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ohio arabian & all Breed Trail riding society Welcomes Spring SubMitted by Mickie newnaM

There’s noT a loT To reporT this month, but by the time you read this, you should have received your spring mailing, and the new schedule should be up on the website. If not, it should happen within a few days. It’s always good to look forward to a new riding season! Mollie and Tom will have two new additions with them this year. after the passing of their beloved saddie, they thought one dog wasn’t enough, so they got two more Corgi puppies—abbie and oscar (I think)! Mollie has already nicknamed abbie “devil dog,” so this year should be very amusing—for the rest of us, anyway. on sad news, I lost my dog, sasha, just before Christmas. she hadn’t been camping with me last year due to senility, and it finally got the best of her. Journey, however, doesn’t mind being an “only child,” so we’re getting along well. please remember that april 11-14 is equine affaire. We will have a booth as usual, and, also as usual, we’re always looking for people to help work it. It’s not hard—just talk about the sport, our

programs, the club, etc., to everyone that passes. It’s a lot of fun. If you are able to help, and can sign up for a particular time slot, please let me know (937-232-9256 or If you aren’t sure what Pius and Manuela Felder on a recreational distance ride at your schedule will be, but know you’ll be Crunch 2012. there, feel free to let RecReational Riding Results me know that, or just pop in and see if whoever is working there needs a The following are the recreational break. I have no problem being at the riding results for 2012: 50 Hours: Diana Barr, Rebel’s Storm; Diana Barr, booth most of the time, but I do like Shabaz; Molly Eastwood, Sierra; Maureen Fehrs, Max; Karen McCabe, Victory Dance; Celeste to shop a little bit too, of course! If Phares, Teddy; Karen Snodgrass, Max-a-million; you’re able to work several days, Carolyn Sullivan, Puzzle; Carolyn Sullivan, Romeo; Vivian Stafanchik, Sir Winsor Dawn. 100 Hours: ohio arabian & all-Breed Trail riding Molly Eastwood, Sierra; Maureen Fehrs, Max; society (oaaTs) pays for a motel room Monica Gaynor, Pusher’s Lucky Cash; Karen McCabe, Victory Dance; Carolyn Sullivan, Romeo. 250 where I stay, and others are more than Hours: Molly Eastwood, Sierra; Monica Gaynor, welcome to join me. Threat’s Little Moondancer; Becky McCarty, Fadbai Fanatic; Steve Stoffer, High Dollar; Samantha Terry, That’s all for the moment. If Sally Anne; Kandy Zehner, Saharrah. 500 Hours: Diana Barr, R Hot Pepper; Don Fehrs, Doppler; anyone has news from rides, farm Kimba Justice, TS Chernanigans; Barb Oberhaus, news, personal news, or photos, Black Beauty. 750 Hours: Leah Palestrant, Gabe; Celeste Phares, Shelly. 1,000 Hours: Becky McI’m always willing to share it. Just Carty, Wineglass Dominus. 1,500 Hours: Karen pass it along to me. Thanks and McCabe, WCA The Ultimate (Boy). happy riding!

Connecticut Trail rides association Plans an Eventful Year SubMitted by kiM dore

There have Been a feW MeMBers posting on our facebooksM group that they have been riding a bit this winter, with photos to prove it! some happenings in 2012 include 128 equine


| March 2013

the following. our littlest new member, Tory Dilger, born in september, is reported to be growing in leaps and bounds and mom, stephanie, treats us to regular updates and photos via

facebook. Camp Director, larry adkins, had successful surgery in november and would like to thank all those who sent cards, as well as the club for the floral arrangement. The Dores added a new puppy, fergus humongous (a Bassett hound mix), to their family in november. It is rumored that certain longtime Connecticut Trail rides association (CTra) members, who moved to florida not too long ago, may be making another move—possibly becoming neighbors of another member, lou Casabona in Tennessee. These

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