By now you may have already come across the giant owl DJ booth in the woods…. The lineup throughout the weekend on this stage will be kept entirely secret. Expect some pretty special people performing on here….

ATM’S / CARD We have 4 ATM’s on site and we also take card at the bar!

ALCOHOL Whilst we hate the idea of restricting the amount of alcohol people can bring into the festival and not allowing personal alcohol into the main site, unfortunately this is the only way a small independent festival like us can function. Please support us by understanding that these are measures that we have to take to ensure that there is a Gottwood 2014!

LOST PROPERTY If you have lost any property please check in with security who will direct you to Lost & Found. There are secure lockers available for hire on site. This van also provides a mobile phone charging service. It’s not very likely that you will loose a friend for very long at Gottwood….and if you do there are plenty more to be made!

TAXI NUMBERS: Alpha Cabs: A A A Taxi’s: DAZ:

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01407 765 000 01407 761 000 / 01407 760 202 07783997237

18/06/2013 11:04

HYPERCOLOUR Catch Hypercolour at Walled Garden on Saturday LINE-UP: Luke Vibert / Tom Demac (Live) Alex Jones / Bareskin / Cedric Maison


ypercolour - the force majeure that is Jamie Russell, Ste Roberts and Alex Jones - have been peddling the finest in house and techno for just shy of 7 years now. In that time they have provided a leg-up for an enviable number of producers (via Hypercolour and its various sub-labels) – figures such as Tom Demac, Mosca, Huxley and Shenoda spring to mind. On the flipside of the nurturing role they play within this community, the prolific imprint have released records by world-beating names such as Maya Jane Coles, Groove Armada and Justin Martin.

label imprints that cater for more ‘underground’ sounds and that truly is where we’re coming from.

Ahead of the Hypercolour takeover at Gottwood 2013 we had a quick catch up with one third of Hypercolour, Jamie Russell aka Cedric Maison.

Which other acts are you hoping to see? Well we arrive on the Saturday, so definitely Move D, will be checking out Marcus Intalex – got to catch 2 Bad Mice.

Can you first tell us about the projects you have coming up personally and with your labels? So, this summer we’re about to embark on a full season in Ibiza, at Sankeys. We’ve got some amazing line-ups in store; everybody who’s involved with the label will play at some point during the summer, and then other artists we respect like Martyn, Boddika, Scuba and Craig Richards. I can also tell you that this year will be our first foray into putting out albums; we’re kicking things off with Luke Vibert! But also in planning is a return from Solid Groove! We’re also dropping 12s from West Norwood Cassette Library, Eliphino, Bareskin, Shenoda, Joe Farr and Lucretio - lots of work to do!

Hyponik x Gottwood 2.indd 7

Which two would you most like to see wrestle in the festival mud? Definitely Alex Jones and Tom Demac. They love it. Top tip for the punters? When everybody’s gone to bed, go sleep on the hanging camo net in the woods! But remember to wear sunscreen… A.S.L? Female, 12, next door… Any good jokes? Thought the one above was alright. If you weren’t running record labels what would you be doing? Probably selling something! By 6am Sunday morning at Gottwood I will be... In bed, without fail.

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Are you actively seeking chart success for Hypercolour releases, à la Duke Dumont and Disclosure? Not actively, but if it came along we’d probably embrace it. I think some of our releases like Maxxi Soundsystem’s ‘Regrets’ or Huxley’s ‘Let It Go’ might’ve had that appeal. But we have enough sub-

What can we expect from your Gottwood stage? We’re all stoked to have Luke Vibert playing, he’s one of our heroes! It’s a label affair, so you’re going to be listening to the full spectrum of interesting dance music, new and old. Personally, I’ve been buying loads of old Moving Shadow and Production House 12s I never had from Discogs, so it might get a bit ravey!

18/06/2013 11:04


razy P have been sharing their soulful ensemble across festivals and stages the world over for 15 strong years, with a discography of epic proportions to match. Signed by house and techno giant 2020 Vision, their ‘Stop Space Return’ album influenced the beginning of the nu-disco age with remixes from Jamie Jones, Wolf and Lamb and Reboot. Their unrivaled live act of disco, funk and reformed 90’s pop has seen them perform with artists such as VV Brown and Empire Of The Sun. They bring their energetic performance to Gottwood festival this June, so we caught up with Crazy P front lady and vocalist Danielle Moore to get the lowdown on influences and festival dramas…

“Looking at the Gottwood lineup, it’s exposing underground artists, which is always brilliant.”

Describe the Crazy P sound to those who are unfamiliar. If I had to pin it down, I guess I would describe it as disco-fuelled-multi-influenced dance music. There’s a lot of live instrumentation in there as well, but we couldn’t narrow ourselves down to a specific sound. It’s what we feel like making. Where do you draw your influences from? We’ve been friends for a long time and we’re all inspired by very similar things. So we’ve watched hundreds of music documentaries from AC/DC and Led Zeppelin to Grace Jones and Prince. They all put on a very energetic performance that leaves you coming away energised and that’s what we try to do for our audiences. Musically, we listen to so much stuff, from new artists like James Blake. I’m very interested in the way he works his beautiful vocals around a loop machine. There’s a lot of 80s rare-groove and old pop music like Prince, plus Jim’s a big fan of classical music, so there’s a lot of orchestral music being played around too. There’s a big mix of music being played at any one time. Crazy P perform both live shows and DJ sets. How do the Crazy P Soundsystem, live band show, and DJ set experiences differ? They are all very different, we’re quite lucky we are able to choose from these sorts of options. With the dj sets we obviously get to play other people’s music, and it’s a different kind of energy. The Crazy P Soundsystem is essentially myself and one of the guys djing with some keyboards and space sound effects as well - I get to sing over the tracks. Then live, there are five of us on stage so that’s completely different again. Each Crazy P performance has very different energies and experiences so it’s hard to compare them really.

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18/06/2013 11:04

Tell us a bit about the music selection process, how do you go about putting together the set list and is much of it done on the fly? With the Soundsystem we have a basic track selection that we come back to, but we like to mix in a lot of new tracks that we’re listening to at the time. However it’s very much dependent on the crowd that we’re playing to. For us, it’s very much about entertaining so we try to tailor it as much as possible to the vibe we get from the audience. What can we expect from Gottwood? We’ve got a lot of new stuff; we’re working on a new album so we’ve got a lot of new material to play. Some of it we’ve tested out a few times already abroad, which is a good way for us to see what works. We’ve started to use a vocal loop machine, which is a new thing for us, so we’re pretty excited to try that out. I think that festival crowds are the most energetic, and you’re playing to a potential new crowd you’ve never played to before. You get the chance to do a lot more at festivals than you would usually. It’s an exciting time for us, and looking at the Gottwood line-up, it’s exposing underground artists, which is always brilliant. There’s a lot of techno and minimal artists as well as a lot of people I’ve never seen and that’s what’s good about festivals - it’s about experiencing a lot of new stuff musically. Tell us a few of your personal festival highlights as a performer over the years. Our favourite festival has to be the Garden Festival in Croatia. It’s a really magical place and there’s an awesome group of people that continue to go back and make it a holiday every single year. It’s a wonderful place to play. Glastonbury has to be up there as well, it’s a massive place, but you can’t deny that it holds something a little bit special. And any really bizarre festival experiences, either as a performer or punter? Oh, we’ve had a few of those. I think the best one has to be the year we went to Australia and we had four gigs in two days. We were all over the place. Flying from New Zealand to Sydney and almost immediately going on stage for example - we were all really wizened and to top it all off I lost my bag. I had to borrow some clothes so I ended up with my friends 70s jumpsuit. She’s about 5ft 4 and I’m about 5ft 8, so it was a tight fit whilst we were performing, I climbed onto a speaker, jumped off and split a large hole in the bum area. I couldn’t turn around for the rest of the gig! It was an amazing experience, but we were all extremely knackered. House and disco are enjoying something of a mainstream renaissance at the moment – how does it feel to be a part of that? It’s a difficult one, I mean we’ve always done what we’ve done and we would like to think that we would continue to do that. So no matter what anyone else considers to be on trend at the minute, we just carry on doing what we do. I mean, we’ve been doing it for like 16 years now it’s just something that we do. But I suppose we’re just slightly unaware of where we are in the midst of it all really.

Catch Crazy P at Futureboogie/Walled Garden on Friday Night

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Jack Martin

18/06/2013 11:04


ver a period of nearly twenty years, Heidelberg’s David Moufang has released music that has continually defied superlative. Best known to his loyal fanbase as Move D, Moufang has carefully found common threads between his musical loves of jazz, house and techno in idiosyncratic and melodious fashion. Evading the trends that have come and gone through the electronic music landscape during his nigh-on two decade stint, Moufang retains a joie de vivre in both his production and performance which has seen him endear himself to discerning fans around the world. Middle age has not dimmed his enthusiasm for his work, with 2013 seeing the release of another single on London imprint Electric Minds alongside the UK live debut of his mind bending improvisational collaborative project with Juju and Jordash; Magic Mountain High, as well as countless gigs around the world. Ahead of his appearance at Gottwood, David took time to talk to us about his career, maintaing his artistic integrity, the influence of his jazz in his work and much more. Enjoy. Hi David, where are you speaking to us from today? I’m at home in Heidleburg. It’s a nice day, the sun has finally come out. You’ve been releasing music for nearly 20 years. Back when you first started, did you ever forsee your career enjoying the kind of longevity and success that you finally have? Oooh. A tough one... No probably not. I don’t know. I remember when I was asking myself maybe in teenage days what a real ambition would be. One thing that came to mind is would I ever get to play in Japan, so I accomplished that, which is great and that kind of tells you that I’m kind of overachieving anyhow in some respect. I didn’t choose music because I thought it would be a big career. I chose music... Because it was your passion? Exactly. Do think it would be possible for a producer starting out today to have a career as long as yours? In terms of my advice for people starting out? You have to be on some sort of a mission. Aesthetically, musically, whatever. You have to have a vision in sound and if you pursue that maybe you will find people who appreciate that and that keeps you interesting over a longer period of time. I mean I was super chuffed actually when Maceo Plex chose the first ever techno track I ever made for his new DJ Kicks on K7, a track called ‘Sandman’,

Hyponik x Gottwood 2.indd 10

18/06/2013 11:04

first recorded in 1990, released in 93. That was really cool. That’s somehing I definitely wouldn’t have expected, you know the longevity of things in a genre which is kind of short lived, usually. The balance you’ve achieved between sustaining your vision like you said and still being successful is certainly a tough one. Have you actively shied away from more high profile sets and releases as a means of maintaining your integrity, or is this something that has happened naturally? Sort of more or less naturally. I mean there have been some offers that maybe I did shy away from, but not because I thought it would ruin my career or anything, more that I didn’t really see the point of them. At a very early time in the 90’s, the Snap! guys, ‘I’ve got the power’ you know? They were getting in touch and saying I should meet them in the studio, but there was nothing I could tell them. I kind of respected that track even though it was super commercial, it was the first of a kind in a way, it was a different kind of groove. I shied away from a collaboration from Atom Heart (Uwe Schmidt) as a bassist, because the stuff that he gave me to work on was that complex that I didn’t really see where I could fit myself in there. So yeah, fortunate enough that I never got a request from, I don’t know - Depeche Mode or Kylie Minogue.

“You have to be on some sort of a mission. Aesthetically, musically, whatever.”

I don’t know if you’ve heard the story of Till Eulenspiegel, but that’s the guy who’s always kind of sad when the sun was out because he knew it was going to rain soon, and when it was raining he was happy because he knew the sun was going to come out again - I’m a little bit like that. Deep house became really big again, so I’m a bit worried that it won’t last like this because if it doesn’t have the substance if people do the same stuff over and over again, it won’t be attractive for long enough. I mean I’ve always loved deep house, but its not the only thing that attracts me in electronic music. There’s always been other stuff and even at this moment, as much as I like Kerri Chandler or Larry Heard, I also like Joy Orbison and the “Bass” kind of stuff. I think the UK is the best example of how you kind of take stuff to the next level, you look backwards and its like garage but at the same time it’s something maybe more futuristic or more tightly produced. I think that’s all super cool. Very nice. Big fan of the UK scene really. I think it’s all really enhanced by the UK style of press which can be really cruel, kind of, you know you’ll be really hip one season then totally like slagged the next season. But at least there’s a permanent change to things, whereas in Germany it’s very conservative. They are still writing about Sven Vath and all this, I have nothing against Vath, but there is so much other talent, which they don’t talk about. >>>

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You’ve consistently spoken of house music’s need to push boundaries, which is something I think you’ve always done in your own work, so what do you make of the current return to popularity of ‘90’s’ influenced house in the style of Kerri Chandler, MK etc?


Both of them, Kerri and Mark Kinchen, are two idols to me, so I’m really full-on supportive of how big they are. But it is kind of frustrating when you get a lot of music that mimes their style too much and doesn’t really excel it, because all they seem to do is recreate the work and not take it to the next level. So there’s a lot of this kind of run of the mill MK and Kerri Chandler stuff that I’m not so fond of.

18/06/2013 11:04

You always look like you’re having a lot of fun and I think that’s a big part of the appeal of watching you DJ, for me at least. Do you ever go places perhaps where you’re surprised that people have knowledge of you and your music? I mean there seems to be somebody in every corner of the world, which is amazing by itself to me at least I mean - it still is. If there happens to be a few more people then that’s even greater, usually the way it goes if it’s the right people, they know about you then they might tell their friends and you get a little crowd somewhere. I’m realistic enough to know that I’m not like a big name wherever in like Taiwan for instance, but it was off the hook there. I won’t ever forget the party in Taiwan. That was really unexpected, its just great. House and techno influences are of course apparent in your work, but what personally intrigues me is the jazz element of your musical background. You’ve spoken of how you’ve been inspired by the freedom and the improvisation of jazz, is this a quality which you still seek to emulate? Totally, and I honestly believe that the better contemporary electronic music is like the contemporary form of jazz in a way. Where the mainstream jazz is very backdated and keeps attempting to revive the same formula that was invented in the 50s essentially. I think that the modern jazz after free jazz is kind of natural to me, Squarepusher or many other people could be considered cutting edge jazz. I wouldn’t go that far about myself but you’re totally right, this basic idea of free floating improvisation and the freedom you have and exploring that freedom is there. The quest for the odd note, not the really bad one, but the less obvious one that still works or works even better, that’s predominant in whatever I do, that’s the quest I’m on.

With your background playing guitar (and the fact that your parents were both musicians), do you ever find electronic music limiting in a sense, do you ever feel inclined to create something made purely with instruments? I would totally do an all-acoustic album, but I don’t think that’s because I believe electronic music would be limited in any way. I think maybe you get some other kind of intimacy with real instruments, if you record them nicely they’re almost like living beings. I would go a step beyond, to me hardware; a synthesizer, a moog, is also a living being it’s just the software inside isn’t it? The border is really close between a good emulation and the real thing and it’s not so obvious for everyone. So I totally don’t think electronic music is limited in any way, it’s only limited by our imagination. You can do anything and you can incorporate real instruments or texture... well that’s not the point. I believe in reduction sometimes and I believe in playing, I think I make better music or more interesting compositions if I actually play and put this into music as if I had put notes into a piano roll and start building and editor and start building like this. It’s more of a brain-determined process where the playing is like yoga, it’s a state of meditation almost, music is flowing. What happens sometimes if you don’t think about it, maybe the most interesting stuff will happen. Finally, to conclude on a tangent, I’ve often seen you enjoying a nice glass of red in the booth. Which is your favourite red wine? It changes; I’m not an expert. I just like try to remember ones that I like and have them for a while. Recently, I came across Primitivo. These are the ones I keep finding myself going back to. A good Cabernet Sauvingon. I wouldn’t be too specific about it. Usually in the UK if you don’t get the promoter to go out and get you a decent bottle in the clubs it’s pretty terrible (laughs) Christian Murphy Catch Move D on the Louche Stage on Saturday

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18/06/2013 11:04

GOTTWOOD PLAYLIST Extrawelt - Drehfehler

2 Bad Mice - 2 Bad Mice

What do we say, one of our favourite tracks from arguably one of our favourite artists.

Big big vibes from 2 Bad Mice, a defining track from the 90’s.

Luke Vibert - Cash’n’Carry Acid

Marcus Intalex - Cabal

An amazing example of proper analogue acid madness.

An amazing example of ‘good’ drum and bass, this will destroy a dance floor.

Tom Demac - Critical Distance Pt 2

Ryan Davis - Suppersound

A dark and brooding production from the man of the moment from Hypercolour.

Mean melodic techno, huge bassline and build up.

Move D - Untitled 1 (Workshop 13)

Detroit Swindle - Brotherman

10 minutes of amazing house music from Move D, amazing samples, perfect for a Sunday.

Such a great vocal sample and the keys are great, its such a big tune.

Joonipah - Gut Feeling

Chimpo - Children of Israe

Bumpy bass music made for the dance floor at about 3am we reckon!

Great edit of Dennis Browns reggae master piece.

BEHR - Shake It Down

Proper house from an incredibly talented up and coming duo in the Nixwax family.

Crazy P - Heartbreaker

Stripped back summer vibes from Crazy P with a great baseline.

Dan Farserelli & Archie Hamilton - Tesla

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Stripped back tech house, we’re bug fans of anything Archie gets his hands on.

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Thomas City Fly Little Thoughts (Live)

Kris Le Vay OJ Smooth BEHR (Live)

KRL Wolf Music Bicep


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Willow & Alex Lewis

Rob Amboule Hunter Giles b2b Alec Function b2b Rob Amboule

Shadow Aspect Van Did (Live) Ed Mackie

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Sisterhood TIEF


Daffadam b2b Nick Duffy

Zade & Kanye Cross

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Hunter Giles b2b Alec Function





Alex Foulkes






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Hyponik x Gottwood 2.indd 16

18/06/2013 11:05


ief (meaning ‘deep’ in German) has, over the last two years, established a firm foothold in London and further afield as a night for true music obsessives and party people alike. With a booking policy with little regard for fashionable or ‘faddy’ house, their line ups are regarded as some of the best in the capital, inviting artists such as Prosumer, Lawrence, Pepe Bradock, Erdbeerschnitzel, Levon Vincent, Jacob Korn, Tama Sumo, Juju & Jordash, Soundstream, Iron Curtis, Move D, Session Victim, John Talabot, Joy Orbison, Mano Le Tough, Stimming, Axel Boman, San soda, Tornado Wallace, Chicago Damn, Midland, Todd Terje, Morgan Geist, Tim Sweeney, Linkwood, Manuel Tur, Casino Times, Omar S, Portable, Hunee, Henrik Schwarz and Marcus Worgull to perform over the past couple of years. Tief has since become a record label (Tief Music) where the same quality control and astute A&R skill has been transferred. The debut release ‘Call Me Ishmael’ by newcomers Sisterhood (which includes Juju & Jordash and Arttu remixes) is already receiving support in all the right places, from the right people - Jus Ed, Tom Trago, Marcus Worgull and Medlar, to name but a few.

TIEF Catch Tief at the Boxford Caravan on Sunday LINE-UP: Bicep Wolf Music KRL John Malcolm Moore Thick as Thieves

The second release comes from Prophets of the South, which sees them peddling an authentic South African sound, something that will become increasingly present in Tief’s open-minded music taste. Tief are delighted to be involved with one of their favourite festivals for the second year running, having been to every event and witnessed its growth into a highly regarded UK festival, the unique setting really does set it apart from many other festivals. This year we are happy to be combining forces with Wolf music to present a duo that they share lots of common ground with, Bicep.

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18/06/2013 11:05


xtrawelt - the German pairing of Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Rabe make arduously detailed, robust and functional technoid dance music from the future. A regular fixture on Traum for several years, they have also released records on Ideal Audio, Border Community and Cocoon. Ahead of their headline performance at Gottwood 2013, we got in touch with the duo to discuss their rave pedigree and the music community in Hamburg, amongst other things. What divine force united two lads from the Hamburg countryside to produce electronic music? Do your rural roots influence you in any way? Hamburg was always close and music was everywhere, but there were good parties in the suburbia and rural area too - especially the illegal open-air raves and festivals in the early 90s that happened more in the region around Hamburg. Those were our first experiences with this kind of music and parties. I am glad to have grown up there as nature was always close and maybe it helped in a way also to stay down to earth no matter what. You worked together on side projects before forming Extrawelt in 2004. In what way does the Extrawelt differ from your Spirallianz and Midimiliz collaborations? In the beginning we just hooked up our few pieces of equipment, plugged them together and started trying to get it going. For us the different project names never had a real topic or style and we always simply made what we like. The stuff we made earlier on was faster and harder, as all techno music was back then. When we decided to start the Extrawelt project there was a natural change in tempo and I guess we were more confident to be diverse, slow the tempo and maybe a bit more open to emotional content. It was not a conscious decision to change style with the new moniker, neither was it a decision to end the previous projects, it happened much more subtly and naturally. As soon we had enough tracks for a live-set we started to perform as Extrawelt, which basically didn’t change our feeling of playing live but gave us the chance to play at different festivals and clubs than before. Tell us about your work process? It‘s different from track to track but mostly it starts with a jam session. As soon as something special comes to mind or to tape we stick to it and continue to draw around that piece of sound until there is enough for a track or until we get bored and trash it.

How does the music scene in Hamburg differ from Berlin and the rest of Germany? Hamburg is special, as is Berlin, but they are pretty different. Berlin definitely became the capital of music and arts; Hamburg was, but still has, a very lively and fertile underground music scene with lots of labels, bands, producers, nice clubs and locations. Some years ago many Hamburgians moved to Berlin but some came back as Berlin is never quiet and some people simply can‘t or don‘t want to live like that. The atmosphere in Hamburg is a bit different

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18/06/2013 11:05

W E L T too, as it‘s often windy and rainy, we’ve got the big port and the infamous Reeperbahn, but when the sun is shining it‘s really beautiful with the seaside, the parks, clubs and bars. Do you still feel the pressure before big festival gigs? Sure, it‘s a thing that can’t be avoided and maybe shouldn‘t as it keeps you aware of the responsibility you have. It may be not be as heavy anymore as in the beginning but it‘s more like you learn to live/play with it instead of eliminating it. And surely a drink before the gig helps too. So besides headlining this year’s festival, what else are you looking forward to at Gottwood 2013? We are really looking forward to visiting the area, as we have never been there before. The pictures of the location look really nice and it promises to be a great atmosphere. The line-up promises a lot too. Would love to see, for example, Luke Vibert and Ben Ufo, but also our Traum stage looks pretty nice!

“I am glad to have grown up [around Hamburg] as nature was always close.” One for the geeks - what kit will you be packing for the live set? Does it look the same at every gig? Yes, we always carry the same stuff with us, the stuff we can‘t carry will be provided and due to that, varies often in brand or edition. A SH-101, 24-channel analogue desk, drum machine, hardware effects, keyboard, two laptops plus controllers and soundcards etc. What’s coming up release-wise? We had to move from our beloved old studio. Finding and preparing the new place took longer than expected and caused a slight lack of releases lately, but all is good and we managed to spread the few releases as signs of life over recent times - the remixes for Paul Woolford, Dominik Eulberg and the ‘Lichtflut’ track on Traum. Now there‘s lots of stuff coming but as the labels have their schedules too, it will take a little while until they come out. First up is a remix for legendary Juno Reactor which was a great thing to do as their first Transmission album back then on Nova Mute was such a big thing for me. After that there will be two compilation exclusives on Cocoon Recordings and Oliver Huntemanns Ideal Audio and a 12“ on Traum Schallplatten in fall 2013. Danke. Bitte schoen.

Catch Extrawelt at The Wild Thing on the Wigflex presents Traum stage, Friday at 12:30am.

Lisa Beaumont

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t has been a good few years for Lars and Maarten, having bounced in to the scene back in 2010. The pair now carry themselves comfortably in the realm of dance music and have drawn global interest for their take on the ever present vibe of 808 soul. With the prospect of a busy summer ahead, we caught up with the Amsterdammers to chat about, among other things, their acclaimed live show, visiting the US and what’s in store for the near future. How’s everything setting up for the summer? Busy schedule? Oh man. We’re going to have so much fun this summer. I think we’ve got back-to-back weekends planned until September and some midweek stuff as well. We’ve decided to get into the sun tanning business, so we’re only accepting bookings around the equator from now on. Are you looking forward to Gottwood? You’re playing the Apogee stage right? Yep. We’re playing live, so keen to see if we can tear down the forest. Whats the relationship with Apogee? We met the guys when we played live at Mint Club last year, where we did a really weird interview outside of the club in mid-winter. It was straight after the show, so we had quite a few interruptions by a few spaced out peeps that had gone mad during our set, which made the conversation – we really tried to be serious – even weirder.

Any plans to extend the live show or your performances in general instrumentally, audio visually or otherwise? Plenty of plans, not enough time. We’re getting some analog gear together that might play a role in the show, but we’re not sure. We’re reprogramming it now to make it a bit more dynamic in the sense of set list and free styling, but since we’re working on our album right now, there’s just not enough time to do both. I’m sure the live set will evolve (as it has been doing since we did our first show in berlin a year ago), and yeah, we’re also thinking about expanding the package with some visual elements. How was the RBMA in New York? What were the highlights? Oof... so many highlights man. We were there for 2 days and it was really cool. One highlight was definitely the lecture by Malcolm Cecil, father of the largest synth in the world (TONTO). Look him up, he’s amazing. He produced and played bass for loads of people like Stevie Wonder and Gil Scott Heron, so pretty much our new hero. I saw you tweet that you went to Detroit! How was it? That was crazy. The party was really cool. Plus we got these stupid t-shirts that said ‘Detroit Michigan’ but with a picture of some amusement park in Florida. And since we got in just in time to actually make it to our show, we had pizza in the club.

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“We’re playing live, so keen to see if we can tear down the forest..”

18/06/2013 11:05

Obviously some of your influence and style stems from the Detroit dance scene, is there anything you’re listening to at the moment, that you haven’t previously, that’s caught your ear? Well, not in particular from Detroit, but there’s a few cats out there whose music we’re really diggin’ at the moment, like Max Graef, Jamie Trench, Jason Bye. We’ve been to a few second hand shops in the states, so it’s all a good combo of old and music that gets us going. Has a bridge into another genre or style ever been contemplated by yourselves - another alias or project? Lars always wanted to get into Eurohouse so I’m sure that will be his next step with his Lars Vegas alias. We’re not ruling out anything, but there’s still so much to explore with DS that there’s no real need to add something else at the moment. But who knows what’ll happen. You guys have become quite the remix experts, is it normally the case that you’ll be asked to rework something or is it that you’ll approach an artist whose track you think you could do the business on? Purely on the practical side, when you get a track in from an artist or label, the release has already been put together, and there aren’t too many full-on remix EPs coming out (for a good reason). So we usually get approached by the label, but we’re also talking to loads of people whose label or music we really like in general and kind of state our mutual love, so that people know if anything interesting pops up, they can reach us. We’d love to get some more focus on remixing non-house originals, and we’ve got a few interesting projects coming up.

And finally, what can we expect to see from you over the second half of the year? Any releases planned? Yep. Plenty of cool stuff! We’ve got our own label coming up (Heist Recordings) where we’ll be doing the first release ourselves. We’ve been playing the tracks for a few weeks now and its safe to say they’re real Detroit Swindle style bangers. We’re working on a follow up on Freerange and our album on Dirt Crew, probably with a single release in the winter and the album spring next year... Along with a bunch of remixes and our tour schedule, I think you’ll get plenty of opportunity to get acquainted with us. Will Edge Catch Detroit Swindle (Live) on the Apogee/Barn Stage on Friday

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Your music is predominantly dance-floor intended; does this reflect your affiliation with music? Yes and no. We love to produce for the dance floor and get partying, but we listen to/get inspired by so much more. Old school hip-hop, jazz, funk, but also Floating Points kinda stuff or bossa, it doesn’t matter. We really like to play what we make, so the dance floor productions come in handy, but you’ll see some more downtempo, listening tunes coming out as well in the future. The funny thing is that 9 out of 10 times we start with something nice and emotional, and end up with a pounding four-to-the-floor jam… haha.

18/06/2013 11:05


Over the last 4 years we have had some amazing contributions to the Gottwood Presents podcast series. This year we celebrated our 50th edition with the help of 2 Bad Mice and long may the series continue, roll on number 100! Whist we can’t cover the whole catalogue, we thought it would be a good idea to point you in the direction of our favourite 10 from this year…

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FUTUREBOOGIE Catch Futureboogie at the Walled Garden on Friday LINE-UP: Crazy P Futureboogie DJ’s Christophe Futureboogie All Stars b2b


ast approaching it’s tenth year in the land of club, the Futureboogie name has now spawned a many headed beast. What originally started as a simple club night in good old Bristol town back in 2001, Futureboogie nows rolls with global radio shows, a booking agency, management company, a list of parties and worldwide DJ bookings as long as a long armed man, excursions into festival programming and, most recently, Futureboogie Recordings. Over the last 10 years the cast of the Futureboogie team has changed but original members Joe90 and El Harvo are still holding things down, keeping all the plates spinning, and making things go bump in the night. With a kaleidoscopic musical taste the list of parties they put on, played at, and danced at is as long as the list of international DJs and live acts that they have appeared alongside. Futureboogie. After all this time, we still don’t know what it really is. Someone once called it ‘the dancefloor of days to come’. We like that. And really, it’s many things to many people. But for now, and probably forever, lets just say its a feeling.

I guess so yeah. We never had a plan but I think as we realised that 10 years was drawing near it was something that we wanted to make happen. How did you meet? We met through going out and mutual friends back in Leicester Tell us about the different arms of the Futureboogie operation today. At the moment we’ve got the label and the parties, and then there’s the booking agency and management side of things too. What can we expect from Futureboogie at Gottwood this year? At least three beards. And a sprinkling of stardust from Crazy P. Who are you looking forward to catching play? Oooo, on the Friday when we are there - Ben UFO is always top.

So you guys have been going for over 10 years now, you must happy to reach that milestone?

What are your final words of wisdom for everyone? Eat your greens

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How’s it going lads? All good thanks

What does the perfect Futureboogie party look and sound like? Looks like Monica Belluci. Sounds like errrr ...... Futureboogie

18/06/2013 11:05

LOUCHE Catch Louche at the Caravan on Saturday LINE-UP: Move D Brinsley Kazak Josh T Bruno Schmidt


eturning to Gottwood for the third year running is the club-smashing, festival-bashing, electronic music behemoth that is Louche. Starting life in 2007 at Leeds’ legendary Mint Club, the night has gone on to host parties and festival appearances across the UK and Europe, including Fabric, RBMA, The Garden Festival (Croatia), The Warehouse Project, We Love (Ibiza) and The Secret Garden Party. They’ve also become a welcome fixture on the Gottwood schedule, bringing their tried and tested house music vibes to the festival for the past two years. They return for 2013 with the legendary Move D performing a 4-hour set, plus residents Brinsley Kazak, Josh T and Bruno Schmidt. Tell us your top three weirdest moments at Gottwood Festival. JOSH: Haha yes, these questions are brilliant.

4 hands! Matthew McBriar of Bicep can go centre back, he’s a big lad, I’m sure he can put his boot in if needed, he’s hard to muscle off the ball also… geddit?

Well in 2011 my mate Dan swallowed a fly and had to get a Heimlich manoeuvre to avoid choking to death AND our resident Bruno fell sleep on a lilo and woke up way out with the tide. Jokes!

I guess it has to be myself and Josh in the middle of the park, been in the game together for 6 years, we know each others moves inside out, if he goes forward, I stay, if I go, he stays. Partnerships like that in the game are hard to come by. Plus I’m always keen to see Josh don his pink disco boots.

Then last year it’s hard to chose the best/weird moment. Watching the England penalty shootout surrounded by complete nutters having had no sleep and FAR too many beers is up there. Also when I found a group of 30 people who had all bought hundreds of glow sticks to chuck up and down in the air for hours in the campsite. And the impromptu jam off in the musical instrument tent! Oh, and when those two people got engaged on the last night. Aren’t they supposed to be getting married at the festival this year? Following the story of the penalty shootout, who would you pick for a ‘Gottwood 2013 All Stars’ 5-a-side team, and why? BRINS: Detroit Swindle in Goal easy! They got 4 hands, 4 legs and 2 heads. No brainer! Honourable mention to Blackhall of the Jaunt crew though. He plays with me every Wednesday and he is a tidy keeper, but he aint got

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After the Germans stole the show in the Champions League this year we’ll need a sausage muncher in the team to play upfront. Can’t think of anyone more suited than our headliner Move D. The guy knows how to conjure up a moment of magic out of nowhere and he does it on the regular every weekend so I’m sure he’ll do the same for us on the pitch! I’d have Cera Alba on the bench; he’s another one that plays with me on a Wednesday. Good to have around for team moral but his finishing has been terrible this year he’ll be the first to admit that! I would think twice about bringing him on even if we were a man down! Referee would have to be one of the Gottwood head honchos, Digby. We’d need someone with a cool head and a shotgun if things got a bit heated on the pitch. I’ve heard on good authority he has both!

18/06/2013 11:05

Picture the scene - the Louche DJs are stepping up to rock Gottwood 2013 and the sound system blows up. You have no choice but to perform with a selection of musical instruments from the tent where the mini-party happened. Which do you choose and what tracks will you perform? JOSH: We rinsed that tent out last year. I’m up for a fresh approach. I’d call upon everyone in the Too Much Fun Club (our yurt) to get involved with whatever they can find lying around. Something similar to that show ‘Stomp’ - but much more cracky. Tom TMS Midgely tapping on cans of Buckfast with sticks, Casey Meek fisting a soggy welly. Maybe we’ll ask Move D to add some of his trademark swingy analogue percussion by shaking a disposable BBQ. The Louche Trailer Trash Family Band. Sounds shit! After a mad night partying at the festival, the Louche crew end up lost in the woods for days. Which artists performing this year would you value most alongside you, either as a survival expert or to provide the soundtrack (or both)? BRINS: If we were stuck in the woods for days I definitely know whom we wouldn’t have. If you’re down to your last rations of food and water trying to make things last until you get rescued the last person you want hanging around is a dude called Eats Everything! My all day breakfast in a tin wouldn’t last till sunrise! Ha shit. I’ve just realised he’s not even playing at this festival!

And which artist would you least like to bump into in the woods in the dead of night? JOSH: If he wears the same outfit as last year, Ste Waite. He looked like a lesbian serial killer from the future. Gottwood is well known for its mindblowing decor and artistic attention to detail - can we expect anything weird and wonderful in this department for the Louche takeover? BRINS: Josh will be donning his disco attire no doubt! I’ll be keeping it real in shirts, shoes and trousers most days, perhaps a red chino for Sunday best. I’m sure they’ll be all sorts of goodness and love happening at the Too Much Fun Club. Rumour has it the Butter Side Up crew are bringing a real life 2 tonne cow to sacrifice on the last day. Beefy! Will you be packing your swimming trunks again this year? JOSH: As Brins says above, yeah, I’ve bought this shiny, flowery shell suit top for the festival this year. It’s filthy. I imagine I’ll wear that plus my trunks all weekend. Yeah course I’m bringing trunks! 2011 was 30 degrees all weekend, you’d be mad not to!

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Name one track that summarises your Gottwood experiences over the past two years. BRINS: Sinead O’Connor – ‘Nothing Compares To You’

18/06/2013 11:05

PEDESTRIAN The Boy George of Bass music?


elcome to the inexplicable world of Pedestrian. In the build up to his appearance at Gottwood we hunted down the wondering star to discuss fashion, Bowie, his links with Vivienne Westwood and the day-to-day of the international DJ elite. So what about this concert, with Culture Club… back for a couple of gigs or back for good? Yeh, well you know, you gotta give the people what they want, right? So on that basis, probably just a couple of gigs. So what can we expect at the concert – all the old favourites? As I said, you’ve got to give the people what they want. So, we are planning on really going in hard at the concert, showcasing our new tech-house sound we’ve been experimenting with. We’ll also be playing our top 20 ‘Get Lucky’ remixes, which should be available on TOTALWIPES promo by the time of the gig. Travelling the world as you do, I guess London is still your base… so where do you buy clothes these days? Yeh well, like, you know, I’m kind of like whatever really, you know? Like, totally whatever captures my eye from the pictures of whatever the particular fashion label is willing to endorse me with at the time. Actually buying stuff is so overrated (laughs). London is totally hot right now though, like, that’s why I like, like it. How important is fashion to you? Fashion is more important to me than food, oxygen or even, dare I say it, mascara. How do you know Vivienne Westwood then? She’s endorsed me a few times. I didn’t really want to… But you know, she’s so hot, and very pushy. There’s only so many times you can tell that crazy fucking bitch no before you have to hire more security for your own personal safety. I thought it was best for my image and health to just go with it, you know?

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Do you think Malcolm McClaren was a genius? It takes one to know one, and he was not. The closest he came to genius was a Margarita he fixed me on Sunset Boulevard in ‘86. How would you describe your make up and style, then and now? What make up? That’s my natural look, darling. That’s like asking Bowie, where he gets his freaky contact lenses. Au naturale. So here’s a question… We know that you DJ but it’s hard to find anything else about you in the gossip press these days; you’ve all but disappeared… so what do you do in your down time/ what’s an average sort of day for you? I live a pretty normal life to be honest. I normally rise about 1pm, make myself an espresso martini, have a couple Bolivian slugs to wake me up and then play fight with my poodle for 4-6 hours. I get my chauffeur to pick me up some sushi & coconut water, gather my tunes for the night then head to the airport for that nights gig. I’d say that’s a fairly regular day in the life for me, as I said, pretty normal. Out of all the stars that you’ve met over the years, who were you most excited to meet? I honestly couldn’t give a fleeting fuck about anyone besides Bowie. Everyone knows how much you love Bowie. Ironically, the effect he had on you, you actually had on a generation as well, how does it feel when people compare you to him? It feels like a dream come true, I mean how would you feel if someone compared you to me? How long have you been sober now? About 7 hours. Catch Pedestrian on the Eton Messy Stage on Saturday.

18/06/2013 11:05


it & Run has been taking place in Manchester for the past 6 years, nurturing the best of the city’s own electronic music talent, whilst showcasing the best of the newbreed from further afield. Always looking to the future, whilst respecting the past, the list of now-established artists it has brought to Manchester for the first time is unrivalled in the city - a list which includes James Blake, SBTRKT, Scuba, Icicle, Rockwell, Silkie, Ben UFO, Roska, Fred V + Grafix, Tessela, Fantastic Mr Fox, Cyril Hahn, Pedestrian and countless more. They’ve long been committed to the movement of bass culture; from the classic foundations of dub through to the UK’s modern take on house and techno, and the whole journey in-between, with residents who are able join those dots with ease. Not only that, but an ongoing commitment to soundsystem culture has meant that their parties have always sounded heavy. This - coupled with it being held on a Monday night - has meant regular run-ins with the powers that be, contributing to its nomadic existence, moving from club-to-club across the city. They can proudly count many of Manchester’s current crop of world-class musicians as closely linked to the night - the likes of Zed Bias, Dub Phizix, Strategy, Marcus Intalex / Trevino, Chunky, Chimpo, Biome, Indigo, Damu, Paleman, T-man, Sparkz, Walton, Werkha, Skittles and the like.

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Catch Hit & Run at the Barn on Saturday LINE-UP: Marcus Intalex 2 Bad Mice Chimpo Strategy Rich Reason Acre Jonny Dub Kanjra Preacha Hosts: Strategy, Sparkz, T-Man

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Recently Hit & Run have hosted room 3 at Fabric, and have been invited to curate room 2 for their next visit to the world-famous club, showcasing the best in Manchester talent. They have hosted a stage and boat party at Outlook festival since its inception in 2008, and they return to Gottwood for the second time this year with yet another killer line-up.


18/06/2013 11:05

Åme Anja Schneider Ata Ben UFO Bicep Blawan Brian Sanhaji (Live) Brinsley Catz N Dogz Chez Damier Chris Liebing Christophe & Lukas Claude VonStroke Climbers Clockwork Damian Lazarus Dan Wild Dave Clarke Deetron Dixon DJ Koze DJ Sneak DJ Tennis Droog Dyed Soundorom Eats Everything Ellen Allien Felix Dickinson Francesca Lombardo Futureboogie DJs Gavin Herlihy Geddes Gerd Giles Smith Guy Gerber Heidi Hot Natured (Live) Huxley Infinity Ink Jackmaster James Priestley Josh Wink Josh T Joy Orbison jozif Justin Martin Kerri Chandler Krankbrothers Kyle Hall

Laura Jones Levon Vincent Luca Pilato Maceo Plex Magda Masters At Work Matt Tolfrey Matthias Tanzmann Maurice Fulton Maxxi Soundsystem Maya Jane Coles Michael Mayer Miguel Campbell MK Moderat (Live) Mulletover Nick Curly Nikos Krush No Artificial Colours Paco Osuna Pan-Pot PBR Streetgang Planetary Assault Systems (Live) Prosumer Ralph Lawson Raresh Richy Ahmed Robert James Roman Flügel Ryan Crosson Sasha Seth Troxler Shadowchild Shaun Reeves Soul Bros Spencer Subb-An Surgeon Tale Of Us Tama Sumo Theo Parrish tINI Tom Rio Tommy Four Seven Waifs & Strays

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Special Guest

Richie Hawtin

The UK’s biggest outdoor celebration of underground house & techno

Tickets available at

All night licence granted

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