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Troubleshoot Your Hunter Round What Are They Feeding? Nutrition Plans of the Pros

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Choosing a College

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6, Equine Journal, July 2011


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July 2011, Equine Journal, 7



July 2011



Troubleshooting the Hunter Trip Professional trainer, Kristi Smith, discusses how to improve your hunter round. By Jodi Fortier


Your College Path Six Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing a College By Audrey Humphrey


IHSA/IEA Championships


Nutrition Plans of the Pros Head inside the barns of five pros and get the details on what keeps their horses performing at the top of their game. By Pamela MansďŹ eld


The Right Fit Helpful Ideas for Finding and Fitting Pony Tack By Kandace York

8, Equine Journal, July 2011


YOU PICK THE PROJECT... We’ll help with the design & materials A&B has long been known for providing quality building materials to contractors, remodelers and homeowners. But, we are also known for our unique and memorable design ser-



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Stall Barns, Riding Arenas, Storage Sheds, Run-in Sheds, Cupolas and Dairy Barns July 2011, Equine Journal, 9




Standards, Styles & Trends in Friesian Grooming By Kandace York


July 2011

Nine Auspicious Breeds Mountain and Moorland Ponies make a name for themselves in North America. By Kelly Davidson Chou


Sweet Slumber An inside look at horses and their sleep habits. By Natalie Defee Mendik


Pro Questions

The Keys That Unlock the Door


Master Your Seat

Charles de Kunffy Palm Springs, California

By Pam Fowler Grace


On The Cover 28

Kensington, New Hampshire

10, Equine Journal, July 2011



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Sara, my eleven year old mare, had experienced no lameness issues prior to May of 2007. Suddenly, with no warning, she went lame. She had been showing in the low amateur-owner division on the A circuit. We went the usual route, a lameness evaluation by my local veterinarian, who had been responsible for Sara's care since I had purchased her. He spent the summer working on her, primarily through joint injections and a significantly reduced work schedule. By autumn, he recommended visiting an equine clinic.

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Sara went to the clinic. She was there for several days. They conducted many tests, including a nuclear scan. No progress was made. Nothing unusual for an eleven-year-old show jumper. We started to work with another veterinarian. A very similar experience, but he was quicker to send us to another equine clinic. Sara was there for a few more days. Lots of tests. Injections. Still nothing improved her condition. We were now at fall of 2008. Sara had been lame for eighteen months. She was two months from being sent to the breeding shed. And I was close to giving up. And we all know that horse-people are not quitters! My ever-loyal blacksmith kept asking questions. He mentioned Sara's ongoing problems to a vet he knew. She suggested that we explore muscle conditions. Our vet did a biopsy on Sara, which came back negative. My blacksmith (who is also Donna’s blacksmith) had by this time spoken to Donna White, who suspected EPSSM or something related, she prepared a diet for Sara, regardless of the test results. We changed Sara's feed in November of 2008. Donna told me not to expect to see any results for four to six weeks. By the middle of the first week, I felt a difference in Sara. She was definitely better. Every week showed improvement. Sara strengthened and became totally sound. We loaded Sara up for the trip to Wellington in January. By February Sara made her debut in the schooling jumpers. By March she was in the modifieds. In May she was back in the low a/o's. And she was eating up the jumps. Sara participated in all the spring shows. The more she worked and jumped, the better she felt. Several caveats with this program: Sara needs to be worked! Daily. The feeding program must be followed exactly. Donna is always there to assist. When the weather changes, Donna advises on how to modify the feed. When I went away for several weeks and I couldn't work Sara, Donna told me how to get Sara through the time. Sara is preparing for Wellington again. She is strong and sound. And it is all thanks to Donna and her feeding program. Donna saved my horse! — Pam Nalefski, NH NOTE: While Sara's biopsy (DNA for EPSSM) showed negative my feeling was to feed her as an EPSSM or similar issue horse as that could DO NO HARM. Sara's story is a successful one but I still encourage working with your Veterinarian. A TEAM approach of Pam Nalefski, Donna White and Dr. Fred Nostrant of Concord, MA has yielded a successful outcome. — Donna White Update October 2010: The decision was made to breed Sara and we wanted to ensure she did not have an inherited muscle disease that could be transmitted to her foal. A muscle biopsy taken from her hamstring muscle and was sent to the University of Minnesota. This biopsy showed no evidence of PSSM or other inherited muscle diseases. There were some nonspecific signs of Recurrent Exertional Rhabdomyolysis (RER or chronic "Tying-Up") found on the muscle biopsy of this mare. — Dr. Fred Nostrant, North Bridge Equine Associates, Concord, MA

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Back in theRing O

ur summer has been off to a busy start, both in the Roberts household and at the office. Monday morning reports of horse shows, trail rides and other equine adventures keep the chatter lively. My oldest granddaughter, Kiera, has already competed at three shows in leadline and over Memorial Day weekend, I made my foray back into the show ring at the Arabian Horse Club of Connecticut Annual “A” show. A special thank you to Michelle Laudano who loaned her trusty steed so I could participate in the benefit class for The Cure Starts Now Foundation in memory of John Cinelli. Over 50 riders participated in the class and it was a moment that I will remember for some time to come. While it was great fun to be “back in the saddle,” as a grandmother to two girls, I’ve been struggling to find the right equipment, especially saddles, for our next generation. Finding those small sizes is no easy task and of course, everything needs to be pink! Kandace York’s article this month couldn’t have been more timely, as she spoke with industry insiders on how to find and fit pony tack. This issue has something for everyone. A few months ago we asked our readers through a Facebook posting what their biggest challenge was in the hunter/jumper ring. A common theme emerged and thus our feature on Fixing Rider Errors was born. In addition to our feature articles that you can read in print or online, be sure to check out the video component courtesy of our partnership with Competitive Rider ( Simply go to, click on the featured article to read it in full and view the video tips right on our website. For additional tips and a full-length video to download, visit Competitive Rider. We are thrilled to bring this added dimension of learning to you! As we are all out traveling to competitions and trail rides this summer, the recent EHV-1 outbreak that originated in Utah is a reminder that we all need to take precautions and put the best interest of our horses at the forefront. While no one likes to cancel a show or stay home after training for months, I was relieved to hear that many of you did just that with your horse’s welfare in mind. For updates on EHV-1 and other critical news, be sure to sign up for our daily updates on and Fan us on Facebook. Not only will you get news you need, but you will also receive notifications on upcoming contests. Past winners have received gift certificates to SmartPak and Wild Horsefeathers, product from Absorbine, Grand Meadows and Farnam or Equine Journal personalized products like saddle pads and blankets. You don’t want to miss out! Yours in Sport,

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✦ Video: Kristi Smith discusses how to diagnose a jump ✦ Communicating with Your Horse ✦ The latest news from your discipline and region 20, Equine Journal, July 2011

July 2011, Equine Journal, 21


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Patricia Burg, a recent Equine Journal contest winner writes, “I just received my ShowSheenŽ gift pack in the mail this week that I won from you! Thank you so much for it – I have a young grey/turning white horse who could use the extra shine and help staying clean!� Be sure to visit for your chance to win great prizes.

On behalf of the entire High Hopes community, we would like to thank Equine Journal so very much for the donation of 480 Blue Seal horse cookies! Please know how grateful we are to have you thinking about our needs and taking such special care of the High Hopes herd. It is greatly appreciated by all! As a token of our appreciation, we will include a personal thank you in our Annual Horse Show Days program. Thank you so much! Kitty Stalsburg Executive Director High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc Old Lyme, CT

Fjord Frenzy I was so happy to see an article about the Fjord in the May issue. I own a 10-year-old Fjord gelding that I use for driving and trail riding. Fjords are great horses, and I would highly recommend owning one! They are docile, friendly and you gotta love the hair! Tamara Ames Via Email

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Built On A Heritage Of Innovation 22, Equine Journal, July 2011

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Going Green By Equine Facility Architect, Ellen Whittemore

Track Systems: An Alternative to Pastures and Paddocks t has been raining for days, the weather report says that more is on the way, and you and your horses are starting to lose your sense of humor. You would like to put the horses out, but, the pastures and paddocks are so wet, you are afraid they will get torn up and turn into mudslides. Then, too, turning them out when it is so wet is not good for your horses’ feet, nor is it good for the environment. If erosion gets to the point where the ability to hold vegetation and soak up water is compromised, tainted water could run off into nearby waterways.


stand wear and tear from horses’ feet during wet weather. Constructing these takes a certain amount of commitment, so you need to weigh the pros and cons. At a minimum, they require removing the top organic layer of earth and replacing it with layers of crushed stone, similar to arena footing. In some very wet and environmentally-sensitive areas, perforated drainpipe might be required in or below the gravel as well.

Sacrifice Paddocks

Track Systems

One solution is to create a sacrifice or dry paddock. Sacrifice paddocks are designed to with-

Lynnette Batt, of Sustainable Stables (, is an expert in sustainable







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HORSE HEALTH AT ITS BEST! Blaze N Boots is a 10 yr. old, 16h, ex-harness racing, Registered Standardbred that was retired from the track due to a weak stifle. He was underweight, with bad teeth, bad feet and he was a sad example of a horse that for some unknown reason, grabbed at my heart. After a few months of struggling thru worms, ulcers, shoeing’s, and blankets, I began to see a glimmer of a new horse but still the weight would not come. I consulted with Donna White at White Haven Farm in Upton MA and we switched him to Seminole Wellness Senior, adjusted the amounts and I watched as he continued to blossom. Formula 4 Feet is the most amazing product, he is barefoot now. But even as we continued to solve one issue at a time, he still wasn’t quite “right”.

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The few times I rode him, he felt a little “off”.. Donna told me about a fantastic vet, Dr. Fred Nostrant from Concord MA. After x-rays and ultrasounds, turns out that my Blaze N Boots has a broken stifle. Severe injury, bad arthritis and not a good prognosis, but regardless, I decided to go forward with a stifle injection. And then back to Donna to formulate our plan of attack! Donna helped with products for inflammation, joint fluids, and pain. As we were able to get his pain reduced, he continued to blossom into the horse I have today. He is easy to have around, a pleasure to watch how much he enjoys life now. Today he is pasture sound and good company with all the horses.

Thank you Donna, for all your help, for listening, for all your wisdom and advice, and for sometimes, just saying nothing at all. — Nancy Kitchen, Lakeville MA

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Going Green

housekeeping and recommends a track system as a good alternative to sacrifice paddocks. Lynnette explains that the track system was popularized by Jaime Jackson, a renowned hoof care expert, in his book Paddock Paradise: A Guide to Natural Horse Boarding (Star Ridge Publishing). The system mimics a wild, natural, horse environment via the creation of paths where horses can wander and forage at will. Grass grazing, which can cause laminitis, is avoided with slow hay feeders placed along the paths, which in combination with the provision of water holes, shaded areas and other areas of interest, encourage horses to wander along the paths. Lynnette sees benefit to using a track system in combination with paddocks and pastures. Lynnette shares that, in her business, there is no prescribed solution to laying out a facility, but that it depends on the specific needs of the owner and their horses. Where laminitis is not a problem, track systems

can achieve the same thing as dry paddocks, giving your horses a place to go when pastures and paddocks are rain-soaked, or when you want to rotate your pastures. A simple electric line can be run inside the perimeter fence around the property or around an existing paddock, farm buildings, etc. to create a path that should be 12’ to 15’ wide. If it’s too wide, it will not encourage horses to move along. Like many ideas in the horse world, practical problems can be solved simultaneously with protecting the environment. The track system is a way to do just that while contributing to horses’ physical and mental well-being, not to mention your sense of humor. We would love to feature YOUR creativity and ideas. Contact Ellen Whittemore at Copyright 2010 Ellen Whittemore

Run-ins to Arenas to Custom Reproductions

STALL BARNS • ARENAS • STORAGE BUILDINGS PO Box #262, Epsom, NH 03234 • 603-798-5088 fax 603-798-5087 • 26, Equine Journal, July 2011


Harvest The Sun’s Power! Dramatically Reduce or Eliminate Your Electric Bill! Possibly Generate Excess, Salable Electricity! Aztec Solar Power’s Turnkey Solutions Guide You Through State and Federal Incentive Programs. Solar Power is Now More Affordable Than Ever! Robert P. Casey, Jr. United States Senator for Pennsylvania

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July 2011, Equine Journal, 27

COVER STORY By Audrey Humphrey Photos: Jenna Leigh Teti Photography

Kensington, New Hampshire


ometimes the best pony memories from childhood – brushing manes, feeding carrots, feeling confident in the saddle – can be difficult for even “super parents” to facilitate. In today’s fast-paced world of demanding jobs, confusing smartphones, and the go-go-go mantra, even hobbies and activities are made to run on a tight schedule. Jocelyn McQuillan, a corporate lawyer working out of Boston, and her husband Brian, a former member of the Canadian diplomatic corps, understand this scenario all too well and have reflected this knowledge in their premiere hunter, jumper, and equitation equestrian facility, Kensington Equestrian Center. Located less than an hour north of Boston in New Hampshire’s picturesque seacoast area, Kensington Equestrian Center is a full-service facility, turning out some of the area’s finest competitive teams while maintaining a family-style atmosphere geared toward the ease and convenience of each client. McQuillan knew when her daughter, Zoë, was only 18months old that horses would become a big part of her life. “Pony rides became an every-weekend request, and her passion progressed to having her own pony; and, here we are today!” McQuillan says happily. A long-time rider herself, McQuillan loved horses and rode as a child and also throughout her college years, taking a break to meet the vigorous demands of law school and her fast-paced career, which she still works hard at today. Yet, fi nding a balance and sanctuary to enjoy herself and her family is something McQuillan has achieved, and she strives to help others do the same with Kensington Equestrian Center. “People get a little lost in their horse time here,” McQuillan explains. “My husband and I are a team, overseeing that the property and direction of the farm and horses are handled with care. We like to slow it down a little because everything is just so rushed these days, especially for kids.” The farm is the epitome of family-friendly, with bountiful swing set areas and rock piles that the kids like to play on, pulverizing rocks to make imaginary “unicorn feed.” McQuillan says that because some of the kids are too young to ride, there are lots of play areas for them to enjoy while older siblings are riding. “Playing in the rock walls and rolling around in the mud with the barn dogs – just enjoying themselves – that is what it’s all about,” she explains. Barbecues, entertaining costume parties, and other family-based events are regularly held at the farm, furthering the sense of community and recreation for all the families involved. For adults who are unable to steal away from work emails and phone calls for too long, but wish to allow their children 28, Equine Journal, July 2011

Kensington Equestrian Center strives to prove to all horse lovers that there can be a balance struck between work and play.

more horse time, McQuillan invites them to relax in the 1725 farmhouse or guest office with complimentary computer use and Internet access. “We are always outside here,” says McQuillan of her family and friends. “We didn’t even have a television in our house up until three weeks ago, and that’s hardly ever used.” A self-proclaimed Type A personality, McQuillan believes that the horses help balance her career terrifically, and she refuses to carry her cell phone during her riding time. “It’s my time and my space and just so liberating and healthy for the whole family,” she says, “and I want Kensington Equestrian Center to allow other families to relish that bond and balance.” Understanding and sincere, McQuillan is both realistic and positive about the family commitment to the rider in the family and strives to make the situation a fun and enjoyable time for all family members involved. While Kensington Equestrian Facility is extremely familyoriented and friendly, the facility is also one of the leading competition stables in the Northeast, allowing each client interested in showing the opportunity to participate in local, regional, and “AA” rated shows with fabulous mounts and terrific trainers. A first class facility, Kensington Equestrian Center is framed with white, four-rail fencing enclosing lush, carefully-tended paddocks with individual run-in sheds. Monitored 24-hours a day, riders can enjoy indoor riding on renowned Pinnacle footing or enjoy the sunshine in a brand-new 200 ft. x 300 ft. hunter derby ring. A heated viewing room, heated tack room, and indoor washing stall are alluring additions to all those New Englanders who battle the harsh winter. Behind Kensington Equestrian Center is a vast expanse of freshly-restored trail networks (132 acres to be exact, with seven horse-friendly bridges). McQuillan is excited at the prospect of hunter paces, organized trail rides


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July 2011, Equine Journal, 29

and new faces that the trail networks are sure to bring. “Probably one of the most exciting changes here at Kensington Equestrian Center is the arrival of our new team of professionals,” McQuillan says with enthusiasm. “Chelise Storace, Lucy Davies and Jessica Elliott recentA first class facility, Kensington Equestrian Center ly joined Kensington Equestrian Center and is framed with white, four-rail fencing enclosing lush, carefully-tended paddocks with individual offer exceptional instruction and training run-in sheds. for our clients.” On April 1, Chelise Storace of Cressbrook Stables joined Kensington Equestrian Center as head trainer/instructor. An accomplished and highly-regarded hunter, jumper and equitation trainer/instructor, Storace rode with world-renowned hunter and jumper instructor, George Morris, as an amateur rider and continues to ride with him as a professional. Storace is the immediate past president of the New Hampshire Hunter Jumper Association and brings to her students a plethora of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Storace is joined by her assistant trainer since 2007, Lucy Davies. A long-time rider hailing from Kingswinford, England, Davies has a degree in fashion and is a licensed instructor in the state of Massachusetts. Davies has a passion for taking her students on trail rides, beach adventures, and hunter paces and will be sure to head the exploring efforts in Kensington Equestrian Center’s new trail networks. Storace and Davies offer riding instruction for intermediate to advanced junior riders and all levels of adult riders from the first ride to the serious competitor. Brentwood native, Jessica Elliott, is also part of Kensington Equestrian Center’s all-star lineup. A graduate of the StoneleighBurnham School, Elliott was team captain on the national champion Stoneleigh-Burnham IEA team and a member of the Lynchburg College IHSA team. As a junior rider, Elliott won numerous AQHA championship titles in events including, work-

ing hunter, hunter hack, hunter under saddle, equitation over fences, jumping, western riding, barrel racing and pole bending. Elliott has ridden with noted instructors including: Todd Karn, Bill Ellis, David Connors, Frank Madden and Sherrye Johnson Trafton. Hardworking and talented, Elliot aided in the stable While Kensington Equestrian Facility is extremely management aspects family-oriented and friendly, the facility is also one during the openof the leading competition stables in the Northeast. ing of Kensington Equestrian Center. She offers riding instruction for beginner riders and children, while also leading the camp program and coaching the IEA team. In addition to the new faces and expanding services that Kensington Equestrian Center has to offer, there are ongoing clinics and events at the facility throughout the year open to both clients and visitors interested in exploring new methods, ideas, and trainers. The big happenings at Kensington Equestrian Center prove to all horse lovers that there can be a balance struck between work and play, and that in the right circumstances, a pony can bring a family together for fun and laughter. Zoë’s first pony was a small grey POA named Oshkosh B’Gosh, and while Zoë is beginning to outgrow him and is starting into a show career with her new welsh pony, “Fritz”, McQuillan notes that Zoë is wise beyond her years with concern for “Oshy”. “She says that all horses should be treated like members of the family, and that when she is too big for him, she’ll drive him around rather than ride him. He’ll always have a home here,” says McQuillan. “And, of course, that is how it should be.” If you would like information on the team and/or how to get involved at Kensington Equestrian Center, please contact Jocelyn or Brian McQuillan at 603-778-2828 or team@KensingtonEques ■

Kensington Equestrian Center is pleased to welcome its new trainers Chelise Storace, Lucy Davies and Jessica Elliott HUNTERS, JUMPERS, EQUITATION 38 Amesbury Road (Rt.150) Kensington, New Hampshire 03833 603.778.2828 30, Equine Journal, July 2011

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32, Equine Journal, July 2011

Photo of the Month Sheryl Hinckley and her horse, Jesse James, on New Year’s Day.

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July 2011, Equine Journal, 33


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Heritage Farm & Stables Paso Fino Horses Charles Minter, Jr, and Milda Minter 1833 Perryman Road, Lexington, NC, 27295 336-764-4785 •

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34, Equine Journal, July 2011

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For coupons and to learn more about caring for your horse, visit July 2011, Equine Journal, 35

By Jodi Fortier

Troubleshooting the Hunter Trip Professional trainer, Kristi Smith, discusses how to improve your hunter round.


hen we envision the perfect hunter horse, what comes to mind is the pretty, well-balanced horse that has the long, low stride to easily cover the ground. In addition, its longer, well-shaped neck will come out of its shoulder at the right angle for a natural, lower head carriage. In the air, the horse will be careful and use its knees tightly and squarely, as well as round its neck and back, creating a lovely bascule over the fence. The jumps should appear effortless – the horse straight at all times, the changes automatic and without an adjustment in rhythm. The horse’s expression should be bright, with the ears forward. The ideal hunter would also travel with light contact from the rider. A neat turnout, shiny coat, polished hooves and a tidy braid job all add to the elegance of the whole picture. This month, Equine Journal talks with Kristi Smith of Cedar Brook Farm in Madison, Connecticut, about what makes the perfect hunter round and what are some common problems riders encounter. 36, Equine Journal, July 2011


The Good and The Bad What we like to see in the perfect hunter trip is the horse who is brilliant from the first step into the ring. Brilliance refers to the horse that comes in attentive, poised and ready to do the job with just the right amount of energy and scope. A key factor to winning a hunter trip is consistency. From the moment the horse picks up the gallop until it finishes its course, judges are looking for cruise control, or the horse that stays at the exact same pace and in the exact same frame from start to finish. It is the rider’s job to know the horse’s length of stride and tempo, or as Geoff Teall once phrased it, “the home base pace.” This tempo, established on the courtesy circle, is the speed at which the horse needs to travel to easily make the lines. This will vary from horse to horse, depending on its size and length of stride. Most lines are set for a 12’ stride, but this can vary as well, depending on fence height, footing, size of the arena, etc. In addition to cruise control, each fence should be jumped in the center and right in stride, as if part of the gallop. In the ideal trip, the horse will easily make it down the lines, work well into the corners, maintaining straightness, and change its leads effortlessly. The careful hunter will have enough scope to easily clear the fence and won’t rub a rail. Some common problems the horse and rider face are

speeding up or slowing down in front of the fence. Other faults include: getting quick and leaning in or cutting the corners, losing tempo, balance and valuable space that may be needed for a clean lead change. Most unappealing is the horse whose frame changes on the approach – inverting or getting quick and hollow, or raising its head a few strides out in anticipation of the fence. Some may root down, giving the appearance of dragging their rider to the base of the fence. Over-jumping can disturb the even tempo by landing the horse much deeper into the line, necessitating a shortening of stride to get out of the line with the right number of strides. Chipping at the base, or adding an extra stride in the line, is heavily penalized.

Diagnosis Now that we know what we’re after, we can discuss the “How to” of the perfect hunter round and the “What happened?” of the not-so-perfect hunter round. Understanding how to ride your horse for the optimum performance will lead to a successful partnership. Kristi Smith, of Cedar Brook Farm in Madison, Connecticut, has ridden her share of hunters, jumpers and Grand Prix horses to the tricolors. After a successful lifetime career as a rider, Kristi has trained many hunter, jumper and equitation riders, leading them to victories in state, regional and national finals. Kristi, who co-trains

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Smith-Worthington Saddlery w w w. s m i t h w o r t h i n g t o n . c o m 38, Equine Journal, July 2011

In this month’s feature article on troubleshooting the hunter trip, professional trainer Kristi Smith discusses how to diagnose chips, improve track and distance to a jump and remain centered and balanced during a hunter round. Her companion video demonstrates how she helps her riders achieve these goals. Find out more at

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This historic show will have divisions for all levels of Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation including NEHC and MHC recognized Children’s and Adult Hunters. All MHC and NEHC Medals will be held as well as: $3,000 Myopia Cross-3’6” $2,500 Hunter Derby $1,000 Child/Adult Jumper Classic Please join us for a great weekend on the historic Myopia Hunt Field for a well run show, with good courses and classes for all levels of riders. For more information contact:

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July 2011, Equine Journal, 41

Photo: Gerald Wheeler


with Mark Jungherr and Irving Evans of Starlite Farm in Amesbury, MA, has headed up Cedar Brook for the last three years. Smith likes a hunter with a good canter that is smooth, even paced and scopey. The horse should look and feel as if it’s capable of jumping higher, not one that appears to be struggling with the height. Smith adds, “A good horse would be one that jumps well out of any distance with an invisible adjustment. A hunter should be pretty, but you can make a not-so-pretty horse more appealing by paying particular attention to its turnout.”

If the horse increases or decreases pace, the rider’s body has to be ready to react to make the correction before the horse is going too forward or backward.

The Chip In diagnosing the “chip” or the abrupt, tight half-step at the base of the jump,

Presented by USHJA Zone 1 Hunter Committee

Hosted by the Big E Horse Show, W. Springfield, MA

USHJA Zone 1 Hunter Championship September 14 ~ 18, 2011


• $300 Award and a Gift by Georgetown Stable Outfitters to High Point Pro Rider • Eligible horses earn bonus points towards Zone year-end awards • $100 Award to Trainer of each Classic • $500 Classics (except Short Stirrup & Eq.) Champion • Wool & Leather Jacket awarded to Classic winners • $50 Award to Trainer of each Classic Reserve • Equine Journal Subscription to each Classic winner Champion • Cooler presented by Equine Journal to High Point Junior on a Horse • Jumper Divisions: $1,500 Children’s/Adult • Custom Picture Frame to each Classic Reserve Champion Jumper Classic • Horsemen’s Yankee Pedlar subscription awarded • Various High Score Awards to be presented to each Classic Res. Champion • Additional gifts from Equine Journal, • Cooler presented by Horsemen’s Georgetown Stable Outfitters, ZONE 1 Yankee Pedlar to Pre-Green Hunter Saddlery and New England AWARDS BANQUET Dover Classic winner Equitation Championships

Mark Your Calendars: 42, Equine Journal, July 2011

January 28, 2012 Portland, ME

Beacon Woods Stables


Brand New King Construction Barn

Featuring: ❯ ❯ ❯ ❯ ❯ ❯ ❯ ❯ ❯

20 12’x12’ Matted Stalls 4 12’x14’ Matted Stalls 2 Heated Wash Stalls 2 Farrier/Vet/Dentist Stalls Tack Room Observation Lounge Dressing Room with Shower 84’x204’ Attached Indoor Arena 100’x200’ Outdoor Arena ❯ Dust Free Footing in All Rings OWNERS: MICK & LAURIE PATERNOSTER TRAINER: KRIS BRAMLEY


W W W. B E A C O N W O O D S S TA B L E S . C O M

July 2011, Equine Journal, 43

Marstons Mills, MA Georgetown, MA 508-428-2621

Join Us At

Harvard, MA 978-456-7880 Photos: Sportfot

Wishing Our Riders the Very Best on the Summer Circuits!

44, Equine Journal, July 2011




Grand Prix rider Debbie Stephens

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July 2011, Equine Journal, 45

Smith feels it’s most often related to pace. A horse that changes rhythm out of a turn or in the line can often result in the deep, weak distance. “The chip is born out of a bad pace, a bad track, a bad turn, or bad balance,â€? says Smith. She likes to establish the pace from the ďŹ rst step of the canter in the courtesy circle. “I’m a counter,â€? says Smith. “I think of the canter as a musical rhythm, and I like to keep a steady backbeat, or a metronome, going. The rider’s core is what helps to establish the rhythm in the horse.â€? The rider has to be really cognizant of any changes in tempo the second the “backbeatâ€? changes and make the adjustment then. If the horse increases or decreases pace, the rider’s body has to be ready to react to make the correction before the horse is going too forward or backward. Counting to the rhythm of the canter, either out loud or in your head, will help you ďŹ nd where and when the cadence is changing. Smith will have the rider count out the strides in front of the fence. She can tell when the rider is nervous or agitated by the change in pitch of the voice before the fence. “When the rider is nervous, or the horse is high or spooky, your own rhythm speeds up.â€? A green horse may have its tempo interrupted by backing off to a new fence, spooking or not traveling straight, all of which can result in a chip. “Quite often, the missed distance is misjudgment or miscommunication on the rider’s part.â€?

Photo: Mystical Photography


The rider who is uid and following allows the horse to do its job and use itself well on the at and in the air.

Your Track and Distance A bad track will lead to a poor distance as well. Smith feels turning too soon or turning too late takes you off of the correct track to the fence. “Cutting the corner can often bring the horse in unbalanced or unable to see the fence. It also



September 22-25 4BEEMFCSFET )BDLOFZT .PSHBOT 'SJFTJBOT"SBCJBOT Variety of Academy & Open Classes ENTRIES CLOSE AUGUST 15, 2011

September 29-Oct. 2 Draft Horse Show $30,000 Draft Horse Showdown Qualifying Classes for North American Classic Series


Ç°F#JH&t4FQU0DU  Prize List and Entry Forms Online t Ç°F#JH&DPNIPSTFTIPX 46, Equine Journal, July 2011

11 Winsor Avenue North Scituate, RI 401-934-4458

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Faust is a multi-talented individual suited for a variety of disciplines. He has been shown successfully in dressage, performs clean flying lead changes and loves to jump. Additional potential as an equitation mount, hunter-jumper, and three-day eventer. For more information please view our website at or call to schedule an appointment.

Crossen Arabians & Warmbloods Tom and Susan Crossen 860-742-6486 July 2011, Equine Journal, 47

FEATURE makes it difďŹ cult for the rider to see the distance and ride the line or fence straight.â€? The rider who stares down at the base of the fence is prone to the shorter distance. This same rider may also lean at the distance, creating a chip. “It’s ok to eye the base of the jump until you are three or four strides out, but then you need to look across the top.â€? The long, weak distance is another common fault that detracts from the perfect hunter ride. “The long distance comes from looking too early and taking the ďŹ rst thing the rider sees without thinking it through.â€? Smith refers to this as a “hard eye.â€? The rider who is stiff and quick to move ahead to the long, desperate distance will create a stiff horse that lacks the soft and uid way of going. “The rider should be invisible, keeping the horse moving straight and in a balanced frame with two hands, two legs and two seat bones.â€? The rider who moves with the horse will give the horse a better advantage in the air and will not upset the balance of the takeoff or landing.

Centered & Balanced Smith feels the “cardinal sinâ€? is falling behind the horse, making its job much more difďŹ cult. Getting left back causes the rider to hit the horse in the mouth, or the back, preventing it from ďŹ nishing the jump with its hind end, often resulting in a hind-end rail. This feels like a punishment to the horse, and if it happens enough times, he will be reluctant to jump.

On the other hand, jumping ahead of the horse can lead to a variety of problems as well. “Throwing the riders weight forward on the takeoff of the jump can cause the horse to weight its forehand, quite often preventing it from leaving the ground smoothly,â€? says Smith. “This can lead to a chip, or worse yet, a stop. If the horse attempts the jump, the loss of balance more than likely will cost it a front-end rail.â€? A rider that pinches with the knee is capable of committing both sins. “Pivoting at the knee generates a lack of balance and strength, creating a “teeter-totterâ€? movement from the rider. A rider with a strong base and core is able to follow the horse’s movements and still remain soft.â€? The rider who is uid and following allows the horse to do its job and use itself well on the at and in the air. The rider who restricts the horse’s movement by not giving enough rein, or by staying too heavy in the tack on the takeoff, detracts from the horse’s natural capability and good form. Too much movement on the part of the rider, or a clash of aids, can cause the horse to travel in a hollow frame or jump inverted. A common fault for junior or amateur riders is trying to hold the horse out in the turn with an outside rein, while leaning inside themselves. Pulling the horse left will usually result in the horse falling right, especially when aided by the leaning rider. “When landing off a fence, the rider needs to keep the horse between the aids, look straight and ride straight to keep


Boarding • English Riding Lessons Training • Shows • Sales Summer Pony Camp The Facility:



Radiant Heated Barn & Tack Room • 55 12x14 Stalls 100x200 Indoor Arena with Viewing Arena 100x200 Outdoor Arena • Individual Paddocks for Turnout New Trails on Property

Kimberley Asher, owner/trainer

Roberts Road Cazenovia, NY 48, Equine Journal, July 2011

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2003, 15.3 hand gelding, American Sport Horse, Sire is Makuba, an imported German Sport Pony, McCoy is a very kind horse, easy to ride, smooth elastic gaits, suitable for eventing or dressage, excellent ground manners, fox hunted, hunter paced, trail rides. The perfect horse for the RSZMGIVMHIV1G'S]FYMPHWGSR½HIRGIERHXVYWXMRER]VMHIV

Equine Journal and Competitive Rider are teaming up to offer you insightful articles and videos that help demonstrate training tips for all disciplines. This month, don’t miss the video with Kristi Smith that discusses how to diagnose a jump and remain centered and balanced during a hunter round. Visit for a clip of the video and information on downloading the video right to your computer for future reference. Also, be sure to visit to download the complete video as well as other helpful videos on a variety of equine topics.



the horse in balance.” If the horse is not straight and balanced, it makes it difficult to get the good distance before a fence or a clean lead change after a fence, which can result in cross-cantering. At the top of the hit list for undesirable traits, cross-cantering can often be prevented by straightening the horse before asking for the change. Relax and be patient. The best hunter rides come from thinking clearly and sticking to the plan. Consistency is the cornerstone to success. Smith recalls seeing riders come into the ring so rattled that they rush off onto the incorrect lead, blowing the class before they begin. Take a breath and let the musical “backbeat” in your head be your guide. ■


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October 20 - 23, 2011 Eastern States Coliseum West Springfield, MA For Further Information Contact: Show Information

2011 JUDGES Scott Alder, Rob Bielefeld, Joe Darby, Jean Marie Miller, Steve Wall and Jim Zulia

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2011 Evenstride Shows USEF Shows: Oct. 16 & Nov. 27 Combined Test: Oct. 30 Jumper Show: Nov. 6 IEA Show: TBA

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Head of the Bay Classic I July 26-29, 2011 USEF “A” Rated

Head of the Bay Classic II August 1 – 4, 2011 USEF “A” Rated


866.430.4354 866-866-5050 INFO@RHCEQUESTRIAN.COM WWW.RHCEQUESTRIAN.COM 52, Equine Journal, July 2011

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USHJA Judge’s Clinic July 25 Clambake & Horseless Horse Show Friday, July 29

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New England Hunter Derby Finals MHJ Finals August 28

$25,000 3’3” Hunter Derby $10,000 2’9” Hunter Derby $10,000 Pony Hunter Derby $25,000 1.40m Grand-Prix $7,500 Welcome Stake $7,500 Speed Stake Derby $7,500 Junior /A-O Jumper 21 Plymouth Street ❙ Halifax, MA

Photo: Ryan Lasek Photography 54, Equine Journal, July 2011

By Audrey Humphrey

Your College Path

Six Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing a College


ost can recall the exercise growing up that used to help a person decide what he or she wanted to do for a profession. The idea is to pretend you have won the lottery and never have to work for a paycheck. What would you do with your time for fun and enjoyment? Once you choose your hobby, you are supposed to create a career based on that idea. For instance, if you would play golf all the time, then a career in coaching golf, or some sort of sales in the golf profession, would be a vocation to consider. For so many equine lovers, this exercise makes perfect sense. With the wide variety of equine-related careers, enthusiasts can make a comfortable living and “live the dream” by doing what they love. Continuing education schools today support and make possible this very situation, by providing the training, life skills, and education needed to succeed in the wide world of equine careers. The seemingly endless list of careers includes: stunt rider, therapeutic riding instructor, show photographer, auctioneer, drug inspector, artificial breeding technician, equine geneticist, race track manager, and on and on!

What Am I Interested In? Choosing the right school takes planning, research, and investigating on your part. Nobody wants to enroll in a college and realize later that the chosen school just isn’t the right fit – and a closer look should have been taken. A good place to start is to decide what area of interest you want to focus on. This doesn’t have to be set in stone – a list of your top three interests will suffice. Then, make sure every school you look at offers programs in these areas. That way, if you change your mind a year into school, you can easily modify your major or focus without issue, rather than relocate to a different college. You want to see that the schools you are

considering are strong in those areas, because this ensures you will receive an education that propels you into a career after your graduation.

Which Degree Do I Want? Different schools have different requirements for degrees in equine areas, and these requests can vary widely. One career path might necessitate an associate degree, while a Ph.D. may be required for another role. Know your own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, somebody strong in math and science might want to consider becoming a veterinarian, or earn a bachelor’s degree in equine science to open the door to many possible careers. A strong ability in writing might sway a person to check out a degree in equestrian studies, which can lead to equine insurance, instruction, or business owning. Some schools offer different paths to a master’s degree – some involve a thesis, as an opening to a Ph.D. program, while the other, non-thesis route might be for somebody who wants to work in the industry.

On or Off Campus? Deciding whether to live on or off campus can be a major decision for students. Cost can sometimes factor into this particular choice. On-campus housing is available to most students at a discount (as opposed to finding an apartment independent of the school). Many housing options include a meal plan and laundry discounts. These options reduce the stress of commuting from another location and remembering to bring a lunch, or needing to think about purchasing lunch, snack, or sometimes dinner (depending on the class times). On the other hand, for some students, July 2011, Equine Journal, 55

Earning a Degree Online Nowadays, the Internet is more than just a tool used to check your email, look up directions, and shop for shoes. You can continue your education and earn a degree from home with this amazing information superhighway. More and more schools are becoming Internet savvy, realizing that in a person’s hectic life, the ability to log on at one’s own convenience is a bonus worth its weight in gold. But, can you really achieve your educational goals without ever stepping foot inside a real classroom? Let’s log on and check out the pros and cons of earning a degree online. By earning a degree online, you decide when and where you study. Some classroom environments can be stifling and stressful, and many believe that the comforts of home (or another trusted location) make all the difference in test scores and information retention. No daily commute and no dorm room means a large reduction in overall cost, and by tailoring your program to fit your needs, you can successfully maintain responsibilities and activities (such as a job or riding) without a problem. Additionally, online degrees are almost always less expensive than traditional tuition. Depending on your home life, you can choose to take just a few courses at a time, or a full course load, without worrying about fulfilling a certain number of credits per semester. For “horse people” looking to specialize in a specific field, online colleges may surprisingly offer more courses – and with more regularity than a traditional school. Since the

course is online, schools are able to offer almost unlimited course enrollment, thus eliminating the frustration of classes showing up full at a regular college. Nothing shows your future employers personal work ethic better than holding yourself accountable to completing an online degree. This demonstrates that you are able to keep yourself motivated and responsible without a professor standing over your shoulder – which brings us to the cons of earning a degree online. If you are not a very organized, self-disciplined individual, you may find it difficult to keep yourself going with an online course load. You may need the interaction with your peers and professor to stay on track. In this case, an online degree may be less beneficial for your personality. While you can work from home or office, these places need to be equipped with the Internet, and you may need to upgrade if your current computer is very old or crashes periodically. Nothing is worse than losing work on a computer when it crashes – it can be downright depressing. At a traditional college, students can enjoy going to a computer lab at school where the equipment is in good working order and the Internet is always available and fast. Achieving a degree online means you are responsible for an established Internet connection and computer – both of which can become expensive and, at times, frustrating.

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine Working with You and Your Veterinarian for the Best in Equine Care

Mount Ida College is a comprehensive, affordable college that enrolls 1,500 students in more than 25 degree programs that combine the liberal arts with professional preparation. • Equine Management (B.S.) Concentrations in equine health management and equine facility management • Veterinary Technology (B.S.) • Veterinary Technician (A.S.) • IHSA Equestrian Team 2-time Regional Reserve Champions

Mount Ida College 777 Dedham Street Newton, MA 02459 (617) 928-4553

Students practice and compete at River Wind Farm, a well-respected show barn on the National “A” rated circuit.

56, Equine Journal, July 2011

A Full Service Hospital Offering . . . • Lameness Diagnosis • Upper Airway Evaluation • Sports Medicine • Surgery

• Medical Care • Reproduction Services • Neonatal Intensive Care • 24 hr. Emergency Referrals

Tufts New England Veterinary Medical Center 200 Westboro Rd. (Rte. 30) • North Grafton, MA 01536

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• Since 1991, 8,000+ graduates • The only certification program lesson plan approved for accredited college curriculum • Instructor Mary Schreiber has appeared on ABC-TV, in Sports Illustrated, and has been featured in Practical Horseman, Equus and Horse Illustrated. She is the author of The (How To) Manual Of Sports Massage For the Equine Athlete and producer of 3 Best Selling Videos • Membership in International Association of Animal Massage Therapists

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July 2011, Equine Journal, 57

FEATURE the payoff (both monetarily and emotionally) of staying home and commuting to college is a worthwhile reality. By living at home, the cost of the overall situation is reduced, and this setup will allow the student to enjoy the comfort and familiarity of home and continue daily routines, part-time jobs, and other daily obligations.

Does the School’s Philosophy Match My Own? A good equine school will have a barrage of professionals in the different fields, and each of these professionals will have his or her own theories, philosophy, and experiences. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of the institution’s central standpoint in the industries. For example, if you are attending a school for training, what is the philosophy of that school in the facets of the training process and approach – is it in keeping with your own standards and outlooks? Before visiting a school in person, peruse their website or order a brochure and then do some investigating. The Internet is a great source to learn about articles written by potential professors and a way to stumble upon some behind-the-scenes biographies. Additionally, does the school offer a wide variety of programs that prepare a student for not only a certain trade, but also the business and economic education to back up this trade in the reality of the real world?

Can I Picture Myself Here? No matter how great the school looks on paper, visiting a school in person is the only way to really get a good feel. The campus, classrooms, dining hall, dorms, and stables (if applicable) are a great place to start. Check out lab equipment, materials available

LIVE YOUR DREAM * Judson College is an Equal Opportunity Educational Institution/Employer.

A COLLEGE THAT HAS IT ALL * Equine Studies major

Corey Finlay ‘12 Business major Hunt seat team

* IHSA Equestrian team * Riding Instruction * New equine facility Schedule your barn visit today! Contact Admissions at 800.447.9472 or Visit the team at

58, Equine Journal, July 2011

Knowledge and Faith for a Purposeful Life.


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The Cheshire Horse Swanzey, NH West Lebanon Supply West Lebanon, NH Allie’s Tack Shop N. Kingstown, RI July 2011, Equine Journal, 59 Guys Farm & Yard Williston, VT




would you like to live and ride where


you go to school

The Knox School Equestrian Program knox has it all. we have a first rate college prep program, stellar studio and performing arts, three season athletics, and yes, an excellent equestrian program. whether you are a novice, intermediate, or expert rider, you can follow your passion while you get a great middle school and high school education.

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limited spaces still available for september 2009. March 4 April 24 Details at or at 631-686-1600 x 414 541 Long Beach Road St. James NY 11780 631-686-1600 Knox is a Boarding and Day School for grades 6-12. July 2011, Equine Journal, 61


First university in the United States to offer a four-year Equestrian Science degree


Equestrian Science & Equine Administration majors with equine journalism, legal studies, art, pre-vet & therapeutic focus


Applied instruction in dressage, hunter/jumper, saddle seat & western


Active exhibitor in open USEF, AQHA & USDF-recognized events




FEATURE to students in each field, and the parking situation if you decide to commute. Most importantly, ask question after question. Come prepared with a list of what attributes are important for you in a school, such as small class size, availability for extra help with professors, and the types of internships available to students. If possible, politely ask current students how they are enjoying their attendance, and what they are there to learn. See what pros and cons they list, and then decide if those are pros and cons in your world. Most schools have programs that pair you with a current student for an entire weekend – you can attend a few classes and really get a good feel for everything in the school – eating the food, staying in the rooms, and getting to know professors.

Now What? Once narrowed down, applying for school can be quite a task. Meeting with guidance counselors and going over the details of tuition, additional costs, credits, course loads, and transferable credits are all important issues that need to be discussed. Financial aid, scholarships, and payment plans are usually available, and you don’t want to miss out on any time-sensitive opportunities. You should also ask about the specific programs, credit hours, and any prerequisite requirements needed to gain entrance into a program. Then, learn about any exams or accreditations necessary for your chosen interest, and what those entail as far as price, time frame, and level of difficulty. With the right research and attitude, you can realistically take just about any facet of the equine world and turn it into a fun, rewarding career that will satisfy both your monetary and creative goals in life. ■

If You Love Horses, You’ll Love Becker College! Becker College can put you on your way to a rewarding career – even if you’ve never ridden before! Our comprehensive Equine Studies and Equine Management degree programs have everything you need to develop your skills, including: s )NDOORANDOUTDOORRIDINGARENAS s (IGHLYQUALIlED NATIONALLYRANKED instructors s (IGH RANKINGINTERCOLLEGIATE equestrian team





.YLLUÄLSK4(‹^^^ZIZJOVVSVYN 62, Equine Journal, July 2011

For admissions information call 877-523-2537 or For Equestrian facilities information email Trina Baker, Dir. of Equestrian Facilities at

61 Sever Street, Worcester, MA 01609

g& din s r a Bo son ng y Les i r ffe nit w O mmu o N Co

Meet you in the driver’s seat. You are in control. How swiftly you go is up to you. We will provide you with the horsepower to get there–the resources, the hands-on expertise to become leaders in the industry.

an equal-opportunity institution.

Harness your career at Morrisville State College. Grab the reins and make it happen.


WILSON COLLEGE Equestrian and Veterinary Studies Focus Day Saturday, December 3, 2011

Offering bachelor’s degrees in more than 40 fields of study, including: • Equestrian management • Equine management • Equine facilitated therapeutics • Equine journalism On-campus Penn Hall Equestrian Center, including: • Three 24-stall barns • Two indoor and one outdoor arenas • Turn-out fields and trail riding • Complete therapeutic facilities and equipment Intercollegiate and Other Teams • Dressage, Hunt Seat and Western Equitation • Eventing Team, Drill Team and Equine Facilitated Therapeutics Club • Regular clinics and year-round horse shows

1015 Philadelphia Ave., Chambersburg, PA 17201 800.421.8402 • July 2011, Equine Journal, 63

Photos: Al Cook Photography

2011 Intercollegiate Horse Show Association

Berry College won the title of high point western team.

National Championships


May in Kentucky was all about the catch-ride. One ride. One horse. One shot at history. At Louisville, it meant a late replacement jockey, John Velazquez, would win his first Kentucky Derby with Animal Kingdom. At Lexington’s Kentucky Horse Park that same weekend, it meant students were facing their own last-minute leg-ups, with only minutes to assess a horse before entering the Alltech Arena and their date with destiny at the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association National Championships. Unlike horse racing, odds aren’t wagered on IHSA team or individual competitors who qualify for one of America’s oldest and largest college equestrian competitions, but by the time this year’s May 5-8 event was over, high point team titles went back to the athletic departments of both a favorite – the undefeated hunter seat team of coaches Michael Dowling and Heather Clark at Centenary College, Hackettstown, NJ – and a long shot – coach Margaret Knight’s western team from Berry

64, Equine Journal, July 2011

College, Mount Berry, GA. “It’s better than I ever imagined,” coach Knight told reporters after her little (just 10-15 students) western team proved it could win big. “They (the students) are so hard-working. I give them all the credit.” It was the first time in the 32-year history of the IHSA Western High Point team title that Berry College had emerged as national champions, and by a decisive 10-point margin ahead of reserve high point western team, Oregon State University, under coach Dawn Salazar. Berry western riders exemplified resilient horsemanship, finishing third or higher in every team class, and anchored by Animal Science senior, Alexandra (“Ally”) Jones, who placed fourth or better in each of her classes before capping her final ride as an IHSA athlete with a win in Open Western Horsemanship for the AQHA trophy. Winning one’s way through Regional and Zone qualifiers may be the most direct strategy to a national title but it’s not the

Congratulations to the 2010-2011 Graduates - AQHA World Champion Collegiate Horse Judging Team, All-American Quarter Horse Congress Champion Horse Judging Team, Intercollegiate Horse Show Association National Champions in High Point Open Rider, Open Horsemanship, Reining, Team Intermediate and Beginner. IHSA Finals 2011 TEAM RIDER RESULTS Rebekah Irish - Reining 3rd Open Horsemanship Reserve National Champion INDIVIDUAL RESULTS Rebekah Irish - High Point Open Rider National Champion (Horsemanship - 2nd • Reining 1st) Reining National Champion Open Horsemanship - National Champion

Black Hawk College East Campus 26230 Black Hawk Road, Galva, IL 61434 • 309-854-1700


Great Job to the Seven J’s Farm IEA team for a very successful first year! Jorden Davis ✦ Elizabeth Houston ✦ Kara Googins ✦ Sarah Nicoletti Haley Geysen ✦ Courtney Brooks ✦ Stephanie Consoli Amelia Burdsall ✦ Maggie Begen ✦ Molly Tallberg ✦ Gabrielle Logozo Caroline Houston ✦ Amanda Lamore ✦ Ruth Burke ✦ Annabeth Smith

Centenary College was the high point hunter seat team at the IHSA National Championships. ston, en Davis, Elizabeth Hou Congratulations to Jord , Caroline Houston, soli Con ie han Step ti, Sarah Nicolet lifying for Nationals and Ruth Burke on qua

IEA Nationals Results Elizabeth Houston: 1st Horsemanship Test (pictured above right) Jorden Davis: 5th Varsity Open Flat, 7th Varsity Open Championship Sarah Nicoletti: 8th JV Novice Fences, Stephanie Consoli: 8th JV Beginner Flat

Seven J’s Farm Glastonbury, CT Jeryl Davis, Trainer 860-614-6028 Alicia Bessoni, Coach

easiest. Still, that didn’t stop the Centenary College Cyclones, who came to Lexington determined to win back the hunter seat team title they lost in 2010 to Cindy Ford and her Skidmore College Thoroughbreds. Skidmore College and St. Lawrence University ultimately tied for reserve national champion team honors at this year’s event. “We were thrilled,” said Dowling, whose A-circuit expertise complements that of Centenary coaching partner, Heather Clark. “Four of the six students on this team were first-year students. We had a huge pool of talent dedicated to the cause.” For Centenary, reclaiming its coveted crown came down to the final class, Open Hunter Seat Equitation, where 2010 USHJA Emerging Athletes Program winner, Kathryn Haley, clinched the team victory.

Congratulations on a successful trip to the IHSA Nationals St. Andrews Presbyterian College riders! At St. Andrews you have the opportunity to compete on riding teams in IHSA, IDA, USEF and NCHJA. Hunter Seat Team IHSA Nationals 7th Place Team The 300-acre equestrian center with studentdesignated stabling allows you to bring your horse with you or ride one of the college’s 85 horses.

Leah Davison Reserve National Champion Beginner Western

Brittany Powell Reserve National Champion Intermediate Western

To schedule a campus and barn tour, go to and click Visit or call 1-800-763-0198

Rob Jacobs 3rd Cacchione Cup

Come join our equestrian family! 66, Equine Journal, July 2011

Your Choice for a Hybrid Trailer We Offer:

photo credit: Tony DeCosta

• Fully lined and insulated walls and doors for climate control and sound reduction • One piece molded fiberglass roof and fenders for Strength and Durability • Custom painted accent colors to personalize your trailer




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P.O. Box 270 • Manawa, WI 54949 • (920) 596-3080 • Fax: (920) 596-3155 • E-mail:

FEATURE “She’s an exceptional individual, as a rider and a person. She’s a freshman and came to us with all of the raw talent,” said Dowling. “We’ve just helped her develop.” When the Cyclones won their last IHSA national title in 2009, it came with winning the Cacchione Cup, too, thanks to teammate Lindsay Clark. This year, Centenary packed a similar one-two punch, again bringing the Cacchione Cup home to its equestrian center thanks to the solid riding of team captain, Marissa Cohen, of West Chester, PA, who was among the top three called back by “R” judges Robert Crandall and Kim Dorfman. (New York University’s Shelby Wakeman ultimately took reserve honors, with St. Andrews Presbyterian College (NC) student Robert Jacobs third.) “The winner rode very well and consistently,” said Crandall. “Sometimes it’s the luck of the draw, but whatever horse she drew, she was a stand-out.” As a Cacchione Cup champion, Cohen receives an automatic berth in a USHJA Emerging Athletes Program Level I training session, and Bernie Traurig, owner of (a USHJA educational partner), has offered a significant discount to his online video training resource. Other high points of the event were when veteran Cacchione Cup mount, Monty, generously loaned by Virginia Intermont College, was recognized as the show’s outstanding hunter seat horse. Monty has developed a large fan base during his VIC career, also being named 2011 Zone 5, Region 4 Horse of the Year,

and participating in six IHSA National Championships, including serving the 2010 Cacchione Cup and Walk-Trot winners. Black Hawk College had the AQHA Western High Point Rider champion, Rebekah Irish. Irish, 26, returned to college after working in the California cutting horse industry to earn a degree in Agricultural Business, and in addition to riding for Black Hawk, is also on its horse judging team, with whom she earned a championship buckle at the AQHA World Championships. Looking back on a lifetime of service to riding and horsemanship, the IHSA National Championships also honored Skidmore College (Saratoga Springs, NY) Thoroughbreds coach, Cindy Ford, with its distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award. Her name has been synonymous with upstate New York’s horse world, from 19 years at Dutch Manor Stables in Albany to her service since 1988 as Skidmore’s Director of Riding and its IHSA coach since 1990. Ford has coached five IHSA national champion hunter seat teams and two reserve champions. Ford’s modest good nature was evident when learning about the IHSA honor: “I’m not old enough to win this! I’m still just a kid!” In 2012, look for the IHSA Nationals, May 3-6, to be presented at the Hunt Horse Complex in Raleigh, NC. For complete results from the 2011 IHSA National Championships and more information about the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, please visit, the official Facebook page, and Twitter, @IHSAinc. ■


Interscholastic Equestrian Association M

National Finals

ore than 500 of the nation’s leading middle school and high school equestrians competed at The Show Place Arena/Prince George’s Equestrian Center in Upper Marlboro, MD, on April 28 to May 1, 2011, for the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) National Finals sponsored by Dover Saddlery and Smith Brothers. The finalists represented over 200 teams from seven zones throughout the U.S. Individuals and teams participated in multiple competitions during the 2010-2011 regular season shows, regional finals and zone finals to qualify for the IEA National Finals competition. Riders competed in Western Horsemanship and Reining classes, Hunter Seat Equitation Over Fences classes, and Equitation on-the-flat classes throughout the weekend. The IEA format requires that riders compete in unfamiliar tack on unfamiliar mounts; therefore, they draw their horses the day of competition and enter the arena after a brief, if any, warmup. Ariana Mato, who rides for the Blue Water Farm of West Broward, FL, was named the IEA Leading Rider of the Year, winning the Varsity Open Championship class. Cody McMillion, from the Hammond School of Columbia, SC, became the Champion Western Rider. The Hopkins Academy/Biscuit Hill Equestrian Team of Shelburne, MA, won the Hunt Seat Upper School National Championship. Dana Hall School of Wellesley, MA, earned the 68, Equine Journal, July 2011

Middle School Championship title. The Stone Bridge Farm team of Natural Bridge, VA, became the Reserve Champion Team in the hunt seat upper school competition. The Cranberry Equestrian team of Plympton, MA, finished as the Reserve Champion in the hunt seat middle school competition. In the western competition, Grier School, Tyrone, PA, took the title of Upper School Champion. The Autumn Rose Equestrian team, Plain City, OH, was named Upper School Reserve Champion. The Autumn Rose team also won the Championship for the middle school competition. The Hammond School was the Reserve Champion in the middle school division. Western teams and riders took home impressive trophies and awards from the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) to celebrate their accomplishments. In conjunction with the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA), Benjamin Buckland was presented the inaugural IEA National Sportsmanship Award. Buckland is a senior at Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School Fitchburg, MA. The Timothy J. Boone Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Wayne Ackerer of Columbus, OH, cofounder of the IEA, for his dedication to the equestrian industry and student riders. This is the fourth year this award has been presented. For more information, view the IEA website at: www.rideiea. org. ■

Scenes from the

IHSA National Championships & IEA National Finals

The St. Andrews Presbyterian College Hunter Seat Team finished seventh at the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) National Championships held in Kentucky while individual riders earned national recognition during the competition. Sami Cram was fourth in intermediate flat and fifth in novice over fences while Jen Callahan was fourth in novice on the flat. Also competing on the team were Audrey Bolte, Rob Jacobs, Katie Hanson, Kali Cram, Miranda Wright and Blake Liljestrand. Jacobs finished third in the Cacchione Cup, which is awarded to the National Individual Hunter Seat High Point Rider. Jacobs scored highest in the second phase of the competition to finish just 1.5 points behind the winner. Two St. Andrews Western Team riders competed in the individual events during the Nationals. Both earned Reserve Champion Status for their strong performances. Brittany Powell was Reserve Champion in Intermediate Horsemanship while Leah Davison was Reserve Champion in Beginner Western.

Black Hawk College had the IHSA AQHA Western High Point Rider champion, Rebekah Irish. Irish, 26, returned to college after working in the California cutting horse industry to earn a degree in Agricultural Business, and in addition to riding for Black Hawk, is also on its horse judging team, with whom she earned a championship buckle at the AQHA World Championships.

Cacchione Cup winner, Marissa Cohen.

Black Hawk College were the IHSA National Champions in High Point Open Rider, Open Horsemanship, Reining, Team Intermediate and Beginner.

July 2011, Equine Journal, 69


Left to right: Ringmaster Dr. John Xanthopolous, Anne Brzezicki, CJ Law, Jerry Steinmetz, George Lukemire, Cindy Ford, Bob Cacchione, Peter Cashman.

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IHSA National Championships & IEA National Finals

The Animal Rehab Institute located on 10 beautiful acres in Palm Beach County Florida all Educational Programs are taught by highly trained equine professionals.

Anatomy In clay - 3 day workshop building the horses muscles out of clay. A fun way to learn what makes your horse move. $795.00 Equine Massage Certification Program - A comprehensive 9-day program providing participants with a fundamental understanding of the anatomy, muscle physiology, biomechanics, and application of massage therapy to the equine patient. $2400.00 to download a free brochure and class schedule or call 561-792-1441

70, Equine Journal, July 2011

Animal Rehab Institute, Inc. (561) 792-1441 office/fax The Seven J’s Farm IEA team from Glastonbury, CT, got into the Derby spirit while watching classes at IEA Nationals!

on a job well done Hopkins/Biscuit Hill IEA Team

Ron Schwane Photography


g n o

n o s i t a l u t a r

Congratulations to all of our team members for a job well done!

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the 2012 seasoɃ

From Biscuit Hill: Varsity Open Over Fences: Bailey Manning, 5th place Junior Varsity Novice Over Fences: Pearl Farley Junior Varsity Novice on the Flat: Pearl Farley, 1st place Varsity Open on the Flat: Lindsey Bailey, 1st place From Hopkins Academy: Varsity Intermediate Over Fences: Carly Dion Varsity Intermediate on the Flat: Mallory Hudak, 8th place Junior Varsity Beginner on the Flat: Monica Czerwinski, 3rd place


By Pamela Mansfield Judy Garofalo’s Grand Prix mount, Oliver, has proven the benefits of good nutrition, competing for over 10 years in the highest level of show jumping.

Nutrition Plans of the Pros Have you ever wondered what top competitors are feeding their star athletes? Head inside the barns of five pros and get the details on what keeps their horses performing at the top of their game.

72, Equine Journal, July 2011

Photo: Shelli Breidenbach



Photo: Rein Photography

orses at the top of their game are maintained through diligent exercise and well-considered feeding programs. They need to be kept at the right level of energy, looking and feeling their best, and performing like the true athletes they are. In the highest levels of competitive driving, reining, show jumping, eventing, and dressage, you’ll witness the awesome sight of a magnificent animal in top form. Here’s how some of today’s best riders and drivers manage their horses’ nutrition to keep them that way.

Robin Groves and Thor’s Toy Truck.

Robin Groves and Thor’s Toy Truck Current Combined Driving National Singles Champions, Robin Groves and Thor’s Toy Truck, maintain a strenuous fitness regimen in the Green Mountains of Vermont, with miles of dirt roads and hills to train on regularly. In the show ring, Robin and her husband, Wilson, owners of R&W Horsedrawn Services, are renowned for their successes. Thor’s Toy Truck and Robin twice competed for the U.S. Equestrian Team in the World Singles Driving Championships (2010 in Italy and 2008 in Poland) and

are twice-USEF National Champions. The way the Groves feed and maintain “TJ” (a ¾ Connemara – ¼ Thoroughbred), and their barn full of hearty Morgans is influenced by their years of experience in competitive trail driving, endurance riding, eventing, and combined driving with dressage, cones, and marathon phases. In a 16-kilometer marathon, TJ maintains a 14 to 15-kph trot or 7-kph fast walk with obstacles or hazards along the way, requiring an extra push to keep up the winning pace. At age 16, the 15-hand, 1,000-pound gelding is “muscular in all the right places and very balanced looking,” Robin says. With the temperament of “a large pony – he’s quick, smart, very willing and overenthusiastic.” He was “chief stud in residence at a Standardbred farm in Maryland” until he was five, when he came out of a field and went to work. The Groves believe in lots of turnout (12 hours a day) and in feeding mostly hay. Free-choice, good-quality Vermont grass hay is offered at night and timothy hay during the day. When in Florida for the winter season, they feed coastal Bermuda at night. Robin doesn’t think TJ would miss grain – he keeps well on a “coffee can a day” of Triple Crown® Complete Formula™ – but he would miss hay. Cool Calories 100® is added for calories, and shredded beet pulp is often used as well; but, beet pulp makes TJ “buzzy in the head,” so he is one of the horses in the barn that doesn’t get it. The Groves are big believers in supplements for their hard-working horses, especially Vitamin E and selenium for muscles, skin, and hooves. However, the combination wouldn’t work for other parts of the country where there already is sufficient selenium in the soil. They also add multivitamins through Blue Seal® MIN-A-MIX™ and support joints with Adequan®, Cosequin® ASU, MSM, and glucosamine. Because TJ is a quick, nervous little horse, he also gets Quiessence™ for calming and Succeed® and U-7 Gastric Aid™ for his guts. TJ typically competes in six major events and several smaller ones throughout the year. He gets six weeks off in the fall, when Robin cuts his small amount of grain back. But, when the big events come around, she may add a bit more to his feed. Though he works very hard, he is extremely fit, and she only feeds electrolytes when “the sweat is running down his legs.”

Judy Garofalo and Oliver Ever since finding her first Grand Prix show jumper, Oliver III, in Sweden 10 years ago, Judy Garofalo Torres has competed successfully with her beloved partner at major Grand Prix competitions throughout the world, landing them a spot representing the U.S. on the Samsung Super League tour. They were second only to Olympic gold medalists McLain Ward and Sapphire at the 2009 Hampton Classic, and won the 2010 Welcome Stake in Vermont. Earlier in his career, the Swedish Warmblood stallion was competing nonstop nearly every week for long stretches, and he never tired. Whenever Judy thought she’d give him a break, it seemed he was always ready for more. Now that Oliver is 20, Judy has decided to retire him from July 2011, Equine Journal, 73

Photo: Rein Photography



Judy Garofalo and Oliver.

showing. “Ten years plus jumping Grand Prix is more than any rider can ask for, and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to ride him,” says Judy. Oliver is 16 hands and weighs about 1,200 pounds. Judy, who has trained with some of the sport’s legendary riders, likes to keep her horses fit and in training at all times, working them 45 minutes a day, turning them out, and then exercising them on the treadmill. They also get a lot of hill work at her Higher Ground Farm in Millbrook, New York. Oliver is a high-energy horse and a breeding stallion. Judy says she will cut his food a little bit during breeding season but not much because “he is burning lots of energy and I like to ride a horse that is very forward.” All of Judy’s elite horses are fed “like triathletes or football players,” says Maggie Mulligan, Judy’s head groom and barn manager, who Judy relies on to keep the horses feeling in top shape at all times. They have switched to Pennfield Enduroevent feed in recent years, a higher protein, sugar, and carbohydrate feed. Oliver also gets Dengie Hi-Fi with lunch. His supplements include garlic to improve respiration and deter bugs, selenium and vitamin E to prevent tying up, and Ramard’s human-grade, FDA-approved, total joint supplement with hyaluronic acid. This joint supplement has eliminated the need for injectable joint supplements, Maggie says. The horses get local hay, and are out on a few hours of grass each day. They are fed three times a day, and each Sunday they enjoy a simple bran mash with a little mineral oil for dinner. “I don’t treat Oliver like an old horse,” Judy says. “I’ve kept him fit and never changed to senior feeds. After all, he was competing against the young guys.” Her program pays off, not only for her elite horses, but also for the pony jumpers she trains, including 2011 Florida circuit champion, Ice Man, ridden by Dagny Mactaggart. But, of course, the pony athletes have their own special feeding considerations.

Tom McCutcheon and Gunners Special Nite With his gleaming coat and powerful, muscular physique, world reining champion Gunners Special Nite represents the ultimate in the Quarter Horse breed and was named 2010 USEF Horse of the Year. For all his might, the seven-year-old stallion, owned by Sarah Willeman, measures just 15 hands and weighs about 1,050 pounds. Tom McCutcheon, who rode him to win 74, Equine Journal, July 2011


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76, Equine Journal, July 2011




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Lucerne Farms and Chris Cox Horsemanship Company have teamed up to bring you the ultimate forage blend for your hardworking horses. “I invite you to embark on the Journey of a lifetime. Join me and thousands of others who share a passion for horses by becoming a member of the Ride The Journey Team. This online horsemanship experience is designed to maximize the enjoyment you and your horse share as you progress through your own horsemanship Journey. From basic horse health, such as why I feed Lucerne’s Forage Blend, to tips on advancing your horse training programs, I am positive you and your horse will benefit from becoming a Ride The Journey Team Member.” ~ Chris Cox Chris Cox Forage Blend is a balanced mix of Alfalfa and Timothy hay which has been short-chopped and dried at a high temperature to lock in the natural nutrition. This process also eliminates harmful mold spores that are detrimental to horses with respiratory problems.

PO Box 510 Fort Fairfield, Maine 04742 800-723-4923 July 2011, Equine Journal, 77


Tom McCutcheon and Gunners Special Nite.

double gold medals at the World Equestrian Games in 2010, 2010 Horse of the Year, and 2010 USEF Rider of the Year, keeps the stallion at his farm in Aubrey, Texas. Tom says he feeds the remarkable sorrel horse “all the right stuff. If the horse is shiny and his appearance looks good, then he more than likely feels good. I find that a horse that doesn’t feel well tends to lose his sheen.” So, he pays close attention to nutrition with input from his veterinarians. A basic diet of “good, clean oats is hard to beat as a feed for a lot of reasons. We have very few issues with colic.” Not a “complete feed,” the oats are supplemented and tailored to each horse in Tom’s barn through the SmartPak™ convenient packaging system – otherwise he’d be dealing with a truckload of supplements. He buys high quality alfalfa from North and South Dakota, because alfalfa from the Texas area can harbor the toxic blister beetles, a risk he will not take. He feeds a “fairly good amount of hay. We keep some in a hay bag in the stall all the time.” He prefers to keep the hay bag hanging at the front of the stall so the horse can look out and keep his head up, which makes him more likely to enjoy it. Horses are fed up to four times a day. Because he also runs a rehabilitation facility, Tom can monitor and treat his horses with extra care. He puts all his horses on the scale each month, so he’s never guessing at their weight. Rather than cutting back feed, he says, “I’d really rather take the weight off through work,” so all his horses are kept legged up. He had to cut back feed a little bit for Gunners Special Nite now that he is working as a breeding stallion, but Tom keeps him fit by swimming him in the pool every day.

Boyd Martin and Remington | 1-800-461-8898

78, Equine Journal, July 2011

Boyd Martin, an Australian native who has lived in the U.S. for three years, operating out of Olympic Gold Medalist Phillip Dutton’s True Prospect Farm in West Grove, Pennsylvania, is on the U.S. Eventing Team’s “A” training list. He was short-listed for the USET World Equestrian Games, riding Remington XXV, a 14year-old Hanovarian owned by Ron and Densey Juvonen.

So I have my 22-year-old Thoroughbred jumper on SmartFlex Senior and he moves forward, still jumps, feels great, and looks AMAZING!

4.7 out of 5 stars based on over 700 reviews of SmartFlex速 Senior

July 2011, Equine Journal, 79

Photo: Š Danita Rogers Photography


#1 top rated formula—

 > , 5 V\Z:WYH`


Boyd Martin and Remington.

‡ With Organic Aloe, Sunscreen & Coat Conditioners ‡ No CFCs ‡ Sprays Upside Down, to Reach All Those Hard to Get Places!

ZZZHVSUHHFRP‡‡ 80, Equine Journal, July 2011

Originally imported from Germany for dressage, Remington was later given an opportunity to try foxhunting before starting his new, successful career that seemed to suit him quite well. At their ďŹ rst four-star competition in Europe, the highest level in three-day eventing that combines dressage, stadium, and crosscountry jumping, Boyd and Remington were seventh in Pau, France. To keep the 16.1-hand gelding ďŹ t for galloping over grassy terrain and a series of obstacles at 500-600 meters per minute, for about 10-12 minutes during the cross-country phase, Boyd feeds a high-end grain specially designed for hard-working horses. Nutrena XTNÂŽ has the protein and high fats he needs for energy. “Being in the event horse training business for so long, you get the hang of what works and what doesn’t. I’ve had the best success with NutrenaÂŽ,â€? says Boyd. For his hotter Thoroughbred, Neville Bardos, he feeds Nutrena LegacyÂŽ with a little less fat and a bit higher protein. Boyd also puts special emphasis on the quality of the hay he feeds. He uses a HAYGAINÂŽ system that steams the hay by the bale, making it more palatable, eliminating any bacteria, and enhancing the nutrients. He brings one designed for traveling with him when he’s competing. At home, Remington also enjoys grazing on Unionville’s good-quality orchard grass. For supplements, Boyd likes the SmartPak system, which puts everything Remington needs into easy-to-use packages:

Make SafeChoice your choice. ®




Photo: Rein Photography


a mix for those hard-working hocks and joints; an anhydrosis supplement and electrolytes to help with sweating; and minerals and vitamins.

Leslie Morse and Tip Top International Grand Prix dressage champion, Tip Top, and his owner/rider, Leslie Morse, have covered the globe to represent the U.S. at two World Cups, to help the U.S. team win the Bronze Medal at the 2006 World Equestrian Games, and to win the 2009 championship at the Hickstead Masters. Leslie has owned the 16.1-hand Swedish Warmblood stallion for 11 years and cares for him at her farm near Beverly Hills, California. She keeps Tip Top extremely fit, working him twice a day, both in the ring and on trail rides. So, when he was at a show in 2010 and suddenly had to have colic surgery that required removal of 22 feet of intestines, he was back to work in four months. She credits his fitness, the local veterinary hospital, and top-surgeon, Dr. Rodrigo Vazquez, for his quick recovery from the sudden attack, which was caused by pedunculated lipoma strangulation, or a lump of fat that basically strangled the intestines. Leslie says she really hasn’t altered Tip Top’s feeding program at all and still keeps the now 17-year-old on a low-starch, low-sugar, Triple Crown® feed, a diet designed to keep him lean

Leslie Morse and Tip Top.


63 Emerald Street, #428, Keene, NH 03431

“The best award was the horse treats! It rewards my partner, and I love that!” Personalize your show awards with your own horse treats. Put your logo and message on the front of the bag. In the bag, are 1/4lb of handmade, human grade treats flavored with real maple syrup. Quantity discounts apply. Please contact us today!

877-692-6928 82, Equine Journal, July 2011

because of his tendency to get fat pockets. Plus, she says, like with any horse, “the older he gets, the harder it is for him to digest starch and sugar.” To keep starch and sugar low in his hay as well, she is diligent about soaking it. “I like everything as wet as possible. I soak the hay for one to two hours, and I mean soak it, then drain it. That gets the starch out and the horses can still eat as much as they want.” Since Tip Top has a tendency to be chubby, rather than take away his hay to keep him from gaining weight, she can offer the soaked hay in hay nets to munch from all day. She top-dresses the timothy hay with a couple of handfuls of alfalfa. Keeping her horses hydrated is another challenge, due to the dry heat of the Los Angeles area. Leslie offers both plain salt blocks and mineral salt blocks in their stalls. She has only limited turnout, so she spends a lot of time working all of her horses, which includes hand-walking the two-year-olds on the farm, as well as keeping the competition horses ready for the next show.

Feeding for Extreme Stamina These equestrian sports demand extreme stamina from a horse, and today’s horses reap the benefits of modern nutrition and advances in supplements. Much depends on the type of sport, and the area of the country these horses come from; but, top equestrians from all disciplines have well-designed nutritional programs that keep these equine athletes going year after year, well into their prime and beyond. ■

World Equestrian Games 2010

William Fox-Pitt

Individual Silver, Team Gold Eventing World Equestrian Games

Philippe Lejeune

Individual Gold, Team Bronze Showjumping World Equestrian Games

2 riders, 2 horses, 4 medals, 1 supplement company (please feel free to draw your own conclusions)

The Choice of Champions

Š2010 Grand Meadows, Inc. Orange, CA USA

July 2011, Equine Journal, 83

By Kandace York


Right Fit Helpful Ideas for Finding and Fitting Pony Tack.


ou bought a wonderful pony and just got him settled into his new home. Now come the “shopportunities” for his tack. After buying several things, though, frustration sets in. Nothing fits! His blanket hangs to his knees, and his halter is either too loose in the noseband or too tight in the throatlatch. You’ve gone through three bridles, and not one of them is right. Maybe your new pony is some mutant shape that doesn’t exist in standard sizes. Then, you ask one of your friends how she found good tack for her pony. Her eye roll tells you that your pony isn’t a mutant after all. The problem lies with the tack. This month, Equine Journal talks with four pony owners who share their tack-fitting solutions.

Halters and Leads Sandy McShea, of Indian Summer Farm in Vass, North Carolina, may be one of the luckier pony owners. She raises Connemaras, which average 14 hands tall, or almost horse size. But she still faces some problems, starting with the most-used piece of tack in any barn: halters. For her, adjustable halters have been the answer. “I like Quillin Leather in Kentucky,” she says. Their halters offer multiple locations for adjustment, including crownpieces that adjust on both sides of a pony’s head. Lead ropes may seem simpler, but if a child will be handling your pony, make sure the lead is of a realistic length and thickness; it’s tough for little hands to hold ten feet of an inchthick cotton lead rope. Chain leads, too, can present challenges if the chain is too long; you can have links removed so hands are on the lead portion, not the chain.

Harnesses and Vehicles Connemaras are well suited to driving, and several Indian Summer Connemaras compete in harness. That requires a correctly-fitting harness, something that can be tricky with a ponyalmost-horse. Sandy McShea special-ordered a harness to fit one of her ponies and makes adjustments for others as needed. 84, Equine Journal, July 2011

The vehicle a pony pulls is equally important, she says; it’s not just shaft length and wheel height. “The vehicle needs to be lighter weight, which is easier for a pony to pull.” She drives a World Class carriage, distributed in the U.S. by Hunter’s Creek Farm.

English Bridles and Bits Bridle-fitting can be summed up in one word: browband. “A lot of times, it takes two bridles to make one good bridle,” Sandy McShea says, adding that she often puts a horsesize browband on a cob bridle. One of her ponies, though, is between pony and cob size, which makes bridle-fitting even tougher. Sometimes the only option is to order a custom bridle. Bits tend to be less of a problem for her Connemaras, perhaps because they are big enough to take a standard 5” mouth. But, she says it’s important to look at the gauge (thickness) of the bit. “Ponies tend to use narrower bits than horses.”

English Saddles and Saddle Pads While Connemaras are often near horse size, the ponies that Mike and Karen Simms own are on the other end of the spectrum. At their Whippoorwill Farm in Scarbro, West Virginia, they raise “UK-type” Shetland ponies. These Shetlands are the original, small, draft-type pony, ranging from 10 to 11 hands but built to do horse-size work. “Their backs are wider than our 16-hand Tennessee Walkers,” Karen Simms says. “A saddle that would fit a Tennessee Walker would be too narrow for our ponies’ backs.” Treeless saddles are sometimes an option. The only other choice is a custom saddle, much like the custom harness she ordered from Chimacum Saddlery and Tack in Port Townsend, Washington. It was the only one that fit her ponies well.

Western Bridles and Bits If harnesses and English tack are tricky, western must be simpler, right?

Lisa Reckon’s Pony of the Americas stallion, Ultimate Bounce, wearing a Dale Chavez western bridle.

Lisa Reckon, of Norco, California, laughs. “I think English riders have it easy compared to western,” she says. Her family has been breeding and showing Pony of the Americas (POAs) for about 20 years, starting when she bought a leadline mare for her daughter. Back then, her daughter was so young she rode with her teddy bear stuffed in the gullet of her saddle. The teddy bear is gone now, but one thing is the same; it can be hard to find western tack that fits a pony right. Reckon’s farm, Skyrock POAs, shows in many disciplines, from halter to western pleasure, gymkhana and trail, and often English equitation, hunter under saddle and costume, too. “And all on the same day,” she adds. That leaves little time for tack changes and adjustments. One thing that further complicates things is the range of sizes in the breed; POAs can be 11.2 to 14 hands. As with English tack, western problems start with the bridle. “Horse-size bridles are way too big and pony-size bridles are way too small.”

Talking about her stallion, Ultimate Bounce (“Bouncer”), she says, “He has a very small head for his size. I do a single-ear or a double-ear bridle for western, or a sliding ear.” That eliminates the browband issue. Even the reins can fit wrong. “Pony reins are too short and horse reins are too long.” Romal reins are the worst. “The ‘drop’ drags the ground. I’ve just hunted and hunted to find western bridles with romal reins that have the correct ‘drape’ of rein.” While each pony’s head is different, she says she has had good luck with Broken Horn Saddlery in Baldwin Park, California.

Western Saddles and Saddle Blankets Sometimes, saddle problems start even before the saddle is on the pony’s back, with the saddle blanket. Saddle blankets seem to come in two sizes for ponies: too big and too small. To fix those too-big blankets, Lisa Reckon says she doubles the blanket over in front. “Be careful that you don’t July 2011, Equine Journal, 85

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July 2011, Equine Journal, 87

FEATURE Photos: Kandace York

Frampton FF 15.1 hands Welsh Cob Stallion

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Just for Ponies

Saddle blankets seem to come in two sizes for ponies: too big and too small. To fix those too-big blankets, you can double the blanket over in front and secure the folds with double-sided tape.

create a big lump under the saddle, though; I don’t like to actually get it under the saddle.” Sometimes she secures the folds with double-sided tape. Western saddles also can be too long. Especially with teenage riders on taller ponies, “the skirt of the saddle gets too big from the shoulder to the point of hip. That makes the ponies look overwhelmed by their saddle.” She experiments with different saddles to find some that work; sometimes Arabian saddles, built for smaller, shorter-backed horses, work well.

Sheets, Blankets and Hoods • Thelwell • Breyer • Bella Sara • Soapie Ponies • Jewelry • Books, DVDs • Stickers, Coloring • Games, Puzzles • And Lots More! 88, Equine Journal, July 2011

If you’ve ever seen a pony in a blanket that looked like he’d been rummaging in the big horses’ closets, you know the challenges of pony sheets, blankets and hoods. “The blanket may fit from front to back, but from top to bottom, it drapes too low,” Lisa Reckon explains. “That worries me a bit, because I don’t want them catching a leg in the straps.” Hoods are often no better, with misplaced eye and ear holes that can damage delicate skin. That frequently means using scissors to “customize” or enlarge holes as needed.

Leg Protection Shipping boots can be such a hassle that many pony owners don’t use them. Lisa Reckon says she prefers standing wraps or

Photos: Kandace York


Just for Ponies

Fitting a halter and lead to a pony’s head can be harder than it sounds. Look for adjustments at the chin and on both sides of the crownpiece, and check regularly to be sure the halter isn’t putting pressure on the pony’s face.

polo wraps. “They’re more flexible.” Even then, she often needs to trim the leg cotton beneath the wraps. “I cut quilted leg cotton to size because they’re too big. Pillow wraps, too, I’ll cut in half. The quilted stitching that keeps the padding in place seems to hold the ‘stuffing’ in.” She laughs. “To get things to fit, I’ll do whatever works.” ■


Warren Steinmetz, of Havre de Grace, Maryland, is a long-time Welsh Pony breeder, but he became so frustrated trying to find correctly-fitting pony tack that he decided to solve the problem. That was the beginning of Just for Ponies Tack Shop, catering exclusively to pony sizes. Having “pony product testers” available at his Rosehaven Farm has helped him offer the right products. That includes items people may not consider, like longeing equipment. “You don’t need longe lines as long as for horses,” he explains, “and kids can have a hard time holding a horsesize longe whip.” For English saddles, he likes the Pessoa children’s saddles because they fit the most ponies. For those extrawide ponies, the Smith-Worthington Mystic saddle can be semi-customized from measurements taken from the pony. Western tack is tougher, but he suggests Tory Leather or Weaver Leather. Two common mistakes with western saddles is that they are poor quality (some even have cardboard trees!) or too heavy to be practical. “Some of these ‘ponysize’ saddles can weigh up to 40 pounds or more,” he says. “That’s a lot of weight to put on a pony’s back, and how is a child going to be able to lift it or carry it?”



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Finding that perfect saddle that fits both you and your horse can be a bit like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. After finding that saddle, it makes sense to keep it in top condition. Pecard Leather Care Products understands the investment that you have in your saddle, tack and equipment. Pecard offers affordable ways to care for your leather articles. Since 1902, Pecard has been serving the needs of their customers with products made exclusively in America. Pecard’s products were chosen for use by Admiral Richard E. Byrd and his crew on their Antarctic Expeditions to the South Pole. Following that tradition of excellence, Pecard’s Equestrian Care line is no exception to the level of quality that is paramount in their products. From Harness Oil and Leather Dressing to High Gloss Lotion Spray and Boot Oil, Pecard has all levels of the spectrum covered. Owner, Phil Wadzinski explains, “Using essential oils to condition the leather keeps it soft and supple, this allows the leather to breathe while maximizing its strength. The main difference between us and a lot of other products on the market is that we use no animal by-products such as fats and tallows in our oils and dressings. Instead our products are petroleum based, using only USP grade ingredients with a combination of waxes in our formulations.� Pecard’s Eque-Care line is the answer to keeping your equine equipment in top condition. For more information on Pecard’s Leather Products, or to place an order, visit Orders can also be placed by calling 800-467-5056. Dealer inquiries are always welcome.

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July 2011, Equine Journal, 91

What is an American Show Pony? The American Show Pony goes back to the former Harness Show Pony division offered by the American Shetland Pony Club Inc., before the mid-1900s. Back then, the Harness division offered a place for the following to compete: Shetlands which grew beyond that breed’s height limit, small Hackneys and crosses between Hackneys and Shetlands. Today, The American Shetland Pony Club offers the American Show Pony Registry (ASPR) division which is based on the original Harness Pony. The ASPR requires an emphasis on motion and performance and offering competition up to 48”. Superb carriage, animated gait and overall brilliance are the hallmarks of today’s American Show Ponies, making them similar to both the Modern Shetland and Hackney Pony. In fact, both of those ponies play a role in the ASPR today just as they did in the Harness Division so many years ago. There are several different ponies that qualify to be registered and compete in the ASPR. A registered American Shetland, such as the Moderns with animated motion fit the ASPR mold and can, in fact, be double registered in the ASPR. Another recognized ASPR breed is a registered Hackney Pony. The small Hackney is ideal for cross-registration into the ASPR. Since the American Hackney Horse Society increase their own height limits, the ASPR offers a perfect place for small Hackneys to compete. Also a foal resulting from a cross between a registered Shetland and a registered Hackney is eligible for ASPR registration. For many years, the ASPC allowed a Shetland x Hackney cross to be registered as a “B” division Shetland, with those offspring incorporating into Modern Shetland programs across the country. However, when the ASPC moved to completely close its registry in the mid-1990s, breeders using these same crosses were left with no place to go. The re-invigoration of the old Harness Pony concept through the creation of the American

Show Pony Registry gave these crosses a legitimate place to be recognized and to compete. With the growth of the ASPR since its creation in November of 1995, now foals resulting from the cross of two ASPR-registered parents also results in a pony eligible for registration as an American Show Pony. Since it encompasses large Moderns and small Hackneys, the American Show Pony Registry accommodates a whole subset of graceful, dynamic and breath-taking ponies that might otherwise be under used. These flashy ponies are especially suited to driving and performance and, more recently, have caught much attention with impressive performances under saddle. As part of the American Shetland Pony Club, ASPR has both local and national championship level competitions including Incentive Prize Money for the American Show Ponies. Classes offered at these shows range from In- Hand Halter, 4 distinct Driving Divisions as well as Under Saddle for youth, amateurs, and professionals with mares, stallions and geldings. For more information about the American Show Pony, please visit or contact the American Shetland Pony Club Office: 81 B East Queenwood Rd, Morton Illinois, 61550. Phone: 309-263-4044.

By Kandace York

Styles& Standards


in Friesian Grooming


t’s a quiet morning at Wentworth Hunt Club in southeastern New Hampshire – until the horses burst over a hill. One of them, a tall black mare, stands out from the rest. Her color, substance and action mark her as a Friesian. But where is the feather on her legs? Where is the knee-length mane, the long tail? She’s wearing the foxhunting “uniform” of a pulled mane and clean, clipped legs. The mare’s owner, Sarah Isherwood, laughs when asked. “Feather and foxhunting don’t mix,” she explains.

The Beginning Removing feather from her mare, Daatje, was not on Sarah Isherwood’s mind when she bought the horse 10 years ago. But when Daatje developed some skin issues on her lower legs, Isherwood had to remove most of her feather to treat it.

94, Equine Journal, July 2011

Photo: Mystical Photography


jects. But a jagged mane and tail on a show horse is another matter. Carroll invests what she describes only as “a lot of work” on her Friesians’ appearance. Of the two horses, Jork is the bigger challenge. “He has so much hair and such teeny, tiny ears that if he shakes his head, he’ll shake his bridle off,” she explains. “He did that two times and it was like he said, ‘Oh, I have a new trick.’” Shaving a tiny bridle path – which is allowed by USEF rules – stopped it.

Photo: Spencer Hansen

Later, while preparing for an open dressage competition, she says, “The judge was not known for loving Friesians. So I said, ‘I’ll pretend she’s not a Friesian!’” That included thinning Daatje’s mane and tail and shaving off her feather. Prior to adopting the unusual presentation, Sarah competed Daatje in open competition. In 2005, as a four-year-old just under saddle, Daatje won the walk/trot championship at the New England Friesian Horse Club (NEFHC) Classic. Today, the pair continues to compete in dressage. At NEFHC’s 2010 show, Daatje earned dressage scores in the mid-60s at First Level Test 4 – with light, wispy locks of hair where full feather would normally grow.

Tricks of the Trade

Manes are only one part of the grooming equation. Kathy Kathy Carroll braids Jork’s forelock into four sections and then Carroll also rolls Jork’s forelock. “Otherwise, it’s so long that it ties it under his throatlatch so it’s not flying around. would hang into his mouth and he’d eat it.” Middle Ground But Jork’s forelock treatment doesn’t stop there. “We In the off-season, when foxhunting is done, Isherwood put it into four braids, and then we have to take it and tie it lets Daatje’s mane, tail and feather grow out. “It protects her under his throatlatch so it’s not flying around or bouncing. during cold weather,” she says. “It just makes sense then.” Judges don’t want to see the hair flipping around; it’s disBut when foxhunting season starts, Isherwood removes tracting.” She muses, “Maybe we could braid it back around all but a wisp of hair on the back of the mare’s fetlocks. The his ear and into the French braid on his mane.” realities of foxhunting – galloping through “mucky stuff” Carroll has another reason for the braids. “Jork’s hair is for many hours and miles – would otherwise make cleanup very curly by nature. If he wasn’t braided, within 24 hours miserable. it would be in dreadlocks.” To calm those curls, she rubs “All this mud would get caught in her feather,” she exShapley’s™ Mane-Tail-Groom (M-T-G) into the root of his plains. “That’s heavy and it just keeps moisture against her mane, then parts it down the middle of his neck and loops skin.” By removing the feather, Daatje’s skin stays healthy, French braids along each side. and she’s able to cool down faster after workouts. Jork’s tail is just as luxurious; keeping it off the ground requires five separate tail bags. Carroll admits, “It’s a big commitment.”

Competition Trends

Three thousand miles away from Wentworth Hunt Club, lifelong equestrian Kathy Carroll of Kelso, Washington, has made some of her own discoveries about show grooming with her Friesian stallion, Jork and her Friesian gelding, Freark. While she enjoys open dressage competitions, Carroll admits, “Some things I do, you can’t do if you’re going to a stallion keuring.” As much as she loves the Friesian’s charisma, the Pacific Northwest climate makes it tough to manage all that hair. “This part of the country is a temperate rainforest,” she says. “That’s a nice way of saying it rains all the time.” A Friesian’s mane and tail, in a pasture environment without regular grooming, would break off naturally as the hair tangles and catches on branches, fences or other ob96, Equine Journal, July 2011

A Feather Touch Although Kathy Carroll is quick to say that she presents her Friesians as naturally as possible, she does make one compromise when it comes to the feather on their legs. After Jork came down with a case of scratches, she started discreetly trimming the feather on his lower pasterns. It’s a subtle change, but it makes a big difference in his health. “You could show all day long and you’d never see it,” she says. “I shaved just that area, because it’s a breeding ground for whatever wants to grow there.” The extra care is worth the joy of owning Friesians. Of Jork, she says, “He’s really kind; I swear he really tries to take care of me. He’s a star. There’s just not enough he can do for you.”

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Sarah Isherwood’s mare, Daatje, competes in foxhunting as well as open and breed shows with a pulled mane and clipped legs.

Removing all the hair from her Friesians is not part of her plan, open competition or not. “I just can’t imagine doing that. It’s so much a part of the flash.” She adds with a laugh, “And all that grooming helps me stay very limber.”

The Judge’s Perspective Richard T. Petty, who judged the 2010 Grand & World National Show for the International Friesian Sport Horse Association (IFSHA), discussed Friesian presentation from his home in Santa Barbara, California. Having judged Friesians at both breed-specific and open shows, he says he is struck by the breed’s “spirit, strength, overall beauty and the pride that owners have in showing them.” Part of that pride includes showing them in a natural manner. While he agrees that sometimes health issues may require partial removal of feather, which he would understand, “I’m all for keeping them the way they were meant to be. To change that is to take away from what they were meant to be; it takes away from their charm, their beauty.” Even at all-breed shows Petty sees Friesian owners representing their breed. It doesn’t matter if their horses are not specifically identified as Friesians. “I believe that Friesians should look like what they’ve looked like for centuries.”

Natural Beauty, Natural Presentation Caren Polillio, of West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, agrees. She and husband, Billy Piazza, own Lazy Stallion Friesians, home to the multi-champion Friesian gelding, Ytsen. They fell in love with Ytsen at Equine Affaire, though they didn’t know his name. Months later, having caught “Friesian fever,” they tried out a big, black horse who immediately bonded with them. Later, they learned it was the same gelding they’d 98, Equine Journal, July 2011









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FEATURE Caren Polillio and Billy Piazza take a traditional route when grooming their Friesians. The horses do not have a bridle path and they are not body clipped unless they are competing very early in the season.

met earlier at Equine Affaire. Today, Ytsen competes in hand, in harness and at liberty, collecting a longer list of 2010 year-end championships than could be easily listed. They include USEF Region 1 Champion Friesian Specialty, with a reserve championship in Friesian Driving and a third-place finish inhand. He has won similar accolades from NEFHC, the New England Horsemen’s Council (NEHC), the Massachusetts Horsemen’s Council (MHC), and many more organizations throughout the Northeast.

Same Preparation, Different Shows

Photo: Mystical Photography

It doesn’t matter whether Ytsen is competing at a breed show or an open competition, Polillio says. She, her husband, and trainer, Kathy Manning, present him the same. He

100, Equine Journal, July 2011


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USEF Presentation Rules The United States Equestrian Foundation (USEF) rules for Friesian competitions are clear about the breed’s presentation. “Purebreds should be shown in their natural splendor with full mane, tail and feathering,” the rules state. Bridle paths are not to exceed two inches; no bridle path is preferred. The horse’s muzzle, jaw, cheekbones and ears may be clipped, along with the guard hairs around its eyes. But, the feather on the legs is not to be removed except to prevent scratches. The rules for part-bred Friesians are more relaxed, as are USEF’s discipline-specific rules. In most hunter competitions, for example, braided, roached or pulled manes are allowed; dressage competitions permit braided manes and tails. Pleasure driving rules are the most flexible of all, with unbraided tails, optional braiding of manes and “any mane, tail or fetlock trimming” that conforms to breed standards.

doesn’t have a bridle path and he isn’t body-clipped unless it’s a very early competition. Sanded, polished hoofs are the most “man-made” part of his appearance. At home, she keeps Ytsen’s mane braided most of the time. His show preparation is minimal, focusing on a bath where, she says with a laugh, he is “scrubbed down to the bone.” Polillio explains that the gelding’s grooming regimen is simpler than some might expect because “he has coarse hair that is easy to take care of; it’s different from a Quarter Horse or Morgan’s hair.” The biggest indulgence they make is handpicking his mane and tail instead of using brushes. She doesn’t sound as if even that extra work is inconvenient. “Ytsen loves showing,” she says, “but we love it, too.” ■ 102, Equine Journal, July 2011

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2011 IFSHA World and Grand National Championship Horse Show to be held October 5-9.


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Custom Tack & Harness


ake a good look around your tack room: girths hanging neatly in the corner; stirrup leathers run up on saddles; halters, leads and lunge lines ready for action by the door. Chances are, if you are a serious horseman, you have a multitude of products that have been produced by Bill Duffy. From bit keepers and spur straps to surcingles and girths, Bill Duffy has been a private label manufacturer for some of the largest tack companies in the horse world, Stateline, Dover and Toklat are just a few of the companies that have sold his handiwork under their brand name. His company, Northeast Equestrian Products of Littleton, MA, was the largest manufacturer of English leather girths in the world in the early 1990s, as they produced mass-quantities of high-quality handmade products for over 20 years, many of which still hang in tack rooms all over the United States. Recently, this hands-on horse owner of over 40 years has decided to bring his business a little closer to home and make it

makers is knowing where to find your materials, but due to my experience and former company, I have some great resources and know where to find what I need.” His impressive workshop includes seven sewing machines, four spreading tables, die-cutting machines and stacks Bill with his daughter, Jennifer, at the Carriage Asof leather just ready sociation of America Conference at Shelburne Farm, for action. VT. They’re driving Savannah, a Shire/Hackney The stacks of mare, wearing a Duffy harness that’s hooked to an leather are certainly 1892 French and Company Whitechapel cart. going to be put to good use; Duffy’s product line extends past that of many tack stores. Driving harnesses, custom training equipment, girths and halters are just a sampling of the products that he offers. “If its leather, we can make it,” Duffy says proudly. “We have the set-up and the machinery to be able to accommodate any request.” Bill Duffy offers custom solutions to any problem that a horse owner can think of. Hard to fit horse or pony? Bill is happy to take measurements and create custom equipment. Every horse owner has something that they are on the lookout for, and Bill is happy to build what you are looking for, even if it is as small as a bit keeper. Bill can also use his horse knowledge to brainstorm with you as to what sort of training equipment may work well for you. Bill Duffy and his farrier son, Bill Duffy III, performing a military Top horsemen such as USDF funeral service with their matched brother-and-sister pair of FrieGold Medalist and USET Long-listed sian/Percheron crosses. They’re driving their replica 1918 military rider, Sharon McKuster of Souhegan caisson, and the horses are wearing a set of Duffy custom harnesses. Farm, and her former student, USDF Bill Duffy has the equipment and more accessible to the private horse owner. He underGold Medalist Erin Shea of Erin Shea material available to accommodate any stands the needs of horse owners, being a breeder of Dressage, ride daily in Bill Duffy’s request. world class Dutch Harness Horses with his son on his work and can attest to its longevity 60-acre farm, and a trainer of nationally and internationand ability to stand up to wear and ally successful driving horses. His new business venture, Bill tear. Corey Hardy of Newbury Farm jumps at the Grand Prix level Duffy’s Custom Tack & Harness in Ashby, MA, focuses on selland has used Bill’s products for over five years now. He feels that ing directly to horse owners and tack shops. Duffy has a great craftsmanship of his products is unequalled. handle on what horse owners are looking for, as this is truly a No matter what you are looking for, Bill Duffy’s Custom great example of horse people manufacturing and creating for Harness and Tack is able to serve your needs. They bring back horse people. In addition to producing the same high-quality the quality of products that Americans are known for, hand makproducts that we have all come to rely on, Duffy will be offering ing each piece with the utmost care and standing behind their tack rebuilding and repairing services and will offer custom tack products for a lifetime. From the small, intimate storefront to the work. elaborate workshop, they truly are your one stop shop for your His products are all made with high quality American or tack and tack repair needs. For more information, call Bill at 978European leather. Duffy explains, “We have access to all quali386-0200 or email him at ties of leather, one of the largest challenges for harness and tack Special Advertising Section

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phone 978-386-0200

cell 978-855-8591 July 2011, Equine Journal, 105

By Kelly Davidson Chou

Nine Auspicious Breeds Mountain and Moorland Ponies Make a Name for Themselves in North America

The Connemara stallion, *ArdCeltic Art, ridden by owner Donna Miller.


ritain and Ireland’s native Mountain and Moorland (M&M) pony breeds have created a great deal of enthusiasm in the United States. The nine breeds recognized by the National Pony Society (NPS) in the United Kingdom (UK) include the Connemara, Dales, Dartmoor, Exmoor, Fell, Highland, New Forest, the four sections of Welsh, and the traditional or “British” Shetland. The Welsh is the most familiar and well-established M&M pony in the country, with the Section B arguably the most popular pony throughout the U.S. Of the remaining eight breeds, the Connemara is the most recognizable to Americans. The other seven range from the rare and unusual, 106, Equine Journal, July 2011

including the Fell, Highland, and New Forest ponies, to the critically-endangered Exmoor and Dales breeds, with fewer than 900 and 2,900 registered individuals, respectively. The Kerry Bog Pony, although not recognized by the NPS, has a similar history to other M&M breeds. The definition of an M&M pony is: “One whose ancestors have lived on mountain, moor or common for the last three generations in semi-feral conditions.” This depiction asserts that breeders return to “wild” populations for breeding stock to maintain such qualities as durability, vitality, intelligence, and the calm, dependable temperament all M&Ms share.

FEATURE To survive in their native environments, hardiness is the name of the game. M&M ponies possess robust muscling, short cannons, sturdy knees, and powerful hocks to move over rough ground. They often have luxurious manes and tails with thick winter coats that earn them the delightful nickname “the hairies.” Though the breeds possess much in common, their differences – especially in size and movement – can be striking, and they ultimately determine suitability for a variety of pursuits for small children to the “larger-than-average” adult.


Kerry Bog The Kerry Bog Pony is a native breed of Ireland. Originally used for hauling peat in from the bogs of Ireland, the Kerry Bog Pony also doubled as a cart pony for the family’s transportation needs. However, these gentle, strong ponies suffered from wars, mechanization and importation of the donkey, being nearly eradicated with only 40 ponies thought to remain by the latter half of the 20th century. The Kerry Bog Pony owes its narrow flee from extinction in large part to the diligent efforts of a Kerryman named John Mulvihill, who brought the plight of these delightful ponies to the forefront of interest in the equine community. This upswing of popularity ignited the interest of Ireland’s leading DNA laboratory, Weatherby’s. John Flynn of Weatherby’s confirmed that the bog ponies’ DNA displayed distinguishing breed markers. A fairy tale was put in motion and the breed was saved. Standing between 10 and 12 hands, the Kerry Bog Pony possesses a strong, compact body with a strong neck, well rounded, laid back shoulders and well sprung ribs. The breed is characterized by its powerful movement, strong trot and impres-

Photo: Linda C. Ashar

Connemara Hailing from the rugged mountains and valleys of County Galway in Ireland, the Connemara adapted to the pounding storms that routinely brutalize the region. The result was an extremely robust and hardy equine that was likely crossed with Spanish breeds to create the beautiful and elegant pony of today. Standing between 13 and 14.2 hands – though ponies over 14.2 in the U.S. are accepted by the American Connemara Pony Society (ACPS) – the Connemara boasts a graceful, clean-throated neck, set onto well-sloped shoulders. The breed has a goodsized chest for excellent lung capacity, a deep, rounded barrel, strong back, and well-muscled quarters. Noted for its athleticism and biddable temperament, the Connemara is celebrated for its innate jumping ability – though the breed excels at everything from carriage driving to dressage. Its calm nature makes it a first class Pony Club mount, though the thrill and excitement of the gymkhana ring also suit. Proving just how competitive the breed can be, *ArdCeltic Art, owned by Roger Brown and Donna Miller from Hidden Creek Farm in Georgia, consistently wins at Intermediate Level three-day eventing and earns scores near 70% at Fourth Level dressage. This amazingly talented stallion was also named “Horse of the Year” by the ACPS in 2009, among many other awards and honors he has collected in recent years. The ACPS registers 75-100 purebred foals annually. For many years, Connemaras in Canada were also registered by the ACPS, but the breed’s popularity eventually led to the formation of the Canadian Connemara Pony Society in 2006.

This Kerry Bog foundation stallion, The Spotted Badger, is wearing the original paniers that were used in Ireland to carry peat and other items.

sive strength in relation to their size, as well as their surefootedness in a variety of different terrains. The ponies are renown for their gentle disposition. They are easily trained and love to work, making them suitable both in harness competition and for children. The first Kerry Bog Pony breeding herd came to the United States in 2003, and the American breed registry of the American Kerry Bog Pony Society (AKBPS) was established in 2004. The breed has grown quickly in the U.S. Imported ponies registered in Ireland are automatically eligible for registration with the American Registry as well as DNA-confirmed foals of registered American or Irish ponies.

Scotland Highland The Highland is a rare breed with only 6,000 individuals registered worldwide. With its great substance, it is one of the strongest of the M&Ms. The Highland ranges between 13 and 14.2 hands. Though substantial, Highlands are still ponies and must maintain such qualities as a well-made head with a broad forehead and large, well-set eyes. The neck is powerful and nicely arched. Shoulders are sloping and forearms are strong and placed well under the body for sturdiness. Cannons are well boned and short, and the feet are large and tough. Highlands have luxurious flowing manes and tails with silky feathering on the legs. Its quiet nature and willing disposition produce a great children’s lesson pony or a mount for the disabled. Many of the owners of these versatile ponies are dedicated to getting this rare breed seen by the public, frequently participating in parades, equine exhibits, and other public events. Circle H MacKenzie, owned by Pat and Judy Brescia in Virginia, is a true all-rounder, competing successfully in low level dressage and M&M classes. This spunky gelding is proving quite the breed ambassador through regular participation in local parades, costume classes and exhibitions, including two appearances at Equine Affaire in Massachusetts. Recently, he was July 2011, Equine Journal, 107

Photo: Lee Ann Bunn

The traditional or “British” Shetland is a compact wonder, having a strong, muscular structure, a square stance with a rounded barrel and well-sprung ribs.

rarely exceeds 10.

Shetland The Highland pony, Circle H MacKenzie ridden by Judy Brescia.

introduced to the sport of Le Trec, which combines mounted orienteering and obstacle courses, and like everything else he puts a “hoof to,” he is doing it extremely well. All purebred foals are registered by the Highland Pony Society in Scotland. With fewer than 90 ponies in North America, annual registry for foals born in the U.S. and Canada

Unlike the American Shetland, the traditional or “British” Shetland is a compact wonder, having a strong, muscular structure, a square stance with a rounded barrel and well-sprung ribs. It possesses a sloping shoulder that forms a triangle from point of shoulders to withers to head. Front legs are straight and sturdy with short, wide cannon bones. A refined, “leggy” look is undesirable. The Shetland personality is steady with an even, friendly attitude and a native intelligence that is willing and trainable.

* All ponies FIS CLEAR (foal immunodeficiency syndrome)

* 3 licensed stallions * All colors but roan (black, bay, grey) * breeding for temperament, type, movement, and athletic ability * imported stock

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108, Equine Journal, July 2011

July 2011, Equine Journal, 109

FEATURE As a leadline pony or first ridden pony, the Shetland is hard to beat. Olney Nick Nack, owned and ridden by Daisy and Tommy Fenwick, is a first-rate children’s performance pony, doing everything from leadline to low hunters. The gelding has won “Best Child’s Pony” numerous times at a variety of breed shows and other performance events, much to the delight of his owners and his many fans! Outside of Britain, there is much pressure to alter the Shetland type. The Shetland Pony Society of North America (SPSNA) was formed to maintain the integrity of the breed in the U.S. and Canada. The SPSNA currently has 220 registered ponies and registers three to five purebred foals annually.


Highland Ponies MacCrimmon Andrew 4 yr old 14H, Dark Yellow Dun Out of Imported Stock Stud Fee: $500.00 (plus mare care)

Photo: Kelly Davidson Chou

Dales Though not often recognized in the U.S., the Dales Pony is a highly versatile breed, extremely suited to both riding and driving. Its agility and surefootedness, coupled with a gentle and willing attitude, make it a fantastic trail mount for timid or disabled riders. It provides confidence to young children and mature adults new to jumping and affords thrills in the hazards of a combined driving event (CDE). The breed stands between 14 and 14.2 hands. They possess a powerful, sloping shoulder, well-sprung ribs, and a shortcoupled trunk. Dales are renowned in the UK for their extremely sound and well-formed feet. The head should be straight or slightly Roman in profile with a small muzzle and short incurving ears. The Dales’ eye-catching trot sets the breed apart; it is

The Dales stallion, Colliery Alick, owned by Davidson Dales.

straight and true with great use of knees and hocks. Debbie Hamilton, of the Hamilton Rare Breeds Foundation in Vermont, says of the Dales’ athletic ability, “The breed can do a lot of things well but they really shine as driving ponies. They are incredibly dependable in harness.” Her trio of grey geldings, Redprairie Gandalf, Redprairie Chancellor, and Greenmountain Rob Roy McGregor had tremendous success in the late 2000s competing as singles and as an intermediate level pair in CDEs across the East Coast and Canada. Davidson Dales’ stallion Colliery Alick is a true all-rounder, earning championships in the jumper ring, pleasure driving competitions, and in ridden M&M classes. In 2007, he was honored at the Welsh American Nationals in California as Ridden Reserve Champion under UK judge Jane Etheridge. The Dales Pony Society of America, a recognized daughter registry of the Dales Pony Society in the UK, registers five to 10 purebred foals annually.

Dartmoor photo credit: Dusty Perin

Patrick Og MacCrimmon

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Leif and Mary Ellen Erickson PO Box 62 540 Route 140 Gilmanton, NH 03237 603.267.7408 110, Equine Journal, July 2011

Like all the M&M breeds, the Dartmoor is extremely hardy and sound. Though it possesses substance, it has many qualities of a good riding pony, with a longer, more elegant neck and well-laid sloping shoulders. The head is small with large, intelligent eyes and characteristically small pony ears. The cannons are short and ample, and height should not exceed 12.2 hands. Dartmoor action is notable among the M&M breeds for the lack of knee lift at the trot. With its smooth action and easygoing temperament, the Dartmoor makes an ideal child’s pony and competes successfully in leadline and first ridden classes. Dartmoors jump well and can make wonderful hunters or Pony Club mounts for children. In the U.S., the breed excels in carriage driving. Four-time national driving champion, Muffy Seaton, introduced the world to Dartmoors as FEI level competition ponies. Her ponies won

1996 Imported Dales Pony Stallion 5 Time Supreme Champion M&M Pony

Davidson Dales & Dartmoors

... Colliery Alick ...

Davidson Dales is thrilled to announce the arrival of Canadale Black Magic, Bickerdike Canadian Storm, and Bickerdike Expresso Magic!

Breeding for true Dales quality, temperament, & performance. Kelly Davidson Chou - 925.788.0655 - Clayton, California

Alickâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Career Highlights in the USA Proving Dales Ponies Really Can Do It All

M&M Supreme Champion - UK Judge Simon Bigley - WPCAC Pacific Coast Classic 2006 Reserve Best in Show - UK Judge Simon Bigley - WPCAC Pacific Coast Classic 2006 M&M Supreme Champion - UK Judge Linda Impey - West Coast Connemara Show 2007 Reserve Best in Show - UK Judge Linda Impey - West Coast Connemara Show 2007 M&M Supreme Champion - UK Judge Jane Etheridge - Welsh American Nationals 2007 Ridden Reserve Champion - UK Judge Jane Etheridge - Welsh American Nationals 2007 M&M Supreme Champion - UK Judge Peter Rutherford - Oregon Welsh Pony Show 2007 RSV Champion Pony Division - Judge Muffy Seaton - Pleasure Days Carriage Driving Show 2007 3rd Place - Training Level Single Pony Division - Ram Tap CDE 2008 2nd Place - Preliminary Level Single Pony Division - Summer Festival CDE 2009 Reserve Champion - Jumper Division - Cerro Vista Show Series 2009 Champion - Pony Division - Judge Marsoe LaRose - Fall Classic Pleasure Show 2009 RSV Grand Champion - Overall - Judge Marsoe LaRose - Fall Classic Pleasure Show 2009 NPS America Supreme Champion - UK Judge D.S. Lloyd - Welsh American Nationals 2010 Ridden M&M Winner - UK Judge D.S. Lloyd - Welsh American Nationals 2010 July 2011, Equine Journal, 111

Photo: Susan Deuterman


A pair of Dartmoors owned by Betty Steel (whip).

every major CDE in the East, and in 1997, she was invited to represent the U.S. at the Royal Windsor Horse Show in England. Tracey Morgan was soon to follow with her Dartmoor pair, Lizwell Gambling Queen and SingleTree Tabitha Twitchit. Among other notable achievements, the pair won the silver medal in dressage in the pairs division in Denmark at the 2007 World Championships for Pony Combined Driving. The Dartmoor Pony Registry of America maintains the official American studbook and provides information and education to the public about the breed. Since 2003, the organization registers an average of 20 purebred foals annually.

driving pony. Though there are fewer than 30 Exmoors in all of North America, that didn’t prevent Marlyn Domino, a gelding owned by Katie McCaffery of New York, from earning the Reserve Supreme Ridden Championship at the inaugural Festivale of Endangered Equine’s competition component, the Stewardship Awards of North America (SANA). Katie says of her beloved gelding, “We are using him for lessons with kids and a woman with multiple sclerosis, and he’s so gentle with them. I ride him around bareback in a halter all the time. But, when I take him into the show ring, he is ready to go and show his stuff. Several years ago at Dressage at Devon, Domino was M&M small pony champion; he can do just about anything!” All purebred Exmoor foals are registered through the Exmoor Pony Society in the UK. Annual registrations of foals born in North America average fewer than five.

Fell The Fell Pony is a versatile breed originating in northwestern England. Noted for agility, strength, hardiness and great beauty, it is strongly built, active and very forward in its paces. The Fell does not exceed 14 hands. The head is well shaped, and unlike the Dales, some dishing is acceptable. It has

Marlyn Domino, an Exmoor gelding owned by Katie McCaffery.

112, Equine Journal, July 2011

Littletree Bodini, a Fell pony stallion owned and shown by Melissa Kreuzer of Dream Hayven Farm, performing at the Bristol Renaissance Faire.

Photo: Jeffrey Gibson

Exmoor This oldest and purest of the M&M breeds is also the most critically endangered. The Exmoor is very distinctive and unlikely to be mistaken for another breed. The mares should not exceed 12.2 hands; stallions may reach 12.3. Their coloring is always “Wild Bay,” which can range from nearly black to a light dun, with a “mealy colored” muzzle and similar coloring around the eyes and on the flanks. Unlike other M&M breeds, white markings are not permissible. The unique environment of Exmoor has created a strong pony with a straighter shoulder than is usually seen in riding ponies. But, this very useful breed still performs admirably as a riding mount for children and small adults and as a competitive


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July 2011, Equine Journal, 113

large, expressive eyes and small pony ears, with a good length of neck and a long, thick mane and tail of quality hair. The breed possesses a strong back, rounded quarters and short cannons with dense bone. The Fell is a fantastic family pony and can be ridden by most members of the family – from small children to adults. It is suited to both riding and driving, and many Fells make safe and reliable jumping ponies. With both competitive and recreational carriage driving gaining in popularity in the U.S., Fells in North America are rising to the occasion. Demonstrating just how competitive Fells can be in pleasure driving shows, the gelding Generaal de Knip, owned by Elaine Olsen in California, won United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) “Horse of the Year” National Champion for Single Pleasure Driving Pony in 2009. In addition to pleasure driving shows, the gelding also successfully competed at the preliminary Single Pony Level in combined driving, handily winning the marathon section at the prestigious Shady Oaks CDE in 2007. North America produces 30-40 purebred Fells annually. All foals are registered by the Fell Pony Society in the UK.

New Forest The New Forest is sturdily built but still possesses great elegance of conformation and movement. In their native environment in southern England, they have to traverse rugged and boggy ground; so, strong, well-shaped feet are a must. They have sloping shoulders, strong backs, and well-muscled quarters. Short, strong cannons with well-built knees and hocks are characteristic of the breed. They range from 12 to 14.2 hands.

Exmoor Ponies for Pleasure or Performance Quality True-to-Type Ponies

Endangered Breed

Photo Courtesy of Okjen Farm.


New Forest stallion, Okjen’s Pico Bello.

New Forest ponies are very friendly, outgoing ponies and usually train easily for a variety of tasks. The New Forest is well suited as a children’s pony or as a mount for timid adult riders. In the United States, the New Forest Pony is finally gaining recognition as a first-class athlete in the hunter/jumper ring. Two geldings took top honors in both the hunter and jumper divisions at the 2007 Pony Finals. Enchanted Forest, an imported New Forest gelding, was the Medium and Grand Pony Hunter Champion at the USEF Pony Hunter Finals, and Magic BB was the USEF National Pony Jumper Individual Champion – a significant accomplishment for a breed not easily recognized by most equine enthusiasts in the U.S.! The New Forest Pony Society of North America (NFPSNA) is the recognized daughter studbook of the New Forest Pony Breeding & Cattle Society in the UK, registering 15-20 foals annually. An additional independent organization, the New Forest Pony Association (NFPA), was founded in 1989. The association provides a registry for ponies in both the U.S. and Canada and has registered about 350 individuals since 1992. Kelly Davidson Chou is the Chairman of NPS America – the first international chapter of the National Pony Society in the UK. Its mission is to support and recognize the nine M&M breeds and the British Riding Pony in the United States. You can reach her through the organization’s website at

Congratulations to the new owners of Marlyn Odyssey and Marlyn Qutee (pictured on left)

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519-525-0679 ❙ 114, Equine Journal, July 2011

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118, Equine Journal, July 2011



7+(:25/'/($'(5,1$5(1$)227,1*$1'67$//6<67(06 7UX6WULGH ¯ /LWH6WULGH ¯ 6RIW6KRH  6XSHU6WDOO July 2011, Equine Journal, 119

By Natalie DeFee Mendik

Sweet Slumber An inside look at horses and their sleep habits.

Photo: Helen Peppe 120, Equine Journal, July 2011

"To sleep, perchance to dream."

– Shakespeare.

leep is a universal experience, whether human or animal. Good sleep, complete with time spent in dreamland, is crucial to health and well-being. Join us for a look at equine sleep habits, as well as the best way to promote good sleep for your horse, with Dr. Carey Williams of Rutgers University in New Jersey. Dr. Williams serves as Equine Extension Specialist and Associate Director of Extension at the Rutgers Equine Science Center.


shoulders and stifles immobile. However, upon awakening, the horse quickly and automatically comes out of the locked position. Throughout the course of the night, whether stabled or turned out, horses engage in eating, napping, and deep sleeping. In a herd situation, at least one horse remains standing “on guard” watching over the group while other horses lie down for deep sleep.

Sleep Behavior and Physiology

Stable Management and Sleep

Unlike humans, horses don’t sleep in a long, unbroken stretch; rather, horses sleep intermittently in many short sleep cycles over a 24-hour period. These sleep habits are the result of being prey animals. When standing and in light sleep, the horse can wake easily and quickly in order to flee from predators. Deeper rapid eye movement (REM) sleep only takes place when the horse feels absolutely secure. Dr. Williams notes that the average horse takes 10-15 brief catnaps throughout the day and goes into REM sleep two to four times a night. Horses experiences REM in 20-30 minute stretches, only when lying down. A unique “stay apparatus” allows horses to go into shortwave sleep while standing; this mechanism holds the legs in place and the horse upright. Dr. Williams explains that the stay apparatus consists of a combination of tendons and ligaments that essentially lock the horse’s legs into place so that it’s able to remain standing while napping. The extensors and flexors are wrapped in reciprocal motion, rendering the joints in the fetlocks, knees, hocks,

Many horses spend their nights stabled, spending their deep sleep periods in the stall. The stall must be large enough for the horse to lie down, and it must be bedded properly for comfort and safety. The benefits of bedding include urine absorption, a cushioned surface for standing and sleeping, insulation, reduced slick areas, and an overall comfortable spot for the horse. Stall mats are popular with most horse owners. They provide a level surface with “give,” which is beneficial to the horse’s joints and hooves. They also provide a surface that is easy to muck out. Despite these benefits, the type of bedding and the use of stall mats don’t seem to be contributing factors in the amount or quality of horses’ sleep, according to preliminary findings from a recent comprehensive study conducted by Rutgers University. “This study looked at four different bedding sources,” explains Dr. Williams. “Horses were videotaped throughout the night on these different types of bedding with rubber mats underneath. We didn’t find any differences between straw, shavings, wood pellets and straw pellets. The horses lie down on each bedding

July 2011, Equine Journal, 121

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FEATURE type, ranging from two to four times per night, lying down for 20-30 minutes each time.” This study concludes that the type of bedding doesn’t play a significant role in duration and occurrences of stalled horses lying down, which is a key factor to REM sleep. “Stalls don’t need to be bedded deeply,” says Dr. Williams. In fact, she notes bedding that is too deep can, in some horses, cause difficulty in getting up. The science behind this study takes the guesswork out of the horse owner’s hands; providing your horse with an absorptive bedding source at a depth of approximately three to six inches is all you need to be sure your horse sleeps.

Promoting Good Sleep How can you ensure your horse’s sleep is restful? The best approach is to make your horse feel safe and comfortable, so that it is able to lie down and go into deeper REM sleep. “The atmosphere of the barn is likely a large factor,” says Dr. Williams. “Horses need to feel comfortable enough to lie down and sleep.” This includes downtime, particularly in very busy barns, with the lights and radio in the barn turned off at night. In addition, horses that suffer from soreness may not be getting adequate deep sleep. “In conditions like arthritis or lameness, the horse may have significant trouble getting up and down, and therefore doesn’t lie down,” explains Dr. Williams. “This will limit sleep, and the horse will not go into as many REM cycles, or any, if the horse can’t lie down at all.”

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Many horses spend their nights stabled, spending their deep sleep periods in the stall. The stall must be large enough for the horse to lie down, and it must be bedded properly for comfort and safety.

Popular Bedding Options Wood Shavings The most popular options among horse owners, shavings come in different forms, ranging from larger chips down to sawdust. The smaller particles are more absorbent, but also create more dust. Shavings can be purchased by the bag or in bulk. Buying shavings in bulk is the more cost-effective option, but the source must be reliable to ensure it does not contain Black Walnut, which can cause laminitis. Shredded Newspaper Shredded newspaper is a dust-free and highly-compostable option for bedding. It is also absorbent. The cons are that it is not widely available, and some kinds of ink can dye horses’ coats. Peat Moss Peat moss is very absorbent and excellent for the compost pile. Horses tend to like the softness of this bedding, but owners can have a hard time dealing with the dark, dirty look. Straw Straw is not particularly absorbent, but is a low-cost option. One of the other advantages of straw is that it composts well. Straw can also be dusty and moldy, and some horses tend to eat it. Chopped straw is a more absorbent option.

AGRI SALES USA, INC. Nick Fitzpatrick | 800-747-3811 | 124, Equine Journal, July 2011

Wood Pellets Wood pellets are made of fine, kiln-dried wood particles that are compressed into small pellets. Wood pellets expand when wet and are highly absorbent, and, they have a low dust-factor. Wood pellets can last in a stall for longer periods due to their absorbency, and they tend to compost quickly.

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5 Allo w bed ding to expand 6 Em pty con onto stal tents of bag and l floor spread 7 Rem evenly ove soli ds and soiled 8 Add areas addition daily al bed ding mat Product erial as not for human needed or anim al

kg Aspe







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Basic sleep deprivation is the consequence of not getting REM sleep. Such horses tend to be lethargic and catnap very often. While dozing in a standing position, the sleep-deprived horse can drift into REM sleep, which can cause the horse to jerk awake or even to fall, as the stay apparatus isn’t designed for deep sleep. By keeping your horse as pain-free as possible and creating a safe, quiet atmosphere, you can feel confident that your horse will be well rested. ■

Wild Traits, Domestic Animals Domesticated horses’ sleep habits can be traced to behavior in the wild. Wild horses must always be on alert for potential predators, so when sleeping, there is always at least one horse on guard duty, keeping an eye on the surroundings. In the event of danger, horses are capable of rousing and fleeing very quickly. This instinctual need has carried over to the sleep habits of domesticated horses as well. While wild horses may sleep less than domesticated horses due to the need to constantly forage, much of the sleep habits remain the same between the two groups.

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Royal Virginian Equine BeneďŹ ts of Pelleted Bedding


s more farms are striving to become energy independent, energy conscious, and earth friendly, there has been an increase in the use of wood pellets. Many are familiar with using wood pellets as a heating alternative in wood pellet heating stoves, and more are becoming aware and interested in the use of wood pellets for equine facilities. Wood pellets are typically a byproduct of sawmills. They are made up of wood fibers that have been compressed and heated. In Louisa County, at WoodFuels Virginia, the pellets are made from sustainably-harvested whole logs. The logs are brought to the facility to be debarked, chipped, resized, heated and dried at temperatures between 600 and 1,200 degrees, killing molds, bacteria, and significantly reducing outgassing of hydrocarbons and phenols typically found in raw pine shavings. In addition, their drying process allows for significantly increased absorption capabilities. Royal Virginian Equine bedding pellets are dried to have a moisture content of 6% or less at bagging. Because of this, their pelletized bedding will soak up 7-10 times the amount of urine or liquids that shavings can absorb. Therefore, smaller quantities of pelletized bedding are required per stall than shavings. Users of pelletized bedding report that the volume of stall waste material is reduced up to 60%! Stalls are easier to clean and less time is spent cleaning them. This can result in reduced labor costs for manure handling of potentially 30-50%! Horse owners may need training and demonstration of the benefits and management of pelletized bedding to aid and adapt to the appearance of the bedding in the stalls. Those used to traditionally bedding in deep stalls may need to adjust to seeing less bulkiness on the stall floor, but will still feel the same cushion of softness with pellet usage. WoodFuels Virginia sales staff will gladly assist in demonstrating proper use and answer questions owners may have. Yet another added benefit to using pelletized bedding is that the pellets take up less storage space than shavings. One 40lb bag of pellets is equal to roughly 2.5 bales of shavings. Another major benefit of using pellets is enhanced compostability allowing more manure versus bedding into the compost pile. Reducing the volume of waste material is a positive step that farms can take toward becoming earth friendly. Royal Virginian pelletized bedding produces minimal fines or airborne dust that can cause respiratory problems in horses. The whole pine used absorbs odors well. It does not stick to blankets, clothing, or onto your horse the way shavings typically do. Pellets are available year round, Special Advertising Section

while shavings tend to be found more on a seasonal basis. Has your shavings/sawdust frozen in the winter forcing you to hack at it with a pitchfork to change stall bedding? This will not happen with pellets because the moisture has been removed. In addition, shavings are becoming harder to find with the declines in the construction and sawmill industries over the past several years. Wood pellets vary from brand to brand so it is important for consumers to investigate bedding to ensure that it will best suit the needs of the animals being bedded. WoodFuels Virginia is located in Louisa County, VA, and offers delivery by truck or rail nationally. Feel free to contact the sales department at WoodFuels Virginia at 540872-3300 for more information on Royal Virginian Equine Bedding or visit

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July 2011, Equine Journal, 127

Photo: Jennifer Wilkening

Pam Fowler Grace explains the important elements that are the foundation of good riding. 128, Equine Journal, July 2011

By Pam Fowler Grace



That Unlock the Door

Master Your Seat I

n 40 years of training, teaching and judging, I have observed hundreds of riders and have found there to be a common misunderstanding when it comes to the basics. These simple but important elements are the foundation of good riding and training, and the failure to master these can cause problems and become a source of frustration for both horse and rider. There are two kinds of suppleness in a horse’s movement: lateral, which is side-to-side, and longitudinal, which is headto-tail. I believe the key to success in dressage is in creating suppleness through the topline. When a horse has longitudinal suppleness, he lifts and rounds his back, thus enabling him to bring his hind legs under himself. Then, and only then, will the hind legs properly carry, lift and propel him. The rider will enjoy a horse that is moving “through” from back to front. The horse will then lift, which allows rounding of the back to shift weight to the hind legs. The way you sit on the horse has everything to do with whether or not you achieve this perfect union between horse and rider. Here are the key points to consider; just remember, it’s all about your SEAT.

Subtle Hands For the horse to be supple and come through, the rider’s connection should provide the horse with a dependable, consistent frame of reference. The rider’s elbows should be bent and the arms flexible to slide along the sides of the torso. The hands should be fairly low, close together and steady with a soft connection on the reins, in conjunction with the seat. The rider’s hands should not be rigid weapons of destruction. They should be subtle communicators of relaxation and security.

Engaged Back Engaging the muscles of your lower back is key to a proper seat. This is the basic foundation of the rider’s effectiveness. When the lower back is engaged, it can be used in conjunction with any other aid and will act to magnify it. This cannot be achieved with the pelvis rocked forward or when the rider’s back is hollow or arched, or when the tailbone is tucked under

(i.e., sitting on your pockets). The term “seat” does not refer to the tightening of the muscles in your buttocks, but rather the engagement of the muscles in your lower back. The muscles in the lower back must push forward with the pelvic floor flat on the saddle, not tipped forward or back and with buttock muscles and hips relaxed.

Aligned Body The basic alignment of shoulders, seat bones, and heels is absolutely necessary. If the rider is even just a few degrees in front of the desired vertical line with the upper body, that causes disengagement of the rider’s lower back and negates his ability to influence the horse. Likewise, if the rider’s legs slide out in front of the vertical, this too will disengage the lower back and cause the rider’s seat bones to bang against the horse’s back. This will trigger the horse to stiffen his back and defend himself against the rider’s seat. Once the horse stiffens in defense, the hind legs begin to take short choppy strides, the horse comes above the bit, and thus, the struggle begins. From there, the quality of movement and enjoyment of the ride deteriorate.

Toe Position The position of the rider’s toe should be pointing forward, not turned out to the side. When a rider has toes pointed out to the side, it causes the calf to “live” on the horse’s side, imposing a constant pressure. One can turn the toe out a bit to cue the horse, but then should return to the correct forward position. When a rider’s leg stays constantly on the horse’s side, the horse eventually begins to ignore the rider’s leg. Horses process things in a very black and white manner. They need to receive black and white cues. When the lower leg is constantly on the horse and the rider attempts to give a cue with it, the cue is muddled, and frequently the horse does not receive a clear signal. Many times, the frustrated rider, unaware of the problem, will decide the horse is being lazy or disobedient. For a sharp, clear cue that will, in turn, initiate an immediate response, the lower leg July 2011, Equine Journal, 129

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July 2011, Equine Journal, 131

FEATURE should very deliberately touch the horse’s side and then come off. This is done by starting in the riding position with toe forward, then swivel your ankle to turn your toe out slightly, cue the horse and then return to the toe-forward riding position. The more clearly defined these cues are, the more subtle they can be and the happier and more responsive the horse will be.

Western Dressage

Photo: Jennifer Wilkening

There is a new riding discipline spreading like wildfire across the country called “western dressage.” The progression was inevitable with the way many of the western disciplines are evolving and the standards of quality in the competition rings becoming higher and higher. Both reiners and barrel racers alike are showing up at dressage A Basic Building Block Often Overlooked clinics to learn the techniques and apply them to their Once you have memorized the checklist and mastered sport. Breed show competitors from all walks are realizing your SEAT, you can move to the essential basic building block the benefits of incorporating the principles of dressage into of riding your horse from the inside leg to the outside rein. This their daily training sessions. Even trail riders are enjoying is the final basic technique that is so frequently ignored. To do the heightened sense of balance, suppleness and harmony this correctly, first apply your new checklist, SEAT. In order to that a foundation of dressage will create. Bottom line: dresmaster this, the outside sage will improve and advance the training and rein must have a soft performance of every horse. but steady connection An example of Riding the front of this wave you will find Pam with the lower back a leg yield on Fowler Grace, a long-time international Grand Prix engaged, body aligned a circle with a dressage rider with 85 championship titles, five of rein release. on the vertical and which are at the Grand Prix level. What you may toes pointed straight not know about Pam is that she trained and comahead. The rider then peted with western discipline horses for 15 years uses the inside leg before beginning her legendary dressage career. in rhythm with the All tallied, she garnered over 150 state, national horse’s gait to send and world championship titles on five different him “into the outside breed circuits. Her experience and knowledge of rein.” When this is all things horse is hard to match. Recently invited properly executed, to the advisory board of the Western Dressage the horse will come Association of America (WDAA), Pam will serve as “through,” balance their advising dressage expert. on his hind legs, and Pam is very excited about bringing her exwill have a delightfully pertise to the world of western dressage. She has light feel. designed the first western dressage saddle, which Here is a great exintegrates the qualities of correct position and ercise to practice this balance for the rider, and comfort and freedom fundamental basic: of movement for the horse. This innovative new First - make sure your saddle is being produced by Circle Y Saddles, Inc., outside rein is steady of Yoakum, Texas, and is available through their naand connected with tional and international network of distributors. hands placed in the “Star In Stripes,” Pam’s current multi-chamarea down in front of pion mount, who has earned superstar status in the saddle. Put your the international dressage arena, is now her dance horse on a 20m circle. partner in western exhibitions; and, the pair is havThen, with your lower ing a blast promoting this exciting and revolutionback engaged, ask ary new equine sport. the horse’s front end to come toward the center of your circle by slightly opening the inside rein and then subtly return it to the riding position. As you open the inside rein, ask the horse’s haunches to move out of the circle by cueing with your inside leg. This exercise is basically a leg yield on the circle. When the horse is honestly “through” and into the outside rein, you will be able to release the connection on your inside rein for a moment, and the horse will stay “through and on the bit.” If the horse falls apart, crashes on the forehand, or comes above the bit, you are not there yet – try increasing the angle, front-end more toward the center of the circle and haunches more out. This is a wonderful way to develop this important fundamental basic and also an easy way to test yourself if you are not sure if you have yet mastered the technique. 132, Equine Journal, July 2011

Incorporating the simple SEAT checklist and practicing the inside leg to outside rein exercise will help you eliminate a lot of the strife and training problems. A few changes here and there can create a happier, more willing horse and restore joy to your relationship with your equine partner. I wish you many enjoyable and productive rides! ■ Pam Fowler Grace is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist. She has won numerous GAIG, ABIC and All-Breeds yearend championships and has competed successfully in Grand Prix both in the U.S. and Europe. She is also a USDF level “L” judge. Pam currently performs exhibitions and conducts clinics in both traditional and western dressage.

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Ask your local Feed/Tack store for Martinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;sÂŽ Brand products. July 2011, Equine Journal, 133

Pro Questions

Dressage Charles de Kunffy, Palm Springs, California Q: How can I coordinate my aids and improve my canter departure? A: Nowhere else is utter coordination and timing of all the components of the aids more necessary in the entire vocabulary of riding. That is why the canter departure is called a “strike-off.” When we strike a match, we place the head of the match on the side of the matchbox. We press it down and with one abrupt motion create the friction, which causes the sudden flame. Similarly, precisely positioned canter aids must support a canter “strike off.” The horse’s attention must be focused on the rider and he must be collected in preparation of a canter aid. Then, the rider must assume the correct position in the saddle, placing his torso and limbs to be ready for the application of the aids. Finally, the well-placed aids must be applied simultaneously to a horse with his attention and focus on his rider. The rider’s position should be as follows: The rider’s shoulders should always parallel that of the horse’s and his hips should parallel the position of the horse’s hips. The rider’s outside leg should be well behind the inside one with ankles well flexed, toes sharply lifted up, thereby stretching the calves of the legs and securing the heels way down. The outside leg therefore should stretch down from the rider’s hip and not be pulled up at the heel. This proper positioning of the legs secures the rider on the inside seat bone while the one on the outside raises above the saddle up into the buttocks. The inside leg should feel heavier on the stirrup. Both legs should be draped onto the horse’s ribcage. The position of the rider having been achieved as described above, the horse’s preparation now commences. There should be collection, gradually or by a half halt, placing more weight over the haunches whether in halt, walk or trot. Then, the aids will be delivered on the “diagonal aiding

134, Equine Journal, July 2011

system” from outside leg to inside rein. In most languages we do not call for a canter on right or left lead. The command calls for a canter on right or left rein! The reins should position the horse’s neck, meaning a slight inward bending of the neck with a drop at the poll and the horse contacting lightly the “indirect” inside rein. The outside rein should be actually yielded (released) to liberate the horse’s outside hind leg to anchor on the ground and engage as the starting momentum of the canter. Only a liberated outside hind leg can support the entire weight of horse and rider at the moment of the canter departure. At that time, the entire horse is raised above the single weight-bearing outside hind leg. Now that the rider’s position is prepared and the horse is appropriately positioned and prepared, the rider can give the aids for the “strike off.” Both legs should be contracted suddenly, “closed” by the stretched calves and pressure applied down (not forward) toward the inside stirrup by the inside seat bone of the rider. The pressure applied by both legs’ contractions should feel to the rider as if attempting to lift the horse’s ribcage up toward the seat bone, while it presses downward. The pressures are at once (feeling abrupt!) and utterly coordinated by being carefully placed. However, they must not feel brutally strong, tactless or alarming to the horse. We must remember that every exercise is for the rider. The horse is there for decorative value. The horse knows how to be a horse. Do not try to scare him into the canter departure, but teach him the skills and build up his strength and he will respond to your asking. Charles de Kunffy is a world-renowned clinician, sought after dressage judge, and the author of several books and videos. Mr. de Kunffy started riding as a child, always under expert supervision and instruction; being schooled with the strictest adherence to classical training traditions based on scholarship and a profound respect for the horse.

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Equine Herpesvirus Myeloencephalopathy


here are numerous reports of equine herpesvirus myeloencephalopathy (EHM) affecting horses and farms. Horses at certain events may have been exposed to this virus and subsequently spread the infection to other horses. While the true extent of this disease outbreak is uncertain, there is clearly a very significant elevated risk of EHM cases at this time. In this article, several frequently asked questions were addressed.

How do I handle horses returning from events where they may have been exposed? For horses that may have been exposed to the risk of infection, there are some steps to take to mitigate the risk at their home facility. Even if these horses are returning home from events at which no disease was reported, and even if these horses appear healthy, precautions are needed at this time as these horses could bring it home and spread it at their home farm – this is the classic way this disease spreads. These horses should be isolated from other horses when they return to their home facility. Isolation requires housing them away from other horses, using different equipment to feed, clean, and work with them, and rigorous hygiene procedures for horse handlers (hand hygiene, wearing separate clothes when contacting the horses, etc.). These horses should have their temperature taken twice a day, as temperature is typically the first and most common sign of infection – horses with elevated temperatures (101.5 F or greater) should be swabbed by your veterinarian to find out whether they are shedding EHV-1. If a horse develops a fever and is found to be shedding EHV-1 then the level of risk to other horses on the premises in138, Equine Journal, July 2011

creases significantly. Those affected farms should work closely with their veterinarian to manage that situation if it develops. We strongly advise owners to call their veterinarians to discuss how long to keep the horses isolated at home, but even if they don’t develop fevers this should be at least 14 -21 days.

What should I do if I have a potentially exposed horse on a farm? It still makes sense to isolate this horse from other Horses should be isolated from other horses when they return to horses, even though it may their home facility, no matter how healthy they may appear. have already been in contact with them, start isolation procedures to stop further expostage. Use of anti-inflammatory drugs is sure. It is very important to not mix horses recommended; we suggest flunixin mefrom different groups to accomplish this. glumine. Try and isolate the suspect horse without For horses on the farm that develop moving other horses from one group to fever, test EHV-1 positive, or have a high another – segregation of horse groups is risk of exposure, anti-viral drugs may the key, because this will help you reduce decrease the chance of developing EHM. spread if an outbreak starts. Check temCurrently, the treatment of choice in a peratures of all horses on the farm twice febrile EHV-1 infected horse to prevent daily (fever spikes can be missed if you the development of EHM is Valacyclovir check once daily). If fevers are detected, (Valtrex™), given orally. The use of oral then test for EHV-1. acyclovir is unlikely to be of any value, as it is not absorbed from the GI tract. The use of Valacyclovir in horses that What anti-viral treatments can I have already developed signs of EHM is use against EHM on a farm? questionable at this time; in that circumIf EHM is present on a farm, then the stance, the use of intravenous Ganciclovir risk to other horses at that farm is greatly is preferable as it may have greater poincreased. Stringent quarantine and biostency against the disease. ecurity procedures must be implemented immediately. Treatment of horses with If you have any more questions about clinical neurological disease (EHM) is this infection, please contact your veterilargely supportive – the use of anti-viral narian for the most up-to-date information drugs is not known to be of value at this

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veryone seems to know a horse or dog that is tortured by itching. Veterinarians typically declare it the result of pinworms or allergies to bugs. Parasites may cause tail rubbing. However, all the horses I know are on a stringent worming program. Rubbing persists. Bugs may start the cycle, though “allergies” can be a blanket term for “we don’t know.” I have never known treatments based on those strategies to offer lasting relief. While braiding the manes and tails of 12,000+ horses, I had plenty of time to think about this. My livelihood depended on maintaining healthy tails and manes. All tail rubbing and dog hot spots can be solved once and for all. I realized typical daily practices leave skin vulnerable. A healthy comprehensive apinfection can ensue, leaving the sheath swollen for the rest proach includes minimizing irritants as well as promoting the of the horse’s life. If your horse resists or you are uncomforthorse’s natural defenses. By doing so, tail rubbing, as well as able, sheath cleaning is a good place to spend your money. dogs’ hot spots, can be solved once and for all. This is proven. Generally, the process is easy, especially if it is routine. Conventional and home remedies may take away the sting Even still, with the best and most attentive care, many temporarily. However, they ultimately feed the cycle by dryhorses rub like mad. In my experience, dry skin and open ing out the skin or attracting sun or dirt that parch skin. Think pores prime tails for irritation. Then, fly spray, detangler, and about it. Imagine you have been in the sun all day. Then, a the sun can burn. Itch that, and the problem is quickly out of mosquito bites your arm. You itch it. Next, you want to rip your control. arm off! Dry skin is intolerant and slow to heal. Scratching it To ensure instant and lasting relief for every tail rubber exasperates the problem, creating swelling. That secondary and dog with hot spots, you need to come at the problem from condition can be worse than the initial one. Without addressevery direction. The idea is to minimize irritants as well as: ing it, the problem is perpetuated. cool, soothe, moisturize and nourish to fortify the skin. Cleaning genitals can be pivotal. If a horse is crusty and uncomfortable, its only option is to sit on its tail. Some mares Here are some rules to live by: need their teats and under the tail wiped every day. A clean • Curry and brush the top of the dock with a dandy brush damp cloth or paper towel is all you need. Anything that leaves daily. This will stimulate natural protective oils and exfoliate a residue will attract dirt. Many wipes are alcohol-based. Both to release them. Several quick strokes with a stiff or medium dirt and alcohol are drying. If really crusty, soften the guck first. dandy brush will do the trick. Otherwise, pulling it off can hurt, and therefore teach the horse • Clean is important. But, never use shampoo with salt. to kick. I’d use olive oil or a handy salve. Wash it with a moisSodium chloride is a standard ingredient that leaves skin deturizing shampoo. Then, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth fenseless. It strips natural, protective oils as well as parches the as a daily routine. Geldings and stallions need their sheaths skin. cleaned, preferably every month. Some don’t get as dirty and • Don’t use detanglers. They are silicone-based and/or can get away with having it done twice a year, but monthly is oily. So, they can clog pores with toxins and attract drying much better. Again, if needed, soften the smegma first. Sheath agents such as sun and dirt. A good all-in-one shampoo should cleaners work well. The sheath pulls up into two chambers, be conditioning. If you comb the tail when wet, it will dry full so be sure you get both clean. Rinse very well. Otherwise, and easy to manage. With the proper shampoo and comb140, Equine Journal, July 2011

Horse care Myths & Tips

ing, hair will want to separate instead of make ringlets. So, no conditioner nor detangler is needed. To comb tails when wet, I always twist the length, hold the bottom and use a fat comb to organize hair from the bottom to my grip. Work your grip up the tail, always combing from the bottom up to the grip. • Avoid oily or greasy products. They clog pores and attract sun and dirt, which parch skin. Regardless of marketing claims, this dynamic inhibits healing. If the objective is shine, a healthy all-in-one shampoo and daily grooming can achieve a much richer luster, with deep layers that glimmer. Nothing beats a natural, healthy glow. • Choose a water-based, non-toxic fly spray if possible. Or, use oil-based ones sparingly as they can burn, especially in the sun. Don’t spray the top of the dock. The safest places to use them are in shaded areas under the chest and belly. • Pay attention to the sun. If you need to put a little sunscreen on the dock, I’d use one that is PABA and paraben-free. Waterproof ones are greasy and clog pores. Be sure the tail is always squeaky clean for braiders. If your horse is already irritated, treatment should reduce swelling to break the cycle as well as promote healing by boosting defenses. Brushing a tail rubbed raw can be counterproductive. Instead, wash it with a quality all-in-one shampoo that is: sodium chloride-free, rich in aloe vera, and uses only medical-grade tea tree oil. Nature’s best antiseptic and antifungal, tea tree oil, is a compound. So, the quality can vary greatly. Use only tea tree oil specified as the highest, medicalgrade. It will kill irritants without depleting the skin. With the

right shampoo, no chemicals and clean genitals, most horses stop rubbing. The worst cases may need a handy salve to break the cycle by reducing swelling as well. Keep in mind that the salve can have a little hydrocortisone in it, if that needs to be declared or avoided for competition. Generally, just the all-in-one shampoo remedies the problem. Tail rubbing can become a habit. So, if you follow these recommendations, you should see the skin improve quickly. Handy salve has cooled down the worst cases within minutes. However, without thinking, your horse may still sit on its tail for a few days. Continue treatment. Within a few days, the horse will forget to rub. Keeping these principles in mind, you can stop tail rubbing and hot spots, too. Opt for healthy practices and products. If need be, a handy salve can break the itching cycle, and an all-in-one shampoo keeps you out of the loop by enriching skin and hair. Both products kill irritants while soothing, cooling, moisturizing and fortifying skin, roots and hair for rapid healing and regrowth. With these sensibilities and routines, your beloved animals can always be comfortable in their skin. ■

Lucky Braids™ Handy Salve and All-In-One Shampoo, combined with the grooming routines outlined here, have solved all tail rubbing and dog hot spots known to date. In fact, hair is generally growing back within three days. Lucky Braids coat care products are available at local tack shops and at For more tips and to ask Ruthann questions, visit Lucky Braids for Top Turnout™ on Facebook.SM

July 2011, Equine Journal, 141

The Review Pony XP™ Offers Affordable Fly Control Pony XP, a new value-priced, aqueous, equine insecticide spray, available nationwide at popular tack and farm stores, is offering thrifty horse owners a respite from high summer fly spray costs. Pony XP kills and repels a wider variety of insects, including stable flies, house flies, bot flies, horse flies, horn flies, face flies, ticks, deer flies, mosquitoes, fleas, gnats and lice. The water-based Pony XP formula is offered in a pleasant citronella scent, and comes in a ready-to-use spray bottle, all at a price well below comparable national value brands. Because Pony XP is water-based, it will not attract and collect dirt and grime the way an oil-based insecticide would. The formula can be applied as either a spray or wipe, and provides longlasting insect control. Look for Pony XP’s distinctive red, white and black packaging where you buy your feed and supplies.

Kerrits® Ventilator Top in New Prints Kerrits Riding Apparel found the need was clear: a shirt that looks clean all day, from working in the barn to walking around the ring. Kerrits solved the issue of inevitable stains and dirt riders’ clothes attract throughout the day by using prints with concealing colors on its Ventilator Riding Top – an attractive camouflage approach to keep them looking fresh all day – from the stall to the saddle. A coveted lightweight, highly-breathable, hot-weather top, the Ventilator’s comfort-driven design comes together via no-chafe flatlock seams, styled with a contoured front and dropped tail. This hem design gives riders the option to wear it tucked or untucked for customized comfort in the heat and on the horse. The extras: flattering princess seams, a stock tie loop and the Ventilator’s unique riding-friendly, front zip-secure pocket – ergonomically angled for easy, insaddle access. Kerrits Ventilator is available in prints and solids, in sleeveless, short-sleeve and long-sleeve styles.

FURA-FREE™ is the Safer Alternative Now available from Finish Line®, FURAFREE contains a similar water-soluble, polyglycol base as other products on the market for great performance in sweating horses’ legs, along with natural essential oils such as tea tree, lemon balm, thyme and myrrh that promote healthy skin for your horses. FURA-FREE can also be used over minor cuts, scrapes and burns to protect and soothe. 142, Equine Journal, July 2011

Animals to Wear Artist Rebecca Raubacher is coowner of the Raubacher Gallery in downtown Dover, Delaware, USA. An extraordinary artist, Rebecca’s first love lies in horses in every form. Her bold drawing style lends itself to striking, personalized, original designs that are now featured in the wide range of clothing and accessories that is available from Animals To Wear. This clothing is unlike any other on the market today. This is original artwork, and it is hand silk-screened onto everything from sweatshirts and T-shirts to saddle pads. It is made for horse lovers and, therefore, is comfortable, practical, hard-wearing, long-lasting and easy to care for. Everything can be put through the washer and drier. This is quality silk-screening, and it will not peel or run. Damage can only be done with a hot iron. Due to demand from overseas, this wide range of clothing and accessories is being launched in the UK as well as being distributed by retailers in the USA. For further information, visit

The difference is, FURA-FREE does not contain nitrofurazone as some products do! Nitrofurazone “has been shown to produce mammary tumors in rats and ovarian tumors in mice.” Finish Line donates 10% of FURA-FREE profits annually to Breast Cancer Research. FURA-FREE is now available in both liquid form and original ointment form. For more info on FURA-FREE or to find a dealer near you, go to

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Located on 80+ Acres in Rural Foster, RI

Introducing Our 2011 Region 16 Contenders

23 stall barn with large indoor arena, two outdoor arenas, cross country course and extensive trails

Mighty Aphrodite Available for purchase

Savoy Shaman V

Baltic Star+++/

DA Bowflex

Available for purchase

HHA Light My Afire Available for purchase Caught Ya Lookin Available for purchase

Offering: Rephinement

Available for purchase

Boarding, Training & Riding Lessons KEVIN DWYER


The Review Dover Delivers the Latest European Equestrian Fashions Dover’s buyers have continually looked to Europe, long known not only for its rich history in the equestrian arts, but for its deep contributions to the world of high fashion – France for setting trends and Italy for producing stylish and impeccably-sewn garments. England also has its own solid reputation for rugged sportswear that stands up to the British countryside with style. So, it is no surprise that Dover Saddlery’s latest discoveries in the world of equestrian apparel come from Italy in the form of Animo clothing and from France with Samshield helmets. Soon, these

new product lines that epitomize European style and flair will be delivered to discerning, fashion-forward American riders. The beloved Joules line is revisited this year as well with luxurious new fabrics in a regal color palette. So, when you want trendsetting equestrian styles, visit Dover Saddlery for the latest European fashions. Call for a free catalog at 1-800-989-1500, or visit for a retail store listing and to shop online.

Purina® Feed for Miniatures and Ponies

Mystic XF Long-legged riders no longer need to purchase expensive or custom-made saddles. Riders now have the option of purchasing the Mystic XF (A319XF), a close-contact saddle designed for riders with a long femur. Retailing for $1,244, the Mystic XF is made of open-grain, aniline-finish cowhide, which will absorb oils and preservatives. The tree is made of steel and wood, which can be modified to fit the horse as it changes shape with age and level of fitness. It has flock-stuffed panels, offering further fine-tuning of fit to the horse. In other words, it is constructed the same as all other Mystics. This close-contact saddle is available for immediate shipment. To try a demo saddle, see your local tack shop, or visit

144, Equine Journal, July 2011

Purina recently developed Miniature Horse and Pony Horse Feed, a feed specifically formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs of miniature horses and ponies. Purina Miniature Horse and Pony Horse Feed is designed for miniature breeds who tend to be more metabolically efficient than large horses but still require the nutrition necessary for growth, gestation, lactation, breeding and competition. The formulation contains the Purina Amplify® Nugget – a palatable, high-fat, extruded particle that provides calories for weight gain, performance and lactation. With added amino acids, the Amplify Nugget helps promote proper development of muscle, bone, skin, hair and hooves. The feed contains beet pulp inside the pellet as an excellent source of fermentable fiber for slow-release energy. It also provides 100 percent of the required nutrients for horses when fed as directed, so no additional supplements are necessary. For more information on Purina Miniature Horse and Pony Horse Feed, visit

New Photo Print Watches Whimsical Watches™ is introducing their new photo print watches, which can be customized or personalized with a photo of your favorite equine companion. You can see the full line at asp?cat=193. All watches are great quality with a stainless steel back and case. They come in both gold and silver with classic and unisex styles, and they offer genuine Italian leather bands and Japanese quartz movement.

The Review New Dressage Products from Dover Take a look at the new dressage products available at Dover Saddlery. Visit to shop online or to access a list of Dover Saddlery retail stores, or call 800-989-1500 to request a catalog.

Warendorf Crystal Deluxe Dressage Bridle The new Warendorf Crystal Deluxe Dressage Bridle offers exceptional comfort for the horse and understated bling for the dressage ring. Crafted of premium leather with plush padding, it features embedded Austrian crystals in the browband and an integrated crown design that combines the noseband hanger and contours around the horse’s ear to relieve pressure. Available exclusively from Dover Saddlery for $319.90, the bridle is black and includes rubber reins with leather hand stops; sizes are cob, full and oversize.

Warendorf Dressage Saddle The new Warendorf Dressage Saddle offers top-of-the-line comfort for horse and rider. A cut back pommel, wide channel and large, gusseted flocked panels provide outstanding comfort for the horse. Riders will appreciate the full calfskin covered leather for its soft grip and luxurious feel, as well as the deep, wide padded seat and large external anatomic knee rolls. Integrated panels offer a close feel, and a Y-girthing system allows for minute adjustments that add stability to the saddle. The Warendorf Dressage Saddle is available exclusively from Dover Saddlery for $1,099 in 17”, 17 ½” and 18” seat sizes, and in medium and wide tree widths.

Pikeur Skarlett Coat Fashion-forward dressage riders looking for European style will appreciate the Pikeur Skarlett coat. The Skarlett is beautifully designed with a slightly shorter hem length and discreet side vents that offer increased ventilation. The fabric provides just the right amount of stretch, yet maintains a crisp appearance to flatter the rider’s form in the saddle. The front has a traditional four-button closure and two stylish zipper pockets. The Skarlett Coat is available from Dover Saddlery in black or navy and in ladies’ sizes 8-18 regular for $339.00.

Equine Couture Teams Up with Debbie Stephens Equine Couture, JPC Equestrian’s fashion-forward line of affordable apparel for horse and rider, is proud to introduce the Debbie Stephens Signature Series. Designed by the world-renowned Grand Prix rider herself, this collection of show apparel uses innovative fabrics to combine comfort, fashion, and performance. The Debbie Stephens Collection ensures riders are ready for the show ring by offering a complete outfit comprised of the DS Show Shirt, the DS Breeches, and the DS Show Coat. Made with Coolmax® to keep riders cool and dry under the warm sun, the DS Show Shirt and DS breeches each feature the subtle detailing of Debbie’s elegant fleur-de-lis design. The DS Show Shirt also features a built-in wrap collar. Debbie caps off her signature collection with a show coat that is made with a unique four-way stretch fabric. The use of this fabric allows for unrestricted movement during competition. A contrast suede collar and the same fleur-de-lis detailing that appears on the other pieces of this collection help the DS Show Coat stand out from all others. The Debbie Stephens Signature Series can be viewed in the 2011 JPC Equestrian catalog, as well as online at www.breeches. com.

The Stablers Mi~Amigo Looking for the most economical way to handle the most chores around the barn? The new Mi~Amigo is the perfect multi-task solution. Its wheelbarrow size and new, patented four-blade system make cleaning and spreading manure quick, safe and easy. Just pick your stall directly into the 12.5 cubic foot, heavy-duty, vinyl body, roll the Mi~Amigo to the spreading area, open the hatch and push! The patented blade mechanism will shred and spread the material in a fine, even layer. Independent drive wheels and a dual-blade assembly provide easy forward, backward and turning motion. Rinse, close the spreading hatch and load with shavings or other bedding to finish your stalls! Water containers, feed bags, hay bales, tack, and just about anything else you need to tote around the barn, haul easily in Mi~Amigo. For more information, visit, or call the office at 260-220-2986 or their cell at 260-348-4847. July 2011, Equine Journal, 145



It’s All About the Love

Ride the Body

The Sequel to Shadow Horse

By Jacqueline Macdonald Jacobs Hardcover; 152 pages

Select Insights of Peter Leone

By Alison Hart Softcover

When 13-year-old Jas Schuler found her beloved mare, Whirlwind, dead in her paddock, she though her heart would break. Now Jas knows the truth. Whirlwind is alive. Wealthy horse breeder Hugh Robicheaux faked the mare’s death; collected insurance money on her life, then sold her to an unsuspecting buyer. And he’s going to get away with his scheme, too. Unless someone can find Whirlwind, and that’s exactly what Jas plans to do. But hunting for Whirlwind is dangerous. Hugh has threatened to destroy everything Jas holds dear unless she stops her search. As she struggles with her desire to find Whirlwind without letting the people she loves get hurt, Jas must ask herself, “Is all this worth risking for a horse she may never find?” Laurel Leaf Books

146, Equine Journal, July 2011

At the age of 11, Jacqueline and her family left behind their home just outside Glasgow, Scotland. Her first adventure was marked by a move to England – where her childhood dream came to life. It was here that her first pony, Trigger, came into her life, and a passionate youthful hobby translated into an esteemed professional specialty. Working with horses in a variety of climates and destinations offered a multitude of experiences that spanned the extent of the emotional spectrum, both heartwarming and heart wrenching. Through all the journeys shared in this book, an abundance of training tips and solutions are intertwined for the readers’ benefit. Jacqueline shares her methods to help enhance and improve balance and understand seat aids with the assistance of photographic and sketched illustrations. It’s All About the Love is available through and on www.

By Peter Leone and Kimberly Jaussi Ph.D. DVD

Set to modern music, these standalone concrete demonstrations are delivered in an innovative and easy to understand, graphic-filled fashion. Each of these pieces of Leone’s approach and philosophy are carefully designed to “stick with you” as you improve your riding and future as an equestrian athlete.

Real Estate Showcase By Karen E. Baril

Five Reasons Your Property is Still on the Market


hy is your property still sitting on the market months after the initial listing? If you haven’t had a single, reasonable offer, or worse, haven’t had any showings, this month’s real estate tip might help you change all that. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your property isn’t generating enough interest.

The Price is Not Right If the price is not right, your property will sit on the market longer than it should, or worse, not sell at all. Property owners who price high often find themselves selling their properties below market value. Pricing high might be tempting, but doing so represents a gross misunderstanding of how the market works. Let’s take a look. Statistics show that most sales activity happens in the first two to three weeks of listing your property. After that, if the house has not sold, interest tapers off a bit. If the activity drops off enough, the seller must reduce the price in order to get more showings. During that period of time when the property was priced high, the most promising buyers never saw the listing because it was out of their range. Remember, buyers in today’s market know when a property is overpriced. They won’t even come knocking. Some property owners take this to the other extreme, pricing their house below market value to generate more interest. That’s a smarter tactic. One country home in central Connecticut was listed at just below market value. This beautiful property needed some cosmetics and updating, but had a lot of old-world charm. The low price generated immediate interest. A bidding war ensued, nudging the price several thousand dollars above the listing price. Pricing below value is risky, but it paid off for this seller. A good realtor will help you determine a fair market price with a little wiggle room for negotiation. Your listing price should be within 2-3% of the market value. If you get this number right from the start, you’ll have a good chance at selling quickly.

It Doesn’t Show Well Think spic and span when it comes to showing your house. Don’t wait until you’ve had a few negative comments before you remove old furniture or put some fresh paint on the walls. You want your property to show better than every other property in its price range. Give the interior a fresh coat of paint, including all trim and ceilings. Paint or stain exterior doors, clean carpets, polish wood floors and store most of your furniture. Now is the time to make that trip to Good Will you’ve been planning. Austere rooms look cleaner and more inviting. Don’t overlook spaces like the garage and your basement. Get rid of your junk. We can’t stress this enough; do it before you put your property on the market. Buyers don’t want to hear what you’re going to do.

They only know what they see. Painting and fixing can cost a bit, but your return will be tenfold. Calculate how much interest you pay on your mortgage every month. How much interest will you save if your property sells in three months instead of six? Remember, properties that show well also sell well. They tend to appraise higher (which will help your cause when it comes time for your buyer to finance), and home inspectors tend to be kinder to well-kept houses.

No Access If your house is only available for showings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., consider yourself an unmotivated seller. An unmotivated seller is a red flag to a buyer. If the seller is difficult now, how willing is he going to be when negotiating price or inspection issues? Available for showings also means keeping your home “show-ready.” If you have a dog, have a plan to remove him from the house during showings. Your potential buyer might be afraid of dogs or allergic to pet dander. Don’t simply tie the dog to an old rusty chain in the back yard. (You already got rid of that old rusty chain anyway, right?) Take the pets off the property, with the exception of your barn cat and the horses, of course. It seems like a lot of work. It is. Accept that you’ll go to all this trouble for people who don’t show up, hate your house, are tire-kickers, or are just plain ornery, but you never know when your real buyer will appear.

You Have the Wrong Agent Be sure to sign on with someone you like. A friendly, professional agent who returns phone calls and is approachable sells more properties. We recommend you find someone experienced in selling horse properties. Agents who understand horses will help buyers navigate zoning issues, trail access, and proximity to equine professionals. That brings us to our final reason your property might not be selling.

Location No, we don’t mean you have to move your property, but some listings fail to promote the positive aspects of a location. Before you market your property, think about what makes it a special place to live. Perhaps you have trails right off the driveway, lots of horse owners in the area, an equine veterinarian for a neighbor, or a shared indoor arena nearby. All of this matters a great deal to horse owners. Be sure your agent knows the benefits of your location as they relate to equestrians. Remember, there are a lot of properties on the market all jockeying for space. Set your property apart from the rest by following these simple tips to a quick sale. ■

July 2011, Equine Journal, 147


Now’s the time to own your own aircraft hangar. This newly remodeled 60-foot by 60-foot hangar has it all, plus room to grow! Situated on .60 leased acres, the hangar’s bi-fold doors open to 50-feet by 16-feet and an additional roll-up door will easily accommodate your vehicle.The barrel tile roof on the porch overhang gives the hangar a homey, comfortable look. Also included is a workbench, a floor drain making washing your plane quick and convenient and fully landscaped grounds, including up-lighted trees. In addition, the grounds feature an irrigation system surrounding the building, street access through to the gates and FBO service to hangar for fuel. As if that wasn’t enough, an 800 square foot air controlled office is also included and features a kitchenette, a full bath and a loft area with a window overlooking the hanger. Recessed lighting, bamboo and wood floors, a security system and a hightech sound system (not to mention DSL) make this apartment/ office feel like home.

A Touch of Tuscany Located on 225A and new to the market is this beautiful gentleman’s farm. With a meticulous eye for detail and set on 11+ acres of rolling country side, this redesigned 1,500+ sq. ft. home has it all. This 2 bedroom, 2 bath cottage fuses authentic Tuscan style architecture and old-world craftsmanship with the latest in modern amenities. From the hilltop location, the pool house overlooks the pond and the entire farm. With a kitchenette, sitting area, and a full bath, it truly has it all. Keeping with the Tuscan feel, the barn has an air conditioned woodworking shop, large bay area for an RV or boat, smaller bay for cars or other toys, an upstairs exercise room with full bath, and an attached 4 stall barn for your pets. Can’t wait to see it? Call Shadd Daugherty at (352) 239-2244 for your private tour!

Take a tour of this property on

Visit us on the web at Shadd Daugherty, Owner/REALTOR®

148, Equine Journal, July 2011

















6(//,1*" 6(//,1*")DUPVDUHPRYLQJ6HHWKHPDOODWZZZIDUPVDQGEDUQVFRP  July 2011, Equine Journal, 149

Equine Properties


Esperance, NY 12066

518-875-6220 Phil King, Broker Gary Feinman, Consultant Horse Farms are our only business. Servicing New York State.

This Beautiful Colonial Home has 4 Bedrooms, 2½ Baths, plus an additional 18x23 Loft Bedroom, perfect for the In-laws or Guests and it even has Lift Chair access. The Stable consists of a Paved Aisle, 8 Stalls, Tack room, a 36x36 Attached Storage Area, which may be used for additional stalls. Set on 13 acres, the Paddocks encompass 4+/- Acres with Saratoga vinyl and No-Climb mesh fencing. If needed, 17 Additional Acres are available. Only 8 miles to Vernon Downs, 10 miles to Morrisville College or Colgate University and located in the picturesque community of Orinsky Falls, NY. ASKING $381,260…E463

Horse Cents LOANS FOR: • Equestrian facilities • Farms and ranches • Bare land

m r a F m o ed VT FreJERICHO,

• Construction • Equipment • Home sites

Karen Murphy at 800.880.1577,ext. ext. 8721 Call Call Karen Murphy at 800-562-2235 8119

Equine facility with two homes for sale. 19 acres, 30 stall barn, 80x200 indoor arena, 3 very large grass pastures, 5 large grass paddocks, 2 large outdoor riding rings.


or call Sandy at 802-899-1878 for pice and more information

Wetherbee Farm Real Estate Massachusetts Office Gladys R. Fox

New Hampshire Office Linda Hampson

Office 978-635-0801 Email:

Office: 603-532-6773 Email:

Specialists in equestrian and farm properties

Visit for information on these properties and many more



ntique barn, corn crib, and antique reproduction cape on one acre with sweeping views of the White Mountains. House has 3 bedrooms, two baths, great room, dining room and 3

season porch. Adjoining land available for sale or lease for equine possibilities. Resident high school students attend the renowned private Fryeburg Academy.

Fryeburg is home to the oldest agricultural fair in Maine, the famous Fryeburg Fair. Located on a rural country road ending at the Saco River. All this and only five miles from village center.

 Private sale $249,000 • Inquire: • 207-935-3886 

150, Equine Journal, July 2011

An Outstanding Home and Horse Farm A

n outstanding home and horse farm awaits the lucky new owners. This equestrian property offers approximately 15 acres with fields surrounded by woods. The barn features 12 stalls with Amish craftsmanship, heated and unheated tack rooms; massive hay storage; bathroom and a wonderful trainers/managers apartment above with access to cupola. The adjacent 100x200 has a reinforsed steel roofing sytem, indoor riding facility is impressive with viewing areas and opportunities for additional stalls. In addition, there is an outdoor 100x120 riding arena, pastures in a serene setting off a country road. If you are a breeder, trainer, horse lover and/or pleasure rider, this property offers options to all. The 8 years young farmhouse offers generous rooms affording entertaining and first floor living areas that feature hardwood cherry floors throughout; 2 fireplaces, granite kitchen countertops and rooms that allow the natural light to flow, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, radiant heat, and much more. A patio area front and back allow for opportunities to view the pastures as well as the natural woodlands surrounding the home. In addition, the first floor bedroom and bath are handicap accessible. Attached three car attached garage allows for vehicles, and overflow storage. The town of Grantham, where the sense of community is strong, is centrally located along Route 89 which is considered one of America’s beautiful scenic highways. Fall in love with this New England setting, 6 years young farmhouse and its red barns located in the beautiful Dartmouth/ Sunapee region minutes to the highway and all that the region has to offer. Dartmouth Hickcock Hospital and the quaint New England village of Hanover as well as the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport is 1 hour away and Boston, MA is 2 hours south. The area is alive from winter and summer sports to mountains, rivers and lakes nearby, there is something for everyone to engage in the great outdoors and nature.

Offered at $1,685,000 MLS  •  Dunbar Hill Road, Grantham, NH


“When you are on a great horse, you have the best seat you will ever have.”

rue craftsman home on mountain top! Breathtaking views of Lovell Mountain, Sunapee and Manadnock Mountain Range, the Minks, with seasonal views in back to Warner Center and Mount Kearsarge; Artisians looking for a retreat, painters, poets, musicians would love the peaceful setting in single owner home. Unique getaway, offers one floor living or finished basement allows larger group. Open concept kitchen and livingroom, cathedral ceilings, master w/jacuzzi, guest room and full bath on first floor, two oversized rooms, full bath, utilitiy and workshop in basement;

– Sir Winston Churchill

2 stall horse barn, utility garage, miles of hiking or 4 wheeling trails, landscaped yard offers, cherry and apple trees, berries galore, and numerous perennials; Hike through to open field land, last timbering 10 years ago. If you are looking for privacy and spectacular views drive this 1120’ driveway to see what this offers. Less than 2 hours to Boston, under 1 hour to Hanover, minutes to Sunapee Lake and skiing. MLS 4010636

 Birch Hill Road, Sutton, NH


 No Main Street, Suite , Concord, NH  Cell: -- July 2011, Equine Journal, 151


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11 Year Old State of the Art Equestrian Center

Phil Arrigo

Western Pennsylvania Horse Properties • • • •

Pittsburgh, pa

Horse and Cattle Facilities 16 to 140 acres Panaramic Views Modern Indoor/Outdoor Riding Arenas

• • • •

Fenced Pastures Training/Boarding/Sales Low Taxes! Mineral Rights Available!

WWW.PITTSBURGHHORSEFARMS.COM Office: 412-788-0888 x317 • Cell: 412-491-7203

Feast Your Eyes On This Beautiful 1 BR Apartment Home Located in Ashby, MA The renovated Milk House sits on 248 Acre Horse Facility best known as the Ashby Stock Farm. This fully applianced 1BR apartment home offers an open style concept featuring 1368 sq. ft. of living space. It offers a large living room and bath, built in A/C unit, washer/dryer hookups and carport parking. Hurry in to take advantage of our Great Offer...this won’t last long! Small dogs are welcome. For more details please contact

Premier Woodstock Equestrian Opportunity

• Ashby Stock Farm situated on 247 acres of rolling hay fields and woodlands. • Ideally located on Rt. 119, Ashby MA attractively set back from the road. Generous parking, easy access and turnaround for trailers and other horse equipment. • Morton buildings complex and facility with 39 stalls (with window, automatic waterers, feeder and matts).

• Two indoor arenas attached to building one arena is 72’ by 240’ the second is round and 66’ by 66’. Dust control system. Good natural lighting. Windows open. • Three outdoor arenas. • Several out buildings, one for sawdust storage, hay purchase and storage. On site manure management available.

• Heated tack room with brass saddle holders, 2 heated viewing observation rooms.

• Fly system, Fire alarm system tied to central station.

• Interior common area has large office, reception area, kitchen, extensive storage, horse wash stall area, laundry room, and 3 handicap bathrooms.

• 2 bedroom 1.5 bath apartment in renovated farmhouse, wood floors, storage, porch, garage also included in this lease 1 bedroom apt. & studio apt.

• Ample turn out areas.

For more details contact 152, Equine Journal, July 2011

Built in 1994, in the tradition of European equestrian properties, this 14-acre farm is for the avid equestrian. The 12-stall barn is cutting edge with radiant heat, Ày spray system, lockers, tack room with laundry, wash stall and grain room. There is an attached indoor arena with viewing room and kitchen/bath and hay loft. From the post & beam 3400 SF residence, Àoor to ceiling windows take in views of the 8 board fenced pastures. The huge cathedral ceiling great room is open to the kitchen and features a full-height brick hearth for the woodstove where the chef may also enjoy its warmth. There is also a living and dining room and a lovely 1st Àoor master. The home also features an elevator….just in case! Offered at $680,000 Call Stephanie Gosselin at 860-428-5960

E XCLU S I VE . E X ACT I N G. E XC E P T I O N A L . © 2009, An independently owned and operated member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. Prudential is a service mark of the Prudential Insurance Company of America. Equal Housing Opportunity.


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Breeding the Legend...

Sir Royal Excalibur HESA ZEE+/


Now offering: 3 top rated breeding stallions. Be the first to obtain these bloodlines in your next foals. Check out our In-Utero Foal availabilities! Creek Side Gypsy Farm Albert & Pam Barthel 8841 Mason Ave. NE Elk River, MN 55330 763-274-2488 home Website:

DESERT JEWEL GYPSY HORSES Standing the LARGEST number of Gypsy Stallions in the World! Our stallions are DNA tested and registered. Live cover, Fresh & Frozen Semen Available. 602.684.9947






Lake Ridge


at stud!

(Tony Smith’s Horse x Daughter of Eddie’s Mare) Gypsy Stallion with conformation, ability, feathering and amazing bloodlines. Standing to approved mares.


Lake Ridge British Sterling. 8 year old rated Model Stallion. USDF National 3rd level Gypsy Vanner Champion 2010. 4th level dressage, 15.1 hands, Homozygous for the tobiano and black gene. Shipped semen. 320-485-4144 New Germany, MN





Xenophonn x Somthing Special IAHA Breeders Sweepstakes Sire, MN Medallion Stallion, Tested SCID Clear $1,000/500 LFG Breeding Reining Horses with Natural Talent... Eleanor Hamilton, owner, Farm: 763-428-2082 Home: 763-767-1381 Website:

On The Hill Gypsy Warlock Perfect Gypsy Stallion

Piebald, Excellent Conformation, Beautiful Apple Butt, Double Mane, Heavy Feathering, Heavy Tail touches the ground. Gentle, Very Personable, Eager to please. Imported from the U.K. Registerd. DNA tested. Proven Producer.

LexLin Gypsy Ranch 865-245-8481

Randy and Linda Lee Duncan, OK |580-641-2022





A.K.A. BOHO’S COLD FUSION Lexington is known as a “tight cob” having a short back and exceptionally good topline and rear. He is gentle and intelligent with a kind eye. For more information: 309-594-2318 Bohemian Gypsy Cobs 159, Equine Journal, July 2011


(Superior x Billy Gaskin Mare)

For the 2011 Breeding season. Also, LLOYDS OF LONDON

(Lake Ridge British Sterling x Rawling Queenie)

Shipped semen available. Mares subject to approvals. Multiple mare discounts. Stud Fee $1,500. 519-833-9704

SAX Morabs

Featuring May 2000 SAX gold Dust Morab Stallion. *Serafix Bloodlines 50% Arabian - 50% Morgan AHA Sweepstakes - SCID clear – Sport Horse, 8 Inch Canons, 15.1 HH. American Warmblood Society. Approved Stallion; 37% Crabbet. Donna J Lassanske 270.358.8727 or 270.735.5331

July 2011, Equine Journal, 159







Middlemist Midnight Magic (Catskill Startrek x Del-View Nocturne Nikie) USEF HORSE OF THE YEAR, Carriage Driving


ROSEVALE LEGGO Black, 16-2h. Currently at third level dressage and also showing at preliminary level combined driving. He will be advancing to intermediate level combined driving in 2011. Bill and Nancy Broe 258 Crest Lane, Ancramdale, NY Stud fee: $1,000 518-329-5249

15.2H Dark Mahogany Bay. Athletic, typey and handsome. Kind and honest disposition. Stud fee $1000 LFG. Direct inquiries to: Dr. Susan McLellan


2003 Approved Stallion by Indoctro [RPSI, ZfdP] Approved in Germany in 2007, this talented young Stallion qualified for the FEI World Breeding Championships as a six-year-old. Winner of several Young Jumper classes in the U.S. in 2010. Producer of a champion colt in Germany in 2009. Stud Fee: $1,000 LFG, Fresh and Frozen Semen, EVA Negative.

Hyperion Stud, LLC Vicky Castegren Barboursville, VA 434-973-7700

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Equine Journal’s acebook Fan Page


160, Equine Journal, July 2011

GiveawaY! acebook

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Hail to the Horse

My fellow Americans, as we get ready to celebrate our Day of Independence, and commemorate the founding of our great country, let us not forget those truly outstanding citizens among us: our horses. First of all, and you may not know this, horses have actually been here in the great continent of North America longer than we have. A lot longer. Six million years longer, give or take a few eons and biological adaptations along the way. Thus, we can thank them for keeping the grass cropped before we humans got here. In addition, once the two-legged ones did arrive, you may recall from the history books that we managed for a long time without engines, cars, and other mechanical contraptions. How did we get around, transport our food and clothes and other trinkets, and cultivate our fields? Why, horses, of course. Long before there was a United States of America with a Fourth of July to celebrate, horses were helping humans make their way, carrying everything from tipis to teapots – plowing, pulling, hunting and gathering. Exploring the land with us. Horses were among the hardest working Americans. Their incredible work ethic is still a delight to those of us who know and love them, even if it’s now used to win ribbons, titles or jackpots. Of course, a few still have careers – there are always jobs that a horse does best. The Kentucky Derby wouldn’t be half so popular if run by, say, chickens. Let’s not forget that horses also offer another real bonus to our country: they stimulate the economy. Horses consume and consume and consume, and better yet, they keep giving us an excuse to buy stuff too. The other day, I took an informal inventory of my house and car. Keeping in mind that I board both my horses, so I’m not responsible for their daily care or the storage of most of their tack and equipment, my list still went something like this: Car, front seat: Show spurs, horse treats. Car, back seat: Old cowboy boots to school in, schooling spurs, stirrups that I need to put on the show saddle before the next show. Also half chaps. Car, cargo area: Grooming bucket and supplies, halter and lead. Everyone who rides in my car is going to have to relocate an item of horse tack, grooming aid or gear. And, I’m a lightweight when it comes to horsey stuff in my car. Walking through the house, the list goes on: Paddock boots, helmet. Assorted show ribbons. Original artwork won in a championship class, which hasn’t found a permanent

162, Equine Journal, July 2011

By Ange Dickson Finn

home. Show clothes taking up half the closet in my husband’s converted office. Cowboy hat, black. Cowboy hat, cream. Show boots, black. More spurs. Kitchen: Assorted coffee cups, glasses, and knickknack boxes bearing the logos of horse shows. Garage: Another grooming bucket that I’d forgotten about. Horse boots that don’t fit currently-owned horses. Polo wraps. A bridle bag, minus the bridle. Think of the industries I support with my beloved steeds. The oil industry (big time)! Agriculture. Several hotel chains. The sparkly accessory manufacturers. The toll road between my house and the barns. Fast food places and soft drink companies. Cleaners and boot shops. Possibly best of all, our horses encourage us to get more horses. Then, we get more gear, and the cycle goes on and on. With about nine million horses in the country, I’d say they still have a pretty important job propping up the Gross National Product. So this year, while you’re prepping the barbeque or skewering the hot dogs, add some horse treats and hay to the menu. Give a big hug to your favorite American equid. Thank him or her for getting us here in the first place. And then, remember the words of C. M. Russell, an artist of the Old West: “You can see what man made from the seat of an automobile, but the best way to see what God made is from the back of a horse.” Celebrate the 4th – ride your horse. Ange Dickson Finn is a freelance writer, western pleasure competitor and retired horse show mom who appreciates her very patriotic horses. Visit her at and www.ridewithoutfear. com, or email her at



JULY 2011


Amaryllis Wins Seal of Approval Exciting Reads!

USDF Region 8 Adult Clinic

Katie’s Dream Unbridled Passion


Buzzards Bay, MA

Grazing Fields Farm Buzzards Bay, MA

By Rebecca Eddy


ixty minutes south of Boston, MA, at the entrance to Cape Cod is where Grazing Fields Farm calls home. As a full service boarding and training facility, owners Michael and Kathy Fletcher, offer something for everyone – from the beginning rider to those seeking training for the national level of hunter, jumper and equitation competition. The winning reputation of Grazing Fields riders in the show ring speaks for itself. Over the years they have coached junior and adult riders to wins up and down the East Coast including at the Winter Equestrian Festival, Devon, Pony Finals, Pennsylvania National, Washington International and Capital Challenge, as well as the New England Equitation Championships where their riders won the Junior Medal four years in a row. While all of these wins on the road are impressive, it’s due to a conscious choice to focus on good horsemanship and riding at home. Kathy says, “Our mission is to create well-rounded horsewomen or men who respect the animals, get good training and go to horse shows to showcase what they’ve learned.” Grazing Fields also hosts several hunter/jumper horse shows every year, from local unrated shows to their “A” rated Head of the Bay Horse Shows. The Cranberry Circuit Shows are also a popular series for local riders. Show manager, Liz Moakley, comments, “We strive to have exhibitor friendly shows by keeping the show day short, giving everyone time to enjoy Cape Cod. Whatever it takes, we do it – add rings, move classes around. We remain flexible in order to make it happen.” The Grazing Fields team includes Mike and Kathy as well as Nancy Murphy, a USEF ‘R’ rated judge; Amber Woodruff, a former student who now starts the youngsters and training projects; Laurel Tinney, who has been with the farm off and on “forever” and who Kathy refers to as her right hand; Jennifer Sullivan, who teaches the beginners and runs the horsemanship program; Melody Fretschl, who is the farm’s hard working barn manager and handles everything with ease; and Kathy’s sister, Liz Moakley, who handles the bookkeeping, on-site horse shows and more. “I’m so fortunate to have my sister be a part of the business. Most importantly, I’m surrounded by people who have the best interest of Grazing Fields at heart. Loyalty is the biggest thing I pride my customers and staff on,” Kathy enthuses. The farm has also formed a working partnership with Kathy Haas Oganowski’s Rising Star Equestrian Center in Medway, MA, in order to better service clients who would like to show with them but are unable to make the time commitment to commute back and forth to the Cape. Customers of Grazing Fields praise the farm for instilling lifelong lessons, suitable in and out of the show ring. A glance at the

testimonial page on their website and it’s quickly apparent that current and past clients value their time spent as part of the Grazing Fields family. Many travel great distances, passing other facilities on their way to Buzzards Bay for weekly lessons, not just for the instruction they receive, but also for the camaraderie and team spirit that exists. Kathy says, “Our adults have a great time. Some started riding after their children went off to college and others use their time in the saddle to decompress. Their weekly lessons are an event that they all look forward to, complete with dinner afterwards. They plan which shows they will attend. They do this because they love the horses and they are at all different levels from special hunters to jumpers with a wide range of abilities and goals.” Not only do the adult riders support each other, they actively support the junior riders in the barn by loaning horses and cheering them on. Kathy continues, “We always have a good group of kids.” In fact, many of the junior riders have been actively recruited by NCAA equestrian programs. The first recruit, Kathryn Stenberg, has since graduated from the University of South Carolina where she rode on scholarship. Since the NCAA program began six years ago, seven Grazing Fields riders have gone on to ride for NCAA programs and many others have competed in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA). Graduates of Grazing Fields have gone on to enjoy their own careers as professionals within the equine industry, among them Chris Ewanowski, Whitney Hollinger, and Matt Metell. Even after their junior riding careers are over, customers stay in touch extending invitations to weddings, baby showers and other big events in their life to Kathy and the rest of the Grazing Fields team. As with most things, Kathy is now seeing everything come full circle as she watches her own daughter, Emma, enter the show ring alongside the children of her former equitation stars. For more information on Grazing Fields Farm, please visit www.

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July 2011, Equine Journal Regional, 163


T he

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English & Western Tack, Supplies, Clothing & Gifts Blanket Cleaning & Repair “We Sell Consignment” – English & Western, Saddles, Tack, Apparel & Horse Attire

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Hours: 10-6 Tues. - Fri., Sat. 10-5, Closed Sunday & Monday • email:

We ship within 24 hours! For Mail Order Call Toll Free 1-888-892-5868

Photo: Mystical Photography

Northeast News

Bentley D was a star at the IFSHA Region 1 Championship Show.

Go Bentley! Bentley D is a 2010 Friesian Sport Horse Colt from Feeding Hills, MA. He is out of the Friesian stallion Steffen S and a mare named Mystical Illusion. Bentley made a splash at the Region One Championship show for IFSHA on April 29-30. Together he and his owner, Jamie Cinq-Mars, were the Region 1 Part Bred Stallions In Hand Champions and the Region 1 Part Bred Stallions Sport Horse In Hand Champions!

High Hopes Expands Always had an interest in riding or carriage driving? High Hopes will be offering riding and carriage driving lessons to the general public on July 5-8 and throughout the month of August. Located on 120 beautiful wooded acres in Old Lyme, CT, lessons are available at all levels taught by the High Hopes instructor staff. For more information and to schedule a lesson, please contact Sarah Carlson at or 860-4341974 ext. 15.

Horses for Veterans Disabled military veterans now have a new therapy option: equestrian driving through Blackhorse 4 Heroes, a newly formed volunteer organization with the purpose of using horses to help with the healing process. This therapeutic program is being supervised by Dave Bradham, a certified instructor with years of experience working with the disabled, and by Melissa Pogwizd and Brad Bertele, owners of Blackhorse Equestrian Center. Explaining how he decided to start Blackhorse 4 Heroes, Brad states, “Honor is like love – once you experience it, you just want to experience it again.” A military veteran himself, Brad continues, “Having served my country, once you get out, the service doesn’t really stop. Having served in the military affects the rest of your life.” For more information, to volunteer or to find out how to sponsor a horse for the program, visit www.Blackhorse4Heroes. org or contact Brad Bertele at Brad@

No Laminitis! The Equine Cushing’s and Insulin Resistance Group (ECIR Group), an Internet based group for horses with equine Cushing’s disease and insulin resistance, recently announced plans for the First Annual No Laminitis! Conference to take place on August 5-7, 2011, hosted by Black Horse Consulting in conjunction with DeMario Farms, Chittenango, NY. No Laminitis! has always been a central theme of the ECIR Group. Laminitis is often the first sign that leads to a diagnosis of equine Cushing’s disease or insulin resistance and was once considered a death sentence. Keynote speakers for the No Laminitis! conference will be Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD, Robert M. Bowker, VMD, PhD and members of the ECIR Group Support Team. Lecture topics will include Diagnosis and Treatment of Equine Cushing’s Disease and Insulin Resistance, Physiology of the Equine Foot, Trimming the Laminitic and Foundered Hoof and Balanced Nutrition. Complete conference details may be found at or through Cindy McGinley, Black Horse Consulting at 315-289-2030.

Photo Courtesy of New England Equine Medical and Surgical Center

Northeast News

Volunteering for foal watch is an educational and rewarding experience.

Foal Watch At New England Equine Medical and Surgical Center, they periodically have foals admitted to the clinic that require intensive care. Sometimes these foals require around-the-clock care, and they rely on volunteers to help with these cases. The primary responsibility of a foal watch volunteer is to stay with the foal and monitor its general well-being while a trained technician or veterinarian supervises its medical care. This is a very rewarding and educational opportunity as you will gain a lot of foal care knowledge and experience during these cases. They are looking for horse-loving people who have an interest in foal care and must be over the age of 18. Prior to volunteering with a foal, you will have sufficient training to learn your responsibilities. If you are interested, please feel free to contact the Foal Watch Volunteer Coordinator, Jodi Alger, CVT, at jalger@ or call 603-7499111.

Seal of Approval The Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue and Sanctuary of Southampton, NY, has been award the Independent Charities Seal of Excellence. This seal is awarded to charities that have, upon rigorous independent review, been able to certify, document, and demonstrate on an annual basis that they meet the highest standards of public accountability, program effectiveness, and cost effectiveness. Of the 1,000,000 charities operating in the July 2011, Equine Journal Northeast, 165

Northeast News

United States today, it is estimated that fewer than 50,000, meet or exceed these standards, and of those, fewer than 2,000 have been awarded this Seal. For more information, visit

Charity Trail Rally Gentle Dove Farm is holding a Charity Obstacle and Trail Rally on September 11 in Nunda, NY. The Obstacle and Trail Rally consists of a trail ride with several judged obstacles and an optional Versatility Obstacle Challenge course. Riders will be collecting pledges for Habitat for Humanity. There will be an auction, vendors, pony rides, music and more. To see the schedule of events and more detailed information, please visit

like to remind Canadian Horse owners that they have specific breed class for Canadians again this year! They will have in-hand classes, walk/trot classes and pleasure classed in addition to the numerous open classes as well as dressage tests to compete in. The show will be held on July 22-24, at the Topsfield Fair grounds in Topsfield, MA. They are hoping to rustle up some participants as well as class and ad sponsors. If you love this breed, support one of the only New England breed class show! Contact Margo at for more info.


Manna Pro Teams up with Lucerne Trusted animal nutrition manufacturer Manna Pro® has entered into a partnership to become the exclusive national distributor of the Lucerne Farms® brand of forage feed products for horses. Manna Pro will share its wide distribution network with Lucerne Farms, dramatically expanding Lucerne Farms’ exposure to horse owners across the country. Lucerne Farms is a respected producer of forage feeds for many types of horses, from pleasure horses to performance horses, and from youngstock and breeding horses to senior horses. All of the forage feeds it grows – primarily timothy hay, alfalfa hay and oats – are insectfree hays grown in Northern Maine in the same fields Lucerne Farms has operated for decades. The Lucerne Farms brand had been distributed primarily in the Northeastern and Southeastern United States, but will now be available through the numerous retail locations where other fine Manna Pro products are sold. Starting in September, Manna Pro will introduce Lucerne Farms products to its retailer network. Through its network of field representatives and distribution outlets, Manna Pro will make it easier than ever for its customers to obtain these high-quality forage feeds.

Thank you to all who participated in the Ninth Annual RISPCA Ride on May 1, 2011. The trail ride was well attended with over 130 riders, raising over $11,000 to help with the animals as well as owners of pets who encountered hard times. The NEFHC’s breed show would We hear that the weather was beautiful, with no bugs! A special thank you goes out to TRAVELS ANYWHERE ... LOCAL & NATIONAL Ellen and Russ Flock who doProfessional nated the lunchTimber Frame es from their Restoration KFC Stores. Since 1970 Next year will be the 10th year! Be on the Timber framing lookout for more services: information ❚ Repairs of about this great damaged timbers event. ❚ Timber replacement ❚ Jacking Barnhart ❚ Leveling Restoring the Past Restorations toGeorge Preserve the Future ❚ Squaring Yonnone, Prop. ❚ Relocation Specializing in: ❚ Inspections We offer delivered: Preservation, Restoration ❚ Historic project • 20 yards/$240 to $315 and Structural Repair of management within 30 miles • 50 yards/$800 Colonial and Victorian Homes, ❚ Consultations within 75 miles Barns, and Log Cabins ❚ Owner participation • 100 yards/$1200 within 75 miles Nationwide Service ❚ Educational seminars

Calling Canadian Lovers

George Yonnone


Pine Shavings for Bedding

Great Barrington, MA 01230

413-441-1478 166, Equine Journal Northeast, July 2011

Licensed and insured. References Local & National. 4 decades of experience. We travel anywhere.

• 100 yards/$1400 within 110 miles

We are now able to offer deliveries all over New England. We also can arrange automatic delivery on a monthly, semi-weekly or weekly basis.

Ken & Evan Sigfridson 125 Fitzgerald Rd, Brooklyn, CT 06234


 Show Manager 

Cheshire Fair 2011

Lu Guilbault

401-568-8238 Home 401-641-5089 Cell



August 4, 5, 6 Cheshire Fair

Chris Picardi & Walter Comire

NEHC “AA” & NHH&T “A” Rated


Cheshire Fair

Summer Show Circuit!

Open Horse

Day Shows:


May 22 • June 12 • August 21

August 28, 2011

Download Class List & Membership forms at:

Dwyer Equine, LLC @ Red Rock Farm 189 Plainfield Pike, Foster, RI 02825

RAIN OR SHINE!! Shows start at 8:30am & Stalls available

11 Day End Divisional Awards & A High Point Day End Award

SOME OF THE DIVISIONS ARE: Arabian & Half Arabian, Walk Trot, Sport Horse, Leadline, Western, Green Horse, Hunter Flat And Over Fences.

Sue Weston, Mgr. 603-903-0102 • Hazel Young, Sec. 603-357-0270 •

Cheshire Fairgrounds • Route 12 • N. Swanzey, New Hampshire


Senator Bell Farm AUGUST 20 HORSE SHOW Presenting three new

$500 Handy Hunter Classics and a Junior/Adult Equitation Challenge Cash prizes and awards! High Point Series Award in Leadline and Walk-Trot Senator Bell Farm shows offer the NEHC Adult/Junior Equitation Medals, and the NHHJA and Downeast Medals

For more information contact Jess Hunt at 603-235-7015

NEW! Senator Bell Farm has reopened the cross country course for schooling. Planning 2011 Schooling Horse Trials – see website for details

or visit

Senator Bell Farm Lessons

156 Derry Road Training


Chester, NH 03036 •


July 2011, Equine Journal Northeast, 167

Photo: Ann-Marie Murray

Industry Dressage

Dressage News Are you Letter Perfect?

Photo Courtesy of Crossen Arabians and Warmbloods

Letter Perfect Farm, Inc. of Uxbridge, MA, will host a USEF/USDF Recognized competition on July 2, 2011. Sarah Geikie, FEI C(S) will officiate the USEF Level 1 competition which will offer classes from Training Level to Grand Prix, USDF and FEI Freestyles, GAIG/USDF qualifying classes, and opportunity classes (USDF-Second Level). All tests will be ridden in a large sand arena and warm up will be in 70x200 indoor with dust free sand footing. For prize list or entry, you can visit, or contact Kelli Mason at 508-735-8445, or email with any questions.

Congratulations to Sue and Tom Crossen on the birth of their Hanoverian colt.

Royal Son Congratulations to Sue and Tom Crossen, of Crossen Arabians and Warmbloods, on the birth of their Hanoverian colt by Royal Prince and out of SPS Winala. This large colt was born Easter morning at 7:30 a.m. For more information on the Crossen breeding program, visit www.CrossenArabians. com.

UNH Shines By Beth Potier

After four consecutive regional championships and a national championship in 2009, the University of New Hampshire’s dressage team concluded its season in April as regional reserve champion, making it the second-best team in the Northeast region. 168, Equine Journal Northeast, July 2011

Dressage contact listings tsl Joy Bahniuk 193 Bolton Rd., Harvard, MA 01451 978-456-8919

Cadence Farm

Casa Lusitana

L-R: University of New Hampshire dressage team members Hannah Shoer ‘13, coach Sarah Hamilton, Erin Murray ’13.

Two riders – Hannah Shoer ’13 of Portsmouth, NH, a dual business administration and marketing major, and biology major Erin Murray ’13 of Bow, NH, won the regional championships in their divisions and competed in the Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) national championships in Newberry, FL, April 29 – May 1, 2011. Both students placed seventh in their respective divisions (Shoer in the lower training division; Murray in the intro division). In addition to Shoer and Murray, individual highlights included Lisa Moskal ’11, an equine science major from New Haven, CT, who won the regional reserve championship in the upper training division. Moskal and Patty Muench ’11, also an equine science major and also from New Haven, CT, were honored as highpoint seniors in the region, meaning they had earned more points than any other graduating seniors during their intercollegiate careers.

Series at Sugar Hill Sugar Hill Farm of Victor, NY, has been chosen to host the United States Dressage Association (USDF) Region 8 Adult Clinic Series on October 22-23, 2011. This clinic will be by invitation only, as eight riders are selected via video submission to the clinician Lilo Fore, FEI “I” 4* Judge and Lifetime Trainer. You can find more information on the USDF website at

tsl Tyngsboro, Massachusetts 978-649-5300,

Crossen Arabians and Warmbloods bs 1209 South St., Coventry, CT06238 860-742-6486 Fox Ledge Farm tsl Musical Freestyle Products Ann Guptill 29A Daniels Road East Haddam, CT 860-873-8108 Sandy Osborn tl 228 River Road, South Deerfield, Massachusetts 01373 413-478-5858 cell Team Hannigan tsl 6 Myrick Lane, Harvard, Massachusetts 978-270-0919 tsl 3 Tower Road Mendon, MA 01756 508-883-7511

Tower Hill Farm

b=breeding, t=training, s=sales, l=lessons


EBY V-Series 4 Horse

Hawk 2 & 4 Horse Gooseneck Walk-Thru

Hawk 2-6 Horse Straigtload Walk-Thru

New 877-201-9993 28 Jasper Mine Rd Colchester, VT Location! Exit 17 off I-89 1-800-877-5854 Rte. 107, So. Royalton, VT 05068 July 2011, Equine Journal Northeast, 169

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FAMILY PET & GARDEN CENTER PEMBROKE, MA 781-829-2220 800-742-9171






























ERWAYS MARKET COUDERSPORT, PA 814-274-9409 814-274-8862 CANADA



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ASSOCIATE DEGREE PROGRAMS Equine Management Small Animal Care Dairy Management Landscape Operations Ornamental Horticulture Forest Technology Business Management Architectural Technology Construction Management Surveying and Mapping Community Leadership Culinary Arts Restaurant Management Dietetic Technician

Earn two degrees in four years! Earn your AAS and go on for your BS. (603) 862-1025

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MA, ME, RI, and VT students are eligible for a tuition break through the New England Regional Student Program (RSP) for the associate degree program.


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PO Box 271, Rt. 90, Warren, ME 04864 â&#x20AC;˘ 1-888-373-7913 207-273-3780 â&#x20AC;˘ Fax 207-273-1780 172, Equine Journal Northeast, July 2011

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On The Road Inc-Trailers Your Exclusive Maine Featherlite Dealer

Industry Dressage

Dressage Mastery By Jennifer Keeler On April 9, the Dressage Trainers Network hosted “Straight From the Horse’s Mind,” a workshop presented by Gil Merrick, at the Old Harvard Public Library in Harvard, MA. Merrick’s interactive workshop was geared for the rider who wanted to learn how to further communicate with their horse by achieving a greater understanding of how the horse thinks. With a full house of 30 attendees and nine major sponsors for the event (including a partnership with the New England Dressage Association’s education outreach program), participants enjoyed a full day of education followed by a wine and cheese reception. “Gil is a very insightful speaker who has the unique gift of keeping a group’s attention for over eight hours, while providing tools on improving their lives!” noted Joy Bahniuk, organizer of the event and founder of the Dressage Trainers Network. “We had a group of trainers

and students who greatly benefited from this workshop.” Seminar participants learned that it’s not just the time spent at the barn and schooling dressage movements that ultimately makes a difference. Success also includes the mastering of non-equine aspects in a rider’s life by recognizing and controlling how the stresses of a family, career, and school can affect their horse’s behavior and achievement of riding goals. For more information about upcoming courses or to inquire about hosting an event, please contact Gil Merrick via email at or visit For more information about the Dressage Trainers Network, please contact Joy Bahniuk at www.cadencefarminc. com.

Horse Power Are you looking for a fun, laid back show? Try the Wild Aire Horse Power Series in Southbridge, MA. The shows

“Seeking Lightness Through Dressage”

have classes from intro level through Fourth Level test of choice. Show dates for the 2011 season are July 24, August 21, September 25, and October 16. Season-end awards are given out at the September show. Winners must be present for the awards in order to receive them. For more information, visit or call Nancy DiGregorio at 508-764-7725.

Fury, Champion Friesian Cheryl Lane-Caron is pleased to announce the accomplishments of one of her Cranberry Knoll Crew, Katie Servis, at the 2011 CRAA Spring Derby Show in Northampton, MA. Katie and her Friesian mare, Fury IGF, captured the Region 1 Championship in Friesian Mares in Hand, Region 1 Champion Dressage Suitability under saddle and Region 1 Reserve Champion in Sport Horse Mares in hand. They also captured top five awards in Friesian Period Costume and Friesian English Pleasure Hunt Seat along with

XENOPHON FARM Dressage and Combined Tests Schooling Shows JULY 31

Judge: Grace Golden

OCTOBER 9 Judge: Doris Carlson

AUGUST 28 Judge: Kathi Bruce

* Emphasis on biomechanics and positioning * Lessons for beginners to advanced * Schoolmasters available for lessons * Several lease options available * 30 Years of training experience

G. Tommy Jensen 131 Hartwell Ave Littleton, MA 978.337.1520 |

Now offering lead line and dressage equitation classes

Clinics with Bill Warren

Xenophon Farm 80 Sunderland Rd, Rte 47 Montague, MA

413-367-9828 July 2011, Equine Journal Northeast, 173

DUET T TRAIL SADDLES The fantastically comfortable Duett Companion Trail Saddle is ideal for both pleasure trail riding and endurance riding. Seat Sizes from 16” to 20”

Many Models In-Stock

Tree Widths from 32 cm to 42 cm

Rt 10 & Whittemore Farm Rd Swanzey, New Hampshire Toll Free 877.358.3001 WWW.CHESHIREHORSE.COM

Jest-A-Bit Farm

Industry Dressage Photos: Cheryl Lane-Caron



numerous awards out in the dressage arena. This exciting duo has come quite a long way, worked tirelessly though the last several years, and this past long cold winter, preparing for this show season. The sewing machines were Katie Servis humming in the tack room at and Fury IGF the Perry Paquette Farm with competing Katie and fellow teammate, in Training Lynne Ferreira, who made Level. the period costume from scratch! Quite a way to ring in the 2011 show season! You can look for them at additional Friesian shows throughout the region as well at open dressage shows. Way to go girls! Want to see YOUR NAME in dressage News? Send your information and photos to Visit for the latest dressage news.

Katie Servis and Fury IGF getting ready to have some fun in the Period Costume Class.

Custom Built Amish Horse Barns & Run-In Sheds

Any . . . Age . . . Breed . . . Discipline

★ Training ★ Sales ★ Leasing

★ Lessons ★ Showing Full/Part Time Working Student Positions Available

Kelli Ann Kinney

However you see her, Kelli Ann Kinney is dedicated to the betterment of all horses and riders. ★ Kelli Ann has a diverse and extensive background to help horses and riders of all breeds, disciplines and riding abilities. ★ Kelli Ann specializes in building effective relationships between horse and rider through individualized programs. ★ An exceptional lesson program and talented school horses can make the difference for you. ★ Extensive sales horse program.

Pepperell, MA 01463 • 978-433-6149

174, Equine Journal Northeast, July 2011

4’ High Oak Kickboards Post & Beam Framing • Floorless Portable • Shingle roof w/choice of colors Powdered metal grills & many more options! Consider one of our beautiful gazebos to compliment your farm or a new storage shed that compliments the barn. Delivered to Your Door

Millbrook Farm Woodworks

1835 Rte 12, Westmoreland, NH 603-399-4470 •

Industry Driving

Driving News

Scenes from the UPHA Spring Premiere Photos: Mystical Photography

MCDS News The Massachusetts Carriage and Driving Society held their annual Arena Driving Trial on April 17 at the Highland Hill Farm in Berlin, MA. The judge, Sue Rogers, was terrific and very informative; all of the participants learned a lot. Sonia Williams won the Training division, and the Prelimary division was won by Mug Tomany. Christina Alsop was the top finisher in the Intermediate division.

Heading West The Colonial Carriage and Driving Society will hold their Annual Summer Fun Day July 31, 2011 at Orleton Farm. The

Scenes from the CRAA Spring Derby Premiere Horse Show and the IFSHA Region 1 Championship Horse Show Photos: Mystical Photography

Hackney Pleasure Driving Champion, Red Sox Nation driven by Donna White of Fitchburg, MA.

theme this year is “Wild, Wild West.” So get ready for the fun and games! Watch for details on their website,

Driver’s Ed

Hackney Pleasure Driving Reserve Champion, Megabucks driven by Tyler Lamproppulos of Newton, NH.

experienced assistant will drive with them. If you are interested in applying or would like more information, contact Lyn Howard via telephone 518-674-8582 or e-mail her at Want to see YOUR NAME in driving news?

The Saratoga Driving Association inE-mail your news and photos to vites you to try the carriage driving ence and attend their Weekend Beginner Visit for the latest driving news. Clinic. The clinic will be held July 16-17, 2011 at Green Meads Farm in Richmond, MA. Jeff Morse, who has 30 years of experience training carriage horses and carriage drivers, will supervise the clinic. Jeff currently chairs the Pleasure Driving Committee of the at Blue Heron Farm, Charlemont, MA American Driving Society. This clinic is Learn from Canadian, especially designed Pat Wolfe, well-known for older particiFjord breeder, trainer, pants (aged over 55 certified evaluator and judge years) with time and resources to con• Harness & vehicle types sider this sport. A • Basic skills of Draft past history of horse & Pleasure driving experience is a plus, • Hands on experiences but not essential. in small groups The clinic will be limited to six Auditors welcome at reduced rate individuals, so each Refreshments & Lunch provided person has a chance On-site lodging available to drive multiple Call for more information: times, experiencing Bill or Norma Coli a range of horses 413-339-4045 from ponies to horses. All drivers will start out with Jeff, and later an

Basic Hitching & Driving EDUCATIONAL SEMINAR August 12-14, 2011

Laurie Statem with Dash Rip Rock.

Billy Piazza and Ytsen.

Jamie Cinq-Mars and Rennassance.

July 2011, Equine Journal Northeast, 175

Industry Eventing

Photos: Linda Lambert

Eventing News

Once we had jumped the course, Sally called the spectators into the ring to help put the jumps up. I was really excited to try the larger jumps, but they were a little intimidating at first. The jumps ended up being between 3’3” and 3’6”. The course had some of the largest fences I’ve jumped with Trio, and he didn’t put a hoof wrong! The clinic ended up being one of the best lessons I’ve had in a long time. Both Trio and I had a blast. Thank you so much to the CDCTA for providing such awesome riding opportunities!

Nicely Done Stefanie Shea on Trio.

At the UNH Spring Horse Trials, Janet Mitchell, a student of Stephie Baer, placed first in the Open Training division on Dunlavin’s Royal Seed and second in the Open Novice division on Applebee. For more information, visit www.

Katie’s Dream Sally Hinkle-Russell.

Riding With Sally By Stefanie Shea The CDCTA recently held a stadiumjumping clinic with Sally Hinkle-Russell at Mystic Valley Hunt Club. Donna Legere did a wonderful job organizing the clinic and even had treats for the horses and riders after the lessons. The clinic was a great way to get the horses back into jumping and they were all feeling good to be out in the spring weather. Right from the beginning of the lesson, Sally had me working on my posture. I have a bad habit of slouching when my horse is standing. Sally picked up on this right away, which made me realize how much she pays attention to detail. Sally had us start the lesson by trotting and cantering over poles on the ground to work on getting the horses straight to the center of the pole. She pointed out that if we expected our horses to jump straight, they first needed to go over a pole straight. We moved on to jumping a course of 2’9” jumps. 176, Equine Journal Northeast, July 2011

Katie’s Dream tells the story of one young girl’s love of horses. This charming tale, written by Katie Rocco of Far Meadow Farm in Morris, CT, and beautifully Katie Rocco of Far Meadow Farm has published a new illustrated by book! Robin Thew, shares Katie’s love of horses despite her inability to afford one. A story for children and adults alike, Katie’s Dream is a magical story for anyone who shares a love for horses. The story was initially told through three-dimensional sculptures created by Robin Thew. These sculptures were featured in the New York City, Tiffany & Co. windows in 1970. The sculptures depicted Robin’s daughter, Katie Rocco, and her completed adoration of horses. Gene Moore, curator for the Tiffany & Co. windows worked with Robin Thew to create these popular window displays.

Eventing contact listings Bevin O’Reilly

tl Brattleboro, Vermont 413-478-1661

Pondview Equestrian Center lts 362 Wakefield Rd, Pascoag Rhode Island 02859 410.710.7474 RER Ponies

tsl Heather Reynolds 8 Circle Drive, Hatfield, MA 01038 413-427-2026

Stoneleigh-Burnham School tl 574 Bernardston Road, Greenfield, Massachusetts 01301 413-774-2711 fax 413-772-2602 b=breeding, t=training, s=sales, l=lessons

The windows proved to be so popular that horse-crazy young girls had to wait in line 20 minutes to get a peek. For more information, visit www.

Learning With Ann By Jenny Berelson Don’t go faster than you can keep straight. Sometimes I thought I should be walking to the jumps. But after I settled down and took the cross rails a few times, I realized that I was going straight. Just my nerves were crooked. Ann Bowie, of Horse Power Farm in Canterbury, CT, is the consummate instructor. Ann has worked with Toby (a 14-year-old Morgan) and me for many years, and yet she’s still patient, positive and willing to push. Deb Stegmaier and I rode the elementary course and were a good match; her horse, Princess Majii, an eight-yearold Friesian/Clydesdale, is a little green

Industry Eventing

and I’m a little chicken. After our warmup at the cross rails, Ann had us ride a gymnastic of three cross rails. Just when the gymnastic was mastered to the left, Ann changed the approach going to the right. Deb and I mastered the gymnastic, then moved on to the matter at hand – cross country jumps. We started with a turn question, I came to the gate a little too enthusiastic and left a bit long. Ann commented that at a small jump, that might work, but as you move up the levels, you’d rather get the short distance than the long one. Point taken. Another great question was an uphill jump, keeping the canter on the landing and down a hill to a brush box. The uphill jump rode nicely, keeping the canter balanced downhill was a challenge, but rewarded with a nice jump over the brush box. Deb’s rides were also very successful. Her mare needed a little more time to look at some of the jumps, so her approaches tended to be from the trot.

However, her horse’s stride is plenty big enough at the trot for anything we jumped. A very successful clinic. Deb and I ended the clinic smiling and with more tools in our toolbox. Our horses had a positive experience – nice challenges to keep them thinking without over facing them. Many thanks to the CDCTA and Donna Legere for offering this clinic and to Ann Bowie for sharing her facility with us.

Oh Baby! Dayna Gant of Appletree Farm in Lancaster, MA, recently had two of her Dutch Warmblood mares foal. Letida and Alexis Titty 11Z both had a foal sired by Judgement. Both of these mares were evented successfully by Stephie Baer. Letida competed at the intermediate level in 2006-2008. Dayna and Stephie both rode Alexis in the Preliminary level at different events during 2008 and 2009.

Blog to Watch Have you stopped by Katie Murphy’s blog? Check out www.murphyeventing. com/news/, which chronicles many personal sentiments and stories of her riding, training schedules and her horse’s future plans. One particularly poignant blogging post relates to “knowing when it is time to sell.” Eventers will certainly relate to the topics that Katie writes about, as will horsemen of a variety of different disciplines. Be sure to check out Katie’s blog and let us know what you think! Want to see YOUR NAME in eventing News? Send your information and photos to Visit for the latest eventing news.


CO., INC. Since 1968

KING OAK FARM Summer Events / Dressage / Horsemanship Camps • Join us for Wednesday PM Cross-Country/ Derby Cross Schooling Beginning in June June 26: Derby Cross July 3: Schooling Dressage Show & Horse Trials July 15: King Oak Farm Dressage Day 1 July 16 & 17: King Oak Farm Dressage Day 2 July 24: Derby Cross






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Serving MA, NH, VT

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July 2011, Equine Journal Northeast, 177



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Crude Protein Lysine Crude Fat Crude Fiber Calcium Calcium Phosphorus Zinc Copper Vitamin A Vitamin E Selenium

(Min) 12.00 % (Min) 0.55 % (Min) 6.00 % (Max) 18.00 % (Min) 0.85 % (Max) 1.15 % (Min) 0.55 % (Min) 135.00 PPM (Min) 40.00 PPM (Min) 5,000.00 IU/LB (Min) 100.00 IU/LB (Min) 0.60 PPM

This feed is formulated for pleasure horses to moderately worked horses over two years of age. Other important aspects of the holistic diet are the supply of macro nutrients which include carbohydrates, protein, fats and fibers from superior sources as well as micro nutrients which include vitamins and minerals. Benefits: • Real carrots, cranberries and raspberry leaf • Natural ingredients • Flaxseed • Natural Vitamin E (up to 5 times more bio available than synthetic Vitamin E)

$15.99 /50 lb. bag until August 21, 2011


A Family Feed Company

A Family Feed Company

CONNECTICUT LAKESIDE FEED Guilford, CT - 203-457-1461 MERIDEN FEED Meriden, CT - 203-237-4414

MASSACHUSETTS CROP & CARROT TACK SHOP INC. Spencer, MA - 877-885-0255 FAMILY PET & GARDEN CENTER Pembroke, MA - 781-829-2220 GREENFIELD FARMERS COOPERATIVE EXCHANGE Greenfield, MA - 413-773-9639 HARDWICK FARMERS COOP Hardwick, MA - 413-477-6913 HORSE & BUGGY FEEDS, INC. Winchendon, MA - 978-297-2518



ACHILLE AGWAY Peterborough, NH – 603-924-6801

T.J. HAY & GRAIN West Greenwich, RI - 401-397-3924

ACHILLE AGWAY Keene, NH - 603-357-5720 BLACKMOUNT EQUIPMENT INC. North Haverhill, NH -603-787-6311 DODGE’S FARM & GARDEN Hampton Falls, NH - 603-926-2253 DODGE’S FARM & GARDEN Plaistow, NH - 603-382-8201 DODGE’S FARM & GARDEN Exeter, NH - 603-778-8132 HENNIKER FARM & COUNTRY STORE Henniker, NH - 603-428-3255 HORSE & BUGGY FEEDS, INC. Keene, NH - 603-352-0328

KETONEN-CLARK FARM Rutland, MA - 508-886-2952

MYHRE EQUINE COMPLEX Rochester, NH - 603-335-4777

THE MANE PLACE Uxbridge, MA - 508-278-7563

ORDE FARM, LLC Hollis, NH -603-465-2583

MAINE LONG HORN HORSE & PET SUPPLY Buxton, ME - 207-929-6600 PERKCO SUPPLY Exeter, ME - 207-379-2900

VERMONT ACHILLE AGWAY Brattleboro, VT - 802-254-8755 DEPOT HOME & GARDEN Essex Junction, VT - 802-878-8596 JOHNSONS FARM & GARDEN Johnson, VT - 802-635-7282 MARTY’S 1ST STOP Danville, VT - 802-684-2574 POULIN LUMBER Williamstown, VT - 802-433-1419 RB ERSKINE Chester Depot, VT - 802-875-2333 RIVER BEND FARM SUPPLIES Townshend, VT - 802-365-7800

DON’T SEE YOUR LOCAL DEALER? Call for the name of a dealer near you


24 Railroad Square, Newport, VT 05855

THE PADDOCK INC 55 Rose Hill Road - Ledyard, CT


~ Your Headquarters For ~ Myler Bitting System

Spring and Summer Hours:

100+ Myler Bits In Stock Kathryn is available to visit your farm for bitting your horse

Mon-Wed Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

10-6 10-8 9-6 9-6 10-4

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On The Road Inc-Trailers

EXPERIENCED PO Box 271, Rt. 90, Warren, ME 04864 PROFESSIONALS FOR 24 YEARS • 1-888-373-7913 • 207-273-3780 • Fax 207-273-1780

FULL SERVICE • BUMPER PULLS • LIVING QUARTERS • GOOSE NECKS 180, Equine Journal Northeast, July 2011

Industry Hunter/Jumper

Hunter/ Jumper contact listings August Farm

btsl 179 Highland Street Holliston, MA 01746 508-429-9411, 508-429-9125 fax

Beaver Brook Farm tsl 734 Adams Street, Holliston, Massachusetts 508-429-8503 office, 508-429-7154 barn

Hunter/Jumper Tying the Knot Walnut Hill Farm (Plainville, MA) would like to congratulate their head trainer, Kellie Monahan, on her engagement to Andrew Riordan. We wish you countless happy years. They would also like to congratulate Carey Davis, Rachel DeMuth, Kassandra Cousillient, and Ashley Osborne for successfully moving up from short stirrup to the mini medals. Rachel Demuth qualified for MHC and MHJ her first show moving up on her new horse, Waterford Crystal.

Clarion Farms, Inc. tsl 444 Lincoln Street, Franklin, MA 02038 508-520-8820 tsl Chelise Storace 168 Garden Street, West Newbury, MA 01985 603-781-5815

Cressbrook Stables

Hunt of Cornerstone Farm. Katie is already qualified for NE, MA and MHJ finals and looks forward to a fun summer on the circuit with her two horses! Casey Zuraitis was champion in the 18-35 amateur owners in Ocala aboard her horse, Unforgettable Flight, and most recently was honored as National Champion at the IHSA finals in Lexington, KY, in the individual intermediate over fences! Maeve Foley and Oreo, were yearend Champion Holloway Brook Farm in pre-children’s, and Katie Eppinger and Robear were third year end, large pony hunter in the Holloway Brook series. Congratulations to Veronica Bulkin on her purchase of Red Cerrara. We wish her all the joy with her new “Auto”! The farm welcomes Regan Wilmarth with her new lease on Inspector Gadget, and Tina Haseotes and her new lease on Guiness. Charlotte McEnroe Show Stables is based out of two premier locations, Woodbury Manor in Sutton, MA, and Apple Knoll Farm in Millis, MA.

btsl 1223 Ives Road, East Greenwich, Rhode Island 401-884-9116 barn; 401-480-9314 cell

Dapper Dan Farm

Evenstride btsl 26 Orchard St., Byfield, Massachusetts 978-465-9119 tsl Jamie Dee Frontiero Detailed Equitation Training Newburyport, MA; 603-205-4705

Frontiero, Jamie Dee

Gaylee Stables bs 20 Brown Road, Hampton Falls, NH 03844 603-926-0008 tsl 201 Bournedale Rd. Buzzards Bay, MA 02532 508-759-3763

Grazing Fields Farm

Willough, Charlotte McEnroe, Joe Joe and Honour.

Grandma X2 Charlotte McEnroe of Charlotte McEnroe Show Stables is again a grandmother. Justus Jonah (Joe Joe) was born five weeks premature and he and his mom, Willough, are doing well! Charlotte’s granddaughter, Honour, now 21 months, is in love with ponies and wants to ride every day! In Ocala this past winter, Marita Zuraitis took the championships each week aboard her horse, Better than Diamonds, and earned the coveted Grand Circuit Championship in the novice adult hunter division! Katie Eppinger rode her horse, Dolce, in the children’s hunter divisions, being reserve champions, and entered the jumper ring in Ocala, riding High Society to great wins and has leased “Janie” from Monica

Kate Levy aboard Vent Du Nord won the Grand Prix during week one at Old Salem Farm Spring Horse Show.

Levy Had The Luck Mother Nature gave beautiful weather for the first week of competition at the Old Salem Farm Spring Horse Shows, but she could not make it happen on the morning of the Grand Prix, where she gave some torrential rain in the early hours. Taking it all in stride, both show management and competitors made adjustments, and as the rain came to a close, competition went on as usual. The only concession to the rain was the movement of classes from the Grand Prix field to the sand ring. Twenty-four horse and rider combinations entered the ring for the first round July 2011, Equine Journal Northeast, 181

Industry Hunter/Jumper

of competition, with 11 making it through the large course fault free. Eventual winner Kate Levy and her Vent Du Nord were the 10th of that 11 to post a fault free performance. She joined the good list, which included McLain Ward with three mounts, Mario Deslauriers with two, Georgina Bloomberg, Candice King, Katie Dinan, David Tromp and Hillary Simpson.

GGT at Fieldstone The Fieldstone Equestrian and Show Facility will play host to the finest horse shows in the New England region in 2011 with a premiere line-up of “AA” hunter/ four-star jumper competitions, featuring over $125,000 in cash and prizes. With brand new GGT German Geo Textile Footing™ in all nine show and warm-up rings, and various other updates to the show grounds, Fieldstone is ready for an exciting season. The 2011 Fieldstone schedule features a brand new week of competition that began with the Plymouth Rock Hunter Jumper Classic on June 21-25 and


will conclude with the Fieldstone Summer Showcase on August 23-28. Renovated in 2009, the facility boasts nearly 100 acres, equipped with nine allweather GGT felt/sand hybrid footing rings, permanent and temporary stabling, ample parking, and a beautiful all-grass Grand Prix field. For more information on the Fieldstone Horse Shows, please visit www., call 781-679-0701, or email

Unbridled Passion Jeff Papows, a dedicated amateur owner jumper rider, has authored the sport’s most complete look inside show jumping. His book, Unbridled Passion, will be released at the Fidelity Investments® Jumper Classic in September. Jeff, who is Chairman of the Board of the annual New England horse show, brings the greatest horse-rider combinations into focus for show jumping fans. He has a unique

tsl Melanie Finkeldey 70 Shields Road, Woodstock, CT 06281 Cell: 802-380-0886; Barn 860-315-7419

Hidden Fields Farm

Holly Hill Farm tsl 240 Flint Street, Marston Mills, MA 02648 508-428-2621, Horseman’s Exchange, LLC Tack & Apparel Consignment 294 Great Road, Rte. 119 Littleton, MA 01460 978-486-0008, 978-779-6119 fax New England Equitation Championships Cookie DeSimone 617-347-6413 Amy Eidson 401-789-5206 Kelley Small 508-835-1110

Horse Show Moms & Dads..

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September 18 Saddle Rowe Farm Medway, MA SEHA Mini Medal Adult Mini Medal Junior Medal & Adult Medal

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Summer Riding Package $89.50 A Consignment Shop for Equestrians

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294 Great Rd • Littleton, MA 01460 • 978-486-0008 Shop On-line Too! 182, Equine Journal Northeast, July 2011

Contact: Jacqui Gazzara 508-274-5406 Show Secretary: Pat Larsen 401-847-5459

shire Hunter Jumper Asso p m a H w ciati e N e on Th

Summer Festival July 5-19, 2011

Silver Oak Equestrian Center Hampton Falls, NH NEHC “AA” Rated

Over $25,000 in prize money! Judges: Linda Reynolds, DiAnn Langer, Rita Timpanaro Show Manager and Course Designer: John Manning

Show Chair: Cindy McLaughlin

• $5,000 NHSPCA Jumper Classic • $2,500 3’3” Jumper Classic • $5,000 3’ Open Hunter Derby

Show Secretary: Penny Brown

Featuring: • $2,500 Junior/Amateur Adult Hunter Derby • $2,500 Pony Hunter Derby

• • • •

Steward: Judy Kobilarcsik

$1,500 2’9” Hunter Classic $1,000 2’6” Hunter Classic $500 2’3” Hunter Classic $500 18” Hunter Classic

New Classes & Events NH Equitation Challenge New!! The Masters Jumper Division, Hi Open Jumpbers, Child/Amateur Adult Jumpber Friday Night “The Incredible Dog Challenge” Friday is “Pink Day” to Benefit “Ride for the Cure” for Breast Cancer Meet the Horses and dogs from NHSPCA and participate in a silent auction to benefit the orgnication. For show information go to and click on Summer Festival

Photo Credit: Mel Couture

Join Us for This Premier New England Horse Show! July 2011, Equine Journal Northeast, 183

Developing Competitive and Compassionate Riders Since 1970



August 13* Rozena’s Field Raynham, MA

Sat, Sept. 3, 2011 Saddle Rowe, Medway, MA

Bay State Adult Medal Finals Leadline, Short Stirrup, Walk Trot Finals

August 20* Rozena’s Field Raynham, MA

~ 2011 Show Series ~ July 23 - Aug. 13 – Sept. 24 Oct. 15 – Nov. 12 NEHC/MHC Rated • Classes For All Levels FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE ~ GOOD FOOTING ~ INVITING COURSES Check Out Our Website For More Info

SADDLEROWE.COM 73 Oakland Street • Medway, MA • 508-533-7108

719-849-0541 43 Highland Road Merrimac, MA 01860 184, Equine Journal Northeast, July 2011

August 31 Holly Hill Marstons Mills, MA Last Date to Qualify for ASPCA and USEF Medals

Junior & Adult Classics *Level 3 Jumper Mini Prix $500 Add Back *Level 4 Jumper Mini Prix $500 Add Back

For more information: Nancy Venezia 508-428-2621 Fax 508-428-2656 Pat Larsen 401-847-5459 Fax 401-846-4273 Email

vantage point and many trusted friendships that allow him to get readers up close and personally tuned into the relationships between Olympic and international stars of the sport and their horses, including McLain Ward and Sapphire, Ian Millar and Big Ben, Margie Engle and Perin, Beezie Madden and Authentic, Chris Kappler and Royal Kaliber and more. Twenty of the sport’s most famous and in some cases bittersweet stories are told

tsl Carl Catani 49 Cross Street, Pembroke, MA 781-826-8543, 781-826-9104 fax

River Wind Farm

Sandy Point Stables tsl 30 Sandy Point Farm Road Portsmouth, RI 02871 401-849-3958, 401-842-9300 cell Spring Tide Farm tsl 283 Main Street, Boxford, Massachusetts 01921 978-887-8033 barn, 978-317-1826 cell tsl Tricia Concannon South Lancaster, Massachusetts Cell: 508-654-8277 Barn: 978-365-3955

Sweet Water Farm, LLC

Vantage Point Farm tsl 594 Central Turnpike, Sutton, MA 01590 508-865-1015 Volo Farm btsl 84 Powers Road, Westford, MA 01886 978-692-7060

Walnut Hill Farm

btsl Kellie Monaghan Plainville, MA 508-699-1900

b=breeding, t=training, s=sales, l=lessons

as never before. Revealed are such little known details as the famous Sapphire’s favorite snack, her barn name, as well as riders’ reflections on the most memorable Olympic moments. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to not only own this wonderful book, but to also have it personally autographed during the Fidelity Investments Jumper Classic in Hampton Falls, NH, on September 15. For more information, visit www.

Show Jumping Comes Downtown

Photo: City of Boston Parks and Recreation

Industry Hunter/Jumper

The beautiful Boston Common, the site of the Putnam Boston Equestrian Classic preview party.

main event taking place on September 8 – 11, 2011 at the Myopia Hunt Club in Hamilton, MA. For more information, please visit

Mayor Thomas Menino will be onhand at the beautiful Boston Common Parade Ground for an equestrian demonstration by the Olympic-caliber show jumpWant to see YOUR NAME in Hunter/Jumper ing riders of the Putnam Boston Equestrian News? Send your information and photos to Classic. This event, taking place on Visit day, August 25, 2011, will celebrate the for the latest hunter/jumper news. annual tradition of show jumping returning to the Boston area and will benefit the Boston Park Rangers Mounted Unit. The demonstration will be held at the premiere location on the Boston Com“Grow with us and achieve your personal best” mon, located at the corner of Beacon 508.699.1900 86 Walnut Street Plainville, MA and Charles Streets and will consist of Olympic Grand Prix show jumping by six riders who will perform over a course designed by show manager, John Manning. Following, there will be an exhibition by the Boston Park Rangers Mounted Unit. When the equestrian activities are complete, the We would like to welcome Rachel Crown, Eaton II, sponsors and patrons Rose Feldman and Call Your Bluff to our team! We are will walk across the looking forward to a successful show season with you. Boston Common to an invite-only social Many horses and ponies are for sale or lease reception on the at our facility. Please call for more information. Roof of the Taj Boston hotel. The Boston Common gathering Kellie Monahan: Trainer Kara Allen: Manager is a preview to the

Walnut Hill Farm

July 2011, Equine Journal Northeast, 185

Smile. Love is ageless.

Nothing’s better for an older horse than a young person’s love and Equine Senior® horse feed. No wonder Purina Equine Senior is the number one veterinarian recommended feed for senior horses.*

Veterinarian Recommended



r Easy Soak™ Pellet technology

r Creates easy-to-chew mash with warm water in 5 minutes

r Blend of fiber sources, including beet pulp and top-quality hay

r Easy to digest and aids in normal digestive function

r More calories from fat, less from sugar r Unique blend of vegetable oils, flax seed and rice bran r Added antioxidants, Including Vitamin C and natural-source Vitamin E

r Helps aging horses that have difficulty managing blood sugar levels r Optimal fatty acid profile promotes shinier coat, healthier skin and improved body condition r Helps support a healthy immune system

Sign up now at to get up to $40 off Purina® feed.** *4 our of 5 equine veterinarians recommend Purina’s Equine Senior® horse feed to their clients with senior horses. ©2011 Purina Mills, LLC. All rights reserved. **New feeding programs should change gradually so as to not cause digestive upset. Recommendation: make the feed changes over a seven-day period. (See website for details.)

186, Equine Journal Northeast, July 2011

Now at 2 Locations

Cressbrook Stables Chelise Storace, Owner & Trainer


Chelise specializes in the training and sales of young hunters, jumpers, and equitation horses for the show ring. Cressbrook offers riding instruction for all levels from the first ride to the serious competitor.

Good Luck in 2011 to all Cressbrook Competitors! Cressbrook is happy to announce that in addition to training at Indian Meadow Farm they will also be teaming up with Kensington Equestrian Center in Kensington, NH! Kensington Equestrian Center is a full service hunter, jumper and equitation equestrian facility situated on 130 acres. Call for more information or check out the website at

Visit These Fine Purina® Dealers Near You CONNECTICUT Aubuchon Hardware Putnam, CT (860) 928-7799 Lakeside Feed Guilford, CT (203) 457-1461 MASSACHUSETTS A. W. Brown Pet & Garden Store E. Longmeadow, MA (413) 525-2115 Amherst Farmers Supply Amherst, MA (413) 253-3436 Aubuchon Hardware Webster, MA (508) 949-2500

Pet Food Shoppe Lakeville, MA (866) 946-4259

Milford, NH (603) 673-1669


Peterboro, NH (603) 924-6801

Aubuchon Hardware

Sunnynook Farm Rochester, MA (508) 763-5405

Aubuchon Hardware

MAINE Aubuchon Hardware Belfast, ME (207) 338-1334 Brewer, ME (207) 989-5669 Buxton, ME (207) 929-4256 Farmington, ME (207) 778-5682 Lincoln, ME (207) 794-6023 Lisbon Falls, ME (207) 353-6912 Naples, ME (207) 693-3343

Walpole, NH (603) 756-9400

Alton, NH (603) 875-5510 Lee, NH (603) 868-1895 Cloverdale Feed & Farm Supply Webster, NH (603) 746-3234 Open 7 Days (weekdays to 7 pm) Dodge Grain Co., Inc. Salem, NH (603) 893-3739 Dodge’s Agway Hampton Falls, NH (603) 926-2253

Bernardston Farmers Supply Bernardston, MA (413) 648-9311

Norway, ME (207) 743-5072

Plaistow, NH (603) 382-8201

Old Town, ME (207) 827-7972

Erikson Grain Mill Inc. Acton, MA (978) 263-4733

Rumford, ME (207) 364-4813

Rockingham Feed & Supply Exeter, NH (603) 778-8132

Fitts Mill Satuate, MA (781) 447-6621 Hanson Grain Hanson, MA (781) 447-6621

Skowhegan, ME (207) 474-9489 Waterville, ME (207) 873-3800 NEW HAMPSHIRE Achille Agway

The Cheshire Horse Swanzey, NH (603) 358-3001

Gouverneur, NY (315) 287-3850 Greenwich, NY (518) 692-8494 Herkimer, NY (315) 866-4931 Peru, NY (518) 643-0344 Richfield Springs, NY (315) 858-2411 DeRuyter Farm & Garden Co-op, Inc. DeRuyter, NY (315) 852-6417 Eastern Hay & Grain Pawling, NY (845) 855-3291

Pine Bush Agway Pine Bush, NY (845) 744-2011 Pohl’s Feedway Vernon, NY (315) 829-2753 Thorobred Feed Sales Saratoga Springs, NY (518) 584-4900 RHODE ISLAND Leeway True Value N. Smithsfield, RI (401) 765-2222 VERMONT

Hunt Country Supply Standfordville, NY (845) 868-1760 J & J Feeds Inc. Lafayette, NY (315) 677-3297 Mac’s Agway

Red Hook, NY (845) 876-1559

New Paltz Agway www.macsfarmandgardenworld. com New Paltz, NY (845) 255-0055

Achille Agway Brattleboro, VT (802) 254-8755 Aubuchon Hardware Vergennes, VT (802) 877-6700 Guy’s Farm and Yard Williston, VT (802) 878-5112

Hillsboro, NH (603) 464-3755

July 2011, Equine Journal Northeast, 187



Marshall & Rae Paige Schwarz Owners


Bill Bohl Farm Manager/Trainer Bob Churton Trainer


345 Sharon Road Lakeville, CT 06039 860-435-2571

Open Barns Lunch Presentation of Horses Stallions, Mares & Foals, Yearlings, Young Prospects, Sale Horses & More! Special Guest Presenters

Foundation Mare ESPECIALLEY (Tempter by Cognac x Elegant Crystal by *Aladdinn) Full sister to Multi-National Champion Mare ERICCA

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED RSVP at 860-435-2571 or email



NEW 2nd LOCATION! Double B Farm Tack Shop 206 Vischer Ferry Rd, Rexford, NY 12148

780 St. Rt. 3, Plattsburgh, NY 12901 • 518-324-4477 • 802-318-5499

Hot Summer Sale NEW Exiss Express Bumper Pull Trailers

8 Living Quarter Trailers In-Stock by Exiss and Sooner

RETAIL COST 2011 7308 LQ, 8’ Shortwall ............................................................................ $44,235 ES 8310 LQ, 8’ Wide Mangers, 10” Shortwall ................................................... $55,930 2010 Escape 6310 LQ, Loaded, 10’ Shortwall ............................................. $39,200 2010 Exiss ES 6408, 4 Horse Escape, 8’ Short Wall, 7’6” Tall ....................... $41,669 2012 Exiss 8312 Glide, 8’ Wide, 12’ Shortwall w/Glide ............................... $81,009 2012 Sooner Legacy, 8’8” Shortwall, Loaded ............................................... $43,920 2012 Exiss 7208 LQ, 2 Horse, 8’ Shortwall ................................................... $42,825 Starting at $9999 (all aluminum)

SALE PRICE $37,995 $48,995 $33,995 $34,385 $64,995 $39,995 $36,995

Full Line of Exiss Gooseneck and Bumper Pull Trailers In Stock ~ Drive A Little - Save A Lot! 188, Equine Journal Northeast, July 2011

Industry Arabian

Arabian News Tamar Adante in Connecticut Congratulations are in order for Bailey Richards who recently purchased a new eight-year-old purebred gelding from Strand’s Arabians in Toddville, IA. Bailey and Tamar Adante will be competing in the Purebred Hunter Pleasure division this year under the tutelage of Lynne Deadder at Double A Arabians.

Spring Derby Success! By Lauren Bousquet The Connecticut River Arabian Association (CRAA) held its annual Arabian and Half Arabian Spring Derby & IFSHA Region 1 Championship show April 29 - May 1, 2011 at the Three County Fairgrounds in Northampton, MA. The weekend had great weather and allowed exhibitors to show their spectacular horses in many Arabian and Friesian classes such as Sport Horse In Hand, Period and Armor Costume, Dressage, Hunter Pleasure, Liberty and many others. Doug Raucher officiated the Arabian/Half-Arabian classes, while John Sullivan judged the Friesians. As always, the atmosphere was relaxed and

fun. The potluck dinner was held Saturday night with live band entertainment in the arena at the end of the last class of the night. Throughout the weekend, it was not uncommon to hear many people comment positively on the laid-back atmosphere that is hard to come by at horse shows in the area. A lot of attendees were drawn to the arena to watch the awe-inspiring Friesian Costume classes and to watch the horses at Liberty compete for a blue ribbon. On Sunday, the silent auction winners were announced. Some items that were auctioned off were horse care items, supplements, grooming products, authentic Coach purses, candles and more.

News from ASA Ghazillion ASA, the pure Polish son of Bonne Vivant+++/, and out of Zsa Zsa Ghazi has sold to the Madsens as a dressage horse and stallion prospect for their lovely halter mares. They anticipate that his exceptional movement, elegance, and pedigree will have a very positive influence on their breeding program. Ghazillion ASA is a full brother to Vivano ASA, who is being exported to Australia this month to Alphalea Arabians as their new pure Polish herd sire. Harmonye ASA, daughter of Allience+//, is out of Hot Toddye. This big, grey filly is a future FEI dressage horse and broodmare for ASA Farm. Ghazillion ASA and Haymonye ASA are currently in training with Kevin Dwyer of Dwyer Equine LLC, in Foster, RI. More information, pedigrees and video links can be found on the ASA Farm website,, by calling ASA Farm at 860-868-6465, or Kevin Dwyer at 860-213-1299.

Congratulations Chris! Congratulations are extended to Chris Picardi on receiving his “R” judge’s card. His friends, family and the members of Region 16 would like to also thank him for all his continuing efforts to improving the Arabian industry as well as volunteering to be a delegate. Congratulations to Jo-Anne Jalbert of AlJo Arabians in Connecticut on the arrival of Fahtina Fire (LF Freedom Fire X SA Desert Storm) on May 12, 2011. After a long stretch of colts, the farm is pleased by the arrival of this very tall Arabian filly.

Arabian contact listings Ash Lane Farm blts 49 Havens Road, New Braintree, Massachusetts 01531 508-867-9927, fax 508-867-3321 Baldwin Stables tsl 108 Cedar Lake Road, Deep River, CT 860-526-5989 Chacaro So-Black Arabians, Pintos & Sporthorse bs 1409 Camino Alto El Paso, TX 79902 915-532-2376 Double A Arabians lts 279 Watchaug Road, Somers, Connecticut 06071 860-749-4797 Monastiri Arabians btsl Breeding Fine Arabian Horses Jennifer Stine 67 Prospect Hill Road, Harvard, MA 617-359-5623 Quarry Hill Farm

bs 345 Sharon Rd., Lakeville, Connecticut 06039 860-435-2571

tls Charlie Ethier, trainer/owner Main Street, Slatersville, RI 02876 401-378-4811 401-766-8167 cell

Rollingwood Farm

b=breeding, t=training, s=sales, l=lessons

CALL NOW If you would like to be listed in Our


Contact Listings


Region 16 Opportunities The Region 16 AHA, Inc. Frequent Rider Milestone Award Program rewards riders for every hour that they spend riding or driving or mileage accumulated for trail July 2011, Equine Journal Northeast, 189

riding an Arabian or Half-Arabian/AngloArabian horse in non-competitive activities. The best part of the Region 16 AHA, Inc. Frequent Rider Milestone Award Program is that the type of riding doesn’t matter as long as it is non-competitive! Region 16 AHA, Inc. is offering members the opportunity to compete for annual year-end high point awards. This program is offered to members of Local Region 16 Clubs and direct AHA members residing in Region 16 that own or lease purebred

Arabian and Half-Arabian horses that compete in either the show ring, dressage, competitive distance riding or reining events. For more information, please visit

Cranberry Knoll at CRAA

By Cheryl Lane-Caron The Cranberry Knoll Crew ran into the 2011 CRAA Spring Derby and came home with the roses! Center ring on Saturday night had two CK team Shavings/Sawdust members receiving top honors with Bulk Kiln Dry/Green Bagged Shavings new team memArena Footing Trucking - Live Floor Trailers/ ber Amy Braley Rubber - Leather - Chips Vans Deliver throughout and her Arabian New England, NY, PA mare, Spice it Up, Truck Tire Sidewalls receiving the High (for tarp anchors) Score Dressage horse of the show. 1000 Plymouth St., Rte 104, Bridgewater Bridgewater, MA The Bob Thomas Farm Supply Co. Inc. Ford Top Horse Challenge Award FARM • LANDSCAPE & PET PRODUCTS was presented to 508-697-0357 or 800-665-9328 Mon-Fri 8-5:30, Sat 8-4, Sun 10-3 Jesselyn Dugas and Pinbrook Jack Frost. Jess and Frosty took SPECIAL LIMITED home top honors TIME OFFER in all their dressage classes as well $ 00 as champion HA Sport Horse Under AGWAY EQUI-GEM Saddle. Moonshine HIGH FIBER Malachi came in close second in Designed to reduce the amount of hay or pasture needed in the Sport Horse in diet - an important benefit for Hand with Cheryl horses susceptible to respiratory Lane-Caron and problems related to hay. Sport Horse Under Saddle with Cheryl. Other benefits include: Julie Dugas made her show ring debut • Complete, balanced nutrition aboard Frosty in the for reliable performance No limit on quantity. Expires 7/31/11 walk trot all ages. • Optimum nutritional values (must bring this ad into any Achille Another new Agway for redemption. Not valid • Highly digestible nutrients with any other discount or sale.) member to the CK family is Emily Dorian and CPF Winsome Dreamer, champion in the walk trot pleasure sboro, NH Keene, -464-3755 603-357all ages. This was Hillsboro, NH 603-464-3755 Peterborough, NH 603-924-6801 Emily’s first horse show as well as Milford, NH 603-673-1669 Walpole, NH 603-756-9400 Ellis’ debut in the Keene, NH 603-357-5720 Brattleboro, VT 802-254-8755 show ring under

Photos Courtesy of Crossen Arabians

Industry Arabian

2 O FF

Congratulations to Sue and Tom Crossen on the birth of their Hanoverian/Arabian filly sired by Rosenthal and out of Rucellaa. This filly was born on April 28, 2011 (the day of the Royal Wedding!) at 2:30 a.m. Visit www.CrossenArabians.comfor more information on their breeding program.


190, Equine Journal Northeast, July 2011

Correction: In the May issue of the Equine Journal, we incorrectly identified the owner of Bonne Vivant+++/. BV+++/ is owned by Cheryl Showah of ASA Farm.

Industry Arabian saddle. Ellis also took home the championship in the purebred sport horse under saddle open with trainer, Cheryl Lane-Caron. Lynne Ferreira aboard Laced With Brogaant advanced to First Level dressage this season and brought home numerous awards. It was great to see Kim Fitzgerald back on the show scene. She will be back joining the show team in 2012 after a sabbatical for continuing her education and

job change. Special thanks to the family members of all the show participants from Cranberry Knoll for their dedicated support and Katie Lincoln for all of her assistance throughout the show!

Moonwalker Sold Windridge Farm Arabians is thrilled to announce that WA Moonwalker, a son of

Open Fun Horse Show Sponsored by AHAM

September 18

Abba Baskatiw++, has been sold to Eddie and Kathy Riis Clendenon. He will join his full sister at HS Farms to continue his show career. Congratulations to the Clendenon family! Want to see YOUR NAME in Arabian News? Send your information and photos to Visit or the latest Arabian news.




New! - 2 Judges Charles Ethier and James Bolton

Great Location! Come Join the Fun!


4-H Camp Marshall - Spencer, MA Great Parking & Warm Up Areas

8 Daily Championships! Walk trot 14 & under • Open Pleasure Pre Green • Green Horse • Green Rider Walk trot Ground Poles • Arab/Half Arab • Lead Line Also classes for: Open Costume Check out our Halter Classes and Championship - Fun for All!

Year end awards to be held at our banquet

❙ Billets ❙ Knee pads ❙ Knee rolls

❙ New seats ❙ Tack repairs ❙ Saddle fitting ❙ Foam panels converted ❙ Side saddle restoration to wool Over 11 Years Most repairs are completed within 2 weeks All calls returned in a timely basis Experience Joshua Morris Siegel

JANUARY 29th, 2012

Call Jim Bolton 401-568-4109 or Sandy Crowe 508-473-2545 for questions or class lists

(978) 249-2526 P.O. Box 38 | Royalston, MA |

“The wagon rests in winter, the sleigh in summer, the horse never” - Yiddish Proverb

A&B Lumber & Barns Pembroke - Moultonborough - Portsmouth - Nashua


Jeff Smith

Contacts Bob Austin Charles Noyes III

129 Sheep Davis Rd., Pembroke, NH Route 25, Moultonborough, NH 70 Heritage Ave., Portsmouth, NH 531 Amherst St., Nashua, NH

July 2011, Equine Journal Northeast, 191

Industry Morgan

Morgan News Don’t Miss It

UPHA Spring Premiere April 20-23, 2011 West Springfield, Massachusetts

July features two great Morgan shows. The Maine Morgan Horse Show is coming to the Deerfield Fairground in Deerfield, NH, from July 7-9, 2011. Judges for the show are: Tim Roesink - Park/Pleasure; Daryl Hopson - Western/Hunter; John Greenall Carriage Judge. For more information, contact Mary Wahl, Show Secretary, at 603-436-7638. The 72nd New England Regional Morgan Horse Show will take place at the end of the month, July 24-30, at the Tri-County Fairgrounds in Northampton, MA. The show will be webcast at For more information on the show, contact show manager, Fred Nava, at, or show secretary, Linda Burke, at or 607-739-6169. For prize lists, visit

Photos: Mystical Photography

KSB Suite Topic and Melissa Najjar from North Andover, MA, were champions in the Morgan Hunter Pleasure Championship Jr Exhibitor.

MEM Boston and Emily Tarr from Colchester, VT, were reserve champions in the Morgan Hunter Pleasure Championship Jr Exhibitor.

Want to see YOUR NAME in Morgan news? Send your information and photos to Visit for the latest Morgan news.


Southern Tier Trailer Sales

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We Have The Best Prices 0% DOWN FINANCING!!! The Best Deals are made at Southern Tier Trailer Sales Bank Financing Available

Visit Our Website for Monthly Specials! 192, Equine Journal Northeast, July 2011

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Phone (888) 887-1984 • (716) 985-4600 u Fax (716) 985-4740 a

Industry Quarter Horse

Photo Courtesy of Sandy Hill Quarter Horses

Quarter Horse Fun Times! Maine Quarter Horse Association held their Second Annual Spring Fun Show on May 1, 2011. Congratulations to their high point winners. Senior Division High Point: Kat Murphy and Little Cash Away Reserve: Ashley Charron and This Guccis For You Junior Division High Point: Emma Lovering and Lady Dominance Reserve: Ashley Weeks and Chip T Doo Da Pee Wee Division High Point: Raelyn Spencer and KC OKE Mon Dun Poco Reserve: Emily Boedeker and Christmas Holly Don’t miss the MeQHA Summer Fun Show on July 9, 2011 at the Topsham Fairgrounds in Topsham, ME. Visit www. for more information.

Congratulations to Sandy Hill Quarter Horses on their new chestnut colt born April 15, 2011. Visit for more information on their breeding program.

MassQH Meeting On September 10, MassQH will hold their general membership meeting in Waltham, MA. This meeting will feature a question and answer session with top professional horseman from across the country via conference call. Please submit your questions prior to September 1 to or 978-425-6171.

Youth Rookie

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Flowers

Congratulations to Caitlin Ackerman on her 2010 Vermont Youth Rookie of the Year title. This was Caitlin’s first year showing on the Quarter Horse circuit with her palomino gelding, Designated Hit. The two competed in SMS, HMS, and equitation throughout the season. Caitlin is very excited to start off her final year as a youth with her new gelding, Ziptown Doc.

Makayla Flowers, of Winchester, NH, and Smokin’ Hot Zip at the NHQHA Novice and All Breed Show at Townsend Training Farm in Pembroke, NH.

Novice Horse Show MassQHA would like to thank everyone who made their Novice and Open show a success on April 16-17. Thank you to judge Carolyn Johnson, show manager Cindi Adams, show secretaries Alice Andrews and Beth Moore, ring steward Jackie Hughes, gatekeeper Marge Tanner, announcer Matt Wadman, and the whole staff at Three County Fairgrounds. Despite the current construction on the fairgrounds, the show ran very smoothly. Congratulations to the winners of the Versatility Challenge champion Mackenna Phelps, and reserve champion Emily Lavigne. Congratulations to the 2011 MassQHA Novice Show Champions. Novice Youth Brianna McNally, Novice Amateur Michelle Cifuni, Junior Exhibitor Caitlin Ackerman, Open Adult Sara Forish, Novice Youth W/T Alissa Padgett, Novice Amateur W/T Celeste Lagonick, Open W/T 10 and Under Carly Liquori, Open W/T 11-18 Lyndsey Ouimet, Open W/T 19 and over Linda VanCooper, and 4-H Amanda

Christine Potts and her 2002 bay gelding, Hot And Graceful. Christine trains with her husband, TR Potts, of Potts Performance Horses in East Windsor, CT.

Putney. Check out their website for complete results and information on future events at

Let’s Ride Are you ready for NHQHA’s “Live Free and Ride” AQHA and All Breed Show? The show will be held on July 8-10 at the Cheshire Fairgrounds in Swanzey, NH. This show boasts four sets of points, in addition to lots of fun activities such as a versatility challenge, dog races and a freestyle showmanship class. For more information, contact Joanne Ives at jives@ or call her at 603-228-1244. A prize list is available at Want to see YOUR NAME in Quarter Horse News? Send your information and photos to Visit for the latest Quarter Horse news. July 2011, Equine Journal Northeast, 193

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ur building division has been designing and building quality structures since 1979. From small outbuildings to dressage, hunter & jumper arenas

â&#x20AC;&#x201C; your building project deserves to be an exciting and hassle free experience. Call Jim or Jake at (603) 648-2987 to discuss your project and receive a no-obligation quote.

AG Structures - Our Building Division Since 1979 Rte. 4, 96 Old Turnpike Road, Salisbury, NH 03268 (603) 648-2888 â&#x20AC;˘ Fax (603) 648-2983 Open 7 Days

Supporting The Rural Lifestyle

M I D ď&#x161;ş AT L A N T IC , M I D W E S T & BE YON D JULY 2011


Minnesota Horse Park Rolex Kentucky

Atlanta Spring Premiere

Thistleworth Section A Welsh Ponies


Welsh Mountain Ponies

Bath, North Carolina



Photo: Paula Jo Bright.


hen Paula Jo Bright was 11 years old, she won a pony in a grocery store giveaway. Little did she know that many years later, ponies would once again play a major role in her life. Growing up in North Carolina, she was a rider from day one. She smiles when she recalls, “If it had four legs, I rode it.” She owned and competed Morgans and Saddlebreds before choosing to concentrate on the smaller, more manageable Section A Welsh Pony at her breeding farm, Thistleworth Mountain Ponies in Bath, North Carolina. At Thistleworth, Paula sells the occasional pony, but her primary focus with her herd of 60 carefully chosen ponies is the preservation and promotion of foundation bloodlines through a carefully managed breeding program. The Section A, also known as the Welsh Mountain Pony, is the smallest of the Welsh ponies, standing a maximum of 12.2 hands with a refined build and elegant head. Thistleworth ponies have won multiple national awards and championships throughout the years. Most recently, national champion honors have gone to Paula’s mares, Clarwood’s Sweet Dreams and Barkmeadow’s Special Edition, and her stallions, Severn Stetson and Young’s Main Attraction. Paula describes the allure of the Welsh Mountain Pony, “They are not only physically beautiful, they are sane, athletic and really fun to work with. They are a lovely children’s pony and they excel at driving.” At Thistleworth, Paula has concentrated her efforts on the bloodlines behind the Liseter Hall ponies made famous by Mrs. Jean Austin du Pont, one of the original importers of the breed. Paula explains, “There are five prefixes in her herd that go back to the first Welsh ponies brought to the States from Wales: Liseter, Clarwoods, Aquila, Severn, and Rowfantina.” These ponies are genetically linked to the famous Coed Coch, Clan and Revel lines, which continue to be prestigious, closely guarded bloodlines even in the ponies’ native Wales. Upon her death in 1988, Mrs. du Pont’s Liseter ponies were disbursed throughout the

By Susan Winslow

country in accordance with her will, but Paula has spent years tracking down many of them. She says, “I have searched out ponies from Mrs. du Pont’s herd, bought them and bred them to protect and preserve the lineage.” This dedicated horsewoman has also added to the quality of the ponies in the Thistleworth herd by importing stallions from Wales. She describes the careful preparation that goes into choosing ponies for the breeding program, “I look for ponies with top quality bloodlines coupled with incredible movement that is demonstrated through generations of a pony’s ancestry. This is an important factor when you are breeding. In Wales, the Section A is a popular riding pony for children and driving pony for adults and they have bred ponies with a signature floating movement that is unique to those ponies.” Paula laughs as she remembers her first encounter with one of the rare Section As in this country to possess that tremendous way of going, “My pony was competing against a pony with this gorgeous movement. Things were just fine until the judged asked the class to trot. My immediate response when I saw what we were up against was, ‘Well I guess I’ll just take my pony and go on back to the house!’ They’re that amazing. When I learned that the big, elegant movement in those ponies was passed on through breeding, we had a new direction for our breeding program coupled with the preservation of old genetics.” Paula is excited about the results of her efforts at Thistleworth. She says, “I have been able to retain important bloodlines that would have dwindled away. I am also very pleased with the results of breeding to emphasize the athletic, floating movement in the ponies I have imported in the past few years. The initial foals are incredible and they will be going out into competition next year. I really hope to have a positive effect on the way people view small ponies with these exceptional movers. If they do as well as I believe they will, I’ll be a happy woman.” For more information on Thistleworth Ponies, visit, call 252-923-0630 or email Thistleworth1@aol.

From dream to reality, without the nightmares.

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Robin Brueckmann Dressage

Every day we see the leaves, and yet the seasons change. Be mindful of every day.

6004 Lomond Drive | Summerfield, NC 27358 336-643-8490 | 336-202-8513 cell |

Photo credit Lydia Rose


obin Brueckmann is an accomplished classically-trained rider, earning her USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals on self-trained horses. She is currently competing at Intermediare 1. She has represented the US at multiple international competitions abroad, including three World Championships, two Paralympic Games, and World Equestrian Games. She offers dressage, Centered Riding, and yoga lessons and clinics worldwide. Robin’s students include eventers, dressage riders, and pleasure riders at all levels, and she also takes horses in training.

Deanna Thompson Dressage


arolinas newest addition of USDF “L” graduates with distinction, available for judging, clinics and lessons. Flexible and willing to travel, Deanna Thompson enjoys judging as it enables her to be helpful in some way during every single movement of the test. She is positive and generous, as her goal is to encourage the sport rather than dishearten riders’ efforts. Deanna has extensive education training all levels of horses to produce supple and sound athletes and is featured in the book “Backing the Young Horse” by Grand Prix trainer Carolyn Rose.

Deanna Thompson | 803-322-9927 1040 Donnybrook Rd | Catawba, SC 29704

Fox Fire Farms

Stonebrook Equestrian Center

Truly a Work of Art!

Photo credit WNC Photo

Boarding •Training • Lessons • Breeding • Sales

Latcho’s Shadow

A full service Boarding and Training Facility located 20 minutes from uptown Charlotte in Mt. Holly.

Onsite trainer: Claudia Novick USDF Bronze Medalist | “L” Graduate with distinction


196, Equine Journal Mid-Atlantic & Midwest, July 2011


Latcho Drom X Darby Dolly

hadow is a 14.3h Gypsy Vanner stallion with proven bloodlines. He is winning in the dressage ring with an average score of 70% and rising at only four years old! Shadow is athletic, correct, smart, proper, quiet and steady with a high work ethic. Bred for the qualities that matter most for ride ability and success, he attracts more attention at a show than any other single horse. Gypsy Vanner’s are known and bred for their wonderful temperaments, strong builds, and great athletic abilities. Shadow is all of this and more! He is extremely smart, kind, willing and has an awesome work ethic. Shadow loves to jump and has started up the eventing levels this year. Vanners are not spooky or hot but have ongoing strength and endurance. Shadow is expecting his first foal this year.

Fox Fire Farms | Oxford, NC | 919-690-8494 | For more information about owning your own wonderful Gypsy Vanner, please contact Kathy Yore at Legacy Vanners, Chase City, VA

Mid-Atlantic, Midwest & Beyond News

Mid-Atlantic & Midwest News

Left to right: Brenda Myers, Executive Director of the Minnesota Horse Park; ELCR Committee Member, Libbie Johnson; Breyer’s Kathleen Fallon; and the First Lady of Kentucky and ELCR Board Member, Jane Beshear.

Grant to Create Minnesota Horse Park The Sibley Equine Conservancy was awarded a $10,000 grant from Breyer Animal Creations® and the Equine Land Conservation Resource (ELCR) in an awards presentation held during the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event. The grant is part of a three-year program run by Breyer and the ELCR, designed to identify and award grants to local equine organizations around the United States to help them preserve land for equestrian use. Sibley Equine Conservancy will use the grant as a deposit on a 220-acre tract of land in Pequot Lakes, MN, to create the Minnesota Horse Park, a multi-use equestrian facility. The land in question is located in Central Minnesota and was long used by equestrians, thanks to a gentleman’s agreement with its owner. As often happens, the land was put up for sale, with no guarantee that equestrians could continue to enjoy it. The Sibley Equine Conservancy, headed by Brenda Myers, saw the need to preserve the land, and developed a plan, working with county, state and federal agencies, to create the Minnesota Horse Park, to protect this land for continued equestrian use. “The loss of land for equine use is an increasingly serious problem for the equestrian community,” noted Deb Balliet, Executive Director of the ELCR. “We were pleased to work with Breyer to develop this program to raise awareness of the problem and to encourage local groups to take action

to address it.” “As an avid trail rider, I have seen land disappear around me at an astonishing rate,” affirmed Stephanie Macejko, Breyer’s Vice President of Marketing. “When ELCR suggested that we join forces to raise awareness, Breyer was delighted to answer the call! For the last three years, horse lovers across the U.S. have purchased speciallymade Breyer models, which have helped us to underwrite this important program. Thanks to them, $30,000 has been donated to preserve land for equestrian use – a significant achievement!”

South Carolina Rider Named All-American Harwinton native and University of South Carolina rider, Johnna Letchworth, has been named to the inaugural Varsity Equestrian All-American class. “We’re all very proud of Johnna’s accomplishment,” said South Carolina head coach, Boo Major. “She’s had a tremendous season for us this year, and she has played a big part in the success of our western team.” Letchworth, a member of South Carolina’s Horsemanship team, was one of four Horsemanship riders in the country to be named an All-American. Varsity Equestrian named 16 All-Americans in this year’s class, four per each of the four events (horsemanship, reining, equitation on the flat, and equitation over fences). Letchworth, a redshirt freshman from Lewis S. Mills High School, posted a nationleading 11-1-1 record during regular season competition. Including her win in the opening round of the 2011 Southern Equestrian Championships on March 25, Letchworth has won 11 consecutive head-to-head rides, a streak started with a 72.5-69.5 win at Kansas State on October 29, 2010. Letchworth also leads the horsemanship team with four MVP awards. “Johnna is the only Gamecock named to this year’s class, so I hope she recognizes how big of an achievement this is for her,” Major said. “Not only for her, but for our western coach, Ruth Sorrel. Our western riders have carried the entire team this season, and Coach Sorrel has done a terrific job with them.” While Letchworth was the only Gamecock named as an All-American, three South Carolina riders did receive honorable mentions.

Changes for California Recent changes to the California Business and Professions Code 19525 affect how horses can be sold in the state of California and affect anyone buying or selling a horse. The law addresses how things, such as bills of sale, commissions, financial records and dual agency, must be handled. Modification of California Business and Professions Code 19525 now requires any horse sale transaction to be accompanied by a written bill of sale, signed by both the buyer and seller or their agents. It also states that it is unlawful for a person to act as a “dual agent,” which is defined as a person acting as an agent for both the purchaser and the seller without the written consent of both the purchaser and seller. Any commission the agent receives that is over $500 must be disclosed in the written bill of sale. The code also has a treble damages clause, which could mean stiff financial penalties for horse professionals who fail to comply. This not only affects those living in California, but anyone selling or buying a horse in California.

Upcoming Horsemasters Summer Camp Upcoming Horsemasters Summer Camps at Crescendo Training Centre, LLC in Ephrata, PA, will feature two sessions; July 11-15 and August 15-19, which will introduce campers to several types of riding, depending on their preference – hunter seat, saddle seat, western and dressage. First time riders are welcome, along with seasoned equestrians.

Rosalie Wenckoski at the Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club booth at Equine Affaire Ohio this April.

July 2011, Equine Journal Mid-Atlantic & Midwest, 197

Mid-Atlantic, Midwest & Beyond News

Karen Brenner will be hosting an open house in July.

A typical day at the Crescendo’s Summer Camps will include riding, instruction in-hand, Horsemasters written knowledge curriculum, instruction on care of horses, crafts, games and speakers. Much teaching will take place, with an emphasis on safety. Past campers have enjoyed the camps tremendously and many campers return year after year. Campers may bring their own horse, or use one of Crescendo’s great lesson horses. More information can be obtained by visiting the website at or by calling 717-354-5585. As

of press time, there were still openings in both sessions, but slots are filling quickly, so be sure to reserve yours today!

Equine Artist Hosts Open House Equine artist, Karen Brenner, will host a Studio Open House on Sunday, July 10, from 1:00-4:00 p.m. On display will be over 50 of the artist’s newest luminous oil paintings featuring many favorite breeds – Quarter Horses, Arabians, Friesians, Morgans and Drafts. Paintings of five rare

RELOCATING TO MARYLAND! Now Accepting Mid-Atlantic Clients

George Yonnone


Professional Timber Frame Restoration Since 1970

TRAVELS ANYWHERE ... LOCAL & NATIONAL Timber framing services:

Barnhart Restoring the Past Restorations

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198, Equine Journal Mid-Atlantic & Midwest, July 2011

Crescendo Training Centre will be holding summer horse camps, which will include lessons on and off the horse.

horses: a Welsh Cob stallion, Suffolk Polk mare, Zweibrucker gelding, Irish Draught mare and Akhal-Teke stallion, will also be on display, along with many other paintings. Plus, Brenner’s series of dog paintings will be exhibited for the first time. The exhibit will be held at 3613 Triway Lane in Wooster, Ohio. Everyone is welcome. For more information, call 330-2631023 or visit

“We Love WoodGuard” The solid wood fence that’s maintenance-free WoodGuard provides the strength of solid wood for equine safety and has a maintenance-free 1/16” thick polymer “armor” coating that looks great and lasts a very long time. No staining or painting, no splinters. Choice of black & white WoodGuard fence has a thick polymer coating spray-applied over treated lumber.

WoodGuard products available certified organic Distributed by Goat Island Resources

704-245-2391 •

Industry Dressage

World Cup Three American dressage riders traveled to Leipzig, Germany, to compete in the Reem Acra FEI World Cup Dressage Final, April 27-May 1. Jan Ebeling, Catherine Haddad-Staller and Shawna Harding all qualified to compete in the Grand Prix Freestyle after strong performances in the Grand Prix presented by Sparkasse. Ebeling rode Ann Romney’s Rafalca to a 10th place finish on a score of 68.191% in the Grand Prix test. Winyamaro, ridden by Haddad-Staller, earned a score of 67.34% to finish directly behind Ebeling in 11th place, and the final U.S. pair, Harding and her own Come On III, were 15th earning a 64.696%. In the Grand Prix Freestyle, Ebeling and Rafalca again led the U.S., effort scoring a 72.589% and finishing in 11th place. Haddad-Staller and Harding were 12th and 14th respectively, on scores of 70.161% and 67.625%. The Netherlands’ Adelinde Cornelissen and Jerich Parzival were winners of both the Grand Prix presented by Sparkasse (80.957%) and the Grand Prix Freestyle (84.804%).

CDI Hagen Jan Ebeling and Shawna Harding rode at CDI Hagen with their World Cup horses, Rafalca and Come On III. Ebeling led the charge for the U.S. finishing fifth in the Grand Prix on a score of 70.872%. Ebeling commandeered an excellent performance out of Ann Romney’s mare, and received four 8s on his riding. The pair was then eighth in the Grand Prix Freestyle on a score of 73.875%. Laura Bechtolscheimer, Great Britain’s Silver medalist from the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, was invincible with Andretti H, easily winning all four Grand Prix classes at the competition. She also won the Grand Prix for the Special and the Grand Prix Special convincingly with her WEG veteran Mistral Hojris. Shawna Harding showed the benefits of her first World Cup Final experience, finishing

Photo Courtesy of JRPR

Dressage News

14th in the Grand Prix for the Special with Come On III. The pair received high marks for their lateral work and was rewarded with a score of 68.043%. In the Grand Prix Special they scored 66.396%. Results are available here: http://www.

score victory helped Hills and Ukarde capture the Everglades Dressage Adult Amateur High Score Award for Third Level and above, sponsored by Everglades Dressage and Bethany Peslar. Hills said she was proud of Ukarde’s 69.7% he earned at the show. “I have had him since he was four years old and he is 10 now. I have trained with Kathy Connelly for 20 years and she found him for me over in Holland and we’ve been bringing him along ever since,” Hills said.

Dressage at Devon

Dressage rider Heather Ward rode away as the Vita Flex Victory Pass Award winner at the Wellington Classic Dressage Challenge II CDI.

Ward at Wellington Dressage rider and trainer Heather Ward rode away with the win in the Intermediaire I class at the Wellington Classic Dressage Challenge II CDI as well as the Vita Flex Victory Pass Award, sponsored by Vita Flex Nutrition. Ward was all smiles following her success at the show. Ward piloted Aegis Wyoming, an 11-year-old, 17.2 hand Hanoverian mare, to the blue ribbon in the Intermediaire I class with a score of 65.789 percent.

Gold Coast High Score Award Fort Lauderdale equine veterinarian Laine Hills, DVM, rode her Dutch Warmblood, Ukarde, into the winner’s circle of the Third Level Test 3 class at the Gold Coast Grand Finale Show, not only winning the blue, but also the Adult Amateur High Score of the show. The high

It’s a spring ritual. As pink and white blossoms dapple the trees across the Delaware Valley, preparations move into high speed for the annual International Dressage at Devon (DAD) Horse Show (, a premier North American equestrian event, hosting top Olympic equestrians, more than 700 horses and 35,000 spectators annually. The show combines world-class dressage competition and the world’s largest open breed show outside of Europe with international Fall Festival shops, crafts, food and fun for the entire family. Dressage at Devon will take place from September 27-October 2, 2011 at the Devon Horse Show Grounds in Devon, PA. The life-blood of this event is its hundreds of volunteers. “Our volunteers make the show happen,” says Lori Kaminski, President/CEO. “Each year, they step forward, knowing that the money we raise will go to help Thorncroft Therapeutic Horseback Riding Inc., the oldest and largest therapeutic riding program in the nation. We are truly grateful for the overwhelming response.” Spectators will find many of their favorites at this year’s show. This includes Dressage with the Experts, a program in which experts provide real-time commentary and which is enjoyed by novices and professionals alike. Shops, crafts and family activities provide entertainment for the whole family. Reserved seating is available at http:// and general admission tickets will be available at the show grounds from September 25 to October 2.

July 2011, Equine Journal Mid-Atlantic & Midwest, 199

Industry Dressage

Welcome Kayla! New Wheels • Wheels Repaired

214 N. Shirk Road New Holland, PA 17557 Aaron M. Nolt 717-355-9182

New and Used Horse Drawn Carriages In Stock Draft size, Horse-Cob size and Pony size. We buy and sell used Horse-Drawn vehicles. Trade-Ins. Pioneer Equipment.


200, Equine Journal Mid-Atlantic & Midwest, July 2011

We extend a warm welcome to Kayla Johnson as a new trainer at Hilltop Farm! Kayla comes to Hilltop Farm from Indiana and already has proven her ability to quietly and effectively start young sport horses, including presentations at Mare Performance Tests and USDF shows. Hilltop’s Director of Training, Christopher Hickey, is full of praise for Kayla. “I’m happy that we were able to find a young, ambitious rider who’s eager to grow even more as our new starting trainer. Even though she’s young, Kayla comes with good experience and has proven that she can start a horse quietly and give the young horses a quiet confidence. She is stepping right up and is proving to be a great team player, which is very important to us at Hilltop! As a dressge rider she is very capable of developing the throughness and connection appropriate to the horse’s training stage, which makes her be able to present a horse well in a Materiale class, Inspection or taking a young one out for a schooling show for its first outing off the farm.” Kayla joins Chris Hickey, Michael Bragdell, and Rebecca Cord who are already based at Hilltop Farm. Want to see YOUR NAME in dressage News? Send your information and photos to Visit for the latest dressage news.

Industry Driving

Photo courtesy of My Elizabeth Weber

Driving News Mane Event Judges

Southern Pines At the Southern Pines CDE in North Carolina, six advanced divisions gave the U.S. drivers plenty of opportunity to hone their skills for some of the 2011 FEI World Driving Championships. In the Advanced Single Pony Divisions, Australia’s Janelle Marshall won but USA’s Maggie Sullivan was second and Doris Leacy was third. In the Advanced Pair Pony division, Wendy O’Brien scored a victory over Jennifer Matheson which came down to a close competition in the cones. O’Brien ended up in front on the strength of her marathon performance. Allison Stroud continued her domination of the team pony division in the United States with her team of grey mostly Welsh ponies. The Advanced Single Horse division proved successful for Kate Shields, she bested young driver Jacob Arnold by less than a point for the win. Robin Groves was less than four points off the winning score in the most competitive division of the weekend. Kathrin Dancer won the Pair Horse division as the lone entrant – and Joe Yoder won the Team horses. Cindy Jo O’Reilly also drove a Tandem pair in the Advanced Multiples Division. See the Carolina Horse Park website for more information,

Combined Driver Chester Weber (center), shown here with teammates James Fairclough and Tucker Johnson, donated his signed winning 2010 World Equestrian Games ribbon to a fund raising event that auctioned the ribbon on eBay and donated the proceeds to the Humane Society. An anonymous buyer purchased the ribbon and returned it to Weber saying they bought it out of “respect for Weber’s exceptional horsemanship and sportsmanship.”

Masters The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Saddle Horse Committee has added a Master Division for amateur driver and riders age 50 and over. Classes in this division are to be judged according to amateur class specification. The USEF Saddlebred Committee would like to encourage horse shows everywhere to consider offering classes in this new Master Division.

Carriage Classic The Carriage Association of America (CAA) is pleased to announce the first CAA Carriage Classic, which will be held at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY, July 1–3. The event, which will take

Americans in France American pony driver Laurie Astegiano won the CAI Pau in France by over 30 points. She led from start to finish over a trio of French drivers. Astegiano has been winning across Europe on her quest for a spot on the American team at the FEI Pony World Driving Championships September 22-25 in Slovenia. Meanwhile in Austria, Misdee Wrigley-Miller was fourth at Viechtwang. She was the only woman driving a pair of horses at the competition and she was second in the dressage, seventh in the marathon and ended up fourth overall. Want to see YOUR NAME in driving news? E-mail your news and photos to Visit for the latest driving news.

Scenes from the Feathered Horse Classic in Shelbyville, TN Photos: Mystical Photography

The judges for the Ninth Annual Mid-America Mane Event Horse Show, which is set to take place October 20-23, are Marie Gilman, Tim Lockard and Jim Robertson. The show will be held at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield. Mane Event is produced by Mid-America Horse Show Association, a Charter Club of the American Saddlebred Horse Association. The Mid-America Mane Event entry booklet will be available in August. To request a copy, contact Show Manager Joy A. Meierhans at 43W734 Old Midlothian Rd., Elburn, IL 60119; call 630-557-2575, or by email at

place mostly in the Horse Park’s Alltech Arena, will be part pleasure-driving show and part mini-Conference. The pleasure-driving-show portion of the event will feature the standard pleasure-driving classes and a several “just for fun” classes, in a variety of divisions. The prize list for the show is available now, and entries close on May 15. You can download the prize list at, or you can contact the CAA office for a copy: call 859-2310971, send a fax to 859-231-0973, or write to The event will also feature pleasure drives throughout the Horse Park, lectures, and social activities usually associated with a full CAA Conference. Also in the works are a few special events, such as an antique car show.

Keith Johnson with a Friesian gelding Rinse Fan Meren-State from Shelbyville, TN.

Brenda Roberts driving the Friesian mare Tiana from Waterloo, IL.

July 2011, Equine Journal Mid-Atlantic & Midwest, 201

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Photos: Diane De Rosa

Eventing News

Anne Lane Maunder and Penny Lane.

Becky Brown and EZ.

Heart of the Carolinas The riders couldn’t say enough nice things about Heart of the Carolinas ThreeDay Event in Chesterfield, SC, at Southern Eighths Farm. They loved the facility, the organization, the footing, the courses, the jumps – just everything. When it was all over, Jim Baker and Wings claimed the victory in the Beginner-Novice division (58.30). “The format and the organization were topnotch. I can’t say enough about it,” he readily commented. Becky Brown and EZ dominated the Training level (32.90), and Anne LaneMaunder and Penny Lane (37.30) were the winners in the Novice division. As the low-score rider of the event, Brown was in awe when she was presented with a

Nikon® D3100 Camera Kit. “I’m floored,” she commented. “I can’t believe I won this camera. We’ve all had our eye on it all weekend.” The owner of Southern Eighths is Brad Turley, and right there beside him making sure things run like clockwork is his significant other, Pati Martin. They, along with a host of staff and volunteers, did the unbelievable, working endless hours to ensure every aspect of the event was as good as it could be. “I am pleased with the camaraderie and the way everyone pulled together this weekend,” commented Pati. “What was also special was that we were able to include the people from the community, from the caterers right up to the people that dropped gravel and the volunteers. I appreciated the way everyone got together and moved forward for the same cause. Everyone showed they are dedicated to the concept of bringing the Long Format back.” “Four years ago when we moved to Chesterfield, the dream was to share the exhilaration and camaraderie of Long Format eventing,” remarked Brad. “With the culmination and success of Heart of the Carolinas Three-Day Event, we’ve taken a huge step forward toward achieving that goal and maybe even modifying that goal to become the ultimate destination for the adult rider.

Photos: Shannon Brinkman/USEF

Industry Eventing

Mary King and Kings Temptress.

Rolex By USEF Communications The Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event presented by Bridgestone is the cornerstone of the American eventing calendar; each year, dozens of riders and tens of thousands of fans flock to Lexington, KY, for the only CCI4* in North America. 2011 didn’t disappoint, the rain tried to complicate things, but the event prevailed. The 49-year-old Mary King made the trip from Great Britain worth the miles with her two horses. She finished first on her homebred mare Kings Temptress and second with the Portuguese-bred Fernhill Urco. She put on a horsemanship clinic – adding just a handful of time faults on Fernhill Urco as her only additional penalties after the dressage. Sinead Halpin jumped up to third

Sinead Halpin and Manoir De Carneville.

place overall, but her effort led the Americans and she scored the title of USEF National CCI4* Champion in her very first try at the sport’s highest level. Riding Carrig, LLC’s Manior de Carneville (also contesting his first CCI4*), Halpin moved up from eighth after the dressage to fourth after the cross-country, but she sealed her top three placing with a brilliant clear show jumping round. Complete results are available at http:// Watch all the action on the USEF Network: Rolex3Day2011/ where videos, photos and blogs are posted.

July 2011, Equine Journal Mid-Atlantic & Midwest, 203


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204, Equine Journal Mid-Atlantic & Midwest, July 2011

Industry Eventing

Sam Barr (1920-2011) Sam Barr, founder of the Welton Stud and famous for all the Welton event horses he bred, died in Gloucester Hospital on Saturday April 30, his health having deteriorated over the last three months. Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

Twin River Tamra Smith stormed to victory with Mar de Amor by nearly 14 points in the CIC3* at the Twin Rivers Ranch in California. The pair won the dressage and never looked back, adding just a few time faults on both the cross-country and the show jumping. Their final score was 53.6. Barbara Crabo and Eveready II were second on a score of 67.3 after picking up 13.6 time faults on the cross-country, and Pam Fisher and Sea Lion rounded out the top three on the strength of a clear show jumping round.

Jolie Wentworth and Governess scored a win in the CIC1*, capitalizing on a clear show jumping round to win by three-tenths of a point over Olympic Silver medalist Gina Miles, who was second on her dressage mark of 50.9 with Sunspite Patronus. Erin Kellerhouse and Parfait were third with a score of 52.4 after one rail in the final phase kept them from the top spot. In the Revere CCI2*, the Gold medalist from the 2009 Adequan FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championships presented by Gotham North won another close division on the colorful paint, Project Runway. Their final score of 54.4 gave them a narrow lead over Anna Collier and Uppercrust D, who finished on a score of 54.9. Dressage winner Lauren Billys on Ballingowan Ginger were third after picking up time faults on the cross-country. Results are available here: http:// ht0411/

Young Event Horses The Weatherford and Greenwood Farm, Inc. Horse Trials hosted classes from the USEA Young Event Horse Series, IDHSNA/USEA Future Event Horse Series, and the New Event Horse Series at Willow Draw Farm in Weatherford, TX. James Barnett took top honors in the five-year-old division with his mother’s Irish Draught Sport Horse mare, Pollie finishing on the score of 64.9. Gaby Stephens and her own Glenlord’s Mystique, also an Irish Draught Sport Horse, earned a 67.4 for first in the fouryear-old division. Want to see YOUR NAME in eventing News? Send your information and photos to Visit for the latest eventing news.

Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505

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We were first interested in Quarry View Construction because of our many visits to PA and have seen some wonderful workmanship in barns, arenas and outbuildings built by the Amish. We visited some of Quarry View’s prior construction and were impressed with the quality workmanship. Our Construction was done in the fall of 2010. New England winters can be unpredictable and the winter of 2010 was stormier than usual with large amounts of wet snow and numerous barn collapses. At no time was our barn or arena ever jeopardized because of the snow load. Ben King, owner of Quarry View allowed approximately a 40 lb per sq. ft. of snow load. Quarry View’s work ethics, workmanship and timeliness far exceeded our expectations. I can’t compliment them enough in the beautiful horse arena and barns they built for our brood of horses! The Piazza’s Lazy Stallion Friesians W. Bridgewater, MA

July 2011, Equine Journal Mid-Atlantic & Midwest, 205

Hunter/Jumper ASPCA Maclay Finds a Home The 2011 Alltech National Horse Show has made the move to Lexington, KY, and along with the glitz, the glamour, the prestige and the big money classes at this classic American tradition, the show will also feature one of the nation’s longest running and most coveted national championships, the ASPCA(R) (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Maclay National Championship. The Alltech National Horse Show, 128th edition, will be staged at the Alltech Arena at the world-renowned Kentucky Horse Park, site of last year’s Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. The

Photo Courtesy of Stransky Mission Farm

Industry Hunter/Jumper

show runs from November 2-6, 2011, with the Maclay Finals taking center stage on the final Sunday. This year’s championship will be judged by Kip Rosenthal and Cynthia Hankins. In addition to hosting the ASPCA Alfred B. Maclay Finals, the show will feature a complete schedule of “AA”rated hunter divisions, a big money Open Jumper division with a major Grand Prix, and as always, the signature event of the National Horse Show, the ASPCA Alfred B. Maclay Finals. For more information on the National Horse Show Association of America, Limited, please visit

Step By Step Wins Members of “Team Step by Step” rode to victory in different divisions at the Kentucky Spring Horse Shows during Week I of competition. Stand out wins were garnered by Stransky Mission Farm’s head trainer and rider, Hector Florentino

Daniela Stransky aboard Ikarus right after her victory in the Junior Jumpers.

(who piloted Ultimo to win the $30,000 Hagyard Lexington Challenge), and 15year-old, Daniela Stransky, who won the Junior Jumper Championship aboard

Atlanta Spring Premiere Georgia International Horse Park Atlanta, GA

Hunt Tosh and Good Humor took home the Second Year Green Hunter championship. Julie Curtain and Ramano won the $2,5000 USHJA National Hunter Classic.

Hunt Tosh and Cloud Harbor were the Conformation Hunter champions at Atlanta Spring Premiere.

Daniel Geitner and McGraw captured the championship in the High Performance Hunters.

Photos: Shawn McMillen Photography 206, Equine Journal Mid-Atlantic & Midwest, July 2011

Hardin Towell and Casey Jones took home the $5,000 Open Welcome Stakes.

Industry Hunter/Jumper

USHJA International Hunterdon Cup The USHJA/Essex Classics HunterHunter Derby 2011 Finals don Equitation Cup Classic will be held

Stransky Mission Farm’s Hector Florentino piloting Ultimo to victory in the $30,000 Hagyard Lexington Classic, taking the lead in the series.

Ikarus. This is Daniela’s first time back in the show ring since her horrible accident during WEF 12, when she was kicked in the face by a horse, losing her teeth and ending up in surgery. Riders from Stransky Mission Farm, and others from different stables who are part of Team Step by Step, will return to compete on Thursday to Week II at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY. They will once again be championing for the international children’s charity Step by Step Foundation (, an organization founded by Liliane Stransky, owner of Stransky Mission Farm at Le Club Wellington.

On August 19-20, 2011 the top 75 USHJA International Hunter Derby horses in the country will come together again at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY to compete for the title of the USHJA International Hunter Derby 2011 Champion. This year the competition will return to the Sheila C. Johnson ring in the outdoor Rolex Stadium. The final Derby in the 2010-11 qualifying series will be held June 5, 2011, and invitations will be extended to the recorded owners of the top 75 qualified horses on the Derby Money Won list on June 15. Entries for the USHJA International Hunter Derby Finals will close on July 15, 2011. If one of the top 75 horses is unable to compete, the next available horse on the money won list will be invited. Please contact Kelley Mallery at or 859-225-6717 for more information. Applications to host a USHJA International Hunter Derby in the 201213 season will be accepted starting June 1, 2011 through August 1, 2011.

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August 2, 2011 during the East Coast Junior Hunter Finals in Saugerties, NY. The Hunterdon Cup is a unique class that combines the precision of equitation and the handiness of hunters and is open to any rider that is an active USHJA junior member and has won a USEF Medal, ASPCA Maclay, USEF Show Jumping Talent Search, or WIHS Classic between July 2, 2010 and July 1, 2011. For more information, contact Kelley Mallery at or 859-225-6717.


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866.391.7808 717.872.2040 (Fax) July 2011, Equine Journal Mid-Atlantic & Midwest, 207

Western News

Pictured left to right: Mayor Mike Moncrief, City of Fort Worth; Dan Wall, Executive Director, National Reining Horse Association.

New Reining Event Fort Worth leaders came together on May 12 to celebrate the signing of a new international equestrian reining event produced by the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) in Fort Worth. The NRHA Cowtown Classic ( will be held August 23-27 at the Will Rogers Memorial

Center. The NRHA has contracted for its Cowtown Classic to be held in Fort Worth for a minimum commitment of three annual shows, beginning Summer 2011. The nearly $340,000 payout includes the $25,000 Silver Spurs Equine Non-Pro Shootout, which is the largest added money class of its kind in the U.S. and is expected to make a significant impact on NRHA World Championship standings. The show also includes: • $127,500 added Novice Horse Derby • $161,000 added Pre-Futurity • Two slates of NRHA ancillary classes.

Flarida and Sommers Go Head-to-head Top reining competitors, Shawn Flarida and Todd Sommers, went head-to-head during the tie-breaking run-off in the 2011 National Reining Breeders Classic (NRBC) at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center in Katy, Texas. Both Arenus® sponsored riders held winning high score times throughout the Derby class of over 215 entries. Sommers and the five-year-old stallion, Whiz It A Chic, gave Flarida a run for his money. “Whiz It A Chic felt great going into both parts of the competition, and I am really happy with his scores,” said Sommers. “I went first in the run-off and marked another score of 229.5. We left the competition with around $60,000!” Flarida, two-time NRBC Champion, placed first in the final run-off, competing against Sommers on four-year-old stallion, Shine Chic Shine. With a final score of 231, Flarida rode away with a $75,000 check and grand prizes including a trailer and many other horse and rider accessories. “The competition was very intense. Anything can go right or wrong at any moment. I was happy to be in the ring with Todd. He is a good friend of mine and a great horse-

208, Equine Journal Mid-Atlantic & Midwest, July 2011

Photo: Waltenberry

Industry Western

Arenus® sponsored rider, Shawn Flarida, competed in an exciting run-off for first place in the Open Derby Finals at the 2011 National Reining Breeders Classic in Katy, Texas. man. I am glad we had the opportunity to compete against each other,” Flarida said. It takes years of training and conditioning to reach the top. In addition to intense training, both Flarida and Sommers feed their horses Arenus supplements to give them the winning edge For more information on Arenus products, visit

McCutcheon Golden at the 2011 FEI Reining Final Set in a beautiful arena and in front of a capacity crowd, the 2011 FEI World Reining Final was an electric atmosphere at Bökebergs Gård, Sweden, just outside of Malmö. The best reining horses in the world contested the highly coveted title, and Tom McCutcheon, of the U.S., was flawless in his effort to reach the top of the podium. Riding Darlins Not Painted to an extraordinary score of 229.5, McCutcheon – the double-Gold medalist at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games – added another Gold medal to his impressive resume and continues his dominance of international high-performance reining events. Darlins Not Painted is owned by Turnabout Farm. In the Silver medal position, also from the U.S., Craig Schmersal, aboard Miss Lil Addy Tude, owned by KC Performance Horses, gave the crowd a thrill with an incredible score of 227.5. Schmersal, showing on the mare at only the second FEI Reining event, had nothing but praise for his mount; and, the attractive American Quarter Horse was one of the crowd favorites from the first horse inspection. Rounding out the medals podium was the always-strong Bernard Fonck, representing Belgium and riding Great Sunburst. The pair earned a Bronze position for their effort and a score of 226.5. Great Sunburst is an American Quarter Horse and is owned by Manuel Bonzano of Italy.

KIWANIS CLUB OF BRECKSVILLE 64th ANNUAL HORSE SHOW 2011 LISTING OF EVENTS MetroParks, Brecksville Reservation - River Ford Area Two free admission tickets per horse entry

SATURDAY, AUGUST 6th 10 AM Hunter Pace Team Event

SUNDAY, AUGUST 7th Hunter/Jumper Ring - Begins 9 AM * 1H. Warm-up Hunter 2’ fences Schooling Class H/P (Not Judged) Entry $5.00


1. Y.A. Showmanship 10 & under H/P E/W M/G 2. Y.A. Showmanship 11-18 years H/P E/W M/G # 3. COSCA Adult Amateur Showmanship S/M/G 4. JACKPOT Open Halter Horse S/M/G (non-point) 5. Reg. Arabian In Hand all ages S/M/G 6. Open Halter Horse 3 yrs & over S/M/G 7. Reg. Quarter Horse Halter all ages S/M/G 8. National Show Horse Halter S/M/G # 9. COSCA Adult Amateur Open Halter Horse S/M/G 10. Reg. Half-Arabian/Anglo Arabian In Hand S/M/G 11. Reg. Paint/Pinto Halter Horse all ages S/M/G (no breeding stock) 12. Y.A. Lead Line Equitation/Horsemanship Riders 6 yrs & under H/P M/G 13. Open English Walk Trot all ages 14. JACKPOT Open English Pleasure S/M/G 15. Y.A. Trot Equitation/Horsemanship 10 & under E/W H/P M/G 16. Y.A. English Equitation 18 yrs & under SS/HS H/P M/G 17. Y.A. Walk Trot English Pleasure 10 & under E/W H/P M/G 18. Generation Gap English (riders must be at least 10 years apart) 1st rider walk trot, 2nd rider walk-trot-canter 19. National Show Horse Hunter Pleasure Open S/M/G 20. Y.A. English Pleasure 18 yrs & under SS/HS H/P M/G 21. Reg. Quarter Horse Hunter Under Saddle S/M/G 22. English Bridle Path Horse - S/M/G 20. Y.A. Pony & Horse Lead-Line Equitation/Horsemanship Riders 6 yrs & under Section A. Stock Seat Section B Hunt/Saddle Seat (Sections shown Together, Judged Separate) 23. Reg. Arabian, Half-Arabian/Anglo Arabian Hunter Pleasure Open S/M/G 24. COSCA Adult Amateur Open English Equitation SS/HS S/M/G 25. Reg. Paint/Pinto English Pleasure all types (no breeding stock) S/M/G 26. COSCA Adult Amateur Open English Pleasure all types (no breeding stock) S/M/G 27. Open Western Walk Jog, all ages 28. National Show Horses Western Pleasure S/M/G 29. JACKPOT Western Pleasure all ages 30. Reg. Pinto/Paint Western Pleasure (no breeding stock) S/M/G 31. Y.A. Western Pleasure 18 years & under M/G H/P 32. National Show Horse Country Pleasure S/M/G 33. Reg. Quarter Horse Western Pleasure all ages S/M/G 34. Y.A. Western Horsemanship 18 & under 35. Reg. Arabian & Half Arabian/Anglo County English Pleasure Horse S/M/G 36. COSCA Novice Walk Trot/Jog Equitation/Horsemanship H/P E/W M/G/S 37. Generation Gap Western (riders must be at least 10 yrs apart) 1st rider walk-jog 2nd Rider walk-jog-lope 38. COSCA Adult Amateur Open Western Pleasure Horse SS/HS S/M/G 39. COSCA Novice Walk Trot/Jog Pleasure H/P E/W M/G/S 40. Reg Arabian, Half-Arabian/Anglo Arabian Western Pleasure S/M/G 41. Jack Benny Pleasure - rider 39 years and over H/P E/W M/G 42. Western Hack Horse, Open, S/M/G 43. COSCA Adult Amateur Western Horsemanship S/M/G 44. Open Jr. Horse Snaffle Bit Western Pleasure 5 years & under S/M/G 45. Ladies Western Pleasure rider 18 yrs & over S/M/G


* 2H. Children’s over 2’ fences, H/P Course A * 3H. Children’s over 2’ fences, H/P Course B * * 4H. Children’s Hunter Under Saddle, H/P * 5H. Children’s Hunter Equitation on the Flat (Announce Children’s Hi-Point Champion)

* * 6H. Hunter Seat Lead Line - Riders ages 2-10 H/P * 7H. Lead Line Walk & Trot Riders 2-10 years H/P E/W/SS * 8H. Warm-up Hunter over 2’6” fences Schooling Class H/P (Not Judged) Entry $5.00

* 9H. Low Working Hunter over 2’6” fences, H/P Course A * 10H. Low Working Hunter over 2’6” fences, H/P Course B * 11H. Low Working Hunter Under Saddle, H/P * 12H. Low Working Hunter Equitation on the Flat H/P * 13H. Walk Trot Rider Pleasure Not to Jump * 14H. Walk Trot Rider Equitation Not to Jump * 15H. Walk Trot Canter Pleasure Not to Jump * 16H. Walk Trot Canter Equitation Not to Jump * 17H. Hunter In Hand-All ages M/G/S Horse over 14’2 Hands

* 18H. Hunter In Hand-All ages M/G/S Ponies under 14’2 Hands

* 19H. Warm-up 18” Cross Rails Schooling Class H/P (Not Judged) Entry $5.00

* 20H. Walk-Trot 18” Cross Rails Riders 14 years & under Clockwise H/P

* 21H. Walk-Trot 18” Cross Rails Riders 14 years & under Counter Clockwise H/P

* 22H. Walk-Trot Rider Hunter Under Saddle 14 yrs & under H/P

* 23H. Walk-Trot Rider Hunter on the flat 14yrs & under H/P * Denotes Non Point Class # Denotes COCA Amateur card required @ Denotes COSCA Novice member

EVENING SHOW BEGINS 6:30PM Miniature Horse in hand Obstacles S/M/G all ages * 46. 47. Open Easy Gaited Model (conformation) S/M/G Ladies Side Saddle * 48. 49. American Saddlebred 5-gaited open Miniature Horse Halter Open S/M/G all ages * 50. 51. JACKPOT Egg & Spoon 52. American Saddlebred Enlgish Country Pleasure 53. Reg. Arabian & Half Arabian/Anglo Arabian Mounted Native Costume 54. Open Easy Gaited Pleasure (no Canter) 2 gait S/M/G 55. American Saddlebred Country Pleasure Hunter 56. Open Gaited Mountain Horse E/W S/M/G 57. American Saddlebred 3-gaited Show Pleasure 58. Open Easy Gaited Equitation/Horsemanship (no canter) S/M/G

Final details and classes subject to change. Pending COSCA approval at time of publication.

Questions? Contact Fred Burkhalter, Show Secretary at (440) 526-2888 • 7023 Mill Rd • Brecksville, OH 44141 July 2011, Equine Journal Mid-Atlantic & Midwest, 209

Industry Arabian

Stone Hollow Success By Beth Thomas Our first show found us at the VA Horse Center for the Spring Classic. Numbers were light but quality was high and the weather for the most part was pretty good! Cold and rainy on Friday, but the rest of the weekend was lovely! We took four horses, seasoned veteran’s Lisa Devineni’s FR Hercules+++/ and Caitlyn Thomas’s Angelica Bay+// and new comers, Miranda Kuchera’s Anglo gelding, RA Peaceinyourheart, and Karen Morris’s new purebred, GA E-Khwaytor. Everyone won at least one championship and considering it was our first ride of the year, they were all amazing. The things that we have been working on over the long winter came to fruition for Henry and Jelly and the ribbons flowed in. The two new kids were total unknowns so we were just hoping for good behavior and both went well past that! Peace rocked the sport horse ring with championships in the open and ATH geldings, champion and reserve in the open SHUS and two reserves in the ATR. He also won the biggest class of the show, the novice SHUS with owner Miranda in the irons. The pair did a great job in the cross rails in their first over fences attempt. Karen’s boy, “Player” in his first show under saddle, did a great job winning under both judges for the junior SHUS, jumping well in the junior hunter hack and going champion under one judge for the cross rails. He handled his new jobs with a great attitude and will be a contender across the board as he gains experience. I had the pleasure of handling Denise and Robert Gainey’s wonderful stallion, HG Esquire, in the stallion showcase. What a gentleman he was and he knew how to play to the crowd!

Corporate Sponsor The Arabian Horse Association (AHA) announced a new Corporate Partnership with Silver Lining Herbs, a world leader in human-grade herbal support for horses and dogs. Silver Lining Herbs is the

Twin Brook Babies! Congratulations to Twin Brook Farm who has had three foals born so far. Four more are due in the upcoming months! For more information on their breeding program, visit www.twinbrookarabians. com. Photos Courtesy of Twin Brook Farm

Arabian News

Official Equine & Pet Health Supplement Provider of AHA. “We’re really happy to have the support of a growing and trusted brand like Silver Lining Herbs. Working handin-hand with customary veterinary care, many of our members have already realized the significant benefits of herbal supplementation,” says Dan Lawrence, Senior Director of Marketing and Sales at AHA. For more information on Silver Lining Herbs, visit

Three Oaks Wins Big Congratulations to Three Oaks Arabians and Training Center of Swansea, SC, on a great showing at the Region 12 Championships. MSU Starta Legacy brought home the championship in Arabian Sport Horse Gelding In-Hand Open and reserve championships in Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle ATR and A/HA/AA Training Level Select ATR. This talented gelding also brought home three additional top five placings. Rohara Marserati was pinned the reserve champion in Arabian Sport Horse Gelding In-Hand Open and top five in Arabian Sport Horse Gelding In-Hand ATH and Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle Junior Horse. Quick Draww McGraw made a clean sweep of the HA/AA Sport Horse Gelding divisions, winning both the Open and the ATH classes. TOA Justa Jewel rounded out the winning ways of the barn, being crowned champion in the Arabian Sport Horse Futurity Mare and top five in the Arabian Sport Horse Mare In-Hand ATH. For more information, visit www.

Black colt by Ali Ajiba out TeFaDaalima, owned by Rebecca Cherry.

Bay colt by Ali Ajiba out of Dorian Aminaa owned by Susan Siroto.

Biltmore Challenge The Biltmore Challenge Endurance Ride CEI/CEIY was held on the historic grounds of George Vanderbilt’s picturesque estate in Asheville, NC. The event boasted over 150 entries in both the Open and FEI divisions. Hot Desert Knight was the first horse across the finish line in the CEI3* 160km. Farzard Faryadi rode the Arabian gelding to the win in 10:19:12. Meg Sleeper and Syrocco Cadence took second in 10:38:44, barely edging out Ceci Butler-Stasiuk and DJB

210, Equine Journal Mid-Atlantic & Midwest, July 2011

Bay filly by Shaikh El Farid out of Maisa El Bediea owned by Twin Brook Farm.

KD Fantasia who finished in 10:38:46. In the CEIY3* 160km, Kyle Gibbon was the only rider to finish, taking the win in 12:55:47. For more information, visit

New Partnerships Crescent Creek Farm would like to congratulate Shantelle and Jerry Young as the new owners of Peaceful Blues an ASB mare and her 2008 HA gelding, House Of Blues, by Matoi. Peaceful Blues is in foal for 2012 to CCF PB Arabian stallion, Prosuasion. Looking forward to seeing the Young family in upcoming shows with this good looking and talented gelding soon.

Bayview at Region 14 Congratulations to Bayview Farm on a very successful Region 14 show! Church Creek was Champion in the HA

Hunter Hack, HA Hunter Hack ATR and the HA Green Working Hunter. One More Round was champion in the HA Working Hunters ATR and Reserve Champion in the HA Working Hunter. TRF Aladdin continued the winning ways, taking home the championship in the HA Jumpers and the HA Jumpers ATR divisions.

Foundation Scholarships The Arabian Horse Foundation has announced it is presenting 18 scholarships this year totaling $13,500. Since the Foundation’s re-launch at the Arabian Horse Association Convention in 2007, the Foundation board has given over $50,000 to youth scholarships. Applications for Foundation scholarships are available at Visit the Foundation website for more information about the various giving options and areas that have been funded. The winners of the 2011 Arabian

Horse Foundation scholarships are: Jillian Ann Johnson, Lowell, MI; Alana Hansen, Temecula, CA; Kate Stewart, Union, OR; Spencer Kurtz, Montrose, SD; Sarah Schuessler, Attica, NY; Hayley Simmons, Janesville, WI; Nikki Novak, Unadilla, NE; George Sullivan, Albuquerque, NM; Dani Andrusko, Lakeville, MN; Chelsea Greer, Tacoma, WA; Kelsey Kimbler, Aberdeen, SD; Tanya Meyer, Cedar, MN; Allison Pugh, Bozeman, MT; Amanda Bruner, Hesperia, CA; Elsa Ludwig, Madison, WI; Christina Thompson, Stillwater, MN; Michaela Kotera, Gretna, NE; Megan, Herr, Fullerton, CA. Want to see YOUR NAME in Arabian News? Send your information and photos to Visit for the latest Arabian news.

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717-423-5358 July 2011, Equine Journal Mid-Atlantic & Midwest, 211

Photo: © Mark J. Barrett,

Industry Gypsy

Gypsy News Passion Comes to Life at Vanner Fair DeerFields Stables Country Inn, just outside the Village of Palgrave in Caledon, ON, Canada, will play host to North America’s fi rst ever “Vanner Fair” on September 24. Breeders, owners and trainers will be trekking from the far reaches of both countries to participate in demonstrations, competition, sales promotion and the good camaraderie which so naturally follows the colorful Gypsy Vanner horse. Modeled after the world-famous “Appleby Fair,” held annually for hundreds of years in the Lake District of Cumbria in the UK, Vanner Fair will

showcase the highly-adaptable, newlyregistered Gypsy Vanner breed in a festive atmosphere that celebrates their unique history and the folklore that surrounds this magical horse. These special horses will receive nothing less than the “Red Carpet” treatment at Vanner Fair, with international judging and clinics, skilled competition and artful demonstrations held throughout the day. A festive trade fair will continue the “Vanner passion,” with specialty vendors and artisans selling lifestyle and equine crafts and wares. For more information, visit

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212, Equine Journal Mid-Atlantic & Midwest, July 2011

The colorful Gypsy Vanner, respected across Europe for its easy, outgoing personality and ability to multi-task, will take center stage at the first ever North American “Vanner Fair” to be held in Caledon, ON.

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Industry Morgan

Photos: John Brohawn

Morgan News

Harwich Dido at the 45th Annual Pennsylvania Morgan/Mason Dixon Classic.

Harwich Dido Scores Big at Quentin Starting out the show season with a bang, four-year-old, Harwich Dido (Harwich Tyrant x Harwich Cosette), was

Standard horse stalls around $640 per stall fro front

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covered in ribbons the weekend of April 29 through May 1. The 45th Annual Pennsylvania Morgan/Mason Dixon Classic was held at the Quentin Riding Club in Quentin, PA. Trainer Brooke Baxter-Whitt ran Dido for Morgan Brook Meadows of Laurel, DE, in the Suitability Class first, with an impressive 72.40 score, and proceeded to their

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Introductory Test A in confident form, where they received a score of 75.625. Their Sport Horse Under Saddle class that evening won them a second place, where they competed against older and more experienced horses, and owner Sylvia Brohawn was thrilled with this first day of Dido’s 2011 show season. Brooke and Dido competed in the Intro Tests B & C the next day, bringing in scores of 76.875 and 66.50 respectively. With three blue ribbons and two reds, they brought home the tricolor to Morgan Brook Meadows! It is certain that the Morgan dressage world will be taking notice of this pair as they move upward and onward.

USEF Offers Discounts to AMHA Members The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) is granting to all current American Morgan Horse Association

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July 2011, Equine Journal Mid-Atlantic & Midwest, 213

Industry Morgan (AMHA) members exclusive access to special savings to national retailers and services. AMHA MemberPerks is available exclusively to AMHA as a USEF-recognized affiliate. Among the retailers offered with AMHA MemberPerks are discounts to John Deere, Sherwin Williams, Sears Commercial, Choice Hotels International, and US Rider Equestrian Rider Plan. AMHA members can save anywhere from five to 50 percent on these trusted providers, all who are dedicated to the needs of equestrians and equestrian sport. To take advantage of these special savings, AMHA members should contact the USEF Customer Care Center to activate their AMHA MemberPerks account, at 859-258-2472, or at Please state you are an AMHA member in good standing and that you need assistance with AMHA MemberPerks. For full details on this offer, go to

■ ■

“A Good Fence Makes a Good Neighbor”

Changes at Morgan Grand National Starting in 2011, the American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA) Youth Activities that take place at the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show® in Oklahoma City will see significant changes that will benefit the young people associated with this breed. A Youth Judging Workshop will be introduced and held in place of the traditional Youth Judging Contest. Also new this year are educational tours that will be open to the public. A Youth Judging Workshop will be held Friday, October 14, at 8:30 a.m. Open to AMHA Youth members only, there will be two age divisions, and four classes will be judged ringside. Ribbons

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first through sixth will be awarded in each age division at the Youth Awards Banquet on Saturday, October 15. Educational Tours will be held Wednesday, October 12, and Thursday, October 13, at 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., respectively. In addition to learning more about the Morgan breed and its versatility, tours will provide the opportunity for participants to learn more about careers in the equine industry, meet judges and professional trainers, and get a guided tour of the event, including the competition and behind the scenes in the barn. Open to the public, the tours are specially designed for local schools, groups, clubs of all kinds, and those who are homeschooled. To receive more information regarding the Youth Activities, contact Taylor Royals at 802-985-4944 ext. 401, or at

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Fax Your Fencing Projects to 610-857-0029 • WHOLESALE & RETAIL 214, Equine Journal Mid-Atlantic & Midwest, July 2011

Industry Morgan

Leah Ling Honored by Local TV Station AMHA Youth member, Leah Ling, of Raleigh, NC, received the “Extra Effort Award” during the Sports section on her local 6:00 p.m. news during the month of May! The news team from WRAL recently paid her a visit, and Leah is very proud of her Morgan, Comiskey Park! And, birthday wishes are in order too! Leah turned 18 on May 13!

The Morgan mare, Harwich Dido, at her Debutante Party.

A Debutante Party for Morgan Mare! Morgan Brook Meadows, located in Laurel, Delaware, and owned by Sylvia Brohawn, held a Debutante Party for the Morgan mare, Harwich Dido, on May 14, 2011. Over 45 guests attended the event, and the theme was a black and white affair! Some guests wore their lovely hats, and there were beautiful white silk flower arrangements, white tables and ribbons. A freestyle presentation was beautifully ridden by trainer Brooke BaxterWhitt. Food and a social gathering followed, with many fantastic, delicious desserts made by Cheryl Baxter (Brooke’s mother). Many guests traveled from PA, VA and MD to attend this grand event! The four-year-old Harwich Dido (Harwich Tyrant x Harwich Cosette), a half-Lippitt Morgan mare, was covered in ribbons at the 45th Annual Pennsylvania Morgan/Mason Dixon Classic; she was shown by Brooke Baxter-Whitt. They scored 72.40 in Suitability, 75.625 in Intro A, 76.875 in Intro B, and 66.50 in

Intro C. They were also second in the Sport Horse Under Saddle class. The show committee awarded the pair a Championship for Intro Level! Morgan Brook Meadows has future expectations for Harwich Dido in the dressage ring, as well showing off the versatility of the Morgan horse in western, driving, and eventing in her years of showing to come!

Morgan Reaches the 7,000 Mile Mark!

had at least two retirement ceremonies with a third one planned,” Mary wrote. “Sometimes, it is just hard to give up on a good thing. Finally, I have another Morgan going now, and Hawk will be the back-up horse. It definitely has been an incredible journey with Hawk, my horse of a lifetime!” Mary celebrated Hawk’s career accomplishment on May 15 at an ECTRA ride in Huntington, PA. Congratulations to Mary Coleman and Hawk’s Neopolitan on this incredible achievement!

Mary Coleman of Cassville, PA, and Want to see YOUR NAME in Morgan her 15.3-hand endurance gelding, Hawk’s news? Send your information and photos Neopolitan (Blazing Hawk x Melin Lady to Alicia), have set a new Morgan record Visit for the in endurance competition. On April 16, latest Morgan news. Mary and her “Mighty Morgan” completed the 25-mile limited distance ride, and with that, Hawk became the only Morgan to garner 7,000 miles! That distance is like going from the East Coast to California – and back again! The distanceriding world is dominated by Arabians, and Hawk is the second horse in the 40-year history of the Eastern Competitive Trail Ride Association (ECTRA) to reach this milestone. ECTRA sanctions competitive trail riding from Maine to Virginia with 500-plus members. Competitive rides and drives are from 25 to 100 July 13-27 Internet miles. Mary and July 15-16 Wolcott, CT Hawk average 500 July 15-16 Gainesville, GA miles a year and have competed in 19 states in every weather condition 866-4MUSTANGS imaginable! “Hawk has July 2011, Equine Journal Mid-Atlantic & Midwest, 215

Industry Quarter Horse

Quarter Horse Tornado Tragedy Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who suffered losses during the tornadoes throughout the Southeast in April. On April 16, Misty Creek Ranch in Sanford, NC, was leveled by a F3 tornado. This beautiful reining facility, owned by the Brinley’s and where trainers Tania and Dany Pelletier resided, lost the covered arena and their home and suffered barn damage; and, many horses suffered severe, and in many cases, life-ending injuries. To help Tania and Dany rebuild their lives and business, please consider sending a donation to: Misty Creek Horse Fund, 4275 Avents Ferry Rd, Sanford, NC 27330.

Calling All Rookies! This year, the American Quarter Horse

The signature piece for the 2011 America’s Horse in Art show is a painting by renowned western artist, Steve Devenyns. The piece is titled “An American Icon.”

Association is introducing a trial run of rookie classes created by the AQHA BlueRibbon Task Force to make the transition from 4-H, open showing or no show experience at all less intimidating and more comfortable for exhibitors. The goal of these classes is to reach AQHA members

of all ages and riding levels. By developing true entry-level classes, AQHA plans to introduce new AQHA members, as well as members who have never shown, to the AQHA show scene. The rookie classes will be offered for youth-, amateur- and open-division classes. Horse and rider combinations that have earned less than 10 AQHA points in that particular class can compete in that rookie class, as well as the corresponding novice class. Horse and rider combinations that have earned more than 10 AQHA points in a class will no longer be able to enter that rookie class but can continue to compete in the corresponding novice class until they reach a total of 25 AQHA novice points. The AQHA rookie classes will tentatively be available at nine AQHA shows for the 2011 show season.

Art in Texas America’s Horse in Art returns to the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and Museum in Amarillo, TX, with a list of 33

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Industry Quarter Horse

Montana Nic, both shown by Craig Schmersal of Overbrook, OK.

Photo Courtesy of AQHA

Foundation Scholarships

Shawn Flarida and KR Lil Conquistador.

world-renowned western artists displaying 89 pieces for the fourth annual art show and sale. Mark your calendar now for August 13 through November 12. The public is invited to the show’s opening on Saturday, August 13. Many of the contributing artists will be at the opening ready to discuss their pieces. The opening is from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and Museum and will feature live music, hors d’œuvres and cocktails. Each piece of art – ranging from pencil drawings to sculptures – will be available for purchase on opening night. Art sales will be available online at, by telephone at 806-3765181 and by e-mail at Proceeds from the sale of the art will go to the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame to support its efforts to preserve the history of the American Quarter Horse.

Slid to Win With a solid 226.5 score, Shawn Flarida of Springfield, OH, slid into first place April 29 on KR Lil Conquistador at the Kentucky Reining Cup. KR Lil Conquistador is owned and bred by Cheree Kirkbride of Ocala, FL. He’s by Conquistador Whiz and out of Smart Little Prize by Smart And Trouble. The event is the only CRI5* reining in the western hemisphere this year, with $50,000 in prize money. Right behind KR Lil Conquistador were Miss Lil Addy Tude and Mister

This year, the American Quarter Horse Foundation awarded 39 scholarships at a total of $253,000. This is in addition to the 125 recipients currently receiving a Foundation scholarship. The recipients have educational majors in a variety of curriculums including pre-med, education and architecture, as well as our career-specific awards for animal science, veterinary medicine, racetrack management, therapeutic riding and journalism. Recipients are selected based on academic merit, leadership and communication skills, financial need and American Quarter Horse involvement.

Invy of Seaville

Melissa Burnell and Invy My Moves. Want to see YOUR NAME in Quarter Horse News? Send your information and photos to Visit for the latest Quarter Horse news.

Melissa Burnell of Seaville, NJ, tells us: “I bought my AQHA mare, Invy My Moves, in December 2009, as an unbroke three-year old. She has been a true diamond in the rough. We have been practicing and showing local shows The tender loving care you give your horses is the same kind to prepare for that Hanover Building people lavished on these new Hanover upcoming AQHA Building horse barns. We’ve combined the best of the worldshows. In our latfamous Hanover Building horse barns with many practical advanest show we won tages of Hanover Building construction, and the result is a the Jackpot Hunter Under Saddle class truly special building. on May 8, 2011! Call us today for details. I don’t have a trainer; so of course it is much more work, but certainly very rewarding! We hope to show later this summer in our first AQHA show and debut in Novice Amateur Servicing South Central Pennsylvania, Maryland & West Virginia Hunter Under HANOVER BUILDING SYSTEMS, INC. Saddle!” HANOVER POLE BUILDING CO., INC.


P.O. BOX 330 ABBOTTSTOWN, PA 17301 717-624-4800 1-800-366-4801 WWW.HANOVERBUILDINGS.COM

July 2011, Equine Journal Mid-Atlantic & Midwest, 217

EQUINE journal

Affiliations Associations, clubs and organizations that promote their objectives, breed or discipline with the assistance of the Equine Journal. American Friesian Association ....................................225

New England Miniature Horse Society .......................232

Berks Equine Council .....................................................230

New Hampshire Hunter/Jumper Assoc. .....................230

Black Swamp Driving Club............................................223

Northeast Fjord Horse Association .............................224

Equus Survival Trust .......................................................221

Northeast Friesian Horse Club......................................226

Flatlanders Dressage & Combined Training Association ...............................................222

Ohio Arabian & All Breed Trail Society .......................222

Foundation of the Pure Spanish Horse .......................235

Purebred Morab Horse Association.............................233

Gypsy Horse Registry of America .................................228

Quarter Pony Association..............................................237

Gypsy Vanner Horse Society ..........................................229

Rhode Island Arabian Horse Assoc..............................219

Lippitt Morgan Breeders Association..........................234 Massachusetts Quarter Horse Association ................236

218, Equine Journal, July 2011

Southern New England Horsemens Assoc. ................231 World Class Miniature Horse Registry ........................233


Rhode Island Arabian Horse Association The Rhode Island Arabian Horse Association has been very busy this spring. With a new President in the helm, the association is venturing on new avenues. After a great Installation dinner honoring the new board of Governors held in January, the association is off to a good start. Committees have been formed and set in motion. All are progressing in making this a great year. March is always a special month for RIAHA when RIAHA holds its Annual Awards Banquet. This year it was on March 20, at Bella’s Restaurant in Glendale, RI. As always it was a huge success. The banquet had the highest attendance in the club’s history. RIAHA would like to extend special thanks to all those who make the horse show and banquet such a success. Our gratitude to Manager Lu Guilbault for all her expertise and for an outstanding program. RIAHA is noted for its program and colored photos. Lu manages to insert a photo of every exhibitor. A must see! Our show secretaries Nancy Beauvais and Pauline Comire are overseen by Shirley Russell, a computer whiz and great with figures. Others who helped were: Judy Kubiak, Nancy Parker, Walter Comire, Norm Beauvais, Madison and Mackenzie Baker. We must not neglect to mention that without sponsors, the quality of such events would not be possible. Thanks to Black Forest Farms, Equine Journal, Diamond Wood Pad Co., the Murrays, Norm’s Auto Sales, the Beauvais, AB Embroidery, Confection Queens, Near River Farm, Pondview Equestrian Center,

Becca GT accepting the High Point Arabian Award for Glorious Sight. Award sponsored by Black Forest Farms and presented by Shirley Russel and Lori Murray.

Kim Lussier accepting the High Point Half-Arabian for Marq My Word. Award sponsored and presented by Rick and Lori Murray.

Lin Murphy along with her husband accepting the High Point Rider Award. Award sponsored by the Equine Journal and presented by Rebecca Eddy. Anna Werge accepting the award for the Best All Around Team, which she won on her horse Rephinement. Award sponsored by the Diamond Wool Pad Company and was presented by Walter Comire.

Andrea Fiore accepting the award for High Point Open Breed for Winchester. Award sponsored and presented by Nancy and Norman Beauvais.

Log Cagin Farm, LedgeWood Farm, New England Awards & Trophies, the Cardozas, the Werge family, ALJO Arabians, the Bettencourts, the Comeau family, and Meri Bambauer. Recognitions completed, the Awards Ceremony followed. Awards were made to all Division Champions, Reserve Champions and placing through sixth place. All recipients received a beautiful mahogany plaque stating their name,

horse’s name, the division entered along with the placing in each. A more detailed list of winners can be found at 2010 Purebred Arabian Division Winners PB Halter: Glorious Sight, Misty Baker PB Showmanship: Heartbreaquer, Laura Hauser PB Hunter Over Fences: Heartbreaquer, Laura Hauser PB Western Pleasure: Rockin Flame K, Lin Murphy PB Hunter Pleasure: Glorious Sight, Misty Baker PB Sport Horse Under Saddle: Glorious Sight, Stephanie Gill-Manville PB Sport Horse In Hand: Glorious Sight, Stephanie Gill-Manville PB Dressage Intro: Whiskey and Soda, Stephanie Gill-Manville PB Dressage Training Level: Rockin Flame July 2011, Equine Journal, 219

Arabian K, Lin Murphy PB Trail: Rockin Flame K, Lin Murphy PB Walk Trot JR. 12 and Under: WF Tspeculation, Olivia Perry 2010 Arabian / Half Arabian Division Winners Arabian / Half Arabian CTR: Wimszical, Tammy Lamphere Arabian / Half Arabian Endurance: Wimszical, Tammy Lamphere Arabian / Half Arabian Trail: Wimszical, Tammy Lamphere 2010 Half Arabian Division Winners HA Halter: Sir Cyclone O Fire, Mindy Comeau HA Showmanship: Sir Cyclone O Fire, Mindy Comeau HA Western Pleasure: KAL Arabia Sunspark, Lin Murphy HA Hunter Pleasure: Marq My Word, Kim Lussier HA Sport Horse Under Saddle: Rephinement, Anna Werge HA Dressage Training Level: RAE Taylor Made, Julia Eddy

HA Walk Trot JR. 13 and Over: Magics Goldn Fancie, Ashley Cournoyer HA Trail: Sir Cyclone O Fire, Mindy Comeau 2010 Equitation Divisions Walk Trot JR Equitation: Ashley Cournoyer, Magics Goldn Fancie Walk Trot Canter Equitation: Misty Baker, Glorious Sight 2010 Open Divisions Leadline: Randy, Samantha Pigeon Walk Trot Division: Winchester, Andrea Fiore Walk Trot Canter: Miss Sassy May, Mindy Comeau Dressage Training Level: Omeo, Nancy Beauvais 2010 Professional Division Becca Guibault-Triplett HA Sport Horse under Saddle, Rephinement HA Hunter Pleasure, Rephinement PB Sport Horse Under Saddle, Glorious Sight PB Sport Horse In Hand, Glorious Sight HA Sport Horse In Hand, Who’ll Stop the Rayn HA Showmanship, Who’ll Stop the Rayn HA Hunter Pleasure, Marq My Become a certified therapeutic riding instructor. Word Study and train at a Premier Accredited HA Sport Horse In therapeutic riding center Hand, One Mor • Individual attention Saturday Nyte • Classroom and extensive hands-on training HA Dressage • All aspects of equine assisted activities and therapies Training Level, • 120 acre facility, over 1,800 individuals served One Mor Saturday annually Nyte Register for NARHA Approved Training Courses One of the • Instructor Training Course August 2011 start date most anticipated • On Site Workshop and Certification parts of the banAugust 11-14, 2011 December 3-7, 2011 quet is the Year-End • Announcing “Certification on Demand” High Point Special See our website for details Awards. These Call Kitty Stalsburg, Executive Director at 860-434-1974 or awards remain a email secret until the day of the banquet and are every exhibitor’s dream. The 2010 Special Awards Recipients are as follows: CHANGE LIVES. MAKE A DIFFERENCE. High Point Arabian – Glorious HIGH HOPES THERAPEUTIC RIDING 36 Town Woods Rd • Old Lyme, CT 06371 Sight/Owner: 860 434-1974 • Becca Guilbault-

Combine Your Love Of Horses With Helping Others

220, Equine Journal, July 2011

Triplett High Point Half-Arabian – Marq My Word/Owner: Kim Lussier High Point Rider – Lin Murphy Best All Around Team – Anna Werge/ Rephinement High Point Open Breed Team – Andrea Fiore/Winchester Congratulations to all 2010 year end award recipients and good luck to those who will be competing in the 2011 RIAHA Year End Program. August Open Horse Show Our RIAHA Annual Open Horse Show will be held at Red Rock Farm / Dwyer Equine, LLC, 180 Plainfield Pike, Foster, RI on August 28, 2011. Kevin Dwyer, well known Arabian trainer, has been gracious in our use of this new location. The facility includes a large indoor arena and a beautiful outdoor dressage/ jumping ring plus a front practice ring for the exhibitors. Our Judges will be Chris Picardi and Walter Comire. There will be 11 Day End Divisional Awards including a High Point Day End Award. We have 43 classes some for the Arabian/Half Arabians, open classes for walk trotters, walk trot and canter classes, Open Green Horse, Western, Sport Horse just to name a few. We added three over fences divisions to entice those horses that love to jump. We did not forget our young riders and included a leadline division. And to make the day complete we included some fun classes as well. There will be an award for first place with ribbons to sixth place. We will have food available provided by Fire and Ice Catering on the premises as well as farrier services. This show will be an exciting and fun day for all. Please keep the date open on your calendar August 28, 2011. Programs are locate on the Web site; or write to show manager; Lucille Guilbault lugilbo@ or call 401-568-8238 to get your class list and entry forms. Submitted by Jen LaPorte

Conservation Organization

tions, then periodically, the white is shaken off, to be replaced by another coat. Even Exmoor heads have extra protection. Winter beards channel moisture away, and ridges over their eyes (called toad eyes) keep moisture out. On freezing mornings there is no

Equus Survival Trust Exmoor Ponies - Prehistoric Survivors The Winter of Ponies - Laverne Harris/ Friendly Horse Acres, WA The Exmoor Ponies have to be at fault. Our area of the Pacific Northwest had the coldest April on record with snow late in the month. Everyone is miserable, except the Exmoor Ponies. They think inclement conditions are what they were designed for and they are. Bramble, Cactus and Flax came to Buckley on a cold February day in 1994. They were raised on a small breeding farm in California, and they had never seen snow. “Hey, dude! What is this stuff? It’s slippery! And where the heck are we? I don’t think we’re in California anymore!” The ponies had many new things to get used to; it was difficult to assess their reactions. We had to get accustomed each other. Now, after seven years we know each other, and I can say with authority: Exmoor Ponies like the wintertime best of all. I should have guessed as much. Before I brought my ponies into the Pacific Northwest I did my homework. I learned that the Exmoor Pony is a survivor of severe winter conditions with no human assistance. We have had rain, ice, snow, and mounds of mud. Other horses grumble, but my trio of Exmoors are enchanted. Some sort of cellular memory left over from the last Ice Age has clicked. They have winter coats like expensive, lined raincoats. Rain runs off. Snow forms an extra layer of insula-

Exmoor Foals Seafoam and Sorcha Friendly Horse Farm’s Exmoors

better way to warm cold hands than to plunge gloveless digits into the fuzz of these plush animals. Personally, I am ready for spring. Will it ever come? I look out my bedroom window to see three happy ponies. “Bring on the next Ice Age,” they seem to proclaim. News from Marlyn Exmoors, Ontario, Canada Marlyn Exmoor Pony Farms is pleased to have found wonderful homes for ponies Marlyn Odyssey and Marlyn Piccadilly. Odyssey has made a complete Exmoor pony convert of his owner with his calm and willing temperament. He has accepted his under saddle lessons with ease and though not destined to be a show pony, it is hoped he and his owner will make it to one or two pony shows. Piccadilly wooed an already dedicated Exmoor pony owner with her stunning good looks and sweet personality. She is progressing very well with her training and will undoubtedly be seen at a few shows this season. Marlyn Exmoor Pony Farms was proud to welcome two filly foals in 2010... Marlyn Seafoam and Marlyn Sorcha. Seafoam in particular will make a valuable addition to the broodmare herd.

Heritage Nahanni

The pony, Heritage Nahanni is doing tremendously well at schooling shows this past winter. He has amazed his trainer with his intelligence, agility and willingness to please. Nahanni has been shown dressage and has started over fences, something he shows a natural ability for. Submitted by Anne Holmes. For more information on Exmoor ponies please visit the Exmoor Pony Enthusiasts at Exmoor Pony Enthusiasts is an associate member organization of the Equus Survival Trust, a nonprofit dedicated to the conservation of endangered historical breeds of equines:

July 2011, Equine Journal, 221

Distance Riding

Ohio Arabian & All Breed Trail Society For those of you who plan to vote in the Board of Directors election, we have a new process this year. All of the resumes are on the web site (, along with the year they are up for renewal (to serve, so the ones that say 2012 are the ones in this year’s election). If you don’t have internet access, you can call me at 937-232-9256 and ask for a hard copy, and I’ll mail it to you. If you want an absentee ballot, please let me know by the end of August, and I’ll get that to you too. Since most people have internet access these days, this makes more sense than mailing everyone a packet. Remember that you’re only eligible to vote if you are a full member and renewed by February 1. I don’t have any ride results, and I don’t have a member spotlight for this month. I have a couple in the works, but nothing ready yet, so I’ll do one of my periodic reminders of trail and camp etiquette. Most of us know this stuff but a reminder never hurts. First off, in camp. Most of us use corrals. Please be courteous when making your corral; unless we’re at Scioto there’s not unlimited space (and even there, it’s possible to get too big). Also, if the ride is held in a public horse camp, keep in mind how others may camp. This was something I hadn’t thought of until I talked with some other riders after AbiKhan+. So many of us wrap our corrals around to the side of our trailers, that when I tell people to scatter their manure and they do so, it doesn’t always end up in a place that won’t offend other camp-

ers. If it’s a public camp, keep in mind that other campers may use tents where our corrals will have been so we need to leave things neat. Also, when you’re forced to be late coming in to camp, be considerate of the staff. In a perfect world, we’d all be able to get to camp in plenty of time and have all day to set up, check in, vet in and visit. Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world. If life dictates that you need to pull in late but while it’s still light, please check in as soon as you get parked, and vet in as soon as you can get to the vets. It’s very frustrating as a judge to be standing out there ready to vet horses in, and see someone you know has been there for an hour or two suddenly decide to come over to vet in just as it’s suppertime. Setting up in the twilight can be done -vetting in, not so much. It’s rather hard to judge soundness on a horse in the dark, and hard to find any tack rubs and such as well. While we’re discussing vet checks, remember that it’s your job to train your horse to stand for examination. I don’t know of any judges who won’t cut a new horse some slack, as long as the handler is trying to maintain control. After all, it’s hard to simulate a ride experience at home. But if the vet can’t pick up the feet, or touch the hind end, or go near the mouth, it’s very difficult to judge. If it’s a new horse, let the judges know and they’ll do their best to make the horse’s experience a good one. But don’t expect the judges to do your horse training for you. Even a small ride means picking up 100 legs, and it goes up from there. That’s hard on a person’s back so the easier the riders can make it, the better for horse and judges.

On the trail, most of us are very used to passing and being passed. Newer riders to the sport, and also pleasure riders we may pass, aren’t always as comfortable. Please call ahead to ask if it’s okay to pass, and slow down to do so unless you know it’s safe to pass at speed. In the opposite situation, if someone is following you, feel free to ask if they want to pass, especially if you think you’re going to be going more slowly than they are for whatever reason. If you are behind someone and there’s no room to pass, please don’t tailgate. The trail will open up soon enough, hopefully. And being herd animals, most horses will try to tailgate unless convinced otherwise. Don’t leave a horse who is drinking, unless you’ve asked and been told it’s okay. You don’t have to stay for a huge line of people, but if someone’s horse starts drinking just as your horse is finishing, ask before taking off. Sometimes we get so focused on our own ride that we don’t notice things like that, and it’s very helpful to try to watch. We’re great about watching out for each other if there’s a problem and just need to be conscious of other times. To anyone new to the sport, sometimes we get caught up in our own little thing, but know that we are a friendly group. If you have questions, please ask. If you see a group around a campfire or just sitting around, you’re welcome to join us. And those of us who have been doing this a while need to remember to try to introduce ourselves to new people. That’s it for this month. Sorry no photos this time. I should have some by next month, and I’m in the process of scanning all of my photos so I may even have some blast-from-the-past photos occasionally. Submitted by Mickie Newnam


Flatlanders Dressage & Combined Training Association Here in Northwestern Ohio we seemed to have omitted Spring. It went from frost warnings to the 80’s in no time. 222, Equine Journal, July 2011

Since many are getting ready for their competition season I felt it would be timely to introduce our Awards Program. We have divided our program into two sections. We have year-end awards for our low key Fun Shows and another for Open Shows. Our program is only open to members. With the Fun Shows one must enter before your first ride. There is no fee to enter. There are


Reid on Flip at a fun show 2010 . Equine Journal apologizes for running the wrong photo with this caption in our May 2011 issue.

three shows offered and one must submit three scores from two of the three shows. Scores must be from two different judges. The scores must be 55% or higher. A rider may enter two consecutive levels with the exception of the Intro Level. The Open Shows program has an entry fee of $15.00 per division. The rules are the same as for the Fun Shows with the exception that you must submit three scores from three different judges “L” level and above.

Eclipse, is owned by Lee Ann Kagy ridden by Laura Corsentino.

Alison Schmidbauer on Ferdi.

With both shows, if you have been a winner from previous years you cannot enter the same level but must move up. The program ends October 31 of this year. Scores must be submitted by then. We usually hold our Award’s

Banquet the first Tuesday of the following year. Because our membership covers a wide area we try to meet at a central location. In past years we have enjoyed great food, good conversation, and lovely awards. Submitted by Gael Bourquin Awards and Banquet Chair


Black Swamp Driving Club Drive On! Can you believe it, it’s July already and we are driving on! We have had some exciting events and more yet to come! We have just been notified that we have another drive, so please check the updated list. I would like to thank everyone who has hosted a drive, or who will be hosting a drive. A lot of time and planning goes into making them happen.

Here is the updated list of drives still to happen: July 9 - Wyandot County Museum, Exhibition Only, Upper Sandusky, OH. July 30- River Bend Park in Findlay, OH (new drive). August 21 - Carriage Display - Cedar Cove, Ada, OH. September 25 - Coon Hunters Drive, Tiffin, OH. October 4-9 - National Drive at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY. October 8 - Hites’ Homestead Drive, Kenton, OH. October 16 - Parker Bridge, Upper Sandusky, OH. November 5 - Maumee Bay State Park Drive, Oregon, OH. December 17 - Christmas at the Farm, Kenton, OH. As you can see, we have a lot of

activities still to come. We are looking forward in seeing everyone at the outings. Our club has always enjoyed fellowship, fun, and of course potlucks. We really have some good cooks. Please check the BSDC Newsletter for any last minute updates. We are making final preparations for the annual banquet. It doesn’t seem possible, but it will be here before we know it. It will be held on November 12. I will get the final details in the next article. This is also a good time to let one of the officers know if you would like to be on the Board of Directors. We will have two positions for a three-year term, and one position for a one-year term. If you are interested please let us know. We will be voting on these positions at the banquet. If anyone has any information regarding the membership, please let me know. July 2011, Equine Journal, 223

Driving One item I do know of is the marriage of Doris and Matt Owen. Congratulations! We wish you all the best. I also know we have had some members that have had surgery, or that has been in the hospital, or currently recovering. Please forward any updates so we can let the membership know the latest. We care about each other and if we can help in any way, we certainly will. I realize that when you read this article the Carriage Round Up at the KY Horse Park will be over, but I wanted to point out that each year we need to make sure we know about any changes that will effect the club. At our Safety Clinic the vet mentioned that a new test was required by the State of KY and we needed this test to enter the Horse Park. It would have been a surprise traveling that far and finding this out when you arrive. So as a

club we need to keep up on changes that will effect us. Please let any officer know so we can check it out. We all love to have fun, but please take a few extra minutes to do a safety check on your harness and equipment. A few extra minutes might avoid a difficult situation. Since we do have a lot of fun, there is a lot of different turnouts that attend. Everyone is different, every horse and carriage is different, so you don’t have to be on display if you don’t want to, so bring your turnouts and have fun. Everyone is welcome. If you want to dress the part then do so, if you don’t, then don’t, just enjoy what you have and be happy. Life is too short not to enjoy it. If anyone has questions about the drives or events, here is a list of contact numbers for the Board of Directors, we will be happy to help.

Julie Emmons, President, 740-3613885 Angie Hohenbrink, Vice-President 419-274-1122 Jackie Minges, Treasurer, 734-8566122 Molly Owen, Secretary, 419-5696573 Roger Higgins Jr., Reporter, 740-2517193 Mary Elliott, 419-561-1332 Sandy Young, 419-569-5389 Well until the next article, have a wonderful summer and send any updates to me that you may have. My email address is higgy122@msn. com Enjoy! Submitted by Roger Higgins Jr. Reporter


Northeast Fjord Horse Association Have you always wanted to learn how to hitch and drive horses? Have you admired the beauty, strength and versatility of the Norwegian Fjord Horse? Then you should not miss the hands-on, Basic Hitching and Driving Educational Seminar to be held at Blue Heron Farm, Charlemont, MA. This threeday event will begin at 9:00 am on Friday, August 12 and continue to 3:00 pm on Sunday, August 14, and will be taught by Pat Wolfe, a well-known Fjord horse breeder, trainer, Certified Evaluator and judge from Ontario, Canada. Participants will learn the basics of harness and vehicle types and basic skills needed for both draft and pleasure driving. Everyone will have the opportunity to learn how to skid a log, drive a single and drive a pair using Fjords that we will 224, Equine Journal, July 2011

Bill Coli driving a team of Fjords

provide. Due to the hands-on nature of the event, class size will be limited to 12 persons. Auditing is possible. For a maximum benefit, all three days are suggested. Pre-registration is required and available slots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. For questions or information on available on-site lodging, please visit the web site for rates and to check availability (www.blueheronfarm. com). You can also contact Bill or Norma Coli by phone (413-339-4045) or email I hope you are all out and enjoying this wonderful summer. If you’ve got a story to share or an update you’d like to share with the Fjord world please send

Bill and Norma Coli driving through a water crossing

it along. Don’t forget to check out our website for frequent updates and photos of the month. You can also submit your photos at anytime for the photo page. Please contact to do so! Until next time happy Fjording! Submitted by Angela Young


American Friesian Association Overview of the American Friesian Association Thanks to a dedicated group of individuals who love the Friesian horse, the American Friesian Association has been formed. The American Friesian Association (AFA) was organized to preserve and promote the purebred Friesian horse in America, to promote the Friesian Derivative horse in America, and to serve the owners of these horses. The AFA is committed to the breed standard of the purebred Friesian horse, as interpreted from the Friesch Paarden Stamboek (FPS) with regard to the needs of American owners for a healthy, sound horse suitable for performance in the current equestrian world. Our goal is to maintain the beauty and uniqueness of the Friesian horse, as it has been known throughout history. The AFA is also committed to high standards of quality, integrity, honesty, and fairness for all horses and members. The founders recognized the evergrowing demand for an American-based registry for the Friesian. The AFA wishes to register purebred and partbred Friesians while providing equal and fair representation for all horses and owners while maintaining the quality and integrity of the breed. The AFA was born out of a need for an American registry with American rules. A registry was needed for American owners who have felt like they deserved a registry that they believed in, one that did not feel so distant and out of reach. There was a need for a registry whose interest lies in promoting the American bred and owned horses, offering them attainable goals, and allowing for equality for all purebred Friesians. The AFA is also committed to embracing the Friesian Warmblood (Friesian cross) and giving those horses and owners

an association that is everything to them as it is to the purebred horses and owners. Mirrored benefits such as registration, breed inspection, awards, and more will all be available to the Friesian Warmblood. The AFA will honor horses of quality through breed inspections and predicate levels, and we have built these standards into our rules. The AFA will view all purebred registered Friesians as equals, offering the ability to earn predicates and status to all horses based on their individual quality and ability. Inspections will be done using a “blind judging” system, meaning that the horse’s pedigree, owner, trainer, and other information will not be disclosed to the judge(s) prior to their being judged and receiving their scores. For those owners who wish to breed their horses, AFA will offer pedigree information, inspection results, and performance scores to empower owners to make wise breeding decisions. The AFA understands that many purebred Friesian owners may not feel comfortable immediately switching over to a new American registry, and with the foreign based registries not allowing dual registration, the recording option has been developed by the AFA as a good way for owners to “try out” the AFA without putting their original registry affiliation in danger. In this way, the Recorded horses may participate in AFA inspections and other functions. Their offspring may be AFA registered. This gives the owner a chance to learn more about the AFA, see where the AFA is going, and decide if they want to continue with membership and registering horses. Recorded horses may at any time be upgraded to Registered horses, keeping all titles and predicates earned from the foreign registry and/or any AFA inspections. Additionally, the AFA meets the requirements of IFSHA (International Friesian Show Horse Association) by microchipping and DNA testing our horses as a means of positive identification, so that all our registered horses may participate in the IFSHA and USEF (United States Equestrian Federation) recognized Friesian shows. The AFA is also recognized by the USDF (United States Dressage Federation) as a breed registry so our members and

their horses may participate in the USDF Breed Year End Awards. Here are just a few highlights you can look forward to with the AFA: • Sensible breeding practices – AFA will register all Purebred Friesians equally. • Opportunity to belong to a registry that wants to hear your voice and concerns. • Inspections with licensed American Judges and Blind Judging for all horses, Purebred and Derivatives alike. • Emphasis on breed type, movement, and conformation, with athletic talent and ability also considered important. • All honors/status/predicates earned by your horse from the foreign registries will be honored by AFA. No removal of earned status/predicates. Once earned, always respected and held. • AFA Status/Predicate Level earnings. • AFA Supreme Sire or Supreme Dam awards. • AFA Friesian Fun Riding and Driving Log Program. • AFA Year End Awards for many competition and promotion categories. • AFA Lifetime Cumulative Awards for individual performance as well as for production of quality performance offspring. • Timely response to member inquiries, requests, Registration Documentation, Transfer of Ownership, etc. • A place for the Friesian Warmblood (cross) complete with mirrored benefits of a purebred. • Recording of horses belonging to foreign registries, whose owners are not yet ready to give up registration within those registries, allowing participation in AFA inspections, as well as allowing the owners to “try on” the AFA. • Tracking of Bloodlines, Inspection Scores, and Performance records. • A forum for having fun and enjoying our Friesian or Friesian Derivative. Please check out the AFA at our website www.americanfriesianassocation. com or email or call 912-462-6330 and ask for Button Lee for more information. Submitted by Button Lee

July 2011, Equine Journal, 225


Northeast Friesian Horse Club July is here, and that means: The Equine Journal Friesian Issue! The NEFHC Classic Horse Show! And gearing up for the upcoming KFPS Inspection! As you are browsing this Friesianfull issue of the Equine Journal, keep in mind that the NEFHC Classic Horse Show is coming up, July 22-24, and is a great place to see some of the advertised farms and their wonderful horses - in person! Come chat with the breeders, shop for some lovely Friesian merchandise, browse the black beauties in the barn and watch the horses compete in driving, hunter, dressage, western and colorful costumes! Congratulations to member Delia Fox on the purchase of her new first premie star stallion Thijs. Thijs jetted in from Holland at the beginning of April, had a lovely stay at Rigby in Maryland and arrived at his new home with trainer Ethel Nye of Auburn, NH on May 1. Look for Thijs at the NEFHC Classic strutting his stuff in Liberty! Can’t wait to see you there! Meanwhile, don’t forget to mark your calendars for the next big Friesian event - the Northeast KFPS Inspection, hosted by the NEFHC, September 22, 2011. As most of you know, the Inspection is one of the most important events for KFPS/FHANA registered Friesians, and a chance to see these beautiful horses at their very best! Stay tuned for details in upcoming issues - this is not an event to miss! As for the show season so farresults are in for the CRAA Spring Derby and IFSHA Region 1 Championship Show, held April 29 Newly imported first premie star stallion Thijs, to May 1, and our owned by Delia Fox. members did well! 2011 IFSHA Region 1 Championships Spring Derby Champion Results (reserve champion results are posted at Friesian Sport Horse In Hand Mares Champion: Zwaantje W exIFSHA Regionals Road Hack Champions - Ethel Nye hibited by Tasha and Hinke T. Scalzo owned by 226, Equine Journal, July 2011

Friesian Scott & Deb Thomas Friesian Sport Horse In Hand Geldings Champion: Rhoherrin owned and shown by Jen Grady Friesian Sport Horse In Hand Stallions Champion: Steffen S owned and shown by Danielle Barrasso Friesian In Hand Geldings Champion: Macht of the Manor shown by Ethel Nye owned by Lynne Bye Friesian In Hand Mares Champion: Fury IGF owned and shown by Katie Servis Friesian In Hand Stallions Champion: Zorro LSF shown by Kathy Manning owned by William Piazza Friesian Show Pleasure Driving Champion: Dash Rip Rock owned and shown by Laurie Statem Friesian Carriage Pl Dr Working Single Champion: Hamil shown by Nicole Byers owned by Lynne Byers Friesian Dressage Suitability Champion: Fury IGF owned and shown by Katie Servis Friesian Eng Pl Saddle Seat

Champion: Dash Rip Rock owned and shown by Laurie Statem Friesian Pl Walk Trot Champion: Sonja K shown and owned by Gabrielle Perlmutter Friesian Eng Pl Hunt Seat Champion: Macht of the Manor shown by Ethel Nye owned by Lynne Byers Friesian Walk Trot ATR Champion: Sonja K shown and owned by Gabrielle Perlmutter Friesian Park Open Champion: Hinke T shown by Ethel Nye owned by Randy Bestwick Friesian Period Costume Champion: Tsjalling shown by Rebecca Eccard and owned by Rebecca Eccard & Jeanne Belcher Friesian Armor Costume Champion: Renaissance shown by Shelley Brown Kennedy owned by Danielle Barrasso Friesian Eng Pl Saddle Seat ATR Champion: Dash Rip Rock owned and shown by Laurie Statem Friesian Eng Show Hack Champion: Klaas fan Synaeda shown by Vanessa

IFSHA Regional Champion for Friesian Period Costume - Rebecca Eccard and Tsjalling.

IFSHA Reserve Champion Friesian Period Costume - Jamie Cinq-Mars and Sonja K.

July 2011, Equine Journal, 227

Friesian Campbell owned by Scott & Deb Thomas Friesian Eng Pl Hunt Seat ATR Champion: Hilbrand fan Fjildsicht shown by Vanessa Campbell owned by Scott & Deb Thomas Friesian Fantasy Costume Champion: Steffen S owned and shown by Danielle Barrasso Friesian Dressage Hack Champion: Rhoherrin owned and shown by Jen

Grady Friesian Dressage Hack ATR Champion: Klaas fan Synaeda shown by Vanessa Campbell owned by Scott & Deb Thomas Friesian Western Pl Open Champion: Tsjalling shown by Rebecca Eccard and owned by Rebecca Eccard & Jeanne Belcher Friesian Dressage Suitability ATR

Champion: Hilbrand fan Fjildsicht shown by Vanessa Campbell owned by Scott & Deb Thomas Friesian Eng Show Hack ATR Champion: Klaas fan Synaeda shown by Vanessa Campbell owned by Scott & Deb Thomas Friesian Liberty Champion: Dash Rip Rock owned and shown by Laurie Statem Submitted by Kelsey Evans


Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc. Region Two The Twenty Sixth Annual Iowa Horse Fair was held April 1 - 3 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in the new $15 million show facility. The perfect weather along with the headliner clinicians, Stacy Westfall and Richard Shrake, produced a record crowd. One of the most popular traditions is the Isle of the Breeds featuring 48 different breeds of horses, mules and donkeys. Summer Hill Farms was represented by our four-year gelding, A Wizards Spell Kensingtons Bailey, B527, representing the Gypsy Horse breed. This was a task in which he was bred to excel. He especially liked the informal “meet and greet” sessions on the street after the parade of breeds in the show pavilion each day. The parade of breeds played to a packed crowd and Bailey loved that. His stall was continually mobbed by curious visitors wanting a close up view of this most unusual breed. We encourage everyone to mark the Iowa Horse Fair on your calendar for next year and come by and pay Bailey a visit. Dr. Bob & Sandy Brown, www. April 29 thru May 1, 2011 we attended the MN Horse expo with three of our Gypsy Horses. We had our mare, Barthel’s Lil Doll, she loves the crowds that gather to pet and brush her and give her treats. The people on the streets were absolutely thrilled with the gorgeous Gypsy Horses. 228, Equine Journal, July 2011

Dr Bob Brown and Bailey at Iowa Fair.

Lake Ridge Gypsy Horses at MN Expo with Gypsy Lanes Elegant Tinker. Gypsy Lane at the Abilene parade.

There were Horses in attendance there from Creek Side Gypsy Farm, Firecracker Ranch, War Horse Farm, Drums of War farm, Lake Ridge Gypsy Horses. Mark and Sharon Krebsbach, Kay Peterson with her gelding, Shawn Sodren with his stallion, Julie Knutson with a mare, Karen, and Vintage with their Gypsy Horses, The Haughty Horse, and several other farms. I think this was maybe the largest showing of Gypsy Horses the MN Horse Expo has seen over the years. Some were riding their horses (Western and English), others long line driving, some walked their horses in-hand. The crowd was very pleased with the beautiful horses, so many sizes, colors and disciplines to see at one time.

Our little mare Loonagh was viewed on TV as the news media was there and they panned the road and stopped to show this little mare with her hair almost to her knees, standing out on the side of the road meeting her fans having her picture taken. The horses were a great crowd pleaser all three days. Pam Barthel, www.creeksidegypsy. com Region Four Abilene, TX, held its annual Western Heritage Parade, participating were youth Joie Morris and Lake Ridge Kachina, MS Twilight with youth Rily Morris and Gary Niesen, Lake Ridge Thunder Bay and Sue Niesen. Sue Niesen, Submitted by Jan Easter


Gypsy Vanner Horse Society

Recently in an issue of the GVHS Newsletter, The Vanner Banner, I was reminded by the featured story of a Vanner trait I have come to truly embrace. The Gypsy Vanner Horse has an above average interest in the humans in their lives. Indeed over my 15 years of experience with these horses I have had many â&#x20AC;&#x153;ah-haâ&#x20AC;? moments involving Vanners connecting with people in special ways. I want to thank our GVHS members at Grey Ghost Gypsy Vanner Horses at Oakdancer Farm on St. Helena Island, SC for sharing one of their special stories. Seems six-year old Caroline Pattersonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s biggest dream was to ride a horse, and thanks to Magic of Grey Ghost her dreams came true. She talked her folks into visiting the farm where she got to see Magic get a bath and grooming. Caroline was given a horseshoe as a memento of her visit and came back the following day for her ride. When asked how was the ride her answer was immediate, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Awesome!â&#x20AC;? This story brought a smile for several reasons, one of course is Carolineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s joy. Another is that the name â&#x20AC;&#x153;Magicâ&#x20AC;? is reoccurring in the Vanner registry, as I am certain each horse holding that name deserves it. There simply is â&#x20AC;&#x153;magicâ&#x20AC;? with the Vanner Breed. Now donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t mistake this - not fairytales and imagination - oh no - but rather inexplicable

interactions that result in less stress, good feelings, a surge of joy, etc. I know having loved all horses all my life that all horses have this to a degree. However, the Vanner has it in abundance. I know the Vanner has changed the whole course of my life; making me a rather transient soul after acquiring my ďŹ rst two Vanners I have moved frequently becoming more like a gypsy myself. My horses and Magic and her owner Debbie Noonan giving Caroline Patterson a ride. I have for the time being settled at a quiet and higher intelligence in the Vanner peaceful spot that my gives them the ability to provide landlady assures me we an added level of support and have because of these understanding to the friendships incredible horses. Every it forms with humans. As an time she says this I smile, educator I have great hope that magic? Anyway, this quithe Gypsy Vanner Horse will et piece of earth adjoins Caroline Patterson and Magic. become a leader in the ďŹ eld of a beautiful new Quarter equine therapy and assisted learnHorse breeding farm. Its ing. Thanks again to Debbie at Grey Ghost owner has become a wonderful friend and Gypsy Vanner Horses for reminding me made my transition here pleasant. His horsof the magic! Wherever my Vanners and es are incredibly beautiful and treasured old I have called home we have extended an lines of the Quarter Horse breed. I have on a invitation to experience this special horse to couple of occasions helped him load mares help heal and provide smiles and fun. We and foals to make vet visits. This is all a part are continuing to do that in Louisiana. I am of the horse business and managing herds. certain many Vanner farms are discovering Yet, with the Vanners it is different. While that not only are their Vanners tremendously we corral and corner the QH moms and talented versatile performance horses, but babies or trick with grain to tease them into they are also a rare, truly unique, and once compliance, I follow my friendâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s directions in a lifetime storybook friend! Magic? We and we get the job done. As his truck and think so! trailer pull away I remember loading my ďŹ rst Be sure and visit our website at www. Vanner mare and her three month old foal to ďŹ nd show and event dates to attend a local fair; mom and baby walked where our members and their Vanners will up on the trailer as if they expected to be be out and about. As always, we invite any going on a Sunday afternoon drive. Magic? and all that are interested to, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Come and This is the norm rather than a rare incident share the dream with us!â&#x20AC;? for the Vanners. Submitted by Joyce M. Christian The quiet, gentle nature and deďŹ nite

More Than Just A Stable...

Â&#x2013;Â&#x203A;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2021;ǤÂ&#x2021;Â&#x192;Â&#x2014;Â&#x2013;Â&#x203A;ǤÂ&#x201D;Â&#x192;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2022;Â?Â&#x192;Â?Â&#x2022;Â&#x160;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2019;ǤÂ&#x2014;Â&#x192;Â&#x17D;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2013;Â&#x203A;Ǥ Â&#x2014;Â?Â&#x2026;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2018;Â?Ǥ Â&#x2021;Â&#x2021;Â&#x2039;Â&#x2013;Â?Â&#x2021;Â&#x201D; Â&#x2021;Â&#x2021;̡ Â&#x192;Â&#x201D;Â?Â&#x2021;Â&#x201D;Â&#x2018;Â&#x203A;Â&#x2030;ǤÂ&#x2026;Â&#x2018;Â?

(800) 845-3374

July 2011, Equine Journal, 229


New Hampshire Hunter Jumper Association NHHJA hosted its season opener at the Cheshire fairgrounds in Swanzey, NH the weekend of May 13-15. Mother nature was kind and held off until Sunday afternoon with the rain, making for some damp afternoon classes and a deluge for the ride home. Overall, the turn out was very good with the economy the way it is. It was great to see some new faces, along with so many old ones. It’s always fun to see new horse/

rider combinations or riders moving up to a new division. It was a fabulous start to the 2011 season! Mark Frohm and Amy Eidson officiated while Melissa Barden took over as course designer. The show was run in the usual NHHJA style with great organization and prizes along with a Saturday night buffet to enjoy during the jumper classes. The highlight of the jumper evening was the triple bar contest between Sarah Cheever and Austin Stahl. The duo dueled it out until Atlas, Austin’s horse prevailed.

A few hunter highlights from the indoor included Strictly Chocolate, special hunter champion; owned by Jane Smith and ridden by Chelise Storace, Baby green Champion Do Tell, owned and ridden by Jesse Fortier and Cassanova, children’s hunter champion, owned and ridden by Nicole Couture. A complete list of the point standings should be on the website. Great job to all the winners from both rings! Check the web for other shows that may be hosting the NH medal classes to qualify. Remember, all contestants must be members of NHHJA in order to compete. Best of luck to all this season! Submitted by Jodi Fortier

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Berks Equine Council New Mix Year Six Berks Equine Council to Host Sixth Annual Horse Show & Country Fair August 20-21, 2011, the Berks Equine Council (BEC) will be hosting its Sixth Annual Horse Show and Country Fair, held at the Berks County 4-H Community Show Grounds in Leesport, Berks County, Pennsylvania. This year’s show will introduce the following new features: more Professional and Beginner Hunter and Equitation Divisions, Open English and Western Classes on Saturday afternoon, and a Pony Jumper Division, all on a new weekend in August surrounded by a Country Fair atmosphere which is open free to the public. The Sixth Annual Show will continue to offer EPPHA points, Marshall & Sterling League Qualifying Classes, the Pony Prix, Open Speed, Puissance and Mini Prix, all exciting additions made possible as this show has 230, Equine Journal, July 2011

grown over the years. This year’s Mini Prix will be run at 1.30 meters, the Open Speed continues at 1.15 meters while the Puissance, a welcome addition to the Show last year, will begin again at 1.20-1.30 meters. The Puissance was a success last year and is sure to captivate audiences of all ages again this year! The show will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. in both rings on Saturday and Sunday. The Hunter Ring will host divisions ranging from Short Stirrup Equitation and Short Stirrup Hunters to Modified, Pre-Green, Low, Children’s and Adult Amateur Hunters and Marshall & Sterling League Qualifying Hunter Classics and Medals. The new Open English and Western Equitation and Pleasure classes will also take place in the Hunter Ring on Saturday afternoon. The Jumper Ring will host its annual Mini, Hopeful, Schooling and Training Jumper Divisions, along with a new Pony Jumper division on Saturday and the Marshall & Sterling Jumper Classics, $1,250 Open Speed, $500 Pony Prix, $1,000 Puissance and the $5,000 Mini Prix on Sunday In total, this year’s Show will offer seven Marshall & Sterling League qualifying classes. Riders who are members of the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the Professional Horsemen’s Association (EPPHA) will also have the opportunity to earn points for EPPHA in various Divisions. Concessions will be available on the grounds, offering an array of country fairtype foods and beverages. There will also

2010 Hidden Pearl Farm Puissance Champion, Michael Walton, riding Vodka

be a vendor area on site, offering anything from specialty coffee to highend jewelry and clothing. For spectators, while there are bleachers available, you are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and/or blankets to sit on, as the show grounds feature plenty of lawn space around each ring. In its sixth year hosting this show, the BEC is fortunate to have enormous support from Berks County, evident not only in sponsorships but in the expertise of Course Designers, Judges, Ring Crew, Vendors and Exhibitors. Hoof Print Images will join us again this year as show photographer, and their trailer will be on-site for photo viewing and ordering. The Hitching Post of Leesport, PA, located just under two miles from the

Industry Wide show grounds, will be hosting a Sponsors’ and Exhibitors’ Party on Saturday night, August 20 to get everyone excited for Sunday’s main event! Exhibitors’ tickets will be available at the show on Saturday. The Show’s administration is comprised of Show Manager Gretchen Ober and other Executive Committee Members Sue Cahill, Jennifer Wilson, Elizabeth Clark and Mary Palmer, along with Show Secretary Lita Pace. This administration is joined by other Berks County equine professionals assisting in the planning and running of this year’s show, without whom such a revamped Show would not be possible, namely: Nicole Menges-Koonce, Alexandra Minehart, Andrea Gotwals, Amy Garber, Madelyn Fudeman, Lew Hill, Ed Trexler, Courtney Stacherski, Lindsay Kehl, Judy Reggio, Megan Davey, Carolyn Kaufman, Lee Miller, Rosemary Smetzer, Mark Herwig, Kathryn Rausch, Hannah Kreider, Deborah Radwanski, Leslie Stevenson, among many, many others. The BEC Fundraising Committee, comprised of Alexandra Goodman, Yvonne Oppenheimer, Deborah Radwanski, Kerri Cassel and Bonnie Gruber, introduce new sponsors to the Berks Equine Council Horse Show each year, are highly instrumental and are truly the backbone of the horse show. If you are interested in being a Sponsor or advertising in the Show Program, please contact Alexandra Goodman at For more information about the show, please go to the calendar of the Berks Equine Council website at or email Berks Equine Council Sixth Annual Horse Show & Country Fair, August 20-21, 2011 1238 County Welfare Road, Leesport, PA 19533 Submitted by Gretchen Ober, Show Manager , 484-955-2574

Southern New England Horsemen’s Association The Southern New England Horsemen’s Association held our first show on May 1 at the Woodstock Fairgrounds, Woodstock, CT. The weather was ideal, and we had a good turnout. Bill Ritchie was in the main ring, and Ed Golembeski judged trail. At this show we offered the NEHC Medal classes. We ran the Adult Western but had insufficient entries in Junior Western and Saddle Seat. We will offer these classes again later in the year. The mini division continues to grow. The club thanks all the mini exhibitors who are supporting their classes. SNEHA’s second show was on May 8 at Falls Creek Farm, Oneco, CT. Our ring judge was Gary Keefe who filled in for our scheduled judge who had a family emergency. Melanie Morrison handled the trail ring. The night before the show exhibitors held a potluck aisle party. On show day we had a strawberry shortcake sale. Because it was Mother’s Day, all mothers of exhibitors or mothers who were exhibiting received free shortcake. Again we had a good number of exhibitors. For more information about the club visit our website, Submitted by Cynthia Bowen


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at Bruni’s Marketplace 32 Essex Road Ipswich, MA 01938

Mon 11-5, Tues & Wed 10-6 Thursday 11-7 Friday & Saturday 10-5, Sunday 12-5 July 2011, Equine Journal, 231

New England Miniature Horse Society First Show Results The New England Miniature Horse Society held its first show of the season on May 15 at Camp Marshall in Spencer MA. Despite less than ideal weather, 42 horses from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, New York and Pennsylvania competed for points and prizes. Driving and other performance classes were popular, as were youth classes, with two entries age seven and under. Everyone was treated to pizza at lunch and sounds like all had a great time!

Photos: Steve Hopkins Photography, 2011

Miniature Horse

Stephanie Himlin’s son Michael showed in a Youth Class and also drove with his mother in a driving class.

Results are as follows: High Point Halter Horse and Open Supreme Champion: De Chevals Windsong of the Night, owned by Roger Slobody, MA High Point Performance: Austin Good with multiple horses M I N I AT U RE H O R SE S owned by Julie Proudly Offers For Sale Good, PA High Point Youth: Alex Briggs, 2008 AMHA/AMHR Gelding NY Trained to Drive High Point $2,000 Amateur Level 1: Stephanie Himlin, NY High Point Amateur Level 2: Kristina Slobody, MA 2005 AMHA/AMHR Mare Amateur Trained to Drive Supreme Halter $2,500 Horse: SRF Perfection, Kristina Slobody, MA Over 30 Quality Double Registered High Point Miniature Horses Available for Purchase Single Pleasure Driving (all Roger T. Slobody classes): Versatility Farms Expect Love, West Brookfield, MA ✦ 508-867-9337 Julie Good, PA High Point Country Pleasure

Ashley Hoffman-Schabacker showed ASW Summer Moonlight Miracle in one of the youth classes.

Sawmill River Farm

SRF Intrepid

SRF Jubilation

Visitors welcome!

232, Equine Journal, July 2011

Winner of the High Point Performance Award was Austin Good, son of Julie Good of Azariah Miniatures in Pennsylvania.

Driving (all classes): Aloha Acres Adairs Hot Shot, Bailey Chalut, RI High Point Classic Pleasure Driving (all classes): SRF Dreamcatcher, Kristina Slobody, MA High Point Novice Adult: Michelle Crandall, RI High Point Novice Youth: Sarah Brown, RI Congratulations to all! Check out the Club website for news, meetings, photos, and for contact information. Please send news (e.g. new foals) and photos for the Equine Journal and/or the website to Mary Adams, 247 North Stone Street, West Suffield, CT 06093 860-370-9035 or Submitted by Mary Adams

Miniature Horse

World Class Miniature Horse Registry Greetings, The 2011 WCMHR World Championship Miniature Horse Show will be held on October 6-7, 2011, during

the State Fair of Virginia, at the Meadow Event Park, where the famous “Secretariat” was foaled, in Doswell, VA (I-95 exit 98 near Kings Dominion Amusement Park). Entry Fees will benefit The Varina Rising Stars 4-H Club in Richmond, VA who will manage the show. Any youth who is a member of a 4-H club will receive a free membership and miniature

horse or show pony registration when they send in the applications with their entry forms for this show. As always, there will be lots of exciting classes for adults and youths including halter, performance, and driving. For further details go to www.wcmhr. com. Submitted by Ken Garnett


Equine Journal gives a warm welcome to its new affiliate!

Purebred Morab Horse Association The Morab- Best of Both Worlds Photo: Susan McAdoo

The “Morab” is a compound word to illustrate the blending of two highly cherished and respected breeds: the Morgan and the Arabian.

SAX Gold Dust, Palomino Morab Stallion, Owned by Donna Lassanske, Kentucky,

The breeding of these two particular breeds, the Arabian – the breed from the desert, and the Morgan – the new American breed, is not new. This breeding started during Colonial America during the 1800’s in order to obtain certain characteristics in the horse. Initially, the breeding was to produce a strong, attractive and stylish carriage horse. The Morab was also known for its

trotting abilities exemplified has remained ever since. with the famous, Golddust, The conformation of the foaled in Kentucky in 1855. Morab is that of a refined head Golddust was history’s first with a straight or slightly dished Morab. This Morab matured face with large wide set eyes. to 16 hands and weighed The neck is well muscled joined nearly 1,300 pounds. Never to slopping shoulders of good defeated in the show ring length. Since the Arabian and or on the race track at the the Morgan are missing one trot, Golddust could cover six 14 th ANNUAL PMHA MORAB NATIONALS: miles an hour in a CHAMPIONSHIPS AND FUTURITY flat walk. Racing October 22 & 23, 2011 in 1861, Golddust KENTUCKY HORSE PARK Covered Arena, Lexington, Kentucky defeated Iron Duke in a match race for A Three Breed Show for Purebred Morabs, Morgans & Arabians Class “A” Purebred Morgan and Purebred Arabian/Half-Arabian Divisions $10,000. Main Show Judge Liz Sanchez Albuquerque, NM Sport Horse Judge Carrie Dahmer, Georgetown, KY The breeding USEF Class A, #307744 of Morgans and AHA # 111411010 AHA Region 14 Qualifier Arabians continued, AMHA Morgan Open Competition Program - 2 Star Rating but it wasn’t until Kentucky Association of Fairs and Horse Show, Inc the 1920’s, that FEATURING: AHA SWEEPSTAKES Classes; Breeding/In-Hand & the breed name Performance Classes “Morab” came Sport Horse In-Hand/Performance and Championships for Arabians and into being. William HA/AA Randolph Hearst, Junior Division: Western, Hunter, Saddleseat, Showmanship and Championship Classes of California, had Expanded 10 & Under Classes - Select Arabian/HA/AA; 17 & Under Arabian a quest for a horse Classes capable of enduring Morab Sport Horse, Performance, Futurity, Breeding/In-Hand & Championships tough terrain and Arabian, Morgan Performance Classes & Championships strenuous ranch Adult Amateur W/T, Adult Equitation, Horsemanship, Fun classes and work. He bred his Liberty Trail classes and M ORE! Arabian stallions Expanded TBA Classes for Arabian, Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian and Morgan to Morgan mares to create a wellKentucky Arabian Half Arabian Breeders Association Featuring: HI POINT Classes for 2011 suited horse for his & Purebred Arabian Halter foaled 2009 and after & Half Arabian and Anglo Arabian Halter foaled 2009 and after California ranch. ‘Morab’ was Mr Sponsored by the Purebred Morab Horse Association,sm Inc. Hearst’s term for this particular breeding 270.358.8727 or 270.735.5331 combination and it July 2011, Equine Journal, 233

Photo: Julie Siegel

Photo: Julie Siegel

Photo: Julie Siegel


Star Fire and El Serniga, half brothers greeting each other

El Serniga, Morab Gelding Donna Lassanske riding El Serniga, Morab Gelding

vertebrae, the Morab’s back is short with close coupling, a full hip and horizontal pelvis with a high tail set. The chest of a Morab is broad, allowing for ample space for heart and lungs which gives the Morab’s capacity for stamina and speed in this compact body. The legs are long with flat bones and large joints. The forearms are to be broad and the cannon bones short. Pasterns are to be of medium length and the hooves broad and round. Historically, the Morab is the ‘Best of Both Worlds’. The Morab’s movement and style is impressive and unique. From the Arabian lineage, the Morab inherits a

classic, free flowing stride, accentuated by the flirtful, flagging tail. From the Morgan lineage, the Morab inherits a high, stylish, extremely powerful and vigorous, natural way of going. The initial breeding of the Morab is called the first generation Morab which is 50% Arabian and 50% Morgan. The intent is to breed first generations to first generations to maintain Morab characteristics. However, it is permitted to breed the first generation Morab back to either a pure Arabian or pure Morgan for a 75%/25% mix of foundation breed heritage. The 75%/25% breeding must be bred back to a 50%/50% bred Morab to stay within the breeding percentages for the Morab.

These are the registration requirements for the Purebred Morab Registry ™, the official registry of the Purebred Morab Horse Association, Inc. This blending - THE MORAB - offers the equine world a versatile athlete for a child or adult to pursue equestrian disciplines of dressage, eventing, jumping, endurance, gymkhana, driving, cutting, reining, stock, park and trail endeavors. The Morab makes a great family and 4 –H horse due to its innate affection for people, intelligence and willingness to please which are the principle attributes of the Morab and what makes this breed attractive to a variety of equine enthusiasts. The ‘Gift of Heritage’, the breed of Both Worlds is a breed for the individual who loves the history of the Arabian and the ancestry of the Morgan. Visit our web site for additional information. Submitted by Donna Lassanske


Lippitt Morgan Breeders’ Association In every horse girl’s life there is the horse that started it. But girls grow, mature, priorities change, and those horses left in the barn start looking for a new girl. Our mare, Mikasa Charisma 234, Equine Journal, July 2011

(Lizzie), is just this horse. She’s a steady eddy trail horse, a character, smart but easy, and a great broodmare. Rumor has it she drove as a youngster though we’ve only used her on the trail and for leadline rides for visiting kids. With Emily off to college next year, it’s time for Lizzie to find a new family. She has a few quirks that would make a horse savvy family best for her, though she can be rid-


den by anyone. She’s 14 hands and packed with wonderful old Lippitt bloodlines. She’s had two beautiful fillies on our farm that are both adored by their new owners. We’d love to find her a family or farm that can surround her with horse girls and a pasture mate for company (though she is fine with mares, she prefers the boys). You can see more of Lizzie at newfarm/farm.html. Submitted by Jennifer Robinson

Caitlin Reed, 12, and Horton’s Bay Beauty (aka “Boots”) started their 2011 show season with a bang on May 7, at the Shiloh Saddle Club open show in Hallsville, MO. They took first in their non-stock type halter class; third in 12 and under showmanship; third in nonstock type western pleasure; second in western equitation; second in hunt seat pleasure; and fourth in hunt seat equitation. Boots also won her reining class with another young rider, over Paints and QH in the event! Looking forward to 4-H and open shows all summer long at Ash Royalty Lippitt Morgans, owned by Caitlin’s grandparents, Jane and Gary Myers. Submitted by Jane Myers

Mikasa Charisma

WJD Morgans is pleased to announce the sale of its own WJD Miss Independence (Edgewood Moro Sonofagun x Willow Pond Bellorena), born as her name indicates, on Independence Day, July 4, 2007; sold to Mrs. Judy Richards of Ozark MO. It was impor-

tant to the buyer to have a mount that not only has “fire” and “animation” when and if needed (Ms Richards often rides in the Mark Twain National Forest with bears and mountain lions, not to mention timber rattlesnakes); but at the same time have a mount with a very agreeable disposition, “an amiability and grace,” as one standard states it, so even the inexperienced rider can be found on it, as well as today’s cowboy using it for working cattle, etc. As many will recall, the first Morgan horse, which was owned by a man named Justin Morgan, was used in every facet of farm work, driving, and was raced as well. Such is the “Lippitt Morgan” horse of today, which has the same Morgan type which existed in the late 1700’s, America’s first breed. WJD Morgans deals in Lippitt Morgans only, wishing to preserve and propagate the confirmation and temperament of the original Morgan horse, the “can do” horse; literally found competing in almost every kind of event. This is the horse that can do all things well, and some things better than others. We are expecting three foals this next spring and will/do have stock for sale. Submitted by William J Davis of WJD Morgans, Rolla, MO


Foundation of the Pure Spanish Horse If you want to learn about the P.R.E. Breed, how to show, groom, train, ride, photograph, or simply have fun with them than National Celebration 2011 is a must attend event. It will take place from August 30- September 3 at the South Point Casino and Equestrian Center in Las Vegas, NV. If you plan on attending now is the perfect time to make your discounted hotel reservations by calling 866-791-7626 and let

them know that you are with Celebration of the Pure Spanish Horse. Rooms are inexpensive at only $45 per night during the week and only $85 per night on Friday and Saturday. These great prices are only available if you book before August seventh so book your rooms today. You don’t have to be a Foundation Member to take advantage of this discount! This year there are classes for everyone! All breeds of horses are welcome to many of the riding classes so the fun and good times in Vegas are not limited to just the P.R.E. Breed. You can bring your other horses to compete and your friends who do not have our wonderful breed can ride

share with you and join in on the fun. Available to all breeds of horses Dressage at Celebration Dressage Sport Horse Breeding show at Celebration The Freestyle Challenge (money prizes only available to P.R.E. Horses) Doma Vaquera Alta Escuela Prix Caprilli Working Equitation Available to P.R.E. and IALHA S Horses (P.R.E. Mundial, Cría Caballar or ANCCE papers) Performance classes other than above July 2011, Equine Journal, 235

Photos: Paco Rey


“All the Good Breeders in Spain will be there too” Two days of Open Dressage Classes in Air Conditioned Comfort

Morphology through three years old Available to P.R.E. Horses Only (P.R.E. Mundial, Cría Caballar or ANCCE papers) All classes and Morphology classes above + horses ages four years and older entering morphology classes must be revised. NEW THIS YEAR Mexican Heritage Fiesta Night. Thursday, September 1.

Freestyle Competition with Prize Money!

Headliner is the famous El Puma de Sinaloa who will ride and sing to a live band He has been in over 50 movies and sings ranchero style. There will be dancing and a fun celebration of the P.R.E. Horse and the Mexican Culture. This is a ticketed event and the price of the tickets will be around $20 each. The Horse of The Kings Theater

Saturday, September 3. Now under professional management this updated and enhanced performance will tell the story of King Felipe II and the origin of the Pure Spanish Horse. This is also a ticketed event. The price has not been determined. Come to Celebration 2011 in Las Vegas to see the best of the P.R.E. Breed! Be seen yourself, see all your friends, and meet new ones too! Submitted by Barb Clark

Quarter Horse

Massachusetts Quarter Horse Association MassQHA would like to thank everyone who made our Novice and Open show a success April 16th17. Judge Carolyn Johnson, Show Manager Cindi Adams, Show Secretaries Alice Andrews and Beth Moore, Ring Steward Jackie Hughes, Gatekeeper Marge Tanner, Announcer Matt Wadman, the whole staff at Three County Fairgrounds, and of course all of our exhibitors. Congratulations to the winners of the Versatility Challenge Mackenna Phelps, and Reserve Emily Lavigne. Congratulations to our 2011 MassQHA Novice Show Champions. Novice Youth Brianna McNally, Novice Amateur Michelle Cifuni, Jr. Exhibitor 236, Equine Journal, July 2011

Caitlin Ackerman, Open Adult Sara Forish, Novice Youth W/T Alissa Padgett, Novice Amateur W/T Celeste Lagonick, Open W/T 10 & Under Carly Liquori, Open W/T 11-18 Lyndsey Ouimet, Open W/T 19 & over Linda VanCooper, and 4-H Amanda Putney. Congratulations to our 2011 MassQHA Novice Show Reserve Champions. Novice Youth Caitlin Ackerman, Novice Amateur Maria Carrier, Jr. Exhibitor Mackenna Phelps, Open Adult Danielle Teehan, Novice Youth W/T Carly Liquori, Novice Amateur W/T Linda VanCooper, Open W/T 10 & Under Lauren O’Conner, Open W/T 11-18 Caitlin O’Brien, Open W/T 19 & over Dannie Skog, and 4-H Olivia Zwernemann. Upcoming events For MassQHA: August 20-21: MassQHA Versatility ranch horse clinic being held at Hillside Meadows, Grafton, MA. With Clinician and Judge, Mitchell Leslie, Cookeville, TN. September 10: General member-

ship meeting 6:00p.m. at National Grid Reservoir Woods, 40 Sylvan Rd., Waltham, Ma. This meeting will feature a question and answer session with top Professional Horseman from across the country via conference call. Please submit your questions prior to September 1 to MICHAEL. or 978-4256171. September 17: Our trail ride is back. Star Hill Stables, 11 McIntyre Road, North Oxford, MA, Hodges Village Dam and Greenbriar Recreation Area. Beautiful 180acre farm abuts Hodges Village Dam and Greenbriar Recreation Area. Miles of trails through woods, hayfields, bridges, water crossing, and old railroad bed. Great for galloping. One hour marked loop of easy riding appropriate for beginner. Three hour guided ride, mostly walking with many obstacles. Intermediate best due to distance and obstacles. Remember to check out or web site for more information these and future events, Submitted by Toni Gregoire

Quarter Pony

Quarter Pony Association There’s a lot of horse, in a little Quarter Pony. History seems to have its pony tales. Many of those are about magical and life altering experiences with a special beloved pony. Others may be an occasional adverse story about the ornery little pony that got away with too much. It seems that in many cases, those “nasty little stinker” type traits are human taught, poor breeding, or simply uneducated horse folk retelling a tale. Granted, there may be some less desirables out there, and perhaps it’s all a matter of opinion, however it seems that the majority of folks really don’t know what a Quarter Pony is. The QP can come as a pleasing surprise to those just learning about them as an equine breed. The Quarter Pony Association is just the place to become acquainted with these smaller horses. They’re not just your average pony, but instead are so much more. They are a horse, but simply in a smaller size. I’d definitely rate the QP in the top horse and pony leagues. Do the research, test the facts. Get to know the Quarter Pony – a breed that speaks volumes of goodness. So what’s that saying? Try it, you’ll like it! Quarter Ponies are indeed awesome! Wondering if your horse is a QP? If you have a small horse, with Quarter Horse type traits, please feel welcome to contact the QPA to find an inspector in your area. The QPA website is a good resource. Qualified horses may be registered through Affiliates of the QPA. Anyone interested in the QP as a breed,

or helping with such promotion, may become members of the Quarter Pony Association. Volunteers welcomed. Committee and chat groups can be accessed via the QPA website. Stop by, take a look. Members may sign up, if a group suits you. Also, you’re encouraged to check out other areas of the website. See whats going on, get involved. Help us promote the Quarter Pony. Thank you, all who offer your time and services to the Quarter Pony Association. It’s folks like you that give the Quarter Pony and chance to be known. These little horses deserve to be recognized. Just a reminder that Quarter Pony Association memberships must be renewed so as not to miss out on this seasons show points. Microchipping - To do, or not to do? Lately, there seems to be a lot of discussion on the subject of microchipping equines. The topic has found its way to the QPA Board, who have shared some thoughts about the matter. Mandating remains a legislative issue, though debates rise outside legislation. It all seems to come down to individual rights, toward personal preference. Quarter Pony stallion listings may be found on the The International Quarter Pony Association website. The IQPA is an affiliate of the QPA. Please feel welcome to check out their website, for this and other information about the pony registry. There are many cornerstone stallions and mares that contribute to the Quarter Pony, as a breed. So who is the superstar of your breeding program? Quarter Pony Association Members, please submit information to QPA publishing, for print in the Equine Journal, Quarter Pony newsletter. It’s time for a little show and tell. Human Membership Quarter Pony Association P.O. Box 104 ~ Cambridge Springs, PA 16403 E-mail:

Horse Registration (QPA Affiliate) International Quarter Pony Association P.O. Box 230 ~ Lyles, TN 37098 Website: E-mail: The QPA manages all membership services that pertain to the owner/human aspects. The IQPA (its affiliate) takes care of horse registrations. The two may be easily confused. For groups considering becoming an affiliate of the Quarter Pony Association, please contact the QPA Board for discussion. Hopefully we can work together, with a common goal, in promoting this small horse breed. Quarter Pony journeys are an opportunity to share about your ponies, what you’re doing, and how you are doing it. Perhaps you’d be willing to tell about a special pony that may have affected who you’ve become. Quarter Pony Association members; please submit stories and photos to QPA publishing, for print in the Equine Journal, Quarter Pony Association newsletter. Efforts will be made to publish as many, as possible. Please speak up and share. It will be fun to read stories about your QP journeys. Thanks are extended to the Equine Journal, for allowing the Quarter Pony Association and its affiliate the International Quarter Pony Association, to share the news. All submissions for consideration in QPA Newsletters, become property of the Quarter Pony Association and no compensation, for use, shall apply. Submissions may be sent to Submitted by Nicki Stephens, QPA Publicist

July 2011, Equine Journal Affiliation Coupons, 237

affiliation coupons American Drum Horse Association American Friesian Association Arabian Horse Association of Maine Arabian Horse Association of Massachusetts Arabian Horse Association of New England Berks Equine Council Black Swamp Driving Club Blackstone Valley Dressage & Combined Training Assoc. Connecticut Quarter Horse Association Equus Survival Trust Flatlanders Dressage & Combined Training Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse Friends of Sound Horses, Inc. Granite State Appaloosa Association Gypsy Cob & Drum Horse Association Gypsy Horse Association Gypsy Horse Registry of America Gypsy Vanner Horse Society

all breed / all discipline

Lippitt Morgan Breeders’ Association Maine Morgan Horse Club Massachusetts Quarter Horse Association New England Miniature Horse Society New England Region/Carriage Association of America New Hampshire Horse Council New Hampshire Hunter Jumper Association Northeast Fjord Horse Association Northeast Friesian Horse Club Ohio Arabian & All Breed Trail Society Purebred Morab Horse Association Quarter Pony Association Rhode Island Arabian Horse Association Silver Heels Riding Club Southern New England Horsemen’s Association Vermont Quarter Horse Association World Class Miniature Horse Registry, Inc.

SNEHA Southern New England Horsemen’s Association Offering English, Western, Saddle Seat and Miniature Classes. Youth & Adult Exhibitors!

10 Shows Per Year/ Year-End Awards Thru Sixth Place For more information or to receive a membership form - return this form, call or email:

Karen Sapia, 57 Lathrop Rd., Uncasville, CT 06382 Phone: 860-608-7577 • Email: Name: _______________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________ City:___________________State:_____________Zip:_________ Phone:_________________________Email:_________________

all breed / all discipline


Berks Equine Council Membership Application (Please check one)

❑ Junior $10 ❑ Individual $15 ❑ Family $30 ❑ Business/Farm $75 ❑ Friend of BEC donation _____ Name: ______________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________ Phone: ______________________________________________________________ Email: _______________________________________________________________ Family Membership, list members: __________________________________________ Breed/Interests: _______________________________________________________ Farm/Business Membership Farm/Business Name: ___________________________________________________ Business Address: ______________________________________________________ Phone: ______________________________________________________________ Email: _______________________________________________________________ Website: _____________________________________________________________ Signature: _________________________________________ Date: _____________ Your signature gives us permission to send you the E-newsletter and occasional emails that are part of your membership package. Mail completed form with check made payable to: Berks Equine Council, and mail to: P.O. Box 6085, Wyomissing, PA 19610

Name ______________________________________________________________________________ Address __________________________________________________________ City_________________________________State _____ Zip__________ Email________________________ Phone ( )_______________________ Annual Dues: Family: Individual: Youth:

$30 ____________ $25 ____________ $20 ____________

Lifetime: $250 __________

NAMES List all in family: Name, DOB, ApHC# ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________

See website to nominate youth, N/P, or horses for year end points. Make checks payable to GSAA, enclose all paperwork & mail to:

Julie Dolder, 796 Meredith Center Rd., Laconia, NH 03246

arabians Silver Heels Riding Club

Arabian Horse Association, Inc. of Maine Application for Membership New Member ______ Renewal ______ Membership Year ______

Name:_____________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________ Phone:___________________________Email:____________________ Youth Name:______________________ DOB: ____________________ Family - $30.00 Single - (18 or over) $25.00

Junior - $20.00

Lifetime - $200.00

Membership includes a one year subscription to the Equine Journal. All memberships expire on Dec. 31.

Mail form and check payable to: Silver Heels Riding Club, Sheri Paplaskas, 6 Meadow Fox Lane, Chester, NH 03036 Note: to qualify for year-end points, both exhibitor and owner/leasee of equine must be a member of SHRC. 238, Equine Journal Affiliation Coupons, July 2011

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP (Belonging to AHAME Only) 1. Individual Associate Membership 2. Family Associate Membership (includes children under 18) 3. Junior Associate Membership (under 18)

$25 $40 $17

FULL MEMBERSHIP (Voting rights in IAHA, Region 16 and AHAME) 4. Full Individual Membership $55 5. Full Family Membership $105 6. Full Junior Membership (under 18) $30

Please Note: Due to IAHA rules, full members MUST submit the date when you first became a member of IAHA in order to renew your Full Membership. Date: ________________________ If you are submitting a Junior Membership, please check here ______ Name _____________________________________ Date of Birth (required) _______________ Address ______________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip Code_____________________________________________________________ Social Security # ________________________________ Telephone ______________________ Please send this Application for Membership, along with your check made out to AHAME, to: Laurie Emery, 222 River Road, Madison, ME 04950

arabians Membership Application

Arabian Horse Association of MASSACHUSETTS Name_______________________________________Date ____________________ Address _____________________________________________________________ City_____________________________________State________Zip______________ Email _____________________________Phone_____________________________ Membership Fees: __$15 Junior __$40 Jr w/IAHA __$20 Individual __$80 Ind. w/IAHA __$30 Family (No IAHA) __$10 IAHA Late Fee after Dec. 15th __$10 per horse Year End Awards

__/__/__ Date of birth ( Jr.) ____-____-______ Soc. Security# Adult ______________________Junior Name(s) ______________________ Horse Name(s)

Arabian Horse Association of New England Name: _____________________________Phone: ____________________ Address: ______________________________________________________ City: _________________________State: _____________Zip: __________

Mary Kay Newton Ash Lane Farm, P.O. Box 192 New Braintree, MA 01531 Membership has increased to reflect an increase in membership from AHA.

American Drum Horse Association ~ Ride To The Beat Of A Different Drum ~ ADHA Membership Application Name: _______________________________________ Phone: ___________________________ Farm: _______________________________________ Fax: ____________________________ Address: _____________________________________ Email: ___________________________ _____________________________________________ Website: __________________________ Membership categories (please check one): Annual Individual Membership (1 vote) Annual Family Membership (2 votes) Lifetime Individual Membership (1 vote) Lifetime Family Membership (2 votes) Annual Junior Membership (under age 18, Non-voting)

____$ 65.00 Renewal? ____$100.00 Renewal? ____$500.00 ____$750.00 ____$ 25.00 Renewal?

Yes / No Yes / No

Yes / No

Would you like to be included in our published Members/Breeders list? Yes / No Please make check to: ADHA ___________Total Amount Enclosed

American Drum Horse Association

Make checks payable to: A.H.A.M. Mail to: 5A Farm Street, Blackstone, MA 01504 Memberships include a subscription to the Equine Journal

Send form and check payable to AHANE to:

breed specific

DOB: _______________SS#: _______________Email: ________________ New: ______ Renewing:______ AHA#: _______________________ Member Since: __________________ ____ $80.00 AHA Adult with Competition Card (AHA membership, Competition Card, AHA excess personal liability insurance)

____ $75.00 AHA Senior with Competition Card (AHA membership, Competition Card, AHA excess personal liability insurance) (60 years by 12/31/09)

____ $65.00 AHA Youth with Competition Card (Under 18 years by 12/31/09)

____ $25.00 AHANE Individual Membership

You may also join AHANE online via the AHA website:

Membership Application RIAHA Affiliate Members: expires the following year on the last day of the month in which you joined. Adult: Includes one membership in RIAHA and AHA. _____ Basic Dues $40.00 _____ Competition Card $35.00

Youth: Includes one membership in RIAHA and AHA. _____ Basic Dues $30.00 _____ Competition Card $25.00

Name: _____________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________ City:_____________________________ State:______ Zip Code:___________ E-mail: ___________________________________________________________ SS#: _____________________________ Main Phone: ______________________ Youth DOB:______________________ Alternative Phone: ___________________ AHA#: _____________________________________________________________ Renewal or New Membership (Please circle one)

Any Questions: E-mail: or call (860)928-5580 Make Checks Payable to: RIAHA Mail to: Karen Richmond, 246 Freedley Rd., Pomfret Center, CT 06259-1205

33822 Bluff Dr., Coarsegold, CA 93614 • 559-676-7990

The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse Invites You to Join Our Family! Name: ________________________________________________________________ Breeder/Owner Codigo if known or if applicable _______ Do you own? ( ) Stallion ( ) Mare ( ) Gelding Birth Date (optional):_______________ Farm/Ranch: ______________________________ Billing & Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________ City: ______________________________ Zip:_______________ State: _____________ Website: _______________________________________________________________ Phone: ____________________________ Fax: ________________________________ Cell: ___________________________ Email: ________________________________

Passage Club - $12/Month See other benefit levels available at Please make checks payable and send to: The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse 4001 Juan Tabo NE, Ste. D, Alburquerque, NM 87111 Questions about membership? See or call us at (505) 294-0800 or email

Northeast Fjord Horse Association “Promoting and Enjoying the Norwegian Fjord Horse”

NAME: ______________________________________________________________ FARM NAME: _____________________________ PHONE: ___________________ ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________ CITY, STATE, ZIP: ______________________________________________________ E-MAIL: _______________________________ # OF FJORD HORSES: ___________

PJunior Membership – $15.00 PSingle Membership (1 vote) – $30.00 PFamily/Farm Membership (2 votes) – $40.00 MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Northeast Fjord Horse Association MAIL NEW MEMBER APPLICATIONS AND DUES TO:

Rita Maccini, 152 Frank Williams Rd, Shelburne, MA 01370 July 2011, Equine Journal Affiliation Coupons, 239

breed specific

distance riding

Membership Application First Name: ______________________ Last Name: ______________________ Address: _________________________ _________________________________ City:_____________________________ State: _________ Zip: ______________ HomePhone :______________________ Email: ___________________________ Member Type: (__) Individual $30 (__) Family

$45 (__) Corporate

(__) Club

$50 (__) Youth under 18 $15


Renewal #: ____________________

Reg. Prefix: ______________________ Farm Name:______________________ Club N ame: ______________________ Corp N ame: ______________________ Website URL: ____________________ Under 18-Age: ___________________

Please make check payable to: PMHA Mail to: Donna Lassanske, P.O. Box 203, Hodgenville, KY 42748

OAATS MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION FORM Name _____________________________ AHA # (If applicable) _____________ Address ____________________________________________________________ City _______________________________ State ________ Zip _______________ Phone number _______________________ Email __________________________ ❑ New Member ❑ Renewal Member Membership runs from January 1st of any given year to December 31st of the same year. Membership and Horse registration must be current for any competitions and/or recreational riding hours to be considered for all programs.

❑ Full OAATS & AHA Member - Adult ($80) ❑ Full OAATS & AHA Member - Youth ($65) ❑ Associate OAATS Member - Adult ($30) ❑ Associate OAATS Family - Adults ($50) ❑ Associate OAATS Membership - Youth ($25)

CURRENT AND/OR NEW HORSE REGISTRATION FEES New Horse Recording $15 Renewal Horse Recording $10 One-Time Recreational Riding Enrollment Fee $25

Horse Name ________________________ Breed _____ Age ____ Sex ______ Barn Name ______________________ Check One: ❑ New $15 ❑ Renewal $10 ❑ Rec Riding $25 Please make all checks payable to OAATS and send to:

OAATS, Inc., PO Box 231, Rising Sun, OH 43457 Please check the website for forms, schedules, program rules, news, and updates throughout the year!

Membership Year Runs January 1, 2011 - December 31, 2011




❑ Junior (17 & Under) ..... $15 ❑ Single Lifetime ........... $100

❑ Single (Adult) .................. $25 ❑ Family/Farm Lifetime ..... $150

❑ Family/Farm .... $30

Sr. Name: _________________________ Sr. Name: _______________________________ Youth Name: ____________ DOB: ________ Youth Name:_____________ DOB: _______ Youth Name: ____________ DOB: ________ Please list additional family members on separate sheet Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________ City: _______________________________ State: ______________ Zip: ________________ Phone: _____________________ email: ___________________________________________

I hereby make application for membership/renewal in the Quarter Pony Association and agree to abide by the rules of QPA and/or the decisions of the Board of Directors.

Signature: ______________________________________ Dated: __________________

A note about points: Both the exhibitor and the owner of the pony must be QPA members for year end award points to count.

MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO QPA & MAIL TO: Quarter Pony Association • P.O. Box 297 • Leon, KS 67074

Blackstone Valley Dressage & Combined Training Assoc. BVDCTA Membership Application Membership Fees:

Juniors Members (under 18) $25.00 Adult Members (over 18) $30.00 Family Membership (not to exceed 4 family members) $40.00

Name: ______________________________________________________________ (Include All Names if Family Membership)

Street Address: _______________________________________________________ City, State, Zip Code: __________________________________________________ Email Address: _______________________________________________________ Phone Number: ______________________________________________________ If you are interested in volunteering, please check the form below, we will contact you I am interested in helping out, please contact me by ❑ Email or ❑ Phone Make checks payable to: Blackstone Valley Dressage & Combined Training Association, 87 Purgatory Road, Sutton, MA 01590

conservation organization

For more information, contact:

Equus Survival Trust


Working Together to Save Endangered Equines

Dressage & Combined Training Association

Yes! I want to support the conservation work of the Trust. Name:___________________________________________________

Join Us!

Address: _________________________________________________ Phone:_________________ email: ___________________________ Annual Dues: ___$30 Individual __ $45 Family ___ $15 Junior ___ $50 Bronze Supporter ___ $100 Silver Supporter ___ $500 Gold Supporter ___ $1,000 Platinum Supporter 775 Flippin Road, LowGap, North Carolina 27024

(336) 352-5520 • 240, Equine Journal Affiliation Coupons, July 2011

Contact: Pat Boutwell 18380 TR 51 Bluffton, OH 45817

Phone: 419-231-4688

Annual Membership fee: $36 Family membership fee: $36 + $10 additional fee per family member Visit our website or contact Pat Boutwell to receive a complete membership form.



Membership Application Name________________________________________________________ Address______________________________________________________ E-mail Address _______________________________________________ City____________________________State______ZIP_______________ Phone _______________________________________________________ Type of horse driven____________________________________________ Type of vehicles driven__________________________________________ Membership ( ) $25.00 Names of family members_______________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Make check payable to: Black Swamp Driving Club Send completed application to: Jacqueline Minges, Treasurer BSDC, 9048 Summerfield Rd, Temperance, MI 48182 Phone: 734-856-6122 Email:

American Friesian Association Please print clearly. Send this completed form and fees to:

American Friesian Association, Route 2, Box 60, Nahunta, GA 31553 • (912) 462-6330 Farm/Company:_______________________________________________________________ Your Name:__________________________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________ City/State: ______________Zip:___________ Phone: _________________________________ Fax:_________________________________ Email:_________________________________Website:_______________________________ Memberships run from January 1st through December 31st • Fee Schedule: All fees are given in US Dollars { } Individual: $40 All households must have an individual or family membership. { } Family: $65

Family memberships available for 2 or more members in a given household (must have same physical address). Please list first and last names of ALL members.

{ } Youth: $15

Youth membership requires one individual membership from an adult residing at the same physical address. To qualify for youth membership individuals must be under the age of 18 on January 1 of the calendar year in which membership is applied for.

{ } Lifetime: $250 Individual membership only. TOTAL FEES ENCLOSED $____________ •

Northeast Friesian Horse Club


Membership Form

NER/CAA Annual Dues: $20.00/Family or Individual

The Northeast Friesian Horse Horse Club invites you to join our club formed because of our mutual admiration of the Friesian Horse. We are an official chapter of The Friesian Horse Association of North American (FHANA) & are organized under their rules & regulations.

Name: __________________________________________________________

Name: ________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

City: ______________________State:_________________Zip: ____________

Telephone: ____________________________________________________

Telephone: (____) _______________ Email:____________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________

Please make checks payable to NER/CAA and send to: Alan Retter, 35 Flagg Rd., Hollis, NH 03049

Family/Farm Membership: $55.00 • Individual Membership: $45.00 Associate Membership: $35

Phone: 603-465-2720 • Email:

New Hampshire Hunter Jumper Association

❏ Individual $20.00 per year

VICE-PRESIDENT Cynthia McLaughlin 109 Lexington Avenue Manchester, NH 03104 603-625-8392

❏ Adult

SECRETARY Melissa Barden PO Box 31 Dublin, NH 03444

Thank you!

gaited horses

english disciplines PRESIDENT Chelise Storace 38 Frying Pan Road Stratham, NH 03885

Please make your checks payable to NEFHC & mail to: Cathy Zine, 115 Waterford Drive, Hanover, MA 02339, 781-829-2086

TREASURER Kelly Hawkins 23 Cobb Meadow Rd Dublin, NH 03444

❏ Junior (under 18 as of Dec. 1, of previous year)

❏ Individual Life $150.00 (Membership year Oct. 1 - Sept. 30) ❏ Family (2 Riders) $30.00 - Parent(s) & children under 18 (as of Dec. 1, of previous year) ❏ Grande Family (3 or more riders) $40.00 - Parent(s) & children under 18 (as of Dec. 1, of previous year) Name ________________________________________________________________

FRIENDS OF SOUND HORSES, INC. Application for Membership 6614 Clayton Rd. #105, St. Louis, MO 63117 800-651-7993 • ❏ Annual Individual Membership $30 - Includes bi-monthly newsletter “Sound Advocate” and an Educational Packet ❏ Annual Organizational Membership $50 - For your Tennessee Walker club or association. Includes bi-monthly newsletter “Sound Advocate” & an Educational Packet

Additional Donation to help the horses: ❏ $20 ❏ $30 ❏ $40 ❏ $50 ❏ Patron $100 ❏ Benefactor $300 ❏Life $600 All Donations are Tax Deductable Payment by: ❏ Check ❏ Credit Card

CC Number: ______________________________

Exp Date:______________ Authorized Signature: ________________________________________

Street ___________________________City/Town _____________________________ State _______ Zip ____________ Phone ____________________________________

Name: _________________________________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________ City/State/Zip:________________________

Date of Birth(s) for children under 18 _________________________________________

Phone:_______________________ Fax:_____________________ Email: ____________________

Make checks payable to: NHHJA

Breed of Horse(s): ________________________________________________________________

Mail to: Melissa Barden, PO Box 31, Dublin, NH 03444

Where did you hear about FOSH? _____________________________________________________

July 2011, Equine Journal Affiliation Coupons, 241

gypsies The Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association, Inc. Preserving, Protecting & Promoting the Traditional Gypsy Cob Name: ______________________________________________________________ Address:____________________________________________________________ City:_____________________________________ State:_______ Zip:____________ Phone: (

)___________________ E-Mail:_________________________________

Type of Membership: ___________________________________________________

Voting: Single: $75 Family (2 Votes): $125 Lifetime Voting: Single: $500 Family: $750 No Vote: Associate Adult: $40 Associate Family: $60 Junior (Under 18): $30

Mail to: GCDHA • 1812 E. 100 N. • Danville, IN 46122

317-745-6746 E-mail: • Website:

Gypsy Horse Association Membership Application

Name:______________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________ City:_____________________________State:_________Zip: __________ Email: ______________________________________________________ Telephone: __________________________________________________ Farm Name: _________________________________________________ Website: ____________________________________________________ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏

General Membership - One Vote, Subscription to Equine Journal, $75.00 Associate Membership - No Vote, Subscription to Equine Journal, $50.00 Youth Membership - No Vote, $20.00 Founding Lifetime Membership available through Sept. 30, 2008, $525.00 Please see website for mailing information


GYPSY VANNER HORSE SOCIETY Membership categories are as follows (please check one): General Membership (1 vote) ____ $80 Associate Membership (non voting) ____ $50 Lifetime Membership (1 vote) ____ $750 Youth Membership (non voting) ____ $25 Please mail completed form and make checks payable to: ® Gypsy Vanner Horse Society, P.O. Box 65, Waynesfield, OH 45896 Or you can submit your application on our website and pay dues through the GVHS store by using your credit card on paypal.

New Member __________________________________ Renewal ________________________________________ I currently DO DO NOT (circle one) own a registered Gypsy Vanner Horse. Name ____________________________________ Spouse’s Name ________________________________________ Farm Name _______________________________________ Phone ________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Email ________________________________________ Fax ____________________________________ Website ____________________________________________________________________________________________ I have read the history, mission, goals and beliefs of the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society and hereby submit my membership to the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society.

Come share the dream with us! Signature _____________________________________________________________ Date ________________


President: Clinton Jury, Vice President: Victoria Chalut, Secretary: Missy Tansey, Treasurer: Laurie Slobody, NEW ENGLAND MINIATURE HORSE SOCIETY, INC. ENCLOSED IS $35 FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL OR $50 FOR FARM MEMBERSHIP (2 ADULTS & ALL YOUTH) TO NEMHS FOR CALENDAR YEAR _____.

NAME ________ PHONE____________________ FARM NAME ____ MAILING ADDRESS _____ EMAIL ADDRESS _ CITY __________ STATE ZIP____________ JR’S NAME ___________________________________ DATE OF BIRTH _____ JR’S NAME ___________________________________ DATE OF BIRTH ____ MAIL TO: MISSY TANSEY, 87 PURGATORY RD., SUTTON, MA 01590

Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc. Membership Application Please complete form and mail with appropriate fee to address below. Please make checks payable to GHRA.

Name:______________________________________________________________________ Farm Name:__________________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________Phone:____________________ City/State: __________________________________________Zip:______________________ Spouse’s Name: _______________________________________________________________ Fax:_____________________________ Email: ______________________________________


WORLD CLASS MINIATURE HORSE REGISTRY, INC. 12009 Stewartsville Rd., Vinton, VA US 24179

Tel./Fax: (540) 890-0856 Divisions: A-34” & under B over 34”-38” Types of Registration: Open, Qualified & Hardship

Website:____________________________________________________________________ Full name of youth member and birth date, if applicable: ____________________________________

Membership Required (Circle One) Lifetime $500

Regular (Annual voting) $40

Renewal? Yes / No Associate (Annual Non-Voting) $35

Foreign (check this box for voting membership ❒ ) $50 Youth (One time only, under 18 years old) $10 Would you like to be included in a published Breeder’s List? Yes / No

Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc. • 1611 Old Reno Road • Springtown, Texas 76082 Tel/Fax: 817-677-4272 • • A tax-exempt, not-for-profit, educational organization, IRS-501(c)(3)

242, Equine Journal Affiliation Coupons, July 2011

MEMBERSHIP FEE - US Funds Only $32 US $47 Canada $67 Foreign Countries

Name: ___________________________________________________________ Farm Name: ______________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________________________________________ State: ___________________________________________________________ Zip: _____________________________________________________________ Spouse/Partner if included ___________________________________________

quarter horses

Lippitt Morgan Breeders’ Association MEMBERSHIP FORM Please fill in all applicable information: Name: ________________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________



Email:______________________________Website: ____________________________ Farm Name:Registered Farm Prefix:_________________________________________ Registered Lippitt Morgan:AMHA #:______________________Foaled: ______________

Membership Options: Voting Membership $30.00 (Registered Lippitt Morgan Owner) Farm Voting Membership $45.00 (2 Votes; Breeder for 4 years or more) Associate/Non-voting Membership $30.00 Mail to: Anne Millett, 25 Knollwood Dr., E. Longmeadow, MA 01028 FOR MORE INFORMATION, BY-LAWS, EVENTS, ADVERTISING, ETC., VISIT:

Maine Morgan Horse Club, Inc. Membership Form

Dues for January to December: $25 - Family (includes all children 18 & under) $20 - Individual (18 and over) $15 - Junior (under 18 years old) $400 - Life Member Special Memberships: To show your dedication to the Maine Morgan horse and support the activities of the MMHC. These special memberships are published in each newsletter throughout the paid calendar year and on the website. Below are the levels available and include a full family membership. Bulrush - $60 Sherman - $45 Woodbury - $35

Mail this form to: Karen Marlin, 10 Sea Grass Farm, Brunswick, ME 04011 Name:_______________________________________________________________ Spouse:______________________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________________ County:_____________________________________Telephone:__________________ Email Address:__________________________________________________________ Other Family Members (please list date of birth for children under 18 years of age): ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________


City:_______________________________ State: _____________ Zip:_____________


___ Individual $25 ___ Mr. & Mrs. $35 ___ Youth $10 (Aged 18 an under. Must be accompanied by an individual or Mr./Mrs. Membership of a parent or guardian.) Name (Adult Member (s)):__________________________________

___ Family Street: ______________________________________________

Youth, 18 and under, who are joining.) e-mail address:_________________________________________

Youth Name: _________________________ Birth Date: ______ USE ADDITIONAL PAPER IF NECESSARY.

Nancy Moos: 781-536-4119 or

Spouse: ____________________________AQHA # _____ Membership Application

❏ Family $30.00 ❏ Single $20.00 ❏ Youth $10.00 ❏ Lifetime Membership $200.00

Name:_________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________ Tel #: ________________________________Cell #: __________________________ Email: ________________________________________________________________ Youth Name: ________________________________________ D.O.B. ___/___/___ (18 and under) Youth Name: _______________________________________ D.O.B. ___/___/___

Membership includes one year subscription to Equine Journal. Please make checks payable to VQHA and mail to : Lucille Evarts, 3796 Green St, Vergennes, VT 05491 802-233-0567 •

state associations Make a Difference – JOIN TODAY! Membership Types:

Occupation: ___________________________________ Youth: _______________ D.O.B. ______ AQHA # _______ Youth: _______________ D.O.B. ______ AQHA # _______




Two (2) adults in the same household.

[ ] Family



Two (2) adults & youths in the same household.

[ ] Youth*



Address: _____________________________________

Individuals 18 & under, as of January 1st, 2011. *Must be accompanied by a parent/guardian membership.

City: ____________________State: ___ Zip Code:_______

[ ] Lifetime


Trainer/Barn: __________________________________

[ ] Joint Lifetime






Two (2) adults in the same household.




Individuals, 19 & over, as of January 1st, 2011.

Telephone: _______________ E-Mail: ________________



Individuals, 19 & over, as of January 1st, 2011.

[ ] Joint

(No voting privileges; does not qualify as accompanying membership for youth. For other limitations contact membership coordinator.)

Vermont Quarter Horse Association Inc.

Type of Membership Occupation: ___________________________________

___ Associate $20

Make checks payable to: MassQHA MAIL THIS FORM AND PAYMENT TO: Nancy Moos, 1245 Ferry St., Marshfield, MA 02050-1802

For more information contact:

) Renewal Membership ) NEW Membership [ ] Adult

(This is a one time fee, however, if membership lapses in MassQHA this fee must be paid again to resume the Riding Program.)

Youth Name: _________________________ Birth Date: ______

Membership Form

Name:_____________________________AQHA # _____

___ Life (per adult) $200 ___ Riding $25 Program

(for MassQHA use only; will not be shared)

phone number (____) _____-_______ Check here if you want to receive MassQHA Newsletter electronically: ❑ YES or ❑ NO (Newsletter will not be mailed to you.) Youth Name: _________________________ Birth Date: ______

quarter horses ( (


(Voting privileges for each Adult member;

City: ________________________ State: ___ Zip Code: ________ this membership for families with 3 more

CQHA points accumulation will commence with receipt of membership application and dues.


Make checks payable to NHHC, mail to: NHHC, P.O. Box 32, Ctr. Barnstead, N.H. 03225

or join online at July 2011, Equine Journal Affiliation Coupons, 243

Dateline July - August 2011

Camps Mid-Atlantic/Midwest July 07-10 FDCTA Member Camp, www. Sarah Potts. 419-3694989. Findlay. OH.

Northeast July 06-08 Adult & Young Rider Event Camp, Liz Oertel. 603862-0027. Durham. NH. 10-16 Friesian Frolic Girls Camp , www. Sharon Re. 802-3657526. Townsend. VT. 10-23 Pony Farm Summer Camp, www. Boo Martin. 603-654-6308. Temple. NH. 11-13 Horse Fever for Kids: Horsemanship Mini Camp, Dorothy Crosby. 603-446-3685. Stoddard . NH. 11-15 Berkshire Equestrian Center Camp, 413-698-3200 . berkshireequestriancenter@ Richmond. MA. 18-20 Horse Fever for Kids: Horsemanship Mini Camp, Dorothy Crosby. 603-446-3685. Stoddard . NH. 18-22 Berkshire Equestrian Center Camp, 413-698-3200 . berkshireequestriancenter@ Richmond. MA. 18-22 Independence Stable Barn Days, www. Dottie Brittingham . 413-284-0371. independencestable@yahoo. com . Belchertown. MA. 25-29 Horse Fever for Kids: Horsemanship Camp, Dorothy Crosby. 603-446-3685. crosbyequi-librium@ Stoddard . NH. 25-29 Berkshire Equestrian Center Camp, 413-698-3200 . berkshireequestriancenter@ Richmond. MA.

August 01-05 Different Drummer Farm Horsemanship and Equitation camp , www. 603-483-2234. Camdia. NH. 02-06 Adult Driving Camp Week , www. 603-378-0140. Newton. NH. 07-13 Pony Farm Summer Mini Camp, www. Boo Martin. 603-654-6308. Temple. NH.

244, Equine Journal, July 2011

07-20 Pony Farm Summer Camp, www. Boo Martin. 603-654-6308. Temple. NH. 08-12 Horse Fever for Kids: Horsemanship Camp, Dorothy Crosby. 603-446-3685. crosbyequi-librium@ Stoddard . NH. 08-12 Independence Stable Barn Days, www. Dottie Brittingham . 413-284-0371. independencestable@yahoo. com . Belchertown. MA. 09-13 Kids Driving Clinic Week , 603-378-0140. Newton. NH. 10-11 Mount Holyoke IEA Camp, www. Joy Collins. 413-538-2493. S. Hadley. MA. 12-14 Womens Camp, www.friesiansofmajesty. com. Sharon Re. 802-365-7526. information@ Townsend. VT. 14-20 Pony Farm Summer Camp, www. Boo Martin. 603-654-6308. Temple. NH. 15-17 Horse Fever for Kids: Horsemanship Mini Camp, Dorothy Crosby. 603-446-3685. Stoddard . NH. 15-19 Berkshire Equestrian Center Camp, 413-698-3200 . berkshireequestriancenter@ Richmond. MA. 23-27 Adult Driving Camp Week , www. 603-378-0140. Newton. NH. 25-29 Virginia Cattle Ranch Camp, www. 603-225-7024. Joanne@ Pembroke. NH. 26-28 Leather and Lace Ladies Retreat, www. Lori Aichele. 607-898-3808. New Berlin. NY.

Clinics, Seminars, Symposiums Mid-Atlantic/Midwest July 01-03 Brent Graef Clinic, Swanton. OH. 07-10 Parelli Natural Horsemanship Camp, Gina Yarrish. 57075603036. Kingsley. PA. 08-10 Brent Graef Clinic, South Lyon. MI. 11 Getting that Show Ring Look for Rider and Horse, New Castle. IN. 15-17 Buster McLaury Clinic at 7 Springs Farm, Dick McCoy. Lara@7SFarm. com. 908-238-9587. Pittstown. NJ.

15-17 Brent Graef Clinic, Grafton. WI. 30-31 Debbie McDonald Dressage Clinic, Barbara Ries. 248-670-9031. blondmane@ Ortonville. MI.

August 01 Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Go on the Road Without it... Safety Supply Checklist, New Castle. IN. 13-14 Maryal Barnett Clinic, Elizabeth Grainger. 574-251-9694. Lakeville. IN. 15 Getting in Tune with Your Horse Clinic, New Castle. IN. 18-21 OAATS Pleasure Ride, www.OAATS. org. Mollie Krumlaw-Smith. 513-583-5034. Norman. IN. 25-28 Bryan Neubert Clinic at 7 Springs Farm, Dick McCoy. Lara@7SFarm. com. 908-238-9587. Pittstown. NJ.

Northeast July 09-10 Clinic with Robert Costello , www. . Laura Chandra . 617-256-3818. Sherborn. MA. 12-16 Kids Driving Clinic , www.carriage-barn. com. 603-378-0140. Newton. NH. 16 Vermont Quarter Horse Clinic , www.vtqha. com. Lucille Evarts. 802-233-0567. evartsl@ New Haven. VT. 16 Tyrone Farm Cross Country Jumping and Obstacle Clinic, Susan Boone. 860-928-3647. events@tyronefarm. com. Pomfret. CT. 26-30 Kids Driving Clinic , www.carriage-barn. com. 603-378-0140. Newton. NH.

August 13 Tyrone Farm Cross Country Jumping and Obstacle Clinic, Susan Boone. 860-928-3647. events@tyronefarm. com. Pomfret. CT. 13-15 Educated Equestrians 3-Day Intensive at Ladd Farm, Julie Robins. Bridgewater. NH. 27-28 2011 CVDA Kathy Mann Clinic, 802-476-3049. S. Strafford. VT.

Other Locations July 22-24 Brent Graef Clinic, Ames. IA. 23-24 Jan Ebeling Clinic Series, www. Pam Pentz. 425-483-9583 . Woodinville. WA.


29-31 “Photographer of the American West” Photo Workshop, 208726-5191, ext 1. Mackay. ID. 29-31 Brent Graef Clinic, Wakarusa. KS. August 13 Eventing Clinic at Briar Fox Farm, www. 316-775-5512. briarfox@ Augusta. KS. 26-28 “Photographer of the American West” Photo Workshop, 208726-5191, ext 1. Wolf. WY. Southeast August 20 B&M Stables Group Horsemanship Lessons, Michele McLaughlin. 919- 934-1344. Four Oaks. NC.

Dressage & Eventing Mid-Atlantic/Midwest July 02 The Meadow Dressage, www. 609-261-0601 . Mount Holly. NJ. 02 Horse Park Horse Trials, www. Jane Cory. 609-2590170. Allentown. NJ. 02-03 Dressage by the Bay, Week 2, www. Alex Rheinheimer. 561-723-6287. Traverse City. MI. 09 Dressage at Willow Tree I, Karin Bielefeld. 269-470-5007. Bangor. MI. 10 Dressage at Willow Tree II, Karin Bielefeld. 269-470-5007. Bangor. MI. 15-17 Dressage at Lexington, www. Debbie Rodriguez. 757-229-9722. Lexington. VA. 16-17 Dressage at the Park, www. Jane Cory. 609-2590170. Allentown. NJ. 17 FDCTA Schooling Show, www. Sarah Potts. 419-3694989. Findlay. OH. 23 Evergreen Farm Schooling Show, www. 540-955-0529. Berryville. VA. 27-31 North American Junior and Young Rider Championships, 859-2582472. Lexington. KY. 30 VADA/Nova Summer Breed Show I, www. Lori Kaminski . lori_kaminski@ Leesburg. VA. 30-31 HPNJ Horse Trials, www. Jane Cory. 609-2590170. Allentown. NJ. 31 Derbyshire Farms Dressage Show , www. Lucinda Henderson. 269429-7259. Stevensville. MI. 31 VADA/Nova Summer Breed Show II, www. Lori Kaminski . lori_kaminski@ Leesburg. VA.

246, Equine Journal, July 2011

August 06 The Meadow Dressage, www. 609-261-0601 . Mount Holly. NJ. 09 ESDCTA Cross Country Schooling, www. Terri Masters. 609912-9401. Allentown. NJ. 13 Evergreen Farm Schooling Show, www. 540-955-0529. Berryville. VA. 13 Dressage Fest, Mary Johnson. 269-664-4223. Plainwell. MI. 15 Crossroads at QRC Combined Tests, Steph@ Quentin. PA.

Northeast July 02 Hitching Post Farm Schooling Horse Trial, Laurie Hudson. 802-763-8164. South Royalston. VT. 02-03 Schooling Horse Trial, www.gmhainc. org. 802-475-1509. S. Woodstock. VT. 03 Flatlands Equestrian Center Mix & Match Schooling Event, www.Flatlands-Equestrian. com . Rehoboth. MA. 03 King Oak Schooling Dressage and Horse Trials, Fran and Tom Cross. 413-527-4454 . inquiries@kingoakfarm. com. Southampton. MA. 09 CVDA Summer Schooling Show, www.cvda. org. 602-448-1355. centralvtdressageassoc@ Norwich. VT. 10 Oak Rise Farm Dressage/2-Phase Show, 603-656-9730. Goffstown. NH. 10 UNH Summer Horse Trials, www.equine. Liz Oertel. 603-862-0027. liz. Durham. NH. 10 Oak Rise Farm Gaited Dressage Series, 603-656-9730. Goffstown. NH. 10 Pipestave Hill Horse Trials, www.wndrc. com. Kathryn West McLeod. kwest978@ . West Newbury . MA. 15 The Vershire Riding School Schooling Trials, 802-685-2239 . Vershire. VT. 15-17 King Oak Farm Dressage Days, www. Fran and Tom Cross. 413527-4454 . Southampton. MA. 17 SPHOME Dressage Schooling Show, www. Brenda Bryant . 207-985-9144 . Hollis Center. ME. 20 Hitching Post Farm Schooling Horse Trial, Laurie Hudson. 802-763-8164. South Royalston. VT. 22-24 Dressage Days, 802-475-1509. S. Woodstock. VT. 23 Lollipop Farm Schooling Dressage Series, . lsigfridson@juno. com. Brooklyn. CT.

24 Horse Power Dressage Series, www. . Nancy Digregorio . 508765-0641 . Southbridge. MA. 24 CDCTA Dressage, Donna Legere. 860-642-4418. bandit@99main. com. Gales Ferry. CT. 25 Members Day Dressage, www.gmhainc. org. 802-475-1509. S. Woodstock. VT. 30-31 Dressage on the Seacoast I & II, www. Liz Oertel. 603-8620027. Durham. NH. 31 BVDCTA Two-Phase and Dressage Show, Missy Tansey. 508-9178488. Spencer. MA.

August 06 The Vershire Riding School Schooling Trials, 802-685-2239 . Vershire. VT. 07 Oak Rise Farm Dressage/2-Phase Show, 603-656-9730. Goffstown. NH. 07 MRF Dressage Schooling Show, www. Michele Routhier. 603-4908958. Nottingham. NH. 07 Oak Rise Farm Gaited Dressage Series, 603-656-9730. Goffstown. NH. 07 SMDA Dressage Schooling Show, www. Robyn Cuffey . 207-929-6562. Hollis Center. ME. 07 TSHA Dressage Shows, www.tristatehorse 860-564-4700. Oneco. CT. 07 Flatlands Equestrian Center Mix & Match Schooling Event, www.Flatlands-Equestrian. com . Rehoboth. MA. 08-11 Training and Novice 3-Day Event, www. 802-475-1509. kmanner@ S. Woodstock. VT. 13 The Vershire Riding School Schooling Trials, 802-685-2239 . Vershire. VT. 13-14 Vermont Dressage Days, www. Kristina Birkmayer. 802-858-0018. kristina@vermontdressagedays. com . Essex Junction. VT. 13-14 August Horse Trials, www.gmhainc. org. 802-475-1509. S. Woodstock. VT. 14 Sons of the Wind Dressage Schooling Show, 978-4239619. Merrimack. MA. 14 Independence Stable Dressage Schooling Show, www.indepencencestablellc. com. Dottie Brittingham . 413-284-0371. . Belchertown. MA. 15 Members Day Cross Country, www. 802-475-1509. kmanner@ S. Woodstock. VT. 17 Hitching Post Farm Schooling Horse Trial, Laurie Hudson. 802-763-8164. South Royalston. VT. 21 Equine Events Two-Phase and Dressage Show, Missy Tansey. 508-917-8488. EquineEvents@ Spencer. MA.


21 Horse Power Dressage Series, www. . Nancy Digregorio . 508765-0641 . Southbridge. MA. 28 Larkin Hill Schooling Show and Horse Trials, 518-441-2176. North Chatham. NY.

27-28 Fall Dressage Contours, www. 941-480-1100. FoxLeaFarm@ Venice. FL. 28 Oxer Farm Dressage and CT, www. 770-654-3934. Sandra@ Clermont. GA.

Other Locations


July 16-17 Summer Dressage III at El Sueno, www. Suzi Kuykendall. 818-269-2911. Somis. CA. 16-17 Summer Dressage at Briar Fox Farm, 316-775-5512. Augusta. KS. 23-24 Summer Horse Trial at Briar Fox Farm, 316-775-5512. Augusta. KS.

August 05-07 Dressage at LOH, www. 503-636-0674. Lake Oswego. OR. 27 QPEE Mini Event, christy@ St. Louis. MO.

Southeast July 09 Poplar Place Schooling Dressage Show, 706-582-9999. Hamilton. GA. 16 Red Horse Stables One Day Three-Phase and Dressage Schooling Show, www. 770-258-0444. Carrolton. GA. 16-17 Rise ‘n Shine, www.CarolinaHorsePark. com. Kay Whitlock. 910-692-8467. Raeford. NC. 24 July Started Horse Trials, www. 910-875-2074. Raeford. NC. 24 Oxer Farm Dressage on Sunday, www. 770-654-3934. Sandra@ Clermont. GA. 30 Poplar Place Schooling Dressage Show, 706-582-9999. Hamilton. GA.


14-17 Connecticut Valley Fair, Robert Nutting. 802-291-3704. Bradford. VT. 22-24 Lamoille County Field Days, www. Deanna Judkins. 802635-7113. Johnson. VT. 28-31 Franklin County Field Days, www. Fernand Gagne. 802-238-4904. Highgate. VT.


05-07 100 /60 /25 Mile Drive, www.verda. org. Sue Boyer . Brownsville. VT. 26-28 Combined Driving Event and Advanced Driving Trial, 802-4751509. S. Woodstock. VT. 29 Members Day Driving, 802-475-1509. S. Woodstock. VT.

04-06 Cheshire Fair, Sue Weston. 603-903-0102. sevenspringsfarm@ Swanzey. NH. 09-13 Addison County Fair and Field Days, Cara Mullin. 802-545-2557. New Haven. VT. 17-21 Orleans County Fair, www. Harvey Cleveland. 802525-3555. Barton. VT. 18-21 Deerfield Valley Farmers’ Day Exhibition, Steven Adams. 802-319-0117. Wilmington. VT. 19-21 Erie County Fair, Jason Gates. 561-7469721. Hamburg. NY. 24-28 Caledonia County Fair, Richard Lawrence. 802-626-5917. daw1030@ Lyndonville. VT. 25-28 Acton Fair, 207-6362968. Acton. ME. 26-28 NY State Fair, Naomi Blumenthal. 315682-1933. Syracuse. NY. 26-28 Bondville Fair, Lori Polhemus. 802-297-9810. Bondville. VT. 27-09/05 Champlain Valley Fair, www.cvexpo. org. 802-878-5545. Essex Junction. VT. 30-09/05 New York State Fair, Vicky McCaffrey. 518-872-1295. Syracuse. NY.

Other Locations

Other Locations



01-03 The CDE at Inavale, www.cdeatinavale. . Bev White. 503-829-7828. Philomath. OR.

27-31 Scott County Fair, www.scottcountyfair. com. Danelle Kinney. 651-380-9600. Jordan. MN.


Horse Shows

July 01-03 Carriage Association of America Driving Event, 859-231-0971. Lexington. KY.

Northeast July 09-10 GMHA Competitive Ride and Drive, June Hamel. 802-457-1509. S. Woodstock. CT. 16-17 Mt. Washington Carriage Road Weekend, Lisa Derby Oden. lisa@ Pinkham Notch. NH. 23 Tyrone Farm Brunch Ride and Drive, www. Susan Boone. 860-928-3647. Pomfret. CT.







13 Poplar Place Schooling Dressage Show, 706-582-9999. Hamilton. GA. 13 GDCTA Dressage/Combined Tests Series, Sara Juriceck. 404-386-1651. sadie1@ Gainesville. GA. 13-14 Early Morning Blues, www. Kay Whitlock. 910692-8467. Raeford. NC. 20 Red Horse Stables One Day Three-Phase and Dressage Schooling Show, www. 770-258-0444. Carrolton. GA. 21 Gold Coast Dressage Schooling, www. Noreen O’Sullivan. 561-227-1570. nosullivan@ West Palm Beach. FL.

21-25 Rockbridge County Fair and Southern States Horse Show, Deborah Work. 540-4642953. Lexington. VA.

01-03 Virginia Horse Show Association Summer Show, Clyde Poarch. 804-732-2138. Lexington. VA. 02 Upper Midwest Drum Horse Show, Karen Rushmore. 715-597-0057. mdhcinfo@ Custer. WI. 02-03 CSHSA 3rd Annual 4th of July Bash, Wilmington. OH. 03 Briarwood Farm Horse Show, www. 908-534-8833. jackkate@ Flemington. NJ. 05-06 Sussex County Benefit Horse Show, Lucille Pagano. 973-875-9548. Augusta. NJ. 06-09 Brandywine Valley Summer Series Week 2, Mike Rheinheimer . Devon. PA.

August 04-05 Ohio State Fair, Daniel “Todd” Riedel. 330-419-0346. Columbus. OH. 20-21 Berks Equine Council’s 6th Annual Horse Show and Country Fair, 484-9552574.. Leesport. PA.

Northeast July 09-10 Windsor County Agriculture Fair, Eric Johnson. 802-952-4005. Springfield. VT.

July 2011, Equine Journal, 247

DATELINE 06-10 Horse Show by the Bay, Week 1, www. Alex Rheinheimer. 561-723-6287. Traverse City. MI. 06-10 Showday National, 845-246-8833. Culpeper. VA. 06-10 Region 15 Championship Horse Show, Marty Kleiner. 717-5073474. Lexington. VA. 06-10 The Bluegrass Morgan Classic, www. Bryon Singer. 317758-6518. Lexington. KY. 07-09 Indiana Celebration, Gordon and Pam Lawler. 765-533-2080. devonshirevc@comcast. net. New Castle. IN. 07-10 Robert Murphy Stable Hunter Jumper Show, Robert Murphy Stables. 859-421-7323. Lexington. KY. 08-10 Mint Julep Cup Show, www.mamhc1. com. Phoebe Kerby. 513-680-6101. Lexington. KY. 08-23 Chagrin Valley Hunter Jumper Classic, Gail Tobin. 330903-9915. Moreland Hills. OH. 09 QRC Open Fun Show, www. Hannah Salvadore. 610-693-8228. Quentin. PA. 09 HRCNJ Open Horse Show, Linda Downin . 973-903-6769 . Augusta. NJ. 09 Friendly Horseman’s Club Fun Show, Alice Hummel. 717-484-2222. Denver. PA. 12 Briarwood Farm Horse Show, www. 908-534-8833. jackkate@ Flemington. NJ. 12-13 House Mountain Horse Show, Molly Trimble Moore. 540-291-6928. Lexington. VA. 13-17 Horse Show by the Bay, Week 2, www. Alex Rheinheimer. 561-723-6287. Traverse City. MI. 13-17 Cavalier Classic, 845-246-8833. Culpeper. VA. 15-17 Far and Away Farm Show Series, www. Marysville. OH. 15-17 Champagne Run at the Park, www. Maggie Wright. 859-6212478. Lexington. KY. 16 Sussex County Benefit Horse Show, www. Lucille Pagano. 973-875-9548. Augusta. NJ. 16 Riverview Schooling Show, www. . 908-479-6171 . Asbury. NJ. 16-17 Black-Eyed Susan Horse Show Series, 410-867-7923. Upper Marlboro. MD. 19 Riverview Schooling Show, www. . 908-479-6171 . Asbury. NJ. 20-24 Horse Show by the Bay, Week 3, www. Alex Rheinheimer. 561-723-6287. Traverse City. MI. 20-24 Old Dominion Horse Show, www. Ellen Shevella. 434-242-8937. Manakin-Sabot. VA.

248, Equine Journal, July 2011

21 QRC Open Fun Show, www. Hannah Salvadore. 610-693-8228. Quentin. PA. 21-25 Rockbridge County Fair and Southern States Horse Show, Deborah Work. 540-4642953. Lexington. VA. 22-24 Showtime Series at Delaware, www. Delaware. OH. 22-24 Woodedge at the Park, www., www.woodedge. com. Bob Allen. 856-235-5623. horseparkofnj@ Allentown. NJ. 23 On Course Hunter Show Series, www. 973-875-8780 . katie@ Lafayette. NJ. 23 Bringing Back Color, Jennifer Driessens. 815-441-5165. Hampshire. IL. 23 Pennsylvania Pinto Horse Club Show, Denise Paver. 717-245-9979. Carlisle. PA. 24 Sunday Hunter Series at QRC, www. Steph@ Quentin. PA. 24 On Course Jumper Show Series, www. 973-875-8780 . katie@ Lafayette. NJ. 24 Washington Bridles Trails Assn, Anne Wynne Taylor. 202-289-6655. atayol@cogr,edu. Chevy Chase. MD. 27-31 Horse Show by the Bay, Week 4, www. Alex Rheinheimer. 561-723-6287. Traverse City. MI. 27-31 Kentucky Summer Horse Show, www. Kentucky Horse Shows LLC. 859-233-0492. Lexington. KY. 27-31 North American Junior and Young Rider Championships, 859-2582472. Lexington. KY. 28 Briarwood Farm Horse Show, www. 908-534-8833. jackkate@ Flemington. NJ. 29-30 First Annual Gaited Jubilee, www. Connie Hollbrook. 615-207-2754. connie@ Winchester. GA. 29-31 Rose Mount Farm, Wayne Eubank. 540842-2339. Spotsylvania. VA. 30 HRCNJ Open Horse Show, Linda Downin . 973-903-6769 . Augusta. NJ. 30-31 Tri-State Pinto, Carol Laske. 810-227-4483. Berrien Springs. MI. 31 Baymar Farms Show, www.BaymarFarms. com. 732-591-9600. Morganville. NJ. 31 Stonybrook Saddle Club Point Show , Mary Lynn Fentress. 412-767-5750 . Plum. PA.

August 03 Sussex County Benefit Horse Show, www. Lucille Pagano. 973-875-9548. Augusta. NJ. 03-07 Eastern Arabian and East Coast Championships, Marty Kleiner. 717-507-3474. meekone@ Lexington. VA. 03-07 Kentucky Summer Classic, www. Kentucky Horse Shows LLC. 859-233-0492. Lexington. KY.

04-05 USEF National Junior Hunter Championships, www.kentuckyhorseshows. com. Kentucky Horse Shows LLC. 859-2330492. Lexington. KY. 04-07 Woodedge at the Park, www., www.woodedge. com. Bob Allen. 856-235-5623. horseparkofnj@ Allentown. NJ. 04-07 Bay State Classic, Mimi Brandau. 410581-4782. Owings Mill. MD. 05-06 Michigan Summer Sizzler and Youth Show, Marsha Coffey. 734-846-8802. Davisburg. MI. 06 Friendly Horseman’s Club Fun Show, Alice Hummel. 717-484-2222. Denver. PA. 08-14 Sussex County Horse Show, www. Lucille Pagano. 973-875-9548. Augusta. NJ. 10-14 Lexington National Horse Show AA, Leslie Brown. 540-4642961. Lexington. VA. 10-14 USEF Pony Finals, www. Kentucky Horse Shows LLC. 859-233-0492. Lexington. KY. 10-14 Riverview Asbury Summer Jumper Classic, . 908-4796171 . Asbury. NJ. 12-13 Kentucky Flat Shod Celebration, Connie Hollbrook. 615-207-2754. connie@ Libery. KY. 12-14 NJ Palomino Exhibitors, www. Martha Hoff. 732236-4623. Allentown. NJ. 13-14 Eastern PA PHA Horse Show, www. Tobey McWilliams. 484-824-1014. Quentin. PA. 14 The Meadow Horse Shows, www. 609-261-0601 . Mount Holly. NJ. 14 Briarwood Farm Horse Show, www. 908-534-8833. jackkate@ Flemington. NJ. 14 FDCTA Fun Show, www.flatlandersdressage. com. Sarah Potts. 419-369-4989. sarah@ Cridersville. OH. 17-21 Winston National, 845-246-8833. Culpeper. VA. 17-21 Blue Grass Festival Horse Show, www. Kentucky Horse Shows LLC. 859-233-0492. Lexington. KY. 17-21 Riverview Asbury Summer Jumper Classic II, . 908-4796171 . Asbury. NJ. 18 QRC Open Fun Show, www. Hannah Salvadore. 610-693-8228. Quentin. PA. 19-20 $100,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby Finals, Melanie Fransen. 859-225-6700.. . Lexington. KY. 19-21 Far and Away Farm Show Series, www. Marysville. OH.


20-21 Black-Eyed Susan Horse Show Series, 410-867-7923. Upper Marlboro. MD. 20-21 Berks Equine Council’s 6th Annual Horse Show and Country Fair, 484-9552574.. Leesport. PA. 20-21 Garden State Appaloosa Association Summer Sizzler, Lori Wunderlich . 973-579-7661, Branchville. NJ. 21 Hidden Haven Horse Show, www.hdnhvn. com. . Mechanicsville. VA. 21 Standardbred Pleasure Horse Show, www. horseparkofnj@aol. com. Allentown. NJ. 21 Briarwood Farm Horse Show, www. 908-534-8833. jackkate@ Flemington. NJ. 21-22 QRC Fall Horse Show Open Division, Hannah Salvadore. 610-693-8228. Quentin. PA. 24-28 Constitution Classic, www.HitsShows. com. 845-246-8833. Culpeper. VA. 24-28 Kentucky Hunter Jumper Association Horse Show, www.KentuckyHorseShows. com. Kentucky Horse Shows LLC. 859-2330492. Lexington. KY. 25-28 NJQHA Peter Cofrancesco Memorial Horse Show, www. Sussex. NJ. 26-28 New Jersey State 4-H Show, www. Carol Ward. 609984-4389. Allentown. NJ. 26-28 Bluegrass Feathered Horse Classic, . Bowlling Green. KY. 27 On Course Hunter Show Series, www. 973-875-8780 . katie@ Lafayette. NJ. 27 Horse Show Sponsored by Crooked Fence Farm , Mary Lynn Fentress. 412-767-5750 . Plum. PA. 28 The Meadow Horse Shows, www. 609-261-0601 . Mount Holly. NJ. 28 On Course Jumper Show Series, www. 973-875-8780 . katie@ Lafayette. NJ. 28 Stonybrook Saddle Club Point Show , Mary Lynn Fentress. 412-767-5750 . Plum. PA. 29 Sunday Hunter Series at QRC, www. Steph@ Quentin. PA. 31-09/04 Warrenton Horse Show, Tommy Lee Jones. 540-788-4806. Warrenton. VA.

Northeast July 01 River Wind Farm, Carl Catani. 781-826-8543. erinpowell70@ Pembroke. MA. 01 Stepping Stone Farm, www. Naomi Gauruder. 203650-3148. Ridgefield. CT.

02 Pony Farm Summer Schooling Horse Show, Boo Martin. 603-6546308. Temple. NH. 02 Gardnertown Stables Rated Show, www. 845-564-6658. Newburgh. NY. 03 Sandy Point Stables Horse Show, www. John Bahret. 401-8493958. Portsmouth. RI. 03 Lucky C Stables, 845255-3220 . New Paltz. NY. 03 Stepping Stone Farm, www. Naomi Gauruder. 203650-3148. Ridgefield. CT. 05 Ox Ridge Hunt Club, Allen Griffin. 203-6552559. Darien. CT. 05-10 I Love New York Horse Show , www. 518-523-9625 . Lake Placid. NY. 05-10 Fourth Annual NHHJA Summer Festival, Hampton Falls. NH. 06 Greenwich Pony Club at Fox Hill Farms, Pleasantville. NY. 06 High Horses Schooling Show, www. 802-475-1509. kmanner@ S. Woodstock. VT. 06 Greenwich Pony Club Show, www. Naomi Gauruder. 203-650-3148. Pleasantville. NY. 06-10 Vermont Summer Special, info@vt-summerfestival. com. E. Dorset . VT. 07-09 Maine Morgan Horse Show, John Lampropolous. 603-394-7699. sheri251724@ Deerfield. NH. 07-10 Empire State Quarter Horse Youth Show, Charlotte Jaynes. 607-546-7373. Hamburg. NY. 08 Gardnertown Stables Rated Show, www. 845-564-6658. Newburgh. NY. 08-10 ASAM Summer Horse Show, www. Ricky Drew. 207-272-0082. Topsfield. MA. 08-10 “Live Free and Ride” AQHA and All Breed Show, Joanne Ives. 603-228-1244. Swanzey. NH. 08-10 TSHA Open Horse Show, www.tristate 860-564-4700. Oneco. CT. 09 Fairfield- Westchester PHA, www. Naomi Gauruder. 203-650-3148. North Salem. NY. 10 Riding & Driving Club Show Series, www. Jill Poulin . 978257-8171 . Barre. MA. 10 North Shore Horsemen’s Association Pleasure Show, www.northshorehorsemens. org. Lee Bernier. 978-462-3732. Chester. NH. 10 Sly ox Farm at Gardnertown Stables , 845-564-6658. Newburgh. NY. 10 Greystone Stables, www.GreystoneStables. net. 845-355-7433. greystonestable@optimum. net. New Hampton. NY. 10 Horse Power Hunter Jumper Series, www. . Nancy Digregorio . 508765-0641 . Southbridge. MA.

10 Sly Fox Farm at Gardnertown Stables , 845-564-6658. Newburgh. NY. 10 DCF Horse Show Series , Kristine Stephenson. 914-475-4206. Welwyn@ Rhinebeck. NY. 13 Crystal Waters Farm, www. 845-986-0100. Warwick. NY. 13-17 Manchester Summer Festival Horse Show, E. Dorset . VT. 14 GMHA Team Jumper Challenge, www. 802-475-1509. kmanner@ S. Woodstock. VT. 14 Zephyr Farm, Naomi Gauruder. 203-650-3148. naomi@ Mahopac. NY. 14-17 CQHA Horse Show, Ellie Keene. 401-231-1241. Oneco. CT. 15 River Wind Farm, Carl Catani. 781-826-8543. erinpowell70@ Pembroke. MA. 15-17 Summer Hunter Jumper Show, www. 802-475-1509. kmanner@ S. Woodstock. VT. 16 Pony Farm Summer Schooling Horse Show, Boo Martin. 603-6546308. Temple. NH. 16 Rye Lions Horse Show, Stephanie Remick. 603-498-9414. remick06@ Rye. NH. 16 River Run Farm, www.BHCManagement. com. Naomi Gauruder. 203-650-3148. naomi@ Brewster. NY. 16-17 Carousel Horse Farm Open Show , . Lisa LeDoux . 860-564-7892. Woodstock. CT. 16-18 CHF Show Series, www. 860-564-7892., Sterling. CT. 17 Oak Rise Farm Pleasure Show Series, www. 603-656-9730. OakRise@ Goffstown. NH. 17 Vermont Quarter Horse Open and Novice Show, Lucille Evarts. 802233-0567. New Haven. VT. 17 Willow Hill Farm, www.WillowHillFarmNY. com. 845-457-1414 . Montgomery. NY. 17 Yankee Clipper, Debby Tate. 508-759-9512. Marshfield. MA. 17 Cornerstone Farm, Pam Hunt. 978-3734610. Haverhill. MA. 17 The Pines, Paul Foohey. 860-633-5964. S. Glastonbury. CT. 17 Schooling Show Series, www. Rick Thell. 401-255-6568. Greene. RI. 17 Stepping Stone Farm, www. Naomi Gauruder. 203650-3148. Ridgefield. CT. 17 HRC Open Horse Show , www. Hanover. MA. 20 Region 16 Hunter/Jumper Qualifier, www. Gaylon Medley. 315-626-6790. Syracuse. NY.

July 2011, Equine Journal, 249


20-23 Region 16 Championships, www. Gaylon Medley. 315-626-6790. Syracuse. NY. 20-24 HITS-on-the-Hudson IV, www.HitsShows. com. 845-246-8833. Saugerties. NY. 20-24 Manchester Classic Horse Show, www. info@vt-summerfestival. com. E. Dorset . VT. 21 Twin Lakes Farm, www.BHCManagement. com. Naomi Gauruder. 203-650-3148. naomi@ Bronxville. NY. 22 River Run Farm, www.BHCManagement. com. Naomi Gauruder. 203-650-3148. naomi@ Brewster. NY. 22-24 NEPtHA Summer Spectacular, www. Meredith Daignealt. 860-564-3252. Oneco. CT. 23 Fairfield County Hunt Club, www. . Westport. CT. 23 Summer Time Fun , Kathy Zimmer. 315-6731072. Camillus. NY. 23 Saddle Rowe Horse Show, www. Tina Geoghegan . 508-2691044. Medway. MA. 23 Fairfield Hunt Club, www.BHCManagement. com. Naomi Gauruder. 203-650-3148. naomi@ Westport. CT. 23-24 Equine Events Summer Classuc, www. Missy Tansey. 508-917-8488. Cumberland. ME. 24 Silver Heels Riding Club Horse Show, . Fremont . NH. 24 Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard, Newtown. CT. 24 Riding & Driving Club Show Series, www. Jill Poulin . 978257-8171 . Barre. MA. 24 Belchertown Chapter of the GRHC’s Open Horse Show,, DeDe Beach. 413-250-4085. thesidesaddlelady@ Granby. MA. 24 Black Ridge Farm Show, www. 845-355-1600. Middletown. NY. 24 Maine Hunter Jumper Summer Classic, Kaitlynn Pouliot. 603-781-7149. Hollis Center. ME. 24 GFF Medal Day, 508-759-3763. Buzzards Bay. MA. 24 Folly Farm Horse Show, Simsbury. CT. 24 2nd Company Governor’s Horse Guard, Naomi Gauruder. 203-650-3148. Newtown. CT. 25 Folly Farm Horse Show, Simsbury. CT. 25 Head of the Bay Classic II, www. 508-759-3763. liz@ Buzzards Bay. MA. 25-30 New England Region 1 Championship Morgan Horse Show, Fred Nava. 781-585-9006. . Northampton. MA.

250, Equine Journal, July 2011

26-29 Head of the Bay Classic I, www. 508-759-3763. liz@ Buzzards Bay. MA. 27 Ox Ridge Hunt Club, Allen Griffin. 203-6552559. Darien. CT. 27-31 HITS-on-the-Hudson V, www.HitsShows. com. 845-246-8833. Saugerties. NY. 28 Fox Hill Farm, Naomi Gauruder. 203-650-3148. naomi@ Pleasantville. NY. 29 Zephyr Farm, Naomi Gauruder. 203-650-3148. naomi@ Mahopac. NY. 30 Cummington Mustangs 4-H Club Open Horse Show, info@wmhss. org. Goshen . MA. 30 GFF Medal Day, 508-759-3763. Buzzards Bay. MA. 30 Biscuit Hill Farm, John Manning. 413-625-9967. manning@ Shelburne. MA. 31 Sandy Point Stables Horse Show, www. John Bahret. 401-8493958. Portsmoouth. RI. 31 Oak Rise Farm Pleasure Show Series, www. 603-656-9730. OakRise@ Goffstown. NH. 31 North Shore Horsemen’s Association Hunter Show, www.northshorehorsemens. org. Lowell Murray. 978-500-7453. Georgetown. MA. 31 Lucky Clover Stables Show, Sue Austin. 207-651-1881 . Sanford . ME. 31 Ox Ridge Hunt Club, Allen Griffin. 203-6552559. Darien. CT. 31 Blue Ride / Bella Rosa Schooling Show, . 508-561-5829. Wrentham. MA.

August 01 North Shore Horsemen’s Association Hunter Show, www.northshorehorsemens. org. Lowell Murray. 978-500-7453. Georgetown. MA. 01 Hanson Hot-to-Trots 4H HRC Affiliated Show , Middleboro . MA. 01-04 Head of the Bay Classic II, www. 508-759-3763. liz@ Buzzards Bay. MA. 03 River Run Farm, www.BHCManagement. com. Naomi Gauruder. 203-650-3148. naomi@ Brewster. NY. 03-07 NY Horse & Pony Show (HITS-on-theHudson VI), 845-2468833. Saugerties. NY. 03-07 Manchester & the Mountains Horse Show, E. Dorset . VT. 04 Zephyr Farm, Naomi Gauruder. 203-650-3148. naomi@ Mahopac. NY. 04-06 Cheshire Fair, Sue Weston. 603-903-0102. sevenspringsfarm@ Swanzey. NH. 04-06 Connecticut Summer Classic, Cheryl Innis. 860-749-3007. W. Springfield. MA.

05 GFF Medal Day, 508-759-3763. Buzzards Bay. MA. 05 Twin Lakes Farm, www.BHCManagement. com. Naomi Gauruder. 203-650-3148. naomi@ Bronxville. NY. 06 Folly Farm Horse Show, Simsbury. CT. 06 Brook Edge Farms, www.brookedgefarms. com. 845-292-5311. Ferndale. NY. 07 Silver Heels Riding Club Horse Show, . Fremont . NH. 07 Cape Cod Benefit Horse Show, www. Corey Eldredge. 508-428-3163. E. Falmouth. MA. 07 Riding & Driving Club Show Series, www. Jill Poulin . 978257-8171 . Barre. MA. 07 Western Massachusetts Appaloosa Association Open Show, www. MassAppy2@ Westfield. MA. 07 Different Drummer Farm Equitation and Hunter Schooling Show Series , www. . Jodi Fortier . 603483-2234 . . Candia. NH. 07 Fairfield- Westchester PHA, www. Naomi Gauruder. 203-650-3148. North Salem. NY. 08-10 Berkshire Equestrian Center, www. 413-6983200 . berkshireequestriancenter@hotmail. com. Richmond. MA. 09 GFF Medal Day, 508-759-3763. Buzzards Bay. MA. 10 Fairfield County Hunt Club, www. . Westport. CT. 10 Fairfield Hunt Club, www.BHCManagement. com. Naomi Gauruder. 203-650-3148. naomi@ Westport. CT. 10-14 Vermont Summer Celebration, www. info@vt-summerfestival. com. E. Dorset . VT. 10-14 Northampton Hunter Jumper, www. John Manning. 413-6259967. Northampton. MA. 108-07 East Central Pinto Jubilee, Joe Grissom. 765-424-4644. New Castle. IN. 11 Sly Fox Farm at Gardnertown Stables , 845-564-6658. Newburgh. NY. 11 River Wind Farm, Carl Catani. 781-826-8543. erinpowell70@ Pembroke. MA. 11-13 NHAHA Summer Jubilee, www.nharab. org. Sue Arthur . 603-887-5937. sarthur110@ Deerfield. NH. 12 Blue Ribbon Ventures, www. Naomi Gauruder. 203-650-3148. Brewster. NY. 12-14 NEPtHA Summer Sizzler, Meredith Daignealt. 860-564-3252. Oneco. CT. 13 New Hampshire Hunter Jumper Association Show, info@ Fremont. NH.


13 Saddle Rowe Horse Show, www. Tina Geoghegan . 508-2691044. Medway. MA. 13 Twin Lakes Farm, www.BHCManagement. com. Naomi Gauruder. 203-650-3148. naomi@ Bronxville. NY. 13-14 CHF Show Series, www. 860-564-7892. . Sterling. CT. 13-14 Fun Show and Cowboy Up Obstacle Course, Lori Aichele. 607-898-3808. patchwork2@ New Berlin. NY. 13-14 Carousel Horse Farm Open Show , . Lisa LeDoux . 860-564-7892. Woodstock. CT. 14 Oak Rise Farm Pleasure Show Series, www. 603-656-9730. OakRise@ Goffstown. NH. 14 North Shore Horsemen’s Association Pleasure Show, www.northshorehorsemens. org. Lee Bernier. 978-462-3732. Chester. NH. 14 11th Annual Pine Tree Sizzler , Jo Hight. 207-799-8296. spurwnksteward@wmconnect. com. Hollis Center. ME. 14 Horse Power Hunter Jumper Series, www. . Nancy Digregorio . 508765-0641 . Southbridge. MA. 14 AQHA and All Breed Show, www.nhqha. com. Joanne Ives. 603-228-1244. jives@nhqha. com. Swanzey. NH. 14 The Pines, Paul Foohey. 860-633-5964. S. Glastonbury. CT. 14 Holloway Brook Farm, Brian Conefrey. 508947-8424. Lakeville. MA. 16 Ridgefield Equestrian Center, www. Naomi Gauruder. 203650-3148. Ridgefield. CT. 16-20 Massachusetts Morgan Horse Show, Molly O’Brien . 413-246-8757. mhobrien2@ W. Springfield. MA. 17 Sandy Point Stables Horse Show, www. John Bahret. 401-8493958. Portsmoouth. RI. 17 Zephyr Farm, Naomi Gauruder. 203-650-3148. naomi@ Mahopac. NY. 18 Hunter Derby, 802-4751509. S. Woodstock. VT. 18-21 Fairfield County Hunt Club, www. . Westport. CT. 18-21 Fairfield Hunt Club, www. Naomi Gauruder. 203-650-3148. Westport. CT. 19 River Wind Farm, Carl Catani. 781-826-8543. erinpowell70@ Pembroke. MA. 19-21 TSHA Open Horse Show, www. 860-564-4700. Oneco. CT. 19-21 August Hunter/Jumper Show, www. 802-475-1509. kmanner@ S. Woodstock. VT. 20 Hampshire County Riding Club Open Horse Show, Diana Harris. 413-634-0167. Goshen. MA.

20 Western Massachusetts Horse Show Series, Goshen, MA. 20 Field Days at Bridle Path Manor, Kathy Zimmer. 315-673-1072. Camillus. NY. 20 Willow Hill Farm, www.WillowHillFarmNY. com. 845-457-1414 . Montgomery. NY. 20 NEPHC Two Judge Show, Cindy Kovach. 413-386-6823. buckskin97@ Swanzey. NH. 21 Equine Events Celebration of Champions, Missy Tansey. 508-917-8488. EquineEvents@gmail. com. Spencer. MA. 21 South Shore Horsemen’s Council Horse Show, Jennifer Sullivan. 781-545-8945. Raynham. MA. 21 Riding & Driving Club Show Series, Hosted by the Apple Valley Pony Club, www. Jill Poulin . 978257-8171 . Barre. MA. 21 Cheshire Fair Summer Show Circuit, www. Sue Weston. 603-903-0102. Swanzey. NH. 21 Seven Meadows Farm, www. 845-294-061. Goshen. NY. 21 SPHOME Endless Summer Horse Show, Brenda Bryant . 207-9859144 . Hollis Center. ME. 21 Lucky Clover Stables Show, Sue Austin. 207-651-1881 . Sanford . ME. 21 GFF Horse Show, 508-759-3763. Buzzards Bay. MA. 21 Cornerstone Farm, Pam Hunt. 978-3734610. Haverhill. MA. 23 Stepping Stone Farm, www. Naomi Gauruder. 203650-3148. Ridgefield. CT. 24 River Wind Farm, Carl Catani. 781-826-8543. erinpowell70@ Pembroke. MA. 24 Ridgefield Equestrian Center, www. Naomi Gauruder. 203650-3148. Ridgefield. CT. 24-27 DCF Horse Show , Kristine Stephenson. 914-475-4206. Rhinebeck. NY. 25 River Run Farm, www.BHCManagement. com. Naomi Gauruder. 203-650-3148. naomi@ Brewster. NY. 26 Sly Fox Farm at Gardnertown Stables , 845-564-6658. Newburgh. NY. 27 St. Lawrence Summer Horse Show Series, 315-379-0205. Canton. NY. 27 New Hampshire Hunter Jumper Association Show, info@ New Ipswich. NH. 27 Blue Ribbon Ventures, www. Naomi Gauruder. 203-650-3148. Brewster. NY. 28 Oak Rise Farm Pleasure Show Series, www. 603-656-9730. OakRise@ Goffstown. NH.

28 North Shore Horsemen’s Association Hunter Show, www.northshorehorsemens. org. Lowell Murray. 978-500-7453. Georgetown. MA. 28 Crystal Waters Farm, www. 845-986-0100. Warwick. NY. 28 Acton Fair Horse Show, www.actonfair. net. Cheryl Johnson. 207-651-3434. cherylj@ metrocast.met. Acton. ME. 28 Schooling Show Series, www. Rick Thell. 401-255-6568. Greene. RI. 28 RIAHA Open Horse Show at Red Rock Farm, Lu Guilbault. 401-568-8238.. Foster. RI. 28-09/04 The Hampton Classic, www. 631-537-3177 . Info@ Bridgehampton. NY. 30 Ridgefield Equestrian Center, www. Naomi Gauruder. 203650-3148. Ridgefield. CT. 31-09/04 HITS-on-the-Hudson VII, www. 845-246-8833. info@ Saugerties. NY.

Other Locations July 01-03 Wild Rose Horse Show, www.region17. com. Marion Enders. 403-227-0538. Edmonton. Canada. 06-09 Santa Barbara National Horse Show, Harriet Landrum. 805-687-8711. Santa Barbara. CA. 06-10 Country Classic Preview, www. 541-342-5432. Wilsonville. OR. 06-10 North American, www.SpruceMeadows. com. Calgary. Canada. 07-11 Country Classic Preview , www. 541-342-5432 . Wilsonville. OR. 08-10 July Jam, Colleen Maxwell. 763-323-0428. Fergus Falls. MN. 10-12 Region 3 Last Chance Show, www. Sharon Richards. 916-6452288. Reno. NV. 12-16 Region 3 Championships, www. Sharon Richards. 916-6452288. Reno. NV. 13-17 Country Classic, www. 541-342-5432. Wilsonville. OR. 14-17 Region 9 Sporthorse Offsite Champ, Sherri Re. 281-513-5745. Waco. TX. 16-17 Nebraska Hunter/Jumper Schooling Show, Carine Stava. 402-981-9826. Bennington. NE. 19-24 Pebble Beach Equestrian Classic I , 831-624-2756. Pebble Beach. CA. 23-24 Min-I-Kota July Sizzler, Colette Caskey. 763-262-2846. Iowa Falls. IA. 23-30 Arabian Youth Nationals, www. 303-696-4500. Albuquerque. NM. 24 Inland Empire Show Series, www. Chino Hills. CA.

July 2011, Equine Journal, 251


24 Summer End Derby at LOH, www. 503-636-0674. Lake Oswego. OR. 24 Ontario Pinto Horse Show, www.pinto. org. Norma Grant. 519-940-8939. Caledon. Canada. 26 Eastern Canadian Breeders Championship, Crystal Green. 705-440-9456. London. Canada. 26-31 Pebble Beach Equestrian Classic II, 831-624-2756. Pebble Beach. CA. 27 Region 18 Last Chance Show, region18. Crystal Green. 705-440-9456. London. Canada. 28-30 Region 18 Championships, region18. Crystal Green. 705-440-9456. London. Canada. 29-30 AAHABC Junior and Amateur Show, Geri Burnett. 604-5318726. Langley. Canada. 30-31 Fun in the Sun, Kevin Woodward. 319-350-3443. Iowa Falls. IA.

August 02 Region 17 Pre-Show, Marion Enders. 403-227-0538. Edmonton. Canada. 02-07 Pebble Beach Equestrian Classic III, 831-624-2756. Pebble Beach. CA. 02-07 Region 17 Championships, www. Marion Enders. 403-227-0538. Edmonton. Canada. 10-14 Evergreen Classic, www. 541-342-5432. Carnation. WA. 12-14 August Extravaganza, Colleen Maxwell. 763-323-0428. Winona. MN. 13-14 Fiesta Del Sueno Derby & H/J Series #2, Samantha Valla . 661-618-5659. Somis. CA. 14 Ontario Pinto Horse Show, Norma Grant. 519-940-8939. Mount Forest. Canada. 15-20 Arabian Canadian Nationals, www. 303-696-4500. Regina. Canada. 20 Nebraska Hunter/Jumper Schooling Show, Terri Freeman. 402-203-5803. Gretna. NE. 20-21 Irish Fox Summer Show, www. Beth Korenak. 636-3986868. Lake St. Louis. MO. 24-28 Oregon Summer Classic, www. 541-342-5432. Wilsonville. OR. 25-09/05 Oregon State Fair Horse Show, Roxanne Hood. 831-637-8510. Salem. OR. 26-29 Oregon Summer Classic, www. 541-342-5432 . Wilsonville. OR. 31-09/04 Northwest Spectacular, www. 541-342-5432. Wilsonville. OR.

252, Equine Journal, July 2011

Southeast July 01-03 Summer’s Here, “A” Rated H/J Show, 941-480-1100. Venice. FL. 08-10 PSJ Series Show, 803-649-3505. Pinehurst. NC. 09 Poplar Place Schooling Show, www. 706-582-9999. donna@ Hamilton. GA. 09-10 Barrington Hill Series, www. Alicia Trias. 727-6436128. Dade City. FL. 15-17 PSJ Series Show, 803-649-3505. Aiken. SC. 15-17 Blueridge Feathered Horse Classic, . Asheville. NC. 16 Latta Fun Show, www.lattaequestriancenter. com. 704-992-1550. Huntersville. NC. 16-17 8th Annual Freedom Classic Open Horse Show, Trish. 252799-0334. Williamston. SC. 16-17 Greensboro Mid-Summer, www. 336-707-2056. Greensboro. NC. 16-17 RMI I&II, 904-3964106. Conyers. GA. 18-21 PreCamp Smores, “A” Rated H/J Show, 941-480-1100. Venice. FL. 23-26 Camp FoxLea, “A” Rated H/J Show, 941-480-1100. Venice. FL. 28-31 Plain Brown Wrapper, “A” Rated H/J Show and Grand Prix, 941-480-1100. Venice. FL. 30 Poplar Place Schooling Show, www. 706-582-9999. donna@ Hamilton. GA. 30-31 Barrington Hill Series, www. Alicia Trias. 727-6436128. Dade City. FL.

August 05-07 PSJ Series Show, 803-649-3505. Tryon. NC. 06-07 Barrington Hill Series, www. Alicia Trias. 727-6436128. Dade City. FL. 06-07 Carolina Mane Event Show Circuit, Kimberly Daly. 919-4645915. Raleigh. NC. 12-14 Harmon Classic, www. 704-992-1550. Huntersville. NC. 13 Poplar Place Schooling Show, www. 706-582-9999. donna@ Hamilton. GA. 20 GDCTA Schooling Show, www.simplesite. com/newclassichorseshows. Sara Juriceck. 404-386-1651. Cartersville. GA. 20-21 Greensboro Late Summer, www.sedge 336-707-2056. info@ Greensboro. NC.

20-21 August Open H/J Schooling Horse Show, 941-480-1100. Venice. FL. 27-28 PSJ Series Show, 803-649-3505. Pinehurst. NC. 27-28 Barrington Hill Series, www. Alicia Trias. 727-6436128. Dade City. FL.

Hunter Pace Other Locations August 07 Lone Tree Farm Hunter Pace, www. 209-874-3401 . lonetree. Waterford. CA. 14 Summer Hunter Pace, St. Louis. MO.

Miscellaneous Mid-Atlantic/Midwest July 09 The Seventh Annual Horse and Hound Wine Festival, Danny Johnson. 540-586-3707. appleseed@ Bedford. VA. 16 VA Summer Sport Horse Sale, www. 800-240-7900. Lexington. VA. 18-26 United States Pony Club Festival, www. 859-254-4669. Lexington. KY. 27 Chincoteague Pony Swim, www. Assateague Island. VA.

Northeast July 11 Mount Holyoke Summer “On- Course” Lesson Session IV, 413538-2493. S. Hadley. MA. 12-30 UCONN Summer Riding Lessons Session IV, 860-486-2413. Storrs. CT. 19-08/06 UCONN Polo Lessons Session I, 860-486-2413. Storrs. CT. 20 Hampshire County Riding Club Meeting, Diana Harris. 413-634-0167. Goshen. MA. 25 Mount Holyoke Summer “On- Course” Lesson Session V, 413-538-2493. S. Hadley. MA.

August 01 Chef’s Night Courses and Horses, www. 802-475-1509. kmanner@ S. Woodstock. VT. 09-27 UCONN Polo Lessons Session II, 860-486-2413. Storrs. CT. 15 Mount Holyoke Summer “On- Course” Lesson Session VI, 413-538-2493. S. Hadley. MA.

Arabian Horse Association of New England

2011 SHOW Please join us for our

57th Annual



June 30, July 1, July 2, 2011 Thursday, Friday, Saturday

New Added Academy Classes and Game Classes

Eastern States Exposition Center West Springfield, MA

Over $17,000 will be given away in prize money!!

Now Offering Hunter Hack for Purebreds and Half Arabians Arabian Divisions Qualifies for the 2011 & 2012 Region 16 Championships USEF “A” Rated, USDF Approved, NSH “C” Rated For a Prize List go to For more information call Donna Conklin 978-456-8628 or Donald Dawson 978-456-3303


17 Hampshire County Riding Club Meeting, Diana Harris. 413-634-0167. Goshen. MA. 28 Summer Wrap Up Horse Auction, 413-527-1612. Easthampton. MA.

Other Locations August 12-14 Extreme Mustang Makeover, www. Tsaile. AZ.

Trail Rides Mid-Atlantic/Midwest July 08-10 Endure for the Cure, Marty Power. 217871-1889. Washington. IL. 09-10 Celebration Ride, Pat Vance. 330-8369358. Cuyahoga Falls. OH. 30-08/01 Muckleratz Run Competitive Trail Ride, Jim Theurer. 717-4338694. Halifax. PA.

August 06-07 Oak Openings, Cathy McClure. 419-6224041. Swanton. OH. 20 MOWHA Pleasure Trials, www. Mag Ranft. 614-946-7046. Hilliard. OH. 28-29 Abi-Khan+ Challenge, Mickie Newman. 937-430-7626. Waynesville. OH.

Northeast July 02-04 4th of July Campout, 508-943-5916. Douglas. MA. 09-10 GMHA Competitive Ride and Drive, June Hamel. 802-457-1509. june@g, S. Woodstock. CT. 15-17 Pig Roast and Poker Run at Pure Country Campground, www. Lori Aichele. 607-898-3808. New Berlin. NY. 16 TSHA Moonlight Pleasure Trail Ride and Cowboy Cookout, www.tristatehorsemen. com. 860-564-4700. Voluntown. CT. 16 Goddard Park Pleasure Ride, www.bstra. org. 401-762-4805. E. Greenwich. RI. 23 Tyrone Farm Brunch Ride and Drive, www. Susan Boone. 860-928-3647. Pomfret. CT. 30 Benefit Trail Ride for Chenango Country 4-H, Lori Aichele. 607-898-3808. patchwork2@hotmail. com. New Berlin. NY.

254, Equine Journal, July 2011

August 06 VERDA Ride Along 35 Mile Ride, www. Sue Boyer . daystarfarm@earthlink. net. Brownsville. VT. 06 Stamford Stampede Competitive Trail Ride, Kristy Wilson. 845-706-7091. Stamford. NY. 13 Hampshire County Riding Club Full Moon Ride, Diana Merritt. 413-268-3372. Goshen. MA. 20 Sugar Hill Competitive Trail Ride, www. Barb Swartout. 607-368-3273. Schuyler County. NY. 20 Tyrone Farm Judged Pleasure Ride, www. Susan Boone. 860-928-3647. Pomfret. CT. 26-28 Leather and Lace Ladies Retreat, www. Lori Aichele. 607-898-3808. New Berlin. NY. 28 Lea MacInnis Judged Pleasure Ride, www. 508-476-3960. Mendon. MA. 28 Piscataquog Area Trailways Ride, www. Chris Lippinscott. 603-487-5168. hunter235us@ Francestown. NH.

Other Locations July 02 Moulton Creek 50/75 Mile Endurance Ride, Terry Boscher. 250-5773558. Pritchard. Canada. 03 Moulton Creek 50 Mile Endurance Ride, Terry Boscher. 250-5773558. Pritchard. Canada.

Western Events Mid-Atlantic/Midwest July 18 QRC All Western Horse Show, www. Hannah Salvadore. 610-693-8228. Quentin. PA. 29-31 Clayton Woosley Hall of Fame Reining, Polly Hillard. 859-608-9726. Lexington. KY.

August 18-21 National Barrel Horse Association Colonial Nationals, Renee Jenkins. 706-823-3728. Lexington. VA.

Northeast July 09 Summer Sunset Series Games Nights, 413-527-1612. Easthampton. MA. 10 EMRHA Cowboy Race, www.GelinasFarm. com, 603-225-7024. Pembroke. NH. 16 Vermont Quarter Horse Gymkhana, www. Lori Brown. 802-989-9186. New Haven. VT.

16 Cowboy Mounted Shooting 4-Stage Match, . Dina Baratta. 781-696-0039. masixshooter@gmail. com. Dunstable. MA. 17 Hampshire County Riding Club Old Time Gymkhana, www.hampshirecountyridingclub. com. Bob Root. 413-339-5592. Goshen. MA. 17 New England Stock Horse Show, 413-527-1612. Easthampton. MA. 23 Summer Sunset Series Games Nights, 413-527-1612. Easthampton. MA. 24 Oak Rise Farm Gymkhana, www. 603-656-9730. OakRise@ Goffstown. NH.

August 06 Summer Sunset Series Games Nights, 413-527-1612. Easthampton. MA. 12-14 Northeast Regional Cowboy Mounted Shooting Championship, www. . Dina Baratta. 781-6960039. Dunstable. MA. 13-14 Fun Show and Cowboy Up Obstacle Course, Lori Aichele. 607-898-3808. patchwork2@ New Berlin. NY. 21 Oak Rise Farm Gymkhana, www. 603-656-9730. OakRise@ Goffstown. NH. 21 New England Stock Horse Show, 413-527-1612. Easthampton. MA. 27-28 Cowboy Mounted Shooters Maine Great American, www. Bill Ledoux. 207-282-2821. cowboybill@maine. Hollis Center. ME.

Other Locations July 01-02 Whitesboro Annual Rodeo 2011, www. Whitesboro. TX. 08-09 Mineola Fire & Rescue Rodeo, www. Mineola. TX. 15-16 Marble Falls Pro Rodeo, www.urodeo. com. Marble Falls. TX. 15-16 Taylor Pro Rodeo, Taylor. TX. 15-16 Wills Point Riding and Roping Club Rodeo, Wills Point. TX. 21-23 Madill Roundup Club Rodeo 2011, Madill. OK. 29-30 Caddo Fall Rodeo , Caddo. OK.

August 05-06 Wolfe City Riding Club Rodeo, www. Wolfe City. TX. 05-06 St. Jo Annual Rodeo, St. Jo. TX. 05-06 Schulenburg Festival Pro Rodeo, www. Schulenburg . TX.



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The Arabian Horse Association of New England

Baroque Horse Farm

was formed to encourage breeding, exhibiting and promotion of the Arabian horse. To help educate those individuals interested in perpetuating the Arabian breed.

Victoria Morris Telephone: 919.770.1673

Email: •



CROSSEN ARABIANS, L.L.C. Breeders of Beautiful, Athletic & Tractable Purebreds & Warmblood Crosses ◆

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89 Main Street, Suite 308 • Medway, MA 02053

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Arabians & Sport Horses 508.982.9628 Cheryl Lane-Caron Arabians & Sport Horses

July 2011, Equine Journal Regional, 255


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~ An Outstanding Selection of Sale Prospects ~ Jacques Lapointe â&#x20AC;˘ Waxhaw, North Carolina Phone: 704.243.7036 â&#x20AC;˘ E-mail:



Manager/Trainer 279 Watchaug Road Somers, CT 06071


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(860) 749-4797

Bringing together people interested in advancing and promoting the Arabian and the Half-Arabian horse.

We Sell New and Used Blankets and Re-Waterproof Free Pickup and Delivery in the Northeast


Purebred Arabians - Half Arabs National Show Horses Lynne DeAdder

New England Blanket Service

Horse Clothing Cleaning FREE REPAIRS 860-585-5295 The Adams Family 139 Center Street, P.O. Box 2124, Bristol, CT 06010


Join online at:

â&#x2013; BOA RDING & TRA INI N G - N H

LLF Equestrian, LLC Robyn Thibodeau 25+ Years Experience

Berks Equine Council

17 Crittle Hill Rd Candia, NH 03034 603-483-0640 â&#x20AC;&#x153;Always Considering the Integrity of the Horseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Spiritâ&#x20AC;?

P.O. Box 6085 Wyomissing, PA 19610

www.BerksE quineCouncil .org

EQUI-SPA The Art and Science of Horse Care Pamper your horse with All Natural Aromatherapy Products made with Therapeutic Grade Botanicals created by a Certified Aromatherapist 515-299-4505 â&#x20AC;˘ 515-299-4526 fax

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Jim Marquardt â&#x20AC;˘ Cyndi Marquardt

(603) 679-8404

Run-in barns Shed row barns

Invest in your own barn!

Hill View Mini Barns Rt 2, Etna, ME 207-269-2800

Rt 9, Sabattus, ME 207-375-8200

â&#x2013; BOA RDING & TRA INI N G - N Y

North Road Stables Small & Personal We offer: 400 Acres with Trails â&#x20AC;˘ 100 x 180 Outdoor Arena â&#x20AC;˘ Round Pen Matted Box Stalls â&#x20AC;˘ Daily Turnout with Run-In

607-652-3188 460 North Road â&#x20AC;˘ Jefferson, NY 12093 â&#x20AC;˘

â&#x2013; CA M PS â&#x2013;  B L ANKET C LEA NING/ REPA IR â&#x20AC;˘ blanket cleaning and repair â&#x20AC;˘ tack repair â&#x20AC;˘ personalized service â&#x20AC;˘ custom accessories â&#x20AC;˘ pick-up and delivery available

Please direct inquiries to: Susan Dorazio 860-379-5557 PO Box 246 Colebrook, CT 06021

serving New Hampshire for 10 years

Visit us online at: 256, Equine Journal Regional, July 2011

â?&#x2013; Lessons & Leases â?&#x2013; Training for Horse & Rider â?&#x2013; Dressage â?&#x2013; Balanced Seat â?&#x2013; Jumping Starting and Retraining

Rilla Long, Milford NH tel: 603-673-9097


New England Carriage Imports, LLC Quality Carriages For Competition, Pleasure and Commercial Use

Happy Landings Farm Bozrah, CT 860-889-6467

L&E Clipper Blade Service

Instant Renew Roof Coatings

Professional Sharpening & Repairs on all Clippers and Blades.

• Oster • Andis • Wahl • Lister • Aesulap • Double K • Laube • Stuart Clipmaster (etc.)


Dinosaur Tough

Stops replacement in metal, rubber, flat roofs Barns • Silos • Factory • Office • Trailers i[ Email: 573.489.9346

189 Birchard Park • Middlebury, VT 05753 Phone: (802) 388-2360 • Fax: (802) 388-6166 Email:


Horse Whisperer Inter-species Communicator ussier - Barn Bu il d gL e er Gr

Pioneer Equipment New Wheels Wheels Repaired Buy/Sell/Trade • Horse Drawn Vehicles We manufacture and repair wooden spoke wheels Aaron M. Nolt • 214 N. Shirk Road, New Holland, PA 17557

Karin Kaufman, Ph.D.


717-35 5-9182

Helping you travel simply since 1970.


717-768-3299 3007 Old Phila. Pike Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505 ‡









Providing chiropractic care and physiotherapy throughout New England

Dr. Jill Esz Smith D.C.

ADVANCED BARN CONSTRUCTION Your vision is our reality! P.O. Box 436, Plaistow, NH 03865 978-521-1171


Stop Leaks Once And For All With The Conklin Metal Roof System

A.K. Contractors 1114 Reservoir Road, New Holland, PA 17557 717-354-4929


Gilbert J. Settlage


Email: Website:

CALL FOR A QUOTE • Thirty Years Of Building Experience • Custom Stall Barns • Riding Arenas • Storage Sheds PO Box #262 Epsom, NH 03234

Center Hill Barns

LLC 603-798-5087 days 603-798-5088 fax

Circle B BARN CO.

Framing • Roofing • Etc.


Years of Experience - References Available

129 Sheep Davis Rd. Pembroke, NH 03275 Jeff Smith - Charlie Noyes III 800.267.0506 Bob Austin - Bob Lambert

• Barn & Arena Buildings • Farm Design • Priefert Ranch Equipment Salisbury, NH • Metal Roofing (603) 648-2987 • Classic Equine Stalls

AVCA certified

802-586-7724 or

Visit us on the web at

25 Years Experience Serving New England




Berkshire Animal Chiropractic

Fort Loudon, PA 17224 (717) 729-6711 (717) 369-4118

Agricultural Buildings Of All Types

Weavertown Coach, LLC

Sale and Installaion of Superstructure Fabric Buildings

As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Conklin Company has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR® guidelines for energy efficiency



Call today!

489 Neck Road • Lancaster, MA 01523

Horse Barns/Run-In-Sheds Quality Custom Built Sales & Delivery Fully Licensed and Insured Conestoga, PA 17516


Everything but the horse!

Sherry Henrich Sales/Service Phone 1.866.391.7808 Mobile 717.587.7868 Fax 717.872.2042


CA L L TO S U B S C R I B E 1-800-742-9171 July 2011, Equine Journal Regional, 257


Grabpeprly Su email:

Post & Frame Buildings ~ Horse Barns ~ Riding Arenas Storage Barns ~ Built On Your Site 491 Gap Newport Pike 610-593-3500 Atglen, PA 19310 Fax 593-2510

P.O. Box 330 Abbottstown, PA 17301 (717)624-4800 Fax (717)624-3278 Almost any way you like. Low cost - High quality. Will build from standard plans or can custom build to yours.

Stable Hollow Construction

717-665-0580 1801 Mountain Rd • Manheim, PA 17545 “It Takes a Team to Build a Dream”




ble H

Cell 603-686-0189

i on ollow Construct

Classical Dressage Education for Horse & Rider Owner/Trainer: Leah M. Jamieson

Dales Pony Association • The Original Breed Association • Complete North American Registry • Recognized by U.K., U.S. and Canada Official Equine Organizations

For Information Contact 519-395-4512 email: or visit our website: Protecting and promoting this wonderful, versatile, rare breed

■ DE N TISTRY Ed Dillon 20+ years experience in overall dental care for the horse

508-528-2242 • New Customers & Referrals Welcome

Come Show With Us!


A great time is had by all!


Home of Ade Lente


Laurelwoo Farm

KWPN-NA Champion & Horse Of The Year 2007 USDF Boarding-Training-Lessons • Sale & Lease Horses

202 Fitchburg Road, Townsend, MA 01469 • (978) 597-3343 •

Sport Horses, Equitation, Hunters, Dressage and Combined Training Becca GT: Trainer/Coach/Manager 401-710-7474 or 860-315-0650 362 Wakefield Rd. Pascoag, RI 02859

Three Painted Acres Dressage -We’re all about the Horse-

Masseuse, Chiro and Acupuncture Available Boarding • Training • Lessons Kimberly & Keith McLaughlin • Pembroke, MA 02359 781-588-9345 •


TWIN RIDGE FARM, INC. Boarding • Lessons • Sales • Training Jerilyn Nieder “r” Judge USDF Bronze Medalist Warner, NH 03278 603-456-3031 • 603-456-2354

Horse Barns • Riding Arenas Garages • Restorations


• LESSONS • TRAINING • CLINICS • SALES • WORKING STUDENT PROGRAM A Correct Sensitive Approach in a Quiet Personalized Setting


Gerry Richardson (717)624-7656 (home)

Servicing South Central PA, Maryland & West Virginia

Custom Equestrian Facilities

In NY, Cricket near CT-MA Hill Dressage. Jumping. Training, Instruction, Showing. Pleasure Riding. Boarding, Riding Academy. USDF Certified Instructor T-4. Call on us. Therapy, Rehabilitation.

First Choice Riding Academy Professional Dressage Training

■ DRIV ING New England Region/Carriage Association of America Established in 1969

• To provide a medium for exchange of information regarding horse-drawn vehicles and to serve as an accurate and technical source of information • To foster friendly relations among all groups interested in research, preservation, and promotion of horse-drawn vehicles • To encourage pleasure driving with horse-drawn vehicles NER/CAA Arthur Boroff, Treasurer 165 Candlewood Hill Road, Box 291 Francestown, NH 03043

Dressage & Eventing Lessons Summer Camp • Sales


Enfield, NH


Carriage drivers, carriage collectors and even non-horse owners that enjoy carriages, horses, ponies, mules or donkeys, the Black Swamp Driving Club always welcomes new members.


For detailed information about club activities:

Saddle Racks Box Stalls Roping Chutes Expo Stalls Panels ~ Gates Round Pens SKYVIEW FENCING & POLE BUILDINGS 10 Pach Road, Chatham, NY 12037 518-392-7364 ~

258, Equine Journal Regional, July 2011

Dressage & Combined Training Assoc., Inc.

Serving Northwest Ohio’s Riders since 1980.

or contact Julie Emmons, Club President, 740-361-3885

EQUINE JOURNAL 1-800-742-9171


CANADIAN HAY Nylon Covers Wheels Tug Stops Trim Kits

Manufacturers of Horse & Pony Vehicles (860)684-2986

67 Buckley Highway • Stafford Springs, CT 06076

Bouffard’s FARM

Ayer’s Cliff, Quebec, Canada

TOP QUALITY HAY • Timothy 1st Cut and 2nd Cut Available • Timothy Mixed Clover • Timothy Mixed Alfalfa • Straight Timothy • We deliver everywhere in the United States - all year long • We unload & stack it in your barn (included in our price) • We guarantee our hay (references available) • We are proud of our product and give the best service

Since 1975

Get your HAY directly from one of the BIGGEST PRODUCERS of hay in CANADA Benoit Bouffard Home 819-842-1152 • Farm 819-849-4331 •

HAY • HAY • HAY • HAY • HAY • HAY • HAY • HAY • HAY • HAY • HAY • HAY • HAY • • HAY HAY • • HAY HAY • • HAY HAY • • Tractor Trailer Loads Delivered HAY HAY • • 973-876-8222 • cellphone: 609-346-8218 HAY HAY • • email: HAY HAY • • HAY • HAY • HAY • HAY • HAY • HAY • HAY • HAY • HAY • HAY • HAY • HAY • HAY




“Turning Childhood Dreams into Reality”



We’re Horse People Too!! – Special Discounts For AQHA Members

US Rte 2 Berlin, Vermont • (802)223-0021




HOURS: Tues - Fri 10-6, FARRIER SUPPLIES ENGLISH & WESTERN WEAR Sat 10-5, Closed Sun & Mon “Everything for Horse & Rider” For mail order call toll free:

We ship within 24 hours 1-888-892-5868 ROUTE 122 • SOUTH GRAFTON, MA 01560 • (508) 839-3016 •

Shavings/Sawdust Bulk Kiln Dry/Green • Bagged Shavings Arena Footing Rubber - Leather - Chips Truck Tire Sidewalls (for tarp anchors) Trucking - Live Floor Trailers/Vans Deliver throughout New England, NY, PA

Bridgewater Farm Supply Co. Inc.

Vitamins and Minerals for Horses Call for technical information Direct Action Co., Inc. P.O. Box 2205 • Dover, Ohio 44622 330-364-3219 • 1-800-921-9121 Join us on the Internet:

■ F E E D S /B E D D ING Is There HAY In Your Future?

Delivered and Stacked


508-697-0357 or 800-665-9328 Mon-Fri 8-5:30, Sat 8-4, Sun 10-3




Amsterdam, NY 12010

“CAMEO” horse fencing

Serving CT & MA

Affordable • Proven • Safe


The easy to install white line alternative See our full line of Quality products as you consider options. • 800-822-5426 Top Quality Hay • Mulch • Sawdust • Shavings (bagged or bulk)

846 Golf Links Road, Colebrook, NH 03576 Phone: (603) 237-8732 • Cell: (603) 359-2337 Web: Competitive Prices. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Bagged Wood Shavings by the Tractor Trailer Load

Call 4M FARMS today for quality, price and savings everyday. • (315) 684-7570

Quality Hay and Shavings

1000 Plymouth St., Rte 104, Bridgewater, MA


dac “It Makes A World Of Difference”

Trained Adults and Youngstock for Sale 660.537.4020 •

Toll Free (US) 1-800-688-1187

Wendy Pearson - Manager 921 Third Concession Noyan, P.Q. JOJ 1B0

Notice our • Split Rail • Centaur Flexible Fence display ad in • Post & Board • Installation Available this issue. • Heavy Duty Powder Coated Gates, Full & Half Mesh • Vinyl Coated High Tensile • Woven Horse Wire • Locust & Pressure Treated Post • PVC

Phone: 866-857-1676 Fax Your Fencing Projects to 610-857-0029

PREMIUM QUALITY NY HAY • Timothy • Timothy Alfalfa Mix • Timothy Grass Mix • Western Timothy

• 2nd Cut Orchard Alfalfa Mix • Large and Small Flake Dust Free Wood Shavings • Premium Alfalfa

Agri Sales USA, Inc. Nick Fitzpatrick at 800-747-3811

We deliver top quality 1st & 2nd cutting horse hay year round. Trailer loads. Call Jay Burrows (315) 778-9271 or (315) 658-4022

Polymer-Coated Wood Fencing – 20 Year Warranty

Also offering: Pressure Treated Post and Board Fencing

704-642-8789 July 2011, Equine Journal Regional, 259




All Your Fencing Needs

Northeast Fjord Horse Association

P.V.C. • Chain Link • Split Rail • Hi Tensil • Board • Wire Mesh • Picket • Decks TMR Feed • Mixers

“Promoting and Enjoying the Norwegian Fjord Horse”

Q.F.S. Factory Outlet Vinyl Fence Products Camp Hill, PA 17011 • 717-737-9377

Vinyl Fence - Lifetime Warranty

1-800-838-3092 Danielle Campbell, President 508-967-0590

Tall, Elegant Yet Substantial Fjords Suitable for Dressage P.O. Box 2280 Aqueboque, NY 11931


Pro Fence LLC We Build to Please!

Agricultural Fence Installation Call us at 1-800-433-6236 Visit us at Email

Specializing in: • Board Fence • High Tensile • Horse Rail • Poly Kote • Woven Wire



Your best resource for natural, sound gaited horses!

Friends of Sound Horses, Inc. ~ 6614 Clayton Road, #105 St. Louis, MO 63117 (800) 651-7993


FLYING W FARMS, INC. For those who want the very best!” Breeders of Champion Georgian Grandes and Friesian sporthorses; Sires are our imported Dutch Friesians; Mothers are Saddlebreds, Clydesdales, and Percherons. We have the finest quality and the best selection to be found anywhere in the world. Incredible movement, quiet, calm dispositions; our horses are bred to excel in many disciplines. We offer yearlings, two years, and three year olds; Prices $4000 to $8000 o.b.o.

“What you breed in, you need not train in” Email: • Phone: 740-493-2401



Serving New Hampshire Since 1982 Wood, Chain Link Fully Insured Ornamental Iron, Vinyl Fencing New Hampshire’s Fence Professionals Farm and Horse Fencing

603.267.1975 • 1.800.734.4110

WEDGE-LOC Proudly Made In The USA



Chocolate Horse Farm


American Friesian Association Attention: Ken Lee Route 2, Box 60, Nahunta, GA 31553

(912) 462-6330

Desert Jewel Gypsy Horses

Friesians • Gypsies Partbreds for Sale Barn: 417.753.7116 Farm Mgr: 417.849.3779 Ygram fan’t Emsland Available for Stallion Service

BORN IN A STABLE 585-243-3178



We carry a complete line of: Centaur Fencing, Bekaert 2x4 CIII Horseman, Pressure Treated Posts, Rope, Braid, Twine, & Tape, Amos Galvanized Gates & Corral Panels

603-827-3464 or Fax: 603-827-2999



2033 Brothertown Rd • Deansboro, NY 315-841-4910 • Fax 315-841-4649 • American Fence Association


FENCE SUPPLIES Treated Posts • Gates • Corral Panels • Horse Stalls SolidLock Wire Mesh Fencing • Waterers Temporary Fencing • Ropes & Tape • Split Rail High Tensile • Post & Board • Wire Mesh Fencing • Centaur • Electrobrald

Friesian Horses for Sale Specializing in driving singles and pairs

Northeast Friesian Horse Club

Official FHANA/FPS Chapter 518-854-9702 Pam Clapp, 87 Halls Pond Road, West Hebron, NY 12865

Visit us online at: 260, Equine Journal Regional, July 2011

• Importing • Breeding • Training • Transport • Boarding Carol & David Dunbar 866-612-0050 417-461-1255 home

Specializing in Traditional & Uniquely Colored Gypsy Horses Standing the largest number of Gypsy stallions in the World

Jennifer Gilson 602-684-3929

Drumlin Gypsy Ranch Our Goal is to provide and produce traditional Gypsy Cobs in their truest form of conformation, versatility and disposition.

For more information 860.BY GYPSY

Feathered Gold Stables Ogdensburg, Wisconsin 715-445-5345 Maintaining the Beauty, Conformation, and Demeanor of the Gypsy Horse

Sales • Stallion Service


Flying W Farms Proper Gypsy Cobs; perfect for children and adults.

Horses of Wisdom Rediscover the Wisdom and Passion within you Achieve Because You CAN! Karin Janin, M.S. Author, Empowering Life Coach, Visualization Specialist

Family Friendly Cobs at Family Friendly prices.

www.ďŹ&#x201A; Email: ďŹ&#x201A; â&#x20AC;˘ 740.493.2401

Empowering Coaching can be done via the phone or in person for your convenience 845-236-2557 For the health of your horse

The Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association, Inc.

Proudly Standing: Rom Rye Registered GVHS & GHRA Call for booking

Preserving, Protecting & Promoting the Traditional Gypsy Cob 1812 E. 100 N. ~ Danville, IN 46122 ~ 317-745-6746 E-mail: ~ Website:

Kastle Rock Gypsy Farm

Gypsy Horse Association


The Association of Choice for Registration & Promotion of the Gypsy Horse



Dedicated to the heritage of the Gypsy Horse We are an educational organization encouraging the use, exhibition and perpetuation of the Gypsy Horse/Cob.

1611 Old Reno Road, Springtown, TX 76082 817-677-4272


Breeding for Performance & Beauty Imported Gypsy Stallion at Stud Horses For Sale




Double the Size Double the Size Double the Exposure Double the Exposure


â&#x2013; GYPSY VA NNERS

The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society


Becky Koleno

570-937-4954 â&#x20AC;˘ email: â&#x20AC;˘ Foals for Sale



Gypsy Horses with Proven Lineage

Parnell's Irish Cobs, LLC ~ The Irish Rose 10257 N. County Road 17, Fort Collins, CO 80524 ~ (970) 556-3929

HORSE FEATHERS FARM â&#x20AC;˘ 888.520.9777 P.O. Box 65, Waynesfield, OH 45896

Breeders of Select, Imported Gypsy and Drum Horses Standing Stallion: Aislan of Lion King GHRA, GVHS, ADHA Registered Rex & Rebecca McKeever Bellville, TX â&#x20AC;˘ 979-865-4183 â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;&#x153;Breeding the Beautiful Gypsy Vanner... Every Childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dreamâ&#x20AC;?

MM Horse-N-Around Ranch Michael and Lisa Horgan 517.688.4065 517.262.2783

Gypsy Vanners

Anne Crowley Delano, MN ~ 763-972-8704


1-800-742-9171 July 2011, Equine Journal Regional, 261


Best Insurance Brokerage, Ltd.

Come Grow with Us & Achieve Your Personal Best

“Equine Specialists”


Kellie Monahan, Head Trainer Walnut Hill Farm Save your Hay. Save your Money. BIG BALE BUDDY Round Bale Feeder. Safe, affordable, effective, One Year Warranty. Available in 3 sizes starting at $89.95. • 866.389.9952

■ H O R S E WA L K E R S


“THE BETTER BUILT MACHINE” North America's #1 Horse Exerciser!

86 Walnut St. Plainville, MA 02762

508-699-1900 ■ IC E LA NDIC S

Northst★r Icelandic Horses Quality 4 and 5 Gaited USIHC registered domestic Icelandics Affordable Prices Ask about our “Special Order” Foals

For more information, contact NORTHSTAR FARM P.O. Box 63, Brookville, OH 45903-0063 email:


Great for All Breeds & Disciplines!

Lease Plans Available

Icelandic Horses

“Conditioning & Training Without Constraints”



■ H U N TE R /J U M P E R S

ABF Equine, LLC Brooke Ferro - Owner/Trainer/Instructor

Lessons • Sales/Leases/Consignment Boarding • Training • Hauling Sign up now for our summer riding program! Judd Road, Coventry, CT

860-944-2527 •

Pangaea Equestrian Services, LLC. Knutur & Cerice Berndsen (845)789-1076 ■ INSEC T C ONTROL

★ Boarding ★ Training ★ Showing ★ Sales ★

Olana & Scott Laffey


Join New Hampshire Hunter Jumper Cynthia McLaughlin 109 Lexington Ave., Manchester, NH 03104 603-625-8392


Ark Agency Animal Insurance Services PO Box 223 Paynesville, MN 56362 Fax: 320-243-7224

★ Full Mortality ★ Equine Major Medical ★ Air Transport ★ Equine Liability ★ Professional Liability ★ Directors & Officers Liability ★ Special Risks ★ Farm Property Ark Agency is a division of Ark International Group

Toll Free: 800-328-8894


262, Equine Journal Regional, July 2011

• Full Liability • Care, Custody & Control • Farm & Stable • Personal Insurance • Commercial • Riding Clubs & Shows • Workers Compensation (Available through our Agency)

~ Ask What We Can Do For You!! ~


292 Colonial Drive • Middlebury, VT 05753-5890

1-800-388-6638 ext. 3824 •

Corinthian INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. “Horsemen Understanding the Needs of Horsemen!” • All types of horse-related coverages & protection provided • Equine appraisal services • Financing Available • Low Mortality Rates

JOSEPH & SCOTT LOMBARD Call today for a competitive quote 508-533-5103 • Fax 508-533-5109

“Horse Owners Who Care”

Licensed in all of New England

26 Orchard Street Byfield, MA 01922

Be part of the Excitement!

Serving Vermont and New Hampshire

Cummings Insurance Agency

Evenstride Ltd. Tel. (978) 465-9119

Providing Equine Insurance Since 1982 Put our experience to work for you! 1-800-526-1711 •

Ted T. Cummings Blair Cummings 378 Main Street • Manchester, CT 06040

(860) 646-2457 • Fax: (860) 645-6650

Equine Insurance Specialist Terri Ray • 781-837-6550 Marshfield Plaza PO Box 1180, Marshfield, MA 02050

THE DIRECTORY New York Farm Bureau offers Workers Compensation Insurance to the Equine Industry (NY only). If you board or breed horses or own a riding academy or club, call 1.800.342.4143 for program details and availability.

â&#x2013; JE W ELRY


A. Jordan Land Clearing Land Clearing of Trees Stumping & Grading â&#x20AC;˘ Excavation Timber Buyer/Selective Logging

Agribusiness Insurance Solutions 5)&'"3. XXXGBSNGBNJMZDPN

Fully Insured ~ Free Estimates 20+ Years Experience

'BSNt#VTJOFTT )PNFt"VUPt-JGF We Take A Personal Interest Protecting What You Value MostÂŽ

1-877-840-4400 XXXBOQBDDPN

FF-288 (0509)


603-456-6029 ~ Warner, NH

â&#x2013; LOA NS


Gorgeous Horse

â&#x20AC;˘ Simple â&#x20AC;˘ Elegant â&#x20AC;˘ Hand Crafted â&#x20AC;˘ 14kt Gold MANY BREEDS TO CHOOSE FROM Enjoy Ordering From Our New & Improved



The Gorgeous Horse is in our 31st year of operation and our 27th year with the Jewelers Board of Trade. We specialize in hand crafted custom designed 14kt gold Equestrian and Canine Jewelry.

a u

Independent Equine Agents E q u i n e


F a r m

I n s u r a n c e


MARLA MOORE Account Executive 10234 Shelbyville Road Louisville, KY 40223 Email:

(502) 245-6878 Fax (502) 245-9698

P.O. Box 131 â&#x20AC;˘ Daleville, VA 24083 â&#x20AC;˘ 540-817-5037

t q

Pony Locks


â&#x2013; I N TE R N E T R E S OUR C E S

3628 Pinkham Way, Raleigh, NC 27616 Inquiries welcome at

Gift Certificates Available ~ Dealer Inquiries Welcome

â&#x2013; JUDGE

Jenny M. Pierucki Burr Oak, MI 49030 Cell: 269-625-1222

â&#x2013; M A SSAGE

The Animal Rehab Institute

Ph: 269-489-5500 E-mail:

â&#x2013; JUM PS

B u i l t To u g h , B u i l t t o L a s t

brings buyers and sellers together.

Hartmeyer Saddlery

7111 West Bethel Ave., Muncie, IN 47304 Call 919.961.1841 for a brochure

Judging â&#x20AC;˘ Stewarding â&#x20AC;˘ Lessons Judges Cards: Michigan, Wisconsin, New England USEF-Morgan, POAC, AHHA, ASPC/AMHR/ASPR, UMH/AGMH, GVHS, GHRA, TWHBEA Stewards Card: ASPC/AMHR/ASPR

EQUINE JOURNAL Saddleseat Apparel and Accessories for men, women and children. We also rent saddle suits.

Agri-Risk Services Contact Barbara Kirby (800) 821-5558

â&#x2013; M A IL ORDER


Insurance for Horses, Trainers & Farms

Call Karen Murphy at 800-562-2235 ext. 8119

â&#x20AC;˘ SALES â&#x20AC;˘ REPAIRS â&#x20AC;˘ CUSTOM WORK

Equine Massage CertiďŹ cation and Equine Rehabilitation CertiďŹ cation Programs taught by highly trained equine professionals. (561) 792-1441 ofďŹ ce/fax to download a free brochure and class schedule or call 561-792-1441

Eric Grover Phone: 330.304.3250 10526 Sanford Rd. Lodi, Ohio 44254 Email:

Scott Laffey, Jr.

978-490-0873 â&#x20AC;˘ July 2011, Equine Journal Regional, 263



Blue Ridge Morgan Horse Association Morgans of every size, color, training for sale Versatile horses for show, trails, carriage, etc.






288 White Hill Road • Walton, NY 13856 (607) 865-5215 •

Pictures, Video, and Prices available at:

Serving the Northeast since 1976

Photography by Carole MacDonald

Lippitt Morgan Breeders’ Association Anne Millett, LMBA Treasurer 25 Knollwood Drive, E. Longmeadow, MA 01028 • 413-525-4631

specializing in horses



Carien Schippers - Equine Photography

1 Bowman Lane Westboro, Mass. 01581

(508) 366-7886

Maine Morgan Horse Club, Inc. Selina Cloutier, President 603-953-3470 or email Sue Oliver, VP 207-319-7554 or email

Equine Photography Now Photography and Design Services, specializing in Equestrian Photography

Jennifer Wilkening

281.639.4616 ✦


New England Miniature Horse Society

1811 Brookchester Street Katy, TX 77450 Phone: 281-395-0225 Email:


An AMHA approved club offering a full schedule of AMHA pointed shows. Contact: Missy Tansey 508-917-8488

ntain Lane F Mou603-878-1145arm


11 Stone Lane, Temple, NH APHA Breeding & Sales Boarding & Lessons

WORLD CLASS MINIATURE HORSE REGISTRY, INC. Incorporated in 1995 to make owning miniature horses a pleasure when it comes to registering.

12009 Stewartsville Road, Vinton, VA 24179 (540) 890-0856 Full Online Registration Service


70 Walcott St., Stow, MA 01775 • 978-562-3153 Howard & Clare Sparks Standing at Stud Moonshyne D Lite (neg. Lethal White gene) Overo Breeders Trust, APHA/PtHA Champion

■ MO R A B S Morabs, Morgans & Arabians P.O. Box 203 Hodgenville, KY 42748 270-358-8727 HORSE SHOWS • FARM SHOOTS • F INE ART Custom Photography Books • 603-496-8674

Rein Photography Jennifer Wenzel

16 Burr Road Maplewood, NJ 07040


■ P E RUV IA N PA SOS Your connection to the Northeast AQHA Affiliates.

Hacienda la Colina

(Hillside Farm) 845-626-2498 Peruvian Paso Horses Naturally Gaited

Our horses are bred to go from the TRAIL to the SHOW Proven Bloodlines • Quality Horses for Sale

EQUINE JOURNAL 1-800-742-9171 264, Equine Journal Regional, July 2011

(973) 760-7336 email:

Kathy and Juan Carlos Gill Accord, NY

Visit us online at:


Connecticut Quarter Horse Association President: Donna Rosciti


EQUINE REHABILITATION SERVICES, LLC Jennifer Brooks P.T., MEd., CERP Equine Physical Therapist Brookline, New Hampshire Equine physical therapy for recovery of injuries, lameness or diseases.

PERFORMANCE HORSES Canadian Warmbloods

603.566.6561 • Email:

Horses For Sale

■ S ADDLE FITTING For information contact President: Raeanne Bowden • 978-649-6134 (9am – 8pm)

Anthony Cooper Saddler Specializing in saddle fitting and saddle making since 1984.

Re-stuffing and repairs of both astride and side-saddles. Authorized fitter for New England, offering the complete line of Trilogy saddles and accessories.

Visit my website for more information.

Boarding Indoor Arena Lay ups

PO Box 2, 107 North Fitzwilliam Rd, Royalston, MA 01368



Peppy San Badger x Doc’s Cindy Bar AQHA Points in 5 Events (814) 967-2988 Guys Mills, PA 16327 email:

Specialized Saddles

Double Diamond Equine


■ SC HOOLS • Equine Business Management • Equine Studies • Veterinary Science • Veterinary Technology • Animal Care

For more information please contact Admissions toll-free at 1-877-523-2537, or e-mail at

EQU INE STUDIES Johnson & Wales University

Endurance ✶ Trail ✶ English ✶ Western Promoting the American Quarter Horse in Vermont

Star, NC ✶ 336-267-0276 ✶ Shelby Friml

For careers in America’s horse industry, Johnson & Wales offers two- and four-year degree programs, opportunities for study in Europe, Co-op programs and Pony Club scholarships.



For more information:

Call 1-800-342-5598 or 401-598-1000 or write to: Equine Studies Johnson & Wales University, Dept. NHJ 8 Abbott Park Place, Providence, RI 02903

For Information

Lucille Evarts, 3796 Green St, Vergennes, VT 05491 802-233-0567 •


Quarter Pony Association “Working to promote your ponies!’

PO Box 297 Leon, Kansas 67074 (509) 949-2488 • (816) 250-2351 (361) 729-4456

Full Service English Saddle Fitting and Repairs ◗ Billets ◗ Saddle fitting ◗ Knee pads ◗ Side saddle restoration ◗ Knee rolls ◗ Tack repairs ◗ New seats ◗ Foam panels converted to wool P.O. Box 38 Royalston, MA • (978) 249-2526 ■ S ALES/ LEA SING Quality Horses for Show, Trail & Pleasure

Double the Size Double the Exposure



We know our horses and use them ourselves.


There are more graduates of the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School employed in the horse industry than of any other school of any kind in the world.

Owner and Director Dr. Jack Roth, Dr. of Veterinary Medicine and Master Farrier Instructors - Certified Journeyman Farriers


Come prepared to work. More hours of instruction on live aimals than anywhere else. • 603.465.2672

COURSES INCLUDE: Basic Horseshoeing (2 weeks - $1,500); Professional Horseshoeing (8 weeks - $4,000); Advanced Horseshoeing and Blacksmithing (12 weeks - $5,400); Your room is free.


BOARDING • TRAINING • LESSONS Top Quality Western & English Performance Horses... Sold w/guarantee

APPROVED FOR: OHS Student Loan, Montgomery GI Bill, Vocational Rehabilitation, WIA, BIA. Licensed by OBPVS.

Call 405-288-6085 or 800-538-1383. Write Oklahoma Horseshoeing School, 26446 Horseshoe Circle, Purcell, OK 73080 •

Castleton, VT 802-468-2449 •

July 2011, Equine Journal Regional, 265


CLASSIC Equine Equipment

THE MANE PLACE Tuesday - Saturday 9-5pm; Sunday 9-1pm

Western & English Tack & Apparel Feed • Horse Supplies • Cards Gifts • Jewelry

at Vermont Technical College 800.442.8821 504 W. Hartford Avenue, Uxbridge, MA 01569 (508) 278-7563 • Fax (508) 278-7567

■ S H OW S E R I E S


Silver Heels Riding Club

Memberships: Sherry Paplaskas 6 Meadow Fox Lane, Chester, NH 03036 SERVING THE NORTHEAST SEACOAST REGION


You love our bridles. Get to know our saddles.

8 Paul Street, Bethel, CT 06801 1-800-MATTING • Fax: 203-744-7703

SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND HORSEMEN’S ASSOCIATION Open Horse Show Series Over 50 classes • 15 Divisions English • Western • Saddle Seat Miniature • Youth & Adult Riders Trophy/prize & 6 ribbons in every class For more information contact:

Lynda Whaley, President 860-536-1484 •




To see our full line of saddles, bridles and accessories, visit ■ TAC K & EQUIPM ENT - CT


Quality weanlings, yearlings, young horses and ponies some under saddle many with show experience

The Equestrian Centre A Complete line of tack, gifts & apparel 410-658-0678/443-206-1260 Tack Repair Service Riverdale Farms, Bldg. #12, 136 Simsbury Rd., Avon, CT 06001


For Sophisticated Sport Horses

Equestrian Outfitters Riders Helping Riders Since 1986

Waverly, IL 217.675.2276


A Consignment Shop For Equestrians 294 Great Rd, Littleton, MA 01460 978-486-0008

Check Out Our New On-line SHOPPING PAGE On Our Website

23 Eleanor Road, Somers, CT 06071 Shop online at (860) 749-4420 Open 7 Days Mon.-Fri. 10-6, Thurs. 10-7:30, Sat. 9-5, Sun. 12-5 The Totally Stocked English Tack Shop ...and Western too!

The Paddock Inc.

55 Rose Hill Road, Ledyard, CT – Certified Saddle Fitter on Premises – Mon.-Sat. 10-5, Sun. 12-4 or by appointment 866-415-6256 • 860-464-1559

Visit us online at:

800-786-6633 For dealer locations or direct customer service, call; email:

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Crop & Carrot Tack Shop, Inc. 133 West Main St. (Rt. 9) Spencer, MA 01562 Toll Free: 877-885-0255 ENGLISH & Hrs: Mon-Fri 10-6, WESTERN Sat 9-5, Sun 12-4 EQUIPMENT & APPAREL

Tack, Apparel, Feed, Supplies & Trailers


Ariat, Tuffrider, Weatherbeeta, Circle Y, Tucker, Weaver, Featherlite and More!

8 Whittemore Farm Rd., Swanzey, NH 402 Geyser Rd., Saratoga Springs, NY

Open 7 Days!


1-877-358-3001 •

978-772-6619 • M-F 8am-5pm, Sat. 8am-4pm 4 Littleton Road at the Ayer Rotary - Just off 2A/110/111, Ayer, MA

riffinbrook, Ltd.



Hunter...Western...Saddle Seat...Trail Riding... Miniature Horse...Dressage...Carts and Harnesses for all types, mini to draft sizes. 603-483-4833 • Outfitting Horse & Rider for Over 50 Years

North Andover store hours: Mon. 10-7, Tues.-Fri. 10-6 Saturday 10-6, Sunday 12-5 978-686-7722

Ipswich store hours: Mon. 11-5, Tues. & Wed. 10-6 Thurs. 11-7, Fri. & Sat. 10-5 Sun. 12-5 978-356-1180

At Levaland Farm 233 Purchase Street Middleboro, MA 02346 774-213-1969

For all your basics... plus hot, new items not stocked by the others! Western, English, Supplies, Consignment and more...

Mon.-Fri.: 10-6 Thurs.: 10-8 Sat.: 10-5 Sun.: 12-5

1110 Southampton Rd Jct 10 & 202 Westfield, MA 01085 (413) 568-6430

Huntseat • Dressage • Saddle Seat • Western



Hours: Monday - Saturday 10-5 • Thursdays until 6 • Sunday 12-5 •

■ TAC K & E QU IP M E NT - M D

county saddlery

301-854-6059 1-877-7PELHAM ■ TAC K & EQUIPM ENT - NY

Fabrication • Welding Maintanance • Damage Repairs Accessories • Electrical • Brakes Brake Assemblies • Springs Axles • Tires • Wheels Hitches (Tags & Goosenecks)

888-414-2287 • Horse • Stock • Equipment • Utility & Cargo Trailers


• Parts & Hitches

Tack, Equipment & Apparel from the best names in the business Area’s Widest Selection of Medicinals, Supplements, and Grooming Supplies


Eastern Headquarters for the Western Horseman 3700 Quaker Ln. (Rt. 2), Hours: N. Kingstown, RI 02852 Mon.-Sat. 8am-6pm, (401) 294-9121 Closed Sundays Outside R.I. 1-800-322(TACK)

2201 Rt. 17K, Montgomery, NY 12549 (845) 361-2246 Route 9W, Esopus, NY (845) 384-6100

✓ Fiberglass Roof ✓ Aluminum Skin ✓ Quality MANUFACTURER OF QUALITY HORSE TRAILERS Workmanship Revere, Pennsylvania ✓ Affordable Pricing 610-847-2237 or 888-856-3138 ✓ Custom Built


Tack Restorations



Related Tack Repair

Kevin Garrison Lebanon, NH 03766



HEALING WITH HORSES Indoor Arena Riding Year Round


Vernon, NY 13476 1-888-2-TACKUP

6 Ruth Street 315-829-2875

603-448-6545 603-252-7445 cell

Visit us online at:



HOURS: Tues - Fri 10-6, FARRIER SUPPLIES ENGLISH & WESTERN WEAR Sat 10-5, Closed Sun & Mon “Everything for Horse & Rider” For mail order call toll free:

We ship within 24 hours 1-888-892-5868 ROUTE 122 • SOUTH GRAFTON, MA 01560 • (508) 839-3016


An Emporium for the Horse

845-986-6686 • Web site:

• Delivery • Financing • Leasing Available

COTROFELD AUTOMOTIVE, INC. P.O. Box 235 (Shop Route 7A) East Arlington, Vermont 05252 Call For Free Brochure




Frame Specialists • FREE Estimates Ron Lanoue • 265 State Road, Plymouth, MA 02360 508-224-4142 Home • 508-494-8089 Cell • 508-830-0055

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Professional Transportation


email: 7 Robin Hill Road, Lenhartsville, PA 19534 888-506-6056 • 610-756-4257

TOURBILLON TRAILER SALES 401 Snake Hill Rd., North Scituate, RI

401-934-2221 • 888-934-2221 • FAX: 401-934-2988 Sundowner, Eby, Hawk Centrally Located To MASS & CT in between Rts. 395 & 95



Plenty of TLC. Utilizing Only The Finest In Premium Equipment & Personnel 603.465.2672 508-427-9333


J.R. Hudson

European Warmblood Sport Horses For Sale

30 Turnpike St., Suite 2, West Bridgewater, MA 02379 Voice: 508-427-5463 • Fax: 508-427-5464

“Horseman serving Horsemen”

European Quality Pleasure to Grand Prix Green and Made To Fit Any Budget Hunter • Jumper • Dressage 519-666-1902 • 352-529-1093 •

Ravine Ranch Sport Horses

Lynch Horse Transportation

Local/Long Distance Special Trips: Shows, Events Vet Appointments 24 Hour Emergency Service Free Quotes, References Available

“Dedicated Breeders of Warmblood Horses”

Stephen J. Lynch • Office 401-766-4139 • Cell 401-529-5052

Hanoverian/cross: TB/cross

A Division of Advantage Farm Inc.

33 Gardner Circle, Hinesburg, VT 05461 • Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat by appt.


We offer “The Affordable Alternative” Dol Savirt

Doug & Deb King 204-838-2328

Station Hill Express

Lasting Quality, Great Prices, Dick and Elaine Robson Best East Street, Topsfield, MA 01983 Value, Proven!


“Quality Never Goes Out Of Style”

A Lifetime of Experience in the Horse Industry

Web site: Email: 978-376-7736

• TV Monitor • Air-ride • Fully Insured • Custom Trips • Personalized Service Local and long distance service New England to Florida.


Tom Balardini


(800) 794-6604 a i

PO Box 295 • Dalton, MA 01227


Reliable and Reasonable


Horse Transportation, Inc.

Construction • Stock • Horse • Utility Dump & Cargo Trailers ~ C O M P L E T E PA R T S D E PA R T M E N T ~ 802-482-2250/1-800-533-0504

(610)488-7220 Fax (610)488-7030

PO Box 527 Shartlesville, PA 19554

Double the Size Double the Size Double the Exposure Double the Exposure




DIRECTORY: QUICK MONTHLY REFERENCE GUIDE FOR OUR READERS. Two sizes available: Single Directory: 2.25”x1”

Double Directory: 2.25”x2”

$200/12 mos • $175/6 mos

$375/12 mos • $200/6 mos


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GBA SHEFFIELD 8-year-old bay purebred Arabian Gelding. Started under saddle. Shows potential for hunter, pleasure, dressage and the Sport Horse Ring. Contact Lynne at Double A Arabians, 860-749-4797.

CHF TRAVELER, 5 yr. old GVHS registered driving gelding 13.3 hh Black and White. $12,000 OBO.

GBA CANDYMAN 9-year-old bay purebred Arabian Gelding. Wonderful dressage and sporthorse mount. Region 16 top 5 in Sporthorse-in-hand ATR. Ready to be your superstar! Contact Lynne at Double A Arabians, 860-749-4797.



PREMIER NORTHEAST BREEDER OF ARABIAN STYLE. Refined, chiseled heads, excellent conformation. We’ve produced MULTIPLE WORLD CHAMPIONS – AMHA and/or AMHR. Over 25 to choose from. All prices, colors, sizes. 2011 foals arriving soon. Call for appointment 860-355-8940.

USED 17” HDR RIVELLA BRISTOL SADDLE. French leather, woolflocked, wide tree, narrow twist, medium deep seat, square cantle and knee rolls. The saddle is in great shape. Sells new $1,000 – asking price is $575 OBO. Call Katie at 508-254-8640.

Call Now to

ADVERTISE In This Section



Beautiful “headed” grey, 8-year old Arabian Mare, 79% Crabbett bred; broke to ride dressage or hunt seat; great on trail with excellent disposition; no vices. Clips, loads, bathes, etc. $6,000. Located in Ohio. 740-704-3186, 740-928-1572 or Tara 740-450-3209. Beautiful, Bold, Bay 15.3hh, 8 year old, Half- Arabian Gelding. First year over fences and loves it. Winning in the jumpers with clean changes. Safe for both kids and amateurs with a willing personality. Keep him at home or the trainers. Easy to get in the ring at shows, minimal prep work required. Also has the potential to win in the hunter pleasure ring. Stands quietly for both the vet and blacksmith. Call Kevin Dwyer at Dwyer Equine, 860-213-1299


Half-Arabian Chestnut Gelding.16.1 hands, 9 years old. Sound, Safe and Solid... Step Into the show ring today and make your victory pass. Multiple Class A Wins Regional Reserve Champion and Top Five Winner Proven winner in Hunter Pleasure and Halter with professional, amateur adult and junior exhibitors in both 14-17 and 13 & under. Call Kevin Dwyer: (860)535-3615 or (860)213-1299

Dressage/CT/ Eventing Northeast Sporthorses is a service dedicated to providing clients and trainers with quality horses suitable for hunter, jumper, dressage and eventing disciplines Vanessa Spencer 12 Cobblestone Road Barnstable, Ma. 02630 508-776-6235

General SEVERAL WELL BROKE HORSES available: We specialize in “Quality” horses for trail, show and pleasure. English & Western. Riding both Indoors and outside; comfortable with Ring work & trails/trips, etc. Call us at (603)465-2672 or visit

Gypsy Horses Laurel Highland Jake 2004 Black Registered Fell Pony Gelding. 13 hh. This professionally trained dressage pony also jumps and drives. Needs experiencd rider. Contact Bruce at 508-896-8082 or Well established breeders dedicated to excellence! A coop of responsible, reputable Fell owners, breeders and trainers taking care of our clients by providing excellence in service and quality horses.

CS Hermits Silver Shadow Gypsy Cob reg. GHA/GVHS rare few spot appy color 13.2 2009 import stud fee $850 includes first collection. Tammie at 774-571-5278 or

July 2011, Equine Journal, 269



Flying W Farms-offering proper Gypsy Cobs. 2011 foals by Sampson for sale. Reasonable prices. Visit our web for more information: phone:740-493-2401 email:

GYPSY horses, SADDLE AND DRIVING prospects, started and showing. Call 417-461-1255 or 607-316-4241 or email for more info.

Hunter/Jumpers 15.3 7 year old TB/QH Mare with lead changes. Jumps around, arena, trails, beach, shows, she does it all! Excellent with kids. Safe and Sound $12,500 603-568-6654

Icelandic Horses Pangaea Equestrian Services Offering fine quality Icelandic Horses for pleasure or sport, lessons, training, clinics, breeding, and consultations. web address: e-mail address: phone: 845-789-1076

Quarter Horses Cruisen to Infinity 16.3hh, Red Roan 10-year old gelding. From Hunter Hack to Western riding, he does it all willingly. $20,000 603-382-3933

A.P.H.A. $5,500 Apachie Warrior 2 year old Stud colt Cash Hand Cock blood line call 409-791-1051 or email

Paso Finos Rio del Costa Paso Fino Horses Herd Reduction Sale: Stallions, Mares, Geldings, Fillies, Colts Jimmy or Jenny Griffin 3921 ACR 468, Montalba, TX 75853 903-549-3637 Excellent Bloodlines For Breeding

Peruvian Pasos

REG QH MARE 16.2h Dark Bay, Easy to ride - arena, street trails. Has shown AQHA. Green over fences, very pretty and easy keeper. AQHA 9yo Gelding 16.1h Blood Bay has been to the beach, loves cross country, would be a perfect family horse as he is not spooky or complicated. Loves people. Ridden by novice & advanced riders. Call Phyllis @ 603-642-6366 NH.

SEVERAL WELL BROKE HORSES available: We specialize in â&#x20AC;&#x153;Qualityâ&#x20AC;? horses for trail, show and pleasure. English & Western. Riding both Indoors and outside; comfortable with Ring work & trails/trips, etc. Call us at (603)465-2672 or visit

Conway Excavating Arenas, Custom Footing, Farm Design/Layout,Drainage, Land Clearing, Site Work, Paddocks, Manure Removal Fully Licensed and Insured (508)946-5504 Shawn Conway, Owner

Barns & Equipment Instant Renew Roof Coatings(SM). Warranted products Renew Metal, Rubber, Flat Roofs. Barns, Stables, Farms, Trailers, Factories. From 13cents/sq. ft. (573)489-9346


HORSE FOR SALE Shagya Arabians Limited number of performance proven Shagya, Hungarian & Half-Arabian horses for sale. Excel in dressage & endurance. Illinoise,


PERUVIAN HORSES for sale.Well gaited, trail and show experience, excellent bloodlines.Hacienda la Colina (Hillside Farm), Accord NY-845-626-2498

270, Equine Journal, July 2011


Double Registered QH, IBHA Mare. Red Dun. 15hh, strong muschle, 10-year old. Has done everything from weddings to pony rides. $2,500 603-382-3933

Shagya Arabians

Nashboro Morgan Horse Ranch Breeding Palomino, Bay, Buckskin, Cremello & Chestnut Morgans of classic, type & temperament for sport, show, breeding & pleasure since 1978. Email for pictures & list: 615 952 2907



Quarter Horses AT STUD: AQHA ROM Reining Grulla and Superior Halter Liver Chestnut. For Sale: 2009 red dun filly and chestnut gelding; 2004 riding mares; 2005 hunter gelding. 603-835-6509.

Gorgeous 4 y.o. 16.2 h, Thoroubred Gelding For Sale, Fit, Healthy, Papers. For Pics: email: or call 215-290-9413 PA.

EARN $4,000/mo PART TIME in the equine appraisal business. Horse background required. Classroom or home study courses available. 800-704-7020

F/T BARN MANAGER Small private classical dressage farm specializing in breeding & training Andalusians & Lusiatnos in Fairfield County, CT. Manager needed for all aspects of horses care and barn duties. Previous experience required with you horses and stallions. Competitive riding & training a plus. Competitive salary. Housing an option. Fax resume: 203-431-8339 OR e-mail:

CLASSIFIEDS Help Wanted Painted Horses, LLC is looking for an experienced Equine Specialist to work per diem hours as part of a mental health treatment team and also to provide horseback riding lessons. The qualified individual will meet the EAGALA Model Equine Specialist Criteria and be willing to go through an EAGALA Model training. Individuals with mental health knowledge and experience are preferred. For application and/or more information call April Roglitz at 207-837-7671.

PETS/LIVESTOCK Dogs JACK RUSSELL TERRIER PUPPIES MeadowBrook JR Terriers breeding short legged JRT’s with sound conformation and calm temperaments for over 20 years. AKC registered broken and rough coat Russell Terrier puppies available, cuteness is a plus! Call 516-978-2505 or e-mail visit our website at Pups Located in Long Island NY

Miscellaneous FOR SALE Miniature Donkeys, nice selection. Miniature Horses, Miniature, Babydoll Lambs, Scotch Highland Cattle, Alpacas. Lebanon, PA 717-926-8806


Feed Supplements

North Stonington, CT Horse Farm 9.9 acres, 16 matted stalls, 70x100 indoor ring, 6 grass paddocks, 1300 sqft Cape, $595,000, 860-227-5307, Natural Plan Stomach Soother the affordable & natural way to help with ulcers, foal scours, diarrhea, cribbing, weight maintenance & more. Works on dogs. Visit for more information.

Horsehair Jewelry by IM Silver: Custom horse hair Jewelry and Hand Engraved Silversmithing. Have a piece of jewelry made with your special horse’s hair. Please visit or call 970-275-0043.

REAL ESTATE Are you looking to buy or sell? I can help! With almost 40 years of experience, I have a unique and thorough knowledge of the real estate market. I am a licensed New Hampshire real estate agent, and I want to be a part of your next real estate transaction! Tim Keating,Masiello Real Estate 603-499-2499

Decals EQUINE REALTOR Whether you are buying a large farm or small farm, I can find just the right place for you and your horses! Licensed in Pennsylvania and Maryland. 717-404-2327 ask for Susanne.

Horse Retirement Boarding for Retirement and Lay-up. Daily Grooming, No Riding Programs, Lots of TLC. Summit, NY Phone: 518-287-1870

Saddle Brook Farm LLC in Swansea Beautiful Area, 23 Stall barn, lighted outdoor arena, 1/2 mile track hunt course. Good Turnout and great care. Patricia Metivier, (508)336-6151.

Horse Sitting Home Sweet Home Pet and Equine Services in home/barn care. Available in Southern New Hampshire and Maine. See us at for more information.

Inspired by my love of horses, I have created a line of unique equestrian gift items. From stainless steel water bottles to organic tees, there is something for every rider.



Boarding & Training

21acres Rolling Meadows "DOWN BY THE SEA” (Snug Harbor, Rhode Island) Exceptional.High and Dry.Nr Marina. Waterview. $2.7 call 314-414-0070


DECALS, Lettering & imprinted clothing. Order the industries best equine decals and graphics for vehicles, trailers, etc. @ or call 608-387-5464. Use discount code EQ10.

Real Estate For Sale

Gifts & Treats

Bedding Lyons 1st Quality Shavings. Top Quality Hay, Mulch, Sawdust, and Shavings (Bagged or Bulk). Competitive Prices, Satisfaction Guarenteed. (603)237-8732, Cell (603)359-2337

Real Estate For Sale

Insurance Lifestyle Business Equestrian Training Centre Turn key equestrian property overlooking the water in beautiful northeastern Nova Scotia. 1,400’ of salt water frontage, 12 stall heated stable, 70’ X 140’ heated indoor arena, 90’ X 190’ outdoor sand ring, 60’ X 140’ outdoor sand ring, pasture, wooded areas, home and garage. 10 minutes from local towns with all amenities. Uneventful weather conditions. Julie Fulton - 902-922-2549,

SERVICES Alternative Therapies Painted Horses, LLC Self Exploration Through Horses Counseling Services Serving-Individuals, Families, Groups using Traditional in office Counseling or Equine Assisted Psychotherapy April Roglitz, LCSW Peter Comstock, LCPC Accepting new clients Private insurances, and self-pay Richmond, Maine 207-837-7671

FRY'S EQUINE INSURANCE One of the oldest equine insurance agencies in the country ..we'll be here when you need us. -Farm/ranch Owners- Boarding-Lessons-Training- Care & Control - -Shows- Clubs- MortalityMedical- Immediate Coverage Available Payment Plans- Identify Theft Shield -Prepaid Legal 800-842-9021

Insurance for your Horse and Farm! Mortality, Medical, Theft, Farm Property, Liability, Trail Rides, Pony Rides, Petting Zoos and More. Other coverages available. ACE Insurance Services, Inc. (800) 887-9869

July 2011, Equine Journal, 271

CLASSIFIEDS Insurance Mortality, Instructors and Farm Insurance made easy. New rates and Major Medical coverage for horses up to age twenty. Call or email for a free quote. Terri Ray 781-837-6550


Training PROFESSIONAL TRAINING through gentle persuasion yet firm, consistent & persistent methods while never being cruel or angry. Finally, get your results and learn how to keep them! (603)465-2672

Veterinarians GRANITE GLEN EQUINE is committed to providing Quality & Compassionate Equine Veterinary Care to Central NY. Dr. Pastir specializes in lameness and performance issues.


Arabian Origins Marketing is quickly becoming synonomous with consistent results and beautiful graphics. Visit: to see how we can help get your Arabian horse business in the spotlight!

Massage Touch of Performance Equine Massage Therapy Keep your horse happy and healthy with a relaxing and extremely beneficial massage. Call : Haley Rogers (603) 313-7335

Diamond Delight Clothing by Lindsey Todt, Saddle Suits, Western Tops, Hunt Coats, Western Chaps, Dressage Coats & so much more! Visit: TODAY! Or Call 603-203-0864 Wholesale prices on women’s and kid’s western belts, purses, jewelry, shirts and MUCH more! Browse and shop at


Tack & Accessories Barn Tools, Gates, Hardware, Buckets, Saddles and Blankets for sale. E-mail

Blaze Orange Horsewear for hunting season, riding safety and visibility. Free brochure and fabric sample by request. 207-892-0161

Tack & Accessories FOR SALE: Original Ortho-flex western saddle, tooled Simco western saddle, Circle Y 16” black western, Silver Saddles as seen in Rose Bowl and other parades, “serious inq. only”, and REPRODUCTION CAROUSEL HORSES, “full sized”, call for details and pricing. 508-380-0423 MA.

272, Equine Journal, July 2011

Drive in Luxury! Pony Size Bronson Surrey for sale. Will fit 12-12.2 hand pony. Four Passenger. Completely refurbished! Natural oak, black iron, pin striping and upholstery. New tires, hand brakes, whip socket, rein rails. Brackets for lamps and umbrella basket. Very reasonably priced at $5,000. Reasonable offers will be considered. Call Bruce: (508)896-8082.

Saddles - Western & English All Under $500! New and used saddles. Try one today at Hunter Pace Tack Shop in Middleboro, MA. 774-213-1969


Unique Cooling Solution for HORSES Heat Stress and Fatigue The HORSE COOLING SYSTEM keeps your HORSE cool in hot stationary environments. Consistent use of the system will help keep the HORSE safe, mentally alert and productive by helping to maintain a safe core body temperature. The system consists of a cooler with AC/DC outlets, hoses and blanket. We use a specially designed therapeutic blanket that works more efficiently than a regular blanket. Try our new SUPER Cooling System or leg wraps and neck cooler

Just for Ponies On-line tack shop specializing in items for ponies & pony lovers of all ages E-mail: 4048 Wilkinson Rd., Havre de Grace, MD 21078 * 410-734-9367

Ozark Mountain Tack offers you a complete line of tack for your miniature horses and ponies. Harnesses, Blankets, Halters, Hoof Care and Educational DVD's. Call 888-775-6446 for a free color catalog. Visit us online at

Trail/Wagon Rides CUSTOMIZED GUIDED TRAIL RIDES. In the beautiful southern Champlain Valley of Vermont. Small private groupings, or individuals, half or full day and overnight excursions available. Sleigh and Carriage rides. Bring your horse or use ours. By Reservation only. Call Top of the Hollow Farm today for more information and reservations at 802-948-2174 or visit our developing website at

Tack & Accessories

Saddle For Sale: Used 17 1/2” Wintec Isabell Dressage Saddle. Wool-flocked, deep seat, narrow twist, changeable gullet, adjustable thigh/knee blocks. $375 OBO. call Katie 508-254-8640

To Order Call: Bob Gilmore @571-212-6161 or E-Mail: Or visit:

Tack - Harnesses Harness Saddlery Catalogue St. Paul Saddlery 953 W. Seventh St. St. Paul, MN 55102 (651)222-5616 Since 1908, Mini to Draft Sizes

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860-653-3275 • FAX: 860-653-5256 WE BUY, SELL AND TAKE TRADE INS


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• Reg. Paint, 16.1H, sorrel gelding, 2006 Paint plus Breeders Trust, top show horse • Black/white 50/50 color, 15.3 H, big body, 8 years, gelding, show ring or trails, all good • Reg. Paint, chestnut overo, 15.3H, gelding, top show horse, point earner, ride the best, 2007 • Reg. Paint/Reg. Quarter Horse, sorrel gelding, 15.1H, Paint plus, super quiet, show broke, trails, could do lots of jobs, one of our best • Reg. Paint, 50/50 color, red/white tobiano, gelding, 16.1H, 2008 English or western pleasure • Red/White 60/40 color, 15.2H, gelding, 10 years, great all around family horse • Reg. Appaloosa, sorrel gelding, 16.1H, good mover, does showmanship, equitation horse shows, has points, likes to jump, always in the ribbons • Reg. Quarter Horse, sorrel gelding, 5 years, super quiet, 15H, trails, show ring, traffic, 2006, a really nice family horse, can do lots of jobs • Reg. Quarter Horse, bay gelding, 2006, 15.3H, top western pleasure horse, a sure winner • Reg. Quarter Horse, grey mare, 2007, one owner, 15H, dark dapple grey, nice to be around • Reg. Quarter Horse, 15.3H, chestnut mare, 1998, lots of mileage, show ring or trails, can do it all • Reg. Quarter Horse, 15H, bay mare, 2006, Incentive Fund, western or English, ride the best • Reg. Quarter Horse, 15.2H, brown mare, 2002, super quiet, has points, shown in PA 4-H state horse show and open shows and at Quarter Horse shows, always in the ribbons • Reg. Quarter Horse, dapple grey, gelding, 2002, trail or show ring, big body, good looking • Reg. Quarter Horse, 16H, bay mare, 1998, English or western, jumps, good mover, nice horse • Reg. Quarter Horse, 16H, brown, gelding, 2005, good mover, big body, a real eye catcher • Reg. Quarter Horse, 15.2H, bay mare, 1999, great all around Quarter Horse, can do lots • Reg. Quarter Horse, 15.3H, a real ranch horse, trails, gates, cattle, bay gelding, 10 years, you ask and he does it • Reg. Appaloosa, chestnut gelding, 16.1H, big body, western pleasure, has done lots of jobs, 10 years • Reg. Swedish Warmblood/Reg. US Dressage Federation, 16H, bay gelding, big mover, jumps, trails, big body • Quarter Horse, Dark Fancy Fanny Palomino gelding, 9 years, 15.2H, great family horse, anyone can ride, really pretty, always noticed • Six ponies on hand, 13 to 14.2H, all broke to ride, the best, 8 to 12 years, all jump and easy to handle • Eight Warmblood crosses, 6 geldings, 2 mares, 15.3 to 16.3H, all jumping broke, each dressage, traffic, good movers, nice group of horses at this time • Five Quarter Horse x Thoroughbred crosses, 5 to 10 years, 15.3 to 16.2H, all geldings, good movers, jumping, trails, show ring, all good

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860-653-3275 Local and Long Distance Trucking Available. Trade-in and consignment horses welcome at no charge. Fifty-two horses and ponies on hand, all take their leads and jump, trails, water, traffic, really nice horses with our 3-week trial. Worth the trip to see so many nice horses in one place. New arrivals each week. Save Find Us on Facebook gas and time & have our great guarantee! July 2011, Equine Journal, 273

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274, Equine Journal, July 2011

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