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Gypsy Heritage Journey to Appleby Fair


equine Journal

| October 2012

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contents October 2012

features 58 Vaulting: Join the Fun Gain insight into this sport that has value for all riders. BY NATALIE DEFEE MENDIK

64 Back That Thing Up Learn how to throw your trailer into reverse and drive it like a pro. BY KATHRYN SELINGA

72 A New Era Gaited sport horse events are on the rise. Find out how you can get involved in the fun and fulfilling disciplines of dressage and three-phase events. BY NATALIE DEFEE MENDIK

48 Old World Treasure An enchanting journey to Appleby Fair. BY JUDY BRODLAND



| October 2012


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October 2012







26 Read about the latest news and tidbits on horses. 36 Learn the symptoms of choke and what to do if you horse has it. 42 Gain some cutting pointers from trainer, Keli Hendricks. 79 Experience the Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm in Waitsfield, VT, and nearby adventures. 84 Take a look at some equestrian inspired leather accessories. 105 The Cheshire Fair Horse Show Series heats up in Swanzey, NH.


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| October 2012

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on the cover Aunique’s Medicine Man, one of Aunique Ranch’s stallions. Read Aunique’s “on the cover” story on page 20. COVER PHOTO BY:


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October 2012

| equine Journal



equine Journal

| October 2012


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| October 2012

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VAULTING IS AN EQUESTRIAN sport that has always intrigued me, and I was excited when freelance writer, Natalie DeFee Mendik, pitched the idea of an article on how this sport can benefit all riders. Natalie’s two daughters, Caitlyn, eleven, and Juliet, six, vault with the Steel City Vaulters, based in southwest Pennsylvania. Most recently, they competed at their first national level event, where Juliet won all of her classes at the 2012 USEF/AVA National Vaulting Championships at the Kentucky Horse Park in August, thereby winning the American Writer Natalie DeFee Mendik Vaulting Association Tiny Tot National Champion and her daugher, Juliet, at title. Caitlyn finished 12th overall in Preliminary the 2012 USEF/AVA National Trot. These were great achievements for both girls! Vaulting Championships. “Vaulting is often described as dance and gymnastics on horseback,” says Natalie. “What we, as a family, have found is that it is just a whole lot of fun! I enjoy being able to take part in a horse sport with my daughters that brings together athleticism, teamwork, creativity, and partnership with the horse.” To learn more about this captivating sport, turn to page 58. Also this month, Judy Brodland weaves us a tale of folklore, Gypsies, and history as she writes of her travels with a Romany family to the famous Appleby Fair in England. More than just a fun getaway, this journey brings back memories of Judy’s childhood as she sat and listened to her grandmother tell tales of Gypsy Travellers that had visited her Pacific Northwest logging town when she was a girl. Judy explains the importance of the Gypsy horse and the Appleby Fair in colorful detail on page 48. To top off this month, our own Kathryn Selinga shares some pointers on an important skill that I think many of us can admit we need help with—backing up a horse trailer. Whether you are a pro and could use a bit of brushing up, or are a hopeless disaster (I fall somewhere in between), get some excellent tips by turning to page 64. Thank you to all of our readers who have been so helpful in providing feedback on Equine Journal. Because of this, we have some changes coming up next month that will make the magazine even better!

Managing Editor

Be a Part of the Equine Journal » This month in our “In Your Words” column, we asked where your favorite trail riding spot is. See the answers on page 24. We would love to feature your answer next month. Visit us on FacebookSM, or send your answers to » Have something on your mind? Send your “Letters to the Editor” to editorial@equinejournal. com. Each month, one letter will be chosen as our featured letter and will win a prize pack. » Do you have a horse health or training question? Send your questions to, and we will have a leading veterinarian or trainer provide the answers you are looking for. 14


| October 2012

October 2012

| equine Journal 15


Today’s Youth Are Tomorrow’s Stars I’VE ATTENDED A number of events this past summer, and can’t help but notice the many rising young stars on all Astate state of the the art art equine equine A state AAstate of Athe ofof state the art art of equine the equine art equine of the show circuits. And referral referral hospital hospital providing providing referral referral hospital referral hospital providing hospital providing providing the age of these competiexcellence excellence excellence excellence excellence in ininin in tors has continually surgical, surgical, medical medical surgical, surgical, medical surgical, medical medicalbecome younger. While and and diagnostic diagnostic care. andand diagnostic diagnostic and diagnostic care. care. attending the I Love New York Horse Show in Lake Placid, NY, I met a Richard Richard D. D. Mitchell, Mitchell, DVM DVM Richard Richard D. Mitchell, D. Richard Mitchell, DVM D. Mitchell, DVM DVM Carolyn Carolyn M.Weinberg, M. Weinberg, Weinberg, DVM DVMDVM Carolyn Carolyn M. Weinberg, M. Carolyn M. DVM Weinberg, DVM child who was making Robert Robert T. Neff, Neff, VMD VMD Robert Robert T. Neff, T.T. Robert Neff, VMD VMD T. Neff, VMD his leadline debut at Christina Christina R. Russillo, Russillo, DVM DVMDVM Christina Christina R. Russillo, Christina R.R.Russillo, DVM R. DVM Russillo, Ryland Ryland B.Edwards, B. Edwards, Edwards, III, III, DVM, DVM, PhD, PhD,three Ryland B. Edwards, III, DVM, PhD, Ryland B.Ryland B. Edwards, III, DVM, III, PhD, DVM, PhD, years old. And DACVS DACVS DACVS DACVS DACVS at the Fidelity Jumper Kimberly Kimberly Harmon, J. Harmon, VMD VMDVMD Kimberly J. Harmon, VMD Kimberly Kimberly J.J.Harmon, J. Harmon, VMD Classic in Hampton Falls, Me with Victoria Birdsall at the Claudia Claudia Sandoval, Sandoval, DVM DVMDVM Claudia Sandoval, DVM Claudia Sandoval, Claudia Sandoval, DVM NH, there seemed to be a 2012 Jumper Classic. 32 Barnabas Barnabas Road Road Road common theme surrounding 32 Barnabas Road 3232Barnabas 32 Barnabas Road Newtown, Newtown, CTCT 06470 06470 Newtown, CTNewtown, 06470 Newtown, CT 06470 CT 06470 youth equestrians. There were a number of youth spectators (203) (203) 270-3600 270-3600 (203) 270-3600 (203) 270-3600 (203) 270-3600 in attendance for the Langebec Wood Shavings Meet & Greet www.fairfi www.fairfi www.fairfi www.fairfi www.fairfi Press Conference on Thursday, August 9, who were able to sit down and chat with some of the Grand Prix competitors to learn what it takes to become a top rider. During the Q & A session at the Jumper Classic, one child asked how old many of the riders were when they started jumping, and another asked at what age they started competing. For the panel of star equestrians, the average age to start jumping was five. Both Olympic rider Peter Leone and Pan Am Games medalist Anne Kursinski started competing at five years old, while this year’s $75,000 Fidelity Investments Grand Prix winner, Candace King, started competing at age three. Friend “The lesson is that you can be any age,” says Jumper Classic New Chairman Jeff Papows, who conducted the Q & A. “The sooner Products the better, but you can start at any time.” And if you do start riding at a young age, it can pay off. During the Equine Journal sponsored Welcome Reception at the Jumper Classic, I caught up with local rider Victoria Birdsall, another equestrian who got her start early in life. I first became familiar with Victoria when she won the USEF Pony Medal Championship in 2004. Now, at 19 years old, she Learn competes on the Grand Prix circuit, and is one talented athlete about Great to watch. Deals Another rider to keep an eye out for is teenager Chloe Reid, who competed in the $75,000 Grand Prix at the Jumper Classic on Sunday, August 12. Chloe gave a beautiful perforBe Connected... mance throughout the competition, and just missed making the jump-off on Damascus when one foot in the water left her with a four-fault effort, in a time of 87.347 seconds. After wrapping up my summer show season, I’ve drawn Like Us on Facebook one conclusion from my experiences: the star athletes who are taking home top prizes may range from ages 15 to 50, but DON’T MISS A THING the next time you’re at a horse show and see a three-year-old Join Us at competing in leadline, remember that he or she could be one of our future equestrian stars. Executive Editor






New Columns

| October 2012



How to Tips

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| equine Journal 17

opening shot

Trick or Treat

Mystical Photography

This photo of Greer Lesniski and Dungarvan Feather Clononeen Tabitha was taken well ahead of Halloween at a costume class at the Baroque Horse Championships, held August 17-19, 2012 in Hamburg, NY. The Gypsy Cobb sport horse is owned by Dungarvan Feather Stables in West Suffield, CT.


equine Journal

| October 2012

Equine Journal Advertorial

ON THE COVER Eleanor Hamilton and CMS Little Sierra, the 2012 Region 10 Half-Arabian reining champion AAOTR.

The five-year-old stallion, Sir Silver, has great conformation and promise for the future.

Aunique Ranch

LaPorte, Texas, and New Waverly, Texas A bright future is in store for Aunique Ranch. According to proud owners Jeanne and Robert “Bobby” Schlenk, “Conformation, color, temperament, and training are all really starting to come together.” Every horse at the ranch has a story, and every stallion here has a special reason for being a part of their breeding program. At first the Schlenks were drawn to the disposition and beauty of the Gypsy horse, but once they really got to know the horses and their individuality and personalities, they were hooked. According to the Schlenk’s, “Gypsy horses are by far the most 20


| October 2012

compassionate horses we have ever had the pleasure of owning.” Aunique Ranch‘s stallions come from a variety of places and have a variety of attributes to offer. They have chosen their stallions based on five distinct traits: conformation, temperament, genealogy, color, and size. Tumbler, a 15 hand chestnut roan, is one of the oldest and best stallions in the country when it comes to conformation, temperament, and feather. Sir Silver, a 15.1 hand, five-year-old grey stallion, is a son of The PO Stallion and has great conformation and promise for the future. A Touch of Charisma is

a 14.1 hand silver dapple stallion with a temperament that he passes on to all his foals. Huston is a 15 hand black and white son of the Old Black Horse of Whales with a large amount of mane and feather. Cici’s Duke of Earl, a 14.3 hand sooty buckskin, is considered the color wheel at Aunique Ranch. With his DNA, unusual color can happen. Shandor of Orcas Island is a 15.3 hand Star First Premium GCDHA chestnut stallion and son of Chance du Vallon in France. King Koal, a 15.3 hand black stallion, is perfect to breed to any silver dapple mare for a 50% chance of a silver dapple foal. He is also a son of The PO Stallion. Six of the seven senior stallions are broke to ride and have shown or are scheduled to show. With seven more stallions soon to hit breeding age, the future Aunique

on the cover

Equine Journal Advertorial Four of Aunique Ranch’s stallions: Huston, Sir Silver, Shandor of Orcas Island, and A Touch of Charisma.

Ranch stock will continue to carry on the legacy. For the Schlenks, Aunique Ranch has been so much more than a business, “It is all rewarding. But the anticipation of a new foal’s arrival has to be the highlight of it all. There is something so magical about a newborn foal.” Each foal adds another member to the close-knit family. “Someone told me that it was very unusual for horses to lay flat. I told them, every night before I go to bed, I head out to the barn to check that all is well and almost all the horses are flat asleep, some even snoring as I walk the This young colt, Aunique’s Shilah Anoki, was born on June 25, 2012.

halls. They said it was because they felt safe. Our house is surrounded in the daytime by Gypsies. They watch us just like we watch them. If we are not fast enough to get them in the barn at dinnertime, they let us know. If I come home from grocery shopping, they also let me know it is time to get rid of the old bread as some run to the fence and call out to me. We don’t just have horses, we have family members that know us and we know well.” The journey for Aunique Ranch is just beginning, with more exciting additions. The farm recently completed a

new arena and office area and added more stalls. Their horses have come together to form an impressive show team, A Touch of Charisma was recently named the GHRA World Show Grand Champion with stablemate, Huston, taking home the World Show Reserve Grand Championship. Jeanne and Bobby have completely filled their lives with the Gypsy horse; Bobby is now the president of the Gypsy Horse Registry of America. For more information on Aunique Ranch, visit; telephone: 713-203-0683; email Guthrie’s Tumbler, a 24-year-old stallion who has graced the cover of the Equine Journal in previous years.

October 2012

| equine Journal 21



I loved the Sport Horse supplement that came with my September Equine Journal. I was so excited to see Joanne Jalbert, who I love to death, mentioned alongside the Olympic team because, not only is she a great instructor and trainer, but she does so much rescue and replacement of unwanted horses and also barn cats/feral cats. I have spayed at least 100 cats for her so far! – Penny Peck, East Longmeadow, MA

to see that, even in tough economic times, we band together and save awesome horses like Woody. Kudos to the Schulmanns in Germany, the warm and caring foster parents in Kentucky, and members of the Curly Horse Rescue. -Angie Gaines, Golden Curls Ranch, Kaufman, TX

When I saw the August issue, I thought that it looked great! You did a wonderful job bringing my article to life, and the entire magazine looks wonderful. -Steve Kutie, Steve Kutie Performance Horses I would really like to see more Miniature horse material in the Equine Journal. I am starting a Miniature 4-H club and would love to gather more information for the kids. -Dawn Hoffman-Schabacker, Via FacebookSM We have American Curly and Curly Mustangs and found your magazine through our registry, American Bashkir Curly Registry. How wonderful to read about fabulous horses and their trainers and owners. The Classified Ad section is top-notch with lots of information for stable owners like us. The September article about Curly Horse Rescue is wonderful. It is great 22


| October 2012

I thought the [August] issue was great. I have been a loyal reader of the Pedlar for many years and I felt like I was reading that magazine again. I am not too familiar with what used to be the Equine Journal, not because I didn’t like it, but mainly because it was not delivered to my house by my trail riding organization like the Pedlar was. With that said, [the August issue] was organized and very much improved from [the July] issue, which seemed like it was two magazines with one cover, not organized, and hard to follow. This turned me away from reading it because I got frustrated. I have to say that my favorite addition to the magazine was the “Editor’s Note” section at the beginning. I really like reading a book or magazine and feeling like I know who wrote that article or who the article was about. Smartpak is doing a similar thing where they have a section on their website about what some of their staff did over the weekend and I can honestly say I like to read what other equine professionals are up to. -Jocelyn Souliere, Bellingham, MA

North Woods Animal Treats for Your Thoughts! We love hearing from you! Send us your letters to the editor for a chance to win this month’s prize of a North Woods Animal Treats gift pack. All letters we receive by November 1 will be entered in the drawing. Send your submissions to, or to Equine Journal, Editorial, 83 Leicester Street, N. Oxford, MA 01537. Congratulations to Penny Peck for winning October’s letter-of-the-month! She will receive a North Woods Animal Treats gift pack.

We loved the story on IHSA college riding teams giving back to the community! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We also really liked the IHSA trivia in Bits and Pieces! -The Intercollegiate Horse Show Association

[Equine Journal] is my favorite magazine. I love all of the news and pictures from all the different breeds and disciplines. -Mindy Lee Roland, Shady Point, OK I really enjoy all of the information in the Equine Journal. Thank you! -Vickie Tima, Blackfoot, ID Thanks for the great article on the Pace for a Purpose! -Helen Scanlon, Via Facebook I really enjoyed “Stable Solutions” by Sue Perry on the referral hospitals. They seem so intimidating. I liked how Sue’s article helped to demystify them. It made me feel more prepared for future emergencies that I may encounter. -Kelsey Spencer, Lexington, KY




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ooo&l`]ljYad]j\]hgl&[ge October 2012

| equine Journal 23


Piiholo Ranch in Maui, HI. - Karen Isberg-Davidge At African Dream Horse Safari in Hoedspruit, South Africa. - Whispering Rain Farms My favorite place to go trail riding is a small, quiet road that leads down to the local pond. Always such a leisurely ride, and I hardly ever see any cars…making it even more special. - Lisa Hansen

Trail riding is hard to do in Evansville, IN, but I would love to go trail riding in the Posey County and New Harmony State Park. - Lori Richey I just trail ride around my home, but I think it is awesome! We have beautiful, rolling farmland, and it is gorgeous year-round. -Sue Steiner Anywhere in the Rocky Mountains! Such beautiful scenery and wildlife, and a rich horse tradition to boot. - Claire Ziff

Where is your favorite place to go trail riding? For Next Month:

Trail riding is incredible, no matter where I am! I just love to be together with my horse…and sometimes my friends! - Nancy Kutie Under the trees by the river Piracicaba, in Santa Maria da Serra, São Paulo, Brazil. - Carla Zério The Douglas State Forest with the one and only Jean McCarthy! - Grace Whelan Doran

When it comes to buying a horse, has its color ever influenced your decision?



| October 2012

I have several: Northern Kettle Moraine in Wisconsin, Chain of Lakes in Illinois, followed by the Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois! I’ve only been to Shawnee once for seven days of camping with my horse. It was the best time I’ve ever had on the trails, and some were pretty tough! My horse did wonderfully, and she had a blast too. She (my horse) has fun in the Kettle Moraine trails too, and that is important to me—that both my horse and I have fun! - Patrick Hagen

From Our Staff

I think “hacking out” is great therapy for both horse and rider, no matter what your discipline. I’ve been lucky enough to have horses in my life that really loved to go out for long trail rides, alone or with others. One of my favorite places has to be the beach…anywhere with sand and water and a place to canter is great! - Joan McDevitt Sales/Marketing Specialist

Send your answers to


Acadia National Park. -Melissa Lynn Beckwith


bits & pieces

October 2012

Photo of the Month

Photo: Paige cerulli

Paige cerulli of West Stockbridge, Ma, sent in this photo of her thoroughbred mare, Whisper, a 13-year-old ex-racehorse. Paige says, “i took the photo during a quiet moment after she’d finished her lunch. i feel that it captures her character so well—she’s a sweet, gentle mare.”


equine Journal

| October 2012



Incentive Foundation Investment Accomplishment






bits & pieces POINTS OF INTEREST

Money, Money, Money!

Put Your Best Foot Forward Hooves are made of a Hard, crusty protein called keratin. You cannot add keratin by painting it on—it is produced by specialized cells within the hooves called keratinocytes, which rely on a nutrient-rich blood supply. Key nutrients for hoof health include: omega-3 fatty acids, quality protein, minerals (including copper, zinc, and silicon), beta carotene (which is used to make vitamin a), and the old standby—biotin (approximately 20 mg per day). It’s important to realize that hooves are low on your horse’s list of priorities. available nutrients will first be used for survival—feeding vital organs (heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, glands). If nutrients remain, they can be used to feed hoof tissue. Therefore, unhealthy hooves are an indication that there just aren’t enough nutrients to go around. a forage-based diet, with proper vitamin/ mineral supplementation to fill in nutritional gaps, will help ensure overall health, while protecting your horse’s feet. From Juliet Getty, Ph.D,

Snack Time! Bran Mash



Black Licorice


Sugar Cubes






Watermelon Rinds


Manufactured Treats



22% Want to be included in our polls? Visit us on Facebook by scanning the QR Code with your smartphone.


equine Journal

| October 2012



Military servicemen and women—and their families—continue to make tremendous sacrifices for the United States. We sometimes forget that the physical and emotional effects of war are everlasting. Many military veterans require ongoing support and therapy for years to come, and healing comes from many sources— including horses. W. F. Young, Inc., manufacturer and distributor of Equine America® and Absorbine® horse care products, is currently donating a portion of the sales proceeds from its Equine America product line to The All Glory Project. The funds will benefit the nonprofit organization, whose mission is to promote, foster, and support programs that utilize animal-assisted therapies in aiding wounded military veterans and their families. For more information about The All Glory Project, please visit

Top phoTo: lefT:

Bringing Horses to Heroes

We asked what your horse’s favorite treat was. Here are your answers. Bananas

This year, American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Foundation will distribute more than $220,000 in grants to equine organizations and projects that share the Foundation’s mission to help horses through support of veterinary and horse owner education, equine research, benevolence, and the equine community. The Foundation Advisory Committee selected recipients from a group of applications and ongoing projects seeking continued Foundation funding during its July 20 meeting in Oklahoma City, OK. The AAEP Foundation will support initiatives including Equitarian workshops, student veterinary scholarships, initiatives to address the problem of unwanted horses, youth development in the equine community, and important equine research, including The Laminitis Research Project. To learn more about the programs being supported by the AAEP Foundation, visit

Be a Part of the Games Maccabi USA is seeking Jewish Riders to represent the United States at the 19th World Maccabiah Games in Israel, July 17-30, 2013. For the first time ever, the equestrian sports of show jumping and dressage will be included. The Games will consist of over 35 sports, lasting 14 days, with over 7,000 athletes from over 60 countries. The World Maccabiah Games are the third largest international sporting competition in the world and the world’s biggest international Jewish event. To learn more about the sports offered and to access an application, visit

Clean Teams FEI President, HRH Princess Haya, is proud to announce that London 2012 was a clean Games for equestrian sport, following confirmation that all human and equine samples taken during the Olympic equestrian events at Greenwich Park were negative. “The FEI had a really steep mountain to climb after Athens and Hong Kong, but we had a clean Youth Olympic Games, a clean FEI World Equestrian Games, and now we’ve crowned it with a clean Olympic Games in London,” Princess Haya said. “We knew that fair play and clean sport was the only way to produce top sport in the Olympic equestrian events, and we are very proud that we have achieved that goal.”

Cautioning Against Corn

after a hot summer with severe drought conditions throughout much of the midwest, thousands of farmers were forced to abandon ruined corn crops. many farmers were left to harvest their fields early to salvage what nutritional value they could to feed their animals. Tim evans, an associate professor of veterinary pathobiology and toxicology section head at the Veterinary medical diagnostic laboratory at the university of missouri college of Veterinary medicine, warns farmers and livestock producers that drought-damaged corn plants can pose a risk to animal health. “during severe drought conditions, corn plants, especially those heavily fertilized with nitrogen, can accumulate a chemical called ‘nitrate,’” according to evans. “This chemical can be very harmful to animals if they eat corn plants or other vegetation containing too much nitrate. eating plants with too much nitrate can cause damage to red blood cells, resulting in lethargy, miscarriage, and even sudden death.” evans says that in normal conditions, corn crops typically absorb nitrate into only the lower piece of the stalk, which does not have to be fed to animals. however, during severe drought conditions, high concentrations of nitrate can accumulate in the upper portions of the stalk, which horses, cattle, and other livestock often eat. high nitrate levels in plants are generally not a danger to humans, but only to animals that eat very large amounts of plant material daily.

New England’s Premiere Trailer Dealer Equistar 2 Horse Walk Thru Dressing Room Gooseneck With Dressing Room

SALES • SERVICE • LOW INTEREST FINANCING 11 West Mill Street, Medfield, MA 02052 508-359-7300 • FAX 508-359-7302

Open: Mon.-Fri. 8-5 Sat. 8-2 & Sun.: By appointment. (Directions on Site)


October 2012

| equine Journal 29

bits & pieces NOW YOU KNOW Fun trivia and interesting facts about vaulting


No more than three vaulters may be on the horse at any time in Freestyle competition.

The vaulting horse moves in a 15-meter circle and is directed by a lunger who stands in the center of the circle. Beginning vaulters compete at the walk or trot, while experienced ones compete at the canter.

1995 30


| October 2012

The year that the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) recognized vaulting.


The number of vaulters who flocked to the Alltech® Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park to stake their claims on 2012 USEF/AVA National Vaulting Championship honors, August 2-5, 2012.

The year that the Friendship Vaulting Team USA was founded to promote vaulting at large exhibitions, shows and fairs throughout the United States. Under the wing of Friendship Team Chair, Priscilla G. Faulkner, the team is composed of silver and gold level AVA vaulters from across the country, and has demonstrated at a myriad of high-level events.




                    

 

                October 2012

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bits & pieces PREPURCHASE EXAM

waterproof sheets

Rain, rain, go away! Does your horse want to stay dry when the drops start falling? We put these sheets through the ringer this month.

The Faraway Horses—The Life Story That Inspired Buck, Winner of This Year’s Audience Award at Sundance

Canora Turnout Sheet

The first thing this tester commented on was the convenient clip frontfasteners; after years of dealing with cumbersome buckles, these were quite the relief! However, they quickly realized that the snaps have to remain clean to stay simple to use (easier said than done on muddy days!). The sheet was fully lined, with a lined tail flap and padding around the withers; it kept horses cozy and dry without adding a lot of additional warmth. With its cross-surcingles and the adjustable leg straps, the sheet stayed in place for all the fun and games that our tester’s horse could throw at it. BUY IT: $90,

As a horse trainer, Buck Brannaman’s skills are legendary—so much so that The Horse Whisperer, both the novel and Robert Redford’s film, is based largely on him. Now his life has been portrayed in Buck,

® Triple Crowndocumentary Custom Rain a moving thatSheet won The

Looking for something a bit fancier for when you’re out and about with your horse? This rain sheet offers the perfect option for when you are waiting at the show ring. With many custom options, it comes in an incredible assortment of colors and body selections. Fully lined in a soft fabric, the waterproof outer layer offered protection from the rain for both our horse and tack. The ability to fully customize this sheet was exciting, but be warned—the various options can add up quickly (what can we say—all we want is everything!); however, the attention to detail makes it worth it! BUY IT: Starting at $159,

Audience Award at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Globe Pequot Press is proud to reprint Brannaman’s moving autobiograph, The Faraway Horses, in which he shares his life struggles, his methods for training, and a prescription for living a harmonious existence— whether it involves horses or not.

Summer Highlander Sheet

The striking plaid on this sheet certainly made a statement without being overbearing. The fully-lined sheet was made of a wonderful ripstop fabric that held up to the most destructive horses (and one of them certainly gave this sheet a run for its money!). The unique ShireTex® fabric, which attracts sweat and moisture, kept our horses comfortable. We found that the shoulders were a bit narrow for our widest horses, but a larger size quickly remedied the situation; the shoulder gussets provided a great freedom of movement. BUY IT: $100,

Also by the author, Believe: A Horseman’s Journey

The Lyons Press Our testers: Lyons This month our Prepurchase Exam was of conducted by: Press is an imprint Did we miss a product? Jennifer Roberts, Social Media Editor Contact with your ideas. Available wherever books are sold. Press This month’s productsGlobe for review willPequot be donated to Bay State Equine Rescue. 34


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July 2012

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bits & pieces STABLE SOLUTIONS helpful hints for horse-keeping

Choke Causes, Treatment, and Prevention By Sue Perry

A. Poor dentition leads to poor mastication. if a horse has not had his teeth floated in a while or has other dental disease (such as an abscess that causes the horse to not want to chew on one side), this may lead to choke as the feed is not properly chewed and may be swallowed early, which can lead to an impaction. 36

equine Journal

| October 2012

One of the first things your veterinarian may do when treating your horse for choke is administer Banamine to relieve the pain and decrease the swelling in the esophagus.

B. wolfing, bolting, or gulping food are all terms used to describe eating too quickly. This is particularly prevalent in horses housed in multiple stall barns that are brought back to their stalls with feed already in place. The horse then wants to eat very quickly, does so, and could end up with choke. C. inadequate soaking of feed, particularly beet pulp, which needs to be soaked for a long duration of time (hours) before giving it to the horse.”

What are the clinical signs of choke? The signs of choke can have a relatively wide range of severity. Most cases of choke occur during or right after feed time. Dr. Loheac explains,

“The first sign is when a horse goes to his feed, eats for a while, and then stops. The horse may start coughing, and the coughing can become violent. Depending upon the size of the impaction and the length of time the horse is affected, he will start becoming stressed and uncomfortable. The horse may break out in a sweat and start pawing, causing the owner to mistakenly think that her horse has colic.” Dr. Loheac continues, “The giveaway signs of choke are an over-exaggerated effort to swallow and copious amounts of discharge laden with food coming from the mouth and nostrils.” This discharge is primarily related to the regurgitation of water, food, and saliva that is trapped by the obstruction. The


Anyone who hAS Seen A “Choking horse” will never forget the worried look on his face. Most people associate the term “choke” with airway obstruction and the resulting inability to breathe, as this is what happens in people. however, in horses, the term refers to obstruction of the esophagus, the long flexible tubelike organ that connects the oral cavity to the stomach. Dr. Suzanne Loheac of Backstretch Veterinary in norfolk, MA, says, “in the horse, with food lodged in the esophagus rather than the trachea (as with people), the choke situation is nowhere near as urgent or life-threatening as in humans. however, the horse will appear quite stressed and rather unhappy during a choke episode.” if you think that your horse has choke, call your veterinarian promptly for advice. Dr. Michael Strassner of Massachusetts equine Clinic in uxbridge, MA, gives some insight into the causes of this ailment. “esophageal obstruction (a.k.a. choke) has many causes and is manifested clinically by impaction of food material. There are two subsets of choke. one is primary impactions, or simple choke. The other is choke that is secondary to other diseases—foreign bodies, neoplasms (cancer), cysts, strictures (narrowing), dehydration, and vagal nerve problems.” This article will focus on the more common simple choke. Dr. Strassner says, “Simple choke is caused by impaction of feed in the esophagus. The impaction is typically roughage (hay, etc.), but it can be from beet pulp or grain (or some combination). There are several conditions that predispose a horse to choke:

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October 2012

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bits & pieces STABLE SOLUTIONS

How is choke treated?

cially true for horses that bolt their food. Slow down eating— don’t have feed in the stall bucket when the horse returns from the paddock; place smooth rocks or a salt block in the feed bucket; put hay in a chest-height cotton hay net/bag with small holes.

As previously mentioned, call your veterinarian if your horse is exhibiting signs of choke. Keep him calm and leave him in his stall. Owners often mistakenly tire the horse with hand-walking A Feed-Related Choke because they are confusing the Study signs with colic. Dr. Loheac Dan Wright, the Director of Sales often recommends that the at Poulin Grain® in Newport, owner syringe the horse’s mouth VT, wanted to determine if there with warm water to encourage was a common cause for choke A horse bolting or gulping his food can lead to an impaction productive swallowing and as it related to feeds and feeding. added moisture. “I advise never to in the esophagus, which is known as choke. “We took a closer look at choke use mineral oil. The oil can cause because we had been having If a choke episode lasts for a long serious complications, including death, increased incidents reported by our duration of time, the horse may require if the oil is aspirated into the lungs.” customers. We wanted to help with the IV fluid therapy to correct dehydration Dr. Strassner cautions, “Do not force prevention and to determine if certain and blood chemistry changes. the horse to drink water, even if you types of our feeds were causing more The other important part of choke are concerned about dehydration. This choke than those of our competitors. could lead to aspiration (fluid going into therapy is pneumonia prevention (the “We gathered information from regional pneumonia is secondary to aspiration the lungs), which may then lead to a veterinarians, customers that had equine of food and fluid). Dr. Loheac says, severe pneumonia.” choke issues, and published papers. “Depending on how much food-laden When the veterinarian arrives, the “All of the veterinarians we talked to discharge was coming out of the nose, primary goal of treatment is to relieve found no correlation between choke and I will decide how intensive I need to be the obstruction. The veterinarian any specific feed manufacturer. We found with antibiotic therapy. I will at least will sedate the horse and administer Internet information on choke worldwide, put the horse on a 10-day course of Banamine® IV to start taking care of hence many different feed brands were Uniprim® (Trimethoprim-sulfa, TMS) any discomfort the impaction is causing. involved. We did determine that there was Banamine will also help decrease inflam- or something stronger. Clenbuterol for a very strong correlation between choke five days will also help move along any mation and swelling in the esophagus. and high fiber feeds in pellet form. mucus or foreign material out of the The veterinarian may also administer an “Our results also showed how importrachea and lungs. The owner should IV medication, Buscopan®, which is a tant proper equine dental care is. Over monitor the horse for a cough, fever, smooth muscle relaxant. The Buscopan half of the horses with choke issues nasal discharge, or labored breathing. relaxes the esophagus and potentially had tooth problems—broken, loose, “Horses that have choked will be taken missing, needed floating. It was also allows the impaction to slide down into off feed for 24 hours and then slowly the stomach. interesting to find that most horses who If the impaction does not resolve with introduced to a soaked grain feed or actually died from choke had choked on mash. If available, the next thing to intro- non-food items like apples and carrots, medication, the veterinarian will pass duce is grass. If the horse has choked a nasogastric tube into the esophagus. probably because they are very hard before, he will likely not ever go back on Dr. Loheac explains, “Once the end to dislodge. About 10% of the horses hay but instead be fed a forage substiof the tube comes in contact with the that were examined via endoscope had tute (thoroughly soaked hay stretcher impaction, I will gently try to push the some other condition that interfered or soaked hay cubes). The horse’s teeth impaction along using a small amount with their ability to swallow—stricture, should be checked and floated as needed damage from prior choke, other injury of warm water to lavage as much as I so that he can chew his food thoroughly can out through the tube.” Dr. Strassner or disease.” to the best of his ability.” points out that this lavage process often The results of the Poulin Grain study results in physical dispersal of the feed matched the information of choke material, thus relieving the obstruction. How can choke be prevented? prevention provided by Drs. Strassner The veterinarian may administer and Loheac: schedule regular dental Good management is the key to additional Buscopan at this point to check-ups, slow down eating and thorpreventing choke. Your horse should help relax the esophagus further and oughly soak feed, especially for horses have a thorough annual physical exam facilitate the tube moving the impacwith a history of the ailment. by your veterinarian, including a dental tion along. This often takes some time, exam with a mouth speculum and depending on how severe the impaction bright light. Float the teeth as necessary Sue Perry is a Certified Veterinary is. Once Dr. Loheac can pass the tube because this gives the horse the best Technician and equine massage therapist. completely down the esophagus and chance of completely chewing his food. She lives in Upton, MA, with two event into the stomach, she is satisfied that Never allow a hot, dehydrated horse horses and runs “Muscle Magic,” an equine the impaction has passed. to eat his hay and grain. This is espemassage service. 38

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anxious, choking horse may stand with his neck extended.

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bits & pieces ASK THE VET your horse health questions answered

Colic Queries Learn the Signs and Surgery Sucess Rate of This Unpleasant Ailment By STACIe AArSvOlD, D.v.M., NeW eNglAND eQuINe MeDICAl & SurgICAl CeNTer


My friend mentioned that her horse just had colic surgery. How can I tell if my horse is colicking? What is colic surgery and what is the recovery?

Some signs of colic include pawing, rolling, and kicking at the abdomen.


Signs of colic can be variable, depending on the type of colic and the â&#x20AC;&#x153;stoicnessâ&#x20AC;? of your horse. Signs most commonly seen include loss of appetite, decreased manure production, pawing, flank watching, rolling, and sweating. Other signs you might observe include stretching out (looking like they want to urinate) and kicking at their abdomen. Typically, the more severe the colic, the more dramatic the signs will be. Severely colicky horses may be down on the ground thrashing and rolling, while a mildly colicky horse may only intermittently look at its stomach and paw. Similar to the signs of colic, surgery can vary, depending on what the cause is. Some surgeries are relatively simple, whereas others can be very complicated. In all cases, the horse will be anesthetized and put on its back. A large incision is then made along the midline of the abdomen. Simpler surgeries include large

colon displacements and impactions. For these, the displacement will be replaced, and an incision in the large colon may be made to remove the impacted feed material. More complicated surgeries include strangulating small intestinal colics, small intestinal entrapments, and large colon volvuluses. These surgeries are often more involved and may require resection of part of the intestine. Post-operatively, horses will be maintained at the hospital with intravenous pain management, antibiotics, and fluid therapy. They will be kept off feed for a couple days to give their gut time to rest.

Food will slowly be reintroduced at small feedings throughout the day to allow proper healing of the intestine. Once returning home, horses will be kept on stall rest for at least a month. During the first month, most patients will be allowed to go for 15- to 20-minute handwalks, two to three times per day. Their skin sutures or staples will be removed 12 to 14 days post-surgery. After four weeks of stall rest, horses can start being turned out in a small paddock, and after 12 weeks, light work can be restarted. Most horses will be back in full work four to six months post-operatively.

TYPES OF IMPACTION COLIC Caused by the impaction of food material at the pelvic flexure of the left colon (part of the large bowel), where the intestine takes a 180-degree turn and narrows. Impaction generally responds well to medical treatment, but more severe cases require surgery.

ileal imPaction The ileum is the last part of the small 40

equine Journal

| October 2012

intestine that ends in the cecum. Ileal impaction can be caused by obstruction of digested foodstuff, or obstructions of ascarid worms and tapeworms.

Sand imPaction Most likely to occur in horses that graze in heavily grazed or sandy pastures, leaving dirt to ingest. The ingested sand or dirt accumulates in the pelvic flexure, right dorsal colon, and the cecum of the large intestines.

enterolith Enteroliths are round balls of mineral deposits that form around a piece of ingested foreign material, such as sand or gravel. When they move, they can obstruct the intestine. Enteroliths are not a common cause of colic; however, once a horse is diagnosed with colic due to enterolith, it usually requires surgery to correct the condition.


Pelvic flexure imPaction

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Dr. Grant Myhre Director of Myhre Equine Clinic

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bits & pieces QUICK TIPS riding tips from top trainers

Cutting Pointers With Keli Hendricks


My horse has a hard time staying focused on one cow. How can I keep him zeroed in and focused?

The rider’s eyes should always remain focused on the cow. It is one of the most important factors in keeping a horse hooked on a cow.




| October 2012

you may have your horse “too flat” on the cow, meaning the horse’s front end is farther away from it than his hind end. A horse must have both his eyes on the cow to truly be hooked, and although his shoulder must not be leaning on it, your horse should have a very slight angle toward it, with his hind end directly underneath him. Finally, you might be taking your eyes off the cow. The rider’s eyes are one of the most important determining factors in keeping a horse hooked on it. If the rider takes his eyes off the cow, the horse will inevitably become unhooked. Don’t ask me how they know, but trust me, they know where the rider’s eyes are at all times. And, this doesn’t just apply to cutting, but rather with every type of riding. A horse will go where the rider’s eyes are. So, be sure whenever you are working a cow that you have your eyes on it, not on your horse’s head. Finally, it is possible that your hands or body position in the saddle could be distracting your horse. Perhaps your reins are tight or uneven, or you may be unknowingly using too much herd side

leg, or possibly leaning in the saddle instead of sitting square to the stop. Once a horse is focused on a cow and correctly positioned, it is important for the rider to virtually disappear off the horse’s back until a correction is needed again. Having a trainer watch while you are working a cow, and evaluate your seat and your horse’s positioning on it, should help to solve the mystery. KELI HENDRICKS studied equine science at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and went on to work for some of the most successful horse trainers in the business, including: NRCHA World Champion, Sandy Collier; multiple Worlds Best Horseman winner, Ron Ralls; and NRCHA Hall of Fame trainer, Stan Fonsen. After a successful non-pro show career, Keli turned professional and has been training both horses and riders since the mid 90s. Her cutting and cow horse clinics offered on her ranch in Petaluma, CA, have been attended by riders from around the globe.


Some horses are so “cowy” that even when you are working a cow well away from the herd, the horse will keep one eye on the herd the whole time, thus compromising his focus on the cow you are working. Other horses actually fear the herd, and as you ride in to make your cut, they may even try to bolt if a cow makes some sort of move that catches the horse’s eye. Some horses never get over it. I had a nice mare that came to me in training and was great when you were just working one cow, but I never could get her to relax working in a herd. She was super talented once she got a cow cut, but if one spooked her in the herd, she would try and leave town. Normally though, if you have a horse that has some fear of the herd, you can usually get him or her over it by riding it into the herd over and over, and allowing it to relax without worrying about the pressure of cutting a cow. Generally, within a few weeks your horse is relaxed enough to walk through the herd, and once cut, devote its full attention to the cow in front of it. If your horse is not afraid of the herd, yet still has trouble focusing on the cow you have cut, your first job is to figure out what is causing your horse to be distracted. The best way to determine this is to go to a professional trainer to work your horse and let the trainer evaluate the situation. There may be several other causes that you are not even aware of for your horse not remaining hooked on the cow. It’s possible that you are not keeping your horse even. Your horse may be too long on the cow or too short, and thus the horse doesn’t realize it is supposed to focus on the one you are trying to work. Or,

Verizon Center October 23 - 28, 2012 |

bits & pieces QUICK TIPS riding tips from top trainers

Trail Riding Pointers With Nanette Levin


Whenever I go on group trail rides, I feel like people are saying, “Yikes, there’s that horse!” What are some tips you can give us for being a bit more in control next time we go out?


Teach a Horse to Stand for Mounting Some riders hop aboard and “giddy-up,” then wonder why the horse moves before they’re in the saddle. Practice dropping a stirrup, mounting from a secure log, or position your horse downhill on a slope to keep him still and quiet on excursions. Getting your horse to stand still is easier if you turn the head. Toward you usually works best, but if you’re heavy, away can help him stay better balanced. Alternatively, a seasoned ground person or lead pony can provide a block in front. Young, green horses may need to take a couple of steps when you first get on. If they’re struggling to stay balanced, forcing them to stand immediately may cause more angst. With a few days to learn, this little liberty will often result in a happy horse able to stand when you ask. For the horse taught to take off the moment you hit the saddle, face him toward a fence, barn wall, or other solid obstacle. As you move away from the crutch, be sure you encourage a quiet stand for a few seconds before asking for a walk.

Politeness Around Other Horses It’s not fair to expect a horse to be 44


| October 2012

Group rides can be fun if you and your horse work on some simple exercises before you head out.

comfortable with others if you haven’t spent some time schooling him with company. This is best done at home or the boarding stable, with a companion he likes and trusts. Work on passing, leading, and following at all gaits. Arenas, yards, or trails all work, as long as he has been there before. Reward your horse when he looks to you rather than to other horses for cues. A little praise goes a long way, and be sure to keep the sessions short. Kicking, biting, or threatening other horses is not acceptable and should be discouraged. Correct with your voice, hand, or heel the moment the horse signals aggression.

Keep the Focus on You Some equines are energetic and enthusiastic by nature. A horse with a long stride or quick gait will struggle with a group that moseys. Recognize your horse’s proclivities before you decide to “make him mind.” You can still enjoy group rides, but the problem starts when you feel out of control. Taking off after others, crowding, or acting like you’re not there isn’t OK. Interestingly, working alone can build the rapport, respect, and connection necessary to

eliminate these issues. Trust leads to seeking your guidance rather than going with the gang. Tackling difficult hills, water, and other scary obstacles together can form a bond. Let him stand and look for as long as he needs. Encourage him with praise when he moves forward. Discourage backing up. If he wheels, make sure you steer back in the same direction he departed. Once you establish understanding and a team mentality (you need to be a confident guide that keeps him out of harm’s way), your horse will look to you for cues on what to do. NANETTE LEVIN is the author of Turning Challenging Horses Into Willing Partners, which offers great tips that you can implement immediately to reach horses that are confused or damaged. Available via Amazon, Kindle or Nook® (just do an author search for ‘Nanette Levin’), or for signed-by-author copies, go to


We’ve all been on a trail ride with a horse/rider team that disrupts the peace. Some have been that pair. It’s tough to finish an embarrassing ride as companions give you the evil eye. Here are some tips to enjoy your next group encounter.

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An Enchanting Journey to Appleby Fair There is much more to the flashy colored cobs of England, also known as Gypsy horses, Gypsy Vanners, and Irish Tinker horses, than meets the eye. The Romany people are charismatic, and their horses are charming and inimitable. Each June they hold an annual event in Cumbria known as Appleby Fair, and anyone of significance within the Romany circles attends the fair with his or her best Gypsy horses in tow. It’s a rite of passage for many in the Romany circles of distinction. Much of the Gypsy Cob’s enchantment is energized by an old world culture sustained and preserved for centuries by the Romany people of Great Britain. »

October 2012


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« Stone walls reverberate with the sound of the colored cobs as they round the bend and descend the hill not far from Appleby Fair. «

Romany children assume adult responsibility at an early age. They are skilled drivers before they become teenagers.

My grandmother used to tell me a story. It was my favorite over the years, a circa 1925 classic involving her friendship with the Gypsies who traveled through her town each year with their bands of horses. My grandmother was a beautiful girl with a zest for life and discovery, and she satisfied a mild, rebellious streak by sharing campfires and stories with the mysterious traveling people that came through her Pacific Northwest logging town each year. The townsfolk warned children to beware of the Gypsy people, but in spite of their counsel, my grandmother would slip away with a best friend and visit her nomadic friends whenever they arrived in town. She brought them eggs from the henhouse, and in return, the Gypsies taught her to ride their horses. It was a deed that seeded a lifelong admiration of horses, and it quickened her pulse each time she recounted these stories to me a half-century later in vivid detail. She told me that some of them had English accents and that they were exceptional horsemen. She also said that the very old members of the clan came from families of slaves in Europe. Other than that, little else was known about them, and as the twentieth century approached the end of her reign, those bands of Gypsy Travellers and their horses—like the logging camps—faded into history. Little did I know, I would one day come face-to-face with the very people who were etched into my own grandmother’s childhood. A few years ago, I found myself in England, warmly embraced by a large Romany family led by a respected horseman we call Grandpa. I have been invited to accompany them to Appleby Fair. Grandpa comes into the house as we finish our tea and biscuits. He makes me feel welcome. “God bless you, Judy. We’re glad to have you,” he tells me, ushering us into the yard where family gathers with wagons and horses. Though two horses are harnessed to each wagon, there are shafts only for one. The second horse is harnessed to the right of the first and is called a side-liner. A side-liner’s primary function is to help the main horse pull the wagons up steep hills. There is also no formal announcement that we are leaving, and as the wagons begin filing out of the drive at a quick pace, I have to run to catch up. 52


| October 2012

struggled to survive the centuries of hardship and persecution. This would be a 60-mile journey by the horse-drawn caravans of the Romany whose conclusion lies at the banks of the Eden River in the small borough of Appleby, the county town of Westmorland. Appleby Fair resulted from an official charter some 400 years ago issued by King James II. Today, it flourishes as the largest horse fair in the world and is branded unique by its gathering of the Gypsy people who converge to challenge one another in friendly and sometimes not-so-friendly contests with their colored cob horses and trotters. There are no official judges, no placings, no prizes. Instead, the unbridled determination is an exhibition extraordinaire; it is the pinnacle of finery among Gypsy horse breeders and owners, and Grandpa’s family has been part of it since its charter in 1685. I rode on the open, flat cart that followed at the rear of the procession as traffic raced by us on the carriageway. The large covered wagons in front of us are called bow-tops or vardos. The vardos are ornate beyond description and are equipped for living, while the flat cart is more of a utility vehicle and carries a lot of our supplies. I am told that the flat carts were used during the war to collect scrap metal, and most are inscribed with a family name. I am also told that this is where the term “Tinker Horse” comes from. The vardo is much more rare and commands prices of $100,000 or more.


We blend smoothly into traffic at the roundabout, and the horses pursue their duty with admirable instinct, their hairy rumps bouncing along in front of me. They are as hardy, determined, and enduring as their Romany owners who have


Gypsy Vanner Horses

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The reason for the rarity is that upon a Roma’s death, Gypsy custom was to burn the vardo and all his belongings. As more of the cherished vardos disappeared, that tradition was eventually discarded in favor of preserving Gypsy history; and today, the burning of vardos is frowned upon among the Romany. On the carriageway, vehicles often sped by with only a couple of feet to spare, but the horses were steady and unflinching. The stone-carved fields clotted with sheep stretched up and over the Pennines all the way to Scotland. Everything in the English countryside is soothingly secondhand from barns, fences, fixtures, inns, and the homes themselves, to the lifestyle they have handed down for centuries. History is well preserved on many levels, including the unique style of Gypsy driving. At a walk, drivers amble beside the wagons and drive their horses from the ground more often than from the vehicle. It’s tiring, but it’s the proper Gypsy way, and it doesn’t take long for me to recognize that for the Romany people, the road is much less a means of travel than it is their hallowed mantra. In Penrith, the centuries of skirmishes between the Scots and the English are evident in the narrow thoroughfares that were designed this way to aid in its defense. The horses trek along the uneven streets where centuries ago, Penrith’s industrial heart teemed with tailors, coopers, saddlers, ropemakers, and whitesmiths. The townsfolk are polite, and since it’s time for another rest, we stop in the market square next to a solicitor’s office that offers us

water for the horses. While the equines dip their noses into plastic buckets of cold water, two large tour buses navigate around the resting Gypsy horses and come within inches of them. They remain trusting and unfazed, and passersby stop to look and take photos of the colorful cobs while Romany grandchildren return from the corner shop with bags of sweets. Of great importance in being a proper Gypsy is finding a proper Gypsy camp. Grandpa tells me this. He does not camp in a spot that has already been camped in as it is “dirty.” Over decades of traveling by wagon and his status among Traveller and English alike, he has laid claim to the choicest of spots along the way. A used camp, of course, is obvious to even the non-Gypsy by the grazed and trodden grasses and the presence of manure, camp ashes, and a bit of rubbish. His chosen campsites, though lush and beckoning to the migrating groups of families and horses en route to Appleby, remain strangely untouched. Though not a confrontational man, I am intrigued that other Travellers respect him and do not cross this line or propose any challenge to his rank. Even the residents acknowledge him with courtesy, offering their tap water for thirsty horses and camp use. At the selected campsite, the grandsons disperse to fetch a bit of stick for a good old Gypsy stick fire. When the fire was roaring and chairs had been set about, the old black kettle was filled with water and hung on the kettle hook. After tea was served, we gobbled Grandpa’s popular bacon and

Everything in the English countryside is soothingly secondhand from barns, fences, fixtures, inns, and the homes themselves, to the lifestyle they have handed down for centuries.

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The bowtop is parked next to our camp on the second day. Small tables are set about next to the stick fire prior to preparing the evening meal.

while we wait for the water to boil. Tom holds a worn brown finger next to his nose and tells me that vital to the wagering is bartering down the asking price. This is expected, and only the gadje are foolish enough to pay full price. “When you bid on a horse, always ask the seller what he will give you for your luck.” The more the seller agrees to give you for your luck, the more sanctified the transaction, and of course the lower the price. After a handshake on the agreed-upon price, the lead rope is handed to the buyer and the transaction is complete. I watched the spirited and chaotic event with fascination, and even after three days, Appleby Fair sustained its riveting allure until the commotion wound down and participants and spectators begin drifting toward home. At its close, the fields of Gallows Hill were littered with rubbish and with memories of the cob horses that had raced through the flash or bathed in the Eden River or stood patiently in front of the pubs and chippies for hours while their owners ate and drank and bartered. As I packed my camera for the trip to Manchester Airport, Grandpa hurried toward me with something in his arms. “Here,” he said, out of breath. He transferred to my arms an enormous kettle identical to the one we used at the stick fires to make tea. “Tom wants you to have it. We used it last night at the stick fire, so it’s a real Gypsy kettle.” Today, the kettle sits on my fireplace and reminds me of Grandpa and Tom and the colored cobs of Appleby Fair. When I look at that big kettle, a cherished memory from my night at the inn at Brough is often evoked. From my room that night, the sheep chimed in softly with the village clock. Noise from the pub below me was audible, but not disturbing. I lay in my bed next to the window that allowed me a shadowy view of the heavily-mossed slate roof that lay unevenly atop the stone building that was hundreds of years old. While a single star peeked at me from beyond a worn chimney, a bell tolled in the distance and stirred the memory of my grandmother and how, decades later, my journey to Appleby Fair inspired a rousing conclusion to a story that began 85 years ago when she was a teenager. They were enchanting thoughts, and before I fell asleep, the full realization of what the Gypsy horse truly was transcended all the first impressions I ever had about him. Now I understood.


sausage sandwiches that he fried up on the kettle’s mate, a well-worn cast iron pan. The three-day journey is passing quickly. It is a breathtaking trip, but tiring, and as we approach Appleby, both humans and horses are feeling a bit of wear. We pass other migrating Gypsy families with their cobs and wagons, and some of them pass us. The carriageways are busy with the Romany headed to Appleby Fair, and signs are put up to caution motorists. Though most of the Gypsies are openly born-again Christian, superstition and tradition are not completely shaken from their habit. Caged birds are taken with them during their travels for good luck, and I can see the bird-cages in the passing bowtops. John waves his hand toward the stone wall beside us. His eyes remain focused straight ahead as he tells me of the bad accident that claimed one of their own a couple years back. “The lorry driver said he didn’t see the wagon. Crashed into the back of it, killing everyone and the horses.” John’s jaw is tight and he speaks of it no more. I process the tragedy in silence. Appleby Fair is a vague concept to those who have never visited, and nothing can prepare you for it. From the moment of our arrival, its near-delirious level of pandemonium and chaos surpassed all that I knew. The hub of excitement is the area known as “the flash,” where the competition is constant and danger remains a steady threat to the unwary. The flash’s purpose is a fanfare of exhibition and competition, and Grandpa and Tom give me several stern warnings to be careful since horses always have the right of way and many have been trampled. Crowds swell into masses along the road where I hear the shouts of “Watch your back!” and “Out of the way!” as carts whiz by with foaming cobs and trotters hard on the bit. Not far from the bedlam of the flash is a spot known as “the corner,” where the spirited and highly-animated negotiations of sales take place. Here, circles of Gypsy men crowd the most spectacular colored cobs presented for bidding, and the wagering begins. The best cobs are those that are extremely heavy, and heavy is a Romany term that has nothing to do with weight, but rather, the copious amounts of hair and good bone on the shorter, stout-bodied, true-style cobs. Grandpa tells me that a 13-hand heavy cob will bring a much dearer price than those that are 14 hands and over, and he emphasizes that the preference for taller cobs reaching or exceeding 15 hands is an American preference, not Romany. He also points out the lowly half-legger. “Not true cob,” he says, pointing out a Gypsy horse with more refined bone and very little hair. “Only a gadjo would buy such a horse.” Of extreme importance to the Romany is a man’s word. His greatest concern is being branded a liar, and if a Gypsy man is discovered to be a liar, he is all but exiled from the horse trade. Because of this time-honored tradition of selling horses by their word and a handshake, contracts are wholly fictitious to them while the mark of honesty is a virtue. Up the hill from the corner where an extraordinary colored cob stallion is engulfed by a sea of admirers, Tom sets up his vardo amidst rows upon rows of other wagons and displays the wrought iron wares that he offers for sale. We build a stick fire, and after hooking the kettle to the prop, he educates me on the method of buying and selling horses

Vaulting: Vaulting JOIN THE FUN e By Natali ik d n e M e e DeF

A SPORT FOR EVERY RIDER Sure, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve probably seen the World Equestrian Games (WEG) vaulters forming improbable human pyramids on the back of an elegant, cantering horse. These elite athletes with incredible artistic and equestrian skill inspire awe and respectâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and might make you think that vaulting is a sport beyond the scope of your average rider. Think again! Vaulting has much to offer equestrians of every age and ability. Join Equine Journal as we chat with Sheri Benjamin, whose current roles include American Vaulting Association (AVA) President, United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Board of Directors, and mom to WEG Vaulting Gold Medalist, Megan Benjamin.



| October 2012

Vaulting Basics Vaulting is often referred to as dance and gymnastics on horseback. Like any sport, this dynamic combination of riding and gymnastics takes place at a wide variety of levels. “People look at what we do at the WEG level, and they think that’s what everyone does,” says Benjamin. “That would be like watching ice skating or gymnastics at the Olympic level, and thinking that’s what the rest of the world does. The highest level of vaulting has athletes doing amazing things at the canter, but the fact is that performing a basic riding seat at the walk is also vaulting.” Beginner or advanced, young or oldthere’s a place for everyone in this very fun sport! In vaulting, the horse goes on a longe line in a 15-meter circle, always under control of the longeur. The basics of the horse’s tack consist of a snaffle bridle, a special vaulting surcingle with grips for the vaulter to hold, side reins, and a thick pad to protect the horse’s back. All skills performed on the horse are first learned and perfected on a vaulting barrel. The barrel is basically a steel drum welded onto legs, giving it the size and shape similar to a horse. The barrel has grips like those on the surcingle. From mount to dismount, introduction of an idea to perfection of technique, the barrel provides a platform for training that allows the athletes to practice the moves until they can be performed gently, softly, and safely on their live equestrian partners.


Vaulting is a dynamic combination of riding and gymnastics. REIN PHOTOGRAPHY

Vaulting is considered one of the safest equestrian sports, and even more surprisingly, is safer than many nonequestrian sports. According to the AVA, “Vaulting is not only the safest of the equestrian disciplines, but it is documented safer than riding bicycles, playing on playground equipment, participating in baseball and softball, skating, soccer, and trampolines, among others.” How can this be? Vaulting’s great safety record stems from the fact that vaulting takes place in a controlled environment on quiet horses with experienced longeurs and October 2012



Performing together on a horse forges the ultimate sister bond!

coaches. There are no concerns of the vaulter losing control of the horse, as the horse is always under the guidance of the longeur. Working in an enclosed arena with appropriate footing eliminates issues associated with riding in the open. Only horses with a suitable nature are selected for vaulting. Horses with difficult behavior, such as spooking or bolting, simply don’t make the grade. The controlled dismount, or vault-off, that all vaulters are trained to do first off the barrel and then off the horse, is a key element to the discipline’s safety— an element that can also carry over into riding. “For riders, the use of vaulting exercises is a great way to learn to dismount unexpectedly. Many riders are worried about coming off, because in their mind there’s nothing between being in the saddle and catastrophically coming off,” explains Benjamin. “We teach vaulters to safely dismount unexpectedly and to overcome the fear of falling by actually parting on purpose from the horse in a controlled manner. In vaulting, we have the luxury to do that because the horse is being controlled by the longeur.” The AVA requires registered clubs to keep a log of safety records for every hour of vaulting. According to AVA statistics, the majority of vaulting injuries involve simple sprains.

Cost Effectiveness We all know just how expensive horse activities can be. Vaulting is one sport that takes the sting out of your pocketbook. This is due to the fact that vaulting steps away 60


| October 2012

from the one-horse/one-rider paradigm common to just about every equestrian sport. A whole team comes together to care for and finance just one or two horses. For riding schools, instead of budgeting one horse for one child per one-hour lesson, one horse can happily accommodate about six kids for one hour of vaulting. One of the great aspects of vaulting is that it doesn’t require a fancy horse. In fact, riding schools often find a great vaulting candidate among their school horses, and many “backyard” horse owners have a quiet Quarter Horse or draft cross that is perfectly suited for the job at the beginning and intermediate level. A good vaulting horse needs an unflappable personality, a steady gait, and a broad back.

Therapeutic Vaulting Similar to traditional therapeutic riding programs, adaptive vaulting offers those with disabilities the opportunity to be involved in a sport with horses. Various clubs and equestrian centers around the country use the barrel and horse-vaulting model, adapted in suitable exercises, to accommodate individual needs. “We find these programs elevate the adaptive athlete to new heights,” comments Benjamin. “It’s rewarding, meaningful, and fun, bringing results with purpose and meaning.”

Something for Everyone Whether you’re an independent spirit that prefers to


Many therapeutic riding centers and vaulting clubs have amazing success stories integrating adaptive vaulting into their programs. Coach Rick Hawthorne, of Valley View Vaulters in California, hasn’t let his own disability stop him from being at the top of the game. In fact, his own drive and compassion have led him to change the lives of many young people with physical, mental, and emotional handicaps through adaptive vaulting. Check out Armed with Love, an L.A. Film Fest short, on his inspiring work at watch?v=e0ZxCCbCHuA. The smiles will carry you through your day!

October 2012

| equine Journal 61

Upper level vaulters develop incredible athletic skill.

There’s nothing like dancing on a horse with your friend!

Skills like standing promote balance and confidence. Vaulters learn to “vault-off,” or dismount, from any position.

GETTING STARTED Are you ready to give vaulting a try? The AVA ( is a great place to find a club near you, as well as information on starting your own one. Many riding schools successfully integrate vaulting into their programs through vaulting “fun days” within their summer camps. Vaulting often proves to be so popular that it’s carried over into year-round activities. If you’d like a skilled friend to help guide the way, the AVA can help partner you with a mentor. 62


| October 2012


compete on your own, or you’re a people-person who thrills at group activities, vaulting’s individual and team components, as well as competitive and recreational components, have something to offer every personality. “We believe vaulting is the gateway to all equestrian sports, and creates competent and capable riders,” notes Benjamin. “You can vault younger than you can ride, so it’s a fun, safe introduction to horses. Vaulters take an active part in working with the horse, doing everything short of controlling the horse.” With exercises at the walk, trot, and canter, there’s oppor-

tunity for every skill level. What’s more, vaulting provides both physical and mental benefits that carry over into riding. “For the rider, it’s a beneficial crosstraining tool. It develops coordination, balance, and strength. This is a very athletic sport,” remarks Benjamin. For riders who have fear issues, time on the longe on a steady vaulting horse can help them overcome anxiety. “You can get your mojo back when you stand on a horse!” Vaulting teams bring together men and women of all ages, creating a fun community. “It’s amazing how everyone comes together,” says Benjamin. “It works really well. The older vaulters introduce the younger vaulters to the sport, and the younger ones feel safer with the veterans.”

October 2012

| equine Journal 63

Photo courtesy of featherlite trailers

Back That Thing Up Learn How to Throw Your Trailer Into Reverse and Drive it Like a Pro



October 2012


Putting your head out the window when backing up can give you a great visual advantage.

The second most important piece of advice, says Waldron, is to always back to the driver’s side. “If you have to drive an extra mile and turn around so you can back on the driver’s side, then that’s what you should do,” he urges. “The mirror on the right door is approximately seven feet away, and the mirror on your driver’s door is less than two feet from you. So you can see a lot clearer. You can also open the window, and when the trailer turns, you can put your head out as well, so you can look with your eyes and you can look with the mirror, which gives you a great advantage.” There are also add-ons that you can utilize for help. “Use extension mirrors if yours aren’t wide enough. They make some relatively inexpensive clamp on mirrors that clamp on to your existing ones, and they help a lot,” advises Armstrong. “There are a lot of devices that can be put on the back of vehicles,” adds Waldron. “There are cameras, sensors, and beepers. A lot of them are sound sensitive.” And, of course, keeping a level head at all times is key when backing or driving your trailer. “Calmness goes a long way,” says Armstrong.

Trailer hitched? Check. Horses loaded up? Check. Truck running, brakes tested, and trailer lights working? Check, check, and check. Ready to back out of your parking spot and hit the road? …Not so much. It’s an inevitable part of transporting your horse, but let’s face it; backing up a 20-plus-foot metal box that seems to have a mind of its own and usually has at least one “baby” on board is nerve wracking. That’s why we talked to two experts in the field to get the scoop on how you can successfully back up your trailer, stress free. What You Need to Know According to Tony Waldron, who has many years of experience professionally operating and was formerly the Instructor of CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) and Heavy Equipment Training for National Grid, the number one most important thing for drivers to remember is that backing up is always dangerous. “It should be avoided at all times when possible,” he says. At some point or another, chances are that if you have horses and you travel with them, that you will have to back 66


| October 2012

up a trailer. So, keep in mind that both of our experts say the shorter the trailer, the harder it is to back, because it reacts quickly; while longer trailers move slower, and are therefore easier to back. And, when it comes to hitches, it is helpful to know the turning radius of your truck and trailer. “The gooseneck will back up and turn quicker, where with the bumper pull you’ll take a wider arc because your pivot point is right on the back of the truck, not inside the truck,” explains Peter Armstrong of On the Road Trailers in Warren, ME.

If you’ve never backed a trailer before or lack confidence in your skills, there are small steps and hints you can remember. “Rule number one backing up: Don’t have your spouse in the vehicle while you’re learning,” jokes Armstrong. While that may be something to seriously consider, Waldron does suggest you do utilize your passenger if you have one. “Use a helper when possible. If you have someone in your vehicle, they should go stand about two feet behind the trailer on the driver’s side and give directions. They can see clearly behind the trailer where you can’t,” he says. It is most imperative, however, for a driver to be able to back straight before they can back around a turn. “My advice for a novice would be to back straight first. What I usually do is put up a set of cones, or you can use a curb,” says Waldron. “Go into a parking lot, use the curb or the cones, and back up 200 feet—and see first of all, if you can back your trailer straight. “The system that I use [to back straight] is ‘10-12-2.’ So the hand would start at 12 o’clock on the steering wheel. If the trailer comes out on the driver’s side then you would go to 10 o’clock, until it gets straight. When it gets straight, go back to 12 o’clock. If you lose the trailer going on the passenger’s side, you would go to 2 o’clock until the trailer is straight again, and then it’s back to 12 o’clock. Using little, short movements is how you back a trailer straight. You’re not going to back it around a corner if you can’t back it straight.” Armstrong concurs, “Then the best thing you can do is go to a parking lot on a Sunday morning or when there’s no one around, take a couple of road cones or something you can run over, and practice. With backing, practice makes perfect, it really does.” Armstrong also uses a special trick when it comes to the steering wheel. “Most people are taught to put their hands on the top of the wheel and turn it the opposite way they want the trailer to go. That just confuses people. If you put your hand on the bottom of the wheel and you want the trailer to turn to the


Helpful Hints

“Practice more than anything else—be confident with your trailer. You’re going to do a better job backing up if you’re confident.” ~Peter Armstrong

There are many devices to aid you while backing up, like extended mirrors.

The Dos and Don’ts Now that you’ve learned our professionals’ tricks to aid you in your backing ability, here are a few more things to keep in mind that you should either always, or should never, do when it comes to putting your truck and trailer in reverse.


right when you’re backing up, turn your hand where you want the trailer to go. It’s much easier to learn,” he says. Practice makes perfect, but it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get into a tough situation. There are tips to help you, literally, out of a tight spot, too. “If you keep backing and you’re going to jackknife, it can damage the electrical fittings on the trailer, the bumper of your vehicle, and the A-frame of the trailer. When you go back, you reach a certain point that you have to pull forward—you can’t go back any further than the extreme,” explains Waldron. “So what

people should do is see how far it will go, then they can put a mark on the trailer, like a stripe, and then when they see that stripe on the trailer they know they can’t go any further without doing damage.” “Plan where you’re going to back up; plan what you’re going to see in your mirror when you come around, especially on your blind side…if you think you’re just going to make it, you’re not. Put your four-ways [flashers] on and walk out there and see where you are,” adds Armstrong. “Don’t try to save the trouble you already got yourself in, because you’re just going to get in more trouble. And if you don’t think you’re going to make it, pull ahead and try again before you get completely involved in it.”



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Do: Set up. “The most important thing is the setup when you go to back anywhere. If you can, set up straight in front of what you’re backing to, and basically use the left side, and keep the trailer directly behind the vehicle,” explains Waldron. Don’t: Let others get to you. “Don’t let people intimidate you. That’s when you see [drivers] get the most nervous, is when someone is laying on the horn and waiting for you to move… if they’re making you nervous, just pull ahead and let them go by, then go back again,” says Armstrong. Do: A safety check. “It would be no harm to do something called the circle of safety. So before you back up, you should get out of your vehicle and do a 360-degree check of the vehicle just to make sure that there’s nobody at the back of your trailer and no children or animals around, so that you can back safely,” advises Waldron. Also ensuring that your vehicle is the appropriate weight and size in comparison to your trailer, and that your electric braking system is working and adjusted properly, is of utmost importance, according to Waldron. Don’t: Panic. “A big mistake people make when they’re backing up is that they overcompensate. When you get yourself in trouble backing up and [the trailer is] coming around too sharp, the best thing you can do is pull ahead two or four feet, get that trailer a little bit back behind you, and then you can start backing up again. Otherwise you start twisting everywhere,” says Armstrong. “Don’t be afraid to pull forward. A lot of people go back— and they go back to the extreme, and then something happens—rather than get out and look at the situation. When

The Back-Up Plan

If you’re still uncomfortable with the idea of backing your trailer, Armstrong suggests you ask the dealer to walk you through the process before you drive off the lot if you’re buying a new one. For those who already own a trailer but want to sharpen their backing skills, Waldron has even taught clinics to organizations like the Bay State Trail Riders Association. And finally, “Practice more than anything else—be confident with your trailer. You’re going to do a better job backing up if you’re confident,” says Armstrong.

e c i v r e S r u o Y k ! o Y o B A D O


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Novices should practice backing straight through road cones.

in doubt, get out [and look] or pull forward,” concurs Waldron.


October 2012

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Š alexander

A New


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| October 2012


By Natalie DeFee MeNDik

Gaited sport horse events are on the rise. Find out how you can get involved in the fun and fulfilling disciplines of dressage and three-phase events.

Now that the London 2012 Summer Olympics have drawn to a close, riders across the globe have drawn inspiration from watching worldclass equestrians in action. While gaited breeds may, in the past, have been seldom seen in traditional sport horse events, times are changing and opportunities abound. Known for their amazing versatility, gaited horses are making their way in a wide variety of disciplines. Are you ready to emulate your dressage and three-day event heroes with your gaited horse? Read on to find out how!

Gaited Dressage Dressage is all about solid training of horse and rider. While both classical dressage and competitive dressage entail “pure” walk, trot, and canter gaits, dressage training provides enormous benefits to gaited horses, too. In addition, many competitions now offer dressage classes tailored to accommodate gaited horses. “So many people are terrified of dressage,” says instructor and trainer Julie Dillon of Horsefeathers Academy in New Boston, NH. A certified instructor with the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association (TWHBEA) and Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA), Dillon specializes in gaited instruction for adult learners. “It’s like that algebra book that’s sitting there and never has been opened, but if you opened it, you could see in the first few pages that it’s formulaic.” Dillon’s advice for getting started in dressage is to first read the tests to understand what is involved. Dressage tests are quite detailed, clearly outlining how to ride the test and what skills are called for at that level. Starting with the test’s purpose at the top of the test page, every expectation for it is clear. Within the test, each movement is listed in sequential boxes. With each movement are directives explaining what the judges would like to see. Dressage tests specifically written for gaited horses correlate frameby-frame with traditional, non-gaited dressage tests, while still taking gaited movement into account. Friends of Sound Horses, Inc. (FOSH), a nonprofit that advocates the welfare and promotion of all gaited breeds, offers the Independent Judges Association’s (IJA) Manual for Gaited Dressage online (; this manual includes gaited dressage tests from Introductory Level through First Level. Also included in this manual are explanations of dressage theory, competition basics, and descriptions of each gaited breed’s unique gait. Gaited dressage tests, which Dillon explains were originally October 2012

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sage schooling shows are willing to include gaited breeds, although at some shows this may be hors concours, meaning that the competitor will not be ranked against the other competitors in the class. Much of dressage is about enjoying the journey of training your horse. “Read all about the training scale, and you will see that starting with rhythm and relaxation, it’s all about finding that wonderful connection and partnership. Every part of each test brings you and your horse more and more into that connection,” says Dillon. “The wonderful thing about dressage to me is that there are many, many trainers who are more than willing to work with horses of any breed. My horses just get better and better the more lessons I take and the better a rider I become.” Dillon explains that dressage schooling will also help in classes offered at breed shows. “You will see that each test supples the horse on both sides, asking him to follow the bit down, relax, and Missouri Fox Trotter, Prince Jester’s be obedient. My horses have become Request, ridden more connected for trail, more engaged and owned by Julie for versatility, and more supple for clasDillon performing a sical rail. This is an applied study of a Training Level Test different way to ride your horse.” at MRF Dressage. Whether you have a gaited horse and would like to try dressage, or you ride dressage and would like to own a gaited breed, options abound. “As the world of horsemanship changes, so do the people who participate in competitive horsemanship activities,” says Dillon. “Many have come from other horse backgrounds and are at an age where continuing to ride horses at rail classes with comparative placings is not what they would like to do. They are on personal journeys, and would like to see growth within their own skills and within their horse’s training. I see growth and opportunity there. There are also people who are new to gaited horses and already ride dressage; they would like to continue on the path they have started, but with a different style.”


Dressage is all about solid training of horse and rider and it provides enormous benefits to gaited horses.


equine Journal

| October 2012

Three-Phase Event What discipline challenges obedience, endurance, harmony, accuracy, and teamwork? The three-phase event! Modeled on traditional three-day eventing, the three-phase event offers a platform of dressage, cross-country, and stadium phases designed specifically for gaited horses. In phase one, horse-and-rider combinations perform a gaited dressage test as explained above. In phase two, a cross-country course, covering three to ten miles, poses a variety of trail obstacles over open and varied terrain. The final stadium phase poses obstacle questions in the ring. The cross-country course incorporates elements found in a natural environment, such as changes in elevation and various surfaces, including grass, gravel, water, and mud. Along the course, competitors encounter judged trail-style obstacles and challenges. Horse-and-rider teams may be asked to step over downed trees, collect objects, cross wooden platforms and bridges, or back up and sidestep through patterns. The stadium

Bottom Photo: susan correia/yokina PhotograPhy

conceived by members of the National Walking Horse Association (NWHA), adhere to the same principles and spirit of classical dressage, with exceptions within various show venues. For example, while the TWHBEA’s guidelines for gaited dressage follow the United States Dressage Federation (USDF) and United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) rules, the TWHBEA does permit saddle seat attire and cutback English saddles. In addition, TWHBEA’s tests equate the traditional working trot with the Tennessee Walking Horse’s flat walk and lengthenings with the running walk. FOSH’s Director of Judges, Dianne Little of Calgary, Alberta, explains that IJA and FOSH’s approach to gaited dressage seeks to honor the difference of conformation and movement between gaited breeds, while providing tests whereby each horse and each breed is given the opportunity to participate as individuals. The IJA’s tests correlate the traditional trot with an “intermediate gait” specific to the gaited breed performing the test. The USDF Introductory tests, which are ridden in the walk and the trot, are written for gaited horses with the same criteria and sequence of movement, with the exception that the horse performs the trot movements as a gaited movement. Most dressage schooling shows are more than willing to accommodate gaited horses. For shows that may not normally offer gaited classes, Dillon recommends approaching the show manager in advance and asking for the option to ride a gaited test. “Shows are welcoming, especially when you provide an official test from the web for the show management,” remarks Dillon. “I make it my business as the interested party to make certain they have all the tools they need.” Little echoes the sentiment that many open dres-

OpeN ShOwiNg

Think you might like to test the waters in open shows? The united States Dressage Federation offers american Saddlebred registry cumulative, year-end all-Breed awards for registered Saddlebreds competing in traditional, non-gaited classes at uSDFrecognized dressage shows. Chrissa Frith-Hoffmann of CHF Dressage, llC, in ocala, Fl, has taken american Saddlebreds to the top levels in dressage, including years of Grand Prix success with Harry Callahan, garnering countless all-Breeds and Horse of the Year awards along the way. in three-day eventing, gaited horses have proven they can successfully hold their own against traditional sport horses. a small, but strong group of 12 gaited and gaited-crosses are recorded with the united States eventing association (uSea) as having competed at the challenging Fei levels of Preliminary and above.

portion, performed in an arena, offers similar tests. “The horse should respond with the quietest of aids and the most willing of attitudes,” notes Kristie Wehmeyer of Paris, KY, Vice President of Three Phase Event, Inc. She explains that the obstacles ask the horses to move in all directions: forward, backward, side to side, and up and down. Like three-day eventing, three-phase events are offered at the Beginner Novice, Novice, and Training levels. Each level develops the horse’s skill set with increasingly complex challenges. For example, a horse in Beginner Novice may be asked to walk across a platform. At Novice Level, the horse could be asked to walk on the platform, stand quietly, and then walk off. At Training Level, the test could involve first stepping on the platform with the front feet only, then walking onto the platform, standing on the platform, stepping off the platform with only the front feet before exiting completely. The brainchild of a group of riders looking for more options, the original “Three Phase Event, Inc.” has met with enormous success for six consecutive years and now takes place at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill in Harrodsburg, KY, over the years drawing hundreds of gaited horses, gaited crosses, and

(Rubino Bellissimo x SPS Wynona (Weltmeyer)) Beautiful and athletic modern type Hanoverian filly. Pedigree includes States Premium mares and famous dressage sires. Three Time Fillies Champion! 2012 Ten Broeck Farm Dressage Sport Horse I Breed Show & 2012 Breed Show at Brookside I & II · 1st place in two year old fillies and the Fillies Championship at all 3 shows · 1st place Breeder’s Group with the yearling gelding Ripley CA (Royal Prince x SPS Winala) at all 3 shows Price: $16,000


equine Journal

| October 2012

even non-gaited horses, representing a variety of breeds. Three-phase events are gaining popularity across the country, with various breed associations and clubs embracing this exciting new venue. “We were looking for something to do with our horses that wasn’t a rail class—something that challenged us as riders,” says Wehmeyer. “It’s a great way for the horses to become more supple, a great way for horse and rider to become a good team. Those are things that are very important to us.” “Three-phase events,” explains Wehmeyer, “exemplify the versatility of gaited breeds. In addition, these events showcase the talents of horseand-rider teams unconfined by a judged group in an arena. Riders have the challenge of their own personal team over the weekend.” Wehmeyer notes that this atmosphere builds camaraderie and a very positive environment. “Competitors love it. They love the challenge. They love the fact that they are competing against each other, but also are competing against themselves to do the best that they can. This is something for all ages and all horses.” Natalie DeFee MeNDik can be found at

(Bonheur (Bolero) x Daniella (Davignon) Sweet, pretty and athletic three-year-old, registered Hanoverian mare. Started under saddle. 2011 Windswept Farms Breed Show I: · 2nd place two year old fillies 2011 Windswept Farms Breed Show II: · 1st place two year old fillies $14,000

October 2012

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              

       

  

 800-447-7436 • © 2012 Morton Buildings, Inc. All rights reserved. A listing of GC licenses available at Reference Code 194



October 2012



icelandics in Vermont

A rider takes a moment to enjoy the Vermont scenery.

➜ Waitsfield, Vermont By elisaBeth prouty-GilBride

Picture this: you’re galloPing full-speed on a horse across an open range. if you’re wondering what the one thing better than that is, then imagine yourself tölting on an icelandic horse through the mountains of Vermont. if you’ve never experienced the five gaits of one of these exotic equines, then you’re missing out. But, you don’t even have to fill out a passport form to ride an icelandic—all you have to do is climb every mountain and ford every stream to enter the state of Vermont, and you’ll have reached a little piece of heaven. located in Waitsfield, Vt, the Vermont icelandic horse Farm offers a sense of serenity for equestrians and non-equestrians alike. With miles of dirt roads and trails to trek through the mountains, this farm, situated in the heart of the Mad river Valley and owned by Karen Winhold, offers something for everyone. “icelandics seem to be very peopleoriented,” says lyn ingalls, a regular guest at the Vermont icelandic horse Farm. ingalls, an avid equestrian based out of richmond, ri, first visited the farm in 1998 and has been returning annually ever since. “they’re super comfortable, and i always feel safe on them. Karen has done a beautiful job training them and does a wonderful job taking care of them. i haven’t been fortunate enough to ride a horse that does the flying pace, but the tölt is just October 2012

| equine Journal 79

equestrian lifestyle TRAVEL Things to Do: Cold Hollow Cider Mill Driving distance from the farm: Approximately 30 minutes. One of the top producers of Fresh Apple Cider in New England, the mill has become one of the top tourist attractions in Vermont, and still makes cider the “old-fashioned way,” from a rack-and-cloth press that was built in the 1920s. 802-244-8771 « A musher enjoys a day in the Mad River Valley with Sugarbush Resort’s ski trails in the background. The Inn at Baldwin Creek is home to Mary’s Restaurant, a local favorite.

ICELANDIC HORSE GLOSSARY OF GAITS TÖLT: A unique, four-beat gait found in the Icelandic horse that is faster than a walk, but slower than a canter or a gallop. FLYING PACE: A two-beat gait found in the Icelandic horse, where there is a clear moment of suspension; it can be used for riding short distances, and the horse can reach up to 30 miles per hour. 80


| October 2012

has much more to offer. Whether you enjoy skiing or skijoring in the winter, or riding a bike or swimming in the summer, there are endless activities offered in the area. And, foodies take notice: Ben & Jerry’s corporate headquarters is only a stone’s throw away in nearby Waterbury Center, VT.

Where to Eat American Flatbread Driving distance from the farm: Approximately 15 minutes. Guests can enjoy dining by the wood-fired oven while waiting for pizzas, salads, and desserts made from locally-harvested ingredients. 802-496-8856 Mary’s Restaurant at the Inn at Baldwin Creek Driving distance from the farm: Approximately 30 minutes. Located on “the other side of the mountain” from the Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm, this restaurant offers cuisine and cooking classes featuring food from over a dozen local farm stands. 888-424-2432

Ben & Jerry’s Driving distance from the farm: Approximately 20 minutes. Take the tour, learn the history, and eat one of America’s favorite ice cream brands! 802-882-1240 Atii Sled Dogs Driving distance from the farm: Less than 15 minutes. Meet Atii Sled Dogs’ friendly Siberian Huskies and learn about mushing and other dog-powered sports. 802-496-3795


the best thing about them…it’s something you don’t experience with any other horse.” Beginners and veterans alike will find happiness aboard the horses at the farm, as they are trained for riders of all levels. And, no matter what season you plan to visit the farm, or whatever weather you encounter, Winhold is always up for a ride, providing her guests with rain gear when it’s precipitating, and even taking clients out for (shorter) rides in the snow. But, she always has the horses’ best interests at heart, canceling if the weather becomes too inclement. If you’d rather skip riding on a rainy (or snowy) day, the Mad River Valley

Trainers Welcome!

Our facility is located conveniently on Cedar Street, Just off Rte. 16, Douglas, MA in Worcester County. The farm offers: t&BTZBDDFTTUPUIF%PVHMBT4UBUF 'PSFTUGPSVOCFBUBCMFUSBJMT t"NQMFUVSOPVU thYhJOEPPSBSFOB t-BSHFPVUEPPSTBOESJOH


Accommodations for an individual or couple available with lease of facility.

For more information or to schedule an appointlent, please contact George at: 508-476-2421

October 2012

| equine Journal 81

equestrian lifestyle TRAVEL

The Long Trail Enjoy hiking and backpacking on one of the country’s oldest long-distance trails.

terrain in a pristine, natural setting. 802-496-3551

Mad River Glen Driving distance from the farm: Approximately 25 minutes. Enjoy skiing on challenging and diverse

Mad River Inn Bed & Breakfast Driving distance from the farm: Approximately 10 minutes. Enjoy the relaxing environment

Where to Stay:

Ben & Jerry’s, in Waterbury Center, VT, is a short driving distance away from the Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm.

of an elegant Victorian Inn, owned and run by Karen Winhold’s husband, Luc Maranda. 802-496-7900




equine Journal

| October 2012

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Photos: courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s



Hawk Trailers

TRAILERS Safe, S afe fe C fe, Comfortable, omfo for table ble, Versatile V Ver Ve ersatile ile an a and nd Stylish S tylish

We Offe O Offer: ffe ferr:: fer Fully F Fu ully lly lin llined ined a and nd in insulated nsulated walls walls and and doors d do oors fo for c for climate limate lim control c ontrol a and nd sou nd sound s ound rreduction educt uction

HAWK’S HAW WK K’’S design design e experience xperience and attention and attention to to detail detail equals e quals u unmatched nmatched q quality ua u ality and a an nd value. value. Trave Travel el in n confidence confidence wi w with ith the iindustry ndustr y lleader eader

One piece piec ce molded fiberglass roof fiberglass roof and and ffender fen fe ender fo ender ffor or Stren S Strength trengt ngth th and a nd D Durability urability ura Custom mp painted ainted ainted accent colors accent colors to to personalize p ersonaliz sonalize ze y your our ttrailer railer

See your local dealer ffor fo or great great deals deals on on Hawk H awk T Trailers railers

P O Box 2 7 0 Ma n a wa , W I 5 4 9 4 9 9 2 0 -5 9 6-308 0 Web s ite: www. h a wk tr a ile r

Quality Built with

October 2012

| equine Journal 83

This season, accessories go big…and small. Whichever floats your boat, really.

equestrian lifestyle EQUINE FASHION

All the Bells and Whistles If there is one thing horse people know, it’s leather. This fall, fashion enters the equestrian comfort zone with leather accessories that look like tack, but are more stylish. BY CARLEY SPARKS

Wrist Stop

Leather bangles and cuffs are all the rage. The Engraver’s Curb Chain Bracelet MUST HAVE: “The Engraver just launched a new line called Green Hill. They do a really cute leather cuff bracelet ($24.99) that has a stainless steel mini curb chain from a western hackamore. It’s adjustable and all American made, right down to the nickel studs and Wickett & Craig leather,” says equestrian fashion expert, Arianna Anderocci-Vastino. Deux Chevaux’s hand-painted leather cuff bracelet

LUST HAVE: “Deux Chevaux’s hand-painted bangles are very similar to the Hermés

bangle bracelets but are a quarter of the price ($150). Each one has a uniquely handpainted piece, by equine artist Judy Goldthwait, that is inset into a bangle, so no two are the same. It’s great to get a few and stack them,” Anderocci-Vastino advises. “For $240, they also do a leather cuff bracelet with an adjustable wrist. You can go a little rock-and-roll with their Robert Indiana-inspired ‘Jump’ idea or classic equestrian with a hand-painted fox.”

Signature Style Belts

Make the most of equestrian inspiration with signature style belts. The Show Barn Belt by Clever with Leather MUST HAVE: “Clever with Leather is a line created by Scottish master saddler, Claire Painter. I love the Show Barn Belt in black with white topstitching ($75). It has two pairs of adjustable side buckles that allow for a six-inch adjustability, which is great multi-purpose wear. You can wear it as a waist cincher with a dress or low on your hip with a low-rise breech or jean,” says Anderocci-Vastino. Deux Chevaux’s Ride Belt LUST HAVE: “Deux Chevaux is really big right now. They do ‘Ride’ and ‘Jump’ belt buckles that are based on [Pop artist] Robert Indiana’s iconic LOVE pieces. It’s very modern and novel. And, it has a 1.5” reversible leather belt, so you really get a big bang for your buck ($230). You can wear it out, reverse it, or swap the buckles.”

Bag Lady

“The big trend in handbags this season is what’s being called the ‘weekender’ bag. It’s an oversized handbag, almost like an overnight bag,” says the New York native. “Another major silhouette on the runway was ‘business as usual.’ Basically, it’s anything that emulates an iPad® case, wallet, or briefcase.” The Correspondence Envelope Purse by Oughton Ltd. MUST HAVE: “Oughton Ltd. makes the Correspondence Envelope Purse ($75) in burnt orange leather with cream topstitching. It has a foldover flap with a swooping line similar to a saddle skirt and a Newmarket-inspired lining in cotton canvas,” says Anderocci-Vastino. “It’s a great option for walking around the horse show or going out to dinner when you just want something to hold your credit card, ID, and lip gloss.” The Girth Purse II by Oughton Ltd. LUST HAVE: The Girth Purse II ($295) by Oughton. “It’s basically a giant purse that has a subtle leather girth motif. They use all premium bridle leather and wax canvases, so it’s great in rain and snow.” “Oughton also does the Cobb Purse ($310) inspired by the Devon Horse Show. It’s a little smaller than the Girth Purse and made of dark brown gloss leather with imported bronze halter fittings as the hardware. It has that military feel that is also big for fall.”

Carley Sparks writes mostly-true editorial on the hunter/jumper community at Arianna Anderocci designs the luxe equestrian fashion line Le Fash (



| October 2012

Mount Ida College


Rebecca Rahall, Owner 3533 Marathon Ave. ❙ Castle Hayne, NC 28429 ph. 910.352.0880 ❙

My Rugged Destiny

Rugged Lark x Kings Casandra (By Mr. King Destiny)

Choose your destiny with “My Rugged Destiny,” the first Rugged Lark foal registered, inspected and branded by the American Warmblood Registry. Like his sire, he exemplifies the qualities of a champion - natural balance and athleticism, a steady, willing personality, and the color, charisma and style that gets a judge’s attention in the show ring. My Rugged Destiny is registered AQHA (Incentive Fund), DCROA (Foundation Sire), IBHA, ABRA, and is enrolled in the APHA Breeder’s Trust.

October 2012

| equine Journal 85


New Englandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Agricultural Fence Experts

Need Fencing? Check out our large selection of equine fencing products:


Call for a FREE Catalog Toll-Free 855-327-6336 or visit See us at Equine Affaire!


equine Journal

| October 2012

It’s time to clear the air about arena footing. Eliminate dust in the ring with TruStride®. Put down the hose and switch to TruStride® Dust-Free Arena Footing! Its unique combination of rubber, fiber and wax eliminates dust and the need to water – ever. TruStride® provides a highly stable, resilient riding surface that won’t shift or slip.

And unlike sand arenas, TruStride® resists compaction and tracking. No wonder it’s the dust-free footing of choice in more than 250 arenas worldwide. For more information on the complete line of IGK Equestrian footings, amendments and comfort systems, contact your IGK Equestrian dealer representative, or visit

(877) 624-2638 TruStride® Arena Footing provides superior traction with no need to water.

LiteStride® Arena Footing offers a dust-free riding surface at an economical price.

SoftShoe® Amendment improves cushioning for new or existing surfaces.

Setting the pace. A division of North Brook Farms, Inc. © 2012

equestrian lifestyle BUSINESS

Picture Perfect A guide to choosing pictures to market your horses By Jennifer roBerts


equine Journal

| October 2012

Consider enlisting the services of a professional photographer to capture that perfect picture that will catch the eye of potential buyers. Great timing, great angles, great lighting, great framing—an overall beautiful picture that shows your horse at its best.

advises clients to: “Be sure that you don’t use a photo with a busy background. it can really distract the viewer’s eye. clean, picturesque backgrounds are best. Not all show venues can provide that, but try to use the one with the least going on in the background.” if you decide that you need to use a photo taken at home, make sure that the horse and rider are turned out well. Jenna laughs, “No, you’re not selling the rider with the horse, but again, you don’t want somebody to focus on that bright pink tank top, or the hair flying out of the helmet.” having the horse clipped, clean, and braided (if applicable) will help potential buyers see a pleasant picture without any imagination. Don’t discount the need for good lighting; it

brings out the shine in your horse’s coat and really brings him or her to life. consider purchasing a photo from a recent horse show, or if you’re really in a bind, hiring a professional photographer, in order to capture that perfect image to help market your horse. while you or someone you know may be quite handy with a camera, a professional photographer can often take that perfect shot. Jenna sums it up, “we’ve seen a lot of photos. we’ve watched a lot of rounds. we know a good photo when we see one, and there are minute details that we’ll notice in order to help you choose the best image.” The cost of buying from a professional is a small investment in catching the eye of potential buyers and selling your horse quickly.

Photo Jenna teti

They say ThaT a PicTure is worTh a thousand words…but what does your photo say about the horse you are selling? all too often, a photograph that does not accurately portray a horse is used in advertisements. This month, we talked with professional photographer, Jenna Teti, and she let us in on a few ways you can ensure that your horse stands out in the sea of “for sale ads” (in a good way!). if your horse is on a sale website, it’s going to be one of many that fit a potential buyer’s search criteria, but a beautiful, eye-catching image is the difference between clicking on your horse and the one next to it. in Jenna’s opinion, the most important piece of the puzzle is having a photograph that portrays the horse you are selling. a Grand Prix dressage horse and a walk/trot horse have very different skill sets, and their pictures should show that. conformation shots are wonderful, but unless you are selling a young prospect or a halter horse, the first shot your potential buyers see should be of your horse performing. however, it’s not always about showing your horse at the height of his or her potential, but instead, showing what your potential buyers are looking for. Jenna says, “For example, i had a customer who wanted to use a photo for a sale ad for a 2'6'' horse. he didn’t have the prettiest jump (not many do at 2'6''), but the kid had a huge smile on her face in all of the photos, and to me, that said this is a horse that knows his job and packs his rider around the course—so much so that she’s having a blast! you could certainly show a photo of a 2'6'' horse soaring a foot over the jump with his knees at his ears, but is that necessarily what you really want at that level? Probably not!” choose a photo where the horse takes up most of the frame; they can tend to get lost in the image when there’s a lot of empty space around them. Keeping the photo cropped close to your horse ensures that he is the subject of the photograph…not the background. Jenna

equestrian lifestyle GOING GREEN

Daylighting for Indoor Arenas Illumination With More Windows By EllEn WhIttEmorE

DAylIghtIng Is thE sustAInABlE practice of using sunlight to reduce energy usage for electric lighting. Daylighting an indoor arena can make it more comfortable, pleasant, and functional, while saving on energy and reducing costs. this month, glenn heinmiller, a lighting expert and principal with lam Partners, an Architectural lighting Design firm in Cambridge, mA, (, shares his insights and some basics for daylighting an indoor arena.

Skylights and windows in an indoor arena save on energy and reduce costs.

Skylights Versus Windows


equine Journal

| October 2012

Don’t Over Glaze While it might seem like more is better when it comes to daylighting, you only need to glaze 5% to 10% of the floor area to yield effective illumination. If you overdo it, you will create what glenn refers to as a thermal debt, which means that while you may save energy by keeping the lights off, you might also be overheating the space.

The Value of Light Colors While it’s common knowledge that light colors are more reflective than dark, I was amazed to learn from glenn that a white surface can be 80% effective in reflecting light, where a dark wood surface might be only 20%. In glenn’s words, “[the color of a reflecting surface] can make a huge difference.” Keep in mind that it’s not just the effectiveness of the daylight that’s increasing or decreasing, but color can also improve the performance of electric lighting. As glenn says, “you

can have the best light fixture in the world, but if it’s only reflecting off a dark surface, it can never reach its full efficiency.” Painting the indoor arena interior with a light-colored paint can go a long way in terms of saving energy and making the arena feel bright and cheerful.

Let’s Not Forget Views lastly, glenn reminded me that even though skylights are more effective for daylighting than windows or barn doors, views to the outside are known to promote occupant comfort and satisfaction. so, where most of us would never set foot in an indoor arena if it weren’t for inclement weather, the more an indoor arena can be made to seem like riding outdoors, the happier we and our horses will be. We would love to feature your green ideas and projects. Contact Ellen Whittemore at

Photo courtesy of grey gables farm

According to the u.s. Department of Energy website: (their) modeling results found that 35-55% of lighting energy can be saved...with minimal incremental heating and air conditioning energy consumption, by installing an economically-optimum toplighting system. stated another way, depending on climate and building type, $0.12-$0.32/ft can be saved per year including losses. According to glenn, toplighting, or implementing skylights, provides a significant advantage over sidelighting when it comes to daylighting. While sidelighting can only capture the sun for that portion of the day when the sun is shining on it, toplighting can be designed to capture it throughout the entire day, yielding more lighting value per square foot of glazed area. toplighting also offers more even distribution of illumination over a space the size of an indoor arena. glenn recommends that skylights be diffusing as opposed to clear, as they distribute light much more evenly and can avoid hot spots and glare. (this is a good thing if your horses are prone to spooking.) glenn did point out, however, that there is occasion for clear glass in skylights as the light they shed can dramatically animate a space. so, they are something you might consider at a seating area or entry in an arena for a dramatic effect.

Visit us at Equine Affaire: Better Living Center Booth #656

October 2012

| equine Journal 91

Ebyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Victory II Seriesâ&#x20AC;Ś

a triumph over ordinary.


Strong, versatile and durable, a Victory II Series 2 horse trailer from Eby is the result of more than 35 years experience listening to our customers and designing horse transportation equipment that exceeds expectations. Choose Victory II gooseneck models with dressing rooms and bumper hitch models with or without dressing rooms. Step up to extraordinary!

Built On A Heritage Of Innovation

"LUE"ALL 0!s   email:

Designing, supplying and building custom projects to fit all your needs.



Arenas Stallbarns Storage Buildings Garages t P.O. Box 262, Epsom, NH 03234 t 603-798-5087 t Fax 603-798-5088 92

equine Journal

| October 2012

Bill Lowry

11 Winsor Avenue North Scituate, RI 401-934-4458

Custom Ring Design & Installation Distributor of GGT-Footing™ , Premium Dust-Free Footing

Laser grading • Irrigation • Ebb and Flow systems Arena Maintenance Programs • Arena Consultations

GGT-Footing™ Textiles are used in the recipe for arena footing across the country by top arena builders. World Class Footing products at a price you can afford! From Pleasure to Competition Blends • Dust Control • Arena Matting Systems • Groomers 3 out of the 4 Olympic Observation Events were held on GGT Footing™

Contact Cynthia Brewster Keating • • (864) 804-0011

equestrian lifestyle COLLECTING THOUGHTS

[CLOCKWISE, FROM TOP LEFT] Tom Myott, Julia Stiles, Dee Kegley, Ivy McNulty, and Rebecca Raubacher.

What Does Equine Artwork Mean to You? Action, motion, and intensity! My paintings evoke a sense of movement. Dashes, dots, and loose strokes define my painting technique and create a visual vibration of color. The intensity of a Thoroughbred race, the serenity of the paddock area, or the pensive expression of a young rider before equitation, dictate the variation of marks I use in each painting. -Tom Myott When I unveil a horse’s portrait to its rider for the first time, the rider always exclaims: “You captured that look in his 94


| October 2012

eyes!” Each horse is so unique and has a personality all its own; I like to discover that. -Julia Stiles The horse, as a subject to draw and paint, is exciting. I try to capture the energy in their movement as well as a suggestion of their personality. Recording these elements in my work is both personally challenging and rewarding. -Rebecca Raubacher The connection that binds human and horse is equine art. The horsehair

jewelry I uniquely create features your treasured horse’s hair, adorned with hand-engraved silver end caps and pendants—keeping your beloved friend close to you even when absent. -Ivy McNulty It is the individual’s loving expression of the beautiful majestic “spirit”-filled horse. It resonates happiness in your soul whether you see it, make it, wear it, ride it or even smell it. -Dawson “Dee” Kegley, a.k.a. The “Stick Horse” Lady



julia stiles

*equine portraits* *original fine art* *logo design* ************ 207-625-4245

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ry View Fa rm r e Sp

“Dee” Quine Reproductions

Quality Training & Boarding Specializing in Dressage and Eventing

Liz Doering ~ Owner/Trainer Vicki Hammers O’Neil ~ Trainer

Stain Glass Box Purses

Hand Puppets Stick Horses

Sperry View Farm

91 bethway road bethany ct 06524 email: ph. 203.915.8293

Custom stick horses, puppets, embroidery & more Major credit cards accepted Masks


October 2012


| equine Journal 95

equestrian lifestyle MEDIA REVIEW

Best in Show






[ BOOK ]

KNOWING HORSES: Q & As TO BOOST YOUR EQUINE IQ by Les Sellnow & Carol A. Butler 249 pages, hardcover, Storey Publishing (, $14.95.

If you’ve ever had a basic question about a horse, this book most likely has the answer, as it addresses everything from color and facial and leg markings to more in-depth topics such as how to understand a horse’s body language and learn the history of the species. Horse trainers or riders who are well versed on these animals will most likely already know a number of facts that are mentioned in this book. But if you’re always looking for interesting factoids about equines, you’ll most likely still find yourself learning, and even laughing, at some of the Q & As, such as “Who are the Founding Fathers?” (hint: they’re not referring to John Adams or Ben Franklin); and chapter titles, which include “If You Whisper, They Will Listen,” which is all about “horse whisperer” techniques (a term some may cringe at), and even quotes, like baseball player Richie Allen’s expression, “If a horse won’t eat it, I don’t want to play on it.” BOTTOM LINE: Good for people who are just getting started, but equine aficionados should save their $14. 96


| October 2012

[ BOOK ]

[ BOOK ]

CLAUDE, THE CLUMSY CLYDESDALE, by Marion E. Altieri with illustrations by Gina Romero. 33 pages, paperback, Caballito Children’s Books (, 2011, $14.47. There are children’s books that provide sheer entertainment for kids without much of a plot, and then there are some that are heavy on plot, but the message gets lost for younger children. Claude, the Clumsy Clydesdale is neither. Horse crazy kids 7 and under will enjoy learning facts about equines—drafts in particular—such as “a foal is a baby horse” and “[Claude] weighed 200 pounds when he was born,” but won’t get bored. And illustrations depict what’s happening in this story about an awkward and clumsy horse who gains confidence when he saves a friend in trouble. The take home message—no matter how different you feel from others, you are special—is one that young kids can relate to. Mixed with the learning material about equines, this book is a perfect read for horse-crazy kids. BOTTOM LINE: A good read with a valuable lesson.

PETER LEONE’S SHOW JUMPING CLINIC: SUCCESS STRATEGIES FOR EQUESTRIAN ATHLETES, by Peter Leone and Kimberly S. Jaussi, PhD. 209 pages, hardcover, Storey Publishing (, 2012, $29.95. Equestrians who can’t attend one of Peter Leone’s show jumping clinics will be thrilled to get insight from the Olympic rider in his first book. Peter Leone’s Show Jumping Clinic addresses topics that riders of all levels can understand. The most appealing aspect of this book is that the reader can jump from one section to another, depending on their experience over fences, or how much time they have. With exercises on gymnastics, half-halting, and everything in between, it’s a great tool for trainers to come up with new lesson plans for riders. The best part? In the final chapter, there are grids of courses from top shows such as the 2010 Hampton Classic’s $250,000 FTI Grand Prix and the 1996 Olympic Games Show Jumping Competition. BOTTOM LINE: A great read for riders, whether they have 10 minutes or two days.

[ DVD ]

NINE PILATES ESSENTIALS FOR THE BALANCED RIDER WITH JANICE DULAK, Horse and Rider Books, 2012, $29.95. Sure, pilates and yoga can help you stretch out and warm up before riding, but how can you make this more effective for your time in the saddle? Janice Dulak, an expert in both dressage and pilates, shows you how. BOTTOM LINE: If you’re looking to improve your seat, this DVD can help!


equine Journal

| October 2012


Custom Barn S P E C I A L I S T

Restoration Work Also Available

We Build High Quality Custom Stables, Barns, Outbuildings & Arenas. Get the

“Pleasant” Experience!

Pleasant Ridge Builders, Inc.

S  N


October 2012

| equine Journal 99

equestrian lifestyle BUSINESS BITS new products you need

Fall Fashion

Stay comfortable in the saddle this fall while wearing the Romfh Princess Jacket. Made with a stretchy water-resistant, breathable medium weight soft-shell fabric, the jacket will keep you warm in a cooler climate and protect you from precipitation, all while preventing you from overheating during your workout. The jacket also features fun contrast stretch panels and zipper vents at the wrist and low hip areas, giving all riders the most flattering fit.

European Upgrade

In response to customer demand, Tredstep Ireland has upgraded their best-selling Donatello riding boots to a “Tall” version for the longer-legged equestrian. This classically beautiful boot is handcrafted using premium full grain nappa leather and a supple leather lining, and features a full-length, heavy-duty coil zipper, a rear stretch panel, and top gussets, resulting in an attractive, slim-fitting, contoured leg. A classic European top line, side spur rests, a rolled toe cap, and swagger tab provide the perfect finishing touches.

Kicking the Bucket

“Tri” It Out!

The Equilibrium Tri-zone Airlite Cross-Country boots, the newest addition to World Equestrian Brands’ line of high quality products, is a breath of fresh air for horses everywhere. The highly protective but lightweight boots don’t add weight to a horse’s leg and are extremely breathable. All three layers of the boots are perforated with air holes to allow sweat to evaporate to the outside, all while offering protection where it’s needed most.



| October 2012

Horse Quencher has kicked the bucket— literally! The company has swapped out the use of their 3.5 pound bucket to a 3.5 pound pouch that’s more environmentally friendly and easier for horse owners to use. The pouches are now printed using low-VOC water-based inks, making them easier to ship, and taking up less space in the barn.

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Scan this tag to view an instructional video. Get the free scanner app for your mobile phone at


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October 2012

| equine Journal 101

102 equine


| October 2012

The Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club Member Farms

October 2012

| equine Journal 103

SPEND A â&#x20AC;&#x153;TAX FREEâ&#x20AC;? SATURDAY at The Saddle Shed - October 29th Pay no tax on any items in our store! ...and check out our NEW line from HORZE & B Vertigo!


Low prices on WINTER Blankets, coolers, warm breeches & winter boots!!

;ge]\ak[gn]j Klgf]d]a_`%:mjf`Ye Yl=imaf]9^^Yaj] :ggl`0)( English & Western Tack, Supplies, Clothing & Gifts â&#x20AC;˘ BLANKET CLEANING & REPAIR â&#x20AC;˘ 508-839-3016 ONE OF NEW ENGLANDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S LARGEST DISTRIBUTORS OF FARRIER SUPPLIES


Drop off your equine laundry for clean & repair here!

104 equine



| October 2012

HUNTER/JUMPER p. 112 | EVENTING p. 121 | DRESSAGE p. 128 | MORGAN/SADDLEBRED p. 134 | DRIVING p. 140 ARABIAN p. 146 | WESTERN p. 152 | QUARTER HORSE p. 154 | AFFILIATES p. 158


October 2012

across the

Long Island Lines

Turn Ribbons into Works of Art BY PAULA RODENAS

A competitor at the Cheshire Fair Horse Show.

Cheshire Fair Horse Show

Awards Diamonds, Emeralds and More to Winners


THE CHESHIRE FAIR HORSE Show took place August 3-5, 2012, in Swanzey, NH. Competition heated up in the main ring Friday afternoon, and judges Lawrence Thurber and Kendra Owen Riley did a great job moving classes right along. Show secretary, Hazel Young, and show manager, Sue Weston, reported numbers were down a bit from

2011, due to the economy. However, those that were showing exhibited in many classes, so no one noticed a drop in entries ringside. Along with the riding classes, a Secretary’s Award was also offered to the barn that has the neatest entries. This year’s winner was Rebecca Eccard

continued on page 106

HORSE SHOW RIBBONS USUALLY wind up on a wall or in a display case, but Diana Berthold of Bellport, NY, turns them into works of art. She designs quilts and pillows made from horse show ribbons and gives them a personal touch with the addition of custom embroidery or photos. “I’m a serious quilter,” said Diana. She is also an artist, who began sketching and sewing at age nine and has worked in various mediums, including oil, pastel and watercolor. At 19, she made her own wedding gown. She has also taught art and quilting crafts for children and adults at local libraries. Diana always loved horses, although she did not grow up with an equestrian background. “It’s an innate thing,” she explained. She rode her bike to any place where she could see horses, but was too shy to talk to anyone. When she was about seven, she was impressed with the Walt Disney movie, The White Stallions, and vowed to see them. Years later, she made two trips to Vienna with her children to see the Spanish Riding School. She learned to ride at age 23 and eventually bought her own horse. continued on page 106

Welcome to the World Frost Hill Farm Miniatures celebrated the arrival of two new foals. In June, Frost Hill Idol’s Pixie Dust, and in October, Mulligans Run Silent Enchantress, came into the world. Also, congratulations go to Bailey Chalut, who shows out of Frost Hill—Chalut took two-time Reserve World Champion, Brookhavens Dynaglass Slippers, to the Maine Miniature Horse Club AMHA show in June, and the duo won AMHR Youth Champion of Champions and AMHA Youth Supreme Champion under Mulligans Run Silent Enchantress both judges. October 2012


across the northeast

Cheshire Fair Horse Show continued from page 105

of Stoney Pine Stables. The highly anticipated Cheshire Fair Pleasure Challenge classes were well filled, starting with the western qualifier on Friday evening. Taking home the Ruby necklace in this class was Baylee Smith of West Swanzey, NH, riding her Quarter Horse gelding, Gucci’s Spotlight. Baylee’s name was announced many times over the weekend. It is her first year competing in open shows, and she did awesome! The Hunt Seat Challenge class

Diana Berthold designs and creates beautiful quilts and pillows made from horse show ribbons.

Long Island Lines

continued from page 105 When she was unable to ride for health reasons, Diana continued to learn a lot about riding through scribing for dressage shows at The Knoll Farm in Brentwood. She first scribed at the 1980 tryouts for the “substitute Olympics” at Knoll, where “ballet on horseback” made a deep impression. She has earned many awards in juried quilt shows throughout the tri-state area, and many of her creations are in private collections in the United States and abroad. Each of her clients’ quilts is very personal, representing important memories that range from sheer joy to some that are bittersweet. Some are individual campaigns and others lifetime achievements. “I work closely with my clients from the very beginning and keep a constant communication throughout the process of creating their special keepsake,” said Diana, “and that is how I am able to create pieces that are unmistakably theirs. Knowing what they are looking for and incorporating photos and personalized embroideries with their names and those of their horses make these projects uniquely theirs.” Diana’s winning artwork can be seen in Long Island galleries, libraries, and at the Lighthouse Pharmacy. For more information about Diana Berthold, visit, email , or call 631-654-8165.

“A dog looks up to a man, a cat looks down on a man, but a patient horse looks a man in the eye and sees him as an equal” - author unknown

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| October 2012

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Class winners at the Cheshire Fair Horse Show.

had 17 riders trying for the emerald necklace that went home with Jessica Petersen of Reading, MA, on her Appaloosa, Magic Carpet Ride. Saturday evening ended with the final class of the challenge, the Diamond Pleasure Championship. Again, Petersen was the winner, this time taking home the beautiful, chocolate-diamond-covered horsehead necklace. Riding to center ring to pick up the award for the Novice Rider Pleasure Horse Championship was Kelsey Trombley aboard the Morgan mare, Townshend Call Me, under the instruction of Josh and Megan Merritt of Meadowmere Farm in Vernon, VT. The Morgan division is always heavy with entries, and one of the most popular classes is Morgan Hunter Pleasure. Taking home the blue ribbon and trophy in this class was Katherine Thomas of Spofford, NH, riding her gelding, MEM Hot Shot out of Meadowmere Farm. Numbers in the color breed classes were up, as it seems to get more popular every year. Taking home the tri-color champion ribbon in the Western Pleasure division was Liesl Dalpe of South Windsor, CT, aboard PC Henrys Bird Hunter. Overall, it was a great event and everyone attending had a good time. Next year’s show is set to take place August 2-4 2013. It will be the 75th anniversary of the Cheshire Fair, and several changes to the class list are planned to honor this event. For more information, visit

North haverhill Fair open Fun horse Show New Format Sees Incredible Success The NorTh haverhill Fair, held July 25-29, 2012, in haverhill, Nh, decided to make some major changes with its horse show last year—first, organizers asked Deb Sandvil to co-manage with evelyn “Bunny” elms. elms had managed the event from 1970 through 1981. it was also decided to change from a pointed show to an Sierra Stark and Buckaroo are presented with the Carl Dellinger Memorial Pleasure class trophy. open fun horse show. rhonda Watt-hettinger judged this year’s competition, with Brent Clark as ringmaster. Some of the results from the show are as follows: Jeff Urquhart, handling aren’t i a Sonny, won adult Showmanship. in Youth Showmanship, it was Kelly Cyr, handling Millbrooks Sunset Sky, who went home the winner. Big Dog Daddy, shown by heather Faulker, was victorious in Western horse in hand, while Prim Kolors, shown by emily Savage, took home the championship in english horse in hand. The Youth Walk-Trot/Jog equitation winner was Julia Dupont on Sunday’s Youth Equitation Champion Baileigh Stilings riding Fair Hill Brave Heart. equinox. in adult Walk-Trot/Jog Pleasure, it was Tenacious open range, road hack and Champion class also ridden by vickey Blaisdell, who came went to ace’s Trusty atlas, ridden by out on top; and in Youth Walk-Trot/Jog aleah Dupont. Daddy’s Broke, owned Pleasure open, Big Dog Daddy, ridden and ridden by Dan Savage, was victoby Sara Fernald, claimed first place. rious in Gentlemen’s Pleasure horse. The Junior exhibitor’s hack and Cobalt, ridden by Kate hemmerlick, Championship went to ace’s Trusty took the win in Pony Pleasure Under atlas, ridden by aleah Dupont. and, the Saddle. in the hunter Pleasure horse and Champion class, it was Buckaroo, owned and ridden by Sierra Stark, who came out on top. Teke, ridden by Jasmine harrington, was the winner in Trail horse adult Walk-Trot/Jog, while Trail horse Youth Walk-Trot/Jog was won by Cobalt, ridden by Nora appleton. in Pony Trail, Cobalt again claimed victory, this time ridden by Katie hammerlick. and, in the leadline Trail class, it was Jackie Be Nimble, ridden Keatyn horne, who took the win. Junior Exhibitor’s Hack Champion Ace’s For more information, visit Trusty Atlas ridden by Aleah Dupont.

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October 2012

| equine Journal 107

across the northeast

Central Mass horse show series August Show Sees Over 100 Entries By Will GeorGe

It was another beautIful day for the Central Mass horse show series (CMhss) show, held at Camp Marshall in spencer, Ma, on august 26. this was also the worcester County 4-h fair horse show. Jeanne Cassavant, executive director of Camp Marshall, managed it and as always, did a bang-up job with the event. there were 114 entries, and the competition was very fierce as exhibitors vied for one of the lovely year-end awards. the banquet is november 17 and will be held again at union station in worcester, Ma. riders must have competed on four of the seven show days to be eligible for yearend awards. the judges for the show were Mike Clements Collier in ring 1, Kathy Keefe in ring 2, and nancy Murphy in ring 3. they received good reviews, and

the event was done early enough for participants to enjoy the rest of the day. as always, dave st. John, Jess ruppert, and John webb were wonderful as the ringmasters and paddock masters. a big thanks goes out to all the 4-h members who pitched in as ribbon runners and gate people. donna Marshall, Jeanne Cassavant, and Judi harrington were the secretarial crew, and Kristen riner was the announcer. Classic winners included alyssa Clark and splash a ruby from willowbrook stables in the Horsemen’s Yankee Pedlar Pleasure Classic; rowan walmsley of newmarket farm won the tough-e-nuf walk trot Classic cooler. In a tight battle, Julia harriman of sunny hill just edged out Katherine stewart of Gold nugget for the two town trotters 4-hT:7.125” Classic cooler.

lindsey Madsen and red hot n real rich of willowbrook stables went home with the holiday acres hunter Challenge trophy. and, ambre theroux of tough-e-nuf survived the test in the four winds farm equitation Classic and earned the coveted equitation cooler. Julia hurlburt continued her success at the CMhss shows, with day-end awards in short stirrup hunter, equitation, and hunt seat Junior. Caslyn bennet and optical Illusion, of Quinapoxet falls farm, was a double winner, as she won both the english adult day-end award, as well as the adult hunters. a new rider at the series, Kayln tognarelli, won both the Color breed day-end award and the Quarter horse division. Mazilyn smith of Gold nugget won her first day-end in the leadline 6-8 division. the under 6 Champion was emersyn forde of hugo hill. Congratulations to them and all of the other day-end award winners. the show was also host to a special “diamond Moment.” tom Mclaren proposed to Melissa hill and won the blue. and, the answer was yes. for more information, visit

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| October 2012

7 th Annual

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The Fall Fuzzies Fun Show will offer a wide array of classes.

Fall Fuzzies Fun show Supports Breast Cancer Research for Third Straight Year The annual Fall Fuzzies horse show will be held on october 14, 2012, at the new Boston Fairgrounds in new Boston, nh. Fall Fuzzies is a long-standing october tradition to help transition into the cool, crisp autumn air. The show has been designed to offer an array of classes, which cater to all ranges of riders. The class list covers everything from halter to flat, and from mounted games to costume. and, best of all, the fan favorite Fuzziest horse, Pony or other equine award will be given out. even the donkeys come out with their fuzzies for this fun competition! returning again for the 2012 show will be the breast cancer pleasure classes, which are offered for both walk-trot and walk-trot-canter riders

with 100% of the class fees donated to the susan G. Komen Foundation. These classes were a huge success in 2010 and 2011, and the show was able to raise over $300 each year to support breast cancer research. There will also be more great prizes to offer those entering these classes for 2012. This year, show organizers have added trail classes to the lineup, and there will also be select vendors on site, including a local farrier, an equine weights and measures company, a T-shirt screening vendor, and a photographer. The show uses both the indoor and outdoor facilities, and there is always a delicious food booth available for breakfast, lunch, or snacks in between. For more information, contact Pam Martel at

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October 2012

| equine Journal 111

heads up

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hunter/jumper news hired a driver and it turned out they got a limo instead of the Lincoln Town Car they had ordered! After a day of touring wineries, they spent another night at a hotel, and then on Sunday headed back to San Fran and home. Amanda is such a hard worker, and we’re glad she got a nice break!

GLORY DAYS Was everyone but us at Fenway Park to catch the Bruce Springsteen show? Seems that way…Melissa Welch was there with Sean Rogers for Melissa’s birthday! Also in attendance were Matt and Wendy Brayman, and Rebecca and Sara Green. Everyone said the show rocked! Next time we want an invite!

KUDOS! Congratulations to Ava Stearns of Martha’s Vineyard on a fabulous outing at Pony Finals! Ava was on top of the standby list for the whole first round of ponies in the Pony Medal Finals—196 ponies to be exact! And, after final testing, she walked away with a third place ribbon and a bronze medal to boot! Big thanks to Val Renihan, who helped Ava at the show, and of course to Mindy Darst, who loaned Ava the pony she rode.

FUN, FOOD AND WINE Boy, are we jealous of Amanda Steege, who went on an amazing girls’ weekend getaway! Jamie 112 EQUINE


| October 2012

Auletto (Grand Amateur Champion at Devon 2012 on Winnetoe), Lisa Arena (Amanda’s customer and owner of Balou and Endo Fino), and Amanda’s best friend and college roommate from Boston College were all scheduled to go, but unfortunately, Lisa’s flights were canceled due to bad weather. The other three arrived in San Francisco on Thursday and spent the night at the Omni Hotel. On Friday, they rented a car and headed to Napa Valley where they stayed at a deluxe hotel. The first day, they indulged in spa treatments and hung out at the pool, and they finished off the night with a gourmet meal at a French restaurant. The next day, they

WEDDING BELLS Congratulations to former New England star junior, Sarah Willeman, who married lifelong equestrian, Philip Richter, in July! Sarah and Philip were married at Philip’s family’s Coker Farm in Bedford, NY, and currently live in New York City. Among Sarah’s bridesmaids were jumper rider Erynn Ballard and reining star Mandy McCutcheon. Sarah looked gorgeous in an antique-style dress! Best wishes for this wonderful couple!

HIP HIP HOORAY! Three cheers for Grazing Fields Farm for continuing to raise the bar with their horse shows! Grazing Fields hosted the first annual New England Summer Classic horse show, and everyone had a great time. The courses were fabulous with option jumps, coops, and other derby-like fences. Riders had the chance to take written horsemanship tests, and their scores from the horsemanship were combined with their scores from the Classic rounds to determine the winners. Even short-stirrup riders and amateurs got a chance to take a horsemanship test! We hear the idea for the horsemanship tests was the brainchild of Kathy Fletcher and Cookie Desimone, of Woodridge Farm, who was a sponsor of the show. Other sponsors included Riverwind Farm and SmartPak™. Winners came

continued on page 114

SUCCESSFUL OUTING Sydney Berube, who rides with Cornerstone Farm from Haverhill, MA, competed her three ponies at the HITS Children’s Hunter Pony Finals at Saugerties. The Magic Word was fourth Sarah Willeman with her new husband, Philip Richter, and her famous equitation overall in the smalls, scoring a ribbon in every horse, Grappa.


CONGRATULATIONS TO 15-YEAR-OLD ASHLEY Fatur of Londonderry, NH, and her horse, Rori. She recently competed in her first rated show, the Jumper Classic, with great results. In a total of eight classes, Ashley won three first place ribbons, three seconds, two thirds, plus two championship ribbons with no dropped rails. Her championship wins were in the .90 meter and Low Child Adult division. She was very consistent and had such a successful week for this big event.

phase. Something About’em was 10th overall in the mediums, also ribboning in every phase. Manhattan was ninth overall in the larges. Not too shabby!

across the northeast

darragh Kenny triumphs To Earn First Place in the Vermont Summer Festival’s $10,000 Open Jumper High Score Awards week two, he rode north star’s cyrina Z to a third place finish in the $5,000 open Jumper 1.40m, finished eighth in the $10,000 Five seasons welcome stake riding the wannahave Group’s Lipton de L’othain, and earned the 11th place prize in the $30,000 Battenkill Grand Prix aboard Mavis spencer’s Valentino. in week four, Kenny won the $10,000 Kenneth cole welcome stake riding rachael Barnes’ tonic and also finished sixth with Missy clark’s eskador star and eighth with spencer’s Valentino. he also won the $5,000 open Jumper 1.40m that week riding eskador star and placed fifth with Missy clark/north run’s Bazooka de Muze. in the $30,000 Mount equinox Grand Prix, Kenny finished second aboard tonic, third aboard Valentino, and ninth aboard Bazooka de Muze. throughout week five, Kenny won the $5,000 open Jumper 1.40m with Lipton de L’othain and finished second riding Bazooka de Muze, fifth with Valentino, and sixth riding Missy clark/north run’s con air. the $10,000 Vineyard Vines welcome stake earned him more points after he finished second riding Lipton de L’othain and eighth aboard Bazooka de Muze. in the $30,000 Manchester & the Mountains Grand Prix, Lipton de L’othain placed 10th and Valentino finished 12th. during week six, Kenny rode north star’s Umberto to sixth place and cyrina Z to a seventh place finish in the $5,000 open Jumper 1.40m for the week. he guided Paulexi LLc’s Quastor Van de helle Z to a seventh place prize in the $10,000 not your daughter’s Jeans welcome stake. he also finished second aboard Lipton de L’othain and ninth riding Valentino in the final $50,000 Vermont summer celebration Grand Prix. Maria teresa torano, Danielle torano and daughter Natalia, and Mary and antonio albertini congratulate DarFor more information, ragh kenny (second from left) on winning the $10,000 please visit vt-summerfesopen Jumper High score award. For the second year in a row, darragh Kenny was the winner of the $10,000 open Jumper high score awards, presented by sir ruly, inc. at the Vermont summer Festival in east dorset, Vt. held July 4 through august 12 at harold Beebe Farm, the Vermont summer Festival completed six weeks of competition in which riders vied for the coveted bonus. he finished the circuit with 200 points to win the $5,000 first place bonus for the second consecutive year. Kenny also won the award in 2009 and placed third in 2010. Ken Berkley of Flemington, nJ, earned the $3,000 second place prize with a 182-point total. devin ryan of Long Valley, nJ, took home a $2,000 bonus for third place with 98 points. ryan had finished second in the standings in 2011. the $10,000 open Jumper high score awards, presented by sir ruly, inc., now serves as a legacy and reminder of raul “ruly” torano’s generosity and commitment to show jumping excellence, both at the Vermont summer Festival and to the sport as a whole. Kenny raked in the points during his four weeks at the show riding for John Brennan and Missy clark’s north run, which is based in warren, Vt. during

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| October 2012

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continued from page 112 home with amazing prizes including huge trophies, gorgeous ribbons, gift cards from SmartPak, halters and bridles, and $250 and $500 trainers’ awards. Thank you GFF for thinking outside of the typical horse show box, enhancing our local show circuit, and helping to promote horsemanship among riders!

Book Release local author and judge, ann Jamieson, will see the fourth volume of For the Love of the Horse released shortly. Featuring Boyd Martin and neville Bardos, Tina Konyot and Calecto V, and Paralympian Donna Ponessa, along with ice road Trucker lisa Kelly, the book is sure to be a fave and a great gift item. Check it out at!

Way to Go! Holland nievergelt and her pony, Glynhafan red Kestrel, just returned from Kentucky where they participated in Pony Finals. They competed in the large Green Pony Hunter division and finished third overall out of 77 entrants. They were 12th in the model, 25th in the under saddle, and fourth over fences. The combined score of 992 ended up putting them in third overall, only a few points from the champion spot. Holland and K.P. [Glynhafan red Kestrel] started their journey together three years ago when Holland and her mom purchased K.P., who is a registered half Welsh pony, as a four-year-old. Holland and her mom did the early training and then enlisted Beth Gold from Saddle rowe Farm as their trainer. Holland and her mom knew he had the talent to go to Pony Finals, and Beth helped get him there. nicely done!

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2012 Rhode Island Equitation Championship

Special Thank You to Kim Janson & Mark DeBlasio


1st - Michael Janson 2nd - Hannah Janson 4th - Lauren Henry






& Wellington, FL October 2012

| equine Journal 115

across the northeast

Hunter/Jumper contact listings

Blue Meadow Farm (lts) 120 nobscot rd., Sudbury, Ma 01776 978-443-4800 Beacon Woods Stables (tsl) Mick & laurie Paternoster, owners Kris Bramley, Trainer 99 Beacon Woods lane, South Glastonbury, CT 06073 860-430-2606 barn; 860-601-0670 cell Crossen Arabians and Warmbloods (bs) 1209 South St., Coventry, CT 06238 860-742-6486 Evenstride (btsl) 26 orchard St., Byfield, Massachusetts 978-465-9119 Grazing Fields Farm (tsl) 201 Bournedale rd. Buzzards Bay, Ma 02532 508-759-3763 Holly Hill Farm (tsl) 240 Flint St., Marston Mills, Ma 02648 508-428-2621, Horseman’s Exchange, LLC Tack & apparel Consignment 294 Great rd., rte. 119 littleton, Ma 01460 978-486-0008, 978-779-6119 fax New England Equitation Championships Cookie DeSimone 617-347-6413 amy eidson 401-789-5206 Kelley Small 508-835-1110 Phoenix Rising Horse Farm (tsl) 260 Pound Hill road north Smithfield, ri 401-766-5500

continued on page 118 116 equine


| October 2012

Massachusetts hunter/ Jumper Finals Draws 280 Riders to Halifax, MA Two hundred and eighTy riders gathered at Fieldstone Show Park to participate in the 2012 Massachusetts hunter Jumper (MhJ) Finals, held on august 26, 2012. alex Sharp of rohoboth, Ma, and her pony, Shenandoah, surpassed a field of 42 riders to claim victory in the MhJ Short Stirrup Medal Final. Second place was awarded to Savannah Sugar and her mount, Farnley Jumping Jack, owned by Jennifer Combs, while hayley Minar and Feel the rhythm finished third. Competition continued at MhJ Adult 18-35 Medal Champions Mariel Saccucci and Finals with the second largest division of the day, the MhJ Mini Medal. Barnabee. Fifty-six riders qualified for this year’s Mini Medal Final. in the end, it was 13-year-old Madeline Szurley of Lincoln, ri, who captured the championship tri-color. reserve honors were awarded to Colette Cacciatore and Vincitore’s Legacy, while grace Jackson and romeo claimed third. as the day approached noon, the top 12 MhJ adult Mini Medal riders took to the arena for their final test. Caroline Lake and robin harkins of Jay Sargent’s Sandy Point Stables claimed an emotional champion and reserve, giving them the top spot over 23 qualifiers, while harkins Alex Szurley receives her MHJ Mini Medal Award and Cabernet finished second. with her trainer and parents. Third place honors went to Cate rodriguez atop her mount, Juliette. immediately after the adult Mini Medal phase competitors to capture the win. Samantha hamzavi and opening day presentation, Lindsey Zuckerman of north Kingston, ri, emerged victorious in finished in reserve, while Sydney north the Children’s horse Medal Final atop her and Sunlight took third. The adult 18-35 Medal Final, drew mount, Pilota. Maeve Foley and Cap’n 29 competitors to the arena, but in the Crunch finished in second, while Sarah end, Mariel Saccucci and Barnabee Borel and gira-gi took third. in MhJ Junior Medal competition, abby were named the 2012 adult 18-35 Medal Champions. reserve honors went to Kate Bertelson of weston, Ma, claimed the Mahoney and Beaulieu’s Cool eric, while championship tri-color atop her mount, natalie harley took third atop Coach. eclypso. reserve honors went to anna J. The final group of riders took the rea of Ponte Verde FL, atop Van Zandt, arena for the adult over 30 Medal Final. while Madeleine Swem of duxbury, Ma, Julie Petrini of Framingham, Ma, was finished third atop Famous Last words. named the 2012 champion atop her as the day began to wind down, 19 mount, gambini. reserve honors were MhJ Children’s Pony Medal qualifiers awarded to nellee Fine and Lumiro, took to the arena, aiming for victory. while Susan M. amelotte and watch hill ultimately, nicole Lindquist and claimed third. Thunder Jam surpassed a field of 12 flat

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• Two indoor arenas • Top quality Eurofelt footing

• “A” show jumps • Great prizes

Fall Hunter Series Open Hunter Shows October 21 November 25 December 16 WNE-PHA Recognized

Clinic with Richard Watson Sunday, October 28 – Monday, October 29

Privates, Semi Privates, and Groups available Flat Lesson, Stadium Jumping, or X-Country (pending seasonal XC course)

Gold Cooler Open Jumper Shows November 18 December 30

Richard Watson is one of the industry’s most well-regarded horse professionals. He travels all over the country giving clinics and lessons from walk/trot to grand prix jumping. Richard specializes in helping riders at all levels develop greater feel and believes this is at the heart of promoting good horsemanship, whatever the discipline.

Sunrise Pleasure Horse Show Series October 20 Focus on Riding Admissions Event November 15 & 16

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Century Mill StableS Lessons & Training | Boarding | Sales & Leases Shows - IEA Team Beautiful Facility, Attention to Detail and Individualized Care 64 acre farm with hacking fields 100' x 200' lighted sand outdoor 60' x 80' sand outdoor dressage ring 140' x 72' indoor with Eurofelt footing 60' sand roundpen

Jai Smith-Rezac, Head Trainer & Owner 185 Century Mill Road, Bolton, MA 01740

978-779-2934 |

October 2012

| equine Journal 117


across the northeast « Jeffery Welles and Aries jumped their way to the win in the $100,000 Strongid C 2X Grand Prix.

Jeffery Welles and aries Claim $100,000 Strongid® C 2X Grand Prix at HITS Saugerties Jeffery Welles Was the ultimate winner on sunday, august 5, at hits saugerties in saugerties, Ny, as he and aries jumped to a win in the $100,000 strongid® C 2X Grand Prix, presented by Pfizer animal health. With this win, Welles had earned over $48,000 aboard aries on the road to the Pfizer million. after producing the third clear round of the day over Danny foster’s course, Welles piloted aries—a nine-year-old gelding owned by Noel love Gross—to the top of a 31-horse field and used an impressively big stride to beat all

comers in the jump-off. he was later joined by two more riders in a fivehorse second round. “i took this horse to his very first show after Noel [love Gross] bought him as a four-year-old and it is nice to see all the pieces come together,” said Welles. “he has been quite a project, but i always knew he was a talented jumper and he tried his heart out today.” foster challenged each rider with tall verticals and tricky distances. his triple combination at fence five was, according to Welles, the hardest part of the course. the b-c element of that

combination returned as the fourth effort in an eight-obstacle jump-off. first to appear in the second round was Patricia Griffith of White Plains, Ny, in the irons of her own Wieminka B. she posted the first clear round of the day over the original course and was on her way to double clear when she clipped a rail at the final fence of the jump-off and settled for fifth place with four faults in a time of 49.40 seconds. Griffith also found glory in the hunter ring over the weekend. she won the $5,000 Devoucoux hunter Prix at hits saugerties on saturday, august 4. following Griffith was Cara raether of Palm Beach, fl, aboard trelawny farm, llC’s saskia 269. she set the Great american time to Beat with a clear round in a time of 46.58 seconds. her glory was short lived, however, as Welles took to the ring next. Despite a deep distance and a hard rub at one of the final fences, Welles and aries produced the winning time of 44.99 seconds. Christine mcCrea of east Windsor, Ct, and Candy tribble and Windsor show stables’ Wannick Wh were next in the jump-off and went clear in 46.94 seconds. they, however, were knocked to fourth place when michael hughes of morriston, fl, closed out the jumpoff with a clear round in 46.45 seconds. hughes piloted Christina fried’s macarthur to a redeeming secondplace finish. for more information on horse shows in the sun, visit

continued from page 116 Volo Farm (btsl) 84 Powers rd., Westford, Ma 01886 978-692-7060

PHotos esi PHotograPHy

Walnut Hill Farm (btsl) Kellie Monaghan Plainville, Ma 508-699-1900 b=breeding, t=training, s=sales, l=lessons

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| October 2012

Michael Hughes and MacArthur earned second place.


across the northeast

Kent Farrington and Voyeur Finish Fastest in three-horse Jump-off In the Hampton Classic’s $250,000 FTI Grand Prix

toP Photo: shawn McMillen; bottoM Photo: Parker/russell-the book llc

Kent Farrington set the pace as the first rider to go in the decisive jump-off for the $250,000 Fti grand prix at the 37th annual hampton classic horse show held in Bridgehampton, nY, on august 26 to september 2, and it was a pace his two competitors couldn’t match. riding Voyeur, Farrington, of chicago, iL, was the first starter in the jump-off, and the duo kept all eight jumps standing as they sped to a time of 47.53 seconds. Farrington won $82,500 and added to the lead he was already holding in the north american east coast League of the Fei World cup. irish rider, shane sweetnam, just brushed the front rail of the oxer in front of the packed grandstand on amaretto D’arco to finish with four faults in 48.04 seconds. Molly ashecawley and carissimo slipped badly on the 180-degree turn to the same oxer before leaping awkwardly and demolishing the jump. they regrouped, though, to cross the finish line with just those four faults in a time of 55.19 seconds. Farrington and Voyeur were the ninth starters in the first round, and for a while, it looked as if they’d be the only faultless pair and be able to win without a jump-off. But, Farrington said he was always getting ready for the jump-off.

“i think you give yourself a false sense of hope if you think you can win it that way,” said Farrington, 31. “i told guilherme [Jorge, the course designer] before the class that i thought there’d be between three and seven clears.” galloping fast and turning tightly Kent Farrington rides Voyeur to the win in the from the start, Farrington didn’t leave $250,000 FTI Grand Prix at the 37th Annual Hampton Classic Horse Show. much room for sweetnam, 31, and ashe-cawley, 41, to beat him. sweetnam some riders were forced to make a tight said he saw Farrington’s round, “and, i turn into the final line of jumps. ten knew i had to go. i thought i was horses lowered the top rail of the last oK [turning into the oxer that amaretto fence, including defending champions D’arco lowered], but then i wasn’t. Mclain Ward and antares F, the first pair he just touched it,” said sweetnam, to face the course’s challenge. who rides for spy coast Farm. For a full wrap-up from the hampton amaretto D’arco is a 12-year-old classic, visit Belgian-bred stallion. guilherme Jorge’s course TRAINING SALES proved quite a BOARDING LESSONS challenge to the 35 riders and horses that started. the final jump (fence 14), a narrow vertical, set four strides after a scope-testing oxer, caused the most faults. since the time allowed was difficult to make,

Join us in Ocala this Winter! Quality and Experience just 20 miles south of Boston. Carl Catani, Owner/Trainer

781-826-8543 Trainers: Abigail Greer, Deb Sloan, Deirdre Catani & Susan Boyer Shane Sweetnam and Amaretto D’Arco earned second place. October 2012

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Esterbrook Farm offers a unique opportunity you may not find at another barn. Top show horses and a relaxed environment. Come ride with us!

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eventing news

[LEFT] Boyd Martin watches a clinic participant through the gymnastic line at Stony Brook Farm. [RIGHT] Katie Murphy aboard Esccord RGS at the Huntington Farm Horse Trials.

Boyd Martin was recently found at Stony Brook Farm in Peterborough, NH, teaching a clinic on September 1-2. On Saturday, the group worked on show jumping, with half the session on gymnastics, and half jumping a course. Sunday was spent schooling cross-country. Riders from Beginner Novice through Preliminary participated, and the farm reports that everyone came away learning a lot, with homework to work on. While at the farm, Boyd also got to see Ying Yang Yo (aka Thomas) for the first time since they competed together at the Luhmuehlen four-star in Germany. Thomas’ owner, Denise Lahey, rode him in the clinic.

JUMPING JUGGERNAUT Katie Murphy of Murphy Eventing, LLC and Esccord RGS continued their strong performance at the Open Novice Level this season. “Garth,” a four-year-old Hanoverian, won at the Snowfields Horse Trials with a score of 25, Huntington Farm Horse Trials on a score of 27.4, and Valinor Farm Horse Trials on a score of 27.8. This is Garth’s first competitive season, during which he has incurred no stadium or cross-country

jumping faults. Katie is excited to compete him in the fouryear-old Young Event Horse East Coast National Championships in Maryland this October!

track since November; Tesla took him on as an independent study at Alfred University and then bought him as her next event horse.



Andrea Waldo of Triple Combination Farm in Ferrisburgh, VT, reports that the facility spent August transitioning several college students in and out of the farm: Tesla Parker returned to Alfred University for her senior year; longtime student, Samone Schneider, began her first year at Denison University; another longtimer, Josie Stout, has graduated from William Hobart Smith and is now back with Triple Combination and attends medical school at the University of Vermont; Sarah Brennan Allen just recently moved to Brooklyn, NY, after graduating from UVM; and the farm welcomed back Middlebury College students, Anna Carroll and Fiona Rogerson, after their summer vacation. Waldo also congratulates rider Tesla Parker, who took eighth place in Open Beginner Novice at the Millbrook Horse Trials with her off-the-track Thoroughbred, The Butler. “Ryker” has only been off the

Course Brook Farm (CBF) out of Sherborn, MA, is holding a raffle fundraiser to help fund new cross-country fences at their facility. The first drawing of prizes was held September 3, with the following taking home top-notch prizes: Elizabeth Davidson won a cross-country schooling at CBF and 10 lbs. of Platinum Performance; Karen Whitney won a riding lesson with Stephie Baer and a Sherborn Out gift basket; Anna Billings won a riding lesson with Carol Mayo and a Kerrits show shirt; Rica Trujillo won a lesson with Carol Mayo and a performance horse book; Jackie Martin also won a lesson with Carol Mayo; Ariana Cora won an equine braiding by Janet Sinclair and a Dover Saddlery all-purpose sheepskin half pad; Kim Eagan won a Dover Saddlery halter and leadline and a $75 Blue on Highland Restaurant gift certificate; John Mayo won a one hour personal training session at Gold’s Gym; Janet Mitchell won a $25 Windy

Lo Nursery gift certificate; and Diane Whitney won a Sherborn Wine & Spirits bottle of wine. Congratulations to all! The second drawing will take place October 13. Speaking of Course Brook, the farm welcomed a number of new faces to their facility this August, including: Noodle and Summer, owned by Kristin and Talia Freundlich; Elliot, owned by Nancy, Jon, and Emily Young; and Carmen, owned by Sara and Zoe Michas.

FABULOUS FINISH The Career2 Grand Finale, designed to promote the re-training of off-the-track Thoroughbreds for eventing, was held at the Millbrook Horse Trials August 3-5. First place winners of the program were as follows: Linda Pressmar on Storming Ocean in the Beginner Novice division; Jack Walnes on The Country Gentleman in the Novice division; Cindy Welch on Just Jack in the Training division; Debbie Foote on Fly Me Courageous in the Preliminary division; Kathryn Reed on Parker and Sarah Cousins on Tsunami III tied for first place in the Intermediate division; and Laine Ashker on Anthony Patch won the Advanced division. October 2012




across the northeast

Caroline Donnan won in Open Training aboard Black Brook’s Rose.

huntington Farm horse Trials Offers New Cross-Country and Stadium Fences By StephAnie MAllick

The hunTingTon Farm horse Trials, held on august 19, 2012, in south strafford, VT, was a glorious day. The facility built new cross-country and stadium jumps since Tropical storm irene blew through last fall, and had perfect footing and ideal weather for the day. on cross-country, the event offered a gentle, straightforward Beginner novice

course; and a rolling, rhythmic novice course with an appropriately challenging in-and-out and a ditch, and a bending line to a coop. huntington also offered a novice/Training division and a Training course—which proved technically difficult at the water—in which only one rider went double-clear. The Preliminary/Training course was excellent. and, as always, the stadium proved fun but technically tough—as many rails were down—featuring numerous verticals and oxers appropriately, but closely, spaced, with varying terrain. many competitors were thrilled to see 1984 olympic Team gold medalist, Torrance Watkins, riding at the event; Denny emerson coaching after last year’s accident; and Tom Davis riding two training horses in the same division since his back injury two years ago. along with a trophy for the winner and eight ribbons awarded per division, Tim and Lynn Cook gave the Perpetual Flashdance memorial Trophy, which was presented to the lowest scoring adult amateur (over 40) novice rider. The award was created in Stephanie Mallick won the Flashdance Award aboard Acquittal.

122 equine


| October 2012

memory of the special event horse, Flashdance. it was bestowed upon stephanie mallick, who, aboard acquittal, competed in her first novice event at age 46. it was with their double-clear cross-country score that the duo earned the trophy. The first place winners of each division were as follows: in Preliminary/ Training, Jacqueline gilbert, aboard sea squall, took the top spot. open Training was claimed by Caroline Donnan and Black Brook’s rose. Tracie sales won open Training/novice with Champ. grace reilly and navajo were victorious in Junior novice. in open novice a, it was Katie murphy, aboard esccord rgs, at the top of the leader board, while open novice B was taken by meagan Wood on myles to go. in Junior Beginner novice, maura eldridge claimed first place with Daddy said Yes, and in open Beginner novice, it was Jane hamlin who ended in pole position aboard Fernhill King mustard. For more information on huntington Farm, visit For full results from the horse trials, visit

Eventing contact listings Bevin O’Reilly (tl) Brattleboro, VT 413-478-1661 Kimberly Cartier Dome (tl) Candia, nH 03034 603-483-0171 Stoneleigh-Burnham School (tl) 574 Bernardston road, Greenfield, MA 01301 413-774-2711 • fax 413-772-2602 Winchester Stables (tsl) Bevin o’reilly Dugan 336 river road, newfane, VT 05345 802-365-9434 b=breeding, t=training, s=sales, l=lessons

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(thiS pAGe) top photo: JoAn DAviS/FlAtlAnDSFoto; BottoM photo: JeSSie BerMAn; (opposiTe page) pHoTos: Joan DaVis/FlaTlanDsFoTo


across the northeast


GMha Three-Day events Take Center Stage at Festival of Eventing by gaelyn Foster

The Green MounTain horse association (GMha) Festival of eventing concluded its SmartPak™ equine uSea Training Three-Day event, as well as their novice Three-Day event on Thursday, august 9, just before beginning their august horse Trials. Forty-seven riders were divided up into four divisions as they competed in the classic format event in Woodstock, VT. Going home with a first place finish in the open Training division was erin renfroe from Concord, Ma, and her sevenyear-old irish Sport horse gelding, Porter Creek. erin and Porter Creek held the lead from the beginning with a dressage score of 24.8 and added no jumping or time penalties. “i had a great time at the event,” erin said. “i thought it was really well run and organized. i think the educational aspect of the three-day was the best part of it. “My horse, Porter Creek, ran very well,” erin said. “he was a bit confused when we trotted out at the start of cross-country and there were no jumps! i think the roads and tracks and steeplechase were most fun for me. i still had a couple of sticky jumps at the beginning of D phase, both on my part and his, but felt that in the second half of the

(Above) Erin Renfroe and Porter Creek were winners of the Open Training division. (Left) Nancy Read and Denvers Jovial Lass took first place in the Open Novice division.

course, he really settled into a better pace. i was really happy with the overall experience.” Paige Crotty, from Southborough, Ma, won the Junior Training division at GMha aboard roseann Mainero’s 12-year-old oldenburg mare, She’s Gigi. The pair was in second place after dressage with a 35.7, but claimed their first-place finish after double-clear jumping rounds. For their wins in the SmartPak equine uSea Training Three-Day, erin and Paige divided the prizes of a Five Star Tack bridle, a SmartPak Wellfleet halter and engraved lead, a pair of FiTS breeches, and a $200 Point Two giftcertificate. They were also entered in a drawing to win a Stackhouse Saddle,

Millbrook horse Trials Conclude With Large Crowd, New Champions The 12Th annuaL MiLLbrooK horse Trials concluded on Sunday, august 5, under cloudy skies, warm temperatures and a huge crowd that cheered on a new slate of champion horses and riders at every level from beginner novice to advanced. “it was another terrific year,” said Millbrook horse Trials President, Louise Meryman. “We had a great field of riders and horses, an interesting

and challenging course that included a revamped water complex, and thousands of enthusiastic spectators who have come to distinguish our event.” a record 480 horses participated in the horse trials, with all proceeds set to go to the Dutchess Land Conservancy. Phillip Dutton and boyd Martin, both members of the u.S. olympic eventing Team, traveled to Millbrook just days after competing in the summer games

a year’s supply of SmartPaks, and a Fleeceworks™ saddle pad set. in the Junior novice division, 13-year-old Katie Lichten from hamilton, Ma, won with a final score of 25.7. aboard the 17-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding, Silent Faith, Katie added no jumping or time faults to her dressage score throughout the event. nancy read, from Sandwich, nh, won the open novice division with her 18-year-old Connemara mare, Denvers Jovial Lass, with a score of 27.7. The pair ended the competition on their dressage score. For more information on and full results from the GMha three-day events, as well as their inaugural Festival of eventing, visit - Courtesy of USEA

in London. Dutton rode four horses at Millbrook, claiming first place in the advanced b division with Young Man on a score of 37.30. Martin also rode four, all at the upper levels. bruce “buck” Davidson, an international event rider who was an alternate for the u.S. olympic team, competed 10 horses. he took the win in both the advanced a division aboard ballynoe Castle rM, as well as open intermediate b with no More rocks. Millbrook also served as the grand finale of the new Career2 program, which was designed to promote

continued on page 124 October 2012

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southern New Hampshire dressage & Combined Training Association Summer Show a “Hot” Success!

Buck Davidson won the Advanced division aboard Ballynoe Castle RM for the third straight year.

Millbrook Horse Trials

continued from page 123 eventing as a second career for Thoroughbreds, many of which come off the racetrack at young ages. About 250 horses registered in the program, which began just two months prior to the event, with funding from the New York racing Association and the New York Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association. About 100 of the participants competed in the grand finale at Millbrook. “The response has been tremendous,” said Career2 Co-founder, Beth Ledy. “it’s clear that eventers really appreciate and embrace the Thoroughbred. Based on all the interest, we’re hoping that the program can be expanded in the future.” Career2 grand finale first-place winners in all divisions each received $700, while second-place finishers received $300. “Waterviews,” a new program that offered a prime seat above the exciting water complex, lunch, and refreshments for a $35 contribution, was completely sold out. “We had an extraordinary response from nearly 100 people,” Ledy said. “Clearly, this is a program we will have to think about expanding next year.” Boyd Martin took time out of his competition schedule to provide insightful and entertaining commentary on the Advanced Level horses and riders for Waterviews patrons. Though warm and humid throughout the weekend, the weather held until the last rider completed stadium jumping. Then, as if on cue, it started to rain. For a complete list of final results, visit 124 equine


| October 2012

Over 50 riders and their equine partners braved the over 90-degree heat on July 15 to strut their stuff at the southern New Hampshire dressage & Combined Training Association’s summer dressage schooling show. The show was held at the always popular University of New Hampshire (UNH) show grounds. With over 100 tests, ranging from intro to second Level, the riders, judges, and volunteers all kept busy. The two rings were expertly Paige Agrella shows Officer Toby, a retired police horse from judged by Leslie de Oklahoma City, in Training Level Test 3. Grandmaison (l) and Willette Brown (r). Class winners from the summer show several riders took advantage of the are listed below, and the complete show location to school at the UNH facility results are available on the sNHdCTA prior to the rated dressage show held a website. Congratulations to everyone on few weeks later. Other riders used the your great rides! show as an opportunity to ride their first dressage test or move up to a more Show ReSultS challenging level. Dressage equitation: 1. leah lemay/Dee’s Dusty image. Carabell Photography took some intro a Junior: 1. audrey stamatelos/good golly terrific professional photos at the Miss Molliegh. show, and the images are available for intro a aDult: 1. Paul sullivan/Belyea raise the Praise. purchase at intro B Junior: 1. ashley Martin/Blond asset. shows like this are only possible intro B aDult: 1. Angela Pandolfi/All That Glitters. because of our wonderful volunteers. intro C Junior: 1. anja stadelmann/nott. A huge “thank you” to Karen O’Malley, intro C aDult: 1. Angela Pandolfi/All That Glitters. Lydia Neusch, Lisa smith, Hilary Millet, training level test 1 Junior: 1. Claire Durfee/santa Baby. elaine rose, dorothy Komarek, debi training level test 1 aDult: 1. Kara riley-King/Baloo. Barka, Yvette rose, Torey Neusch, training level test 2 Junior: 1. lindsay o’Hara/ Martin Neusch, Kat villemaire, and Lani neon Prince. Wicks-reilly. training level test 2 aDult: 1. Kara riley-King/Baloo. The fall dressage schooling show training level test 3 Junior: 1. irena Kuzma/trinity. took placeon september 23 at UNH, training level test 3 aDult: 1. laura Derick/Mac. and a “Learn to event” clinic is set for First level test 1: 1. Mary stadelmann/garmt B. september 29 at Green Acres stables First level test 2: 1. irena Kuzma/trinity. in Madbury, NH. More information First level test 3: 1. Mary stadelmann/garmt B. and entry forms are available online at seConD level test 1: 1. Polly shields/enchanted rose.

(tHis Page) leFt PHoto: Pat iKe; rigHt PHoto: erin Cosgrove; (oPPosite Page) CloCKwise FroM toP leFt PHotos: CinDy arenDt PHotograPHy; Diane Horton; Diane Horton; CinDy arenDt PHotograPHy

suBMitteD By erin Cosgrove

across the northeast


[ equine journal affiliate ]

the Connecticut Dressage & Combined training Association Hosts Another Successful Schooling Show SuBMiTTeD By CHeryl MaTTHeWSon

On July 22, the COnneCtiCut Dressage & Combined training Association (CDCtA) held its second schooling dressage and combined training show of 2012. the show was held at Mystic Valley hunt Club in Gales Ferry, Ct. Dressage classes were judged by Deb Moynihan, “l” and leanne Bouffard Schroeder, “l.” thirtyeight combined training and 45 dressage riders rode down the centerline. Awards were given to both members and non-members for best scores in combined training and for high points in dressage. Additionally, a surprise award was given by each judge for best competitor turnout and best harmony between horse and rider. Keep reading to find out who received these prestigious awards! Photos from the show can be found on the website of Cindy Arendt Photography at Special thanks to the Mystic Valley hunt Club staff for helping us run a great show and to all the volunteers

(Above) Cailey Fay on The Pocket Pony. (Left) Olivia Renesen on Cooper.

who made it run smoothly. CDCtA depends on its volunteers, and you are each greatly appreciated! Congratulations to show organizer, Donna legere, and show secretary, Selby Wajcs, for a successful event. Show ReSultS Combined Training division winners: Training: 1. Joanne Murphy, Tucker. novice: 1. Gwenen reeve, rowan. Beginner novice: 1. ann Bowie, Paradox Pippin. elementary a: 1. emily Berman, Dillon. elementary B: 1. emily Wilson, Moose on the loose. Walk-Trot: 1. Julia Marrinan, Gebresse lassie. Dressage class winners: intro a: 1. ann Bowie, Jasmine. intro B: 1. ann Bowie, Jasmine. intro C: 1. Sara Fulton, Just My Bill. Training level Test 1: 1. amy Macha, Zeta Tauri. Training level Test 2: 1. Jean Morrison, la Bonita. Training level Test 3: 1. Brooke nelson, leander. First level Test 1: 1. Brooke nelson, leander. First level Test 2: 1. Jackie reis, nokota nitro. First level Test 3: 1. Karen norton, red Baron. Second level Test 1: 1. Cheryl Matthewson, Zilbergeist.

Amy Macha on Zeta Tauri.

HIGH POINT AWARDS Combined Training: CDCTa Member Best Score: emily Wilson, Moose on the loose. Junior CDCTa Member Best Score: Cailey Fay, The

Emily Wilson on Moose on the Loose. Pocket Pony. non-Member Best Score: Gwenen reeve, rowan/ Dressage: CDCTa Member Best Score: ann Bowie, Jasmine. Junior CDCTa Member Best Score: amy Macha, Zeta Tauri. non-Member Best Score: Jean Morrison, la Bonita. Special Recognition: Best Turnout in ring 1: olivia renesen, Cooper. Best Harmony in ring 2: Jean Morrison, la Bonita.

October 2012

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| October 2012

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October 2012

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dressage news

CONGRATULATIONS TO RIPLEY AND RHYANA, owned and bred by Crossen Warmbloods, for their performances at the Brookside I and II Horse Show. Ripley won the Yearling Geldings class on both days, while Rhyana won the Two-Year-Old Fillies class and the Fillies Championship both days. Together, the two young horses took the Breeders Group at both horse shows. Well done!

Hof Mendenhall Farm of Groton, MA, recently sold Loreto HM. Congratulations to Grand Prix rider, Mary Ann and Tri Ventures LLC of Wellington, FL, on the purchase of this very talented colt!

Windhorse at Centerline It was a stellar weekend of showing at the Centerline Events, LLC, Saugerties competition for Windhorse Farm riders and horses. Highlights include: Diana Mukpo’s Grand Prix win on her partner, Pascal; Mary Bahniuk Lauritsen’s high point score of 75.5% on Nicole Polaski’s gelding, Ansgar, and his reserve champion placing in the East Coast Riders Cup; Joanna Sentissi’s Third Level Adult 128 EQUINE


| October 2012

Amateur win on her gelding, Attraction, and her Fourth Level debut on Ziezo; and, Regan Salm’s Third Level Junior win on her horse, Braveheart.

Year-end Fun The New England Dressage Association (NEDA) offers special year-end awards to members of its organization, the largest single-chapter Group Member Organization (GMO) in the country. The Year-End Awards Banquet is typically held in conjunction with the Fall Symposium, and new for the 2012 awards season, the banquet will now be presented in conjunction with the NEDA Spring Show, held May 12-13, 2013. The 2013 show season will start with celebrating the

accomplishments of 2012 at the NEDA Spring Show at the Marshfield Fairgrounds. The Year-End Awards Banquet will be called “The Gathering at Marshfield,” and will honor those winning year-end awards in 2012. It will be held on the show grounds after the last ride of the day on Saturday, May 12. The banquet will be an evening of awards, cocktails, dinner, conversation, and music, and everyone attending the show is invited. All award winners will be announced by December 1, 2012.

Nice Rides Congratulations to Caroline Forsberg and Zorro from Cutler Farm Dressage! At the Centerline Events Dressage Show East Coast Riders Cup/CDI in

Saugerties, NY, they showed in Third Level Test 3 and received a fantastic score of 69.4%! This put them in first place for Young Riders and fourth in the Open division, with 22 riders in the class. They also rode in the Junior Team Test, with a score of 63.78%.

Be a Volunteer The New England Dressage Association is looking for a volunteer on the Marketing Committee to help compile some data and make it look presentable. This would be a one-time project. Any interested parties who are good with organizing and summarizing should contact

An Ethical Discussion Please join the Dressage



KATHLEEN CROSBY USDF Gold Medalist Former USET Grand Prix Training List USOC Olympic Festival Team Bronze medalist

phelps photo

Don’t miss this opportunity to join and take advantage of all that New England Dressage Association has to offer.

Dressage Instruction and Training Boarding and Training Available at beautiful new facility.

Wander’s Way, Ipswich, MA

978-317-9090 Trainers network (dTn) as they hold a round-table discussion on Professional ethics in the equestrian community. To be held on monday, october 15, 2012, at the old Harvard library in Harvard, ma, this event is open and free for all trainers and instructors! The dTn is a group of dedicated dressage trainers who meet semi-annually to network, share ideas, and discuss training issues.

for its one-day schooling show on Saturday, July 28. remmy Bron-von dam from Holland was the judge. many thanks to Sandra and alexis ierardi of Friesians of Tranquility for being a sponsor at this show. and, many thanks for all the hard work of linda Powers, lynne Simonson, and Gail Price for helping make this fun day happen.

Ready for Business

rita Brown of Kingston, ma, and her horse, rochefort, took home a first place blue ribbon for the Fei intermediaire i Test at the mystic Valley Hunt club uSdF/ uSeF dressage competition in mystic, cT. rita is a Grand Prix trainer at longmeadow Farm in Scituate, ma. carly collari of duxbury, ma, took home two blue ribbons, with high scores of 68% and 69% in Second level Test 1. carly rode Wiekens Suprice, an 18-year-old dutch Warmblood, owned by mary costello of longmeadow Farm in Scituate, ma.

There is now a new, beautiful, 76-acre facility in monson, ma, with many amenities, including a 72' x 200' indoor riding arena. Suzanne markham, the trainer, is a uSdF certified instructor Training Fourth level, and a bronze, silver, and gold medalist. upper level school horses are available for lessons. For more information, email Suzanne at, or call 413-250-3155.

One Day, Fun Day Ten Broeck Farm had 45 entries

Longmeadow Success

• Top Quality Educational Events • Competitive Opportunities including Year-End Awards • Scholarship and Grant Opportunities • Discounted Lessons available through the Flextime Program • Free subscription to the Equine Journal and USDF Connection • And MORE! Become a member of NEDA today and be a part of excellence in dressage, community and education in New England.

Visit to join now! and visit us on Facebook at NewEnglandDressageAssociation

October 2012

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across the northeast

Dressage contact listings Casa Lusitana (tsl) Tyngsboro, Ma 978-649-5300 Crossen Arabians and Warmbloods (bs) 1209 South St., Coventry, CT 06238 860-742-6486 Team Hannigan (tsl) 6 Myrick lane, Harvard, Ma 978-270-0919

Charles river Dressage associaton Spring And Summer Schooling Shows SubMiTTeD by Jill DiGreGorio

Charles river Dressage association (CrDa) has been putting on some very impressive, great flowing shows this year, partly due to our new show manager, sue McKeon! sue gave us some insight on how she became the new show manager, what’s been happening with this year’s shows, and what to look for in the future! here is what sue had to say: The Charles river Dressage association has been holding schooling shows in the area for a long time, and Open rider Lisa Millet with Prado.

130 equine


| October 2012

had a wonderful reputation for a super awards program, and an excellent show atmosphere. i had been to a couple of their events through the years, helping friends out, and watching what was going on. Out of the blue, linda Currie, the President, got in touch with me, and asked if i would be interested in taking over the management/secretary duties of the show program. i thought i could make a difference with a little bit more of a structured approach to running

Pinehaven Farm (lts) linda Parmenter 91 lombard road Hubbardston, Ma 978-928-5492 b=breeding, t=training, s=sales, l=lessons

Call now if you would like to be featured in our Dressage Contact listings


the shows. i use an sW program that is practically the U.s. standard for running dressage shows, called Fox village Dressage (FvD). even though i don’t need to keep track of all of the UseF and UsDF numbers and memberships, by inputting all of the entries into the system, i had a very good database of who is coming to show at what level. i’m able to send all of the participants a confirmation that i got their entry, and they can check and make sure i have them riding the correct test. i use the program to help create a good schedule that gives the judges enough time to judge each ride, but not so much time that they can’t get through the rides in a reasonable amount of the day. i’m then able to send all of the participants a link to where they can find their ride times, so that they can plan their day. scheduling is almost the hardest part of running a show, because you don’t want people waiting around all day to do their rides, but everyone has a different group of tests they are doing, so it becomes almost as much an art as a science. and sometimes, just darn good luck!

(THiS PaGe) PHoToS: Michael hurwitz, Prestige sPortshots PhotograPhy (oPPosite Page) Photo: Michael hurwitz, Prestige sPortshots PhotograPhy

Junior equestrian Caroline Forsberg riding Zorro.

across the northeast Adult Amateur

We’ve had two shows already, rider Darlene Dwyer aboard with the third one scheduled Santana. for August 12, and entries are arriving. The two shows we had were blessed with great weather and a wonderful group of volunteers to keep them moving on time. Ellen Strauss is in charge of getting all of the volunteers lined up ahead of time, and making sure they know what they are supposed to be doing the day of the show. She really does a marvelous job of having everything ready to go well before the first rider goes down centerline, and keeping track of how the riders are moving from their warm-up areas to the rings. It’s people like Ellen who are working behind the scenes that really keep a show running smoothly. uSDF inTro TeST B And, the other fun thing we have is an Katie Balzano, Cool Conversation, adult amateur Jenna Warren, el Dorado, Jr/Yr Ice Cream Social! Susan Walker is our Kate Hartley, Tommy Girl, open ice cream scooper extraordinaire, with real, homemade hot fudge sauce. When uSDF inTro TeST C we announce that the ice cream stand Katie Balzano, Cool Conversation, adult amateur is open, the line forms quickly, and ariana Cora, Midnight Mystique, Jr/Yr everyone is chatting away with their Kate Hartley, Tommy Girl, open friends and competitors…it really is fun. TraininG leVel TeST 1 We had a very special ride at the Mariel Maling, Toblerone, last show. Liz Benney did her Century adult amateur Ride, which is something The Dressage ariana Cora, Midnight Mystique, Jr/Yr Foundation recognizes with a beautiful Kendra Hillier, lance, open ribbon and a certificate. The age of the horse and rider combined has to equal TraininG leVel TeST 2 100, and Liz rode her very own “In the Deborah Hyland, arroyo, adult amateur Moment” or Minty, who was a very spry alexandra Gaither, Chess, 21 years old. The entire show came Jr/Yr to watch, and the cheers at the end Kendra Hillier, lance, open were loud and boisterous...almost too TraininG leVel TeST 3 much for Minty, but Liz had him under Kristin arena, Sunny, adult control. And then we celebrated with amateur just a little champagne and some treats Devon Currie, nicholas, Jr/Yr for Minty. FirST leVel TeST 1 From CRDA to all our volunteers, Janet Menn, Dev Diego, adult members, and all who have been amateur coming to the shows and/or are planning to come to the shows, we enjoy FirST leVel TeST 2 Janet Menn, Dev Diego, adult your company and look forward to the amateur future and spending time with friends alison redston, Tony 47, Jr/Yr and colleagues! For more information, Julie Murmes, Jackson, open visit


aDulT aMaTeur Constance Brown, real love, Second level, Test 2 2011, open 2nD leVel THrouGH 4TH leVel ToC laura Fox, espresso, Second level, Test 2 2011, adult amateur Caroline Forsberg, Zorro, Fei Junior Team 2009, Jr/Yr Constance Brown, real love, Second level, Test 3 2011, open uSea 2010 eVenT ToC ann Wiedie, Baxter, eventing novice Test B, adult amateur Jillian eagan, lord of Kings, eventing Beginner novice Test a, Jr/Yr David Wilson, Maximum Velocity, eventing novice Test a, open uSea 2010 eVenT ToC ann Wiedie, Baxter, eventing Training Test B, adult amateur Jillian eagan, lord of Kings, eventing Beginner novice Test B, Jr/Yr MuSiCal FreeSTYle ToC alison redston, Tony 47, Jr/Yr CoMPeTiTiVe riDerS W/ DiSaBiliTieS ToC Holly richards, Cayenne, adult amateur leaDline leah Horan, Pamela, Jr/Yr Tighe Crowley, lefty’s Black Pearl, Jr/Yr rowan Crowley, lefty’s Black Pearl, Jr/Yr Willow Crowley, lefty’s Black Pearl, Jr/Yr

Spring Garden Farm Stalls Now Available! • Boarding • Full Training • 1/2 Training • Lessons • Horses for lease available

Kerri Arruda - Owner 78 Martin Street, Rehoboth, MA 02769

Show ReSultS August, 2012 CRDA Show 1st place results: uSDF inTro TeST a Katie Balzano, Cool Conversation, adult amateur adele Hartt, Honey Bee, Jr/Yr David Wilson, Maximum Velocity, open

FirST leVel TeST 3 Kate Champa, Georgia o Keefe, adult amateur Morgan randall, Joey, open 2nD leVel THrouGH 4TH leVel ToC laura Fox, espresso,


SeConD leVel, TeST 1 2011,

October 2012

| equine Journal 131

Winsor Farm Now Accepting Riders of All Levels & Ages Concentrating on the New England Circuit From Short Stirrup to the Grand Prix, Winsor Farm has the expertise to help you to ride at the best of your ability! IX DAVID MULIN

Sydney Adams 5th RI Jr Medal 2012

Abby Lowry, Trainer/Instructor | | 401-934-4458 | North Scituate, RI 132 equine


| October 2012

October 2012

| equine Journal 133

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morgan/saddlebred news

[LEFT] The talented Wylie Fox, shown by Keely Sogoloff, is headed to Las Vegas to meet his new owners, the Boyds. [RIGHT] Amanda DuPont showed SSLLC Boom Boom Boom to many top ribbons for former owner Dr. Kevin Schengrund. He was purchased by Kristin McCuin.

The 73rd Annual New England Morgan Horse Show was dedicated to the memory of trainer, Rick Stevens, and the magnificent, many-time World Champion, HVK Courageous Flaire. In addition, the show was also dedicated to the stallion’s owner and Rick Stevens’ longtime friend, Heidi Kunkel, of HK Morgans in Webster, MA. The show was held July 23-28 in Northampton, MA.

SOLD! Schengrund Stables, LLC in Hershey, PA, sold SSLLC Boom Boom Boom (Cartier x SSLLC Call On Me) to Kristin McCuin of Quincy, MA. The three-year-old gelding will remain in training with Amanda DuPont of Windward Farm in Port Matilda, PA. Jean DeGutis of Equitation Unlimited at Janbark Farm, was agent on the sale of Cabot Six Six Six (Immortal Command x Cabot French Pristina). Samantha Weinand sold her six-year-old black gelding to Roberta Marshall and Manya Margot of Lisbon, NY. 134 EQUINE


| October 2012

Chris Cassenti of Chrislar Farm in Rowley, MA, was the agent on the sale of Rampaige (Tug Hill Commando x Carlyena) for owners Erica and Michael Bagley of Rowley, MA. The Rinz family purchased the six-year-old gelding for their seven-year-old daughter to show in the Walk-Trot division under the direction of Kathi Hummel in Wadsworth, OH. Bonnie Sogoloff of Cedar Springs Farm in Charlotte, VT, sold Wylie Fox (Smoke Signal x FZM Lady Hamilton). The sixyear-old gelding was purchased by Joanne Boyd of Las Vegas, NV, for her daughter, Maggie. Maggie will continue to show the gelding under the direction of BJ Schafer of BJ Schafer Training Center in Las Vegas.

AMAZING AMBASSADORS LBF Hickory Smoke and owner, Esther Fiddes, continue to be great ambassadors of the Morgan breed in competitive trail riding. This is another very successful season for the duo, with their most recent wins coming from the Stamford

Stampede 50-Mile Ride in Stamford, NY. “Pokey” not only won the Top Morgan Award, but the 14-year-old black gelding was also the reserve champion of the ride.

to see Blackjack in all his formal show attire, Frosty as she giggles at the camera, and Rerun dashing around the ring. Over 50 original photographs grace this 32-page hardcover book.

BLACKJACK IS BACK Morgan owner Ellen Feld announced the publication of two new books. The first, The Further Adventures of Blackjack: The Champion Morgan Horse, is the seventh book in Feld’s popular “Morgan Horse” series. In this story, Heather and Blackjack have had an awesome show season, winning top ribbons at all the New England Morgan shows. This could be the year that they get to go to Oklahoma to compete in the Morgan Grand National & World Championship Horse Show! But, travel from New England to Oklahoma is quite expensive. Heather will have to make a very difficult decision, one that will involve one of her beloved horses. Feld’s second new book, Meet the Morgans, is a photo book of the real horses behind the “Morgan Horse” series. You’ll get

WAY TO GO, WEATHERMONT The Lippitt Country Show in Tunbridge, VT, on August 18-19, was a fun and very successful event for those at Weathermont Farm. Weathermont Ethan, the farm’s purebred Lippitt Morgan stallion, who was shown by Abigail Bemis, took first in the Senior and Grand Champion Stallion classes, and also won the Green Mountain Standard class. In addition, he won the Sire and Get class, with Weathermont Captain Jack and Brook Hill Britain’s Gift showing as his get. Ethan also won the High Point Carriage Driving Award and the Royalton Ashline Sport Horse Award. He also took home the Pleasure Driving Championship, took reserve in the Saddle Seat Pleasure class, and won the Versatility class. Weathermont

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This Could Be You! You & Your Horse

See you in Oklahoma at the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show

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continued from page 134 Miss amanda also had a great weekend, winning the High Point Walk-Trot 14-18 award with reid Sullivan, and taking home the reserve Junior exhibitor High Point award with abigail Bemis.

“Moe” SucceSS PVF Power Factor and rick loveless of Whippet run Farm in Monson, Ma, had a great result at the Massachusetts Morgan Horse Show. “Moe” and rick were reserve High Point obstacles Champions, in a record large division of 14 horse/driver combinations. Moe and rick have been competing together for three years, consistently doing well in the Morgan shows as well as open driving competitions. Moe also continues to advance in his dressage career with owner/dressage trainer, Dee loveless. Dee and Moe competed at Weatogue Farm’s open recognized Dressage Show on august 5, placing third

in Third level Test 3 with a 66%; and winning Fourth level Test 1 with 65%. Moe exemplifies the versatility of Morgans. Way to go!

New Youth Group Judy nason Stables of lee, nH, is excited to announce Bellewether Bridles, an american Morgan Horse association (aMHa) youth club that is open to all youth 21 years of age or younger. owning a Morgan, or any horse, is not a requirement. The goal of the youth program is to provide educational experiences that increase knowledge of the Morgan and its history as well as knowledge of other breeds. Members will learn about grooming, training, conformation, health, stable management, tack, showing, judging, and much more. The youth program is also aimed at developing leadership, sportsmanship, and citizenship skills. For information on joining the group, email

Connecticut summer Classic Celebrates 23 Years of Fabulous Horse Shows On August 2-4, 2012, the American saddle horse Association of Connecticut (an AshA charter club) hosted the 23rd Annual Connecticut summer Classic at the eastern states exposition Center in West springfield, MA. the wellattended show had James hale of Columbiana, AL, in center ring judging the saddle horses, hackney Ponies, harness ponies, and Madilyn wooten staying cool before her class.

136 equine


| October 2012

ruth whitney Dickson orcutt

IN MeMorY ruth Whitney Dickson orcutt, 92, died peacefully at her home in naples, Fl, on august 19. She was the wife of the late lyman orcutt, co-owner of orcland Farms in West newbury, Ma. ruth was born on December 27, 1919, and was a Concord academy graduate. She went on to graduate from the university of new Hampshire with a degree in physical therapy. in college, she won the first intercollegiate sailing race in which women were allowed to participate. She was an accomplished sailor who won a multitude of races throughout her life. ruth later interned at Boston Children’s Hospital. in Vermont, ruth was one of the first skiers to compete at Mt. Tom in Woodstock. She went on to qualify for the 1948 u.S. Winter olympics Team and was an olympic hopeful. She was on the ski team for the university of new Hampshire and skied all over the world. ruth was a longtime supporter of the Green Mountain Horse association. She competed in their first 100-Mile ride and placed sixth overall in the 50th anniversary 1986 100-Mile ride. ruth also competed at the First Morgan nationals held at the upwey Farms,

which is now the Green Mountain Horse association. She was the american Morgan Horse association Woman of the Year in 1977 and later was inducted into the Morgan Horse Hall of Fame. ruth was also named Woman of the Year by the previously named american Horse Show association. at orcland Farms, ruth and lyman had a successful training, breeding, and lesson program. ruth helped many famous horse trainers start their careers and grow their love of the Morgan horse through her Summer Camp Program and lesson programs. orcland Farms was inducted into the american Morgan Horse Hall of Fame in 2011. ruth’s last show ring appearance was in 1999, showing in the Family class at new england Morgan with her sister anna ela, nephew Mark Caisse, niece nancy Caisse, and granddaughter Christine orcutt Henderson. in lieu of flowers, please make donations in her name to either the GMHa education and Competition Scholarships at: GMHa, P.o. Box 8, South Woodstock, VT, 05071; or the uPHa Benevolent Fund at: uPHa Benevolent Fund, Cheryl innis, c/o Somersdream Stable, 341 Watchaug rd., Somers, CT, 06071.

(THiS PaGe) BoTToM leFT PHoTo: Melissa Wooten; (opposite page) left photo: Melissa Wooten; Right

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photos: ChRis Cassenti


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Granite State Morgan Horse Show 2012 Participants Enjoy Great Weather and Fun Competition Submitted by ChriS CaSSenti

Sally Kropp and Trinity Orowson after the Leadline Academy class.

roadster ponies, while Mark Bodnar of Marengo, IL, presided over the Morgans and Friesians. The show provided many fun exhibitor activities, with the favorite being the Costume Dog class on Friday afternoon, which was sponsored and judged by Rosemary and Gary Saccocia. The combination of breed classes and open classes made for a competitive horse show, with options for everyone to come together to test their skills. Rob Turner rode Olivia Tilman’s Oh Spheir Me to the blue ribbon in the deep Adult English Pleasure Horse (all-breed) class, while Lexi Lettre rode her own In Like Flynn to top honors in the Junior Exhibitor English Pleasure (all-breed) class. The Academy classes were well supported, with many of them being split into multiple sections— certainly an exciting notion for the upcoming years in the horse show world! Congratulations to Tori Fox, who won one of the largest Academy classes of the show, Academy WalkTrot Equitation 18 Years and Under (split two), astride Molly Hulette’s Gypsy’s First Edition. Bailey Gagnon handily piloted Cater Stables’ Showtimes Flame n’ Flare to the blue ribbon in split one. For complete results, or information about the 2013 show, visit; or contact any of the ASHA-CT officers via email at asha.

THIS WAS THE FIRST year the Granite State Morgan show was held on Labor Day weekend and it paid off! The show enjoyed a blue moon (two gorgeous, full moons two nights in a row), and it was a fun show with lots to do outside the show ring. Everyone enjoyed the show manager’s cookout on Thursday evening, the complimentary, catered sandwiches Sara and Kate Foy did a great job in the Family Class. on Friday; the Ice Cream Social on Saturday, and the fun Exhibitor’s Party featuring Caleb Noble of Burkland Farm’s band, Summit of Thieves. The office ran smoothly under the direction of show secretary, Kay Lampropoulos. The show manager was Ray Ferro; co-show chairpersons were Pattee Booth and Ken Logan; the ringmaster was Jerome Parker; the announcer was John Bennett; A fun new contest at the show this year was “Where is Charlie the Chicken?” the judges were Karen HomerBrown and Dwayne Knowles; the USEF photographer was Denlore Photos; show steward was Kathy Desantis; the and the Tournament/Academy division was judged by Cheryl Marcelonis and announced by Caleb Noble. The show also had fun with a new contest called “Where is Charlie the Chicken?” A large metal chicken was secretly left at a barn where that group was to take a photo of “Charlie” that would be posted on the Granite State Morgan FacebookSM page for outside comments and judging. After one barn took their entry photo, they were to secretly leave “Charlie” at another barn for them to do the same. Of course, no one knew about this contest unless they noticed the chicken at their stalls wearing a note with instructions! Other highlights of the show included awarding the Granite State Scholarship to Sarah Harb of CPM Stables, Lizzie Lizzie Ruffner, Amanda Bagley, Taylor Welch Ruffner of Chrislar Farm winning High and Tori Travers of Chrislar Farm enjoyed a Point Junior Exhibitor, and Shirley Haas great show. winning High Point Amateur. October 2012

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On the


Massachusetts Morgan Horse Show August 14-18, 2012 West Springfield, MA photos: dave and andy

Serving VT, NH, MA 138 equine


| October 2012


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driving news

[LEFT] Steve Podhajecki driving Nip at the Margaret Beeman clinic. [RIGHT] Beth Podhajeck driving Tuck at the Margaret Beeman clinic.

The Litchfield Hills Driving Club reports that they enjoyed nice weather and drew six turnouts for a drive at Monica and John Ray’s farm in Litchfield, CT, on Sunday, August 12. The list of attendees included: Rick and Joan Goulet; Don, Dave, and Katie Rogers; Beth and Steve Podhajecki driving in pairs; and Dick Mangino, Mark Borkoski, and Dorothy Vallee driving as singles with passengers. All drivers and passengers appeared to enjoy the drive, which was followed by a delicious potluck dinner. Club members also enjoyed a four-day workshop with horsewoman Margaret Beeman at the Goshen Fairgrounds in August. Beth Podhajecki, who attended the workshop with her husband Steve, reports that it was a huge success, and that all participants learned how to better communicate with their horses and improve their driving skills. The club’s next event, a drive held in conjunction with the Connecticut Valley Driving Club, is set to take place October 28 in Whethersfield, CT. 140 EQUINE


| October 2012

A GREAT TIME IN THE GRANITE STATE David Herrick reports that the Granite State Carriage Association’s Northeast Kingdom Drive, held in Danville, VT, went on this year without a hitch, boasting extremely warm weather and scenic views for all attendees. Cindy Pirkey, Laurie Goodwin, and Linda Stebbins all arrived earlier in the week, Cindy Pirkey and Laurie Goodwin meet Rick and Connie Moses on the road at the Granite State Carriage Association’s Northeast Kingdom Drive. bringing along Cindy’s mare, Laurie’s on the beach on Saturday. pony Nick, and Linda’s young Club has a busy schedule lined And although it rained on Morgan mare, Abby. Rick and up throughout the month of Sunday evening, GSCA members Connie Moses brought along October. First up on their list were not deterred by the precip- of things to do is a discussion their pair on the weekend, and itation, and enjoyed another day on bitting the driving horse were joined by riders Corin full of relaxation, riding, Brennan and Ginger Chiapetta. with Jeff Morse, to be held and driving. On Saturday morning, Rick October 13 at the East Haddam The GSCA’s next event is the Vanderploeg arrived with his Grange in East Haddam, CT. Hancock Drive/Ride, to be held Morgans as well as Eric and Next up is their October in Hancock, NH, on September Linda Wilking, along with their Drive, set to take place at 30 – October 2. horse, Spinny. Drivers (and Hammonasset Beach State riders) all enjoyed a weekend Park in Madison, CT, on October full of adventures on the roads 21, and wrapping up the CONNECTICUT TAKES and trails as well as swimming, month is their co-drive with THE CAKE a cookout, and a bonfire Litchfield Hills. The Connecticut Valley Driving



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newport Coaching 2012

John White, of newton, nJ, became part of the history that is coaching in newport 2012. the two types of open-air vehicles Brings Together Friends, Driving, and Fundraising used in the sport of coaching—a Road By lisa Cenis Coach and the slightly smaller Park Drag—employ a team of four horses. All seating is outside, On August 16-19, 14 with the driver, known as the Coaching Club members, “whip,” sitting in the slightly mostly from the Eastern elevated right front seat, and seaboard, came to socialize the whip’s wife or female with old friends, fundraise, relative taking up the “box and drive their four-in-hand seat” on the left. the rear horses to historic coaches bench of the coach holds at over the roadways of least two specialized footmen newport, RI. called grooms. two center the Coaching Club of benches can hold up to 10 new York was formed passengers. in the latter part of the Alfred gwynne Vanderbilt, 19th century, eventually a summer resident in becoming part of the social newport who was a leader fabric of newport in the John Frazier Hunt, accompanied by his wife Penny, coach horn player in the sport of coaching, had summer. this year, Mr. Matt Stout, and other guests, lead the way on the Friday evening Brewster Company of new s. tucker Johnson, of Hobe drive on Ocean Drive in Newport. York, the finest of the coach sound, FL, President of the companies, build him the coach Coaching Club; Dr. timothy “Venture.” the Venture was pulled out Lady sarah nicholson, of Durham, J. Butterfield, of Derry, nH; Frederick of the museum this year and was among united Kingdom; Louis g. Piancone, E. Eayrs, of Middleboro, MA; Walter F. the coaches that were driven on the of gladstone, nJ; Claire Reid, of Eayrs, of Bristol, RI; Howard Fafard, of roadways of newport. southern Pines, nC; sir John Richards, Framingham, MA; John Frazier Hunt, If you missed it in 2012 you of Cheshire, united Kingdom; Harvey of spring City, PA; Herbert Kohler, of will have to wait until 2015 to see W. Waller, of stockbridge, MA; george Kohler, WI; James Mather Miller, of them again. A. Weymouth, of Chadds Ford, PA; and Lakewood Ranch, FL; sir Paul and

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Colonial Carriage and Driving society Annual Fun Day a Hit suBMitted By Carl dudash

MEMBERs OF tHE COLOnIAL Carriage and Driving society gathered on sunday, July 29, for the club’s annual summer Fun Day at Orleton Farm in stockbridge, MA. Once again, Harvey and Mary stokes Waller opened up their fabulous facility for a day of friendly driving competition without the pressure of a formal show. this year’s theme was “Reliving the Fabulous ‘60s.” Folks were encouraged to dress in the clothes of the day, and they sure did. there hadn’t been this many flower children all together in their tie-dyes and bellbottoms since the summer of peace and love. Rich, the DJ, kept everyone grooving with tunes from the ‘60s played over the PA system. the competition was indeed informal

and friendly, but no less a test of driving skills. the classes were designed to relive some of the major events in your life if you were growing up in the ‘60s. they were: • Newspaper Delivery Contest— Drivers negotiate a timed course and toss folded papers onto simulated front porches as they drive by. time penalties are added for missing the porches. • Driver’s Test—You promised your friends that you would drive them to Woodstock, but first you must pass your driver’s test: stop at the stop sign; negotiate an intersection; use proper hand signals; stay in your lane; execute a three-point turn; and park. • College Entrance Exam—After receiving a tentative acceptance to

Faber College (remember “Animal House?”), you must answer the onequestion entrance exam to enroll. First, drive to the Dean of Admissions’ house for your question (since Faber College is in dire need of income, all answers are considered correct). then, negotiate a timed cones course through campus. An example of an actual question and answer: Q. How many hairs are in your horse’s tail? A. Too many. • Drive to Yasgur’s Farm—Traffic jams on the highways force you to drive on back roads to get to the Woodstock Festival. Drive through local towns designated by pairs of cones before arriving at your destination. this was a timed scurry where drivers could choose the route they thought would be the fastest. • Magical Mystery Tour Marathon— this is a timed event on the cross-country course, which included 34 signs reminiscent of Burma shave billboards and challenging obstacles designed by Harvey Waller.

continued on page 142 October 2012

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across the northeast

Colonial Carriage

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142 equine


| October 2012

Carol Frank in front of the Martin Van Buren Mansion.

Saratoga driving association Holds Annual Pleasure Driving Show at Historic Lindenwald Submitted by barbara akerS

On Sunday, auguSt 5, 16 competitors drove their ponies and horses on the lawns of the lovely historic Martin Van Buren national Historic Site, also know as Lindenwald, in Kinderhook, ny. nicole Cable from Batavia, ny, judged training and Preliminary Level dressage for the first segment of the continuous drive. When they were finished with their test, competitors made their way over to the front entrance of Lindenwald where they started their pace marathon, which was 3.5 kilometers winding through the estate and also lands of Roxbury Farm, an organic CSa (community supported agriculture) farm which neighbors Lindenwald. after finishing the marathon, the last segment of the continuous drive was a timed obstacle course using some of the trees on the lawn to drive through. Our technical delegate was Susan Koso from Massachusetts and she also served as cones judge. Barbara akers organized the event with help from Saratoga driving association’s (Sda) treasured volunteers! Jeff Morse was our scorekeeper, Joanne Cholakis served as secretary, and gina Handy

was our announcer. the afternoon saw an expedited pleasure show when we had to combine some of the last classes of the day due to a storm coming through the area. We were pinning the last two classes, which were run together but placed separately, when the rain came in. Most people made it to their trailers in time, but some got soaked while they waited to get their your Route/My Route in for the last class of the day. Interestingly enough, 23 years ago, Lindenwald was the site of the Columbia County Coaching Society’s Pleasure driving Show. While reading an article on the show, it read there were 28 competitors, which was low attendance! It would be thrilling to see that many entrants at this show! We’ve decided to change the date in hopes of getting more competitors next year. the date will be June 30, 2013. Our next event is the Horse driving trial, which will be held at akers acres on State Farm Road in Valatie, ny, on October 7, 2012. For results of the Lindenwald show, please go to

(thiS page) photo: Lisa Cenis; (opposite page) photo: Cat LuCe and Mug toMany

Fourteen drivers braved the morning rain with their passengers along for the fun ride: Sabrina Scheilding-Cameron; Mike Weiland with Erin; glenn Van Oort with Eileen; Pat Musser and alyse aubin; Carol terry and Shannon Sykes; Sasha truax and Heather Van Oort; Harley Waller; Susan Lathrop and Cindy Baehr; Keath Fortier with dawn; Bonnie Jean and Sue Brennan; Kay Konove and Maureen gamelli; Christina alsop and amanda L’Etoile; Katie Ryan with the Overmeades; and Lyn Howard and her family. the morning classes were followed by a break for lunch. Burgers, hot dogs, and baked beans were prepared to perfection by volunteer grill chef, Pat “Wavy gravy” gamelli, with assistance from sous-chef, Ron Konove. Participants and volunteers also brought salads, side dishes and desserts to share, making it a perfect summertime meal. the lunch break was highlighted by the presentation of ribbons by Harvey Waller for the morning classes. Since many of the drivers don’t compete in “regular” shows, the ribbons from Fun day are highly prized. the afternoon session began with the Costume class, which is always a crowd favorite. Contestants not only dressed themselves, but also their equines and carriages, in the spirit of the ‘60s. Fun day wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of Mary and Harvey Waller and the contributions made by all the volunteers: Marilee and Carl dudash (co-chairpersons), Rikke Borge, Laura Corsun, Laurie and Brynna danaher, Stan deRuggiero, Maureen and Pat gamelli, Kay and Ron Konove, deb Manasse, Chris Metzger, Carol Stoddard, and Carol and Ron terry. Stay tuned for 2013’s theme! the Berkshire Coaching Weekend will be held October 6-8. Coaches will gather at Orleton Farm in Stockbridge, Ma, and then travel along routes in Lenox and Stockbridge to Shakespeare & Company, norman Rockwell Museum, and the Mount/Edith Wharton’s Home. See for details.

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Rhode Island driving Club Members Learn with Lisa Singer submitted by mug tomany

The Rhode Island dRIvIng Club hosted a three-day clinic with lisa singer, a nine-time national Pairs Champion and eight-time member of the usa World Pairs Team. Many club members signed up for all three days and had a chance to work on both dressage movements and obstacles. We had pairs and singles represented, with horses, ponies, and Minis participating. some were seasoned drivers looking to move up a division and some were beginning drivers looking to improve their connections with their equine partners. leona anastasi said, “I particularly appreciated [lisa’s] approach to teaching. First she watched me drive, evaluating my skills as well as my pony’s skills and capabilities. We moved on from there with great progress. having three consecutive days was truly fantastic. hopefully we can have her

Lisa and Gail Dickinsen going through the cones.

return next driving season.” This sentiment was echoed by many of the participants. adrianne st. Cyr also shared her learning experiences. “lisa and I had fun with my pairs, Jester and Flora, Kurt and Jester, and Kurt and Flora. she had me driving them more forward, and explained that it is easier


for them to go more forward at the working trot, rather than maintaining a slow working trot. They also automatically got more together with each other when going forward. lisa also had me employ more half-halts to get Jester’s attention. The most fun was on sunday when we did cones and hazard exercises, practicing driving your route, and aiming for a spot that will set you up to flow through the cones or hazard, and driving your horses by feel, not looking at them at all. It was really fun, and the more we did it, the more we improved.” From the ground, auditors were often heard commenting on the improvements they observed, horses that were now rounded, using their hind ends, and bending on corners, and drivers sitting up taller, handling the reins better and gaining confidence. The club held a “meet and greet” Potluck Friday night and a dinner and round table discussion on saturday night. a great time was had by all. We want to thank John and adrienne st. Cyr for letting us use the beautiful facilities at Celtic Cross Farm.

;`][cgmlgmj-:akgfdanaf_imYjl]j`gjk]ljYad]j na\]goYdc%l`jmkqgmlmZ]&[ge'l`]ljYad]j\]hgl




7UXFN 7UDLOHU3DUWV $FFHVVRULHV *(+%*+,%//00 Lgdd>j]]20((%0.(%+-/1

*),0Fb]]e^mhpg:o^ Ghkma_hk]%<M%)/-0+

ooo&l`]ljYad]j\]hgl&[ge October 2012

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October 2012

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Arabian news

Moonshine Malachi with owner, Cheryl Lane-Caron, and amateur exhibitor, Julie Dugas.

NEWS FROM FAERIE COURT CHANGING OF THE GUARD The new officers of Region 16 that were voted on in the spring meeting have been put into place. The new Director is Donald Schwartz; Vice Director, Walter Misco; Treasurer, June Barber; and Secretary, Robert McEntee.

OH CANADA! Congratulations to Rollingwood Farm of Smithfield, RI, on a fabulous Canadian Nationals! Majic Trick, owned by Debra and Mary Page, was reserve champion in the Half-Arabian Country English Pleasure Adult Amateur Owner to Ride 18-39, and top ten in the Half-Arabian Country English Pleasure Adult Amateur to Ride 18-39 with Debbie in the irons. Mary Roger’s McClintock was reserve champion in the Purebred Hunter Pleasure Adult Amateur Owner to Ride 146 EQUINE


| October 2012

Jesselyn Dugas and Cheryl LaneCaron’s Symphony RB.

40 and Over, and top ten in the Purebred Hunter Pleasure Adult Amateur to Ride 40 and Over. Walter and Linda Misco’s Born of Fire WL was national champion

Faerie Court Farm Arabian Sport Horses is proud to announce the arrival of two fantastic fillies by their young stallion, FCF Oberons Vanity. FCF Elfin Felicity (pending) was born on June 3, and FCF Charming Pixie was born on June 23. These fillies clearly showcase FCF Oberon Vanity’s ability to sire elegant athletes with sweet dispositions. Also in breeding news, they are delighted that FCF Silver Stardust is in foal to the endurance stallion, Magic Aulrab, for 2013. Meanwhile, AAA Legend of the Seas has continued to be an ambassador for the breed by attending clinics and eventing horse trials with talented young riders who are learning what great sport horses Arabians can be. FCF has done well at USDF

breed shows with homebred horses, including five ribbons in open DSHB classes and a near sweep of the Arabian IBC at 2011 Dressage at Devon.

BRINGING HOME THE RIBBONS The Cranberry Knoll crew ventured to the 2012 Canadian Arabian Nationals in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, for a twoweek tour and had an amazing show with eight national top ten awards! Cheryl Lane-Caron brought home top ten in HalfArabian Sport Horse Geldings In-Hand Open with Moonshine Malachi, and he garnered top ten with Amateur handler, Julie Dugas, in the Half-Arabian Sport Horse Geldings In-Hand Amateur to Handle! Cheryl climbed aboard her mare, Symphony RB, to bring home top ten in the HA Show Hack Open, and then handed the reins over to junior rider, Jesselyn Dugas, who garnered many top tens in Saddle Seat Equitation, Show Hack Junior to Ride, Country English Pleasure Junior to Ride and Native Costume Open with Symphony! The gorgeous grey, Can Gogh, and owner, Chris Picardi, brought home top ten in the Purebred English Pleasure for the Adult Amateur Owner to Ride 40 and Over.


THOMAS J. BONENFANT and SI Prince Ali Shiraz had a wonderful show season! It was Thomas’ first year showing, and the dynamic duo won numerous prizes… including a regional reserve championship in Purebred Stallions Amateur Owner to Handle.

in the Purebred Country English Pleasure Adult Amateur to Ride 40 and Over with Blair Allen, and top ten in the Purebred Country English Pleasure with Charlie Ethier. Drue McNeil rode her own Kharasell to two top tens in the Half-Arabian Hunter Pleasure division.

Now accepting new clients

We Will Put You in the Winnerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Circle! Training available in Hunters, Western, Saddleseat and Dressage disciplines

Desiderio, LTD. Califon, NJ 07830 908-975-3444 Brittany & Dana Desiderio

October 2012

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across the northeast

New Hampshire Arabian Summer Jubilee Horse Show Puts the “Fun” in Horse Showing SUBMITTED BY LURLINE COMBS

(Above) Leadline Equitation winners Nina Sarras and HY-Light Corsair. (Left) Native Costume Champions Tessa Thibodeau and Werdikt.

are not usually on the prize list for most open shows. The Pro-Am class is a special favorite and gets many entries. This year we split out the Pro Am to

Arabian contact listings Arabian Origins Marketing DeEtta Houts Owner/Designer 218-296-1927 Baldwin Stables (tsl) 108 Cedar Lake Road, Deep River, CT 860-526-5989 Double A Arabians (tsl) 279 Watchaug Road, Somers, CT 06071 860-749-4797

Monastiri Arabians (bs) Breeding Fine Arabian Horses Jennifer Stine 67 Prospect Hill Road, Harvard, MA 617-359-5623 Quarry Hill Farm (bs) 345 Sharon Road, Lakeville, CT 06039 860-435-2571 Winchester Stables (tsl) Bevin O’Reilly Dugan 336 River Road, Newfane, VT 05345 802-365-9434

b=breeding, t=training, s=sales, l=lessons

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| October 2012

also have a class for the Amateur/Junior Exhibitor riders. Mary Trowbridge decided that the Jr. riders should “accompany” the amateurs around the ring and then have the amateurs “accompany” the junior exhibitors. The exhibitors were good sports, considering the weather, and provided entertainment for the spectators!

Arabian Horse Association of New England Vote For Us! DID YOU HAVE A wonderful time at the 58th Annual Big Money Horse Show? We would love it if you could cast your vote for Arabian Horse Association of New England (AHANE) as your favorite United States Equestrian Federation Horse Show! Voting is easy. It just requires that you have an active USEF membership. To vote, visit Beth Fontaine and Montigo Afire took home the blue at the FavoriteBreed/default. 58th Annual Big Money Horse Show. aspx, and our competition ID is 303. We want to make AHANE show this year, please let us your favorite show! If know why! For more inforit wasn’t your favorite mation, visit


EVEN THOUGH THE “HEAVENS opened up” on Friday night, the weather didn’t hamper the New Hampshire Arabian Horse Association Summer Jubilee horse show, held August 9–11, 2012, at Deerfield Fairgrounds, Deerfield, NH. Manager, Sue Arthur, did a great job keeping everything organized. The judge was Mary Trowbridge from Bridgewater, CT. We had numerous great comments about Mary’s judging, and many people asking to bring her back again. The steward was Deb Sukeforth of Lakeville, MA. The number of horses was up over last year as well as the number of rides. This show offers some classes that

across the northeast Other classes offered were English Show Hack, Arabian and Half-Arabian Country English Pleasure, Dressage Suitability, as well as several novice, and limited horse and rider classes. Special recognition needs to go to Sue and Samantha Smith and Diane and Ashley Schmoock for their tireless efforts in getting sponsors, ice cream for the social, and donations for the penny (Above) Amy Heath showing Brytefire for Jennifer sale. Without their help, the Sullivan. (Right) Jennifer Lisak competing on Barbara show could not begin to Foster’s Baltic Star. be successful. A pizza party sponsored by Center Ring was held Thursday evening, ribbons in center ring, and Olivia Balch volunteered in the ribbon and trophy and an ice cream social was held on room. President, Laura Susmann, Friday evening. Abaris Arabians genermanned the gates. ously donated the toppings for the Ted Douglass of A Classic Expression social. Christy Balch donated the doughdid the photography. Scott Downey nuts for the hospitality booth each day. of South Berwick, ME, did the farrier It was wonderful to welcome Joe duties. John Keech and Rebecca Sukeforth back to Deerfield as ringMorton, caterers, kept the staff well fed. master. Also helping out to make the show a success were Deb Sukeforth and Announcer, Christy Balch, made sure that everyone was informed and ready June Barber, assisting Joe presenting

Saddle Sale


for his or her classes. We were very pleased to have Dottie Paquette stop by to visit. Dottie has been a participant and supporter of Arabian shows for many years. This event attracts Arabian exhibitors that normally do not attend the open shows. They certainly help to make this show a success. For more information and additional results,

Visit The Equestrian Shop for unbelievable specials on demo & used saddles! Most can be seen on our website, or call our store locations for more details. As a “thank you” to our loyal customers, we are offering ZERO percent commission on any consignment saddle brought in to The Equestrian Shop for us to sell. Simply choose 100% store credit when your saddle is listed and we will apply a store credit for the selling price of your saddle once it is sold. We still offer 20% commission for those who prefer that option. We’ll work hard to sell your saddle for you - marketing it at both our store locations and our brand NEW and active website.

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Visit us in the Better Living Center Nov. 8-11, 2012

See our website at for details!

North Andover store

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978-356-1180 at Bruni’s Marketplace

32 Essex Rd., Ipswich, MA 01938

Mon. 11-5, Tues. & Wed. 10-6, Thurs. 11-7, Fri. & Sat. 10-5, Sun. 12-5 October 2012

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EQUI-PRO® Super Premium Senior Horse Feed EQUI-PRO® SUPER PREMIUM SENIOR HORSE FEED is a super premium large pelleted feed designed to deliver balanced nutrition for the aging horse and horses with compromised digestive systems. ADVANTAGES OF EQUI-PRO® Super Premium Senior Horse Feed: • High in digestible fiber with balanced essential fatty acids and nutrients to support health and immunity in senior horses. • Has added Glucosamine that works as an anti-inflammatory providing comfort and also a building block for joint cartilage repair. • Perfect for horses with bad teeth, digestive problems and horses prone to waste. 2



July 2012




LAKESIDE FEED Guilford, CT 203-457-1461

ACHILLE AGWAY Keene, NH 603-357-5720

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ACHILLE AGWAY Peterborough, NH 603-924-6801

DEPOT HOME & GARDEN Essex Jct, VT 802-878-8596

BLACKMOUNT EQUIPMENT INC. North Haverhill, NH 603-787-6311

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GUY’S FARM AND YARD Morrisville, VT 802-888-2025

DODGE’S FARM & GARDEN Hampton Falls, NH 603-926-2253

GUY’S FARM AND YARD Williston, VT 802-878-5112

DODGE’S FARM & GARDEN Plaistow, NH 603-382-8201

MAPLELEAF FARM & GARDEN SUPPLY Bridgewater Corners, VT 802-672-6223

MERIDEN FEED Meriden, CT 203-237-4414

MAINE LONG HORN HORSE & PET SUPPLY Buxton, ME 207-929-6600 PERKCO SUPPLY Exeter, ME 207-379-2900


HENNIKER FARM & COUNTRY STORE Henniker, NH 603-428-3255

POULIN LUMBER Williamstown, VT 802-433-1419

ORDE FARM, LLC Hollis, NH 603-465-2583

NEW YORK HACKETT FARM SUPPLY Clinton Corners, NY 845-266-3494


MARTY’S 1ST STOP Danville, VT 802-684-2574

RB ERSKINE Chester Depot, VT 802-875-2333 RIVER BEND FARM SUPPLIES Townshend, VT 802-365-7800

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24 Railroad Square Newport, VT 05855

July 2012




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western news

[LEFT] Vicky Blaisdell rode Tenacious Open Range to first place in the Adult Walk/Trot/Jog Pleasure class at the North Haverhill Fair Horse Show. [RIGHT] Vicki Herzog rode Miss Abigail to the Western Pleasure Horse Championship.

A huge congratulations goes to Vicki Herzog, who rode Miss Abigail to the win in the Western Pleasure Horse Championship at the North Haverhill Fair Horse Show in North Haverhill, NH, on July 29. Also taking top honors at the show were Vicky Blaisdell and Tenacious Open Range in the Adult Walk/Trot/Jog Pleasure class.

SUPER SLIDE IN FUN Many exhibitors went away as winners from this year’s Northeast Super Slide In, held on August 16 in Northampton, MA, and hosted by the Northeast Reining Horse Association (NERHA). Rocky Dare was named the winner of Novice Horse Open 1 and Novice Horse Open 2 riding Vince Fevola’s Double Sweet Wimpy.

TWO WINS TO TREASURE PEAK PERFORMANCE ON TOP OF THE WORLD Alex Peak of Peak Performance Equestrian Center in Marshfield, MA, reports that many of her students came home from the 65th National Appaloosa Show in Tulsa, OK, with a number of ribbons. Kendall Fiori of Cohasset, MA, took home top ten honors, placing 10th in the world for Youth Halter Mares, and seventh in 16-18 Trail on her mare, Sassy Story. Gabrielle Brassard, who also rides out of Peak Performance, was named top ten at the Youth Worlds in Bareback Equitation, Western Pleasure, and Trail 12 & Under riding All About Art. 152 EQUINE


| October 2012

NERHA Treasurer, Dawn Castillo, followed up her success at the NERHA Classic with just as many victories at the Super Slide In, riding her own The Royalty’s Smokin to wins in Novice Horse Non Pro 2 and Non Pro.

ROOTIN’ FOR THE ROOKIES And in the Rookie division, Tracey Proctor had a blast riding her NQH Sweet Lil Spook to first place in Rookie Level 1 and Rookie Level 2. The duo also took top honors in Intermediate Non Pro and Limited Non Gabrielle Brassard riding All About Art, Whitney Joy on My Kinda Cowboy, and Kendall Fiori and Sassy Story at the National Appaloosa Show.

Pro classes, and earned reserve in the Rookie Level 2 Championship. Leslie Ryall displayed her fantastic reining skills at the Super Slide In with Who By The Way—the horse and rider team earned a first in Prime Time Rookie, and came back to take reserve honors in the championship. Jessica Ferris and Done Being Smart earned first place in Rookie Youth and Green Reiner, and were named Rookie Level 1 Champions. And Maya Stessin rode Holly

Bray’s Cutter Senbar to the win in the Rookie Professional division, as well as in Limited Open.

FIRST PLACE FINISHES Bryan Penquite showed his winning ways on August 16 riding multiple horses. Aboard Wranglers Rowdy Whiz, he earned top honors in Green Horse 1. Then riding Leonard Tag, he went on to take two seconds in the Open division. And on Shiners Whizard, he earned a first place in Intermediate Open.



across the northeast


2012 Northeast Regional 68th Annual Cowboy Mounted Shooting Gerry Firemen’s Rodeo Championship Brings Riders to Oneco, CT, for a Weekend Full of Fun by allison forsyTh

Draws Largest Number of Contestants Ever by paul Cooley

The 2012 Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association (CMSA) Northeast Regional Cowboy Mounted Shooting Championship was held at the beautiful Falls Creek Farm in oneco, CT, during the weekend of August 3-5, 2012. The weekend started out with a three-stage warm-up match on Friday night. Joe Lauzon of east bridgewater, MA, and Overall Cowboy his reliable steed, Champion Joe Lauzon riding Ghost. Ghost, shot clean and fast, taking the overall win. Kiersten walker Regional Champion. The reserve chamand Cherokee, of east Granby, CT, pion, bill Reil of Mechanicville, Ny, on took the ladies’ overall win. Cody, was hot on his heels with the The six-stage main match began fastest overall time, but one missed on Saturday morning and continued balloon cost him a five-second penalty. through Sunday. Proving that Friday The overall Cowgirl was emma night’s match was a good warm-up Reichart, also of Mechanicville, Ny, on and that accuracy often beats speed, Lauzon shot clean during all six stages, her Paint, Reminics oaklynn. emma’s win also moved her from the Ladies 2 taking this year’s title of Northeast class into the Ladies 3. In order to move up a level, competitors must have a certain number of full class wins at their current level. The class move-ups didn’t stop there. Kiersten walker, again on Cherokee, won her Ladies 1 class, moving her up to Ladies 2; and, Amy Lunt of weare, Nh, on Laddy, won her Ladies 3 class, which put her one more win closer to Ladies 4. The Men’s 1 class was full, so winner Kowboy Ken Forcier, of oxford, CT, received his third class win on his Kentucky Mountain horse, Red. To learn more about the sport of cowboy mounted shooting and the Connecticut Renegades Cowboy Mounted Shooters, visit Top Cowgirl Emma Reichart riding Reminics Oaklynn.

The 68Th ANNuAL GeRRy FIRe Department’s PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) rodeo took place August 1-4, just north of Jamestown in western New york. The four-performance event finished with all-time highs in both the number of contestants and prize money awarded, as 169 pro cowboys and cowgirls competed for a total of $44,787 in the seven traditional rodeo events—bareback and saddle broncs, steer wrestling, tie-down roping, team roping, barrel racing, and bull riding. The contestants came from 27 states, as well as ontario and Quebec, Canada. First-year stock contractors, Shawn and Shana Graham, the husband-andwife owners of Painted Pony Pro Rodeo of Lake Luzerne, Ny, brought approximately 175 head of stock. They also furnished the specialty acts, bullfighters, fences, and chutes, and were responsible for producing the show each night. There were over 7,092 in attendance over the course of the four nights, while the number of the famous barbecue beef dinners served was just four short of the 3,000 mark. Darren Morgan of Fort edward, Ny, bested the other challengers from across the nation to win the All-Around Cowboy Award, given to the contestant who wins the most money while participating in at least two events. Morgan entered three competitions—steer wrestling, tie-down roping, and team roping—and won two of those events to take home $2,330.89. he also received a Montana Silversmiths belt buckle, an extra bonus given by the fire department to the winner of each individual event. The most money won was by Cody McCartney from Temperance, MI, who took home $2,793, but he took first in just one event to come in second to Morgan in the All-Around competition. All proceeds from this event benefit the Gerry Volunteer Fire Department. For more information, visit October 2012

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quarter horse news

[LEFT] Makayla Flowers riding Only in Seattle. [RIGHT] Katelin Jenkins with her new Quarter Horse, Andrew, and her first horse, Rable Dust.

A belated happy birthday goes out to Sarah Rosciti of Rosciti Quarter Horses, LLC. Sarah celebrated her 30th birthday on August 15. Although she originally planned to celebrate at the National Snaffle Bit Association World Show in Tulsa, OK, Sarah decided to give her horse the gift of rest, and instead enjoyed a small dinner with her husband and family.

with a new junior horse, Fancy this Invitation, whom she bred from her old show mare, Fancy Rodder by Invitation Only. The bets are on that this horse will be a star in both western pleasure and trail. He was already named the Circuit and Region 6 Champion this past summer in Green Trail!

MAKING WAY ACROSS THE USA Alexandra Mahaffy, who rides

COVER GIRL Andrea Schneebaum of New Hampshire was recently featured on the cover of SmartPak’s catalog with her horse, Im Pretty Lazy, aka “Leah.” The photo was taken by Sarah Rosciti at last year’s Peter J. Cofrancesco Jr. Memorial Quarter Horse Show. Andrea also reports that she’s starting out Andrea Schneebaum » and her Quarter Horse, I’m Pretty Lazy, on the cover of the spring SmartPak catalog.



| October 2012

with Showstring Farm, recently returned home from the American Quarter Horse Youth Association (AQHYA) World Show, where she received a third place in the Equitation Over Fences Finals, 10th in the Hunter Hack Finals, and seventh in the Hunter Under Saddle Finals with Just Say the Word. From there, the duo went on to compete at the National Snaffle Bit Association (NSBA) World Championship Show, where Just Say the Word was the NSBA World Champion Youth Hunter Hack Horse and earned third place in Youth Hunter Under Saddle and Youth Equitation Over Fences. With Scott Jones in the stirrups, Just Say the Word also earned third in Senior Hunter Under Saddle. Dave Miller also came back from the NSBA World Show with a ribbon, earning fourth in the Green Working Hunter, riding I’ve Been Baptized, owned by Merry Norton Sharp of Frisco, TX.

CONGRATULATIONS! Congratulations to Julie Cole of West Winfield, NY, on her success

at the AQHYA World Show—Julie earned a ninth place in Hunter Hack aboard Size Matters, aka “Elvis”! The horse and rider team also just returned home from the Region Five Championship Quarter Horse Show in Augusta, NJ, and was named the Youth All-Around Champion. Julie rides with Jodi Pearsall Show Stable & Winding River Quarter Horses in West Winfield.

BRINGING HOME BABY Toni Gregoire reports that she bought an Aussie puppy named Elora Dannons Cowboy Up, aka “Dally,” who is settling in nicely with his half-brother, Elora Dannons Ticket to Ride, aka “Trip,” and Toni’s Quarter Horse, Fancy Huh.

FAMILY MATTERS Congratulations also go to 16-year-old Makayla Flowers of Winchester, NH, for qualifying nationally in Novice Championships this year in all events with Formally Yours and Country Treasure! Both horses will be making the trek to Quarter

continued on page 155



quarter horse

across the northeast

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empire State Quarter horse association Heats Up the Ring subMiTTed by Kayla davis

The empire STaTe QuarTer horse Youth association held its annual “The heat is On” Quarter horse show in July at erie County Fairgrounds in the Showplex arena in hamburg, NY. The event was a huge success, attracting exhibitors all the way from Florida, Ohio, and Kentucky. The hunter events were the largest, with as many as 25 horses in each class. The western events also yielded impressive numbers, with a variety of barns competing in the western pleasure and horsemanship classes. The biggest event of the show was the aQha huntfield Derby, which was held on July 6 at 7:00 p.m. The huntfield derby series is new to aQha this year and made its debuted in January. The youth club was very excited to be hosting such a monumental event at one of its own horse shows. The event kicked off with a small exhibitor party for all those competing in the event and those who were spectators. The derby began with a preliminary round over a breathtaking set of fences. Then, the top 15 horses were brought back to compete in the handy hunter round. after an enticing final round, the top 10 scores were brought back into the arena for the awards ceremony. The champion non-pro rider was heather Brown of Kentucky and Big Time Texan, and the overall winner was Bill ellis and Larks Big Leaguer, owned by the hull family. The empire State Quarter horse Youth association would like to thank everyone who participated in the event and made it so memorable. The club would also like to thank everyone who came to the show, and looks forward to seeing everyone next year along with new competitors.

Ryan Flowers riding Formally yours.

Heads up

Kudos to Katelin

continued from page 154 horse congress to compete in a variety of classes. and in other news, Makayla and formally yours have not only earned their performance register of Merit (roM), but they also received a halter roM from the aqha. The horse and rider team have earned over 60 points this show season, and look forward to working with new trainer Keith Miller of Miller performance horses in north carolina. Makayla also recently purchased a new horse, only in seattle, whom she’ll be showing in the hunter under saddle division. Makayla’s brother, ryan, came away from the new york quarter horse association show in cobleskill, ny, with a circuit championship in the Walk-Trot division riding formally yours. ryan also placed first out of 17 in the aqha portion of region 6 in the Walk-Trot youth.


Kudos to Katelin Jenkins of norwell, Ma, for adopting a 20-year-old rescue quarter horse named andrew, from Mspca at nevins farm. andrew will be joining Katelin’s dutch Warmblood, rable dust, at her own rebel horse stables, and will be Katelin’s new hunter pace/team penning partner.

dylan’s debut at the tender age of four, dylan vaughn tried his hand at competing in leadline this past summer. his show ring debut was made at the aqha show held at the hamburg showplex in hamburg, ny, on July 7. he enjoyed himself so much there that he went on to compete in the candy apple classic, also in hamburg, on august 4, and the erie county fair aqha show on august 11. and to top it off, he earned a blue ribbon at every show!


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October 2012

| equine Journal 155


Sentinel速 LifeTime Formula is formulated specifically for active junior, adult and senior horses specifically where joint health is a potential concern. A fixed-formula, high-fat, high-fiber complete feed fortified with essential nutrients, plus Glucosamine HCl and Chondroitin Sulfate provides superior nutrition to meet the physiological and metabolic needs for a lifetime of health and performance. Sentinel速 offers a safe and natural way to provide essential nutrition and calories, is easily digested for optimal nutrient utilization and veterinarian recommended. Visit or call 866.647.1212.

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Bay State trail riders association Helps Worcester Land Trust Secure 350 Acres subMitted by beCKy KalaGher

Bay State trail riderS aSSociation (BStra) has big news! a big chunk of the money the club raised from our National trails day event ($5,000) was donated to the Worcester land trust, who is working with the common Ground land trust. they successfully raised $2.91 million to purchase the 350-acre Sibley Farm/ Warner Farm in Spencer, Ma. this property seemed lost forever when developers won approval for a shopping center and 300-unit condominiums in 2007. But then the economy turned down, the bank foreclosed, and suddenly the land had a second chance. this land has amazing trails that connect to the Massachusetts snowmobile trail route 71, Buck Hill/4-H camp Marshall, the Mid-State trail, and eventually Spencer State Forest. BStra is proud to be able to make a difference and permanently preserve trails that allow horseback riding. So, to all our members and sponsors; thank you all for helping make this possible. in other club news, on July 29 we were fortunate to have two rides to choose from. one was at the department of conservation and recreation’s (dcr) callahan State Park in Framingham, Ma, and the other

was in colrain, Ma. i attended the callahan ride that was hosted by Heidi lundblad and sponsored by Kearney’s automotive in Sudbury, Ma (978-4435735). a big thank you goes out to both as this ride would not have happened without them. in talking to Heidi after the ride, i found out for sure how long it had been since we had a ride out of callahan. i thought it was five years, but it was actually seven. it was a great ride and the weather held out. it was the usual forecast that has been so prevalent this year, with a chance of thunderstorms! Heidi and crew did a great job of marking the trails, providing lunch, and getting permission from private landowners to let us use trails on their land to make the 12-mile loop. We wish to thank the following, who volunteered and made this ride possible (i made sure i thanked the landowner we saw when we were riding through and the road crossers): lisa Paradis, Stacie Mcdonald, Nicole letteri, Gina letteri, Madeline leone, Patricia Hohl, Jeffrey Hohl, Jenna Hast, Jordyn duckett, Heather duckett, laura deignan, Betsy czarnowski, linda cabot, and Judy Hinchey.

the second ride was hosted by Mark and Sarah McKusick and sponsored by their business, High Pocket Vacation rental in colrain, Ma (413-6248988—where you can vacation with your horse). it’s also been a few years since Mark has been able to host a ride. their issues were all the trees that came down and blocked miles of trails from that ice storm—it has taken them that long to get things open again. thank you Mark and Sarah for a job well done! Next on our event calendar was our annual lea Macinnis Judged Pleasure ride, held in Mendon, Ma, out of inman Hill Wildlife conservation area and sponsored by KayGee Sign co. in auburn, Ma (508-832-3471). those who opted to ride judged had 15 different “obstacles” that they were judged on. obstacles included things like a log jump, brush drag, trailer loading, standing to apply fly spray, bucket toss, and water/mud crossing, among others. Some were done in the field before and after the ride, plus some were spread out on the seven-mile course. everyone had a great ride and did a nice job with the obstacles. thanks go to the following that helped with the lea Macinnis Judged Pleasure ride: Becky Kalagher, Karen Parlin, denise Francis, Sharron cochran, cheryl Fitzpatrick, Nancy leBel, Jeff Briggs, rose Zariczny, ray Quirk, Sue Quirk, and dan Salvucci. it’s hard to believe that it will already just about be october by the time you all read this, and that our riding season will be winding down. i hope you join us in october for the following rides: on october 14, there will be a pleasure ride in Hubbardston, Ma; october 20 will be the Big Pumpkin ride to benefit Grafton land trust in Grafton, Ma; october 21 will be our joint ride with the Scantic Valley riders & drivers; and on November 4, our annual turkey trot at Myles Standish in carver, Ma (and sad to say our last ride of the season!), will take place. Please seriously think about joining Bay State trail riders association. With your help we can make more of a difference!

our winners for the judged pleasure ride were as follows: August 12 Lea MacInnis Judged Pleasure Ride, Kathy Wicks doing the brush drag.

158 equine


| October 2012

adults:1. Carolyn Weeks; 2. Cindy ostrowski; 3. anna Maria Paul; 4. Kathy Wicks; 5. Mary Ceaser; 6. sandy Wedge. Juniors: 1. Carlie Cichocki; 2. Jonathan Graveson.

Photo: beCKy KalaGher

Show ReSultS

We look forward to seeing you at the Strain Family Horse Farm! Sandy, Bill, Chris, David, Kris, Carly, Logan, Billy, Garrett, and Collin.


Offering 1.

Double Reg. Paint/Pinto bay tobiano gelding 8yo 16H, 71 points in 3 events, quiet, broke and very safe

15. TB/QH X Chestnut Gelding 9yo 15.3H been shown, trails, English or Western, a real packer


TB/QH X Buckskin gelding 11yo 15.3H, rides English or Western, jumps, good on trails, QUIET

16. Pinto Gelding 11yo 15.0H been on a Wyoming ranch, great on trails, extra big bodied, branded


Reg. Paint Black Overo gelding 8yo has some Dressage training

17. QH Chestnut Gelding 8yo 14.3H white socks, blaze, western riding and reining training


QH Chestnut gelding 11yo, branded, child has trail ridden all summer

18. Draft/Paint X Pinto Gelding 10yo 16.2H field hunter, red and white, X country, trails


TB Bay mare 16.3H 10yo, has been shown, changes leads, jumps, big boned and quiet

19. Reg. QH chestnut gelding 6yo 15.0H really solid ranch horse, neck reins, worked cattle


Reg. QH Chestnut gelding 9yo 15.1H English, Western, jumps, worked in an exclusive camp all summer

20. Reg. QH Blue Roan gelding 15.3H very pretty, kind eye, great head, neck reins, English or Western


Pinto/Appaloosa gelding 7yo 14.0H walk, trot, canter, jumps, swims, broke, quiet enough for a kid


Reg. QH Chestnut Gelding 8yo 15.3H big bodied trail horse for anyone, worked in a summer camp

21. Reg. QH black mare 7yo 15.2H western pleasure deluxe, very broke, sweet on the ground, been shown, good mover


Haflinger mare 13.0H 9yo walk, trot, canter, trail, jumps, may drive, solid pony

22. Reg. QH black gelding 6yo 16.0H big bodied, been shown 4-H, pivots, side passes, neck reins

10. Bay mare show pony 14.0H 11yo 4 white legs, star, jumps, been shown, very fancy

23. Reg. New Zealand T.B 6yo 16.2H gelding well started, good mover, great mind

11. Reg. QH Buckskin gelding 8yo 16.0H takes leads, jumps, been started on barrels, great ground manners

24. Reg. Paint chestnut tobiano gelding 12yo 16.1H good mover, very broke, also trail rides

12. Reg. North American Sport Pony, Bay gelding 6yo 14.1H shown Dressage/Driving, named CASTLEBROOK KADENCE 13. Reg. New Forest Pony Bay mare, imported, lead change, drives and rides, named DIBDEN TIKIDEEBOO 14. TB/QH X Bay mare 11yo 15.2H professionally trained English, Western and trails, anyone can ride


Come join us for our Schooling Show Series/Fall Classic, October 21st! Rated Show: CHSA & CHJA Marshall-Sterling October 28th - Fall Festival

Happy Halloween to All! 309 Scantic Road, East Windsor, CT


w w w.ridingoakme October 2012

| equine Journal 159

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Norfolk hunt Club Passes New England Hunter Trials Torch to Green Mountain Hounds Submitted by d.a. Hayden

The New eNglaNd huNTer Trials, a favorite in the stable of events for New england hunts, will, for the first time this year, be hosted by the green Mountain hounds, in Vermont, on sunday, October 7, 2012. The event will be held at lemon Fair Farm, in beautiful shoreham, VT. The Norfolk hunt Club has hosted the New england hunter Trials for the past few years, at the Norfolk hunt steeplechase Course in Medfield, Ma. as part of an effort to expose members of New england hunts to hunt country throughout the region, green Mountain hounds generously offered to host the prestigious 2012 event. elaine ittleman, MFh, and Terry hook, MFh, of green Mountain hounds, report their membership is really excited and working hard to deliver a great weekend of equine activity. They encourage members of New england hunts to compete in the hunter Trials, or volunteer as fence judges or in other capacities. elaine also stressed that riders who are not members of registered hunts are invited to enjoy the gorgeous Vermont countryside and 160 equine


| October 2012

compete in the Open classes. green Mountain hounds is literally opening doors—both in stables and homes—to welcome riders to Vermont. Members of the hunt are offering stabling for visiting horses and rooms for riders and visitors. The weekend will begin with a saturday evening barn party for guests, hosted by one of green Mountain hounds’ popular landowners. The party is a big hit each year, and special plans are in place to welcome out-of-town visitors. The following morning, sunday, October 7, competitors, volunteers, and spectators will gather at lemon Fair Farm for the New england hunter Trials. The venue, located in the fertile Champlain Valley of western Vermont, promises to be beautiful at the height of the fall foliage season, featuring views of the adirondacks and the green Mountains. elaine ittleman, MFh, reports the green Mountain hounds have built 12 new jumps for the hunter Trials, and a bridge crossing is also included. The first half of the threemile course will be in open hay fields, providing great opportunities for spec-

tators to see the action; hilly terrain is also featured. The New england hunter Trials has been held annually at various New england foxhunting locations since 1932. The event was organized for the purpose of creating competition for horses that hunt regularly with a New england hunt, ridden by riders who are members of New england hunts. The event is designed to showcase ideal hunt horses, capable of negotiating the natural obstacles found in hunt country. as well, the event features many historic, perpetual, and distinguished trophies. Of particular interest is the heard Cup division, which will present riders with 25 obstacles, with classic hunting challenges including a “gone away” and a “lead over.” at the 2011 Norfolk-hosted New england hunter Trials, the heard Cup was won by Owen hughes, MFh, Norfolk hunt Club. Mike Paparo, of the Norfolk hunt Club, finished second, and Pam deVries and andrea eaton, both of Myopia, finished third and fourth, respectively. green Mountain hounds is promoting the open classes at the New england hunter Trials for those riders who do not hunt regularly with one of the nine New england hunts. These riders are welcome to compete, and participation is encouraged. a special novice class will also be available. Participants will be provided complimentary lunch at the event and many more opportunities to experience Vermont hospitality. local boarding and entertainment for horses and riders is being made available. Contact hospitality Chair, Porter Knight, at For class schedules and registration information, contact hunter Trials secretary, Kate selby, at kselby@ For general questions, contact the green Mountain hounds Masters of Foxhounds, elaine ittleman, MFh, at, or Terry hook, MFh, at

Norfolk Hunter Trials Scheduled for October 21 riders will have a second opportunity

PHotoS: KatHie davenPort

« Owen Hughes, MFH, Norfolk Hunt Club, won the 2011 Heard Cup.

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Green Mountain Horse Association Gives You the Chance to Win a Fantasy Getaway for $100

Norfolk member, Michael Paparo, placed second in the 2011 New England Hunter Trials Heard Cup.

Photos right: courtesy of gMha

to participate in a Hunter Trials event, when the Norfolk Hunt club hosts the Norfolk Hunter Trials on Sunday, october 21, at the Norfolk Hunt Steeplechase course in Medfield, MA. The event, chaired by Norfolk member dominic cammarata, who is assisted by many volunteers, is a favorite among Norfolk members and area riders who enjoy riding over traditional foxhunting fences in Norfolk’s beautiful hunt country. Special classes exist for members of a registered hunt, and all riders, including non-hunters and professionals, are invited to compete in the open divisions. The Norfolk Hunter Trials provide a great opportunity for volunteers! Norfolk treats its volunteers well, providing continental breakfast, lunch, and an awards party. Experience is not needed to be a jump judge, as volunteers new to the event will be paired with a more experienced judge. Volunteers consistently comment they meet great new people, see gorgeous horses, and have a terrific day in the country. For a full description of the event, rules, class divisions, and entry forms, visit To volunteer, contact dominic cammarata at 508-345-4790 or dominic.cammarata@

For $100 you could be riding under the midnight sun in Iceland or comparing cabernet in california’s incomparable wine country as the winner of GMHA’s 2012 Annual raffle. one lucky winner will choose their adventure from five fabulous trips (for two) or a cash prize of $4,000. only 300 tickets are available for sale, increasing the chances that you’ll have the winning ticket when it’s drawn November 4 at GMHA’s Annual Meeting. you do not have to be present to win. you can choose your adventure from among the following destinations:

Buying a ticket for GMHA’s raffle could win you a shopping trip to New York City.

California Wine Country Trip for Two Tour Sonoma Valley’s wineries in a private, A trip to Ireland is one of five options for the winner of this year’s raffle to choose. chauffeur-driven luxury sedan during this four-day, three-night trip to the Fairmount Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa. Irish Luxury Retreat Airfare is included. Whisk yourself off to a country estate in county Wicklow on Ireland’s East coast. This adventure “Shop ‘til You Drop” Trip for includes a seven-day, six-night stay at Two to NYC the luxurious ritz-carlton Powerscourt, Visit the Big Apple where the shopcounty Wicklow. There is great hiking, ping never stops for four days and cycling, and golf abound. This package three nights. Stay at The Plaza and also includes a $1,000 ritz-carlton enjoy a $2,000 shopping spree at your gift card. choice of Bergdorf-Goodman, Saks, or Bloomingdale’s.

Mexican Riding Holiday Enjoy a riding vacation in one of the most beautiful guest ranches in latin America. Airfare is included in this unique, seven-day, six-night stay at ranchero las cascadas. All meals are also included.

Icelandic Ride

Enjoy a weeklong trip for two to Iceland and ride under the midnight sun. Experience the Icelandic horse for yourself during riding clinics for beginners and intermediate riders. Visit famous breeding farms and soak in the hot springs. October 2012

| equine Journal 161























*$0%5,//6 63$5.6






















































/(0$67(56 0&0855$< 0,))/,1%85*












| October 2012









162 equine
































Twisdenwood, Georgetown, MA Holly Hill Farm, Marstons Mills, MA Holly Hill at Meadow March, Harvard, MA

October 2012

| equine Journal 163

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Connecticut Trail rides association Prepares for Fall Banquet and Elections Submitted by Kim dore

Well, as you all are reading this…summer has come to an end. Hopefully you were able to get out and enjoy spending time with your equine partners on the trails and got together with your fellow Connecticut Trail rides association (CTra) club members and friends, for good food and fun at one of the club events, like the fabulous breakfasts hosted by the dilger family on May 27 and June 30 at Camp Boardman in goshen, CT; White Memorial rides on May 13 and June 3; Word scramble ride hosted by Karen dilger on July 8 into Mohawk Forest; the barbecue and auction; and the “oh no We need to Make a new Trail!” ride hosted by Bud dore on auction weekend, august 4-5. september was jam packed with something to do every weekend, starting with a spaghetti supper hosted by louie Fox and Fran Torsiello; a turkey hunt for children hosted by ann dominick; the Turkey Hunt ride for adults hosted by lynn gogolya; bingo in the pavilion; and the breakfast hosted by Patti Crowther and Kathy Watson, all on labor day weekend. Plus there was the annual strain Family Trail ride in granby, CT, on the september 9; the larkin state Bridle Trail ride in oxford, CT, on the 16th, hosted by Karen dilger; the Camp Boardman Memorial Trail ride (last official lot holding weekend) into Mohawk Forest

on the weekend of september 22-23; and the steep rock ride in Washington, CT, on the 30th, hosted by lynn gogolya was added to the schedule of events. Currently there are no rides scheduled for the month of october. as a reminder, all campers must be removed from Camp Boardman by october 31. if you are unable to remove your camper by this date, please contact Camp director ann dominick at 352-208-1809 to discuss the situation. november brings CTra’s 72nd annual Fall Banquet and elections. save the date of saturday, november 3, 2012 and plan on joining hosts ann and Jim dominick at the american legion Hall Post # 27, at 418 Bantam rd, litchfield, CT 06759. social hour is from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., with dinner from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., the general meeting and elections from 8:15 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., and from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. there will be dancing to music provided by Music express d.J. Mike german. The social hour will consist of snack trays and the meal will include fried chicken, lasagna, macaroni and cheese, salad, rolls, and dessert (cake). There will also be a cash bar. The costs are $20 per adult, $10 per child ages 6-12, and $5 per child under 6. each attendee is encouraged to bring a ‘grab bag’ gift for each person attending (if you are planning on participating in the exchange of gifts).


Bulk Kiln Dry/Green Bagged Shavings Arena Footing

Rubber - Leather - Chips

Trucking - Live Floor Trailers/ Vans Deliver throughout New England, NY, PA

Truck Tire Sidewalls (for tarp anchors)


Farm Supply Co. Inc.

1000 Plymouth St., Rte 104, Bridgewater, MA FARM • LANDSCAPE & PET PRODUCTS

508-697-0357 or 800-665-9328 Mon-Fri 8-5:30, Sat 8-4, Sun 10-3

164 equine


| October 2012

spending on gifts should be no more than $20. There will also be a 50/50 raffle. Please make checks payable to CTra and mail them to CTra Treasurer Betty Pokrinchak, at 81 Brick school rd, Warren, CT 06754. Please make sure your payment is received no later than Monday, october 15, 2012. if you have questions, please contact banquet hosts ann and Jim dominick at 352-208-1809. nominees for the election of officers are: gigi ouellette for president, Fran Torsiello for vice president, Betty Pokrinchak for treasurer, Kim dore for secretary, and larry adkins for camp director. susan adkins has also requested to be listed on the ballot as running for secretary. other nominations can be made from the floor on election night. Please consider attending the equine affaire in Massachusetts and support our members that will be exhibiting in the Better living Building (Fred Pokrinchak/ saddle ranch, booth #601) and the stroh Building (Kim and Bud dore/us Wild Horse and Burro association with Bureau of land Management, booth # 2203-2204). don’t forget to check out the official CTra website at as well as the Connecticut Trail rides association FacebooksM page and group. if anyone would like to add a ride or event, or has a suggestion for the website, please contact current CTra secretary, Kim dore at 860-309-4507. on a personal note, as co-host of the annual barbecue (and auction), i would like to thank everyone who attended and spent all their hard earned cash on the berbecue and donated items in the auction…and there were about 50 of you! We would like to thank dave Manley for his generous donation, shucking, cooking, and serving of the corn…it was delicious! i would like to thank my husband, rick, for being so tolerant of my volunteering him for all the grilling duties—as always, your london broil was a hit. Thank you to our president, gigi ouellette, for keeping track of all the auction bids and her contribution of cake for dessert at the barbecue, louie Fox for being our auctioneer, dave Manley for keeping our auctioneer on track and my grandkids, amaya, natalie, Matt and Beau for being auction item runners… and of course the dilger grandkids for making my grandkids feel welcome at camp. Without all the help and all the attendees this ‘fun’draiser wouldn’t have been a success. Thank you all!

We Build Every Size and Type of Barn.


ur building division has been designing and building quality structures since 1979. From small outbuildings to dressage, hunter & jumper arenas

â&#x20AC;&#x201C; your building project deserves to be an exciting and hassle free experience. Call Jim or Jake at (603) 648-2987 to discuss your project and receive a no-obligation quote.

AG Structures - Our Building Division Since 1979 Rte. 4, 96 Old Turnpike Road, Salisbury, NH 03268  t'BY Open 7 Days

Supporting The Rural Lifestyle

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West Greenwich horseman’s association Club Member Katherine Gardener Wins Gold at NAJYRC suBMitted By taMMy laMpHere

West GreenWich horseman’s association (WGha) member, Katherine Gardener, won the individual gold medal in endurance at the north american Junior and Young rider championship (naJYrc), held at the Kentucky horse Park in Lexington, KY. she completed the 75-mile race with a ride time of six hours and 11 minutes—a new course record. Katherine has been in training and has been coached by two-time world gold medalist Valerie Kanavy, who also crewed for her at the naJYrc. Katherine rode aF Big Bucks, an arabian gelding owned by Pam Weidel of Pennefield, nJ. Bucks is a seasoned endurance horse with many wins and top tens; he also raced at the World equestrian Games (WeG) in 2010. Winning this ride has given Katherine Fei 4 star status, which is the highest rating for an endurance rider. she is now qualified to ride for the United states in other international competitions. to qualify for this Fei championship race, the horse and rider must complete many rides. this year, Katherine has competed in Fei rides in Florida, north carolina, and montana. this is her second year at the naJYrc on the northeast endurance team. after this ride, Katherine is ranked eighth in the world and third in the U.s. in the Fei endurance rankings. the naJYrc is the premier equestrian competition in north america for Junior and Young riders, age

Scenes from the WGHA Hunter Pace.

14-21. Young equestrians came from the United states, Bermuda, canada, mexico, Puerto rico, and the caribbean islands to vie for team and individual Fei medals in the three olympic equestrian disciplines of show jumping, dressage, eventing, plus the Fei World equestrian Games disciplines of reining and endurance. the competition is run under rules of the Fei (Federation equestre internationale), the international governing body for equestrian sport, and is the only Fei championship held annually on this continent. these Young riders are poised to be members of future olympic and WeG teams. congratulations Katherine! WGha is proud of you!

Beat The Heat Ride on July 15, at the beat the heat

ride, there were 31 riders, including two junior riders. thanks to Denise anthony, sandee Pacheco, marcia stewart, marilyn Graf and Luann Grafe for helping out to make this a great event. high compliments were made for a well-marked trail and the excellent printed directions. the trail was enjoyed by all—good job guys! and, we got two new memberships with the persistence of sandee Pacheco, who made sure to ask everyone if they were a member of WGha. that was before 10:00 a.m., and sandee usually doesn’t even talk before then. congratulations to Jane sprada, who was the winner of the raffle prize.

Hunter Pace #2 the second of three WGha hunter paces took place on July 22. the weather was absolutely perfect and the event was as always very well attended, with 62 riders. to make a good hunter pace or any ride, it takes a lot of preparation. thanks to Luann and mike Grafe, who spent at hours and hours cleaning the trails and marking them, and keeping the day organized and moving along smoothly. compliments were plentiful for the twisty, zigzag course. and let’s not forget chef ida sweet’s terrific lunch. Show ReSultS congratulations to all the winners, as follows: Hallem, ray austin. Hilltopper division: 1. denise anthony, Marcia stewart; 2. John rielly, Bonnie Watious. Junior division: 1. sarah Watious; 2. riane anderson.

166 equine


| October 2012

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Hunter division: 1. Frank Kulick; 2. Jim


A Night at the

Masquerade Year-End Awards Banquet

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Tri-State Horsemen’s Association Urges Members to Vote for Officers Submitted by Beth Stone

The long, hot days of summer have become a fond memory, as cooler days, brightly colored foliage, and the best riding weather of the year signal the return of Autumn! It is a busy season for Tri-State Horsemen’s Association (TSHA) members, with two important annual meetings and the annual Awards Banquet happening in the next month or so. On Wednesday, October 3, a general membership meeting will be held to begin our election process for the coming year. Nominations for officers and board members for the coming year will be presented, and nominations will close that evening. The annual election of officers will take place on Wednesday, November 7, and every adult member of TSHA is invited to attend and vote for the coming year. If you cannot attend, be sure to send for your absentee ballot. Your vote is important, please plan on casting one. Guest speakers for these evenings have not been confirmed at the time this article goes to print, but an educational program is being planned. If you would like to get involved in the management of

TSHA—this is your opportunity! The location of the meetings is undetermined at this time, but check the TSHA website, for more information. The Banquet Committee has been working hard auditing dressage and open show results to determine our year-end award winners. It is a huge amount of work to plan, organize, and run these events. And, long after we have packed up our show clothes for the winter, these hard-working TSHA members are checking and rechecking all points to ensure accuracy of year-end awards. TSHA owes these volunteers a huge amount of gratitude for all of the work they do! Speaking of year-end awards, the Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday, November 3, at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick, RI. The theme this year is “A Night at the Masquerade,” and it promises to be a very special evening! Chairwoman Alicia Cugini and her committee are putting together a special evening with raffles and superlative awards, as well as presentations of division awards for the open shows and

Silver Heels Riding Club Now Accepting Scholarship Application Submitted by Liz Hannah

A big thank you to all of you who helped to make our 55th year a great one to show! It was an interesting season—one show was canceled due to a phenomenal amount of rain that left our rings in less than safe conditions, and our final show of the year became double judged. There were two sets of judges in each ring, and the opportunity for two sets of points for each class. For Silver Heels members that were accumulating points, they 168 equine


| October 2012

only had to compete in one show other than this September one to qualify for year-end awards. It made things interesting, to say the least! For those members who are heading off to college or taking higher education classes, check out the Silver Heels Scholarship section of our website. We are pleased to offer scholarships to Silver Heels members. Applications are due at the beginning of November. All candidates must fill out an appli-

dressage. Members should have received a mailing with all of the details. Information and a reservation form are also available on the website. Hope to see you there! In other club news, the Moonlight Pleasure Trail Ride was a success again this year. We had 51 people in attendance, of which 12 rode in a wagon driven by Jim of Side Hill Farm. We also had two carriages this year as well as 33 horse and rider pairs. Once again, everyone enjoyed the great food and conversation before riding out. New to this ride was a raffle, which was well received. Our winners were Keith Wilkes, Flo Harman, and Mary Reavis from Louisiana. You still have time to join us for the next pleasure trail ride. It will be held September 29 at Bluff Point in Groton, CT. We ride out at 10:00 a.m. and eat after the ride. Members eat for free, and non members pay $5—and everyone brings their favorite dish to share. Now is the time to send your 2013 membership. This year you can save $10 on your membership if it’s postmarked by December 31, 2012. 2013 membership forms are available at Look for TSHA on Facebook and now you can find us on Twitter, as well! And remember to check the TSHA website for the most up-to-theminute information on TSHA events and activities.

cation form and submit a 500-word essay. The form and address for submission are all located at Now that the official show season is over, we are in the midst of planning for the end of the year banquet. This year, the Annual Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday, December 1 at Ashworth By the Sea, located at 295 Ocean Boulevard, Hampton, NH. Mark your calendar now as December tends to fill up quickly! The banquet is always a nice way to celebrate the accomplishments of the riders and to end the year. Remember, for more information, please visit

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Maine horse Association Reviews Highview Horse Show Submitted by Sylvia a. Corbett

The 49Th AnnuAl highview horse show took place on a bright, sunny day at the Cumberland Fairgrounds. Three big rings held classes for pleasure and hunter horses and ponies. The pleasure ring was judged by Jo hight and susan Casper. it was double judged and double pointed. The hunter rings were judged by robert Crawford in ring two and larissa Pratt in ring three. The hunter courses were designed by Jennifer Bradley of scarbourough, Me, who also chaired ring two. Monica McKenna chaired ring three and both ladies kept the classes moving smoothly. The last class of the day for the hunters was the $1,500 Modified hunter Derby in memory of horsewoman nancy M Cray, who passed away 10 years ago to cancer.

The winner of this derby was Kaitlyn Dyer on Play My song, from Durham, Me. some very young ladies did a really great job handling the ribbons and trophies and presenting them to the winners in the pleasure ring. They were the granddaughters of Peggy Drummey, emma and sophie ouellette, and hannah Coucher. The manager of the show was James Drummey and the secretary was Dollie hutchins, with Peggy Drummey as her assistant. The announcers were sue Arthur in ring one and emily hayes in rings two and three. The steward for the show in all three rings was Judy Kobilarcsik. everyone did a great job in producing a very well run show. it is one of Maine’s oldest and one to look forward to.

There is a large pleasure ring with lots of parking and two beautiful hunt rings with some really well-built jumps. if you missed this one, hope to see you all there next year for the 50th anniversary. Coming soon in an upcoming issue will be the results of the hollis summer series Challenge. The shows involved were: the American saddlebred Association of Maine (AsAM) long horn Fun Festival, AsAM Dunegrass living Double Judged Classic, AsAM hollis equestrian Park Benefit, Friesian events Association (FeA) Benefit show, and the Pine Tree sizzler. it doesn’t seem possible, but by the time you are reading this the majority of the Maine horse Association (MhA) shows will be over and we will all be looking forward to the annual MhA banquet. it’s always the third saturday in november. Be sure to save the date. Plans are already in the making. There will be raffles and silent auctions and always a great meal and lots of fun. For more information, visit

southern new england horsemen’s Association Wraps Up Solid Show Season Submitted by Cynthia anne bowen

The souThern new england horsemen’s Association (snehA) has concluded a very successful show season. entries were way up over 2011 and our new registered Color halter and registered Quarter horse halter classes proved very popular. we want to thank all of our exhibitors who supported the club, and we hope to see you back in 2013. At our october membership meeting, which will be held on october 30 at 7:30 p.m. at Fields Memorial school in Bozrah, CT, we will be electing our officers, point recorders, and Board of Director members for 2013. we will also be voting on any rule changes submitted by the members. Be sure to come and support your club.

our last club show was held on August 12 at woodstock Fairgrounds in woodstock, CT. Jeremy Mimitz handled the judging duties. The weather in the morning alternated between sun and rain. our year-end awards banquet will be held on november 17 at the norwich holiday inn. The cocktail hour will be at 6:00 p.m., with dinner to follow at 7:00 p.m. it will be a buffet and there will be free soda for the kids —the menu is still to be decided. Tickets are $33 for adults and $13 for children 12 and under. we will have a DJ, and there will be a photographer for pictures. For more information on the banquet and the club in general, visit October 2012

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Connecticut horse shows Association Announces Scholarship Recipients Submitted by richard Freeman

170 equine


| October 2012

tion to excelling in her studies, irene participates in activities to benefit others. For the past five years she has been the Folly Farm Junior Committee Co-Chair, organizing fundraising events to benefit the hole in the wall Gang. she was also awarded the ChsA Good sportsmanship Award in 2010, not only because of her accomplishments, but also because of her “team spirit.” irene currently rides for the Fairfield university collegiate team. Jennifer weisenburger is attending Castleton state College (Vermont), where she is majoring in biology. her ambitions beyond college will be to pursue a medical degree with the end goal of becoming a pediatrician. since she attends college in Vermont, it has been challenging for Jennifer to compete in ChsA shows, driving 200 miles home on the weekend to both exhibit and visit with her family. she has, however, managed to make her mark in Modified Adult equitation, both in 2011 and 2012. Jennifer’s community service activities have included cleaning up homes after hurricane irene in rutland, Vt, and assisting soup kitchen staff at st. Vincent De Paul soup Kitchen and the Jewitt City Food Pantry. ChsA congratulates this year’s deserving scholarship winners who have had many accomplishments both inside and outside of the ring. we wish them all continued success in all of their academic and outside endeavors.

Irene Peluso riding Odin at the Vermont Summer Festival Horse Show in 2011.

Katlyn Boggio on Just Do It at 2011 USEF Pony Finals, Lexington, KY.

top photo: david mullinix; bottom photo Shawn mcmillan

ConneCtiCut horse show Association (ChsA) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2012 scholarships, of $1,500 each. this year’s recipients are Kaitlyn Boggio, irenen Peluso, and Jennifer weisenburger. Kaitlyn Boggio graduated from somers high school and will be embarking on her college career at the university of Connecticut (storrs), where she will study animal science. she has worked at oak Meadow Farm teaching about horses and riding, and works with people of all ages including some with disabilities. Kaitlyn has competed for years, moving from the Children’s equitation (2'6'') division to Junior equitation (3'6'') in under a year. in August 2011, she showed in the useF Pony Finals, a national competition held in Louisville, KY. At the useF Finals, her team placed sixth in the nation. Kaitlyn also received the useF sportsmanship Award in 2011. Kaitlyn is looking forward to her studies at the university of Connecticut and will also be working toward becoming a member of their college riding team. irene Peluso is heading into her sophomore year at Fairfield university (Connecticut), where she is majoring in pre-med and english. irene has been a member of many honor societies including the national honor society, the spanish honor society and the tri-M Music honor society. in addi-

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Yankee Walkers Gaited Horses of new england Club Members Share Details of Favorite New England Trails Profile falls recreation area, Hill, nH, was named for Profile falls, the large and beautiful waterfall on the smith river that is the focal point of this historical recreation area. in 1937, residents of Hill Village learned that their village, near the Pemigewasset river, was to become a flood control reservoir for the franklin falls dam project. to accommodate the construction of the franklin falls Dam, the village of Hill was relocated. at present day, the area is now available for hikers and horseback riders to enjoy. the remains of Hill Village allow visitors to imagine what life was like over 70 years ago when the village was thriving. signs designate where there once was the needle shop, railroad, roads within the village and numerous stone cellar holes. as riders, we are the beneficiaries of this lost town and are able to enjoy miles of trails along the Pemi river, weaving around fields and woods. there are long stretches of roads to gait (of course) and canter, and access into the river—perfect for hoof splashing! a number of the Yankee Walker club members have been enjoying this area over the last couple of years. Most recently what began as a cloudy, ominous forecast turned out to be a spectacular day! riders Julie Dillon on GreyJohn; loren stevens on her new horse, ace; Mike stevens on classy; and ellen flatley on cartier enjoyed a three-hour ride, culminating with lunch under the shade trees. Does it get any better than that? old Hill Village opens for day rides at sunrise and closes at sunset, and stipulates pets must be on a leash.

The Bunkhouse, Washington, VT. a four-season getaway owned my Mark and nina radar, this peaceful and serene cabin with equine accommodation is an oasis for horse and rider. 172 equine


| October 2012

our Yankee Walkers club officers recently came together to trail ride and relax for three days here. Riding High at The Bunkhouse: Joyce Egge and Upon arrival, we found it too Montana, Ellen Flatley and Cartier, Julie Dillon hot at 100 degrees to ride our and GreyJohn, Jody Pellechia with Smudge. gaited horses, so we decided to sit on the deck and have a relaxing evening extensive a network of gaited enthusiasts with which to share while settling in for the weekend. after the trails and more than a few enjoying a wonderful barbecue, we smiles with as you “gait” along. if watched the sun go down, drank our you want visit this beautiful facility wine, and listened to the bullfrogs in to do some “camping on the cape” the spring fed pond. from our cabin we with your horse, you can check could easily keep a watchful eye over availability and make your our beloved horses. Just downhill, the reservation through reserve horses were secure and happy in their america at individual run-in sheds. as twilight fell, we enjoyed the show that the fireflies performed just for us. Equine Affaire the next day, we opted to call time to sign up! We are in the planning upon Mary contois to guide us stages for setting up every aspect of through just a few of the hundreds of our varied responsibilities and trails adjoining the property. the terrain presentations for equine affaire. runs, from narrow and steeps to wide for the booth and stalls, we need enough to ride five abreast. some took volunteers to help with the design, us deep in the woods then out to wide decoration, and display. We are in open lush meadows. there is also an need of pictures of members and their abundance of old logging roads that horses in various activities with their are just wonderful for gaiting! We look gaited horses for our booth. so if you forward to returning to the Bunkhouse are crafty, please contact Julie Dillon at to ride again next season—when, and let’s autumn finds Vermont blooming in to put your ideas to work! We are also color and we can hear our horses’ feet in need of members to meet and greet shuffle through the fallen leaves. visitors at our Yankee Walker breed booth. ellen flatley is lending her exceptional executive talents Myles Standish State Park, to help organize volunteers for this, South Carver, MA. so please contact her to sign up at this park offers a unique opportunity and last for gaited riders with soft, flat, and but not least, we are in need of sandy trails. Myles standish provides volunteers to put on their bling and parking for day rides and also has ride in our breed demonstration an area called “charge Pond,” with and spotlight! Helen Weeman will 37-horse friendly campsites. Here, you be coaching our riding team this will find some of the best footing and year. contact her at settingsun@ scenery in the state! to ride in our Gliding along these lovely trails demonstration. We are looking on our gaited horses proves to be forward to finding something for easy for the animals and comfortable every Yankee Walker club member for the riders. the extensive network to do during this wonderful opportunity of trails will keep you in the saddle to meet our fellow equine enthusiasts! exploring for days. and while you see you there! are there, you will meet just as

Photo: mary contoiS

Submitted by Julie dillon, ellen Flatley, Jody Pellecchia & nancy Kitchen

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New England Paint Horse Club Members Enjoy Color Challenge Horse Show Submitted by Krissie Kane Fields

The Color Challenge Horse Show held June 9-10 at Falls Creek Farm in Oneco, CT, had a great turnout and everyone had a great time! There were a ton of activities, lots of food, and great prizes throughout the weekend. The winner of Battle of the Barns stall decorating contest was Julia Shaw who had a collage of her and her horse. She wrote about herself and “Gus,” who are competing this year for North Atlantic Buckskin Association (NABA) Buckskin Queen in hopes of representing NABA at the world competition in 2013. The second place winner was Denise Reed-Gagnon, who had a display of flowers and ribbons on her stall. Julia won a free stall at the next NABA show. All youth were entered into a raffle for a basket full of goodies including candy, a movie, and many other sweet treats. Nikkol Duke was the lucky winner of the basket. Saturday night brought the first day of competition to an end, but the activities continued after the show. Both clubs hosted a phenomenal potluck supper in the Belt Buckle Bar. Everybody brought a dish to share and no one went away hungry! Thanks to Jeff, we were able to watch Union Rags take the Belmont Stakes. After everyone had their fill of food, we headed down to the ring where the ducks were waiting to be chucked. Angie worked hard all day to sell $240 worth of ducks. Great job, Angie! Leo had a firm grip on his as he counted down to the toss—the Roys’ reputation was riding on him chucking the perfect duck! As the ducks bounced in and out of the center, only one remained at the end…Annie Kennedy was the winner! Annie won herself $120 with her perfect toss, bringing the Roy reign to an end. Then the kids headed back up to the Belt Buckle to participate in the youth quiz bowl that Julia and Cheryl of 174 equine


| October 2012

NABA had set up. There were three NABA kids and three paint kids that participated, as well as some parents who watched and two smaller kids who came in late to watch and help out with answers when the older kids couldn’t think of the right thing! Megan Devine won the contest and the second place winner was Haley Paradis. We went through about 40 questions as they wanted to continue after 25. The kids loved the first and second place candy gift baskets. They had a great time and all got along great. There were lots of laughs. The participants seemed to really enjoy it and they learned some new things. There were also three color breed challenge classes throughout the weekend with 100% payback, trophies, and ribbons to the exhibitors. Margaret Kennedy and Going All Out won the Hunter Under Saddle Color Breed Challenge, Margaret Kennedy and Onxys Diamond won the Barrel Racing Color Breed Challenge, and Alyssa Marzilli and A Sensational Beaver won the Western Pleasure Color Breed Challenge. Congratulations to all the winners! The show wouldn’t have run as smooth without the help of our gatekeepers, Suze Skovsende and Linda Holland, who braved the dust, sun and heat to ensure that no one missed their class. Great job ladies! Suzy Taffe assisted our judges as ring steward and kept them moving right along. Leo “Mumbles” Roy was back at the helm announcing. Angie Ovilaro helped run judge’s cards while she wasn’t selling those ducks! And working on minimal sleep and lots of chocolate and Mountain Dew, Audra and Cindy kept the show booth running without any great catastrophes! In other news, we have had a few Paint members competing at various events. Paige Benson and her horse Back Seat Driver usually

show the Pinto circuit, but were at our combined breed show as well. Paige and “Kroger” are a very accomplished team, showing in the all-around events. The team was also just Amateur High Point at the Pinto show this past weekend in August. While Paige isn’t competing horses in the summer, she is working at her family’s farm, Indian Rock Stables, in Saugus, MA. Paige and her close friend Kayla Coburn both attend Findlay University in Ohio. The two are majoring in equestrian studies. Kayla says her specialty is working with the young horses, while Paige enjoys finishing them. They hope to return to Massachusetts after graduating from Findlay and start their own business. Another team to watch for is Stacy Chambers and BMQ Ride the Stride. Stacy recently showed her double registered horse at the Region Six AQHA Show. The team did very well, as they always do at our Paint shows as well. In June, Carol Kane attended the Pinto World Show in Tulsa, OK, with Julie Thomas and Allan Schmidt of Dare to Dream Performance Horses out of Stem, NC. Carol and GSR Remember Me showed in the western pleasure events. Carol and “Rosie” took home the title of reserve world champion in the Amateur Ideal Western Pleasure. Congratulations! As always, the Zone 7 show, held in New Jersey, brought a great crowd. It was nice to see so many head that way from the New England area. Bob Drake attended the show, as he is a Zone 7 Delegate from NEPHC. Stacy Chambers was there as well. The team from Keyser Farm attended also, with Annie Kennedy and Haley Paradis. It was nice to see some old faces from the New England area; Heather and Larry Pelletier, who are now working out of Yarnelle Farms in Fort Wayne, IN, made it to the show along with Sam Korna. Good Luck to all showing the remainder of the season as well as those who will be traveling to the Paint World Show in November! Please stay tuned for information from the Fall Futurity show in Oneco, CT, as well as other year-end information.

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New England Miniature Horse Society Presents Eastern Championship Show Results SUBMITTED BY MARY ADAMS


A NUMBER OF NEW ENGLAND Miniature Horse Society (NEMHS) members exhibited at the American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA) Eastern Championship (Regional) Show in Springfield, OH, this August. This was one of three regional AMHA shows held this summer, the other two being the Western and Central Championships. Entries placing first and second in their class are awarded neck sashes as regional champion and regional reserve champion respectively. Winners from selected classes compete for regional grand champion and regional reserve grand champion. NEMHS was well represented, as the Regional Grand Champion Senior Stallion and Regional Grand Champion Amateur Stallion at this year’s show was SRF Noble Heir. The Regional Grand Champion Senior Gelding was SRF Dreamcatcher; Regional Grand Champion Roadster was Leprechaun Acres Miss; Regional Reserve Grand Champion Country Pleasure Driving was SRF Hot Topic; and Regional Reserve Grand Champion Amateur Gelding was SRF Dreamcatcher, all owned by Roger T. Slobody, Sawmill Stud. In the Youth division, Jenny Zonghetti and Indian Rain Dance were Regional Champions in Youth Obstacle Driving and Youth Showmanship 13-18 Years, Regional Reserve Champion in Youth Classic Pleasure Driving, and has several other top five results. Abbey Raiche and Ravenwood a Kiss to Remember were Regional Reserve Champions in Two-Year-Old Mares 29-31 inches, and won several other top tens. Abbey also won a top ten in Youth Senior Mares with Fallen Ash Farm’s Pretty Grand. Baily Chalut took home top tens in YOTE (Youth Owned, Trained and Exhibited) Country Pleasure Driving, YOTE Geldings and Youth 13-18 Senior Geldings, and in Solid Color Stallion and Geldings with Aloha Acres Adars Hot Shot. Alex Briggs won top fives in Youth

13-18 Junior Geldings with Hytide Lyrical Blessing, in YOTE Geldings with CCMF Alliance Prodajay, and in Youth Junior Mares with DSB Exquisitely Buff. In Adult-Amateurs, Kristina Slobody was Regional Champion in Amateur Senior Stallions 30-34 inches with SRF Noble Heir, Amateur Roadster with Leprechaun Acres Missy, Amateur Senior Geldings with SFR Dreamcatcher, and Regional Reserve Champion with SRF Silk Stockings in Amateur Senior Mares, with SRF Hot Topic in Amateur Country Pleasure Driving, in Amateur Junior Mares with SRF Reflection, in Amateur Junior Geldings with SRF Excalibur, and in Amateur Senior Stallion 30 inches and under with SRF Premier. Bobbie Briggs and Brookhavens Elusive Lad were Regional Champions in AOTE (Amateur Owned, Trained and Exhibited) Junior Geldings, Level 1. Bobbie and CCMF Alliance Prodajay earned a top five in Amateur Senior Geldings Level 1 30-34 inches and AOTE Senior Geldings Level 1. And Bobbie and DSB Exquisitely Buff were top five in Amateur Junior Mares Level 1. DSB Exquisitely Buff, owned by Bobbie Briggs or Matthew Drown was Regional Champion in Solid Color Mares and third in Yearling Mares 30-32 inches. Patty Milano won top fives with Greystone Deputys Friday Surprise in Yearling Stallions and Solid Color Stallions, and in Liberty with Fallen Ash Farm’s Pretty Grand. Megan Herrick earned top fives with SFM Celebritys Little Buck in AOTE Senior Gelding and Amateur Senior Gelding Level 1. Congratulations everyone! Let me know if I missed anyone—if so, I apologize. Visit for news, meetings, photos, show details, and contact information. Send news and photos for the Equine Journal and/or the website to Mary Adams, 247 North Stone Street, West Suffield, CT 06093; call 860-3709035; or email

h C & D Crylons Stagecoac CDHA NW to es rid es giv es Lin July Picnic. members during their

Northwest Connecticut Draft Horse Association Exciting Summer Turns to a Thrilling Fall SUBMITTED BY CORNELIA JACQUIER

NORTHWEST CONNECTICUT DRAFT Horse Association has had a very busy summer. Numerous club members have been showing in local fairs, and several of the farms have either purchased new horses, had foals, or are expecting foals next year. We welcome all the new additions, along with several new members this year. The club is looking forward to our Fall Field Days on November 4, in Orange, CT. If you own a driving animal but do not know how to plow or harrow, come out anyway. You can enjoy a drive around the field, hook to the stoneboat, and work the obstacle course; or, ask one of our veteran members to help you hook to a plow. Members also participate in a friendly plow match. The public is welcome as spectators, or they can hitch a ride on one of the wagons. As a change of pace, we had our July Picnic at The Jacquiers’ in Southwick, MA, where members were treated to stagecoach rides from C & D Crylons Stagecoach Line. We also had the pleasure of holding our August meeting at Mohawk Bison Farm in Goshen, CT. We are also looking forward to our October drive at White Memorial Conservation Center. Another event we have pending is our annual Christmas Party. For more information contact President Tony Roswell at trozwell@aol. com, visit, or find us on Facebook at NWCDHA. October 2012


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Northeast Friesian horse Club 2012 Classic Horse Show Celebrates Another Year of Success suBMiTTed By paM MoriarTy

176 equine


| October 2012

after an exciting night of championship classes, a Parade of Champions closed out the show, where all of the world and national title winners from the recent World Championship show in Lexington, Va, strutted their stuff for the accolades of their peers. stoney Pine stables provided an ice Cream social for all to enjoy to close out the festivities.

Liske E, owned by Darcy Miller took Champion in Dressage Suitability with rider Becca Eccard.

Show ReSultS results from the show are as follows, listed in order with horse, shown by and owned by: Gypsy Horse in-Hand: 1. dF Ciononeen Tabitha, danielle Barrasso, Kate and dungarvan peather reed; 2. Zwantsje W and Jamie Cinq-Mars, winners of the 2012 Galways Fioria, deborah richards, deboBronson Memorial Versatility Trophy, is awarded to the rah richards. WesTern Horse in-Hand: 1. peppered Friesian with the most points in several disciplines. With Gold, Jay Horne, Jay Horne. Friesian Mares in Hand: 1. liske e, Mireille Gravel, Mireille Gravel: 2. ranch l nava noir, Heather rebecca eccard, darcy Miller; 2. eowyn, Macphee, debby Muise. rebecca eccard, david Clark. open HalTer CHaMpionsHip: 1. regardless HunTer Horse in-Hand: 1. double r legacy, Tyrone Fields, , Michelle Cravenho, Michelle Cravenho: 2. Westmoreland Tyrone Fields; 2. sorcsha, Jennifer Grady, acorn Hill Farm. Tristans , Heather Hayes, Melanie olajos. Friesian Geldings in Hand: 1. ytsen, Monica southwick, WilWalK-TroT pleasure open all aGes: 1. patchwork stage liam piazza; 2. rhoherrin, Brian Vigue, acorn Hill Farm. star, lesley Wendt, lesley Wendt: 2. renaissance, sheila open Horse ColTs and Fillies: 1. Westmoreland Tristans, McCarthy, danielle Barrasso. Heather Hayes, Melanie olajos; 2. darach d, sheila McCarthy, MorGan HunTer pleasure: 1. rennaissance espionage, McCarthy sheila and Thoma. John seccareccio, Chrislar Farm: 2. uVM High Tide, allyson Friesian aMaTeur Handler in-Hand: 1. eowyn, david Kennedy-spencer, Chrislar Farm. Clark, david Clark; 2. steffan s, Greer lesnieski, danielle open Color Breed pleasure: 1. peppered With Gold, Jay Barrasso. Horne, Jay Horne. Morgan in Hand: 1. regardless, Michelle Cravenho, Michelle Jr. exHiBiTor HaCK: 1. Jort, Brandon Marvelle, donna MarCravenho; 2. sunny scout, Brandi Carreiro, Brenna audette. velle: 2. Hattie, emily o’neil, rosemary and Gary saccocia. Canadian Horse in-Hand: 1. H-aragorn , Mireille Gravel, Canadian WalK-TroT pleasure: 1. Fiona, Mireille Gravel; 2. ranch l nava noir, Heather Macphee, Mireille Gravel, Mireille Gravel; 2. Berthianme Victor nikki, debby Muise. Kathleen Manning, Kathleen Manning. Friesian sTallions in-Hand: 1. steffan s, danielle BarMHC saddle seaT ClassiC: 1. Thijs, ethel nye, delia Fox. rasso, danielle Barrasso; 2. Thijs, ethel nye, delia Fox. adulT equiTaTion: 1. Ghazis darkside, Michelle Cravenho, Color Breed Model: 1. dF Ciononeen Tabitha, danielle BarMichelle Cravenho: 2. lineke Fan Boer, Tessa Corsetti, lynne rasso, Kate and dungarvan peather reed: 2. peppered With edgecomb-nick. Gold, Jay Horne, Jay Horne. Friesian sHoW pleasure driVinG open: 1. sjoeke Friesian in-Hand CHaMpionsHip: 1. steffan s, danielle Friesians of Majesty, robert labrie, Friesians of Majesty; 2. Barrasso, danielle Barrasso: 2. ytsen, rebecca eccard, William Mitsuoko, William piazza, William piazza. piazza. Friesian dressaGe suiTaBiliTy: 1. lineke Fan Boer, Tessa enGlisH Horse in-Hand: 1. Ghazis darkside, leann CraCorsetti, lynne edgecomb-nick; 2. liske e, rebecca eccard, venho, Michelle Cravenho: 2. dF Ciononeen Tabitha, danielle darcy Miller. Barrasso, Kate and dungarvan peather reed. open WalK-TroT pleasure adulT (18 & oVer): 1. patchopen Junior Handler in-Hand: 1. Jort , Brandon Marvelle, work stage star, lesley Wendt, lesley Wendt; 2. Master F.H., donna Marvelle; 2. Western star Victory, leann Cravenho, stephanie Johnson, Michelle Cravenho. Michelle Cravenho. Friesian Junior exHiBiTor equiTaTion: 1. Jort, Brandon Canadian Horse in-Hand CHaMpionsHip: 1. H-aragorn,

pHoTos: JeFF anderson

The 2012 NorTheasT FriesiaN horse Club (NeFhC) Classic horse show was held on July 20-21 at the Topsfield Fairgrounds in Topsfield, Ma, with the NeFhC Day of Dressage being held on July 22. The weather cooperated with us this year and gave pleasant temperatures to the competitors. There was a good showing of entries and the show was just shy of being sold out. old and new friends got together on Thursday night with the move-in pizza party sponsored by salty Lane Farm. each morning, exhibitors were greeted with coffee and pastries sponsored by Warrior Friesians and the Bestwick Family. Friday morning started out with our in-hand classes. Liske e, owned by Darcy Miller of Maryland took the best of nine entries in the Friesian Mares in-hand class. Ytsen, owned by William Piazza, took the best of seven in the Geldings class, and steffen s, owned by Danielle Barasso, won the stallion class of four. steffen also came away with the Championship class and the Glennaught Colonel Champion of Champions Trophy. along with the Friesian classes in-hand, there were breed classes for the Canadians, Gypsies and color breeds, along with open in-hand classes. These are always a big part of the Classic. The riding classes started in earnest on Friday afternoon with qualifiers, and continued through until the final performances on saturday night. Friday night boasted the colorful Friesian Period Costume class and the always popular Friesian Liberty class. saturday evening’s opening ceremonies highlighted the NeFhC 2011 horse of the Year, anne Wiske T and owner sandra ierardi in costume to present our nation’s colors, along with Marielle Gravel and her Canadian stallion h- aragorn presenting the colors for their native Canada. Dan Gildea, on bagpipes, accompanied the two color bearers and anita Gildea performed her a capella version of our National anthem.

across the northeast

larry WilliamS pHotoGrapHy

marvelle, donna marvelle. open Walk-trot equitation (10 & under): 1. bouke, rose piazza, Chrislar Farm; 2. Western Star Galaxy, leann Cravenho, michelle Cravenho. FrieSian Hunt Seat pleaSure: 1. macht of the manor, ethel nye, lynne byers; 2. Vande Weeme, Shelly breen, Shelly breen. Gentlemen’S pleaSure: 1. rennaissance espionage, John Seccareccio, Chrislar Farm; 2. eldrake, brian Vigue, kim Chapman. morGan enGliSH pleaSure: 1. rampaige, amanda bagley, erica bagley; 2. kGa picasso, lizzie ruffner, elizabeth ruffner. open dreSSaGe Suitability: 1. Secret policeman, bria Shorten, bria Shorten; 2. lafo paulo prunelle, ann Fleisher, margo killoran. open Walk-trot equitation adult: 1. patchwork Stage Star, lesley Wendt, lesley Wendt; 2. dF Ciononeen tabitha, danielle barrasso, kate and dungarvan peather reed. FrieSian Green HorSe Walk-trot-Canter: 1. rosaline n.a.F., Heather macphee, Heather macphee; 2. lineke Fan boer, tessa Corsetti, lynne edgecomb-nick. GypSy open Walk-trot pleaSure: 1. Galways Fioria, deborah richards, deborah richards; 2. dF Ciononeen tabitha, danielle barrasso, kate and dungarvan peather reed. FrieSian WeStern pleaSure: 1. rhoherrin, Jennifer Grady, acorn Hill Farm; 2. meinsje r, ethel nye, ellen and ethel nye blake. open Walk-trot equitation (11-17): 1. Coldingham Classy Honey-dew, tyler Chastney, rachel Chastney. Friesian Green rider Walk-trot equitation: 1. master F.H., Stephanie Johnson, michelle Cravenho; 2. renaissance, Sheila mcCarthy, danielle barrasso. limit pleaSure HorSe open: 1. Secret policeman, bria Shorten, bria Shorten; 2. uVm High tide, allyson kennedySpencer, Chrislar Farm. neHC pleaSure HorSe: 1. Wietse Fanunia Slate, Sandra Sullivan, Sandra Sullivan; 2. incantation, Shauna o’Connell, Heidi o’Connell. $100 FrieSian period CoStume: 1. renaissance, Sheila mcCarthy, danielle barrasso; 2. Zwantsje W, Jamie Cinqmars, Scott and debbie thomas. morGan Hunter pleaSure CHampionSHip: 1. rennaissance espionage, John Seccareccio, Chrislar Farm; 2. uVm High tide, allyson kennedy-Spencer, Chrislar Farm. FrieSian CarriaGe driVinG open SinGle/pairS: 1. Zwantsje W, Jamie Cinq-mars, Scott and debbie thomas; 2. Sjoeke Friesians of majesty, robert labrie, Friesians of majesty. $100 added ladieS pleaSure HorSe: 1. Wietse Fanunia Slate, Sandra Sullivan, Sandra Sullivan; 2. Hidde Van de korts monshoeve, Shelly breen, Shelly breen. liFe beGinS at 40 Walk-trot-Canter amateur pleasure: 1. Glenaught Colonel, barbara Coughlin, barbara Coughlin; 2. mossy Creeks magic, tyrone Fields, Sharon and Chuck re. Canadian pleasure Horse open: 1. H-aragorn, mireille Gravel, mireille Gravel; 2. ranch l nava noir, debby muise, debby muise. FrieSian Saddle Seat pleaSure: 1. Hattie, emily o’neil, rosemary and Gary Saccocia; 2 incantation, Shauna o’Connell, Heidi o’Connell. FrieSian Green HorSe Walk-trot pleaSure: 1. Jasmine Von Foster, melissa Ferrucci, deb Ferrucci; 2. renaissance, Sheila mcCarthy, danielle barrasso. noViCe pleaSure HorSe open: 1. thijs, ethel nye, delia Fox; 2. Sorcsha, Jennifer Grady, acorn Hill Farm. Junior exHibitor pleaSure open: 1. Jort, brandon marvelle, donna marvelle; 2. Hattie, emily o’neil, rosemary and Gary Saccocia. FrieSian Walk-trot pleaSure: 1. master F.H., Stephanie Johnson, michelle Cravenho; 2. Jasmine Von Foster, melissa Ferrucci, deb Ferrucci. open Hunter pleaSure: 1. macht of the manor, ethel nye, lynne byers; 2. Vilmar Vande Weeme, Shelly breen, Shelly breen. road HaCk: 1. Western Star Victory, leann Cravenho, michelle Cravenho; 2. Zwantsje W, Jamie Cinq-mars, Scott and debbie thomas. open pleaSure driVinG: 1. regardless, michelle Cravenho, michelle Cravenho; 2. patchwork Stage Star, lesley Wendt, lesley Wendt.

[ AppAloosA AffiliAte ]

Granite State appaloosa association Members Return from Youth Worlds with Many Ribbons Submitted by Janet murray

Show SeaSon iS Still in full swing and by the time you read this, our Color Caper Review will be history. the show this year follows the annual Maine Show, and exhibitors have the option of staying over during the week. Many Granite State appaloosa association (GSaa) members came home with fists full of ribbons and several trophies from the Youth worlds and national show in tulsa, oK, in July. Rebecca ardman riding Black Jack willie was the world champion in novice hunter under Saddle, third in KSe Senior hunter under Saddle, fourth in both Senior and 16-18 hunter under Saddle, fifth in hunter in-hand Geldings, and ninth in Youth hunter in-hand Geldings. angela Connolly was fifth in 12 and under hunter under Saddle, sixth in Showmanship, tenth in hunt Seat equitation, and tenth in trail. her big sister Michelle was fifth in hunter in-hand Mares and sixth in hunt Seat equitation 13-15. linda Coyle was third in non Pro Masters western Riding, ninth in non Pro Masters western Pleasure, and 10th in equitation. her gelding Duplicated DZ was third in the Junior western Riding with Shane Christenson. hannah Gignoux rode to a sixth place finish in Youth hunt Seat equitation over fences and tenth in Youth working hunter. alexis Proulx placed eighth in leadline while her mother Melissa was very busy in the hunter under saddle classes. Melissa was the national champion in the two-year-old class with Designer Xl and reserve in the junior, riding Charlies Goldnticket. they were also top five in three-Year-old hunter under Saddle and KSe Junior hunter under Saddle. John and Maryellen Rose were reserve champions in Yearling fillies and Yearling Geldings. Billie Jo Schriber’s gelding Moonlight invitation won the three-Year-old western Pleasure with Mark Shaffer riding, and Billie Jo was also fourth in non Pro 35 and over western Pleasure

Melissa Proulx with Designer XL owned by Megan Wiley.

and eighth in non Pro western Pleasure. the Jet Set endevers crew did very well with daughter Cadence taking the reserve world championship in leadline and Shea Garvey and Chocasaurus placing tenth in 13-15 hunter under Saddle. olivia Johnson was eighth in both walk-trot hunt Seat equitation and Showmanship 12 and under, tenth in Youth Senior Geldings, and tenth in Showmanship 10 and under. olivia’s sister Samantha was fifth in walk-trot hunter under Saddle, sixth in both walk-trot horsemanship and Pleasure, seventh in walk-trot nez Perse Stake Race and Keyhole, and ninth in walk-trot figure eight Stake Race and Senior Geldings. Katharine Shepard was the world champion in Showmanship 12 and under, fourth in Keyhole, sixth in hunter under Saddle, fifth in Bareback horsemanship 13 and under, sixth in western Pleasure and trail 12 and under, seventh in Senior Mares and english Showmanship, eighth in hunt Seat equitation and horsemanship, and ninth in Camas Prairie Stump Race. i would also like to congratulate ty wilkerson of Pennsylvania on his world championship in trail on Blazing Scotch, son of the Quarter horse great Blazing hot. Good luck to everyone at the upcoming shows, and remember to send your news to October 2012

| equine Journal 177

across the northeast

[ Fjord aFFiliate ]

[ Pinto aFFiliate ]

northeast fjord horse association

new england pinto association

…Continued from last month. it was a nice day for april back in 2002. it was actually the first day of april, meaning it was april fool’s day. i was on my way to do errands but had left my favorite Cd at the barn, so i was going to swing by and pick it up. on my way down to the barn, i noticed the mare in foal was not out in the paddock but didn’t think much of it, as we had a terrible storm the night before and everything was mud. in walking in the barn, i saw the mare standing Frits and Angela at the America’s Favorite Trail in the stall rather oddly, so i went over and peeked in. standing there Horse tryout. staring at me was this muddy, wet, i do if it were my brown dun boy? What little puffball of hair that stuck his nose would i do if it wasn’t? up to me as if to say, “hey now, what my friend arrived and we moved the are you?” i was struck with all these two into the fresh new stall to bond and emotions at once and paralyzed as to relax. i then asked my friend to hold the which one to act on first. little one so i could take a peek to see i was first concerned with the baby and momma’s health, but they both looked fine what it was. holding the little one was not difficult as it already loved people other than being wet. i then immediately and enjoyed being scratched just as he saw that the little guy was a bit chilled, so i called a friend of mine that worked at the does today. that’s right, it was my little barn to come help so we could move them brown dun boy. i screamed and jumped for joy and got the Blu-Kote® spray out to a nice, dry stall full of fresh, dry shavto mark a dot on his butt. that way, he ings. i knew what my next move was but wouldn’t get sold as we had a few other was afraid to look. i already knew it was a foals on the farm at that time. i then brown dun as his/her little mane told me called the world to let them know my so, but “what” was it. as i prepared the stall and waited for my friend to arrive, the boy had arrived. as i was doing this, my good friend and the foal took a “nap” in anticipation was killing me. What would the stall. he laid down and fell asleep in her lap, only to begin a lifelong friendship with she and i, many times from there falling asleep in our laps. i swear he’s part human to this day. naming him was another adventure, which is a story for another article, but we eventually settled on frits, as at the time, there were no other registered fjords alive with that name spelled in that way. he was unique and needed a unique name. With his unique name and unique nature, frits has allowed me to experience and participate in events i would have never thought possible. recently, frits tried out for the new tV Frits at six months old, taking a nap. series america’s favorite trail horse 178 equine


| October 2012

Has Successful July Show Submitted by eileen Flynn

despite reCord-BreaKing heat and humidity, our summer Breeze show, held July 7-8, got off without a hitch with decent attendance and world class judges. the high point awards are as follows: the amateur mini pony Champion was Jean st. denis and hhfs painted lady; reseserve was paula laughlin with lm hawks Blue suede shoes. the open mini high point Champion was paula laughlin with lm hawks Blue suede shoes; and reserve was eileen ricci and dps ima star. the open Walk-trot 19 and over Championship went to Jan foster and rock the Bar; reserve was Cheryl golden lago with Color me a rainbow. the Youth leadline Champion was madison morris riding royal invitation; reserve went to danica moretti and Zippen n rockin. the open pony Champion was michelle hunting and rabidash; in reserve was Kathy mcCullough with hez as tuff as nails. the Youth mini pony

continued on page 179 and made alternate for our region, and then he took me to equine affaire to compete in the versatility challenge where he placed a respectable 13th. not too shabby for a backyard boy. Whatever i’ve asked him to do, he has given it a try. he’s not shy to let me know if he doesn’t want to do something; however, he still gives it a try. i often think back to how “we” began and how we’ve gotten to be 12 years down the road. it was just like yesterday the little puffball was unlocking stalls and getting into trouble or taking strolls down the road with me, getting to know the scary world. i don’t know where time goes, but i do know that i remember each and every special moment we’ve shared together as if it was now. You never forget those moments that steal your heart and change your life forever.

toP Photo: michelle moynihan; bottom Photo: angela young

Submitted by angela young

across the northeast LEFT: (L-R): Duke Neff, Michael Seraphin, Ruth Anne Birney, and Gary and Kathy Miller, with Seraphin Sulky Company Open Mini Pleasure Driving Grand Champions, Eileen Ricci and DPS Ima Star. RIGHT: NEPA President, Paula Laughlin presents Showmanship Classic Challenge winners Kelsey Robertson and Zip This Invitation with their awards.

New England Pinto Association continued from page 178

Championship went to Summer Hunting and Rabidash; in reserve was Jenny Zonghetti and Indian Rain Dance. The Walk-Trot 11 and Under Champion was Peter Laughlin aboard Tally Ho Away We Go; in reserve was Destiny Foley with Zippin N Rockin. The Open Breeding stock Championship went to Alyssa Marzilli and Heza A Satin Sensation; in reserve was Cathta Tremblay with Zips Dirty Chip. The Novice Youth Champion was

Leah Weigel and Bust Em Will Ya; with reserve going to Erin Smith and Dats A Star Bound. The Youth 13 and Under Champion was Ann Jennings with Ultimately Charming; reserve was Larry Zalis and First Class Last Call. The Youth Champion was Brianna Saucier and Gold Chip; in reserve was Alycia Noeth and All Time Gold. The Youth 13 and Under High Point Champion was Michele Rogers and Hilltop Sensation; and in reserve, it was Lilia Buccino and Rock the Bar. The Youth High Point Champion was Brianna Saucier and Gold Chip; while

reserve went to Michele Rogers with Hilltop Sensation. The Amateur Champion was Paige Benson and Back Street Driver; reserve was Lee McKenna and Luxury Edition. Results from the Summer Sizzler and mid-year high points will be in next monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s column. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget that the Equine Affaire is coming in November. Please stop by the Pinto Booth to say hello and sign up as a new member. It pays great rewards and makes lasting friendships! If you have any Pinto news, please forward it to ericci@hotmail. com.

Photos: ellen leffingwell/PhotograPhy to remember

October 2012

| equine Journal 179

HUNTER/JUMPER p. 184 | EVENTING p. 188 | DRESSAGE p. 191 | MORGAN/SADDLEBRED p. 195 DRIVING p. 197 | ARABIAN p. 200 | WESTERN p. 202 | QUARTER HORSE p. 204 | AFFILIATES p. 228


across the

October 2012

Brio in the Bluegrass

Cavalia Cares

John and Wendy Mattes, Treasurer and Executive Director of Riley’s Place, demonstrate the gigantic scale of Cavalia’s donation of footing that will help deserving children experience the joy of horses.

The internationally renowned equestrian and multimedia touring show, Cavalia, recently donated the materials that comprise the floor of the Cavalia stage to Riley’s Place, a nonprofit organization in Woodside, CA, that provides underprivileged or chronically-ill children the opportunity to interact with animals. With this donation, the touring show offered the youth at Riley’s Place the opportunity to receive horseback riding lessons on a professional-grade track. 180 EQUINE


| October 2012

ETS Director Jim Arrigon with riders at last year’s Equestrian Talent Search.

Saddle Up for a Scholarship JIM ARRIGON, DIRECTOR OF collegiate Equestrian Talent Search (ETS) clinics, is thrilled to announce a new scholarship program to be offered at all ETS clinics this season. St. Andrews University of Laurinburg, NC, will offer a $5,000 scholarship to each of the “Most Outstanding Senior Riders,” as chosen by the judge of the horse show that concludes every ETS clinic weekend. The $5,000 scholarship is for a student beginning at St. Andrews in the fall semester of 2013. A student does not need to be an equine major to win, but must compete on the SAU equestrian team. For more information, visit


THE PASO FINO HORSE Association (PFHA) will be holding their 40th Annual Grand National Championship Show in the horse capital of the world, Lexington, KY. “Brio in the Bluegrass” is the theme for this year’s event, which will bring close to 600 horses to Kentucky, October 7-13, 2012. Brio is a Spanish word referring to the energy and lively spirit displayed in this breed. The event is open and free to the public, but Kentucky Horse Park admission is required from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The public is also welcome The Kentucky Horse Park will play host to the 40th Anniversary of the Paso Fino Grand National Show. to participate in the “Ride a Paso Fino” program on Friday and Saturday to experience the naturally smooth ride for which the Paso Fino is known. Audiences can view these remarkable horses competing all seven days of the event. Traditional leadline and under saddle classes will be complemented by several recreational competitions, speed events, and exhibitions. Watch the Classic Fino-type horses display their quick-stepping gait, and cheer with the crowd as they move down the sounding board. Come see the Second Annual Paso Fino Cowboy Mounted Shooting Competition—one of the fastest growing equine sports in the nation. Watch Paso Fino Horse Soccer, a growing interest among equestrians for both competitive and rehabilitative purposes; enjoy viewing these gaited beauties barrel race and pole bend; or, see them navigate natural hurdles in the Obstacle Trail Challenge and display their allaround versatility in the Freestyle Competition and a Freestyle Exhibition by 2010 North American Wind Rider Challenge Champion, Camilla Willings, and her stallion, Mercy. After all this, ride one for yourself in the Ride a Paso Fino program! The PFHA will be welcoming U.S. veterans and active military with free admission on Friday of the show week. (

across the regions

American Shetland Pony congress Moves to Oklahoma with Much Success The AmericAn SheTlAnd Pony club, inc.’s (ASPc) national congress celebrated its 65th anniversary at its newest location with an extremely successful competition. The show was held August 7-11 at the Pavilion on the grounds of expo Square in Tulsa, oK. more than 500 ponies representing at least 30 states and two canadian provinces competed for more than 400 national championship titles. despite a tough economy and a new location, the number of ponies competing at the congress was nearly identical to last year’s, while the total number of entries for those competing equines was up. competitors won premium paybacks, incentives, jackpots, and breeders’ futurity winnings of approximately $50,000. competitive opportunities ranged from halter to roadster driving, and

from fine harness to fun classes such as costume, hunter in hand, fancy turnout and more. new this year, classes were expanded for the ASPc’s most recently upgraded sub-registry—the national Sports Performance registry (nSPPr)—and a few nSPPr national champions were Excaliber’s Knights and crowned in addition to the multiDays was one of the grand tude of American Shetland and champion halter ponies at American Show Pony champions the 2012 ASPC Congress. named at congress. The 2012 congress offered a own youth and amateur awards at the bevy of special awards and recognition event as well. for the people who participated. youth many other notable activities helped competed for more than two-dozen make this year’s congress a rousing special award categories from high success. one lucky youth exhibitor was point winners to junior judging and presented with a pony she won during quiz bowl champions to sportsmanship an annual essay contest sponsored honors. The United States equestrian Federation (USeF) also presented its continued on page 182

October 2012

| equine Journal 181

across the regions

Germany, austria, and Great Britain take top spots At FEI Open European Junior Vaulting Championships by daniel Kaiser

American Shetland Pony Congress continued from page 181

earlier this year, and she showed her new pony to a top-five placing within an hour of receiving the animal. a silent auction for one of the asPC’s weanling sweepstakes programs gave attendees the opportunity to purchase breedings to some popular and sought-after Modern shetland breeding stallions. Many of these sires are not offered to the public, so bidding was intense, and the 2012 Modern stallion sweepstakes auction was one of the most successful in years. 182 equine


| October 2012

Ramin Simon Rahimi (above) won gold in the boys’ individual competition. Andrew McLachlan and Rebecca Norval (left) won the Pas-de-Deux Championship.

austria’s ramin simon rahimi—the bronze medalist at last year’s championships—was amazed to see his result on the screen after scoring 7.995 points. “I never expected to beat thomas,” he said in awe. “this was the freestyle of my life.” Brüsewitz received 7.897 points to secure silver, with Great Britain’s andrew Mclachlan taking bronze with 7.692 points. the female freestyle competition did not end well for Fritz, who had been leading the FeI Open european Junior vaulting Championships after three outstanding rounds. her 10-year-old gelding Caramel could not be calmed after being disturbed by a noise, so Fritz could not perform her routine properly. after scoring 8.453 points in the first freestyle round, she received only 6.894 in the second, ending on 7.771 points to

claim silver. Manfred rebel, austria’s Chef d’equipe, was consoled when teammate anais Kristofics-Binder scored 7.786 points to win gold. Germany’s sophie hofmann secured bronze with her 7.593 score. Boys’ individual bronze medalist Mclachlan and teammate rebecca Norval made history as the first FeI european Junior vaulting Pas-de-Deux Champions with two nearly perfect rounds, finishing with a score of 8.009 on tylers Kernal. Germany’s Justin van Gerven and Gera Marie Grün secured silver with 7.799 points and bronze went to austria’s vanessa hutter and Katharina Wegscheider. For full results, visit vaulting. eu/results.

Sunrise Show Horses donated a pony to the winner of an essay contest, presented here by Naomi Stacy to Maddie Clark.

With 65 years of history to build on, strong entries for the show, and growing interest in american shetland Ponies and american show Ponies, the future for this historic event may, indeed, be limitless. For more information about the asPC/asPr National Congress, the american shetland Pony Club or other programs involving american shetland Ponies, american

show Ponies or National sports Performance Ponies, visit

(this page) top photos: Daniel Kaiser/Fei; bottom photo: ah roberts/Courtesy of the ameriCan shetland pony Club; (opposite page) bob Cameron

Over 130 athletes, 40 lungers, and 54 horses from 15 nations competed in the FeI Open european Junior vaulting Championships, held august 1-5, 2012, in Pezinok, slovakia. vaulters between the ages of seven and 18 competed over five demanding days to claim the team and individual titles, as well as the top spot for the pasde-deux, which was introduced for the first time this year. Germany’s rsv NeussGrimlinghausen squad was the favorite heading into this year’s FeI Open european Junior vaulting Championships. however, they had to work extremely hard to beat austria’s Club 43 squad, which managed to hold its lead following the compulsory test. In the second round, Germany asserted its claim on the title by performing difficult choreography almost flawlessly on the back of remake, lunged by simone lang-Wiegele. all six judges gave outstanding marks, culminating in a total point score of 8.904. Germany then went on to earn 8.915 points for their second freestyle performance to claim gold. austria secured silver with 7.943 points and switzerland secured bronze with 7.733 points. the individual competition saw the favorites, thomas Brüsewitz of Germany and Daniela Fritz of austria, both secure silver after being overtaken in the final freestyle competition.

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Second Annual Central and South Jersey Ride for the Cure To Support Local Breast Cancer Programs On Sunday, October 21, 2012, the Komen Central and South Jersey Second Annual Ride for the Cure® will be held at Alexandria Park in Milford Township, NJ. The Ride, hosted by Susan G. Komen for the Cure Central and South Jersey, includes a trail ride through Hunterdon County’s beautiful Schick Reserve and will feature musical entertainment, great prizes, and a hearty lunch. There will also be jumps located on the park property trail area for those who would enjoy a more hunter pacetype experience. Participants will be able to ride out at their own rate, either by themselves, or in small groups. Ambrose Photography will be on site to take photos of the riders and their mounts. The registration and check in begins at 7:00 a.m., with riders heading out on the trails between 8:00 a.m. to

11:00 a.m. There is no registration fee, but participants are asked to raise $250. The The Second event is limited to 150 riders. Annual and South To pre-register for the event, Jersey Ride for sign up to volunteer, or be a the Cure will take participants vendor, visit through the or call 609-896-1201. Schick Reserve. The day promises to be memorable, as riders follow for purchase on site. an equestrian trail through Alexandria More than a trail ride, the Ride for and Holland Townships in Hunterdon the Cure® will celebrate breast cancer County. Following the ride and survivorship, honor those we’ve lost, presentation of gold, silver and bronze and support a future without awards, there will be lunch, a silent breast cancer. auction, and music from local enterThe Central and South Jersey Affiliate tainers. A highlight of this year’s Ride thanks all of the participants, donors, will be the stick pony decorating and sponsors who make this event a contest and race for the kids. Kids can success. For more information, visit sign up for $15. Spectators are welcome at the event and lunch will be available


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October 2012

| equine Journal 183

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hunter/jumper news

LEAVE OF ABSENCE This just in: 2008 Canadian Olympic Champion Eric Lamaze of Schomberg, ON, recently announced that he plans to take a short break from show jumping competition. Lamaze stepped out of the competition arena following the Spruce Meadows “Masters” Tournament held in Calgary, AB, on September 5-9. In his last competitive appearance of 2012, he fell short of defending the title he claimed in the $1 million CN International last year in front of 89,632 fans with the legendary Hickstead. “After many great years of contesting the sport at the top level for 12 months of the year, week in and week out, I’m looking forward to taking a little break and enjoying myself by traveling and playing a little golf,” he said.

LOSING A LEGEND We are sad to report the passing of legendary sport horse Coconut Grove. The successful sire and veteran of major show jumping events was humanely euthanized on August 14 following a colic surgery at the Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery hospital in 184 EQUINE


| October 2012

Weatherford, TX. Coconut Grove was owned and shown to incomparable success by his former owner, Colombian show jumping rider, German Camargo, with accomplishments that began in 1993, and included: Earning the championship in the Bolivarianos Games in Peru in 1997, being named the champion in the Toyota Cup World Cup Qualifier, reserve champion in the Centro American and Caribbean Games, and reserve champion in the World Cup qualifier in Caracas, Venezuela, all in 1998. In 1999, he was ranked Best South American Horse and claimed team fifth at the Pan American Games in Canada and participated in the Canadian World Cup qualifiers, securing a spot in the event in Gothenburg, Sweden. He was also the National Champion Jumper for Colombia from 1997 through 1999, and earned third in the $100,000 U.S. Open Jumper Championships in Miami in 2000, and fifth in the $25,000 WEF Grand Prix of Tampa that same year.

A SATISFACTORY SUMMER Olympic veteran Laura Kraut has had a more than satisfac-

tory 2012 competition season. In early July, she returned from CHIO Aachen 2012 with a third place finish in the RWE Preis von Nordrhein-Westfalen and a sixth in the Rolex Grand Prix, riding Cedric both times. Then, later in the month, she took several top mounts to compete at the CSI 4* at Casas Novas, and on the final day, her hard work paid off, as she won the Gran Premio Telefonica riding Belmont.

Missy Luczak-Smith rode her own Encore to multiple ribbons in the Amateur-Owner 3'3'' Hunters, earning two seconds, two thirds, and a fourth. And Hayley Barnhill showed several mounts to take top honors in the hunter divisions. Riding Luczak-Smith’s Surf’s Up, she received two third place ribbons in the Performance 3'3'' Hunters, and rode Caliber to third and fourth place ribbons in over fences classes.



Uphill Farm reports that after three weeks of competition at Horse Shows by the Bay in Traverse City, MI, many of their riders took home top honors. Congratulations goes to John Ingram, who took the Amateur-Owner 35 and Older Championship riding Superman, while his wife, Stephanie, earned top ribbons in the Adult Amateur 36-50 Hunters riding Rockford. Their daughter, Martha, rode to victory in the Large 15 and Under Junior Hunter Championship. Also riding out of Uphill was Laura Karet, who took reserve honors aboard Ocean Front in the Amateur-Owner 36-50 Hunter Championship.

Kelley Farmer of Keswick, VA, has also been making headlines this summer—first, with her wins in the $20,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby and the $5,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby at Horse Shows by the Bay, and then earning blue ribbons riding On Q in the First Year Green Working Hunter and First Year Green Handy Hunter, as well as taking a second in the Green Working Hunter Under Saddle class at the Traders Point Hunt Charity Horse Show in Zionsville, IN. Riding Taken, she stole the show on the grand prix field in Zionsville, where she won the $15,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby.


[LEFT] Eric Lamaze riding Hickstead during the 2011 season at Spruce Meadows. [RIGHT] The legendary sport horse Coconut Grove will be missed.

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three or four pony riders vied for the top score with the least amount of faults and most efficient time. The four participant teams with four competitors were able to drop the least beneficial contribution at the end of the round. The winning combination of Team « Aleece Jarman and Valentino won the Overall Green Grand Hunter Pony Championship at the 2012 U.S. Pony Finals.


Grand Pony Hunter Champions Madeline Schaefer and Hi Lite.

USeF Pony Finals Celebrates Another Year of Successful Youth Riders The UniTed STaTeS eqUeSTrian Federation (USeF) Pony Finals, held august 7-14, 2012 at the Kentucky horse Park in Lexington, KY, celebrated another successful year, as a number of youth riders—who have trained all year to prove their ponies possess the skills to take away a top ribbon—earned wins in championship classes. a total of 31 competitors from around the country attempted a faultless finish in the U.S. national Pony Jumper Championships. Putting on an unparalleled performance, rider Taylor Cox and steed Midnight heart secured the win. Coming in a brisk second, ellyn Fritz and Sailor Moon cleared the course while making noteworthy time on a score of 60.131. “i am really pleased with how we did. i reached my goal tonight, and i am happy. i hope i can do my best to help the team in the next round,” Cox said as excited friends

and family celebrated her win. in the Overall Medium Pony hunter Grand Championship, held Thursday, august 9, Yasmin rizvi took top honors for her stunning efforts throughout the three days of competition aboard roxbury, owned by Peacock ridge LLC of Greenwich, CT, while Lili hymowitz and Trillville claimed reserve. “[roxbury] is really sweet and she hardly spooks and is really fun to ride,” rizvi commented. “She is a more recent pony for me; we bought her at the beginning of Florida. She’s never bad, and has a motor and shows you the jumps.” also on Thursday, riders from all over the nation participated in the U.S. national Pony Jumper Team Championship, where Team Four united over an outstanding unit score to win it. in this competition, eight teams of

Four was made up of 15-year-old Lindsey Toothman and Jean Claude of Carrollton, Ga; 13-year-old Julia Curtis and The Waterboy of Carrollton, Ga; 14-year-old Breanna holmes and american hero of Guntersville, aL; and 16-year-old, Barclay Powell and Cookies and Cream of Gainesville, FL. The group claimed the gold medal awards and the team championship title. “it was amazing out here tonight,” holmes beamed. “Yesterday i let the venue and the crowd consume me, but today i went out there and i owned it and laid it down and fixed my mistakes from the first round, and that’s how i believe we got gold and came to a solid victory tonight.”

clockwise from toP: kendall Bierer/courtesy of Pmg; ashley williams/ courtesy of Pmg; kendall Bierer/courtesy of Pmg

Jennifer alfano and Jersey Boy Victorious In $100,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby Finals at Bluegrass Festival Horse Show it was a night that will be well remembered and a win well deserved. The rolex Stadium was packed at the Kentucky horse Park on Saturday night, august 18, as the handy round brought the 2012 $100,000 UShJa international hunter derby Finals to a close during

the Bluegrass Festival horse Show. One of the industry’s most successful hunter professionals, Jennifer alfano, led the victory gallop aboard her renowned mount, Jersey Boy. elizabeth Boyd and Brunello rode

$100,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby Finals Champions Jennifer Alfano and Jersey Boy.

to the second place honors, while Scott

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| equine Journal 185


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Blythe marano and urban The applause and exciTemenT could be heard resounding throughout the Kentucky horse park saturday evening, august 4, as the $50,000 Rood & Riddle Grand prix got underway in the Rolex stadium. it was the fifth day of the Kentucky summer classic, and the nation’s top riders gathered to show under the bright lights of the stadium for a share in the prize money, and the desired $8,000 ssG “Go clean for the Green” digital Riding Glove promotion bonus. Out of 33 entries only five were able to ride the first course clear and progress into the arduous jump-off. it was Blythe marano and urban who wowed the crowd, taking the top earnings and the bonus money. aaron Vale piloted palm sunday to the second place finish as the only other rider to go double clear. marano was the first to outwit d’ambrosio’s shortened course. she guided urban, owned by Riverview Farm of Franklin, Tn, to a speedy jump-off time, leaving all rails intact as she utilized urban’s sure footing to her advantage. The duo tripped the timers in a mere 42.770 seconds, setting the target time as the pathfinder.

“mainly i saw that the inside turn to the triple bar would make me appear to be going faster than i was,” marano described her plan of action when recapping the jump-off. “i wanted to make it so that everyone else thought that was where i made such good time, and have $50,000 Rood & Riddle Grand Prix winners Blythe Marano and to chase it. Fortunately Urban. it worked out for me of Wellington, Fl, took third place tonight, because that is exactly what in a time of 41.453 seconds as happened in almost every round.” the fastest four-fault combination. aaron Vale and palm sunday, Rebecca conway and Twister, owned by amen corner Farm of owned by Blue hill Farm of salt lake Folsom, la, entered the ring behind city, uT, rode to a consecutive fourmarano, using a quick plan to their fault finish in 44.703 seconds. shane benefit. it seemed as though Vale was sweetnam returned for the jump-off going to best marano’s time. he held aboard diktator Van de Boslandhoeve, a strong pace throughout the track, but they nicked an unlucky rail in the opting for a larger turn going outside double combination and took the to the double combination, which cost fourth place honors, with conway precious seconds. Vale legged his taking the fifth. mount over the final obstacle and For a full wrap-up on the finished in 43.449 seconds to eventually Kentucky horse shows, visit secure second place. pablo Barrios and Zara leandra, owned by the Zl Group

Bluegrass Festival Horse Show

Farms, inc., took their turn at the course that the possibility of defeat seemed plausible. The chestnut gelding strode into the Rolex stadium and seemed to brighten beneath the lights. although alfano chose to avoid a risky turn to the first or third fences, she kept a pace that outshone all those prior. “Finally!” alfano exclaimed as she exited the ring from her victory gallop. “i really am so happy to win because i have done it all four times and i feel like Jersey Boy really deserved to win this class. he was awesome, right from the minute i started schooling—tonight he just felt perfect.” The scores were tabulated, and alfano took the lead from stewart with scores of 92, 91, and 88.5 with a 9, 9,

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stewart and Garfield took the third place award. stewart was 22nd in the order to take on the course; however, his finesse with Garfield, owned by alexandra crown, made the pair truly shine. he posted scores of 88, 90, and 95 with all four high options and top handy points of 8, 10, and 8. it seemed as though no one would beat his highscoring round, but with eight more to compete, the onlookers watched with anticipation. stewart’s score stood unyielding as each pair put out their best, but fell shy of the top tier. it wasn’t until alfano and Jersey Boy, owned by sBs 186 equine


| October 2012

and 8 for their handiness. They were also recognized for their high options, choosing to take on all four of the possibilities. Their overall score of 588.25 points from their combined two-day total pushed them to the top of the leader board. Following consecutively was Boyd with Brunello, owned by Janet peterson. she piloted him to a stellar second round, falling just a hair shy of the top score by only a half-point difference. she was awarded the scores of 89, 89, and 94 from the judges, also taking additional points for her high options and a 9, 8, and 8 for their handiness. For more information on the Bluegrass Festival horse show, visit

Photo: kendall bierer/courtesy of Pmg

Finish First in $50,000 Rood & Riddle Grand Prix at Kentucky Summer Classic

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Washington international horse show To Feature Something for Everyone The horses are coming To The 54th annual Washington international horse show (Wihs) on october 23-28 at Verizon center in downtown Washington, D.c. You won’t want to miss the world’s best show jumpers line up to beat the high-jump record in the thrilling puissance and olympic veterans go head to head for the prestigious $100,000 President’s cup grand Prix. With more than a half century of history, Wihs is one of the best-known equestrian events in the world and attracts national and international stars of equestrian sport. olympians will be attending this year to compete for the top prize in multiple classes that test horses’ and riders’ ability and speed over towering courses. Professionals, amateurs, juniors, and pony riders will guide their mounts around hunter courses for championship awards that honor some of the country’s best, and the

top 40 up-and-coming junior riders will compete in the Wihs equitation Finals. a highlight of the week is Washington’s popular Barn night, which will be held Thursday, october 25. The event, presented by Dover saddlery, is a favorite with local young riders and horse enthusiasts who have a chance to enter contests, win big prizes, and enjoy a fun, horsefilled evening. Last year, more than 1,400 horse-crazy kids participated in contests, watched jumper competition including the exciting and hilarious gambler’s choice costume class, witnessed (and tasted) the first-ever cupcake jump built by georgetown cupcake, cheered for a T-shirt toss, participated in hands-on activities presented by Breyer animal creations, and were able to get the autographs of many of the show’s top riders. Visit wihs. org/Barn-night to sign up to be eligible for this year’s contests and prizes. Discounted tickets for Barn night are available at the

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1-20’x14’ Slide Door 1-3’x6’ Walk-In Rafters 4’ O.C. Erected $17,780

Olympic Gold Medalist Laura Kraut jumps the cupcake Joker fence in last year’s Gambler’s Choice Costume class.

Verizon center group sales office. Washington’s Third annual Kids’ Day is a free, family-friendly event scheduled for saturday, october 27 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This popular and educational community event brings new fans to Wihs and equestrian sport each year by showing local kids what all of the fun is about. Learn more by visiting, or “like” the Wihs page on Facebook, and follow Wihs on Twitter.

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October 2012

| equine Journal 187

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eventing news

REFLECTIONS With the Olympics over, U.S. Eventing Team member, Tiana Coudray, who has spent the past year in England to prepare for the event, in which she finished in 40th place individually and seventh as a team, recently reflected on her experience. “When you’re in a team situation, you have to stick to what you know and try to ride your horse the way you always do, but there are a lot of different influences and new things to absorb,” she said. “It’s hard to lay a finger on what is so different about the team experience, and the Olympic experience, but there’s something about it—you have to go through it to know how to prepare for it in the future. Coming home on the train, I had time to think about the Olympic experience.” Currently based at British eventer Nick Gauntlett’s Chescombe Farm in South Gloucestershire, England, Coudray plans to continue training and competing abroad in hopes of qualifying for the 2014 World Equestrian Games 188 EQUINE


| October 2012

(WEG) in Normandy, France. “I now have some very clear ideas about where I need to be and what I need to be doing for the next two years before the WEG and the next four years before the Olympics in Rio, both with trying to build up a string of horses and how to prepare those horses for a major championship,” said Coudray.

WORLD CUP WIN The 22-year-old Swiss eventing phenom, Felix Vogg, claimed the 2012 FEI World Cup™ Eventing title on 86 points. Vogg tied for points with Karin Donckers, but under the series rules, the rider with the highest placing is declared the winner, and Vogg’s second place finish in the Strzegom Horse Trials in Poland secured him the title and the winner’s check for 9,000 Euros. You can expect to see more from the young Vogg in the future, as he now trains fulltime in Germany with Olympic, World, and European Champion, Michael Jung.

ROX ROCKS Kristin Schmolze of Califon, NJ,

had an exciting summer. The Bromont CCI*** in Quebec turned out to be a great event for her, as Ballylaffin Bracken, aka Rox, turned out a super performance for his first three-star event. It was a feat for Schmolze to even be there, as she had a nasty fall from a young horse only a few days before. The pair scored a 60.0 in dressage and finished on a score of 79.6, for sixth place. After his three-star debut, Schmolze gave Rox, and her ribs, a break until they ran the Advanced A division together at Millbrook. The pair finished sixth again, on a score of 56, just two-tenths of a point out of fifth place. Schmolze also took Ricardo Time out to New York, where they claimed second place in Open Novice.

POLLARD’S PROGRESS Three cheers for Michael Pollard, who is taking a tragedy and turning it into an opportunity to teach others. Pollard Eventing is launching a campaign to raise awareness for the safe trans-

port of horses and to research improved safety measures for trailers. This initiative follows an overwhelming response to the fatal traffic accident, in which he lost three of his horses when his trailer overturned. The campaign will focus on researching new measures to improve horse transportation, specifically for trailers being towed, and offer advice in the event of an accident. The Pollard Eventing website has a “donate” button and will accept donations for the fund that will be targeted exclusively for this campaign. Each donor will be sent a bumper sticker that reads: “Look Before You Turn,” for their trailer. “Several lessons were learned from the accident by the staff that were present and in the ensuing aftermath,” said Pollard. “There are simple steps that can be taken and also more involved research that I will be working on with my associates in Europe.” His website will also feature advice on trailer safety that will be included on the upcoming Pollard Eventing Podcasts as well.


[LEFT] Tiana Coudray aboard Ringwood Magister at the London Olympic Games. [RIGHT] Felix Vogg, pictured at Haras du Pin in France, won the 2012 FEI World Cup™ Eventing series title.

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Becky Holder Goes one-two At Richland Park Horse Trials Courtesy of usea

Becky Holder started and finished on top in the adequan Usea Gold cup series cIc3* at richland Park in kalamazoo, MI, riding can’t Fire Me. they scored a 36.3 in dressage, added four time penalties on cross-country, and pulled one rail in show jumping to win a slew of prizes and a sparkling tiara. after dressage, Becky was third on courageous comet, who at 16 years of age, added just 1.6 time faults on cross-country. one rail down in show jumping tied the pair up with Buck davidson and Ballynoe castle rM, but comet was one small second closer to the optimum time on crosscountry, winning the tiebreaker and finishing second behind can’t Fire Me. the show jumping course was extremely challenging. competitors have gotten used to jumping on flat ground with manufactured footing, but at richland Park, horses and riders had to stay balanced on a sloped landscape while jumping Marc donovan’s cleverly placed fences and one crucial alternate line. “I love Marc donovan’s courses,” Becky said. “I got an opportunity to ride them a lot during the spring. He builds a beautiful course. He makes us decide with alternate routes.” Becky retired comet, her friend and longtime partner, from upper level competition after the american eventing championships (aec). richland Park was a wonderful place to top off an incredibly successful career for this crowd favorite. “this was comet’s last FeI competition, so I am especially emotional about that,” Becky said. “He won the Gold cup in 2007. It would be great if he were in the top places with that this time around. He is such a lovely horse; he has been such a wonderful partner through these years, and he has certainly brought me a long way. He won the first three-star here, so

(Clockwise from above) Buck Davidson and Ballynoe Castle RM claimed third place in the CIC3*. Becky Holder won the CIC3* aboard Can’t Fire Me, shown, and took second place with Courageous Comet. CIC2* winners Boyd Martin and Crackerjack. how fun for his career to come full circle again.”

CIC2* the top three positions in the cIc2* were unchanged after show jumping. Boyd Martin and crackerjack maintained their first place position throughout the competition, adding just 0.4 time penalties on cross-country to their overall score. Jessica Phoenix and erodium had moved up from sixth to second after cross-country, and an elated Jessica crossed the finish line with a double-clear show jumping round to maintain that position. seventeenyear-old caroline Martin was one of two riders in the division of 34 starters to finish on their dressage score, and she was rewarded with a third place finish on Quantum solace.

World Class Dedication In addition to providing a fantastic venue for eventers, the competition is a charity fundraiser. the parking proceeds are donated to the cheff therapeutic riding center in augusta, MI. More than $11,000 was raised last year, and this year is on target to break the record. For more information on the fundraising efforts from the richland Park Horse trials, plus full results, visit October 2012

| equine Journal 189


across the regions

land rover Burghley Horse trials Nicholson Takes Four-Star, Fox-Pitt Claims HSBC FEI Classics Series By Kate Green

win him a third HSBC feI Classics™ title. fox-Pitt, riding Parklane Andrew Nicholson Hawk, had two fences down won the Land Rover and nicholson, on avebury, Burghley Horse Triwon on an influential stadium als riding Avebury. jumping track. Between them, they handed the overnight leader Sinead Halpin and Manoir de Carneville a two-fence margin, but to the disbelief of the crowds in the packed stands, the pair pulled three rails to finish second. Halpin was gracious in defeat. “My horse warmed up beautifully but he was possibly a little bit tired. It was Sinead Halpin, aboard Manoir de Carneville, disappointing, but I’m really held the lead into the show jumping phase. proud of him. I haven’t done William Fox-Pitt and Parklane Hawk finished in third as much as place at Burghley, enough to claim the win in the [nicholson HSBC FEI Classics. Quality Work at Prices You Can Afford! and since the series began in 2008. If he had fox-Pitt] but I will hit another fence, nicholson, who was be back, again and third in 2011, would have become the again and again!” first non-British rider to win. “It’s a few years Powder Coated Horse Grills t Doors t Sheet Metal Work “that was close!” said a relieved since I’ve won a fox-Pitt afterwards. “I knew andrew CCI4*, but it just Sp ecia liz i ng i n C us t om D e s i gns was in fantastic form and to win by one shows you have point was nerve-wracking.” to keep going in FEATURES allison Springer, the runner-up at the this sport,” said t Powder Coated Finish rolex Kentucky, had two rails down an overwhelmed t Quality Sliding Door with arthur, but her sixth place finish at nicholson, 51. “I’ve Track and Hardware the horse trials was still good enough to had avebury since t Hay Racks, Feed move her into third place in the HSBC he was a foal and Trough & Towel Racks feI Classics. In a fitting finale, Springer there have been Available joined nicholson and fox-Pitt on the days when he has podium in front of a cheering crowd let me down and at Burghley. days when he probthe 12-year-old avebury, by the ably thought I let him down, so this is Irish draught sire Jumbo, belongs to nicholson’s longtime owner rosemary very satisfying.” SHOP HOURS Barlow, who is well-known for orgathe HSBC feI Monday - Friday nizing international supporters’ Classics™, which 7am to 5pm pavilions at championships, but has links the world’s never had a CCI4* winner in 30 years of six CCI4*s, went event horse ownership. right to the wire as for more information and full results well, with fox-Pitt from the land rover Burghley Horse clinching the trials, visit $150,000 first prize 1 4 90 N ORTH H A R M ON R D., NE W BURG, PA 17 2 4 0 for more on the HSBC feI Classics, by a single point in 717-423-5358 visit the closest finish

In an extraordInary fInale to the land rover Burghley Horse trials, andrew nicholson seized his third victory in 17 years at this popular venue while William fox-Pitt’s third place was good enough—by just one point—to

190 equine


| October 2012

(clocKwise from left) Photos: Kit houGhton/fei; Kit houGhton/fei; Peter nixon/fei

Blue Mountain Welding

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dressage news PONIES ONLY

NAN SEXTON’S LUSITANO STALLION, Acolito Interagro, won the High Score Lusitano Award at the Wellington Classic Dressage in the Tropics, sponsored by Interagro Lusitanos.

On October 6-7 at GoodNess Ridge Farm in Mt. Airy, MD, pony maven Lendon Gray will be teaching a two-day, pony-only clinic. “We’re exceptionally lucky that Lendon has an open date in her busy calendar,” says Kelly Gage, owner of Team EnGaged. “The quality that has already committed and expressed interest is really nice.” The focus of the clinic is creating a wider, more connected base of pony and human talent for the FEI Pony division. “We just finished an Olympics where so many riders in their 20s were superstars. Almost all of these riders started on dressage ponies,” says Gray. “Perhaps if we challenge our youth to ride at this FEI Pony level, in 10 years we, too, will have riders in their 20s representing us.”





KWPN-North America recently launched a new program to herald North American breeders. The Breeder’s Achievement Awards recognize breeders who have accomplished significant results throughout the years with their breeding programs. Iron Spring Farm was recently designated as a Platinum-level breeder due to its many decorated horses. Iron Spring Farm has been producing sport horses for more than 35 years. The goal has always been an athletic horse with a willing, kind disposition. Some of the bloodlines include the stallions Consul, Contango Preferent, Judgement ISF Crown, Rampal Crown, Roemer Preferent, Sir Sinclair and UB40. Mares have been chosen to complement these lines and have been athletes and champions in their own right.

Dressage rider Rebecca Cohen, who won the 2012 USEF Dressage National Junior Reserve Championship, is looking forward to the future—a future that will commence in New Jersey. Cohen, 16, is relocating there to train full-time with Lauren Sammis, a member of the 2007 United States Pan Am Team. For the time being, Rebecca will continue to compete Downtown, her 17.2-hand Westphalian gelding known as Daddy. The duo not only captured the reserve championship title at Gladstone but also took home an impressive top six finish at the 2012 North American Junior Young Rider Championships. “Daddy has a heart bigger than most and will go above and beyond what you ask of him. He tries his heart out, and I look forward to our future together,” Rebecca said.

Tara Rena Stegen and Jeffrey Charles Martin of Wellington, FL, are the proud parents of two boys born August 16, 2012. James Rolland Martin and Jacob Charles Martin came into this world more than six weeks early. Tara is a Grand Prix rider/ trainer, and Jeff is in flight school to be a commercial helicopter pilot. Thanks to Dr. Andrea Bayer (dressage rider and long-standing client of Tara’s) of Season’s Women’s Care, the boys arrived in style at Wellington Regional Hospital.

TEACHING TEACHERS The Dressage Foundation’s

Continuing Education for Dressage Instructors Fund, established by Maryal Barnett, has awarded grants to five individuals to attend the United States Dressage Federation’s Instructor Certification Program. Kalli Bowles of California, Megan Dischler of Wisconsin, Heather McCullough of North Carolina, Colleen Reid of California, and Alejandro Salazar of California each received a $1,250 grant to further their education as instructors. For more information about the Continuing Education for Dressage Instructors Fund or The Dressage Foundation, visit

GLOBAL DRESSAGE Equestrian Sport Productions (ESP) is pleased to announce that the Village of Wellington Council voted unanimously to allow them to move ahead with the 2012-2013 Adequan Global Dressage Festival (GDF) competition schedule at The Stadium at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center’s (PBIEC) new dressage facility. The five-member village

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Highlife’s Aria, owned by Tami Hoag and ridden by Charlie Pinneo, earned the high score of the Spirit Equestrian Center Dressage Show in California with a 74.06%. October 2012



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Olympic dream program Sends Young Riders to Europe By Jenny Johnson

program participants (L-r) nicole delGiorno, Jaclyn pepper, Jenna detandt, and Catherine Chamberlain with Matthias rath (center).

Brentina cup, the national Grand prix championship for riders under age 25. This year’s program was typical. during the 10-day trip this past August, young riders visited: spanish dressage team coach, Jan Bemelmans; German Olympic medalist, Hubertus schmidt; another German Olympic medalist, monica Theodorescu; and past u.s. team dressage coach and German Olympic medalist, klaus Balkenhol.

They also visited Wolfram Wittig, the trainer of u.s. Olympian Jan ebeling, and the mare, rafalca, who recently found the spotlight because she is partially owned by Ann romney. midway through the trip, they visited the Olympic Training center and the state stud in Warendorf, Germany. From Germany, they traveled to denmark to spend two days with morten Thomsen,

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continued from page 191 council met on august 14 to vote on operating issues that included stabling, operating hours, and other details of the venue and competition. The adequan Global Dressage Festival will be operational within the november 1, 2012, to april 30, 2013, time frame. esP will work with the local residential communities to ensure a smooth season.

Winter SeaSon GearS Up 192 equine


| October 2012

Great dressage is a sure thing in Wellington and Palm Beach County when the 2013 winter season rolls in, thanks to the jam-packed show schedule Wellington Classic Dressage (WCD) has created. not only are these 16 weeks of shows a chance for riders to compete with some of the best dressage riders in the world, they are a spectator’s and shopper’s paradise. WCD played host to more than 2,600 horse/rider entries with more than 6,500 rides during the

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UpGraded optionS is pleased to announce a few new product upgrades you’re sure to enjoy. Do you just want to watch all the videos tagged for a certain subject? They have added a fourth category to choose your videos from. The new category is called, “Videos by subject Category.” in this category, they have added videos based on subjects such as rider seat and Position, Training level Through second level, Flying Changes, lateral Work, Pirouettes, Grand Prix, health and nutrition, and Proper use of Tack and equipment, to name but a few. Do you like a video and think it would benefit a friend? share it quickly and easily as the website now has the ability to socially share every individual video via link, embed code, or through your social network of choice.

PhoTo: CourTesy oF Jenna DeTanDT

An Olympic dreAm…sOunds like a castle in the sky, doesn’t it? For young dressage riders, however, it’s possible— thanks to The dressage Foundation (TdF) Olympic dream program, which began as the brainchild of u.s. Olympian, michael poulin, in 2000. each year, four of the top u.s. young dressage riders are chosen to go with two chaperones on an all-expense-paid trip to study dressage by watching and discussing theory with some of europe’s best trainers. This is a big year for the program because Adrienne lyle, one of TdF’s past participants, actually lived the dream as she represented the u.s. in the 2012 Olympic Games in london. And, another of the program’s past participants, Brian Hafner, won the 2012

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gain a better understanding of what you need to do with your horse, and how to solve any issues you have. Going to a variety of clinics allows you to hear things stated differently, which always helps me catch onto whatever i need to work on with my horse. Clinics have helped my horse, Cosmo, and me to understand one another better and become a team. in my opinion, clinics are a huge tool, and everyone should try to participate.

Flatlanders Dressage & Combined Training Association Provide Ways to Better Your Riding Submitted by dianne Foltz

The quesTion This monTh is: Why do we use clinicians to better our riding? The answer is within the rider. People think their riding position is correct; but at a clinic, they find that a little change here and a little change there makes things go much easier. The first concern is the comfort and understanding of the horse. The seat, legs, and hands must be correct for the horse to do what is being asked. The rider should be lunged to get a good, independent seat. The leg should be soft and underneath the seat into a soft, following hand. sound simple? That’s where things go wrong. The clinician will give the rider “lightbulb moments” to improve the overall picture. Fortunately, Flatlander members have access to camps and clinics to better their riding. This year, Foltz Farm has been having Kristin stein from Brookfield, oh, come

Olympic Dream Program


Morgan Dougal

on a regular basis to work with people of all ages and different breeds of horses. here are the opinions of a few students that she is working with this year:

Gail Bourquin Living in an area that has a very limited amount of instructors has made the clinic the most viable way for me to improve my horses and myself. i always try to ride multiple days so i have continuity. i take many notes and video my rides when possible. i make a point to watch as many other riders’ lessons as possible. This gives me more data to add to my equestrian education.

Reid Jarvis i was always told that learning from different instructors is a good thing because taking more lessons with different instructors helps you

i use clinics to learn more about horses because you can never stop learning about them. A lot of instructors will show you different techniques of doing specific movements or helping you perfect different gaits. some instructors will give you those “lightbulb moments,” and others might confirm your own techniques as equally effective as their own. All in all, clinics are very helpful, especially from a rider’s point of view. so, one can see that there is, indeed, a need for bringing clinicians into the area. Being an auditor is a very good way to see many riders taking a lesson, and learn by watching and listening. i hope everyone is having a good fall and is looking forward to a great winter. it’s time to practice what is being learned at a clinic. Pat your horse for me.

Wolfram Wittig

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PhotoS: Jenna detandt

an expert in piaffe and passage. From there, they went to the hanoverian foal auction in Verden, Germany, and finally, to the grand stables of another German olympian, Ann-Kathrin Linsenhoff, near Frankfurt. There, they not only watched her ride, but also watched her husband, trainer Klaus-martin Rath. his son, matthias Rath, is the rider of Totilas, the record-breaking 2010 World equestrian Games competitor. The 2012 olympic Dream participants were nicole DelGiorno of new Jersey, Catherine Chamberlain of Arizona, Jaclyn Pepper of California, and Jenna

A rider at Schafhof.

Detandt of Florida. They were accompanied by chaperones eliza sydnor Romm of north Carolina, and Ashley Perkins of maryland. The program is administered each year by Beth Baumert of Connecticut. For more information on The Dressage Foundation and the olympic

Dream Program, visit, or call Jenny Johnson at 402-434-8585. This article was based on the journal blog of Jenna Detandt. To read her entire blog, go to: October 2012

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Jonathan Wentz and NTEC Richter Scale were the highest placing U.S. equestrian pair in both the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

u.s. Team reaches new Benchmarks At 2012 London Parlympics By lindsay yosay Mccall

largest Paralympics attended in history, featuring a sold-out equestrian venue. Five levels including Grade ia, ib, ii, iii, and iV (Grade ia is for athletes whose impairment has the greatest impact on their ability to ride and Grade iV is for athletes whose impairment has the least impact on their ability to ride), each competed in the Team Test, individual Test, and Freestyle Test over six days. The united states Para-equestrian Team included: chef d’equipe missy ransehousen; equestrians Jonathan Wentz of richardson, TX; rebecca hart of unionville, Pa; Donna Ponessa of new Windsor, ny; and Dr. Dale Dedrick of ann arbor, mi. Past Paralympian and captain of the u.s. team was rebecca hart riding Jessica ransehousen’s lord ludger. The pair earned a fourth place finish in Grade ii and a fifth place finish with an outstanding freestyle on the final day. Jonathan Wentz—who also competed at the 2010 World equestrian Games—and nTec richter scale, owned by Kai handt, were the most decorated The U.S. team finished in seventh place overall. athletes of any u.s. Olympic The 2012 ParalymPic equesTrian Games contained all of the elements of an exciting sporting event. The historically dominant country had to work hard to maintain their lead and suffered defeats at times; the underdog earned their way to the podium; and this was remarked as one of the most competitive para-dressage years in history. From august 30 – september 4, 2012, 78 horse and rider combinations from 26 nations competed for 11 medals at Greenwich Park in london, england. This was the

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| October 2012

The gold medal winning team from Great Britain.

equestrian team this year, earning the highest individual ranking of Olympic eventing, show jumping, dressage, and para-dressage. “it’s a dream come true,” noted the Grade ib athlete. newcomer Donna Ponessa aboard Western rose, owned by Wes Dunham, had top accolades within Grade ia, finishing in fifth place for the Team Test and sixth for the individual Test. Dr. Dale Dedrick and Bonifatius performed a respectable test each day and had their best execution in the Freestyle. The united states Paralympic Team finished in seventh place behind Great Britain who earned gold, Germany for silver, and underdog ireland in bronze. in fourth place was the netherlands, with Belgium in fifth, and Denmark would follow for sixth place with the united states in seventh ahead of canada and France. lee Pearson, nine-time gold medal winner from Great Britain, who earned individual silver and bronze and a team gold medal noted, “i really did think 11 medals were possible for our team; i was hoping for all gold medals, but i didn’t know the game play was at such a high level.” Deborah criddle, also of Great Britain, agreed, “The horse power and level has certainly gone up among the other countries.” The teams have headed back to their countries and will now begin preparing for the 2014 alltech Fei World equestrian Games™ in normandy, France. For more information on para-equestrian in the united states, visit

Photos: lindsay yosay Mccall


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morgan/saddlebred news

AMHA HELPS UNWANTED HORSES Cosmos Raphael, owned by Susie Weiss, will be featured in the first two episodes of the television series HorseTrix.

MORGAN HORSE ON TV! Cosmos Raphael (Cosmos Ambassador x Treble’s Sweet Memories), a beautiful fiveyear-old Morgan owned by Susie Weiss of Domino Stables in Baraboo, WI, is featured in the first two episodes of Heidi Herriott’s HorseTrix, a one-of-akind horse training television series that will premiere on the RURAL TV Network beginning in early October. HorseTrix will provide viewers with step-by-step instruction on how to train their horses to present such popular tricks such as “yes,” “no,” “smile,” “bow,” and more. In addition, each unique and entertaining episode will offer tips on general horsemanship. The show will air on RURAL TV, which can be found on the DISH® Network, channel 232. Episodes also will be available on Heidi’s website at


Association (AMHA) is pleased to announce the dates for its annual convention. The 2013 annual gathering of Morgan members and enthusiasts will take place February 20-23 at the famed Benson Hotel in Portland, OR. While planning is still in its infancy, three noted speakers already are confirmed to give presentations: Mark Bollender, Dr. Lisa Metcalf, and Miriah Stuart. Mark Bollender is a nationally-recognized horseman and instructor and is also the country’s leading expert in mountain trail, extreme trail, and competitive trail. He will give two presentations: Extreme Trail and Course Building. Dr. Lisa Metcalf is boardcertified in theriogenology, the specialty practice of animal reproduction, and is the owner of Honahlee PC in Sherwood, OR, the first private practice dedicated solely to equine reproduction. She will offer useful tips for increasing pregnancy rates, from both a

In an effort to help the increasing population of unwanted horses, AMHA has established a page on its website to help abandoned or neglected horses. Included are ways you can help these horses, a list of rescue sites, as well as those who are willing to give a horse a foster home. To see what you can do to help less fortunate horses, go to shopping/unwanted.

FORMER AMHA YOUTH OF THE YEAR DOES WELL! The 1988 AMHA Youth of the Year, Lydia (Jenkins) Netzer, is now a popular author! She is the author of Shine, Shine, Shine, a book that has received wide acclaim in The New York Times and is a People magazine “People Pick,” as well as being an Amazon Spotlight Book for July! This is Netzer’s first novel. You can read an excerpt and learn more about Netzer by going to shineshineshine/LydiaNetzer.

SOLD! Lowry Stable Show Horses of Seymour, IL, has been on a roll selling horses to happy new owners! Congratulations to

Cathy Schueler on the purchase of Stonecroft Night Light, Marcia Sola and Laurie Servin on the purchase of Doubletree’s Very Fancy, Dwayne Kindekinnick and Tom Fiedler on the purchase of Cat Can Do, Darlene Mannix on the purchase of Quite Delightful, and Elizabeth Ghareeb on the purchase of Golden Market.

GOING, GOING, GONE! The 2012 UPHA (United Professional Horsemen’s Association) Incentive Sale is returning to the UPHA/ American Royal National Championship Horse Show on Thursday evening, November 15, 2012. The sale will be on UPHA Classics Night again this year. Yearlings and two-year-olds in training will be sold at the sale, which will be held immediately following the UPHA Five-Gaited Classic Grand Championship. Entries close Monday, October 8, 2012. To receive a contract for the 2012 Incentive Sale, please go to

CONDOLENCES Ann Marie Brickzen, 55, of Shelbyville, KY, passed away peacefully on Monday, August 27, 2012 with family at her side. It was her passion of horses at a young age that led her on the road to Kentucky, the Saddlebred Capital of the World. Ann Marie’s successful show horse career resulted in seven World Championships from 1991-2012. She is a member of the American Saddlebred Horse Association and the United States Equestrian Federation. Memorial gifts in the form of contributions may be made to Middletown United Methodist Church or the American Saddlebred Museum. October 2012



stallion and mare perspective. Miriah Stuart has been studying anatomy, horse massage, and equine exercise physiology since 2002. She will demonstrate thermal imaging, an infrared camera that assists in finding areas of inflammation and pain in an animal. This is just the first announcement of what is promising to be an event to remember! For all up-todate information on the convention, be sure to visit


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Alltech® National horse show High Stepping and High Jumping Submitted by michelle Krentz

The AllTech® NATioNAl horse show announced that this year’s show has added a variety of exhilarating American saddlebred events to the agenda for the 2012 show, joining the top-flight show jumping and world-class hunter classes already on the schedule. Following a successful debut last year, the second edition of the Alltech National horse show in lexington, KY, is set for october 30 through November 4, 2012. The show will once again be held at the Alltech Arena at the Kentucky horse Park. The saddlebred horse division at the Alltech National horse show will feature four sections: Amateur and open classes for Five and Three Gaited horses, Fine harness horses and Amateur classes for Three Gaited Park

horses. in addition to those saddlebred classes, in what should be a tremendous crowdpleasing favorite, the Fun was abundant at the 2011 Alltech® National Horse Show, dynamic roadster and 2012 looks to be better than ever! horses will compete in one electrifying class horse show, firmly established as for a huge prize money a major fixture on the national and jackpot in the $25,000 equine services international sports and social event roadster cup, sponsored by Walsh calendars. The National horse show harness and equine services, llc. Association’s primary activity is the in addition to excellent prize money, annual production of the National many of the legendary and fancy old horse show and all ancillary events. trophies from the days of the National over the years, the event has provided horse show in New York will be up for financial aid to many worthwhile grabs for the saddlebreds at this year’s charities. Alltech National horse show. For more information on the National Founded in 1883 at the original horse show Association of America, Madison square Garden, the National ltd., visit horse show is America’s oldest indoor

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127 Meadow Creek Rd • New Holland, PA 17557 Phone/Fax: 717-354-7862 196 equine


| October 2012

Photo: Courtesy of AllteCh®

Equine Barn Doors, Grills and Accessories

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[LEFT] (L-R) Young Drivers Silver Medalist Jacqueline Pirhofer, Gold Medalist Gilles Pirotte, and Bronze Medalist Rosanne Walters-Symons. [RIGHT] Members of the Hungarian team accept their awards for winning the team competition.

Congratulations to Gail Aumiller of Carlisle, PA. Gail brought her seven-year-old Friesian mare, Sjaantje, to the IFSHA Region 2 Championships in Hamburg, NY—Saantje competed in 12 classes and came home the winner in 11 of them! Trainer Suzy Stafford drove her to victory in the Region 2 Friesian Show Pleasure Driving Open, USEF English Pleasure Driving Open, Region 2 Friesian Carriage Pleasure Driving Turnout Open, and Region 2 Friesian Country Pleasure Driving Open. Then, Gail drove her to win in the Region 2 Friesian Show Pleasure Driving Amateur, USEF English Pleasure Driving Amateur, USEF English Pleasure Driving Championship, Region 2 Friesian Carriage Pleasure Driving Turnout Amateur, Region 2 Friesian Carriage Pleasure Driving Working Amateur, and Region 2 Friesian Country Pleasure Driving Amateur. In the Region 2 Friesian Carriage Pleasure Driving Reinsmanship, Gail and Sjaantje took the reserve cham-

pionship. Kudos on a job well done!

YOUNG BLOOD The FEI European Driving Championships for Children, Juniors, and Young Drivers, held at the Theresianic Military Academy in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, was a huge success. The inaugural event drew 39 drivers from eight nations, and included three categories for attendees: the Gail Aumiller and Saantje at the IFSHA Region 2 Championships. first was for children of the competition. And in ages 12 and 14; the second for at Katydid Farm in Windsor, SC, the Young Drivers division, juniors between age 14 and on November 1-4. This event 17-year-old Gilles Pirotte 18, and the third was for young features competition for drivers from Belgium and his pony, drivers between age 16 and who have experience from Rubens, finished first. In team 21. Thirteen–year-old David Training through Advanced Level, competition, Hungary won Lehocz of Hungary came out as and is an annual autumn hit. team gold ahead of Germany, the first FEI European Driving Equally popular is the Purely who took silver. Champion for Children, along Pleasure Show, to be held with his pony Cassanova Boy. In November 17-18 at Sumter the Junior division, 15-year-old Equestrian Center in Bushnell, MARK YOUR CALENDAR Martin Holle, also from Hungary, FL, with drivers showing off their Be sure to mark your calendar was unbeatable with his pony, skills in Pleasure, Obstacles, for two popular events to take Apache de Licorne. The duo Pleasure Driving, and Concours place in November. First off, the came in first in all three phases d’Elegance. Katydid CDE is set to take place October 2012





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boyd exell claims individual Gold

points behind Weber. chardon was in turn only 0.81 behind Weber.

Obstacle Driving

course designer dr. hartmut Kaufmann introduced a new figure in the obstacle driving course in riesenbeck, the by Cindy timmer “wave.” this gave a whole new dimension to the cones course and made it more difficult and auStraliaN title challenging. defender boyd exell continued despite the advantage both his success story at the Fei exell and the dutch team had in World Four-in-hand driving the individual and team standchampionships in riesenbeck, ings, the final obstacle driving Germany, claiming individual test remained exciting until the gold. runner-up chester Weber very last moment. With more of the united States won indithan 14 points over Weber, exell vidual silver, while the bronze drove a safe round to secure his medal went to four-time World second consecutive individual champion iJsbrand chardon gold medal in these championfrom the Netherlands. the ships. the dutch team drivers dutch team won the gold medal only had time penalties to claim for the third consecutive time, team gold for the third time in ahead of host nation Germany a row. in silver, and the united States Only Werner ulrich of with the bronze. (L-R) Silver Medalist Chester Weber, Gold Medalist Boyd Exell, and Bronze Medalist IJsbrand Chardon accept their awards. Switzerland and Jozsef dobrovitz of hungary Dressage managed to drive double-clears around chester Weber won the dressage phase Marathon the difficult course. chardon was in of the competition and was very pleased title defender exell set the time to fourth place and put the pressure with his horses boy W, Para, uniek, and beat early in the morning until tomas on von Stein, who was holding onto Splash. Weber drove his extra horse boy eriksson of Sweden entered the marabronze. Von Stein knocked two balls in order to be able to give his best in thon obstacles, leaving the australian in down which dropped him to eighth, the marathon. second at the end of the day, ahead of allowing chardon up to claim the boyd exell finished second in this top German driver Georg von Stein. bronze. phase, just 0.38 penalty points behind With his second place in the maradespite a knockdown at gate 19, Weber. exell drove the same team as thon, exell took the lead in the Weber secured the individual silver he did at the 2010 alltech Fei World standings by an incredible margin of medal, and helped the american team equestrian Games™ in Kentucky. more than 11 points over Weber. Von earn bronze. Stein moved up to bronze, just 1.35

At the FEI World Four-In-Hand Driving Championships

black Swamp driving club Announces fall schedule Submitted by roger HigginS Jr./reporter

OctOber already! Where did the driving season go? the black Swamp driving club (bSdc) still has a very busy event calendar for the remaining season. there are some changes, so please review the remaining list of events and drives: hite’s log cabin drive, Kenton, Oh, October 6. (confirmed) Mohican Wilderness drive, loudenville, Oh, October 19-21. (confirmed) Vail Meadows-Maumee bay State 198 equine


| October 2012

Park drive, Oregon, Oh, October 28. (confirmed) annual banquet, November 11, royal buffet, Findlay, Oh. (confirmed) christmas on the Farm, Kenton, Oh, december 17. (confirmed) Please watch the bSdc newsletter for updates and confirmations of driving events and activities. Some events may be confirmed or changed at the last minute, and i may not have the chance to get the information into the article. the annual banquet will be held at

the royal buffet in Findlay, Oh, on November 11. the buffet has something for everyone. We will meet at 5:30 p.m., and dinner will begin at 6:00 p.m. We are having the auction again this year, so everyone please bring your donated items to make this a success. Please remember this is one of the important activities that helps fund the club for the year. the auctioneer will let you know when your bid is too high! there are some other things in the planning stages as well for the evening activities, so please plan to attend. refer to the bSdc newsletter for more details. there is another important part of the club that is fast approaching. We are looking for anyone interested in joining the board of directors. We have a total

(tHiS page) top pHoto: rinaldo de Craen/Fei; bottom pHoto: SuSan murray

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Western reserve Carriage Association Members Stay Busy Over the Summer Submitted by mary thomaS

class at the Walnut hill Driving show in Pittsford, nY. other WrCA Walnut hill award winners included Jacqui Payne, heather hossfeld, and stacey Giere, driving Mary Thomas’ pair. The national Drive, to be held october 9-14 at the Kentucky horse Park, is a favorite event for WrCA members. it will feature six days full of driving activities—everything from marked driving trails, lessons with top instructors, and free driving clinics, to fashion shows, shopping opportunities, and parties. Following the national Drive will be Don and Carm Dalton’s swine Creek Park Drive on october 21. A new event, a wine and cheese reception, is on tap at Woodlyn Coach in Mt. hope, oh, on november 11. ivan Burkholder always has plenty of interesting things to show and discuss. Visit for more details and directions. still don’t have your ticket for the WrCA Bowman Leather show Carriage harness? Time is running out! The winning ticket will be drawn at the national Drive. visit to learn how you can get a ticket.

ThirTeen TurnouTs, accompanied by a large contingent of Western reserve Carriage Association (WrCA) members, gathered July 15 for the annual howe Meadow Drive, hosted by henry and Kay rish. howe Meadow, near Peninsula, oh, which is part of the Cuyahoga national Park, provided a variety of terrain, wooded trails, and sweeping meadow views. Before the 12:00 p.m. picnic lunch, a report on ticket sales for the Bowman Leather Carriage show harness was given by President henry rish. Members were asked to return any unsold tickets, as sales have been excellent and some members need more tickets to sell at upcoming events. Christie rentz of scenery hill, PA, sent a note read by President rish, explaining that she wouldn’t be able to attend WrCA func-

tions for a while because her home had been hit by lightning and burned down. Bob and susan Burrows set up a cones course in the meadow to challenge drivers. This proved so popular that turnouts were lined up to try their luck through the course. WrCA members came out as competitors and volunteers to support the ohio Combined Driving event (CDe), July 28-29, at Windy Knoll Farm in sullivan, oh. Completing the CDe and taking home ribbons in the Preliminary division were Cathy Franks, Pam hess, Margaret shenker, stacey Giere, and Jacqui Payne. Training Level awards went to Janet Yosey, stacey Giere, Carol Milhoun, Kim stegh, and sherry olecki. Congratulations are in order for Diane schmidt, as she and her Welsh pony took top honors in their single Pony Turnout

of three positions open. There are two three-year terms, and one one-year term available. Please let any officer or Board of Directors member know if you would like to be added to the ballot. The new Board of Directors will be voted on at the banquet. This is your club, so please step up and make a difference. This next section of information was sent to me by Kim Mack. This is an important issue due to the drought this year, and Kim wanted to make everyone aware of this so we can plan accordingly. seneca County is under a drought; there will not be a second cut of hay anywhere. More doubtful is the corn, which has been in tassel for far too long now. That wipes out two crops! Be advised to find and move whatever hay you can into your barns as all across the u.s. people are scrambling with these concerns too. our local farmers hear phones ringing off the hook…with calls for hay they can’t produce. The farmer interviewed, with his long-haul drives

in the morning.” even though we did receive some rain that helped, this is still a major issue as you can see. Please be aware of the issue. Thanks Kim for this information. if anyone has pictures of club activities, or pictures you would like to submit, please send them to me via email. i know there are several members who take pictures, so please send The Rattlesnake Drive. them to my email address. if anyone has any news that you would like to place in the article, email me to West Virginia, said some of the at, or call me at southern farms did get second cuts 740-251-7193. of hay that looked pretty good. if The club always extends an open you can’t find hay locally, then he invitation to the public to come and join advised to try Mt. hope Auction, us. We do have a good time and always Wednesday, at 9:30 a.m., before all that keep safety a priority. We still have southern-farm hay moves! Another lady several events left, so come and check states that she plans to buy extra wheat us out. grain to put in containers in the barn. This is all the news that i have for sheila advised: “Buy your breads in this month. if there is something you advance and freeze them. i would also need to add or would like to see in the add, buy by the bulk vegetables, corn article, please let me know. oils and cereal if you are a cereal-lover October 2012

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arabian news

Maegan Williby and Ray Yarborough with Celebrity Affair and her Anglo-Arabian colt by Hy Wynds, Hy Class Affair.



Dara Shailyx Arabians and Bob McLean recently sold EHA Victoria’s Secret to Mr. Khaled Alrashid of Iraq, with the assistance of Honeysuckle Rose North Select Arabian Sales.

Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi’s book, The Time of My Life, is available as a fundraiser to benefit AHA Youth Programs. Pair this heartfelt book with the Patrick Swayze and Tammen poster at a discounted rate. Books are $15, posters are $10 each, or you can get the pair for $20. Visit to order yours.

CONGRATULATIONS TO BRITTANY DESIDERIO of Oldwick, NJ! In addition to being an accomplished rider, she has been selected as a 2013 Miss New Jersey contestant.

RISING STAR RAZCAL Kudos to Razcal Bey and Tommy Garland on a fabulous 2012 show season. They earned an East Coast Championship as well as a Region 12 and Region 15 Top Five in Open Western Pleasure.

WAY TO GO! Megan Vincent, of Janesville, WI, has been awarded the first $5,000 Dale and Debbie Harvill Foundation Scholarship to pursue her studies in biology at Edgewood College in Madison, WI, and seek a career in a health-related field. As a child from a singleparent home, with a brother 200 EQUINE


| October 2012

who has Down’s syndrome, Megan has often placed her family’s needs above her own. She has assisted her mother with transporting her brother to and from school and helping him with homework. She also supplements her horse activity with miscellaneous jobs, including working at the barn where she trains with Juli Goder-Larson. During her first year at Edgewood College, Megan volunteered in two programs: Cutting Edge, where she served as a mentor for students with disabilities; and LEAP, a program where she tutored at-risk kids from low-income neighborhoods.

Arabian and half-Arabian reining horses will vie for a $175,000 purse during the Futurity Classic at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, February 14-28, 2013, in the Wells Fargo Advisors Arena at West World of Scottsdale, AZ. Currently the fastest growing discipline at Arabian horse shows, reining attracts competitors of all ages. The sport is a lasting tribute to the western ranching heritage of the United States and also incorporates various riding traditions from other ranch-land countries. Action-oriented competition engages the audience with performances of impressive spins and sliding stops and the romance of the cowboy style. The public is welcome to talk with owners and trainers to learn about this family-friendly sport and the Arabian horse. See complete schedule and details at

APPROVED! Rhineland Pfalz-Saar International (RPSI), the German Verband also known as Zweibrucker horses, held an inspection on August 11, 2012, at Sankt Georg Farm of Petersburg, VA. AngloArabian colt, Hy Class Affair, was presented and passed the inspection with a Silver Premium rating. His owner/breeder, Maegan Williby, was very proud of this accomplishment and knew her “dream” breeding would be a success. His dam, Celebrity Affair, a Thoroughbred, was inspected two years ago and awarded Gold Premium and was placed in the Premium Mare Book I. It was then that Maegan discovered Catwoman and planned a breeding to her family stallion, purebred Arabian Hy Wynds. The result was a



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garnered seven national Championships and one reserve national Championship on three different horses. Devon Thomas came home with two national Championships in Hunt Seat equitation 10 & under on BHF While u Were out and al Marah Star Zone. Cole Porfido had a wonderful show on his two mounts, Copa Cabahna and Breakaway Pa. He came home with two national Top Ten titles in Hunt Seat equitation 10 & under. Charlotte Kwon rode Playland irish Flash to a reserve national Making His Mark Championship in Hunt Seat Congratulations to Molly ekcela, a purebred arabian mare owned by debra Peebles, equitation over obstacles and Stanley’s Czantiago. The 2007 placed first in the Purebred Arabian IBC class at the the VADA/ a Top Ten each in Hunter Hack chestnut purebred arabian colt NoVa Summer Breed Show. and Working Hunter. natalie was inspected and approved Grammer rode Breakaway Pa and (pending radiographs) by the The Beamer to two Top Ten titles in Hunt american Trakehner association on august Youth national Championships with a Seat equitation 13 & under. anna Sporrong 25-26, 2012, at the Four Star Farm inspecplethora of national titles to their credit. rode artikulate to a reserve national tion in napa, Ca. The inspectors were: Brad ricci and Stephanie Desiderio took seven Championship in Hunter Hack. She also Kerbs, erhard Schulte (Trakehner Verband riders, ranging in age from 7-17, to the piloted Crimson illusion and al Marah Star representative), rhea Gibble, and competition this year. They came home with Zone to two national Top Tens in Hunt Seat neal Westgerdes. nine national Championships, four reserve equitation 14-17. national Championships, and 18 national For more information on Top Ten titles. successful YoutH riders Tranquillity Farm, visit their website at among the big winners this year The residents of Tranquillity Farm in Chester, nJ, returned home from the arabian was their daughter, alexandria. She knockout bay colt, absolutely what Maegan ordered. Sire Hy Wynds is a reserve champion regional SHiH and a Supreme approved american Warmblood Society stallion, the only arabian to date with this distinction. Dam Celebrity affair is a fourth place winner in the Sallie B. Wheeler/ uSeF national Hunter Breeder Championships. Maegan plans a future on the hunter/jumper circuit with ‘Batman’ and will possibly do some combined tests.

Arabian-bred hunter/ Jumper Association Helps Sport Horses Shine at the East Coast Championships BY PeGGY inGleS

One Of the ArAbiAn shOw world’s favorite horse shows to attend each year has always been the east Coast Championships, formerly held at Quentin riding Club in Pennsylvania, and more recently, at the Virginia horse Center in Lexington, VA. held this year August 2-5, the first two days were a local rated show; the second two days were the east Coast regional Championships. this show carries more prestige and excitement than any other in the area due to the high caliber of competition. exhibitors come from up and down the east Coast to attend. for the 2012 event, show management added a full slate of hunter and jumper classes to the lineup after an absence last year.

the Arabian-bred hunter/ Jumper Association (AbhJA) assisted in garnering sponsors and raising prize money for these classes to encourage exhibitors and management alike. the person amassing the the High Point Hunter/Jumper champion, rakhassa most sponsorship money won Bey, shown with trainer, lucy Boyd, and owner, a free stall for the entire show. alexis doughty. the winner this year was beth thomas of Johnstown, PA. the east Coast Champion in Green the AbhJA also sponsored working hunter, Open hunter hack, an overall high Point hunter/Jumper and Amateur hunter hack, plus reserve Champion for the event. All horses that champion in Amateur working hunter. competed in the over fences classes thank you to all of the class and prize were eligible. the winner this year was money sponsors! results, list of sponrakhassa bey, a purebred Arabian mare sors, and photos from the show can be owned by bill and Alexis Doughty and seen at ridden by Alexis. rakhassa bey was October 2012

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western news

MILLION DOLLAR BABY Congratulations to Lance Griffin, whose stallion, Whiz N Tag Chex, has recently been named the

newest addition to the National Reining Horse Association’s (NRHA) Million Dollar Sire list. Whiz N Tag Chex was added to the list during the NRHA Cowtown Classic when his offspring, Whiz Boom Bang, Jeweled Tag, and Show N Tag, became top earners at the event and won over $12,000 to push their collective earnings to over $1,008,900. The Million Dollar Sire is by Topsail Whiz and out of Tag Chex by King Fritz. His lifetime earnings are almost $130,000 with numerous wins under his cinch.

RODEO ROCK STARS The Rodeo Historical Society recently honored 12 inductees at a ceremony held during Rodeo weekend on September 21-22. Included on the list were: Two-time National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association finalist Pete Fredericks, Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association (PRCA) Rookie of the Year (1980) Brad Gjermundson, accomplished bareback rider Jim Houston, and 11-time National Finals Rodeo qualifier Sammy Thurman Brackenbury. Emma “Pee Wee” Burge and Bill McMacken were posthumously honored at the event—Burge, for the large impact she made on the rodeo world in the 1930s and 1940s, and McMacken, for dominating bronc riding and steer wrestling in Washington state in the 1930s and 1940s. And, James “Russ” Madison Jr., a pioneer

in promoting rodeo, was named the 2012 Directors’ Choice Inductee.

SAD NEWS IN THE WESTERN WORLD Equine Journal mourns the loss of Sandy Lawson. A longtime figure in the equine publishing and advertising industry, Lawson passed away on August 17. She had many friends within the community, and started her equine publishing career with the American Horse Show Association Horse Show magazine (now USEF and Equestrian magazine). She dedicated nearly 10 years to Equine Journal’s parent company, Morris Communications, and Cowboy Publishing on Western Horseman magazine. She most recently had worked for RFD-TV and Rural Media Group in equine advertising sales and programming.

American Ranch Horse Association Celebrates Eighth World Horse Show ON JULY 16, 2012, WILMINGTON, OH, became the gathering place for competitors in the American Ranch Horse Association (ARHA) to join together and show off their best and brightest. The six-day competition saw exhibitors from 18 states compete. Some of the highlights of the week included the ARHA Queen Competition for young women between the ages of 17-24 who competed in rules testing, horsemanship, interviews, and a speech contest, and who represented the



| October 2012

organization at a variety of events during the previous year. Open Senior Cutting This year, there was World Champions an added attraction—a David Berry Jr. and clinic provided by Stylish Mr. Kim. NRHA reiner, Shawn Flarida. The clinic and ranch sorting, and were no offered an opportunity for ARHA disappointment to spectators. Youth members to obtain some hands-on classes included exhibitors as young advice from one the country’s most as seven years old and the Select noted reining authorities. classes saw an increasing number of The cattle classes include cutting, entries. One of the most exciting ranch cutting, working cow horse, and well-attended events of the working ranch horse, ranch roping,


Whiz N Tag Chex is the NRHA’s newest Million Dollar Sire.

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NCha summer Cutting spectacular Concludes After Three Weeks of Fierce Competition The NaTioNal CuTTiNg horse association’s (NCha) summer spectacular, presented by great american insurance, concluded on July 28 after a three-week run at the Will rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, TX. The event started with hottish and lloyd Cox of Fort Morgan, Co, winning the XTo energy super stakes Non Pro and the Derby open with a blazing score of 228. spoonfulla Cat and Jonathan rogers of rockdale, TX, were the reserve champions with a score of 223. Bet on a Cat and Chad Bushaw of Weatherford, TX, won the Derby Non Pro class with a score of 222. steve anderson of Victoria, TX, took reserve with a 218.5 riding smooth N Cattacular. Jim short of Fulshear, TX, earned his first limited aged event victory at Fort Worth when he marked a 217 on Dual Ticket, to win both the rios of Mercedes amateur Derby and the amateur senior Derby. Clint hixson of Monroe, la, and Peeka spice Cat earned reserve with a 216.5. Don Bell of Weatherford, TX, rode Thundercat to win the limited division with a score of 221. eighteen-year-old Collbran Blue larsen of gruver, TX, and Kay Jay Wilson took reserve with a 217. James Payne of overbrook, oK, and sarenadual marked a 222 in the wild card round to earn a spot in the finals, and came back with a 223 to win the

(Left) XTO Energy Super Stakes Non Pro and Derby Champions Hottish and Lloyd Cox. (Above) Derby Non Pro Champions Bet On a Cat and Chad Bushaw.

Classic/Challenge open. lloyd Cox of Fort Morgan, Co, and one Time royalty earned reserve with a 222. Todd Quirk of Denham springs, la, and Cats in Ya Dreams championed the limited Non Pro with a 224. luis Dearmas of Boca raton, Fl, marked a 220 on sly Playgirl for the reserve title. in the senior Youth division of the newly added grace ranch/NYCha Youth World Finals, rieta Dufurrena of gainesville, TX, captured the World Championship with the stallion, auspicious Cat. Collbran Blue larsen of gruver, TX, was the reserve World Champion on his mare, Ds Mrs Wilsonsfreckle. The Junior Youth division ended with Co-World Champions, Kenli Marvin of Barnsdall, oK, riding MK Vivian; and Jake Baca of Vega, TX, riding Jewlin Jo Chita. Marvin was also the World Finals Junior Youth show Champion.

at the awards banquet held on saturday evening. This year’s high point winners included: open high Point horse, income Texas, owned and shown by Jim isley of North Carolina; open reserve high Point horse, shortys stop N Time, shown by Woody Taylor, and owned by Kathy armstead of West Virginia; select high Point exhibitor, gary eason of indiana, riding KD Did, and reserve select Patrick Prater showing Hancocks Moon Walk in the Youth Trail Horse division. high Point exhibitor, Jim isley of North Carolina, riding income Texas; amateur high Point exhibitor, week was the Queen Competition Vanessa Mamie of Missouri, riding a horsemanship class. Texas Breeze, and reserve amateur The week’s competition culminated

in NYCha Youth Week competition, amanda Morris of Burleson, TX, won both the go-round and the finals of the NYCha scholarship Cutting senior division with scores of 224 on Just Playin smart. Morris was also the grace ranch/ NYCha World Finals senior Youth show Champion on Queanaisabella. Cade hansma of Weatherford, TX, and Bob Dualin were the reserve champions of the senior division in scholarship Cutting. in the Junior Youth division of the scholarship Cutting, Kutter Johnson of Whitt, TX, earned a 223 to win the event. he also came out of the grace ranch/NYCha World Finals with the Junior Youth rookie of the Year title. lauren oehlhof of grandview, TX, marked a 220 on rCC skeet N scooter to earn reserve in the Junior division. For more information and full results, visit

high Point exhibitor, Jennifer Foster of indiana, riding Phantom Yankee; Youth high Point exhibitor, lindsey Conti of Tennessee, riding Willow Deelivery, and reserve high Point exhibitor, Kathryn rippetoe of Tennessee, riding hollywood shines; Three-Year-old Challenge Winner, one Time Bugsy, shown by Woody Taylor and owned by Jen Frame, Kentucky; and 2012 arha Queen, Mary grace Warren (who shows Kiss My Buns), representing the Volunteer ranch horse association. For more information on the american ranch horse association’s eighth World horse show, visit October 2012

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quarter horse news AQHA WORLD SHOW SALE

ELEANOR LLOYD of Fort St. John, British Columbia, sent in this adorable photo of her 10-year-old daughter, Katie, riding her 11-year-old Welsh/Quarter Horse mare In a HeartBeat, aka, “Echo,” in the costume class at the North Pine Fall Fair in Fort St. John. Katie’s dad contributed to the fun by dressing up as Batman, helping them earn second place!

TAKE THE TRAIL CHALLENGE Mark your calendars for two upcoming American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Trail Challenges to be held at Lynn Palm and Cyril Pittion-Rossillon’s Fox Grove Farm in Ocala, FL, on November 4 and December 2. This event will not only offer some friendly competition, but will give riders the opportunity to receive a coaching 204 EQUINE


| October 2012

session and training tips from both Lynn and Cyril. Prizes will be given out compliments of AQHA, Palm Partnership Training, and its sponsors, along with special awards for High Score, Best Turned-Out Pair, and Sportsmanship. Proceeds from the event will go towards the Florida Quarter Horse Association. Additional AQHA Trail

The AQHA recently released a list of horses to be sold at this year’s World Show Sale, on November 11 in Oklahoma City, OK. This year’s equines include: 2003 Amateur Two-Year-Old Stallion World Champion Time To Touch; 2012 Select Three-Year-Old Stallion and World Champion JMK Bodacious; 2010 Select Yearling Mares World Champion Fearles Fanny; multiple World and Reserve World Champion Artful Investment; An embryo, out of 1999 World Champion Two-Year-Old Western Pleasure horse Cool Lookin Lady; National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) multiple champion Cobys Soula; Call Me Out First; multiple year-end high point recipient in AQHA Ranch Horse Versatility Real Smart Mate; and World Show qualifier Purr Cat. For a full listing of horses to be consigned at this year’s World Show, visit

EDUCATE YOURSELF The last call for sending in your American Quarter Horse Foundation 2013 scholarship applications is December 1. These scholarships provide financial assistance to AQHA and AQHYA members through

general, racing, career path, and state or regional scholarships. Eligibility of applicants is based on the individual scholarship criteria and requirements provided for each scholarship offered through the Foundation. To learn more, visit

HALL OF FAMERS The AQHA recently announced the 10 honorees who will be inducted into the Quarter Horse Hall of Fame at the 2013 American Quarter Horse Association Convention in March 2013 in Houston, TX. The list of individuals includes: Bill Brewer of Amarillo, TX; Kenny Hart of Ruidioso Downs, NM; Frank Merrill of Purcell, OK; the late Guy Ray Rutland of Independence, KS; and Greg Whalen of Clements, CA. The horses to be inducted are: Fillinic, Freckles Playboy, Lady Bug’s Moon, Miss Olene, and Poco Tivio. Stay tuned to an upcoming issue of the Equine Journal for a full wrap-up of the ceremony and AQHA Convention!

NEW KID ON THE BLOCK In other Quarter Horse news, Scott Myers has been named the new Executive Director of the Ohio Quarter Horse Association (OQHA). Scott hails from Sharon Center, OH, and has been an OQHA Board of Director for 13 years. He has held the position of President in 2007, 2008, and 2012. Scott is also a National Director for the National Snaffle Bit Association and the American Quarter Horse Association. Along with his wife Leslie, and two daughters, Taylor and Mallory, Scott is an avid competitor on the Quarter Horse circuit. His family has collectively earned five Congress championships and nine World Champion titles.


Challenges will be held October 20 in Smith Valley, NV, and November 10 in Poplarville, MS. To learn more, visit

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quarter horse

AQhA region Five championship Names All-Around Winners in Five Divisions The 2012 AmericAn QuArTer horse Association (AQhA) region Five championship, held August 22-24 in Augusta, nJ, was another resounding success. region Five is made up of the American Quarter horse Association affiliates Delaware, empire State, maryland State, new Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Tex Tan saddles sponsored by markel insurance went to the all-around winners in Amateur, novice Amateur, Youth, and novice Youth. in Select, Zita codi of Sinking Spring, PA, and De royalty were the all-around winners. De royalty is a 1998 sorrel gelding. in the Amateur division, Devon martin of harveys Lake, PA, took the win on hour carmen electra, a 2006 bay mare. Alexis Kolbeck of Dallas, PA, on Blazing hots hisocks, a 1997 sorrel gelding, was crowned the novice Amateur All-Around champion. in

Kathryn George competes on Long Legged In Blue at the Region Five Championship.

Amanda Bennett was the All-Around Novice Youth winner.

Youth All-Around, Julie cole of West Winfield, nY, took the title riding Size matters, a 2005 sorrel gelding. And, it

was Amanda Bennett of manassas, VA, aboard Lizzys Gold Boy, a 1994 red dun gelding, who took the novice Youth All-Around title. To learn more about the AQhA region Five championship, visit

AQhYA World championship Draws Over 2,400 Entries to Oklahoma City The 2012 BuiLT ForD TouGh AQhYA World championships, held August 3-11, 2012, in oklahoma city, oK, concluded with another successful year of competition. more than 2,400 entries from the united States, canada, england, Sweden, and Venezuela competed at this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s event, vying to earn one of the 34 world championships. The Performance halter Geldings class, which garnered 66 entries was won by rachel Kolb of Lebanon, oh, and remarkable can. The largest division was Youth Showmanship, which attracted 196 entries. When all was said and done it was Samantha chiodo of mount Pleasant, mi, who went home the Showmanship champion with her Bay mare, im A natural Detail. in Trail, Taylor Brown, on her bay gelding Just hit Town, was one of 21 finalists. Taylor finished with a score

of 222.5, determining her fate to win her first Ford Youth World championship. mackenzie Grimshaw of elm Grove, LA, was another lucky exhibitor that went home a world Taylor Searles earned the World Championship and 13 champion, despite & Under first place titles in Western Riding on her own the large turnout. Flashy Attraction. Grimshaw captured the championship and intermediate first place titles in Working with a ride the Pattern clinic featuring AQhA Professional horseman Brad cow horse aboard her 2002 sorrel Kearns on August 3, and also including gelding Smart Bayou chic. the nutrena ride the Pattern hunt Also earning a world championship Seat equitation clinic with AQhA title was Taylor Searles of Scottsdale, Professional horseman Lainie DeBoer. AZ. Searles took top honors in the 13 & Also heavily populated were the Parade under Western riding division with her of Teams and merial AQhYA horse 1996 bay gelding, Flashy Attraction. Judging contest. Although competition is a large part For more information, and a full list of the World championships, the event of results, visit also offered many clinics, starting off October 2012

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[ Distance riDing affiliate ]

virginia horse council Offers a Comprehensive and Diversified Membership Submitted by robina rich-bouffault, Virginia horSe council board member and chair, memberShip committee

the state are among our members who, together with the virginia veterinary Medical Association, help us to be proactive in alerting all of our members concerning any equine health concerns that may arise and could affect virginia horses and riders. the vhc has numerous equestrian centers, foxhunt clubs, as well as many individual and family members, who take advantage of our trail rides, educational seminars, and other events during the year. the vhc also maintains close ties with the virginia Farm bureau, the virginia department of Agriculture and consumer services (vdAcs), and local county economic development departments, as they work toward enhancing land use for trail rides across the commonwealth. this large diversity of members and contacts makes the vhc an important voice representing our state’s entire equine community—a voice that is increasingly listened to at the legislative sessions in richmond, where we actively defend and lobby for our horses’ and members’ best interests. For more information on becoming a member of the virginia horse council, visit the website at virginiahorsecouncil. org, or call 888-467-7382.

new trails brochure produced by the virginia horse council Submitted by andrea heid, Virginia horSe council board member, and program manager, Virginia horSe induStry board

A new brochure entItled Keep the ride Alive has been completed by the virginia horse council with funding from the virginia horse Industry board (vhIb). As nearly half of all virginia horse enthusiasts’ prime interest is in trail and recreational riding, the vhIb awarded a grant to the virginia horse council trails committee to produce 206 equine


| October 2012

this popular guide. the new publication provides much-needed current information about public trails in the state. It also educates trail riders about trail conservation practices, trail etiquette, the “leave no trace” ethic, and offers information about camping with horses. It took over three years for vhc trails committee chair, sally Aungier, to complete all the

Vivian Stefanchik and Sir Windsor Dawn.

ohio Arabian & All breed trail society Submitted by mickie newnam

I’ve been to two rIdes sInce the last article. Maureen’s salamonie stomp was good. It was hot, but then again, it took place in July. It did not have as good of a turnout as we had expected, which was a shame because the trails were in the best shape they’ve ever been! I don’t think there were a lot of pulls (forgot to get the results yet; sorry), though I was one of them. Akela

research for this excellent brochure. If you ride trails in virginia—or are thinking about planning a trip to virginia to trail ride—a copy of this brochure is essential. the colorful booklet contains a grid of 109 public trails in virginia and expands for easy reading. details on types of services, trail connections, fees, and restrictions at each site are listed as well. Keep the ride Alive is available on the vhc website if you wish to download it. Go to, and click on the tab “trails and land use.” then, under trail related Activities, click on the Keep the ride Alive title. or, printed individual copies can be obtained from the vhc office by emailing info@, or by calling 888-467-7382.

(thiS page) photoS: Mickie NewNaM; (opposite page) Mickie NewNaM

wIth Its onGoInG MIssIon to promote and improve the equine industry in virginia, the virginia horse council has built up a comprehensive and very diversified membership that represents all facets of the commonwealth’s thriving horse industry. our breed associations represent many thousands of participants and include: the virginia thoroughbred Association (vtA); the virginia retirement Foundation that works together with the vtA to find good homes for retired racehorses; the virginia Quarter horse Association (vQhA), which is the virginia chapter of the AQhA, the world’s largest equine breed registry and membership organization; and several european warmblood, pony and miniature horse associations, among many others. our various discipline association members include the virginia horse show Association (vhsA), the virginia dressage Association, local representatives of the u.s. eventing Association, the virginia reining horse Association, the virginia walking horse Association, local driving associations, and other equine sports representatives. numerous veterinarian clinics around

across the regions

Sammy Terry and Candy Carlson.

just wasn’t himself so we opted for a trailer ride back from about the six-mile point, and Celeste opted to come back with me, which I appreciated. Thanks to Maureen and Mike for taking such good care of Akela when we came back. I hope Maureen holds it again next year because I’d love to take another shot at it, and hope more of you will join us. For those of you who missed the

Oak Openings Competitive Trail Ride on August 4-5, you missed a good one! It was hot, but not as brutal as the weather had been. We’re in serious danger of losing this ride; so if they do decide to hold it next year, please try to attend. In other good news, by the time you read this, there will actually be pressurized water in the horse camp at Caesar Creek! The donations made by the Ohio Arabian & All Breed Trail Society (OAATS) and various OAATS members were made in memory of Carolyn Sullivan’s LL Salilah+/. I don’t have space to go into the whole story here, but some month when I don’t have any news I’ll have to print it (or you can ask Carolyn). I plan to put up a sign listing donors that will say that,

though I’m not sure when it will be up. Fundraising is ongoing, however, as we want to expand it. Show ReSultS Results from Oak Openings are as follows: 25 Mile

liGHTWeiGHT: 1. lorelei Heineman; 2. ellen Kay Hubson. Heavyweight: 1. Danusia Casteel; 2. Janet Kirkpatrick; 3. Mollie Krumlaw-Smith. Junior: 1. Thomas Shipley; 2. Kitra Casteel; Completion Paige Farren. MileS onlY: Tom Smith. ParTiCiPaTion: nila Sullivan; Carolyn Sullivan. BeST araBian aWarD: Thomas Shipley. BeST oF THe reST aWarD: Danusia Casteel. GranD CHaMPion: Danusia Casteel; rS CH: Janet Kirkpatrick. reCreaTional DiSTanCe: Vivian Stefanchik; noelle Snyder; Jan See. 50 Mile liGHTWeiGHT: 1. Beverly london. MiDDleWeiGHT: 1. Theresa Heger; 2. Becky McCarty; 3. Kim andrea; Completion - Teresa Searcy. BeST araBian aWarD: Becky McCarty. BeST ParT araBian aWarD: Beverly london. BeST oF THe reST aWarD: Theresa Heger. GranD CHaMPion: CH: Theresa Heger; re: Becky McCarty. noViCe: 1. lorelei Heineman; 2. Candy Carlson; 3. liz Shipley; 4. Sammy Terry.

Bird-In-Hand, PA 17505

We are a family owned and operated company. One of us will be on your job site to assure the highest quality workmanship.

All work done by an Amish crew.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

We specialize in custom-built pole buildings, equestrian facilities, agricultural buildings, garages and storage sheds.


Large and small, we do them all at affordable pricing. October 2012

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Members Share Their Experiences with the Breed Submitted by Jan eaSter

Region 2 Twenty Gypsy Horses attended the 30th Annual Minnesota Horse Expo, held April 27-29, 2012. Attending were: Kay Peterson and her gelding, Oak Knoll Vincent, A181; Albert and Pam Barthel with their three yearling colts—Creek Side Timber, A1244, Creek Side Charger, A1241, and Creek Side Rascal, A1242; Portia Bradway with Firecrackers Dakota, B993; Laura Robideau Cher Brock (Above) and Byron meeting with Lake Ridge British Scott. Kay Peterson (Right) and Vincent. Sterling, B55. Also, Oak Knoll Farm Melanie Kucera, Felicity Miel Crosby, Owatonna, Minnesota Victoria Stratton, Karen Lustila Anderson, Shawn Shogren, and some new members all came with horses Region 4 to exhibit. I have been a volunteer Felicity long-lined her mare in the at Marbridge, a live-in Parade of Breeds and did a marvelous facility for adults with job; others walked or rode their horses. cognitive and physical The crowd was very pleased with the disabilities. I volunteer showing of Gypsy Horses. The Expo in the equine therapy even had its first wedding ceremony, department and have performed for Gypsy owner, Shawn done so for the past three Shogren, and his fiancée, Jalina, in years now. Some of the which the groom rode in on his Gypsy residents at Marbridge stallion. Thank you to all the members, are not in the therapy riding classes owners, or handlers for making this that this facility provides, so I wanted another great Minnesota Horse Expo. to give everyone there a chance to see, -Pam and Albert Barthel touch, and experience a Gypsy Horse. Creek Side Gypsy Farm Well, A Wizards Spell Worthingtons Elk River, Minnesota Byron, A577, had his first visit with the residents on Saturday, June 16, Oak Knoll Vincent, A1181, does 2012. Everyone was very excited to see therapeutic riding sessions every him and have their photos taken with Wednesday night for Special Horses, him. And, one special young man, Special People. Vincent also particiScott, came to visit Byron and have pated in the Chautauqua event in their photo taken. Scott lives in the Waseca, MN, on June 30, and the Villas of Marbridge, where most of the Festag Festival, July 7, in Minnesota residents are wheelchair-bound. I was Lake, MN. hesitant to have any of the residents -Kay Peterson from the Villas visit with Byron, but 208 equine


| October 2012

In March, A Wizards Spell Winstons Fiona, A582, and I participated in our very first western dressage schooling show. We competed in the Basic 1 and Basic 2 tests, both walk/trot tests, and our scores weren’t bad for our very first test. I love the fact that you get a score sheet with the judges’ comments. -Jennifer Alexander Midlothian, Texas

bottom Photo: Phil Peterson

Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc.

Scott and his caregiver had waited in line in the heat, and I couldn’t turn him away. Let me tell you what I know about Scott. He is a young man who has minimal movement from the neck down. He cannot speak, he shows very little facial expression, and he needs 24/7 assistance from a CNA/Nurse. I explained to his full-time caregiver that Byron had never been around a wheelchair and I was unsure how he would react. Well, when Byron saw him coming toward us, he immediately walked toward Scott in his chair; when he got to him, Byron reached his nose out to Scott and started licking his legs—as if to tell him, “It’s OK, I am not going to hurt you!” Byron licked and nuzzled Scott from toe to head. Then, we lined Scott up the best we could for the photo. After the photo was taken, I looked into Scott’s eyes and said, “Byron really loves you, Scott!” Just at that moment, Scott smiled to the best of his ability, tears of joy running down his cheeks. I was so proud of Byron and how wonderful he was with everyone. But, that moment with Scott is the reason why I do what I do—and why I wanted a Gypsy to do it with. Priceless! -Cher Brock Manchaca, TX

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ohio haflinger association

Margaret Martin concentrating on cantering her Haflinger, Wrace of Walnut Ridge.

Co-Sponsors Buckeye Summer Classic Submitted by Katina WilSon

I always fInd our ohIo weather quite interesting! no, I am not talking about the lack of rain we experienced this summer, but rather the unique topography that ohio possesses that allows natives the ability to say, “If you don’t like the weather in ohio, just wait

for five minutes.” although this saying may be true for all areas in the united states, one thing is for certain—it was a long, hot summer! Currently we are enjoying a bit of a fall preview, and I cannot wait to rake leaves in october! during the first weekend of august,

[ Quarter Pony affiliate ]

Quarter Pony association Unites Enthusiasts Submitted by niCKi StePhenS

PhotoS: Annette Persinger of Persinger PhotogrAPhy

the InternatIonal Quarter Pony association (IQPa) is offering one free IQPa registration with every 2012 Quarter Pony association (QPa) membership! Please contact the IQPa for details, as the offer expires soon. In other club news, lifetime points is a good tab to visit on the QPa website. It’s a wonderful display of information about Quarter Pony title winners. the association extends best regards to you each for your commitment, hard work and success with your special Quarter Ponies. Be sure to check out the individual links, the photos are beautiful. from the desk of Membership services director rhonda lange: of only the 2012 QPa memberships

received by midyear, 30% are u.s. renewals. no renewals, thus far, have been received from other countries. however, 70% of the 2012 QPa membership consists of new members just entering the Quarter Pony journey with us! of that 70%, the u.s. has attracted 66% of that new membership for 2012. the remaining 34%, of our 2012 new QPa members, are from our friends in other countries. and of that remaining 34%, Germany has attracted 67% of our new members, with Canada bringing in 22% and switzerland bringing in 11%. thus, I am pleased to report, again as of June 22, 2012, QPa has already experienced a membership increase of 76%, in comparison to 2011.

the ohio haflinger association (oha) co-sponsored the second annual Buckeye summer Classic at the Coshocton County fairgrounds. even though it was a hot day, the atmosphere was very friendly with all participants being able to enjoy the show. I was extremely happy to see Mahlon and Mary Miller at the show, because I had been looking forward to Mary’s noodles all week. yes it was a hot day, but those noodles were delicious! of course, the only way to cool down on a hot summer day is with a root beer float, yet another popular item from the food stand. thank you Mahlon and Mary for the time and effort involved with preparing the food and manning the stand. haflingers were well represented in the pleasure classes, with many exhibitors using this event as a relaxing warm-up for the Central ohio haflinger show that was held on august 17-19 in ashland, oh. even though I am writing this article in august, I must remind everyone of the last ohio haflinger association (oha) social event for 2012, to be held at Jacob J. yoder’s Valley View acres (23390 snively road danville, oh) on october 13, beginning at 10:00 a.m. the drive is 15 miles, and riders are welcome. Bring a sack lunch, a fireside chat will be held on friday evening

continued on page 210 the registration Committee continues to work together screening ponies for IQPa registration. we welcome the submission of your pony photos for consideration. QPa inspectors are available throughout the u.s. as well as foreign countries. a personal visit to view your pony may be arranged. Committee participation is encouraged for QPa members. fall is a good time to consider your future involvement. Please join in and share your expertise regarding the Quarter Pony. for more information on the Quarter Pony association, visit, and, for their affiliate, the International Quarter Pony association. all submissions for consideration in QPa newsletters become property of the Quarter Pony association and no compensation, for use, shall apply. submissions may be sent to October 2012

| equine Journal 209

across the regions

[ PRE affiliatE ]

Foundation for the Pure Spanish horse Presents the Story of Hope: Part I Submitted by barb Clark

Ohio Haflinger Association continued from page 209

(please bring your own hot dogs, buns, etc.). an rSVP is required by September 30, so please call Jacob at 740-599-7052. dinner will be at 3:30 p.m.—please bring a covered dish to share as hot meal items will be provided. i am going to try to make a more conscious effort to update oha’s Facebook page on a weekly basis. if you have any pictures of your horses and you would like them featured on it, please don’t be shy! i would love to see more haflingers on FacebookSM so post your photos! they do not have to be professional. duane Stutzman has also uploaded pictures of haflingers and their owners on the oha webpage, but he wants to add newer ones.

Bonita Rox PA is 2012 Walnut Hill Hope Champion Submitted by dana mitteer

although Brian Mitteer of Showme haflingers of Moravia, nY, is not a member of haflinger owners Promotional enterprise (hoPe), he won the hoPe Championship award for haflinger horse and overall at the 2012 Walnut hill driving Show. Brian says, “Bonnie and i worked as a team. She was awesome in reinsmanship, coming in at third place! the two drivers ahead of me drive as a profession. So i was very pleased.” Bonita rox Pa also came in third out of 22 entries for the turnout class. and she was third in the scurry cones. Showme haflingers is very pleased with this mare, as she also was the co-winner two weeks earlier for the Lorenzo driving Show hoPe Championship award. 210 equine


| October 2012


Hope loves to cuddle.

“You should probably think of putting her down. it might be the kindest thing for her,” the veterinarian said when he first saw her sad condition, but it was decided to give her some time to see how she would improve. over the next few days, hope was given her name because when people would come to see her they would and exclaim: “i hope she doesn’t fall down!” or “i sure hope she makes it.” hope was the thread that connected the mare to everyone and it

continued on page 211 The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse has always put the best interests of the horse first and our rescue or placement program has always been an important part of our mission. To help Hope and horses like her, visit and donate today.

left Photo: Annette Persinger of Persinger PhotogrAPhy; right Photos: terry young

Saige Matheny concentrates during her walk/trot class on her Haflinger, Chalie-a-Star.

We tend to think that our horses are so special, so incredibly wonderful that nothing bad could ever happen to them. they should never need our help or protection since no one could possibly mistreat them. the story below is unique but unfortunately becoming all too common in today’s difficult economy. She was abandoned, tied too close to a railroad track, her legs were swollen because her feet had not been trimmed in so long, she was starving, her teeth had a severe underbite and had been neglected, she was only between three and four years old—and, oh yes—she had been gored by a bull and had healed without any veterinary attention, which might be the reason she has stringhalt in both of her back legs, but the jury is still out on that part of her story. a concerned person called the Southeast area animal Control authority (SeaaCa) animal shelter—which provides animal control (mostly to dogs and cats) to 15 southern California cities—this summer to report an abandoned horse. the folks at SeaaCa found hope and transported her to a boarding stable, since she would not exactly fit into even the largest on-site dog facilities. our story now jumps to the houston, tX, area where Foundation for the Pure Spanish horse member Sue Waycuilis lives. Sue’s husband’s cousin, Lauren Jackson, was visiting Sue’s texas ranch from her home in California, and during a trail ride Sue explained that she was riding a Spanish horse that was rescued by the Foundation. Lauren mentioned that she was a volunteer at the SeaaCa animal control, where they had been receiving some abandoned horses from time to time. When Lauren returned to California she discovered SeaaCa had taken in a horse they thought had Spanish bloodlines. She had no microchip, and she was not a purebred, but she obviously had Spanish bloodlines. after a few more phone calls, the little mare was sent to a Foundation foster home.

across the regions

[ Friesian affiliate ]

American Friesian Association Dedicated to the Friesian Horse Submitted by Button Lee

Thanks to a dedicated group of individuals who love the Friesian horse, the American Friesian Association has been formed. The American Friesian Association (AFA) was organized to preserve and promote the purebred Friesian horse in America, to promote the Friesian Derivative horse in America, and to serve the owners of these horses. The AFA is committed to the breed standard of the purebred Friesian horse, as interpreted from the Friesch Paarden Stamboek (FPS) with regard to the needs of American owners for a healthy, sound horse suitable for performance in the current equestrian world. Our goal is to maintain the beauty and uniqueness of the Friesian horse, as it has been known throughout history. The AFA is also committed to high standards of quality, integrity, honesty, and fairness for all horses and members. The founders recognized the evergrowing demand for an American-based registry for the Friesian. The AFA wishes to register purebred and part-

Pure Spanish Horse

continued from page 211 soon became her name. After what life had dealt Hope to this point, everyone was surprised at her attitude towards her caretakers. She craved attention and totally trusted the people around her. She wanted to improve and showed her willingness to fight for her life by her actions. She would nicker softly when anyone walked by. Ever the gentle soul, she would nuzzle their hands when visitors stopped by and cuddled every chance she could. She won everyone over with her dark, soft eyes that seemed to say, “Look at me, I am really beautiful.” Her expressive eyes, her exceptional gentleness, and pathetic condition attracted attention in the form of pity, which she drank up like a needed elixir. To be continued…

bred Friesians while providing equal and fair representation for all horses and owners while maintaining the quality and integrity of the breed. The AFA was born out of a need for an American registry with American rules. A registry was needed for American owners who have felt like they deserved a registry that they believed in, one that did not feel so distant and out of reach. There was a need for a registry whose interest lies in promoting the American bred and owned horses, offering them attainable goals, and allowing for equality for all purebred Friesians. The AFA will honor horses of quality through breed inspections and predicate levels, and we have built these standards into our rules. The AFA will view all purebred registered Friesians as equals, offering the ability to earn predicates and status to all horses based on their individual quality and ability. Inspections will be done using a “blind judging” system, meaning that the horse’s pedigree, owner, trainer, and other information will not be disclosed to the judge(s) prior to their being judged and receiving their scores. For those owners who wish to breed their horses, AFA will offer pedigree information, inspection results, and performance scores to empower owners to make wise breeding decisions. The AFA understands that many purebred Friesian owners may not feel comfortable immediately switching over to a new American registry, and with the foreign based registries not allowing dual registration, the recording option has been developed by the AFA as a good way for owners to “try out” the AFA without putting their original registry affiliation in danger. This gives the owner a chance to learn more about the AFA, see where the AFA is going, and decide if they want to continue with membership and registering horses. Recorded horses may at any time be upgraded to Registered horses. Additionally, the AFA meets the requirements of IFSHA (International

Friesian Show Horse Association) by microchipping and DNA testing our horses as a means of positive identification, so that all our registered horses may participate in the IFSHA and USEF (United States Equestrian Federation) recognized Friesian shows. The AFA is also recognized by the USDF (United States Dressage Federation) as a breed registry so our members and their horses may participate in the USDF Breed Year End Awards. Here are just a few highlights you can look forward to with the AFA: • Sensible breeding practices –AFA will register all Purebred Friesians equally. • Opportunity to belong to a registry that wants to hear your voice and concerns. • Inspections with licensed American Judges and Blind Judging for all horses, Purebred and Derivatives alike. • Emphasis on breed type, movement, and conformation, with athletic talent and ability also considered important. • All honors/status/predicates earned by your horse from the foreign registries will be honored by AFA. • AFA Status/Predicate Level earnings. • AFA Supreme Sire or Supreme Dam awards. • AFA Friesian Fun Riding and Driving Log Program. • AFA Year End Awards for many competition and promotion categories. • AFA Lifetime Cumulative Awards for individual performance as well as for production of quality performance offspring. • Timely response to member inquiries, requests, Registration Documentation, Transfer of Ownership, etc. • A place for the Friesian Warmblood (cross) complete with mirrored benefits of a purebred. • Recording of horses belonging to foreign registries, allowing participation in AFA inspections, as well as allowing the owners to “try on” the AFA. • Tracking of Bloodlines, Inspection Scores, and Performance records. • A forum for having fun and enjoying our Friesian or Friesian Derivative. Check out the AFA at our website or email or call 912-462-6330 and ask for Button Lee for more information. October 2012

| equine Journal 211

across the regions

[ CURLY affiLiate ]

Margaret Short and Cikala.

TFN Woyawaste Cikala and Three Feathers MeSesko Warrior.

american Bashkir Curly registry

TFN Warriors Cica Tahalo

Horses Head for the United Kingdom SuBMiTTed BY SHaWn TuCKer

212 equine


| October 2012

their new program at Chestnuts Farm. as well as their amazing dispositions, the breed is known for their unique curly, hypo-allergenic coats, which will make little hands all the more happy at Chestnuts Farm in the future! People often ask the family at three Feathers why they continue to breed Curly horses, knowing how hard it is for them to part with each and every horse bred on their farm. all the horses are handled daily and are considered part of the family. the answer? they do it for two reasons. First, for the love of the breed and having little ones is just too much fun! and secondly, because it enables them to help make others’ dreams of having horses in their lives a reality, just as it did for owner shawn tucker, who is highly allergic to equines. so, even though there will most likely be tears and heavy hearts as they watch these two special horses roll down the driveway to board a plane and head to their new home in the united Kingdom, there will also be lots of pride and joy in knowing the smiles and laughter Cikala and tahalo will soon be bringing to some special children. to help ease the void the two horses leave behind at the tuckers’ farm, the family will eagerly anticipate the arrival of their next batch of Curly babies scheduled to arrive in the spring of 2013!

This month’s featured breeders: Louis and Shawn Tucker Three Feathers native Curly Horses lawrenceburg, KY 502-839-3978 email: website: Marvin Woodke Woodke’s Walnut Woods and Curly Horses 1466 e. 550n. Monterey, in 46960 574-542-2457 Brandon and Jennifer Bennett Curly Pines ranch 147 rocky lane Bastrop, TX 78602 512-965-7543 email: web: Janice Voss-Crosby Twisted oaks Farm 14595 147th Street Waseca, Mn 56093 507-835-5337/ 507-351-7374 email: web:

PHoToS: SHaWn TuCKer

Longtime horse enthusiast, margaret short of surrey, england, recently made the long trek across the pond to Kentucky, in search of horses. not just any horses, but ones suitable for use in the new direction her family’s farm was taking. after many years of participating in dressage and jumping events, they made the decision to turn their attention toward providing a facility where families with children who have autism and other handicaps can come to ride and experience the joy of horses. after much research, the family discovered the perfect breed for their new direction. Well-known for their amazing, calm, and friendly personalities, Curly horses have easy going temperaments and love to interact with humans. these horses are confident, curious, and intelligent, making them perfect for the job at hand. margaret traveled to three Feathers native Curly horses in Lawrenceburg, KY, and found exactly what she was looking for. she immediately fell for a young, tri-colored pinto mare named Cikala, who filled all of the requirements. then, a splashy young dun stallion named tahalo caught her eye and she knew he would make a perfect traveling companion for the young mare, as well as a great addition to

across the regions

The Baroque equestrian Games & institute™


[ classical baroque riding affiliate ] Cindy Myhre on Amoroso following the Musical Presentation Section, Equilibre Phase.

Members Have a Day of Fun and Learning at Connecticut Practice Show Submitted by Sharon madere

“i rode my arabian in the initiate Phase of the Games. i have to say that i had a great time! We learned more about our horses and ourselves in a relaxed atmosphere, while each one of us was cheered on by all attendees. everyone was helpful, friendly, and went out of their way to make the experience one to be happily remembered,” said shirley T. of the event. “i had a wonderful time at the practice show. i was actually smiling during the Classical schooling pattern—something that doesn’t usually happen when i am riding a test! The best part was that my horse felt better at the end of the day…[he was] more balanced because of the way he was being ridden and the exercises used. i had one of my best rides ever on him during the Musical Presentation. i felt truly honored to be riding him and showing what he can do to everyone there. i am so glad to be a part of BeGi!” said Cindy Myhre. over the next 12 months, BeGi will conduct several Weekend Workshops, combining education and an introduction to the Games: on Friday during the daytime, there will be private lessons. Friday evening will bring a public lecture and video presentation. saturday will see a fullday clinic for riders and auditors, and on sunday, “Perfect-a-Pattern,” will be held, in which riders are coached on how to Leslie Woodard on Centares in the Classical Schooling Section, Equilibre Phase: School Trot (rising). improve their movements

The Baroque equesTrian GaMes & institute™ (BeGi) held a “practice show” on august 8 at the Connecticut equestrian Center in Coventry, CT. it was a wonderful day of enjoyment and discovery for all. our goals were to: Provide riders the opportunity to school the sections of The Baroque equestrian Games™; present spectators with a preview of this new competition rewarding the elegance and artistry of classical horsemanship; allow show organizers to test-run the format and administration of the event; and give the founders and guest judges the ability to review and refine the patterns, judging criteria, and scoring system. our approach for the day was one of shared learning and camaraderie, of positive energy and supportive relationships. riders came from a variety of backgrounds, including hunters, jumpers, eventers, dressage, classical, and pleasure/trail; horses included arabian, Thoroughbred, quarter horse, Lusitano, and more. a big thank you goes out to our volunteer judges (Bruno Gonzales, Jose Manuel iglesias, Patricia norcia, Lani Debaets, sandra Beaulieu), to athene von hirschberg for the use of her lovely facility, and to noreen Duffy for taking photos of the day.

PhotoS: noreen duffy-granbery

and test scores. riders may choose patterns from the Classical schooling section (these patterns help to improve the balance, suppleness, and responsiveness of all horses regardless of preferred discipline or style of riding); and/or from the Mounted Maneuvers section (which will include instruction on how to ride with reins in one hand, how to hold the faux sword, and how to complete the apparatus tasks such as “pierce the rings,” etc.). Current planned locations include Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and new england. if you are interested in hosting or participating in a BeGi Weekend Workshop in your area, contact sharon Madere, smadere@ We invite you to join us on this new journey back to the historical foundation of classical horsemanship! Please visit to learn more. October 2012

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TryHorseguardFence! TryHorseguardFence!

214 equine


| October 2012

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the Equine Journal

Marketplace Call to speak with our advertising marketing consultants today!




| October 2012



on the Facebook 508-987-5886


Wanda Mooney

413-625-6366 x 103

WESTHAMPTON, Mass.-Impressive 20,000 sq.ft. 2-story horse barn that offers many commercial possibilities for a home-based business or other. It has 22 box stalls with mahogany wood & iron doors, hay loft and multiple rooms that can be used for most anything. How much would this building cost you to construct today? It is a great value and must be seen! In addition, there is a renovated antique cape, paddock areas, and potential magnificent building site with views. All this on 50 acres. 10 minutes to Northampton. Great Location! $695,000

Weather Proof Your Training Business! Dream Quest Farm

Mountaintide Farm

• 100' x 120' indoor arena

• Heated bathroom with stall shower

• 42’ x 80’ equipment barn

• Direct stall access to paddocks

• Round pen

• 7 paddocks with automatic water feeders

• 12-stall barn with heated tack room & office • Heated wash stall

• 120' x 72' indoor arena with dust free footing

• Outdoor arena

• Cross country course in place

• Pasture hydrant • Restored, original 100 year old barn • Charming farmhouse • 7-stall barn with heated tack • 32 acres with privacy and views room and wash stall • $475,000 • 8 paddocks with 2 paddock tracks

• 39.8 acres, prime views

• Round pen

• Outside arena & 5 turn out shelters

Listing Agent: Kathleen Hoisington

Hoisington Realty, Inc. 489 Main Street Bennington, VT 05201

888-442-8337 October 2012

| equine Journal 217

218 equine


| October 2012

Courtney Conger Lisa Hosang Mike Hosang Randy Wolcott 803.645.3308 803.270.8020 803.270.6358 803.507.1142

Come see Aiken, South Carolina!

Lee Hedlund 803.221.6831 . 803.648.8660

KELLSBORO HOUSE . Magnificent Georgian

residence circa 1927, 8-stall brick stable with apartment, carriage house with apartment and 3 stalls on 7 board-fenced acres in Aikenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Historic Horse District. Call Courtney Conger $3,500,000


HOPELAND FARMS Incredible custom residence on 11 board fenced acres with 9-stall center aisle barn. Hardiplank and stone home has soaring ceilings, wood & tile floors, 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths. Sparkling pool, pool house with kitchen, loft and bath. Call Courtney Conger $1, 500,000


MARATHON FARM Run or ride miles of trails around this farm with 256 acres! New 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home with custom details, 75 acres in grass, new 6-stall barn with bath & laundry, additional pole building, pond and over 3 miles of perimeter fencing. Call Randy Wolcott or Courtney Conger $1, 695,000

GAMEKEEPERS LODGE . Exquisite brick resi-

dence, 3-bay garage with apartment, pool and gazebo, 7-stall brick stable on 4 acres bordering the Hitchcock Woods. Call Courtney Conger or Randy Wolcott $1,995,000


Delightful 11-acre horse farm with 3 bedroom cottage, saltwater pool, new 4-stall shed row barn. Call Courtney Conger or Randy Wolcott $369,900

Frank Starcher Jack Roth Samantha Grove 803.270.6623 803.341.8787 803.443.1513 TOLL FREE Alex Tyrteos Suzan McHugh 800.880.0108 203.249.3071 803.292.8525

CHIME BELL CHASE . Exquisite 6-stall


center aisle barn with laundry, tack rooms, wash rack and half bath. Charming attached 2 bedroom apartment. Over 19 acres with watered paddocks & run-in sheds in equestrian community. Call Lisa Hosang $665,000

Greek Revival cottage has been marvelously restored. 8-stall barn, 200x80 building that could be indoor arena, workshop and in ground pool on 12 acres. Call Courtney Conger or Randy Wolcott $450,000


Donnie Shaffer Homes offers 3 energy efficient homes with a variety of comfortable floor plans in this popular equestrian community. Call Jack Roth or Frank Starcher at 803.648.9808

NEWBERRY on the WOODS . Exquisite horse property right at entrance to Hitchcock Woods! Spacious renovated 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath cottage and 8-stall center aisle barn on an acre. Call Lisa Hosang $785,000


6-stall barn with lounge, tack room, wash rack, laundry, and half bath on 10.95 board fenced acres. Includes newer 4 bedroom, 3 bath home in equestrian community. Call Randy Wolcott $550,000


96 acres of coastal Bermuda grass fields with 15 acre lake and country cabin in Highway 302 equestrian corridor. Call Mike Hosang $1,800,000


Handsome like-new 3 bedroom brick home with 4-stall stable, 2 run-in sheds on 15 fenced acres in equestrian corridor. Call Courtney Conger $595,000


bedroom, 3.5 bath brick home. Includes 2,400 sq. ft. workshop with unfinished 2nd floor, easily converts to barn with apartment. Over 25 acres in equestrian corridor. Call Lisa Hosang $649,900


HARMONY HILL FARM Modern farmhouse surrounds heated pool with 3 bedrooms, each with fireplace and en suite bath. Includes 4-stall stable, storage building, gated entry and fenced pastures on 20 acres, all just minutes from downtown Aiken. Call Mike Hosang $795,000

OAKWOOD PLANTATION . Cleared building lots with Bermuda grass and mature trees, in beautiful horse community just 15 minutes from Aiken. AFFORDABLE seller financing. Call Alex Tyrteos $15,995 per acre

WINDFALL PLANTATION . Plantation home circa 1894, carefully relocated and restored. Hardwood floors, high ceilings, 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths on 22 acres. Call Mike Hosang $895,000

Find Your Dream Property

89 Dr. Knott Road * $699,000

This 46 acre horse farm is set on one of the finest pieces of land with 20 stalls with boarders, indoor riding arena, Gambrel home with in-law and the potential for an immediate positive cash flow. Enjoy the sunsets, views, and life on this working farm.

Call Dawn Thompson/Admiral Properties for more information at 860-235-7198. If you have at least $140,000 in equity in your current home. Call and Ask about our Trade Program!

To see listings of homes a nd properties, visit and check out our Real Estate section today. Dawn Thompson/Realtor Admiral Properties Via Verde New London Harbour Towers 461 Bank St. #805 New London, CT 06320

BANK ORDERED SALE: MAKE AN OFFER FOR THIS NATIONALLY KNOWN STABLE; CAZENOVIA, NY. Owners 2,500+/- sq. ft. 2 Bedroom, 3 Bath Log Home was featured in national magazines, plus a Manager’s 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Home. HEATED STABLE: 30 (room for more) Box Stalls, Wash Bay, Feed Room, Tack Area, Washer/Dryer area, Office, Full Bathroom, Viewing Room and Indoor Arena. Outdoor Arena, Round Pen, large 4 Sectioned Run-in Shed, 3 Bay Storage Garage, Workshop with small Greenhouse, Apple Tree Lined Driveway, 34 Acres (more land available) and 3 Ponds complete this complex. STEAL THIS “SHOWPLACE” NOW. ASKING $680,000…E466 MAKE AN OFFER!

860-235-7198 860-444-1107-Fax

117 ACRES IN LYNDONVILLE NY on the Winery trail: Circa 1900 Farmhouse: 2 Bedrooms, Bathroom and Laundry upstairs. Downstairs Open Floor Plan: Kitchen; with recent upgrades, Dining Room and Living Room. Covered Front and Side Porch… Barn: 8 Stalls, Wash area, Hay Loft and that much sought after Municipal Water… Indoor Arena: 66x150 with Overhead Doors at each end, is well lit… Lake Ontario Lot (88x120) City Water, Electric service and a Pebble Beach included in 117 Acres. Make this your own Private Vacation Home on the Lake… Due to Owners health, this entire package is offered for ONLY $492,400…W506



Horse Farm Are Our Only Business!

Horse Farm Are Our Only Business!



220 equine


| October 2012

Wetherbee Farm Real Estate Massachusetts Office Gladys R. Fox

New Hampshire Office Linda Hampson

Office 978-635-0801 Email:

Office: 603-532-6773 Email:

Specialists in equestrian and farm properties

Visit for information on these properties and many more






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Call Karen Murphy   

  at 800-562-2235 ext. 8119

   !!" #  !$

Â&#x2039;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2018;Â?Â&#x2021; Â&#x192;Â&#x201D;Â?Â&#x2039;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2018;Â?Â&#x2021;Â&#x2018;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2018;Â?Â?Â&#x2021;Â&#x2026;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2026;Â&#x2014;Â&#x2013;ÇŻÂ&#x2022;Â&#x2019;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2021;Â?Â&#x2039;Â&#x2021;Â&#x201D;Â&#x160;Â&#x2018;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2019;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2018;Â&#x2019;Â&#x2021;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2022;Â&#x192;Â?Â&#x2020;Â&#x2018;ĆĄÂ&#x2021;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2013;Â&#x160;Â&#x2021;Â?Â&#x2018;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2013;Â&#x201E;Â&#x2021;Â&#x192;Â&#x2014;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2014;Â&#x17D; Â&#x192;Â?Â&#x2020;Â&#x2013;Â&#x160;Â&#x2018;Â&#x2014;Â&#x2030;Â&#x160;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2014;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2021;Â&#x201C;Â&#x2014;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2013;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2039;Â&#x192;Â?Â&#x2019;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2018;Â&#x2019;Â&#x2021;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2013;Â&#x203A;Â&#x2020;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2030;Â?Â&#x203A;Â&#x2018;Â&#x2014;Â&#x2122;Â&#x2039;Â&#x17D;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2021;Â?Â&#x2026;Â&#x2018;Â&#x2014;Â?Â&#x2013;Â&#x2021;Â&#x201D;ǤČ&#x2C6;Â&#x160;Â&#x2021;Â&#x160;Â&#x2018;Â?Â&#x2021;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2022;Â&#x192;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2019;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2026;Â&#x2013;Â&#x192;Â&#x2026;Â&#x2014;Â&#x17D;Â&#x192;Â&#x201D; as the equestrian facilities. Exacting standards and quality materials are evident throughout Â&#x2013;Â&#x160;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2021;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2039;ƤÂ&#x2021;Â&#x2020;Â?Â&#x2021;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2030;Â&#x203A;Â&#x201D;Â&#x192;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2020;Â&#x160;Â&#x2018;Â?Â&#x2021;Ǥ Â&#x2013;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2022;Â&#x192;Â?Â&#x2021;Â&#x201C;Â&#x2014;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2013;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2039;Â&#x192;Â?Â&#x2022;Â&#x2020;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2021;Â&#x192;Â?Â&#x2013;Â&#x160;Â&#x192;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2022;Â&#x160;Â&#x2018;Â&#x2014;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2020;Â?ÇŻÂ&#x2013;Â&#x201E;Â&#x2021;Â?Â&#x2039;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2020;Ǥ Í&#x2014;Í&#x2122;Â&#x192;Â&#x2039;Â?Â&#x2013;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2013;Č&#x2C6;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2022;Â&#x2021;Â&#x161;ÇĄÍ&#x201D;Í&#x161;Í&#x2DC;Í&#x2013;Í&#x161;

Visit: or call Mick at 860-334-1379 October 2012

| equine Journal 221

Cerulean Farm Millis, MA

Offered for Sale Or Long Term Lease

This immaculately maintained 11.5 acre facility in the desirable metro west section of Boston, offers the best of both worlds. A turnkey professional operation close to Boston and Providence, with country charm. Property includes 33 stalls in two separate barns, gorgeous 90 x 180 indoor ring complete with heated viewing room, laundry and bathroom, an irrigated 175 x 225 outdoor ring, 17 grass and six sand paddocks. The main barn includes 20 stalls, an office, 3 grooming stalls, tack, grain, storage and shavings rooms. Separate “street” barn includes 13 stalls, 4 paddocks, grain rooms, 3 bay garage and 6 room apartment. This unique property comes complete with a 6 room, 3 bedroom, 2 fireplace home, including screened porch and detached office.

Serious inquiries only are invited to call 508-376-8548 or 508-380-4895

October 2012

| equine Journal 223

Massachusetts Horse Properties

Equestrian Dream Cape

Exceptional 4,000 sq.ft with barn, paddock & cape! Commplete with central air, master suite-jacuzzi, custom bath, 40’ GREATROOM, Thermador range in gourmet kitchen. Pristine throughout! 2 barns with hot and cold water, intercom, 4 paddocks,riding ring, abuts trails! Sprinklers for home and paddocks! 10K GENERATOR! $570’s

WESTON-Shingle style estate, 7+ acres, 6 stall barn, ring, trails, pool.Inlaw wing plus! $5,600,000

LANCASTER-33 ac., 1 hr to Boston, built in 2005, 20 stalls, 85x200 indoor arena. 4 BR house. $1,850,000

Wrentham-Sheldonville Victorian House

Circa 1836 Victorian surrounded by 4+ acres near historic town common! 4 bedroom, 2 full bath, cathedral family room and fireplace. Post and beam barn with walkup loft, open shed, abuts old railroad bed and trails. $409,500

GROTON-10 acre breeding farm. Large barn, 8 stalls, 3 BR antique farmhouse. Fenced pastures. $539,000

UXBRIDGE-5 acres, 3 stall barn with tack rm. 4 BR col., ring, trails, 3 paddocks, move in & enjoy! $479,000


TOWNSEND-37 acres - flat open fields, 4 BR home plus barn with studio. Hosted many shows. $749,000

PEPPERELL-10 Acres, 1+ potential lot, river frontage. Open fields, 4+ BR home, small barn. $449,000

Exclusively Marketed by Ginette Brockway

Specializing in horse properties and distinctive homes in Boston & West

200 Baker Ave. Concord MA

978-621-4370 224 equine


| October 2012

Custom, one of a kind home, secluded equestrian property on 5+ acres. Impossible to duplicate. Compound offers elegant main residence & a detached garage w/ private in-law apt or large office with full bath. Stunning gunite pool w/stone surround/spa/waterfall & gardens. Private entrance to New Morton indoor arena. 6 stall New England pole barn, outdoor arenas, pastures. To many amenities to mention , call for brochure. $1,750,000 Coldwell Banker 318 Main Street Northborough, MA 01532 508-393-5500 Karen Scopetski

october calendar 1-7 | Capital Challenge h/J, Upper Marlboro, MD. CONTACT: Oliver Kennedy, 301-952-7944,,

5-7 | north FloriDa Fall, Green Cove Springs, FL. CONTACT: Alexis Newman, 904-284-1579,,

6 | SuSSeX County beneFit, Augusta, NJ. CONTACT: Shirley Grisewood, 973-948-5022,,

3-7 | north Carolina State Fair h-J, Raleigh, NC. CONTACT: Sheri Bridges, 919-839-4701,

5-7 | uSeF Show Jumping talent SearCh FinalS eaSt, Gladstone, NJ. CONTACT: Amy Serridge, 908-326-1157,,

6-7 | hollinS univerSity Fall horSe Show, Roanoke, VA. CONTACT: Nancy Peterson, 540-326-6691,

5-7 | nhhJa FinalS, Swanzey, NH.

6-7 | uSDF aa CliniC, Pelham, NC. CONTACT:

6 | poplar plaCe SChooling Show,

6-7 | arabian Sport horSe eXtravaganza, Lexington, VA. CONTACT: Tom Lynch, 704-6994851,,

3-7 | prinCeton Show Jumping ClaSSiC, Princeton, NJ. CONTACT: Debi Jaynes, 609-9242932,, 4-7 | great ameriCan/uSDF region three


ChampionShipS, Fairburn, GA. CONTACT: Lloyd Landkamer, 612-290-8523, dressageshowinfo@,

Hamilton, GA. CONTACT: 706-582-9999, donna@,

4-7 | KentuCKy ClaSSiC CDe, Lexington, KY.

6 | Cowboy mounteD Shooting, Dunstable, MA. CONTACT: Dina Baratta, redlila@,

CONTACT: Mrs. F. C. Whaley, 859-987-3589,

5-7 | StoeCKlein photography worK-

6 | the FrienDly’S horSeman’S Club gymKhana, Denver, PA. CONTACT: Alice Hummel, 717-484-2222.

5-7 | equeStrian Sport proDuCtionS, llC. oCtober, Wellington, FL. CONTACT: David E. Burton Jr., 561-793-5867, davidburton4@mac. com,

6 | antareS DreSSage SChooling Show, Pinehurst, NC. CONTACT: 910-295-0075,

ShopS, Mackay, ID. CONTACT: 208-726-5191,,

5-7 | miD atlantiC Fall Finale horSe

Show, Logan Township, NJ. CONTACT: Mark McCracken, 908-894-0951, mark@northwindstables. com, 5-7 | morven parK Fall horSe trialS, Leesburg, VA. CONTACT: Margaret Good, 703-777-2890,,

6 | DreSSage anD Ct at buCKhorn, New Hill, NC. CONTACT: 919-795-0511, 6 | FenCe X-C SChooling Day, Tryon, NC. CONTACT: 828-859-9021, 6 | Stepping Stone Farm oCtober,

Ridgefield, CT. CONTACT: Joan Healy, 203-438-7749,,

6-7 | borDer line DreSSage, Tryon, NC. CONTACT: Kay Whitlock, 910-315-5959, kaydq@, 6-7 | DreSSage at greyStone, Lynnville, TN. CONTACT: Patty Littmann, 818-889-1202,, 6-13 | granD national anD worlD ChampionShip morgan, Oklahoma City, OK. CONTACT: Frederick Nava, 405-585-2449, fnava1@, 7 | oaK riSe Farm pleaSure Show, 603656-9730,, www., Goffstown, NH. CONTACT: 7 | arabian horSe aSSoCiation oF maSSaChuSettS Fall Foliage trail riDe, Northfield, MA. CONTACT: Pat Gillespie, 413-575-9768 Rain Date: October 14.

Charming County Estate or B&B Warren, MA

Tons of possibilities with this picture perfect property! Beautiful 11 room, 4,040 sq.ft. Colonial with 5 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 4 fireplaces, large living room, 3 season sun room, large deck, basketball court, newer furnace and windows. Den with built-ins, patios and balconies. Property includes 7 stall barn with tack room, water and elect and many large turnouts. Numerous trails on property and surrounding land. All sitting on 60+ acres which can be sub-divided. Road frontage with house lot possibilities. Woodlands ready to be forested. Conveniently located 15 minutes from Mass Pike and I-84. *Offered for $650,000 Owner will consider price adjustment for less acreage. Please contact 774-200-0852 for more information and showing.

October 2012

| equine Journal 225

Calendar October 7 | Mystic Valley Hunt Club Horse Show, Gales Ferry, CT. CONTACT: 860-464-7934, 7 | Hampshire County Riding Club, Northfield, MA. CONTACT: Foliage Ride Lise Krieger

10-14 | IFSHA Friesian Grand National, Del Mar, CA. CONTACT: Nancy Nathanson, 805448-3027,, 11-14 | Great American Insurance

7 | Tyrone Farm Annual Pomfret Hunter Pace, Pomfret, CT. CONTACT: Susan Boone, 860-928-3647,

Group/USDF, Region 2 Dressage Championships Recognized by United States Equestrian Federation, Inc. and Kda Fall Classic I, Lexington, KY. CONTACT: Sheila Woerth, 859-351-4137,

7 | CHP Starter Horse Trials, Raeford, NC. CONTACT: 910-875-2074,

11-20 | Pennsylvania National, Harrisburg, PA. CONTACT: Elizabeth M. Shorb, 717-2361600,,

7 | CJL Farm Inc. Horse Show October I, Long Valley, NJ. CONTACT: Claudine Liberatore, 917371-4551,,

12-14 | Equestrian Sport Productions, LLC. Fall “A” Circuit I, Wellington, FL. CONTACT: David E. Burton Jr., 561-793-5867,,

7 | Connecticut DCTA & Carbery Fields Dressage, Lebanon, CT. CONTACT: Elizabeth Mc Cosh-Lilie, 860-450-1707,, 7 | Indoors Before the Indoors Jumpers, Littlestown, PA. CONTACT: Nathan Panetta, 717-359-5357,, 7 | Kent School Fall Horse Trials, Kent, CT. CONTACT: Gillian Mary Perry, 860-535-0634,

12-14 | Southeastern Fall Classic, Alpharetta, GA. CONTACT: Morgan Taylor, 770-827-0175,, 12-14 | Woodedge Stables October, Moorestown, NJ. CONTACT: Robert Allen, 856-2355623,, 13 | Saddle Rowe Farm, Medway, MA. CONTACT: 508-533-7108,

7 | Oktoberfest, Norristown, PA. CONTACT:

13 | ECTRA Sanctioned Event - Competitive Ride Clinic, Woodstock, VT. CONTACT: Ellen Tulley, 802-457-1509,

7 | Thomas School Fall Classic October,

13 | Reflections Fm Dressage/ Versatility, Vass, NC. CONTACT: 910-639-9910 www.

Katharine Benson, 610-584-9900, jackkate@aol. com, Melville, NY. CONTACT: Nancy Thomas ,631-6926840,, 7 | Zephyr Farm October, Mahopac, NY.

CONTACT: Naomi Gauruder, 845-621-4450,,

7 | Fall Foliage Bridle Path Manor Show, Camillus NY. CONTACT: Kathy Zimmer, 315-673-1072. 7 | Heritage Dressage Schooling Show, Hanover, MA. CONTACT: Elizabeth Robinson,, 7 | CDCTA USEF/USDF Recognized

Dressage Show, Lebanon, CT. CONTACT: 7-13 | Paso Fino Grand National Championship Show, Lexington, KY. CONTACT: Andy Smith, 859-825-6002,, 8 | 3rd Annual Ride for the Cure for Vermont, South Woodstock, VT. CONTACT: 802-362-2733, 8 | Chase Meadows Farm October, North Salem, NY. CONTACT: Joan Healy, 203-947-0400,, 8-9 | TOBA Pedigree and Conformation Clinic, Lexington, KY. CONTACT: 859-276-2291,,

13 | NCDCTA Eventing Champs, Monroe, NC. CONTACT: 704-221-1311, 13 | Lighten Up Dressage Show,

Huntersville, SC. CONTACT: 704-947-0902, 13 | Course Brook Horse Trials, Sherborn, MA. CONTACT: Erika Hawkes, 508-655-7226,,

14 | Oak Rise Farm Gymkhana, Goffstown, NH. CONTACT: 603-656-9730,, 14 | Open All Breeds Judged Pleasure Ride & Wiener Roast, Unionville, PA. CONTACT: Joy Evans, 302-540-3422,, 14 | Brighton Stables Dressage and CT, Knightdale, NC. CONTACT: 919-632-7700, 14 | Ethel Walker School Horse Trials, Simsbury, CT. CONTACT: Debbie Welles, 860-4084354, 14 | Evenstride Farm, Byfield MA. CONTACT: Patti Jones, 978-208-7991, pattijjones@gmail. com, 14 | Smoke Rise Riding Club October, Kinnelon, NJ. CONTACT: Shirley Grisewood, 973-283-0102, 15-21 | IALHA National Championship Horse Show, Fort Worth, TX. CONTACT: Amy Star, 520-591-3649,, 17 | MacNair’s Dressage and CT, Raleigh, NC. CONTACT: 919-851-1171,,

17-21 | Brownland Farm Autumn Country, Franklin, TN. CONTACT: Robin Anderton, 615-791-8180,

Cara Chapel, 860-658-9943,, 13 | Radnor Horse Trials, Malvern, PA. CONTACT: Amy C Lewis, 610-513-7269,, 13 | Snowbird October I, Long Valley, NJ. CONTACT: Claudine Liberatore, 917-371-4551,, 13-14 | House Mountain Horse Show, Lexington, VA. CONTACT: Molly Moore, 540-2616928, 13-14 | Jean Luc Cornille, Maysville, SC. CONTACT: 910-629-3099,

13-14 | Garden State Dressage Classic,

| October 2012

13-14 | TNRHA Smoky Mountain Reins I & II, Murfreesboro, TN. CONTACT: Gail Berghorn, 813-4265707,,

13 | Folly Farm Oct, Simsbury, CT. CONTACT:

Dondanville, Monroe, NC. CONTACT: 704-2211311,,,

9-14 | The National Drive The National


13-14 | Ridgefield Equestrian Center October, Ridgefield, CT. CONTACT: Wendy Banks-Pola, 203-438-7433.

17-21 | American Royal Hunter Jumper, Kansas City, MO. CONTACT: Stacy Maher, 816-569-4046,,

13-14 | Atlanta National Fall Dressage I & II, Conyers, GA. CONTACT: Caren Caverly, 770713-4026,,

226 equine

13-14 | Mystic Valley Hunt Club Inc. Fall Dressage Show, Gales Ferry, CT. CONTACT: Sally Hinkle Russell, 860-464-7934,,

13 | Fall Horse Trials at the Ark Abbey

9 | CPJHSA Annual Banquet, West Shore Country Club, PA. CONTACT:,

Drive, Columbia, KY. CONTACT: 270-378-4409,,

13-14 | Hunter’s Isle October, Yaphank, NY. CONTACT: James Rice, 516-322-0533,,

Allentown, NJ. CONTACT: Theresa Masters, 609468-0414,

17-21 | New England Equitation Championships, Springfield, MA. CONTACT: Bob Crawford, 978-500-2912, 18-20 | North Carolina State Fair Horse Show, Raleigh, NC. CONTACT Sheri Bridges 919-839-4701,, 18-21 | Autumn in the Pines II, Raeford, NC. CONTACT: Leslie Brown, 540-258-1829,, 18-21 | Virginia Dressage Association Fall Competition, Lexington, VA. CONTACT: Dianne Boyd, 540-464-2962, greyhorse11@gmail. com, 18-22 | Hagyard Midsouth Three Day & Team Challenge, Lexington, KY. CONTACT: Mary Fike, 859-621-2479,,

october Calendar 19-21 | Extreme Mustang Makeover, Clemson, SC. CONTACT: Jennifer K. Hancock, 512869-3225, jennifer@mustangheritagefoundation. org, 19-21 | Equestrian Sport Productions,

LLC., Wellington, FL. CONTACT: Fall “A” Circuit II David E. Burton Jr. 561-793-5867 davidburton4@, 19-21 | WIHS Regional Horse Show, Up-

per Marlboro, MD. CONTACT: Bridget Love Meehan, 202-525-3686,, 19-21 | Stepping Stone Horse Show,

Syracuse, NY. CONTACT: Kathy Zimmer, 315-673-1072.

19-27 | U.S. National Arabian & HalfArabian Championship, Tulsa, OK. CONTACT: Marlene Kriegbaum, 303-696-4541, marlene., 20 | Mill Creek Farm, Port Republic, VA. CONTACT: Maureen Waldron, 540-234-9781, 20 | Rivendale Dressage and Ct,

Lancaster, SC. CONTACT: 704-277-2809,

20 | Briarwood Farm, Flemington, NJ. CONTACT: Katharine Benson, 908-806-8044,, 20 | Dressage at the Bucks County Horse Park V, Revere, PA. CONTACT: Jacqueline Richie, 610-847-8597,,, 20 | Fairfield Co. Hunt Club October,

Westport, CT. CONTACT: Naomi Gauruder, 203-227-8445,, 20 | Gardnertown Farms October II

Newburgh, NY. CONTACT: Patricia H Dencker, 845-564-6658,,

20-21 | 15th PMHA Morab Nationals: Championship & Futurity, Lexington, KY. CONTACT: Donna Lassanske, 270-735-5331,, 20-21 | Paradise Farm Horse Trials, Aiken, SC. CONTACT: Lellie Ward, 803-640-4918,, 20-21 | Poplar Place Farm October Dressage Show, Hamilton, GA. CONTACT: Donna Stegman, 706-582-3742,, 20-21 | Salt River Farm October, Center

Moriches, NY. CONTACT: Marianne Savino, 516-818-0239, 20-21 | Wellington Classic Autumn Dressage, West Palm Beach, FL. CONTACT: Noreen O’Sullivan 561-227-1570 nosullivan@, 21 | Horse Power Show Series,

Southbridge, MA. CONTACT: Nancy DiGregorio, 508-764-7725,, 21 | End of Hunt Equestrian Center

Horse Show, Suffield, CT. CONTACT: 860-668-9990

21 | Fenridge Horse Trials, Mebane, NC. CONTACT: Dressage, CT, 919-624-4060, 21 | Cattolica Farm Dressage Show, Zebulon, NC. CONTACT: 919-269-4974, 21 | AKF Halloween Hunter Pace, Mills, MA. CONTACT: 508-376-2564, horsetrials@,

27 | Johnston County Horse Show Serie,s Four Oaks, NC. CONTACT: Michele McLaughlin, 919-934-1344,, 27 | TTC Horse Trials, Mocksville, NC. CONTACT: 336-998-5280, 27 | Antares Dressage Schooling Show,

Pinehurst, NC. CONTACT: 910-295-0075,

21 | Cornerstone Farm Open Schooling Show, Foster, RI. CONTACT: 401-397-9242,,

27 | Shallowbrook Horse Show, Somers, CT. CONTACT: Sally Allison, sallyallison@,

21 | Deborah Dean-Smith, Lyman, ME. CONTACT: Joyce Brown, 207-985-0374,,

27 | CJL Farm, Inc., Jackson, NJ. CONTACT: Claudine Liberatore, 917-371-4551, cjlinc2003@,

21 | Baymar Farms Inc, Morganville, NJ.

CONTACT: Jim Smith, 732-591-9600,,

21 | New Canaan Mounted Troop Oct, New Canaan, CT. CONTACT: Lynne Schulthess, 203966-2722,, 21 | USHJA Zone 2 Finals, Harrisburg, PA. CONTACT: Lloyd Longenecker, 717-867-5643,, 21 | WIHS Regional Horse Show and Zone 3 Finals, Upper Marlboro, MD. CONTACT: Bridget Love Meehan, 202-525-3686, caitlin@, 23-30 | Washington International, Washington, DC. CONTACT: Bridget Love Meehan, 202-525-3686,, 24-27 | North Carolina State Fair, Raleigh, NC. CONTACT: Sheri Bridges, 919-733-4845, 24-28 | Brownland Farm Autumn Classic, Franklin, TN. CONTACT: Robin Anderton, 615-791-8180,, 25-28 | Chattahoochee Hills HT, Fairburn, GA. CONTACT: Jean (Jj) Johnson,, 25-28 | Waredaca Horse Trials, Laytonsville, MD. CONTACT: Gretchen Butts, 301-5702150,, 26 | Boulder Brook, Scarsdale, NY. CONTACT: Audrey Feldman, 914-725-3912,, 26-27 | ECTRA Sanctioned Event Competitive Ride Clinic, Front Royal, VA. CONTACT: Lenora Keener, 540-622-5092, 26-27 | ECTRA Sanctioned Events Limited Distance Endurance, Front Royal, VA. CONTACT: Lenora Keener, 540-622-5092, 26-28 | Chagrin Valley Farms October, Chagrin Falls, OH. CONTACT: Linda Joseph, 440-543-7233,, 26-28 | Equestrian Sport Productions, LLC. Fall “A” Circuit III, Wellington, FL. CONTACT: David E. Burton, Jr., 561-793-5867,,

27 | Cornerstone Farm Horse Show, Haverhill, MA. CONTACT: Pamela Hunt, 978-373-4610,, 27 | Sussex County Benefit October, Augusta, NJ. CONTACT: Shirley Grisewood, 973948-5022,, 27-28 | ECTRA Sanctioned Events Middle Distance CTR, Whiting, NJ. CONTACT: Elsie Nelson, 609-726-1413, 27-28 | Randolph College Fall Festival, Lynchburg, VA. CONTACT: Matt Arrigon, 434-3843231, 27-28 | Hunter’s Isle October II, Yaphank, NY. CONTACT: James Rice, 516-322-0533,, 27-28 | Old Salem Farm October, North Salem, NY. CONTACT: Daniel Fitzsimmons, 914-669-5610,, 28 | Sandy Point Stables Horse Show, Portsmouth, RI. CONTACT: 401-849-3958,, 28 | Whinstone Farm Dressage, Zebulon, NC. CONTACT: 919-269-9548, 28 | Holloway Brook Farm, Lakeville, MA. CONTACT: Brian Conefrey, 508-947-8424,, 28 | River’s Edge Farm, Bethany, CT. CONTACT: Naomi Gauruder, 203-393-9259, naomi@, 28 | Snowbird October II, Long Valley, NJ. CONTACT: Claudine Liberatore, 917-371-4551,, 28-29 | Clinic with Richard Watson at Carlisle Academy, Lyman, ME. CONTACT: Joyce Brown, 207-985-0374. 31-11/4 | Brownland Farm Autumn Challenge, Franklin, TN. CONTACT: Robin Anderton, 615-791-8180,, 31-11/4 | Tryon November Classic, Tryon, NC. CONTACT: Bob Bell, 843-768-5503,, October 2012

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affiliates Equine Journal Affiliates American Bashkir Curly Registry American Friesian Association American Saddlebred Association of Maine, Inc. Arabian Horse Association, Inc. of Maine Arabian Horse Association of Massachusetts Arabian Horse Association of New England Baroque Equestrian Games & Insitute Bay State Trail Riders Association, Inc. Black Swamp Driving Club Charles River Dressage Association Colonial Carriage and Driving Society Connecticut Dressage & Combined Training Association, Inc. Connecticut Horse Shows Association, Inc. Connecticut Morgan Horse Association Connecticut Quarter Horse Association Connecticut Ranch Horse Association Connecticut Trail Rides Association, Inc. Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club Empire State Quarter Horse Association Flatlanders Dressage & Combined Training Association Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse Granite State Appaloosa Association Green Mountain Horse Association Gypsy Horse Association Gypsy Horse Registry of America International Friesian Show Horse Association Maine Horse Association, Inc. Maine Morgan Horse Club, Inc. Massachusetts Quarter Horse Association National Barrel Horse Association New England Miniature Horse Society New England Paint Horse Club New England Pinto Association New England Region Carriage Association of America New Hampshire Hunter Jumper Association Norfolk Hunt Club Northeast Fjord Horse Association Northeast Friesian Horse Club Northeast Miniature Horse Club Northwest Connecticut Draft Horse Association Ohio Arabian and All Breed Trail Society Ohio Haflinger Association Purebred Morab Horse Association Quarter Pony Association Rhode Island Arabian Horse Association Rhode Island Driving Club, Inc. Saratoga Driving Association Silver Heels Riding Club Southern New England Horsemen’s Association Southern New Hampshire Dressage & Combined Training Association Tri-State Horsemen’s Association Vermont Quarter Horse Association Virginia Horse Council West Greenwich Horseman’s Association Western Reserve Carriage Association World Class Miniature Horse Registry Yankee Walkers Gaited Horses of New England

228 equine


| October 2012

American Bashkir Curly Registry Name: ________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________ Email: ________________________________________________________________ Phone: _______________________________________________________________ Adult - $35.00 Junior (under 18) - $20.00 Family - $90.00 Breeder - $70.00 Make checks payable to the ABCR and mail with form to: ABCR, 71 Cavalier Blvd, #124 Florence, KY41042 Paypal OR Credit Card# ___________________________________________________________ Exp.Date: ___________________________Security Code: ______________________

American Friesian Association Please print clearly. Send this completed form and fees to:

American Friesian Association, Route 2, Box 60, Nahunta, GA 31553 • (912) 462-6330 Farm/Company:_______________________________________________________________ Your Name:__________________________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________ City/State: ______________Zip:___________ Phone: _________________________________ Fax:_________________________________ Email:_________________________________Website:_______________________________ Memberships run from January 1st through December 31st • Fee Schedule: All fees are given in US Dollars { } Individual: $40 All households must have an individual or family membership. { } Family: $65 Family memberships available for 2 or more members in a given household (must have same physical address). Please list first and last names of ALL members. { } Youth: $15

Youth membership requires one individual membership from an adult residing at the same physical address. To qualify for youth membership individuals must be under the age of 18 on January 1 of the calendar year in which membership is applied for.

{ } Lifetime: $250 Individual membership only. TOTAL FEES ENCLOSED $____________ •

American Saddlebred Association of Maine, Inc. Membership Application Name(s): _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________________________________________ State: __________ Zip Code: ______________ Telephone: ________________________________ Email: _______________________________________________________

Family Membership: $30.00 (M/M & minor children) Junior Member: $20.00 (Under 18 yrs)

Senior Member: $25.00 (18 yrs & over) Lifetime Member: $100.00

If you are a first time Saddlebred owner who resides in the State of Maine, you are entitled to a free introductory membership for the calendar year in which you first purchased your Saddlebred. Enclosed is $____________ for membership in the American Saddlebred Association of Maine, Inc. for the year of 20____. Name/dob of Junior Members: ____________________________________________________________ For membership information please contact Please make checks payable to: American Saddlebred Association of Maine (ASAM) & mail to: Deb Hacskaylo, 76 Axtell Drive, Oakland, ME 04963. A membership card and ASAM sticker will be mailed to you. A copy of the By-Laws is available on request. You will also receive notice of meetings, show information and special activities.

Arabian Horse Association, Inc. of Maine Application for Membership

New Member ______ Renewal ______ Membership Year ______ ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP (Belonging to AHAME Only) 1. Individual Associate Membership 2. Family Associate Membership (includes children under 18) 3. Junior Associate Membership (under 18)

$25 $40 $17

FULL MEMBERSHIP (Voting rights in IAHA, Region 16 and AHAME) 4. Full Individual Membership $55 5. Full Family Membership $105 6. Full Junior Membership (under 18) $30

Please Note: Due to IAHA rules, full members MUST submit the date when you first became a member of IAHA in order to renew your Full Membership. Date: ________________________ If you are submitting a Junior Membership, please check here ______ Name _____________________________________ Date of Birth (required) _______________ Address ______________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip Code _____________________________________________________________ Social Security # ________________________________ Telephone ______________________ Please send this Application for Membership, along with your check made out to AHAME, to: Laurie Emery, 222 River Road, Madison, ME 04950


Membership Application

Membership Application

Arabian Horse Association of MASSACHUSETTS

Name_______________________________________Date ___________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________________________________ City___________________________________________________State________Zip______________ Email _____________________________Phone____________________________________________ Membership Fees: __$20 Junior __$45 Jr w/AHA __$25 Individual __$75 Ind. w/AHA __$35 Family __$10 per horse Year End Awards

__/__/__ Date of birth ( Jr.) ____-____-______ Soc. Security# F/AHA ______________________Junior Name(s) ______________________ Horse Name(s)

Make checks payable to: A.H.A.M. Mail to: 5A Farm Street, Blackstone, MA 01504 Memberships include a subscription to the Equine Journal

Name____________________________________________________ Address__________________________________________________ E-mail Address _____________________________________________ City____________________________State______ZIP____________ Phone _____________________________________________________ Membership ( ) $25.00 Make check payable to: Black Swamp Driving Club Send completed application to: Jacqueline Minges, Treasurer BSDC, 9048 Summerfield Rd, Temperance, MI 48182 Phone: 734-856-6122 Email:

Arabian Horse Association of New England Name: _____________________________Phone: ____________________ Address: ______________________________________________________

Send form and check payable to AHANE to: Jenny Stine P.O. Box 554 Harvard, MA 01451 Membership has increased to reflect an increase in membership from AHA.

Charles River Dressage Association Membership Application January 1 through December 31, 2012

CHARLES RIVER DRESSAGE ASSOCIATION, President: Linda Currie, 617-974-4441,; Vice President: Kate Champa, 401-351-1683, kchampa@earthlink. net; Membership Director: Carol Burkhart, 508-359-9961,

City: _________________________State: _____________Zip: __________

____Junior (DOB__/__/__) ____Adult Amateur ____ Professional _____ Vintage (50-59) _____Masters (60+)

DOB: _______________SS#: _______________Email: ________________


New: ______ Renewing:______

Address: _______________________________________________________________________________

AHA#: _______________________ Member Since: __________________

Telephone: _____________________________________________________________________________

____ $80.00 AHA Adult with Competition Card

E-Mail: _________________________________________________________________________________

(AHA membership, Competition Card, AHA excess personal liability insurance)

I would be interested in helping with (check any that are applicable):

____ $75.00 AHA Senior with Competition Card (AHA membership, Competition Card, AHA excess personal liability insurance) (60 years by 12/31/09)

____ $65.00 AHA Youth with Competition Card

â?&#x2019; Monthly Meetings â?&#x2019; Volunteering at shows/clinics

â?&#x2019; Public Relations/Advertising â?&#x2019; Quarterly Newsletters

â?&#x2019; Managing shows/clinics â?&#x2019; Fund Raising

â?&#x2019; Other (specify)

The Charles River Dressage Association is a GMO (Group Member Organization) of the United States Dressage Federation.

(Under 18 years by 12/31/09)

____ $25.00 AHANE Individual Membership

You may also join AHANE online via the AHA website:

Annual Dues: Individual $55, Business $100. Add $12 for each additional family member. Please make your check payable to: Charles River Dressage Association, 4 Jade Walk, Medfield, MA 02052 For more information, call Linda Currie at 617-974-4441.

Colonial Carriage and Driving Society Membership Application Form YES, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to be a member for $25 Name ___________________________________________________________________________ Farm Name ______________________________________________________________________ Address _________________________________________________________________________ City _________________________________________ State __________ Zip ________________ Telephone _______________________________________________________________________ We Own _____________________________________________________________Horses/Ponies My/our driving interests are: ( ) Pleasure ( ) Educational Seminars ( ) Carriage Horse ( ) Competition ( ) Draft Horse Make check payable to: and mail to:

Bay State Trail Riders Association, Inc. Membership Form Memberships are from January 1 through December 31 and include a free subscription to Equine Journal and Massachusetts Horse Type of Membership: â?? New

â?? Renewal

â?? Single $20

â?? Family $30

â?? Individual Lifetime Membership $350


If you would like to be active in a local chapter with more programs and events available, please check.


â?? HERD South Eastern MA Chapter

State____________ Zip___________ Phone________________

I would like to Help

Email ________________________________________________

â?? by volunteering for trail work days


â?? I want to receive the Bugle online â?? I do not want my name released on any mailing lists â?? I do not want to receive the Equine Journal or MA Horse

â?? by holding a ride â?? by helping on a ride â?? with other projects that might be needed

Mail this form along with your check made payable to BSTRA to: â?? with________________________ Rose Zariczny, Secretary, 216 Grand Street, Woonsocket, RI 02895; For more information call 401-762-4805.


) Pony

Colonial Carriage and Driving Society Kay Konove, P.O. Box 1593, Stockbridge, MA 01262

Connecticut Dressage & Combined Training Association, Inc. We are a USDF Group Member Organization and a USEA affiliate. Dues: â?&#x2019; *OEJWJEVBM  ZFBST â?&#x2019; $35 Junior VOEFS â?&#x2019; $55 Family (includes 2 members) â?&#x2019;  64%'GFFGPSFBDIBEEJUJPOBMGBNJMZNFNCFS .FNCFSTIJQZFBSJT%FDm/PWEARLY BIRD SPECIAL4JHOVQCFGPSF+BO HFUBEJTDPVOU

*TUIJTBQQMJDBUJPOGPSâ?&#x2019; a new membership

â?&#x2019; a renewal?

Name: ____________________________________________ Date: _____________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________________ City: _____________________________________ State:____________________ Zip:_______________ Day Phone: _________________________________ Evening Phone: _____________________________ Email: ______________________________________________________________________________ Family Memberships Only: List the additional names and dates of birth (for Juniors only). To help us to plan activities, please answer the following questions: My primary interest is in: â?&#x2019; Dressage

â?&#x2019; Combined Training

â?&#x2019; Other________________

Will you volunteer? â?&#x2019; Yes â?&#x2019; No Website: Email:

Please make checks payable to: CDCTA and mail completed application and check to: $%$5".FNCFSTIJQDP4IFMCZ8BKDTr$IBSMJF$JSDMF 4PVUI8JOETPS $5

October 2012

| equine Journal 229


Connecticut Horse Shows Association, Inc. 2012 Membership Application New Member â?? Renewal Type of membership desired: Individual/Junior $30.00 (Please attach name and date of birth of each junior member on a separate sheet) â?? *Family $45.00 â?? Corporate, Business or Farm $50.00 â?? Horse/Pony $15.00



Name _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________ State ___________ Zip Code ________________ Phone __________________________________________ Email________________________________________________________ Horse/Pony ($15.00 each): (if pony, indicate size-â&#x20AC;&#x201D;-S, M ,L)

TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED $________________


â?? Hunter â?? Jumper â?? Breed â?? Western â?? Pleasure â?? Dressage Do you wish to receive the Equine Journal from CHSA? â?? Yes â?? No â?? We agreed to abide by the rules set forth by CHSA, if applicable, I declare that I am an Amateur in accordance with â&#x20AC;&#x153;USEF Article GR808 Amateur Status.â&#x20AC;? SIGNATURE ______________________________ (If junior, parent or guardian must sign) DATE ______________ * A Family is a married couple or parent(s) and all children under 18. If showing Walk/Trot or Jog Divisions, please identify (S)addle, (W)estern or (H)unt seat. Show entries must be made using registered name or points will not count.

Make checks payable to CHSA and mail to: CHSA Membership, c/o G. Jensen, 195 Wildwood Drive, Cheshire, CT 06410. Points accrue immediately upon receipt of application and dues by Show/Steward at a CHSA Member Show or the postmark date of an application and dues by the Membership Chairman.

Connecticut Morgan Horse Membership Application CONNECTICUT MORGAN HORSE ASSOCIATION President: Melissa Curtis, 477 Dowd Ave., Canton, CT 06019; 860-693-2248. Vice President: Will Filosi, 321 Rt. 165, Preston, CT 06365; 860-887-6831. Secretary: Debra Becroft, 67 Hanover St., Yalesville, CT 06492; Treasurer: Lisa Cocco, 71 Old Farms Road, Cheshire, CT 06410; 203-699-8447; Membership: Melissa Curtis, 477 Dowd Ave., Canton, CT 06109; 860-693-2248.

Last Name________________________________ First Name _________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________________________________ City _______________________________________ State ___________ Zip ______________________ Telephone________________________________________________________________________________ Youth Membership ($20.00)

Family Membership ($40.00)

Individual Membership ($30.00)

Horse Nominations ($25.00 per horse)

(please list children under 18 with birthdays and name of horse nominated on separate piece of paper.) Children under 18


Horse(s) Nominated for Year End Awards

Membership Form ) Renewal Membership ) NEW Membership

Occupation: ___________________________________ Spouse: ____________________________AQHA # _____ Occupation: ___________________________________ Youth: _______________ D.O.B. ______ AQHA # _______ Youth: _______________ D.O.B. ______ AQHA # _______


] Adult


Individuals, 19 & over, as of January 1st, 2011.


] Joint


Two (2) adults in the same household.


] Family


Two (2) adults & youths in the same household.


] Youth*


Address: _____________________________________

Individuals 18 & under, as of January 1st, 2011. *Must be accompanied by a parent/guardian membership.

City: ____________________ State: ___ Zip Code:_______


Telephone: _______________ E-Mail: ________________


Trainer/Barn: __________________________________ MAIL APPLICATION WITH CHECK (PAYABLE TO CQHA) TO:


s9OURNAMEWILLBEPUTONTHELOTLISTINTHEORDERTHEYARERECEIVED9OUCANNOTHOLDALOT unless you have a horse. Amount Enclosed $ .AME ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 3TREET ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? #ITY????????????????????????????????????????3TATE????????:IP#ODE?????????????? -AKECHECKSPAYABLETO#42!ANDMAILAPPLICATIONTO+IM$ORE #42!SECRETARY

,ITCHFIELD2D -ORRIS #4s$UESMUSTBEPAIDBY-ARCHSTINORDERTORECEIVE your yearly subscription of Equine Journal and to hold your lots.

ERAHC Membership Name of Applicant (please print) ____________________________________________ Additional family members (Family memberships only)________________________________________________ Farm Name_______________________________________Website ______________ Address _____________________________________________________________ City_____________________________________State________Zip______________ Phone ________________________________ â?&#x2018; Family Membership $55* Cell _________________________________ â?&#x2018; Individual Membership $45* Email ________________________________ â?&#x2018; Juniors (18 and under) $20* **Please circle any information you do * $5 discount if paid before January 21 NOT want us to print or list on the ERAHC website**

] Lifetime


Individuals, 19 & over, as of January 1st, 2011.

] Joint Lifetime

Empire State Quarter Horse Association Membership Application

Name: ______________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________

Type of Membership Name:_____________________________AQHA # _____

â?&#x2019; Individual Membership (Must be 18 years old) ............................................................................... $25.00 â?&#x2019; Family Membership (Includes children under 18 years old) ....................................................... $30.00 â?&#x2019; Lifetime Membership .............................................................................................................................. $255.00 â?&#x2019; Lot Dues ......................................................................................................................................................... $45.00 â?&#x2019; Stall Dues ($5.00 per stall) .......................................................................................................................... $5.00 â?&#x2019; New Members one time charge ............................................................................................................ $10.00 s.EW-EMBERSONLY"EFOREPAYINGFORACAMPSITE YOUMUSTCONTACTTHECAMPDIRECTOR Ann Dominick at 352-208-1809.

Make checks payable to ERAHC and send this form with payment to: Brenda Hammar, ERAHC Membership, 53 Jeremy Hill Road, Pelham, NH 03076 Phone: 603-635-3868 Email:

Please make check payable to CMHA, Inc. and mail with application to: Melissa Curtis, 477 Dowd Ave., Canton, CT 06019.

( (

Connecticut Trail Rides Association, Inc. Membership Application

City, State, Zip: _______________________________________ Home Phone: _________________________________________ Cell Phone: __________________________________________ Email Address: ________________________________________ â?? One Year Membership (Individual or Family) $35 â?? Three Year Membership (Individual or Family) $95 â?? Life Membership (Individual or Family) $250


Two (2) adults in the same household.

CQHA points accumulation will commence with receipt of membership application and dues.

New for Amateur Select Exhibitors: You must declare how you want your ESQHA points to be tracked for the 2012 season: â?? Amateur Classes â?? Amateur Select Classes Make check payable to ESQHA Mail to: Maureen Miller, 1241 Powerhouse Road, Memphis, NY 13112-8779

Connecticut Ranch Horse Association Membership Form Mail form and a check made out to CT Ranch Horse Association to: Andrea Hills, 772 Brooks Rd., Middletown, CT 06457. Name: ____________________________________________________


Membership: $25.00/person; $15.00 for each additional family member

Join Us!

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________ City: ________________________________ State:____________________ Zip:____________________ Phone: ___________________________ Email: ______________________________________________ Tell us about yourself and your experience: Team Penning and Roping: Prior and/or current rating: Team Penning: _________ Roping: __________ Ranch Horse Experience: ______________________________________________________ Additional Family Members (please add age for members under 18 yrs): Name: ______________________________________ Experience: _______________________________ Name: ______________________________________ Experience: _______________________________ Signature: ______________________________________________________Date: __________________

230 equine


| October 2012

Family includes children under 19


Pat Boutwell 18380 TR 51 Bluffton, OH 45817



Annual Membership fee: $36 Family membership fee: $36 + $10 additional fee per family member Visit our website or contact Pat Boutwell to receive a complete membership form.


The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse Invites You to Join Our Family! Name: ________________________________________________________________ Breeder/Owner Codigo if known or if applicable _______ Do you own? ( ) Stallion ( ) Mare ( ) Gelding Birth Date (optional):_______________ Farm/Ranch: ______________________________ Billing & Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________ City: ______________________________ Zip:_______________ State: _____________ Website: _______________________________________________________________ Phone: ____________________________ Fax: ________________________________ Cell: ___________________________ Email: ________________________________

Passage Club - $12/Month See other benefit levels available at Please make checks payable and send to: The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse 115 Elm Street. NE, Alburquerque, NM 87111 Questions about membership? See or call us at (505) 294-0800 or

GRANITE STATE APPALOOSA MEMBERSHIP FORM Name ___________________________________ Address_____________________________________ City_________________________________ ____State __________ Zip ____________ Email___________________________________ Phone ( )_______________________

Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc. Membership Application Please complete form and mail with appropriate fee to address below. Please make checks payable to GHRA.

Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Farm Name:__________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________Phone: ____________________________ City/State: __________________________________________Zip: ______________________________________ Spouseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Name: ______________________________________________________________________________ Fax:____________________________________ Email: ______________________________________________ Website: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Full name of youth member and birth date, if applicable: ______________________________________________________

Membership Required (Circle One)

Renewal? Yes / No

Lifetime $500 Regular (Annual voting) $40 Associate (Annual Non-Voting) $35 Foreign (check this box for voting membership S ) $50 Youth (One time only, under 18 years old) $10 Would you like to be included in a published Breederâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s List? Yes / No


International Friesian Show Horse Association PO Box 2839, Lompoc, CA 93438 VPJDF  r'BY   UIFQBSL!IXZOFUrXXXGSJFTJBOTIPXIPSTFPSg


Membership Application Name(s): ___________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Phone: ____________ Alternate Phone: ___________ Mobile Phone: ____________ Email: _________________ IFSHA Membership Number (if renewing):____________


USEF Membership No. _________ USDF Membership No. _______ Birth Date (Required for Juniors): ______

Annual Dues: Family : Individual: Youth :

$30 ____________ $25 ____________ $20 ____________

Lifetime: $250 __________

NAMES List all in family: Name, DOB, ApHC# ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________


See website to nominate youth, N/P, or horses for year end points. Make checks payable to GSAA, enclose all paperwork & mail to:

Julie Dolder, 796 Meredith Center Rd., Laconia, NH 03246

Green Mountain Horse Association

Membership Type: â?? Junior (under 18) â?? Adult Professional* â?? Adult Amateur** *Professional - compensated for training and/or competition **Amateur - not compensated for any training and/or competition Membership Term - December 1 through November 30: â?? Junior Annual $30.00 â?? Adult Annual $45.00 â?? Adult Lifetime $1000.00 See website for horse membership application and Equine Identity Record form.

Maine Horse Association, Inc. Membership Application 2012 Each membership is entitled to a membership card and subscription to the MHA official publication (January 1 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; December 31). Return to: Dollie Hutchins, 9 Bauneg Beg Rd., Sanford, ME 04073 Type of Membership Requested:

â?? Family: $35.00 / $25.00 if received before March 1st (Includes husband, wife and all children aged 17 & under listed below.) Adult: ____________ Youth:____________ Age 17 & under. Date of birth required below. â?? Individual: $30.00 / $20.00 if received before March 1st

For membership information on Green Mountain Horse Association, visit

â?? Individual Life: $250.00

Name ___________________________________________Spouse _________________________________ Address ___________________________________________________________________________________ City _________________________________________________State __________Zip Code _____________ Phone No. (____)_____________________________ Names and birthdates of all children 17 & under:

1. _________________________________________ 2. ____________________________________ 3. _________________________________________ 4. ____________________________________

Please enclose a check made out to the Maine Horse Association for the following: Membership Fee $________ Total $________

Gypsy Horse Association Membership Application

Name:_________________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________ City:_____________________________State:_________Zip: _____________________ Email: _________________________________________________________________ Telephone: _____________________________________________________________ Farm Name: ____________________________________________________________ Website: _______________________________________________________________ â?? â?? â?? â??

General Membership - One Vote, Subscription to Equine Journal, $75.00 Associate Membership - No Vote, Subscription to Equine Journal, $50.00 Youth Membership - No Vote, $20.00 Founding Lifetime Membership available through Sept. 30, 2008, $525.00 Please see website for mailing information

Maine Morgan Horse Club, Inc. Membership Form Dues for January to December: $25 - Family (includes all children 18 & under) $20 - Individual (18 and over) $15 - Junior (under 18 years old) $400 - Life Member Special Memberships: To show your dedication to the Maine Morgan horse and support the activities of the MMHC. These special memberships are published in each newsletter throughout the paid calendar year and on the website. Below are the levels available and include a full family membership. Bulrush - $60 Sherman - $45 Woodbury - $35

Mail this form to: Karen Marlin, 10 Sea Grass Farm, Brunswick, ME 04011 Name: ____________________________________________________________________ Spouse: ____________________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________ County:_____________________________________Telephone:________________________ Email Address: _______________________________________________________________ Other Family Members (please list date of birth for children under 18 years of age): ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

October 2012

| equine Journal 231




New England Pinto Association Membership Application

___ Individual $25

___ Mr. & Mrs. $35 Name (Adult Member (s)):__________________________________ Street: ______________________________________________ City: ________________________ State: ___ Zip Code: ________ e-mail address:_________________________________________ (for MassQHA use only; will not be shared)

phone number (____) _____-_______ Check here if you want to receive MassQHA Newsletter electronically: ❑ YES or ❑ NO (Newsletter will not be mailed to you.) Youth Name: _________________________ Birth Date: __________ Youth Name: _________________________ Birth Date: __________ Youth Name: _________________________ Birth Date: __________ USE ADDITIONAL PAPER IF NECESSARY.

For more information contact:

Nancy Moos: 781-536-4119 or

Make checks payable to: MassQHA MAIL THIS FORM AND PAYMENT TO: Nancy Moos, 1245 Ferry St., Marshfield, MA 02050-1802

___ Youth


(Aged 18 an under. Must be accompanied by an individual or Mr./Mrs. Membership of a parent or guardian.)

NEW ENGLAND PINTO HORSE ASSOC, President: Paula Laughlin; Vice President: Johnathan Blake; Treasurer: John Weigel; Secretary: Jac Cunningham.

Send to: Jan Foster, 809 Sandwich Road, E. Falmouth, MA 02536. Memberships run from 1/1/12 through 12/31/12.

___ Family

(Voting privileges for each Adult member; (perforadult) this membership families with 3 or more Youth.)


Individual: __________________________________________

$31 per year: _____________________

___ Life


Youth (18 and under) Birth Date: ________________________

$29 per year: ____________________

___ Riding Program


Family: ______________________________________________ $34. per year: ____________________ Children’s Name: _________________________________ Date of Birth: ___________________________

(This is a one time fee, however, if membership lapses in MassQHA this fee must be paid again to resume the Riding Program.)

Name: _________________________________________ Address: _______________________________ Town: ____________________________________________ State: __________ Zip: _________________ Phone: _______________________ E-mail Address: ___________________________________________

Interested in learning more about Barrel Racing? Find the district in your area and get involved today!

#1 in Barrel Racing Where Beginners Can Be Winners

THE NEW ENGLAND REGION/ CARRIAGE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA NER/CAA Annual Dues: $20.00/Family or Individual Name: __________________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________ City: ______________________State:_________________Zip: ____________ Telephone: (____) _______________ Email:____________________________

For more information and a downloadable membership form visit or call 706-722-7223

The New England MINIATURE HORSE Society

Please make checks payable to NER/CAA and send to: Alan Retter, 35 Flagg Rd., Hollis, NH 03049 Phone: 603-465-2720 • Email:

New Hampshire Hunter Jumper Association


President: Clinton Jury, Vice President: Victoria Chalut, Secretary: Dawn Schabacker, Treasurer: Laurie Slobody,

❏ Individual $30.00 per year - Please circle one: Adult



❏ Individual Life $160.00/yr - Please circle one:




❏ Family (2 Riders) $40.00/yr - Riders’ DOBs: ____________________________________

❏ Grand Family (3+ riders) $50.00/yr - Riders’ DOBs: ________________________________


Name(s) _________________________________________________________________


NAME ________ PHONE____________________ FARM NAME ____ MAILING ADDRESS _____ EMAIL ADDRESS _ CITY __________ STATE ZIP____________ JR’S NAME ___________________________________ DATE OF BIRTH _____ JR’S NAME ___________________________________ DATE OF BIRTH ____ MAIL TO: LAURIE SLOBODY, 55 CUTLER RD., WEST BROOKFIELD, MA 01585

I hereby apply for and enclose payment for the following type of membership: New ❑ Renewal ❑


Street ___________________________City/Town ________________________________ State _______ Zip ____________ Phone _______________________________________ Email ____________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth of Individual Member______________________________________________ Please make checks payable to: NHHJA Mail form & payment to: NHHJA c/o Barb Keating • 46 Indian Falls Rd. • New Boston, NH 03070

NEW ENGLAND PAINT HORSE CLUB EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ~ SAVE $10 if submitted before February 1st (Must be postmarked on or before February 1st)

Individual: $40.00 (Deduct $10 if before February 1st) $ ________________ Youth: (18 & Under as of January 1st) $30.00 (Deduct $10 if before February 1st) $ ________________ Youth Name & Date of Birth: ____________________________________________________ Youth Name & Date of Birth: ____________________________________________________ Youth Name & Date of Birth: ____________________________________________________

Please check one: New Member: _____

Renewal: _____ Date: _______

Name: ________________________________________________________________ Street: ___________________________City/Town: ____________________________ State: _______ Zip: ____________ Phone: ___________________________________ Email:_________________________________________________________________ Please make checks payable to: NEPHC Mail to: Karen Roy, NEPHC Secretary, 31 Mayflower Road, Londonderry, NH 03053 603-437-7006 •

232 equine


| October 2012

For information on the Norfolk Hunt Club visit:


Northeast Fjord Horse Association “Promoting and Enjoying the Norwegian Fjord Horse” NAME: _____________________________________________________________________________ FARM NAME: _____________________________ PHONE: __________________________________ ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________________________ CITY, STATE, ZIP: _____________________________________________________________________ E-MAIL: _______________________________ # OF FJORD HORSES: __________________________

❏ Junior Membership – $15.00 ❏ Single Membership (1 vote) – $30.00 ❏ Family/Farm Membership (2 votes) – $40.00 MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Northeast Fjord Horse Association MAIL NEW MEMBER APPLICATIONS AND DUES TO:

Rita Maccini, 152 Frank Williams Rd, Shelburne, MA 01370

OAATS MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION FORM Name _____________________________ AHA # (If applicable) _____________ Address ____________________________________________________________ City _______________________________ State ________ Zip _______________ Phone number _______________________ Email __________________________ ❑ New Member ❑ Renewal Member Membership runs from January 1st of any given year to December 31st of the same year. Membership and Horse registration must be current for any competitions and/or recreational riding hours to be considered for all programs.


New Horse Recording $15 Renewal Horse Recording $10 One-Time Recreational Riding Enrollment Fee $25

Horse Name ________________________ Breed _____ Age ____ Sex ______ Barn Name ______________________ Check One: ❑ New $15 ❑ Renewal $10 ❑ Rec Riding $25 Please make all checks payable to OAATS and send to:

OAATS, Inc., PO Box 231, Rising Sun, OH 43457 Please check the website for forms, schedules, program rules, news, and updates throughout the year!


Northeast Friesian Horse Club

Ohio Haflinger Association

Membership Form

The Northeast Friesian Horse Horse Club invites you to join our club formed because of our mutual admiration of the Friesian Horse. We are an official chapter of The Friesian Horse Association of North American (FHANA) & are organized under their rules & regulations. Name: ________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________ Telephone: ____________________________________________________ Email: ________________________________________________________ Family/Farm Membership: $55.00 • Individual Membership: $45.00 Associate Membership: $35 Please make your checks payable to NEFHC & mail to: Cathy Zine, 115 Waterford Drive, Hanover, MA 02339, 781-829-2086

Thank you!

Membership Application

Name: __________________________________________________________________ Phone: __________________________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________State: _____ Zip: __________________________ Email Address: ____________________________________________________________ Would you prefer your newsletter emailed to you? ❏ Farm Name: ______________________________________________________________ How did you learn about the OHA (person/website/event) _______________________________________________________________________ I/We own _____ (number) Haflingers (ownership is not required) My/Our main interest in Haflingers is: ____________________________________________ Please fill out the form above and send with $25 yearly dues to: Ohio Haflinger Association, Judy Winkler, 9622 Eby Road, Sterling, Ohio 44276 330-464-2254 • •

Northeast Miniature Horse Club Membership Application

Membership Application First Name: ______________________

Welcome! Our club is proud to offer three levels of membership. All members are listed on the club’s website and receive our electronic newsletter, which includes periodic updates on our rescue/emergency activities and any rescue horses available for adoption. Dues are assessed on a calendar year basis.

Last Name: ______________________ Address: _________________________ _________________________________

* All memberships include the entire household; adults and children, and one vote is allotted to each household for meeting and election purposes.


❑ Blue Ribbon ~ $25 ~ includes all adults and children in the household; ❑ Supreme Champion ~ $75 ~ Receives all the benefits of

State: _________ Zip: ______________

receipt of our electronic newsletter; and one vote in club elections.

Grand Champion membership plus a $25 donation made to our ❑ Grand Champion ~ $50 ~ Receives all the membership benefits club’s Rescue/Emergency Fund. plus advertising space on our website’s Sponsorship Page (photo or ❑ Donation ~ Please accept the enclosed donation to the business card) and a link to member’s web site. club’s Rescue/Emergency Fund.

Membership Information Name: _____________________________________ Email: ____________________________________ Address: ___________________________________ Website: __________________________________

Home Phone: ______________________ Email: ___________________________ Member Type: (__) Individual $30 (__) Family

$45 (__) Corporate

❑ I do not wish to have my email published on the club’s website

(__) Club

$50 (__) Youth under 18 $15

Names of Adult Members: ________________________________________________________________

Renewal #: ____________________

City/State/Zip:_______________________________ Phone: ___________________________________

Youth Members (with ages): ______________________________________________________________

We Hope You’ll Join Us! Total Enclosed $______ Checks should be made payable to Northeast Miniature Horse Club. Send with this form to Virginia Gonsalves, 1138 Pleasant St., Raynham, MA 02767

❑ Full OAATS & AHA Member - Adult ($80) ❑ Full OAATS & AHA Member - Youth ($65) ❑ Associate OAATS Member - Adult ($30) ❑ Associate OAATS Family - Adults ($50) ❑ Associate OAATS Membership - Youth ($25)


Reg. Prefix: ______________________ Farm Name: _____________________ Club Name: ______________________ Corp Name: ______________________ Website URL: ____________________ Under 18-Age: ___________________

Please make check payable to: PMHA Mail to: Donna Lassanske, P.O. Box 203, Hodgenville, KY 42748 Membership term runs January 1 to December 31 of calendar year

Northwest Connecticut Draft Horse Association Membership Application The Northwest Connecticut Draft Horse Association was formed in 1989 by a group of men (the first night about 40 men showed up, later joined by many females) interested in learning more about and promoting the draft horse. The mission of the group was to inform and educate the general public about the history and use of the draft horse.



Lifetime ................ $200

The public events sponsored by the club and the many informative programs at club meetings accomplished this mission. The horse owners were happy to get their horses and old-time equipment in front of the public at the many events they sponsored---a Fall Field Day, now named after two of our charter members who were so instrumental in the early success of the day, Bucky Ballard and Frank Colburn. Sleigh riding always paints such a nostalgic picture and they sponsored many sleigh rallies at both the Goshen and Harwinton Fairgrounds. Now the June “Dust--Off” is added to the list of sponsored events. The ownership of a horse is not necessary to join the club, just the interest in the draft horse, a desire to make new friends who are also interested in draft horses and a willingness to help out at our events. The annual dues are $25 for single membership and $45 for family membership, due each January 1. Members have one vote on any issues before the club, you receive a newsletter each month, refreshments and a program at each meeting. We also try to hold events for members and guests only at no cost. We have a good time together and draft horse people are friendly and helpful. To become a member of the NWCDHA send your check to Treasurer Donna Marciano, 47 Stoneridge Drive, Torrington, CT 06790. We hope you consider joining. We are sure you will enjoy being a member of our club.

Name:_______________________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________________________ City: __________________________________________ State _______________ Zip ______________ Phone Number: ________________________________________________________________________ Do you own a horse?______________________________ Breed_________________________________

Quarter Pony Association • PO Box 104 • Cambridge Springs, PA 16403 October 2012

| equine Journal 233


Membership Application RIAHA Affiliate Members: expires the following year on the last day of the month in which you joined.


Southern New England Horsemen’s Association

Adult: Includes one membership in RIAHA and AHA. _____ Basic Dues $40.00 _____ Competition Card $35.00

Youth: Includes one membership in RIAHA and AHA. _____ Basic Dues $30.00 _____ Competition Card $25.00

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________________________________ City:______________________________________________State:______ Zip Code: ____________ E-mail: ___________________________________________________________________________ SS#: _____________________________ Main Phone: _____________________________________ Youth DOB:______________________ Alternative Phone: __________________________________ AHA#: ___________________________________________________________________________ Renewal or New Membership (Please circle one)

Any Questions: E-mail: or call (860)928-5580 Make Checks Payable to: RIAHA Mail to: Karen Richmond, 246 Freedley Rd., Pomfret Center, CT 06259-1205

Offering English, Western, Saddle Seat and Miniature Classes. Youth & Adult Exhibitors!

7 Shows Per Year/ Year-End Awards Thru Sixth Place For more information or to receive a membership form - return this form, call or email:

Karen Sapia, 57 Lathrop Rd., Uncasville, CT 06382 Phone: 860-608-7577rEmail: Name: __________________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________ City:_____________________________State:___________Zip: ____________ Phone:_________________________Email: ____________________________

Southern New Hampshire Dressage and Combined Training Association, Inc.

The Rhode Island Driving Club, Inc.

I hereby apply for membership to SNHDCTA and enclose payment of $_________. Membership includes affiliate membership to USDF, USEA & Equine Journal, newsletters, and reduced clinic, lecture and SNHDCTA show entry fees. Membership year is December 1 - November 30th. For a full list of benefits visit our website:

THE RHODE ISLAND DRIVING CLUB, INC., President: Marguerite Tomany - 860-923-3302. Vice President: Cat Luce; Treasurer: Bonnie Jean; Secretary: Christine Bailey. Name __________________________________ Address _______________________________________

Name __________________________________________________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________________________________________ City __________________________________________ State ________________ Zip _________________ Phone _________________________________ Jr. Rider

Town _____________________________________ State ______ Zip ____________ Phone _______________ New Membership ($25.00) ________________________ Renewal ($25.00) ________________________

Send membership applications to: Bonnie Jean 100 Monson Rd. Wales, MA 01081

The Rhode Island Driving Club, Inc.

Saratoga Driving Association Membership Form

(under 18)

D.O.B. ____________________________

Email __________________________________________________________________________________ Please provide your email so we can provide you with up to date information

Please Make Checks Payable to: S.N.H.D.C.T.A, Inc. ❏ $35 Membership ❏ Main Interest Dressage ❏ Main Interest Combined Training ❏ Check here if you are willing to volunteer at club events. ❏ Check here if you are already a USDF “Participating” member.

This organization is a USDF Group Member Organization; and its members are automatically USDF Group Members and USEA Affiliate members. Mail your check to Membership Director: Stefanie Rossetti, 270 Kennedy Hill Rd., Goffstown, NH 03045 Your contributions are tax deductible.

Tri-State Horsemen’s Association Tri-State Horsemen’s Assoc. President: Alicia Cugini-Muscatelli, 401-265-5402; Vice-President: Jackie Cugini,401-949-4340; Secretary: Maegen Manning; Treasurer: Sharon Plante, 860-564-4700

Name ________________________________________________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________________

Dues: Still only $25.00 per year, payable to SDA ❏ New Membership (welcome!) ❏ Renewal

City ___________________________________________ State _______ Zip Code __________________ Phone ___________________ Date _________ Email Address _________________________________

Name _________________________________________________________________________

A subscription to the Equine Journal is included in memberships. The Pedlar contains our official monthly newsletter of current news and upcoming events.

Address _______________________________________________________________________

INDIVIDUAL $30.00 ________________ Anyone under age 18 who is applying for Individual Membership must also list their date of birth below.

Phone (H) ____________________________________ (W) ______________________________

Family $35.00 _____________ If you are applying for our Family Membership Plan, please list the names of all persons to be included in the family membership and date of birth for each child under age 18.

Email _________________________________________________________________________

Child’s First/Last Name:

Date of Birth:

Family/children _______________________________________________________________

Please mail this form with check to: Joanne Cholakis, Treasurer, 23 Beacon Ave, Albany, NY 12203

Silver Heels Riding Club

Name:_____________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________ Phone:___________________________Email:____________________ Youth Name:______________________ DOB: ____________________ Family - $30.00 Single - (18 or over) $25.00

Junior - $20.00

Lifetime - $200.00

Membership includes a one year subscription to the Equine Journal. All memberships expire on Dec. 31. Mail form and check payable to: Silver Heels Riding Club, Sheri Paplaskas, 6 Meadow Fox Lane, Chester, NH 03036 Note: to qualify for year-end points, both exhibitor and owner/leasee of equine must be a member of SHRC.

234 equine


| October 2012

I have enclosed a check for the amount of: Please mail this form and payment to: TSHA Membership, 948 Ekonk Hill Rd, Voluntown, CT 06384

$ ____________________


Vermont Quarter Horse Association Inc. Membership Application

❏ Family $30.00 ❏ Single $20.00 ❏ Youth $10.00 ❏ Lifetime Membership $200.00 Name: _________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________________________ Tel #: ________________________________Cell #: ___________________________________________ Email: ________________________________________________________________________________ Youth Name: ____________________________________________D.O.B. ___/___/___(18 and under) Youth Name: _______________________________________ D.O.B. ___/___/___

Membership includes one year subscription to Equine Journal. Please make checks payable to VQHA and mail to : Lucille Evarts, 3796 Green St, Vergennes, VT 05491 802-233-0567 •


Virginia Horse Council 2012 Membership Application

New Member


Membership Options for 2012 (Note All “Premium Memberships” Include Insurance Coverage) ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

Yankee Walkers, Gaited Horses of New England Julie Dillon, President: Loren Stevens, First Vice President of ME & NH: Ellen Flatley, Secretary/Treasurer:

$10 - Youth Membership (individuals under 18 years old) ❏ $25 - Individual Membership $50 - Premium Individual Membership ❏ $30 - Family Membership $500 - Lifetime Membership ❏ $75 - Premium Family Membership $50 - Commercial/Business/Farm ❏ $50 - Equine Group or Association (less than 100 members) $100 - Equine Group or Association (more than 100 members) $25 - Premium Lifetime Membership – Insurance Premium Payment Only


***Premium memberships provide “in-excess” insurance, runs from January through December 2012 and is not available for businesses***

Year End Award Nominations: Name of Horse: _______________________________________________

*Total # of memberships purchased above _____________

Total $ enclosed _____________

Membership runs 1/1 - 12/31

Address:______________________________________________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________________

Email: ____________________________________

Nomination: $12/horse and/or $6/rider x ______________(# of horses and/or riders) = ______________ TWHBEA Reg.#: _________________

Name _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address (include county, city, state & zip) _________________________________________________________________________ Farm/Business/Corporate Name_________________________________Phone _____________ Email_________________________

Please return this form with your check to: The Virginia Horse Council, 368 Litton Reaves Hall (0306), Blacksburg, VA 24061

West Greenwich Horseman’s Association Membership Form WEST GREENWICH HORSEMAN’S ASSOCIATION, INC. OF RHODE ISLAND, President: LuAnn Carpenter-Grafe, 382 Weaver Hill Road, West Greenwich, RI 02817; Vice President: Mike Grafe, 382 Weaver Hill Road, West Greenwich, RI 02817; Treasurer: George Reddick, 1235 Old Baptist Road, N. Kingstown, RI 02852; Secretary: Marcia Stewart, 127 Robin Hollow Road, West Greenwich, RI 02817. Membership: $20.00. Name: ____________________________________________ Telephone: ____________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________________________________ City/Town: _____________________________________________________Zip Code: ________________ Membership includes subscription to Equine Journal $20 List people in family: ______________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

Individual or Youth membership $20.00_______________ Family membership $25.00______________ Please make check to: Yankee Walkers, Gaited Horses of New England Mail to: Ellen Flatley, P.O. Box 1199, Ashland, NH 03217,

❏ New ❏ Renewal

Equine Journal

Affiliation Is a Winning Combination!

Do you get Equine Journal from another club? Make checks payable to West Greenwich Horseman’s Assoc. Mail to: Marcia Stewart, 127 Robin Hollow Road, West Greenwich, RI 02817

Western Reserve Carriage Association

Affiliation Includes:

Membership Form Please print clearly: Name(s):_____________________________________________________________ (As they will appear in the membership directory)

Name(s):_____________________________________________________________ (For name badges, if different than above)

Address:______________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip:__________________________________________________________ Phone:________________________________ Cell or 2nd Phone:__________________ Email (Please print):_____________________________________________________

Please send Membership Application, $25 membership fee (payable to Western Reserve Carriage Association) and our signed Liability Disclaimer that you can print from our website to: Dave Antes, 3919 Wyoga Lake Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44224-4949 • phone: 330-928-6001 • fax: 330-928-1290

WORLD CLASS MINIATURE HORSE REGISTRY, INC. 12009 Stewartsville Rd., Vinton, VA US 24179

Tel./Fax: (540) 890-0856 Divisions: A-34” & under B over 34”-38” Types of Registration: Open, Qualified & Hardship

• Free editorial space featuring full color photos • Free display advertising • Sponsorship opportunities • Free membership coupon • Free subscription to the Equine Journal • Discount on subscriptions to sister publications • A free 20-word classified ad


To learn more, email or call 603-903-1244

MEMBERSHIP FEE - US Funds Only $32 US $47 Canada $67 Foreign Countries

Name: ___________________________________________________________ Farm Name: ______________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________________________________________ State: ___________________________________________________________ Zip: _____________________________________________________________ Spouse/Partner if included ___________________________________________

October 2012




AndAlusiAns & lusitAnos



The Arabian Horse Association of New England


was formed to encourage breeding, exhibiting and promotion of the Arabian horse. To help educate those individuals interested in perpetuating the Arabian breed.

W7659 Summit Road Plymouth, WI 53073 920-526-3046

AlternAtive therApy


Cranberry Knoll

Don E Mor Baroque Horse Farm

The Art and Science of Horse Care

Victoria Morris Telephone: 919.770.1673


Pamper your horse with All Natural Aromatherapy Products made with Therapeutic Grade Botanicals created by a Certified Aromatherapist 515-299-4505 515-299-4526 fax

Peak Performance is Just a Touch Away

Celebrating the Iberian Horse Like us on Facebook

Massage Therapy for Performance Horses Susan C. Perry, BA, CVT, ESMT

MUSCLE MAGIC 3 Bradish Farm Rd Upton, MA 01568

AnimAl rescue

Arabians & Sport Horses Julie Dolder


Arabian Horse Association, Inc. of Maine A member club of Region 16 of the Arabian Horse Association Andy Bailey, President


Arabian Horse Association

of Massachusetts

508-529-7739 home email:

Robert Nickerson, President Email:

Horses and Farm Animals for Immediate Adoption 978-687-7453







236 equine


| October 2012

Rescue Me: American Saddlebreds a division of Team American Saddlebreds Inc. a 501(c)(3)

Renew ~ Rehome Repurpose


508.982.9628 Cheryl Lane-Caron

CROSSEN ARABIANS, L.L.C. Breeders of Beautiful, Athletic & Tractable Purebreds & Warmblood Crosses â&#x2014;&#x2020;






CA Dillon - Sport Horse Sire Tom and Susan Crossen (860) 742-6486

1209 South Street Coventry, CT

Purebred Arabians Half Arabs National Show Horses Lynne DeAdder Manager/Trainer 279 Watchaug Road Somers, CT 06071

(860) 749-4797













#"$   !" #

%" $$ &""

% &  '


Bringing together people interested in advancing and pro moting the Arabian and the Half-Arabian horse.

Call NOW 508-987-5886

DIRECTORIES ArtisAns & CrAftsmen

BArns/ArenA ConstruCtion & ContrACtors

BArns/ArenA ConstruCtion & ContrACtors

BArns/ArenA ConstruCtion & ContrACtors

Please direct inquiries to: Susan Dorazio 860-379-5557 PO Box 246 Colebrook, CT 06021


For more information or to become a member, visit, email, or call 888-HORSEVA (467-7382)

BArns/ArenA ConstruCtion & ContrACtors



â&#x20AC;&#x153;THE BETTER BUILT MACHINEâ&#x20AC;?

Your vision is our reality!

North America's #1 Horse Exerciser!

P.O. Box 436, Plaistow, NH 03865 978-521-1171

Great for All Breeds & Disciplines!

Lease Plans Available


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Conditioning & Training Without Constraintsâ&#x20AC;?


Specializing in design and materials for equine structures since 1977 129 Sheep Davis Rd., Pembroke, NH Rte. 25 Moultonborough, NH

Farm & Excavation


fabric structures

Construction of


& A superior ridinmgent. training environ

â&#x20AC;˘ Arenas â&#x20AC;˘ Pastures â&#x20AC;˘ Paddocks

â&#x20AC;˘ Riding Trails â&#x20AC;˘ Manure storage pits

Trenching & Water Hydrant Installation

401-647-4331 â&#x20AC;˘

Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505

For information on our indoor riding arenas, call one of our ClearSpan â&#x201E;˘ Specialists at 1.866.643.1010 or visit


All work done by an Amish crew Satisfaction Guaranteed WWW.YOURBARNBUILDER.COM

Stop Leaks Once And For All With The Conklin Metal Roof System

A.K. Contractors 'SBNJOHt3PPmOHt&UD 1114 Reservoir Road New Holland, PA 17557 717-354-4929

October 2012

As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Conklin Company has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STARÂŽ guidelines for energy efficiency

| equine Journal 237

DIRECTORIES barns/arena construction & contractors

barns/arena construction & contractors

bedding, feed & supplies

bedding, feed & supplies

Full Service Landscaping & Excavation Almost any way you like. Low cost - High quality. Will build from standard plans or can custom build to yours.

P.O. Box 330 Abbottstown, PA 17301 (717) 624-4800 Fax (717) 624-3278 Gerry Richardson (717) 624-7656 (home)

10 Years Experience Specializing in Arenas

Save your Hay. Save your Money.

Call TODAY for a FREE estimate!

BIG BALE BUDDY Round Bale Feeder.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Safe, affordable, effective, One Year Warranty. Available in 3 sizes starting at $89.95.

413-566-1198 866.389.9952

Servicing South Central PA, Maryland & West Virginia

25 Years Experience Serving New England

r#BSO"SFOB#VJMEJOHT rFBSN%FTJHO r1SJFGFSU3BODI&RVJQNFOU r.FUBM3PPàOH r$MBTTJD&RVJOF4UBMMT Salisbury, NH (603) 648-2987 Improving the world. One barn at a time.

Aloe Herbal Horse Spray

Shed-Rows, Run-Ins, Storage Sheds, Lean-To, Modular Barns, Garages, Chicken Coops and much more. Call us today! Follow us on Facebook and become eligible for future promotions. Visit our newly redesigned website at

Fly Repellent Quality Hay and Shavings Delivered and Stacked

866.391.7808 717.872.2040 (Fax)

Contact Sherry today for your customized estimate

Grabpeprly Su email:



Agri Sales USA, Inc. Nick Fitzpatrick at 800-747-3811

Post & Frame Buildings ~ Horse Barns Riding Arenas ~ Storage Barns Built On Your Site Let us custom design your dream barn, garage, indoor arena or run-in shed. We offer an amazing variety of buildings using a wide variety of materials, all expertly crafted. All characterized by a commitment to quality and attention to detail. Call for a free consultation to see how we customize dreams into reality. 148 Harristown Rd., Paradise, PA 17562

baroque classical riding


VISA/MC accepted

717.442.8408 or 1.800.881.9781

Advertise with

238 equine


| October 2012





846 Golf Links Road Colebrook, NH 03576 Phone: (603) 237-8732 Cell: (603) 359-2337 Web:

491 Gap Newport Pike Atglen, PA 19310 610-593-3500 Fax 593-2510



8 Paul Street Bethel, CT 06801 1-800-MATTING Fax: 203-744-7703

Competitive Prices. Satisfaction Guaranteed.






Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve Got All Your Farm Needs!

Is There HAY In Your Future?

LLF Equestrian LLC

MASSACHUSETTS: Webster MAINE: Belfast, Brewer, Buxton, Farmington, Lincoln, Lisbon Falls, Naples, Old Town, Skowhegan, Waterville NEW YORK: Gouverneur, Easton, Herkimer, Malone, Peru, Richfield Springs VERMONT: Vergennes

Call 4M FARMS today for quality, price and savings everyday. (315) 684-7570

25 Years Experience Serving New England

Goffstown, N.H.

UĂ&#x2018;iĂ&#x2C6;Ă&#x2C6; Â&#x203A;Ă&#x2C6;Ă&#x2018;>Â&#x203A;`Ă&#x2018;i>Ă&#x2C6;iĂ&#x2C6; UĂ&#x2018;/Ă&#x2026;>Â&#x2039;Â&#x203A;Â&#x2039;Â&#x203A;Â&#x20AC;Ă&#x2018;w Ă&#x2026;Ă&#x2018; Ă&#x2026;Ă&#x2C6;iĂ&#x2018;>Â&#x203A;`Ă&#x2018;,Â&#x2039;`iĂ&#x2026; UĂ&#x2018;`Ă&#x2026;iĂ&#x2C6;Ă&#x2C6;>Â&#x20AC;iĂ?L>Â&#x2019;>Â&#x203A;Vi`Ă&#x2018;Ă&#x2C6;i>Ă&#x201C;Ă?Â?Ă&#x17E;Â&#x2013;°Â&#x2039;Â&#x203A;Â&#x20AC; UĂ&#x2018;-Ă&#x201C;>Ă&#x2026;Ă&#x201C;Â&#x2039;Â&#x203A;Â&#x20AC;Ă&#x2018;>Â&#x203A;`Ă&#x2018;,iĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x2026;>Â&#x2039;Â&#x203A;Â&#x2039;Â&#x203A;Â&#x20AC;

Beth Konrad Brown 603-483-2121

Make SafeChoiceÂŽ Your Choice

BEDARD FARM INC. Good Quality Timothy Hay, Straw and Shavings

Darcy A. Johnson

Plastic Bags 3 1/4 cubic ft.



2VBTTFUU3PBEtPomfret Center, CT 06259

Cell 860-942-6448

St. Sebastien, County Iberville, Canada


Equine Equipment



The Equine Laundry Service



L of Equiclean East, L


Waterproofing Quality Cleaning & Repair All Types of Horse Clothing

Serving CT & MA


(860) 456-7806 HAY AY & STR A STRAW A AW T Tractor Trailer T Loads

17 Mansfield Ave., Willimantic, CT 06226 email:

Amsterdam, NY 12010


Tel. (603) 679-2415 Fax (603) 679-5681





October 2012


DIRECTORIES boarding/training



Curly Horses



Diane Pirro Teaching strong basic skills to help riders pursue their discipline.



Custom Leather Goods, Harness and Repairs

(603) 547-0778

Curly Sporthorse International

Andrew R. Wood 14 North Grove St. Swanzey NH 03446

Directory ADvertising

Helping you travel simply since 1970.

Weavertown Coach, LLC


Dedicated to training, recognition, improvement and promotion of Curly Sport Horses. You and your curly horse qualify to join CSI, we have great member benefits, come and join the fun!!!

717-768-3299 3007 Old Phila. Pike Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505


New England Carriage Imports, LLC Quality Carriages For Com petition, Pleasure and Commercial Use

Happy Landings Farm Bozrah, CT 860-889-6467


Curly Horses Registered ABC & ICHO Curly Horses Gaited & Non Gaited Curlies Monterey, Indiana (574) 542-2457


Horse Whisperer Inter-species Communicator

Karin Kaufman, Ph.D.


240 equine


| October 2012

Share your buSineSS with thouSandS of readerS!

Call Today! 508-987-5886



For Information Contact 519-395-4512

Distance riDing


Ohio Arabian & All Breed Trail Society


Mollie Krumlaw-Smith, President 513-543-5034

Katherine Gallagher â&#x20AC;˘ 617-610-7688 Importers of fine European Warmblood horses


or visit our website: Protecting and promoting this wonderful, versatile, rare breed

Directory ADvertising


For Information Please call:


Charles E. Hutchinson, DVM

Cricket Hill

In NY, near CT-MA Professional Equine Dental Services

603.523.4900 Serving MA, NH, SC, VT

Twin Ridge Farm We are a complete and caring horse facility offeringâ&#x20AC;Ś

Dressage. Jumping. Pleasure Riding. Call on us.

6boarding 6lessons 6sales 6training

Jeri Nieder - USDF Bronze Medal and â&#x20AC;&#x153;râ&#x20AC;?Judge

Training, Instruction, Showing. Boarding, Riding Academy. USDF Certified Instructor T-4. Therapy, Rehabilitation.

FLATLANDERS Dressage & Combined Training Association, Inc. Serving Northwest Ohioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Riders since 1980.

6coaching 6 leasing 6 clinics

603-456-3031 6 603-456-2354 223 Pumpkin Hill Rd. 6 Warner, N.H. 03278

Barbara Ann Archer 714 Snipatuit Road Rochester, MA Tel: 508.763.3224 Teaching, Training, Boarding, Indoor Riding Arena October 2012

| equine Journal 241




s Proven Learning System Committed to Your Success


Butler Professional Farrier School

New England Region/Carriage Association of America Established in 1969


Western Reserve Carriage Association

Â&#x2021;3URYHQ, sequential learning system. /HDULQJPRUHfaster! from author RI1 horseshoeing textbook. Â&#x2021;/LPLWHd class VL]H= mor RQHRQRQe instruction. Â&#x2021;Learn anatomy, balance and prope shoeing methods from experience %XWOHr Team educators Â&#x2021;*DLn competence and confidence as you master each of 7 importan skill areas. Â&#x2021;/Harn the â&#x20AC;&#x153;whyÂľof each step in th process not just how to do it. Â&#x2021;,QGLYLGXDl forging stations. Â&#x2021;9DULHWy of horses to shoe on location. Â&#x2021;6tate-of-art facility; eYerything under one roof. Butler: The trusted name in farrier education for over 45 years.

1-800-728-3826 (press 3) or 308-665-1510


~ SINCE 1973

LEARN TO SHOE HORSES LIKE A MASTER CRAFTSMAN LEARN HOW TO BUILD A SUCCESSFUL HORSESHOEING BUSINESS There are more graduates of the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School employed in the horse industry than of any other school of any kind in the world.

Owner and Director Dr. Jack Roth, Dr. of Veterinary Medicine and Master Farrier Instructors - Certified Journeyman Farriers Come prepared to work. More hours of instruction on live aimals than anywhere else.

COURSES INCLUDE: Basic Horseshoeing (2 weeks - $1,500); Professional Horseshoeing (8 weeks - $4,000); Advanced Horseshoeing and Blacksmithing (12 weeks - $5,400); Your room is free. APPROVED FOR: Instruction That Travels to Your Home or Farm



Farm EquipmEnt

Post 9/11, OHS Student Loan, Montgomery GI Bill, Vocational Rehabilitation, WIA, BIA. Licensed by OBPVS. Call 405-288-6085 or 800-538-1383. Write Oklahoma Horseshoeing School, 26446 Horseshoe Circle, Purcell, OK 73080

Visit our website for upcoming clinics & educational series

Phone: 207-985-0374 65 Drown Lane Lyman, ME 04002

Padula Bros., Inc.


Love driving equine powered vehicles?

EquinE rEtirEmEnt

Contact Us! Henry Rish

at Vermont Technical College 800.442.8821

Retire Your Equine Friend

Close to Home in Vermont 802-645-1957 or CYNTHIAL@MYFAIRPOINT.NET

Carriage drivers, carriage collectors and even non-horse owners that enjoy carriages, horses, ponies, mules or donkeys, the Black Swamp Driving Club always welcomes new members. For detailed information about club activities:

Angela Hohenbrink, Club President 419-274-1122 242 equine


| October 2012

B.S. Equine Business Management/Riding B.S. Equine Business Management International Programs Internships Available IDA, IHSA Teams

133 Leominster-Shirley Rd. Lunenburg, MA 01462 978-537-3356 978-534-6421

Pioneer Equipment New Wheels Wheels Repaired

Buy/Sell/Trade Horse Drawn Vehicles We manufacture and repair wooden spoke wheels Aaron M. Nolt 214 N. Shirk Road New Holland, PA 17557

71 7-355-9 1 8 2

DIRECTORIES Feed SupplementS

Feed SupplementS




Go Natural with IN-HARMONY and GLORFY!

Proudly Made In The USA


For info call Christ Zook @ (717) (806-1850

Bettoefr Blend Ho

Northeast Region Supplement This is the first ever regionally formulated hoof supplement designed especially to complement typical northeastern grass hays. The formula supports healthy hoof, skin, and coat by balancing deficiencies in typical northeast regional diets.


“Turning Childhood Dreams into Reality”



Pro Fence LLC

This could be your space

We Build to Please!

Agricultural Fence Installation Call us at 1-888-528-6405 Visit us at



“It Makes A World Of Difference” Vitamins and Minerals for Horses Call for technical information

Direct Action Co., Inc. P.O. Box 2205 Dover, Ohio 44622 330-364-3219 1-800-921-9121 Join us on the Internet: 800-669-7218

See our full line of Quality products as you consider options. 800-822-5426

Vinyl Fence Lifetime Warranty


Serving New Hampshire Since 1982

Fully Insured New Hampshire’s Fence Professionals

210 Holabird Ave., Winsted CT 06098



for 64 two-ounce servings 89 cents per day

Distributed by Northeast Farrier Supply

The easy to install white line alternative

Fell pony

Trained Adults and Youngstock for Sale 660.537.4020


“CAMEO” horse fencing

Affordable r Proven r Safe

To support a strong immune system and engergize

Find IN-HARMONY and GLORFY at your blacksmith and your local Harness shop


Specializing in: r#PBSE'FODF r)JHI5FOTJMF r)PSTF3BJM


t Split Rail tCentaur Flexible Fence t1ost & Board tInstallation Available tHeavy Duty 1PXEFSCoated Gates, Full & Half Mesh t Vinyl Coated High Tensile tWoven Horse Wire tLocust & 1ressure Treated1ost t1VC Notice our display ad in this issue.


Fax Your Fencing Projects to 610-857-0029



Wood, Chain Link Ornamental Iron, Vinyl Fencing Farm and Horse Fencing 603.267.1975 1.800.734.4110

We carry a complete line of: Centaur Fencing, Bekaert 2x4 CIII Horseman, Pressure Treated Posts, Rope, Braid, Twine, & Tape, Amos Galvanized Gates & Corral Panels 603-827-3464 or Fax: 603-827-2999


VINYL COATED HORSE FENCE All Your Fencing Needs P.V.C. • Chain Link • Split Rail Hi Tensil • Board • Wire Mesh Picket • Decks TMR Feed • Mixers

Q.F.S. Factory Outlet Vinyl Fence Products Camp Hill, PA 17011 717-737-9377


Northeast Fjord Horse Association “Promoting and Enjoying the Norwegian Fjord Horse” Danielle Campbell, President 508-967-0590

Directory ADS WorK!

October 2012

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Professional Shear & Clipper Blade Sharpening

Feathered Gold Stables Ogdensburg, Wisconsin

Sale & Service of Quality Grooming Supplies



3377 Sunnybrook Drive Finksburg, MD 21048



If riding is an art, then footing is the canvas.

International Friesian Show Horse Association

The next step in footing.

Dedicated to the promoting, showing, and exhibition of the Friesian horse and its derivatives.

"   " 



Toll Free: 877-624-2638 e-mail:

PO Box 2839, Lompoc, CA 93438 Voice: (805) 448-3027 Fax: (805) 448-3027 Email:

NortheastFriesian HorseClub

American Friesian Association

Official FHANA/FPS Chapter Michelle Loulakis, President


For more information 860.BY GYPSY

Gypsy Horse Association

(912) 462-6330

The Asociation of Choice for Registration & Promotion of the Gypsy Horse

| October 2012

Proper Gypsy Cobs; perfect for children and adults.

Family Friendly Cobs at Family Friendly prices.

Attention: Ken Lee 1090 Little Buffalo Creek Road Nahunta, GA 31553


Flying W Farms

Our Goal is to provide and produce traditional Gypsy Cobs in their truest form of conformation, versatility and disposition.





Maintaining the Beauty, Conformation, and Demeanor of the Gypsy Horse

Clipper Repairs Clipper Blade Sharpening 203-395-9701 860-822-1951

Drumlin Gypsy Ranch



Email: 740.493.2401


Rosewater Gypsies

Gypsy Horses

Gypsy Horses


Desert Jewel Gypsy Horses

Breeders of Select, Imported Gypsy and Drum Horses

Jeff & Julie Heise Watertown, WI

Standing Stallion: Aislan of Lion King GHRA, GVHS, ADHA Registered Rex & Rebecca McKeever

Quality Young Stock FOR SALE

Bellville, T9t www.horsefeathersfBSNUFYBTDPN

HealtH products

Go Ahead Rub It In Award Winning Natural Herbal Products Two-Time Product of the Year â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Horse Journal


Specializing in Traditional & Uniquely Colored Gypsy Horses Standing the largest number of Gypsystallions in the World

Jennifer Gilson 602-684-3929  



get results

For those who want the very best!â&#x20AC;?

advertise now

Breeders of Champion Georgian Grandes and Friesian sporthorses; Sires are our imported Dutch Friesians; Mothers are Saddlebreds, Clydesdales, and Percherons. We have the finest quality and the best selection to be found anywhere in the world. Incredible movement, quiet, calm dispositions; our horses are bred to excel in many disciplines. We offer yearlings, two years, and three year olds; Prices $4000 to $8000 o.b.o.

Dedicated to the heritage of the Gypsy Horse

Gypsy Vanners

Horse sales



Search options not found on any other Horses For Sale site:

â&#x20AC;&#x153;What you breed in, you need not train inâ&#x20AC;? Email: Phone: 740-493-2401



We are an educational organization encouraging the use, exhibition and perpetuation of the Gypsy Horse/Cob.


Unique side-by-side buyer/seller comparisons. Percentage ranked search results. Favorite horses saved by search criteria. continues your search 24/7 for new matches.

The best place to buy, sell or lease a horse on the web.

PO Box 1861, La Porte, TX 77572 281-471-4472

Quality Horses for Show, Trail & Pleasure

Cashiers, North Carolina Parnell's Irish Cobs, LLC

(828) 743-3698

The Irish Rose 10257 N. County Road 17 Fort Collins, CO 80524 (970) 556-3929

Encouraging the use and enjoyment of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Family Horseâ&#x20AC;?!

We know our horses and use them ourselves. VARIED DISCIPLINES, GREAT SELECTION 603.465.2672 October 2012

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Equine Insurance


(800) 526-1711 (908) 735-6362 P.O. Box 27, Pittstown, NJ 08867


Mortality Surgical Major Medical Agreed Value Guaranteed Renewal Farmowners Care, Custody & Control Equine Liability Payment Plan


Be part of the Excitement! Join New Hampshire Hunter Jumper Owner/trainer: Audrey Murphy USDF Bronze Medalist, USDF L Graduate, ARIA CertiĂ&#x20AC;ed Instructor

Cynthia McLaughlin 109 Lexington Avenue Manchester, NH 03104 603-625-8392

Essex Equine Insurance Agency, LLC Barbara M. Odiorne, CISR Tel: 978-376-8327 Fax: 978-750-4373 P.O. Box 43 Hathorne, MA

Independent Equine Agents Equine & Farm Insurance


Hunters â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Jumpers Equitation â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Dressage



120 Nobscot Road Sudbury, MA 01776


(978) 443-4800


Certified Equine Appraiser


ABF Equine, LLC Brooke Ferro Owner/Trainer/Instructor


Sign up now for our summer riding program! Judd Road, Coventry, CT


Reliable Insurance

For Horses & Horse Operations 34 years experience

Mortality Insurance

Major Medical â&#x20AC;˘ Air Transport


Clubs â&#x20AC;˘ Events Boarding â&#x20AC;˘ Training â&#x20AC;˘ Instruction Equine Assisted â&#x20AC;˘ Therapeutic Horse & Tractor Drawn Rides Guided Trail Rides â&#x20AC;˘ Pony Rides Farriers Directors â&#x20AC;˘ OfďŹ cers

Farm & Stable Policies Buildings, Tack, Machinery, Personal & Commercial Liability

Serving Vermont and New Hampshire t'VMM-JBCJMJUZ t'BSN4UBCMF t$PNNFrcial t$BSF $VTUPEZ$POUSPM t1FSTPOBM*OTVSBODF t3JEJOH$MVCT4IPXT tWPSLFST$PNQFOTBUJPO (Available through our Agency) ~ Ask What We Can Do For You!! ~


CALL NOW 508-987-5886



| October 2012

Account Executive 10234 Shelbyville Road Louisville, KY 40223


Animal Insurance Agency P.O. Box 223, Paynesville, MN 56362 Website: Email: Toll Free: 1-800-328-8894

292 Colonial Drive Middlebury, VT 05753-5890

1-800-388-6638 ext. 3824

(502) 245-6878 Fax (502) 245-9698

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Horse Owners Who Careâ&#x20AC;?

Cummings Insurance Agency

Licensed in all of New England

Ted T. Cummings Blair Cummings 378 Main Street Manchester, CT 06040

(860) 646-2457 Fax: (860) 645-6650

DIRECTORIES INSURANCE Before you renew or sign with anyone else call Don Ray Insurance, the horse specialists, for a fast, free quote.



Pony Locks




Incorporated in 1995 to make owning miniature horses a pleasure when it comes to registering.

Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll save you time and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll save you money.

Manure Removal For Large & Small Farms


Call 781-837-6550

For Your Fast Free Quote.

Other services available:

3628 Pinkham Way Raleigh, NC 27616 Inquiries welcome at

t1BEEPDLHSBEJOH t"SFOBGPPUJOH t#BSOPVUCVJMEJOHEFNPSFNPWBM t'FODJOHEFNPSFQMBDFNFOU Proud Sponsor of BearSpot Musical Freestyle Call 919.961.1841 for a brochure

Covering all your farm and equine needs.

Gift Certificates Available Dealer Inquiries Welcome

Kelley Corrigan

New England Miniature Horse Society


President, Corrigan Insurance Agency


8951 Edmonston Road Greenbelt, MD 20770



Tel: 301-474-4111 x3112 Tel: 410-792-8090 x3112

3COTT,AFFEY*R 978-490-0873

(540) 890-0856 Full Online Registration Service



Corrigan Insurance Agency, Inc.

12009 Stewartsville Road Vinton, VA 24179

An AMHA approved club offering a full schedule of AMHA pointed shows. Contact: Dawn Schabacker

Fax: 310-623-3131 800-213-1634



Horse Cents

Loans for: s Equestrian facilities s Farms & ranches s Construction s Equipment s Bare land and home sites



Morabs, Morgans & Arabians P.O. Box 203

Hodgenville, KY 42748 Call Karen Murphy 800.562.2235 ext. 8119

270-358-8727 October 2012




Paso Fino


PAINT A HORSE FARM 70 Walcott Street Stow, MA 01775 978-562-3153 Howard & Clare Sparks Standing at Stud • HORSE SHOWS • FARM SHOOTS • FINE ART

Moonshyne D Lite (neg. Lethal White gene) Overo Breeders Trust, APHA/PtHA Champion

Lil More Conclusive 2004 APHA/PtHA Homozygous Tobiano/Homozygous Black Live Color Foal Guarantee


© Photos by: Dusty Perin

2012 Stud Fee: $650 (AI Only) Lalobarun Ranch 978-609-3999

New England Paint Horse Club



Are you risking penalties by processing your own payroll? 603-496-8674

Carien Schippers Equine Photography 288 White Hill Road Walton, NY 13856 (607) 865-5215

Contact us for a free review of your payroll process. 800.562.2235

Serving the Northeast since 1976 Continually striving to build a better environment for our club and the equine industry.

Join Us!

Peruvian Paso

Hacienda la Colina

(Hillside Farm) 845-626-2498

Photography by Carole MacDonald specializing in horses

Maine Morgan Horse Club, Inc.

ntain Lane Farm u o M

1 Bowman Lane Westboro, MA 01581

508-366-7886 Selina Cloutier, President 603-953-3470 or email Sue Oliver, VP 207-319-7554 or email

Peruvian Paso Horses Naturally Gaited


11 Stone Lane, Temple, NH APHA Breeding & Sales Boarding & Lessons 248 equine


| October 2012

Our horses are bred to go from the TRAIL to the SHOW t1SPWFO#MPPEMJOFT t2VBMJUZ)PSTFTGPS4BMF Kathy and Juan Carlos Gill Accord, NY

C o n r a d B e r t h o l d 501 Mendon Rd. Sutton, MA 01590 Available for Farm Shoots




/ / / / / / /

PrE horsEs

QuartEr horsE

Denlore Equine Photography ! ! !


!"#$%&'$()*"+,-.!*/ 012-303-4526/

2767 Fay Brook Road Sharon, VT 05065 802-763-2516 E-mail:

/788!9:";,&/9"#&$/8!9// /<!9$&/$<!'$=/8"9*/$<!!#$/"%:// /&>?+%&/@!9#9"+#$// !

Invites You to Join Our Family! Learn more at

Rein Photography Jennifer Wenzel 16 Burr Road Maplewood, NJ 07040 (973) 760-7336


Photography to Remember Beautiful Weddings Horse Shows Unique Portraits On Location Photography Ellen Leffingwell P.O. Box 284 Norwich, CT 06360

Photos By Dave And Andy 37 Zuell Hill Road Monson, MA 01057 call us at (505) 294-0800 or email

QuartEr horsE

Connecticut Quarter Horse Association

1811 Brookchester Street Katy, TX 77450 Phone: 281-395-0225 Email:

ESQHA The New York State AQHA Affiliate Promoting Interest in Quarter Horse Ownership, Activities, Rights & Welfare



For Information

Place Your ad Here! QuartEr Pony

Quarter Pony Association “Working to promote your ponies!”

21 WatsonSt. St. 5 Demanche Nashua,NH NH Nashua, 03064 03060


h o r se s i nm o ti o

yco n@l

Lucille Evarts 3796 Green Street Vergennes, VT 05491 802-233-0567


For information contact President: 978-649-6134 Raeanne Bowden (9am – 8pm) 603-889-7 677



Tony DeCo

Promoting the American Quarter Horse in Vermont

President: Donna Rosciti

(860) 642-6325 home (860) 334-6206 cell

GERALD R. WHEELER Your connection to the Northeast AQHA Affiliates.

PO Box 297 Leon, Kansas 67074 (509) 949-2488 (816) 250-2351 (361) 729-4456

October 2012

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Silver Heels Riding Club

Horse Farms Are Our Only Business!

• Phil King, Broker • Gary Feinman, Consultant email Visit our Web site with pictures at

Memberships: Sherry Paplaskas

New York State




Independent saddle fitting assessments and on-site saddle adjustments. Variety of new and used saddles at a range of prices affordable to most horse owners.

6 Meadow Fox Lane Chester, NH 03036


Member, Society of Master Saddlers (UK)




26 Years Experience  

✦ Fitting All Makes ✦ Travel to Your Barn ✦ All Saddle Repairs (including converting foam panels to wool)

✦ Representing Duett Saddles & SCHLEESE - The Female Saddle Specialist


✦ Tekscan Pressure Mapping Saddle Fit service now available!

Colin Kimball-Davis

EQUINE REHABILITATION SERVICES, 508-397-3800 LLC Jennifer Brooks P.T., MEd., CERP REHABILITATION SERVICES LLC Gould Road 23 ,Dupaw Jennifer Brooks P.T., MEd., CERP Brookline, New Hampshire 03033 23 Dupaw Gould Road Brookline, New Hampshire 03033

Jennifer Brooks P.T., MEd., CERP


Equine Physical Therapist Brookline, New Hampshire Equine physical therapy for recovery of injuries, lameness or diseases.


JX[[c\=`k 8[aljkd\ekJ\im`Z\j CXliXDXik`ef ,'/$)/+$(-0*

9Xj\[`eEfi]fcb#D8 g\i]\Zkj`k7m\i`qfe%e\k nnn%g\i]\Zkj`k%e\k



Lynda Whaley, President 860-536-1484

603.566.6561 Email:

Full Service English Saddle Fitting and Repairs

The Animal Rehab Institute Equine Massage Certification and Equine Rehabilitation Certification Programs taught by highly trained equine professionals. (561) 792-1441 office/fax

Billets Knee pads ◗ Knee rolls ◗ New seats ◗ Saddle fitting ◗ Side saddle restoration ◗ Tack repairs ◗ Foam panels converted to wool ◗ ◗

P.O. Box 38 Royalston, MA to download a free brochure and class schedule or call 561-792-1441



| October 2012

(978) 249-2526

Quality Horses for Show, Trail & Pleasure We know our horses and use them ourselves. VARIED DISCIPLINES, GREAT SELECTION 603.465.2672






Telephone & Office




The Performance Edge Sports Psychology Doris J. Worcester, LICSW, CCBT • 508-987-2005

DIRECTORIES Tack/apparel/GifTs




Open 7 Days • Now Carrying

rte 10 • Swanzey, NH


Saddlery by

THE MANE PLACE Tuesday - Saturday 9-5pm; Sunday 9-1pm

SpecializedSaddles “Serious Trail Gear for the Serious Trail Rider”


Western & English Tack & Apparel FFFEt)PSTF4VQQMJFTt$BSET GiftTt+FXFMry

Color Catalog Specializing in Tack for Miniatures and Ponies

504 W.)BrtfPSEAvenue Uxbridge, MA 01569 At Levaland Farm 233 Purchase Street Middleboro, MA 02346 774-213-1969

For all your basics... plus hot, new items not stocked by the others!

Western, English, Supplies, Consignment and more...

(508) 278-7563 Fax (508) 278-7567


Crop & Carrot Tack Shop, Inc. 133 West Main St. (Rt. 9) Spencer, MA 01562 508-885-0255 Fax 508-867-4323

Equestrian Outfitters

Mon.-Fri. 10-6 • Sat. 9-5 • Sun. 12-4 Dir: 3/10 mi. West from Junction Rte. 9 & 49

(860) 749-4420

Open 7 Days

Monday - Friday 10-6 Thursday 10-7:30 Saturday 9-5 Sunday 12-5

county saddlery

The Little B Barn

English and Western Tack, Apparel and Supplies for Horse and Rider 155Manning Westchester St. 43 Road Colchester, CT 06415 North Franklin, CT 06254 860-642-6901 860-267-8811

Riders Helping Riders Since 1986 23 Eleanor Road, Somers, CT 06071 Shop online at



Great for Schooling or Shows!

The Equestrian Centre

Professional’s Choice Hunter Jumper Pad

A Complete line of tack, gifts & apparel

Universal Size

$7199 reg. $79.95

Tack Repair Service

Non-Slip Pad

Riverdale Farms Building #12 136 Simsbury Road Avon, CT 06001



11” x 16”

reg. $19.95


Promo Code: HYPPAD


October 2012

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DIRECTORIES Tack/apparel/GifTs


The Totally Stocked English Tack Shop ...and Western too!

The Paddock Inc. 55 Rose Hill Road Ledyard, CT

Trailers & services

Trailers & services


Fiberglass Roof Aluminum Skin Quality Workmanship Affordable Pricing Custom Built

COTROFELD AUTOMOTIVE, INC. P.O. Box 235 (Shop Route 7A) East Arlington, Vermont 05252


Call For Free Brochure

610-847-2237 or 888-856-3138


â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Certified Saddle Fitter on Premises â&#x20AC;&#x201C;




Mon.-Sat. 10-5, Sun. 12-4 or by appointment

866-415-6256 860-464-1559

Outfitting Horse & Rider for Over 50 Years North Andover store hours: Mon. 10-7, Tues.-Fri. 10-6 Saturday 10-6, Sunday 12-5 978-686-7722

Trailers & services

TOURBILLON TRAILER SALES 401 Snake Hill Road North Scituate, RI Toll Free: 866-456-4628

Sundowner, Eby, Hawk, Exiss, Twi-Lite

Ipswich store hours: Mon. 11-5, Tues. & Wed. 10-6 Thurs. 11-6, Fri. & Sat. 10-5 Sun. 12-5 978-356-1180

Centrally Located To MASS & CT in between Rts. 395 & 95




6 Ruth Street 315-829-2875

Tack, Equipment & Apparel from the best names in the business Areaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Widest Selection of Medicinals, Supplements, and Grooming Supplies

252 equine


| October 2012

Construction 4UPDLt)PSTFt6UJMJUZ %VNQ$BSHP5SBJMFST Lasting Quality, Great Prices, Best Value, Proven!


Vernon, NY 13476 1-888-2-TACKUP



â&#x20AC;&#x153;Quality Never Goes Out Of Styleâ&#x20AC;?


Dick and Elaine Robson East Street Topsfield, MA 01983

7 Robin Hill Road Lenhartsville, PA 19534



~ C O M P L E T E PA R T S D E PA R T M E N T ~ 802-482-2250 1-800-533-0504 33 Gardner Circle Hinesburg, VT 05461 Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat by appointment

DIRECTORIES Trailers & services




J.R. Hudson

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Horseman serving Horsemenâ&#x20AC;?




Horse Transportation, Inc.



2201 Route 17K Montgomery, NY 12549

(845) 361-2246 â&#x2DC;&#x2026; Fax (845) 361-2141




Founded 1989


RONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BODY WORKS

veTerinary services

508-427-9333 800-826-1099






Stephen J. Lynch 0GmDFt$FMM


A Division of Advantage Farm Inc.

s s s s s

30 Turnpike Street Suite 2 West Bridgewater, MA 02379




Hospitalized care Laboratory Services Satellite Service Ultrasound Examination Wellness Examinations Dentistry Surgery Ambulatory Digital Radiology Vaccinations Deworming 32 Barnabas Road Newtown, CT 06470 203-270-3600

Voice: 508-427-5463 Fax: 508-427-5464

Professional Transportation


Ron Lanoue 265 State Road Plymouth, MA 02360 508-224-4142 Home 508-494-8089 Cell 508-830-0055

Directory ADvertising Full Trailer Service & Repairs

71 East Main Street Merrimac, MA 01860

978-346-4700 a

European Warmblood Sport Horses For Sale

Plenty of TLC. Utilizing Only The Finest In Premium Equipment & Personnel 603.465.2672

European Quality Pleasure to Grand Prix Green and Made To Fit Any Budget tHunter t+VNQFS t%SFTTBHF

veTerinary services

519-666-1902 352-529-1093

Tufts New England Veterinary Medical Center

A Lifetime of Experience in the Horse Industry

A Full Service Hospital Offering...

Ravine Ranch Sport Horses


sLamenessDiagnosis sUpperAirwayEvaluation sSportsMedicine sSurgery sMedicalCare sReproductionServices sNeonatalIntensiveCare s24hr.EmergencyServices

Station Hill Express

Local and long distance service New England to Florida.



$"--'03063 3&"40/"#-&3"5&4



200 Westboro Road (Rte. 30) North Grafton, MA 508-839-5395

Dol Savirt

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dedicated Breeders of Warmblood Horsesâ&#x20AC;? Hanoverian/cross: TB/cross

We offer â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Affordable Alternativeâ&#x20AC;? Doug & Deb King 204-838-2328 October 2012

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Pinto Horse


Curly Horses


american Bashkir curlies. stallion, mares, geldings. Various ages and degrees of training. aBc registered. lone star curlies. 903-429-6086. BreD To eXcel in Dressage anD DriVing, 2008, curly coated 16hh bay curly sportfilly. This super sweet filly, c-c her royal highness, is ready for training. Price: $3,800. see more,, 208-276-7540. curly horse herD reDucTion (hay shortage). reduced prices, gaited and stock type., 574-542-2457.

General seVeral Well Broke horses aVailaBle: We specialize in “quality” horses for trail, show and pleasure. english & Western. riding both indoors and outside; comfortable with ring work & trails/trips, etc. call us at 603-465-2672 or visit eleganT anD sensiBle Dark Bay Trakehner mare. 15 yo, 16.0 hands, out of katydid (by Pragelstrand) by sieg (by unkenruf out of strategy by mahagoni).Proven Broodmare. confident and saFe on trails, alone or with others. recent Blue ribbon high scores 1st level at Pineland equestrian center in maine. use u-Tube link or go to u-Tube and type katsieg. high score Breed show Peter lert. 207-443-2360 / 207-522-2484 asking $4500. Fastad: #850721. PriceD To sell: 5 year olD reg saDDleBreD gelding. could be your new equitation horse. incredibly smooth gaited with great transitions. Very willing and wants to please. second year of being shown and doing very well, always in the ribbons. up to date on shots and farrier. good stall manners, ties, cross ties, clips, bathes, loads, trailers and is excellent for vet and farrier. Please email or call with any questions. 207-341-7857.

registered morgan gelding. Drives, rides english and Western, jumps. show wins in Working hunter, carriage Dressage, hunter under saddle, over Fences, reinmanship, etc. a real nice all around gelding with no vices and no issues. 1 of several quality horses at 603-465-2675. see online: Fastad: #852338.


This little guy is gentle, no vices, great ground manners. 14.1h. he jumps, WTc, takes both leads, and is great outside as well. saddle him up and go trail riding till the cows come home or have the kids jump on him bareback. a real nice gelding. 1 of several quality horses at 603-465-2672.


Quarter Horses seVeral Well Broke horses aVailaBle: We specialize in “quality” horses for trail, show and pleasure. english & Western. riding both indoors and outside; comfortable with ring work & trails/trips, etc. call us at 603-465-2672 or visit


Websites This Paint gelding can do it all. gentle, quiet, and a great performance horse in the arena as well as having miles of trail experience in all conditions. you will love him. no issues, no vices, 1 of several quality horses at 603-465-2672. Fastad: #852339.

Palomino Palomino araBian sTallion For sale. Double registered. 15.1 hds. Broke Western. ground ties. show quality and gentle. 440-563-3398. The best place to buy, sell, or lease a horse online. innovative features make horse shopping straight forward and results oriented!

Drainage Drainage problems or challenging ground conditions causing you to think twice before starting your job? call us - we can help! We specialize in earth moving/paddock drainage, land/pasture reclamation, greenhouse/arena/barn preparation, rock raking services. 978-897-9977 or merrilltrucks@



Paso Finos BreD anD TraineD in america. We offer a great slection of horses from broodmares and five year olds, to every age group down to foals at their dam’s side. Visit or call 919-770-1673. 254 equine


| October 2012

regisTereD Paso horses For sale. Trail or show. el Zafiro de Trillador at stud. rockwater Farm. call ann 704-798-3460

Properties guesT house For lease 30 minuTes east of san Juan capistrano 20 min W of i15.

CLASSIFIEDS European Equestrian Estate Upscale Kitchen Bathroom & throughout, garage washer dryer. Property has 8 Stall Barn, Cross Ties, Turn Out, Jumping & Dressage Arenas, Round Pen, Access to trails, Bring your horse for additional fee. FastAd: #849400.

NANTUCKET ISLAND - AN EQUESTRIAN PARADISE - $1,595,000 This amazing 4-acre property includes a custom built 8-stall horse barn with apartment and is located just minutes to acres of conservation land andocean beaches. The barn features 2 tack rooms, grain room, hot/cold wash stall, spacious hayloft, several storage rooms and 2 full baths. The grounds are highlighted by well maintained grass paddocks, 2 auxilliary sheds & a 100’x200’ graded sand riding arena. The property is fully irrigated and offers frost free water hydrants at paddocks. Tractor & trailer available. Contact: Mimi Huber, REALTOR. Congdon & Coleman Real Estate. 57 Main Street, Nantucket, MA 02554 508-325-2073 mimih@ Online photo: FastAd: #852748.


Boarding BOX STALLS AVAILABLE in southern New Hampshire. Daily turnout, 24-hour professional care, hay 5 to 7 times a day. Discount on lessons for boarders. Minutes to trails, show grounds, and major highways. Call 603-679-4679. PHEASANT WALK SOUTH IS PLEASED to offer retirement boarding on our brand new 15+ acre hunter/jumper farm in the heart of horse country! 2+ acre pastures with large run-ins, automatic waterers on lush, maintained grass. Owner lives on the property and has been an active member of the New England horse community for over 20 years. Board includes all of the amenities you would expect from a full-care facility as well as trimming (shoes extra), paste worming, and seasonal vaccinations. We have a hotel-style guest room attached to the barn that was specifically designed for our clients to come and visit their retirees for $25/night. For more information, please call Nicole at (978) 621-8588 or email at equibilitysporthorses@gmail. com. $450/month. FastAd: #849392.

Equine Dentistry NATURAL BALANCE EQUINE DENTISTRY Wendy Bryant EQDT 413-237-8887 Restoring Motion through Balancing in the Equine Mouth Improve Topline Maximize Performance Increase Flexion Trained & Certified under Spencer LaFlure “The Equine Tooth Fairy” Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry. FastAd: #844416.

Training PROFESSIONAL TRAINING THROUGH gentle persuasion yet firm, consistent & persistent methods while never being cruel or angry. Finally, get your results and learn how to keep them!, 603-465-2672. FastAd: #851475.

Trailers 2003 SUNDOWNER TWO HORSE G/N TRAILER, dressing room many extras 14,000 OBO call 203-437-1543.

Farm Supplies EXCELLENT QUALITY HORSE HAY, large and small bales available, tractor trailor loads only, call richard for pricing and details, 802-525-3645 or 802-323-3275.

Help Wanted HUNTER/JUMPER BARN LOOKING FOR full time employee. Responsibilities include (but not limited to)- feeding, mucking stalls, turning out & grooming. Horse show experience a plus. Housing negotiable. References Required. 617-504-9557.

EQUINE PROFESSIONAL, BARN MANAGER POSITION. THIS IS A full time professional position requiring significant equine experience with multiple disciplines. Impeccable references are mandated. Responsibilities include everything from barn chores, riding, training, lessons, showing horses, etc. This is an all around full time position requiring your dedicated efforts. You will be working with horses of various disciplines in both Western and English environments and with clients and prospective sales prospects as well. If you are confident you qualify for this position, send your resume and qualifications immediately to 603-465-2672.

Insurance CORRIGAN INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Insurance to protect your farm, horses, home, autos and other needs. Call, email, or text for more info: Kelly A. Corrigan, President, 800-213-1634 Text: 301-807-8797.

Sell Your Stuff with Equine Journal Classifieds. It’s free for Affiliates! Visit and click the Classifieds tab to advertise in print and online.

October 2012




CERTERO V 16.1 H Black EE Aa PRE Andalusian Stallion. Registered LG-ANCCE and IALHA. Proven performance in Open Competition Dressage. This Stallion passes on movement, athleticism & sweet temperament. Multiple Mare Discounts Discounts for Early Booking.

FAVORITO KG 16.3H Black Bay, EE Aa Proven performance Stallion in Open Competition-Dressage and Jumping. This Stallion passes on movement, athleticism & sweet temperament. Multiple Mare Discounts Discounts for Early Booking.

Hector Rivera, owner. 708-417-5671 See additional photos at www.avalonandalusianfarm


Hector Rivera, owner. 708-417-5671 See additional photos at www.avalonandalusianfarm



HESA ZEE+/ Xenophonn x Somthing Special IAHA Breeders Sweepstakes Sire, MN Medallion Stallion, Tested SCID Clear $1,000/500 LFG Breeding Reining Horses with Natural Talent...

LEXINGTON a.k.a. Boho’s Cold Fusion Lexington is known as a “tight cob” having a short back and exceptionally good topline and rear. He is gentle and intelligent with a kind eye. 320-485-4144 New Germany, MN

For more information: 309-594-2318 Bohemian Gypsy Cobs


MORGAN 602.684.9947



Breeding the Legend...


at stud!

DESERT JEWEL GYPSY HORSES Standing the LARGEST number of Gypsy Stallions in the World! Our stallions are DNA tested and registered. Live cover, Fresh & Frozen Semen Available.

Eleanor Hamilton, owner, Farm: 763-428-2082 Home: 763-767-1381 Website:

Lake Ridge LAKE RIDGE BRITISH STERLING. 8-year-old rated Model Stallion. USDF National 3rd level Gypsy Vanner Champion 2010. 4th level dressage, 15.1 hands, Homozygous for the tobiano and black gene. Shipped semen.


Sir Royal Excalibur 612-386-8476

JAZZ & COMPANY GYPSY VANNERS Photo Credit: Jennifer Wilkening



2007 Black Silver Dapple Black EE Silver Zz Produces Silver 50% of the time Grandson of The Business Great Grandson of The Boss Booking select number of mares in 2012. Shipped Semen Only 309.224.2774

Advertise with MIDDLEMIST MIDNIGHT MAGIC (Catskill Startrek x Del-View Nocturne Nikie)

ROSEVALE LEGGO Black, 16-2h. Currently at third level dressage and also showing at preliminary level combined driving. He will be advancing to intermediate level combined driving in 2011.

USEF HORSE OF THE YEAR, Carriage Driving 15.2H Dark Mahogany Bay. Athletic, typey and handsome. Kind and honest disposition. Stud fee $1,000 LFG.

Bill and Nancy Broe 258 Crest Lane, Ancramdale, NY Stud fee: $1,000 518-329-5249

Direct inquiries to: Dr. Susan McLellan 607-746-2723



| October 2012

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October 2012

| equine Journal 257


Photographic Evidence DEar EvEry HorsE sHow Photographer who Has Ever Photographed Me in a Class: Please surrender your camera immediately. It’s defective. How do I know this? That’s easy. you see, I know how I’m supposed to look when I’m in the show ring. I know how I feel like I look. and yet, time and again, when I see your photos, that’s not how I actually look. something is wrong. For example, I go in the ring with my game face on. I’m cool, confident, and canny. Then I see my pictures and I do have a face on, but it’s not cool and confident. It’s more like, “Uhhh… uh oh.” It can’t be me, so it must be your camera. I can give you more examples, too. Let’s take clothes. when I put on my super-sparkly form-fitting western pleasure show shirt and tuck it into my handsomely-blinged-out chaps, I look like a million bucks. shirt is smoothly tucked in, hat is level, belt is on the appropriate notch. so why, when your proofs pop up online, is my shirt sloppy? My belt buckle saggy? My hat at an angle that would be called rakish if I were a cowboy from the 1930s, but I’m not? again, your camera, or, dare I say—your photography skills— have to be the culprit.

were you not taught to photograph a lady in a way that brings out her innate charm and beauty, even when it’s not there to begin with? and, here’s another problem. I know that when I’m holding my reins, I’m the epitome of savoir faire. My back is straight, all the joints are lined up, and my heels are gracefully down. and, I’m sure that I when I bump Gorgeous, I do it with precision that a neurosurgeon would envy, putting her into the perfect frame. But, when I look at your photos, it appears your fancy camera has some sort of virus. That’s because I see my hand clutching that romal like it’s a life preserver, and I’m snatching poor Gorgeous into some contorted pose that isn’t supposed to be anatomically possible for horses. My back has a troublesome arch in it, and “chair seat” comes to mind when I look at my ears, shoulders, hips, and way-out-front-ankles. Then, there are those lineup photos. I never ride crooked in the show ring; I’m sure of it. and yet, there I appear to be in the lineup, saddle horn listing about 20 degrees off-center of the horse and me looking oblivious. and, these pictures are out there for everyone to see. why do you do this to us?

Here’s what I suggest. supermodels are airbrushed and Photoshopped into glossy perfection. I think we amateur exhibitors ought to have the same option. we work really hard to get into the ring and out again in one piece, and we certainly pay enough in blood, sweat, tears, and filthy lucre. so, make us look good. I’d like to have these options when I look at my pictures… The confidence Factor. That picture where I’m looking across the ring and you can see the whites of my eyes, resulting in a misleading terrorized expression? I want it to go away. your job is to make me look as unflappable as angelina Jolie posing on the red carpet. In fact, maybe just a little angelina-ing of the eyebrows, cheekbones, and lips could be accomplished. The Perfect Form Filter. I’d like the option to have soft hands, heels down, and a perfect ears/shoulders/hips/heels vertical line. There should be a oneclick button on your site that would let me fix that. a girl can hope. The Bump Fixer. speaking of verticals, let’s have a program we can run that puts our horse’s nose on the vertical, please, even if our real-life bump cues can’t. and, it fills in gapemouth, kind of like the red-eye setting on my camera, with a special drapefixer for us western riders, creating a lovely drape in our reins. The slenderizer option. I don’t think I should have to explain this to you, but since I’ve noticed some of you are of the male persuasion, apparently I do. My western horse needs to look “substantial,” but I don’t. a little trimming of everything below the waistline (and in my case some filler above it) would be most welcome…as well as eliminating any clothing shifting that may result in the things I’m trying to minimize being maximized instead. I mean, spandex can only do so much. Have a heart, guys! videographers, you’re next. Ange Dickson Finn is an award-winning freelance writer, western pleasure competitor, and retired horse show mom who’s glad that at least her horse is photogenic. Visit her at and, or email her at

illustration: william greenlaw

By Ange Dickson Finn

Equine Journal (October 2012)  

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