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Sponsored by APC Clothing Ltd Gardener: Val Hall


A Brief History of the Village The history of Bramham goes back to Roman Times when it was important because of its location on the junction of the main north/south east/west trading routes. This was the junction of the Great North Road and a lesser known route from York to Ilkley. Its importance as a major stopping place on The Great North Road continued well into the 1800's but the surrounding area was very different to what we see today. It was described as a wild and desolate place, the haunt of footpads and highwaymen. Battles during the Wars of the Roses and the Civil War were fought in the area and casualties were buried in the cemetery of All Saints' Church, the oldest building in the Village. In more recent times Bramham may be recognised Nationally by two major events taking place in Bramham Park, The Bramham Horse Trials and The Leeds Carling Rock Festival.

Why do we enter Yorkshire in Bloom? Initially we wondered ourselves!! But the response from the village answered the question for us. Not only were the residents supportive but they were also quite excited about being part of Yorkshire in Bloom.

So here we are saying welcome to our Village. 2


The origins of Bramham in Bloom

What we have done so far

What was achieved last year

Route Map

Major Projects

Overall achievements since 2005

Our Sponsors

Future Plans

Press Cuttings

Yorkshire in Bloom asked us to cover in our brochure the various categories in their guidelines and this we have tried to do. We think that we have covered everything required, but just in case! At the back we have included a revue in accordance with the specific guidelines given by Yorkshire in Bloom.

Hopefully this will be a quick and easy reference if you feel that something has not been included in the main body of the brochure or on route. 3

THE ORIGINS OF BRAMHAM IN BLOOM How we came into being

We were formed in April 2005 to look into all things to do with the environment of the Village as raised by the residents as part of the Parish Plan. The Parish Plan in effect created a catalyst for many new projects within the community and hopefully this will give a new lease of life to our historic Village.

Who are we

We are a Committee of four but co-op other members as required. There are approximately 25 gardeners and helpers. Chairman Secretary Treasurer Committee Member

… … … …

Ernest Nichols Gill Young Meryl Nichols Martin Batt

How we operate

We recognise that we all have lives outside Bramham in Bloom and meetings of all those involved are kept to a minimum, usually twice a year and regular contact is maintained by email, phone or notes. The Committee meet and communicate regularly. Gardeners, usually two, take responsibility for a particular bed or display and deal with all aspects of planting and maintenance, sometimes with additional support. The Committee are responsible for planning the beds, ordering plants, providing overall support for any problems arising such as cover for holidays etc. They are also responsible for most grass cutting, strimming of the bed edges and pest control.

Outside help

We have had tremendous help from Leeds City Council "Floral Initiative" and would have floundered without their support and advice. We still consult regularly when we have problems or are planning a new project.

What are we about

Our aim or in modern parlance "Mission Statement" is to:- Raise the Villagers awareness of the environment in which they live and encourage them to participate in various projects to improve it" We are also committed to including children and young people in these projects whenever possible.

Communications with the Village

We use the monthly Parish Magazine as our main form of communication and have an article every month explaining what we are doing and what our future projects might be. We also use it to encourage residents to come and join us. The Parish Council Notice Board and the Village Stores are also used.

All Saints’ Church Bramham Parish News

What the Village wanted

Although requests were made for more flowers, trees and bulbs by the majority of villagers, there were also many other environmental issues raised, for instance requests to renovate The Square and surrounding area and produce a book of walks round Bramham. Because of this, whilst we have concentrated on the floral side of things we have also borne in mind other general improvements as and when we have seen a problem, as shown further on page 22.

January 2013 Issue 120 4


Opened eighteen flower beds and two shrub beds.

Acquired and planted four stone troughs at the Church.

Provided and planted seven hay racks.

Introduced eight new planters to the War Memorial.

Provided four planters outside the Garage.

Provided part of the funding for a “Bio Pond” at the Primary School.

Landscaped an area where a wall had collapsed.

Opened a Wildlife Area.

Renovated an ancient Cattle Ramp and surrounding area.

Secured grants of over £10,000.

Obtained sponsorship of around £1600 per annum.

What else have we done:

Held a children's Treasure Hunt linked to Bramham in Bloom.

Gave a talk on Bramham in Bloom and the Environment to the Village School and to the Bramham Yorkshire Countrywomen's Association.

Planted some 25,000 bulbs, daffodils, bluebells, snowdrops, crocuses, tulips and narcissi.

Organise an annual poster competition at the Primary School and in the Village in support of our entry. Leeds Floral Initiative provided excellent prizes.


Have a stall at the Bramham Gala selling plants and promoting our activities.

Assisted the organisers of the Gala by doing some strimming at the entrance to the field.

See also Page 22


REVIEW OF THE PAST YEAR Floral Activities Our aim was and still is to enhance the Village with suitable floral displays and deal with environmental issues as they arise. Naturally this requires attention all year. We feel, and from discussions with the residents, they also feel that the number and type of floral displays is about right. This was what we intended as there was a genuine feeling that whatever we did should not alter the character of the Village. Planting and expansion for their own sake does not fit in with a village of this size and character. There is, therefore, very little change over the last year although we have continued to be active in the Village. Obtained daffodil bulbs for Bramham Sports and Leisure to plant near the new Pavillion.

School Yorkshire in Bloom Poster Competition

With Richard Gill, Leeds Floral Initiative

With Ernest Nichols Bramham in Bloom




OVERALL ACHIEVEMENTS SINCE 2005 MAJOR PROJECTS The Cattle Ramp This area was badly neglected but has a significant historic value as it leads down from the road that was the original “Great North Road�. There was another ramp in the Village but sadly it has gone. The project was funded from several sources. The Wildlife Area The whole idea was to open up the area and change it as little as possible and hopefully we have achieved this. Paths and benches (of a rustic type) were put in together with bird and bat boxes. Areas of trimmed branches etc were left as natural habitats. The bark for the path (which generally gets washed away every winter!) was supplied by a local tradesman free of charge. The project was financed by the National Lottery.

UPGRADED BOTTLE BANK Not only was this unsightly but other rubbish was left and rats had been seen in the area which is close to the Primary School. A grant was obtained from East North East Management team and the work carried out by Leeds City Council.


Major Overall Achievements since 2005 -continued CATTLE RAMP


Major Overall Achievements since 2005 -continued WILDLIFE PRESERVATION AREA






Sponsored by:Bramham Running Club

Gardener: Keith Howland

Lyndon Road Sponsored by:Wetherby Lions`


Jeremy Kendall supported by Jean Dale


ALL SAINTS' CHURCH In 2011 All Saints’ Church received a special Conservation Award from Yorkshire in Bloom in acknowledgement of the work they do in the Churchyard in relation to conservation of both flora and fauna.

Four Troughs Sponsored by:-

All Saints’ Church, The Yorkshire Countrywomen's Association. The Monday Club and The Swan Inn.


Mavis and Victor Wilson


ELECTRIC SUB STATION Sponsored by:- The Wetherby Lions


Ernest and Meryl Nichols


BRAMHAM MEDICAL CENTRE Sponsored by:- Bramham Medical Centre


Lynda Goddard


BRAMHAM GARAGE Sponsored by:- Mrs Dorothy Clegg


Yvonne Gibson and Valerie Soper Supported by Hazel and David Scott


MILNTHORPE CLOSE Sponsored by:- Edmunds Electrical Brooke Babes and Thomlinsons Estate Agents.


Sharon Wilson and Family Wendy Watts and Family

Supported by Alex Skinner and Simon Kelly

WETHERBY ROAD ENTRANCE Sponsored by Blacks Solicitors


Iris and Paul Smith



Sponsored by:Jones Electrical

Gardeners Alison StJohn and family and Iris and Paul Smith


BOWCLIFFE CORNER Sponsored by: Silverwood Plumbing Ltd The Bayford Group, And The Dog Walker


Vicky and Keith Innocent, Jo Ogden and family



The return of the Village Pump Donated by Peggy Kitchen and Dorothy Clegg In memory of their husbands Gardener: Peggy Kitchen

Sponsored by The Parish Council

Gardeners: Ernest & Meryl Nichols

Sponsored by APC Clothing Ltd

Gardeners: Val Hall



Sponsored by:

Residents of Carr Beck Close

Gardeners: Lynne & Paul Marshall

Sponsored by: Bramham Garage


Catherine Jones Supported by Joan Haslam

Sponsored by: Village Stores Gardener: Valerie Soper 21


Post Box Lyndon Road

Headley Lane Sign


COMMUNITY GARDEN The possibility of a Community Garden was first raised by Bramham in Bloom four years ago. And at last with co-operation from the Community Action Group, Leeds City Council, our own Parish Council and various grants it has now become a reality. It will provide a very pleasant area to relax in for many years to come.


OUR SUPPORTERS Bramham in Bloom Sponsors

We and the Village as a whole are very grateful to our sponsors who together contribute around £1600 each year to support our floral displays. Without their financial support very little of what we see today would have been possible.

Other Funding

We have also been helped by financial support for specific capital expenditure and again without this we would not have progressed to the stage that we are at now:Bramham Parish Council Leeds City Council "Floral Initiative". Leeds City Council "Leeds North East Area Management Team" National Lottery Bramham Community Fund Donations and a Coffee Morning Donations in a collection jar in the Village Stores “Friends of Bramham in Bloom

The Gardeners and Supporters

We have a dedicated band of gardeners plus supporters who deal with our day to day business. Forever cheerful, except when plants get stolen from the beds!!, they have made a real impact on the appearance of the Village in a relatively short space of time. Without them none of this would have been possible.

Bramham Primary School

The children at the school are a very enthusiastic group, they have their own Bramham in Bloom bed as well as many of their own projects. An amazing number of 36 children took part in the poster competition. (See Page 31 for an example)

All Saints’ Church

Follows the guidelines of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

FUTURE PLANS The general feeling is that the development within the Village is about right. There was never any intention of changing the nature of the Village, only enhancing it and the focus will now be on developing and improving the displays that have been established. There will still be some changes:

A continuing programme of bulb planting.






YORKSHIRE IN BLOOM GUIDELINES FOR BROCHURE CONTENT A1 & A2 - Horticultural achievement and Practice 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)


7) 8)

The Committee decide on the design, colour scheme and location of any new beds. Deciding on the number of plants was initially difficult but with experience this has now been refined and there are few problems. Shrubs have been introduced into the various beds as appropriate to enhance the annual planting and for sustainability. Two specific shrub beds have been planted and the ramp bed incorporates various shrubs for flower, foliage and bark effects. The real focal point because of its closeness to the centre of the village, the bus stop, and one of the Pubs is the Cattle Ramp and Beck bed, This area never fails to attract comments from visitors and the local residents. Watering, dead heading, weeding, and feeding of the hayracks and planters is down to the individual gardeners and we have a dedicated bunch!! Pruning and pest control is undertaken by the Committee. Where possible the Beck is used as a source of water. No fertilisers are used on the beds - only organic manure. All plants are obtained from Leeds City Council Red Hall because of the quality and their delivery system.

A3 - Residential and Community Gardening 1)

Church has a specific policy for maintaining the Church Yard under guidance from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.


The Old People’s Garden is the responsibility of the Parish Council.


Since our entry into Yorkshire in Bloom it has been noticeable that hayracks and hanging baskets have started to appear in the Village.


The school has a flower bed to offer support and we have provided bulbs for planting. The school in general is very focused on all aspect of the environment.


Two residents have offered their gardens to be visited by the Judges.




A4 - Business Areas and Premises 1)

The majority of sponsors are from the Village.


The garage is a sponsor and also supplies water and help from an employee to water the containers


The Village Stores sponsors Bramham in Bloom, has a collection jar on the counter and acts as a post box for us within the Village.


The Red Lion Pub, although not a sponsor, do their own thing every year to good effect from the point of view of enhancing the Square. They have also taken on responsibility for watering the War Memorial in Summer which is a significant task.

A5 Green Spaces 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)

Leeds City Council carry out regular grass cutting We enhance the cutting round the beds Two residents on their own initiative cut, weed and feed two large verges to lawn standard. Beech Trees have been planted on an entrance road to the Village. (In the past all the roads into the Village were lined with Beech Trees). Created a Wildlife Preservation Area. 25,000 various bulbs have been planted. Daffodils, Crocuses, Snowdrops and English bluebells.

B1 - Conservation and Biodiversity 1) 2) 3) 4)

Wildlife Area Provided some funding for a Biodiverse pond at the Primary School The Churches Environmental project Beech Trees planted.



B2 - Resource Management 1) 2)


The Bottle Bank. All perennial plants used in the beds (mainly autumn planting) are offered to the residents before replanting. Plants have also been given to the local Golf Club and Bowling Club. We do not have the manpower to do our own composting and compost is passed to the Allotments. Annual plants are taken to the local recycling plant.

B3 - Local Heritage 1) 2) 3)

Cattle ramp. A Parish Council project was a commemorative plaque to commemorate the 600th year of the Battle of Bramham Moor. Produced a book of walks round Bramham which includes some history of the Village and surrounding area.

B4 - Local Environment Quality 1) 2) 3)

Number of regular litter pickers, who do this as part of a walk. Vigorous campaign in the Parish Magazine with regard to litter and dog fouling. This coupled with the Yorkshire in Bloom entry has had a noticeable effect. Silt regularly dug out of the Beck.

B5 - Pride of Place 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Had a dilapidated fence replaced. New Post box. New Road sign. Refurbished a bench. Created a flower bed where a wall had collapsed.


YORKSHIRE IN BLOOM GUIDELINES FOR BROCHURE CONTENT - continued C1 - Development and Continuity 1) 2)

Sound management structure with a commitment to innovation but bearing in mind not to over-develop and change the nature of the Village. Committed Volunteers.

C2 - Communication and Education 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Regular monthly communication via the Parish Magazine. Press coverage. Close liaison with the Primary School. Some beds looked after by families. Stall at the Village Gala to promote activities.

C3 - Community Involvement 1)

All residents actively encouraged to join us.

C4 - Year-round Involvement 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Monthly Communication Gala Stall. School and Village children’s Poster Competition. Year round gardening. Press coverage as necessary.

C5 - Funding and Support 1)

Virtually all day-to-day expenditure covered by sponsorship. There was a deliberate policy not to fund-raise in a very active way as it is a small Village with fund raising already in place for many worthy causes.


Capital items through grants from Leeds City Council or The National Lottery.


Collection Jar in Village Stores.


The Parish Council gives support if we cannot get funding from other sources.


There is a Community Fund provided by the organisers of the Leeds Festival, which we can call upon if necessary.



Bramham in Bloom Spring 2013  
Bramham in Bloom Spring 2013  

The publication supplied to the Judges