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Sales, servicing & repair for all types of bicycle. Kids bikes from AED 380/- and Merida MTB & Hybrid Bikes from AED 1,995/-.

Special in-store offers available for Hypersun readers Close to Lulu Hypermarket and Mall of The Emirates (MOE). Free on-street parking is available. community news • events • reviews • dining • FILM • puzzles • kids stuff • discounts and more...


E n j o y

t h e

t h r i l l

a n d

f u n

o f


Programme Includes: Dune Bashing Sand Boarding & Camel Riding BBQ Dinner - Arabic Tea & Coffee Soft Drinks & Refreshments Photograph in Local Dress Henna Painting & Tattoos Enchanting Belly Dancing Show Sheesha (Hubbly-Bubbly) & lots more entertainment throughout the evening

Dhs. 200/-

Per Person

Timing: Pick up: 3:00 - 3:30pm - Drop off: 9:00 - 9:30pm Pick-up & drop-back facility included


Programme Includes: Red Dunes Safari & Sand Boarding - Sight Seeing to various scenic

locations Visit to Carpet Market & Heritage Village - Hatta Mountain Safari - Chance to Dip or Dive in fresh water pools - Lunch at 5 Star Hatta Fort Hotel Transfers from all the hotels & residences in Dubai & Sharjah Per Person Timing: 8:00am to 2:30pm

Dhs. 300/-

DHOW CRUISE DINNER Programme Includes: Continental dinner, Soft drinks, Tea and Coffee, Soft Music in cozy ambiance, Fully airconditioned lower deck, Open air upper deck, Pick-up and drop-back facility included (Deira & Bur Dubai Only) Cruising Time: From 8:30pm to 10:30pm

Dhs. 150/-

Per Person

S P E C I A L I Z E D I N O R G A N I Z I N G S O C I A L & C O R P O R AT E G E T TO G E T H E R S , B I RT H D AY S & A N N I V E R S A R I E S .

24 Hrs. Reservation E-mail: Web:

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If you know of a local story affecting Jumeriah, we would love to hear from you today. And we may even print your story... E-mail Us Now:

Editor's note



Everyone is enjoying the

Among the many great brands

fantastic levels of mobility that

that make Jumeirah their home,

the Metro has brought. But let’s

we’re specially pleased to

not forget that here, ‘on the

highlight the superb chocolatier,

Mobility where it matters

The soft centre at the heart of Jumeirah

ground’, there’s still an urgent

Alpina. Particularly since they’ve

need for an enhanced local travel

just played a part in beautifying


example than the challenge of

Logos Hope docks in Dubai

trying to cross Jumeirah – which

The world’s largest floating

eye than ever. How? They took

should be a simple enough task.

book fair recently came to Port

the brave move of knocking down

Welcome to the first issue

There is not a single route that

Rashid, attracting sizeable

their unit’s earlier perimeter wall,

of Hypersun Jumeirah, your

helps you travel from Beach

crowds of visitors and offering

and replacing it with stunning,

brand new community

Road to Al Wasl, or vice versa.

a tremendous range of books

open-plan railings. Now, not only

magazine. Community really

What’s more, you cannot travel

across every possible topic:

is there a better view of the shop

is the key word here, because

from, say, Madinat Jumeirah to

fiction, history, maths, science,

itself - located in a beautifully

every item relates to events

Mall of the Emirates – because

sport, hobbies – you name it! The

-refurbished corner villa - but

that are happening right here

again, it means you have to

book fair is located on board an

there’s a much enhanced outlook

in your local neighbourhood.

cross the neighbourhood.

impressive 12,000 ton boat called

for pedestrians and passers-by.

Whether it’s information

Disbelievers should consult the

the ‘Logos Hope’ (which means

about where to do your

RTA’s own website – – for

‘Word of Hope’). So successful is

exciting chocolate lines. First,

late-night shopping, details

confirmation. You will actually

the traveling book fair that over

there’s chocolate ‘shots’, delicious

about events, interviews with

be advised to travel as far as

140 million visitors have passed

rich chocolate drinks in elegant

residents, or profiles of the

Ibn Battuta, pick up the Metro

through since the various ships

bottles and featuring flavours

best schools, we’ll be covering

and come back to MoE! Also,

began sailing. The aim of the fair

such as mint, orange, praline and

the things that matter to

while keying in a route planner

is to help develop literacy skills

dark chocolate. Then, there’s a

you and your family. So we

from Safa Park to Wild Wadi, for

across many different cultures –

fantastic new kids’ collection,

want to hear your news

example, you are literally shown

whether that means selling good-

beautifully crafted with

and views, opinions on local

the sidewalk route in graphic

value books to the sophisticated

accompanying graphics.

amenities and any cool ideas

colour – and you’re advised that it

families of the UAE or helping

you might have for features

will add an average of 17 minutes

some of the world’s poorest

and reviews. Plus, you might

to your journey time! Ouch!

communities learn to read. What’s

want to advertise here – it’s a

Surely, there has to be an easier

more, the Logos Hope is staffed

great way to meet customers.

way? Given the amazing progress

by 430 volunteers who generally

Contact me or the sales

made by the RTA in the last four

work unpaid for two years and

team on the e-mails below.

years we're counting on you to

believe totally in the lasting value

Good reading – enjoy your

make these changes.

of their literacy mission.

infrastructure. There’s no better

the neighbourhood and making Beach Road more pleasing to the

Alpina has launched two new

Hypersun! Editor-In-Chief: Paul Godfrey

Paul Godfrey Editor-in-Chief Features: Advertising:

Managing Director: Matt German Published by

Hypersun Media FZ LLC PO BOX 94866, Dubai T: +971 4 390 3940 F: +971 4 390 8286 W:

Sales Director: Chris Stevenson Office Manager: Emma Thomson

DISCLAIMER: While compiling this issue every care and effort has been made to ensure all information is accurate . All information has been provided by advertisers. The Publisher is not responsible for the accuracy of the advertsing content as it is the sole responsibility of the advertiser. Dubai representative: Auto Trader Publishing House Building 5, Office 209-210, DMC

February 20 - February 26 2011 |

Jumeirah | 3




If you know of a local story affecting Jumeriah, we would love to hear from you today. And we may even print your story... E-mail Us Now: • A self-contained Sugar Daddy’s

Community Journalist

realise that the UAE is actually a

Galeries Lafayette at The

rather wonderful home to exotic

Dubai Mall.

flora and fauna – and that the

• A brand new flagship café

bird in question is in fact quite

(opened December 2010) in Al

common in the wild! According to

Khalidiyah Mall, Abu Dhabi.

the Royal Zoological Society, birds

• A large café space in Park food

The sky’s the limit for iconic Jumeirah brand Who doesn’t know the appeal of Sugar Daddy’s, the hugely-

lost a prize pet.” Anwar didn’t

café on the ground floor of

of this kind are found especially

Island, Dubai Marina – opening

around Al Ain and the more lush

shortly – and featuring an all-

parts of the Emirates. You have to

new food concept, the first of its kind in the region • Also opening soon, a superb

admit it’s a discerning parrot; it’s Lakshmi Kewalramani,

certainly not alone in wanting to

If you have a community

be a Jumeirah resident…

acclaimed cupcake brand that

café in Bin Soughat Centre,

news item contact Lakshmi at

has totally raised the bar in terms


of delicious wholesomeness, pristine display and scrupulous


Strictly Female! Fun n’ Fashion

hygiene standards? Starting only

are putting people at risk. If you

The Dubai Ladies Club recently

2 short years ago from a single

continue to fish after a warning

organized a Winter Beach Party

shop in the Village Mall, Sugar

you are advised that we will

at the beachfront garden of the

Daddy’s has now mushroomed

confiscate fishing equipment.

club. Enriched with good music,

dynamically to 8 superb locations.

The main danger is not sports

great food and gorgeous crowd,

Along the way, the brand won

fishing, but itinerant fishermen

the beach party was like a mini-

using long hand-held lines. Our

carnival. The event was the first of

instruction is to stop this practice

its kind and was enjoyed by a crowd

on the Open Beach immediately.”

of over 350 women. Its purpose

the Time Out: Dubai ‘Battle of

community issue

acclaim from families, foodies

We’re not going off the deep end, but…

and just about everyone who

We’re passionate about our

was to give non-members a feel

enjoys a cupcake treat (and no

community and we’ve simply

for the atmosphere at the club

wonder - just in the first year,

got to mention something that’s

and its outdoor facilities. Several

there were 25 new flavours!). The

concerning more and more

independent businesswomen

original store retains an incredibly

Jumeirah families – fishing

were also given an opportunity to

loyal following among Jumeirah

on the Open Beach. Fishing is

exhibit their products at the Beach

residents, and the brand as a

absolutely forbidden unless

Bazaar. While moms mingled and

whole has now captured more

you have an official permit from

than 50% of total market share.

Dubai Police – and it’s banned

The good news is that you can

because (common sense!)

Up the wrong tree…

now enjoy the exclusive Sugar

using hooks and lines where

When 4th Street resident Saddiq

Daddy’s appeal in the following

there are people swimming is

Anwar saw an exotic, green and

stylish venues:

incredibly dangerous. Fishing

red-coloured parrot enjoying the

• The main branch at the Village

hooks can gouge out eyes and

cooling breezes in his willow tree,

Mall, now being revamped and

flesh; need we spell out, too,

he immediately thought that it

Contact us if you have a story

expanded to become a fully-

that children are especially at

had escaped from its owners, or

which is -

fledged café concept

risk? Hypersun spoke to Dubai

maybe from Dubai Zoo. “It looked

• related to Jumeirah and local

Police; a spokesperson put it well,

so perfect, like something from

saying: “Monitoring activities on

the Discovery Channel”, said

the beach is an important part of

Anwar. “But when I contacted the

community policing. We always

zoo, they said it hadn’t come from

try to be tolerant and fair. But if

there – and no-one around here

you fish without a licence you

seemed distressed that they’d

the Cupcakes’, and has attracted

• At Milk and Honey Gourmet Grocer on the Palm Jumeirah • Kiosks at the Corniche in Abu Dhabi • The stylish Sugar Daddy’s Café in Mirdif City Centre


Jumeirah | February 20 - February 26 2011

shopped at the Bazaar, kids enjoyed around town

themselves on the jumping castles. Solid fun was had by all all-day until 9pm.

contact us

in tone • talking about a local concern or issue • you want to promote a new business or local service

the jumeirah preparer



february 20 - february 26 2011 Monday 21st Open Day At RAFFLES

Hotel, organized by Infusion

Beach has established a world-

Magazine. Support DJs include

wide reputation as a key kite venue.

Open House at Raffles Inter-

Carl Chaka, Philip Jo and Nthayi,

The recent windy weather should

sunday 27th Sunday Roast at The Wharf

national School, Umm Suqeim.

and there’s a Happy Hour 6-9pm.

make for some spectacular flights!

Enjoy a classic Sunday roast (with

Visit the campus to find out more

Entrance is free (yes, free!). Event

about the curriculum, infrastruc-

info at

all the trimmings!) at The Wharf,

of the opportunity to meet and

Way Out West Premier

friday 25th saturday 26th ‘Stride for Life’ Run

speak to the highly qualified and

Taboo@Trilogy Dubai presents Way

‘Stride for Life’ events are perfect

style from 7pm onwards.

experienced international faculty.

Out West. All the way from Eng-

if you want to build fitness and

(04) 366 6152

Time: 3:30pm – 5 pm

land, progressive house production

plan your run or work-out with

(04) 4271351/52

duo, Dj Nick Warren & Dj Jody Wis-

a well-organised schedule. There

Barzar Monday Mania

ternoff, make a premier appearance

are training programmes for runs

Fancy some Monday Mania? At

at Trilogy in Madinat Jumeirah.

from 5k to full-length marathons.

the superb BarZar, guests can

Entry: AED120- AED150

Events take place every Friday

purchase a unique ‘tab card’ en-

at Safa Park from 6-30am, or on

titling them to 5 great beverages

Mondays at 7pm.

from a selected menu.

(04) 366 6730.

ture and facilities. Take advantage

wednesday 23rd saturday 26th First Group Theatre Rock Show This is the superb rock show at

Friday 25th Club night at Beach Hotel

The First Group Theatre, Souk

Audio Tonic ‘Live’ at 360 with

Madinat Jumeirah. Fun, fast and

Sergey Sanchez (Propaganda,

furious, it’s guaranteed to take

Moscow). Good enough to

all you ‘80s lovers back to your

go live on Radio 1, 19.00-

rockin’ youth!

22.00@104.1/100.5. Jumeirah

(04) 366 6546

Beach Hotel, doors open 16.00.

Do you know ‘The ‘80s rocked’?

Wednesday 23rd Children & Food will deliver a presentation about

If you’re an avid cyclist, check out

food sensitivity/intolerance.

Dubai Roadsters, Dubai’s premier

The idea of the presentation is

cycling club. The group meets

to address issues about why a

every Friday at 6am outside the

healthy food item may be of great

Lime Tree Café, Jumeirah Beach

benefit to one person and at the

Road. There are rides for every

same time may harm another. At

level of rider, from 70k to 120k.

Synergy Integrated Medical Centre

You’ll also be protected by an ‘out-

1055 Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqeim 2.

rider’ vehicle, so this is the safest

Time: 7pm – 9pm.

way to cycle in Dubai.

(04) 3485452 (04) 339 4453

Kite Festival @ Sunset Beach

You simply cannot miss Infusion

Kite Gala, Sunset Beach. From the

Magazine Smirnoff Experience

most dazzling, sophisticated kites

ft Bear Who?. This is a key cool

on the planet, to kids flying their

event at 360, Jumeirah Beach

very first home-made kite, Sunset

delicious! Served in traditional

050 657 7057

050 107 6405 (after 3pm daily).

Cycle Away With Dubai Roadsters

Thursday 24th Smirnoff experience at Infusion

beef, lamb or chicken – simply

Table reservations call

in the field of Alternative Medicine,

Dr. Parviz Rashvand N.D., pioneer

Mina a Salam. Choose from roast

FRIDAY’S LATE LATE BRUNCH Treat yourself this Friday with Late Late Brunch Unlimited! Enjoy buffet and unlimited beverages at AED 179 from 6:00 pm till 10:00pm Call 04.5016189 for more info! Golden Tulip Hotel, Barsha February 20 - February 26 2011 |

Jumeirah | 5

A jumeirah profile




If so, we’d like to hear from you today. Or maybe you would like to nominate someone special in Jumeirah to be on these pages? E-mail Us Now:

JUMEIRAH COMMUNITY the Gallery is rapidly achieving iconic status, and even took part in the world’s most prestigious photo fair – Paris Photo – in 2009 and 2010. Turn up at the Gallery now, and you’ll find an awe-inspiring collection of platinum prints, in an exhibition titled: ‘The Worst Journey in the World – Captain Scott’. Using only contemporary photography, the show traces the epic and tragic expedition of Robert Falcon Scott, who died attempting to become the first man to reach the South Pole, in 1913. “The show shows just how awe-inspiring the South Pole actually is”, says Elie. “It’s a place so wild, so inaccessible, and with such extreme weather, that no one country owns it, and it wasn’t even properly mapped until the 1960s. Here we have this group of incredibly brave men attempting the virtually impossible – and without any help from modern technology. If you come to see the show, it totally involves you in this story of exploration – as well as putting you in front of some breathtakingly beautiful photography.” “In fact’, continues Elie, “every show here at the Gallery always tells a story. We put the photos

Elie Domit

in context, so there’s always a

Talks to Hypersun Jumeirah about The Empty Quarter Gallery and why photography is an art we can all enjoy

shows a pleasure – you don’t need

way to enjoy what you see. We have visitors from every walk of life, and we want to make all our to be a collector, or a specialist. This is the great thing about


ut together the talents

Jumeirah resident with a lifetime

of local entrepreneur and

of working in the arts. The result?

modern setting. In fact, Elie is Creative Director,

photography; it’s not like modern art, for example, where you need

financial analyst Safa Al Hamed,

The Empty Quarter Gallery – a

and his colourful life has taken

a degree to understand what

the photographic knowledge of

fantastic place to visit that

him from his native Lebanon

you’re looking at! These are clear,

Princess Reem Al Faisal – and

features the latest, state-of-the-

to Venezuela, the US and now

immediate images that everyone

mix in the skills of Elie Domit, a

art photo exhibitions in a dazzling

Jumeirah. Under his watchful eye,

can understand and appreciate.”


Jumeirah | February 20 - February 26 2011

"Every show here at the gallery tells a story... there's always a way to enjoy what you see."



Always something special

indeed. As Elie continues: “here

Visitors will also find that the

students, for interested visitors,

Gallery itself is a great place to

for those wanting to learn more

spend their time. It ‘shapeshifts’

about the art of photography;

according to the style of the

you can stay for five minutes

exhibition hosted, creating

or two hours and if you wish,

amazing mood and atmosphere.

purchase a range of related

Elie explains that “we always

books and media."

we have created a home for

want to support, to help, people engage with the artists we

Contact details

exhibit. But at the same time, we

The Empty Quarter,

always respect the intelligence

Gate Village 02, DIFC

of our public – we offer them

Tel: 04 323 1210,

something that’s really worth

seeing. And in the case of

life in brief

the Worst Journey exhibition, we’re presenting a universal

• Born in Lebanon and moved to Venezuela

message that you don’t need any particular background to enjoy.”

• Became music promoter and licenser in USA, including radio and media appearances

What made local entrepreneur Safa Al Hamed decide to invest in a photographic gallery? “This is a unique investment for me”, says Safa, “it’s unlike any of my other interests, and it’s also a

way. For example, we recently

completely fresh and original.

long-term investment, of course.

exhibited the work of French

It’s this commitment to quality

But we have the opportunity

photographer Martin Becka, who

and new points of view that best

to present exhibitions that are

uses photographic techniques that

describes the Gallery.”

of real quality, and we have

are more than 150 years old. This

hosted a series of very appealing,

gave us the opportunity to publish

A broad appeal

very strong shows.” Does she

a remarkable book, called Dubai,

While many of the gallery’s

have a favourite? “I think you

Transmutations, which presented

customers hail from Jumeirah, the

can enjoy each show in its own

the emirate in a way that was

appeal of the gallery is very wide

• Distributed videos, became involved in movie- making (two would-be projects) • Sold cameras, then became successful photographer, with portfolios from Africa and South America • Jumeirah resident and Creative Director, The Empty Quarter Gallery

February 20 - February 26 2011 |

Jumeirah | 7

the jumeirah school report ARE YOU THE SCHOOL HEADteacher?

If so, we’d like to hear from you today. The community wants to know how your students are doing in school, sports and activities. E-mail Now:

experiential learning

Week Without Walls at GCS



outside the school and discover

talent show – the DBS Factor.

the value of teamwork – and

The whole concept was created

it’s no exaggeration to say that

to support the Dubai Autism

the learning that takes place

Centre (and it successfully raised

over the course of the week

more than AED22,000!). Taking

will shape the way the students

place at one of the best venues

become life-long learners. Not to

in Dubai, the Dubai Community

mention giving them memories

Theatre and Arts Centre

that can last a lifetime.

(DUCTAC), the event – which

WWW has grown organically

took place on 8th February - was

from key elements of the

part of the Applied Business

Greenfield Community School

existing curriculum – it’s not

has pioneered out-of-classroom

an ‘add-on; but a brilliant

learning experiences – and

opportunity to intensify

the recent Week Without

key areas of learning. The

Walls event (WWW) was a

off-campus activities help

highly-developed mix of team

and Leisure ‘A’ Level course. reality show

The X-Factor at Dubai British School

The students were truly in the driving seat, handling everything from auditioning to ticketing.

Talent runs deep at Dubai British

Amazing, varied acts performed

students grow and develop

School – a line-up worthy of

on the night (acts also included

building, leadership skills and

as well as accelerate enquiry

Simon Cowell himself! A group

entrants from the teaching

educational activities. It’s a

and enthusiasm. Experiential

of Year 13 students took on the

staff!), but there could only be

week when children forge

learning at its best! – a valuable

role of event management team

one winner – Year 9 student

friendships, travel to locations

experience for all.

and organized a fantastic school

Holly Humphreys. years’ service with Tiny Home.

traditional nanny?

Tailored care from Bespoke British Nannies

Mrs Das has been a teacher for 20 years, building a reputation

Ever wished that here in Dubai

as a caring, wonderful

you could find a professional

Montessori teacher – and many

nanny service, where staff

families have had not one, but

are trained to the highest

two children taught by her.

standards, with all the soughtconcerts

Encore! Encore!!

after credentials? Nannies who have been vetted and

Gems World Academy recently

assessed by knowledgeable,

celebrated the various talents of

experienced experts and who

its young-n-budding musicians

Meanwhile, Ms Rosie, a helper montessori

A perfectly stable environment for children

at Tiny Home, celebrates 21 years, and her support and friendship to all is greatly

Since 1989, Tiny Home has been

admired by staff and parents

meet exacting British standards

providing a highly stimulating

alike. Congratulations from Tiny

with a week of musical concerts.

of childcare? Well, look no more:

nursery environment where

Home – here’s to the next two

Students from grades K through

Bespoke British Nannies offers

children learn and play in ways


10 orchestrated the musical event

nannies who will perfectly

perfectly suiting their individual

for appreciative audiences all

match your family’s needs, able

needs and pace of development.

will be an important one not

throughout the week. The GWA

to care for children of all ages

As a Montessori nursery, Tiny

only for the two legends but

auditorium was transformed

from post-natal to late teens.

Home puts great emphasis

also one for the Montessori – as

into a concert hall that staged

Bespoke British Nannies sources

on tactile learning materials,

an institution for loving care

performances by the young

nannies of all age groups, and

close personal observation and

and education. Tiny Home is a


with a huge variety skills. Your

excellent interaction between

core example of these caring

children can benefit from the

nursery and parent. There’s

Montessori values, which of

smashing success that kept the

care and expertise of a traditional

no better example of the great

course place a key emphasis

excited students on their feet,

governess, or receive guidance

stability of this nurturing setting

on sensory development and

cheering and wanting more,

and attention from nannies who

than the fact that two members

bespoke tuition programmes for

enjoying the occasion.

are highly trained.

of staff recently notched up 20

each and every child.

The musical week was a


Jumeirah | February 20 - February 26 2011

By the way, this milestone

the jumeirah school report



schools, representing 22

in Jumeirah Baccalaureate

countries, met to discuss, debate

School’s inaugural Sports Days.

and eventually agree on a

One day was dedicated to KG1 and

solution that would help solve

KG2, and the other to grades 1 - 4.

issues plaguing the globe.

Everyone enjoyed a wide range

The conference was the result

of traditional games – including

of the sheer hard work and

super-popular favourites like egg

meticulous planning of the GEMS

and spoon race, sack race and

IB students and their teachers,

hurdles. At the core of the event

Ms. Sarah Santrampurwala & Mr.

was a closely-fought competition

Kosta Lekanides.

between the four house teams,

In attendance were several current affairs

The New World Order

VVIP guests - the Consul General of Singapore, Consul General of

GEMS Wellington International

Australia and the Vice President

School successfully hosted the

of the UN for UAE.

Model United Nations Conference,

The event was not all-serious

with the Yellow House winning sports

Inaugural Sport Days at Jumeirah Baccalaureate School

the coveted trophy at the KG event and the Blue House securing the trophy at the Grade 1-4 day.

The whole school community –

But there were smiles all

for the 3rd consecutive year.

business but also a celebration of

joined by crowds of enthusiastic

around, because every child was

Students from 6 participating

the 22 nations.

parents – cheered on competitors

presented with a certificate.

February 20 - February 26 2011 |

Jumeirah | 9

hotspots in jumeirah




If so, and fancy yourself as a bit of a restaurant critic, drop us a line. We may even publish your review. E-mail Now:

SATURDAY of the salads can’t be made to your own specific order, because they’re delivered ready-made, but what arrives - lettuce, tomato and cucumber - is good enough, especially the juicy tomatoes bursting with richness. We also order lasagne with bread on the side, and although the bread is served at the same time as the meal, it’s a fresh, squidgy olive bread that’s worth waiting for. The lasagne is beautifullypresented in artistically-draped pesto sauce, but perhaps isn’t an ideal portion for the overlyhungry (or for those wanting the main course piping hot). Remo has an excellent reputation for exceptional smoothies and a good range of full-cream ice creams, and it’s nigh-on impossible to leave without giving them a try. The good news is that a

remo cafÉ

lunch for two needn’t break the

In a quest to discover hidden neighbourhood gems, Hypersun Jumeirah visits Remo Café, the public face of The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management

While you’re dining, it’s also a

AED100 barrier, and prices are generally far lower than the setting and ambience suggests. thoroughly enjoyable venue to meet friends, sit and chat. Although a lovely addition to


visit to Remo Café is a trip

its function and status as one of

with a hint of Post-Modern.

the campus, the idea of a meal

to the most picture-perfect

the world’s leading hospitality

Upstairs, there is a stunning

prepared by the future masters

part of Jumeirah, with the Burj Al

training centres. In fact, the term

balcony offering the best views of

continues to intrigue.

Arab only a stone’s throw away

‘hospitality’ extends to cooking,

the Burj in town. But we’re sitting

and a host of tourist-delight

and the question is: what will the

downstairs, it’s not too full and

sights framed on the horizon.

experts own café be like?

the Academy’s own instructors

contact details Umm Suqeim 3,

But the café itself isn’t so easy to

Make no mistake: Remo is

spot – it’s on the first floor of The

positioned as a gourmet café,

Emirates Academy of Hospitality

not a fully-fledged restaurant. It

Covering the basics

opp. Burj Al Arab

Management, which itself nestles

isn’t licensed of course, and the

You can choose a (small) selection

Tel: 3155555

in leafy and secluded 10c Street.

menu is short and to-the-point.

of super-fresh looking offerings

PO Box 29662

Then there’s a winding walk

The décor reflects the fact that

from a counter as you enter, or

through the Academy itself, but

Remo is a subsidiary of the mOre

order a-la-carte. There are big,

Opening hours

perhaps this is no bad thing:

Café group, but it does have a

big sandwiches, gorgeous turkey

Sat-Thur 8am-6pm (closed

it’s a beautiful, pristinely clean

unique twist, combining Arabic-

and emmental ciabatas, pastries


hacienda building fully befitting

influenced domes and arches

and salads. We’re told that most

10 |

Jumeirah | February 20 - February 26 2011

make up the bulk of the guests.

Street 10c, building 69

I’m puzzled



puzzled by the puzzles?

Strictly for fun, don't miss our (quite tough!) crossword and a challenging Sudoku square. Compare how long you take this week with our challenge next week. 1






20 Hot baths (5) 23 Large cupola (4) 25 Indian monetary unit (5) 26 Ordinary (6) 27 Day-labourer (4) 28 Thin part of blood (5)

7 8



11 12




18 20





19 21



26 27


Across 1 Gourd (5) 4 Table-shaped hill (4) 7 Administration (6) 8 King with the Golden Touch (5)

10 Fish (4) 11 Sacrificial table (5) 12 Knight’s title (3) 14 God of love (4) 17 Insects (4) 19 Specialised skill (3)

Down 1 Sensitive plant (6) 2 Spoken (4) 3 Cosy retreat (4) 4 Bishop’s high head dress (5) 5 Flightless bird (3) 6 Higher in standing (6) 9 Sudden forward movement (4) 13 Chant (6) 15 Slope between levels (4) 16 Running water (6) 18 Part of a ship (5) 21 Periods of time (4) 22 Principle (4) 24 Cry of a cow (3) SUDOKU FOR THE MATHS MAGICIAN

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February 20 - February 26 2011 |

Jumeirah | 11

for the jumeirah kids Check out Sherlock Holmes' fun and games with our Baker Street special. In the novels Sherlock has an even smarter brother - what's his name? Answers:



Don't miss the continuing exploits of Sherlock in next week's Hypersun...

February 20 - February 26 2011 |

Jumeirah | 13

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Hypersun Jumeirah Magazine Issue 1  
Hypersun Jumeirah Magazine Issue 1  

The first issue of the new community magazine for Jumeirah, Dubai.