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northeast Fjord horse association

Members of Red » Rock Farm enjoy the 2012 horse show.

Officers Attend Annual Club Meeting Submitted by angela young; Photo by Sheri bankert

Back in January, the northeast Fjord horse association officers met for their annual club meeting. Prior to this, members who could not attend and voice their requests, concerns, wants, and needs, were asked to send them in via email. We received quite a few responses, all pertaining to having another show and participating in equine affaire once again. Due to the club’s success last year, it was voted upon to both host another show and participate at equine affaire this year. this vote, however, does not set in stone that these things will indeed happen. it will take more than a vote to make this possible. at this meeting, the future of this club was also discussed, along with the high concern due to our membership count at that time. We have a lot of supporters, but not all of them are members. it is understandable that January 1 is a busy time to renew your membership, but in reality, it is the time when we need to know what kind of support we have to set up for

the year ahead. the show needs to be planned by the end of February in order to book a facility, judge, compose a class list, etc. equine affaire, too, is a large commitment for this club, both financially and physically. the northeast Fjord horse association has become quite successful over the past few years. in order to keep moving forward, we need to step it up a bit and keep the momentum going. often, when things start to go smoothly, the work and support tend to slow down. We cannot let that happen, as our officers cannot continue to carry this club the way they have. this does not mean, in any way, that we are not thankful for those that have gone that extra mile to help out, gone out of their way to participate in our events, or even to make sure their membership renewal is in by January 1 each year. We are thankful for each and every little thing our members do to help allow this wonderful breed to keep promoting itself in

the fashion of our mission. this just means that if you have some ideas, feel free to join us and set them free—make them a reality. We, your officers, love ideas; however, we can only do so much and cannot continue to carry the club on without membership, support, and volunteer work. With this said, let’s get those memberships in and rolling. We will need more memberships in order to continue on to equine affaire. By becoming a member, you not only support the Fjord breed, but also get access to Equine Journal and to the fun member events we have planned for the year. all information on upcoming events can be found on our website. this issue of the club’s future and its continuation will be revisited at the end of the year if things remain lower than average, and a decision on whether to continue will be discussed. Let’s make this a topic unnecessary to discuss by the end of the year by joining, becoming active, and showing the world what our Fjords can do!

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Gypsy horse registry of america Announces 2012 Merit Award Program Winners Submitted by Jan eaSter

Champion A Halter Stallion, Two Years and Under; Champion A Stallion Color: Lake Ridge Thunder Bay, A00000963, Sue Niesen, Gypsy Lane, Anson, TX. Champion A Halter Gelding, Three Years and Older; Champion A Exhibition: Oak Knoll Vincent, A00001181, Kay Peterson, Oak Knoll Farm, Owatonna, MN. Champion B Halter Mare, Three Years and Older; Champion B Mare Color; Champion B Dressage; Champion B Western Pleasure: Romipens Shookar Chelava,

152 equine


| March 2013

B00000795, Cynthia Cutter, Diamond Springs, CA. Champion A Halter Mare, Three Years and Older; Champion A Mare Color: Lake Ridge British Truffle, A00000176, Sue Niesen, Gypsy Lane, Anson, TX. Champion B Utility; Champion B English Pleasure: Peperoogas Omnyazos GRR08, B00001039, Lynn Strauman, Gypsy Rose Ranch, Lodi, CA.

thank you to all of our 2012 merit award program participants.

Romipens Shookar Chelava Halter, Color, Dressage, and Western Merit Award winner.

(L) Oak Knoll Vincent Halter Geldings and Exhibition Merit Award winner. (R) Lake Ridge British Truffle Halter and Color Mare Merit Award winner.

PhotoS: (bottom clockwiSe) Stacy Sutton; bob brown; kay PeterSon.

the following are the 2012 Merit award winners from the Gypsy horse registry of america:

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