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Chidinma Nwankpa Braye Yankee, (Mrs) Corporate Communications Executive Addressing the issue of youth unemployment effectively requires a shared commitment on the part of all stakeholders. The government should show sustained commitment not only in planning but also translating those plans into concrete actions that yield positive and visible results. The private sector should also accommodate the youth and commit its resources to support government efforts; institutions and schools should look at incorporating holistic training for the youth to empower them to maximize alternative opportunities available. Teach them to fish. The youth on its part must also scale down on the over reliance and dependence mentality for “white collar jobs” and focus on alternative opportunities which abound around them. Who says that youth cannot be active participants in the labour market by being employers of labor?


Jerry Sarpong CIM Student, Accra As a developing country, the issue of knowledge based education with emphasis on science and technology would provide the catalyst for innovation and provide the needed industries to create jobs. Also a national education policy should be structured and tailored to the needs and demands of the job market. The youth should be empowered to be creative and acquire entrepreneurial skills for them to be independent. John Asare, Student Germany


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I think we must examine ways to empower our graduating students with entrepreneurial skills so that before they leave school, they know which niche in the market they are going to exploit to become employers rather than employees and we also need to sit down as a nation and come up with a short, medium and long term plans to tackle youth unemployment, poverty reduction and mitigating factors. Our banks also should be proactive and innovative, and come out with new products targeted at the youth.


Kweku Lartey Obeng, Policy Advisor, GIZ Solution to unemployment in Gha na should be tackled from both a short term and a long term perspective. On the short term, an elaborate skills deve lopment scheme should be rolled out across the country where young men and wom skills like hairdressing, carpentry en learn various , mechanic etc at no charge. They are then given startup capital. These trained persons are also certified to train others in the resp ective area of expertise. In the long term there should be adjustme nts to the educational curriculum to introduce at an early stage certain subjects like critical think ing, entrepreneurship, business ethics, Business Administration etc. This will go a long way of incu lcating the self motivation to vent ure into small to large scale business ventures.

Kathryn Martyn-Dickens National Service Person, State Housing Corpo ration I believe that Ghana’s rising unemployment goes beyond just creating jobs for the youth. I believe that some policies can be put in place to support young men and women to create jobs for themselves. Entrepreneu rship should be encouraged and incentives made available to young men and women who have good business ideas. Secondly job experience happens to be one of the major requirements in securing a job. We sometimes do not stop to think how a university graduate who has not worked a day in his or her life should possess such exper ience. A look at our educational system from the more theoretical base to a more practical base can help us.

Ebow Brew-Hammond CEO, Runner Delivery An awareness needs to be created at the primary education level that there is the opportunity in Ghana to create a product or deliver a service and make genuine mone y from it. We need to make the younger ones understand that the best way of making mone y is not to beg for it. Once this introduction is made it should be more institutionalised in the secondary schools and universities. I think if it is a comp ulsory course or even an elective course for extra marks, the awareness of the concept of busin ess generation sought to be created would be more than achieved. Further, the government needs to invest in advisory bodies all over Ghana that are filled with councillors that advice and mento r start-ups. A lot of people have the passion and ideas but need to be pointed in the right direction.

Joseph Puplampu Site Electrical Manager, Engeneering Plants & Technology I believe the way forward is for us to recognize that this challenge requires the efforts of all stakeholders to overcome. Government on their part must create a favourable economic environment that allows Ghanaian businesses to thrive as well as implement policies that makes it unattractive for companies to employ the services of foreigners for jobs that Ghanaians can effectively and efficiently execute. It’s about time graduates considered developing their capabilities in smaller companies. Let’s begin to take advantage of the many opportunities around us to create wealth by ourselves for ourselves.

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Take Your Money From People’s Pocket

Stop for a moment to think about how we spend our monies. We always take from our pockets and hand it over to others in exchange for some goods and services. It is the same underlying principle applied when we use plastic money, cheques or any medium of exchange. We, often, willingly give our monies to people who have something we want or need. We dig our own poverty grave anytime we continue to give out money without doing anything to exchange for money. This means that the money required to deliver a person out of poverty is actually in other people’s pockets. The principles that follow in this article should help us principally know that we are rich but our money is in other people’s pockets and therefore expedient that a strategy to collect it legally is designed. Illegally, thieves and armed robbers can use the same principle but in ways that hurt individuals and society. What they do is unethical and therefore cannot be recommended as a way of taking money from other people. This is how the world economy is organized. Do you think Bill Gates of Microsoft is motivated by some kind of greater love for him to produce your software’s? Do you think Nestle, Coca Cola, Tesco, universities, hospitals, banks, restaurants, airlines, etc., just want to show you how much they love humanity for them to produce and sell their products and services to you? They have realized that they have some monies that unfortunately reside in other people’s pockets and therefore, they all “scheme”

by their activities and strategies to “steal” some of the money’s in your pocket thereby making themselves rich. These companies learn how to talk to clients, treat them like kings, package their product and service, run promotions and go to different extents because they are eying some monies in the pockets of you and I. Anytime we pay for a product and service let’s be reminded that someone has schemes to make himself rich by the amount you have given to him. Your life will begin to change the moment you get this foundation. It is so fundamental but elusive to many undiscerning people. Before you can steal from others, you require having a certain authority and power derived from competence. There must be something you have that others do not have and that is why companies with absolute monopolies can make abnormal profits.

The first set of tools required to steal from others is the KSA tool. KSA stands for Knowledge, Skill and Attitude. You must ask yourself what knowledge do I have or do I need in order to position me ready to take from other people’s pockets. Once you define the knowledge, you must go further to determine where you can get that knowledge. (to be continued in next edition)

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I LOVE HER HUSBAND By Benjamin Anyan

Chapter 1


his is the story of three dazzling best friends and the sizzling drama that engulfs their lives especially because of the kind of men they’re attracted to. The unspoken rule is to enjoy it whilst it lasts and not get emotionally involved with any of their men until one of them does the abominable and falls in love with another woman’s husband.

“Come off it Efe. Why’re you acting like this is some shocking, never-before-heard-of thing?” “No, it’s not that. I of all people shouldn’t be shocked –half of my friends are responsible for at least 80% of divorces in Accra alone. It’s just that I thought you and Fred…” “O don’t don’t go there Efe, don’t play the Fred card. People go on facebook and see the cute, adorable pics he and I took two years back and decide that we’re a match made in heaven. That my features and his brains would culminate into a new breed of extra good looking brainy kids who’ll end the era of the Bimbos.” “Bimbos?” “Yeah Bimbos, the look-brains incompatibility. They decide that a separation will be an abomination to humanity.” “But you and Fred have always been good together”


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Samaa sighed. A long deep one, and said in almost a whisper “Yes Efe good together.” “But he’s just getting a masters, that takes how long? One…two years?” “Well that depends?” “On what?” “On if you’re so freaking clever that your damned professor thinks you’re too good to return to your motherland. You’ll make a fine addition to the academic staff at MIT and makes you an offer so damned good, a shaky Christian could trade his salvation for it.” “So you’re saying Fred isn’t returning this July?” “He doesn’t know!” Samaa blurted with a look on her face that seemed to ask ‘Can you imagine?’ “The SOB doesn’t know anything anymore and that’s a freaking irony considering how intelligent he’s supposed to be.” She clawed the air to invert ‘intelligent’. Efe sat up in the white metal lawn chair and took a good look at her friend. She squinted from the bright sunlight that bounced off Samaa’s reflective stunners. The umbrella fixed on the small table in-between their chairs was losing its usefulness by the minute. She stared at Samaa and wondered if her friend was being impersonated. “Why’re so bitchy today? Is it the Pinacolada? Does it have some abrasive effect on you?” Samaa lay motionless on her lawn chair. Behind the stunners her eyes fixated on something at the other side of the pool. She drew a long sip from the straw of the chilled creamy white-looking drink and said nonchalantly. “He’s not coming this year. My Prince charming’s stuck overseas and has no clue when he’s coming back. The PhD scholarship


was too good to overlook.” “Ooo” “Yea babes. That’s exactly what I said too… with a dozen exclamation marks and in a pitch three octaves higher.” She also sat up, removing her stunners so that all that remained on her body was a delectable white bikini. Two gorgeous beauties at the Shangri-La poolside on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Oblivious to the countless stares their curvaceous bodies commanded. Lost in their own talk…sister to sister. “What am I supposed to do Efe, wait? Till when? I’m only human. It’s you who always said that body not be firewood.” Efe smiled. Samaa knew how to turn people’s words on them like few people could. She walked two paces to Samaa’s chair and perched beside her. “Girl, you shoulda told me” “You couldn’t have possibly talked the MIT professor out of his obsession with my boyfriend, could you?” They both smiled, Efe cuddling Samaa. A pot-bellied pervert sitting six chairs to their left licked his lips disgustingly, but they didn’t notice him. They wouldn’t have if he was even in a loud yellow shirt and his tummy was any more bloated, their minds were miles away. “Is that where the woman’s husband comes into the picture? Is he the rebound?” “No, Kobe…” “Kobe? Since when did Mr. Amankwa become Kobe?” “Duh, since he was born. Male Fantes born on Tuesdays are….” “Don’t be silly Sammy. You know that’s not what I meant” Samaa chuckled “I know”

“So when did you move from Mr. Amankwa to Eric to Kobe?” Samaa looked away, then she saw something that made her face light up “look who joins us an hour after agreed time.” Efe turned, it was Shika, the most sophisticated and promiscuous of them. “Shika diva! nti when will you ever be punctual?” Samaa sighed secretly, the grilling was over…for now. Shika was in a tight coffee-brown string top with body-clutching knickers half the length of a boxer shorts. Her lips were glossed and her Brazilian weave was held in a pony. She carelessly dropped her Gucci bag on the floor, removed the hand-cuff sized cherry sunglasses to reveal her skillfully extended eyelashes and neatly ‘mascarad’ eyes and slumped into the lawn chair. Efe had recently left. The bloated-belly pervert felt a bulge in his swim shorts as he looked on. “You got your ssshhhhwwaaagggg on.” Samaa teased “I know, I know.” She acknowledged, fanning her made-up face with her professionally manicured, cherry-painted nails. “You guys wont beeelllieeeve what’s happened to me in just twelve hours.” Their ears perked–no one had stories juicier than Shika. “You could sell your stories for a fortune” they’d told her many times. “Frimpong-Manso will sell her soul to get her hands on one” “Is it better than last week’s?” Efe asked Shika laughed naughtily “lifetimes better.” “This’ torture Shikky” Samaa exclaimed “Deliver already!” “Okay! Okay!. You guys know about the minister I met at the Unilever launch last month right.......(to be continued)

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3 Proven Ways to Control Your Weight, Feel Good and Reach Goals Losing weight can be a challenge, but regular exercise can make it much easier. Consistent exercise can improve overall health and wellness, and lower the risk of serious, chronic illnesses, including heart disease, stroke and diabetes. According to a research conducted by Ghana News Agency in March, 2007 the prevalence of obesity for the Ghanaian population 18 years and above was 5.5% and more common in the southern part of the country compared to the northern sector. The good news is that obesity is reversible and preventable with good nutrition and exercise. Sticking to a diet low in fat and sugar, and eating

more fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, fish, and whole grains is the first and best step in a healthy-eating program. Exercise is the other step. So let’s take advantage of our equatorial warm weather and get our bodies moving outdoors. A two-and-a-half hours a week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity such as brisk walking, plus muscle-strengthening exercises such as weight training, push-ups and sit-ups can do the trick. Granted, sticking to a regular exercise routine can be challenging, so here are some tips to help you overcome common obstacles.

Keep exercise routine simple. A good place to start is making walks part of your weekly routine. Invest in good walking shoes, grab your iPod and aim for a 30-minute walk several times a week.

Exercise in short segments. Many of us are busy juggling work, family and community activities, so try breaking your workout into smaller chunks of time. For example, a brisk, 10-minute walk three times a day, five days a week equals 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity a week.

It might be hard to stick to an exercise program. Create a support system by finding a workout partner. When you recruit a buddy you make yourself accountable to someone else so you’re less likely to blow off the workout.

Once you start exercising, your increased strength, improved stamina and gradual weight loss will be all the motivation you need to keep going.

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It was indeed an atmosphere of absolute worship at the National Theatre on 19th of August this year. It was a night of anointed music and powerful vocal voices combining to activate the presence of God. Minister Denzel Agyemang Prempeh and the Heart Beat Music shared the stage with the Daughters of Glorious Jesus and Reverend Joe Beechem in a worship service dubbed: Touching God’s Heart. If you missed this year’s edition, here are the highlights. However, make it a point to be there next year.


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By Rev. Kuma Adusa-Amankua

(an essential for marital success)


inglehood is “a stage in life where an individual is not yet married; is not in a stable relationship and not emotionally attached to any other person”. It is a stage in life we all must endeavour to experience and enjoy, if we seek to have a successful marriage. Becoming Single is when we attain a substantial level of maturity and independence as an individual. Remember Scriptures says, ‘therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and they shall become one flesh’ (Genesis 2:24). Therefore the qualification for marriage is ‘maturity’ (...a Man) and ‘independence’ (...shall leave) and this could be attained when we successfully go through the stage of singlehood in our life. Maturity and Independence here refers to our Spirit, Soul and Body.


arriage was instituted by God and through His infinite wisdom He said ‘... it was not good for man to be alone’ (Genesis 2:18). Therefore it is good for man to be with a wife. The Scriptures emphasises this truth in Proverbs 18:22 that ‘He who finds a wife finds good thing.’ However statistics have shown that almost every one out of two marriages ends up in divorce. These statistics do not site the number of couples living in separation and those going through recurrent abuse. It is a fact that several marriages are going through tough times yet the truth is that ‘marriage is a good thing.’


he reason for these statistics, as mentioned above, is a result of the level of maturity and independence of the parties involved in marriages. Too many people never allow themselves to experience and enjoy the stage of Singlehood. Unfortunately rather than experience Singlehood, we spend time during our Singlehood stage, focusing on when we would get into courtship. It is due to this that many of us HYPE

26 Business & Lifestyle

enter into courtship unqualified because we enter as immature and dependent individuals. It is only when we allow ourselves experience the stage of being Single, where we are not in any relationship of a sort as well as not emotionally, physically and spiritually attached to other individuals, that we become mature and independent individuals. During the stage of Singlehood; •  We have the opportunity to know and understand ourselves thus enabling us to identify our strengths and weaknesses. •  We are able to hear our own voice and passions, thus no one defines us but ourselves. •  We are able to hear God’s voice hear God’s voice which would enable us to identify our purpose in life. •  We are able to analyse issues and make our own decisions and take full responsibility for them. •  We have time to develop ourselves, mentally emotionally and spiritually without distractions •  We learn how to interact with people yet keep them out of internal influence. •  We are able to build ourselves internally to be beneficial to others externally. It is due to the opportunities above that we are able to attain a substantial level of maturity and independence, thus qualifying to enter into courtship and finally into marriage. Spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically immature and dependent individuals are potential wreckers of marriages. Therefore endeavour to experience and enjoy Singlehood before you ‘propose’ or say ‘I do’.

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early rejections that spurred the multimillionaire to prove them all wrong.

Baron Alan Sugar “Made by Rejection” When you think of Lord Alan Sugar you usually think of two things before anything else. Firstly The Apprentice, the TV show in which he’s become famous for the catchphrase “You’re Fired”, and secondly cold, hard cash. Having said that, it’s certainly not easy to gain momentum in business so he must have been doing something right to be able to start his now famous company Amstrad in 1968. Otherwise a greater force or desire within to succeed must have driven him. Twelve years younger than his three older siblings, cheeky little bouffant blondhaired Alan Sugar was the child of low-income, working-class Jews and raised on a council estate on the Upper Clapton Road, Hackney, England “I never experienced any feelings of closeness and caring from my parents,” he says, and hardly remembers his brothers and sisters living at home. So he looked to his peers for feedback and gradually became sensitive to the anti-Semitism and snobbery that turned other children’s parents against him. Unlike other Jewish boys he knew, his parents couldn’t afford to throw him a lavish party after his bar mitzvah and Alan was cut out of his gang of pals overnight. He admits he became “a recluse” for the next two years, shutting himself in his room and focusing on his moneymaking ventures. He’d ‘show ’em’. His autobiography reveals the

The other rejection came several years later from the woman he would marry. He had been dating Ann, a hairdresser, for about eight months when she sent him a Dear John letter. He was so distressed he broke down in tears at work the next day. They were back together within the week, with Ann acknowledging that she’d been under pressure from her father to sever the connection with the non-observant boy who, at that time, made less money than she did. He still wonders what she saw in him. He wasn’t even romantic! Like many businessmen, Sugar recounts decades-old transactions to the penny. “You’ve probably got the impression that anyone I don’t agree with is a tosser or a prat,” he admits early on and he’s right. Sugar may not be liked because of his wrecking-ball ego. But along with that ego comes honour – Sugar’s word is his bond. It’s hard to dislike a man who, despite all the megadeals, admits that the part of his career he has enjoyed most was working with the youngsters on Junior Apprentice. One of Sugar’s regrets is not spending time with his mother as she suffered from depression towards the end of her life. On his final visit to her, she lay silent in her bed for a long time as he repeated his name – “Mum, it’s Alan” – until she suddenly snapped, “Of course I know who you are! Who do you think you are – Lord Beaverbrook?” No. But he would become Baron Sugar of Clapton, worth an estimated £840 million. And it would be a stony-hearted reader who didn’t feel chuffed for him at his ennoblement, when he felt his father-in-law finally gave him a look that meant: “You’ve made your point – you are good enough for my daughter.”

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Marvyn Ophosu with Editor-In-Chief of Hype Magazine

Beyondsoft Ghana Limited, a multimedia company, in collaboration with Mensah Sarbah Hall of the University of Ghana, Legon, on Saturday 6th October, launched the Legon Fashion Week at Citizen Kofi, Osu. Present at the Launch were the CEO of Beyondsoft Ghana Limited, Mr. Marvyn Ofosu, the Business Executive of Beyondsoft, Mr. Robert Amoafo, Ms. Anne-Selma Barber, the Events Manager of Citizen Kofi, and supporting media partners. Addressing the guests, Mr Robert Amoafo said fashion design in Ghana, years ago, was attributed to elderly people and a certain class of the Ghanaian society but the trend has changed. He further stated that the


30 Business & Lifestyle


legon said the Legon Fashion Week is an annual convocation of young and old fashion designers, professional and wan-a-be models, fashion brands and fashion lovers. The event which took place on 17th – 21st of October, was characterized by an exhibition, a black carpet event which aimed at promoting black fashion, a seminar for young and upcoming fashion designers, an extravaganza fashion show and an after-party hosted by Citizen Kofi, an event management. The Legon fashion Week event is aimed at unveiling talents, selling brands and touching lives. Watch out for the next edition!


CEO of Beyondsoft Ghana Ltd., Marvyn Ophosu delivering address.

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Keep it Superbly Simple. By Tieko


efore a young woman’s turn came to go in to King Xerxes, she had to complete twelve months of beauty treatments prescribed for the women, six months with oil of myrrh and six with perfumes and cosmetics. And this is how she would go to the king: Anything she wanted was given her to take with her from the harem to the king’s palace...When the turn came for Esther … to go to the king, she asked for nothing other than what Hegai, the king’s eunuch who was in charge of the harem, suggested. And Esther won the favor of everyone who saw her.”

- Esther 2:12-15 Bible is out fashion, the When we talk ab idance or e look to for gu the last place w member re ever we must inspiration. How we love rs te of the charac the rich culture minatdo ch hi w n culture so much. Persia s ha had a Old Testament ed most of the ion. Kohl on today’s fash huge influence reminisis ) es to line ey (which was used e on our d eyeliner we se cent of the liqui ities favourite celebr ry was huge and jewel as w ir ha y, toda about y or st e n I read th over the top. Whe od, as y to Queenho Esther’s journe er, I can e book of Esth chronicled in th Persian of the opulence easily see how y’s da to in reflected culture has been ns. extreme fashio ho wear seeing people w en be e I’v Lately e time. m sa trends…at the ALL the latest what is ” le ty “s y to true However the ke lies within. d style others dictate an Fashion is what fashion. nally take out of is what you perso b is: My rule of thum perbly Simple Su It ep Ke .S: I.S K.

For example: ta ke these runway models: The Designer picked one piec e of the outfit that POPP ED then everythi ng else is understated. No need for cr azy hair, outlandish mak eup or even je welry for that matter.

Keeping things simple ALWAYS equates class. Otherwise you could always try to fit in and end up looking like exhibit A: Again I reiterate- less is more people. Making an impression is not always about fitting in- it’s about standing out. In a world where everything has A become so much more extreme- hair, makeup, food, people etc, standing out is about saying NO to too much. Before Queen Esther became Queen, she had the opportunity to adorn herself with all kinds of jewelry, makeup and fabric but she allowed her confidence to be based on what was inside her as opposed to what was on her. Stay true to yourself and K.I.S.S. - Keep It Superbly Simple. Business & Lifestyle HYPE



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EETENER THE NATURAL SW my and Physiology) ato

By Curtis Morgan (SAC An

stored in honeyural sweetener made and oney is a 100% pure and nat nt facilities, the cie effi st of the world’s mo combs by honey bees in one 0 miles and 00 55’ as ch mu as y collectively travel ma e hiv bee to a in s bee so ts ons of living par of plants beehive. The 60,000 or her enough nectar or secreti gat to ers flow lion mil visit more than two ey make just a pound of hon s reported that it never goes bad. It wa Honey is a miracle food; Egyptian tombs 0 year old jars of honey in archaeologists found 200 er surprising rath it us! Many people find and they still tasted delicio being equal, gs thin all e in honey becaus that bacteria cannot grow n of low water que chemical compositio bacteria love sugar. The uni s a low pH (3.2acidic level in honey create content and relatively high the growth of for kes it very unfavourable 4.5) environment that ma pure honey on es dat iry nism. Thus, exp bacteria or other micro-orga ortant after all. ey shelf life is not very imp packaging indicating hon this wonderful all the elements found in When scientists looked for ored sugars flav lly nd a complex of natura product of nature, they fou ino acids. am and s min es, minerals, vita as well as trace enzym on the bee’s ey may differ depending The color and flavor of hon what most n is honey is far better tha nectar source. The fact and more re mo chers are turning up people perceive. Resear directions. all in s efit s medical ben new evidence of honey’ ey a moisture. This makes hon it attracts and retains ans rs. me one diti ich wh con , and ant ect oos , creams, shamp Honey is a hum products including cleansers ng rizi istu mo of iety var a natural fit in tablespoon, which makes providing 17 grams per s, ate ydr for boh car of rce ary fuel the body uses Honey is a rich sou carbohydrates are the prim ce sin red sto scle as mu g wn rkin kno wo o it ideal for your in muscle glycogen als the diet help to mainta m, keep going. energy. Carbohydrates in rce for athletes to help the sou l fue nt orta imp st mo the carbohydrates, which are for before a sporty activity d eating carbohydrates nde to me r om prio rec t e jus , hav est ts ing ctive form to Sports nutritionis e honey may be an effe pur and st boo rgy ene an added the event. at a steady rate throughout exercise to release energy ut, add rko wo ing dur ple bottle of water Next time you reach for a sim boost. c leti ath ded nee che you that mu some honey to it, it might giv pressup gh w that honey is a natural cou the It may interest you to kno of e som te centuries to help allevia g sant. It has been used for atin irrit of ef reli h common cold. For symptoms associated wit and the soo to ey hon of ul try a spoonf symptoms of sore throat, you need onful straight as often as spo a e Tak at. coat the thro feeding ast bre betics, pregnant and to relieve the irritation. Dia honey. in ing tak ore their doctors bef mothers should consult


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Tel: 0244 736 998

Ingredients • • • • • • • Cooking Time

30 MIN


• • •

1 Kg minced meat 1 Egg Yolk 1 Egg White 1 Small Green Pepper (finely chopped) 1 Small Onion (finely chopped) 2 Cloves of Garlic (finely chopped) 1 Cup BreadCrumbs (or enough to cover all the Cheesy Meat balls) ½ Kg Grated Cheddar Cheese (optional) 1 Teaspoon Salt , 1 Teaspoon Black pepper (or enough to taste) Enough oil for deep frying

Preparation In a mixing bowl, combine the Minced meat, Cheese, Egg yolk, Garlic, Onions, Green pepper, Salt and Black pepper Cover with Cling film and place in the fridge to marinate for about 30 minutes Place the breadcrumbs in a clean paper bag or a firm plastic bag Beat the egg white in a bowl and set aside Shape the meat into small sized balls, coat the balls into the egg white first (make sure the balls are fully covered) then drop about three or four at a time in the bag containing the breadcrumbs , give the bag a good shake Do this for all the balls and place them on a tray In a small saucepan, pour enough oil to cover the Cheesy Meat Balls You will know when the oil is ready when you see it bubbling( don’t let the oil smoke) Deep fry the balls till they are golden brown in color **Note**- you can also bake the Cheesy Meatballs at 359 degrees F for 25 minutes or until its cooked.

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Damn! Here we go again... I guess she’s on her way out; I just don’t want to ask when. I am pleading she stays, before I’m broken in the end. But she’s walking out the door saying ‘’Chady, you never learn!’’ Now I’m left alone in my home, sitting and reminiscing But that’s just the kind of elevator one could use to raise suspicion Guess I’ve got to explain and plead for my trespasses But I’m not the type of chicken you expect to lay emphasis. I know the truth and I only lose when I fight back. But it’s better, because if I lose her then I’m skidding off the right track. So I’m dressed in all white in the church looking like Pastor Chris And living my life according to Philippians 4:6 until then the pain is overwhelming. You don’t want to hear the tale. She’s cardiac-arrested me, my heart’s been sent to jail So I call her up, ‘’I want to meet you over dinner, girl please don’t be late’’ She says ‘’I’ll come whenever I want to and don’t consider it to be a date’ We start the conversation ....I’m already on my knees But I’m not proposing! “I want you back in my life, I am so sorry please! I had an affair with failure and I abused you. But of all the people, I feel like Mario-I choose you!” I’m thinking to myself again, would she take me back? I’ve worked hard... I just feel out of luck I hear a knock on my door, it sets off my alarm I open up only to see Success run back into my arms!


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HYPE MOVIE REVIEW By Benjamin Joshua Obeng


otal Recall is an absolutely thrilling fast paced action sci-fi movie that will keep you captivated in your seat from beginning to the end. When Douglas Quaid, a factory worker, goes to a place called REKALL to get a memory planted in his head, he discovers that he is, in fact, a spy whose memory was erased. The discovery suddenly makes him a very sought-after man. The constant twists and turns involved with a man who has had his memory replaced makes this a must watch. Colin Farrell does well in this remake movie that was first played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1990. Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale also played their roles rightly, though I would have loved to see more from Biel. There are plenty of bullets, plenty of hand to hand combat, plenty of pyrotechnics; simply put, all the ingredients of an action movie are there. However, I would admit that the movie lacks some depth. After all the

dust and pistol smoke has settled, you get the feeling that the director (Len Wiseman) could have done more to the script. There could have been a little more surreal emotion and a little more story depth. If your favourite kind of movie is a fast paced one where the hero fights, as though he was born with a gun in his hand, then you will not even notice my sentiments about depth. However, if you are not an action lover, I am sure that this story of a man who everyone but he himself knows who he is will definitely keep you entertained. Until you finally go and watch Total Recall, I leave you with one of the popular lines from the movie. “Welcome to Rekall, the company that can turn your dreams into real memories� My Verdict: 6.5/10. Will definitely keep you in your seat, but at the end you might start wondering about depth. The director could have done much better, in my opinion.

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TOP 10 TABLETS FOR 2012-2013

In this technological era, every person is hungry for information. With the popularity of internet and gadgets, this has become very easier. Nine inch tablets has gained much popularity in few years as the best tool to access internet, read e-books, and do all that you used to do on your personal computer once. The fact behind their popularity is their being handy and a one in all solution for your daily informational needs. Here @Hype, we have compiled top 10 tablets for you.

iPad 3

The third generation of Apple iPad, mostly known as iPad 3, is a tablet computer designed by Apple Inc. It was released in March 2012 and was much praised for its retina display and fast processor. The specifications that distinguish it from other tablets available in market include its quadcore graphics processor, 5 mega-pixel camera, multi touch, 1 GB Ram and iOS 5.11.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung is praised for its Android based tablets. Samsung galaxy Tab 10.1 was released in February 2011in Barcelona. It is an Android 3.2 tab with the largest and thinnest screen available in market. With a weight of just 565 grams, it is the lightest tablet in the world. The tab has the 1280x800 WXGA display with a customable home screen.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime

The world’s first Android tablet is none other than Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime. The most beautiful and stunning tablet in the market is just 8.3 mm thin, making it the thinnest tablet. It weighs only 586 gram, slightly more than Samsung galaxy Tab 10.1. It has a quad-core processor with Android 4.0.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire by Amazon is Android based tablet in just $199. This is surely affordable for many keeping in view the tablet’s amazing specifications. The device has 7 inch multi-touch display and was released in November 2011. Kindle Fire is competing with Apple has dual-core processor with 8GB of internal storage. This space is enough for 6000 e-books.


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Acer Iconia Tab A501

Released in February 2011, Acer Iconia Tab A501 is the cheapest of all the Android tablets available in the market. It is a 4G Honeycomb tablet with a width double than that of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G. This makes it less appealing as compared to other tablets out there. The other big issue with this tablet is its weight. It is 1.7 pounds heavier i.e. heavier than any other tablet. So, if portability is an issue to you, you should keep this point in your mind before you think about buying Acer Iconia Tab.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet is a powerful Android tab which allows you have more control with its captivating touch functions. With its pen device, you can use your own handwriting to do sketching or mark up images. It has dual core processor, multi-touch display and Android 4.0. It comes with an internal storage of 64GB.

Sony Tablet S

Tablet S is the first ever tablet computer by Sony. It has Android 4.0 operating system and dual core processor with a 9.4 inch multi touch display. It has unique asymmetric design. Through this unique design, the tablet has gained much popularity making it the best Android tablet choice of people. It comes with two different types with respect to internal storage i.e. 16GB and 32GB.

Motorola Xoom Tablet

Xoom by Motorola is an Android based tablet that was introduced in January 2011. Its Wi-Fi version was released in March 2011. It comes with Gorilla Glass coating and 10.1 inch HD display. Various sensors like barometer, accelerometer and gyroscope are included in the tablet. With Xoom you can enjoy 5 MP camera with dual LED flash. Google mobile services like Gmail Talk, Gmail eBooks and Google Maps, comes along with your Xoom tab.

Toshiba Thrive 16GB

Though bulky, Toshiba Thrive 16GB has many interesting things to offer you that rightly justify its heftiness. It weighs 1.66 pound and costs $400. It has a 10.1 inch wide multiscreen display, dual core processor and Android 3.1. Though not rightly placed, it has a 5MP camera with auto focusing and 2MP webcam camera. The rubber back plate and lithium batteries are changeable.

Blackberry PlayBook

Blackberry Playbook by Research in Motion was released in April 2011. It is the first tablet computer to run on Blackberry OS. Good news is that you can still run Android applications on your PlayBook. It is lighter than iPad with a weight of just 0.9 pounds.

The Most Important Thing Now that you have an overview of all the top ten tablets in the market these days, you can buy the one that suits your needs. Every tablet comes with its own specifications but you should buy the one that fulfils your requirements

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By Fiifi Anaman Ghanaians are generally quick to associate themselves with the immense pride of the struggle for independence evinced, but we fail to go further in adhering to the values that lie deeper beneath the surface. It is incongruous to even conceptualize the whole spirit of independence without appreciating such values as pride, patriotism (via patronage) and nationalism. What is the point here? The lack of enthusiasm, belief and interest in some of our structures, systems, institutions and personnel. The apathy is worrying. Let’s explore sport, and focus on the nation’s favourite – football. Apart from the National Teams which enjoy massive patronage, all other tiers of our football system receive relatively less interest and attention. A conspicuous victim in this situation is our local top flight football league – The Ghana (Globacom) Premier League. It would be pointless to make shallow and uninformed arguments condemning the ever increasing taste for the foreign leagues. The fact is Ghana cannot compete with even an under-dog European league in terms of finance, organization, packaging et al. But it is important to note that, we can compete and even beat in terms of technical and tactical quality on the field of play. The talent on HYPE

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display in our local league is mind blowing. Now, that is a plus that can be utilized as a viable foundation upon which the dwindling fortunes of the league can be salvaged. Of what use is quality if it’s not seen? Enter patriotism. It is true there exists issues of poor security and facilities, but that should not be an obstacle course in the way of patronage. Here is where the earlier point holds. There should be an adoption and exercise of patriotism that persists despite justified concerns such as low level of attractiveness. There is this established argument that says patronage would rise if the league was attractive. But a vice versa situation makes equal, and even more sense; if patronage rose, the league would also become attractive, even to the extent of attracting investors and government support. The advent of investors will accelerate financial injection, which in turn will trigger lucrative sponsorships, improvement in facilities and a significant rise on pay checks across board – from administrators to the players themselves. Once this rhythm is acquired and sustained, the league will hit the ground running, on a trajectory that will lead to it becoming a super league on the continent.


The idea here is to develop a positive attitude as proud Ghanaians towards our own league, regardless of our preferences for monolithic leagues abroad such as the English Premier League. Ghana has been known for decades to be one of, if not Africa’s best footballing nation. The potential for growth is rich. What needs to be put in process from now is massive exposure, to help harness interest from the public. And this interest if not organic, should stem from an obligation owed to the ideals of independence and pan-africanism. Let us value, be proud of and support our own.

PLAYER PROFILE Full name: Date of birth: Age: Place of Birth: Height: Playing position: Club information Current club: Number :

Kwadwo Asamoah 9 December 1988 23 Accra, Ghana 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in) Midfielder Juventus 22

Senior career: 2006 - 2007 Liberty Professionals 2007 - 2008 Bellinzona 2008 - Torino (loan) 2008 - 2012 Udinese 2012 - Juventus “A footballer must have the right kind of woman beside him; you don’t have to return home from a hectic training regimen to meet a problematic woman” ~ Kwadwo Asamoah

Black Stars call up: 2006– Ghana

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