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Trend book 2019

Hylke de Jong

Spring | Summer

PROLOGUE I n the last few decades we’ve been

wasting away behind our digital screens, losing contact and not appreciating what we already have. 2019 will b e t h e y e a r o f r e - e v a l u a t i n g . We lost contact with our roots, we’ve forg o t t e n w h e r e w e c o m e f r o m . We n e e d to break the digital box we live in every day and go back. Back to the people that made it possible for us to do just that. Our elders are the ones with the wisdom and knowledge with which they have moulded the world. If we continue t h e s a m e c y c l e e v e r y d a y, w e w i l l l o s e touch with all of what our ancestors have accomplished. In 2019 we will find new respect for o l d d i s c i p l i n e s . We a r e g o i n g t o s t a r t experimenting and researching old craft and using the wisdom and knowledge of traditional artisans h i p . We b e c o m e m o r e a w a r e o f t h e world around us and combine today’s machines and traditional craft. Instead of creating a design and then think of the material, we design from the material itself and create.

I am r o o te d and I f l ow...

... w o l f I d n a d e t o o r m a I

... l e e f d n a e s u a p oT

To pa u s e and f eel ...

I a m still to ri se...

... e s i r o t l l i t s m a I

...edamer dna edam ma I

I am m a de a nd rem a de...

- Colours -






- Blanche -

- Dorothy -

- Sophia -

- Adelaine -

- Faye -




Cover Tom Johnson, Spread 6-7 left – Maryam Nassir Zadeh, https:/ right front – Valentina Hoyos, right back – Alice Donovan, 8-9 left front – Monika Tischer, left back - Unknown, right - Frank Schumacher, 10-11 left – Source unknown right front – Carlota Guerrero, right back – O wn image 12-13 left front – Lauren Arlene, left back – O wn image right – Tom Johnson, 16-17 left – Marius W. Hansen, right front – Unknown, right back – O wn image 18-19 left front – Elvira Visser, left back - Abram Aleksei, right - Jean Baptiste Mondino, 20-21 left – Lauren Coleman, right front – Unknown, right back – O wn image 22-23 left front – Sideburn, left back – Brenda Anderson, right – Unknown, 26-27 left – Henri Coudoux, right front – Juergen Teller, right back – O wn image 28-29 left front – Pranoy Sarkar, left back – William Eggleston, right – Michael Chase, 30-31 left – Pytir Diffus, right front – Anvar Norov, right back – Unknown,

Spread 32-33 left front – Unkown, left back – Jon W. Benedict, right – Unknown, 36-37 left front – Fransesco Gennari, left back – Unknown, right – Lucia Zolea, 38-39 left – Camilla Åkrans, right front – Tjallinks, right back – Velit Gazel, 40-41 left front – O wn image left back – Sasha Set, right – Tom Johnson, 42-43 left – Unknown, right front – P er Barclay, right back – Michael Chase,

Tr e n d b o o k Spring | Summer 2019

Trendbook 2019  

jdba Academie

Trendbook 2019  

jdba Academie