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How Hypnosis Help People with Phobias

People can have fears to anything and it can range from petty to real disturbing phobias, from animals, being alone, small or enclosed spaces, dark rooms, death, heights, fire, injections or needles, to travel, trains, water, men with beards and so on. There can be many things that people may fear. Phobia is generally derived from the Greek work to fear or to dread. It is defined as a persistent fear to a specific stimulus situation or object. This is not just a simple fear but a total terrifying fear of the stimulus. Usually, a hypnotist is present the by a phobia problem and he or she deals with it by knowing if it is truly a fear or a phobia. In order to know if the patient has a fear or phobia, the hypnotist will conduct a series of trance, letting the patient think that they are faced with the particular object or situation that they dread the most. In the process, the hypnotist will challenge the patient for example, if it is a snake that they fear, the hypnotist will have them imagine that they are holding the snake in their hand and if they are rewarded with $1000 and so on...If they are able to bear the snake for that huge sum of money for even just seconds then the hypnotist will be able to determine that it is not phobia but fear. Phobia is when people are obsessive that they can’t even bear thinking about the stimulus and this is likely to control their lives. So what really causes phobia? While researchers are still uncertain as to the true causes of phobia, but it is commonly believed that some factors likely heightens the phobia and these factors include: •

Genetics – According to research, some phobias run in families. This means that there could be a family history of certain phobias.

Cultural factors – There are certain phobias that occur only in some cultural groups. One example of this is the Taijin Kyofusho wherein people are fear offending or harming others in social situations. This phobia is exclusively seen in Japan and this is different from known social phobias wherein the sufferer is afraid to be humiliated or embarrassed. With this, it can be concluded that culture pretty much have a role in phobia development.

Life experience – Most phobias are a result from real-life experiences that may or may not be remembered. For example, a phobia on snakes may be caused from being attacked as a small child. Also, a social phobia may develop from childhood or teenage awkwardness or a result from childhood bullying.

It is further concluded by experts that it is likely that the combination of these factors could have triggered a phobia to develop. But there is still no concrete proof for this and further studies are necessary to provide a definite conclusion to this. Meanwhile, hypnotherapy is the best solution to putting an end to these phobias. By using hypnosis, patients are empowered to face their fears and be able to slowly conquer it and finally get over it.

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How Hypnosis Help People with Phobias  
How Hypnosis Help People with Phobias  

To know more about hypnosis or hypnotherapy and how it can help take away phobias, consult the experts at Hypnosis San Antonio. They will gi...