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*** Summary *** LGBTsoc Events Flamingos Saturday! 6th March

End of term Meal 10th March

Coffee at Swinky’s 14th March

Book Group 17th March

EPIC Brighton Trip 20th – 21st March

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Flamingos 11pm-3am 13


End of term meal (and selling Brighton trip tickets) 17




14 Coffee at Swinky’s (and selling Brighton trip tickets) 3pm-5pm









Book Group 2pm

Epic Brighton Trip (departing c.12.30pm) 28

6 The Retreat 9pm-11pm

In the refectory selling Brighton trip tickets 1pm-2pm



Epic Brighton Trip (meeting c.8.30am)




Flamingos Saturday! 6th March Our last official alcoholic event (in Bristol!) of the term is a trip to Flamingos on Saturday! We'll be pre-drinking in The Retreat in Old Market from 9pm and then heading over to Flamingos at about 11. On Saturdays, it is £20 drink-the-bar-dry for students. Back to LGBTsoc Events

End of term meal 10th March As the end of term approaches, we'll be going to Zizzi on the triangle, enjoying the food, drink and hospitality while celebrating that term is almost over. Mains will be £6, so make sure you have a tenner with you: it should cover the whole meal. Some of us will then head to a bar for drinks before heading over to Mutiny for their 'Alice in Wonderland' themed night.

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Coffee at Swinky’s 14th March If you haven't already heard, Swinky's Sweets is the newest Cupcake shop on the block! They tout themselves as "Bristol's finest in Cupcake Couture", and we have tasked ourselves to determine if that's true. So come along, and lets have some tea, coffee, and.. CAKE, enjoying a chat if one is not too busy with a mouth full of sugary goodness. Back to LGBTsoc Events

Book Group 17th March For the next book group, please read Stephen Fry's 'Making History'. It's an interesting and engaging read about what would happen if one thing in history had been slightly different. There are several

LGBT themes explored throughout the novel, as well as some other thought-provoking points for discussion. It should be a good novel to discuss, so come along!

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EPIC Brighton Trip 20th – 21st March As the end of the Spring term approaches, the time has come for our annual EPIC weekend trip! This year we're heading to Brighton, one of England's BEST gay cities! We'll be getting a coach down early Saturday morning (20th) and spending the day in Brighton allowing us all to spend time on the pier, on the sand, in the shops, in the cafes etc. In the evening we will then head to a few of the good pubs/bars before ending the night in, probably, Revenge one of Brighton’s BEST gay clubs. We'll be leaving Sunday afternoon (about 4ish, aiming to get back to Bristol early/mid evening) giving you time to do anything you didn't manage to get done the day before! This trip is going to be absolutely fantastic, as it is every year! Tickets for members are a steal at only £15! Non-members are also welcome to attend, with tickets costing them £18. This is excellent value for money as it will cover both Coach there and back as well as a bed for the night and the more people that come, the cheaper it will be, so bring your mates for a fantastic gay weekend away. To provisionally book your place on the coach, e-mail me ( But in order for your place to be confirmed, payment needs to be received. We'll be collecting the money on: Thursday 4th March - The Refectory, 1-2pm Wednesday 10th March - Girls/Boys meals Sunday 14th March - Coffee at Swinky’s As there are limited seats on the coach, places will be sold on a first come-first served basis! This is set to be a brilliant way to end the term/start the 'holidays'! Sam and Victoria xxx

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