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EquineJournal December 2012

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Let it Snow Your Guide to Sleighing page 46



Meet Your Match



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equine Journal

| December 2012

Natural light

Cooler summers

Ride and train year round, regardless of the weather‌ Abundant natural light and temperature-stabilizing fabric covers create a superior riding and training environment. Choose a ClearSpan indoor arena for a bright and peaceful setting for your riding. ClearSpan offers many customizable options, including end walls, stalls, ventilation systems and more. Because of the fast construction, durability and versatility, ClearSpan structures offer the best value for your investment.

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fabric structures

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Horses don’t come with



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contents December 2012

features 42 A Match Made in Heaven Top tips for pairing amateur riders with the right sport horse. BY NATALIE DEFEE MENDIK

50 Measuring Up Ponies aren’t just for kids. Find out how overlooking this stereotype could lead to your best mount yet. BY PAMELA MANSFIELD

54 The Queen of Dressage A conversation with Anne Gribbons. BY JENNIFER ROBERTS

70 The Advent Barn Celebrate 25 days of magical fun this holiday season.

64 The Snow Must Go On A spectator’s guide to sleigh rallies, festivals, and combined tests. BY ELISABETH PROUTY-GILBRIDE



| December 2012

Check out our top winter breeches on page 28.




Custom Buildings for the Equestrian Community Old Town Barns brings custom craftsmanship to the design and construction of barns, stables and arenas serving the equestrian community throughout the northeast. Please call us to discuss your project and obtain a detailed estimate.

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December 2012







page 72

30 Learn ways to save money around the barn. 85 Explore the beauty of Ireland on horseback. 88 Fun and warm winter fashion. 92 Endel Ots talks championships, criticism, and the cinema. 97 Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds display their talent in the inaugural North East Thoroughbred Sporthorse Association Horse Show. 201 Ten rules for small farm shopping.



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Jenny Kimberly driving Dixie Dee to a Portland Cutter at the 2009 GMHA Sleigh Rally. COVER PHOTO BY: LISA CENIS



| December 2012

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Out Check liday o Our H List Wish

AN A& B ARENA/STALL BARN Start to Finish, Inside and Out.

Indoor Riding Arena/Stall Barn - Plainfield, NH Arena Dimensions: 80’ x 160’ x 14’ Stall Barn Dimensions: 36’ x 120’ x 12’

Call us Toll Free Today! 800 267-0506


Jeff Smith Bob Austin Charles Noyes III

129 Sheep Davis Rd., Pembroke, NH Route 25, Moultonborough, NH Specializing in providing design and materials for horse barns of all types!

Stall Barns, Riding Arenas, Storage Sheds, Run-in Sheds, Cupolas and Dairy Barns December 2012

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Kathryn Selinga




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Last Month On Facebook We: • Posted pictures from Equine Affaire • Made hundreds of new friends • Shared breaking news • Showed videos of annual MSPCA Beach Ride • Announced our Smith Worthington saddle winners

Michelle Rowe

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| December 2012

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Do You Enjoy Cold Showers? Yeah, me neither!

Have Unlimited Hot Water in Seconds! About Insta Hot Insta-Hot Equine Portable washing system has been redesigned for optimum efficiency. Wash your horse, dog, truck, trailer or yourself with unlimited hot water. Simply attach hose from incoming water source to the unit, start the battery igniter and have hot water instantly. • Ideal for barns without access to hot water. Can be easily mounted permanently or made portable by fastening to specially designed cart. • Great for use at shows. Can be easily transported to shows or campsites where hot water can be limited. #21550 Insta- Hot II $19999 $17499 $ #22109 Cart 8799 $6999 $ #22851 Basket for Cart 1499 $1199

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Happy Holidays! DON’T YOU JUST LOVE THE FEELING in the air around the holiday season? There’s the smell of fuzzy equines, hay, and hopefully, new leather! My memories of past Christmases have always, in one way or another, involved horses—whether it was a new Breyer® model or a book in one of the horse series I was reading, or, when I finally had my own horse and I would spend chilly Christmas mornings trying on a new halter or handing out candy cane treats. Whatever memories you have of the season, you won’t want to miss part two of our Advent Barn article by Ange Finn on page 70. Ange does a great job reminding us what the holiday season is really all about— giving, time with those we love, and of course, a little gift for ourselves doesn’t hurt! When asked what she would like to find behind her own advent stall door, Ange says, “I’d love to find a big switch. When you flip it, it freezes time for you and your horse. I’d love to enjoy riding and spending time with my horse without thinking about the clock ticking on, emails and calls piling up, appointments looming. When we finished, I’d just flip time back ‘on,’ and my day could pick up right where it left off—only better, because I’d had my horse time.” What would you like to find behind a door? Maybe a new sport horse is on your list? If so, take some time to read Natalie DeFee Mendik’s article, “A Match Made in Heaven,” on page 42. Natalie gives tips on pairing amateur riders with a sport horse that matches their needs and wants. Most amateurs have limited time in the saddle, so it should be time that is enjoyed. If you aren’t having luck finding the right horse, don’t underestimate the ability of a great sport pony. Many people may turn up their nose at these smaller-sized powerhouses, and in doing so, may be missing out on the ride of their dreams. See what sport pony owners are saying, and get some great advice along the way in “Measuring Up,” by Pamela Mansfield on page 50. To top off the month, join Elisabeth Prouty-Gilbride as she takes us back in time with sleigh rallies, sleigh festivals, and combined tests. These fun-filled events are a treat for drivers and spectators alike. Turn to page 64 to start the fun. And, don’t forget to treat yourself this holiday season by visiting during the month of December to enter our 25 Days of Christmas contest and win some great prizes, including our grand prize on day 25, a prize pack from Back on Track valued at $1,500. Also up for grabs are gifts from Breyer, Fleeceworks, P. Jolicoeur, and Troxel.

Managing Editor

Be a Part of the Equine Journal » This month in our “In Your Words” column, we asked readers what they were hoping to unwrap this holiday season. Be sure to read the great answers on page 20. We would love to feature your answer in our future “In Your Words” column. Visit us on FacebookSM, or send your answers to

Cart with Basket


» Have something on your mind? Send your “Letters to the Editor” to editorial@equinejournal. com. Each month, one will be chosen as our featured letter and will win a prize pack. » Do you have a horse health or training question? Send your questions to, and we will have a leading veterinarian or trainer provide the answers you are looking for.



Pedlar Magazine 11-12.indd 1

| December 2012

11/7/2012 3:38:44 PM


A Few of My Favorite Things…

1 While at Equine Affaire last year, I bought a pair of Ariat Legend boots. These are, hands down, my favorite item that I purchased this past year. I wear them to work, and they’re the perfect item for me to put on when I’m covering a horse show or trying to pull off the trendy, equestrian-chic look when interviewing someone for an article. 2 Anyone who goes to a horse show in the summer knows enough to pack a hat and wear sunscreen…except me, apparently. Because I have fair skin, I always remember to slather on the sunscreen when I attend horse shows, but when I attended the 2012 Fidelity Jumper Classic, I forgot to bring a hat. Of course, that gave me the perfect opportunity (and excuse) to purchase a panama hat from Skiffington’s Boutique. Stylish and practical, it covered my face just enough to protect me from the sun, and went perfectly with the dress I wore to the Sunday luncheon the day of the Grand Prix. 3 The next “top item” on my list is a toss up between my Hampton Classic tote bag and my Kit saddle bag by Aeon New York. I absolutely love my Hampton Classic tote bag because it’s large enough for me to throw my cameras, digital recorder, magazines, and pads of paper in, helping me to do my job more efficiently when I’m at shows. Also, it has a lining that allows it to work as a cooler, too—so if I want to pack a lunch and 16


| December 2012

bring it with me, I’m covered!

4 I’ll admit, purchasing my Kit saddle bag had less to do with horses, and more to do with my obsession with handbags, but I couldn’t help mentioning how much I love it, and I did buy it at the Hampton Classic, so that counts as a horse show item, right? I do use this bag all Here I am with my husband, JP, the time—it’s pretty small, so and wearing my panama hat at the Jumper Classic. I can only fit my essentials, like my wallet, inhaler, digital recorder, and lip gloss in it, but this has become my go-to bag that I use whenever I’m out and about. Also, Graphic Image, the company who owns Aeon New York, creates a number of leather goods and often personalizes them. One of the things I love most about this purse is that they were able to emboss the product with my initials. 5 Last but not least, is my guilty pleasure…chocolate. Who would have known that someone would come up with the great idea to start a chocolate company and market it as a horse product? I do not discriminate when it comes to these sweet treats—whether it’s Unbridled Chocolates’ salted organic caramels, or Dark Horse Chocolates’ Peppermint Ponies, I’ll eat it. No matter where I go, I can find any chocolatier within a 15-mile radius, and will fork over the money. Plus, this is a very practical gift to buy as a stocking stuffer, or to just feed your own craving! Of course, I’m sure that once my Christmas wish list is fulfilled, and I receive the horse (and barn) of my dreams, I’ll be back to purchasing bits and blankets in bulk. But in the meantime, I’m happy to be sitting on the sidelines, interviewing top riders with my tote bag slung over my shoulder and my cowboy boots on, and eating chocolate in my downtime!

Executive Editor


ALTHOUGH I HAVEN’T OWNED A HORSE OR COMPETED for a few years now, I’ve collected a number of show clothes, bits, bridles, blankets, halters, and saddle pads that take up a good amount of space. My husband and I moved into a new house over a year ago, and as the holidays draw closer, I’ve started doing some organizing and have found boxes full of bits, polo wraps, and even multiple first aid kits, along with equine décor in my basement. Yet, when I’m covering a horse show for work, I still can’t seem to stop buying memorabilia. Although they may seem lavish and non-essential, I like to think that the items I’m purchasing are a little more practical, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. These are a few of my favorite things that I’ve picked up while attending equestrian events over the past year—some of them may even make a good gift for the horse person on your holiday shopping list:

• Retail T Hundre rade Show ds of V Selling a Varie endors ty of H Produc o ts Ages a /Services fo rse r All nd Eve ry D iscip • Sta • Moun llion Avenue line ted D • Parad emonstration s e of B • Educ ational reeds Semina rs



Great Locations!


Friday: noon-8pm Saturday: 9am-7pm Sunday: 9am-5pm

FEB 21-24RUARY , 2013 PE


Thursday: noon-8pm Friday: 10am-8pm Saturday: 9am-8pm Sunday: 9am-5pm





, PA


In conjunction with the Pennsylvania Expo only



Jec Aristotle Ballou . . . . . . . . .Dressage, Fitness . . . . . . . . . .MD, PA Lorrie Bracaloni . . . . . .Equine Therapies, Pain Release . . . .MD, PA Dana Bright . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Driving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MD Dr. Dan Burke . . . . . . . . . . . . .Equine Nutrition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PA Craig Cameron . . . . .General Training, Problem Solving . . .MD, PA Anne Councill . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Driving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MD Ann Egan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Equine Reproduction . . . . . . . . . . . .MD Carolyn Fitzpatrick . . .Natural Horsemanship, Equine Gestalt . .MD, PA NO PETS Amie Fulks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Working Equitation . . . . . . . . . .MD, PA PERMITTED Janet Geyer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Equine Nutrition . . . . . . . . . . .MD, PA Kenny Harlow . . . . . .General Training, Problem Solving . . .MD, PA Sandy Hart-Long . . . . . . . .Arena Footing Solutions . . . . . . . . . .MD Jec Aristotle Ballou Craig Cameron Equi-tainment! Bill Kitsch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Farm Financing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PA Shelly Liggett . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Riding Aside . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PA Patty Lynch . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Balanced Hoof Care . . . . . . . . . . . .MD Jeannie McGuire . . . . . . . . . . . .Gaited Horses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PA Guy McLean . . . . . . . . . . . . . .General Training . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PA Bruce Miller . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Farm Financing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PA Dan Moore, DVM . . . . . . . .Natural Equine Healthcare . . . . . . . . . .PA Anne Moss . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Riding Aside . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MD Mounted Games Across America . .Demonstrations . . . . . . . . . . . . .PA Muddy Creek Vaulters . . . . . . . . . .Vaulting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MD Suzanne Myers . . . . .General Training, Problem Solving . . .MD, PA Kenny Harlow Guy McLean Muddy Creek Vaulters Erin Ochoa . . . . . .Horse Rescue, Unwanted Horse Issues .MD, PA Terry Peiper . . . . . . . . . . . . .Rider Biomechanics . . . . . . . . . . . . .PA Penn State University . . .Various Educational Topics . . . . . . . . . .PA Curtis Pierce . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Driving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PA Steuart Pittman . . . . . . . .Retired Racehorse Training . . . . . . . . .MD Scott Purdum . . . . . . . . . . . . . .General Training . . . . . . . . . .MD, PA Carey Reed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Barrel Racing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MD Dr. Frank Reilly . . . . . . . .Equine Insulin Resistance . . . . . . . . . . .PA Retired Racehorse Challenge . . . .Competition . . . . . . . . . . . .MD, PA Caroline Rider . . . . . .General Training, Problem Solving . . . . . . .PA Donnie Rosie . . . . . . . . . . . . .Equine Marketing . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PA Richard Shrake Tommie Turvey Jr. Neva Kittrell Scheve . . . . . . .Trailer, Truck Safety . . . . . . . . . . . .MD Steuart Pittman Richard Shrake . . . . .Western Pleasure, Horsemanship . . . .MD, PA SPONSORED BY: Tommie Turvey Jr. . . . . . . . . .Trick Horse Training . . . . . . . . . . . . .PA University of Maryland . . .Various Educational Topics . . . . . . . . . .MD FARM CREDIT • PYRANHA •QUALITY BUILDINGS LLC Bud and Gwen Wills . . . .Horse Camping, Trail Riding . . . . . . . . . .PA EMGE EQUINE SERVICES • FLEENOR GATES Keith Wills . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Farm Financing . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MD


EQUESTRIAN PROMOTIONS, INC. • P O BOX 924 • BEL AIR, MD 21014 301-916-0852 • Fax 301-916-0853 •

And many more... Clinician list not complete at press time. *Clinicians may not appear all days of the show. See our website for complete lists, exact dates and times. December 2012

| equine Journal 17



I loved the bit in Dressage News about Anne Kulak and the Century Club! I always feel so connected after reading my favorite magazine!

-Mindy Lee Roland, Shady Point, OK

Draft Horse Journal, which acts as our Bible. I’m hoping you can persuade her to do a monthly column on what is going on in the draft world. Just a thought, as we draft folks are starved for more fodder, and it’s nice to see tips from the other breeds/disciplines and your advertising for all equines. Katrina Adams Atlanta, GA

I liked the article about buying a horse based on color. I’d like to think that I’d never do that, but then again...I am partial to palominos! Jess Bowers Via Facebook I just got my November issue. It is excellent…as always! Cheryl Sapp Decatur, IN I loved the November issue—great articles and I liked the focus on Quarter Horses. My very favorite horse was an Appendix Quarter Horse name Dry Vermouth; he was by Dry Dock, who was by the famous sire, Doc Bar. He was a failed cutting horse whom I bought for $1 and showed on the A circuit, foxhunted, trail rode, and did just about anything else I wanted him to do—he was truly a wonderful horse and a poster boy for the versatility of the breed. Candace FitzGerald New London, NH I loved receiving the sample copy of the October Equine Journal, and I loved the fact that you spotlight disciplines and breeds. But you are silent to the draft horse. However, you published an article on Gypsies by Judy Brodland, who is one of our best show photographers and writers in the 18


| December 2012

North Woods Animal Treats for Your Thoughts! We love hearing from you! Send us your letters to the editor for a chance to win this month’s prize of a North Woods Animal Treats gift pack. All letters we receive by December 1 will be entered in the drawing. Send your submissions to, or to Equine Journal, Editorial, 83 Leicester Street, N. Oxford, MA 01537. Congratulations to Mindy Lee Roland for winning December’s letter-of-the-month! She will receive a North Woods Animal Treats gift pack.

I would prefer to have the calendar broken down into regions (even just Northeast and other). It takes too long to find events in my area, and I’m afraid I might miss something I’d want to attend as I skim over events outside my area. I especially enjoy “Last Laugh.” Joan Ganotis Via FacebookSM I came home from work the other day and was surprised to see the beautiful blanket that I won in your October online contest. How cool...thanks so much. It was funny, though, that the blanket is 80''...and I show little cowhorses that maybe can wear 72'' or 75'' on a good day. Thank goodness the blanket fits my wife’s tall hunt horse perfectly—and it looks great on him! It’s always comical at shows with her tall bay hunt horse and my small palomino reined cowhorse. We do turn heads. I enjoy your was nice to see that you covered Reining by the Bay in the September issue— I showed my mare there and did great. Anyhow, keep up the good work with your magazine and online publishing. It’s always nice to read about other breeds and disciplines out here in Quarter Horse land! Mark Mitchell, Reno, NV

Roger picked up our mail yesterday and saw our photo (in the eventing column of the November Equine Journal). He called me and said, ‘Honey, your husband is famous!’ You completely made his day—and mine too. Thank you for including us in the publication— it is a real treat! -Katie Murphy Hopkinton, NH

Celebrate the Season at Dover Saddlery

Holiday Events

Join us for these fun in-store events! Friends & Family Private Shopping Holiday Sale

Tuesday, December 4 6-8 pm Breyer Fun Night Thursday, December 13 4-7 pm Saturday, December 15 in Lexington, VA 11-3 pm

Refreshments and free drawings!

Visit your local Dover Saddlery Store to make wishes come true for the holidays! COLORADO Parker DELAWARE Hockessin GEORGIA Alpharetta ILLINOIS Libertyville

MARYLAND Crofton Hunt Valley MASSACHUSETTS Wellesley New! MINNESOTA Medina


RHODE ISLAND North Kingstown

NEW JERSEY Branchburg

TEXAS Dallas


VIRGINIA Chantilly Charlottesville Lexington


For store hours and directions, please visit



| equine Journal 19

IN YOUR WORDS I would love to find a hefty donation for Miracles in Motion, our local therapeutic riding program. - Diana MacLeod (Chesterfield, NH) Maybe a nice pair of squaretoed cowboy boots. - Dan Rushton (San Antonio, TX) A Back on Track® Mesh Sheet is tops on my list (and my horse’s)! - Marianne Ketcham (Lexington, KY)

Tall winter riding boots from Ariat®! - Kendra Clarke (South Deerfield, MA)

I’m hoping to find a horsehair bracelet in my stocking. - Rachel Browne (Chesterfield, VA)

I’ve been drooling over a pair of Dubarry boots for years! - Jenna Brussett (Hope, MI)

My pony would like a driving quarter sheet—like a regular one, but made to go over the harness, with holes for the rein turrets. - Susan Peck (Boise, ID)

Nothing special…just maybe a tri-color Paint mare with one blue eye. Pass this on to Santa please! - Amanda LaPete (Ware, MA)

What are you hoping to unwrap this holiday season? For Next Month: EQUINE JOURNAL

My girls want winter riding coats, new halters, and a lunge whip. - Roxanne Cyranowski (Westfield, MA) A pair of the humane roller spurs! I finally found a spur my sassy Morgan/Quarter Horse pony doesn’t mind! - Sarah Wryk (Snow Camp, NC)

If you could have a foal from any stallion, who

would it be and why?


A winter jacket that has my IHSA team logo and name embroidered on it! - Danielle Keating (Columbia Station, OH)

| December 2012

A pair of zebra-print polo wraps for my pony. - Suzy Flanders (Dartmouth, NH) I’m a lucky lady, and I can honestly say that I have so much more than I need. I am hoping to get horse hugs and kisses though! - Marsha Fisher (Walton, NY)

From Our Staff

It would give me the most pleasure to unwrap a world where every horse has a loving family and every family has the love of a horse (or two). Think of your local rescues this holiday season. Donations and volunteers are always needed. - Laurel Foster Advertising and Marketing Consultant

Send your answers to


A name-brand show halter, with lots of silver, for my stunning Paint Horse. - Rachel Pendley (Parrish, AL)

Have a horse that thinks blanket destruction is an Olympic Sport?? Don’t Despair, We Clean & Repair! FAST AND RELIABLE SERVICE

Quality Workmanship One Week Turnaround!

Drop off and pickup locations in

Check our website for a location near you

Possible pickup at your farm, call for details.


Family owned since 1992 Owned and operated by the Barthelemy family, Scott, Brenda, Lester and Lance They started their blanket cleaning and repair service on their farm in 1992. They ride horses and love them as much as their clients do!

North - South - East - West … Trailers has you covered!

Happy Holidays A heartfelt thank you to all friends and family for your love and support over the past 36 years. As the year comes to a close, let us reflect on our good fortune and pray for peace and prosperity in 2013. Since 1976 “A happy horse rides in a Yered Trailer”


December 2012

| equine Journal 21









3600D Genuine G i Ballistic B lli ti Nylon N l Shell Sh ll Contour leg panel system with extra deep shoulder gussets for extended freedom of movement No-Turn Fit


bits & pieces

December 2012

Photo of the Month


MRA Mi Shaphiyr, owned by Lauren Bousquet of Enfield, CT, gets in the holiday spirit!

December 2012


bits & pieces POINTS OF INTEREST

Big, Big Star Amos the Wonder Horse is not your average equine. This pint-sized gelding is an 11-year-old Miniature horse that has proved he measures up in more ways than one. After his owner taught him to play basketball in just three 15-minute sessions, she knew that Amos could do almost anything. He quickly learned to play the xylophone, do a puzzle, and play beanbag toss and ring toss. In his spare time, Amos volunteers with Personal Ponies, a non-profit organization that works with special needs children. But, basketball is Amos’ favorite activity. He has even played with the world famous Harlem Globetrotters®, who said that he has “mad skills” and who made him an honorary goodwill ambassador for his community service work. Amos has been featured on local and national news, including CNN, MSNBC, and Right This Minute. He recently visited New York City where he appeared on the Today Show and won their “Quest for the Best” series for America’s Best Pet Trick (for basketball, of course!).

Showing Our Heritage

The St. Louis National Charity Horse Show, benefiting Therapeutic Horsemanship and Stray Rescue of St. Louis, has been honored with the United States Equestrian Federation’s (USEF) designation as a USEF Heritage Competition, the highest honor currently held by any Federation horse show. As the first horse show west of the Mississippi River in 1865, the St. Louis National Charity Horse Show gained national recognition during the 1904 World’s Fair. It has existed in its present form since 1977 and has won awards from the Missouri Horse Show Association as the “Star Show of the Year” in both the hunter/jumper and American Saddlebred divisions.


Texas A&M University began construction on the new $80 million Equine Complex. This complex will serve to bring students, faculty, and equine industry leaders together and provide a foundation for research discoveries and outreach initiatives dedicated to the welfare of the horse.

Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas

We asked if you give your horse a holiday gift. Here are your answers.

Every day is a holiday for my horse


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| December 2012

On October 10, 2012, ABC’s Good Morning America featured Ann Romney presenting video clips of Paralympian, Rebecca Hart (shown), riding Lord Lugar. As an equestrian with a disability, Romney discussed how riding has helped her deal with multiple sclerosis and its therapeutic effect for others with disabilities.



Outside, the Snow is Falling…

Are piles of fluffy snow in your pasture—and a horse that nibbles at them—making you think your horse is all set for water this winter? If so, think again, please! The main cause of colic during the winter is from reduced water consumption. Snow will not provide enough water: a gallon (128 fluid ounces) of average-moisture snow only contains 10 ounces of water, far short of the 8-12 gallons of water your horse should consume each day. Also, eating snow will force your horse to burn precious calories to keep his body temperature steady. From Juliet Getty, Ph.D,

Performance Panel

United States Equestrian Federation Chief Executive Officer, John Long, has announced the development of a Blue Ribbon Panel that will assemble to evaluate the performances of the USEF’s High Performance teams within the global landscape of Olympic level competition. The Panel will consist of representatives from each of the Olympic disciplines, leadership from the USEF High Performance Program, the United States Eventing Team Foundation, and a member of the United States Olympic Committee National Governing Body Council. Long formed the Panel in an effort to review every aspect of the U.S. Olympic teams, including development and training programs, selection procedures, giving incentives for greater owner participation, and all factors contributing to better positioning the United States in a changing global sport landscape. Long views the outcome of the recent U.S. Olympic effort as “a wake-up call,” and an opportunity to grow from the experience in London.

Extreme Makeover: Helmet Edition! The popular Helmet awareness Campaign, riders4Helmets, partnered for the second year with the Supreme extreme Mustang Makeover (SeMM) to encourage helmet use at the event by offering $2,000 in helmet incentives. The SeMM is a national event that is organized by the Mustang Heritage Foundation, a non-profit organization founded with the purpose of saving america’s wild Mustangs. The riders4Helmets Helmet incentive awarded $500 to the highest scoring competitor wearing an aSTM/Sei-certified helmet in the Stars, idols, legends, and Youth divisions. a record number of competitors stepped up to the challenge and “Strapped one on.” For further information on the riders4Helmets campaign, visit

Got Questions?

In their ongoing effort to better connect with horse owners, Triple Crown® Nutrition is the first “horse feed” company to offer an online chat feature. Now, when you’ve got important questions about horse feed and nutrition, Triple Crown is ready to give you on-the-spot answers. Go to the lower right hand corner of any page and you’ll find a “Questions?” bubble just waiting to be clicked. Submit your question, and a dedicated Triple Crown Horse Feed Advisor will give you the insights you need, in real time.

Attention Students! HelMeT CourTeSY oF ovaTion™ riding

For the fourth consecutive year, Pfizer Animal Health and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) invite second- and third-year students of veterinary medicine to apply for the Pfizer Animal Health Scholarship. In an effort to help alleviate some of the burden of student debt, a minimum of 330 scholarships of $2,000 each will be awarded to assist students across various disciplines in veterinary medicine. To apply for the Pfizer Animal Health Veterinary Student Scholarship Program, students can visit December 2012

| equine Journal 25

bits & pieces NOW YOU KNOW Fun trivia and interesting facts about dressage



90.089 Charlotte Dujardin’s and Valegro’s recordbreaking score at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The duo captured the individual gold medal and contributed to Great Britain earning the team gold medal.


The number of years the Spanish Riding School in Vienna has been practicing. Today they continue to cultivate classical equitation in the Renaissance tradition of the haute école.


The year that Lowell Boomer took action and began a national foundation for dressage. This grouping became the United State Dressage Federation (USDF). Over 30 years later, USDF retains the core elements first established in the founding meeting in 1973: the dedication to education, recognition of achievement, and promotion of dressage.

$13,360,000 The amount of money that Paul Schockemöhle, of Performance Sales International in Germany, paid for Totilas, one of the most successful dressage horses in history with three gold medals from the World Equestrian Games.



| December 2012


Stephen Colbert, of The Colbert Report, declared dressage the “Sport of the Summer,” saying everyone can appreciate the art of “competitive horse prancing.” This inspired the “Dressage is #1” foam finger craze.

Bill Lowry

11 Winsor Avenue North Scituate, RI 401-934-4458

Custom Ring Design & Installation Distributor of GGT-Footing™ , Premium Dust-Free Footing


GGT-Footing™ Textiles are used in the recipe for arena footing across the country by top arena builders. World Class Footing products at a price you can afford! From Pleasure to Competition Blends t%VTU$POUSPM t"SFOB.BUUJOH4ZTUFNT t(SPPNFST 3 out of the 4 Olympic Observation Events were held on GGT Footing™


bits & pieces PREPURCHASE EXAM

winter breeches Kerrits Sit Tight ‘N Warm Wind Pro® Full Seat Breeches

FITS Wind Pro® Tread Breeches

Cold weather and fresh horses were no match for these breeches. The GripStretch™ full seat fabric ensured that the tester stayed secure in the saddle (quite the feat on green horses in the middle of the winter!). However, it was a bit stiff until it went through the washing machine a few times. The wide waistband was flattering and easy to wear; the ankles were a bit tight at first, but stretched out as the tester rode in them. The fleece-like interior of the breeches was not only warm, but super comfortable as well. BUY THEM: $129,

Ovation™ Winter Breeches

Being used to constricting full seat breeches, our tester was amazed by these awesome new pants from FITS. The rubberized dots allowed for a pair of breeches that stretched evenly with all the grip of full seat breeches. The unique Polartec® Wind Pro® fabric was breathable, and wind- and water-resistant. The tester also loved the comfort, with the flat seams. Although she found that these ran a bit larger than traditional FITS breeches, she certainly wasn’t complaining—it’s always good to have more forgiving pants around the holidays! BUY THEM: $154,

When the weather outside is frightful, all you want is for your ride to be warm and delightful! This month, we put winter breeches to the test.

Our tester loved these light breeches for chilly fall days and warmer winter weather. The cozy fleece interior was comfortable and soft against the skin, while the smooth finish of the Teflon®-coated exterior kept looking neat, clean, and hay-free (how exciting is that?). The Euro-seat detail and the slanted front zip pockets were a stylish touch, and the covered elastic waistband and belt loops looked fabulous. Our tester also appreciated that the pants offered a bit of stretch without showing off too much! BUY THEM: $75,

Snowdonia Winter Riding Pants

These warm and waterproof winter riding pants are ready to help you combat severe weather, both in and out of the saddle. The deep front pockets are great for barn chores, holding anything you may need; our tester even found the pockets great for her inhaler. The pants run in unisex sizing, so be sure to keep this in mind when ordering. The lower leg gaiters were wonderful for keeping the snow and dirt out of boots. The reflective piping on the pants was a nice touch for when it starts to get dark early, and a synthetic suede seat provided superiour grip in the saddle. BUY THEM: $96,

Mountain Horse® Nevada Pants

These heavy-duty breeches are certainly suitable for the most extreme winter weather, but with a full-length, waterproof zipper on the side of each leg, our tester was able to cool down fast in less severe temperatures as well. Adjustable heel straps helped to keep the breeches in place, while the gaiters help protect from getting snow in your boots. These breeches look bulky, but were far more comfortable to ride in than our tester expected; plus, the faux-leather, full seat kept her surprisingly still when she expected a slippery ride. The downside? Your friends at the barn may make fun of you for looking more like you’re going skiing than riding, but you’ll be warm and secure while they’re cold and miserable. BUY THEM: $177,

Our testers: This month our Prepurchase Exam was conducted by: Kelly Ballou, Managing Editor; Elisabeth Prouty-Gilbride, Executive Editor; Kathryn Selinga, News Editor; and Jennifer Roberts, Social Editor

This month’s products for review will be donated to the Riding with HEART program.



| December 2012

Do you have a product to suggest? Contact with your ideas.







When it comes to Horse Trailers in N.E., one name is clearly above the rest; Willowdale Trailers where quality, value and affordability meet! Legendary-Trust-Proven



Follow Your Every Move

Aordably Strong

This Month’s Special: Shadow Shiloh #265 $7,800

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SERVICE CENTER: 978-380-2455 Free Pick-up & Delivery

10th Annual

Willowdale Farm • Topsfield, MA

“A Decade of Equine Education� The Champlain Valley Exposition, in cooperation with the University of Vermont Extension, The HorseWorks and Guy’s Farm & Yard, invites you to feature your business or service at the 2013 Everything Equine. Display your business in 75,000 sf of indoor space in the Robert E. Miller Expo Centre. More than 5,000 attendees over 2 days will enjoy 150 exhibitors and 30 seminars & demonstrations.


April 27 - April 28

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Limited Space - Reserve your 201 Everything Equine Expo vendor space today! Contact Susan Petrie, Special Events at (802) 878-5545 x26 or for questions, space requirements or outdoor booth information.

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Please circle the booth space you would like (booth fees include pipe and drape, table(s) and chair): 10’ x 10’ ....................$3 10’ x 20’ ....................$6 10’ x 30’ ....................$ 8’ table .......................$20 1RQSUR¿WV$VVRFLDWLRQV 8’ table .......................$1 10’ x 10’ ....................$30

Please sign me up for the space circled. I have enclosed $____________

Send to: Everything Equine 201 Champlain Valley Exposition P.O. Box 209, Essex Jct., VT 05453-0209 Fax: (802) 878-2151 E-mail:

December 2012

| equine Journal 29

bits & pieces STABLE SOLUTIONS helpful hints for horse-keeping

Tricks of the Trade Save Money Around the Farm While Providing Quality Care for Your Horses By Sue Perry

There are a varieTy of handy ideas that you can learn from other horse owners along the way. This month, we gathered them together in a helpful list that will work to save you time and money.

Horse Care

» if you give daily supplements or medications via oral syringe, you know that the plunger can be tough to push when the lubrication has been rinsed or worn off. To help with this, simply spray non-stick cooking spray (PaM®, canola oil) around the edge of the black rubber end. » Laurie Carter, the barn manager at dana hall School riding Center, located in Wellesley, Ma, uses “people products” around the barn. “i always try to buy corn oil at the supermarket or discount store—it’s cheaper there than at the feed store.”

» Linda Kimbrell, a lifelong rider from Winthrop, Wa, has a great trick for polishing riding boots—old pantyhose. after cleaning your boots with a leather cleaner, spread a thin layer of polish on them with a cloth. Slip your hand down into one leg of the pantyhose and rub the nylon briskly all over the boots. it brings out a super shine. as polish darkens a section of the pantyhose, just move your hand to a fresh, clean spot to get a better shine. » if you want to have a “halter fuzzy” 30

equine Journal

| December 2012

If you are crafty, you can try your hand at making your own fleece halter covers to protect your horse from chafing.

on your horse’s noseband to protect him from pressure and chafing, make your own custom-fit fuzzy. Purchase synthetic sheepskin fabric and ½-inchveLCro® at the fabric store. Measure the length of the noseband. Cut a strip of veLCro to this length. Cut a rectangle of fabric that is the same length and three to four inches wide (depending upon the width of the halter’s noseband). Using a sewing machine, sew the fuzzy side of the veLCro to one edge of the fuzzy side of the fabric rectangle. Sew the spiky side of the veLCro to the opposite edge on the smooth side of the fabric. Wrap the completed nose fuzzy around the noseband so that the overlapped

edge is on the outside with the opening “down” so that it is less likely to trap hay and shavings.

» Many horses learn to love peppermints as treats. after the holidays, candy canes go on sale at the supermarket. a box of 12 medium-sized canes will cost only a dollar (or less); so, stock up on your treat supply.

Tools and Storage

» repair rather than replace. Send blankets out for repair if you are unable to fix them yourself. Keep spare horse clothing on hand for these times so that your horses won’t be too cold. new clipper blades are expensive, so Lathrop


» dishwashing liquid works great as a multi-purpose cleaner. Bell boots, neoprene galloping boots, and fly masks can be hand-washed with dish soap in the sink and then set in the sun to dry. When the horse trailer gets dirty with mud or salt, spray it down with a hose. Then, give it a bath using soapy water in a bucket and a long-handled car-washing brush.

bits & pieces STABLE SOLUTIONS fixtures in both barns and the indoor arena. The switch cut my electric bill in half and also provided better lighting in some previously dim areas.”

» If you have heated areas in your barn—tack room, office, grain room— consider installing a programmable thermostat that will automatically lower the temperature setting at night.

Feed and Bedding

» Order in bulk. Carter and White pointed out the savings in delivery charges for all items—hay, grain, and shavings. » Lathrop doesn’t have much storage space, so she relies on being a loyal customer as a way to negotiate prices with vendors. “I buy exclusively from the same vendors and see that they are paid in full, on time. Being a good customer gives me a bit of bargaining power when it comes to future purchases.”

has her old ones sharpened for just $7. If you accidentally drive over the end of the hose, crushing the fitting, or whack the end off with a weed whacker, you can put a new fitting on the end of the hose. It only costs a few dollars at the hardware store and is easy to clamp on.

» Only buy the parts that you need. When Carter has a pitchfork with a broken tine, she purchases a new plastic fork head and screws it onto the perfectly good handle that she already has. » Empty supplement tubs with tight lids make great storage containers. Small tubs can hold screw eyes, double snaps, and horse treats. Large ones are great for taking a few grain meals on the road to overnight competitions. 32

equine Journal

| December 2012

» Building grain bins lined with metal to deter rodents is expensive. Instead, purchase very large plastic storage containers at Walmart. Use them to store unopened bags of grain. If you lay the bags in flat and “settle” the contents, you can fit four 50-pound bags into one container. For daily feeding, empty one bag into a traditional metal garbage can, one can for each type of grain that you have, and scoop out the grain with a recycled coffee can.


» Dani White, the owner/head instructor at August Farm in Holliston, MA, says, “We had a representative from our electric company, NSTAR, come to the farm to do a complete energy evaluation. As a result, we changed to energy-efficient bulbs and light

Jump Equipment

» For training and schooling shows, White buys four-inch diameter PVC pipe at the home improvement store to use as jump rails. The standard lengths are 10' and 12'. Have some rails cut in half so that you can make “skinny” jumps to practice over. These narrow obstacles are increasingly common in equitation, hunter, jumper, and eventing competitions as tests of accuracy for both horse and rider. » White says, “I borrowed an idea from Dana Hall—use colored duct tape to put stripes on my jump rails. The tape comes in dozens of colors, including fluorescent and patterns.” » Wooden jump rails that have small nicks on them from the horse’s hooves can cause splinters. Cookie DeSimone, head instructor at Dana Hall, says, “To


There are plenty of money-saving ideas to try around your barn—one being installing energyefficient light bulbs.

» Cardinal and Lathrop switched to wood pellets (from shavings) for stall bedding. Cardinal says, “I use less product on a daily basis; I need less in the stalls; it takes up less room in storage; I generate only half as much stall waste as compared to shavings; and, the crumbled pellets break down much quicker in the compost pile than do shavings.”

avoid getting splinters in my hands as I set up the jumps, I put a piece of duct tape around the rail so that it covers the damaged area.”

» DeSimone has another equipment tip. “Use a blue yoga mat under a vertical or oxer of rails to teach a horse how to jump liverpools. It’s less scary than a blue plastic tarp, which can be shiny if wet or ruffle around on a windy day. Plus, it’s easy to roll up and carry to another schooling venue.”

Getting the Job Done

» Learn how to braid! Braiding is not hard, though it does take a lot of practice to get it done neatly and evenly. If you braid your own horse, you will save a lot of money on show expenses. If you also braid for other people, you’ll have money coming in. » Barter your services for reduced prices or in exchange for other services. Working-student programs are very common at large professional barns. The “students” feed, muck stalls, turn out horses, pick paddocks, and

clean tack in exchange for their horse’s board, daily lessons from a top professional, and the chance to ride lots of extra horses. Most working-student situations are full-time positions, but you might be able to arrange a part-time barter situation at the barn where your horse already boards. If you don’t want to do barn work in exchange for lessons or reduced board, what else can you offer? Handy folks could repair fencing, build jumps, or paint (jumps, barns). Office workers could barter accounting, advertising or website design in exchange for barn services. So horsemen, put your thinking caps on. We’re sure that you can come up with lots of thrifty ideas for use around the farm. With the money you save, you can treat yourself and your horse to a special competition.



Scan the QR Code with your Smartphone QR Reader app.

Sue Perry is a Certified Veterinary Technician and equine massage therapist. She lives in Upton, MA, with two event horses and runs “Muscle Magic,” an equine massage service.

December 2012

| equine Journal 33

bits & pieces ASK THE VET your horse health questions answered

Be Prepared!

Find Out What You Should Have in a Fully-stocked First Aid Kit By Stacie aarSvold, d.v.M., New eNglaNd equiNe Medical aNd Surgical ceNter


What are the most important things to have in my first aid kit? How do I use them?


For a good equine first aid kit, it is important to be prepared for any type of emergency you might encounter. The following is a list of essentials that you should have if an equine crisis occurs.

evaluation To fully assess a problem you need a thermometer, stethoscope, and flashlight. With a stethoscope, you can check heart rate and also listen for gut sounds in a colicky horse. The flashlight can be used for evaluation of wounds as well as looking at a horse’s eyes.

wound care

It is important to have a well-stocked and up-to-date first aid kit so you are prepared if an emergency arises.

the wound is hard to see, the hair surrounding it can be clipped. When clipping, the sterile lubricant can be put on the wound to prevent hair from sticking to the open tissue. Essential bandaging materials

health hints › EquinE ViTAl SignS TemperaTure: The normal body temperature for a horse is 99.5 to 101.3 degrees Fahrenheit. pulse: The normal pulse rate is 36 to 42 beats per minute. Young stock and ponies tend to be a bit faster. 34

equine Journal

| December 2012

respiraTion: The normal rate for horses is between 8 to 12 breaths per minute. Capillary refill Time: The normal refill rate is two seconds—the time it takes for color to return to gum tissue adjacent to teeth after pressing and releasing with your thumb.

include sterile gauze (4x4), cling gauze, vet wrap, Elastikon, and a standing bandage (quilt and wrap). Other less essential items include combination rolls, loose cotton, and ExpandoverTM. For any wounds that are close to joints or synovial structures, call your veterinarian, as these can be serious if not checked immediately.

Hoof care For hooves you need duct tape, diapers, Elastikon, a hoof pick, a scrub brush, Betadine, Epsom salts, and sugar or poultice. Hoof abscesses and pulled shoes are two of the most common problems that horse owners will have to deal with. A duct tape patch can be made to protect the


For wound care you should have Betadine® scrub or solution, sterile lubricant, sterile saline, a syringe, triple antibiotic ointment, fly ointment, and bandaging material. Small cuts can be cleaned well with Betadine, and then triple antibiotic ointment can be applied and the wound bandaged. If using Betadine solution, it can be diluted in water or sterile saline. Sterile saline can be drawn up in a syringe and used to flush the wound if it looks contaminated. If

hoof if a shoe has been pulled. For abscesses, the hoof can be cleaned well with a hoof pick and washed with soapy water and the scrub brush if very dirty. Soaking the hoof for 20-30 minutes in warm water with Epsom salts is a good way to draw the abscess out. The area can then be coated with poultice or Betadine mixed with sugar, followed by a diaper put over the bottom to add some extra cushion. A duct tape patch secured at the top with Elastikon will protect the diaper from being destroyed as the horse walks around. If you are comfortable with farrier work, you can have a hoof knife and shoe-pulling materials on hand.

Eye Care For eye emergencies, triple

antibiotic ophthalmic ointment (without dexamethasone) is often used to treat non-complicated ulcers from small scratches or scrapes.

Miscellaneous Items Other items to have on hand include oral Phenylbutazone (bute) and Banamine, which are useful in almost all situations, from wounds to colic. Check with your veterinarian for how much he or she recommends giving and usage indications. Also, have scissors for bandaging material, latex or nitrile gloves, clippers, wire cutters, a plastic bucket for water, soaking hoof or scrub materials, and tweezers. In any emergency, it is important to contact your veterinarian for recommendations and an evaluation.

Astate state of the the art art equine equine A state AAstate of Athe ofof state the art art of equine the equine art equine referral referral hospital hospital providing providing referral referral hospital referral hospital providing hospital providing providing excellence excellence excellence excellence excellence in ininin in surgical, surgical, medical medical surgical, surgical, medical surgical, medical medical and and diagnostic diagnostic care. andand diagnostic diagnostic and diagnostic care. care. Richard Richard D.Mitchell, D. Mitchell, Mitchell, DVM DVMDVM Richard Richard D. Mitchell, D. Richard DVM D. Mitchell, DVM Carolyn Carolyn M.Weinberg, M. Weinberg, Weinberg, DVM DVMDVM Carolyn Carolyn M. Weinberg, M. Carolyn M. DVM Weinberg, DVM Robert Robert T. Neff, Neff, VMD VMD Robert Robert T. Neff, T.T. Robert Neff, VMD VMD T. Neff, VMD Christina Christina R. Russillo, Russillo, DVM DVMDVM Christina Christina R. Russillo, Christina R.R.Russillo, DVM R. DVM Russillo, Ryland Ryland B.Edwards, B. Edwards, Edwards, III, III, DVM, DVM, PhD, PhD, PhD, Ryland B. Edwards, III, DVM, PhD, Ryland B.Ryland B. Edwards, III, DVM, III, PhD, DVM, DACVS DACVS DACVS DACVS DACVS Kimberly Kimberly Harmon, J. Harmon, VMD VMDVMD Kimberly J. Harmon, VMD Kimberly Kimberly J.J.Harmon, J. Harmon, VMD Claudia Claudia Sandoval, Sandoval, DVM DVMDVM Claudia Sandoval, DVM Claudia Sandoval, Claudia Sandoval, DVM 32 Barnabas Barnabas Road Road Road 32 Barnabas Road 3232Barnabas 32 Barnabas Road Newtown, Newtown, CTCT 06470 06470 Newtown, CTNewtown, 06470 Newtown, CT 06470 CT 06470 (203) (203) 270-3600 270-3600 (203) 270-3600 (203) 270-3600 (203) 270-3600 www.fairfi www.fairfi www.fairfi www.fairfi www.fairfi

Myhre Equine Complex Your horse deserves the best and most economical Medical/Surgical care in New England! We have all the best diagnostics: MRI, CAT, Nuclear Medicine, U/S, Digital X-rays and the most experienced caring Veterinarians and staff.

Continuing Education October 11 & 12, 2012 25th Annual Veterinarian/ Farrier Conference New England Regional Veterinary Imaging Center (at the site of the Rochester Equine Clinic) Rochester, New Hampshire

March 2013 33rd Annual Veterinarian/ Technician Conference

May 4, 2013 5th Annual Kentucky Derby Fundraiser Fair

Dr. Grant Myhre Director of Myhre Equine Clinic

603-335-4777 December 2012

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RED-KOTE The original wound heal developed during WWII is still today’s best product for fast, safe healing of lacerations, cuts, scratches, burns & other superficial wounds.

Non-drying, soothing, softening. It stimulates new healthy skin growth.

H.W. Naylor Company, Inc.

Morris, NY 13808-0190 • 607-263-5145


equine Journal

| December 2012



Happy Holidays from Our Barn to Yours Thank you to all of our clients and congratulations to our Riders and Horses on another great show season!

We are so proud of Nicole Stamm, 2012 NEEC Adult Sportsmanship Award, and Ashley Pimentel, 2012 NEEC Groom’s Award.

Join us for the Ocala Hits Circuit Carl Catani, Owner/Trainer Trainers: Abby Greer, Deirdre Catani, Deb Sloane and Sue Boyer Pembroke, MA • 781-826-8543 • December 2012

| equine Journal 37

bits & pieces QUICK TIPS riding tips from top trainers

Training Pointers With Steuart Pittman


What are some things I should be aware of when retraining an off-the-track Thoroughbred?




| December 2012

Putting your off-the-track Thoroughbred in a reliable program and giving him or her security can end up being a rewarding venture.

horse. That means we should work to establish that connection right from the outset. Within the boundaries of our legs and independent hands, the horse can find rhythm and peace. Both the outside world and the rider itself are less of a threat inside those boundaries. Sometimes your best strategy will be to allow your ex-racehorse to go forward. Remember, within rhythm is relaxation, and you can’t get much rhythm going sideways or jigging. Set your hands down firmly in front of the withers, get your butt out of the saddle (your seat is a driving aid and sometimes a major source of irritation), and trot or canter forward. When you do it, keep a good hold. You can soften when

you’ve found the rhythm. Hopefully, it happens before you collapse in exhaustion and start flopping about! So get fit, take your time, and feel the power of earth’s fastest and most generous domesticated creature: the Thoroughbred horse. STEUART PITTMAN operates Dodon Farm Training Center in Davidsonville, MD, is the founder of the Retired Racehorse Training Project, Ltd., and is president of the Maryland Horse Council. He is an advanced level eventer and a popular clinician.


The first thing to remember when working with an ex-racehorse is that it is a horse. It wants security, predictability, rhythm, and boundaries. No surprises. Thoroughbreds love to work, and they usually come from the track with a willingness to go forward. They have been ridden by professionals every day, were professionally started, and professionally handled. Some of the best horsemanship in the world is on the backstretch of our racetracks. Don’t start by thinking that the resistance or fear that your horse presents is because somebody in the past was cruel or incompetent. Take responsibility in the moment. Your horse is responding to you, so you must strive to be confident, consistent, clear, sympathetic, and perfectly balanced over your feet at all times. Most people find that their horse off the track reacts to uncertainty by moving its feet, sometimes going sideways, and every once in a while going backward. We might feel like an explosion is coming, and the natural thing to do, as a rider, is to fold up into a fetal position and squeeze. The opposite is more effective. The best exercise riders and jockeys are the ones who can settle a hot horse. Every single one of them keeps his or her hands low, finds perfect balance over his or her feet, and relaxes into the movement of the horse. That is a skill that doesn’t come overnight, but that is what helps the horse. Boundaries are also important. Horses at the track go in a frame and connection that is closer to “on the bit” than some equestrians expect from a green horse. The connection in the bridle and acceptance of the leg are security for the

Happy Holidays from

Oak Meadow Farm East Windsor, CT


ecause the friendship of those we serve is the foundation of our success, it’s a pleasure at this holiday season to say, “Thank you and wish you a full year of happiness, peace and best wishes for a successful 2013 show season!”

309 Sc an t ic Ro ad, Eas t Windsor, CT • 860-292-8578 • w w w.r iding ato akme ado December 2012

| equine Journal 39

bits & pieces QUICK TIPS riding tips from top trainers

Western Pointers With Jacki St. Cyr


My horse doesn’t totally plant his pivot foot when turning. Any suggestions to help with this?

A correct pivot is an important part of western horsemanship and trail classes.




| December 2012

it; if it is a lack of forward motion and he is backing around the pivot, then add a little tap with both legs or a cluck. He will soon find out you are asking differently than you had before and search to find out how he can get a release of pressure. Even though you may have worked on the pivot before, come back and work on one step at a time until your horse knows what is expected. Something to keep in mind when training horses of any discipline is: a horse can push on a pull but they can’t push on a bump (whether it is in the bit or from your legs), so don’t get in a pulling match and try to push your horse into the pivot. Don’t be afraid to try something different, such as adding in a bump if they get too heavy, or trying an exaggeration of a cue, like a full-on

backup if they are pulling you forward. Just like all other things we teach our horses, the best teachings come from repetition and positive reinforcement. Make sure your cues and rewards are simple, and success will follow. I encourage the use of a trainer’s help or videos along with reading. It can help to get the ball rolling and give you some confidence before you set out on your own. JACKI ST. CYR runs Goin’ Broke Farm in Sutton, NH, focusing on western pleasure, horsemanship, and hunter under saddle. Her students compete at the local, state, and national level.


Teaching your horse to pivot starts with some simple cues, such as moving away from pressure with rein and leg cues. Although many of us may not think about it, the pivot actually involves forward motion. Let’s say we are pivoting to the right—this means the three other feet should be moving forward around the hind right foot as opposed to backward around the hind left. I would start by walking the horse in a small circle, approximately the width of a horse stall. I ask my horses for a very slight bend to the inside of the circle, making sure they are supple enough to perform the pivot. When the horse is willingly stepping around, I add my pivot cue, which is outside leg and outside rein. This would be like asking an elephant to jump rope if your horse doesn’t already know how to move away from pressure, but assuming you have done your homework, I will continue. Your horse may walk forward during this; so, along with the outside aids, I would pull back slightly on both reins to inhibit too much forward motion. After your horse takes one step of crossover, tap forward with both legs; then, head right back into the small circle. For a while after this, just repeat the steps until you see your horse is starting to understand that when those outside cues go on, it means they need to cross over those feet. Coming back to the original question of not being able to plant the pivot foot may come down to a couple problems such as lack of forward motion, too much forward motion, or the wrong body positioning of the horse. It is important for the rider to be able to feel what the problem may be so he or she can give the horse the right aid to correct


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December 2012

| equine Journal 41

a MaTCH MaDe

Top Tips for pairing amaTeur riders wiTh The righT sporT horse

in HeaVen By Natalie DeFee MeNDik


Between work, family, and a multitude of other obligations, the opportunity for adult amateur riders to be with their horses is the ultimate “me time� indulgence. The best way to make the most of that horsey passion that keeps us going: the perfect equine partner. So, what should you keep in mind when looking for Mr. or Ms. Right? What qualities make a sport horse an ideal match for many adult amateur riders?


equine Journal

| December 2012


December 2012

| equine Journal 43

Be sure to choose a sport horse that is suited for your current needs and not where you would like to be in a year or two.

Everyone is naturally drawn to the flashiest mover or the most dynamic jumper, yet these traits aren’t necessarily the ones that will bring most adult amateurs satisfaction day-in and day-out. Rather, temperament is the one quality that’s essential across the disciplines for the majority of riders. “Usually, the biggest thing I look for is temperament,” explains CCI*** event rider, Pippa Moon, based in Aiken, SC. “For amateurs it is so important, because they usually only get one horse to ride. They don’t necessarily have the opportunity to ride six or seven horses and have a better day at the event or show on their other mounts, so the one horse they invest so much energy in has to click for them from a temperament standpoint, be it that it’s forgiving enough, or forward enough, or not spooky— whatever it is that is most important to that rider’s capabilities. If he or she is truly an amateur and not an amateur with professional capabilities or aspirations, we can overlook that the horse doesn’t have the world’s best lead change or that it’s not the most extravagant mover. If the horse clicks with that rider, it’s going to be able to provide that rider with fun and enjoyment every time he or she goes to the barn. If the horse has a kind eye, it’s probably a horse that’s going to make the rider very happy.” Laura Robertson-Cunningham of Laurel Ridge Sport Horses, LLC in Temecula, CA, knows she’s got a good amateur’s mount when it’s one on which she also enjoys the ride. Robertson-Cunningham, whose business specializes in importing top European Warmblood hunters and jumpers, explains, “I buy horses essentially for me, knowing they will be sold; I only buy horses that will be marketable to amateurs, because I know I like to ride them.” Her selection process starts right in the barn. “Generally, I know before I even see the horse go or ride the horse if I’m going to want it or not. I basically fall in love with the horses I buy in the cross-ties because of their personality. They [might 44

equine Journal

| December 2012

have a] look in their eye that says, ‘I’m a kind horse; I’m here to be your partner.’ You see a bond can be formulated there. The first and most important quality I find in my horses is personality. There has to be an emotional connection and good disposition. Obviously, different people have different needs, abilities, and aspirations, but ultimately, the horse has to be sweet to be around.” Some riders may like a forward horse, while others may find it intimidating.

The Right Horse for the Right Job Of course, a kind soul isn’t everything amateur riders are looking for—the horse has to be able to perform, as well. What constitutes desirable performance qualities varies from rider to rider. “There are all kinds of different riders; some

Top phoTo: mysTical phoTography; boTTom: Deb Dawson

And the Winner Is…Temperament!

Sport Horses: Today and Tomorrow


equine Journal

| December 2012

like a forward horse, while some people are It is important to find intimidated by that. Ultimately, you want a horse a horse with a good that’s not going to scare the rider by being too temperament, since the amateur rider often bold, but also, one that’s not going to make the has a limited amount of rider work too hard. A little extra scope also helps time in the saddle. keep the rider out of trouble,” remarks RobertsonCunningham. “The most important quality over movement or talent is that they’re happy doing what they’re doing. When the horse has forgiveness and genuine work ethic, you can often overlook that the horse is not the most fantastic mover or jumper.” In addition, Moon emphasizes how critical it is that the horse is able to stay sound. “This is their one horse, and they’re pumping their valuable and limited amount of time and money into the horse,” explains Moon. “They need something to actually hold up for the job and be appropriate for their discipline and the amount of work they’re going to do with it.” So, how do amateurs’ sport horses typically differ from professionals’? “Professional horses tend to be so eager to please they tend to be difficult to ride and are what many people consider hot. It takes an educated rider to get the most out of them,” notes Moon. The flip side of the coin, however, is the horse that would rather not be bothered. “Many horses that don’t have a good work ethic become professional rides, too, because you constantly have to finesse the issue of how hard they’re going to be asked to work. I find that amateur temperament is in the middle—not over-reactive, not lazy.”

On the Hunt With these thoughts in mind, finding that right partner should be a joint venture with your current needs in mind. “My biggest advice is to secure the input from a professional who is going to look out for your best interests,” advises Moon, noting that this person could even be an experienced rider friend who is able to help weigh the strengths and weaknesses of each horse. Keep in mind what exactly it is that you’d like to do with your horse. “My biggest advice would be to buy what is suited for you now. You can always trade up later. When you go clothes shopping, you don’t want to buy a pair of pants that you’ll fit into when you lose five pounds,” comments RobertsonCunningham. “If you buy a horse that’s competitive at 4', that’s not the right horse to do 2'6" with now. I see a lot of people spending time trying to get very athletic horses quiet for an amateur rider when they could have bought one that was suitable for what they were doing at the time. Don’t overmount yourself.”

Enjoy the Ride! A good amateur’s match tends to be the perfect blend of laid-back without being lazy and forward without taking over. Look for a horse suited to your discipline, level, and riding style. A horse that’s safe, sensible, generous, and kind is sure to bring satisfaction in the saddle and on the ground.

Photo: laura cunningham

The style of what’s ‘in’ in the show world impacts the type of horses being bred and sold. Robertson-Cunningham notes that hunter sports in recent years have tended toward a quiet ride; the reintroduction of hunter derby classes, however, has brought forward riding back in style, as hunter derby classes bring riders back to the roots of riding in the open. “I love this addition,” says Robertson-Cunningham. “I think it’s going to get more creative than it has been. Thoroughbred classes are also coming back into the shows.” In addition, Robertson-Cunningham notes the positive trend of rewarding breeders of American horses. “The quality of American-bred horses has shot up in recent years. People are starting to become more educated about the breeding.” Moon also notes positive changes in sport horse breeding. “I see that warmbloods, which are very appropriate for many people, became a little bit too lazy, a bit too spooky, and a bit too behind the leg. I think sport horse and warmblood breeders are correcting that now, and in the future, we’re going to have some fabulous horses,” says Moon. She explains that infusing warmblood lines with Thoroughbred blood can result in a more refined horse that’s eager to please without being overly hot or forward. “People are realizing that even professionals want to ride horses with good brains,” remarks Moon. “If you give me an extremely talented horse with a very difficult personality, I may not get as far with it as I would with a horse with an easier temperament that is a little less talented.” The fate of the sport horse industry also has strong economic ties. “Obviously, it has been an economic slow time, which has affected all of our businesses. I, personally, have slowed down my imports—there’s just not a huge market for them over here,” notes Robertson-Cunningham. That’s starting to change, and people are starting to look more into the price range where they can afford something imported.” So, what’s the bottom line? “For me, the reason I do this is to be around horses all the time—all day, every day. I think everybody bitten with the horse bug is a little bit the same way,” declares RobertsonCunningham. “It is an expensive sport at any level, but no matter what, the sport is going to persist, because so many of us are just so horse-crazy. The industry will find a way for all of us to have a life that is full of horses, and therefore, happiness!”

December 2012

| equine Journal 47

Season’s Greeting from

Professional and Olympic athletes are faced with enormous pressures and expectations, They know that success is built not only on technical knowledge, but mental training and psychological readiness. To increase their level of mastery, many of these athletes use a performance coach in addition to their trainer. Equestrian athletes - from beginner to Grand Prix - are often faced with the same pressures and demands - in and out of the show ring - without the benefit of this valuable coaching relationship that can help dissolve mental blocks to greater riding excellence. The Performance Edge works with all levels of riders to produce the results they want. Whether your goal is simply improving your everyday riding skills and enjoying each ride or winning at the Finals - Performance Coaching is for you!

“Doris Worcester has helped both my students and myself not only with our competitive riding, but with our overall confidence. She has an amazing ability to draw all the confidence we did not realize we had out of us and help us to use it in our everyday life. My experience with Doris has been nothing but a great pleasure and a tremendous help.” Geoff Teal

Office and Telephone Coaching Available • Workshops Offered For more information and to schedule a coaching appointment, please call: Doris J. Worcester, LICSW, CCBT 508-987-2005

The Performance Edge Sport Psychology

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December 2012

| equine Journal 49

Ponies have the ability to compete and win against larger sport horses, as Theodore O’Connor proved time and time again with his rider, Karen O’Connor.



| December 2012


Up sAy the Word “PoNy,” ANd soMethiNG Cute ANd LittLe CoMes to MiNd. But, PoNies AreN’t just For kids. FiNd out hoW oVerLookiNG this stereotyPe CAN LeAd to your Best MouNt yet. By Pamela mansfield Photo left: ak dragoo PhotograPhy

For the serious rider, it’s not only horses that are built for sport and bred to win. in 1968, a 14.1 hand pony, named stroller, was on the British olympic team and won the individual silver medal in show jumping. in 2007, theodore “teddy” o’Connor, just under 14.2, won u.s. team Gold and individual gold in eventing at the Pan American Games. More recently, a German riding Pony, Makuba, has excelled at the Prix st. Georges and intermediaire i levels in dressage as well as in combined driving. size doesn’t always matter when it comes to competition or durability—ponies can pack a powerful punch in the show ring and can also be a mighty fine mount on the trails.

Overlooking Size Opens New Doors though there may be something diminutive about the sound of “pony,” there are adult riders who are overlooking the stereotype and casting aside the idea that smaller equines can’t measure up to horses for the serious grown-up. With the right breeding, these ponies can have all the moves of their bigger cousins. since 1998, the NorthAmerican sportpony registry (NAsPr) has represented “purpose bred” ponies that combine the best attributes for a discipline, such as dressage or eventing, in a smaller package, and there are more and more adults riding them, notes sonja Lowenfish, president of NAsPr. one of the member breeders, Mary Barrett, began breeding athletic sport ponies in 2003 at her twinlights Farm in Westminster, MA. she crossed two Welsh Pony mares with a German riding

Pony, Westfalen Pony, and hanoverian bloodlines. At 5'8", she also rides and competes a 13.3-hand sport pony and says, “he is so much fun to ride; i really don’t want to ride anything bigger anymore. he has way more talent than i do, and is definitely capable of moving up the levels in dressage.” All of her ponies are registered, inspected, and branded by the NAsPr with 100% of her foals rated first premium or above. her yearling filly, tLF Bejeweled, qualified at the NedA Fall Festival of dressage for the sport Pony star search Challenge Cup at the royal Agricultural Winter Fair in toronto, Canada, in November.

Who You Callin’ Small? Ponies of all different breeds abound in Vermont, where Maya dobush has both trained and competed haflingers, Connemaras, German riding Ponies, Norwegian Fjords, and a Welsh Cob. “depending on what the pony was bred for, they can do just about anything horses can do. Most of the ponies i ride can easily carry an adult,” Maya says. “When i first started to work with ponies, i definitely noticed how small they were. Now i can be surrounded by horses at a show and not feel intimidated or like my pony is lacking anything.” she trained and competed a dales Pony, named Brimstone’s Quincy, in both dressage and jumping in 2012. the light draft with feathered fetlocks and a full mane and tail flows over the jumps handily, which is a plus for those tricky courses. “in fact, Quincy and i have won jumper classes because of his maneuverability,” Maya points out. While most ponies might not December 2012

| equine Journal 51


German Riding Pony, Makuba, excels in the upper levels of dressage and combined driving where he competes against taller sport horses.

be able to achieve the same heights as higher level, very athletic horses, Maya says, “If an adult that never competes over three feet was looking for a mount for jumping, they surely should consider a pony. The pony bred for jumping can fulfill the needs of most average size adults.”

Suitability in regards to size makes for a more attractive picture and many dressage riders are realizing they do not need to ride a 17hand horse in order to win.

That’s exactly what Melissa Mazer discovered in Pony Express, a rescue pony who came to her as a companion for her retired horse, True Colors, who had been shown extensively in New England before Melissa moved to Florida. Pony Express reportedly had some show ring experience, though she was emaciated when Melissa first got her. Three years and lots of rebuilding and training later, “We found we had an absolute gem!” Melissa says. “We learned she would jump anything put in front of her and has never stopped at a single fence! We also learned she excelled in the jumpers because she’s a quick little thing.” Melissa and Pony Express now compete regularly in nearby Wellington, FL, in the lower level jumpers. “Pony jumps anywhere from 2-2'6" with good size spread oxers. However, I do know that [she] is fully capable of doing the higher jumpers at 3-3'3",” she says. “I’m going to guess that one of her parents was a horse because her stride is ginormous...she 52

equine Journal

| December 2012

gets the horse strides in the jumping classes most of the time!”

Aesthetics—It’s How You Ride, and, How You Look There are limits to how large of a person a pony can support, but they are more hearty than they appear, Melissa believes. However, “Just like with horses, there is definitely the idea of suitability when an adult considers riding or showing a pony.” Melissa is 5' tall and is an easy fit for Pony Express. Sonja Lowenfish of the American Sportpony Registry explains that suitability—or a match in size—is an attribute and makes for a more attractive picture. “Especially in the dressage

community, we find that many riders begin to understand that they do not have to sit on a 17-hand horse in order to win in dressage. After all, dressage has to do with aesthetics.” A shorter female rider, for example, “no matter how capable she is, makes a much more winning impression if her mount is matched to her body size.”

Pony Proliferation Just how prolific are ponies? “The carriage driving community has discovered the NorthAmerican Sportpony as is evident in the most recent culmination of the USEF National Combined Driving Championships in Lexington, KY. Paul

Photo toP: kristen barry; bottom: mystical PhotograPhy


Good Things Come in Small Packages

Maye became single pony Combined Driving National Champion with our very own NorthAmerican Sportpony, Markus, from Harmony Sport Horses of Colorado,” Sonya points out. Maya Dobush notes, “I see them in everything from driving to competitive trail. Driving is big in Vermont. When I am lucky enough to take a group lesson, there might be more ponies than horses.” While driving didn’t turn out to be Dales Pony, Quincy’s, strength, he excels in dressage and in the jumping show ring. “You just have to match the breed with the discipline,” Maya says. She also likes pleasure trail riding on her sturdy mount. “Quincy can bushwhack through the woods where the trail has ended. I know I am ducking a lot less than my friends on horses! Plus, Quincy is very surefooted. There is a lot of ledge in Vermont. Having good hooves allows Quincy to go barefoot and, therefore, get a good grip on the rocks.“ Melissa Mazer adds that, even though she can leap around a jump course, Pony Express can easily switch gears and take her small daughter around on a leadline. “She takes care of both my daughter and me in every

The sport pony Benno’s Nor’Easter and his owner, Mary Barrett, have fun competing together in dressage.

way possible.” However, she warns, “Ponies really are what I like to refer to as horses in little bodies. They have big mind and big hearts, but can also carry a big attitude sometimes. Just because Pony Express is smaller and may seem safer, that is not always the case. Ponies can be stubborn.” How can ponies shake off that stereotype of being stubborn? Maya Dobush feels, “Maybe I have been lucky, but I haven’t found a pony without a good work ethic. I think it is time to bust the stereotype that ponies can be a pain. Every breed has its star students and ones that would rather stay at home.”

Try One On for Size So, what will it take to convince you to try a pony? While you may want to check yourself out in the arena mirror to be sure you are making a good overall impression as a pair, when you look at the pros and cons, you’ll

find these pluses, according to Mary Barrett: “Ponies are cheaper to shoe, blanket, tack, and feed. They tend to stay sound longer; they have boundless energy, learn very fast, can move like the big warmbloods, can jump, and are very athletic. And, my favorite, they are much closer to the ground if you happen to have an unplanned dismount! They are easier to get into corners, they turn easier, and they are much easier to collect and balance.” Sounds like driving a sports car instead of a big SUV! Maybe it’s time to give one a try.

Photo: eighth generation PhotograPhics

December 2012

| equine Journal 53

Queen Dressage THE


A Conversation with Anne Gribbons hether you refer to her as a true dressage queen or “The Boss” (as Steffen Peters does), it’s apparent that Anne Gribbons has made a considerable impact on dressage. As the former USEF Technical Advisor, Gribbons drew on her significant familiarity with the sport of dressage, not only as a five-star international dressage judge, but also as a fierce competitor, instructor, trainer, barn owner, and show manager. We spoke with her this month to discuss the challenges that are currently facing American dressage riders and how we can overcome them in the future. Speaking with her, it’s clear that she has set some lofty goals for the high performance riders, but she also has a clear-cut plan on how they can achieve them. EJ: How did you become involved in dressage? What initially drew you to the sport? AG: I grew up in Sweden; my grandfather was one of


equine Journal

| December 2012

the heads of the Swedish cavalry. Of course, he was retired once I came to really meet him, but the horses were a part of his life that he transferred to me. He used to paint horses in watercolor with me on his lap. When I was about six, he brought me out to the field, and without much ado, I was put up on a young horse. I learned how to ride and how to fall off of those young horses. It was the beginning of my horse education. I was so lucky to be in Europe at the time; they have so many riding schools. I was in a populated area that had so many school horses. It is just a part of the culture. My great interest was actually jumping and combined training, but in Europe, you need to learn the basics of dressage in everything. You learned to put a horse on the bit and really ride him, which was how I got my introduction into dressage. EJ: How much of riding dressage do you believe to be athletic ability? How much is intelligence? How much is heart and luck? AG: It’s equal parts of all things; you need so many

Photo right: shannon brinkman


BY Jennifer roBerts

Anne Gribbons and Steffen Peters proudly display his gold medals from the 2011 Pan-American Games where the U.S. swept the individual competition and took home team gold.

December 2012

| equine Journal 55

« Anne and her husband David at the 2010 World Equestrian Games. «

Anne plans on spending much more time riding since making the decision not to renew her contract as Technical Advisor.

great attributes to be a wonderful rider. Riders must be athletic enough to stay on the horse, stay with the moment, and perform with the horse. A rider needs to have a feel for the horse and a level of natural anticipation. You need to be smart enough to know you are dealing with a large animal. While horses, on the scale of animals, are not very intelligent, their instincts allow them to act in an intelligent manner. As a rider, you need to learn how to use their instincts to your advantage and think in a way you can get the best out of them. Heart has a lot to do with it; as a rider, you are going to fall off, things are going to go wrong, and horses are going to go lame. You need to be able to pick yourself up and get back on, getting back in the game and back on track. You need to be lucky. It’s not the safest sport in the world, and things do not always go as planned. Above all, you need to really love horses and have a great attitude. Having a fantastic feel and being able to become one with the horse is really a God-given thing. But, even in the absence of this talent, if the attitude is good, people really can learn and become an above-average rider. EJ: As a judge and rider, how have you seen the sport progressing? AG: As far as the quality of horses, they are now being bred for a purpose. Overall, I have seen tremendous improvement in their quality and brilliance. Horses are practically manufactured; we now have some that are literally born for dressage. Even 10 years ago, the quality of horses and their gaits was not as good. In the States, we don’t have as many of these magnificent horses, but we are getting there. For me, that is the biggest improvement across the sport as a whole. We are also seeing improvements in riding, as the way that people are being educated is changing. It used to be primarily the cavalry guard style of teaching—with lots of yelling. We are now understanding that just because you speak louder does not mean that people are better able to understand what you are saying. Riding is also changing as we are gaining more understanding of horses and their needs. It’s not just enough to be 56

equine Journal

| December 2012

able to ride the horse; our whole code of conduct is changing with a better appreciation of training and riding techniques that benefit the horse. EJ: Has it been challenging moving away from riding and competing to training and teaching? What are the differences between these various aspects of the sport? AG: I really miss riding as much as I used to. Before I started the job as Technical Advisor, I rode five to six

KATHLEEN CROSBY USDF Gold Medalist Former USET Grand Prix Training List USOC Olympic Festival Team Bronze medalist

phelps photo

Dressage Instruction and Training Boarding and Training Available at beautiful new facility.

Wander’s Way, Ipswich, MA


I got my Equine Business Management Degree from Post University “When I first obtained my job at Green Chimneys, I wasn’t sure if I was ready for it. Once I started, I realized I was better prepared than I thought. Every day I find myself using the tools and techniques I learned at Post.” - Samantha Hough, ‘11 Barn Manager, Green Chimneys School, Brewster NY


A winning combination of equine and business courses together with many career specialties.


December 2012

| equine Journal 57

Thank you We wish to thank all of our sponsors for all their tremendous help! Their support of the New England Dressage Association has allowed our organization to further expand upon dressage, community and education.

Demoulas Foundation

We look forward to the upcoming year, and if you wish to join our amazing group of sponsors, please contact We look forward to a great new year ahead!


equine Journal

| December 2012

“The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team.” – John Wooden

Thank you A thank you goes out to all the stars of the New England Dressage Association volunteer team. Each and every volunteer at shows, events and on our Board have dedicated free time to help promote the sport of dressage and create community within our region. All of that time and effort made sure that the largest single chapter GMO in the country was able to continue their mission of bringing together the best in dressage, community and education. To learn more about NEDA and how to get involved, please email

New England Dressage Association

December 2012

| equine Journal 59


Heather Blitz and Paragon are on top of Anne’s list of horse-and-rider combinations to watch.

horses a day. Now, I ride two horses if I’m lucky. I still compete as much as I am able; it’s really important. When I’m helping out the athletes, I need to remember how hard it is. It’s essential that I don’t lose touch with the challenges that our riders face each time they come down the centerline. I love to ride, and that love is why I stay in the sport. I am not looking forward to the day that I cannot ride anymore. Regarding the discrepancies between riding and teaching, they are really very different. The ability to ride well and have a good feel for the horse does not guarantee the ability to teach. If you happen to have both skill sets, lucky you and lucky students. Just as you cannot assume that good riders are good teachers, it can also go the other way. There are some mediocre riders that have a wonderful teaching ability; they can see what is going on and put it into words.

EJ: How has serving as the Technical Advisor of the United States dressage team changed your perspective on the sport? AG: I would say it has really gotten me very informed about the big picture. When I started, I literally had to create my own job description, which included setting up my own system for covering such a huge country. As I have traveled around the country and the world, I’ve truly gotten a bird’s eye view of the sport, changing my perspective on the horses, the riders, and dressage as a whole. The experience has been interesting and educational, getting me out of my tunnel vision and broadening my approach. EJ: Why have you decided not to renew your contract as Technical Advisor? What are your plans for the future? AG: I was the one who originally asked for a three-year contract, and the period is over. It went faster than I expected, but everything has its season, and my husband is delighted I stuck to the original plan. I will do more riding, more judging, enjoy the opera and the theatre, and dance with my husband more often. EJ: What was the Olympic experience like this year? What did you and the dressage team learn from it? AG: Overall, it was a wonderful experience; our horses 60


| December 2012

and riders performed well and really did what was asked of them. We certainly were not unhappy with the outcome, but a lot of what we already knew became more apparent. We need to train horses that are of even better quality than the horses we brought. We have lovely horses, that were doing a great job, but the ones that beat us were simply phenomenal. We need to, in the future, train horses that measure up to the standard of those that the European countries are bringing to the table. We also need to have more horses trained and ready to compete. A larger pool of eligible horseand-rider combinations would really serve us well. It’s important, I think, that we have riders training their own horses. In my opinion, the days are over when a rider can purchase a fabulous horse a few months before the event and still have a shot at the medal. It was interesting to note that the top combinations at the Games had been together for a while, with many of the horses being trained primarily by their riders. None of this was a surprise to us, but it really became crystal clear at the Olympics. It was a wonderful experience; now it’s time to reorganize and prepare for future challenges. EJ: What do we need to focus on improving before the World Equestrian Games and the 2016 Olympics? AG: We really need to scout out and find new talent; we need to look for young and upcoming horses…the ones that are almost there. Those are the horses that we need to get into the spotlight. We also need to find a way to support the talents that we already have, stepping up the financial backing of the promising horse-and-rider combinations. EJ: Who do you feel are some of the most talented horseand-rider combinations in our country? What are some up-and-coming teams that you think we should be watching? AG: Well, I always hate to answer this question; inevitably, I will forget someone and they will say, “What about me?” Paragon and Heather Blitz are the first ones to come to mind; they are constantly improving. I’m really so happy that we didn’t need to use him at the Olympics (we did bring him as backup to London). It was just a bit too early to have the “coming out” that I feel both he and Heather deserve. He is a powerful horse with tremendous gaits; when he is strong and totally confident, he is such a really great horse. I consider him a bit of a fairy tale horse. At only nine years old, he still has so much more to give. They are the long-term combination that I believe in. Heather watched Paragon‘s birth and has done most of his training. When they are on, they are just totally together as one. Steffen Peters and the young Legolas should be an exciting partnership in the upcoming years. Legolas came along to London for the training and will be stronger and more ready next year. I wasn’t there to witness it, but I have heard that Lisa Wilcox and Pikko Del Cerro HU had a very commanding presence in the USEF Developing Horse Grand Prix Championships; they are a pair to keep our eyes on. I have several other promising horses on my radar, young horses that are working to confirm their Grand Prix performances. I don’t know when they will be ready, but I am hoping that some of these horses will be ready to compete at the World Equestrian Games.

Sarah Geikie Dressage

View Fa r y r r e m Sp

Quality Training & Boarding Specializing in Dressage and Eventing

• FEI 4 Star Dressage Judge • USEF (S) Dressage Judge • USDF Examiner and Faculty member • Coach of two NAYRC 3-Day Event Teams to Silver medals • Successful competitor & trainer through Grand Prix

Liz Doering ~ Owner/Trainer Vicki Hammers O’Neil ~ Trainer

• USDF Bronze and Silver medals

Sperry View Farm

• B.S. Animal Science, University of Massachusetts

91 bethway road bethany ct 06524 email: ph. 203.915.8293

Gray-Barron Ranch

Home of World Class Dressage Morgans www.g rayba rronra

GBR M ajoR S taR 2002 American Morgan Horse gelding CHAMpioN USDF ALL-BREEDS Training Level

Ridden & trained by Sean Cunningham STC Dressage

GBR M idniGht S eRenade 2004 American Morgan Horse mare USDF Second Level MFS #4 in the Nation with a score of 72.333% CHAMpioN USDF ALL-BREEDS, Second Level MFS 72.333%, Reserve Champion USDF ALL-BREEDS 3RD Level

M iSS h andy 2002 American paint Horse mare CHAMpioN USDF ALL-BREEDS 4th Level, ApHA CHAMpioN 3rd Level, MFS ApHA Leaders List Second place

December 2012

| equine Journal 61

EJ: What do you think are the biggest challenges facing United States dressage riders? Are these specific to the United States, or do you see other countries battling these same challenges? AG: Absolutely our biggest challenge is the distance between riders throughout the entire country. In my opinion, it’s an almost insurmountable problem. It is really hard to get together, but what we need to be doing is bringing together all of our horse-and-rider combinations and really competing and challenging them. The size of the country makes it hard to be a cohesive unit and a true community, even when we are not bringing the horses together. There are very few public riding schools—there needs to be an easier way for children to get into the sport. Where I grew up, there was at least one riding school in every town. We also need more dressage ponies. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why we are so lacking in ponies. There are literally thousands of hunter ponies, but the dressage pony market is very limited. It concerns me where our future riders will come from. A huge challenge is that we are not a big sport in the eyes of the country. Equestrian is definitely toward the bottom of popular sports in the United States, which makes it difficult for us to get financing. England’s lottery supports the sports; we need that type of financial backing. If we did have that, we could set up a system that would support our youth. We could also take some of the financial burden off of our more prominent riders; currently, our riders need to support themselves. I have found that many of our riders are so busy trying to pay the bills by riding, showing, and training that they do not have the time to work on improving themselves and their best horses…it is a vicious circle.

I truly believe that the USDF certified trainer program should be mandatory. It doesn’t make sense to me that anyone can hang up a shingle and be a “trainer.” That’s a problem. The education behind each trainer should be clear. As you can see, all of these challenges go together, fostering the sport and the children and the future. I have worked on an educational system for a few years now. We have: Debbie McDonald (the Developing Dressage Coach), Scott Hassler (the Young Horse Coach), and Jeremy Steinburg (the National Youth Coach). I would love to be able to add a pony coach to the mix. The education system should be a ladder that guides our riders to the high performance levels. Those are the challenges. As you can see, they are not few. EJ: What advice would you give to the aspiring dressage rider? AG: If you want to devote your life to this, know that it is a very long haul. Don’t feel that you need to have a talented horse. The best way is not to have your own horse; go to work for a barn with a successful rider and trainer, and let them teach you what they know. It’s not a free lunch—it’s hard work; it’s boring at times; it’s not glorious; but, it’s worth it if you are dedicated. Charlotte Dujardin, the gold medalist in London, began her career as a working student for Carl Hester. She didn’t have money or support from her family; she did it on her own. It can be done. You need to dig in and put yourself out there; it’s not easy, but it will work. Live it, breathe it. Almost anyone can learn to ride, but that is not the whole picture. Be the one that understands the horses from top to bottom. Be a horseman, not just a rider.

Bill McMullin

Bill Warren

USEF ‘r’ Judge USDF Certified Instructor 4th Level USDF Silver Medalist

USEF ‘S’ Judge USDF Gold Medalist

561-632-7645 (Warren)

561-632-7428 (McMullin)

Congratulations to Sydney Ewart and Uniko on all of their success this year. MATT BALDELLI PHOTOGRAPHY

2nd Level Junior











Region 8 Champion





equine Journal


Happy Holidays to All from Everyone at Warren-McMullin

| December 2012









Drywater Farm, Stoughton, MA (May - November) 62




(December - April ) Wellington,


Boyd and Silva Martin share just about everything...

except riding arenas. His Jumping Arena: • Attwood Equestrian Surfaces (AES) desiign 75m x 45m with in-base drains. • AES Euro Tex Footing: The unique composition of AES micro-supreme microfibers, further enhanced with Geopad felt and Cleff elasticated fibers providing lateral and vertical binding to achieve optimum consistency and cushioning. Perfect! • Arena design and footing by AES.

Her Dressage Arena: . • Attwood Equestrian Surfaces (AES) design 60m x 20m with in-base drains. • AES Pinnacle Footing: A proprietary footing system that is dust-free and never requires watering, produced from meticulously selected sand, coated with viscoelastic polymer and blended with AES micro-supreme microfiber. This formulation provides consistent concussion reduction and rebound unlike any other surface on the market today. • Arena design and footing by AES. • 888.461.7788 • Please visit us on Facebook.

The Snow T


or’s ectat eigh p S A to Sl vals, e d i Gu , Festi d es Ralli Combine and Tests


rab your hat, mittens, and winter coat, and prepare for the ride of your life as our guide to sleighing activities helps you prepare for one of the season’s most exciting equestrian spectator sports. Read on to find out what types of events you can find in the Northeast and beyond, as well as the popular kinds of sleighs, competition, and attire you’ll see while in attendance.

Sleigh Rallies Possibly one of the most popular winter equestrian sports in the Northeast, sleigh rallies 64


| December 2012

made a comeback in New England about five years ago, and appear to be gaining a following among both the driving community and equestrians in general. These organized competitions are a throwback to yesteryear, and participants enjoy getting decked out in their warmest winter furs and hitching their horses up to sleighs that date back to the early 19th century for some friendly competition. Many sleigh rallies start out with a “Parade of Sleighs,” where all of the competitors introduce their horses and rigs at the beginning of the event. Although the parade may vary from one compe-

Lydia Downey, with daughter Onna, driving Mr. Benson to a mini Portland Cutter at the 2010 GMHA Sleigh Rally.


tition to the next, its purpose is for the drivers to warm up before the start of the competition. “It’s kind of like in the Olympics where they have the Parade of Nations,” says Jim O’Brien, event coordinator for the Old Sturbridge Village (OSV) Sleigh Rally that takes place in Sturbridge, MA. “It’s one chance before the competition where you can look at all the sleighs at once and see the variety of them on display.” In addition to the Parade of Sleighs, common divisions include Currier & Ives, Ladies to Drive, Gentlemen to Drive, and Juniors to Drive. Some competitions even consist of fun classes such

as Fuzziest Horse and Sleigh Dog. The Old Sturbridge Village Antique Sleigh Rally holds both Fuzziest Horse and Sleigh Dog classes, and these, as well as the Currier & Ives division, often garner great feedback. “I would say that between 85 – 90% of our participants are dressed for our Currier & Ives class, and they stay in that attire for all the others as well,” says O’Brien. Bill Broe, a member of the Colonial Carriage & Driving Society, enjoys attending sleigh rallies when he can. Although he doesn’t have a favorite division that he competes in, he does enjoy seeing how far his opponents will go to December 2012




equine Journal

| December 2012

PHoToS : liSa CeniS

friend that can often be found sitting beside him or her try to win in Currier & Ives. “It’s a very classic class,” says at the helm of the vehicle. Broe. “Everybody, even people that may not realize what “In the class, the judges are really looking at how the they’re looking at, have seen the pictures of the winter scenes dog is enjoying himself,” says Graves. “If he looks like and parks in Currier & Ives prints. So it kind of brings back a he’s ready to jump out of the sleigh, then it’s obviously bit of the past. Some people really go all out for it.” not a good thing. You’ll also often see some of the dogs Drivers are judged on their overall appearance, and how all dressed up in scarves and little jackets to match closely they resemble the sleighing scenes depicted in Currier their owners, and some may even be wearing little & Ives artwork, which was created from the mid- to late 19th hats…they’re so cute and so much fun to watch!” century. During this class, participants will dress in their fur coats, hats, scarves, and lap robes, and hitch their horses to antique sleighs such as Portland Cutters, Albany Cutters, and Sleigh Festivals even Bobsleds. “The judges of the Currier & Ives division are Think that you can’t experience the excitement of really picky about the accessories and every little piece of the sleighing without snow? In Oregon, OH, that’s just overall look,” says O’Brien. “It’s more of a Victorian look, but what a number of driving enthusiasts did, as this town a number of the competitors carry it off very well.” is home to the Maumee Bay Sleigh Festival. In January The Ladies to Drive, Gentlemen to Drive, and Juniors to Drive 2012, a group of avid equestrians joined forces to start divisions are inspired by and closely resemble those in carriage the inaugural event. When they were left without driving competitions. “The judge will primarily be looking at snow just days beforehand, the event organizers how the driver handles his or her horse, the cues the driver didn’t let this get to them, and the show went on. asks for, such as a walk or a trot, and how connected the horse “At the time we were terribly disappointed,” says Dr. and driver are,” says Melissa Graves, who organized both the Susan Orosz, who can be credited for organizing the 2010 Wilbraham Sleigh Rally in Wilbraham, event, along with Jackie Minges. MA, and collaborated with O’Brien in coor“But it was probably even better dinating the 2011 OSV Sleigh Rally. “And that we didn’t have snow because Looking for a nearby then you have the pleasure classes, which with this being our first time holding sLeighing event to attend? are very similar, but you’re looking at the the event, and after drawing 85 Take a look at the following list horse and how it responds to the driver.” people to it, we probably couldn’t of upcoming sleigh rallies, festiMany sleigh rallies will also include a have handled much more.” vals, and competitions to find cones class with a timed obstacle course, So how, exactly, did Dr. Orosz one near you: where horse and driver teams are asked to and her team of volunteers make the sleigh n Chautauqua sLeigh raLLy navigate around cones that are set up with festival work without any snow? The January 20, 2013 balls on top of them. If the driver hits a cone, schedule of events for the inaugural sleigh Chautauqua, nY the ball will fall off, adding a fault to the festival had included sleighing demonstracontestant’s time. However, the fate of these tions, but when there was no snow, they n gMha sLeighing CoMbined test classes is often determined by the weather. instead encouraged participants to drive January 12, 2013 In 2011, the cones class was cancelled at their carriages. In addition, some attendees South Woodstock, VT the OSV Sleigh Rally, because the footing still loaded up their vehicles, dressed up in was deemed too icy—and dangerous—for their winter finery, and put their sleighs on n gMha sLeigh raLLy the exhibitors to compete on. display for a stationary Currier & Ives class. January 13, 2013 South Woodstock, VT Although the competition sometimes “This worked out better than we could gets stiff, there are other, more lighthearted have ever imagined,” says Orosz. “Because n MauMee bay sLeigh festivaL classes, such as the aforementioned the competition was stationary, people were January 25-27, 2013 Fuzziest Horse and Sleigh Dog class, that able to have a dialogue with onlookers, oregon, oH both onlookers and participants enjoy whereas when you’re competing in a class, n oLd sturbridge viLLage just as much as the classes that demonyou go with your horse, drive around, and antique sLeigh raLLy strate their driving skills. In the Sleigh leave—it’s a completely different dynamic.” February 2, 2013 Dog competition, the judge is specifically In addition, the event included People’s Sturbridge, Ma looking at the driver’s (smaller) four-legged Choice Awards, where attendees were able to vote on their favorite sleighs and sleighing accessories, such as bells, blankets, and sleigh warmers. The festival also featured seminars about sleighing, bells, and chimes that were open to both driving aficionados and newbies. “Another thing we did differently from what you’d see at the average sleigh rally was buy sleigh bells, tie them onto a red, blue, or yellow ribbon to represent first, second, and third place prizes, and give those to the People’s Choice Awards winners. We’re definitely going to repeat that again this year— people really like that because with a ribbon you end up putting it in a box, but you can hang a sleigh bell behind your door, or use it as a decorative piece in your household.” After last year’s successful event, the 2013 Maumee Bay Sleigh Festival will follow the same outline, with some addiMaggie sullivan driving reina to a tional workshops, such as an Antiques Road Show themed Portland Cutter at the 2010 gMha sleigh rally. discussion, where attendees can bring their sleighs and have

Robert LaBrie driving his Friesians to a Vis-a-Vis sleigh at the 2008 GMHA Sleigh Rally.

them assessed by an expert. Speakers will give advice on what to look for when purchasing a harness, how to select a vehicle, and how to properly care for your sleigh throughout the winter months; and there will even be a sleigh swap, where attendees can exchange sleighs and accessories. “Whether we have snow or not this year, I’m sure that the event will be another success,” says Orosz. “The best part of the festival is meeting other people and listening to one another and learning about all the different aspects that go into the sport.”

Sleighing Combined Tests Deep in the mountains of Vermont, the Green Mountain Horse Association (GMHA)—a club that is known for their successful competitions, from horse trials to driving to dressage shows—holds another sleighing event that differs from your typical sleigh rally. Although GMHA does hold sleigh rallies, their combined tests have become just as successful. “About 90% of the people who attend our sleigh rallies attend our combined tests,” says Karey Waters, who coordinates both types of competitions at GMHA. “But I have noticed that lately, our core group of drivers seem to be leaning more toward combined driving than pleasure driving…the combined test option gives those competitors an ideal way to keep their horses in shape over the winter.” The GMHA sleighing combined tests consist of dressage and cones classes in Training, Preliminary, and Intermediate Level tests. “It’s really similar to a carriage driving competition in the snow, just like our regular combined test,” says Waters. “We set up a dressage ring, which is a little bit modified, depending on the size of the surface we have to work with. The drivers do a dressage test—usually everybody does their dressage in the morning, and then we break for lunch, and then everyone chips in and helps set up the cones course in the afternoon.” Waters also points out that these competitions differ from your average sleigh rally, as you may not see people wearing

the same type of attire or using the same kinds of sleighs. “You’re going to see more people bundled up just to protect themselves from the cold; the elaborate furs and accessories aren’t required like they would be in a rally. Also, another funny side note is that for the combined tests, the dressage tests call for a reinback, which the competitors are unable to do in a sleigh. So everybody gets a 10 on their score for that.” If you enjoy watching the competitive aspect of sleighing, combined tests may be the event for you to attend. But, if you’d rather get a glimpse of the Victorian Era and learn about the gear and accessories that were used back in the 19th century, and are still preserved by driving enthusiasts today, sleigh rallies and festivals may be more your thing. Whether you’re looking for a more laidback environment, or relish the idea of seeing sleighs navigating dressage and cones courses, there’s something for everyone.

Bill Broe driving his Morgan mare, Roseview Abigail, to a Studabacker Cutter at Orleton Farm.

December 2012

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Days of Celebrate 25Christmas - Grand Prize Starting December 1st, visit Equine Journal’s website for a chance to win great prizes! Each day through December 25, we will be giving away a gift to one lucky visitor.

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All you have to do is: 1. Visit from December 1 through 25 2. Click on the “25 Days of Christmas” link 3. Complete form and click on “Enter Now” 4. Answer our question of the day! One random winner will be selected for each of the 25 days. The prizes will get bigger and better every day, with our Grand Prize on Christmas Day! You can win multiple times, so be sure to log in every day.

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Advent Barn


Part 2

Celebrate 25 Days of Magical Fun This Holiday Season By Ange Dickson Finn

Last month, we imagined opening the first 12 doors on our Advent Barn, the horselover’s answer to an Advent Calendar. Our surprises each day ranged from an actual Jingle Bells horse and sleigh to the first pony we ever owned. And now, there are all those remaining doors to open! Join us now as you imagine making yet another visit to the Advent Barn. December 13: After your peaceful break on December 12, you’re ready for all that the days ahead have to offer. You are feeling more of that old, child-like Christmas excitement as you head out to the barn. As you open Stall 13, you are immediately swept into a scene from an old Western. You’re on a fast horse, riding like the wind on a vast prairie. The wind is blowing against your face; the smell of sage is strong. Your horse runs with a smooth, long stride mile after mile. Finally, you stop and dismount from the saddle, letting your Paint steed 70

equine Journal

| December 2012

graze while you relax, enjoying the sun. Why does this seem so familiar, and what does it have to do with Christmas? Then you remember—that first rocking horse under the tree, you as a horse-crazy little girl. You see its black and white spots, long mane and tail, and leather saddle, and yourself rocking away…playing cowgirl, imagining just this scene. It feels as real and thrilling now as it did then. You must have dozed in the sun, as you wake with a start to find yourself back at the door of the stall, your horse tossing his head as if to say, glad I got to see you again! December 14: Hmm, Stall 14 is another small door. What could it hold? You slide it open eagerly. Inside is the perfect pair of tall boots you’d been coveting—only they don’t seem to be for you; they’re not your size. Then, you remember the young teen your barn was raising money for. Her family doesn’t have a lot of money, Dad lost his job, and she is preparing to leave for college to ride on the equestrian team. She didn’t have all the gear she needed. Your barn fundraiser covered new tack for her horse, but you knew she still needed clothes. With a great big grin, you scoop up the boots and head for your car. December 15: Stall 15’s door looks

much like the one from yesterday. You open it, and voila! The same pair of boots you were wishing for, in your size this time. December 16: You head to the Advent Barn, worried about your older gelding. He’s a hard-keeper, and you just can’t seem to keep the weight on him. With a sigh, you slide open the door of Stall 16. Inside is a winter’s supply of beet pulp and alfalfa cubes. Looks like it will be a good Christmas for your elder citizen. December 17: After a long day of shopping, you think you’ll go crazy if you hear one more rendition of Jingle Bell Rock techno-pop style. Stores were crowded and nerves were frayed, it’s hard to find the holiday spirit right now. As you stand in the Advent Barn wishing for peace and quiet, the sounds of childish singing waft down the aisle. You quietly open Stall 17. Inside, you see a group of children. They are singing carols outside a small house, the door is open and the family stands inside enjoying the music. When the singers finish, the mother brings them cups of hot cider while her own children hand around cookies. There are no cars, no oversized decorations, no hectic music; a cart and horse stand waiting to take the children to the next house. As


the carolers pile into the cart and the horse picks up a trot, cries of happy holidays fill the air. You smile as you slide the door shut, reminding yourself not to neglect the simple pleasures that are the charm of the season. December 18: Whew, only a week ‘til Christmas! Your days have been a whirlwind of activity. You need to get presents wrapped for friends and family, but first, you think you’ll check in at the Advent Barn. You open Stall 18 and miracle of miracles! All the gifts are inside, beautifully wrapped in—what else? Holiday paper with horses on it. December 19: The closer Christmas comes, the more memories crowd in on you. As a kid, you took for granted the rituals and the trappings of the season. But, each passing year brings nostalgia for times and holidays past that we can never recapture. Hoping for something special, you enter Stall 19, where you find the past waiting for you. There’s your living room from your childhood. There are your brothers and sister, Mom, Dad, and your grandparents. Grandma is reading ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas to you, just like she did every year. Presents are piled under the tree, and you kids are sneaking peeks at them. But, you know now that the real present was the gift of time with your family, which you are privileged to relive this day. December 20: Your own kids are getting excited about Christmas. But, you’re worried about your daughter who just turned 13. Adolescence is hard, and you don’t have as much time to spend together as you’d like. She seems withdrawn, even with the holiday festivities. Inside Stall 20, you find the answer—two tickets to Equine Affaire, for the two of you to spend some quality mom-anddaughter time together exploring all things horse. December 21: Hauling the horses to a trail ride so you can get some downtime and fresh air, you put another scrape on the trailer while backing. You sigh—won’t you ever be able to back your trailer up straight?! You look for Stall 21 and open it, wondering what the special treat of the day will be. Voila! A certificate for a trailer-backing clinic. Perfect! December 22: As you head out to the Advent Barn on this day, you fret over what you’re getting for the man

in your life for Christmas. He wants a new tractor, but it’s important to economize this year, so he told you not to worry about it. You hate feeling like he has to come last; he always puts you first. As you peek into Stall 22, a big smile spreads across your face. Merry Christmas, Honey! December 23: Well, the relatives will arrive tomorrow and the fun will really begin—and also the stress! So, you take a quick trip to check the Advent Barn, since there are only three stalls left. Inside Stall 23, there’s a nice surprise—a year’s subscription to Equine Journal, your favorite magazine! December 24: You sneak out to the Advent Barn when you need a break from all the commotion. You hear an odd noise as you head for Stall 24, so you open the door carefully. Inside is a compact brown donkey with a white nose and black-lined ears. A donkey? He reminds you that equines have been there in all the significant times in human history, carrying us and supporting us. Even though his bray is loud, you stroke the little guy’s nose

and welcome him to the herd. December 25: On this day, it’s late by the time you steal away to the Advent Barn for your final Christmas treat. As you approach the last stall at the end of the aisle, a glow is coming around the edges of the door. Slowly, you slide this last door back, sad to see the season end. You can’t stay that way long, however, for inside is an endless black sky sprinkled with stars. One, brightest and biggest, is sending its light deep into your heart. You give thanks for the season, for family and friends, for your horses…and for the light in the darkness. Happy Holidays, friends! Don’t forget to join in the fun of our 25 Days of Christmas contest on where you have the chance to win an amazing prize each day! Ange Dickson Finn is an award-winning freelance writer, western pleasure competitor, and retired horse show mom. Visit her at and, or email her at December 2012

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OUR HOLIDAY WISH LIST What are you hoping to unwrap this holiday season? We pulled together some things we love…and we’re confident that you will too! The Seven Deadly Sins of Dressage

Master Trainer, Douglas Puterbaugh, uses a touch of humor while offering sound advice in the must-have book, The Seven Deadly Sins of Dressage: How to Overcome Human Nature and Become a More Just, Generous Riding Partner for Your Horse. The book explores the roles that emotion and attitude play in a rider’s education and development. The book states, “It is difficult to realize your true potential if you don’t know that you’re unwittingly sabotaging your own abilities.” This guide comes complete with practical exercises, enlightening photographs, and useful information for becoming a better rider. Order your copy online at

Andis® AGC®2 Super 2-Speed Clipper

Don’t let your horse get the winter coat blues. Ride all winter long and keep the fuzz away with the Andis AGC2 Super 2-Speed Clipper. It delivers a powerful 3400/4400 strokes per minute and includes an Extra Wide T-84 Blade, which gives you a faster, smoother clip. Have a spooky horse? Not to worry, the AGC2 is super quiet and runs cool, even after multiple clips. A sturdy carry case and horse grooming DVD are included. Buy the AGC2 clippers online at

Diamond Wool Contoured Ranch Pads

Everyone wants the best-valued, wool felt saddle pad! The perfect gift is a Diamond Wool Contoured Ranch Pad that is made with their Ranch Tough 1'' wool felt and covered with a durable cotton canvas or print top and distressed leathers. Choose from three different sizes and over 22 different solid or print colors. They offer a wide variety of contoured pads. All have a wither-relief notch along the spine and are reinforced with distressed leather. Visit your local tack store, or shop the network of dealers online through

Extend the Life of Your Trailer

HitchSaver is a durable, waterproof, vinyl cover, designed to protect a trailer’s hitch, electrical wires, and chains from rust and peeling paint by shielding them from the deteriorating effects of moisture and sun when stored outdoors. It comes in two sizes for exact fit with a buckle and zipper to keep it fastened firmly in place, and it’s available in two colors—charcoal gray and light gray—all with black accents. As an added bonus, it is machine washable too! A security lock is also available to protect against theft. Only $47.95, plus shipping. To order, visit, or call 503-238-6688.



| December 2012

Approximate Notions

Whether you are dressing your home for the holidays or shopping for a special equestrian, these plump horse pillows are the ultimate comfort accessories! When a riding mishap forced downtime on designer Felicia Hughes, she redirected her energies to create horse-centric Approximate Notions. The exclusive graphics are screen-printed by hand with environmentallysensitive inks. Complimentary monogramming in your choice of brilliant colors is available on the 100% washable linen covers. Sink into the European-sized Wicklow at 26'' x 26'', or travel with SnowPony, a 2012 limited holiday edition— made in the USA! Free shipping and gift wrap are available. Shop a herd of gift items at


Shannon Peters ShowRingShine

Do you get that pep in your step when you have a clean pair of boots on? Boots say a lot about who you are, whether you ride into the show arena or down the trail. Shannon Peters shares her formula in ShowRingShine, The Boot Care Kit, the cleaning and polishing system that she uses for her own boots. Boots cared for with ShowRingShine possess a mirror shine, preserving the leather for years of use, even if you wear your boots all day, every day. Buy the ShowRingShine kit this holiday season and be the talk of the barn in those shiny boots. You can purchase the kit online at

Equi-Yoga® DVDs

Do you struggle with tight shoulders, stiff arms, a sore back, or loose lower legs? Equi-Yoga can help! Learn how to improve your riding skills and align with your horse’s energy with these two easy-to-follow DVDs. You will learn standing and moving stretches to help identify and open tight, blocked areas in your body. Learn how to relax your body and steady your mind with breathing exercises. These DVDs will take you on a journey to awaken your body from the inside out. Learn more about Marty Whittle and Equi-Yoga at

Equibarre Fitness DVD

Geared toward riders of all levels and disciplines, this premier ballet barre workout for equestrians combines the core strength, flexibility, and grace of ballet with an easy-to-follow barre workout ($19.95). As a rider herself, Angelea Kelly Walkup knows how challenging it can be to find a workout that strengthens the all-important core muscles, while continuing to firm and lengthen the muscles throughout the rest of the body. The equibarre workout does not require any special gym equipment. It’s easy to follow and can be adjusted to all levels of athletic abilities. For more information, visit

Save Your Seat

Comfort Curves™ Deluxe Seat Saver Cushions offer comfort for the rider. Open-cell, high-density foam allows the cushion to breathe and rebound. Bevel-cut pieces conform to curved saddles. Fabrics are fade-resistant and available for cold (fluffy) to hot (smooth) weather. The “A Little Bit More” optional second cushion attaches underneath for riders with tender spots in hips or tailbone. Four nylon straps and ladder-lock buckles keep the cushion secure (three on English). Cushions are washable and are available in Western, Long Western/Aussie, English, and Motorcycle. Purchase online at December 2012



Stocking Stuffers from Equine Prints Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Technology in Thera-WoolTM

Fleeceworks’ new Thera-Wool Perfect Balance half pad will keep your equine partner comfortable all year long. Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Technology is the ultimate in discrete saddle cushioning and correction. It comes with two full-length memory foam inserts that allow the pad to mold to the contours of your horse’s back. The Perfect Balance half pad has the ability to use multiple shims in memory foam, plus foam or wool felt. It will address any saddle fit issue. Fleeceworks’ new Thera-Wool is the same Fleeceworks fiber, shorn off the hide and woven onto a cotton polybacking. It is breathable, soft, and plush, even after washing. Find a dealer at

EcoLicious Waterless Shampoo

With winter in full swing and bringing colder temperatures, rain, and mud, you may not have the time or facilities to give your horse a bath before a show, clinic, or ride. When the weather doesn’t permit, waterless shampoo is your best bet, and the waterless version of the wildly popular EcoLicious Squeaky Green & Clean Deep Cleansing & Conditioning Shampoo has just arrived. The waterless Squeaky Green & Clean Shampoo is made with gentle coconut-derived cleansers and witch hazel that are tough on dirt, but gentle on the skin, with added ingredients like honey, aloe vera, and glycerin. Visit for details.

WARM Winter T/O blankets, breeches, coats, Mountain Horse Active and Rimfrost riding boots!



| December 2012

Equine Print’s Nameplate Stocking Stuffer three-packs and five-packs feature a custom, full-color, 8'' x 2'' nameplate made from your choice of more than a hundred lettering/ background styles, plus a mug and T-shirt, all imprinted with that same eye-catching design for just $39.95 (special holiday pricing); or, add a bookmark and 15''-wide adhesive print for just $5 more (or $44.95 total). And, for an extra $10, they will include a small photo inset of your horse in the design. For more information, call 1-877-N1-Horse, or visit

Padded Leather Bracelets and English Leather Bracelets

Popular Padded Leather Bracelets and English Leather Bracelets with custom engraved nameplates from Starfish Farms’ Personalized Horse Products make a most thoughtful gift for all of your horse-loving family and friends. Padded Leather Bracelets come in 15 color combinations, with brass or silver buckles and nameplates. English Leather Bracelets, with tiny roller buckles, are a petite 1/2'' wide, with an engraved nameplate. They come in black with silver or Havana brown with brass. All leather bracelets are made in America. Starfish Farms specializes in engraved horse and dog graphics on many items, and now offers a graphic option on all bracelets. Visit, and take 5% off your entire order, now through December 31, 2012, with coupon code EQJOUR2012.

Happy Holidays from

The Fine Art of Janet Crawford Classic Animal Portraiture In Oil Gift Certificates Available for the Holiday The Fine Art of Janet Crawford 95 Old Richmond Road Pittsfield, MA 01201 (413) 281-1175

Equestrian Outfitters



Gift Ideas

✦ Ornaments ✦ Specialty Bits ✦ Barn & Trailer

✦ Treats from Mrs.

Pastures, Uncle Jimmy’s and Willie Supplies Muffins ✦ Saddles ✦ Leanin Tree Cards ✦ Blankets ✦ Jewelry & Gifts ✦ Bridles ✦ Games & Toys ✦ Fleece Vests, ✦ Housewares ✦ Statues, Jackets, Collectibles Accessories & Pads ✦ Christmas Breyers & Much More!

Make Your End Of The Year Banquet Extra Special! We will bake by hand for your special occasion all natural horse treats made with human grade ingredients and flavored with real maple syrup! Put your logo and message on the front of the bag, or use our Nickers bags. Minimum order for private label treat bags is 100 bags, no minimum for Nickers bags.

We will be closed Dec. 25 & 26 and Jan. 1-3 for the Holidays

23 Eleanor Road Somers, CT 06071

Gift Cards Available! e


Open 7 Days!! Mon-Fri 10-6, Thurs 10-7:30 Sat 9-5, Sun 12-5

860-749-4420 i d 76

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Put a memento at each place setting.

Also great for favors at holiday parties! Reward the horse people with the banquet, and reward their horses with the treats!

63 Emerald Street, #428, Keene, NH 03431

Call today!


December 2012

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Improve the very quality of their lives with warmth and comfort in the winter!

Helping Horses that suffer from





and the complications of Equine Metabolic Syndrome

SOX FOR HORSES! 850-907-5724


·Antimicrobial �Breathing �Barrier All Year Protection For Sores and Wounds.

•More than summer fly protection• OUR SOCKS ARE MADE IN AMERICA.

Introducing Fleeceworks Therawool™

Traditional Wither Relief

Our New Thera-wool™. Fleeceworks takes the same wool fibers used in our sheepskin pads and weaves them on to polyacrylic backing. Considered a sustainable fiber versus a live fiber. Durable, Breathable, Washable, Hydrophylic, Elastic and Protective. Soft and plush even after washing. Our product will not felt up after washing as with other wools currently on the market. Returns to original appearance with Brushing. Beautiful enough for show. Tough enough for daily use.

Classic with Rolled Edge Square Pad with Perfect Balance Technology

Field Hunter

- Dressage - Jumping - Modified Cut Showhunter

Feel the Difference… Your Horse Does.


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Perfect Balance

| December 2012



Scan the QR Code with your Smartphone QR Reader app.


Restoration of a New England Farm written by Susan and Tom Crossen is a detailed account of the five year restoration of the Booth-Dimock Homestead located in Coventry, CT. The book contains 100 stunning photos which chronicle the project from start to finish. It encompasses not only the restoration of the Federal period house and Victorian era barns but also includes a detailed genealogy. One of the few classic New England farms preserved intact for over two hundred years.

Order direct frOm the AuthOr $39.95

December 2012

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What’s under your tree? ®

comfort for your horse...ease for your body

excellent for picking, bandaging, applying studs, clipping trimming, rasping and more!

Made in the USA

+1-208-278-5283 •


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December 2012

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December 2012

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wishing all of our customers and friends a

Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

from Circle B Barn Company and the Barn Depot

489 Neck Road, Lancaster MA • : 978.368.8400 • : 978.368.9100 Circle B Barn Co. and The Barn Depot are divisions of Circle B Inc.


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December 2012



Riders explore the Irish countryside.

Irish Pride ➜ Galway, Clare, and Burren,

Ireland By elisaBeth Prouty-GilBride

Photo courtesy of hoofBeats international

If you thInk the bIggest draw to Irish culture is guinness and green land, think again. there’s more meat and potatoes to the emerald Isle than meets the eye, and for the avid equestrian, adventures abound when you visit the counties of galway, Clare, and burren. “one of the reasons I love to ride [in Ireland] is because of the views,” says Lynn webb. as the owner of hoofbeats International, a company that offers international riding tours, Lynn has visited the country multiple times, seeking new and exciting equestrian destinations to offer her clients. “I also love the horses themselves, but I love what I’m looking at and the change in terrain…you’ll start inland with fjords, fields, and rivers, and then you end up near the ocean, so it’s all constantly changing.” when Lynn visits the aforementioned counties, she generally starts her journey at the an sibin riding Centre in whitegate, Co. Clare, and continues on a week-long adventure through Clare and burren. the riding center offers a number of horse breeds native to the country—Irish draughts, Connemaras, and Irish sport horses—as well as overnight accommodations, which are set in a small, 300-year-old restored stone farmhouse. “I love the barn, because it’s so unique,” Lynn comments. “It’s a very rare place that you don’t see anywhere else that you go.” at the an sibin riding Centre, riders depart on the terrain of the slieve aughty Mountains where they can enjoy

the views of the Lough derg and the river shannon. throughout the trek, the ride’s tour guide gives detailed notes on the historic landmarks that are encountered, such as farm ruins and miles of stonewalls left behind from the country’s infamous potato famine; and holy Island, which is nestled on Lough derg, acting as a sanctuary for a number of monasteries and graveyards. after riding through the mountains and returning to the riding center for

the first few evenings, travelers will continue their ride through the country and venture into Corofin. “basically, you stay in one place for two or three nights, and then move to another place for a couple of nights, and then you move again,” Lynn explains. “but as far as the horses go, you’re not riding back each day and then going out again. the horses are left out in a field and you’re driven back [to where you left off] each day.” while riding through Corofin, which December 2012

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equestrian lifestyle TRAVEL

The Cliffs of Moher are a popular attraction that riders will see at the end of their journey.


The guesthouse and front garden at An Sibin Riding Centre.

Upon completing their riding adventures, some visitors may decide to head back to their homeland, while others elect to take another couple of days to explore their surroundings even more. Horse enthusiasts who can’t get enough of their beloved equines can take a day trip to the Dartfield Horse Museum and Heritage Centre in Galway, while others might opt for a few relaxing days in the countryside, heading off for a game of golf, going scuba diving or surfing on the coast, or visiting nearby Bunratty Castle. “One of the big reasons why I think it’s so much fun is because you get to combine your love of horses with « Celtic dolmens are among one of

the many ancient relics that visitors encounter on their ride.



| December 2012

adventure, and then on top of that, you get to see new places and meet new people,” Lynn says. “It’s not like you’re getting on a horse, riding nose to tail, and not looking at anything except the trees the entire time. You get your horse fix, as well as a sense of history and natural scenery that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy if you were just touring the country by car.”

Where to Eat The Half Barrel Pub

Whitegate, Co. Clare Located not far from the An Sibin Riding Centre, it is known to offer a good pint of Guinness and a tasty and large dinner plate.



is located at the edge of Burren, and is home to the Burren National Park, riders can look forward to experiencing a different type of culture than they already have, getting a taste of Ireland at one of the many local pubs in the area and seeing the county’s distinct landscape, which consists of both limestone and greenery. As riders head even further west through the county, they’ll eventually emerge from the rocky terrain and find themselves at the grand finale of their tour, riding along the Atlantic Ocean, where they’ll be able to view the Aran Islands, the Connemara Mountains, and the spectacular Cliffs of Moher. “It’s impossible to ride down to the ocean, as it’s a sheer drop-off,” Lynn says, “but you’re looking at a beautiful view. [The Cliffs of Moher] is one of those places that everyone photographs when they go to Ireland.”

Keane’s Bar

Holy Island

Mountshannon, Co. Clare This bar hosts regular traditional Irish music nights and promises good craic (lots of fun) every Wednesday night.

Mountshannon, Co. Clare Although the horseback riding tour passes Holy Island, visitors can get a better look when traveling there by boat.

Things to Do Dartfield Horse Museum and Heritage Centre

Places to Stay

Kilrickle, Loughrea, Co. Galway Owned by local horseman Willie Leahy, the museum is a 19,000 square-foot facility dedicated to Irish horses and the Connemara pony, and offers a tour of the facility, horseback riding, and exhibits featuring the evolution and history of the Irish horse.

Corofin, Co. Clare Located along the edge of county Burren, this homey bed and breakfast is only minutes away from the center of Corofin.

medieval castle banquet with traditional Irish fare, music, song, and dance.

Birr Castle

Craggaunowen Celtic Settlement

Demesne, Co Offaly Discover Birr Castle with its formal gardens and terraces, historic science center, and over 120 acres of park land.

Bunratty, Co. Clare Experience Ireland as it existed over 1,000 years ago in Craggaunowen, which consists of a prehistoric park that holds 50 acres of wooded grounds and recreations of homesteads, animals, and artifacts as they appeared in an earlier time, as well as a castle that dates back to 1550.

Lakefield Lodge

Bunratty Castle & Folk Park

Bunratty, Co. Clare Enjoy an evening of dinner entertainment at Bunratty Castle, where you can enjoy a

Guests can enjoy traditional Irish music during their stay.

Eleanor’s Arabian Farm Siring Champions Eleanor’s Arabian Farm is located on 98 acres featuring:

Imperial Hotel

Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare Set in downtown Lisdoonvarna, this hotel offers three-star amenities and great rates. Hydro Hotel

Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare With over 100 refurbished rooms and a scenic backdrop of the Burren and Clare hills, visitors can easily relax at the Hydro Hotel.

Happy Holidays Standing at Stud Crown Musc+ (*Muscat x Crown Juel)

Hesa Zee+/ (Xenophonn x Somthing Special)

Little Sorrel Peppy (Peppy San Badger, x Skeeterbar)

• 32 heated box stalls

• 200' x 500' outdoor riding arena • 9-stall barn used for brood mares • Training & Lessons in Western Pleasure & Reining • Purebred Arabian & Half-Arabian Breeding & Sale Services

• Sire of National reiners • Legion of Honor • Western Pleasure Champion • Reining Champion • Sweepstakes Nominated • MN Medallion Nominated



• 8 pastures with loafing shed


• 60' x 160' indoor heated arena

• Sire of US and Canadian National reining champions AOTR

• 1993 Chestnut AQHA stallion • NCHA futurity and derby winner

• Legion of Supreme Honor • Sweepstakes Nominated • MN Medallion Nominated • SCID Clear

• Inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame. • Foundation sire for the legendary King Ranch

• SCID Clear

program for over 20 years.

• Private Treaty

Eleanor’s Arabian Farm | 1142 97th Lane, Minneapolis, MN 55433 | Toll Free: 800.328.9923 December 2012

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equestrian lifestyle equine fashion

Winter Riding Wear

Stay Warm and Look Cool This Season

Staying warm at the barn in the winter used to mean piling on more layers than Christina Aguilera at a MAC kiosk. With the fabric technology now available, you can be comfortable in cold weather without heavy layers weighing you down. “In winter riding attire, we want warmth without bulk,” says equestrian fashion designer, Arianna Anderocci-Vastino. “We also want breathability. There’s nothing worse than sweating on horseback and then catching a chill when the sweat dries.” By Carley SparkS

Balmy Breeches

“Most people think snow pants when it comes to winter breeches, but that doesn’t have to be the case. A good winter breech is something that fits under tall boots and will keep your legs warm,” says Anderocci-Vastino. Must Have: “the Mountain Horse® Wicked Warm breech ($109.95) allows for warmth without bulk. It’s

water and wind resistant. It’ll fit under your boots. And, the spandex blend allows for a soft, stretchy fit with breathability. I love the decorative stitching on the pockets.”

Lust Have: “Custom Riding apparel ($139) makes

the best winter breech on the market hands down. It has a German nylon Lycra® outershell and is lined with fleece to be windproof and water resistant, and it is very similar in cut to the Tailored Sportsman side-zip breeches,” says Anderocci-Vastino. Available at and

Coat de Jour

“A good winter riding coat is lightweight, waterproof, and breathable. You need to be able to stay warm in the barn and move freely in the saddle,” says Anderocci-Vastino. Must Have: “the Pessoa Collection by Horse-

ware® Ireland has great rider detailing, but at the same time, it is very stylish,” she continues. “The Sophia Parka ($240) is a lightweight, POLYFIL, insulated coat with gold hardware. It has a tailored fit and is machine washable. It would look great over either of the vests or on its own.”

Lust Have: the Barbour arctic Down Parka

($600) is a military-inspired, quilted parka with a belted waist and military style patch pockets. It’s filled with goose down, so it’ll definitely keep you warm on those cold days at the barn, and it has a detachable faux fur-trimmed hood. It’s ideal for colder climates,” she says.

No Sweat Sweaters

“A warm sweater doesn’t have to be big and bulky if you choose the right materials,” emphasizes Anderocci-Vastino. Must Have: “the Pessoa victoria ($69) v-neck is a lightweight, wool cotton viscose blend, so it’s a little less expensive, but you’ll still get that breathability from the wool. You can wear a turtleneck underneath it, or just zip your jacket up to your neck. It’s perfect for everyday.” Lust Have: “the Goode Rider® Comfy Cable sweater ($146.99) is a slouchy cowl neck, cable knit,

wool/cashmere blend. It’s soft and cozy and has an extra-long back to cover your backside in the saddle. It’ll look great under a vest with breeches or with jeans and heels,” she says.

Carley sparks writes editorial on the hunter/jumper community at Arianna Anderocci designs the luxe equestrian fashion line Le Fash (


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| December 2012

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              

             

  

 800-447-7436 • © 2012 Morton Buildings, Inc. All rights reserved. A listing of GC licenses available at Reference Code 194

Oliynyk show stables

Dedicated To Excellence

Congratulates Michael Janson for winning the New England Equitation Championship PHOTO: CATHRIN COMMETT

9th Place Lauren Henry PLAINVILLE, MA



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| December 2012

508-254-4104 JUMPERS


Wellington, FL CLINICS

Trainers Welcome!

Our facility is located conveniently on Cedar Street, Just off Rte. 16, Douglas, MA in Worcester County. The farm offers: t&BTZBDDFTTUPUIF%PVHMBT4UBUF 'PSFTUGPSVOCFBUBCMFUSBJMT t"NQMFUVSOPVU thYhJOEPPSBSFOB t-BSHFPVUEPPSTBOESJOH


Accommodations for an individual or couple available with lease of facility.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact George at: 508-476-2421

December 2012

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Endel Ots On Championships, Criticism, and Cinema

Trainer/Farm Affiliation: Lionshare Dressage.

Background: Originally from De Pere, WI, I started riding at my family’s Ots Sunrise Farm. I have earned numerous national awards, including USDF Prix St. Georges Horse of the Year in 2007 and USDF Intermediaire I and Intermediaire I Freestyle with scores over 75%. Most recently, I was the alternate rider for the 2011 Pan Am Games. The Trainer Who Has Influenced Me the Most: Lars


Prix sale horse, Agastrofos, that came into our barn. It’s always dangerous for your heart to like a sale horse this much, but sometimes you can’t help it. He works so hard, and every day he comes out of his stall with a great attitude.

Lucky Charm: I don’t believe in luck; I believe in being prepared. Worst Fall: I was showing a young horse that had been difficult, and the horses in the paddock next to me started to run, which spooked him, and caused him to rear and flip over. When he did, he hit me in the head, and almost knocked me out. I was under him and managed to jump away before he fell on me. We were both fine except for being a little dirty.

Petersen—he very much focuses on getting the horses through and on correct training first.

Guilty Pleasure: I very much enjoy

Favorite Horse: We have a Grand

the cinema. I try to go every Friday to the newest movies. Some of my favorites

equine Journal

| December 2012

are: The Notebook, Scent of a Woman, and Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

When I’m Not With My Horses, I Like To: Spend time with my family. I also like going to antique stores, sitting and reading a good book, or going to the cinema.

Best Piece of Riding Advice: Horses are not people. They don’t know if you end up first or last. Don’t ride for the ribbons; ride for the best performance you and your horse can do that day.

Why I Ride: It is such a challenging sport. It is something that you can work at for decades until you become successful. There is something with this sport that you can have a breakthrough with, and it will keep motivating you for months to keep you passionately working.

Photo: fire & earth PhotograPhy

Age/Age Division: 26

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"LUE"ALL 0!s   email: December 2012

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| December 2012

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news & te affilia s e t a upd

the scoop $500 Suffolk Downs Grand Hunter Classic Champions Fifi Schmidt and Noted.

Long Island Lines Long Island Drill Team Continues to Awe and Inspire Audiences BY PAULA RODENAS

North East Thoroughbred Sporthorse Association Hosts Inaugural Horse Show BY MELODY TAYLOR SCOTT

OFF-THE-TRACK THOROUGHBREDS (OTTB) and their crossbred cousins shined in the first annual North East Thoroughbred Sporthorse Association (NETSA) Horse Show, held October 7, 2012 on the grounds of Saddle Rowe in Medway, MA. It was the only show of

its kind in the entire Northeast this year, as it was affiliated with the Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program (JC TIP), which gives year-end high score and cash awards, prizes, and ribbons for sanctioned classes for OTTBs. Offering

AUTUMN WAS SPECTACULARLY celebrated on Long Island at the end of September with the annual Pumpkin Festival at the Cornell Cooperative Extension farm in Yaphank. The Spirit of Long Island drill team presented two performances at this, their last appearance of 2012. Occasionally the team loses a longtime member, and new riders come in. Francene Lewis sadly bowed out this year after suffering some serious injuries. But the team remains strong under the coaching of Kayla Krenicky and her assistant, Alyssa Greco, with support from retired coach, Joanne Gould. Joanne coined the name Spirit of Long Island and coached the group for 20 years. The riders are also encouraged by team captain Daphne Suchopar and co-captain Maren Milton. Bob Seele is the team’s announcer. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since the drill team was first formed in 1978. The Islip Horsemen’s Association’s Spirit of Long Island drill team has gained fame and become familiar at local fairs, festivals, parades

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Remembering Rebecca

Rebecca L’Heureux

An all-around great horsewoman who enjoyed eventing, foxhunting, and hunter/jumpers, Rebecca L’Heureux passed away at the tender age of 24, surrounded by her loving family, on September 18. A close friend said of her, “Becca always had a smile on her face, she was like a ray of sunshine! A true joy to be around, not to mention, always such fun. She was selfless, patient, and determined. Yet so vibrant with an incredible passion for life. She loved to travel and loved her horses, but most of all she loved her family and good friends. Her grace, spirit, and optimism is an inspiration to us all.” Rebecca will be sorely missed. December 2012


the scoop

Competitors line up for an in-hand class at the inaugural NETSA Horse Show.

Thoroughbred Sporthorse Assoc. continued from page 97

a unique blend of hunter, equitation, pleasure, and dressage classes, the event proved to be a great venue to showcase the multiple talents of the offthe-track Thoroughbred horse. New England Stallion Station of Fitchburg, MA, donated a lovely dark bay four-year-old gelding that was given a new home through a drawing held at the horse show, in which interested persons were invited to submit an application. After a review of the applications, a four-member panel at the

show made the final decision. The first class of the morning was the JC TIP Thoroughbred Hunter In-Hand, with 14 beautifully turned out competitors. Hunter judge Fred Hunt did an excellent job of sorting them out, and congratulations go to the winner, Irish Town and owner/rider Jill Weinstein. The pair then went on to produce a clean sweep of the JC TIP Beginner Thoroughbred Hunter division, winning all three classes and the division championship. Reserve went to Tango and Jessica Mahoney, who were also the champions of the Open Registered and Half Thoroughbred Hunter division.

Another pair, Noted and Alexa Riccio, won the championship in both the JC TIP Low Hunter and the Open Pleasure Horse divisions and reserve champion in the Open Hunter division. The champion of the JC TIP Pleasure Hunter division was Alfonse with Nora Hall, and in reserve was News Affair with Frederick von Bachelle. In the two-round, $500 Suffolk Downs Grand Hunter Classic, Noted, this time ridden by FiFi Schmidt, won the $200 cash prize. Reserve was awarded to Cowboy Casanova and Carly Fisher. The Half Thoroughbred Hunter Pleasure Champion was AA Diamond Statement with Becca GT, while reserve went to Well Decorated and Pamela Bolek. In dressage, U.S. Olympian Dottie Morkis judged USDF Intro Level Test A and USEF Training Level Test 1. Sleepy Hollow and Kendra Hillier bested the field of 13 to win Test A, and Training Level 1 was taken by Matachine and Sacha Hoffman. Winning the Intro test for half Thoroughbreds was Major Distraction and Anne Ross-Raymond, and the blue ribbon for Training Level went to Well Decorated and Pamela Bolek. Visit for all of the results.

Long Island Lines

(including Macy’s Thanksgiving parade), horse shows, and benefits. The group has also performed at the Hampton Classic and at Belmont Park and Saratoga racetracks. One of the most touching appearances is at the Northport Veterans’ Hospital, where patients are brought out in wheelchairs and beds to see the horses. And, in competition, the drill team took the Eastern Regional Championship more than once. For information about the Spirit of Long Island drill team, contact IHADrillTeam@aol. com. If you happen to catch a performance, be sure to talk to the riders afterward and let them share their enthusiasm.

Number One Fan New York Racing’s number one fan is undoubtedly Paul Mannello of Waterbury, CT. Paul began going to the races at the Great Barrington Fair in Massachusetts as a teenager more than 60 years ago with the father of a friend. He continued to attend races while serving in the armed forces in Japan, maintained his interest during his years working as a postman, and eventually became a friend to the racing world through 98

equine Journal

| December 2012

The Spirit of Long Island drill team at the Pumpkin Festival.

his enthusiasm and exuberant personality. The late Gil Parucci, head usher for the New York Racing Association, introduced Paul to many people, and he was often invited to sit in their private boxes. In 1988 he met the late jockey Chris Antley during an appearance on Harvey Pack’s SportsChannel program and found himself catapulted into the eye of the public. He later presented Antley with a handsome plaque for leading the 1990 Saratoga meet, and that was the start of a Paul Mannello tradition. A friend designed the plaques, and Paul handed them out for special

achievements, including riding or training titles and milestone victories such as Jose Santos’s 4,000th win at Aqueduct in 2006. Paul Mannello is a fan who gives the sport as much pleasure as he receives from it, and the recipients of his plaques feel very special.

Notes From “The Island” Condolences to Dr. Gregory A. Beroza, whose father passed away in September. Mort Beroza attended most of his son’s veterinary seminars and many of the local equestrian meetings and was a World War II veteran. He will be missed by all who knew him.

photos : (top) Courtesy of Melody taylor-sCott; (bottoM) paula rodenas

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Congratulations to all Cressbrook students on a successful year. Many championships, ribbons, and happy memories! Great job everyone at NH, MHC, and NEHC finals. So proud of all the ribbons and results! Congratulations to the Kensington Equestrian IEA team. The middle school qualified and is going to regionals! Hopefully the high school team will make it too. Good luck with your upcoming shows! Middle School Team Lauren Sanderson Rebekah Handley Mackenzie Hirsch Taryn Fall Kate Murphy Allie Ferland Taryn Richenburg Erin Carey Ally Handley High School Team Kasha Fonzo Mara Perkins Jordan Strater Ellen Bruton Makenzie Lindland Sophie Meserve

Chelise Storace, Owner/Trainer 603.781.5815 | Kensington, NH

Winsor Farm Now Accepting Riders of All Levels & Ages Concentrating on the New England Circuit From Short Stirrup to the Grand Prix, Winsor Farm has the expertise to help you to ride at the best of your ability! @O ;8M@;DLC@E

Sydney Adams 5th RI Jr Medal 2012

Abby Lowry, Trainer/Instructor | | 401-934-4458 | North Scituate, RI December 2012

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the scoop « A scene from the Big E Saddle Seat show.

Big e horse show Draws Over 1,000 Equestrians to Eastern States Exposition story and Photo By elisaBeth Prouty-GilBride

The Big e horse show ran from september 12-30 in west springfield, ma, and featured exciting competition for over 1,000 equestrians, which included hunter/jumper and saddle seat riders, as well as driving contests

165 Main Street, Suite 214 Medway, MA 02053

for morgans, hackneys, saddlebreds, friesians, and drafts.

Hunter/Jumper The show kicked off with the hunter/ jumpers on september 12-16. Children and adults flocked to the event to vie for top honors in the UshJa Zone 1 Championships. on Thursday, september 13, frank Perla rode Kathleen mitchell’s horse, samuel, to win the Pre-green hunter Zone 1 Championship. The owner of woodgate farm in west Boylston, ma, Perla also won in the Low hunter class riding Laurie gundlach’s implicit. Later in the day, Kelsey Landrigan and Captain 33 were crowned the winners in the adult equitation UshJa Zone 1 Championship. friday followed with heavy competition in the adult amateur 18–35 Zone 1 Championships, but in the end it was anna Pavlov and adelante who went away the winners. on saturday, september 15, hanaa Kahn proved to be successful, riding her own glamour girl to victory in the Junior hunter Zone 1 Championship, and taking a second place in the Junior hunter handy class. The final day of hunter/jumper competition drew to a close after emma Peltier was awarded the title of short stirrup Zone 1 Champion, aboard spectacular rabbit.

Saddlebreds, Morgans, Hackneys, and Friesians The saddle horse show, held september

100 equine


| December 2012

20-23, was equally as exciting as the hunter/jumpers, drawing a number of riders, and even one celebrity, who took home tricolored ribbons. on friday, september 21, the first championship of the event, the Park Pleasure Junior/novice Championship, was awarded to samantha hegstrom and Catherine Kunkel’s anderson Cooper. samantha also went home with two more tri-colored ribbons in the Park Pleasure Championship riding Lord Bancroft and in the Three-gaited Park Championship aboard The Toy soldier. The following day, nicholas Villa stable had a number of horses finishing with top honors, starting with the Country Pleasure Championship, won by rachael rowley-aquitante and midnight eclipse. a few classes later, Tacori, ridden by Villa himself, went on to win the morgan hunter Pleasure Championship. also successful on saturday were olivia Chassman, who won with her own Palie o’malley in the english Pleasure horse Junior exhibitor Championship; and marisa marks, winner of the Three-gaited Country Pleasure Championship, with her own magic Legacy. and over the course of the week, celebrity Carson Kressley not only made an appearance, but also went away with a couple of prizes, which included the $750 Three-gaited Championship with Ch Callaway’s merry-go-round; and the $250 Three-gaited Park amateur Championship with revel.

Drafts The final leg of the show, which featured draft horses, ran from september 27-30. Driving a set of Percherons owned by Jane gray of Trippcrest farms in harrison, me, Chad Cole took home top honors in the $1,000 Percheron four-horse hitch. and set to his own team of Belgians, mark Barie of Lor-rob Dairy farm Belgians went home with the top prize in the $2,500 Belgian six-horse hitch. in the class featuring the largest purse of the week, the $30,000 Big e six-horse hitch showdown, gregory rowe of flat rock Draft horses and his team took first place, as well as the prize of $5,000. for more information on the Big e horse show, visit for a complete list of show results from all three competitions, visit

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the scoop

Livestock ii, A celebration of equestrian Style Raises Funds for the Berkshire Carousel LiveStock ii, A ceLebrAtion of equestrian Style, was held on october 20, 2012, at the berkshire equestrian center in richmond, MA. A fashion show featuring many of the latest styles in show ring attire and equestrian inspired street wear, handbags, and jewelry, kicked off the event. billy keane and the Misdemeanor outlaws rocked the indoor arena, along with DJ bfG. Pure Movement Dancers got the crowd of over 200 people dancing. A fabulous silent auction with items from Ariat, Metlar Saddlery, kerrits, vanderMoore Designs, L.L. bean, Show Stable Artisans, and many more generous sponsors helped raise money for the berkshire carousel. the party, sponsored by UPHA chapter 14, the American Hackney Horse foundation, and Dan kelley, celebrated the completion of the American Saddlebred and

Hackney carousel horses. callaway’s Merry Go round and the Aristocrat will join the 34 other horses on the carousel when it opens next spring, at the berkshire Mall in Lanesborough, MA. the winner of the berkshire carousel classic, a Western new england Professional Horseman’s Association (Wne-PHA) competition, was drawn. Mr. Dundee, of Stillwater farm, will have his likeness painted on the handcarved horse by artists Janet crawford and teri Davis. country tack donated a $500 gift certificate for a lucky ticket holder in a second drawing. the horse community and the berkshires came together for a great night to celebrate the berkshire carousel and the equine industry. the project will continue to promote the horse world in a joyful way for many years to come.

A model shows off the latest in equestrian fashion during the trunk show.

for more information on the carousel, call 413-499-0342 or visit


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102 equine

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Photo: Joshua c volff


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the scoop

piscataqua hounds hunter pace Offers Great Ride and Hospitality By Cheryl BuCklin niles

Rain appeaRed to be the oRdeR of the day for several members of the piscataqua hounds hunt club when they arose on September 22—the day of their fall hunter pace. however, the brave souls that turned up to houston horse Farm in north berwick, Me, enjoyed a great day to ride. the weather managed to hold for the duration, allowing participants to enjoy their trips out and about. the houston horse Farm is always a special treat to ride at, with three generations making improvements for each event. the course designer, anna houston airey, added another fun loop, on top of the usual ones. She, her father bill, and paige davis marked the course very early in the morning. beth houston had coffee and snacks awaiting the day’s early arrivals,

and other volunteers went around serving lemonade and snacks to participants later. thrilled riders returned from their journeys with wide grins on their faces and kudos to the organizers of the event. the The Hilltop division winners at the fall hunter pace. winner of the Field division aquila Meagan. was Joan Ganotis. Unfortunately, her after everyone had returned, participartner had to drop out from the ride a pants enjoyed teatime, which took little bit early with a recovering horse. place in the houston family’s restored Joan was aboard Kentucky Mr. buck farmhouse. anna is planning a spring aka “tucker,� and they were almost hunter pace in 2013 and plans to add dead on the pace time! the team from yet another large loop. For more infortrinity Stable in Canterbury, nh, won mation on the piscataqua hounds and the hilltop division. Robbie bailey was their upcoming events, visit piscataquariding puddy, audrey Roberge rode Grace, and Kaitlyn Covell was on

Designing, supplying and building custom projects to fit all your needs.

70’x168’Indoor Arena


CENTER HILL BARNS, L.L.C. 104 equine


| December 2012


the scoop

United States equestrian Federation Forms New Saddle Seat Equitation Young Rider Team The UniTed STaTeS eqUeSTrian Federation (USeF) announced the formation of a U.S. Saddle Seat equitation Young rider Team in 2013. The purpose of this team is to develop riders for future U.S. Saddle Seat World Cup competitions. during years that the Saddle Seat World Cup competition is not held, members of the Young rider Team will be eligible to represent the United States in other international competitions. USeF is currently seeking 12 young equestrians, five riders, and one alternate in both the three- and five-gaited sections, for the 2013 team. These 12 riders will, potentially, represent the United States in an international invitational with South africa that has been tentatively scheduled for april 4-6, 2013, at William Woods University in Fulton, MO. Unlike the selection process for the U.S. Saddle Seat World Cup Team, riders will not have to attend live tryouts to be selected for the U.S. Saddle Seat equitation Young rider Team. instead, selection will be based on application, video, and reference letter submissions. Submission criteria for the team can be found at For more information on the 2013 U.S. Saddle Seat Young rider Team, contact Lori nelson at; Terra Schroeder at; or Jennifer Mellenkamp at

The american Miniature horse association Celebrates another World Championship Show nearLY 700 OF The MOST beautiful and refined small equine competitors from all over the world came to compete at the 2012 american Miniature horse association’s (aMha) World Championship Show at Will rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, TX, on September 27 – October 6. The aMha World Show event is the most prestigious Miniature horse show in the world. annually awarding championships in approximately 200 different classes, the competition ranged from beautiful halter to exciting driving classes and also included obstacle, liberty, and jumping. These events showcased the unbelievable versatility of the Miniature horse, and this year’s show boasted nearly 2,400 entries. Spectators enjoyed thrilling competition and were amazed by creative costumes as well. attending this international event were exhibitors and spectators from as far away as Germany, the netherlands, France, and denmark. and, thanks to Video horse World,

the entire show was also viewed live on the internet by tens of thousands of fans from countries all over the world. Throughout the nine-day show, there were a number of added features and events for exhibitors and spectators including the aMhya (youth) Calcutta; pizza and root beer float parties; photo, art, and essay contests; a golf cart raffle; and so much more. Vendors did a brisk business around the concourse of the show arena and offered everyone the opportunity to shop during the competition. For over 13 consecutive years, the aMha World Championship Show has made its home at the Will rogers equestrian Center in Fort Worth. Classes and events are added and expanded each year to accommodate the growing versatility of the horses and exhibitors. This event brings in over $2 million to the local Texas economy. For more information about the aMha, visit or call 817-783-5600.



December 2012

| equine Journal 105


[ equine journal affiliate ] Norfolk member, Bob Shuman, cantered on the beach at Barney’s Joy.

Norfolk Hunt Club Formal Season Provides Good Sport Submitted by donna GuadaGno, d.a. Hayden, and KatHie davenport pHotoS by Curve27.Com

Opening Meet Successful, Despite Stormy Skies On Sunday, September 30, the Norfolk Hunt Club held its Opening Meet for the fall season. Despite a last-minute date change and downpours, the enthusiastic riders in formal attire were all smiles astride their braided mounts. The crowd of spectators, resplendent with colorful umbrellas, lined the fencing at beautiful Charlescote Farm in Sherborn, MA, as the skies continued to dampen attire—but not spirits—for the anticipated hunt. Carol Mansfield, Master of Foxhounds (MFH), greeted everyone and made introductions. Concluding her comments with “Enjoy the ride!” Huntsman John Elliott sounded the horn and they— hounds, horses, and riders—were off! Four fields of riders made their way through Charlescote, over fields, a series

of jumps, and into the woods, coming back around to give the spectators a thrill. The ditch to the back of the farm provided its traditional challenge for horse and rider, as over the years, spectators have witnessed spills into this muddy obstacle. After traversing the esker, and winding through the pine woods, the first check was at the hayfield on Farm Road, adjacent to the Charles River. Other favorite territory covered during the day included: the Lewis Line, with its wide stonewalls preceded by an in-and-out; the lovely land now part of the Connor’s Center, owned by Boston College; and, the scenic trails along the Charles River, peppered with coops, stonewalls, and other inviting jumps. Norfolk member, Erin Fitzgerald, was overheard at a check, describing the day to a spectator: “It’s a spectacular hunt, great fun, and

filled with challenging fences. We are having a wonderful time.” The hunt breakfast that followed was hosted by Norfolk’s masters, Owen Hughes, MFH, Carol Mansfield, MFH, and Ruth Lawler, Associate MFH. The breakfast took place at the newly renovated Norfolk Hunt Stables, which is run by Norfolk member and former whipper-in, Cindy Cleaves. The barn sparkled and provided a perfect backdrop for a warm and inviting meal catered by Norfolk member Bob Shuman’s popular restaurant, Zaftig’s.

Joint Meet with Old North Bridge A joint meet with Old North Bridge Hounds was next on the list of favorite Norfolk fixtures, held at the Cummings Veterinary School of Medicine at Tufts’ University in Grafton, MA. Riders departed from the yard in front of the administration building to enjoy a lengthy gallop over vast open fields on Tuft’s property. The hunt continued through open fields across the road and on to the land surrounding the Clock Museum. From there, wooded trails, more fields, and hilltop checks provided beautiful views of the central Massachusetts countryside. The hunt concluded with a tailgate organized by Norfolk member and field secretary, Anne Beale, and Norfolk member, Clara Irvine. Norfolk has had the honor of being able to hunt at the Cummings site for over 20 years.

Twinfields and Barney’s Joy Fixtures The schedule change for Opening Meet precluded the traditional blessing of the hounds, so the October Twinfields Farm fixture provided the perfect backdrop for this special ceremony. Hounds, horses and riders exhibited their best behavior for the blessing, provided by the pastor of Grace Church in Dover. Twinfields, the gorgeous Dover farm

continued on page 108 LEFT: Norfolk members, Kevin McGrath and Erica Foley, frolic in the waves at the end of the Barney’s Joy hunt. RIGHT: Norfolk masters, Owen Hughes, MFH; Carol Mansfield, MFH; and Ruth Lawler, AssociateMFH; enjoy the Barney’s Joy beach ride.

106 equine


| December 2012

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December 2012

| equine Journal 107


Norfolk Hunt Club

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Silver Heels Riding Club Prepares for 2013 Annual Meeting Submitted by Liz Hannah

Even though our show season has been over for a little while, this time of year is still a busy one for the Silver Heels Riding Club (SHRC) Board of Directors. We’ve just wrapped up our 2012 season with the Awards Banquet— congratulations to all of our members who received an award! Now, we turn our attention to the Annual Meeting held in January. At the Annual Meeting, we review the state of the club from 2012, discuss new business items for the upcoming season, and vote in new board members. The meeting is open to the public. However, only those people having a paid 2013 SHRC membership and meeting the age requirement of 14 years, will be eligible to vote. Membership dues must be paid prior to the start of the meeting; membership forms will be available both there, as well as on our website at, where they may be printed and brought to the meeting. An official meeting agenda and announcement of the meeting date, time, and location

will be mailed to all 2012 members. The formal notice will also include a form for a proxy in the event that a member is not able to attend the meeting but would like to assign their voting privilege to someone who will be at the meeting. Please keep an eye out for this letter in mid-December. Information will also be posted on our website. If you are enthusiastic about showing, and have always wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the shows, consider joining the board of directors. We will be looking to fill several board positions. Please contact either Stephanie Remick at remick06@ or Tammy Turner at for more information and required responsibilities. We will also take nominations from the floor, providing that the nominee is there to accept, and meets the board of director requirements. Happy Holidays to you and your equines from the Silver Heels Riding Club! See you at the annual meeting!

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Southern New England Horsemen’s Association Wraps Up Show Season Submitted by Cynthia Anne Bowen

The Southern New England Horsemen’s Association’s (SNEHA) affiliate show, The Colchester Lions Club Show, was held on September 16 at Hebron Fair Grounds, Hebron, CT. The weather was great—sunny with just a little breeze. Entries were in the eighties. Melissa Proulx handled the judging duties. Our 2012 show season is now complete. Our two new halter classes, Registered Color Breed and Quarter Horse, were well received and will definitely be on our 2013 show schedule. 108 equine


| December 2012

SNEHA appreciates the support of our exhibitors, and we hope to see all of you again next year. Next month, we’ll have the results of our elections for officers and board of director members for 2013, as well as any rule changes voted in by the membership. Look for news of our year-end awards banquet soon, as well as details on the 2013 show season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us. Visit our website at

continued from page 106 owned by Norfolk member, Jean Vinios, was as special as ever, with manicured fields, abundant flowers, and displays of fall pumpkins and foliage. The stonewalls leading in and out of Twinfields’ front fields are a favorite of riders, and the pageantry of the hunt hacking down the long driveway is a favorite of spectators who come out to watch in droves. A lovely hunt breakfast, hosted by Norfolk member Dominic Cammarata, and his wife, Norfolk member Carolyn Regan, took place in the gated Twinfields garden, providing a perfect fall atmosphere. Ocean vistas were next on the list of favorite Norfolk fixtures, as riders, horses, and hounds traveled to South Dartmouth, MA. Norfolk member Vickie Cunningham planned a spectacular three-hour hunt along the water, through private farms and beautiful wooded trails. The start and finish of the hunt was at Barney’s Joy, a point of land owned by Vickie’s family, which juts out to the ocean and provides breathtaking farm and seaside views. A huge field of riders turned out and enjoyed jumping the stonewalls, post and rail fences, and other obstacles. And then, there was the beach ride. At the conclusion of the hunt, before hacking back to the trailers, the entire field of riders galloped along Barney’s Joy beach. It was the perfect conclusion to a vigorous day of hunting. An abundant tailgate, organized by Norfolk member, Julie Wheeler, ensured everyone was sated for the ride home.

Norfolk Members Bring Home Ribbons The New England Hunter Trials, hosted by Green Mountain Hounds, at Lemon Fair Farm in Shoreham, VT, drew strong participation from Norfolk members. Team Norfolk included Owen Hughes, MFH, Mary Hughes, Mike Paparo, Jessica Macho, Kevin McGrath, Gaelen Canning, Lucy Hemenway, Dominic Cammarata, and Carolyn Regan. Owen and Mike won the pairs division; Dominic and Carolyn came in first and second, respectively, in the open division; and, Gaelen took a third in the qualified division. The word is out that the course designed by Green Mountain Hounds was beautiful and inviting— Norfolk members are already planning on attending next year.

The Maine Horse Association officers and directors send Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year to all members, friends, volunteers and supporters.

Join us for our revamped Downeast Horse Congress Horse Show: June 14-15-16, 2013

December 2012

| equine Journal 109


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Tri-State Horsemen’s Association Sends Holiday Greetings to All! Submitted by Beth Stone

Even as we turn our thoughts to the holidays ahead, there is much to report from Tri-State Horsemen’s Association (TSHA)! The past month has been a busy one, with annual elections and the awards banquet helping round out a successful 40th anniversary year for TSHA. The Crowne Plaza in Warwick, RI, was the scene of the biggest evening of the TSHA year—the annual Awards Banquet held on Saturday, November 3. This gala event, entitled “A Night at the Masquerade,” saw many members arrive in disguise, and that was just the beginning of the evening’s fun! Thanks to the Banquet Committee and volunteers for presenting such a special night for all. Year-end awards for the open

Show Results TSHA 2012 Superlative Awards All Around Exhibitor: Alyssa Marzilli. High Point Exhibitor: Alyssa Marzilli. All Around Horse: A Sensational Beaver. High Point Horse: A Sensational Beaver. Versatility Horse: A Sensational Beaver. High Point Pony: STS Hawaiian High Point English Team: Olivia Tourgee, Top Hat and Tails. High Point WalkTrot Team: (TIE) Katherine Dhosi, Dream On; Meghan Morrissey, Zelda. High Point Western Team: Lisa Freeman, Chicks Lopin Version. High Point Team: Cheryl Stomberg, Lady Misty Morning. Dressage Horse of the Year: Just A Plain Lady. Dressage Rider of the Year: Katherine O’Neil. 2-Phase Horse of the Year: Red Baron. 2-Phase Rider of the Year: Karen Norton. Overall Western High Percentage Team: Laura Sottile, OK Hes Invited. Overall Dressage High Percentage Team: Cynthia Thell, Just A Plain Lady. Dressage High Score Registered Quarter Horse: OK Hes Invited. TSHA 2012 Open Show Year-End Results Adult Gymkhana: Jamilee Bravard, Still Guilty. Amateur Adult Hunter On The Flat: Caitlin Ogilvie Sts Multiplyer, Sts Storm Warning.Amateur Adult Hunter: Erin Lee, The Good Witch. Baby Green Hunter: Josie Guillemin, Sts Zippo’s Tinkerbell. Children’s Hunter: Shaelin Keville, Diamond’s Double. Children’s Hunter On The Flat: Abigail Mulhern, Uno. Childrens/ AA Equitation: (TIE) Kendra Anderson, Kiss

110 equine


| December 2012

shows and the dressage shows were presented, along with several surprise superlative awards. Add to that a great meal, a fun raffle, and the opportunity to visit with fellow exhibitors while not sitting on a horse. It truly was a great culmination to a successful show season! Congratulations to all of the year-end award winners! The names of the year-end division champions and reserve champions are included this month—watch for photographs and more details of the evening in next month’s issue. Elections for officers and board members for the coming year were held at the annual meeting on Wednesday, November 7, 2012, at Trinity Church in Brooklyn, CT. In Me With Zip; Gina Marshall, A Shot Of Splendor. Green Horse Hunter Flat: Sharon Isom, Justice My Way. Green Horse Western: Lisa Freeman, Chicks Lopin Version. In Hand: Jenn Hansen, Eezalee A Windsong. Low Hunter: Misty Baker, Willow Park. Medium Long Stirrup: Abbey Narodowy, Painted Past. Modified Hunter: Amelia Braman, Golden Opportunity. Novice Hunter: Maggie Hickey, My Sweet Juliet. Open: Samantha Hill, Kisses By A Rose. Open Adult: Jennifer Ault, Zeta Capella. Open Crossrails: Antonia Dicicco, Goodness Gracious. Open Driving: Bub Harman, Ox Kill Quick Silver. Open Equitation: Matthew Nelson, Serendipity. Open Green Horse: Julia Redmond, Jules Fancy Dancer. Open Gymkhana: Kyle Edmonds, Doca Dolly Dude. Open Hunter Over Fences: Gina Marshall, A Shot Of Splendor. Open Hunter On The Flat: Jennifer Ault, Zeta Capella. Open Jumper: Emma Monte, Marco. Open Junior: Alyssa Marzilli, A Sensational Beaver. Open Saddleseat: Ericka Morgan Schaedler, Reedann’s Phat Cat. Open Trail: Cheryl Stomberg, Lady Misty Morning. Pet Pony: Amelia Braman, Golden Opportunity. Registered Saddle Type: Sarah Messier, Twizzler. Registered Stock Type Breed: Heidi Smith, Its Zip Time. Saturday Beginner W/T/C: Shelby Sabrowski, Loot N Lascivious. Saturday Leadline: Georgia Barry, Lady Bug. Saturday Novice W/T: Talia Dicostanzo, Be My Valentine. Saturday Open Western: Alyssa Marzilli, A Sensational Beaver. Saturday W/T 10 & Under: Talia Dicostanzo, Be My Valentine. Saturday W/T 11-17: Meghan Morrissey, Zelda. Saturday W/T Adult: Kristen Milano, Its Zip

addition to the important task of electing the guiding force for TSHA in 2013, our guest speaker was Dr. Jay Merriam, led an interesting discussion. Many thanks to Dr. Merriam for taking the time out of his busy schedule to join us. As the year draws to a close, please remember to send in your TSHA membership. There is an early renewal incentive. You can save $10 by postmarking your membership by December 31. Applications are available on the website. If you are not currently a TSHA member, please consider joining in 2013. We have a full schedule of fun events, whether your interest is showing, dressage, or pleasure riding. We’d love to have you join us! Check out all of the new features on our website,, and get all of the most current news of interest to TSHA members! You can also find us on FacebookSM. May you all enjoy the holidays with family and friends (two- and four-legged) as we look forward to a wonderful year in 2013! Time. Schooling Hunter: Hannah Swanson, Willow Park. Schooling Jumper: Alexandria Depalo, Zips Cherry Time. Senior Horse: Taylor Bergquist, Sts Certain Something. Short Stirrup: Megan Zajack, Sts Hawaiian Punch. Special Hunter: Cailyn Gallerani, Counting On Shades. Sunday Beginner W/T/C: Megan Zajack, Sts Hawaiian Punch. Sunday Leadline: Maggie Welch, Jules Precious Ruby. Sunday Novice W/T: Lori Racine, RT Banners Black Mist. Sunday Open Western: (TIE) Lisa Freeman, Chicks Lopin Version; Katherine Dhosi, Dream On; Hannah Welch, High Tech Investor. Sunday W/T Adult: Kristen Milano, Its Zip Time. Vintage Rider: Heidi Smith, Its Zip Time. Working Trail: Jamilee Bravard, Still Guilty. W/T Gymkhana: Katherine Dhosi, Dream On. Youth Gymkhana: Joseph Pace, Zips Cherry Time. TSHA 2012 Dressage & 2-Phase Year-End Introductory Jr/Yr Champion: Tierney Dillis, Zeta Tauri. Introductory Amateur Adult: Katherine O’Neil, Magnified Sport. Introductory Open: Candace Letson-Zubee, Gunsmokes San Cita. Training Jr/Yr: Madison Thell, Just a Plain Lady. Training Amateur Adult: Jamilee Bravard, Still Guilty. Training Open: Richard Thell, Top Notch N Smoothie. First Level: Joelle Conover, Tribute To Security. Western Basic: Laura Sottile, OK Hes Invited. Introductory Two-Phase: Maya Gaines, Michael aka “Mikey.” Elementary Two-Phase: Dennis Dwyer, Clove. Beginner Novice Two-Phase: Julia Driscoll, Seabury. Novice: Karen Norton, Red Baron.


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Virginia horse council Virginia’s Marion duPont Scott Center Advances Equine Health Submitted by Harold C. mCKenzie iii & marion duPont SCott

Virginia Tech’s Marion duPonT scott equine Medical center in Leesburg, Va, was created in 1984 through a $4 million gift from the late Mrs. Marion duPont scott, the donation of 200 acres of land at Morven Park from the Westmoreland davis Memorial Foundation, and contributions from the private sector for equipment purchases. Located in the heart of Virginia horse country, it has since become a premier, full-service equine hospital that offers advanced specialty care, 24-hour emergency treatment, and diagnostic services for all ages and breeds of horses. The Marion duPont scott equine Medical center, which comprises 85,000 square feet, features a five-stall intensive care unit, an eight-stall isolation unit, two surgical suites, two radiology suites, a magnetic resonance imaging (Mri) center, a nuclear imaging center, a high-speed treadmill facility, a farrier shop for corrective shoeing, a clinical diagnostic laboratory, a pharmacy, and hospital accommodations for 45 inpatients. The center’s digital imaging systems allow the staff to store and retrieve images derived from ultrasound studies, radiographs, nuclear scintigraphy, and Mri studies of patients to facilitate diagnosis and teaching. The hospital sees more than 2,500 patients annually and employs equine healthcare professionals who surround patients with expert attention and heartfelt care. The equine Medical center is staffed by a highly skilled team of dedicated veterinarians, nurses, and technicians. This team includes five board-certified surgeons, three boardcertified internal medicine clinicians, and six residents (three in surgery and three in medicine). The staff includes 13 licensed veterinary technicians, as well as specialized pharmacy, imaging, laboratory, operating room, anesthesia and nursing professionals. in addition, the team is supplemented by 20 to 30 fourth-year veterinary students from the VirginiaMaryland regional college of Veterinary Medicine who rotate through the hospital for three to six weeks of specialized training in equine medicine and surgery.

The center offers a wide range of specialized veterinary services for all ages and breeds of horses on a scheduled outpatient basis, as in-house hospitalized patients, and as emergency admissions. Many patients are accepted as referral cases from veterinary practitioners throughout the nation. The equine Medical center serves as a regional critical care center, and emergency treatment is available 24 hours daily, seven days a week, 365 days a year. some of the many services offered include: lameness examinations, orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, laser surgery, internal medicine, cardiology, neurology, diagnostic ultrasound, Mri, scintigraphy, respiratory evaluation, gastroscopy, laparoscopy, anesthesia, imaging, diagnostic laboratory, acupuncture and farriery. diseases and problems commonly treated at the equine Medical center include: injuries, lameness, colic, fracture repair, colitis, gastric ulcers, joint disease, neurological complications, tendon and ligament injuries, as well as lower and upper airway diseases. a critical component of the Marion duPont scott equine Medical center’s mission is to conduct cutting-edge research that creates new knowledge for the well-being of the horse. since the center’s inception, faculty members have played a key role in the development of both Marquis®, the first Fda-approved treatment for equine Protozoal Myelitis, and gastrogard®, a treatment for

gastric ulcers, as well as advances in laser surgery and treatments for colic, pneumonia and other diseases. Private philanthropy has spearheaded the expansion of research facilities at the center. These resources have enabled the establishment of a regenerative medicine research center and clinical service at the center, headed by dr. Jennifer Barrett, who is an internationally-recognized leader in this field. regenerative medicine harnesses the power of the body’s own cells and proteins to promote healing. The goal of regenerative medicine is to bring injured tissue back to its original pristine condition by restoring the tissue rather than allowing it to scar. Tissues such as tendon, ligament, cartilage, and bone can all benefit from this approach. some of the tools in regenerative medicine include stem cells, platelet rich plasma (PrP), and proteins such as growth factors and interleukin receptor antagonist or iraP, and all of these are available through the regenerative Medicine service at the eMc. The Marion duPont scott equine Medical center operates as a public/ private partnership; as such, it remains highly dependent upon philanthropic support from the private sector. The Virginia horse council and the Virginia horse industry Board have been instrumental in supporting the equine Medical center in both the research and clinical service areas. gifts from their clients and supporters have allowed the center to offer diagnostic, surgical, and clinical services to more than 50,000 horses, since it opened in 1984, and have enabled the center to remain on the cutting edge with biomedical advances needed in order to meet the evolving needs of horses and their owners.


Bulk Kiln Dry/Green Bagged Shavings Arena Footing

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December 2012

| equine Journal 111

Thank you to Exhibitors, Sponsors and Staff for making it a great show!

Sue Arthur â—† Manager - Octoberfest 603-887-5937 t t t199 Old Sandown Road t Chester, NH 03036 112 equine


| December 2012

Send your news for future columns to


Hunter/Jumper news BY KIM ABLON WHITNEY

[LEFT] NEEC 30+ Sportsmanship Award winner, Melissa Welch, with trainer Cookie DeSimone, a former sportsmanship award winner herself at the MHC Finals. [RIGHT] Rhian Murphy and Phantom were reserve champions of the M&S Children’s Hunter Finals.



Okay, forget any and all top news and notes. Have you checked out the tumbler blog, Equestrian Betches, that everyone is talking about that chronicles the day-to-day life of horse show kids? If you haven’t already, you will be glued to your screen and in complete hysterics. Who are the masterminds behind this spot-on look at riding with a BNT (big name trainer)? Of course everyone has their guesses! Although parents, be warned, it is probably only appropriate for ages 14 and up.

larly proud of two awards. Nikki Stamm won the NEEC Sportsmanship Award (younger division). It wasn’t the first time her sportsmanship was recognized—she also won the same award at the 2011 MHC Finals. Ashley Pimental was the winner of the Grooms’ Award and the RWF riders told us this was no news to them—they’ve always known she was tops! Nikki and Ashley are easily two of the most well-liked people in the New England horse show community, and everyone was thrilled for them.



Congratulations to Melissa Welch of Woodridge Farm in Sherborn, MA, on her NEEC (New England Equitation Championships) 30 and Over Sportsmanship Award win. Melissa is the mastermind behind all of the adult rider mischief each year at the NEEC and was a very popular winner.

Ann Dotoli’s Tibri Farm of

Charlotte, VT, has had a great finals season! Congrats to Caleigh Thompson on her sixth place finish in the M&S (Marshall & Sterling) Junior Medal Finals and Amanda Gellis and Franco on placing 11th. In the M&S Children’s Hunter Finals, Rhian Murphy and Phantom were reserve champion and winners of the stake class. In the M&S Children’s Jumper Final, Caleigh Thompson placed eighth with Federer. In the equitation, Sunny Drescher and Sting qualified for the ASPCA Maclay Finals, were ninth in the THIS (Taylor Harris Insurance Services) Final, and

eighth in NEEC Horsemanship Competition. Jacqueline Flynn and Rumblefish came home victorious in the VHJA (Vermont Hunter Jumper Association) Junior Medal Final and Haley Harder and Jager Jace were winners of the VHJA Pony Medal Final. At NEEC, Kika Duffy and Cyber won the Challenge of the States Individual and Geoffrey Hessling and Don Camillo were ninth individually.

CONGRATULATIONS Sandy Point of Portsmouth, RI, and Jay Sargent send out congrats to Caroline Lake, who won the MHJ Modified Adult Medal Final riding Sky King, a horse Jay just brought down from Canada. Robin Harkins was reserve riding Nancy Parker Wilson’s Cabernet Franc. Robin was also third in the Modified Adults at the Rhode Island Medal Finals.

continued on page 114 SPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT River Wind Farm (RWF) of Pembroke, MA, had a fantastic NEEC this year and was particu-

« Deirdre Catani, Carl Catani, and Abby Greer join Nikki Stamm and Ashley Pimental with their cool new jackets! December 2012


Hunter/Jumper news

continued from page 113 CORNERSTONE WINS BIG

IN 2013, WATCH FOR THE NEW TEAM OF Woodridge Farm’s Kate Stento and her new amateur jumper, Bixby Way. Congratulations, Kate!

Hunter/Jumper contact listings

Blue Meadow Farm (lts),120 Nobscot Rd., Sudbury, MA 01776, 978-4434800, Beacon Woods Stables (tsl), Mick & Laurie Paternoster, Owners,Kris Bramley, Trainer, 99 Beacon Woods Lane, South Glastonbury, CT 06073, 860-4302606 barn; 860-601-0670 cell, beaconwoodsstables@yahoo. com, Crossen Arabians and Warmbloods (bs), 1209 South St., Coventry, CT 06238, 860-742-6486 Evenstride (btsl), 26 Orchard St., Byfield, MA, 978-465-9119, Grazing Fields Farm (tsl), 201 Bournedale Rd, Buzzards Bay, MA 02532, 508-759-3763, Holly Hill Farm (tsl), 240 Flint St., Marston Mills, MA 02648, 508-

428-2621,, Horseman’s Exchange, LLC Tack & Apparel Consignment, 294 Great Rd., Rte. 119, Littleton, MA 01460, 978-486-0008, 978-7796119 fax, New England Equitation Championships, Cookie DeSimone 617347-6413, Amy Eidson 401-7895206, Kelley Small 508-835-1110, Phoenix Rising Horse Farm (tsl) 260 Pound Hill Road, North Smithfield, RI, 401-766-5500 Volo Farm (btsl), 84 Powers Rd., Westford, MA 01886, 978-6927060, Walnut Hill Farm (btsl) Kellie Monaghan, Plainville, MA 508-699-1900,,

b=breeding, t=training, s=sales, l=lessons CALL NOW: If you would like to be featured in our Hunter/Jumper Contact Listings




| December 2012

In news from Cornerstone Farm of Haverhill, MA, Alexa Bayko won the MHC 18-30 Adult Medal Final and was second in her Open. She was ninth in the Ariat Finals and also rode Essex Street in the Adult Hunters at Capital Challenge with an eighth and a jog in this highly competitive division. She won her section of Open at NEEC and moved up from 18th to finish eighth in the final. Tobi Stall was fifth in the MHC 30 and Over Final and third in her Open. She was also third in her Open at NEEC and just missed the second round. Maryellen Sardella was fourth in the MHC 30 and Over final. Competing in his first finals, Anthony Desimone finished 12th in the MHC Adult 18-30 Final. Rachel Griffith was reserve in her middle adult Open section at NEEC. Laurie Gundlach placed 10th in her older adult Open at New England Finals. Nicolas Horgan won his younger section of Open at Mass Finals. He was ninth in the younger Open at NEEC. He rode on Team VT for Challenge of the States and they finished with the bronze—the first time Vermont has been on the podium! Anna Gavel was second in the 15-17 Open at MHC Finals. She finished 17th overall in the MHC Junior Medal Final. Ashley Morin was ninth in 15-17 Open at New England, rode on Team NH for Challenge of States, and made the second round of the Junior Medal Final.

MAKING THE MOVE We hear Peter Wylde will be spending more Teen show jumping veteran Daniela Stransky and her mare, Anemone’s Vicky.

time in the States now that he is joining Missy Clark and John Brennan at North Run. We always love to have Peter around!

HEADING SOUTH Two other trainers from New England have moved barns, this time going south. James F. Morris, formerly of Mount Holyoke College, took over as Director of Riding at Chatham Hall, an all-girls boarding school in Chatham, VA. Samantha Pleasant Fleming, formerly of Stoneleigh-Burnham School, recently joined this team as the assistant director. This year, Chatham Hall will host the Tournament of Champions, Zone 3 Finals for the IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association), and is also planning to host a Melanie Smith-Taylor clinic next summer.

TAKING ON THE PROS Sixteen-year-old Daniela Stransky may have been the youngest rider in the $10,000 Open Jumper Stakes at the ESP October Horse Show in Wellington, FL, but that didn’t stop the talented teen from being near the top of the class. Aboard her chestnut mare, Anemone’s Vicky, the Miami Country Day School student was one of only three clean rounds to advance to the jump-off. The first rider in the class to put in a fault-free round, she was also the first in the jump-off, where she put in a speedy, four-fault trip. Her effort secured her the third place ribbon and $1,200 in prize money that she added to her ever-growing donations to the charity Step by Step Foundation.









Olivia van der Meer Special Thanks to the McCallions for allowing Olivia to ride Visconti in the Equitation



| equine Journal 115

Cookie DeSimone 617.347.6413 Sherborn ~ Wellesley

Greg Prince 917.833.9954






FINALS SHORT STIRRUP Karen Omura: 7th CHILDREN’S PONY Res. ChampionSamantha Hamzavi JUNIOR CHAMPIONAbby Bertelson Maddie Albano: 4th Tegan Treacy: 10th ADULT 18-30 Carly Corbacho: Open winner Kate Stento: 4th


NESC Abby Bertelson


FINALISTS Regionals Res. ChampionAbby Bertelson Mackenzie Clark REGIONALISTS Maddie Albano Caroline Bono Jillian Schelzi Francesca Stufano Sammy Valone


NEEC MINI-MEDAL ChampionSamantha Hamzavi ADULT 18-30 Res. Champion Laura Cannistraro Kate Stento: 9th JUNIOR Sammy Valone: 7th Jordan Stiller: 9th CALLBACK Jillian Schelzi Samantha Peck Caroline Bono

JUNIOR 2’9 ChampionSam Peck ADULT Res ChampionLaura Cannistraro Sean Rogers: 3rd

JUNIOR 5th & Open winnerAbby Bertelson CALLBACK: Sammy Valone Mackenzie Weller Tegan Treacy HORSEMANSHIP Abby Bertelson: 4th ADULT 18-22 Corinne Milbury: 7th CALLBACK: Haleigh Landrigan Kate Stento ADULT 23-40 Res ChampionSteve Violin CALLBACK Laura Cannistraro SPORTSMANSHIP WINNER: Melissa Welch BEST (AND ONLY) NEEC 5-STAR: Lisa Bertelson’s WRF Cafe

MINI MEDAL CLASSIC WinnerSamantha Hamzavi MINI-MEDAL FINAL Champion Samantha Hamzavi ADULT 18-35 FINAL Jacquie Maggiore: 8th Joanna Prager: 10th ADULT 36+ FINAL Sean Rogers: 3rd



N. AMERICAN FLAT EQ CHAMPS Abby Bertelson: 5th

CHILDREN’S HUNTER HORSE 15&U ChampionJordan Stiller Res. ChampionSamantha Peck CHILDREN’S HUNTER HORSE 15-17 Res. ChampionMia van Amson ADULT EQUITATION ChampionHaleigh Landrigan



Jillian Schelzi

NATIONAL OVERALL POINT LEADER: Haleigh Landrigan Carly Corbacho






Abby Bertelson Jillian Schelzi


Corinne Milbury: 11th Jacquie Maggiore

SHORT STIRRUP Caroline Ellis: 4th ADULT Janis Taranto

Thank you to all our customers and staff for an outstanding 2012! We’re VERY excited for a warm and sunny start to 2013 in Florida- first WEF and then Ocala! We LOVE our team and look forward to all that awaits in the exciting new year. Congratulations to everyone on our BEST YEAR EVER!

CORNERSTONE FARM Family Owned For More Than 28 Years.


Congratulations on a Great 2012 Finals Season!

Alexa Bayko & Essex Street Zone 1 Finals Res Ch Pre-greens 2nd Pre-green Classic Class Winner Adult Hunter 4th Adult Hunter Classic Ribbons Adult Hunter Capital Challange

Bob Moseder

Tobi Stall & Katera 5th MHC Adult 0/30 Finals 3rd Open Eq MHC 3rd Open Eq NEHC 5th Zone 1 Adult Hunter Classic 6th Zone 1 Adult Eq Challenge

Ashley Morin & Lindegardens Lorenzo 9th Open Eq NEHC Made 2nd Round NEHC Jr Finals Team NH Challenge of States Great Ribbons Childrens Hunter Zone Finals

Nicolas Hogan & Captain 33 1st Open Eq MHC 9th Open Eq NEHC Bronze Medal Challenge of States Team VT 6th Zone 1 Children’s Hunter Classic

Alexa Bayko & Lindegardens Lorenzo Champion MHC Adult 18-30 Finals 8th NEHC Adult 18-23 Finals 9th Ariat Finals 1st Open Eq NEHC 2nd Open Eq MHC 8th Zone 1 Adult Eq Challenge

Congratulations to all of our other medal qualifiers on their great year as well


Maryellen Sardella & Pacific 4th MHC Adult 0/30 Finals

Jess Lusty and Anucci 3rd Zone 1 Children’s Hunter Classic 4th Zone 1 Children’s Eq Challenge

Rachel Griffith Olivia Pucci Brittany Bouchard Nicole Sardella Jana Stevens Sydney Berube Michaela Kessel Finals add ons Jane Curtin Alicia Donahue Anthony Desimone and Game Face 12th MHC Adult 18-30 Finals

Monica Hunt

Pam Hunt

Anna Gavel & Katera 2nd Open Eq MHC 17th overall MHC Jr Finals

Taylor Kimball and Treffor 4th Zone 1 Children’s Hunter Classic

Triston Smith

32 Amesbury Line Road • Haverhill, MA 01830 • 978-407-5414 • December 2012

| equine Journal 117


(L-R) Challenge of the States bronze medal recipients Team Vermont 1, gold medal winners Team Connecticut 2, and silver medal recipients Team Connecticut 1.

New england equitation Championships Expand to a Five-Day Format By Melody Taylor-ScoTT

The 2012 New eNglaNd equiTaTioN Championships (NeeC), now in its 37th year, expanded to a five-day format to accommodate over 430 Junior and adult competitors, and also added live streaming video. This impressive equitation Medal final was held october 17-21 at the eastern States Coliseum in west Springfield, Ma. Show co-chairs amy eidson and Cookie deSimone, show manager Bob Crawford, Joe dotoli, Kelly Small, Kristen Bumpus, Carl Catani, Kathy Fletcher, Patti harnois, Fred hunt, armand Chenelle, debbie hoyt-

Banfield, Pam hunt, olana laffey, linda langmeier, Jay Sargent, liz Mokley, and laurel Tinney are to be commended for their tireless efforts in organizing this amazing event. There was a panel of six judges from around the country, comprised of Richard Slocum of Virginia, otis Brown from Kentucky, Mike Rosser and Keith hastings, both from North Carolina, Bill ellis of Florida, and Rob gage of California, who also served as the course designer. The NeeC Junior horsemanship Challenge, open to all junior exhibi-

tors competing in the New england horsemen’s Council (NehC) hunt Seat Medal Finals, is intended to identify the all-around horse person who not only rides well, but understands the importance of quality horse care. This year’s challenge, officiated by three judges comprised of NeeC alumni, Kate Chope, dVM, laura Faulkner, dVM, and special guest u.S. olympian Melanie SmithTaylor, was won by Sophie Povirk. in the hugely popular Challenge of the States, NeeC gold went to Team 2 from Connecticut, comprised of Rebekah Chenelle, wendy Collins, Sydney Smith, Keeley gambino, alexandra Carlton, and Chef d’equipe Melissa dander. Silver went to Team CT1 and the bronze was awarded to Team VT1. This year’s adult amateur 18-22 Medal went to Colin quinlan. Reserve went to emma Johnson. out of a field of 221 entries, the NeeC Junior Champion was Michael Janson, with ali Tritschler following in reserve. The adult amateur 23-40 Medal went to gwen goodwin, while reserve went to Steven Violin. The adult amateur 41 and over Medal went to amy Cooper, with Michelle Fallon following in reserve. This year’s lifetime achievement award went to renowned horsewoman Kip Rosenthal. The Nicholas award for outstanding horse was awarded to both Condesi, owned by Jean Sheptoff, and ludo, owned by Carly Corbacho; the Judge’s Choice was won by gifford. The groom’s award was presented to ashley

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| December 2012

PhoToS: caThrin caMMeTT

Adult Amateur 18-22 Medal Champion Colin Quinlan.

Oasis, Inc.

Congratulates all clients on a great year! Amy Cooper and Spyglass (Photo by Cathrin Cammett)

winner of the New England Adult Medal Finals

Devin Johnson on the purchase of Emilio

(Shawn Mcmillen Photography)

Autumn Janesky on the purchase of S Class Oasis also congratulates Mary Davis and Samorano, winners of the Adult Open Equitation Class of New England Finals; Autumn Janesky and Peper Gold, 6th place in the NAL Childrens Jumper Finals. Special thanks to Troy and Sarah Curulla, Melanie Leiner, Angela Covert , Keean White, Melissandre Lincourt, Stepping Stone Farm, Ian Curry, and James Belden. MedďŹ eld, MA Kristy McCormack

(609) 425-9474

LitchďŹ eld, CT

Wellington, FL Richard Herrera (352) 204-9389


67th Annual Pennsylvania national horse show Showcases a Wealth of Equestrian Talent The 67Th AnnuAl PennsylvAniA national horse show, held October 11-20 in harrisburg, PA, featured exciting, world-class competition. From first-time Junior riders to Olympic veterans, the Pennsylvania Farm show Complex and exhibition Center showcased a wealth of talented equestrians displaying their skills. Kent Farrington and uceko won the $85,000 Fei World Cup Grand Prix de Penn national and thrilled the crowd with a lightning fast ride in the jump-off. it was the third win in the prestigious event for Farrington, who had a clear round time of 37.95 seconds. A field of 31 riders from eight nations competed in the Grand Prix, and the list read like a who’s who in the equestrian industry. Four out of the nine that made it to the jump-off were Olympians, but of those only Margie engle managed a clear round in a time of 46.68 seconds for fifth place. Beezie Madden, who went first in the jump-off, had faults, as did Mclain Ward and Reed Kessler. second place went to Katie Dinan of new york, ny, who piloted nougat du vallet to a fault-free round on the Alan Wade designed course in 39.48 seconds. The show hosted a number of other disciplines and fun contests each night as well. Foxhunting competitors and enthusiasts throughout the east traveled to harrisburg to experience the fun and

$85,000 FEI World Cup Grand Prix de Penn National winners Kent Farrington and Uceko. Local Hunter Champion Reminiscent, ridden by Allison Wherley.

excitement of hunt night, which began with the Field hunter class for riders age 35 and under, which was won by Petty Cash, of the Green spring valley hunt, and shown by Katie Cooper. Cooper also took home the hunt night leading lady Rider Award. The featured event of the evening was the Team hunt Competition. Ten hunt clubs from the east Coast sent teams. The popular event entails groups of three riders jumping the course at the same time and following each other as if out on a hunt. For the final fence all three riders jump in unison. Much to the delight of the crowd, the River hills hunt Club was declared the winner. local horse owners and riders held the spotlight during local night, sponsored by susan and stephen symons.

The local hunter Championship, the evening’s highest honor, was won by Reminiscent, owned by Kathryn Frydenborg of stewartstown, PA, and ridden by Allison Wherley. Divinity, owned and shown by Bridget Gregory, won the reserve championship. Wednesday night was Western night at the Pennsylvania national, featuring invitational Barrel Racing and Flag Race competitions sponsored by W&l sales and susan and stephen symons. in jumping action that night, shane sweetnam of ireland won the exciting $10,000 Open Jumper Gambler’s Choice. As the last rider to go, sweetnam realized his only chance for victory was to put it all on the line with Cyklon 1083, by jumping the “Double or nothing” fence. The risk paid off, as the pair clinched the win. For more details on the 67th Pennsylvania national horse show, visit

Equitation Championships Pimentail of Riverwind Farm and the sue Brainard Award went to Terry Gibbon. Winning the Junior sportsmanship Award was Alexandra Carlton; the Adult sportsmanship awards went to nicole stamm and Melissa Welch. Alannah Wagstaff won the Adult scholarship and the Junior scholarship was given to Kyle Blakeman. Adult Amateur 41 and Over Medal Champion Adult Amateur 23-40 Medal Champion Gwen Amy Cooper. Goodwin. The two Blue Ribbon high Point Rider awards went to Adult Colin Quinlan and Junior For more information and full Championships, please visit Rebekah Chenelle. results from the new england equitation 120 equine


| December 2012

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Recepient of the 2012 “Nicholas” Career Achiement Award at the NEEC Photo courtesy of Cathryn Cammett Photography

Anna Eugene

ASPCA Maclay Qualifier 2012 National Horse Show

Le Chasseur

Owned by Mary Chase, Ridden by Cory Hardy Reserve Champion First Year Green Hunter Division 2012 Hampton Classic Photo courtesy of Shawn McMillan Photography

Congratulations to everyone at Newbury on a fantastic finish to the 2012 show season! We look forward to a successful WEF 2013!

Cory Hardy, Trainer (978)337-0366


Adult 18-30 Medal Champion Alexa Bayko.

Adult Over 30 Medal Champion Laura Kadane.

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| December 2012

Photos: cathrin cammett

MhC days of Champions Medal Finals

went to laura Kadane, followed by reserve champion Nicole Nichelmann. Saturday was Junior day with 121 riders competing for top honors. in Open Junior equitation, Samantha howell claimed Under 14 Section a Offers Another Year of Top-Notch Competition aboard Quintess. Section B was won by Nicolas horgan riding Captain 33. in the Open Junior 15-17 division, india Bluett after warm-ups on Thursday, September The highly regarded 27, exhibitors were served excellent beef and Venus went home with the blue Massachusetts horsemen’s Council ribbon in Section a. alexandra Carlton stew from the lincoln grille and bever(MhC) Medal Finals, held September won Section B riding Signature. and in ages at the Welcome Party. 28-30 at the 3 County Fairgrounds in Section C, Sydney Smith took top honors On Friday, September 28, over 100 Northampton, Ma, have wrapped up riding Calimero. This year’s MhC days of adults competed in Open equitation for the 31st year. Show Manager debby Champions Junior Medal Champion was and their respective Medal Finals. The Tate and Chairman Felicia Knowles Sarah Kieran. The reserve championship adult Open 18-30 Section a winner was produced a top notch event and went to Sydney Smith and Calimero. Casey Zuraitis, and in Section B, anna welcomed over 300 competitors. Sunday, September 30 brought the Open r. Pavlov took home top honors. This year’s finals offered a four-judge equitation Championship, along with the The MhC adult 18-30 Medal ended panel that included Fran dotoli from Person of the year award and the MhC with alexa Bayko taking the championNorth hero, VT; Joyce Przebowqski Mini Medal Championship. The Under ship, followed by reserve rider laura of Medford, Ny; James Zulia of eustis, 11 Open equitation Section a winner Cannistraro. Fl; and Mike Nielson of diamond Bar, was Taia laPointe. The Section B winner The adult Open Over 30 division was Ca, who also designed the technically was Syona Shah. in the Open 12-14 divihotly contested, with a number of riders challenging course. announcer Melissa sion, Section a, Brigitta Shepard took vying for the blue ribbon. in Section a, Brown, show secretary Charlene Brown, the top spot. Section B was claimed by paddock master russell Stewart, and the Kim Miller went home the winner. in Section B, Nicole Nichelmann was named Shae Jackson. in the MhC Mini Medal equestrian Management Solutions jump Championship, Samantha hamzav the victor. The MhC adult Over 30 Medal crew kept the show moving smoothly. was crowned the winner, followed by reserve champion annabel revers. The 2012 annual Person of the year award was given to Trainer Joyce Mersereau of Stoneymeade Farm for her positive support and many accomplishments in the industry. The 2012 Pony of the year award went to Strawberry Smoothie, who is now owned by Nina Wordell. For more information, Person of the Year Award recipient Joyce Mersereau Pony of the Year Award recipient Strawberry of Stoneymeade Farm. Smoothie, owned by Nina Wordell. visit


Reed Kessler and Cylana Win the $100,000 President’s Cup Grand Prix at the Washington International Horse Show Usa’s 18-year-old show jumping sensation, Reed Kessler—who was the last to go in the jump-off and shaved another two seconds off of santana’s $100,000 President’s Cup Grand Prix winner Reed Kessler riding time—aboard Cylana. her phenomenal mare, Cylana, that to be all the way to the President’s won the class in 32.62 seconds. Cup now. it is one of my favorite shows. i can’t even count (how many years i have been coming here my whole i’ve been coming to Wihs),” Kessler life and i love being in the middle of laughed. “i think i was champion here the city.” in the small ponies when i was little, For full results and more information, i did the equitation final, then junior visit jumpers for a bunch of years and then

The 2012 WashingTon international horse show (Wihs) concluded on sunday, october 28 after a great week of competition at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. Margie engle and indigo, owned by griese, garber, hidden Creek, and gladwinds, cleared the $100,000 President’s Cup grand Prix jump-off course in 36.42 seconds to eventually finish fourth. Matt Williams of australia and samantha Tuerk’s Watch Me VD Mangelaar improved on that time, completing the course in 36.15 seconds and securing third place honors. Brazil’s Paulo santana and Taloubet were a full two seconds faster than Williams, at 34.15 seconds, to take the lead, but would have to settle for second. in the end, it was the

2013 Connecticut Horse Symposium Saturday March 2 & Sunday March 3 University of Connecticut, Storrs Horsebarn Hill Arena Events include: • Vendor Fair • UConn Morgan Drill Team • Sat AM - Clinic w/Western Dressage Cathy Drumm • Sat PM – Clinic w/Behaviorist Casey Sugarman • Sun AM – Driving Draft Horses Clinic w/Terry & Elaine Juska Joseph of Cedar Knoll Farm

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Money raised is used to directly support equine research and extension programs at the University of Connecticut! No pre-registration needed! Sponsored by the University of Connecticut’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Department of Animal Science. Photo: shawn mcmillen PhotograPhy

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connecticut horse shows association Affiliate Farm Launches “The Pines Hunter Derby” The Pines Farm, locaTed in south Glastonbury, cT, offers 15 open horse shows annually, eight of which are affiliated with connecticut horse shows association (chsa). The Pines also affiliates its shows with the United states equestrian Federation (UseF), connecticut hunter & Jumper association (chJa), new england horsemen’s council (nehc), and marshall & sterling league (m&s). Paul and marie Foohey have built the farm, which they started over 25 years ago, to the high regard in which it is held today. Facilities include a 100' x 210' indoor competition ring with allweather footing and a heated ringside viewing area. it has two outdoor rings, a grass hunt course and a sand ring. it has plenty of free parking, stall rentals, and an on-site food vendor for all shows. This year, Paul and marie, with the aid of their daughter, Paula, launched The Pines hunter derby on september 9. The derby was open to all exhibitors with no restrictions to horse/pony or rider. The first round was a hunter classic, and the second was a derby course. The class was held on the grass hunt course and included at least three of the following: a tire jump, firewood jump, high/low option jump, bank jump, hay bale jump or trot fence. Paula said that they turned their hunt course into an outside course for the class, allowing an option to exit the ring, jump a fence and return to the ring. it was run at three height options: 2', 2'6", and 3', and pinned together. Formal attire was requested although not required. This

Andrew Davis finished in third place.

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| December 2012

class counted as bonus points for the trainer’s award. Ten ribbons and neck sashes were given. additionally, the champion won a cooler donated by The equestrian centre of avon, cT; 50% of Kristen Guadagnino, pictured with Call The Tune, claimed first and second place in the derby. the add-back purse; a gift certificate for an 11''x14'' photograph donated by Tlh Photography; and a $50 gift certificate for entries at The Pines’ horse shows. The reserve champion also won a $100 gift certificate donated by Beval saddlery; 25% of the add-back purse; a gift certificate for an 8"x10" photograph donated by Tlh Photography; and a $25 gift certificate for entries at The Pines’ horse shows. and, the third place winner received Competitor Grace Tice aboard Hollywood Bound. a $50 gift certificate donated by The equestrian center; 25% in second, riding moose. Time Piece of the add-back purse; a gift certificate and andrew davis claimed third Place for a 5"x7" photograph donated by Tlh and was the 2' high score award. in Photography; and a $25 gift certificate for fourth place was holly rebello with entries at The Pines’ horse shows. london Fog, who also took the 3' high Three Wellfleet Bridlework bridles were also donated by smartPak™. They score award winner. and finishing in fifth through 10th place, respectively, were awarded to the high-point pair of were Justin Thyme and ava stearns; each section (3', 2'6", and 2'). The Pines Wentworth and Paula Foohey; new thanks the sponsors for their generous castle and hilary Zak; Knight court donations. and Jordin Borkoski; montego Bay The farm’s first derby drew 27 and catherine maher; and Kirin and competitors. riders in the handy round leanne Budek. had fun exiting the ring up the bank, The Pines Farm would like to completing a course of natural obstacles congratulate the winners. Photos outside the ring, and returning to the from the event were provided by Tlh ring via a bridge to finish the course Photography and can be found on their over a trot fence and two final jumps. website at riders completing the test with a hand The Pines has plans for two derbies gallop to the final oxer were awarded next year. in addition to the september an extra point for handiness, with a 8 event, there is another one planned maximum total of five handy points for may 11, 2013. The derby will be accruable throughout the round. These points were added to their second round split into two sections: 2'-2'6" and 3' and pinned separately, with 10 ribbons scores. The results are as follows: The and prizes for each section. There are first place recipient and 2'6" high score also plans for new natural obstacles, award winner of the same section including a larger bank jump up to the was Kristen Guadagnino aboard call outside course. The Tune. Guadagnino also finished

PhotoS: tlh PhotoGraPhy

Submitted by GeorGe JenSen



Incentive Foundation Investment Accomplishment


Future The USHJA Pre-Green Incentive Program COMING D EC EM BER 2 012 Enrollment Opens November 15th


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New hampshire hunter Jumper Association Holds Annual Equitation and Hunter Finals Submitted by Jodi Fortier

The NeW hAMPShIRe hUNTeR Jumper Association (NhhJA) hosted its equitation and hunter finals over Columbus Day weekend in Swanzey, Nh. Brian Flynn and Bill Joyce were invited to judge the event, and the NhhJA committee put on its usual tip-top performance to make everything run like a well-oiled machine. everything from the wine and cheese social, to the team challenge pizza party was well planned and orchestrated. The show kicked off on Friday afternoon with the Stone Pony and eaton Berube equitation classics, followed by two jumper classics. The kids favorite, the Team Challenge wrapped up the evening. Parents and trainers enjoyed the wine and cheese social while riders

collaborated on the horsemanship test, course walk, and coaching each other Show ReSultS Stone Pony Equitation Classic Champion: Kasha Fonzo. Eaton Berube Classic Champion: Jessica Bowen 2’6”-2’9” Jumper Classic Champion: Sarah Philbrick and Rootbeer Float. 3’-3’3” Jumper Classic Champion: Shannon Rice and Himalaya. Leadline Equitation and Leadline Pleasure Champion: Avery Dudley and Hillbilly Lily. Walk-Trot Equitation Champion: Lindsay Stenmark. Walk-Trot Pleasure Champion: Brynn Rautiola and Double Take. Walk-Trot Equitation Over Ground Poles Champion: Emina Wesoja. Pony Hunter Pleasure Champion: Wyeth Joas and Vitamin P. Hunter Pleasure Champion: Isabel Brizuela and Imax. 18” Open Equitation Champion: Ava Russell. 18” Novice Medal Champion: Emily Chae. Open 2’3” Equitation Champion: Maeve Foley. New Hampshire Children’s Medal Champion: Maeve Foley. New Hampshire Modified Adult Medal Champion: Jerica Turgeon. Open 2’6” Equitation Champion: Taylor Svenconis. Pony Medal Champion: Caleigh

in the ring. A great time was had by the riders and spectators alike. NhhJA did its part in fundraising for the benefit of Perry hill Farm, who lost several horses and a barn in a tragic fire. Calendars were also sold to benefit the humane Society. Congratulations to all of our winners! It was another successful close to a wonderful season. We look forward to seeing all of you at the annual banquet. Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm. Patterson. New Hampshire Special Child/Adult Medal Champion: Madeline Blake. Adult Equitation Champion: Jessica Bowen. Adult Medal Champion: Jessica Bowen. Equitation under 15 Champion: Jennifer DePietro. 15-17 Equitation Champion: Isabelle Werman. New Hampshire Jr. Medal Champion: Sarah Philbrick. The 18” Open Hunter Champion: Chloe Noyes and Tickle Me Pink. 18” Hunter Classic Champion: Victoria Saidel and PR Pandora. 2’3” Open Hunters Champion: Emily Dollard and Bella Luna. Hunter Classic Champion: Maeve Foley and Captain Crunch. Open Pony Hunter Champion: Miranda Adcock and Nutty Buddy. Twice as Nice Pony Hunter Classic Champion: Caleigh Patterson and Leap of Faith. Open 2’6” Hunters Champion: Jesse Fortier and Hindsight. Hunter Classic Champion: Jesse Fortier and Do Tell. 3’ Open Hunter Champion: My Riki and Sarah Philbrick. 3’ Hunter Classic Champion: Kasha Fonzo and Concerto. A complete list of all results can be found online at

Peter Pletcher and Sambalino Win Big at Capital Challenge Horse Show

126 equine


| December 2012

rienced a life-changing injury a little more than a year ago. Pletcher and Sambalino, a 10-year-old Brandenburg gelding by Samba hit, scored an 89.66 in the first round and sat in second place just behind Scott Stewart on Alexandra Crown’s garfield. They returned for the second round and scored an 85.91 for a total of 175.57, which would hold on for first place when Stewart scored an 84 in the second round for a total of 173.91, enough for fourth place. elizabeth Boyd and Quatrain, owned by Finally Farm and Janet Peterson, finished second with a total of 174.24. Kelley Farmer and Jessica Stitt’s Taken scored a 174.08 to take third place. Fifth place went to Akinda, owned by Victoria Press and ridden by Patricia griffith, who had a score of 173.16. Pletcher said of Sambalino, “It’s so nice to be able to have a horse like that to ride in any competition, but at this level when it’s all of the great horses put together, it’s amazing. he’s an

$25,000 World Championship Hunter Rider Professional Challenge winner Peter Pletcher aboard Sambalino.

amazing horse, I love him. he always looked like the kind of horse that everybody wants to ride. he just has that look about him. he’s beautiful, and when you walk by, you see people turn and stare at him. he has that ambiance about him and it goes right through to his workmanship as a horse.” Pletcher and Sambalino were presented with the “little Brook” Perpetual Trophy donated by gary Duffy. For more information and full results, visit

Photo: Shawn mcmillen PhotograPhy

The 2012 CAPITAl ChAlleNge horse Show, held September 29 – October 7 at the Prince george’s equestrian Center in Upper Marlboro, MD, concluded with this year’s event honoring the best horses and riders in the country. Show managers Oliver Kennedy and Billy glass were proud to host one of the best competitions in the nation and thank their sponsors, exhibitors, and staff. In its 19th year, the Capital Challenge set itself apart with a distinct and unique focus on preeminent hunter competition. In the $25,000 WChR (World Championship hunter Rider) Professional Challenge, sponsored by The Bainbridge Companies, it was Peter Pletcher of Magnolia, TX, who came away with the title. It was a great win for Pletcher, who also clinched this class with the famous January’s Best in 2000. he was happy to have his mother there to see him win, and it was a triumphant return to the winner’s circle for Pletcher, who expe-

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Eventing news

FOX PENNY FUN Fox Penny Farm (FPF) out of Windsor, VT, reports that they had a fun and successful season! With the help and support of Alison Eastman of Apple Tree Farm, FPF began a program for the younger students to learn and ride called Saddle Club. Student Samantha Colt and her newly acquired offthe-track Thoroughbred, Sky Ranger, worked hard to gain a partnership this year. They finished the season at the Hitching Post Farm schooling horse trials in October at their first Beginner Novice event with clean jumping phases. And Leah Titus just discovered the thrill of eventing this year. She also competed at Hitching Post on one of the farm’s horses in the Grasshopper division at her first-ever event, and finished fourth in her section. FPF’s instructor/manager, Kelly Foster, also had a successful season on her homebred gelding, Irrefutable—whose sire was Denny Emerson’s wonderful stallion, Reputed Testimony. The pair ended the season at the Preliminary 128 EQUINE


Level. Melissa Baumann and her horse Mystery completed a good year, as the duo started with schooling horse trials at the Beginner Novice Level and ended the season at their first recognized event at the GMHA September Horse Trials, where they placed second in their division. All look forward to next year.

EVENTING EDUCATION Speaking of Melissa Baumann, she was one of two recipients that recently received a USEA Area I Educational Scholarship. The Area I Scholarship Committee announced that she and Seija Samoylenko of Massachusetts had won $250 to go toward furthering their knowledge of and skill development in the sport of eventing. Melissa plans to utilize her prize money for additional training toward a move up to Novice Level and other future goals. Seija will pursue safer and more successful work over fences via lessons with Scott Keach with her award. For 2013, all four scholarships will be awarded in the spring, with applications

| December 2012

due by March 15, 2013. Visit for more information.


dressage skills to Hitching Post Farm for their fall schooling trials on October 13. The pair had a rough outing from the get-go, as Vaquero refused to load onto the trailer first thing in the frigid morning, followed by an elimination or voluntary retirement in all three phases—each of which Steph takes full responsibility for, and treated the eventful day as a learning experience. “Eventers are tough and that’s what a schooling show is for—and Hitching Post always has a great one!” she said.

Stephanie Mallick put on her dressage hat and headed to GMHA’s Fall Dressage Show, held September 29-30, for the first time since 1995. She brought her Thoroughbred-warmblood cross, Vaquero—who she bought from Sharon White last year and usually acts as one of her event horses—to his first recognized show. In an effort to gain more discipline over fences, Steph decided to take a break from jumping and just did flat work for six weeks—then signed up for Open Training Level Test 2 at GMHA. She appreciated judge Rick Pearson’s honest assessment of her test, for which she earned a third place ribbon. Melissa Baumann completed her first recognized horse trials at GMHA this season, Stephanie then and also received an educational scholartook Vaquero and ship from USEA Area I. her newly refined


[LEFT] Samantha Colt aboard Sky Ranger at Hitching Post Farm. [RIGHT] Leah Titus on Fox Penny Farm’s All Systems Go at Hitching Post.

eventing Youthful Champions Congratulations to katie murphy and her americanbred hanoverian gelding, esccord rGs! the duo traveled to fair hill international to compete in the Young event horse Championships. they returned home to hopkinton, nh, with the title of 2012 spalding labs Young event horse four-Year-old east Coast Champions! “Garth” was bred by Page Brook farms in hollis, nh.

require her to wear a brace that covered from her neck to her pelvis for two months. later, doctors discovered one of the vertebrae had further shifted, and would require surgery. karen was released from the hospital on october 26 and is back on the road to recovery, due in part, according to the surgeons, because she was wearing her air vest at the time of the accident. veronica, the horse that karen was riding, had very minor injuries and has fully recovered.

home sweet home after suffering a burst t4 vertebrae fracture and a compression fracture of the t5 vertebrae due to a rotational fall at the morven Park horse trials on october 5-7, karen o’Connor was initially released from the hospital with a good prognosis, but one that would

farewell Condolences go out to mary king who lost her former four-star mount, apache sauce, on october 6 at weston Park. her daughter, emily, was riding the 16-year-old gelding in the CCi2* on cross-country when, between fences two and

stephanie mallick and Vaquero warming up at hitching post.

three, apache suffered from a ruptured tendon and was later put down. emily, 16, took over the ride in may 2012 when mary and owner Gillian Jonas retired apache sauce from top-level competition.

hall of famers the united states eventing association (usea) is excited to announce the names of

the 2012 inductees into the eventing hall of fame. the ceremony will take place at the hall of fame Gala, during the usea annual meeting and Convention in Colorado springs on december 5, 2012. this year’s inductees include: roger haller; the late amy tryon; lana wright; and horses Giltedge and the Gray Goose.

hannah Sue Burnett Claims CCi3* At Dansko Fair Hill International

Photos: (toP) CourtesY of stePhanie malliCk; (Bottom) Joan davis/flatlandsfoto

The final day aT The 24Th annual dansko fair hill international, held at the fair hill natural Resources Management area in the scenic countryside of fair hill, Md, on October 18-21, proved to be the best and possibly the most exciting, with both the CCi3* and CCi2*competitions wrapping up. Maintaining her lead throughout the week to win the CCi3*, hannah Sue Burnett of The Plains, Va—riding the bay irish Sport horse gelding harbour Pilot—finished with 43.0 penalties, going fault-free in both cross-country and show jumping. On winning her second three-star at fair hill as well as the two-star in 2009, hannah Sue said, “it’s kind of unreal. The first day i got here i went up to the main arena and it really reminded me of dick Thompson (former owner and sponsor). it really brought back a lot of memories. That’s the most special thing to me about this place.” Marilyn little of frederick, Md, had one rail down on the seven-year-old grey Wurttemberger gelding Rf Smoke on the Water, but still finished the CCi3*

as reserve champion on a score of 52.4. On her other horse, Rf demeter, Marilyn finished just two places behind in fourth. “i was really pleased to see him make such a great effort,” said Marilyn of Rf Smoke on the Water’s show jumping round. Phillip dutton of West Grove, Pa, rode the bay irish Sport horse gelding, fernhill eagle, to a faultless show jumping round. The pair finished third in the CCi3* on their dressage score of 53.2. Phillip said of fernhill eagle, “i am optimistic that we will be a fair bit more competitive next spring.” Winning the CCi2* was 19-year-old Connor husain of Great falls, Va, riding the Swedish Warmblood gelding Piece of hope. With a clear show jumping round, Connor and Piece of hope finished the weekend with no additional penalties added to their dressage score of 44.7. Connor, a full-time student in Business Management at George Mason university, trains at his family’s Morningside Training farm. When asked about his win Connor said, “it’s unreal; it’s absolutely amazing, i am so lucky. i

CCi3* Champions hannah sue Burnett and harbour pilot.

don’t even know how to describe it.” a close competition at the top of the CCi2* saw australia’s Clayton fredericks, riding the Selle francais gelding Pigrela des Cabanes, move up to second with a final score of 43.6. Clayton recently relocated from england to his new training base in Ocala, fl. Jennie Brannigan of West Grove, Pa, was the leader after cross-country in the two-star aboard the seven-year-old dutch-bred gelding, indie. however, the pair added four jumping penalties to their dressage score of 43.9 on the final day—enough to drop them to third place. for more information and full results from fair hill, visit December 2012

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Morven park Fall Horse trials Hosts Area II Championships By laura Doyle

Championship was Kim severson on Cooley Cross Border, who went double-clear in crosscountry and show jumping and finished on her dressage score of 28.6. she was followed by Lynn symansky on Wall street Melody, with Mary Clare on perfect enough finishing in third. the open Beginner novice Championship went to Kristin Bachman on serendipity, followed by Meagan Hennessy on impressive stuff and Michelle robbins on Little Gem. Matt Flynn captured the novice Championship on Chopard, and Lauren Kieffer took home the preliminary Championship. not to be outdone, Junior riders were well represented in the Beginner novice Championship division as Laura strauch finished in first place on her mare, exclusively sunny, followed by Molly sherman on Bento Box and Meghan stehly riding Brit’s party Favor. skyler decker clinched first place on nickels & dimes in the Junior novice Championships, and Katie Bibeau, riding north astor Beau, won the Junior/Young rider training Championship. top honors went to sara Vitkus on season o’reason for the Junior/Young rider preliminary Championship division. Morven park is already looking forward to the 2013 spring Horse trials. For full results, visit

Holly Payne and Madeline won the Advanced Championship.

Mara Depuy claimed Open Preliminary aboard Alimit.

Junior/Young Rider Training Champions Katie Bibeau and North Astor Beau.

Eventing contact listings Bevin O’Reilly (tl), Brattleboro, VT, 413-478-1661,

Stoneleigh-Burnham School (tl), 574 Bernardston road, Greenfield, MA 01301, 413-774-2711, fax 413-772-2602,

Kimberly Cartier Dome (tl), Candia, nH 03034, 603-483-0171,,

Winchester Stables (tsl), Bevin O’Reilly Dugan, 336 River Road, Newfane, VT 05345, 802-365-9434,

Call 800-742-9171 if you would like to be featured in our Eventing Contact Listings 130 equine


| December 2012

b=breeding, t=training, s=sales, l=lessons

PHoTos: GrC PHoToGraPHy & DesiGn, inC

Horse and rider partnersHips were put to the test as a record number of eventing’s finest gathered to compete at the 2012 Morven park Fall Horse trials in early october. over 400 competed in Beginner novice through advanced levels in all three phases. the trials were especially exciting since Morven, located in Leesburg, Va, also hosted the 2012 Usea area ii Championships. this is the first time all championship divisions have been held at one location. this event in particular gave the professional riders a chance to compete as well as coach their students since all levels were run. Many olympic veterans were also in attendance to enjoy the challenging course and prepare for the CCi3* at Fair Hill international. Finishing at the top for the advanced Championship was Holly payne on Madeline, followed by Boyd Martin, Laine ashker, and Kristin schmolze placing second through fourth respectively. top honors in the intermediate Championship again went to Holly, as she finished in first place aboard santino. Mara depuy captured first place in the advanced combined test on Fun Maker, with a double-clear jumping round and a dressage score of 33.7. she also won the open preliminary division on alimit, with sharon White on Merloch and phillip dutton on Mansfield park finishing second and third. in the advanced horse trials, Hannah sue Burnett took first on Harbour pilot, with Will Faudree on dHi Colour Candy finishing second. taking first place in the training


Preliminary winners Hallie Coon and Namaste.

Unh horse Trials Wraps Up 2012 Series with Fall Event The UniversiTy of new hampshire equine program wrapped up its 2012 eventing season with its fall event, held at the Durham campus on september 29-30. Just in excess of 150 horse and rider teams competed over the weekend. saturday’s dressage phases were efficiently run under grey skies with president of the Ground Jury Joan fleser and judges Janet Briggs and Judy Lawless officiating. all judges remarked that they were impressed by the quality of the riding, and many division leaders earned marks in the 20s. Due to the parent’s weekend home football game, all competitors used the rings on spinney Lane for the first time in nearly five years. “we usually run one ring up in

our outdoor schooling arena,” says Competition manager and Chair of the organizing Committee Christina Keim. “however, the football field and tailgating area is directly across the street. every time Unh earns a touchdown, they launch a cannon. we decided that this was perhaps too much excitement for eventing horses to handle during a dressage test.” a steady drizzle made conditions on cross-country slippery and required competitors to make frequent adjustments to speed and balance. in spite of the weather, nearly all of the horses that started cross-country completed Dr. Jim Gornall’s courses with limited penalties. Division winners for the weekend included hallie Coon and namaste in

preliminary and erin Langan and Blue Collar Dollar in preliminary-Training. sarah Kuhn and atlanta B, rachel Taylor and only my Life, and hannah LoChiatto and meant to Be ii won divisions at Training Level. Katie murphy and esccord rGs, susan Boquist and Class act, Caitlin Donahue and athena, and Cassie farley and noble won large novice divisions. Beginner novice winners included audrey Bean and Coldsnap, Jocelyn hawe and foolish Little Devil, Lisa Toli and fairfarren, and Lillie Durnan and Devil in Disguise. special awards were presented to Dawn Dascomb and sydney DDD, whose 27.0 in novice C earned them the Lowest scoring Unh student or alumni award; Bantry Bay’s Joey, ridden by eliza farren, whose 29.0 in novice a won him the american Connemara pony society award for Best scoring Connemara; and hannah LoChiatto and meant to Be ii and faith potorski and Devon, who were the lowest and second lowest scoring pony Clubbers, respectively. LoChiatto is a member of the old north Bridge pony Club and potorski belongs to overlook pony Club. for more information about the Unh equine program and its horse trials, visit

Training A was won by Sarah Kuhn and Atlanta B.

Brian WilCox/ConneCtiCut Photo

Photos: (CloCKWise FroM toP) hooF Pix® sPort horse PhotoGraPhy, llC;

Kent school horse Trials Host 125 Competitors

By rayMonD Denis, Photo By ConneCtiCut Photo

The KenT sChooL faLL horse Trials in Kent, CT, took place on october 7, 2012 at the historic site of the Kent stables, located on top of skiff mountain. it was a beautiful fall day that held the threat of rain overnight, only to give way to a warm sunny day with peak foliage and 360 degrees of spectacular views surrounding the

event venue. The competition was supported by a full slate of 125 entries that found the dressage area a little wet in places from the late september rains; however, they enjoyed jumping the Linda smithdesigned stadium course in the sand ring behind the Grand prix grass ring

continued on page 132

Michlelle Marrin, Ray Denis, and Gillian Perry present Heather Carlson aboard Solvent with the Gillian and Hart Perry Good Sportsmanship Award. December 2012

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Runs Annual Recognized Dressage Show Submitted by Cheryl matthewSon and Selby waJCS

and sunny, there were a few sprinkles to be endured during the afternoon. Fortunately, Carbery Fields has a large indoor arena that allowed the riders to warm up their horses and to stay dry until their tests. The judge, Kem Barbosa (s), was a delight to work with and did a superb job judging each of the rides. Photos from the show were taken by professional photographer, Cindy arendt, and can be found on her website, Cindy has been a great supporter of CDCTa for each of the shows this year, and her efforts are truly appreciated! several awards were recognized for earning high point scores. The Junior/Young rider of the Day was angela Peavy, riding stuart Little. The CDCTa Member award was given to Karen norton aboard red Baron. The adult amateur rider of the Day was Maryann gile on Phoenix. Finally, the open rider with the highest score was Liz Maryann Gile was the Adult Amateur Rider of the Day aboard Phoenix. Caron, riding emerson. The ConneCTiCuT Dressage and Combined Training association (CDCTa) hosted its fall united states Dressage Federation (usDF)-recognized dressage show on october 7, 2012, at the beautiful facility of Carbery Fields in Lebanon, CT. There was a successful turnout with 37 competitors riding 59 tests, starting at Training Level and continuing through intermediare Level. While the weather started out beautiful

Kent School Horse Trials continued from page 131

that was set up in advance. Thankfully, there were no injuries to horse or rider, and the Training division enjoyed christening a new cross-country track laid out by course designer ronan Maloney with fewer twists and turns than the previous track. 132 equine


| December 2012

The first place recipients were as follows: in Preliminary-Training, alyssa gagnon and Most Wanted were the winners. sandra holden claimed Training a aboard Cano Cristales, while Peter Berk and Princeton Pride took the top spot in Training B. at the novice Level, angelica Consiglio riding Justa Performer; Tamara Caruso with rocket Man; and rebecca CoffinVicke aboard Devine intervention,

Show ReSultS Training LeveL TesT 1: 1. Cindy McInnis on Class in Motion; 2. Joelle Conover on Tribute to Securitee; 3. Stephen Ruggiero on Dream Works. Training LeveL TesT 2: 1. Elizabeth Caron on Emerson; 2. Cindy McInnis on Class in Motion; 3. Joelle Conover on Tribute to Securitee. Training LeveL TesT 3: 1. Elizabeth Caron on Emerson; 2. Jennifer Czechowski on Antsje Veza; 3. Linda Lambert on Wunderlich. FirsT LeveL TesT 1: 1. Jennifer Czechowski on Antsje Veza; 2. Karen Norton on Red Baron; 3. Brooke Nelson on Leander. FirsT LeveL TesT 2: 1. Annie Morris on Icaro HGF; 2. Rosalie Stabile on Kerst. FirsT LeveL TesT 3: 1. Melissa Tindall on Patryce; 2. Linda Lambert on Wunderlich; 3. Caroline Gilbody on Dun Real Tuff. second LeveL TesT 1: 1. Angela Peavy on Stuart Little; 2. Melissa Tindall on Patryce; 3. Deborah Murphy on Irish Bricin. second LeveL TesT 2: 1. Deborah Murphy on Irish Bricin; 2. Sherri Pasquale on Zalani; 3. Morgan Covensky on Michael. Third LeveL TesT 1: 1. Maryann Gile on Phoenix; 2. Dilara Gersdorf on Markant RH; 3. Susan Karsch on Matador. Third LeveL TesT 2: 1. Maryann Gile on Phoenix; 2. Dilara Gersdorf on Markant RH; 3. Susan Karsch on Matador. Third LeveL TesT 3: 1. Dee Loveless on PVF Power Factor; 2. Jennifer Chong on Juilliard. FoUrTh LeveL TesT 1: 1. Laurie Davis Sigfridson on Espereaux; 2. Susan Rainville on Tattoo; 3. Dee Loveless on PVF Power Factor. FoUrTh LeveL TesT 2: 1. Barbara Griscom on Uno; 2. Cynthia Clarke Paolillo on Magnum; 3. Wendy Rigby on Rhythm N Blues. FoUrTh LeveL TesT 3: 1. Laurie Davis Sigfridson on Espereaux. Fei Prix sT. georges: 1. Susan Rainville on Tattoo; 2. Deb DufresneColl on Black Georg. Fei inTermediare i: 1. Tammy Barton on Ritsche; 2. Patricia Carter on Sipka.

were winners. in Beginner novice a, haley rosenberg was victorious with sir Teddington. Beginner novice B was won by Madeleine Duggan and Killian’s red. heather navarrete and no Question claimed Beginner novice C, and in Beginner novice D, it was Tess Lipsky aboard angel who took the win. For more information on the Kent school riding program, visit

Photo: Cindy arendt

Connecticut Dressage and Combined Training association

a huge thank you goes to show manager, elizabeth McCosh-Lilie, and to all the CDCTa volunteers who helped make the show a success. CDCTa would like to offer special appreciation to the owners and staff of Carbery Fields for the use of their great facility and for their assistance before, during and after the event. The show could not have been successful without you! and finally, CDCTa would like to extend its gratitude to shane Crawford and Cadence Catering for preparing the delicious food for the hungry people at this competition. For more information, visit

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*),0Fb]]e^mhpg:o^ Ghkma_hk]%<M%)/-0+


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.FBEPX$SFFL3Et New Holland, PA 17557 Phone/Fax: 717-354-7862

December 2012

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Dressage news Swedish Warmblood, Zorro, for another great show! The pair received a score of 62.8% in their Prix St. Georges test at Mystic Hunt Club.


SCOREWORTHY The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) is pleased to announce that it has now launched, as the official USDF source for the most accurate and complete dressage scores. This new site features expanded search functionality, customizable reports with advanced sorting and graphing options, and access to USDF qualifications and standings. As a supplement to the USDF website,, users will be able to use their current username and password to access

competitions throughout the United States as a manager, young rider official, and volunteer, died at her home in Chesapeake City, MD, on October 12, 2012, at the age of 76. Patsy was the inaugural U.S. Dressage Federation Volunteer of the Year in 2004, and in 2010 an anonymous patron created “The Albers Award” to honor the long-time USDF Region 1 Young Rider Chef d’Equipe. In lieu of flowers, the family is suggesting contributions to the USDF Region 1 Young Riders.

NICE RIDE CONDOLENCES Patsy Albers, one of the best-known figures at dressage 134 EQUINE


Culter Farm Dressage sends their congratulations to Caroline Forsberg and her

| December 2012

JOINING THE TEAM Mo and Jim Swanson, owners of Rolling Stone Farm, announced that Pierre St. Jacques will become the head trainer at the Oldenburg and Hanoverian breeding center in Slatington, PA. Pierre rode Lucky Tiger to win gold for the United States team at the 2003 Pan American Games and has been involved in dressage for over 20 years.

ASPIRING ATHLETE Pan American Gold Medalist Lauren Sammis has announced her four-year plan to build a new stable of Grand Prix horses and launch a bid to make the U.S. team for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero. The 2007 Pan Am team gold and

TESTING YOU New USEF Dressage Rider Tests will go into effect for the 2013 competition year. Designed and drafted by a joint working group from the USEF Dressage Committee and appointees from the United States Dressage Federation (USDF), these tests are available for use by riders at the

Colombian dressage rider Nicholas Torres Rodriguez and Silver Label won the FEI Junior Individual Test at Dressage at Devon as well as the FEI Junior Freestyle with a 71.575%.


BARBARA “BEBE” DAVIS AND POLDY 10 (PICTURED) capped off their successful season by winning the FEI Pony Individual Test at Dressage at Devon. Davis also placed third with her pony Bohdjan.

Dressage Canada is pleased to announce that, at the request of the Dressage Canada Board, Sarah Bradley has been reappointed as the Chair of the Dressage Canada Board (DCB) by the Sport Council Working Group. Bradley, of Roberts Creek, British Columbia, has been named as Chair until January 1, 2014. She was first appointed as Interim Chair in April 2012. “I am thrilled to be able to continue working with the keen, dedicated group of DCB members,” said Bradley. “I am honored to be asked to continue as Chair, and look forward to the next 16 months.”

Training, First, and Second levels, and are designed to help riders measure their progress. For more information about these tests, contact Hallye Griffin at 859-225-6918 or via email at

dressage sition of two German riding Pony stallions, Hilken’s Go For Gold and Highlife’s Bulgari Boy!

HAll of fAmers The united States Dressage Federation (uSDF) is pleased to announce that Michael Poulin and ravel will be inducted into the roemer Foundation/ uSDF Hall of Fame (HoF) at the Salute Gala and annual awards Banquet on rhyana and ripley cA, owned and bred by crossen warmbloods, received December 8, 2012, exciting news from the Adequan/usDf Year-end Awards! during the adequan/uSDF annual Convention in new orleans, la. induction into be campaigning him at Prix St. individual silver medalist, who the HoF is an honor bestowed Georges in Florida this winter. achieved international success on horses and individuals with Sagacious SF, has a new that have made outstanding mount in the nine-year-old New AcquisitioNs Danish Warmblood gelding, Xanadu Dressage congratulates contributions to the sport of dressage in the united States. lombard V, owned by Hope Mara Tolas on the purchase of Greenfield. Sammis took over the fantastic pony enzo! the ride on lombard V from his Xanadu Dressage is also cHArltoN’s cHAmpioN owner earlier this year and will proud to announce the acquiFrench light Dressage is

pleased to announce that Fedrik, a three-year-old Friesian gelding, owned by Charlton equestrian Center and Kevin and Terri anne Dougherty has been awarded the 2012 FPZV adequan/uSDF all-Breeds award at Training level in the open division. Fedrik’s median score for the 2012 uSDF show season was an exceptional 69.8%, a unique and outstanding accomplishment for a horse of his age.

risiNg stArs exciting news from Crossen Warmbloods! Their twoyear-old Hanoverian filly rhyana won a reserve championship for Two-Year-old Fillies in Dressage Sport Horse Breeding (DHSB) in the adequan/uSDF Year-end awards. ripley Ca, a yearling Hanoverian gelding, tied for third place for Yearling Colts/ Geldings in DSHB in the adequan/uSDF Yearend awards.

2012 Green Mountain dressage Championship The Results are in!

PHoToS: (ToP) Carol MaCDonalD; (BoTToM) reFleCTionS PHoToGraPHY

GMHA is pleAsed to present the results of the second annual Green Mountain dressage Championship. this awards program, run in cooperation with Vermont dressage days, offers local riders a season-long goal, which can be achieved without leaving Vermont! Riders earned scores at Vermont’s four dressage shows (GMHA’s three shows, and Vermont dressage days, held in essex Junction at the Champlain Valley expo Center). the top three scores for each horse and rider combination were averaged to determine their placings. if riders competed in all four shows, the lowest score was dropped.

lindsey quinn and rhythm N’ Blues had a consistently successful season that culminated with a win at training level in the green mountain Dressage championships.

Show ReSultS FEI & Fourth LEvEL 1) Jutta Lee and Glorious Feeling. 2) Rebecca Hicks and River Run Roscoe. 3) Nancy Mangum and Canequin’s Local Hero. 4) Alisa Mitchell and Kilkenny Kat. 5) Suzanne K.B. Fraser and Pantanal. 6) Katherine Bruce and Believe in Magic. SEcond & thIrd LEvEL 1) PJ LaBerge and Fahrenheit. 2) Jill Goodwillie and Zeus. 3) Nancy Kline and Macadamian Mist. FIrSt LEvEL 1) Sara Smith and Galileo. 2) Terri Satterlee and Conversano II Anastasia II. 3) Janet Wells and Flanagan. 4) Elizabeth Hicks and Oliver. 5) Arne Wolz and Nandalino. 6) Rita L Berube and Disney.

Jutta lee and glorious feeling bested the competition to become the 2012 fei/fourth level green mountain Dressage champions.

traInIng LEvEL 1) Lindsey Quinn and Rhythm N’ Blues. 2) Lisa Curry Mair and Williamsburg. 3) Bethany Tarbell and Steinbeck. 4) Robin Neil and Infinite Sky. 5) Candace Piscopo and Cassanova. 6) Robin Kristiansen and Fresh Start.

December 2012

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ashley holzer and stephen Clarke Bring Advice and Expertise to the 2012 NEDA Fall Symposium By Catherine o’neil

The 2012 New eNglaNd dressage association (Neda) Fall symposium, held for the first time in Maine at the Pineland Farms equestrian Center in New gloucester on October 27-28, was a great success. The weekend started off with demonstration riders completing a test of their choice while being judged, out loud, by FeI “O” Judge stephen Clarke. Then, each pair set out to improve their

Jutta Lee and Glorious Feeling at the NEDA Fall Symposium.

test under the skillful and playful guidance of four-time Olympic rider ashley holzer. From changes to the approach of riding movements and tweaks in technique, ashley guided pairs around the arena, often ad-libbing what she guessed the internal dialogue of the rider was. Then all or Martyna Echilczuk Morris riding Tycho in Saturday’s part of the tests were clinic with Ashley Holzer and Stephen Clarke. re-ridden. On sunday, the audience acted as Neda made the decision to try a new the judge and stephen location thanks to Pineland Farms’ was the “inquisitor,” asking groups generous donation of the use of its and individuals to share their facility. The result was favorable, and thoughts on what was happening in Neda’s annual fall symposium was the ring. enjoyed by many of its regular attendees The past year provided a lot of as well as a large number of new faces, scheduling challenges due to the members and non-members alike. london Olympics, so when faced with For more information on the New either canceling the 2012 symposium england dressage association, or to learn or moving its location from western about upcoming events, visit Massachusetts to southern Maine,

The baroque equestrian games & Institute™ Treats Guests to a Classical Horsemanship Clinic and Demonstration suBMitteD By tina VeDer

IN CelebraTION OF The eastern region andalusian horse Club’s (erahC) 20th anniversary, the baroque equestrian games & Institute (begI) treated erahC members to a free Classical horsemanship Clinic and demonstration. scores of andalusian and lusitano horses and their owners gathered in lexington, Va, over labor day weekend for the Virginia Classic horse show. It was the Iberian horse that the great masters found to be most 136 equine


| December 2012

suited for the higher expressions of the equestrian arts, and so it was very fitting for begI to help educate modern owners about the historical significance of their horses, and the classical principles that unlock their full potential. On Friday evening, begI founders bruno gonzales and Tina Cristiani Veder presented valuable insight on some of the foundational teachings of the classical masters. bruno demonstrated

various movements and exercises from the Classical schooling section of The baroque equestrian games. This was followed by short lessons for several lucky erahC members. spectators were able to see firsthand the dramatic difference achieved when the horse is brought into better balance and lightness through the correct application of true classical technique. On saturday night, begI also participated in the erahC evening exhibition. bruno rode the impressive lusitano stallion, Tejo, magnificently adorned in custom barding from el sueno espanol. The pair treated the crowd to an exciting display of swordsmanship from the Mounted Maneuvers section of the baroque equestrian games. begI was honored to take part in the festivities, and wishes erahC another wonderful 20 years!

Photos: Carole MaCDonalD

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California Dressage society Championships Celebrates 45th Anniversary By Jennifer Keeler

The 45Th AnniversAry CAliforniA Dressage society (CDs) Championship show Presented By, was held in conjunction with the CDs young horse futurity (including the Cal-Bred futurity), the Great American insurance Group/UsDf region 7 Dressage Championships, and the Great American insurance Group/UsDf Breeders Championships West Coast series final on october 4-7. in an event that organization officials report as the largest championship show in CDs history, riders, owners, and spectators enjoyed four days of spectacular dressage, camaraderie from across the region, and special anniversary celebrations. having spent the summer in europe for the 2012 olympic Games, U.s. team and CDs member, Jan ebeling, still made time to come to the Championships—an event that he has attended for more than

Olympian Jan Ebeling,’s Anne Margaret Meyers, and CDS Board Member Ellen Corob present Kathleen Raine and Breanna with their awards.

20 years. “The CDs Annual show is always a very prestigious occasion, and this year i was most impressed because of how large a show it turned out to be,” said ebeling, who coached three students with four horses over the weekend. With bragging rights, perpetual trophies, and thousands of dollars in prize money on the line, competition for CDs horse of the year awards was intense. The Pelton family Trophy for open intermediaire ii Donar’s Diablo, winner of the CDS Training was awarded to Carolyn Adams of Level Open Horse of the Year title, with rider Pleasanton, CA, and Winterprinz, who Kelly Phillips and owner Kim Crandall. rode to a 70.066%. in the Adult Amateur division, Dani Judy of la Mesa, CA, 70.661% to claim the Melissa Creswick rode Antaeus, to the blue ribbon with a score of 63.947%. Tigger Wright made the Perpetual Trophy. The full Cry Perpetual Trophy for trip from oakland, CA, worthwhile by Adult Amateur first level was awarded winning the De Medici Perpetual Trophy for Third level freestyle with hilde fan’t to Janet verPlank of fairfield, CA, who swept both classes in her division with Alddjip on a score of 69.500%. Baronchelli, to finish on an overall score in a fight for the CDs open Training of 69.373%. nancy szakacs and rudi level horse of the year honors, Donar’s regali were the strongest performers in Diablo proved that size doesn’t matter Adult Amateur second level, winning as the half-Welsh pony, owned by Kim the Two-Tone Malone Trophy on an Crandall, topped the field on an overall overall score of 68.247%. Wrapping up score of 71.734%, winning the Peter and the CDs horse of the year classes was Bonnie lert Perpetual Trophy with rider Adult Amateur Jacqueline real-salas, Kelly Phillips of fallbrook, CA. who, with rustringer, earned 66.740% to emerging victorious from a field of top their fourth level division and take 20 Adult Amateurs contesting Training the fox run Perpetual Trophy home. level was Mackenzie Cameron riding for complete results, visit Damian DG. They won both rounds of competition for a total average of

“A fly, sir, may sting a stately horse, and make him wince; but one is but an insect, and the other a horse still”

- Samuel Johnson

Photos: Jennifer M. Keeler


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charles river Dressage association Schooling Shows Truly Offer Something for Everyone SubMitteD by Mary CoMPton

EarliEr this yEar, my Dutch Warmblood mare, Pamela, sustained an injury that would sideline us for the 2012 show season. rather than wallow in self-pity (at least after the first few days), i decided to focus my efforts elsewhere and introduce my almost five-year-old daughter to the wonders of dressage competition. Friends at highland hill Farm in Berlin were regular participants in the charles river Dressage association (crDa) schooling shows at apple Knoll Farm in millis, ma, and that seemed like a great place to start. though i’d been a crDa member for years, i had never participated in their events—i had no idea what i was missing! From my first interaction with the crDa volunteers, i was impressed with the professionalism and kindness with which they perform their tasks. the registration process was a snap, and they willingly answered my myriad of questions about the shows in general, and leadline classes in particular. We arrived at that first show to find a firstrate facility—plenty of easy-to-access trailer parking, a lovely indoor and warmup arena, and excellent footing. there were plenty of courteous volunteers to answer questions and keep things running smoothly. For the first show, leah and i borrowed a friend’s pony and, though cute as a button, he is, like many ponies, a tad difficult. as we exited the ring after her first dressage test, leah said, “mom, can we do

it again? But next time can i ride Pamela?” Fortunately, leah was the only leadline competitor and the judge was generous with the scores—leah accepted her blue ribbon with no concern about her pony’s somewhat erratic performance. shortly thereafter, Pamela got the green light from her veterinarian to start trotting, and a new partnership was born. it is a rare gift to have an equine partner who not only has the Leah and Pamela. talent to help me earn my bronze and silver united states Dressage entire test. she said, “mom, what’s that? Federation (usDF) medals, but also Why is that horse walking there? the ‘a’ has the temperament to be a suitable is crooked. Why do we salute the judge leadline mount for my preschooler. again?” and my favorite: “Why do i have throughout the summer, leah has to be quiet?” Despite the heat (which ridden Pamela weekly, and each time, it made the lunchtime ice cream social has been a lesson for both my daughter a welcome respite) and her nonstop and me. leah is learning how to hold chatter, leah was a star and posted her hands steady (no small task for a Pamela’s 16.2-hand trot like a pro. they 40-pound child on a good-sized warmhappily came home with a blue ribbon blood), how to keep her heels down, and plans to attend the next show and how to post with the rhythm of in august. a rather large trot. i am learning how in the time schooling between the to teach my child to do something i July and august shows, i struggled with love with the enthusiasm and, i hope, how to convince leah that she really patience required to teach a fivecouldn’t chat nonstop during her dresyear-old anything while encouraging a sage test. the explanation “because it’s love for the task at hand. a rule” wasn’t having the desired effect, at the second crDa show, we faced as it was inevitably met with “But why a very different challenge than we did is it a rule?” Fortunately, i discovered at the may show. Now that leah felt the solution—bribery. here again, the comfortable and confident riding her ice cream social provided by crDa horse, she did what most five-year-old girls love to do. she talked—through the continued on page 139

Dressage contact listings Crossen Arabians and Warmbloods (bs), 1209 South St., Coventry, Ct 06238, 860-742-6486, French Light Dressage (tsl), Dave Donnelly, 206 thomas rd., old Chatham, ny 12037, 518-392-0538,, Team Hannigan (tsl), 6 Myrick lane, harvard, Ma, 978-270-0919,, Pinehaven Farm (tsl), linda Parmenter, 91 lombard road, hubbardston, Ma, 978-928-5492,,

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| December 2012

b=breeding, t=training, s=sales, l=lessons

Photo: Mary CoMPton

Casa Lusitana (tsl), tyngsboro, Ma, 978-649-5300,,


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flatlanders dressage & Combined training association Member Rides Through Italy Submitted by CryStal young

Umbria, italy, is the wild side of tuscany. that is what i was told when i booked a one-day guided trail ride in italy for my non-horsey husband and myself. i made all the arrangements online via email. would it work out? would we be able to find the small town and then the stables in the mountains? anxiety was abounding before we arrived. we found a very neat stable with many hardworking Crystal and her mount. horses, an outdoor arena scraped from the rocky hillside filled with jumps, and a since my husband had not ridden in over warm italian welcome from our english10 years. we saw many olive trees and speaking guide. met a man hunting for mushrooms along what we got was a full day alone the trail. after four hours, we stopped with two guides, one who did not speak at the guides’ summer home for a lunch english but was very helpful with the of local salami, cheese, homemade frithorses and making sure we enjoyed our tata and, of course, wine! this had been ride. our guide evaluated our ability packed up in our saddle bags. the horses and selected mounts for us. we were were unsaddled and allowed a drink and each mounted on sturdy geldings of the turned out while we enjoyed the view. local breed, the maremmano. they were then, it was back on our mounts and surefooted and comfortable to ride for another three hours down the mountain hours at a time. once i stopped riding through several small villages. we were like a dressage rider trying to monitor greeted by many of the locals on our ride; every step, i had an awesome time. my all were very friendly. our guide offered husband reminded me that these horses suggestions for dinner in the small town live here and can handle the slippery rocks and steep trails. of course, we both we were staying at and invited me back to ride some of their other horses who had helmets and boots on. we rode over compete in jumping and dressage. sadly, steep wooded trails and along deserted we had a schedule, and we had to head dirt roads in the mountains of Umbria. off to rome for a week. most of our ride was at a walk or trot,

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Charles River Dressage Association continued from page 138

proved extremely helpful! after the first two shows, where leah was the sole leadline competitor, i was surprised and pleased to see three additional entries in her class for the august show. that pleasure was quickly followed by concern—how would my rather outspoken, only-child respond if she weren’t awarded first place? we proceeded to have an earnest conversation about what really matters when one competes in any discipline—namely, doing one’s best and having fun. i was skeptical that i had made my point. i needn’t have worried, however, for two reasons. first, and most miraculously, all four leadline riders were awarded the exact same score, and there were happily four blue ribbons to be distributed among them. second, when leah approached the show secretary to retrieve her score sheet and ribbon, she asked, “Could i have a pink one this time?” she received the blue ribbon that was her due, but would have been perfectly happy to have a wider assortment of colors hanging on her wall. the fourth and last Crda schooling show was september 30, and it was a pleasure in every way. leah and Pamela were fabulously behaved, and the show proceeded flawlessly from what i could tell. i am very proud of the progress my daughter has made over the course of the show season. i am, however, sad to see it end. Next summer, i expect leah will be ready to start handling a pony on her own, and no matter how careful and trustworthy i know Pamela to be, her size precludes her being that horse for leah. it has been wonderful watching the two of them develop the bond that they share. i know my horse loves me, but she adores my daughter. the availability of these well-run and professional, but relaxed and supportive, schooling shows a short drive away has given me the opportunity to share something very special with my daughter and my horse. so, if you are looking to introduce the apple of your eye to this wonderful dressage world of ours, hoping to get some feedback to advance your training, or just looking for a change of scenery for you and your horse, consider signing up for one of next year’s Crda schooling shows. regardless of your goal, you won’t be disappointed. December 2012

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Driving news the Keystone International Livestock Exposition (KILE), where they won the two inaugural pleasure driving classes held at the show. The horse and driver team have been on fire this past season, winning left and right at shows up and down the East Coast. “I have been attending equine events at this venue for more than 50 years, so just having the opportunity to enter this show was a dream come true…and then, to win all my classes put me over the moon!” Gail commented.




The Green Mountain Horse Association is excited to report that they wrapped up their driving season on September 8-9 with the Fall Driving Classic, which made a great comeback. After last year’s Hurricane Irene, the 2012 event was unscathed, and included a variety of pleasure classes, including Designer Reinsmanship, Timed Obstacles, Pick Your Route, Working Reverse Psychology, and Carriage Dog. Championships were awarded at the Competitor’s Party. On Sunday, September 9, the association held its first Continuous Driving Event, which allowed drivers to complete four separate competitions in a row, stopping only briefly in between. The event began with a timed pace, then a dressage test, and another timed pace, followed by a gambler’s choice cones course.

Vivian Creigh and Winona earned a double victory at the GMHA Fall Driving Classic, where they won all of their classes on Saturday, September 8, and took home the High Point of the Show Perpetual Trophy, as well as the Milton Long Perpetual Trophy, which is awarded to the High Point Single Pony.



Driving Classic. Kaylee and Kerandi Orbit were the only junior entry at the show and bested the adults with a score of 42.628.

OVER THE MOON Gail Aumiller of Carlisle, PA, and her seven-year-old Dutch Friesian mare, Sjaantje Sport, were at it again at

TAKING THE LEAD Robin Groves and her longtime partner, Thor’s Toy Truck, aka “TJ,” took home the High Point Single Horse Trophy at the GMHA Fall Driving Classic.

THREE CHEERS FOR KAYLEE! Three cheers for Best Combined Score Trophy recipient Kaylee Angstadt. The trophy was awarded in memory of Ruth Ferguson Shurtleff at the GMHA Fall

| December 2012

Gail Aumiller and Sjaantje Sport competing at the Keystone International Livestock Exposition.


Vivian Creigh and Winona claimed the High Point of the Show Trophy at the GMHA Fall Driving Classic.

Jane Gray of Trippcrest Farm in Harrison, ME, reports that her Percheron pair of mares, Ropp’s Rose Ann and Baldwin Farm’s Camille, competed and won in their division at the Michigan Great Lakes International Draft Horse Show, held October 18-21 in East Lansing, MI. This not only put them at the top of the leaderboard for the show, but made them undefeated for the season! Jane was also pleasantly surprised and touched when she learned that she won the Percheron Ladies Cart class at the Big E Draft Horse Show. For a more in-depth report on the Big E Show, turn to page 100.

driving shared good times, and enjoyed the accommodating facilities that overlooked lake Champlain. Then, on Tuesday, September 25, participants loaded up and drove 10 miles to Charlotte, VT. Dan and Karen Gammon led the way with Jim and lucia owen as passengers, and at the first covered bridge, rick and Connie Moses caught up with the gang.

CondolenCes Plans are already underway for the 37th annual lorenzo Driving Competition, to be held at the lorenzo State Historic Site in Cazenovia, nY, on July 20-21, 2013. on a very sad note, event organizers wish to share the news of show co-manager, Molly robin Groves and thor’s toy truck rip through the covered Pew’s, passing on September bridge hazard at Gmha. 20, 2012. along with her daughter, lisa Shotzberger, Molly managed the lorenzo show for the Great times with GsCa past six years. Molly was a grand lady and Granite State Carriage association (GSCa) had become the smiling face of the compemembers enjoyed their Shelburne Farms tition. lisa will continue to manage the Mid-Week Drive on September 23-27 in longstanding event with new co-manager Shelburne, nH. Mary and rick Hayes made Tim Williams. the trek from Connecticut along with their Morgans, while Connie and rick Moses and their pair came from Gilford, nH. it takes two other members in attendance included Congrats go to Shelly Temple and HemDon and Karen Gammon of Sanford, Me, mingway—the duo earned second place in who brought along their Haflingers, rick the Singles division at the Kentucky Classic Vanderploeg of underhill, VT, who took his CDe, which was only their second combined Morgan pair and a pony, and nancy Winedriving event together. “Hemmingway is DeWan, who came with her icelandic horse continuing to improve and gain confidence and her friend Betsy abbott. everyone as a Single,” Shelly stated. “He is such a


annual spurwink farm drive

Draws Attendees from Across New England BY lori Pennell

EvEry yEar a group of drivErs looks forward to the annual spurwink farm Carriage drive, which is hosted by Mary Louise sprague and coordinated by the Maine driving Club. This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a combination of trails through woods and fields with ocean views, and once again, attendees were not disappointed.

The event, which took place on october 6, turned out to be a beautiful day even though the weather threatened showers. a dozen turnouts came from across Maine and New Hampshire to enjoy the 10-mile drive through the private estate in Cape Elizabeth, ME. There were many single turnouts, several pairs, and even one couple driving tandem,

striking pony, and i’m very thankful for the opportunity to train him for irene Gillis. They will make a wonderful team.”

UpGraded Suzy Stafford, who represented the u.S. at the 2011 Fei World Driving Championships for Combined Ponies in lipica, Slovenia, last September, was recently upgraded from her bronze medal that she earned at the event, to silver, after being notified that Swedish Single Pony driver Susanne ankermark, who drove Windy Boy rocket to silver, was disqualified. although the Fei announced that Susanne had been disqualified, no statement was made as to why she was stripped of her medal.

molly pew will be missed.

sporting a sign on the carriage signifying the fact that they drove to the top of Mount Washington! after the drive, most attendees joined the sprague family for a picnic lunch on the grounds while enjoying a slide show by the farm’s photographer. for those that can’t make it as far as the Maine driving association’s acadia National park, this is a welcome escape much more centrally located with beautiful coastal views throughout the drive. Next year’s event will take place on saturday, october 12, 2013, and is free and open to any carriage driver willing to attend. for more information on the Maine driving Club, visit December 2012

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driving USEF National Combined Driving Pony Team Champion Allison Stroud.

Draws Drivers from Across the Nation Vying for National Titles By helen Murray

The KenTucKy classic combined driving event (cde) came to an exciting conclusion on saturday, october 6, with the final cones phase. additional accolades were on the line as competitors in the Pair and Ponies divisions vied for national titles. The leaders following the marathon refused to yield, driving accurate final phases to clinch the coveted useF national championships. Jimmy Fairclough entered the cones phase with an 11-point lead over second placed competitor misdee Wrigleymiller. in the final phase, Fairclough had an uncharacteristic five balls down but was still able to maintain his lead, securing the third national Pairs championship of his career with a score of 151.65. The veteran driver who was competing with a pair rather than a four-in-hand for the first time in more than five years, enjoyed his weekend at the Kentucky classic cde. Wrigley-miller finished with an overall score of 152.25, just eight tenths of a point behind Fairclough. allison stroud of West Grove, Pa, 142 equine


| December 2012

yet again demonstrated her proficiency driving a pony team as she won her eighth national title in nine years. stroud faulted at two of the hazards in the cones phase, resulting in six additional penalties, but still finished nearly 20 points ahead of the competition on a score of 170.60. Finishing in second place in the Pony Team championship was Katie Whaley from Paris, Ky, and her new team of ponies. Whaley executed a faultless cones phase, as the only competitor to drive a double-clear round in the cones in any of the advanced divisions, to finish with an overall score of 199.55. in the Pair Pony championship, Wendy oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;brien proved unbeatable after seizing the lead in the dressage and continuing to distance herself from the field in marathon. The aiken, sc, native clinched her first national title in the cones. a careful and accurate performance in the final phase resulted in a 7.58 score, producing an overall total of 139.56. elizabeth Keathley from Woodbury, Tn, finished in second behind oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;brien demonstrating a proficiency in the


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Photo: leslie Mangan

Kentucky classic cde

cones. The only competitor to drive a double-clear round in the cones in the advanced divisions, Keathley posted the top score in the final phase of the Pair Pony championship, a 5.83, to complete the event with an overall total of 159.87. Paul maye of Fairfield, Va, vaulted himself into the lead of the single Pony championship with a winning marathon performance and refused to relinquish his grasp on a national title in the cones. adding just one ball down for three points in the final phase, maye finished with a total of 129.07. Finishing in second place was the dressage winner, Tracey morgan, from beallsville, md. morgan added 89.64 points in the marathon and a single ball in the cones (three points) to finish with a score of 139.15. For more information about the Kentucky classic cde, visit


[ equine journal affiliate ] (L-R) Emily Langer, Cocoa the Mini, and Evan St. Cyr at the RIDC Schooling Fun Day.

southern New england carriage Driving association Formed After RIDC, MCDS Merge Submitted by mug tomany

The MassachuseTTs carriage and Driving society (McDs), who is merging with the rhode island Driving club (riDc) under the new name of southern New england carriage Driving association, hosted its third annual american scurry challenge, on september 23, at the Dickson rings in Weston, Ma. eight entries turned out for the event on a beautiful sunny day. The

classes, divided into single horse and Very small equine, included a Marathon challenge, three different cones courses, and a new gambler’s choice class. The gambler’s choice proved to be exciting as everyone attempted to cross the blue tarp pond. robin groves and in Due Time were the single horse champions, placing first in all five classes. carlene crummett and Max were reserve cham-

pions. in the Very small equine (Vse) category, the championship went to Linda Petersen and Dually, with rhea Brown and Kandy in a close second to take the reserve championship. On October 14, the rhode island Driving club held a schooling Fun Day at celtic cross Farm. The day started out wet and cool and ended with bright sunshine and warm temps. There were two cones courses, one being smooth and flowing and the second tight and technical. it was a great chance for people to practice. There was also a short marathon course set with obstacles gated up through D. There was a chance to practice going through water with both wide and narrow crossings. My horse decided he could jump the narrow! Needless to say, we spent lots of time practicing in the water. Most participants drove the course twice, once in the morning and again in the afternoon. congratulations to evan st. cyr, age 7, on his first driving event. he was driving emily Langer’s Mini, cocoa, and completed a clean cones course. On January 5, Janice and charles Meszoely have offered their home for the annual meeting, which is extra special this year because of our new name and new members. First, we will be holding a business meeting to vote in a new Board of Directors, check in with various committees, and then we will have a potluck dinner and a Dutch auction. For more information, contact Mug at We encourage members to attend and have a voice in the running of the club.

Loon Meadow Drive

Hosted by Litchfield Hills Driving Club a Success by nancy mangino

Photo: (toP) mug tomany

FOur TurNOuTs eNJOyeD The september 16 drive from Beth and steve Podhajecki’s Loon Meadow Farm in Norfolk, cT. The driving pairs were Dave and Don rogers, Beth and steve, and Mark and sharon Maynard with their cute Miniature horses. Mark Borkoski also drove his horse Mignonne with passengers Dave and Kim rivard, who were celebrating their 17th anniversary. Beth and steve provided maps for three different length routes. The group (even the Minis) enjoyed the longer route. Back at the farm, Beth had Dick

Mangino set up a cones course in a back field. There was a lot of whooping, hollering, and laughing as the returning group practiced going through the course. after enjoying a picnic lunch, Beth gave the group a tour of the various carriages that she and steve use in their business as well as the beautifully decorated carriage they used in this year’s Tub Parade. For more information on the Litchfield hills Driving club, visit

Mark Maynard with his Minis at the Loon Meadow Drive. December 2012

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Black swamp driving Club Sees Another Fabulous Year Coming to an End Submitted by roger higginS Jr.

Happy Holidays! it doesn’t seem possible that another driving season is ending! the Black swamp driving Club (BsdC) has just one more event for the 2012 season: Christmas on the Farm will take place in Kenton, oH, on december 15 (confirmed). this is the last scheduled event for us. sleigh rides will be given if we have enough snow. this is a great event to wrap up the driving season. as reporter for the BsdC, i would like to thank Jackie minges for all of her hard work preparing the newsletter. in the articles, we state, “please watch the BsdC newsletter for updates and confirmations of events and activities. some events may be confirmed or changed at the last minute, and i may not have the chance to get the information into the article.” the newsletter plays a very important part of our communication within the club. Jackie does a great job with keeping us on track and up to date. thanks so much! the annual Banquet was held at the Royal Buffet in Findlay, oH, on november 11. i will report the activities on this in the January newsletter. We always have a great time at the banquet, as well as at the auction. there are some other activities planned as well, so i am sure it will be a great time. We will have some new names to be added to the Board of directors. there were three positions open. there are two three-year terms, and one one-year term. We will be voting on these posi-

tions at the banquet. thanks to everyone that volunteered to be on the ballot. i would like to extend a very special thank you to all the hosts and co-hosts of the 2012 driving season. it takes a lot of time and effort to put the activities together, a lot of behind-thescenes work that we sometimes The display of sleighs at the Wyandot Historical Society event in Upper Sandusky, OH. take for granted. We have a great time at the events, and it couldn’t happen without you. society event in Upper sandusky, oH. thanks to the membership for if anyone has pictures of club activisupporting these activities. it takes the ties, or other photos you would like help and participation of everyone to to submit, please send them to me via make the BsdC a success! email. i know there are several members at this time, i would like to thank that take pictures, so please send them our 2012 officers for their time and along. the pictures must be at least 300 hard work: president, angie Hoenbrink; dpi. if anyone has any news to place Vice president, mary elliott; secretary, in the article, please email me as well molly owen; treasurer, Jackie minges; at, or call me at Reporter, Roger Higgins Jr.; Board 740-251-7193. member, mark newman; and Board in closing, have a great and safe member, Kim mack. holiday season. We will see everyone We do have new dates for the 2013 at the meetings starting in January. meetings for the BsdC. the meetings Happy holidays! will be held at the Good Hope lutheran the club always extends an open Church in arlington, oH. meetings will be held from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. please invitation to the public to come and join us as well. We do have a good time and be sure to mark your calendars! dates always keep safety a priority. include: January 13; February 10; march this is all the news that i have for this 10; and the april date is pending, due to month. if there is something you need the safety clinic. to add or would like to see in the article, since this is the holiday season, i am please let me know. submitting a picture of the display of Until next month, enjoy! sleighs we had at the Wyandot Historical

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new england Region/Carriage association of america Submitted by Carol van SChaik

tHe neW enGland ReGion/Carriage association of america (neR/Caa) and its parent organization, the Carriage association of america (Caa), will hold a joint winter meeting on Friday 144 equine


| December 2012

through sunday, February 1-3, 2013, in tarrytown, ny. Five speakers are on the agenda, and they will be presenting a variety of topics, tours of five historic stables and carriage houses, and various

social activities. information will be published in the Carriage Journal, on the Caa website at, and in the neR/Caa mailing, or from Carol van schaik at 802-226-7364.

Photo: roger higginS Jr.

Asks Members to Mark Their Calendars


[ equine journal affiliate ] Kaylee Angstadt and Kerandi Orbit won the Preliminary Single Ponies division.

Saratoga Driving Association

Dodges Bad Weather to Hold Successful Horse Driving Trial Submitted by Jeff morSe

Photo: liSa CeniS

OCTOBER 7, AT 8:30 A.M. SHARP, WAS the start of the 15th Annual Saratoga Driving Association Horse Driving Trial at Akers Acres in Valatie, NY. Twenty-five competitors all had their rain gear within arm’s reach on Sunday. However, the Weather Gods smiled on us all, and not a drop was felt despite the dire predictions of all the local meteorologists for five days prior. Planning began a year ago, when Jeff Morse—a seasoned competitor and organizer, Marc Johnson—course designer extraordinaire, Holly Pulsifer—one of the East Coast’s premier judges and organizers for combined driving events (CDE); and Terry Bruno—a technical delegate wiz, were hired to pilot our Horse Driving Trial (HDT) ship. Once hired, Saratoga Driving Association (SDA) began the tasks of positioning the many pieces that make up a successful HDT. As the month of October approached, volunteers were recruited. The ratio of volunteers and support staff to drivers is about two to one. At least twice as many bodies are required to set up the event and get horses and drivers to the starting

line than can drive it. Volunteer recruitment is a daunting task for organizers on a good day. It is made even more challenging when the forecast is for 45 degrees, wind, and rain. We thank each and every volunteer from the bottom of our hearts for making the 2012 SDA HDT a success. The lineup consisted of: 12 Preliminary Level entries—four Single Horses, six Single Ponies, one Pony Pair, and one Very Small Equine (VSE) Pair; and, 13 Training Level entries—three Single Horses, four Single Ponies, five VSE Singles and one VSE Pair. The course, expertly set by Barb Akers and Marc Johnson, was just shy of seven kilometers, with a shortened version for the VSE’s of about 3.5 kilometers. All entries drove Marc’s five obstacles. After the course walk on Saturday, drivers were heard commenting on how well the course looked and how eagerly they were anticipating their drive on Sunday. The dressage bell rang Sunday at 8:30 a.m. for the first driver in the Preliminary Single Horse division, and Leigh Semilof answered the call with her lovely Morgan, Starshine Regulus. Keith

Angstadt and Cosmo followed and set the bar high for the Single Horses with a beautiful test, rewarded with a 41.27. The Single Ponies went at each other next, and Kaylee Angstadt, driving Kerandi Orbit, drove the best dressage test of the day for a 29.94. Sarah Bates and Carrie Wind turned in solid tests, setting themselves up nicely for the remainder of the day. Training Level saw Cindy Fletcher show off the talents of her spritely homeraised and trained mare, HMF Baroness. Watch this one! She’s going to be in the winner’s circle a lot. They drove the best test of the Single Horses in Training. The ponies followed, with Nancy Dimick and her Morgan, Narnia, besting the field. Holly Pulsifer saw fit to hand out the only “10” of the day to Niki Kane and the fancy Kateland’s Ready Set Go, who topped the field of VSE’s with a 34.27. They looked fantastic and deserved the “10” for Presentation. The Cones course presented many options for drivers. Should I drive the long and flowing route? Or, should I sneak through here and shave off some time? These decisions were everywhere on course. Semilof and Keith Angstadt drove double-clean in the Single Horse division and trotted off to strategize for the marathon after lunch. The Preliminary Ponies had only one double-clean round—Kaylee Angstadt. The course proved challenging for the Training Level horses. All had balls down. The Training Ponies didn’t fare much better with no double-clean rounds. However, four of the five Training Level VSE’s went double-clean, as did the smooth VSE pair, Trick and Treat, driven by Joyce Haak. The marathon starter sent the first of the VSE’s off at 1:00 p.m. At the end of the day, it was Niki Kane—adding a few time penalties but not enough to be overtaken by her fellow competitors— winning the Training Level VSE division. Nancy Dimik held off her challengers and won the Training Level Single Pony division, closely followed by Ilyana Meltzer and her Haflinger, Anni Star. Joyce Haak stayed in the game, winning the VSE Training Level Pairs. The Training Level Single Horse division winner was Cindy Fletcher. The Preliminary Horse division saw an upset in Obstacle 1. Lyn Howard and her Morgan mare, Green Meads Galen, fell victim to the roots of a tree and were

continued on page 146 December 2012

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Western reserve Carriage Association Harness Raffle a Huge Success Submitted by Henry riSH

CyNTHIA BELLIS-JONES Of PArIS, Ky, couldn’t believe it when she got the call on Sunday, October 14, that she was the winner of a Bowman Show Harness. It was tough to find a non-ticket holder at the National Drive held at the Kentucky Horse Park. Colten Parker, from the Cincinnati area, did the honors of drawing the winning ticket. Bellis-Jones will have a custom show harness handcrafted by Bowman Leather, located in Mt. Hope, OH. Her black Welsh pony stallion, Kansas, will be sporting his new harness at the shows next season. The Western reserve Carriage Association (WrCA) Harness raffle was a success, with over 400 tickets sold. Tickets were sold throughout the summer, and our top sales people were Mary Thomas and Meredith Giere. They teamed up to sell more than 235 tickets at various carriage shows, CDEs, and the National Drive. Along with a big thanks to Mary and Meredith, WrCA wants to thank all members that stepped up and supported this fundraiser either by buying or selling tickets. We also want to thank Dan and Jacob Bowman who worked with us in offering their custom-made show harness. If you are in the market for a new harness or custom bit, take a look at what Bowman’s has to offer. Two annual fall drives gave WrCA members a chance to enjoy northern Ohio

scenery at its best. Jon and Nancy roemer opened their beautiful Frank and Marilyn Bugner drive their 1909 horsefarm near Dover, OH, for driving less Maxwell at the Coonhunters Drive. on September 16. A large group arrived for lunch and a bonfire private lessons throughout the week. before hitching and enjoying the trails WrCA members attending the and colorful leaves. Usually, this drive National Drive were Carol and Dexter features a morning foxhunt; but this year, Milhoun, Brian and Linda Ickes, Kristen the riders from the Hilltoppers Hunt were and Caleigh Sullivan, Cathy and Dave unable to attend. rhoades, Mary Thomas, Bobbe Povolny, roger and Sue Murray hosted their Cathy and Bob franks, Henry and Kay annual Coonhunters Lodge Drive on rish, Mary Ann and Jeff Tock, Jackie and September 23 near Tiffin, OH. The event draws members from both WrCA and the Mike Minges, Al and Angie Hohenbrink, Margaret Shenker, and Meredith Giere. Black Swamp Driving Club. Two routes Carol Milhoun’s ponies have been kept were available—4.5 and 6.5 miles along busy competing and placing at both the the scenic Sandusky river and over quiet Kentucky fall Classic Combined Driving Seneca County back roads. frank and Event (CDE) and Hermitage CDE. Bob Marilyn Bugner drove their 1909 Maxwell Burrows was also at the Hermitage CDE, horseless carriage, much to the delight of winning Training Horse Pairs. Stacey the equine-powered drivers. Giere, Jon roemer, Bev Patrick, and The National Drive, held October 9 Margaret Shenker met the challenge of -14, drew a large contingent of WrCA the Kentucky fall Classic CDE, bringing members to the Kentucky Horse Park. home honors as well. The six-day event featured several Although it doesn’t seem possible, the marked drives around the park, a Trace 2012 WrCA driving year ends with the Pace, the hotly contested Dog class, Holiday Party on December 2. Under the Perfect Ten Turnout contest, a chili the direction of Deb Svoboda and Nancy dump, several wine and cheese parties, roemer, members and guests will enjoy the Mimosa Drive, an aisle of vendors, and morning coffee, doughnuts, and more dinner and camaraderie at the Oaks Lakeside restaurant in Chippawa Lake, provided by Driving Digest. WrCA’s OH. Plans for the January organizational Stacey Giere was chosen to be one of the event’s clinicians and was kept busy doing meeting will be announced.

Saratoga Driving Association

Inkspot and Timber Hill Destiny, won their division. At 4:30 p.m., Carrie Wind walked away with the Preliminary Championship, with Kaylee Angstadt as reserve champion, and Niki Kane took the Training Level Championship. Linda Petersen, with her VSE, Dually, was reserve champion. Our sincerest thanks and appreciation go to Chris Akers for allowing the very generous use of his farm and for all his fantastic pre-show grounds preparation, and for Barbara Akers and Steve Cavagnaro,

upset, landing the fearless navigator, Carleen Crummett, on the ground. Help was on the scene instantly, and everyone walked away in good order. Lyn chose to retire for the day. Keith Angstadt drove well enough to win the Preliminary Single Horse division. The Preliminary Single Ponies battled it out with Kaylee Angstadt being chased by Lori Stammer and her Haflinger, Lady Alysa, but in the end, Kaylee came out on top. Sarah Bates held on to win the Preliminary Pony Pairs, and Carrie Wind, driving her VSE Pair, Kateland’s 146 equine


| December 2012

who put in countless hours behind the scenes to make it happen once again. See you next year! Joan McMahon finished third in VSE Singles at Training Level.

PHotoS: (toP) mary tHomaS; (bottom) liSa CeniS

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Western news NOW ON SALE


Tickets are now on sale for the Kentucky Reining Cup, to be held April 25-28, 2013, at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY. The event will feature the only threestar reining competition in the world in 2013, and the incredibly popular World Freestyle Championship. For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit

The National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) will host the World Championship Blacksmiths (WCB) horseshoeing competition December 13-15 in conjunction with NCHA’s World Championship Futurity. A National Champion Blacksmith will be named at the conclusion of the event.

THE JUDSON COLLEGE WESTERN EQUESTRIAN Team members competed in their first set of Intercollegiate Horse Show Association shows for the 2012-2013 season on September 29, 2012. These shows were hosted by North Georgia College and State University in Dahlonega, GA.

WELCOME TO THE WORLD! Patrick and Sara Heeley welcomed their son, Hudson Patrick Heeley, on October 10 at 8:52 a.m. Hudson weighed in at 8 lbs., 4 oz. and was 20.5” long. Congratulations!

CONDOLENCES We are sad to report the loss of eight horses in a barn fire at Greg and MaryAnne Willingham Hall’s farm located in Gainesville, TX. Greg has been training reining horses for over 20 years and is also a NRHA judge. Our condolences go out to everyone involved during this difficult time.

COWBOY UP! The All-American spirit of a professional rodeo will be showcased at the 2013 Midwest Horse Fair®. The event, to be held April 19-21, 2013 in Madison, WI, 148 EQUINE


will again feature the Midwest Horse Fair® PRCA Rodeo. True to their American heritage, Barnes PRCA Rodeo Company will be bringing their world-class rough stock back to Madison for the Friday, April 19, 2013 event. For more information, visit

Shawn Flarida and his farm, Shawn Flarida Reiners, send their congratulations to Rick Clark on his purchase of Rowdys Pistol. Watch for this talented duo in derby events next year!

RACING ROOKIE Barrel Racer Emily Efurd has been named the 2012 Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA) Rookie of the Year! Emily, who hails from Pittsburg, TX, earned $42,837.45—that’s $14,000 more than her nearest Rookie division competitor! Efurd, a barrel racer since the age of five, credits her family, friends, and horses with giving her the vital support she needs to compete so successfully on the rodeo road.

DOZIER DOES IT! Josh Dozier and Reyleann (Dual Rey x Playgirl Fancy) marked a 227 for a three and a half-point win over Horse of the Year Dont Look Twice in the Mercuria NCHA World Series of Cutting Open Finals at the All American Quarter Horse Congress. Bred by Jim Holmes of Longmont, CO, Reyleann is an eight-year-old mare that comes from a 50-year line of NCHA money earners. She was purchased by Vick Etheridge of Corinth, MI, in 2010.

| December 2012

NON PRO KNOCKOUT Kaitlyn Larsen of Millsap, TX, took the Non Pro division in the Mercuria NCHA World Series of Cutting at the All American Quarter Horse Congress with Laredo Montana, a seven-year-old Light N Lena gelding bred and owned by Kaitlyn’s father, Billy Martin. Laredo Montana has won more than $175,000 in NCHA competition to date. Larsen, 23, has more than $343,000 in NCHA earnings.

The Fort Worth Business Press has named Patti Colbert of Bertram, TX, as the 2012 recipient of the Legacy Award. Colbert was honored at the Great Women of Texas Awards Ceremony on November 7. Colbert is the executive director of the Mustang Heritage Foundation and a member of the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame Board of Directors. She is credited with creating the concept for the popular Extreme Mustang Makeovers that have revolutionized wild horse adoptions. She also helped to create the Cowgirl Hall of Fame’s popular Cowgirl U program and has long been an advocate for many horse-related non-profit organizations such as the Ride on Center for Kids (R.O.C.K).

LOSS OF A LEGEND J. Gordon Hannagan, 81, of Gifford, IL, passed away on October 19, 2012. He was inducted into the American Quarter Horse and Illinois Quarter Horse halls of fame. An avid horse breeder and trader, he had an eye for superior bloodlines and raised numerous champions. Gordon was a life member of National Reining Horse Association, American Quarter Horse Association, and the National Cutting Horse Association.





Overall Champions Roger Dinsmore and Booger.

Best Costume winners Sabrina Fecteau and Jett.

Connecticut Renegades Wrap up season With Halloween Match and Cystic Fibrosis Benefit The ConneCTiCuT Renegades’ halloween Match and Cystic Fibrosis Benefit, held october 14, 2012 at Round Tuit Ranch in enfield, CT, was yet another successful event coordinated by the club. a number of horse and rider teams showed up in costume to compete and raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and after all was said and done, a total of $520 was raised

in proceeds. The competition was run a little differently from previous matches, as there was not only a top rider and cowgirl, but a prize was given to the ride with the best halloween costume. This year’s costume winners were sabrina Fecteau and Jett, with andrea galuska and K.C. taking second place. The overall winner of the halloween

Match was Roger dinsmore riding Booger, while emma Reichart and okalynn’s Reminic were the runners up. The halloween Match and Cystic Fibrosis Benefit was the last competition of the year for the Renegades. next up on the club’s list of activities—and the last event to take place this year—is the annual membership meeting, which will be held at Cabela’s in east hartford, CT, on december 2. items to be discussed will include the previous competition season, upcoming events for 2013, and officer elections. For more information on the Connecticut Renegades, visit

northeast six shooters Host Blast Away Cancer and Annual Halloween Matches by Dina baratta

Photos: Jeanne lewis images

The noRTheasT six shooTeRs hosted the “Blast away Cancer Match” on october 27, 2012 at The goss Farm in dunstable, Ma. Proceeds from the event went to benefit breast cancer research. Mya Polkey, a 12-year-old member of the northeast six shooters, had the idea to raise money for this

cause about a year ago, and with the help of the club, her vision came true. almost $1,000 was collected. Match participants all wore pink and it was amazing to see the support for this cause. The winners of the competition were Rob Baratta, a Men’s Level 4 competitor who

continued on page 150

Rob Baratta was the overall winner riding Tango at the Blast Away Cancer Match.

December 2012

| equine Journal 149


Craig schmersal and CC enterprise Win SWRHA Futurity

Northeast Six Shooters continued from page 149

took the Overall title, and emma Reichart, a ladies 3 competitor, was the Overall Cowgirl. On October 28, the northeast six shooters hosted their annual halloween Match, which many riders begin preparing for over a year in advance. shad smith, a Men’s level 3 competitor, won the Overall title as well as Best Costume, a coveted title. shad dressed as a native american and his costume was gorgeous! The event also attracted The Flinstones’ very 150 equine


| December 2012

by Master snapper out of Justanother Dun it. Bobby earned $1,966 for that placing and he also finished in a tie for the level 1 Championship with Matt armenta on all nite spook.

Non Pro Mandy McCutcheon rode Custom Gunner to a score of 221.5 to claim the sWRha non pro Futurity Championship on October 19, besting a field Southwest Reining Horse Association Futurity Champions of 63 entries and earning Craig Schmersal and CC Enterprise. $5,580. she also finished as the reserve champion on starbucks Freckle with a score of 220.5, adding another $3,397 to her credit. Mandy is the national Reining horse association’s (nRha) only Million Dollar non pro. Mandy’s niece, lindsay McCutcheon, showed Mighty Miss Gee Whiz for the first time and earned a score of 218.5 for the level 3 non pro Championship. The reserve championship went to Gina Maria schumacher on Bingo Juicy. Gina also won the level 2 and level 1 Futurities. The reserve championship in the level 2 and level 1 non pro went to Jaci Marley on Dodge This Gun with a score of 216. Mandy McCutcheon and Custom Gunner For more information and full results, took top honors in the Non Pro Futurity. visit

own Dino and pebbles, farmers, cows, a pink lady from Grease, lady liberty, Uncle sam, 50s outfits, and many more! Dina Baratta, a ladies level 3 competitor, won the Overall Cowgirl title. For more information on the northeast six shooters, visit The club will host winter practices this season and would love to get new participants going and competing! Emma Reichart won Overall Cowgirl riding Oakland’s Reminic at the Blast Away Cancer Match.

Top phoTos: primo morales; boTTom phoTos: Jeanne lewis images

The Open Finals OF The 2012 southwest Reining horse association (sWRha) Futurity showcased huge talent, high-marking maneuvers and a lot of support from the sizable crowd in the hardy Murphy Coliseum. Topping the field of 22 great three-year-olds was CC enterprise, shown by Craig schmersal to a score of 226.5. The Two Million Dollar Rider admitted that he is a huge fan of the horse he calls “Joker.” “he’s been a fun horse all year long and i’m excited to have this win going into the nRha Futurity.” Finishing in a tie for the reserve championship were Fred Thommson on CJ Whiz and Jason Vanlandingham on Wimpys high Bid. each earned $9,948, and collected another $7,695 as they also tied for the level 3 Championship with their 225.5 scores. For Vanlandingham, it was a return to the sWRha Open title as he won it in 2005 and he was thrilled with his horse and the results of the competition. “i’ve had him since midsummer of his twoyear-old year. We were a little late but he was so trainable that by the end of the year he had caught up.” since Thommson was also eligible for level 2, he earned another $3,327 for topping that division plus a buckle sponsored by sebastian petrol. The Reserve level 2 Champion was Bobby Barko with a score of 224 on Dunitlikeamaster

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December 2012

| equine Journal 151

Trail/Distance Riding news Horses Helping Horses Beach Ride

Bernadette Hamilton aboard Dan, who was adopted from the MSPCA at Nevins Farm.

Raises $15,000 to Benefit the MSPCA at Nevins Farm THE MSPCA’S HORSES HELPING Horses Beach Ride at Salisbury Beach State Reservation in Massachusetts, held October 21, raised $15,000 in much needed funds for the Equine Center at Nevins Farm. Nearly 140 riders took part in the seventh annual event, along with a handful of people walking their dogs along the eight-mile stretch of beach. Among the participants were a number of MSPCA alumni (previously adopted horses) lending their support, as well as a

A group of participants at the Beach Ride.

handful of horses currently waiting for new homes at the MSPCA, ridden by MSPCA staff and foster families. The event drew riders from multiple New England states, all wanting to help horses in need, with many collecting pledges in advance to support the Equine Center. According to Melissa Ghareeb, Manager of the MSPCA’s Equine Center, the $15,000 raised is a record amount for the Beach Ride, which is a marquee event for the non-profit. But for Ghareeb, the highlight of the event was watching one particular former Nevins Farm horse leading a group of riders onto the beach—a young Thoroughbred named Mission, who was officially adopted earlier this year by his foster family at Verrill Farm. “When Mission first arrived at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm, he was frightened and overwhelmed, and he found it difficult to adjust to our busy facility. To see him now thriving in his new home makes us

incredibly happy,” said Ghareeb. “Mission is a perfect example of why we are here today, raising money to help other horses who are less fortunate.” The MSPCA at Nevins Farm is one of the only open admission animal care and adoption centers for horses and farm animals in the region. Currently, the MSPCA at Nevins Farm has nearly 40 horses available for adoption. In addition to adoptive homes, the equine center is also seeking potential foster homes. For more information on the adoption process or to view available horses, visit mspca. org/nevins, or contact the Equine Center staff at 978-687-7453 x 6113.

Connecticut Trail Rides Association

Wishes You a Wonderful Holiday Season SUBMITTED BY KIM DORE

FIRST, I’D LIKE TO EXTEND condolences to Connecticut Trail Rides Association (CTRA) member, Karen Dilger, on the loss of her sister in October. Second, I’d like to say thank you to all who participated in CTRA activities in 2012, as well as all those who hosted rides or events and my fellow executive board members. If all went as planned as this news article was being prepared, our banquet and elections were well attended, and good food and music 152 EQUINE


| December 2012

were enjoyed by all. For those of you who did attend our annual banquet and elections, you already know who was elected or re-elected. For those who didn’t attend, you’ll just have to wait for the January 2013 Equine Journal to hit your mailbox! I’m hoping that quite a few of you made the effort to attend Equine Affaire in Massachusetts and visited with your fellow CTRA members who were vendors and exhibitors. The Equine Affaire is a great place to find new horsey stuff, learn new things about

our equine partners, and meet up with friends, old and new! A sneak peek into upcoming events in 2013 include: an iron chef breakfast challenge, a veterans’ benefit ride, a meet-and-greet weekend, community and potluck dinners, bingo, monopoly and scrabble challenges, and hopefully, a combined club get-together with other Connecticut trail ride groups. Now is the time to consider volunteering and making a difference in how your club is run and what is offered to members. This is going to be a short column since all our rides have either taken place or didn’t happen due to weather, etc., and our banquet and elections have come and gone. But, keep your calendars open for the first meeting of the year sometime in January. We wish you all a wonderful holiday season and look forward to hitting the trails next year!



trail/distance riding

[ equine journal affiliate ]

ohio arabian & all-Breed Trail society Members Enjoy the Cracked OAATS Crunch suBMitteD BY MiCKie newnaM

any of you who didn’t make it to the ohio arabian & all-Breed Trail society (oaaTs) Cracked oaaTs Crunch missed another great one. it was gorgeous weather for a ride! i had hoped to be riding in it this year, but it was not to be, so i just enjoyed helping. it was good to see Cathy McClure up and around after her knee surgery; her goal with the timing of the surgery was to make it to secretary this ride, and we’re very glad she did! everyone did a great job— Mollie and Tom by managing, Maureen and Mike with vetting, and everyone else who worked so hard to make this a success. i have to say that one of these years, i’m going to have to find a way to ride the blue loop, as i keep hearing

about this water stop that Tom does, providing hay, grain, and best of all: chocolate! speaking of Mollie and Tom, condolences go to them on the loss of their beloved Corgi, saddie, and to her lonely brother, sammy, as well. she lost her battle with lymphoma in early october. Both Jo Murray and Bill Cameron were re-elected to the Board of directors. when we find good help, we tend to keep them. That’s it for this month. keep your fingers crossed for a good winter for riding. i don’t have the endurance results for the Crunch due to this loss. however, the other results follow.

Show ReSultS 50-Mile CTR: lightweight: 1) Tess Searcy. Middleweight: 1)Theresa Heger; 2) Becky McCarty. Heavyweight: 1) Kim Andrea; 2) Linda Wainwright; 3) Terry Boylan. Best Arab: Kim Andrea. Best Part Arab: Tess Searcy. Best of the Rest: Theresa Heger. Grand Champion: Tess Searcy. Reserve Champion: Kim Andrea. 25-Mile CTR: lightweight: 1) Lorelei Heineman; 2) Noelle Snyder; 3) Kristin Puett. Middleweight: Steph Burk. Best Arab: Noelle Snyder. Best of the Rest: Lorelei Heineman. Grand Champion: Lorelei Heineman. Reserve Champion: Noelle Snyder. NoviCe: 1) Valerie Pitzer (also First Junior and Best of the Rest). 2) Candace Carlson (also Best Part Arab). 3) Annabelle Savage (also Best Arab). 4) Tina Ponder 5) Pam Calhoun. 6) Donna Galford. Miles only: Lynn Brunetto; Liz Shiplet. ReCReATioNAl DisTANCe: Pius Felder; Manuela Felder; Lynn Brunetto; Ann Eberenz; Cindy Dahl; Lauren Dahl; Debbie Donner; Jo Murray. ReGioN 14 CHAMPioNsHiP CTR: Top 5 Arab: Becky McCarty. Top 5 Half Arab: 1) Tess Searcy; 2) Linda Wainwright; 3) Terry Boylan.

Vermont ride for the Cure

Hosts Over 100 Participants, Raises More Than $50,000

Photos: Jane soBel KlonsKY

Thanks To all The riders who took part in the Third annual Vermont ride for the Cure on october 8, as well as the generosity of the event’s host, Green Mountain horse association, the Vermont-new hampshire affiliate of susan G. komen for the Cure has raised a very respectable $57,494. a 10-mile pleasure loop beginning and ending at the GMha’s facility in south woodstock, VT, the 2012 event led horse and rider through some of southern Vermont’s most picturesque towns and villages during the height of its famed foliage season. each of the 117 participants committed to raise and donate a minimum of $250. all riders met the goal and many exceeded it. one, Christine Giddings, took top honors as the event’s Platinum rider for her field-topping sum of $4,050. For her efforts, Christine was awarded a $100 gift certificate from

smartPak and a pink saddle pad from slypner Gear. Prizes were also awarded to Gold riders debbi Culbertson (last year’s Platinum winner) and amy stark, who each raised more than $1,000, and silver riders Pamela allembert, karen Buffum, alison deboer, Tonya Guare, liz kelton, Jessica Meyer, Jessica Mount, Tracy o’Connor, kim rogenski, alice ryan, Jeanne seymour, Pamela sorton, Jennifer Platinum Rider Christine Giddings raised $4,050 Taylor-ahern and Brande wood, who For the Cure. all brought in $500 or more. The cancer survivor, lois steele whidden,” Pinkest horse prizes, awarded each year said affiliate president, debbie Peretz. to an adult and Youth team of horse and “This event, and the new new hampshire rider for being the most decked out in ride, would not exist without her,” she pink, went to Brande wood (adult) and said, noting that 75% of all of the money kaitlynnrose Jones (Youth). raised at the rides will stay in Vermont “My sincerest thanks go to all the and new hampshire and be used for riders, this wonderful facility (GMha), breast cancer education, screening, and our amazing volunteers, and especially our ride Chair and two-time breast continued on page 154 December 2012

| equine Journal 153

trail/distance riding

[ equine journal affiliate ]

Green mountain horse association Looks at the Season in Review SuBmitted BY kareY WaterS

Our events seasOn has cOme to a close here at the Green mountain horse association (Gmha). Our south Woodstock, vt, facility will be quiet until the end of april 2013. We had an extremely successful 2012 season in all five disciplines. hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a brief wrap-up, looking back at our 2012 trail events. thanks to our many riders and volunteers for a great season!

Competitive Trail Riding and Driving the 15-mile mud ride and Drive weekend kicked off the year with strong entries, likely attributed to a warm and early spring. saturday, april 28, offered the traditional unsanctioned ride and drive, and it continues to be a great start to the season for both seasoned competitors and those new to the sport. sunday, april 29, offered an eastern competitive trail ride association (ectra)-

sanctioned conditioning Distance, allowing ectra members the chance to earn mileage credit. the 25-mile ride and Drive, held on June 12, had a new twist this year with the addition of a 15-mile conditioning Distance ride option. While a few did try the new format, our usual 25-mile ride was the main draw, as many riders were eager to embark on the well-established route through West Windsor, vt. Our 25/25/50-mile ride and Drive added even more choices, to truly offer something for everyone. On the weekend of July 7 - 8, riders could choose

Kara Thomas and Wind Sovereign PW accept the Sweepstakes trophy after being named grand champion of the 100-Mile Ride.

Vermont Ride for the Cure continued from page 153

Kaitlynnrose Jones took the Pinkest Horse honors in the Youth category.

154 equine


| December 2012

PhotoS: (toP) nick GoldSmith; (Bottom) Jane SoBel klonSkY

treatment programs. the remaining funds, she said, go to the susan G. Komen for the cure national and international research programs. For more information on the ride and to learn of other efforts to find a cure for breast cancer, visit

trail/distance riding to compete in the Saturday 25-Mile, Sunday 25-Mile, the 50-Mile (both days), or the new 12.5-Mile Conditioning Distance Ride on Sunday. Drivers could also choose between a Saturday 25-Mile, a Sunday 25-Mile, or the 50-Mile drive. Riders and drivers did take advantage of the many options. Our annual 50/30Mile Endurance Ride, held on October 13, was once again sanctioned by the American Endurance Ride Conference and co-sanctioned by ECTRA. The day dawned with a chilly 7:00 a.m. start for the 22 horse-and-rider combinations in the 50-Mile distance, and by 8:00 a.m., the twenty 30-Mile Limited Distance horse-and-rider combos had beautiful sunshine overhead. All the riders were off the trail well before the 12-hour cut-off for the 50-Mile distance.

Pleasure Rides Our Memorial Day Pleasure Rides, held on May 25 - 27, offered our pleasure riders three days of great weather and

spectacular trails. It was wonderful to see a mix of old friends and new turned out for this event. People raved about the diversity of trail courses set for this year, complete with scenic lunch stops. Riders came together to enjoy the Friday night dinner, sharing stories, food, and fun. After dinner, a line dancing instructor got the party going with festive tunes and smooth moves. It was such a hit that we booked him again for the Fall rides. The Fall Foliage Rides (September 21 - 23 and October 5 - 7) proved to be a terrific experience for our riders once again. Although the weather wasn’t ideal, the scenery, views, and foliage can’t be beat, and there were some wonderful sunny days in the mix among the clouds. After Friday’s ride through West Windsor, equestrians enjoyed dinner here at GMHA. Line dancing was back by popular demand (for those not too saddle sore from the day’s ride), and a good time was had by all, showing

A group of riders takes in the famous birch grove in all its glory on a Fall Foliage Pleasure Ride.

76th Annual 100-Mile Ride: Take Two!

PhotoS: nick GoldSmith

After canceling in 2011 due to Tropical Storm Irene, the 100-Mile Ride was back in action for 2012! With 40 miles of new trails, new judges, fabulous food (thanks to a generous donor), and all the tradition that makes the 100-Mile Ride so special, this event was not to be missed. The ride kicked off with a welcome party, hosted by Steve and Dinah Rojek at their Smoke Rise Farm. The social events continued throughout the weekend, with a banquet held on Thursday night, a BYO meat barbecue at GMHA on Friday, and supper at the Vermont Horse Country Store on Saturday, culminating with brunch and awards on Sunday. This year unveiled a new “red day” trail, which earned rave reviews

off some fancy footwork on the dance floor. Saturday’s trail took riders past some of Reading’s finest scenery to a cozy sugarhouse and barbecue, although rainy weather for the second weekend’s ride prompted the barbecue to be held back at GMHA’s grounds. Equestrians finished the weekend ride with a slightly shorter course, offering a stupendous overlook of the valley and a lasting memory to take home with them, before enjoying a leisurely brunch and recant of the weekend. Members’ Days—what could be better? We saw many of our members taking advantage of this great way to come to the grounds and ride the trails. With five marked loops of trails (of varying lengths), and free stabling, these days are ideal for anyone wanting to check out GMHA’s legendary trails on their own. Show ReSultS CoMPeTiTive TRAil And enduRAnCe 2012 GRAnd ChAMPions 15-Mile Ride: Alice Bradeen, Sapphire. 15-Mile drive: Connie Walker, Sasha. June 25-Mile: Deb Fisk, DB Prophet. June 25-Mile drive: Jenny Kimberly, Dixie Dee. July 25-Mile (sat): Ray Johnson, WBA Chanceful. July 25-Mile (sun): Nancy Okun, Psynanmon’s Reilly. July 50-Mile: Gene Limlaw, Seegret II Success. July 50-Mile drive: Jenny Kimberly, Dixie Dee. 50-Mile endurance First to Finish: Deb Fisk, DB Prophet. 50-Mile endurance Best Conditioned: Ray Johnson, WBA Chanceful. GMhA Trail horse of the Year: DB Prophet, ridden by Deb Fisk. 60-Mile Ride: Champion: Meg Sleeper, Syrocco Caduce. Reserve: Christina Phillips, Ziggy. 40-Mile Ride: Champion: Lynn Hartman, Syrocco Melody. Reserve: Robin Malkasian, CR Silver Empress. 100-Mile Ride: Champion: Kara Thomas, Wind Sovereign PW. Reserve: Sally White, RSF Whitey. heavyweight:1) Zeoli, Chris Gabby. 2) Reinheimer, Susie, TC Spark. 3) Steve Rojek, Trident. 4) Stephen Bonnie Major, Prince Charlie. Middleweight: 1) Jenny Kimberly, Derawnda Ricardo. 2) Gene Limlaw, Seegret II Success. 3) Sierra Ellis, Quauntum. 4) Katherine Gardener, Tremcel Ulysse Nostra. lightweight: 1) Marlene Bottesi, Omar’s Montana. 2) Deb Fisk, DB Prophet. 3) Charlotte Tate, Weathervane Triumph.

from our riders. The trail, while challenging in 100-Mile fashion, boasted fantastic views as it wound through South Woodstock and West Windsor. Judges Dr. Ann Chaffee and Eva Norris had their work cut out for them, judging a great group of 100-Mile horses. We were pleased to offer the 60- and 40-Mile Ride distance options once again this year—with everyone getting the chance to ride the new red trail route. GMHA is thankful for the generosity of the many property owners who open their lands for our events as well as the fantastic volunteers whose hard work make this ride possible each year! Please encourage and mentor your friends to come out and ride, especially those junior riders. December 2012

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trail/distance riding

[ equine journal affiliate ] Fall Hunter Pace riders Cindy Jerserski and Ray Hill.

Anticipates Upcoming Awards Banquet and General Meeting SuBmitted By Becky kalagher

Bay State trail riderS association (BStra) wishes all our members, sponsors, volunteers and advertisers a very happy and healthy holiday season. as an important reminder, membership expires on december 31, 2012, so please remember to renew yours. and, why not give the gift of a BStra membership for a Christmas present? anyone who has volunteer hours, please make sure they are submitted to any board member by January 3, 2013. to qualify for year-end awards, a member must have volunteered at least four hours, and we also have a volunteer award program. So, please send them in! BStra’s annual General Meeting and awards Banquet is February 2, 2013, at the Coachman’s lodge, 273 Wrentham road, Bellingham, Ma. time: 6:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m. Cost: adults, $18; Juniors (12 156 equine


| December 2012

and under), $9. it’s a great social night, with super food (Family Style Chicken, roast Beef, or Baked Stuffed Filet of Sole), awards, and a huge raffle table! the reservation form for the banquet is online at Our Sue Brainard Memorial Fall Hunter Pace was a great event, and i want to thank all of those who attended. you can’t beat the cool, crisp air of fall and being on your horse with over 30 jumps on the course. this year, we added another two permanent jumps on the south side of the douglas State Forest, bringing the total up to seven permanent jumps. everyone had a great ride, and there was plenty of food (especially desserts!), and a well-stocked raffle table. a big thank you goes to our ride sponsor, dover Saddlery. Metacomet land trust partnered with the Upton land Stewardship Committee

Show ReSultS Trail Blazer Division: 1) Bill and Angie Knott. 2) Gloria and Jill Duhaime. 3) Melinda Rollins. 4) Lisa Grigaitis, Darlene Falcone, Cheryl Fitzpatrick. 5) Sheryl Gasper, Jamie Gardner. 6) Dee Marcotta, Tiya Boisell. Junior Division: 1) Carlie Cichocki. 2) Athena Rollins, Madison Peck. Hilltop Division: 1) Kaitlin Manning, Sam McCracken. 2) Ann Sellew, Leah Kennedy, Pattie Letourneau. 3) Leslie Anderson, Venus Felix. 4) Sue Lukey, Melissa Remillard. 5) Lynn Pedersen. 6) Cindy Ostrowski. Hunter Division: 1) Lisa and Natalie Beittel. 2) Ray Hill, Cindy Jerserski. 3) Becky Kalagher, Karen Parlin. 4) Lory Walsh, Mike Germaine.

Photo: Becky kalagher

Bay State trail riders association

to raise money for the finishing touches at Sweetwilliam Farm and Whitney Conservation area. Sweetwilliam Farm was preserved, in part, so that Upton could create a 15-mile trail network by building a mile-long trail across the property to connect trails to Upton State Forest, Howarth Conservation area, Warren Brook Conservation area, Howarth Glen Conservation area, and Grafton’s Pell Farm Conservation area. the trail across Whitney and Sweetwilliam is complete except for a quarter mile that skirts a pasture on the west side of North Street. the key to completing this portion of trail is installing a fence to safely separate trail users from animals in the pasture. a generous donor had agreed to match all donations made through October 15, up to $5,000. at our last Board meeting, BStra voted to donate $1,500 toward this project. the good news is that they met their goal of raising $5,000, and with the $5,000 match, that gave them the $10,000 needed for the purchase and installation of the fencing. Marcella Stasa, of the Upton land Stewardship Committee, let me know that the fencing should be installed by November. Just to let everyone know, we do have a FacebookSM page. We post pictures from our rides and any information that comes across our desk that we feel is of importance to horseback riders. you can visit our Facebook page by going to our website ( and clicking on the Facebook icon. See you all in 2013!

Shown with optional roof

Happy from Holidays

December 2012

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158 equine


| December 2012

Congratulations to Colin Quinlan, Katie Tyler, and Kristen Russomanno



2012 New England Equitation Finals 18-22 year old Adult Hunt Seat Equitation Colin Quinlan & Tonight Champion

Katie Tyler & Gilliard 4th place

Kristen Russomanno & Starbuck 6th place

Some of our 2012 accolades:


â&#x20AC;˘ Show Jumping Hall of Fame Rider of the Month for July - Katie Tyler & Seattle 6 â&#x20AC;˘ Taylor Harris Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Medal standings - Thea Chafee 1st place - Katherine Higgins 6th place â&#x20AC;˘ 3 Circuit Champions - HITS Ocala

Katie Higgins, Lauren McClatchy, John Porter, Colin Quinlan, Michael Renker, Kristen Russomanno, Robin Swinderman, Katie Tyler, & Samantha Van Winter

Thank you for making 2012 the best year we have ever had! )VOUFS+VNQFSt&RVJUBUJPO 4IBDIJOF#FMMF 1IPOFt&NBJMCMPOEJF!BPMDPN 5JMMJOHIBTU3PBEt&BTU(SFFOXJDI 3*

December 2012

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FARM OF DISTINCTION Cedar Spring Farm, Inc., of Charlotte, VT, was recently honored with a 2012 Horse Farm of Distinction award given by the Vermont Farm Bureau. Cedar Spring Farm is a full service Morgan horse breeding and training facility, owned by Hayes and Bonnie Sogoloff. The farm was built on 114 acres of prime soils and is a state-of-the-art planned equine establishment. The Horse Farm of Distinction award is given annually to farms that excel in many criteria, including management, community service, expertise, and curb appeal.

owner, breeder, and judge of Morgan horses. The award, the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, recognizes excellence in children’s books. The story was up against children’s books of all topics, which makes it even more impressive. Jeanne is a wonderful author, amazing artist, and the story is fabulous. You can get signed copies of Pidgy’s Surprise from Willow Bend Publishing. Congratulations to Jeanne and Pidgy!



If you happened to be leafing through a magazine over the past few months, you may have seen an ad from Ralph Lauren with a model sitting on a beautiful dark chestnut horse. The photo shoot was held at the Crane Estate in Ipswich, MA, and the horse was UVM Hightide. The 13-year-old mare is owned by Chris and Larry Cassenti of Chrislar Farm in Rowley, MA. “Hightide loved all the attention as the models posed with her and led her,” said Chris Cassenti. “One model rode her in an aside position wearing a long flowing skirt.”

AMHA announced the following slate of candidates for the 2013 election for Regions 1, 2, and 9. Region 1 (two positions): Sara Foy (incumbent) and Cindy Mugnier (incumbent); Region 2 (two positions): Sharon Skelly (incumbent) and Ann Scussell; and Region 9 (one position): Linnea Sidi (incumbent). The Annual Meeting of AMHA members will take place at 3:30 p.m. (PST) on Friday, February 22, 2013 at The Benson Hotel in Portland, OR. Ballots will be mailed to those 2012 AMHA members in good standing as of December 31, 2012, at the beginning of January 2013.

CAMERA–READY AUTHOR AWARDED Jeanne Mellin’s book, Pidgy’s Surprise, the story about a lovable Shetland pony and his young owner, has won a national book award! For those new to the breed, Jeanne is a long-time Jeanne Mellin Herrick’s book » wins a national award.



| December 2012

Dutch-Mor’s Joy, a six-year-old mare out of Astronomicallee, was recently used in a photo shoot for MacKenzie-Childs’ catalog. The mare is owned by Bill Haines of Ledyard Farms in King Ferry, NY, where the photo shoot took place. The mare was used as the centerpiece in MacKenzie-Childs’ horse stall décor for the holidays.

PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE In an effort to encourage more breed judges to become licensed in the Open Saddle Seat Equitation division, USEF will begin offering Saddle Seat Equitation Clinics in conjunction with select breed clinics with the hope to expand to


[LEFT] The award-winning Cedar Spring Farm in Charlotte, VT. [RIGHT] Dutch-Mor’s Joy, owned by William Haines of Ledyard Farms, was used in an ad for MacKenzie-Childs’ holiday stall decoration.


ellery Walker (center) was honored as the 2012 youth of the year.

more in the future. These clinics will now be offered at the american Morgan horse association Judges’ Schools, in addition to those already offered with the Saddlebred/hackney/roadster Judges’ clinics (additional fees may apply). They will be taught by a uSeF Saddle Seat equitation licensed judge and present the same material as the other open Saddle Seat equitation clinics. contact aMha for details regarding dates for the Morgan Judges’ School. if you have other questions regarding these clinics, contact the uSeF licensed officials or education Department at 859-258-2472.

In MeMory

Top leFT phoTo: howarD SchaTzBerg

our hearts go out to the friends and family of edie pullman Tschorn, who recently passed away after battling glioblastoma brain cancer for the past year. edie caught the horse bug at a young age and competed successfully at horse shows throughout new england. She attended Bennett college in Millbrook, ny, where she studied stable management, and later in 1976, she founded Trumbull Mountain Stables and Tack Shop

in Shaftsbury, VT. edie became known within the equine community as a respected horse trainer and Morgan breeder, a gifted teacher, and a successful entrepreneur with a national reputation for custom saddle fitting. She will be missed by all.

youth of the year The 2012 american Morgan horse association (aMha) youth of the year contest took place at this year’s grand national & world championship Morgan horse Show®, held october 6-13 at the oklahoma State Fairgrounds in oklahoma city. it is with great enthusiasm that aMha honors ellery walker of Marshall, Mi, as its 2012 youth of the year winner, and rebecca Jones of efland, nc, as the runner up. The contestants participated in a rigorous four-part test throughout the course of two days. included were a written exam, an oral presentation and interview, a ridden or driven horsemanship pattern, and a judging division with a reasons portion. as the winner of this prestigious contest, walker earned a custom-designed awards package valued at $2,500,

the hunter’s Glen Morgans youth Group brought their horses to visit the residents of the Masonic home and hospital.

generously sponsored by the cynthia elaine epperson Trust. “i did my first youth contest when i was 10 and was immediately hooked,” walker said. “i loved the way it encouraged versatile youth, not just kids who could ride well. i have become very well-rounded in my Morgan knowledge over the years with the judging, the tests, and different speech topics. There are so many great versatile youth in the breed, and i love that the youth of the year contest is a way to show off their talents and reward them for their dedication. i’m so excited to represent the breed as the 2012 youth of the year, and i can’t wait to encourage more kids to take part in this wonderful contest!”

MasonIc hoMe VIsIt on September 15, hunter’s glen Morgans youth group members, Karen Bobbi, cathryn gunther, caitlin wolfe, and Shannon and lauren Santoro brought 10 horses to visit the Masonic home and hospital in wallingford, cT. This is the fourth time they’ve visited the facility. each visit is just as rewarding as the last, if

not more, as everyone leaves with such a good feeling. The residents were brought out to the front of the building in wheelchairs and walkers. one gentleman asked eileen hunter if she could bring the horse closer so he could touch it. he told her that when he was a boy he had two horses. The look on his face was priceless. “The amazing thing that i have found is how calm the horses are when they are around the elderly in wheelchairs,” says hunter. “They are on their best behavior. after the petting session, the horses performed on the front lawn with the most beautiful view of the fountain and the city of wallingford. it is most definitely one of the best things we have ever done with our horses. Thanks to everyone who participated.”

condolences Jenny pierucki lost her beloved Bramblea obie (huntly cal coolidge x royalton ethna) in october at the age of 34. he was a two-time winner of the allen’s Major award at the lippitt country Show.

December 2012

| equine Journal 161


Richard Boule drove the three-year-old CBMF Hitting the Streets to two world champion titles.

Amanda Porto showed her DRF Suite Sensation to the World Amateur Hunter Pleasure Championship.

Morgan Grand national Continues as a Winning Tradition for New Englanders By Suzy lucine, PhotoS By howard SchatzBerg

The 40Th AnnuAl GrAnd nATionAl & World Championship Morgan horse Show was held october 6-13 in oklahoma City, oK. More than 1,000 of the world’s finest Morgan horses from across the country, Canada, and europe met to compete in over 300 classes for $400,000-plus in prize money. Massachusetts resident, Fred nava, returned as the show’s manager for the sixth year in a row. Peggy hatfield headed a team of secretaries in the horse show office and 20 judges were hired to officiate in three different rings.

Maine Year after year, new englanders bring home a large portion of the world and national titles, and this year was no exception. The first to enter the winner’s circle from the northeast was iconic as the reserve Grand national Three-Year-old Gelding Champion. he is owned by the liberty family’s lakefront Farm, llC, in Grey, Me, and was presented by david rand of Falmouth, Me. david also presented the libertys’ Tre Someday to the reserve World Four-Year-old Park harness Championship. The Kelley family of Victory lane Farm also shows under the rand stable 162 equine


| December 2012

banner. leslie rode Winterset Zeus to the World Masters Classic Pleasure Saddle Championship. hannah drove Queens upbeat to the World Junior exhibitor Classic Pleasure driving Championship. driving Fox hollow Talk About Me, hannah also won the World Junior exhibitor Pleasure driving 14-17 Championship. When riding KJM Five Star, hannah was the reserve World Junior exhibitor english Pleasure 14-17 Champion. david’s assistant trainer, Alyssa Wick, rode the Kelleys’ gelding, dragonsmeade Carnegie hall, to the World ladies english Pleasure Championship. Alyssa also drove Merriehill home Stretch to the Grand national Youth Park harness Finals Championship. later in the show, david drove him to an impressive World Park harness Championship. he is owned by the Gatewood family of danTree Farm in howell, Mi. laurin Johnson catch rode nicoria for the Gatewoods to win the World ladies Classic Pleasure Saddle Championship. david drove unbreakable Bond to the World Four-Year-old Pleasure driving Championship. raymond ramsey and his daughter, erika, own him. david had fun this past winter

working the four-time World Champion Stallion, lPS The Boogie Man, in western tack. in his first year as a western horse, he finished the season as the reserve World Western Pleasure Champion. Steve and Jill Tassinari own him. Pete and Sandy hendrick also had several winners from their Queen’s river Farm. Sandy rode their dMh Back in Black to a World Amateur Masters english Pleasure Championship. Julie rohrer was ecstatic, winning her first world title with MCS Bandini. They claimed the World Masters Classic Pleasure driving Championship. Alyssa Wick rode Cardinal Brook love Shack to the reserve World Four-Year-old hunter Pleasure Championship. he is owned by roxanne Sardelli Greenway. Also from Gray, Me, rick lane of rick lane Stables presented MeM Shock & Awe to the reserve World Senior Champion Mare honors. George Schott owns her. The Silber family brought several horses from their Kourt Jester Morgans farm in Falmouth, Me. dragonsmeade Varvatos and Shelley Silber earned the reserve World Amateur Masters Park Saddle Championship and the World Four-Year-old Park Saddle Championship. Another Maine resident, hali Goodwin, rode her CBMF off The Charts to the reserve championship in World Walk-Trot Classic Pleasure Saddle 11 & under. She rides under the direction of Katie Yereane of Sea-Vue

morgan Farm in Boothbay, ME. Also riding under Katie’s direction, Caroline Cadorette rode her Pondview Pure Elegance to the World Walk-Trot Hunter Pleasure Championship.

New Hampshire Entries from Taylor River Farm in Hampton Falls, NH, garnered many titles under the direction of Richard Boule and Sarah Gove. One of the most talked about horses at the show, CBMF Hitting the Streets, won the World Three-Year-Old Futurity Pleasure Driving Championship and the World Three-Year-Old Pleasure Driving Championship. Richard Boule drove him for the Gove Family Partnership. Richard rode Indian Creek Bell Haven, owned by Shane Darnell, LLC, to the Reserve World Futurity ThreeYear-Old Park Saddle Championship. Showing under the Taylor River banner, Spencer Shample rode CN Out And About to the Reserve World WalkTrot Saddle Seat Equitation 11 & Under Championship. Michelle Quinlisk rode MEM Once Again to the World Junior Exhibitor Hunter Pleasure Championship. Riding Hylee’s Noche Di Oro, she was the Reserve World Junior Hunter Seat on the Flat Equitation Champion. Riding under the direction of Kristen Cater of Cater Stables in Dunbarton, NH, Quinn Mercier had a great show. She won the World Senior Saddle Seat Equitation Championship and was reserve in both the UPHA Morgan Senior Challenge Cup Finals and the AMHA Saddle Seat Gold Medal Finals.

Vermont Peggy and Phil Alderman brought two road horses with them from Salem Farm in North Clarendon, VT. They cleaned up in both the Open and Amateur divisions. Peggy drove Flairetation to the World Roadster to Bike Championship. Phil did the same, winning both the national and world titles in the Amateur division. He drove Fancy Schmancy. Traveling from Charlotte, VT, Kathy Gutting won the World Amateur Masters Park Harness Championship. She drove her black stallion, Get Busy. Kathy shows under the direction of Dwayne Knowles and Mike Goebig of Broadmoor in Kutztown, PA. Bonnie and Keely Sogoloff of Cedar Spring Farm in Charlotte, VT, coached Brooke Perlee, riding Johannesburg, to the Reserve World Walk-Trot

Hunter Pleasure 11 & Under Championship. Riding under the direction of Jaisen and Meghan von Ballmoos of Fairfield Stables in Manchester, VT, Hannah Carr rode Cedar Creek Danseur to the Youth Park Saddle Finals Championship. He is owned by Edward and Jane Leonard.

Massachusetts Riding under the direction of Scott Travers of Driftway Meadows in Westport, MA, several clients had a winning week. Amanda Porto showed her DRF Suite Sensation to the World Amateur Hunter Pleasure Championship. JBK Buck Dakota and Samantha Chamberlain were the World Youth Hunter The World Junior Exhibitor English Pleasure 13 & Under Champion was Zanetti, ridden by Michelle Quinlisk. Pleasure Champions. After a four-horse work-off, Grand National Amateur Gentlemen’s Nikki Rae Woodworth of KGA Morgans Pleasure Driving Finals Championship in Mendon, MA, won the World English and the Reserve Grand National Youth Pleasure Championship. She was Pleasure Driving Finals Championship. riding As Predicted, who is owned by The gelding is owned by Tim’s mother, Chloe Deeb. Lynn Carothers. Chloe rode Catch Me If You Can, The Sebring family of Sebring Stables owned by Kathy Dowding, to the in Richmond, MA, brought a nice Reserve World Junior Exhibitor Classic string of horses to Oklahoma. Harry Pleasure Saddle 14-17 Championship. drove CBMF Crown Prince to both She also rode Hollybrook Van Gogh to of the Reserve World Park Harness the Reserve World Senior Saddle Seat Championships. The big bay stallion is Classic Equitation Championship. owned by Copper Beech LLC. Mike and Liz Murphy’s entries from Legacy Stables also brought back awards to Mendon, MA. Maria Connecticut Tartaglione and UVM Quechee unaniThe Brown/Klein family of Orange, CT, mously won the World Junior Exhibitor had a successful event with their three Classic Pleasure Saddle 13 & Under Morgans. They show under the direcChampionship. The bay mare is owned tion of Lynn and Kathleen Peeples of by Robert and Patricia Brooks. Waterford Farm in Oxford, NJ. With Kayla Candage aboard MEM Leonardo’s Cry, with trainer Lynn Look At Me, the duo won the Reserve Peeples in the buggy, won the Reserve World Junior Exhibitor Hunter Pleasure World Three-Year-Old Futurity Park 16-17 Championship. Harness Championship and went on Also showing under the Legacy to win the World Three-Year-Old Park Stables banner, Victoria Ricci showed Harness Championship. her Stardavari to the Reserve World “Every year, Morgan enthusiasts Junior Exhibitor Park Harness from across the country look forward Championship. to these two weeks in Oklahoma City Melissa Morrell of Moreland Farm as a time to celebrate their love for in Rutland, MA, rode MEM Main Street this wonderful breed and this year to the Reserve World Hunter Pleasure was no exception,” Show Chairman Championship for owners Kenneth and Sally Plumley said. “Our thanks go to Kaleah Robinson. Oklahoma City for being a wonderful Showing under the direction of Mike host city for our world show for these Carpenter of Mike Carpenter Stables many years.” in Dudley, MA, Tim Enfield drove his For complete results, go to Stonecroft Voodoo to the Reserve December 2012

| equine Journal 163


Connecticut summer Finale Offers Exhibitors a Fun and Relaxing Time Story and photo By eileen hunter

This year’s ConneCTiCuT summer Finale show, hosted by the Connecticut morgan horse association (Cmha) on september 29-30, included the Connecticut Color Breed classes and turned out to be a fun, relaxed atmosphere the entire weekend. sandra Johnson was judge for the saturday and sunday classes and Camille Peppin judged the costume and trail classes on saturday evening. The show has been held for more than 30 years and it has been a struggle the last several years to keep it going. it is an event that is geared toward kids, beginner riders, and beginner horses. The kids that attend have fond memories of the many shows that they have been part of over the years—this year in particular it was nice to see several college kids that were not showing come back to visit.

once again the Thomas and Bobbi families did the saturday night Chicken Barbecue, Karen Bobbi with her daughter Nicole in the irons. which was delicious. The show committee consisted of eileen The largest class was open Color hunter, marla and Tom Wisehart, Deb Becroft, shannon santoro, Kristina Vine, Breed halter, with 11 beautiful horses. The Beginner Walk-Trot and the WalkLynda Thomas, and yvette Wall. Chris Trot classes were very popular as well. miller served as the announcer and and, there was a large variety of breeds this year marked the 24th year he has and disciplines that attended. worked the show. The wonderful sally For more photos, visit the Connecticut hill was the steward. ed Quinlan was the emT and gatekeeper. he kept things summer Finale show Facebook page. Cmha thanks everyone—exhibitors, moving efficiently and was very entersponsors, volunteers, and staff—that taining at the gates. Lesley alexander made this one of the most successful was the photographer. Deb, shannon, shows the association has hosted in a and Kristina handled the ribbons and long time. organizers are looking forward awards. Tom and marla did the stabling, to next year’s show. For more informaand Tom also acted as the ringmaster. tion on the Connecticut morgan horse yvette Wall volunteered her accounting skills and time to be the show secretary. association, visit

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Arabian news

HEADED OVERSEAS Congratulations to Walid Alrashed on the purchase of his new mare, AbsoluteDesperado (Thee Desperado X Scendos ShadyLady), who is in foal to WH Marc Of Flame. She has begun her journey to her new home in Jordan from Tenkenva Arabians of Tennessee!

BEST WISHES We often see this lovely lady in rosesâ&#x20AC;Śbut now sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sporting a diamond too! Congratulations to Natalie Hunt on her engagement to Erfan Akbar! Natalie rides with Tommy Garland, competing her talented western pleasure horses JF Verrisk, Dancin To Victory, and Resstitution.

BUNDLE OF JOY Shannon Beethe, of Beethe Arabians, recently welcomed a new addition to her family! On 168 EQUINE


October 1, 2012, Shannon gave birth to an 8 lb., 13 oz. baby boy, Reese Tyrone Jones. Congratulations!

Laheeb Al Nasser that will live on through the DeShazer breeding program.

ANGLO-ARABIAN AWARDS WELL DONE Holly Leasor sends her congratulations to her friend and client Pamela Martin Dors on her successful first show with EF Serendipity, an AngloArabian mare she recently adopted from Camelot Horse Weekly. They accomplished wonderful dressage rides at the Sport Horse Extravaganza in Lexington, VA, scoring a 61% in one of their tests.

The North American AngloArabian Horse Association (NAAAHA) sponsored their

CONTINUING A LEGACY Hank and Sandra DeShazer send their congratulations to Nayla Hanek of Hanaya Stud on the purchase of the one and only stallion, Laheeb Al Nasser. They wish Nayla all the best and will cherish the legacy of

| December 2012

During 2012, HHF Ali Azar Casanova, owned by Horses on the Hill Farm in Orange, MA, picked up wins in halter as well as sport horse in hand classes.


ESCAPADE SHF (SCAPA X THE AURORA) IS A THREE-YEAR-OLD STRAIGHT Egyptian Arabian owned by Roze Arabians. He showed at Dressage at Devon with fantastic results! Bruce Griffin handled him in the Three-Year-Old Colts and Gelding class where he placed 10th and in the Arabian class with a second place finish. His owner, Angela White, handled him in the Adult Amateur class where they placed second.

fifth High Point Championship Awards at the Youth National Championship Show. Almost Crimson+/ was Supreme Champion AngloArabian. This Anglo mare won a reserve national championship in Training Level Dressage and three Top Tens in Hunter Hack, First Level Dressage Junior Owner and First Level Dressage Junior Rider. Beyond the Seaz+/ was Reserve Supreme Champion Anglo. This pair earned four Top Tens in Hunter Hack, Working Hunter, Training Level Dressage, and Hunt Seat Equitation Under Saddle. The gelding HS High Power earned Top Five honors after winning two Top Tens in Hunter Hack and Sport Horse Under Saddle. FF Irish Vodka earned a Top Five Anglo Award by winning a National Championship in Dressage Walk-Trot and a Top Ten in Hunt Seat Equitation 10 & Under. Crimson Illusion+ rounded out the Top Five. He earned a Reserve Champion and a Top Ten in Hunt Seat Equitation with two different riders. The winners all received beautiful neck sashes with the Supreme Champion receiving


Catherine ginn of royston, ga, and almost Crimson+/ won Supreme Champion anglo-arabian at Youth nationals.

an engraved silver trophy plate as well.

Sold! Conway arabians sends their congratulations to natalie Wolf Tetrick on her purchase of B Sharp Ca! The pair will stay in the barn and become a part of the Conway Show Team under the guidance of Tom Theisen.


PHoToS: (CloCKWiSe FroM ToP) CourTeSY oF THe norTH aMeriCan anGlo-araBian HorSe aSSoCiaTion; lYnn KauFMan PHoToGraPHY; SuZanne STurGill; JenniFer liSaK

Congratulations are in order for Sarah Mitzel who was recently engaged to aaron landes! Sarah is well known for taking countless victory passes aboard her purebred gelding, Werdikt. We wish her and aaron the utmost happiness!

CondolenCeS Bayview Farm’s lovely purebred arabian mare, rakhassa Bey++++//, rocked the show world this year—her first year competing—with wins in several disciplines, culminating in earning her legion of Masters. at Sport Horse nationals, she won two national championships, five reserve national championships, and three top ten titles. on october 2, 2012, she passed away following colic surgery. our condolences go out to everyone whose lives were touched by this beautiful mare.

loving life rancho Sonado of amado, aZ, and Santa Ynez, Ca, sends

Jocelyn Stokowski and Karen nadow’s gameel ibn elZaghloul had a wonderful show season.

Condolences to Bayview farm on the loss of rakhassa Bey++++//. in one year the mare earned 20 regional championships and nine reserve regional championships in addition to national wins.

their congratulations to Paolo Tulliani and renee, Dave, David, lauren, and Max leach of la Dolce Cavallo ranch on the purchase of neiman JCa++. neiman loves kids and he will have three to cherish at their beautiful facility in Scottsdale, aZ.

HigH Point Hunter The arabian-Bred Hunter/ Jumper association (aBHJa), a nationwide group of owners and breeders of arabianbred horses that compete in jumping competitions, have again sponsored an overall High Point Hunter/Jumper horse at the Sport Horse national Championships in September at the idaho Horse Park. The winner was presented with a beautiful neck sash, silver trophy, and embroidered dress sheet. This year’s winner was alexis Doughty riding her anglo-arabian mare, Church Creek++++// (Baladin d’oc x oh Say Valay). The mare is owned by Bill and alexis Doughty of Bayview Farm in Cape Charles, Va.

new PartnerSHiP Congratulations to Kim, Jarred, and alicia Bergeron

on the purchase of their new horse, alexander The Great Hn+++/, from Dezrey arabians. This talented seven-year-old Half-arabian already has a number of regional and national wins in the Hunter Pleasure, Halter, and Sport Horse under Saddle divisions. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this lucky family and their new horse!

continued on page 170

Church Creek++++// was the overall High Point Hunter/Jumper horse at the Sport Horse national Championships. December 2012

| equine Journal 169

arabian church creek++++// owned by alexis and Bill Doughty, was the high point angloarabian at arabian Sport Horse Nationals.

at Sport Horse Nationals By Peggy ingleS

The NorTh AmericAN ANgloArabian horse Association (NAAAhA) recognized the most talented AngloArabians competing at Sport horse National championships again in 2012. NAAAhA has rewarded the best performers since 2007 by presenting the top five horses and riders with embroidered dress sheets, ribbons, and trophies. At the Sport horse National championship Show, held in Nampa, iD, in September, there were 14 Anglos

arabian News

continued from page 169 Big ScoreS congratulations to tom crossen of crossen arabians and Warmbloods on earning uSDf rider Performance awards in training and first level dressage. in order to receive one, the rider has to do four tests in front of four different judges for each level and score at least a 60%.

New owNerS! congratulations to glenn Stevenson of florida on the 170 equine


competing for top honors. The Supreme champion was the seven-year-old mare, church creek++++// (*Baladin dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;oc x oh Say Valay), owned by Bill and Alexis Doughty of cape charles, VA, and bred by Virginia Tech Foundation. She earned three National championships in Amateur owner Working hunter, open hunter hack and Amateur owner hunter hack; two reserve National championships in Amateur hunter hack and Amateur Sport horse in hand; plus two Top Ten titles in open Sport horse

purchase of the Straight egyptian thee Desperado daughter, corwhin amal, from Dara Shailyx arabians of canada with the assistance of honeysuckle rose north Select arabian Sales. this fantastic mare is going to be bred to Shaheen al Waab in 2013.

NewS From craNBerry KNoll cheryl lane-caron of cranberry Knoll arabians & Sport horses is pleased to announce that cK bred, raised, trained, and shown, moonshine malachi++,

| December 2012

has been notified from the arabian horse association (aha) that he has received his legion of honor and legion of merit achievement awards! he has garnered numerous u.S., canadian, regional, and local titles in Sport horse in hand and under Saddle, Dressage, hunter, and Western Pleasure. Junior cK rider, Jesselyn Dugas, has also been notified by aha that she has received yet another award, aha rider of honor amateur achievement award. congratulations to a much deserving rider!

congratulations to marissa wieringa, who married Travis Hake at cortese arabians in middleville, mi.

PhotoS: (toP) Don Stine; (Bottom) rachel DeroSe PhotograPhy

Anglo-Arabians make a Splash

in hand and Amateur Working hunter. The eight-year-old gelding, one more round+++// (Al Jassur laddin x Winifred), earned reserve Supreme champion honors thanks to winning a National championship in open Working hunter; two reserve National championships in Adult Amateur and Amateur Working hunter; and four Top Ten titles in Sport horse in hand geldings open and Amateur, and Sport horse Under Saddle open and Amateur. he is owned, bred and shown by Bill and Alexis Doughty of cape charles, VA. cA Zanes Darjeeling+ (lS Zane grey x Patang), owned and ridden by megan hays of Yakima, WA, earned top five awards. This horse also earned a reserve National championship in intermediate i Dressage and a Top Ten title in intermediate 2 Dressage. With a National championship in Amateur Sport horse in hand and a reserve National championship in open Sport horse in hand, Vice-regent Sm (PW Freedâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m x Bold capitalist), earned himself a place in the top five. he is owned and shown by Sandra Nickolls of Armstrong, British columbia. Ten-year-old galileo (Alota gator Bait x Beaus Star ruler), owned and ridden by Ashley Wren of Billings, mT, earned three Top Tens in regular and green Working hunter and hunter hack. Anglo-Arabians accounted for a total of five National championships, five reserve National championships and 19 National Top Tens. For more information, visit


Riders line up for the results in the English Pleasure Championship.

pennsylvania Arabian horse Association

South Central District Sponsors an Open Fun Show By Kriss PhelPs

The Open Fun ShOw, SpOnSOred by the pennsylvania Arabian horse Association-South Central (pAhA-SC) district, held at the Friendly horseman’s Club in denver, pA, on October 7, 2012, was a successful fundraiser! There was a great turnout of 36 horses that were entered in a large selection of classes, including halter, western and english

Peg Helder and Ima Rock Solid Hobby, a Paint stallion, rocked the dressage and western classes.

pleasure, gymkhana, fun classes and dressage! The main ring judge was Ms. LizAnn Barlett. The show committee did a great job, with Ginny harze and Sandy Zeliger handling the entries. Linda Manwiller processed the high point tabulations. Irvette Timms did the announcing, and Kriss phelps served as the show manager/ring crew. Maren pearson was the main ring ringmaster; Cricket Stoncius was the gymkhana judge; and, nancy Longenbach served as scribe for the morning’s dressage judge, Kris McLaughlin. Cricket was assisted by ethan henry. Judy rutt again produced the show program and oversaw the awards. Cricket handled the dressage gate and ribbons, while Kathryn eichelberger handled the main ring gate and ribbons. All of the participants will be eligible for year-end high point awards that will be given out at the pAhA-SC district holiday party on december 1, 2012, at The Timbers in Mount Gretna, pA.

Radene Gordon-Beck and her Half-Arabian gelding, Pshyann Moon, were second dressage Training Level Test 3.

Show ReSultS HigH Point winners High Point 18 & over grand Champion: Chippa Hobby, Mary Glazier. High Point 17 & Under grand Champion: LF Jubilee, Ivy Yanek. High Point walk-trot grand Champion: Pietske Janske, Stevie Brown. High Point gymkhana grand Champion: Hunter, Allen Fogle. High Point gymkhana walk-trot grand Champion: Pietske Janske, Stevie Brown. High Point sport Horse grand Champion: YL Jaajiah Tairah, Rachel Harze. High Point Dressage grand Champion: Ima Rock Solid Hobby, Peg Helder.

Arabian contact listings PhoTos: CourTesy of Paha-sC

Arabian Origins Marketing, Deetta houts owner/Designer, 218-2961927,,

Monastiri Arabians (bs), Jennifer stine, 67 Prospect hill road, harvard, Ma, 617-359-5623,,

Baldwin Stables (tsl), 108 Cedar lake road, Deep river, CT, 860-526-5989,

Quarry Hill Farm (tbs), 345 sharon road, lakeville, CT 06039, 860-435-2571,

Double A Arabians (tsl), 279 Watchaug road, somers, CT 06071, 860-749-4797,,

Winchester Stables (tsl), Bevin o’reilly Dugan, 336 river road, newfane, VT 05345, 802-365-9434,

Call 800-742-9171 if you would like to be featured in our arabian Contact listings

b=breeding, t=training, s=sales, l=lessons

December 2012

| equine Journal 171


[ equine journal affiliate ] Kevin Dwyer has been elected as the 2013 Rhode Island Arabian Association President.

Elects New Officers for 2013 Submitted by Pauline m. Comire

The Rhode island aRabian horse association (Riaha) recently held their annual elections at the october General Meeting, and the organization is quite excited about the new slate of governors who will be at the helm for 2013. This is always an interesting time of year for this association. The show season is at a close, and all minds turn to the holidays and the annual awards banquet. but, before this big event, celebrating the installation of a new slate of governors is very compelling as well. Plans are in the making for an installation dinner to be observed at the first meeting of the year in January. a tentative date is January 24, which 172 equine


| December 2012

is the first General Meeting date for 2013. The proud officers to be sworn in are: Kevin dwyer, President; erica Capaldi-Roberts, Vice President; shirley Russell, Treasurer; and, anne Cardoza, secretary. The board of directors includes the four officers along with: nancy beauvais, Judith Kubiak, Walter Comire, lucille Guilbault and Joanne Jalbert. The place where this event is to be held has yet to be determined due to the deadline date of this article; however, the date will be available on our website, riarabianhorseassociation. com, as you read this. We invite all members, along with their families and friends, to attend and help celebrate this special event with

COME SEE WHATâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S NEW AT



Photo: don Stine PhotograPhy

Rhode island arabian horse association

this fine group of dedicated members as they start their year of governing. Following the dinner and ceremony, Kevinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first duty will be to conduct a short business meeting which will include the introduction of all 2013 committees, along with an explanation of their functions. sign-ups will be available to all interested parties. Come and let your voice be heard. our officers are always open to new ideas for the betterment of the association. also, the 2012 banquet Committee is in progress, and all information for this big annual event will be available at the January meeting as well. as usual, the banquet awards dinner will be held in March, hopefully escaping the foul winter weather and snowstorms. We are aiming for the first or second sunday in March, avoiding a conflict with easter falling on the last sunday in March. The Year-end Points Results and information about the banquet will be available on our website, a letter and reservation form should be mailed out to all members some time in February, and they are also available on the website.

Seasons Greetings From

Contact us for Holiday Specials! Training available in Hunters, Western, Saddleseat and Dressage disciplines

Desiderio, LTD. Califon, NJ 07830 908-975-3444 Dana Desiderio

December 2012

| equine Journal 173

Send your news for future columns to


Quarter Horse news

[LEFT] Quarter Horse Congress Queen Emily Messing. [RIGHT] Novice Youth East Performance Halter Mares Champions Makayla Flowers and Formally Yours.

Congrats to Mass Quarter Horse Association Queen, Emily Messing, who was named Congress Queen at the 2012 Quarter Horse Congress. This is the first time in history that there has been a Congress Queen from Massachusetts, and Emily was selected as queen out of a highly competitive field of 15 contestants. Over the next year, she will represent the breed and make appearances at many national events, including the AQHA Convention, AQHA World Shows, and other major horse shows.

ON A ROLL Kudos to Makayla Flowers and Formally Yours, aka “Hillary,” who won the Novice Youth East Championship in Performance Halter Mares and earned top honors in Champion Mares. Makayla and Hillary also did remarkably well at Congress, earning 11th place in 174 EQUINE


Performance Halter Mares. This team has been on a roll in 2012!

SHOWSTRING SUCCESS Scott Jones of Showstring was pleasantly surprised when he was awarded the Reserve Congress Masters Championship with The Fire Escape, owned by Janae Walker Bronson. Both Scott and Janae could not have been more proud.

WAY TO GO! Amy Rader of White Birch Farm returned from Congress with a smile on her face after riding Karlin Kluznik’s A Major Innovation in the Green Hunter Under Saddle finals and placing 12th under one of the judges. In other news from White Birch, Zippos Cruel Girl and Vicki Tolhurst received an award in Amateur Superior Showmanship from the AQHA. Way to go!

GREAT NEWS FROM GREYLEDGE A number of riders from

| December 2012

Greyledge Farm in Durham, CT, came home from Congress with ribbons. Among them were Isabel Scobie, who finished the Amateur Trail class in 13th with Range to a Te; Sabrina Janis, who rode Duies Creditor to 11th place in Youth Trail 12-14; Matthew Farrell, who earned seventh place in Novice Youth Trail with Blushing Fancy Chip; and Lisa Farrell, who took ninth place in Junior Trail with Selectively Dun. Greyledge also announces their newest addition to the farm: Lopin for the Dough, a 2011 colt by Lazy Loper, whom they purchased from Pine View Farm.

RIDERS THAT ROCK Riders from Whitney Ridge LLC also returned from Congress happy—Libby Rinder placed sixth in the Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle and earned 12th in the Amateur Trail riding Hot Rockin Potential, aka “Sonny,” while

barnmate Beth Herrmann took seventh place in Amateur Trail on She Made it Happen, aka “Skyler.” Whitney Lagace finished in third place with Macs Gone Green, aka “Chloe,” in Junior Trail and in 13th in the Stakes class, and finished in seventh riding Hot Rockin Potential in Hunter Under Saddle.

SOUTHERN SHOWDOWN Seth Ingram and Big Hollywood Cowboy, owned by David Page, have been consistently successful this past season, as they took wins in the Open and Intermediate Open divisions at the Tampa Bay Ride-N-Slide on Friday, September 14. Then, on Saturday, September 15, and Sunday, September 16, the duo took multiple wins in Intermediate Open. On top of their success together at the Ride-N-Slide, Seth was also invited to become head trainer at BG Reiners’ Mt. Sterling Facility.



quarter horse

Ohio Quarter horse Congress Finishes with Record-Breaking Entry Numbers The OhiO QuarTer hOrse association crowned more than 400 Congress Champions and drew 19,861 entries over the course of 24 days in Columbus, Oh, at the all american Quarter horse Congress, held October 5-28 at the Ohio expo Center. The richest purse at the Congress is the Equine Chronicle Congress Masters Two-Year-Old Western Pleasure class, with $75,000 being presented to the winner. This year, it was Moonlite Ventures, ridden and owned by angie Cannizzaro of Purcell, OK, that took home the honors. Other top earners included the Equine Chronicle Congress Masters Two-Year-Old hunter under saddle winner, This is Personal, ridden by Trisha Yamber and owned by Carl Yamber, who took home a $50,000 paycheck. The Congress reining Futurity boasted $25,000 for first place, which was won by Yankee Gun, ridden by shawn Flarida for owner arcese Quarter horses. This year’s Congress Open all-around Champion was smarty Brown, owned by holly Powell of Lexington, KY. The reserve Congress Open all-around title went to its Been awhile, owned by Theresa Pfeiffer of edmond, OK. it was a close race to the finish. The Congress amateur all-around Champion was southwestern Gunman, owned and shown by Whitney Walquist of Cleburne, TX. reserve honors went

Photos: Jeff kirkbride PhotograPhy

to The heat seeker, owned and shown by angela Fox of Oak Point, TX. and in Congress Youth all-around, the championship and reserve honors went to They Call Me Jake, Open All-Around Champion Smarty Brown. owned and shown by Kamiah McGrath of Murfreesboro, TN, and remarkable Can, owned and shown by rachel Kolb of Lebanon, Oh, respectively. remarkable Can and Kolb also took home the championship in Congress Youth 15-18 all-around, with Lethals hot Weapon, owned and shown by Ty Paris of Tipp City, Oh, earning reserve. The Congress Youth 12-14 all-around Championship went to Congress Masters Two-Year-Old Western Pleasure class winOnly in showbiz with ners Moonlite Ventures and Angie Cannizzaro. owner Kaylee Mellott of andover, Ks, in the stirby Mikayla Jennings of Greenville, Mi, rups. Bowmans Dry Mate followed in claimed reserve. reserve, with owner Bryce Briggs of Pilot in the Congress Youth 11 and under Point, TX. Only in showbiz and Mellott all-around, They Call Me Jake, owned also took top honors in the Congress and shown by Kamiah McGrath of high-Point Novice Youth 14-18, while Murfreesboro, TN, was named chamswooning the Ladies, owned and shown pion, while Lets Talk about aOK, owned and shown by shea Graham of Cave Creek, aZ, took reserve. This year’s Congress high-Point Novice amateur Championship went to Tall Dark and rich, owned and shown by rachel rinke of star, iD. Taking reserve was Lighting up the Town with owner alysa aarup of Greenville, NC. and the Congress high-Point amateur select Championship went to Navier stokes, owned and shown by raymond Coutley of Lexington Park, MD, while reserve honors went to Naturally Brilliant, owned by Joanne and David Farrar and shown by Joanne Farrar of Wellington, FL. For full results from this year’s Quarter horse Congress, visit

Congress Reining Futurity winners Shawn Flarida and Yankee Gun. December 2012

| equine Journal 175

quarter horse

Scottsdale classic Quarter Horse Show and futurities Celebrate 10-Year Anniversary

176 equine


| December 2012

Massachusetts Quarter Horse association Celebrates Youth Members Submitted by Cynthia anderSon

conGRatuLationS to eRica Peterson and her horse, Ms Smoken Sprat, the 2012 Massachusetts Quarter Horse association (MassQHa) High Point 4-H champions. We’ll look for you at the future MassQHa events. the american Quarter Horse association (aQHa) novice championship Show was held columbus day weekend, october 5-7, in tennessee. MassQHa had representation from several national- and state-qualified teams. congratulations to Massachusetts youth member, Makayla flowers, for bringing home the gold for Performance Mares at the aQHa novice championship Show. the Massachusetts Quarter Horse youth association (MQHya) members held a food drive in September. Boxed and canned goods were collected and donated to the local food bank. this is a great way to support your communities! thank you to Marge tanner, youth advisor, for organizing this community service effort.

Scenes from the Scottsdale Classic Quarter Horse Show and Futurities.

of $2,935. the Western Pleasure futurities and Maturity drew a large number of entries. in the 3-year-old open, it was Bob Kail’s consistency aboard Moving the chains that took the championship.

the two year olds also showed their poise and potential in their futurity. a Good order, owned by Joanne Garnett and shown by Brett clark, had put together three firsts and a third to win the open and the Limited for combined earnings of $3,364. the Western Pleasure Maturity saw the return of some excellent horses that have made their mark around the country. But in this match up, Huntin Big dreams, ridden by adam Wainscott for the Bilek family, put together two excellent goes to take the champion spot and $1,199. for more information and full results, visit

PhotoS: kriSten SPinning

Seven conSecutive dayS of sunshine greeted exhibitors at WestWorld in Scottsdale, aZ, for the Scottsdale classic Quarter Horse Show and futurities, held September 27 through october 3. But that wasn’t the only reason smiles were extra bright, because this year marked the 10th anniversary of what has become known as “the fun Show.” Parties, special events, and camaraderie were all part of the festivities, but in the arenas, it was all business. Horses competed for points, awards, trophies, saddles, buckles, and over $121,000 in cash. Horses and riders came from coast to coast, representing everywhere from florida to connecticut to california. additionally, a canadian contingent competed, and italy was represented as well. a few firsts debuted at the 10th annual classic. Barrel racing and poles were an exciting addition to the schedule. Samantha Reddick piloted Louisiana dasher smoothly around the clover leaf for a first place win in the open all ages. McKenzie Wiertzema dug down deep to shave off a couple tenths and take the youth Barrel Racing riding Pcfrenchmantarzon. arabian and Half-arabian nRHa classes and futurities were another addition to the line up. Joe Betten was pretty excited when his horse, custom Gale, with crystal Mcnutt aboard, earned top marks in the arabian division of the open futurity, earning $1,045 and change. arabian reining might have been new to the classic, but reining in general has always been a huge draw. in the $50,000 open futurity, it was Randy Paul on his own horse, Paintball Gun, who executed the best pattern out of 42 runs that night, and scored a 220 to take home $14,022. there was $10,000 added to the non Pro futurity, and this year Marc Gordon took home the biggest chunk of it, sliding Spooks Smoken Wimpy to a 144.5 and a check

[ equine journal affiliate ]

[ equine journal affiliate ]

empire State Quarter horse association


 

 

 

Hosts Biggest Fall Show Yet submitted by norma Ferguson

Photo: linda Ferguson

The empire STaTe Quarter horse association (eSQha) Fall Show in September of 2012 was a huge success. it had to be the biggest eSQha has ever had. exhibitors came from all over the United States, as far west as Las Vegas, NV, and many from Canada. The largest classes were trail and halter. The trail classes lasted for eight hours for the first show and not much less for the second. all of the trail entries got to show in the Coliseum at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse. Showmanship began at the conclusion of the first show and was immediately followed by the same classes under different judges with the arena divided into two rings—one for amateurs and the other for Youth. This was the first time such an arrangement has been attempted and it proved to be quite efficient. There were actually 41 entries in the two amateur classes and the remaining, Select and Novice amateur, showed with well over 20. The Youth classes were large as well. The halter classes that followed lasted well into the night. The american roan horse association classes were included in the show again this year, with 52 entries—up from 23 in 2011. These 18 classes were run simultaneously with the qualifying Quarter horse classes. There was $2,150 in paybacks from the roan horse association. The show was enhanced by members of eSQha who

Ring Steward Ginger Tomassini at the ESQHA Fall Show.

were responsible for obtaining sponsors and managing the hospitality room. exhibitors were treated to free coffee, doughnuts, cookies, and conversation in the area across from the show office. They could also check up on the show’s progress there by way of closed circuit TV. Of course the show could not have gone on without the professional services of the five ring stewards and the announcer who put in endless hours. Kudos also go to the college students from SUNY Oswego who were capable of amazing feats in setting up portable stalls and other chores. There were 7,068 entries at the Fall Show with 630 stalls sold, including portables. There was a total of 2,909 points awarded with 426.5 of those in halter and 2,410.5 in performance classes. We are expecting more of the same success for 2013.

     

    

 

December 2012

| equine Journal 177


Brant Gamma Photo





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Amherst Farmers Supply Amherst, MA 01004 413-253-3436

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NEW YORK Aubuchon Hardware Elizabethtown, NY 12932 518-873-2210 Aubuchon Hardware Herkimer, NY 13350 315-866-4931 Blue Seal Feeds Chatham, NY 12037 518-392-3200 Blue Seal Feeds Fishkill, NY 12524 845-896-5170 Heritage Feed & Supply Bullville, NY 10915 845-361-4081 Kelley Farm & Garden Cobleskill, NY 12043 518-234-2332 cobleskillagway

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Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse

Hope is now doing well after an operation and months of good care.

Presents the Story of Hope: Part 2 NEW YEARâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S RESOLUTIONS ARE THE impetus for bettering ourselves because we want to improve ourselves from the previous year. Some of us resolve to lose weight, spend more time with our family members, be more assertive in asking our boss for a raise or make a bigger difference in the world around us. Sadly, many of these resolutions are soon abandoned only one month into the New Year. Are you tired of seeing your resolutions fade too quickly? Make this year different! Make a resolution you can keep and feel good about the positive impact you will have on a special horse. Her name is Hope. She has had a rough start to her life, but she continues to persevere in spite of her setbacks. Her full story can be found on the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website at and in the October 2012 issue of the P.R.E. Horse Magazine. She has demonstrated the beauty and strength of the P.R.E. breed, and is one of many horses in need of your help now more than ever. Her story underscores the need to help protect these beautiful creatures and how willpower can overcome any obstacle. She is an inspiration to all of us

Hope still exhibits an underbite, but it has improved. She is a sweet and grateful mare.



| December 2012

to never give up hope! This year, give a Hand for Hope by donating to her cause. It is because of generous folks like you that she can get a second chance at life and deliver joy to those around her. Unfortunately, requests to The Foundation to help rescue horses in need have been abundant this year. The Foundation has had to rescue approximately eight horses every month, and the need for additional rescue homes continues to grow. According to the Unwanted Horse Coalition website,, tens of thousands of horses that could be classified as unwanted are being sent to processing facilities in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico each year. In addition, other horses are dumped on the market, which suppresses and undermines the value of horses that are bred responsibly and ethically. Will you not open up your home and heart to save one of these beautiful creatures? You can help stop the unnecessary suffering of these majestic animals. There are many options available and ways for you to get involved. You can donate to a non-profit, such as The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse, that educates and protects these animals, volunteer your time with a rescue group, or open up your stables to a horse in need. If you are unable to bring a horse into your home, you can visit and select a donation amount. These proceeds go directly to caring for a

horse in need, supporting their recovery efforts, and finding a permanent loving home. The Foundation is committed to partnering with other organizations to fulfill its mission of protecting and educating the public on the Pure Spanish Horse. You can also call in a donation to the Foundation Office at 505-294-0800 or send a check to 115 Elm Street NE, Albuquerque, NM 87102. These donations are tax-deductible, used to protect this wonderful breed, and instrumental in providing them with a permanent home. The New Year has begun. This is the time of the year for hope and possibility, because we can define how we will impact those around us. Do not let your resolutions be abandoned in the first month. Let everyone know of your desire to protect and cherish this wonderful breed. Turn your passion into action and give the gift of hope, offering a second chance to a deserving horse such as Hope, and continuing to support the breed you know and love.




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international Friesian show horse association Hosts World and National Grand Championship submitted by Gareth selwood

This year The inTernaTional Friesian show horse association (iFsha) World and national Grand Championship took place in beautiful Del Mar on the southern California Coast near san Diego. Wednesday, october 10 was the first day of competition with dressage in the main arena being expertly judged by Donna richardson of san Marcos, Ca. Friesians and part bred Friesians showed all day in intro through Grand Prix. a highlight of the day was the winning ride by Monte and sandra Williams for Joan Fernandez in the Musical Freestyle. Their high score not only won the class, but assured them the coveted “James Mosebrook” Trophy sponsored by Friesian P’Ferde-Zuch Verband (FPZV Usa). Western Dressage followed and was extremely well received, followed by Trail in-hand and Under saddle. Thursday morning began with the open in-hand and Baroque halter classes. horses participated from all over the Usa in all age groups and competition was spectacular. The san Diego Marine Marching Band honored the iFsha by opening the Thursday evening performance with talent and precision equaled only by Monte and sandra Williams carrying the

american flag. This was an especially moving performance as this year’s show benefitted the Warrior Foundation and the Fenway Foundation. The World Championship Friesian armored Class started the night’s competition with Cassandra adams winning the Friesian Quest Perpetual Trophy with Keimpe for Koreen Greenberg. another star performance was newcomer Dick Martin at the Whip with otto winning the Fine harness national Title for owner lance Bennet. Friday morning brought all the horses to the triangle for sport horse Competition sponsored by Dover saddlery, who generously donated championship coolers for the division. senior Geldings in this division went to Pendragon FQ with Bruce Griffin for Joe arambula. senior stallions went to hans with Bruce Griffin for ray and Pippa ariss. Bruce Griffin then swept the Purebred senior sporthorses by winning senior Mares with sietske fan e seadwei for seelchen Feibush. sietske and seelchen also won the Joyce V rohloff Memorial Trophy later in the show for amateur show hack. Friday afternoon began with the colorful Part Bred Friesian Costume, ultimately won by Beau and lehua Custer for Carol Carafagno, but hotly contested

by Dr. Todd Browning and Bijou, who came in reserve. later that evening, United states equestrian Federation (UseF) national Champion horse of the year made his national debut in Carriage Driving with Bob Wise for Three Day ranch to win the Turn out and the richard snavely Memorial Trophy, and later in the show, the anita Mellott high Point Trophy for driving and the heirloom high Point halter award. Friday evening’s performance started out beautifully with Period Costume, and the five entries were spectacular. The class however belonged to Debie stuart and her “Callay” as they were awarded world champion. one of the many UseF open classes in the show, english Pleasure saddle seat, was won by the multi-champion andalusian, orgulloso XliX. american saddlebreds, Friesians, and andalusians competed in all of the UseF open Pleasure classes throughout the five days of competition and we thank them all for their support. saturday morning brought iFsha’s talented youth to the main arena as seven of the best competed for the showmanship World Title. one of the prettiest and well turned out classes was eventually won by newcomer McKenna harchol at her first World show! anaiah richter came in a close second. liberty classes were again a crowd favorite and the Part Bred division was no exception; TDr rockin sjoerds swag won the stallions class and his brother, TDrs sjoerds Wicked Cool, a very rare classic champagne, came in reserve for Xena Vimercati. saturday evening began with a special presentation of awards. The iFsha’s Presidents award was presented to

continued on page 182 Scenes from the 2012 IFSHA World and National Grand Championship.

Photos: osteen

December 2012

| equine Journal 181


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Hosts Successful Northeast KFPS Friesian Inspection Submitted by KelSey evanS

Friday, OctOber 5, 2012 was a perfect autumn day for the Northeast Koninklijke Vereniging “Het Friesch Paarden-stamboek” (KFPs) Friesian inspection, which was held at ten broek Farm in Pepperell, Ma. twentyseven Friesians attended the day’s events—all were well groomed and ready to strut their stuff for the KFPs inspectors Pieter bergsma and Jan

Reserve Champion Filly Omega (Feitse x Oege), owned by Bill and Doris Kennedy of Brooklyn, CT, celebrates her victory at the 2012 Northeast KFPS Inspection.

International Friesian Show Horse Association continued from page 181

rahn Greimann and his Horse Digest publication for going above and beyond in their support of iFsHa and the membership. the Founders award went to long-time sponsor and “believe in Magic” creator and Producer, annette coester. this was the second time annette has received this honor! a very special thank you went to “Valitar” and owners tatiana and Mark for their incredible support and sponsorship of the world show. Valitar is equestrian theatre at its best and will open in November in del Mar. several classes followed the awards presentation with the world championship in saddle seat english Pleasure going to Koreen Greenberg’s Harem, 182 equine


| December 2012

Hellinx at the last stop on the east coast inspection circuit. the day started off with two ibOP tests, including the first driving individueel bruikbaarheidsonderzoek (Friese) Paarden (ibOP) to be performed at the Northeast inspection. the gelding Hank P. performed a balanced and relaxed dressage test, earning a solid score of 77.5, and four-year-old mare asberry H. showed well in carriage, with a score of 74.5. the athleticism of these two paid off as Hank and asberry also went on to become champion mare and gelding of the inspection. inspections are important not only for the horse being judged, but also for the standing of that horse’s sire and dam, and can lead to historical results as was demonstrated by Liske e. (Ulke x Oege) who received a second Premie star in the category repeat studbook Mare for star. with Liske’s star rating, her dam, elbricht (stb Model+Preferant+Prestatie), went

expertly piloted by rob wallen of wallen west to win the robin ut de warren Perpetual trophy. itse and Holly schoenman were crowned world champion Fantasy costume. rachel stokes won a world championship title on Gary and Marilyn Lanes Mariken. Kassandra sapia and walt Van esfane won the world championship and Pamela Jackson trophy for saddle seat Junior Horse in a beautiful ride that comes to be expected of “Friesian thunder” entries. Lance bennett and snoepje won the Friesian Focus world championship Park class emphasizing his barn’s dominating presence this year in the saddle seat division. the evening classes were followed by the ticketed performance of the equestrian theatre Production of “beleive in Magic.” this annette coester production was very well attended and helped iFsHa raise funds for the warrior

Show ReSultS Champion Colt - (1st premie) - Olympus S.F. (Teade x Sierk) owned by Andrew Sullivan Reserve Champion Colt - (2nd premie) - Nicodeums Glory Bound Friesian (Fridse x Tsjerk) owned by Janet HazardAmbrose. Champion Filly - (2nd premie) - Neeltje from Middelbrook Farm (Sipke x Tsjerk) owned by Jan J & Tinie de Boer. Reserve Champion Filly - (3rd premie) - Omega (Feitse x Anton) owned by Bill & Doris Kennedy. Champion Mare - (2nd premie Star) - Asberry H. (Teade x Lolke), owned by Melanie Olajos.Reserve Champion Mare - (2nd premie Star) - Wilhelmina H. (Wander x Erik), owned by William Piazza. Champion Gelding - (3rd premie) - Hank P. (Wander x Oege), owned by Laurie Motte. Reserve Champion Gelding (3rd premie) - Egbert van Limmen (Ulbert x Ludse), owned by Joan Lathrop Dirkson.

Foundation and Fenway Foundation. sunday morning’s final session had a sprinkling of pure and part bred world championship classes to end the week of competition in what seemed a very quiet and elegant way. show nerves had dissolved and rivalries morphed into friendship and mutual support. baskera Knight won the world championship in western Pleasure Part bred and was awarded the Jeff wonnell buckle for Versatility and the Leoness sporthorse High Point Part bred Friesian trophy with darcy edwards. debi stuart’s “callay” won the Jeff wonnell Purebred Versatility buckle and the shakespeare Farm Purebred Friesian High Point. with the close of the show, old friends and new said their goodbyes and plans are under way for next year’s show, to be held in Lexington, Va, the first week of October!

PhotoS: (toP) eighth generation PhotograPhicS

Northeast Friesian Horse club

double Preferant (eight offspring with a rating of star or higher) and earned the extremely rare title of crown Jewel! congratulations to all horses and owners who participated in the 2012 Northeast KFPs inspection, and thank you to the hard working judges, runners, and NeFHc members who helped to put on the event and who spent the long day in good humor, punctuated by some 80s dance music and the odd pumpkin toss! see you next year! For more information on the NeFHc please visit or find them on Facebook!


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american Friesian association Remains Dedicated to the Friesian Horse Submitted by button lee

Thanks To a dedicaTed group of individuals who love the Friesian horse, the american Friesian association has been formed. The american Friesian association (aFa) was organized to preserve and promote the purebred Friesian horse in america, to promote the Friesian derivative horse in america, and to serve the owners of these horses. The aFa is committed to the breed standard of the purebred Friesian horse, as interpreted from the Friesch paarden stamboek (Fps) with regard to the needs of american owners for a healthy, sound horse suitable for performance in the current equestrian world. our goal is to maintain the beauty and uniqueness of the Friesian horse, as it has been known throughout history. The aFa is also committed to high standards of quality, integrity, honesty, and fairness for all horses and members. The founders recognized the ever-growing demand for an americanbased registry for the Friesian. The aFa wishes to register purebred and part-bred Friesians while providing equal and fair representation for all horses and owners and maintaining the quality and integrity of the breed. The aFa was born out of a need for an american registry with american rules. a registry was needed for american owners who have felt like they deserved one that they believed in, and wasn’t so distant and out of reach. There was a need for a registry whose interest lies in promoting the americanbred and american-owned horses, offering them attainable goals, and allowing for equality for all purebred Friesians. The aFa will honor horses of quality through breed inspections and predicate levels, and we have built these standards into our rules. The aFa will view all purebred registered Friesians as equals, offering the ability to earn predicates and status to all horses based on their individual quality and

ability. inspections will be done using a “blind judging” system, meaning that the horse’s pedigree, owner, trainer, and other information will not be disclosed to the judge(s) prior to being judged and receiving their scores. For those owners who wish to breed their horses, aFa will offer pedigree information, inspection results, and performance scores to empower owners to make wise breeding decisions. The aFa understands that many purebred Friesian owners may not feel comfortable immediately switching over to a new american registry, and with the foreign-based registries not allowing dual registration, the recording option has been developed by the aFa as a good way for owners to “try out” the association without putting their original registry affiliation in danger. This gives the owner a chance to learn more about the aFa, see where it is going, and decide if they want to continue with membership and registering horses. recorded horses may at any time be upgraded to registered horses. additionally, the aFa meets the requirements of iFsha (international Friesian show horse association) by microchipping and dna testing our horses as a means of positive identification, so that all our registered horses may participate in the iFsha and united states equestrian Federation (useF)-recognized Friesian shows. The aFa is also recognized by the usdF (united states dressage Federation) as a breed registry, so our members and their horses may participate in the usdF Breed Yearend awards.

Here are just a few highlights you can look forward to with the AFA: • Sensible breeding practices—AFA will register all purebred Friesians equally. • Opportunity to belong to a registry that wants to hear your voice and concerns.

• Inspections with licensed American Judges and Blind Judging for all horses, purebred and derivatives alike. • Emphasis on breed type, movement, and conformation, with athletic talent and ability also considered important. • All honors/status/predicates earned by your horse from the foreign registries will be honored by aFa. • AFA Status/Predicate Level earnings. • AFA Supreme Sire or Supreme Dam awards. • AFA Friesian Fun Riding and Driving Log Program. • AFA Year-end Awards for many competition and promotion categories. • AFA Lifetime Cumulative Awards for individual performance, as well as for production of quality performance offspring. • Timely response to member inquiries, requests, registration documentation, Transfer of ownership, etc. • A place for the Friesian Warmblood (cross), complete with mirrored benefits of a purebred. • Recording of horses belonging to foreign registries, allowing participation in aFa inspections, as well as allowing the owners to “try on” the aFa. • Tracking of Bloodlines, Inspection scores, and performance records. • A forum for having fun and enjoying our Friesian or Friesian derivative. For more information, check out the aFa website at, email info@, or call Button Lee at 912-462-6330.


on the Facebook

December 2012

| equine Journal 183


[ AppAloosA AffiliAte ]

Granite State appaloosa association Get to Know Rebecca Ardman Submitted by Janet murray

184 equine


| December 2012

Seat equitation 14-18 and Senior Hunter under Saddle. Open class year-end winners receive a medallion, and youth receive an engraved Montana Silver Smith belt buckle. awards are presented at the Rebecca Ardman and Jack.

annual award banquet at the national show in Oklahoma. rebecca’s brother, Daniel, is 16, and since he has a form of autism, he needed a very understanding mount to ride. The appaloosa mare, Dixie, fit the bill. She is unfazed by anything Daniel does, and he has since earned his 100-hour appaloosa riding patch. Dad, Blair ardman, is a hematology/ oncologist with no horse experience but enjoys seeing his “girls” and Daniel do well. More recently, Margaret’s very spry 85-year-old mother has begun riding Dixie and is enjoying lessons from her granddaughter, rebecca.

alexis proulx showed my mare, artsy, in leadline and placed first under three of the judges at the western new York appaloosa association (wnYaa) show in Hamburg, nY, and a big congratulations to alexis on her new horse. i hear they are a great match. Mom, Melissa, is heading to appaloosa worlds and will be showing my two-year-old, Sure am Chocolately, in the two-year-old sale incentive class. Mary ellen prunty will be showing her gelding, Mighty awesome Mister, and Mel will be showing him in the Senior western riding. please send news to murrayjanet@

PhotoS: larry williamS PhotograPhy

Our annual COlOr Caper review was a great success. There were 450 entries, and show manager Dan Greene did a great job with a little help from friends Mike Grass and aaron Keif. we lucked out in the weather department, and many exhibitors enjoyed the summer camp atmosphere, staying over from the previous weekend’s Maine appaloosa Club show. They celebrated Mike and pat Grass’ anniversary and got together for spaghetti dinner and pizza. Thanks to the many sponsors and to club members who donated a variety of prizes for our exhibitors. as for member news, this month’s spotlight is on rebecca ardman of Marblehead, Ma. rebecca, who is in her senior year of high school, started riding six years ago and started showing the following year, along with her mother, Margaret. Margaret gave up showing and became a horse show mom to support rebecca when she became more serious about competing. Her first appaloosa was Dixie, who had placed fourth at the worlds in western pleasure as a twoyear-old and was a great all-around horse. She has since been joined by presley and Jack. presley excels at patterns and trail class, and rebecca was awarded the champion buckle at the new england Horsemen’s Council (neHC) Stock Seat Medals in 2011. Jack, or Black Jack willie, is a hunt seat phenomenon. rebecca shined at her second appaloosa Youth world Show. She was ninth in Youth Hunter in-Hand Geldings and fourth in the 14 to 18 Hunter under Saddle, but she realized her dream when she won the novice Youth Hunter under Saddle class. They also placed fourth in the Senior Hunter under Saddle at the 2012 appaloosa nationals that follows Youth worlds. rebecca and Jack are currently leading the nation in Youth Hunter in-Hand Geldings, novice Youth Hunter under Saddle, Youth Hunter under Saddle 14-18, and Open Hunter in-Hand Geldings. They are in second place for Hunt

Casey & Son Horseshoeing

SINCE 1989


Celebrating 23 years!

If you are interested in Hoof Care, we can help! Classes held Full-Time, Part-Time & Weekends... year round

Offering: • 2 day Introduction to Trimming and Safe Handling for Owners • 2 week course to Learn to Shoe Your Own Horses • 6 and 12 week courses to Shoe for the Public and Professional Farrier Includes “clean” lodging & meals! Clinics and BWFA Certification Offered

Visitors are always welcome!

14013 East Highway 136, LaFayette, Georgia 30728

Visit our website at To Request A Free DVD & Brochure Call 706-397-8909

We look forward to seeing you at the Strain Family Horse Farm! Sandy, Bill, Chris, David, Kris, Carly, Logan, Billy, Garrett, and Collin.


Offering 1.

Reg. Paint Sorrel Overo Gelding 10yo 15.1H, shown English, Western, halter, trail, great all around horse

15. Pony Chestnut Gelding 10yo large pony, good mover, broke on the flat and over fences


Reg. Paint Sorrel Solid Gelding 6yo 15.2H, well started, western pleasure, good mover, nice all around

16. TB/QH Bay Gelding 11yo 16H, shown on the flat and over fences, a solid safe beginner horse


Reg. QH Black Gelding 9yo 15.2H, Western pleasure, trail, family horse, very broke, attractive

17. Reg. QH Bay Gelding 10yo 16H, great on trails, been in the ocean, takes both leads, jumps, smooth


Warmblood Cross Chestnut Gelding 9yo 16.2H, proven fox hunter, could event or cross country, big jumper

18. Oldenburg Bay Gelding 6yo 16.3H, branded, pretty mover, jumps, good on the flat, nice horse


Warmblood/TB Cross Grey Gelding 9yo 16.2H, walk, trot, canter, jumps, great on trails, level headed, very quiet

19. Reg. QH Bay Mare 12yo 15.2H, extra broke - English or Western, jumps, great family horse


Reg. Appaloosa Gelding 5yo 15.0H, English or Western, great on trails and in traffic, crosses water, can lead or follow

20. Draft Cross Buckskin Mare 5yo 16.2H, trail rides, jumps, big and athletic, very quiet


Pony Chestnut Mare 12yo 14.0H, neck reins, takes both leads, big bodied packed in a pony size

21. Reg. Paint Black & White Gelding 11yo 15.2H, broke, quiet, show, trail, neck reins, crosses water, traffic safe


Friesian Cross Jet Black Gelding 5yo 16.1H, very quiet, great minded, well started, finish him for any discipline

22. Draft Cross Red & White Mare 11yo 16.2H, big bodied, shown, jumps, and trails


Warmblood Cross Bay Gelding 5yo 16.1H, pretty mover, very laid back, quiet, well broke

23. Reg. QH Chestnut Filly 5 months, halter broke, very quiet and cute

10. Reg. QH Chestnut Mare 7yo 15.2H, great mover, shown on the flat and over fences, has lead change

24. Halflinger Spotted Gelding 5yo 14.1H, rides and drives, big boned, solid, trail, show, driving pony

11. Reg. QH Sorrel Gelding 12yo 14.3H, very old fashion looking, big bodied, broke and cute 12. Pinto Black & White Gelding 6yo 16.1H, flashy, broke, loves to jump, quiet to ride and great manners 13. Reg. QH Red Dun Gelding 8yo 15.2H, ranch horse, neck reins, side passes and good on trails 14. Warmblood Chestnut Gelding 16.1H, school master type, very broke on the flat and over fences

December 2012

| equine Journal 185


[ CURLY affiLiate ]

American bashkir Curly Registry

Winnie and Lily.

Strives for Success With Awards Program

One Of the benefits Of membership with the American bashkir Curly Registry (AbCR) is the annual Awards Program, which recognizes outstanding horses and riders based on points accumulated in designated divisions. since Curly horses can really do it all—from dressage to barrel racing to driving to trail—the AbCR has created a diverse awards program to honor the different talents of riders and horses. this month, we want to celebrate and recognize the Awards Program recipients of the past year and encourage all AbCR members to participate in this exciting and rewarding program. Diane Mitchell, with her stallion, Copper sun, was presented with the hall of fame Award for both the breeding and Performance division. Copper has participated in numerous parades in California, Arizona, and texas, including the 2000 and 2003 Rose Parades! Copper

From the President Hello and Happy Holidays! i hope this finds everyone well and happily awaiting the holidays! those of us with Curly horses eagerly await the cold weather and the beautiful curl that comes with the change in season. Winter is especially delightful for those of us with Curly horses. the hair patterns are different every year. We tend to take lots of pictures this time of year. i hope everyone had the opportunity to see the featured article of the Curly horse in the november issue of Horse Illustrated. it was well done, and the american bashkir Curly registry was well represented. thanks to everyone who contributed to the article. this is also the time of year for membership renewal! you can choose to renew online or via snail mail. remember, your membership includes the Equine Journal. best wishes and happy holidays to all. be safe, and be kind to one another! ~Melinda Martino, President 186 equine


| December 2012

also competed in endurance, and Diane’s fondest compliment of him was when one vet said, “he finished in better condition than many horses started in!” Diane has shown Copper extensively as a gaited Curly and walked away with many, many ribbons. Copper is a breeding stallion too, and people don’t often realize this because of his gentle and accepting nature. he has over 30 get on the ground—they are continuing his legacy by being used for breeding, showing, and therapeutic riding programs. Copper sun has shown his great versatility and his wonderful personality in all he has done, and he has left a lasting impression on those who have met him. Diane also won Reserve Champion frequent Rider in the Casual Rider division for miles and miles ridden under saddle. the Grand Champion frequent Rider—in the Casual Rider division—was Gayleen erwin, who rode over 500 miles this past year with her tried and true Curly horse, Contessa. Contessa won Grand Champion frequent Rider in the Casual horse division. the frequent Rider Program—Casual division—grants the rider and the horse points for all forward movement in the saddle, excluding parades, demos, and shows. Lily Williams, a seventh grader from Oregon, won the Grand Champion national Youth Award with her Curly horse, Arwen evenstar, nicknamed “Winnie.” Winnie also received the Reserve Grand Champion Performance horse Award. together, they make an unstoppable team competing in the 4-h circuit and often bring home grand and reserve champion ribbons. Lily credits her horse with teaching her how to become a better rider. Lily rides Winnie in both western and english, but loves to ride bareback the best. DCC traveler, elisabeth Mattke’s Curly stallion, was awarded the Grand Champion national Performance horse, Grand Champion Versatility horse and Grand Champion frequent Rider in the

Competitive horse Division. traveler competes in UseA-recognized three-day eventing and qualified for the Area 7 Open Championships in the novice division. in addition to jumping and dressage, traveler participates in endurance races, clinics, and demos. his natural athleticism and calm and gentle personality make him the perfect Curly ambassador in the open horse show world. to be eligible for the versatility program, the horse must participate in at least four different events throughout the year, including: shows, roping, demos, clinics, organized trail rides, and more. this is a great way to demonstrate the versatile nature of the Curly horse. in addition to the awards listed above, AbCR members can also sign up and participate in gymkhana and in-hand award programs. the final award presented at the AbCR conference in Reno, nV, was to Caren schumann from Germany. Caren won the AbCR breed Promotion award, which is presented to people who undertake exceptional efforts to promote the Curly breed. Caren has provided the registry with endless time, energy, and assistance with stud books, rulebooks and creating and maintaining the registry website. Caren discovered the Curly horse while researching allergy medicine for her husband, and she now has a total of nine Curly horses living in harmony in Cologne, Germany. the registry would like to thank the members who participated in the 2012 Awards Program and encourages all members to sign up for the Awards Program. More information can be found at under “About” and then “forms.”

PHoto: JoHn WilliamS

Submitted by liz mattke

Specializing in Quality Horses for Shows, Trail & Pleasure





LAKESIDE FEED Guilford, CT 203-457-1461

ACHILLE AGWAY Keene, NH 603-357-5720

ACHILLE AGWAY Brattleboro, VT 802-254-8755

ACHILLE AGWAY Peterborough, NH 603-924-6801

DEPOT HOME & GARDEN Essex Jct, VT 802-878-8596

BLACKMOUNT EQUIPMENT INC. North Haverhill, NH 603-787-6311

GUY’S FARM AND YARD Montpelier, VT 802-229-0567

DODGE’S FARM & GARDEN Exeter, NH 603-778-8132

GUY’S FARM AND YARD Morrisville, VT 802-888-2025

DODGE’S FARM & GARDEN Hampton Falls, NH 603-926-2253

GUY’S FARM AND YARD Williston, VT 802-878-5112

DODGE’S FARM & GARDEN Plaistow, NH 603-382-8201

MAPLELEAF FARM & GARDEN SUPPLY Bridgewater Corners, VT 802-672-6223

MERIDEN FEED Meriden, CT 203-237-4414

MAINE LONG HORN HORSE & PET SUPPLY Buxton, ME 207-929-6600 PERKCO SUPPLY Exeter, ME 207-379-2900


HENNIKER FARM & COUNTRY STORE Henniker, NH 603-428-3255




July 2012

POULIN LUMBER Williamstown, VT 802-433-1419

ORDE FARM, LLC Hollis, NH 603-465-2583

NEW YORK HACKETT FARM SUPPLY Clinton Corners, NY 845-266-3494


MARTY’S 1ST STOP Danville, VT 802-684-2574

RB ERSKINE Chester Depot, VT 802-875-2333 RIVER BEND FARM SUPPLIES Townshend, VT 802-365-7800

DON’T SEE YOUR LOCAL DEALER? Call for the name of a dealer near you

24 Railroad Square Newport, VT 05855



Happy Holidays from our family to yours July 2012





[ Fjord aFFiliate ]

northeast Fjord horse association Celebrates the Joy of Sharing Those Special Fjord Moments

Once again, it was anOther successful year for the northeast Fjord horse association (nFha). we were not only able to participate in equine affaire again, but we were also able to host a breed show that was a huge success. everyone at these two events had fun, and we hope the fun will continue into next year as well. hosting the breed show and equine affaire events required a lot of planning, organization, teamwork, leadership, time, dedication, and help. with your outstanding choice of officers and wonderful volunteers and participants, we were able to pull it off without a hitch. i would like to extend a warm and very appreciative thank you to all of you who helped in one way or another

this year, whether by donating your time, by participating in events, or even by just being a member. each effort goes a long way. we did our mission proud by promoting and educating about the one thing that ties us all together: the Fjord horse. this time of year brings chaos to most of our lives. whether it is the holiday traffic, decisions about whose party to go to, what gifts to buy, the big year-end deadline, or what your new Year’s resolution might be, we can all get a little stressed and crazy. when you feel the holiday season catching up to you and that stress level reaching its max, take a moment to stop and think about that fuzzy Fjord out in the barn, or should i say, out in the snow. if you own a Fjord, think about that one feature you find so irresistible. instant warmth, gratitude,

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world class Miniature horse registry Wishes Everyone Happy Holidays Submitted by Ken garnett

anOther Year is readY tO pass by us, and there is a lot to look forward to for 2013! what could be more exciting for a Miniature horse breeder than the anticipation of the new crop of foals that will soon be appearing on the ground. congratulations to garland and chad simmons of spring Valley horse Farm in Moneta, Va, for being the Miniature horse breeder with the most beautiful foals for 2012. the stud, tara stables Ferrari thunder, is a Pintaloosa that has all the trimmings. he is registered in the world class Miniature horse registry (wcMhr) and american 190 equine


| December 2012

Miniature horse registry (aMhr). after 50 years of breeding Miniature horses, spring Valley had the most colorful appaloosas, pintos, and pintaloosas ever produced on their farm. the tiny little leopard filly is just one of the outstanding foals sired by Ferrari this year. contact the simmons if you are interested in a foal or in stud service by Ferrari. You can reach them online at springvalley.html, or by phone at 540-297-0950. Life is good, and we can all be thankful for our blessings in 2012 and hope that 2013 will be the best year ever!

Lilly, the Fjord, leased by Carol Hill.

peace, and joy should overcome you. while it just might last a minute, until the overhead speaker announces that there is only five minutes left to shop, and you still have five more things to buy, for that one minute you were able to escape to a much better place all thanks to the Fjord. while this is just one moment at one point in your life, don’t forget how important Fjords are to us in other aspects of life as well. while i cannot help you with the traffic, your shopping, or other holiday stressors, i can help you with your new Year’s resolution. at some point, you were, most likely, introduced to the Fjord breed in one way or another and became hooked. Look at how they have impacted your life, and share that with someone else by renewing your nFha membership or by joining the club if you are not currently a member. By renewing or joining, you help continue the promoting and sharing of the breed. without you, these special Fjord moments we’ve all had cannot be extended to others. so, with your new Year’s resolution for 2013 taken care of, enjoy the holidays with your family, friends, and Fjords. Your nFha officers would like to extend a very happy, warm, and safe holiday season to all and look forward to serving you in 2013. Please remember that 2013 memberships are due by January 1, and the voting for new officers will also be in January. to renew your membership or join for the first time, visit our website at we have a lot of new ideas for 2013, all dependent on your membership and support of the Fjord. Until next year—happy Fjording.

Photo: Ca hill PhotograPhy

Submitted by angela young


[ GYPSY affiliate ]

[ Morab affiliate ]

gypsy Horse registry Purebred morab Horse of America, inc. Shares News From Their Members Submitted by Jan eaSter

Come bring your gyPSy HorSe and join the gypsy Horse registry of America (gHrA) for the Fort Worth Stock Show parade on January 19, 2013 and the gHrA gypsy Horse World Show February 1 - 3, 2013. Contact Jan easter at for more information.

GHRA Member News Region 2 We went to the missouri State Fair with Thorn Hill Lizzy, b1155, who won first place in the mare 4 years and older class. north Hollow irish Lace, b33, took second in the same class. irish Lace’s foal won second place in his Weanling and yearling class. Thorn Hill Gypsy Horses Kathy Ramey, Kansas City, MO oak Knoll Vincent, A1181, gave pony rides at the Farm America Fall Fair held in Waseca, mn, on September 8 and 9, again at a local park for Logan’s Cure for Kids’ Cancer. At the owatonna, mn, Culturfest the Petersons set up a booth to highlight the romany gypsy people and their horses. Proper Cobs’ Loretta rawlings gave Vincent the award for

best international gelding 2012. Oak Knoll Farm Kay Peterson, Owatonna, MN

Region 4 on September 22, Wizard Spell Winston’s Fiona, A582, won first place in the non-Arabian mare class, Trail, overall reserve Champion for non-Arabians, and placed in english and Western Walk-Trot at the Lone Star Arabian Club open show. Jennifer also won the ellis County equine Association buckle series of five open shows in the Color class and was also in the top five for the Walk/Trot. Jennifer Alexander Midlothian, Texas gary and Sue niesen took part in the Pecan Festival in Clyde, TX, on Saturday, october 13, 2012 with Lake ridge british Truffle and her filly gypsy Lanes bella Luna. Gypsy Lane Gypsy Horses Gary and Sue Niesen, Anson, TX For more information on the gypsy Horse registry of America, inc., please visit gypsyhorse

Photo: PhotograPhy by Phifer

Lyn Jenkins driving in the Fort Worth Stock Show parade.

Association Member Succeeds in Competitive Trail by moniCa grundmann

my moTTo WiTH my morAb STALLion, excalibur Legend, has been “great mind, temperament, legs, conformation, and heart equals a proven winner!” Some years ago, after spending my time training excalibur Legend to do competitive trail, we entered into our long distance riding association’s novice division. Competitive trail riding (CTr) actually teaches people how to take good care of their horses and how to pace them properly. you learn about pulse rates, cool downs, proper tack fitting, feeding, and electrolytes. in 2010 we won nationals in novice and then Provincials in 2011 in the open division with ontario Competitive Trail riding Association in Canada. We also competed in the Canadian national morab breed Show Championships, winning yet again. We had our story in many newspapers and also a couple of horse magazines. This not only brought the spotlight to my horse and the morab breed, but competitive trail as well. i slowly started to enter Legend in 50 mile (80 kms) endurance races as we were finding the paces were getting too slow for him in the CTr. in his very first endurance competition i held him back 15 minutes from the shotgun start as i didn’t want him to get “race brain,” and i wanted him to learn to ride at our speed. There were 25 horses entered in that race, and Legend somehow managed to climb from dead last to finish in tenth. A top ten in endurance deserves a ribbon and recognition. i was elated. i hadn’t even taught him about the speed yet. i just wanted him to learn about the distance. each time we entered a 50-mile endurance he climbed the ranks, and then this year i entered him again, but asked for speed. He jumped to third place! Then on September 2, 2012 i decided to enter us in our first international (Fei 1*) and he came in second place just two seconds behind the next competitor. our time for the day was 5:09:28. Technically i knew we could have won that race, as we were in first place all day until the last few strides! Picking a morab was a good choice for me; they are strong, have great lungs, strong legs and feet, they’re not spooky, and they have the mind for any sport. They will be a breed sought out more and more for this sport and for many others. They are multi-talented! December 2012

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Ohio Haflinger Association Has Fun at Haflinger Championship Challenge Submitted by Katina Wilson

What a wonderful summer and fall we had here in Ohio! Although the weather was difficult on the farmers it did supply ample riding opportunities! The end of October brought the annual American Haflinger Registry’s Fall Sale. This year the preview was held on Friday, October 25, and the actual auction was held on Saturday. During the evening of October 25, the Ohio Haflinger Association (OHA) held its yearly Haflinger Championship Challenge awards with a cake reception. Nine different divisions were represented, with the top five participants in each division earning awards. The top five winning combinations for the Driving division were as follows: Brian Mitteer of Showme Haflingers and Bonita Rox PA were champions; reserve champion was Nicole Cable of Hendershot Haflingers driving LaDot’s Dazzle; Emily Hummel and All American Ladd WRF took third place; Bill Hendershot of Hendershot Haflingers took fourth place driving Rhoda Mae DTA; and rounding out the division was Carol Buckout of Twin Birch Haflingers driving Averil YES. The Halter class was split into two divisions based upon the horse’s gender and age. The Senior Geldings or Stallions Championship was won by Walnut Ridge Farm’s Emily Hummel showing All American Ladd WRF, with the reserve championship going to Jennie Deephouse of Dreamfield Manor Farm showing Always Alert GVS. Also placing in the top five were Don Baker of Baker’s Acres, Bill Hendershot of Hendershot Haflingers, and Rachael Cooper of Walnut Ridge Farm. The Junior Gelding/Stallion division was won by Sharon Leisure with her stallion, Wil-Von Mikas 192 equine


| December 2012

RVH. The reserve champion spot saw a tie between Dreamfield Manor Farm’s Nostalgic DMF and Robert Eicher’s Stamp of Excellence HOF. Ray Miller’s Accolade of Genesis and John Dunkel’s Niagara YES also earned enough points to place top five in the Junior division. The Filly and Mare division’s Senior top five point winners were as follows: Bonita Rox PA of Showme Haflingers as champion; reserve champion saw a tie between Sarah NTF of Cameo Farm and Syndee New of Showme Haflingers; Rosina of New Horizons shown by Dreamfield Manor Farm; Mandolyn RVRW of Woodward Performance Haflingers; and La-Dot’s Dazzle of Hendershot Haflingers. The Junior top five consisted of Hendershot Haflingers’ Lady Stelaka GGHF as champion and Zihna II GGHF from Dreamfield Manor Farm as reserve champion. The remainder of the Junior Filly/Mare division saw Showme Haflingers’ Fransisca GVS coming in third, Fiddle HCPH of Lawn View Farm in fourth, and Hope HOF of T&M Stables also placed in the top five. The 10 and Under division was won by Lydia Ingalls riding Magical Lights WRF. The reserve championship was Erin Wilson riding NicDreamy Guy. Sarah Huetter and Abby Alberts both tied for third place riding Caballa HHFH and Arlen NHH, respectively. JD Woodward also earned enough points over the show season to place in the top five as well. A huge congratulations is extended to all riders, drivers, and handlers for a fantastic show season! Haflinger shows are always a fun place to compete and visit with friends. The results for the adult English and Western divisions will be provided in next month’s issue!

New England Paint Horse Club Finishes the Year With a Successful Fall Show Submitted by Krissie Fields

The New England Paint Horse Club (NEPHC) finished off its show season with a very successful fall futurity show. A full slate of classes was offered as well as many futurity classes. The Linda Weber Memorial Showmanship Challenge was held for the ninth year. Congratulations to Lexi Taffe and O Pretty Lady of E. Hampstead, NH, for winning this class. Also, a big congratulations to the amateur exhibitors who earned their Amateur Versatility Awards at the show: Dawn Sullivan and Special T Twist of E. Hardwick, VT; Lauren Bork and The Ultimate Advantage of Bridgeton, NJ; and Mark Owen and Hope Your Invited of Derry, NH. NEPHC held another Chuck-ADuck contest at the fall show and it was won by Dave Chamber of E. Windsor, CT. On Saturday night Sit-A-Five and Egg and Spoon classes were held. Both classes were won by Sydney Schmidt of Horseheads, NY, and her horse Here for A Good Time. On October 6 NEPHC held its fourth annual Painted Colors Trail Ride. Thank you to Peggy Sue Greenwood, North Creek Farm, Denise Reed Gagnon, Cynthia Reed, Mark Owen, Bev Tardif, and Leo and Karen Roy for thier help marking the trails, baking, working registrations, parking, and unmarking the trails. The annual year-end banquet is scheduled for January 26, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. at the Ashworth by the Seas in Hampton Beach, NH. Keep watching the NEPHC website for year-end results and stay tuned for information from the general membership meeting.

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We are still servicing ALL of our current clients and will continue to do so in our new location. You’ll get the fabulous service you’ve come to expect from TNT Equine, along with our team of professionals. We’ll still answer your calls, offer 24/7 emergency coverage, and visit your farm at your current farm call fee. TNT Equine will be better suited to meet your needs with more space and enhanced services: • more stalls • acres of turnout • enhanced in-house reproduction and dental services • expanded laboratory New Address: 143 Randall Rd North Berwick, ME same phone: 603-749-4077 or proudly feeding and recommending Blue Seal Feeds.

December 2012

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Show ReSultS Results by member for Youth and Amateur are: YOUTH AGE 7 AND UNDER Michael Himlin: Reserve World Champion in Junior Geldings with Allure Ranch Spirits Kings Ransom; fifth in Junior Mares with Allure Ranch Spirits Class Act. OTHER YOUTH (AGES 13-18) Alex Briggs: Reserve World Champion in Junior Mares with DSB Exquisitely Buff; third in Junior Geldings with Hytide Lyrical Blessing; sixth in Senior Geldings with Dayspring Golden Crown; sixth in Youth Owned, Trained & Exhibited (YOTE) Gelding with CCMF Alliance Prodajay; seventh in Senior Mares with Winning Streaks Miss Universe. Bailey Chalut: seventh in Country Pleasure Driving and seventh in YOTE Geldings with Aloha Acres Adars Hot Shot; eighth in Senior Mares with Littleun Farms Semis Amber Idol. Austin Good: fourth in YOTE geldings, fifth in Roadster, fifth in YOTE Roadster, fifth in YOTE Country Pleasure Driving, seventh in Senior Geldings, with Vermilyea Farms Mister Hollywood; eighth in Junior Mares with Alamos Poes Brash and Sassy.

New england Miniature Horse Society Members Attend the 2012 AMHA World Show Submitted by mary adamS

Several New eNglaNd MiNiature Horse Society members did well with their equines at the american Miniature Horse association (aMHa) world Show in texas in late September. Because of space limitations, only detailed results for Youth and amateurs are listed. But, one Open result deserves special note, and that is SrF Noble Heir, owned by the Slobodys of Sawmill river Farm in




west Brookfield, Ma, who was crowned world reserve grand Champion Senior Stallion. Check out the club website (nemhs. org) for news, meetings, photos, and contact information. Please send news and photos for the Equine Journal and/or the website to Mary adams, 247 North Stone Street, west Suffield, Ct 06093; 860-370-9035, or targetsmom@

Deja Blue (Bommarito x Treana)


194 equine


| December 2012

AMATEURS Bobbie Briggs (Level 1): Reserve World Champion in Junior Mares 30-33'' and second in Yearling Mare Futurity with DSB Exquisitely Buff; seventh in Amateur Owned, Trained & Exhibited (AOTE) Senior Geldings with CCMF Alliance Prodajay. Julie Good (Level 1): Reserve World Champion in AOTE Senior Geldings, third in Senior Geldings, third in AOTE Roadster, sixth in AOTE Country Pleasure Driving, seventh in Roadster, and tenth in Country Pleasure Driving with Vermilyea Farms Mister Hollywood; third in Junior Mares with Alamos Poes Brash and Sassy; eighth in AOTE Classic Pleasure Driving with Top of Texas Flash of Pearl and AOTE High Point Performance Award. Stephanie Himlin (Level 1): third in Junior Geldings with Allure Ranch Spirits Kings Ransom. Donna Lavery (Level 2): World Champion in AOTE Junior Geldings, World Champion Junior Geldings, with Winning Streaks Magic Emperor; Reserve World Champion in AOTE Senior Mares with Designer Breakin the Golden Rule; sixth in AOTE Junior Mares and seventh in AOTE Yearling Mare Futurity with Winning Streaks Magic Enchantress; sixth in AOTE Senior Stallions and seventh in Senior Stallions with Grosshills Mister Boogerman; seventh in AOTE Senior Geldings and ninth in Senior Geldings with Winning Streaks Magic Excellence; seventh in Senior Mares Level 2 with Winning Streaks Exceptional Dream. Karen Rudolph: third in Yearling Stallion Futurity with Oak Bay Salsas Designer Genes. Wesley Slobody (Level 1): World Champion in Senior Stallions, 30-34'', with SRF Noble Heir; Reserve World Champion in Senior Stallions, 30'' and under with SRF Marengo; Reserve World Champion in Senior Geldings, 30-34'' with SRF Dreamcatcher; Reserve World Champion in Senior Mares, 30-34'' with SRF Silk Stockings third in Junior Mares, 30'' and under with SRF Reflection; fifth in Junior Stallion, 30'' and under with SRF Night Rider; sixth in Junior Geldings with SRF Excalibur. Kristina Slobody (Level 2): Reserve World Champion in Junior Mares, 30” and under with SRF Reflection; third in Senior Stallions, 30'' and under with SRF Marengo; third in Senior Stallions, 30-34'' with SRF Noble Heir; fourth in Senior Geldings, 30-34'' with SRF Dreamcatcher; fourth in Roadster with Leprechaun Acres Missy; fifth in Senior Mares, 30-34'' with SRF Silk Stockings; 10th in Junior Geldings with SRF Excalibur.

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Quarter Pony association Unites Enthusiasts of the Breed Submitted by nicki StephenS

The QuarTer Pony associaTion (QPa) would like to extend a thank you to all of our directors and officers. your work and commitment has been appreciated! also a welcome invitation goes out to our association members to help support and promote the Quarter Pony by considering serving as a committee member. Positions are currently available, and reorganization will be done in the spring. Please step up and join the team. contact us to inquire about the various ways you can participate. you do not have to own a Quarter Pony to be a member of the association. The international Quarter Pony association (iQPa) is offering one free iQPa registration with every 2012 QPa membership! Please contact the iQPa for details. The offer expires this month. The iQPa recognizes the need to be able to use ponies of other breed types to

help enhance the looks, size, and abilities of Quarter Ponies. This gives breeders the flexibility to cross with other recognized breeds without having to register all their breeding stock with iQPa. Ponies must exhibit good Quarter Pony type conformation and characteristics desirable for breeding. They must be not be over 14.2 hands (58''), measured at the highest point of the withers. Ponies with bloodlines, markings, or characteristics of Paint or appaloosa are all eligible under the same registration requirement guidelines but will receive a division rating of “solid,” “Paint,” or “appaloosa” depending upon their physical characteristics. The acceptance of other colors is enabling breeders to cross sought-after color patterns with the Quarter Pony size and conformation. Gaited ponies or those with gaited parents are not eligible for registration.

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| December 2012

The Quarter Pony, a small scale of a Quarter horse, has been around for many years. Their calm disposition, steady temperament, and great looks definitely offer appeal. They are well suited for both children and adults, riders smaller in stature, as well as those with difficulty mounting a large horse, perhaps because of age or past injury. some folks simply don’t want to handle a big horse. The size and weight of the ponies vary, as do the many disciplines that they are capable of performing, so surely there’s one out there that’s just right for you. We encourage our members to share their news and love stories about their special ponies for inclusion in a future issue. Please include photos and send them to For more information on the Quarter Pony association, visit, or visit for information on their affiliate, the international Quarter Pony association. All submissions for consideration in QPA newsletters become property of the Quarter Pony Association and no compensation for use shall apply.

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welsh pony

One Breed, Four Sections Originating in the hills and valleys of Wales, the Welsh pony and the Welsh cob flourished in conditions of extreme winters and sparse vegetation. They developed into tough ponies with a high degree of intelligence as well as a sound body. Welsh ponies began to be imported into the United States in the 1880s with the Welsh Pony and Cob Society of America becoming established as a breed registry in 1907. Now, registered Welsh ponies and cobs can be found in every state and also in Canada. To date, over 45,000 Welsh



ponies and cobs have been registered. Currently, Welsh ponies and cobs can be found competing in nearly every discipline...hunters, driving, dressage, eventing, combined driving, pleasure classes and heavy harness. There are four distinct sections of the Welsh pony and cob: A, B, C, and D. These sections are based on size and characteristics, but all sections are well known for their friendly personalities and even temperaments. For more information, visit

Frampton FF

Glynhafan Farm

15.1 hands Welsh Cob Stallion

Registered Welsh Ponies & Hunter Ponies

GLYNHAFAN DAPHNE 2011 WPCSA & USEF National Champion Adult Hunter

Breed to Win Temperment Movement Rideability 360-790-4172

Glynhafan Traveler Shenandoah Supernova x Bristol Gypsy Rose 2007 Sec B Stallion Standing at stud & showing in 2012 Temperaments/high levels of athleticism. Home of multiple â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Aâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; circuit champions. Yearlings, green ponies started undersaddle & ponies ready for finishing available. Reasonably priced. Albany, New York - 30 minutes south of Saratoga; 45 minutes from Saugerties. On Facebook or 518-439-1613

High Hopes Farm High Hopes Bugatti

LASCAUX GINKGO â&#x20AC;&#x153;WILSONâ&#x20AC;?

13.1 Section C, Supreme Champion Welsh, Multiple Championships in Driving , Wilsonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s oldest offspring are only 4 years old but are already winning on the line, in driving, and working equitation! Trainers and owners love their â&#x20AC;&#x153;Wilsonâ&#x20AC;? ponies!


Driving ponies and carriages always available.

Waxwing Curtain Call x Halifax Section B Welsh Pony Stallion 13.3H Dappled Buckskin

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198 equine


| December 2012


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ď&#x20AC; ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x2C6;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x160;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x152;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026; ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2018;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2018;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x2C6;ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x201D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2022;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x2013;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;

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ď&#x20AC; ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2C6;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x160;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x152;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x2C6;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x2018;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A; ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x201D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x160;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x152;ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;&#x2022;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x2022;ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x201D;ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A; ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2C6;ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x201D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2013;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x152;ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2014;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A; ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;


ď&#x20AC; ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2C6;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x160;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x152;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2C6;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x160;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2018;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2C6;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;




ď&#x20AC;&#x153;ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2022;ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x201D;ď&#x20AC;&#x152;ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x2C6;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A; ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;&#x2C6;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x201D;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x203A;ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x2122;ď&#x20AC;&#x201D;ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A; ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x203A;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x2013;ď&#x20AC;&#x201D;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x2122;ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;&#x201E;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x2C6;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x201D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x17E;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;

Buy now in tack/feed stores or see website:


Contains a source of live (viable), naturally occurring microorganisms

Contains a source of live (viable), naturally occurring microorganisms

Apple s t a Tre Horse


p ats Ap e r T Horse

Digestion Support

Net Contents: 1 lb (454 gm)

www.Well-Hor se .com

ď&#x20AC;&#x2DC;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2122;ď&#x20AC;&#x201D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x201C;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x161;ď&#x20AC;&#x2026;ď&#x20AC;&#x201D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2018;ď&#x20AC;&#x2019;ď&#x20AC;&#x203A;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x201D;ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2030;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC;&#x161;ď&#x20AC;&#x201D;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;&#x192;ď&#x20AC;?ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;ď&#x20AC; ď&#x20AC;&#x17D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2021;ď&#x20AC;&#x2020;ď&#x20AC;&#x201D;ď&#x20AC;&#x2018;ď&#x20AC;&#x2039;ď&#x20AC;&#x201A;

le Flav



Helps maintain healthy digestive function

NEW LOOK! Net Contents: 1 lb (454 gm) SAME GREAT TASTE!

Helps promote healthy joints in all horses

LB-CHR750F 0212

LB-CHR750F 0212


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Manufactured in the U.S.A.

the Equine Journal

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| December 2012

REAL ESTATE TIP real estate guidelines for the equestrian

Ten Rules for Small Farm Shopping By KaRen elizaBeTh BaRil

Small FaRmS aRe in hoT demand despite the listless housing market. if you’re looking for a small farm, you’ll find a wide range of choices for almost any budget. But, you’ll still want to do your homework. here are 10 rules for small farm shopping: Find a real estate agent who knows horses—it will save you a lot of time. She’ll have soil, water, easement, and zoning information ready so that you can make an informed decision.


Get to know the area. a community that supports horse owners will have trails, feed stores, hay farms, a veterinarian or two, and farriers within a reasonable driving distance. Proximity to your workplace is important, but so is the route you’ll have to drive to get there. a short drive will take twice the time if your location puts you on a busy highway at rush hour.


Evaluate the landscape at all different times of the day. Check the lay of the land, including slopes, rocky areas, boggy spots, and proximity to wetlands. if you can, go to the town hall or ask neighbors what the land was used for over the years. That can impact how you plan on using it in the future.


Soil test. even if you don’t plan on growing your own hay, a soil test is important. it offers clues as to how well the property drains after storms or how your livestock is likely to affect the soil. Visit the national Resource Conservation Service (nRCS) at for information on soil conservation and how you can use plants to fight drought.


Check for easements or other restrictions on use. Common clauses on farm property titles include snow, power, irrigation, and driveway easements. Read the title thoroughly, but always have your attorney look it over as well.


Check zoning. one of the most common mistakes small farm buyers make is to skip talking with the local zoning officer. never take anyone’s word for what is allowed on the property, even if the current owner is already keeping horses. Speak directly with


the zoning officer, and be very specific about your plans. if possible, ask him or her to make you a copy of the zoning rules for keeping livestock and/or horses on that particular property. Ask about special tax status if you plan on using the property as a farm. not all farms qualify, but some small farms might be considered for a special tax status that could save you money in the long run.


Talk to the neighbors. Take everything with a grain of salt, but most people are willing to give potential newcomers the lowdown on what it’s like to live in the area. if you find horseowning neighbors, all the better.


wait too long. When 10 Don’t you’ve found the perfect property, act on it. don’t pay more than you can afford or than you think is fair market value, but the best properties don’t stay on the market for long. December 2012

| equine Journal 201


Assess the value of buildings, fencing, and cleared acreage. you can do a little figuring on your own to determine the approximate worth of existing buildings and fencing depending on their condition, but be sure to enlist the help of a certified appraiser to do the real work. lumber and other building materials are pricey these days, so if the property you’re considering has a barn and fencing in good condition, you could be well ahead of the game.


Finding a small farm that meets your demands can be hard, but if you do your homework, you’ll have a much greater chance of being happy many years down the road.

   

   

    

     

         

  

  

  


 

          

                                                                                                                  


               

 202 equine


| December 2012

PRINCETOWN, NY: SUCCESSFUL EQUESTRIAN OPERATION, minutes from the Mall. The Ranch Home has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, open floor plan, exposed beams, Fireplace, Office/Den, attached 2 car garage, and Central Air. A deck overlooks the pond, stable complex, and distant hills.

GRAY HORSE FARM: APALACHIN, NY Circa 1900 Home: 2 car Garage, Workshop, Florida Room, Country Kitchen, Full Bath, Dining room, Living room w/fireplace. Upstairs: 3 Bedrooms and Full Bath. Basement: Game room. And there’s an In-ground Pool.

50x120 Indoor Arena: 18 stalls, viewing room, hay storage and attached turnout pen with 2 stall loafing shed. Other buildings offer additional Tack, ½ Bath, hay loft, tractor shed and general storage.

Stable: 17 Stalls, Tack room, Feed and Storage area. 2nd Barn: 60x80 Indoor Arena, Office/Tack room, Feed and Storage area and 7 Stalls. 24 Stalls total. ¼ Mile Track, Pastures, Paddocks, Turn-out Sheds, and 75x150 Outdoor Arena. 15.6 Acres, minutes to Tioga Downs Racetrack, in a neighborhood proven to afford the services, albeit Boarding, Training, Lessons and/or Horse Sales.

Large Paddocks, several turn out sheds, outside arena, 70 Acres and 3,300’ frontage on 3 roads makes this an attractive investment. BELOW A 2012 APPRAISAL, ONLY $393.200…E475




Horse Farms Are Our Only Business!

Horse Farms Are Our Only Business!

Ross Noel Everett, Broker • Gary Feinman, Consultant (518) 875-6220

Mark Zambito, Broker • Gary Feinman, Consultant (716) 201-6787

Magnificent Country Estate

Southbridge, MA

Heart of Gold Farm, boasts 9.9 acres of Paradise! This Reproduction Antique Post & Beam Royal Barry Wills Cape has all the amenities, including pond, in-ground pool, horse stables, riding ring, 2 acres of pasture- living room with pine floors & huge fireplace. 1st floor “Jaw Dropping” master bed suite & master bath! Gourmet kitchen with huge island open to fire place and family room - great for entertaining! 2nd floor recreational room. Garden room with laundry. Gardener’s delight with many perennial flowers! Beautiful!

Offered at: $749,900

Aucoin Ryan Realty • Office: 508-765-9155 201 South St • Southbridge, MA 01550

December 2012

| equine Journal 203

Horse Horse CentsCents Horse Cents

LOANS FOR: LOANS FOR: • Equestrian facilities • Construction • and Equestrian facilities • Farms ranches • Equipment • Bare •land • Home sites Farms and ranches

LOANS FOR: • Equestrian facilities • Farms and ranches • Bare land

• Bare land • Construction • Equipment • Home sites

• Construction Call Karen Murphy at 800.880.1577, ext. 8721 • Equipment Callsites Karen Murphy Call Karen Murphy at • Home

at 800-562-2235 ext. 8119

Call Karen Murphy at 800.880.1577, ext. 8721

Wetherbee Farm Real Estate Massachusetts Office Gladys R. Fox

New Hampshire Office Linda Hampson

Office 978-635-0801 Email:

Office: 603-532-6773 Email:

Specialists in equestrian and farm properties

Visit for information on these properties and many more

Charming County Estate or B&B Warren, MA

Tons of possibilities with this picture perfect property! Beautiful 11 room, 4,040 sq.ft. Colonial with 5 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 4 fireplaces, large living room, 3 season sun room, large deck, basketball court, newer furnace and windows. Den with built-ins, patios and balconies. Property includes 7 stall barn with tack room, water and elect and many large turnouts. Numerous trails on property and surrounding land. All sitting on 60+ acres which can be sub-divided. Road frontage with house lot possibilities. Woodlands ready to be forested. Conveniently located 15 minutes from Mass Pike and I-84. *Offered for $650,000 Owner will consider price adjustment for less acreage. Please contact 774-200-0852 for more information and showing.

204 equine


| December 2012

Courtney Conger Lisa Hosang Mike Hosang Randy Wolcott 803.645.3308 803.270.8020 803.270.6358 803.507.1142 Lee Hedlund 803.221.6831

Come see Aiken , South Carolina! . 803.648.8660

WEST END FARM . Extraordinary views of Highway 302

Horse Country from this handsome custom built home, with over 3,350 square feet on over 23 acres. Barn with guest cottage, pool, deck, landscaped lawns, pastures, run-in sheds. Courtney Conger $1, 450,000

BEL AIR . Sand Hills cottage has over 4600

square feet of quality craftsmanship with 6 bedrooms, hardwood floors throughout. 4-board fencing surrounds more than 11 acres of pasture in The Paddocks equestrian community. Call Courtney Conger $899,000

DOLAN COTTAGE . Charming cottage just

steps from Aiken’s Hitchcock Woods! Marvelous master suite, terrace with fireplace, 2-stall stable and garage on1.63 acres. Call Courtney Conger or Lisa Hosang $698,500


Delightful 11-acre horse farm with 3 bedroom cottage, saltwater pool, new 4-stall shed row barn. Call Courtney Conger or Randy Wolcott $349,900


GRANDEUR FARM Fabulous 61 acre horse farm features 10-stall center aisle barn with 2-story apartment, plus 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath brick farm home, 5 paddocks and regulation dressage arena. Call Suzan McHugh $649,000

room farm house on 39 acres with board fencing. Center aisle barn has 6 stalls with mats, tack & feed room, wash stall, unfinished space for apartment or storage. Call Courtney Conger $505,000

attached garage, separate 3-car garage with apartment above, 4-stall stable & fenced paddocks on over 5 acres. Call Courtney Conger $575,000

Aiken’s downtown Horse District has spacious main residence, 2 converted race barns with 14 stalls, paddocks, grooms’ apartment, dressage arena. Call Courtney Conger or Lisa Hosang $1, 425,000

TOLL FREE Alex Tyrteos Suzan McHugh 800.880.0108 203.249.3071 803.292.8525


BRAELOCH . Renovated 4 bedroom home,

OLDBUCKLAND BARN . Historic property in

Frank Starcher Jack Roth Samantha Grove 803.270.6623 803.341.8787 803.443.1513

The FREEMAN STABLE . 26 stall racing stable

with office and manager’s cottage on 3.5 board fenced acres in Aiken’s Historic Horse District. Adjacent to Aiken Training Track with access to equestrian venues. Call Lisa Hosang $1, 259,900


FULL VIEW FARM . Horse farm on13

Exceptional 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath home with custom details on 7.83 acres overlooks lawn, pond, 2-bay garage with private guest quarters, full bath above. Call Courtney Conger or Lisa Hosang $699,500

acres of coastal Bermuda grass has 7-stall barn, board-fenced paddocks, jump field and custom 3 bedroom home. Call Randy Wolcott $689,000


SHAWS CREST Brand new 5-stall barn and custom 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on 5 acres of board fenced established pasture. Barn includes tack room, feed room, wash stall, office, laundry and full bath. Call Randy Wolcott $389,000

EQUUS FARM . Working

horse farm on 31 acres in equestrian corridor. Main barn has 14 stalls, comfortable owner’s apartment. Includes 4stall barn, 8 paddocks, 5 pastures. Call Suzan McHugh $495,000


CEDAR CREEK FARM Turn-key horse farm on 75 acres borders Cedar Creek. Cedar sided cottage has 3 bedrooms and screened porch. Center aisle 12-stall barn with office, wonderful scenic pond with dock & 4 fenced paddocks with run-in sheds. Call Lisa Hosang $795,000


RED GATE FARM 7.63 acre equestrian estate includes charming brick home with oak floors, open kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, screened porch overlooking pastures, barn, round pen, pond. Call Jack Roth $319,000


SUNRISE FARM New 5-stall barn with roomy 2 or 3 bedroom apartment in Spring Meadows. Center aisle barn with tack room, laundry, wash stall on over 13 acres. Call Mike Hosang $349,000

December 2012

| equine Journal 205


Equine Journal Affiliates â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Join One Today! Equine associations and organizations are the backbone of the horse community. These clubs are great advocates for their breed or discipline and their members. These groups put on great events, safeguard tradition and promote the joy of horsemanship and horse ownership. Joining any one of these fine organizations will serve you and the equine community well.

American Bashkir Curly Registry

Connecticut Morgan Horse Association

Hypo-Allergenic & Versatile

Promoting the Morgan breed.

American Friesian Association

Connecticut Quarter Horse Association

American based Registry for Purebred and Partbred Friesian Horses.

Promoting the American Quarter Horse.

American Saddlebred Association of Maine, Inc.

Eastern Region Andalusian Horse Club

Understanding, appreciating, breeding & using the American Saddlebred.

Promoting harmony and good will among the community of Iberian horses.

Arabian Horse Association, Inc. of Maine

Empire State Quarter Horse Association

Dedicated to the promotion, use & ownership of Arabian and Half-Arabian horses.

Promoting interest in Quarter Horse ownership, activities, rights and welfare.

Arabian Horse Association of Massachusetts

The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse

Promoting the Arabian breed of horses.

Horse registration provided through our P.R.E. Mundial Registry Service.



Granite State Appaloosa Association

Encourage breeding, exhibiting, and promoting the Arabian horse.

Promote the Appaloosa in all phases of the equine industry.


| December 2012



Arabian Horse Association of New England























Learn more at under About.


Representing the Gypsy Horse, also known as the Cob-Vanner-Tinker.

Northeast Friesian Horse Club

Dedicated to the heritage of the Gypsy Horse, also known as the Gypsy Cob.

Formed because of our mutual admiration of the Friesian Horse. We are an official chapter of The Friesian Horse Association of North American (FHANA).


Dedicated to the promoting, showing, and exhibition of the Friesian horse and its derivatives.

Dedicated to the enjoyment, appreciation, and humane treatment of all Miniature horses.


Northwest Connecticut Draft Horse Association

Encourage, educate, and promote the breeding and use of registered Morgans.

Inform and educate the general public about the history and use of the draft horse.



Ohio Haflinger Association A promotional organization for the Haflinger horse. KXJOL!ZBIPPDPNrXXXPIJPIBรกJOHFSDPN

Promoting, Protecting and Perpetuating the Miniature Horse.

Dedicated to breeding, buying and selling Morab horses.



New England Paint Horse Club

Quarter Pony Association


Working to promote your ponies.

Rhode Island Arabian Horse Association

Dedicated to the promotion of the Pinto Horse breed.

Advancing and promoting the Arabian and Half-Arabian horse.




Purebred Morab Horse Registry


The New England Miniature Horse Society

Dedicated to promoting the Paint Horse breed by offering horse shows and other equine activities.


Member of Region 6 AQHA.




Maine Morgan Horse Club, Inc.

Massachusetts Quarter Horse Association


Northeast Miniature Horse Club




International Friesian Show Horse Association UIFQBSL!IXZOFUrXXXGSJFTJBOTIPXIPSTFPSH





Promoting and Enjoying the Norwegian Fjord Horse.




Northeast Fjord Horse Association



Gypsy Horse Association


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Vermont Quarter Horse Association Inc.

Connecticut Dressage & Combined Training Association, Inc.

Dedicated to bringing together Quarter Horse enthusiasts.

We are a USDF Group Member Organization and a USEA affiliate.




Established to simplify registration for Miniature Horse owners and breeders while maintaining accurate pedigree information.

Connecticut Ranch Horse Association

Dedicated to the promotion of the wonderful and versatile gaited American breeds.

Team penning, sorting, roping and other ranch activities.


Protecting the future of trail riding.

Encouraging and promoting the sport of trail riding.


A competition rewarding the elegance and grace of classical horsemanship.

Serving Northwest Ohioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s riders since 1980.


Providing affordable quality dressage events.


Developing and furthering the art of driving for pleasure.


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#1 in Barrel Racing Where Beginners Can Be Winners.


The New England Region/ Carriage Association of America Our interests range from restoration and conservation of carriages and sleigh to pleasure driving in modern-made vehicles, to combined driving.


New Hampshire Hunter Jumper Association Dedicated to providing its membership with quality horse shows, a broad learning experience, and a strong foundation for riders who wish to compete at higher levels.



Colonial Carriage and Driving Society

National Barrel Horse Association


Charles River Dressage Association



Carriage driving enthusiasts.


Flatlanders Dressage & Combined Training Assocation, Inc.

Black Swamp Driving Club



The Baroque Equestrian Games & Institute rXXXCBSPRVFHBNFTDPN


Connecticut Trail Rides Association, Inc.




Bay State Trail Riders Association, Inc. CTUSB!DIBSUFSOFUrXXXCTUSBPSH





Since 1928 - â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Oldest State Organization of its kind in the Country.â&#x20AC;?




Connecticut Horse Shows Association, Inc.



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Ohio Arabian & All Breed Trail Society Endurance riding, competitive trail riding and pleasure riding.

Silver Heels Riding Club

Promote, encourage and stimulate popular interest in driving and driving horses of any breed.

Promote and support an interest in horses, horsemanship and sportsmanship.


Enjoying all aspects of driving horses.


Offering English, western, saddle seat and Miniature classes. Youth & adult exhibitors. 7 shows per year/year-end awards through 6th place.


Tri-State Horsemenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Association

Improve the understanding of dressage and combined training theories and skills.


Virginia Horse Council

Sharing a love and interest of horses.

Your voice for the expanding equine industry in the Commonwealth of Virginia.




West Greenwich Horsemanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Association



Southern New England Horsemenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Association

Southern New Hampshire Dressage and Combined Training Association, Inc.






Western Reserve Carriage Association Sharing a love of driving equine powered vehicles.





One of the oldest registered Fox Hunts in the United States.




Norfolk Hunt Club




Green Mountain Horse Association A vital community of equestrian enthusiasts.

Get more details about each affiliate at Find articles, photos, membership forms and more. Become an affiliate organization and earn great benefits for your members and your group. Contact Karen Edwards at 603-903-1244 or


Maine Horse Association, Inc. Encourage horseback riding in the state of Maine. NBJOFIPSTFBTTPDDPOUBDU!ZBIPPDPNrXXXNBJOFIPSTFBTTPDDPN

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nner of This Year’s Audience Award at Sundance

The Faraway Horses—The Life Story That Inspired Buck, The Faraway Horses—The Life Story That Inspired Buck, Winner of This Year’s Audience Award at Sundance Winner of This Year’s Audience Award at Sundance As a horse trainer, Buck Brannaman’s skills The Faraway Horses—The LifeareStory That Inspired legendary—so much so Buck, that The Horse As a horse trainer, Buck Brannaman’s skills Winner of This Year’s AudienceWhisperer, Award at Sundance the novel andThe Robert arealegendary—so much so that Horse As horse both trainer, Buck Brannaman’s skills RedWhisperer, the novel Robert Redford’s film, isboth based largely on him. are legendary—so much soand that The Horse ford’s film,both is based largelyand onRobert him. RedWhisperer, the novel ford’s film, is based largely on him. Now hishislife beenportrayed portrayed in Buck, Now lifehas has been in Buck, a moving documentary that won The a moving documentary that won The Now his life has been portrayed in Buck, AsAudience a horse trainer, Buck Brannaman’s skills Award at 2011 Sundance Audience atthe thethat 2011 Sundance a movingAward documentary won The are legendary—so much so that The Horse Film Festival. Globe Pequot Press is Audience Award at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Globe Pequot Press Whisperer, both the novel and Robert Red-is proud to reprint Brannaman’s moving Film Festival. Globe Pequot Press is ford’s film, is based largely on him. proud to reprint Brannaman’s moving autobiograph, The Faraway Horses, in proud to reprint Brannaman’s moving autobiograph, The Faraway Horses, which he shares his portrayed life struggles, his autobiograph, Horses, in in Now his life has The beenFaraway in Buck, methods for training, and a prescription which hehedocumentary shares hislifelife struggles, shares his struggles, his his awhich moving that won The for living a harmonious existence— methods for training, and aSundance prescription Audience Award at the 2011 methods for training, and a prescription whether it involves horses or not. for living a harmonious existence— Festival. Globe Pequot existence— Press is forFilm living a harmonious whether it involves horses ormoving not. proud to reprint Brannaman’s whether it involves horses or innot. autobiograph, The Faraway Horses, which he shares his life struggles, his methods for training, and a prescription for living a harmonious existence— whether it involves horses or not. Also by the author, Also by the author, Believe: A Horseman’s Journey Believe: A Horseman’s Journey

Also by the author, Believe: A Horseman’s Journey

The Lyons Press the author, The Lyons Press Lyons Press is an imprint ofAlso A Horseman’s Journey Lyons Press is an imprint of Believe:Available wherever books are sold. Globe Pequot Press Available wherever books are sold. Globe Pequot Press

The Lyons Press The Lyons Press Lyons Press is an imprint of Lyons Press is an imprint of Globe Pequot Globe Press Pequot Press

Available wherever books are sold Available wherever books are sold.

lls se d-


december calendar Clinics, Seminars, Symposiums 15 | Pre-JaCk FroSt Jubilee CliniC, Ephrata, PA. CONTACT: Kriss Phelps, 717-354-5585,, .

Dressage & eventing 1 | HoliDay Fun DreSSage SHow,

Williamston, NC. CONTACT: 252-217-8454,

1 | ttC DreSSage anD CombineD teSt, Mocksville, NC. CONTACT: 336-998-5280, 1-4 | HoliDay on HorSe, Aiken, SC. CONTACT:

910-692-8467, 8 | FroStbite, Monroe, NC. CONTACT: 704-221-1311, 9 | wHinStone Farm DreSSage, Zebulon, NC. CONTACT: 919-269-9548,

Horse Shows 1-2 | miD-FloriDa DeC i, Ocala, FL. CONTACT: 1-2 | winter HoliDay ClaSSiC oPen SHow, Raliegh, MT. CONTACT:

8 | PoPlar PlaCe SCHooling SHow, Hamilton, GA. CONTACT: 706-582-9999, donna@, 8 | JoHnSton County HorSe SHow SerieS, Four Oaks, NC. CONTACT: Michele McLaughlin, 919-934-1344,, www.ipass. net/blaine_mclaughlin.

miscellaneous 2 | wrCa HoliDay event, Chipewa Lake, OH. CONTACT: 1 | HigH HoPeS volunteer orientation anD training, Old Lyme, CT. CONTACT: Courtney Bernard, 860-434-1974 ext 121, cbernard@

South Hadley, MA. CONTACT: 413-538-3036,

12 | HigH HoPeS volunteer orientation anD training, Old Lyme, CT. CONTACT: Courtney Bernard, 860-434-1974 ext 121, cbernard@

30 | mount Holyoke golD Cooler

trail rides

JumPer SHow, South Hadley, MA. CONTACT: 413-538-3036,

1 | traDemark FarmS Fall buCkle SerieS #5, Lobelville, TN. CONTACT:

16 | JaCk FroSt Jubilee Fun HorSe SHow SerieS, Ephrata, PA. CONTACT: Kriss Phelps, 717-354-5585,, .

2 | baron Fork riDge riDe to remember CtC, Lincoln, AR. CONTACT:

13-16 | rmi Jubilee, Alpharetta, GA. CONTACT:

2 | ro ranCH HoliDay SerieS, Mayo, FL. CONTACT:

14-16 | SHome HoliDay SHoDown, East

2 | traDemark FarmS Fall buCkle SerieS #6, Lobelville, TN. CONTACT:

16 | mount Holyoke Hunter SHow,

Lansing, MI. CONTACT: shomehorseshows@yahoo. com,

2 | la union Fall buCkle SerieS CtC, Las Cruces, MN. CONTACT:

8 | CtC at CamP el Har, Dallas, TN. CONTACT:

5-9 | St. louiS winter FeStival, St. Louis,

12-16 | St. louiS winter FeStival, St. Louis, MO. CONTACT:

15 | leatHerwooD trailer SerieS CtC, Leatherwood, NC. CONTACT:

6-9 | rmi DeCember, Alpharetta, GA. CONTACT:

14-16 | miD-FloriDa DeC ii, Ocala, FL.. CONTACT:

29 | Heritage Park CtC, Watkinsville, GA. CONTACT:


Find more calendar listings online visit

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Do you have an event coming up? It is easy to post it on! Go to Calendar then upload an Event. Select the date and enter the details, then we make your listing go live for our thousands of visitors. December 2012

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gORgEOuS fRiESian/aRaB X

BreD anD TraineD in ameriCa. We offer a great selection of horses from broodmares and five year olds, to every age group down to foals at their dam’s side. visit or call 919-770-1673.

Curly Horses BreD To eXCel in Dressage anD Driving, 2008, curly coated 16hh bay Curly sportfilly. This super sweet filly, C-C Her royal Highness, is ready for training. Price: $3,800. see more,, 208-276-7540. BEautiful iCHO REgiStEREd CuRly filly


Morgans 3 Year olD, Well sTarTeD u/s, reaDY To finish your way. Dressage/eventing. super sweet, amazing movement & potential. Don’t let this one get away! $6,500 401-710-7474.

REgiStEREd MORgan gElding

general several Well Broke Horses availaBle: We specialize in “quality” horses for trail, show and pleasure. english & Western. riding both indoors and outside; comfortable with ring work & trails/trips, etc. Call us at 603-465-2672 or visit “CnC sHe’s liora’s sPoT on”. 2-Year-olD, Dun appy, 15H. last of her lines. $5,000. 509-684-1695,,

yOung, talEntEd EvEntER

CozY nook CurlY’s. Home of frienDlY hypo-allergenic horses. 509-684-1695 or 509-680-1077


drafts DrafT / PerCHeron 17 HanDs. aPProX 7 yrs old. friendly and ready to learn. i’ve had him 2 yrs. and due to illnesses have not riden much. Walk, trot, canter, leg yield. Polite on ground. Have not used any cross tie, he does whatever you ask and does not need to be tyed. have done mostly ground work during ownership.

friesian fRiESian/PERCH CROSS gElding

regisTereD morgan gelDing. Drives, riDes english and Western, jumps. show wins in Working Hunter, Carriage Dressage, Hunter under saddle, over fences, reinmanship, etc. a real nice all around gelding with no vices and no issues. 1 of several quality horses at 603-465-2672. see online: fastad: #852338.

6 Year olD, 16.3H, TB gelDing. suPer safe, sane & sound. Competed Bn w/much success in 2012. Plenty of scope to go training in 2013. 3 confirmed gaits. scores low 30’s in dressage. Clear sJ + XC. $9,500 401-710-7474.

17HH, Big BoDieD TB gelDing, Dressage schoolmaster, training/1st level, easy keeper, 19 years young, very competitive, sound, sane & stunning. $2,500 firm. 401-710-7474.

gypsy Horses

2005 regisTereD aPHa CoW BreD mare. stunning, very sweet, lots of personality, and loves to work! awesome for youth, reined cowhorse, cutting and barrels. no vices, uTD, and 100% sound! Photos and videos available. $5,000 715-495-2905.

Quarter Horses several Well Broke Horses availaBle: We specialize in “quality” horses for trail, show and pleasure. english & Western. riding both indoors and outside; comfortable with ring work & trails/trips, etc. Call us at 603-465-2672 or visit

ROan QH gElding, 13 yR, 15.1H

Quality gyPSy HORSES

9 Years olD, 16.1H. THis gifTeD gelDing is solid, sane, athletic and gentle. Whether you are looking for a fox hunter, trail rider, jumper, lesson horse, competitor or just a great friend, rodney can do it all. He trailers well, has no vices, fine ground manners, bathes, and clips. He rides Western and english, WTC both leads with changes. 1 of several quality Horses., 603/465-2672.

212 equine


| December 2012

for sale anD aT sTuD in a varieTY of colors, ages and sizes. www.marblemoonfarm. com see online: fastad: #855324. 502/689-4749.

ComforTaBle gaiTs, no issues. quieT anD gentle. Western with a neck rein or english. Trail savvy, fine ground manners, no vices. an easy going gelding that anybody should be able to handle. 1 of several quality Horses 603/465-2672.



For Sale CASHMERE KIDS AND MANDARIN DUCKS for sale ENGLISH CUTBACK SADDLE, 21”, $200.00. Black full size hunt saddle, $200.00. Saddle seat man’s riding suit, $250.00. Other show equipment for sale. Dawson Arabians, Harvard, MA 01451, 978-456-3303.

Miscellaneous EXCELLENT QUALITY HORSE HAY, LARGE and small bales available, tractor trailor loads only, call richard for pricing and details, 802-525-3645 or 802-323-3275. UNIQUE CLOSING GIFT IDEA FOR EQUINE real estate professionals. Personalized KEY BOX for tack rooms.www.triplecrownstudio. com. Generates more new leads!

Websites MATCHNRIDE.COM THE BEST PLACE TO BUY, sell, or lease a horse online. Innovative features make horse shopping straight forward and results oriented!



STALLS AVAILABLE AT RUBEN IDE FARM IN Douglas, Ma. Indoor and outdoor rings, access to state forest, very reasonable monthly rates. Single stalls or lease entire facility (20 stalls) Accommodations for trainer or couple available with lease. Call 508-476-2421 for details. See our ad in this issue. OPENINGS FOR FALL/WINTER BOARD. Heated indoor, lockers, tack rooms. $550/ month., 401-710-7474, RI - MA - CT area. PHEASANT WALK SOUTH IS PLEASED to offer retirement boarding on our brand new 15+ acre hunter/jumper farm in the heart of horse country! 2+ acre pastures with large run-ins, automatic waterers on lush, maintained grass. Owner lives on the property and has been an active member of the New England horse community for over 20 years. Board includes all of the amenities you would expect from a full-care facility as well as trimming (shoes extra), paste worming, and seasonal vaccinations. We have a hotel-style guest room attached to the barn that was specifically designed for our clients to come and visit their retirees for $25/night. For more information, please call Nicole at (978) 621-8588 or email at $450/month. FastAd: #849392.

Equine Dentistry

GUEST HOUSE FOR LEASE 30 MINUTES EAST of San Juan Capistrano 20 min W of I15. European Equestrian Estate Upscale Kitchen Bathroom & throughout, garage washer dryer. Property has 8 Stall Barn, Cross Ties, Turn Out, Jumping & Dressage Arenas, Round Pen, Access to trails, Bring your horse for additional fee. (949) 283-1812. FastAd: #849400.


Boarding FULL BOARD STALLS - DUDLEY, MA Full board stalls available in Dudley, MA. $450 per month. Show horse quality care, no drama. Miles of trails. Instructor available. Very peaceful and relaxing atmosphere! 774535-3221.

NATURAL BALANCE EQUINE DENTISTRY Wendy Bryant EQDT 413-237-8887 Restoring Motion through Balancing in the Equine Mouth Improve Topline Maximize Performance Increase Flexion Trained & Certified under Spencer LaFlure “The Equine Tooth Fairy” Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry. FastAd: #844416.

Help Wanted HUNTER/JUMPER BARN LOOKING FOR full time employee. Responsibilities include (but not limited to)- feeding, mucking stalls, turning out & grooming. Horse show experience a plus. Housing negotiable. References Required. 617-504-9557.

SALES COMPANY LOOKING FOR SALES REPS FOR THE TERRITORY OF MAINE TO delaware. Great product with HUGE potential. If interested, please call 877-562-8147 or email trc4sales@ Attn: John M Clark.

Insurance CORRIGAN INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Insurance to protect your farm, horses, home, autos and other needs. Call, email, or text for more info: Kelly A. Corrigan, President, 800-213-1634 Text: 301-807-8797.

Training PROFESSIONAL TRAINING THROUGH gentle persuasion yet firm, consistent & persistent methods while never being cruel or angry. Finally, get your results and learn how to keep them!, 603-465-2672. FastAd: #851475. RIDING LESSON- DRESSAGE, BEGINNER thru Advanced, covering Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire. Based in North Shore. License #2170. 978-204-3803.

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December 2012




AndAlusiAns & lusitAnos

Don E Mor Lusitano Horse Farm

Granite State appalooSa aSSociation


Arabian Horse Association

of Massachusetts Robert Nickerson, President Email:

Victoria Morris Telephone: 919.770.1673




AlternAtive therApy


The Art and Science of Horse Care Like us on Facebook

Pamper your horse with All Natural Aromatherapy Products made with Therapeutic Grade Botanicals created by a Certified Aromatherapist 515-299-4505 515-299-4526 fax

Peak Performance is just a Touch Away

Arabian Horse Association, Inc. of Maine

Celebrating the Iberian Horse Julie Dolder

A member club of Region 16 of the Arabian Horse Association Andy Bailey, President

207-474-6032 ApprAisAls

Share your buSineSS with thouSandS of readerS!

The Arabian Horse Association of New England was formed to encourage breeding, exhibiting and promotion of the Arabian horse. To help educate those individuals interested in perpetuating the Arabian breed.

Call Today! 508-987-5886

Massage Therapy for Performance Horses Susan C. Perry, BA, CVT, ESMT

MuSClE MAgiC AnimAl rescue

3 Bradish Farm Rd upton, MA 01568

508-529-7739 home email:

Cranberry Knoll

Arabians & Sport Horses


Horses and Farm Animals for Immediate Adoption 978-687-7453







214 equine


| December 2012

Rescue Me: American Saddlebreds a division of Team American Saddlebreds Inc. a 501(c)(3)

Renew ~ Rehome Repurpose

508.982.9628 Cheryl Lane-Caron LAKEVILLE, CONNECTICUT

PUREBRED ARABIAN PERFORMANCE HORSES that exhibit motion, athleticism, beauty and tractable temperaments. MARSHALL & RAE PAIGE SCHWARZ Owners BILL BOHL Trainer

CROSSEN ARABIANS, L.L.C. Breeders of Beautiful, Athletic & Tractable Purebreds & Warmblood Crosses ◆



Tom and Susan Crossen (860) 742-6486

1209 South Street Coventry, CT


bArns/ArenA ConstruCtion & ContrACtors

bArns/ArenA ConstruCtion & ContrACtors

bArns/ArenA ConstruCtion & ContrACtors



fabric structures

Bringing together people interested in advancing and pro moting the Arabian and the Half-Arabian horse.

& A superior ridinmgent. training environ

ArtisAns & CrAftsmen

For information on our indoor riding arenas, call one of our ClearSpan ™ Specialists at 1.866.643.1010 or visit

Horse Barns • Riding Arenas Garages • Restorations




Services Provided By: CONWAY EXCAVATING (508) 946-5504 SHAWN CONWAY: Owner

Please direct inquiries to: Susan Dorazio 860-379-5557 PO Box 246 Colebrook, CT 06021



For more information or to become a member, visit, email, or call 888-HORSEVA (467-7382)


bArns/ArenA ConstruCtion & ContrACtors


North America's #1 Horse Exerciser!

ADVANCED BARN CONSTRUCTION Specializing in design and materials for equine structures since 1977 129 Sheep Davis Rd., Pembroke, NH Rte. 25 Moultonborough, NH


Your vision is our reality! P.O. Box 436, Plaistow, NH 03865 978-521-1171


Lease Plans Available

Great for All Breeds & Disciplines!

“Conditioning & Training Without Constraints”


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DIRECTORIES barns/arena construction & contractors

barns/arena construction & contractors

barns/arena construction & contractors

bedding, feed & supplies

Full Service Landscaping & Excavation 25 Years Experience Serving New England

• Barn & Arena Buildings • Farm Design • Priefert Ranch Equipment • Metal Roofing • Classic Equine Stalls Salisbury, NH (603) 648-2987 Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505

Improving the world. One barn at a time.

All work done by an Amish crew Satisfaction Guaranteed WWW.YOURBARNBUILDER.COM

10 Years Experience Specializing in Arenas Call TODAY for a FREE estimate! Fully Licensed and Insured


Shed-Rows, Run-Ins, Storage Sheds, Lean-To, Modular Barns, Garages, Chicken Coops and much more. Call us today! Follow us on Facebook and become eligible for future promotions.

Quality Hay and Shavings

Visit our newly redesigned website at

Delivered and Stacked Let us custom design your dream barn, garage, indoor arena or run-in shed. We offer an amazing variety of buildings using a wide variety of materials, all expertly crafted. All characterized by a commitment to quality and attention to detail. Call for a free consultation to see how we customize dreams into reality. 148 Harristown Rd., Paradise, PA 17562

717.442.8408 or 1.800.881.9781

Advertise with

866.391.7808 717.872.2040 (Fax)

Contact Sherry today for your customized estimate

Stop Leaks Once And For All With The Conklin Metal Roof System

A.K. Contractors Framing • Roofing • Etc. 1114 Reservoir Road New Holland, PA 17557 717-354-4929

216 equine


As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Conklin Company has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR® guidelines for energy efficiency

| December 2012 email:

Alfalfa Mix • Large and Small Flake Dust Free Wood Shavings • Premium Alfalfa

Scott Laffey Construction, LLC. • General Contractor • Horse Arenas/Footing • Landscaping • Excavation • Fence Installation

Agri Sales USA, Inc. Nick Fitzpatrick at 800-747-3811

Offering 24-hour Emergency Repair Service Scott Laffey Jr. 978.490.0873

Grabpeprly Su

• Timothy • Timothy Alfalfa Mix • Timothy Grass Mix • Western Timothy • 2nd Cut Orchard

baroque classical riding


VISA/MC accepted

Post & Frame Buildings ~ Horse Barns Riding Arenas ~ Storage Barns Built On Your Site 491 Gap Newport Pike Atglen, PA 19310 610-593-3500 Fax 593-2510

8 Paul Street Bethel, CT 06801 1-800-MATTING Fax: 203-744-7703




BEDDING, FEED & SUPPLIES Salisbury, NH (603) 648-2987

Save your Hay. Save your Money.

• Priefert Ranch Equipment • Metal Roofing • Classic Equine Stalls

Safe, affordable, effective, One Year Warranty. Available in 3 sizes starting at $89.95. 866.389.9952

Fly Repellent

BEDARD FARM INC. Good Quality Timothy Hay, Straw and Shavings Plastic Bags 3 1/4 cubic ft.




25 Years Experience Serving New England



Tel. (603) 679-2415 Fax (603) 679-5681

• Barn & Arena Buildings • Farm Design

BIG BALE BUDDY Round Bale Feeder.

Aloe Herbal Horse Spray

154 Martin Rd., Fremont, NH 03044

450-244-5463 St. Sebastien, County Iberville, Canada

We’ve Got All Your Farm Needs!

Goffstown, N.H.

MASSACHUSETTS: Webster MAINE: Belfast, Brewer, Buxton, Farmington, Lincoln, Lisbon Falls, Naples, Old Town, Skowhegan, Waterville NEW YORK: Gouverneur, Easton, Herkimer, Malone, Peru, Richfield Springs VERMONT: Vergennes

• Lessons and Leases • Training for Horse and Rider • dressage/balanced seat/jumping • Starting and Retraining

Beth Konrad Brown 603-483-2121

Make SafeChoice® Your Choice

Top Quality Hay • Mulch • Sawdust Shavings (bagged or bulk)

LLF Equestrian LLC

846 Golf Links Road Colebrook, NH 03576 Phone: (603) 237-8732 Cell: (603) 359-2337 Web:

Darcy A. Johnson

Training • Boarding • Sales Lessons • Equitation


291 Quassett Road • Pomfret Center, CT 06259

Competitive Prices. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Is There Hay In Your Future?


Cell 860-942-6448

Serving CT & MA


HAY AY & STR A STRAW A AW T Tractor Trailer T Loads

The Equine Laundry Service

Amsterdam, NY 12010



of Equiclean East, L


Call 4M FARMS today for quality, price and savings everyday.

Waterproofing Quality Cleaning & Repair All Types of Horse Clothing

(315) 684-7570

17 Mansfield Ave., Willimantic, CT 06226 email:

(860) 456-7806

December 2012


DIRECTORIES boarding/training






AW AW Harness Shop Custom Leather goods, Harness and repairs. (603) 547-0778

• Full board – under $1,000/month! (Full service board with no hidden costs, including 2+ hours daily turnout on grass; top quality hay; individualized care; dust-free indoor with mirrors; dust-free, sand-mix outdoor with lighting)

Custom Leather go Harness and repa (603) 547-0778



HarnessAW ShopShop AW Harness Andrew R Wood

14 North Grove St Swanzey NH 03446

Andrew R Wood

• Coaching at shows throughout New England

Custom Leather goods, Harness and repairs. (603) 547-0778

(603) 547-0778

• Available for clinics and judging schooling shows

Andrew R Wood

14 North Grove St Swanzey NH 03446

Andrew R Wood

Harness Shop

Custom Leather goods, (603) 547-0778 (603) 547-0778 Harness and repairs. Andrew R. Wood (603) 547-0778 AW St AW Andrew R Wood 14 North Grove

• Training packages offered for horses & riders

HarnessAW Sh

14 North Grove St Swanzey NH 03446

Andrew R Wood

14 North Grove St Swanzey NH 03446

14 NorthHarness Grove Shop Harness Shop Swanzey NHStreet 03446 Swanzey NH 03446 Andrew R Wood 14AW North Grove St Harness Swanzey NH 03446 Shop

Andrew R Wood

14 North Grove St Swanzey NH 03446

Andrew RAW Wood www.awharness.c Harness Sh

14 North Grove St Swanzey NH 03446


Custom Leather goods, Harness and repairs. (603) 547-0778

carriage/Harnesses Diane Pirro

G O I N G H E R E? elp you SOMEW We’ll h there.

Teaching strong basic skills to help riders pursue their discipline. 508-577-4521

(603) 547-0778 14 North Grove St Swanzey NH 03446

& Used Carriages Service Repair Shop

• Rebuilding • Brake • Parts

Swanzey NH 03446


Harness and repairs. (603) 547-0778 Custom Leather

• Tune-ups

Andrew R Wood


Aaron M. Nolt, 214 N. Shirk Road, New Holland, PA 17557 888-365-5122 w w w. ti n y u r l . c o m / n o l ts w h e e l s

218 equine


| December 2012

Swanzey NH 034

Karin Kaufman, Ph.D.



Harness Sh

Custom Leather go Harness and repai goods,curly Horses (603) 547-0778

14 North Grove St Swanzey NH 03446 New England Carriage Imports, LLC

Buy/Sell/Trade Horse Drawn Vehicles We manufacture and repair wooden spoke wheels

Call for our new carriage booklet. Andrew R Wood

Pioneer Equipment New Wheels Wheels Repaired

14 North Grove Swanzey NH 034

Andrew@awharness Harness and repairs. 14 North Grove St Andrew R Wood 14 North Grove Swanzey NH 03446 Swanzey NH 034 (603) 547-0778


14 North Grove Swanzey NH 034

Andrew@awharness Andrew R Wood St www.awharness.c Swanzey NH 03446 14 North Grove St Andrew R Wood 14 North Grove

Harness Custom Leather goods,Shop

& Accessories

Bird-in-Hand, PA

Andrew R Wood

Inter-species Communicator (603) 547-0778

Harness Shop

& Restorations



Andrew R Wood 14 North Grove

• Full

AW Harness Sh Custom Leather go Leather go Harness Custom and Harnessrepai and repa (603) 547-0778 (603) Andrew@awharness 547-0778

Custom Leather goods,communicator AW AW Harness and repairs. Harness Shop Harness Sh (603) 547-0778 Custom Leather goods, Custom Leather go Horse Whisperer Harness and repairs. Harness and repai

Andrew R Wood get Andrew R Wood • New

14 North Grove Swanzey NH 034

Andrew@awharness 508-987-5886

Harness Shop 14 North Grove St Swanzey NH 03446


Andrew R Wood

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Andrew R Wood 14 North Grove St Andrew R Wood Swanzey NH 03446

Andrew R Wood

Custom Leather go Harness and repa (603) 547-0778

Harness Shop


AW 14 North Grove Harness Sh Swanzey NH 034

Custom Leather goods, Harness and repairs. (603) 547-0778

Andrew R Wood

AW Harness Shop Custom Leather goods, Custom Leather goods, Harness and Harnessrepairs. and repairs. (603) 547-0778 (603) 547-0778

Harness go Sh Custom Leather Leather go Harness Custom and Harnessrepai and repa (603) 547-0778 (603) Andrew@awharness 547-0778

Andrew R Wood 14 North Grove Andrew@awharness Swanzey NH 034

Andrew R Wood

Custom Leather goods, Harness and repairs. (603) 547-0778

14 North Grove Swanzey NH 034

Lic#: PA-AY0144L

HarnessGoods, Shop Custom CustomLeather Leather goods, Harness Repairs Custom Leather goods, Harness and and Harnessrepairs. and repairs.

• Trailer-in lessons available

Classical dressage training for the horse and rider. USDF Bronze & Silver Medalist. Multiple Year-End Award Winner (NEDA, USDF and USEF).

Harness Sh

Custom Leather goods, Harness and repairs. (603) 547-0778

• Conveniently located between Boston, MA & Providence, RI

Jodi & Bauke (Friesian gelding)


Harness Shop

Andrew R Wood www.awharness.c


AMERICAN BASHKIR Harness Shop CURLY REGISTRY Quality Carriages for Competition, Pleasure and Commercial Use

Happy Landings Farm Custom Leather goods, Bozrah, CT Harness 860-889-6467and repairs. (603) 547-0778




Charles E. Hutchinson, DVM

Curly Horses Registered ABC & ICHO Curly


Cricket Hill

In NY, near CT-MA

Dressage. Jumping. Pleasure Riding. Call on us.

Horses Gaited & Non Gaited Curlies Monterey, Indiana (574) 542-2457


Professional Equine Dental Services

Training, Instruction, Showing. Boarding, Riding Academy. USDF Certified Instructor T-4. Therapy, Rehabilitation.

603.523.4900 Serving MA, NH, SC, VT

Dales Ponies


Dales Pony Association

Dressage & Combined Training Association, Inc. Serving Northwest Ohio’s Riders since 1980.

Ohio Arabian & All Breed Trail Society

• The Original Breed Association • Complete North American Registry • Recognized by U.K., U.S. and Canada Official Equine Organizations

Mollie Krumlaw-Smith, President

For Information Contact 519-395-4512

Barbara Ann Archer 714 Snipatuit Road Rochester, MA Tel: 508.763.3224 Teaching, Training, Boarding, Indoor Riding Arena

share your business today! 508-987-5886 513-543-5034

or visit our website: Protecting and promoting this wonderful, versatile, rare breed



Katherine Gallagher • 617-610-7688 Importers of fine European Warmblood horses

December 2012

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Western Reserve Carriage Association



Visit our website for upcoming clinics & educational series

Phone: 207-985-0374 65 Drown Lane Lyman, ME 04002 Email:

Love driving equine powered vehicles?

Twin Ridge Farm boarding lessons sales training


Contact Us!

We are a complete and caring horse facility offering… ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶


✶ coaching ✶ leasing ✶ clinics

Be the change.

Henry Rish

Jeri Nieder - USDF Bronze Medal and “r”Judge

603-456-3031 ✶ 603-456-2354 223 Pumpkin Hill Rd. ✶ Warner, N.H. 03278 800.442.8821

with us todAy

B.S. Equine Business Management/Riding B.S. Equine Business Management International Programs Internships Available

EquinE REtiREmEnt


dRiving Education

• Proven Learning System Committed to Your Success


Butler Professional Farrier School

• Proven, sequential learning system. Learing more faster! from author of #1 horseshoeing textbook. • Limited class size = mor one-on-one instruction.

New England Region/Carriage Association of America Established in 1969

•Learn anatomy, balance and prope shoeing methods from experience Butler Team educators • Gain competence and confidence as you master each of 7 importan skill areas.

• To provide a medium for exchange of information regarding horse-drawn vehicles and to serve as an accurate and technical source of information • To foster friendly relations among all groups interested in research, preservation, and promotion of horse-drawn vehicles

• Learn the “why” of each step in th process not just how to do it. •Individual forging stations. •Variety of horses to shoe on location. •State-of-art facility; everything under one roof.

• To encourage pleasure driving with horse-drawn vehicles NER/CAA Arthur Boroff, Treasurer 165 Candlewood Hill Road, Box 291 Francestown, NH 03043


Competitive equestrian team s Equestrian studies s Equestrian center


For detailed information about club activities:

220 equine


Carriage drivers, carriage collectors and even non-horse owners that enjoy carriages, horses, ponies, mules or donkeys, the Black Swamp Driving Club always welcomes new members.

Angela Hohenbrink, Club President 419-274-1122


at Vermont Technical College

Butler: The trusted name in farrier education for over 45 years.

1-800-728-3826 (press 3) or 308-665-1510

| December 2012

~ SINCE 1973

LEARN TO SHOE HORSES LIKE A MASTER CRAFTSMAN LEARN HOW TO BUILD A SUCCESSFUL HORSESHOEING BUSINESS There are more graduates of the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School employed in the horse industry than of any other school of any kind in the world.

Owner and Director Dr. Jack Roth, Dr. of Veterinary Medicine and Master Farrier Instructors - Certified Journeyman Farriers Come prepared to work. More hours of instruction on live aimals than anywhere else.

COURSES INCLUDE: Basic Horseshoeing (2 weeks - $1,500); Professional Horseshoeing (8 weeks - $4,000); Advanced Horseshoeing and Blacksmithing (12 weeks - $5,400); Your room is free. APPROVED FOR:

Post 9/11, OHS Student Loan, Montgomery GI Bill, Vocational Rehabilitation, WIA, BIA. Licensed by OBPVS. Call 405-288-6085 or 800-538-1383. Write Oklahoma Horseshoeing School, 26446 Horseshoe Circle, Purcell, OK 73080

Retire Your Equine Friend

Close to Home in Vermont 802-645-1957 or


FEEd SupplEmEntS

FEEd SupplEmEntS



WEDGE-LOC Proudly Made In The USA


Go Natural with IN-HARMONY and GLORFY! To support a strong immune system and engergize

Find IN-HARMONY and GLORFY at your blacksmith and your local Harness shop


For info call Christ Zook @ (717) (806-1850

Farm EquipmEnt

d n e l B r e t t e B Hoof

Northeast Region Supplement This is the first ever regionally formulated hoof supplement designed especially to complement typical northeastern grass hays. The formula supports healthy hoof, skin, and coat by balancing deficiencies in typical northeast regional diets. 800-669-7218 • Split Rail • Centaur Flexible Fence • Post & Board • Installation Available • Heavy Duty Powder Coated Gates, Full & Half Mesh • Vinyl Coated High Tensile • Woven Horse Wire • Locust & Pressure Treated Post • PVC

FEll pony


“Turning Childhood Dreams into Reality”

Notice our display ad in this issue.


$56.95 for 64 two-ounce servings 89 cents per day

Fax Your Fencing Projects to 610-857-0029

Trained Adults and Youngstock for Sale 660.537.4020

Distributed by Northeast Farrier Supply 210 Holabird Avenue Winsted CT 06098

FEncing 717-396-8887


“It Makes A World Of Difference” Vitamins and Minerals for Horses Call for technical information

Direct Action Co., Inc. P.O. Box 2205 Dover, Ohio 44622 330-364-3219

Place Your ad Here!

1-800-921-9121 Join us on the Internet:



Vinyl Coated Horse FenCe

High Tensile Board Fence Woven Wire Poly Cote Horse Rail Deer Fence

Profence 94 Hershey Rd. Shippensburg Pa 17257

All Your Fencing Needs P.V.C. • Chain Link • Split Rail Hi Tensil • Board • Wire Mesh Picket • Decks TMR Feed • Mixers

Q.F.S. Factory Outlet Vinyl Fence Products Camp Hill, PA 17011 717-737-9377

Vinyl Fence Lifetime Warranty


December 2012

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NortheastFriesian HorseClub “CAMEO” horse fencing

Northeast Fjord Horse Association

Affordable • Proven • Safe

The easy to install white line alternative See our full line of Quality products as you consider options. 800-822-5426

“Promoting and Enjoying the Norwegian Fjord Horse” Danielle Campbell, President 508-967-0590


Foal equipment

Harrisville, NH

Official FHANA/FPS Chapter Michelle Loulakis, President

GroominG supplies

Directory ADvertising

GREAT PRICES & SERVICE OVERING THE N.E. AREA We carry a complete line of: Centaur Fencing, Bekaert 2x4 CIII Horseman, Pressure Treated Posts, Rope, Braid, Twine, & Tape, Amos Galvanized Gates & Corral Panels 603-827-3464 or Fax: 603-827-2999


• • •

•• •


Fully Insured New Hampshire’s Fence Professionals

If riding is an art, then footing is the canvas.

603.267.1975 1.800.734.4110

Professional Shear & Clipper Blade Sharpening

Serving New Hampshire Since 1982

Wood, Chain Link Ornamental Iron, Vinyl Fencing Farm and Horse Fencing

American Friesian Association

Attention: Ken Lee 1090 Little Buffalo Creek Road Nahunta, GA 31553

(912) 462-6330

Sale & Service of Quality Grooming Supplies

3377 Sunnybrook Drive Finksburg, MD 21048 443-789-1977

The next step in footing. Ameritrack • GGT Sand Blend • Pinnacle | p: 888.461.7788

International Friesian Show Horse Association

Advertise with us todAy Call for details to reserve your space

508-987-5886 222 equine


| December 2012

ArenA And stAll speciAlists

Toll Free: 877-624-2638 e-mail:

Dedicated to the promoting, showing, and exhibition of the Friesian horse and its derivatives. PO Box 2839, Lompoc, CA 93438 Voice: (805) 448-3027 Fax: (805) 448-3027 Email:

Clipper Repairs Clipper Blade Sharpening 203-395-9701 860-822-1951 WWW.THECLIPPERBARNOFCT.COM





Drumlin Gypsy Ranch

Flying W Farms


Dedicated to the heritage of the Gypsy Horse

Our Goal is to provide and produce traditional Gypsy Cobs in their truest form of conformation, versatility and disposition. For more information 860.BY GYPSY

Proper Gypsy Cobs; perfect for children and adults.

Family Friendly Cobs at Family Friendly prices.

Email: 740.493.2401

Gypsy Horse Association

For those who want the very best!” Breeders of Champion Georgian Grandes and Friesian sporthorses; Sires are our imported Dutch Friesians; Mothers are Saddlebreds, Clydesdales, and Percherons. We have the finest quality and the best selection to be found anywhere in the world. Incredible movement, quiet, calm dispositions; our horses are bred to excel in many disciplines. We offer yearlings, two years, and three year olds; Prices $4000 to $8000 o.b.o.

We are an educational organization encouraging the use, exhibition and perpetuation of the Gypsy Horse/Cob. PO Box 1861, La Porte, TX 77572

“What you breed in, you need not train in”



Email: Phone: 740-493-2401

The Asociation of Choice for Registration & Promotion of the Gypsy Horse

Desert Jewel Gypsy Horses Specializing in Traditional & Uniquely Colored Gypsy Horses Standing the largest number of Gypsystallions in the World

Jennifer Gilson 602-684-3929

Cashiers, North Carolina

Rosewater Gypsies Jeff & Julie Heise Watertown, WI Quality Young Stock FOR SALE


(828) 743-3698

HORSE FEATHERS FARM Breeders of Select, Imported Gypsy and Drum Horses Parnell's Irish Cobs, LLC The Irish Rose 10257 N. County Road 17 Fort Collins, CO 80524 (970) 556-3929

Standing Stallion: Aislan of Lion King GHRA, GVHS, ADHA Registered Rex & Rebecca McKeever

Encouraging the use and enjoyment of “America’s Family Horse”!

Bellville, TX • 979-865-4183 December 2012



Go Ahead Rub It In


Brooke Ferro Owner/Trainer/Instructor

Lessons • Sales/Leases/ Consignment • Boarding • Training • Hauling

Two-Time Product of the Year – Horse Journal


Owner/trainer: Audrey Murphy

Sign up now for our summer riding program!

USDF Bronze Medalist, USDF L Graduate, ARIA Certified Instructor

Judd Road, Coventry, CT

Hunters – Jumpers Equitation – Dressage

860-944-2527 rusted Brand! The T


ABF Equine, LLC

Award Winning Natural Herbal Products



BLUE MEADOW FARM 120 Nobscot Road Sudbury, MA 01776

Tricia Moss Trainer

41 Esterbrook Rd. Acton, MA

Qualified Dealerships • Resale or User 800-366-8986

(978) 443-4800


Horse sales



Hunters • Jumpers • Equitation

Search options not found on any other Horses For Sale site: Unique side-by-side buyer/seller comparisons. Percentage ranked search results. Favorite horses saved by search criteria. continues your search 24/7 for new matches.

• Full service boarding and training facility • Indoor and outdoor rings • Individual or group turn-out • Access to miles of trails • Convenient location just off Rte. 2A

Boarding • Training • Leasing • Sales 978-274-2600 •

We’ll save you time and we’ll save you money. • We know horses and can substantiate value • We are a direct writer and can get you same day coverage • Now covering horses up to age 20.

Call 781-837-6550

The best place to buy, sell or lease a horse on the web.

Covering all your farm and equine needs.

Essex Equine Insurance Agency, LLC

Corrigan Insurance Agency, Inc.

Kelley Corrigan

Be part of the Excitement!

P.O. Box 43 Hathorne, MA

President, Corrigan Insurance Agency 8951 Edmonston Road Greenbelt, MD 20770

Join New Hampshire Hunter Jumper

Tel: 301-474-4111 x3112 Tel: 410-792-8090 x3112 603.465.2672

Cynthia McLaughlin 109 Lexington Avenue Manchester, NH 03104 603-625-8392

Fax: 310-623-3131 800-213-1634

| December 2012

Marla Moore Account Executive 10234 Shelbyville Road • Louisville, KY 40223 1-800-346-8880 (502) 245-6878 Fax (502) 245-9698


Equine & Farm Insurance

For Your Fast Free Quote.

Varied disciplines, great selection

224 equine

Independent Equine Agents

Barbara M. Odiorne, CISR Tel: 978-376-8327 Fax: 978-750-4373

Quality Horses for Show, Trail & Pleasure We know our horses and use them ourselves.

Before you renew or sign with anyone else call Don Ray Insurance, the horse specialists, for a fast, free quote.

• Farm • Equine • Liability

• Auto • Home • Business

Certified Equine Appraiser


Equine Insurance



Pony Locks



(800) 526-1711 (908) 735-6362 P.O. Box 27, Pittstown, NJ 08867

Incorporated in 1995 to make owning miniature horses a pleasure when it comes to registering.

3628 Pinkham Way, Raleigh, NC 27616 Inquiries welcome at

Call 919.961.1841 for a brochure

12009 Stewartsville Road Vinton, VA 24179

Gift Certificates Available ~ Dealer Inquiries Welcome

Mortality Surgical Major Medical Agreed Value Guaranteed Renewal Farmowners Care, Custody & Control Equine Liability Payment Plan

“Horse Owners Who Care”

Cummings Insurance Agency

Licensed in all of New England

Ted T. Cummings Blair Cummings 378 Main Street Manchester, CT 06040

(860) 646-2457 Fax: (860) 645-6650 Serving Vermont and New Hampshire • Full Liability • Farm & Stable • Commercial



Horse Cents

(540) 890-0856 Full Online Registration Service



Loans for: s Equestrian facilities s Farms & ranches s Construction s Equipment s Bare land and home sites

Call Karen Murphy 800.562.2235 ext. 8119

Morabs, Morgans & Arabians

• Care, Custody & Control • Personal Insurance • Riding Clubs & Shows

~ Ask What We Can Do For You!! ~

Co-operative insuranCe C o m p a n i e s

256 Galloway Road

Stamping Ground, KY 40379




Middlebury, VT 05753-5890




New England Miniature

Horse Society


photo by debbie ucker-keough

1-800-388-6638 ext. 3824

Manure Removal For Large & Small Farms Other services available:

• Paddock grading • Arena footing • Barn/outbuilding demo & removal • Fencing demo & replacement Proud Sponsor of BearSpot Musical Freestyle

An AMHA approved club offering a full schedule of AMHA pointed shows. Contact: Dawn Schabacker December 2012





New England Paint Horse Club

Are you risking penalties by processing your own payroll? Continually striving to build a better environment for our club and the equine industry.

Join Us! Contact us for a free review of your payroll process. 800.562.2235

ntain Lane Farm u o M

Peruvian Paso


Maine Morgan Horse Club, Inc. Selina Cloutier, President 603-953-3470 or email Sue Oliver, VP 207-319-7554 or email

11 Stone Lane, Temple, NH APHA Breeding & Sales Boarding & Lessons

Lil More Conclusive

70 Walcott Street Stow, MA 01775 978-562-3153 Howard & Clare Sparks Standing at Stud Moonshyne D Lite (neg. Lethal White gene) Overo Breeders Trust, APHA/PtHA Champion 226 equine


| December 2012

• HORSE SHOWS • FARM SHOOTS • FINE ART • CusTom PhoTogRAPhy Books 603-496-8674

Carien Schippers Equine Photography 288 White Hill Road Walton, NY 13856 (607) 865-5215

Serving the Northeast since 1976

2004 APHA/PtHA Homozygous Tobiano/Homozygous Black Live Color Foal Guarantee

Peruvian Paso Horses Naturally Gaited

2012 Stud Fee: $650 (AI Only) Lalobarun Ranch 978-609-3999


© Photos by: Dusty Perin


Hacienda la Colina

(Hillside Farm) 845-626-2498


Our horses are bred to go from the TRAIL to the SHOW • Proven Bloodlines • Quality Horses for Sale Kathy and Juan Carlos Gill Accord, NY

Paso Fino

PhotograPhy C o n r a d B e r t h o l d

Photography by Carole MacDonald

501 Mendon Rd. Sutton, MA 01590

specializing in horses

Available for Farm Shoots

1 Bowman Lane Westboro, MA 01581





/ / / / / / /

PrE horsEs

QuartEr horsE

Denlore Equine Photography ! ! !


!"#$%&'$()*"+,-.!*/ 012-303-4526/

2767 Fay Brook Road Sharon, VT 05065 802-763-2516 E-mail:

/788!9:";,&/9"#&$/8!9// /<!9$&/$<!'$=/8"9*/$<!!#$/"%:// /&>?+%&/@!9#9"+#$// !

Invites You to Join Our Family! Learn more at

Rein Photography Jennifer Wenzel 16 Burr Road Maplewood, NJ 07040 (973) 760-7336


Photography to Remember Beautiful Weddings Horse Shows Unique Portraits On Location Photography Ellen Leffingwell P.O. Box 284 Norwich, CT 06360

Photos By Dave And Andy 37 Zuell Hill Road Monson, MA 01057

QuartEr horsE

Connecticut Quarter Horse Association

21 WatsonSt. St. 5 Demanche Nashua,NH NH Nashua, 03064 03060


Tony DeCo




Lucille Evarts 3796 Green Street Vergennes, VT 05491 802-233-0567

ESQHA The New York State AQHA Affiliate

QuartEr Pony

Promoting Interest in Quarter Horse Ownership, Activities, Rights & Welfare

Quarter Pony Association


“Working to promote your ponies!”

ADvertising For More Information Please call:

yco n@l

Promoting the American Quarter Horse in Vermont

(860) 642-6325 home (860) 334-6206 cell

TONY DeCOSTA Your connection to the Northeast AQHA Affiliates.


1811 Brookchester Street Katy, TX 77450 Phone: 281-395-0225 Email:

h o r se s i nm o ti o

call us at (505) 294-0800 or email

President: Donna Rosciti


603-889-7 677


For information contact President: 978-649-6134 Raeanne Bowden (9am – 8pm)

PO Box 297 Leon, Kansas 67074 (509) 949-2488 (816) 250-2351 (361) 729-4456

December 2012

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Horse Farms Are Our Only Business!

• Phil King, Broker • Gary Feinman, Consultant email Visit our Web site with pictures at

Full Service English Saddle Fitting and Repairs New York State




Independent saddle fitting assessments and on-site saddle adjustments. Variety of new and used saddles at a range of prices affordable to most horse owners.

603.876.3707 Member, Society of Master Saddlers (UK)

GET RESULTS  


Jennifer Brooks P.T., MEd., CERP Brookline, New Hampshire 03033 508-284-1693 23 Dupaw Gould Road Brookline, New Hampshire 03033

P.T., MEd., CERP

(978) 249-2526

Based in Norfolk, MA

26 Years Experience F Fitting All Makes F Travel to Your Barn F All Saddle Repairs (including converting foam panels to wool)

F Representing Duett Saddles & SCHLEESE - The Female Saddle Specialist Saddle Fit service now available!





Telephone & Office



workshops offered

Colin Kimball-Davis


The Performance Edge Sports Psychology

603.566.6561 Email:

Lynda Whaley, President 860-536-1484

F Tekscan Pressure Mapping

Equine physical therapy for recovery of injuries, lameness or diseases.

For more information contact:

SaDDle Fitting

Perfect Sit EQUINE REHABILITATION SERVICES LLC Saddle, Fit & Jennifer Brooks P.T., MEd., CERPAdjustment Services REHABILITATION SERVICES LLC Gould Road 23 ,Dupaw Laura Martino

Equine Physical Therapist Brookline, New Hampshire

P.O. Box 38 Royalston, MA

Open Horse Show Series Over 50 classes • 15 Divisions English • Western • Saddle Seat Miniature • Youth & Adult Riders Trophy/prize & 6 ribbons in every class



Jennifer Brooks

Billets Knee pads Knee rolls New seats Saddle fitting ◗ Side saddle restoration ◗ Tack repairs ◗ Foam panels converted to wool ◗ ◗ ◗ ◗ ◗

SHOW SERIES Doris J. Worcester, LICSW, CCBT • 508-987-2005


The Animal Rehab Institute Equine Massage Certification and Equine Rehabilitation Certification Programs taught by highly trained equine professionals. (561) 792-1441 office/fax to download a free brochure and class schedule or call 561-792-1441



| December 2012

Silver Heels Riding Club Memberships: Sherry Paplaskas 6 Meadow Fox Lane Chester, NH 03036

At Levaland Farm 233 Purchase Street Middleboro, MA 02346 774-213-1969

For all your basics... plus hot, new items not stocked by the others!


Western, English, Supplies, Consignment and more...

DIRECTORIES Tack/apparel/GifTs




Open 7 Days • Now Carrying

rte 10 • Swanzey, NH


county saddlery

Saddlery by

SpecializedSaddles THE MANE PLACE Tuesday - Saturday 9-5pm; Sunday 9-1pm

Equestrian Outfitters Riders Helping Riders Since 1986 23 Eleanor Road, Somers, CT 06071 Shop online at

Western & English Tack & Apparel Feed • Horse Supplies • Cards Gifts • Jewelry

Open 7 Days

Monday - Friday 10-6 Thursday 10-7:30 Saturday 9-5 Sunday 12-5


504 W. Hartford Avenue Uxbridge, MA 01569 (508) 278-7563 Fax (508) 278-7567

(860) 749-4420

“Serious Trail Gear for the Serious Trail Rider”

get results today! Call for details to reserve your space


The Totally Stocked English Tack Shop ...and Western too!

The Paddock Inc. 55 Rose Hill Road Ledyard, CT – Certified Saddle Fitter on Premises –

Mon.-Sat. 10-5, Sun. 12-4 or by appointment

866-415-6256 860-464-1559



The Little B Barn



Outfitting Horse & Rider for Over 50 Years North Andover store hours: Mon. 10-7, Tues.-Fri. 10-6 Saturday 10-6, Sunday 12-5 978-686-7722

English and Western Tack, Apparel and Supplies for Horse and Rider 155Manning Westchester St. 43 Road Colchester, CT 06415 North Franklin, CT 06254 860-642-6901 860-267-8811

Ipswich store hours: Mon. 11-5, Tues. & Wed. 10-6 Thurs. 11-6, Fri. & Sat. 10-5 Sun. 12-5 978-356-1180

The Equestrian Centre

A Complete line of tack, gifts & apparel

Crop & Carrot Tack Shop, Inc.

Tack Repair Service Riverdale Farms Building #12 136 Simsbury Road Avon, CT 06001


133 West Main St. (Rt. 9) Spencer, MA 01562 508-885-0255 Fax 508-867-4323 Mon.-Fri. 10-6 • Sat. 9-5 • Sun. 12-4 Dir: 3/10 mi. West from Junction Rte. 9 & 49

December 2012

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DIRECTORIES Tack/apparel/GifTs


Trailers & services

Trailers & services

• Delivery • Financing • Leasing Available

✓ Fiberglass Roof ✓ Aluminum Skin ✓ Quality Workmanship ✓ Affordable Pricing ✓ Custom Built

Great for Schooling or Shows!

Professional’s Choice Hunter Jumper Pad Universal Size

$7199 reg. $79.95

Non-Slip Pad 11” x 16”

$1799 reg. $19.95


Promo Code: hyPPad

Trailers & services

Yo u r ov e r s to ck & D i s c o u n t e D i n v e n to rY L i q u i Dato r s !

Cotrofeld Automotive, inC. P.O. Box 235 (Shop Route 7A) East Arlington, Vermont 05252

Manufacturer of Quality Horse trailers revere, Pennsylvania

Call For Free Brochure

610-847-2237 or 888-856-3138


TOURBILLON TRAILER SALES 401 Snake Hill Road North Scituate, RI Mon - Fri 10-6 Sat 10-5 | Sun Closed 53 Windham Road Pelham, NH


Sundowner, Eby, Hawk, Exiss, Twi-Lite

Directory ADS WorK!

email: 7 Robin Hill Road Lenhartsville, PA 19534

Centrally Located To MASS & CT in between Rts. 395 & 95

888-506-6056 • 610-756-4257




Construction Stock • Horse • Utility Dump & Cargo Trailers HARNESS & SADDLERY

6 Ruth Street 315-829-2875 Vernon, NY 13476 1-888-2-TACKUP

Tack, Equipment & Apparel from the best names in the business Area’s Widest Selection of Medicinals, Supplements, and Grooming Supplies

230 equine


| December 2012

Lasting Quality, Great Prices, Best Value, Proven!

Featherlite/Shadow “Quality Never Goes Out Of Style”

Dick and Elaine Robson East Street Topsfield, MA 01983 978-376-7736

~ C o m p l e t e pa r t s D e pa r t m e n t ~ 802-482-2250 1-800-533-0504 33 Gardner Circle Hinesburg, VT 05461 Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat by appointment

DIRECTORIES Trailers & services




J.R. Hudson

“Horseman serving Horsemen”




Horse Transportation, Inc.



Local/Long Distance


Special Trips: Shows, Events


Vet Appointments


24 Hour Emergency Service

veTerinary services

Founded 1989 • •

Free Quotes, References Available Stephen J. Lynch Office 401-766-4139 • Cell 401-529-5052 c

2201 Route 17K Montgomery, NY 12549

(845) 361-2246 ★ Fax (845) 361-2141

508-427-9333 800-826-1099

• • •

A Division of Advantage Farm Inc.

• • •

Ron’s body woRks New eNglaNd’s Premier Horse Trailer resToraTioN aNd rePair FaciliTy

35 Years Experience Service ALL MAkeS And ModeLS • Frame Specialists • FREE Estimates • Pop-Up Installer

30 Turnpike Street Suite 2 West Bridgewater, MA 02379 Voice: 508-427-5463 Fax: 508-427-5464

Professional Transportation


• •

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December 2012

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Riveras Andalusian Farm

Riveras Andalusian Farm

GENERICO II (LEBRERO XXXII X GENOVESA VI) 2009 16H IMPORTED PURE SPANISH STALLION Imported from Malaga, Spain Rare double pearl and double cream gene. Excellent movement, conformation and temperment.

CASPIAN (FEIKE X FRANS) 2008 17H FPS STER FRIESIAN STALLION 2011 World Champion at the IFSHA World & National show. 2011 overall Champion of the Keuring. Excellent semen. Tons of hair; exceptional movement, conformation and temperment.

Discounts for multiple mares and early booking.

HESA ZEE+/ Xenophonn x Somthing Special IAHA Breeders Sweepstakes Sire, MN Medallion Stallion, Tested SCID Clear $1,000/500 LFG Breeding Reining Horses with Natural Talent...

Hector Rivera, Owner 708-417-5671


Breeding the Legend...

Sir Royal Excalibur

Eleanor Hamilton, owner, Farm: 763-428-2082 Home: 763-767-1381 Website:

Hector Rivera, Owner 708-417-5671



2007 Black Silver Dapple Black EE Silver Zz Produces Silver 50% of the time Grandson of The Business Great Grandson of The Boss Booking select number of mares in 2013. Shipped Semen Only 309.224.2774

73% of our readers own more then 2 horses 65% have purchased a horse in the past five years


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| December 2012

For more information: 309-594-2318 Bohemian Gypsy Cobs


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LEXINGTON a.k.a. Boho’s Cold Fusion Lexington is known as a “tight cob” having a short back and exceptionally good topline and rear. He is gentle and intelligent with a kind eye.



Discounts for multiple mares and early booking.


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December 2012

| equine Journal 233


the twelve Clinicians of Christmas On the first day Of Christmas, my true love gave to me: a carrot stick from Pat Parelli. On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: Josh and John Lyons newsletters and a carrot stick from Pat Parelli. On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: a stacy Westfall bareback video, Josh and John Lyons newsletters, and a carrot stick from Pat Parelli. On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: all of GaWani Pony Boy’s books, a stacy Westfall bareback video, Josh and John Lyons newsletters, and a carrot stick from Pat Parelli. On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: dressage Queen Jane savoie! all of GaWani Pony Boy’s books, a stacy Westfall bareback video, Josh and John Lyons newsletters, and a carrot stick from Pat Parelli. On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: tom dorrance’s dVds, dressage Queen Jane savoie! all of GaWani Pony Boy’s books, a stacy Westfall bareback video, Josh and John Lyons newsletters, and a carrot stick from Pat Parelli. On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: a Craig Cameron saddle, tom dorrance’s dVds, dressage Queen Jane savoie! all of GaWani Pony Boy’s books, a stacy Westfall bareback video, Josh and John Lyons newsletters, and a carrot stick from Pat Parelli. On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: Chris Cox on rfd-tV, a Craig Cameron saddle, tom dorrance’s dVds, dressage Queen Jane savoie! all of GaWani Pony Boy’s books, a stacy Westfall bareback video, Josh and John Lyons newsletters, and a carrot stick from Pat Parelli. On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: the Brannaman Collection, Chris Cox on rfd-tV, a Craig Cameron saddle, tom dorrance’s dVds, dressage Queen Jane savoie! 234 equine


| December 2012

all of GaWani Pony Boy’s books, a stacy Westfall bareback video, Josh and John Lyons newsletters, and a carrot stick from Pat Parelli. On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: every single road to the horse video, the Brannaman Collection, Chris Cox on rfd-tV, a Craig Cameron saddle, tom dorrance’s dVds, dressage Queen Jane savoie! all of GaWani Pony Boy’s books, a stacy Westfall bareback video, Josh and John Lyons newsletters, and a carrot stick from Pat Parelli. On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me (let’s sing it all together now): ray hunt’s Cowboy Logic, every single road to the horse video, the Brannaman

Collection, Chris Cox on rfd-tV, a Craig Cameron saddle, tom dorrance’s dVds, dressage Queen Jane savoie! all of GaWani Pony Boy’s books, a stacy Westfall bareback video, Josh and John Lyons newsletters, and a carrot stick from Pat Parelli. On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: a new horse, ‘cause i wore out the other ones with all those different natural horsemanship lessons! Ange Dickson Finn is an award-winning freelance writer, western pleasure competitor and retired horse show mom who sometimes considers her horsemanship not very natural at all! Visit her at and or email her at

illustration: william greenlaw

By Ange Dickson Finn

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