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November 11-14, 2010 Eastern States Exposition West Springfield, MA




Creating Balance Is An Art

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# 103 at Equine Affaire! ULTRA-ELITE DIGEST is the only product of its kind that contains a combination of mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) from Saccharomyces cerevisiae plus a complex blend of direct fed microbials to help support G.I. tract health during times of abnormal digestion or gastrointestinal upset. ULTRA-ELITE DIGEST supports weight management and conditioning of the horse. It is especially useful in foals to establish normal gut activity. This product can also be used on a daily basis to maintain G.I. tract health. The micronized pellet process makes this product easy to deliver and horses love the taste.

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Come visit us at the Equine Affaire booth #650!

CRS Sinclair Western/English/Plantation Hybrid Security of Western, Comfort of Plantation & Freedom of English. The Sinclair is our new Amish hand crafted Western Saddle that boasts all of these standard features:

 Wicket and Craig Grade

A Vat Tanned Leather  Shearling Sheep Skin Skir t Lining  Hand Stamped Borders  Free Swing English Harnes s Stirrup Leather Allows Lea thers to Swing Freely on Even the Steepest Terrain  Stamped Endurance Stir rups  Memory Foam Covered Sup raCor® Seat  Center balanced Ride Sea t Foundation  Crest Ridge Solid Wood Tree Fully Encased in Fibergla ss  26 pounds as Shown  Stainless Steel Hardware

 Split Skirts for Additional

Spine Clearance  2 Long Latigo Ties for V-rig ging or Center Fire Rigging  4 inch Cantle Height  Available in seat sizes: 15” , 16” and 17” Other sizes available by spe cial order  Available in 19 different family-owned trees

Crest Ridge Saddlery has always been focused on providing you a hand made, well-built custom saddle that not only fits the horse but the rider as well without putting a huge dent in your pocketbook.

For more information on Crest Ridge Saddlery visit our website at: Or call Debra at 888-297-1261 We are a FULL-SERVICE saddle shop! 2010 EQUINE AFFAIRE SPECIAL EDITION •


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Va l u e


Willowdale Farm Trailers When it comes to Horse Trailers in N.E., one name is clearly above the rest; Willowdale Trailers where quality, value and affordability meet!

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8 Year Warranty

Featherlite... not just quality, SUPERIOR QUALITY!

Model 8409 Combo

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Model 9608 – 2-Horse GN with DR “Big Horse” 6’7” W x 15’ L x 7’6” H

Model 8541

Model 9408 2/3 Horse Slant BP w/DR

Model 8107

Model 9406 – “Big Horse” with DR & without DR


JusT arrivEd... laZr stock Gooseneck!

4 Horse Slant w/shw pkg. (7'6" height)

$24,000! Model 8120

Willowdale service Center: 978-380-2455

Free Pick-up and return within 35 miles. you Call. you save. it’s that simple!

“Following Your Every Move” 7 Year Warranty

“All Aluminum”, long lasting value, at an “alum-on-steel” price with a platinumclad warranty. It’s a no-brainer!

The Beaufort w/DR

The Rockport

The Winthrop

ExamplE: The Shiloh, 2 horse, 6’x7.6’x11’ $7,900 Please call or drop by and experience first hand the many attributes of this trailer.

The Broadmoor w/DR

The Winthrop w/DR

The Belmont w/DR

All Our Trailers Are Superior American Engineered. Built To The Highest Standards In The World, AmErIcAn!



800-937-3140 • 978-376-7736

Horse me n’ s Y a nkee Pedlar • 2010 EQUINE AFFAIRE SPECIAL EDITION

Willowdale Farm • Topsfield, ma














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On Our Cover: © Tryggvason

Put your tractor or carriage under cover…

…with a barn from

Advanced Barn Construction 36 x 48’ barn with tractor or carriage bay barns • arenas • equestrian complexes

Visit us at Equine Affaire Better Living Center, Booth 535-536

Call Today! 978-521-1171

Bruce Brown

P.O. Box 436

Plaistow, NH





Mallary Arena (Mallary Complex)


09:30 Julie Goodnight 09:45 Boost Your Confidence, Better Your Ride 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 Breed Demonstration 11:30 Chris Cox 11:45 Creating a Natural Head Set Through Vertical Flexion & 12:00 Rein Management 12:15 12:30 12:45 01:00 Breed Demonstration 01:15 01:30 Denny Emerson Gymnastic Jumping 01:45 Techniques: Only a Correct 02:00 Start Leads to a Correct 02:15 Finish over Fences 02:30 02:45 03:00 03:15 Breed Demonstration 03:30 Monty Roberts Equus in Action: How to 03:45 Let Your Horse Catch You, 04:00 Overcoming Training Issues 04:15 under Saddle & Preparing for the Farrier 04:30 04:45 05:00 Breed Demonstration 05:15 Chris Cox 05:30 How to Achieve a Turnaround: Steps for Teaching Your Horse 05:45 to Spin & Rollback 06:00 06:15 06:30 06:45 Coliseum Closed. Doors open for Pfizer Fantasia at 7:30pm 07:00

Marlene McRae

Young Arena

Winning Under Saddle in Western Pleasure: What Every Rider Should Know About Using the Horse’s Natural Mechanics to Improve Your Overall Training & Show Ring Abilities

Breed Demonstration

Caroline Rider Tao of HorsemanshipTM— Why Approach before Technique Matters: Three Simple Approaches to Developing Unity & Harmony between You & Your Horse

Jane Savoie

Teaching Your Dressage Horse to Go Forward & Be Responsive to All of Your Driving Aids including Leg, Seat, Voice & Whip Breed Demonstration Breed Demonstration

Julie Goodnight

Riding Right? Refresh Your Position & Technique

Robin Gollehon

Yearling Head Start—How to Train Your Yearling for Market or Show: Introducing Each Step in Stages That Are Not Harmful to Young Minds or Legs

Caroline Rider

Tao of HorsemanshipTM—Why Technique Is Required to Further Develop Trust, Leadership & Language: Nine Steps to Fostering a Lifetime of Unity & Harmony between You & Your Horse

Aaron Ralston

Breed Demonstration Breed Demonstration

Jane Savoie

Lateral Work for the Dressage Horse: Learning Why It’s Important for Your Horse to Go Sideways, How to Ask for a Turn on the Forehand, and Leg-yielding Breed Demonstration

Every Step Counts in Trail Class: Learning How to Deal with Objects in a Trail Course & Garner the Best Score

Joe Forrest

How & Why to Start Horses in Long Lines, Plus Different Ways to Use Long Lines as the Stages of Training Change

Breed Demonstration

Marlene McRae

Exercises for Barrel Horses: Using Barrels for Extra Exercises to Keep Your Horse Working & Thinking

(Mallary Arena)

Seminar Stage (Better Living Center)

Youth Pavilion (Mallary Complex)

Robin Gollehon

How to Cut Off the Clock in Barrel Racing: The Importance of Slow Work to Create Good Habits

Breed Demonstration

GLC 5500 Demo Ring

(Young Building)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Aaron Ralston

Every Step Counts in Trail Class: Learning How to Avoid Missteps in Your Course

Patricia Provost, VMD

Carol Walker

Monty Roberts

Caring for Wounds & What to Expect During the Healing Process

Effective Advertising: What to Look for in a Photo from a Stock Agency, How to Select a Photographer & the Importance of Choosing High Quality Photos

Junior Join-up: Reading Your Horse Like a Book

Stacy Westfall

Carol Gordon

Vic Sivitilli

Breed Segment

What Is He Saying? Reading Your Horse’s Body Language

How the IRS Hobby Loss Rule Affects Your Business: Learning What Factors the IRS Considers When Determining a Hobby vs. Business

Tree vs. Treeless: Common Saddle Questions Examined

Denise Lenz

Patricia Provost, VMD

Shane Karson

Tom Seay

Joe La Ganga

Does Your Saddle Fit You & Your Horse? Solutions to Improve Your Comfort & Position while Providing Comfort & Protection for Your Horse’s Back

Insight for Preserving Current Trails & Developing New Trails

Marlene McRae

Shoeing Speed Event Horses or Not: What You Need to Know About Having Your Horse Shod Properly to Prevent Injuries & Have Great Traction

Josh Nelson

Muskuloskeletal Disorders in Foals: Limb Conformation & Deformity

Designing a Fencing System as Part of Your Facility Management Program: Understanding Safety Issues along with the Pros & Cons of Different Fencing Types

Bruce Stewart

Understanding the Broodmare’s Nutritional Needs During Growth & Development

Jennifer Brooks

“Green Up” the Farm for Better Health & Profits: Organic Management Tips

Evaluation & Rehabilitation of Stifle Dysfunction: A Common Problem in Today’s Performance & Backyard Horse

Joseph Hafele

Mark Reilly, DVM

Breed Segment

Life on the Road as a Western Entertainer Breed Segment Stick Horse Rodeo

Celebrity Horse Introduction Celebrity Horse Introduction

Carol Walker

5 Easy Tips to Take Better Photos of Your Horse Breed Segment

Tom Seay

Body Condition Scoring: Steps for Determining Your Horse’s Body Mass Index

Mares & Foals: What to Expect When Your Mare Is Expecting

Tying Common Horsemen’s Knots

Jennifer Brooks

Carol Gordon

Caroline Rider Introduction to the Tao of HorsemanshipTM

Breed Segment

Physical Therapy for Stifle Dysfunction: Methods for Strengthening the Horse’s Stifle & Hindquarters for Full Recovery

Audit Red Flags You Should Be Aware Of in the Horse Business

Mary Rose Paradis, DVM

Mark Reilly, DVM

Fat, Furry, & Footsore: An Overview of the Metabolic Syndrome & Cushings Disease

Breed Segment

Examining Tendon & Suspensory Injuries in the Performance Horse

Stick Horse Rodeo

09:30 09:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 12:00 12:15 12:30 12:45 01:00 01:15 01:30 01:45 02:00 02:15 02:30 02:45 03:00 03:15 03:30 03:45 04:00 04:15 04:30 04:45 05:00 05:15 05:30 05:45 06:00 06:15 06:30 06:45 07:00

*Schedule subject to change. Consult the Equine Affaire Web site at or the official event program for the most up-to-date information.

Ever dream of owning your very own indoor riding arena? “Being an Aikido Master as well as a teacher of horsemanship, the moment I walked into a Merry Go Round Pen, I knew I had found the perfect building for my

See Us At Equine Affaire Nov. 11-14, 2010

Booth 609

Equine Dojo.”

Mark Rashid

603-726-6050 • 6

Horse me n’ s Y a nkee Pedlar • 2010 EQUINE AFFAIRE SPECIAL EDITION

we Can sell your trailer for you in 7 to 14 days! Call for Details. Pre-OWned 1997 Kingston 2H w/ dress slant load 6’6 wide 7’5 high, totally serviced, ramp w/ dutch doors above. Silver/Black. Must see to Appreciate!

2001 HawK 2H non dress Straight Load bumper pull. 6’ wide 7’6 high, white w/ icy silver effect stripe. Beatiful Condition!

2006 elite Mustang 3H

2002 C&C 6H

Excellent Condition! Hardly Used

2009 laKota 4H lQ

2008 C&C Head to Head Fully Equipped,Cameras, 3 to 2 Conversions,Front & Back,Side Ramp & Rear Ramp, 4 Load Lights & more excellent condition!

with 11 foot short wall used ONE TIME., walk through door to bathroom, 15 foot awning, removable table with legs, AC, LG refrigerator w/ freezer, vented hood w/ light, microwave,2 xtra large propane tanks, LCD flat screen TV, hay rack, electric jack, New Memory Foam Bed and so much more

2002 exiss 2H Excellent Condition!

We Service TruckS & TrailerS All makes and models




Denny Emerson 09:30 09:45 Jumping Skills for Pony Riders: Small but Mighty Tips for 10:00 Building a Strong Foundation 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 Monty Roberts 11:15 Extreme Equus—Creating 11:30 Trust After Trauma: 11:45 Overcoming Remedial Riding Problems, Head-shyness & 12:00 Trailer Loading Issues 12:15 12:30 Breed Demonstration 12:45 01:00 01:15 Denny Emerson Show Jumper Courses: 01:30 Techniques for Riding a Clear 01:45 Jumper Round through 02:00 Incorporating Strong Basics with Advanced Coursework 02:15 02:30 02:45 03:00 Chris Cox Colt Starting: Proven 03:15 Techniques for Starting a Colt 03:30 for the First Time 03:45 04:00 04:15 04:30 04:45 05:00 Versatile Horse & Rider Competition 05:15 Qualifying Round I 05:30 05:45 06:00 06:15 06:30 06:45 Coliseum closed. Doors open for Pfizer Fantasia at 7:30pm. 07:00

Mallary Arena (Mallary Complex)

Marlene McRae

Pole Bending: Perfecting the Pole Bending Run & How It Helps a Barrel Racing Horse

Breed Demonstration

Jane Savoie

Four Simple Exercises to Create a Supple Dressage Horse

Young Arena (Young Building)

Julie Goodnight

Canter with Confidence: Cueing, Control & Leads

Get Inside the Scoop: What’s Really in Your Horse’s Feed?

Teaching Your Horse to Bow

Aaron Ralston

Ronald Anders, DVM, CVA

Rebecca Casteneda

Crystal Wheeler

Cutting: Seeing Eye to Eye With the Cow

Western Pleasure Training & Show Ring Fixes: Improving Your Performance by Addressing Various Training Issues

Cutting: Making Efficient & Timely Turns from the Hocks

Matt Martens

Breed Demonstration

Marlene McRae

Horsemanship Maneuvers to Improve Speed Horses: Helping Your Horse Understand What You Are Asking When Competing & Training

Stacy Westfall

Getting Started in Reining: Improving Steering & Teaching Neck Reining

Robin Gollehon

Breed Segment

How to Select Your First Horse— Advantages of Starting Small

Betsy Steiner

Alfredo Sanchez, DVM

Marlene McRae

Crystal Wheeler

Darley Newman EquitrekkingTM: Insight into Fun Equestrian Destinations

Stick Horse Rodeo

Ronald Anders, DVM, CVA

Celebrity Horse Introduction

Equilates Exercises for the Balanced Equestrian: The Mind, Body, Spirit Approach How to Prepare Your Miniature for Showmanship Classes

Tom Seay

Trail Riding Savvy: Equipment Choices for Horses & Riders

An Overview of Common & Not So Common Respiratory Diseases & How Your Horse May Be Affected

How Can a Needle Treat My Horse? Understanding Acupuncture Meridians & How the Body Responds Physiologically & Chemically

Rebecca Casteneda

Breed Segment

Tips for Getting Started in Barrel Racing Breed Segment

Celebrity Horse Introduction

Suzanne Myers, MS, PhD

Obstacle Courses for Miniatures: Setting up a Course & How to Successfully Tackle Some of the Most Difficult Obstacles

Liability for the Backyard Barn Owner: A Discussion of Boarding Agreements, Liability as a Landowner & How to Get Paid for Board & Lessons on Time

The Best Answers to Your Training Questions for Quick & Lasting Results

Marcia Thibeault, DVM Equine First Aid: What To Do Until the Vet Arrives

Darley Newman

The Importance of the Equine in International Cultures

Intercollegiate Horse Show Assn.

Denise Lenz

Alfredo Sanchez, DVM

Steve Edwards


Getting Ready to Ride Western Pleasure: Teaching Your Young Horse to Be a Pleasure Horse Before You Get on His Back

Understanding How & If Your Saddle Is Impeding Your Horse’s Movement by Analyzing the Dust Pattern

Using Therapeutic Laser Technologies in Equine Injuries

Mary Trowbridge

Vic Sivitilli

Betsy Steiner

Incorporating Long Lines into the English Pleasure Horse’s Training

Stacy Westfall

When Do You Need a Liability Release or Waiver?: Responsibilities a Barn Owner or Instructor Owes a Boarder or Student

Crystal Wheeler

Caroline Rider Tao of HorsemanshipTM: Developing Oneness with Your Horses through Movement

Jaime Brockett

Why Is My Horse In Pain? Identifying Common Causes of Pain & the Treatment Modalities Utilized to Control Pain

Betsy Steiner

Practical Application of the Training Pyramid to Dressage Horses & Riders as Athletes

Youth Pavilion (Mallary Complex)

Equine Photography Simplified: Tips for Capturing the Equine Subject

Aaron Ralston

Breed Demonstration

(Mallary Arena)

Friday, November 12, 2010 Seminar Stage (Better Living Center)

Caroline Rider Tao of HorsemanshipTM— Riding Naturally & in Harmony: Using Your Body as a Natural Aid When Communicating Cues to Keep Your Horse Connected

Robin Gollehon

Breed Demonstration Breed Demonstration

GLC 5500 Demo Ring

Tree vs. Treeless: Comparing the Fit & Functionality of the Two Types of Saddles

Breed Segment

Introduction to Collegiate Riding: A Question & Answer Forum Breed Segment

Learning to Communicate with Your Hands: A Lesson in Reinsmanship Breed Segment

Introduction to Equilates: The Mind, Body, Spirit Approach

Stick Horse Rodeo

09:30 09:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 12:00 12:15 12:30 12:45 01:00 01:15 01:30 01:45 02:00 02:15 02:30 02:45 03:00 03:15 03:30 03:45 04:00 04:15 04:30 04:45 05:00 05:15 05:30 05:45 06:00 06:15 06:30 06:45 07:00

*Schedule subject to change. Consult the Equine Affaire Web site at or the official event program for the most up-to-date information.

Providing the Best Riding Vacations Worldwide

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Horse me n’ s Y a nkee Pedlar • 2010 EQUINE AFFAIRE SPECIAL EDITION

all photos hunter Messineo

Offering the best in both Trail Riding & Training Vacations for all disciplines: Dressage, Hunter, Equitation and Eventing

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09:30 09:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 12:00 12:15 12:30 12:45 01:00 01:15 01:30 01:45 02:00 02:15 02:30 02:45 03:00 03:15 03:30 03:45 04:00 04:15 04:30 04:45 05:00 05:15 05:30 05:45 06:00 06:15 06:30 06:45 07:00

Denny Emerson

Mallary Arena (Mallary Complex) Stacy Westfall

Jumping Skills for Real People: Skills & Information Necessary to Withstand the Demands of Novice Eventing

Reining: Simple Exercises that Lead to Advanced Maneuvers

Breed Demonstration Breed Demonstration

Breed Demonstration Breed Demonstration

Chris Cox

Betsy Steiner

Curing a Horse that Bucks: Tips for Overcoming an Extreme Bucking Problem

Denny Emerson

Simulating Cross Country Riding in the Arena: Exercises for Successfully Navigating Ditches, Corners, Angles & Narrow Jumps

Building an Athletic Team Between the Dressage Horse & Rider: Intermediate Level Exercises to Develop Contact & Impulsion Breed Demonstration Breed Demonstration

Julie Goodnight

Power Steering: Improving Your Control

Monty Roberts

Versatile Horse & Rider Competition Qualifying Round II

Breed Demonstration

Daniel Stewart

The Zipper: Techniques to Help You Remain Calm When Encountering Stress & LastMinute Changes in Plans Over Fences Breed Demonstration Breed Demonstration

(Mallary Arena)

Mary Trowbridge

The Art of Saddleseat & English Pleasure: Developing Life Skills through Riding for Junior Riders

Christine Drentwett

What Is Garrocha? The Fundamentals of Garrocha Techniques

Steve Edwards

Communicating Through the Lines: Foundation Driving Techniques for Donkeys & Mules

Solving Common Problems With Your Gaited Horse— Rushing, Pacing & Trotting

Mary Trowbridge

Improving the Saddleseat & English Pleasure Rider’s Skills Using Your Life Experiences

Muffy Seaton

Breaking Your Horse to Drive: The Many Steps of Training a Driving Horse

Coliseum closed. Doors open for Pfizer Fantasia at 7:30pm.

Ronald Anders, DVM, CVA

Youth Pavilion (Mallary Complex)

Debora Ash, CF

Julie Goodnight

Should My Horse Be Treated with Chiropractics, Acupuncture or Both? Using Alternative Therapies for Dramatic Improvements

Identifying & Managing Common Hoof Abnormalities

Looking Smart in the Saddle: Tips for Rider Apparel

Muffy Seaton

Bits & Bitting for the Driving Horse

Suzanne Myers, MS, PhD

The Battle Rages Within: The Best Ways to Improve Your Horse’s Health by Supporting the Immune System in Everyday Management Practices

Stoneleigh-Burnham School

Marcia Thibeault, DVM

Tom Seay

Daniel Stewart

Breed Segment

Surface Anatomy: What’s Under That Bump?

Trail Riding Checklist: How to Plan for that Once-In-A-Lifetime Trip

Muffy Seaton

Ronald Anders, DVM, CVA

How to Properly Harness a Horse & Evaluate Harness Fit

Theresa Mueller

What Is Equine Massage?: Understanding Soft Tissue Components, How Injuries Occur & Steps for Facilitating the Repair Process

Ronald Anders, DVM, CVA

Horses in Color: Applications of Thermography Technology—From Saddle Fit to Injury Identification

Selecting a Summer Riding Camp Breed Segment

Tips for Mentally Preparing for Competition Breed Segment

Stick Horse Rodeo

Darley Newman EquitrekkingTM: Exploring the World on Horseback

Celebrity Horse Introduction Celebrity Horse Introduction

Conducting a Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis: Looking at How the Horse’s Whole Body Interacts Together to Manifest Symptoms

From Wild to Wow—Building a Relationship while Keeping the Spirit of a Mustang: Eight Tips for Improving the Effectiveness & Efficiency of Your Training Program

Suzanne Myers, MS, PhD

Marcia Thibeault, DVM

Steve Edwards

Carl Kirker-Head, DVM

Denise Lenz

So You Want to Be A Vet? Breed Segment

Learning to Communicate with Your Donkey or Mule from the Ground

Illustrating Repetitive Motion Injuries & Addressing Novel & Practical Means of Protecting the Limb Against Repetitive Motion Injuries

Saddle Fit for Kids: How to Select a Saddle for Youth Riders

Theresa Mueller

Carol Walker

Massachusetts 4-H

Identifying Symptoms, Causes & Current Solutions for Managing a Horse with Lymphedema

Tips for Self Publishing in the Horse Industry

Carl Kirker-Head, DVM

Daniel Stewart

Choosing Your Farrier: Useful & Practical Pointers to Help You Select the Farrier That Best Fits Your Needs

*Schedule subject to change. Consult the Equine Affaire Web site at or the official event program for the most up-to-date information.

Personal & Professional Customer Service

Western & English Saddles Tack, Apparel, Gifts, Etc.

Wintec "AllRounder" Western Saddle Collegiate “Alumni” Convertible Close Contact Saddle

NEW! Assurance Front ZIP Paddock Boot - with RCS+

Shop “Locally” Online! 800-243-4003 • 35B Brittany Way Eastham, MA


Saturday, November 13, 2010 Seminar Stage (Better Living Center)

Brenda Imus

Understanding the Gaited Horse: How Many Gears Does a Gaited Horse Have & How You Can Tell Them Apart

Betsy Steiner

The Core of Dressage Work: Applying Equilates Exercises to Your Daily Dressage Training

GLC 5500 Demo Ring

(Young Building)

Brenda Imus

Breed Demonstration

Winning with Equus: Join-Up under Saddle & Overcoming Spookiness

Young Arena

Horse me n’ s Y a nkee Pedlar • 2010 EQUINE AFFAIRE SPECIAL EDITION

Breed Segment

The ABC’s of Traveling with Your Horse Breed Segment

Equestrian Sport Psychology: Learning Stress Management, Positive Thinking, Goal Setting & Visualization Techniques to Maximize Your Success

Stick Horse Rodeo

09:30 09:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 12:00 12:15 12:30 12:45 01:00 01:15 01:30 01:45 02:00 02:15 02:30 02:45 03:00 03:15 03:30 03:45 04:00 04:15 04:30 04:45 05:00 05:15 05:30 05:45 06:00 06:15 06:30 06:45 07:00

d n e l B Better

at Visit us the in 5 1 5 h t Boo nter iving Ce Better L


Visit Us in the Young Building Booth 1608

When fed at the recommended rate of two ounces daily, Better Blend Hoof will provide the following: Biotin Zinc Copper Methionine Selenium Iodine Vitamin C

Northeast Region Supplement This is the first ever regionally formulated hoof supplement designed especially to complement typical northeastern grass hays. The formula supports healthy hoof, skin, and coat by balancing deficiencies in typical northeast regional diets.

20 mg 600 mg 200 mg 1500 mg 1.0 mg 2 mg 500 mg

Available in 8-lb pails from your farrier or Northeast Farrier Supply

$56.95 for 64 two-ounce servings 89 cents per day

Distributed by Northeast Farrier Supply 210 Holabird Ave., Winsted CT 06098 866-333-6337


Delta Hoof Boots are excellent for all-terrain hoof protection and provide comfort for horses with sensitive soles, or for rehabilitation from hoof injuries. The Delta Hoof Boot can also add protection and extra traction for the shod horse. In sizes 000-4.

• Easy to put on and take off; stays securely on the foot • Raised inner rim offers built-in sole relief • Foam-filled back flap and collar for added comfort and protection • Durable nylon upper with industrial grade Velcro® closures • High performance urethane outso shock absorption while providing traction similar to an unshod foot • Drainage holes keep the feet dry and healthy • Variety of pads available for therapeutic applications

Hoof Pads Pastern Wrap

1-866-668-7MHC (7642) . 5195 Scandia Trail . Forest Lake, MN 55025




09:15 Equine Affaire’s 09:30 09:45 Versatile Horse & Rider Competition 10:00 Championship Round 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 Monty Roberts 11:30 Equus Education for Your 11:45 Young Horse: Initial Lessons, 12:00 the Art of Long Lining & Trailer Loading Techniques 12:15 12:30 12:45 Breed Demonstration 01:00 Breed Demonstration 01:15 Chris Cox 01:30 English & Western—What 01:45 Is the Difference?: Applying 02:00 Natural Techniques to Enhance 02:15 Your Horse’s Natural Instincts for Both English & Western 02:30 Riders 02:45 Breed Demonstration 03:00 Breed Demonstration 03:15 Stacy Westfall 03:30 03:45 Teaching Whoa: Beginning to Bridleless 04:00 04:15 04:30 04:45 05:00

Mallary Arena

Young Arena

(Mallary Complex)

(Young Building)

Muffy Seaton Pleasure Driving: A Judge’s Evaluation of Pleasure Turn Out, Working Pleasure & Reinsmanship

Brenda Imus Easy, Effective Training & Riding Techniques for Your Gaited Horse that Will Help Keep Him Smooth & Sound

Breed Demonstration Breed Demonstration

Steve Edwards Why Does My Donkey or Mule Do That?: Understanding Donkey & Mule Behavior & Thought Processes

Stacy Westfall Bridleless Riding: Knowing When You & Your Horse Are Ready to Drop Your Bridle

Breed Demonstration Breed Demonstration

Muffy Seaton Bending the Combined Driving Horse: Learning the Language on Long Lines to Help Your Horse Achieve Balance

Breed Demonstration

Daniel Stewart The Steps for Mental Preparation over Fences: Controlling Stress, Pressure, Distractions & Performance Anxiety while Maximizing Self Confidence, Mental Focus & Enjoyment

GLC 5500 Demo Ring

(Mallary Complex)

Suzanne Myers, MS, PhD Next Level HorsemanshipTM: Nine Basics of Body Control for Improved Performance in Any Discipline Karen Daley

Daniel Stewart The Test on the Flat: Controlling Stress, Pressure, Distractions & Performance Anxiety while Maximizing Self Confidence, Mental Focus & Enjoyment

Using Animal Communication to Improve Your Understanding & Develop a Bond With Your Horse (Bring A Photo of Your Horse)

Julie Goodnight Buying Guide: Mastering the Horse Shopping Process

Suzanne Myers, PhD Next Level HorsemanshipTM: Advancing Your Horsemanship with Trick Training & Liberty Work

Brenda Imus Conformation in Gaited Horses: How a Horse’s Structure Dictates Its Best, Most Natural Gait

Steve Edwards Trail Riding Your Donkey or Mule with Confidence: Tips for Building Your Donkey or Mule’s Trail Skills

Karen Daley Communicating With Your Horse for Improved Health & Well-Being (Bring A Photo of Your Horse)

Sunday, November 14, 2010 Seminar Stage (Better Living Center)

Youth Pavilion (Mallary Complex)

09:15 09:30 09:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 Daniel Stewart United States Pony Club 11:00 Equestrian Fitness & ConditionFrom the Inside Out: The 11:15 ing: Equestrian-Specific Exercises Horse’s Intestinal Tract in 3D 11:30 to Improve Your Balance, Posture, Stamina, Core-strength, Etc. Breed Segment 11:45 12:00 Carl Kirker-Head, DVM Aaron Ralston Rehabilitating Your Horse after Injury or Preparing to Ride: Tips for 12:15 Illness: Answers to Help Reduce Your Tacking Up Your Mount Level of Anxiety When Your Horse Is Dis12:30 charged from a Veterinary Referral Center Breed Segment 12:45 Tom Seay Celebrity Horse Introduction 01:00 Tales from the Trail: Tips 01:15 for Traveling with Horses on Celebrity Horse Introduction 01:30 Vacation 01:45 Mary Rose Paradis, DVM Stoneleigh-Burnham School 02:00 Learn How to Get Involved in 02:15 Meeting the Special Needs of Interscholastic Equestrian Your e Geriatric Horse Competition 02:30 Breed Segment 02:45 03:00 Matt Martens Equine Photography: 03:15 Stick Horse Rodeo Capturing the Spirit of the 03:30 Horse Digitally 03:45 04:00 04:15 04:30 04:45 05:00 © 2010 Equine Affaire, Inc.

NOTE: This Clinic, Seminar & Demonstration Schedule is printed months in advance of the event and is therefore subject to change. Please consult the Equine Affaire Web site ( for continuously updated information. The final version of the schedule will be available at the event in the official Equine Affaire program.

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> SHOW INFORMATION Event Hours: Thursday – Saturday Sunday

9:00am–7:30pm 9:00am–5:00pm

Equine Affaire’s signature musical celebration of the horse, The Pfizer Fantasia, will take place Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. This special equine musical revue will feature a star-studded line-up of professional equestrian performers and exceptional horses choreographed to a wide variety of musical styles. The show begins at 8:00 p.m., doors will open at 7:30 p.m. Separate ticket required. The 2010 Pfizer Fantasia promises to be an evening of entertainment you won’t want to miss!

Contact Information: Equine Affaire, Inc.


General admission to Equine Affaire includes access to all clinics, seminars and demonstrations. Adults children ages 7‑10

children 6 & under

$14.00 $48.00 $8.00 $28.00 FREE

Adult admission includes a free event program while supplies last. Tickets available in advance and at the door. Cash only at the door. Eastern States Exposition will charge for parking. No refunds. No pets.

2720 State Route 56 SW London, OH 43140 740-845-0085 phone 740-845-2879 fax Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm ET

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Roberts’ to lead the world in that industry for 18 years. Shy Boy, subject of documentaries, is the most famous Mustang ever, and he and Roberts are now enjoying their tenth year together. Roberts is an international best-selling author, whose book The Man Who Listens To Horses, has sold more than five million copies around the world, an achievement never before seen in the world of professional horsemen. His career to date has included over 1,500 demonstrations. These events have been held in 22 countries and have involved approximately 6,000 horses.

Julie Goodnight

Chris Cox

Chris Cox’s entire life has been influenced by his relationship with the horse. At the age of one, his family moved from Florida to an island off the coast of Australia to raise cattle. Isolation on the 100-mile island served as a catalyst for what would begin his lifelong journey into the mind of the horse. At 18, Cox returned to America and began training Mustangs for the Bureau of Land Management, gave clinics, and began to create what has become his trademark program—a step-by-step progression of horsemanship skills for all levels. Through the Chris Cox Horsemanship television show on RFD-TV and the national tour stops, Cox has touched the lives of many horsemen and women. Those who saw him win back to back championships at the Road to the Horse Colt Starting contests witnessed the effectiveness of his methods and his clear passion for horses.

Monty Roberts

You know Julie Goodnight as The Horse Master on her award-winning RFD-TV television show. Through her varied background—riding and training horses in dressage, jumping, racing, reining, colt-starting, versatility ranch work, and wilderness riding—Goodnight has discovered the underlying principles important to any type of riding. She teaches “Classic Skills for a Natural Ride” and communicates clearly with horses and riders in any discipline and at any level. Goodnight travels coast-to-coast—and beyond—throughout much of the year to help horses and riders at horse expos, conferences, clinics, and while filming for her television “makeover” show. Goodnight has been featured in top equestrian publications, including The Trail Rider, and Horse & Rider—where she’s a member of Team Horse & Rider—and America’s Horse. Her syndicated columns appear in over 15 regional publications throughout North America. Her interactive websites:,, and her pages on Youtube and Facebook reach an even wider audience. Goodnight is also the Spokesperson for the Certified Horsemanship Association, a nonprofit organization that promotes safety and Monty Roberts

Monty Roberts, the world-renowned horse behaviorist and doctor of animal psychology, a featured clinician at Equine Affaire, will be demonstrating his depth of experience across many disciplines. Roberts has won four world championships on legendary horses such as reining and cutting champion Johnny Tivio. In the racing industry, he trained Horse of the Year Lomitas, a stallion worth millions of dollars and Arc d’ Triomphes winner Alleged. He and his wife, Pat produced two-year-olds for the racetrack and led the industry in the production of just under 700 Thoroughbreds sold for sums that caused the 16


Julie Goodnight

excellence in horsemanship. In 2008 she was named Equine Affaire’s Exceptional Equestrian Educator—one of only three awards ever given. Goodnight resides near Salida, Colo., at her private horse ranch with her husband, Rich Moorhead, who manages Monarch Mountain ski resort.

Stacy Westfall

Even as a young child growing up in Maine, Stacy Westfall loved horses and rode whenever she had the chance. She got her first pony, Misty, when she was six. Her mother Sherri was her only instructor in riding and training until she went to college at the University of Findlay in Ohio. Westfall studied under traditional-style training instructors including Steve Brown and Clark Bradley, and also worked for champion reining trainers Mike Flarida and Dan Huss. To all of the knowledge she learned from these mentors, she applied the “think-like-a-horse” Stacy Westfall

Dr. Mark Reilly will be presenting two seminars on Thursday November 11th on the Seminar Stage in the Better Living Center. Don’t miss it!

• •

4:00 p.m. - Mares & Foals 6:00 p.m. - Tendon and suspensory injuries in the performance horse

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Now you and your veterinarian have easier access to Advanced Diagnostics. Our cutting edge technology includes Digital Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, and CAT Scan to help detect and diagnose even the most obscure conditions. Our newly renovated facility also houses state-of-the-art Physical Therapeutic modalities and a Conference Center embracing our educational tradition. Dr. Grant Myhre, Director of Myhre Equine Clinic Let us help meet the needs of your Horses and Companion Animals. New England Regional Veterinary Imaging Center (at the site of the former Rochester Equine Clinic)

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> BIOGRAPHIES technique that had served Aaron Ralston her well in the past. In 1994, while at the All American Quarter Horse Congress, Westfall met her future husband Jesse—also a talented reining trainer. They married three years later and then established the Westfall Horsemanship training facility in Mt. Gilead, Ohio. They have three young boys, Caleb, Joshua, and Nathan. Like any good trainer, Westfall’s aim has always been to have the most clear and precise communication with her horse as possible. Her goal in her reining was to make the reins unnecessary. western disciplines and finding While others have approximated success in several arenas. At 32, that goal, Westfall made it a reality. Ralston is an accomplished reining In 2003 she won the National and reined cowhorse competitor, Reining Horse Association and has participated in numerous Freestyle reining competition events, shows, and clinics in the riding without a bridle or a neck U.S. and abroad. Highlights of his rope. She has gone undefeated career include earning first place in for two years straight in major the 5K Novice Horse division at freestyle reining competitions the 2009 NRCHA Circle Y Derby, and in 2006 she won twice while 2007 and 2005 Denver Stock riding bridle-less and bareback. In Show $15,000 Dodge Invitational 2006 she entered the prestigious Freestyle Reining Champion, Road to the Horse colt starting and earning a Gold Medal in the competition, and was named the Team Reining Finals at the 2006 winner, after a convincing perfor- World Equestrian Games in mance that clearly outshone Aachen, Germany. her competitors. Westfall continues to compete, Denny Emerson start young horses and train, and Eventer, trainer, coach, author, tours the country offering clinics leader, and activist Denny Emerson and making educational appear- has been a significant, influential ances at expos and other equine force in the equestrian community events. She is building the Westfall for a half-century. Emerson has Horsemanship approach to create forged a career with horses which a program that is efficient and culminated in his receiving the effective—with resources to USEA’s Wofford Cup for lifetime compliment the clinics such as service to eventing, and included DVDs, equipment and an infor- leadership in organizations spanmation-rich website. ning the USEA (twice president), the USET (vice-president of eventing for seven years), the Aaron Ralston Born and raised on a family ranch in USEF (on the Executive Western Colorado, Aaron Ralston Committee), and Chairman of learned what it takes to be a good the Breeder’s Committee of the cowhand at an early age. In his AHSA. Now in his 45th consecutive early years he competed in rodeos throughout Colorado and neigh- year of competing at the prelimiboring states. It wasn’t long before nary level or higher, Emerson has he started applying his skills to other achieved much success in the sport 2010 EQUINE AFFAIRE SPECIAL EDITION •


> BIOGRAPHIES of eventing. At 20, he rode in his first event, a preliminary three day event at GMHA. By 1965, Emerson had moved up to intermediate on Lighting Magic, his first event horse, and in 1971, he rode in his first advanced event on Cat, at Dunham, Quebec. Emerson’s advanced career would last for 29 seasons, during which time he brought 14 horses to that level, an average of about one advanced horse every two seasons.

Marlene McRae

Marlene McRae, one of the forerunners of women’s professional barrel racing, has excelled at every level of horsemanship in which she has performed, from showing Shetland ponies at age six to state 4-H Champion Horseman at age nine to World Champion in barrel racing as an adult. The titles and honors McRae has earned exemplify her dynamic talents, with a professional competition record boasting multiple “fastest times” for National Finals Rodeo as well as two 1988 Olympic Gold Medals —an individual gold in barrel racing as well as a team gold as a member of the U.S. Olympic Rodeo Team. Outside of the arena, McRae has served on the Board of Directors for the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association, been inducted into the Cowgirl Hall of Fame, and launched her own retail business, World Champion Designs. She shares her knowledge and talents by producing instructional videotapes and by traveling extensively to teach horsemanship and barrel racing at numerous clinics in the United States and as far away as Australia and New Zealand. McRae currently works out of Lone Tree Ranch in Ramah, Colo., and continues to travel and compete in order to stay current Marlene McRae

Mary Trowbridge

Brenda Imus

Brenda Imus is one of the nation’s most recognized authorities on the naturally gaited horse. She conducts clinics throughout the United States and Canada, helping horse owners improve the quality and smoothness of their horse’s natural gaits without the use of artificial training devices or methods. Imus has had articles and columns published in Western Horseman, Horse & Rider, Horse and Horseman, Trail Blazer, and The Gaited Horse. Imus runs a very successful and heavily trafficked website,, that thousands of people rely on for their gaited horse training information. Among the many products that Imus offers are her books, Heavenly Gaits and Gaits of Gold; Selecting, Fitting, and Training the Naturally Gaited Horse. She also produced a companion, Gaits of Gold training video. As an inventor, Imus designed the Giddy-Up Portable Mounting Stool. Her most successful endeavor, however, has been to design her 4-Beat saddle and other tack to help comfortably fit gaited horses.

Mary Trowbridge

Mary Trowbridge began her professional equestrian career in 1978 as an assistant at the famed Sir William Arabian farm under the tutelage of legendary horseman Bill Bohl, where she developed a solid business-ethics strategy from which to move forward. Her early immersion into the world of Polish breeding has given her a base that she still draws on today. In 1991, Trowbridge combined her talent with her husband Pat, and they opened their own business. As a team, the two bring an unparalleled, multi-faceted managerial prowess to their business on the farm that they purchased in 2004 from legendary Broadway and movie producer, Mike Nichols. Trowbridge heads the training and sales divisions of the business, overseeing the forty-plus horse training operation, in conjunction with fellow horsewomen Lindsey Knight. She also oversees the services for the farms’ show clients and the large outside lesson program recently implemented. The farm, located among the rolling hills of rural Southwestern Connecticut, is today one of the oldest on-going Arabian breeding and training farms in the country. Beginning in 1968 with Nichols’ purchase, the property has been home to cutting-edge Arabian breeding, importations, and training for over four decades. Trowbridge currently serves as Immediate Past President of the Arabian Professional

Horse me n’ s Y a nkee Pedlar • 2010 EQUINE AFFAIRE SPECIAL EDITION

and Amateur Horsemen’s Association, and as President of The Horsemen’s Distress Fund, a crisis fund for Arabian horsemen in need. She is also a Level I and Large R Arabian judge, and has judged horse shows across the United States and Canada, as well as in Europe, including the Youth National Championship Horse Show, the Canadian National Championship Horse Show and the Australian National Championship Horse Show, along with countless Regional and Class A shows each year.

Betsy Steiner

American World Championship team member Betsy Steiner began riding at the age of 13. Her first horse was an unruly Palomino mare named Zsa Zsa. Although three-day eventing first drew Steiner into the competitive arena, it was a year at Christilot Boylen’s barn that cemented her devotion to dressage. Betsy Steiner


in the minds of rodeo fans and to promote her sponsors and business ventures.

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> BIOGRAPHIES teaching, training, and competing, Steiner also maintains an active interest in the promotion of dressage: she served as the equestrian representative on the Athlete’s Advisory Council to the U.S. Olympic Committee from 19921994, was chairman of the Active Competitor’s Committee from 1992-1999, and has served on the USET Dressage Committee for a 10-year period. Steiner has provided commentary for videos of the 1995 World Cup, the 1996 Olympic Games, and Dressage at Devon in 2001. She has authored numerous educational articles for top equestrian periodicals including Practical Horseman and Dressage Today. Her book, A Gymnastic Training System Using the Mind, Body, Spirit, Approach has sold over 16,000 copies in the U.S. and U.K., and is currently being translated into German. Steiner’s endless desire to improve her own riding as well as her student’s through crosstraining has led her to the development of EQUILATES—a sport-specific Pilates-based

An unquenchable desire to immerse herself in dressage led Steiner to spend more than two years in Germany with Egon von Neindorff. It was the endless lunge lessons there that Steiner credits with developing her seat. In the years since her first Grand Prix at the age of 20, Steiner has enjoyed working with such luminaries as Uwe Steiner, Herbert Rehbein, Robert Dover, Kathy Connelly, Guenter Seidel and Klaus Balkenhol. During Steiner’s career, she has successfully trained many horses to Grand Prix including Attache, Special Delivery, Ortac, Komtur, Unanimous, Metternich, and Hilltop’s Giotto. A USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medalist, Steiner has numerous FEI wins, and represented the United States at the World Equestrian Games in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1990 aboard her own Dutch Warmblood, Unanimous. From May 2001 - June 2002, Steiner dominated the dressage arena with Rainier, and in 2002, the duo were top contenders at the trials for the World Equestrian Games when they experienced a debilitating setback when Rainier sustained an injury and the partnership ended. Steiner is currently delighted to be training and showing several lovely horses belonging to Sonia Zugel as well as Findlay’s Titaan. While

Jane Savoie

exercise and body awareness program for the equestrian. The first official Equilates studio will open at the new Lake Erie College riding facility and Equilates classes will be offered as part of the college curriculum.

Jane Savoie

One of the most recognized individuals in dressage, Jane Savoie was the reserve rider for the Bronze medal winning Olympic dressage team

COWBOY SUPPLY AT ALLIE’S “Eastern Headquarters for the Western Horseman”



ome folks don’t worry too much about saddle fit or ride quality until problems occur. We do our best to set you up correctly from the start! We’re fussy about the brands we sell and the trees our saddles are made on – so both you and your horse can move on out in comfort.

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HOURS: MON. - SAT. 8-6, CLOSED SUNDAY Easy to get to: From Rt. 95 S - exit 9 onto Rt. 4, exit 6 off Rte. 4 onto Rt. 2. 1 1/4 miles on left. From Rt. 95(N) exit 8A onto Rt. 2 S. approximately 4 miles on left.


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> BIOGRAPHIES in Barcelona, Spain; has been long-listed by the United States Equestrian Team with several horses; and is as well-known as a coach, writer, and speaker as she is for her competitive accomplishments. She was the 1996 Olympic dressage coach for the Canadian Three-Day Event team in Atlanta and the coach of several top dressage and three-day event riders at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney and the 2004 Olympics in Athens. Savoie has written five books for riders and trainers in all disciplines and has produced her Program Your Position and Freedom From Fear series as well as two extensive Happy Horse Home Study Courses. Savoie is also the founder of EQ-Equisense systems where she brings cutting edge technology to the equestrian world. She is a Master Instructor for The American Riding Instructors Association, travels extensively to present motivational lectures to athletes and businessmen alike, and makes frequent television appearances.

Muffy Seaton

Muffy Seaton put carriage driving on the map. A four-time National Champion, Seaton placed third in the World at the Royal Windsor Horse Show in 1997. In 2005, she trained and qualified the pony who won the Gold Medal at the World Pony Championship in England. She is internationally known as one of the best clinicians and trainers in the world. Along with her passion for carriage driving and breeding driving ponies, Seaton enjoys traveling with family and friends and spending a lot of quiet time at Shepherd’s Purse, what she calls, “the most serene place on earth.”

Robin Gollehon

Robin Gollehon and her husband Roger own and operate Gollehon Quarter Horses in Versailles, Ky. Together they train, show,

and breed some of the nation’s top Quarter Horses, making their living exclusively in the horse industry for more than 30 years. Their multi-World Champion AQHA stallion, Good Cowboy Margarita, is the 2009 NSBA Horse of the Year. With over 75 World and National Championship ApHC Titles, Gollehon is a member of the AQHA Professional Horseman’s Association as well as a member of Team Horse & Rider with her expertise appearing frequently in Horse & Rider magazine. She is a horsewoman and clinician specializing in western pleasure and is recognized internationally for the creation of her Yearling Head Start Program. Her first video, Yearling Head Start, is currently in production.

Christine Drentwett

Born in 1972 in New York, Christine Drentwett began riding at the age of eight. At age 13, Drentwett started competing in the jumpers and qualified for the Medal Maclay. When she turned 18, her family moved to Orlando, Fla., and she began riding for Mark Miller at his world famous horse show, Arabian Nights. During her six years with the show, she went through training in trick riding, circus bareback riding, dressage, trick training, stunt work, and performance of liberty horses. In 1997, Drentwett was hired by Europe’s biggest traveling horse show, Der Zauberwald, which challenged Drentwett to train and perform Baroque breeds, including Friesians and Andalusians. She intensified her dressage studies with great German trainers such as Sabine Schut-Kery, Stephanie Meyer-Bliss, Thorsten Huesken, Britta Rasche, Fritz Kruemmel, and Dutch Friesian specialist Cor deJong. Drentwett had now developed the abilities to train horses for competition, as well as alternative movements for exhibitions such as the Spanish walk, bowing, laying down, sitting, rearing, high trot, and liberty. In the summer of 2006, Arabian Nights offered Drentwett the position of Head Trainer. For the next two and a half years she was in charge of training all of the horses and riders involved in one of the biggest shows in the world. She was constantly developing new acts and routines for the show while also performing. Drentwett and her husband Tobias currently run Paradise Robin Farms in Clermont, Fla., which Gollehon Drentwett uses as her homebase

from where she keeps venturing out into the world of horses.

Suzanne E. Meyers, M.S., PhD

Suzanne Meyers offers Next Level Horsemanship at Meyers Stables in Port Matilda, Pa. She has owned and operated the 25-horse facility since 1990 and is currently booked for training a year in advance. She participates in the Trainer Incentive Program offered by the Bureau of Land Management and the Mustang Heritage Foundation. Last year, Meyers brought home three top ten finishes for NLH apprentices at the Extreme Mustang Makeover Eastern Stampede. She was also a Mustang Magic top ten finalist and the 2008 Midwest Mustang Makeover Challenge Winner. Utilizing her degrees in Pathobiology, Meyers is a committee member for the Equine Working Group Department of Dairy and Animal Science for the Pennsylvania State University. She conducts research and analyzes the immune response of foals to viral vaccinations at the Pennsylvania State University. A producer of the Equine Masters Championship, Meyers has given presentations at many professional conferences and appeared at the Pennsylvania Horse World Expo.

Caroline Rider

Between her passionate presentations on horse-human relationships, to her inspiring liberty and freestyle demonstrations with her horses, Caroline Rider is becoming one of the equine industry’s most popular clinicians and performers. Rider has spent her entire life around horses, beginning with her first lesson at the age of four. As a young girl, she showed and worked Caroline Rider



> BIOGRAPHIES locally for a riding instructor while taking care of her beloved, backyard horse Brandy. It was during this time that her view of being, and working with horses began to shift, motivating her to seek a more harmonious way to work with them and communicate her requests when training and working. Rider’s craving for more knowledge led her to seek out many different philosophies on horsemanship, levels of consciousness and spirituality. In her late twenties, she directed much of her creativity and ambition towards her own graphic design business. She enjoyed building the business through strong community ties and relationships. Within the first two years, she was able to hire her first employee, her husband, Eric. Her love for learning and sharing her knowledge with others led her to speaking engagements and lectures throughout the D.C. Metropolitan Area on topics ranging from “Starting Your Own Business—Taking that Leap of Faith,” to “How to Authentically Live in the Marketplace.” It wasn’t until her mid-thirties that Rider was able to support her enthusiasm for horses and re-enter the equine industry, specifically the very well publicized world of Natural Horsemanship. She felt a kinship to the teach-

ings of many of the well-known and leading clinicians and spent much of her time absorbed in their practices while cultivating her own style and approach. Through her years of experience, she is able to connect people with their horses so that they too can experience more connection, confidence, empowerment, fulfillment, joy, partnership, harmony, and oneness.

Joe Forest

Joe Forest has been the owner and trainer at Horton’s Farm, based in Grantham, N.H., since 1972. He has started many young horses that went on to win national titles later in their careers. He works with all breeds and competes in the hunters and jumpers while coaching equitation. Forest coached the Colby Sawyer College Team to win the nationals twice and to the national reserve champion title twice. He is most well-known for his system for starting young horses, which repeatedly and reliably produces well-trained, confident horses. Forest’s instructional video, Training the Three Year Old: The First Thirty Days, details his process, which includes longe-lining, free jumping, and starting under saddle. His philosophy for training is to allow each horse the time to learn at their own pace and focusing on a solid foundation of basic skills. “A well-trained horse has had time to learn.”

Steve Edwards

Light ‘N Lasting Vinyl Jump Equipment

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David & Karen O’Connor

Steve Edwards has had 33 years of experience educating and training mules and horses, their riders, and the general public about communication in mulemanship and horsemanship. His instructional videos cover a wide variety of topics including mule and horse training, mule packing, longe-lining, and driving. Edwards is also an Adjunct Instructor of Equine Science at Pierce College in California. He has won the Arizona State Long Driving Championship and earned the World Championship: Over age 40 in Diamond and Box Hitch, Diamond


DIGITAL Setting the Gold standard in quality vinyl jump equipment and dressage arenas.s Come see us at the Equine Affaire

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Daniel Stewart




visit for details


Hitch and Pack Scramble. Edwards is currently a professional clinician, expert lecturer, event judge, and equine consultant.

Daniel Stewart

Daniel Stewart teaches seminars and clinics at equestrian facilities and associations around the world. The majority of his clinics encompass rider biomechanics (by video tape analysis) during the day and equestrian sport psychology seminars and rider balance and fitness workshops in the evening. Stewart grew up as a hunter and jumper and competed internationally for many years. For the past 10 years he has been teaching riding clinics and equestrian sport psychology seminars to approximately 2,500 riders per year. In addition to being a veteran rider and trainer, Stewart holds a degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Sport Psychology. He has been able to combine his riding expertise with his knowledge of the human body and mind to write an internationally published book on rider fitness and psychology, titled Ride Right. He has also developed the “Stable Board,” an equestrian balance board used to help riders improve their balance, symmetry, posture, body awareness, coordination, stamina, and suppleness. Stewart currently divides his home between southern California and Andalusia, Spain, and has taught riders from all international USET teams. He is presently working on his upcoming second book.

The breed demonstrations are always a crowd favorite.

Equine Affaire: It’s horse heaven. Whether you’re a greenhorn or an old hand, come fall in love with the horse all over again. Adult admission is $14 per day or $48 for a four-day pass. Youth admission (ages 7-10) is just $8 per day or $28 for four days. Future riders age six and under are admitted free of charge. Separate tickets are required for the Pfizer Fantasia. For a complete schedule of events, presenter lineup and bios, exhibitor lists, advance tickets, maps, directions, and host hotel information— everything you need to know to make your visit to Equine Affaire a heavenly one—visit www. or call the stable of helpful Equine Affaire staffers at 740-845-0085. Sincere thanks goes to the many fine companies and organizations that are supporting this “celebration of the horse” through their

Countdown to the 2010 Equine Affaire: A New England Tradition The ranching partner. The gallant runner. The trail buddy. The dazzling showman. The powerhouse. The graceful dancer. The faithful friend. These are just some of the roles that the horse plays in our lives. Come to Equine Affaire, November 11–14 at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Mass., and celebrate the horse with us. Are you fascinated by an exotic breed of equine? Have you dreamed of owning a horse, of meeting your equestrian idols, or of learning from the greats in the horse world? What if you could go to a place where nearly every breed, equestrian discipline, and type of equipment and riding apparel were under one roof? You, in the same room with friendly, like-minded enthusiasts and maybe even your favorite equestrian celebrity? (Bring a pen and get an autograph!) That’s exactly what you’ll find at Equine Affaire. Soak up information and advice through more than 200 clinics, seminars, and demonstrations by such luminaries as all-around horseman Chris Cox, reining star Stacy Westfall, international eventing competitor Denny Emerson, “Man Who Listens to Horses” Monty Roberts, horsemanship officionado Julie Goodnight, dressage riders and authors Jane Savoie and Betsy Steiner, barrel racing legend Marlene McRae, reinswoman Muffy Seaton, and a host of other top equestrians. Shop the largest equine trade show in the East with more than 450 equestrian retailers and manufacturers. Cheer on your favorite team in the fast-paced Versatile Horse & Rider Competition. See your favorite breeds (and meet some new ones) in the Breed Pavilion and the

Horse & Farm Exhibits. Bring the kids for fun and informative activities designed just for them in the Youth Pavilion. And meet some stars from the competitive and cinematic arenas in the Celebrity Horse Showcase! From Black Beauty to the Black Stallion, the horse is the stuff of dreams. Fantasy 2009 Versatile Horse & Rider Champions Sally Addington and Ghost meets reality on Thursday, of a Chance. Friday, and Saturday nights at Equine Affaire’s Pfizer Fantasia, the expo’s signature evening specgenerous sponsorship including, but not limited tacle featuring exceptional horses and riders, to, Pfizer Animal Health, Ariat International, music, and a touch of magic. But get your ticket Farnam, GLC 5500, Hillman Enterprises, Horizon early—they sell out quickly for this fantastic Structures, Universal Trailer Corporation, and the equine musical revue. United States Equestrian Federation.

cool stuff









> FACILITY MAP 2010 Massachusetts Equine Affaire: Venues in Each Building BETTER LIVING CENTER • Commercial Exhibits; Booths 100–1011 • Equine Affaire Information Booth • Presenters • Seminar Stage • Sponsors YOUNG BUILDING • Commercial Exhibits; Booths 1101–2006 • Clinic Arena • Presenters • Sponsors STROH BUILDING • Breed Pavilion & Horse Association Exhibits • Booths 2101–2701

COLISEUM • Clinic Area C-Barn • Horse & Farm Exhibits MALLARY ARENA • Affaire Wear • Commercial Exhibits • Equine Affaire Raffle Center • GLC 5500 Demo Ring MALLARY COMPLEX • Clinic Arena • Sponsors • Trucks, Trailers & Farm Equipment • Youth Pavilion & Celebrity Horse Showcase

Looking Forward to the 2010 Pfizer Fantasia Ticket sales are already under way for Equine Affaire’s signature evening event, the Pfizer Fantasia, which will take place in the coliseum of the Eastern States Exposition in W. Springfield, Mass., on November 11, 12, and 13. This eagerly-anticipated and unique “musical celebration of the horse” will feature a wonderful variety of outstanding equine and equestrian performers choreographed to musical styles ranging from traditional and country to classical and contemporary. During the past 13 years, the Pfizer Fantasia in Massachusetts has showcased the beauty and diversity of dozens of horse breeds, the excitement of a great variety of equestrian disciplines, and the extraordinary talent of many of the foremost professional equestrian performers in North America. This year’s show will be no exception. The equine performers who will be participating in the 2010 Pfizer Fantasia at Equine Affaire will include breeds as diverse as Andalusians, Paso Finos, Icelandics, Arabians, Paints, Dutch Warmbloods, Friesians, Aztecas, and Quarter Horses. “The lineup of performers at this year’s Pfizer Fantasia will include several new performers and acts as well as a couple of familiar faces from past shows,” explained Eugenia Snyder, the 28

President of Equine Affaire. “We are delighted to welcome back the incomparable Staci and Jerry Diaz who will be presenting two new acts at the show, the ever-popular Icelandic Performance Team, and Christine Drentwett who will perform a special garrocha pas de deux with Colorado-based reiner, Aaron Ralston. Liz Austin will make her debut appearance at the Pfizer Fantasia riding Olivier in a grand prix level musical freestyle, and trick riding gurus, Shane and Susie Karson will dazzle the audience with their death-defying riding skills.” The 2010 Pfizer Fantasia will highlight the brilliance, grace, and athleticism of horses and the special connections we share with them and be an evening of quality entertainment for horse enthusiasts of all ages. Get your tickets now! The doors to the Eastern States Exposition coliseum will open for the Pfizer Fantasia at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings; each show will begin at 8:00 p.m. Tickets for the Pfizer Fantasia range in price from $12 to $24 plus a


shipping/handling/seat selection fee. Advance tickets may be purchased through October 22 online with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) at or by calling 740-845-0085. Any tickets not sold in advance will go on sale at Equine Affaire at the Information Booth in the Better Living Center at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, November 11.

> accommodations & directions Very Important: You must first say that you are with Equine Affaire Hotels to receive discounted rates, and, if applicable, provide the group number.

Chicopee, MA; (413) 592-9101; $63 for 1-4; www.; Expires 10/20/10

Most discounted rates expire October 1-31, 2010. For more hotel details, visit

Days Inn Chicopee: (10 mi.); 450 Memorial Drive, Chicopee, MA; 413-739-7311; $75 for 1-4; Expires 10/08/10

Camping Information: Spaces with electrical hookups and limited water are available for $25/night (10:00 a.m. check-out). No advanced registration. Grounds open at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 10, 2010. Campers will be required to pay all admission fees for all camping days upon arrival and will be issued camping armbands. Call 413-737-2443 for more information. Candlewood Suites: (2 mi.); 572 Riverdale Street, W. Springfield, MA; 413-739-1122; $115 for 1-4;; Expires 10/8/10 Clarion Hotel: (4 mi.); 1080 Riverdale Street, W. Springfield, MA; 413-781-8750; $97 for 1-4;; Expires 11/7/10  lantation Inn: (7.5 mi.); 295 Burnett Road, P Chicopee, MA; 800-248-8495; $59 single-$69 double;; Expires 10/15/10 Sheraton Springfield: (2 mi.); 1 Monarch Plaza, Springfield, MA; 413-781-1010; $129 for 1-4; www.; Expires 10/12/10 Red Roof W. Springfield: (5 mi.); 1254 Riverdale Street, W. Springfield, MA; 800-874-9000; $73 for 1-4 Group # Equine Affaire;; Expires 10/20/10  oliday Inn Holyoke: (9 mi.); 245 Whiting Farms H Road, Holyoke, MA; 413-534-3311; $114 for 1-2;; Expires 10/09/10 Springfield Marriott: (2 mi.); 2 Boland Way, Springfield, MA; 413-781-7111; $149 for 1-4;; Expires 10/19/10 C omfort Inn & Suites: (5 mi.); 106 Capitol Drive, W. Springfield, MA; 413-736-5000; $99 for 1-4; www.; Expires 10/08/10

 omewood Suites: (9 mi.) 375 Whitney Avenue, H Holyoke, MA; 413-532-3100; $119 for King Suite;; Expires 10/21/10 The InnPlace: (2.5 mi.); 711 Dwight Street, Springfield, MA; 413-781-0900; $89 for 1-4; www.; Expires 10/28/10 S uper 8 Motel: (6 mi.); 1500 Riverdale Street, W. Springfield, MA; 413-736-8080; $74 for 1-4; www. ; Expires 10/20/10  ed Roof Enfield: (10 mi.); 5 Hazard Avenue, R Enfield, CT; 800-874-9000; $69 for 1-4 Group # Equine Affaire;; Expires 10/20/10 Hilton Garden Inn: (2.5 mi.); 800 W. Columbus Avenue, Springfield, MA; 413-886-8000; $129 for 1-4;; Expires 10/11/10 Holiday Inn Enfield: (formerly known as Crowne Plaza) (7.5 mi.); 1 Bright Meadow Boulevard.,Enfield, CT; 860-741-2211; $89 for 1-4; www.crowneplaza. com; Expires 10/25/10 Hampton Inn Chicopee: (10 mi.); 600 Memorial Drive, Chicopee, MA; 413-593-1500; $109 for 1-4;; Expires 10/12/10 Hampton Inn: (3.5 mi.); 1011 Riverdale Street, W. Springfield, MA; 413-732-1300; $116 for 1-4; www.; Expires 10/1/10 Econo Lodge: (7.5 mi.); 357 Burnett Road,

Quality Inn Chicopee: (10 mi.); 463 Memorial Drive, Chicopee, MA; 413-592-6171; $79 for 1-4; Expires 10/08/10 C ountry Inn & Suites by Carlson: (12 mi.); 1 Country Club Road, Holyoke, MA; 413-533-2100; $81 for 1-4;; Expires 10/20/10  ilton Garden Bradley: (16 mi.); 555 Corporate H Drive, Windsor; CT; 860-688-6400; $87 for 1-4; www.; Expires 10/28/10 Hampton Inn Enfield: (11 mi.); 20 Phoenix Avenue, Enfield, CT; 860-741-3111; $95 for 1-4; www.; Expires 10/18/10 C larion Inn & Suites: (12 mi.); 161 E. Bridge Street, East Windsor, CT; 860-623-9411; $79 for 1-4; www.; Expires 10/25/10 S heraton at Bradley: (16 mi.); 1 Bradley Int’l Airport; Windsor Locks, CT; 860-627-5311 $109 for 1-4;; Expires 10/29/10 Holiday Inn Express & Suites Bradley: (12 mi.); 600 Spring Street, Windsor Locks, CT; 860-386-6300; $102 for 1-4;; Expires 10/21/10  oliday Inn Express: (14 mi.); 260 Main Street, E. H Windsor, CT; 860-627-6585; $79 for 1-4;; Expires 11/05/10 Marriott Windsor: (16 mi.); 28 Day Hill Rd., Windsor, CT; 860-688-7500; $105 for 1-4; www.; Expires 10/20/10 Regency Inn & Suites: (.5 mi.); 21 Baldwin Street, W. Springfield, MA; 413-781-2300; $85 for 1-4; www.; Expires 10/22/10

Directions to Equine Affaire at the Eastern States Exposition: From Eastern Massachusetts or the Albany area: Take the Massachusetts Turnpike to Exit 4. Go south on Rte. 5 to Rte. 147. Go west on Rte. 147 one mile. Eastern States Exposition is on your left.

on your right. OR, Go north on I-91 to Connecticut Exit 38 (Poquonock). Go north on Rte. 75 to Rte. 147 and go east for half a mile. Eastern States Exposition is on your right.

From Connecticut and the south via I-91: Go north on I-91 to Massachusetts Exit 6 (Springfield Center). Go east on Columbus Ave. to Boland Way (Springfield Sheraton). Go left at the light and continue over Memorial Bridge. Go west on Rte. 147, Memorial Ave. one mile. Eastern States Exposition is

From Vermont & New Hampshire via I-91: Go south on I-91 to Exit 13B. Go south on Rte. 5 to Rte. 147 and go west one mile. Eastern States Exposition is on your left. You may access Eastern States Exposition only via Gate 9 at the east end of the grounds.



> Exhibitor list • “The Clip” by Smart Tie LLC • 1 Source Publications • 4 W Tack • A & B Barns • Abacus Surfaces, Inc. • ABI Equine • Absorbine • According to “Gospel” / Equine Light Therapy • Action Rider Tack • Active Riding Trips • Advanced Barn Construction • Affaire Wear • AFLAC • Ag Structures, LLC • AirChairs • Albion College • Allie’s Tack And Feed • Alltech - Vermont • Amberway Equine Solutions • American Artists • American Connemara Pony Society (ACPS) • American Hanoverian Society • American Horse Publications • American Paint Horse Association • American Shire Horse Association • Andis Company • Angel View Pet Cemetery & Crematory • Ansür/Northwestern Saddlery, LLC • Appaloosa Horse Club • Appaloosa...Breed of Choice • Region 16 Arabian Horse Assoc. • Ariat International • Arks -n- Barks • Artistic Stone • Attitude Jack/Planet Cowgirl • Attwood Equestrian Surfaces • Auburn Laboratories, Inc. • Aussie Gear • Australian Stock Saddle • Back On Track USA, Inc. • Barenbrug USA • Bay State Trail Riders Association • Benedict Metal Artistry • Berlin Industries/Farrier’s Magic • Berry Fit Co. • Best of America by Horseback • Best Shot Equine • Beth Bryant - Pottery By Choice • Big Jim’s Tack • Bit of Britain • Bitless Bridle, Inc. • Black Forest Treeless Saddles • Black Horse Consulting • Blue Seal Feeds, Inc. • Bob Burrelli Team Natural Horsemanship • Bobcat Company • Bowtie Press • Brenda Imus & Gaits of Gold • Buffalo Run Emporium • Bureau of Land Management • Calhoun Superstructures • Camp Jewell YMCA • Caroline Rider • Cas Gift Shoppe • Cashmans Horse Equipment


• Castlebrook Barns • Cazenovia College • Centenary College • Central Connecticut Co-op Farmers Assoc. -Biovance Technologies, Inc. • Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) • Cetyl M by Response Products • Chris Cox Horsemanship Company • Circle B Barn Co/The Barn Depot • CJ Designs • Classic Equine Equipment, Inc. • Code 3 Associates • “The Collection” • Connecticut Trailers • Con-Tack • Corinthian Insurance Agency, Inc. • Country Classic Cupolas • Country Tack & Supply • County Animal Clinic, Inc./ Ronald Anders, DVM, CVA • Cow Horse Productions Aaron Ralston • Crazy Legs • Crest Ridge Saddlery • Crop & Carrot Tack Shop, Inc. • Custom Barns • Cut Heal Animal Care Products, Inc. • D.D. Rapps • Daniel Stewart • Dark Horse Chocolates • Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center • Diamond Delight Clothing • DK Saddlery • Donna Raines Glass • Double G Ranch • • Driving Essentials, Inc. • Dubarry Of Ireland • E & M Tack Shop • E3Live FOR HORSES • Eastern States Exposition • Easy Care, Inc. • Elizabeth Graves/Shades of Oak • Ellerslie Custom Blankets • EQA - Leather Therapy - Healing Tree Grand Meadows - Ice Horse • The Equestrian Centre • The Equestrian Collection • The Equestrian Shop, Inc. • EquiFit, Inc. • Equine Journal • Equine Medical & Surgical AssociatesFrank Reilly, DVM • Equine Quality Alliance • EquiPedic • Equipment of Culture, • EquiPride • Equissentials • Equi-Stretch--Kristi Weltner-Redd & Dan Weltner • EQUITOURS - Horseback Vacations Worldwide • Equitrekking • Equixotics, Equine Art, Apparel and Gifts • Essential Bodywear - The Bra Lady • The F. C. Sturtevant Company • The Farm Bureaus of New England

• Farm Family Insurance • Farnam • Featherlite Trailers • Final Gift Pet Cremation Service & Memorial Center • Finish Line Horse Products, Inc. • FootHuggers Comfort Socks • Foxden Equine • Freelance Design USA • Friesian Horse Association of North America (FHANA) • Frontier Pack Train • Garland Enterprises • Geneva Lakes Jewelry • Gentle Touch Massage & Holistic Alternatives • The Ginger Horse • GLC 5500 • The Gorgeous Horse III • Grand Meadows, Inc. • Griffinbrook, Ltd. • Gypsy Horse Association • Gypsy Vanner Horse Society • The Hair Place • Hess Enterprises • Highland Pony Enthusiast Club of America • Highlands Financial, Inc. • Hilton Herbs • Hoofbeats International • Hoofwraps • Hootenanny • Horizon Structures • Horse and Farm Insurance, CCI • The Horse Closet • • Horsedream Importers • Horsemen’s Yankee Pedlar • The Horse Show with Rick Lamb • HorseSweats® • HorseTech • I Make Horse Calls • In the Stirrrup • Intercollegiate Horse Show Assoc. • International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association • J. R. & Company • J.S. Woodhouse Co., Inc. • JACA Outfitters • Jane Savoie • Jarden Animal Solutions • Joann Hayssen Designs • Johns Ariat Country • Joint Oats 4 Horses • JP’s North • Julie Goodnight Horsemanship Training • Just Chaps US • Kestar Boots • Knight Equestrian Books • L. J. Enterprises LLC • Ladysmith Chaps • Leahy Equipment • Lester Building Systems, LLC • Lickity Bits • Life Data Labs, Inc. • Light ‘N Lasting Vinyl Jump Equipment • The Lippitt Club

Horse me n’ s Y a nkee Pedlar • 2010 EQUINE AFFAIRE SPECIAL EDITION

• Litchfield Hills Fence Company • LM Custom Boots - La Mundial • Lone Tree Ranch - Marlene McRae • Lucas Equine Equipment, Inc. • Lucerne Farms • M & A Photography • Maine Mad Hatter • The Mainline Fence and Supply Corp. • Mainstreet Apparel Corporation • Majesty’s Animal Nutrition • Mark Enterprises, Inc. • Massachusetts 4-H • Massachusetts Horse • Massachusetts Thoroughbred Breeders Association • McCauley Bros. Feed • Merry-Go Round Pens, LLC • Milwaukee Thunder • Mona’s Monograms • Monty Roberts • The National Museum of the Morgan Horse • Morris Tool • Morton Buildings, Inc. • Mountain Feather Originals - Denise Banda, Artist • MP & KD Horn & Leather Shop • MSPCA at Nevins Farm • Muddy Creek Rain Gear • My Shopping Tree • Myhre Equine Complex • The Natural Vet • Nature’s Composite • Nelson Manufacturing Co. • New England Dressage Association •N  ew England Equine Medical and Surgical Center • The Nibble Net • No Brushes by Dawn Trinkler • Nokota Horse Conservancy • North Brook Farms, Inc. • Northeast Farrier Supply • Northeast Fjord Horse Association • Northeast Haflinger Association • Nutramax Laboratories, Inc./Cosequin • The Oaks of Lake City • On the Road, Inc. • Orchard Trailers • Outback Survival Gear • Paddock Publishing • Painted Hills Publishing • Paul Congelosi Trailer Sales • Pennfield Feeds • Performance Saddlery Inc. • Pfizer Animal Health • Platinum Performance, Inc. • Post University • Poulin Grain • Pre-Vent Feeders • Priefert Ranch Equipment • P rofessional’s Choice Sports Medicine Products, Inc. • Protectowire Fire Systems • Purina Mills • Pyranha, Imc. • Region 6 American Quarter Horse Affiliate

> Index to advertisers • • Ramm Horse Fence and Stalls • Reshel’s Pewter Co., Inc. • Rheinland Pfalz Saar Int. • Ride For The Cure - A Susan G. Komen for the Cure Event • Rio Vista Products • River Meadow Farm • Robart Horse Products • Robin Bledsoe, Bookseller • Rockin J Horse Stalls • Rod’s Western Palace • Rostech Electronics • Running Brook Farm Carriage Barn • Ryder Supply Company • Saddle Brook Tack • Saddle Seat Connection, Ltd. • Saddle Up Clothing Company • SaddleRanch Saddlery • Safeview Systems • Sarah Lynn Richards Fine Art • S aratoga Saddlery & International Boutique • Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue • Schleese Saddlery Service • Schneiders • Scratch n All® • Select The Best • ShockTamer/Equine Technologies • Sign Barn • Silver Horse Studios • Slate Expectations • Slypner Gear • SmartPak Equine • Smith - Worthington Saddlery • Sophisticated Equestrian Expression • South Shore Equine Clinic & Diagnostic Center • Southern States Cooperative • North American Spotted Draft Horse Association (NASDHA) • Spun Earth Pottery • Spunky Point Trading Co. • Spursuader • StableComfort by Promat, Inc. • The Stagecoach West • Stall Skins By Southwest Animal Products • Stanton Equipment - John Deere • Star Lakes Miniature Tack • Steed Read • Steve Edwards--Queen Valley Mule Ranch • StickySeat • Stitches-N-Stuff • STK Collectibles • Stolen Horse Int./Net Posse • Stone Horses® • The Stone Pony Inc. • Stoneleigh-Burnham School • Stübben • T. J. Holmes Co., Inc. • Taborton Equine Books • Tack Shack, LLC • Tacknology® • Tamara Cole Home Furnishings • T ennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ & Exhibitors’ Association

• Terry Lindsey Equidae Gallery • The Adventures of Strawberry and Denver • The Clip - Smart Tie Products • The Connecticut Horse Council • The Thompson School of Applied Science • • TheShowKid • Thornhill / The Tacky Horse • Tin Cup Glove • TizWhiz • TNT Equine, PLLC • Tourbillon Trailer Sales, Inc. • Trafalgar Square Books • Trail and Pleasure Riding Supplies • Trailer Aid • TransAmerica Building Co. • Triple Crown Nutrition • Tub’s Tack • Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine • Tumbleweeds Cowhides • Turley Publications • U.S. Animal Nutritionals of Vermont • Uckele Health & Nutrition • The Ultimate Leash •U  Mass Stockbridge School Equine Program • Unbridled Chocolates • United States Equestrian Federation • United States Lipizzan Registry • The United States Pony Clubs, Inc. • Universal Trailer Corporation • University of New Hampshire (UNH) • Ursa Wagon • U.S. Animal Nutritionals of Vermont • Valerie’s Gallery • Valley Vet Supply • Vermont Technical College • Veterinary Emergency Transport/V.E.T. • Vita Flex Nutrition • Wahl Clipper Corporation • Walkabout Farm Breyer Model Horses • Watson’s Tack Sales, LLC • We Cover Structures • Well Horse • Wellpride, LLLP • Wellscroft Fence Systems • Westfall Training Center--Stacy Westfall • The Whispering Cowgirl • White Haven Farm • White Pickets Studio • Wild Horsefeathers • William Woods University • Winchester Pottery • Windmill Monogrammed Halters • The Wire Horse • Wood-Tex Products • Wood’s Art Gallery • Woof Hoof • World Equestrian Brands • • Yankee Walkers, Gaited Horses of New England • Yered Trailers • Young Living Essential Oils • Zipit Breezer by Bay Breeze Farm

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Allie’s Tack Shop . . . . . . . . . 24

Northeast Farrier Supply . . . . 11

Angel View Pet Cemetery . . . . 35

Post University . . . . . . . . . . 10

Bitless Bridle, Inc, The . . . . . . 9

Purina Mills . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

Carriage Shed, The . . . . . . . . 34

Schleese Saddlery Service . . . 20

Centenary College . . . . . . . . 33 Corinthian Insurance . . . . . . . 5 Crazy Horse Tack & Gifts . . . . 10

Schneiders Saddlery . . . . . . . 18 Silver Spirit . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32

Crest Ridge Saddlery . . . . . . . . 3

South Shore Equine Clinic . . . 17

Crop & Carrot Tack Shop, Inc. 33

Thompson School of

Delta Mustad Hoof Care Center11

Applied Science . . . . . . . . . . 19

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Tufts University . . . . . . . . . . 11

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Horse me n’ s Y a nkee Pedlar • 2010 EQUINE AFFAIRE SPECIAL EDITION

Look for us at Equine Affaire Booth # 1702

RIDE WITH CHAMPIONS! 2010 IHSA RESERVE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS 2009 IHSA NATIONAL CHAMPIONS CACCHIONE CUP WINNER Centenary College is widely recognized for the quality of our instructors, the caliber of our horses, our exceptional facilities and beautiful location. We offer BS and As Degrees with concentrations in: • • • • •

Riding Instruction & Training Equine Business Management Equine Science Communications for the Equine Industry NARHA approved instructor certificate program in Therapeutic Riding At Centenary (TRAC)

We also offer the following riding disciplines: Hunt Seat Equitation, Dressage and Hunters and Jumpers.



Coming to Crop & Carrot this fall! One of the first places in New England to get this affordable and stylish line.

Visit us in the Mallory Building at Equine Affaire! Booth MA-A

Crop & Carrot Tack Shop, Inc.

Toll free 877-885-0255 Hours: Monday - Friday 10 - 6, Saturday 9 - 5, Sunday 12 - 4

133 West Main Street * Route 9, on the East Brookfield Line, Spencer, MA



Make Your Dream a Reality with your own custom built Amish horse barn.

Amish crafted horse barns and run-in sheds delivered fully assembled to your site.

Horse Barns • Run-In Sheds • Riding Arenas Standard Features on Horse Barns and Run-Ins: • White pine board and batten siding • Oak posts and barn style framing • Four foot high oak kick boards • Built on pressure treated 6 x 6s • Powder coated grills, hinges, latches

Options: • Cupolas and weather vanes • Storage rooms • Hay racks • Electrical package • 8', 10', 12' lean to packages • Gable vents and ridge vents • Solar packages

Exterior: • White pine board and batten siding • 25 IKO shingles • Architectural and metal roofing available • Different roof styles: Cape, Carriage, Gambrel, Monitor

Interior: • Floor to ceiling 2 x 8 tongue and groove Southern Yellow Pine • Chew guards • Powder coated hardware • Oak posts and barn style framing

Delivery throughout the USA. The possibilities are endless! Ask about financing.

1195 VA Cutoff Road, White River Junction, VT 05001

1-800-441-6057 •

Make a stable investment by buying a #1Amish quality horse barn at the Carriage Shed. 2


February March 2010

Horse me n’ s Y a nkee Pedlar • 2010 EQUINE AFFAIRE SPECIAL EDITION



Visit us at Equine Affaire, in the Young Bldg. Booths 1603-1604


Equine With Flair A&B Barns have that certain flair for the equestrian barn. Classic configurations and traditional accents ensure that you get the most out of all aspects of the equine lifestyle. We always work with the most experienced barn contractors throughout the Northeast. We will make the planning enjoyable with no pressure to decide the important aspects of the equestrian barn. We would love to talk to you about your barn or other shelter projects, large or small, for your other passions.


Our equestrian specialists will work with you from design to completion of your project. Stall barns, arenas, garages, storage sheds, cupolas, and dairy barns-all in the A&B tradition. Call A&B Barns Today : Bob Austin, Charles Noyes III, Jeff Smith 1-800-267-0506 129 Sheep Davis Road, Pembroke, NH Photograph: Jackson Coombs


2010 Equine Affaire Guide  

An overview of New England's premier equine trade exposition.

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