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Nixotinex – Stop Smoking

Product Description NIXOTINEX, TO HELP STOP SMOKING - 60 ml Liquid & 30 CAPSULES Listed item is for 1 kit containing 1, 60 ml. bottle of Homeopathic liquid and 30 Capsules to help you stop smoking. This is a Homeopathic Alternative to help you stop smoking. A 6-day smoking withdrawal program. Stop smoking. Creates distaste for tobacco. The CAPSULES: In the program there are 30 numbered capsules to open and dissolve slowly beneath the tongue. Repeat for 6 days, 15 minutes before meals: upon arising, at 10 A.M., lunch, dinner and bedtime. Each capsule, in a specific fashion, helps develop distaste for tobacco, weaning from tobacco, enhancement of quick tobacco elimination, action on nervous systems to avoid anxiety, nervousness and irritability. The unit capsules are individually labeled by name and potency. The DROPS: The 60 ml bottle of liquid contains a Homeopathic combination of plants that help work toward a quick detoxification of the body. Take 15 drops of the liquid in a teaspoon and place under the tongue morning and evening. Leave under tongue for a minute before swallowing. After the unit capsules are used, you may choose to continue to take the liquid twice daily, morning and evening. Exp: Dec. 2014 Details •

Item offers a 6 day quit program

A homeopathic alternative to quit smoking

Product contains 30 capsules and 60ML bottle

Take the first step to quitting today!

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