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Alabama Metal Industries Corporation Diamond Perforated Metals > Provided Perforated Metal for South Facade Founded in Los Angeles in 1956, Diamond Perforated Metals, Inc. was the first major manufacturer of Perforated Metals on the West Coast of the USA

Perforations: from simple rounds, squares, slots, hexagons, to the more elaborate textured, embossed and even image transfer perforating Sheets or coils are fed into the perforating press. All scrap generated from the punching process is recycled. Most malleable materials can be perforated with mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel being the most common. However, more fashionable, precious metals such as brass, copper, gold and even platinum or titanium can all be turned into perforated metal. AMICO products can be anodized, powder coated or galvanized to help protect and add color to our base materials.

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Material Matters  
Material Matters